Feb 6, 2011

Chicken and Cavatelli Soup


A hearty bowl of this chicken and pasta will fill your tummy and warm your soul. This dish is somewhere between a soup and a stew, the flavors reminiscent of my Dad's chicken and dumplings I grew up eating. You may want to set your table with spoons AND forks!

Cavatellis are Italian pastas, sometimes made with ricotta, sometimes without. The ones made with ricotta are sold frozen in some supermarkets or Italian specialty stores. I realize living in New York, finding Italian delis are like finding banks, we have them everywhere. If this is not common in your neighborhood, you can use orecchiette or noodles instead or even homemade spaetzle would be great.

There is a lot more liquid when you first make this, it's more like a soup. But as it sits, it thickens, and the pasta absorbs the liquid. This photo was actually taken the next day when I reheated it for lunch. One bowl is very satisfying, even for my husband who has a hearty appetite.

White meat lovers, you can replace the thighs with 4 breast halves but you'll have to cook it for less time. Let the soup simmer 15 minutes without the chicken, then cook 15 more minutes with the chicken, remove chicken after 15 minutes, cut or shred, then add back to pot when you add the pasta. (7 points+)