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Amazing Flour-less Black Bean Brownies

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Amazing Flour-less Black Bean Brownies are moist, chocolatey and delicious – finally a low-fat, gluten-free brownie that’s pretty darn good made with no flour and no butter!

Amazing Flour-less Black Bean Brownies are moist, chocolatey and delicious – finally a low-fat, gluten-free brownie that's pretty darn good made with no flour and no butter!

They come out so moist, not cakey or dry like most low-fat brownie recipe I’ve tried.

Amazing Flour-less Black Bean Brownies are moist, chocolatey and delicious – finally a low-fat, gluten-free brownie that's pretty darn good made with no flour and no butter!

The secret ingredient is black beans, and I’m sure you’re thinking… what? But trust me, you don’t taste it! My husband even loves them, and can’t get over how good they are (and trust me if he didn’t like it he would tell me). They really feel like you’re eating something loaded with butter, yet it only uses 1/2 teaspoon of oil.  The last version I added some walnuts which increased the points to 5 each, but I gave you the basic recipe without.

Amazing Flour-less Black Bean Brownies are moist, chocolatey and delicious – finally a low-fat, gluten-free brownie that's pretty darn good made with no flour and no butter!

How To Make Black Bean Brownies

Best Low Fat Black Bean Brownie Recipe

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Amazing Flour-less Brownies

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Amazing Flour-less Black Bean Brownies are moist, chocolatey and delicious – finally a low-fat, gluten-free brownie that's pretty darn good made with no flour and no butter!
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Amazing Flour-less Black Bean Brownies are moist, chocolatey and delicious – finally a low-fat, gluten-free brownie that's pretty darn good made with no flour and no butter!
Prep: 15 minutes
Cook: 30 minutes
Total: 45 minutes
Yield: 16 servings
Serving Size: 1 brownie


  • 1 14 oz canned low-sodium black beans, rinsed and drained
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1/2 cup cocoa powder
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon oil
  • 1 tablespoon unsweetened almond milk, or dairy, skim
  • 1 teaspoon balsamic vinegar
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon of freshly ground coffee or instant coffee
  • 1 cup semisweet chocolate chips, divided (Hershey's)


  • Preheat the oven to 350° F.
  • Grease a nonstick 9 x 9-inch square baking pan with baking spray and line with parchment paper, leaving a 2-inch overhang on all sides.
  • Blend the black beans, eggs, cocoa powder, sugar, oil, almond milk, balsamic, baking soda, baking powder and coffee in the blender until smooth and pour into a bowl.
  • Fold in 1/2 cup chocolate chips until combined.
  • Pour the brownie batter into the prepared pan.  Sprinkle the remaining chocolate chips evenly over the top of the brownies.
  • Bake the brownies until a toothpick comes out clean, about 30 to 32 minutes.
  • Allow the brownies to cool completely before slicing them into squares.

Last Step:

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Adapted from Roasted Root.


Serving: 1 brownie, Calories: 144 kcal, Carbohydrates: 25 g, Protein: 4 g, Fat: 5 g, Saturated Fat: 0.5 g, Cholesterol: 23.5 mg, Sodium: 91 mg, Fiber: 3.5 g, Sugar: 17.5 g


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807 comments on “Amazing Flour-less Black Bean Brownies”

  1. So delicious!
    My son ate the whole tray before I told him what they were made of and he didn’t believe me. Lol
    Do you know if they freeze well?

    1. They freeze very well. And taste great when they still have a chill in the chocolate chips as you are patiently waiting for them to thaw (or not). This is one of my favorite sweets to make and freeze

  2. Dtr.-in-Law made these for us recently during our visit. Delicious. Husband & I are both trying to lose wt. without feeling deprived. I asked her for this recipe so I can make it at home for us.

  3. I tried this recipe for a friend that is gluten intolerant. Now I make it for me. I like that I get protein with my chocolate. I did use an entire packet of a Starbucks Italian Roast single serve instant coffee. I like the mocha flavor.

  4. These brownies were amazingly delicious and very brownie-like. Not a hint of beans in the flavor! My husband who is a diehard chocoholic had no idea that they were made with beans and not flour, and that they were low fat. My friends loved them, too. I’m sharing the recipe with them!

