Apple Cranberry Crumble

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Apple Cranberry Crumble is delicious and perfect for your Holiday table! Easier and lighter than making a pie, topped with oats, nuts and a touch of brown sugar.

Apple Cranberry Crumble
Apple Cranberry Crumble

This apple cranberry crumble is lighter and healthier than most recipes, made with less sugar and fat. I used pure maple syrup to balance the tartness from the cranberries and apples, and a touch of brown sugar in the topping. If you want to use an alternate sweetener such as monk fruit on top, feel free.  And for more crumbles, crisps and cobblers try this Cinnamon Apple Crisp, Strawberry CrispApple Cobbler and Mixed Berry Pie.

Apple Cranberry Crumble on a plate.

This Apple Cranberry Crumble was a makeover request I was HAPPY to tackle! I was asked to lighten up a Christmas must-have that could be served for dessert or breakfast.

I taste-tested both her original recipe and compared it to this lightened up version and knew she would be pleased with the new results!


  • Double It! To serve a large crowd, simply double the recipe and use a 9 x 12 baking dish. You can easily make this ahead, then reheat when you are ready to serve.
  • Swaps: You can swap the apples for pears or use a combination of both.
  • Less Sugar Option: Omit the brown sugar on top and swap it for your favorite low calorie alternative such as monk fruit.
  • Make it Gluten Free: Use gluten-free oats and flour blend in place of flour and oats.
  • Make it dairy-free: Swap the butter for vegan butter or coconut oil.

apples and cranberries in a baking dish.making an apple crumbleApple Cranberry Crumble on a plate.

Apple Cranberry Crumble
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Apple Cranberry Crumble

211 Cals 2 Protein 44.5 Carbs 5.5 Fats
Prep Time: 15 mins
Cook Time: 1 hr
Total Time: 1 hr 15 mins
Yield: 8 servings
COURSE: Dessert
CUISINE: American
Apple Cranberry Crumble is delicious and perfect for your Holiday table! Easier and lighter than making a pie, topped with oats, nuts and a touch of brown sugar.


For the filling:

  • 3 cups about 4 peeled gala apples, sliced
  • 1 cup fresh cranberries
  • 1 tbsp flour or cornstarch for gluten-free
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 2/3 cup pure maple syrup
  • cooking spray

For the topping:

  • 3/4 cup dry quick-cooking oats, check lables for gluten-free
  • 1/4 cup packed light brown sugar
  • 1 tbsp all-purpose flour, or gluten-free flour mix
  • 3 tbsp melted whipped butter, or dairy free butter
  • 1/4 cup chopped walnuts or pecans
  • 1/4 tsp salt


  • Preheat oven to 325°F.
  • Lightly spray a 9-inch square baking dish with cooking spray.
  • Combine apples, cranberries along with the rest of the filling ingredients in a bowl.
    apples and cranberries in a bowl
  • Pour into baking dish and even out with a spoon.
  • In another bowl, combine the topping ingredients; sprinkle over apple/cranberry mixture.
  • Bake uncovered, for 55-60 minutes or until browned and bubbly. Serve warm.


Serving: 3/4 scant cup, Calories: 211kcal, Carbohydrates: 44.5g, Protein: 2g, Fat: 5.5g, Sodium: 186.6mg, Fiber: 3g, Sugar: 35.5g
WW Points Plus: 6
Keywords: Apple Cranberry Crisp, Apple Cranberry Crumble, cranberry crisp, healthy apple cranberry crisp, healthy dessert

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  1. Perfection!
    I added cloves and nutmeg to the mix and extra oats the second time and also used pears not cranberries and LOve it! Easy to substitute any fruit really.

  2. This is absolutely delicious! The combination of sweet and tart is perfect. And the cherry, er cranberry on top is that it is gluten free so I can serve it to a friend who has celiac disease. SCORE! 

  3. Made this for Thanksgiving. Delicious!!
    I used regular oats (was what I had on hand) and opted for sugar free syrup and Swerve brown sugar substitute to lower the points.  The combination of the apples and cranberries was perfect. 

  4. This is delicious and easy to make! I saw another review that said it was too sweet. I agree. I plan on using less maple syrup next time, and would double the cranberries to 2 cups.