  5. Love it. Can never find semi sweet choc bits in our supermarkets here in Australia, so just use normal Cadbury baking choc bit. Half milk chocolate, half dark chocolate. I also halve the sugar and use Low GI Cane sugar. Not sure on all the points and macros etc but they taste awesome

  6. I love this!! I can’t taste the beans at all! I added a little bit of vanilla and omitted the milk. I love that is free of the allergens that affect my family!

  7. Omg! I thought the pb2 brownies were good! These are outstanding. So so good. You have no idea there are black beans in it

  8. This recipe is a keeper! It was simple and the brownies were delicious! The fact that they are gluten free was a bonus so that I could share them with my brother. Next time I think I’ll process the beans a little longer than I did to avoid any pieces of the skins from being obvious and I might try subbing Truvia as suggested by others. Great recipe – thank you!

  9. Fantastic!!! I can’t believe these are made with black beans. The texture is a little drier/more crumbly than traditional brownies but maybe a bit more oil would help that? I only cooked mine for 25 minutes and they were definitely done. Will be making these again!

  10. Wow. Very nice alternative to a brownie! I had to add a couple tablespoons of water as my batter was so thick it would not blend. Subbed truvia for the sugar and No chocolate chips. Made 9 cupcakes. Didn’t wait for it to cool fully it smelled so good. Definitely a do again!

  11. These were so simple to make and DELICIOUS! I made them as cupcakes per another commenter’s post and they were the perfect size. Made portion control a breeze and they are GF which is a bonus since we have some Celiac folks in the family. Thank you Gina!,

    1. I was at first skeptical- brownies that taste good made from black beans?
      They are AMAZING!
      I have to eat gluten free and this is a great alternative to gluten free flour.
      Definitely allow it to cool completely before cutting- it will crumble.

    2. I substituted Monk fruit sugar for regular sugar, and I cooked it for 37 minutes in an 8 x 8 pan. I cut it into 12 brownies rather than 16 with a calorie count of 177 each. They were super delicious but crumbly. They tasted a little bit like a lava cake.

  12. This is my go to brownie recipe. We love it! I use maple syrup instead of sugar and just bake for a bit longer. Delicious!

  13. Avatar photo
    Rita Vascimini

    Hi Gina – you mention that walnuts bring the points per brownie to 5 but the app says each brownie is 6 points without nuts. Can you confirm how many points per brownie without nuts please? Thanks for sharing!

    1. How much of a difference does it make if you leave out the coffee? I hate the flavour of coffee and I don’t usually have any in the house.

      1. Coffee with chocolate enhances the flavor of the chocolate. You won’t taste the coffee. I use instant espresso in every chocolate recipe I make.

      2. I don’t think it will make any difference. Coffee is added to enhance the chocolate flavour.

  14. I just tried these for the first time and they blew my mind. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the best brownie I ever had because nothing can top a brownie made with butter. But this is a serious healthy dupe when you are trying to be good but still want something sweet. I will say the brownie does turn a little crumbly and you cant really pick it up and take a bite, definitely a fork and plate situation. Regardless, this was so good, fit within my WW points, and I would definitely make this again.

  15. I made these for work and they are so good! Some of my coworkers are vegan so I’d like to work on an egg substitute- has anyone had success? Thanks!

  16. I have been making these for awhile now, great brownies! Even my husband who does not always go for my healthy makeovers loves them. So easy to make in the blender. I always use dark cocoa powder. Thank you again for another wonderful recipe.

  17. Amazing! I was nervous, I’ll admit. But these were so dang good! Followed recipe exactly, resulted in a rich moist fluffy treat! Family (13, 7yo kid) approved!!

  18. Can I substitute something else for the oil+milk+vinegar? And can I use 1/2 cup of maple syrup in place of the sugar?

  19. I substituted Truvia Cane Sugar Blend (1/4 cup + 2 Tablespoons) for the Sugar, and cut back the Semisweet Chocolate Chips by adding 1/2 cup to the brownies but didn’t sprinkle any on top. They turned out rich and delicious! Cut into 12 servings they are 3 points each. Yum!

    1. I baked them in a muffin tin at 350 degrees for 25 minutes and they came out perfectly! I was shocked at how good these were!

  20. Very good! Moist!
    I used more sugar and iced it.
    Appreciate that I could make it with items I already had in pantry.
    I used apple cider vinegar instead of balsamic.

  21. I was a little skeptical but these are amazing! I didn’t have enough chocolate chips so just sprinkled what I had on top.
    Next time I may try to use less sugar.

  22. Made these for the first time tonight and have to say, they were REALLY good (and that’s coming from someone who has a voracious sweet tooth).

    I didn’t add the choco chips because I didn’t have any. They are more like moist cake than brownies but I love them. Thanks Skinnytaste!

  23. How to make this recipe without using the eggs and almond milk /dairy . Cuz the child is allergic to eggs and dairy ..all the other ingredients are fine except these two.. is it possible to make without them ? And might not be adding coffee since it’s for a child ..

    1. Egg replacers
      Vinegar & baking soda. Replace 1 egg with: 1 teaspoon baking soda, 1 tablespoon vinegar. …
      Unsweetened applesauce. Replace 1 egg with: 1/4 cup applesauce. …
      Plain or vanilla soy yogurt. Replace 1 egg with: 1/4 cup yogurt. …
      Silken tofu. …
      Ripe banana. …
      Ground flaxseed.

  24. I feel like this is a dumb question… but for the fresh ground coffee does that mean grind up the beans and use that, or make a pot of coffee (with freshly ground beans) and use the prepared coffee?

  25. I made these this week and they were a real hit! I did half ‘Swerve’ and half white sugar, used egg beaters equivalent to 2 eggs and added 1/2 t of vanilla. Just perfect!! My husband loved them too. 

    1. Because in the new WW program the personal points differ by everyone’s zero point lists. Under the PRINT button there is a WW PERSONNEL POINTS button. Select the latter to see your personal points. For this to work to work you have to be a WW member and have the app.

  26. I have made the skinny taste peanut butter brownies but realized never did the black bean one. I think long ago might have tried a recipe that didn’t go as well as this one does. These are so good and no one would guess that black beans make the base. For those who like to play with recipes and slash out as many calories as possible (guilty as charged) it works with swerve replacement sugar, even egg beaters, used dark chocolate coco powder, and used just 100 calorie of stevia mini chocolate chips just sprinkled on top, so that was a lot less then recipe said to do, but I love them, plenty chocolaty. I know if make them as written they would be wonderful of course.

  27. I literally can not believe how good these are. I substituted 1/3 cup maple syrup for the sugar but otherwise followed the recipe exactly. I’m so glad to have a healthy way to satisfy a brownie craving!

  28. Avatar photo
    Patricia Walter

    Help. I made these exactly as written, but mine fell apart. I’m not sure why? They tasted great though.

  29. These brownies are AMAZING! I made as published, except I used the only cocoa I had on hand which was the special dark chocolate type. I made them in a PC brownie pan (sprayed with canola oil) and they popped out so easily. I am unsure how to store them…I put them in the fridge for now. Will definately make these again.

  30. I can’t believe how amazing these are. They’re gooey,  moist and oh so delicious . My 4 year old loved them. Though I am glad I cut them into 24 squares instead of 16 cause I did find them quite decadent. I will definitely make these again. Thank you once again Gina for a fabulous recipe. 

  31. The brownies were delicious! I tried making them in my 24 section mini-muffin tray, but they fell apart, so I would definitely make them in a baking dish next time. Not withstanding the crumbles, you could not taste the black beans at all, and they tasted so good!

  32. These are so good! But im wondering, what’s the best way to store them? Mine molded pretty fast in the fridge (like 2-3 days). I assumed it would be best in there since there aren’t any preservatives in these ! 

  33. These were amazing! I was super nervous to try them… never would have thought of black bean brownies. I substituted lemon juice for the basalmic vinegar and they turned out just fine! The flavor was super good. Definitely very rich and chocolatey. Will be making these again!

  34. Amazing!
    My picky husband and my 4y.o. love them.
    After they ate them for the first time I revealed the “secret ingredient” and they couldn’t believe it.
    These brownies and Gina’s oatmeal cookies are in constant rotation in our house to indulge our sweet tooth 😄

  35. These were great! I love super chocolate-y tasting brownies, and these have a fudge like texture which is wonderful. I followed the recipe exactly and you wouldn’t know the had beans instead of flour. I love that they don’t have as many eggs and oil as regular brownies, but still taste great. Thanks for coming up with such a great recipe!