  5. Took this to our life group meal last night and we all agreed to omit the cranberries next time and add an extra apple or two to make up for it. Otherwise, it was a delicious hit and everyone wanted the recipe.

  6. This is my husband’s new favorite dessert!  I have a rotation of desserts I generally go thru, but since the first time I made this, he has wanted it repeated.  Wow!  It goes together so quickly and cooks up so nicely, which is a bonus for me. 

  7. Made this recipe for Christmas dinner (IT’S AMAZING) and want to make it again for my in-laws who are visiting this weekend. Any tips on making/preparing it in advance? Assuming the apples would go brown if it is not baked right away? Can you bake in advance and reheat? Thanks!

  8. I followed the recipe as written but found it overly sweet.  The next time I make it I will reduce the syrup to 13rd cup.  

  9. Like someone else said I substituted two pears for the cranberries. OUT. OF. THIS. WORLD. I’m not a baker so this made me feel really proud of myself, so delicious, amazing out of the oven with a scoop of vanilla. A+

  10. This recipe was amazing! Best apple crisp ever. The maple syrup and cranberries sealed the deal.
    A definite keeper. Super easy to make. I used Gala apples. The maple syrup and cranberries made a nice sauce. 
    Thank you!

  11. Easy to make, but way to salty for me. Next time only add 1/4 tsp salt.

  12. Made this the first day I saw it posted.  My family loved it!.  Took some to my mother and some friends.  Everyone was crazy about it.  We give it a 10.

  13. What could I use instead of pure maple syrup?

  14. How would this freeze? I was thinking of making it this weekend to save time on Thanksgiving.

  15. Can I use regular oats, don’t have the quick cooking ones. I;ll try it because I don’t know when I can get to a store.

  16. Do you think it would work with dryed/soaked cranberries?

  17. Could you use sugar free maple syrup and stevia brown sugar? That would lighten it up more but you are the cook so how would that be? Love and cook your recipes all the time.

  18. Has anyone tried dried cranberries for the fresh ones?

  19. For. Company last night needed to substitute two fresh pears cut up since fresh cranberries out of season. Use 4 cups total of apples/pears. Raving reviews. A dessert that is easy to put together and smells great while baking. Served with low fat whipped cream.

  20. So delicious!! thank you for recipe! My family totally enjoyed it!

  21. I make this desert ALL year!! I usually buy several bags of fresh cranberries when they are in season and keep them in the freezer just so I can make this when cranberries are not available. By far the best “skinny ” crumble, others I have tried are dry. I love that it’s a easy recipe as well.

  22. Mine came up the same!!!! I have done the changes you listed 🙂

  23. This is amazing and was a tasty and beautiful addition to the Christmas table.

  24. Oh my word, this was DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!! Sooo hard to keep from eating the entire pan! haha!

  25. This looks AMAZING! I LOVE cranberries but unfortunately, my boyfriend doesn't (crazy, right!?). Can you give a suggestion for something else to use instead of cranberries? He would love everything else in the recipe. Thanks! I love all of your recipes — your site is my go-to-site for all things cooking 🙂

  26. P.S. I also used frozen cranberries and it turned out fine

  27. I made this with agave syrup. It was very good — not to sweet or buttery.

  28. I doubled the recipe and made it for my family for Christmas. They LOVED it!! We're big lovers for Christmas pudding but they all preferred this.

    My dad is a massive fan of apple crumbles and said it was the best he had ever had. DEFINITELY will keep making this!

  29. What can I use as a substitute for the butter in this recipe? We don't use butter or margarine in our diet. Thanks!

  30. This was fantastic! Cranberries aren't available yet at our neighborhood grocery store so I used all apples instead. I also made it gluten free since I have a wheat allergy. It was super yummy and a hit with our dinner guests – no one even noticed it was gluten free. I even got a request to make this for Thanksgiving dinner!

  31. I made this dessert one night, and the first thing my picky kids said was "when are you making this again?" I would make it year round if I could get fresh cranberries!