      1. It’s not there. Nowhere does it list how many servings. How many do you slice them into? 

      2. These were amazing! I used a 1/2 cup of maple syrup instead of sugar. Informed my husband after he ate them that they had black beans in them! This is my brownie receipe!

  36. I only have unsweetened bakers chocolate on hand. Do you feel it would be ok to substitute bakers chocolate for the cocoa? How much should I use? Looking forward to trying! Thank you.

    1. It will change the points because chocolate has more fat than cocoa powder and you may need to adjust the liquid because cocoa requires more liquid than melted chocolate.  

  37. Avatar photo
    Roxannne Pohorenec

    I made these today and I can’t believe how tasty these are! My husband loved them! I love all your recipes! Thank you! 

  38. these are baking. The batter was very good. I blended sever and sugar to cup down. I am curious what the balsamic vinegar does for the recipe. 

  39. I’ve made these a couple of times and love them! I’m wondering if you could double the recipe to do a 9×13 size pan??

  40. These came out great! Made a few changes: I omitted the coffee, only used 2 tablespoons of Enjoy Life’s mini chocolate chips on top, and replaced the sugar with 1/3 cup truvia sugar blend. They were a little cakey this time so I might add a bit more almond milk in the future. Couldn’t taste the black beans. Thank you!

  41. Hi – I don’t drink coffee of of any type, hence no coffee grounds. Is there an acceptable substitute and ratio? I really want to try these.

    1. I’ve done them before without the coffee period as my husband doesn’t like coffee and they’re just fine omitting it completely:)

      1. When you use coffee in chocolate desserts, it’s merely to enhance the chocolate flavor. If you have never used it, you won’t miss it…but if you’ve used it and don’t use it this time, you’ll be sorry!

    2. Avatar photo
      Paige Crosswhite

      Made them in the air fryer in tiny pans. I’ve madr them with splenda and sugar. They’re fannnnnnntastic. I slightly undercook them so they’re fudgy

  42. Avatar photo
    Josephine LaCalamita

    Holy crap these were incredible and so fudgey.  You couldn’t taste the beans at all in here.  So moist! My husband loved these!

  43. Love the taste of these brownies, but I dread making them due to the mess and waste of getting the thick batter out of the blender. My trusty mixer doesn’t grind the beans small enough, so this time I started the beans and eggs in the mixing bowl using my immersion blender. It worked a treat, then I finished with the mixer. The brownies came out perfect and cleanup was simpler. I’ll be making them more often!

  44. I made these even skinnier by using 5 oz. of Lily’s chips and 3/8 cup of Truvia instead of sugar. The result was a very yummy brownie. Using the WW recipe creator, I figure that they are 2 points on blue.

  45. Avatar photo
    Jaclyn Ulrich

    My family devoured these. I used a round cake pan and mini chocolate chips since that’s what I had. My super picky son ate black beans!!! Mine turned out more cake like. I’m not sure if that was a result of using mini chocolate chips or a round cake pan or only cooling it for 20 minutes, but it was still delicious either way. I had a small scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream with the warm brownie. 

  46. These were delicious! Couldn’t taste the beans at all. Mine came out very fudgy (almost too much) so I’d love to know what the people who had cakey brownies did to tone it down a bit. I might have just cut them too soon out of excitement. I’ll definitely be making these again!

  47. Avatar photo
    Brenda Kustin

    Tried these and they’re wonderful!  Wanted to bake them again but didn’t have black beans, so I used Great Northern beans.  They are cream colored, and have a smooth taste.  Came out even better than black beans.  I think the truth is you can use any kind of cooked beans, as long as they are room temperature when you start.  Color is the same because the cocoa makes the batter dark. I tried making them before with 1/2 Splenda, but did not like the texture.  The vinegar helps the flavor, but you’re not supposed to taste it.  Likewise the coffee just adds richness to the chocolate flavor.

  48. This recipe makes how many brownies? How about substituting sugar with stevia? Would it change the taste? I see some of you have replaced sugar with splenda, any change in taste there?

  49. These were great! No one suspected the secret ingredients (beans). I put the few remaining in the refrigerator and they’re even better cold. Made with Lankato (monkfruit sweetener) and Lily’s chocolate chips – just the 1/2 cup in the batter, skipped the ones on top. They’re a bit crumbly but moist at the same time. I’m at altitude – 4500 ft – baked for 30 min.

  50. These were so quick and easy to make! I love when I can put everything in the food processor and go! With two kids that’s a must. Once these were baked withing 10 minutes the pan was more than half gone. My family loved them, as did I. They are rich and chocolaty. I’ve shared this recipe with several friends now and highly recommend!

  51. These were by far my favourite black bean brownies. I can’t get my hubby to eat anything that even sounds healthy let alone black beans. I gave him one of these and he couldn’t stop saying how good they were. Finally had to put him out of his misery and told him they were made with black beans. He could not believe it, loves them and black beans now.

  52. I’ve made this recipe many times, They are super yummy and so chocolatey. My husband loves them too.
    I do substitute the sugar for splenda instead and I cut the pan into 16 squares.

  53. Omg guys this was so good!  Put it all in my ninja blender and it blended up perfectly! My picky family didn’t know the difference and had seconds! It was not gritty, slightly soft and delicious! I couldn’t taste the black beans or the coffee. Yumm! 

  54. These are awesome! I prefer fudgy to cakey and mine were definitely on the cakey side–any ideas? I made sure not to overbake as I know GF things tend to get dry when overbaked.

  55. I have everything but basaltic vinegar…will it make a huge difference? 
    I think I’ll try anyway 🙂 

  56. These are amazing!! Next time I’m going to decrease the chocolate chips and add the nuts. I hid them in the freezer. Hope they are okay after freezing.

  57. These are amazing! Making them again today. My kids and hubby had no idea what secret ingredient was in there!

  58. Can you taste the coffee in them? I’m not a coffee person what do ever. Wondering if I skip that ingredient if it will make a difference.

    1. Never in a million years would I have tried this recipe. Beans? Coffee? I can’t stand those! Balsamic vinegar in dessert? That just sounds weird. HOWEVER, I am trying to like beans so I tried it. And we liked it! Even my super picky 2 year old who doesn’t like a lot of cookies (or a lot of anything) liked it! I’m happy to have a semi-healthy dessert I like! You don’t taste the beans hardly at all. The coffee is very subtle but even not liking coffee it didn’t ruin the flavor for me. I couldn’t taste the vinegar but my husband could (he liked them too). Only thing for me was it was a little dry. Definitely will make again though, thank you!

    2. I couldn’t resist making these today. I used Splenda and no chocolate chips= 0 WW blue points (I calculated 6 points for the entire pan.) Yummy!
      Has anyone tried freezing these?

  59. These are so incredibly good! I swear, I could eat the whole pan. Amazing recipe! I can’t imagine anyone not liking these (unless they don’t like chocolate or brownies). I’m guessing the few negative reviews substituted various ingredients, or somehow made them incorrectly. They are perfect!

  60. I’ve made another black bean brownie recipe that I wouldn’t make again but these…they are a definite keeper. It’s a good recipe not to double because they are too easy to eat.  Very moist brownies, these…
    I ended up using my food processor because my blender wasn’t really powerful enough to do the job of pureeing the beans. I served them to family members and my five year old grandson, who helped make them, is still talking about them. (I hid the beans from him.😉) 
    Thank you, Gina. 

  61. I’m going to make these BUT instead of sugar, I’m going to use agave and add 1-2 TBS of flour (or needed amount) to thicken the batter. I try to avoid sugar if I can. I’m a WW points hog. I like to eat as low of points food as possible. 

    1. Sugar = 36 points.  Agave Syrup = 44 points Plus 2 points for the flour.  I suggest eating the sugar if you are worried about points.  Plus, dry vs liquid ingredients can change an entire recipe.  

    1. Yes, they can! I’ve done that a couple times now. Same cooking temperature but less time. I made a note of what worked but can’t quite remember – I think it was 22-25 minutes. Also, I don’t use cupcake liners. Spray the tin lightly with Pam first and they come out perfectly.

  62. Avatar photo

    Don’t delay….go make these! I thought they’d taste super weird with the ingredients listed, but I was wrong! We just started Weight Watchers and I’m craving sugar and chocolate. These are so rich and decadent, it feels like I’m cheating. Black beans never tasted so good. Gina, you’ve done it again! Thank you!!!

  63. I followed the recipe exactly and these brownies were DELICIOUS! They were very moist and there was no taste of black beans whatsoever. I fed them to my husband and kids and they LOVED them. Neither of my sons would have touched them had they known they were made with black beans! Thank you! 

  64. Avatar photo
    sharilyn formagin

    just made these brownies today. they were absolutely decadent, and my children loved them also. Moist and very fudgy. definitely a do again.

  65. Hi, 
    I am not used to oz and just wondering what does that mean 1 14 Oz? How many grams is that? 114 Oz sounds too much …

  66. Made these tonight because your post popped up in my feed…not only are they super easy and quick to make, they were sooooo good!! I’ve had yet to find a brownie recipe in the last 10 years that I actually enjoyed and didn’t come from a restaurant and this is definitely one of the best I’ve had. Also, my kids are some of the pickiest eaters you’ve ever met and they DEVOURED them, my oldest was shocked that one of the main ingredients was black beans. 

  67. I love this recipe! At one time I had it memorized, I’m looking it up again because it’s been awhile. I had to look at the instructions because I remember the coffee being in it but I misunderstood the instructions back when I had it memeorized, I used to brew the coffee and put it in the batter. It came out wonderful and no harm to my blender, although I did have a vitamix back then. Hopefully my bullet can handle it. 

  68. Avatar photo

    how many servings does this make? I tend to cut my brownies HUGE, so just want to make sure when I have one, its not really three 🙂

  69. I’m back, Broken Blender Babe, after the taste test. Amazing? Chewy? Delish? Hmmmmm. How about dry, cocoa flavored, black bean squares? Even the dog rejected them. I’m obviously missing some essential tip, here. I’m a pretty decent baker, but I will move on to other sites for a better recipe and save my next blender (and taste buds) from the disappointment.

    1. I know this was a long time ago but I really hope you were kidding and that you didn’t feed your dog a brownie.

      Filled with cocoa. 

      And chocolate chips. 

      That’s all. 

  70. I followed this recipe exactly. Loved the ingredient list, esp the inclusion of the balsamic vinegar and coffee. However, against my better judgement, and the advice of other recipe sites, I used my blender instead of a food processor. Despite stopping the blender frequently, and scraping down the sides, my motor burnt out in a big, smoking hot mess. I am sure these will be delicious, once I transfer the batter to my food processor, bake them, and eat them on the way to the store to buy a new blender. So, unless you own a Vitamix, I would suggest you don’t risk ruining your blender on these.

  71. We absolutely fell in love with this recipe. But, unfortunately, we will need to play with it to adjust to food allergies AND gluten free. We have an allergy to eggs and black beans. Will find some type of beans that are dark and let you know how it works for us.

  72. Great tasting recipe. Batter seemed a bit thick so added more milk then it called for (coconut milk). Instead of the sugar I added 1/4 agave syrup and 1/2 c dates. Next time I would try and reduce the chocolate chips (maybe 1/2 to 3/4 cup). 

    1. Just sitting here laughing hysterically. I’m looking over comments to see how to improve these brownies. Mine turned out dry and crumbly. Good chance I cooked too long but just realized I definitely didn’t add the milk! Woops! That will do it.

  73. So good! I used dairy free mini chips and they turned out great! 
    I was nervous because it looked soupy when I poured it in the dish. 

  74. I’ve made these tonight for a second time and they’re already almost gone! These are pretty much just as good as any other brownie out there. The texture is a little bit different, maybe a little more grainy, but it’s still the chocolate-y goodness that we all know and love. I kept the recipe pretty much the same except we didn’t have regular milk and my roommate is allergic to nut milk, so the second time around I used 1 tsp greek yogurt mixed with 2 tsp water to make up for the 1 tbsp of milk–worked just fine! I will definitely be keeping a batch of these around in the future.

  75. Avatar photo
    Katrina Carnes

    could I substitute the almond milk for regular lactose free milk?
    And use coconut oil as my oil?

  76. Avatar photo
    Kristin Tormey

    Made these over the weekend and they were DElish! I brought a square into work for a gluten free friend to try, her response after eating it says it all: “I may or may not have turned the ziplock that the brownie cam in inside out so I could like it #fatkid” That’s how good these brownies are!

  77. Avatar photo
    Kristin Tormey

    Made these last night and they were DElish! I brought a square into work for a gluten free friend to try, her response after eating it tonight says it all: “I may or may not have turned the ziplock that the brownie came in inside out so I could lick it #fatkid.” That’s how good these brownies are!

  78. Use Lily’s baking chips (sweetened w/ stevia) instead of hersheys chips and the points are reduced to 1 per brownie!

  79. Hi Gina, thanks for the recipe. I made this this morning after coming off a night of trying the miracle noodle. Carb free calorie free. Yuck, so I was pleased to give these a try. I do love the texture, love the fact that they are made from black beans. I did replace the sugar with stevia, but they do have a bitter taste. I think it’s the cocoa powder. I may try again using dutch cocoa powder which is supposed to be less bitter. Altogether, great job, I’m sure you could also use this as a great base recipe.

  80. Avatar photo

    I admit I was skeptical, but pleasantly surprised. I used dark chocolate and Stevia sweetner. These brownies are delicious.

    1. I used the liquid from the can of beans, believe it or not! I learned this trick from my vegan friends 🙂

      1. I tried this and it didn’t work. Did you have better luck? I baked it for 45 minutes and still completely Raw batter. I have made these with eggs before and had amazing results but was hoping the vegan version would work. 

      1. How did chia or flax eggs work out? I tried the bean liquid as recommended by some folks and it didn’t work out for me. Tempted to try flax eggs since that’s my go-to egg substitute but nervous about another fail!

  81. Has anyone ever made these and subbed out the eggs for pumpkin puree?? If so, how much pumpkin and how did you like it???

  82. These were delicious! I did not have the problem with the bean skins – i pureed the beans with the eggs well before adding other ingredients. I used mini chocolate chips for the top which I really liked. These were cakey and I used dark chocolate coco powder which made them a little more intense. I would definitely make them again!

  83. I’ve made these for years and they are absolutely delicious. I reduce the sugar to 1/2 cup and only used 1/2 cup chocolate chips on the top (not in the batter). My only problem is I want one and never let them cool enough before cutting and the first one is a little crumbly. Doesn’t matter – I’m happy to eat it with a spoon! 

  84. I made these brownies tonight and took them to a party. I didn’t tell anyone the brownies were made with black beans, and no one suspected a thing. Everyone loved them! Even my hubby, who knew about the black beans said the brownies were good.

    I also shared the recipe with my friends who eat GF and they are very excited to try.

    I made 2 changes: I’m not a coffee drinker, so I didn’t add. And instead of oil and almond milk I used about the same amount of Greek yogurt.


  85. I made these deliciously decedent brownies using dark chocolate and they were a huge hit! I was curious though if you’ve used a sugar substitute beforem. Thanks!

    1. I used baking Splenda and they turned out pretty bad. I don’t know if it was the Splenda or something else, but there didn’t seem to be anough liquid and they were pretty crumbly and dry. 

  86. This is by far the best black bean brownie recipe on the planet. Tastes like regular delicious brownies!

  87. I made these last night for an office pot luck today.  I can’t believe how good they are.  Chocolatey, fudgy and moist.  I would NEVER suspect in a million years that these were made from beans!  I didn’t have the coffee/espresso powder so I left them out but these turned out awesome.  Also, I only had chocolate almond milk (it’s the only one hubby will drink haha) and it was fine.  
    My dad is a HUGE brownie fan.  I will make them for him and not tell him what’s in them.  I don’t want him to try them with any preconceived ideas that he won’t like them.  I bet he won’t even know.

    1. The coffee actually makes the chocolate taste better- you WILL NOT notice that small amount of coffee. It’s also why salt is used with baking- helps the process and makes everything taste bettet

  88. These are surprisingly good and I used kidney beans!(didn’t have black beans and it’s too slick to drive).  Sprinkle half the chocolate chips over the top instead of mixing and save 2 points per brownie .

    1. I’m baking them with Lily’s right now!! I also subbed Swerve for the sugar. I made them into 12 serving and it brought the points down to 2 each! In the oven right now, so not sure how they’ll be. But I love Lily’s chips, so I’m sure they’ll be great!

  89. Avatar photo
    Linda Merchant

    Wow!   These are delicious and so easy to make.  My only problem will be eating just one.  I have made black bean brownies before and they were disgusting.  These are amazing. There is no way anyone will suspect black beans in these.  So yummy.