  32. Yeah I love coconut oil too I am using it for beauty care only – the best natural hair mask ever or I use it for dry spots, eye area, lashes or as a eye make up remover and also for dry lips. This stuff is amazing!!:)

  33. Hmmm, that is interesting! Luckily I have never tried agave..but was planning to..yeah about margarine haha (I am mixing extra virgin olive oil, butter and nuts as my main fat sources, then avocado etc..) well it is hard today, you can do lot of research and it does not always seem right or you always find so many pros and cons on the other hand.:(


  34. You can substitute agave with honey, rice, date or any other syrup. But they say the agave is the best – the healthiest. But still all these syrups are better than regular white sugar:)..

  35. Gina – thank you again for a wonderful recipe! I love everyone I try! I wanted to make a dessert to have after dinner yesterday and searched your website and found the apple cranberry crumble recipe. Was thrilled I had all the ingredients, even cranberries (had them in the freezer). Only ingredient I left out were the nuts, as I can't eat pecans or walnuts. It was so good. My husband and daughter loved it too! Definitely will make it again!

  36. LOVE IT! Will be making it again for sure!

  37. I'm making it for the 3rd time! It also tastes great with greek yogurt. I cut way back on the sweets and it still tastes great. Makes a delicious breakfast.

  38. To those who have asked about using craisins (dried cranberries) instead of fresh or frozen… I just made this with craisins and it is INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS. I am about to eat the whole pan. 🙂 Thanks for so many amazing recipes, Gina!!!

  39. I have made this several times since Christmas and everyone loves it! My question is could you use Craisins when you can't find fresh or frozen cranberries?

  40. Gina, I wanted to tell you that I'm just now getting an opportunity to try this as we went out of town for Christmas shortly after you posted it. Thank you sooooooo much for remaking this recipe! My family and I all enjoyed it immensely this evening. I really was wondering if it was going to turn out as good as the original and I can honestly say, yes, it absolutely did! Thanks again so much for taking the time to do this. I hope others are also enjoying it.

  41. This was a raving success at the Christmas dinner (and days after with leftovers) Thanks so much for the recipe!

  42. I'm happy you all liked it!

    You would use the same amount of sugar in place of agave. And sure, this would make a great pie filling, but not sure about the baking time.

  43. My sister was in charge of dessert today. I sent her the link to this and she made it – SOOOO GOOD!!! She now loves your site as well. I've made about 5 of your other recipes and everything is always delicious. Thank you – thank you!!! Merry Christmas!

  44. Made this tonight for our Christmas dessert and it was excellent! Thanks for the great recipe!

  45. made this tonight and everyone loved it! and I have a family of picky eaters.

  46. Made this for my family Hanukkah dinner and everyone loved it! I left out the nuts because we've got a couple young ones that can't eat them. The combination of apples and cranberries is genius!! Love your recipes!

  47. Making this gluten free- corn starch is GF so that's fine, GF flour mix is fine, but the only GF oats I can find are not quick cooking. Will this still work?

  48. I just discovered your blog. I can't wait to try your recipes.

  49. I made this today for a Christmas party, and all I brought home was an empty pan! Thanks for a great recipe with *cranberries*! 🙂

  50. i dont have agave. how much sugar would you use? (white or brown?)

  51. Gina this was great! My husband loved it, and we both were wondering if the mixture would be a good filling for a pie ( obviously it wouldnt be skinny anymore) but we were thinking maybe we can use the filling with a lattice pie and serve it at xmas eve dinner. Think that would work with the same cooking time?

  52. Frozen cranberries would work!

    Emily, for gluten free I would be a gluten free flour mix, they sell them at Trader Joes, King arthur also makes one.

    This would be fine made 2 days ahead.

  53. Gina, your recipes are awesome! Thank you so much 🙂

    I recently discovered your site and have already made quite a few things.. I plan to make this for my Christmas morning dessert for my family. I'm sure we will enjoy!
    Happy Holidays!

  54. This recipe was delicious. I used pears instead of apples. I found 2/3 cup of agave nectar to be too sweet. Next time I will cut back on it to see the results.

  55. Is it OK to make this 2 days ahead and store it in the refrigerator?

  56. I'm thinking about making this for Christmas, but my mom is GF – how would that work for the topping? I'm guessing cornstarch wouldn't be ok to substitute for the flour, but I wasn't sure…

  57. For those who want to have ice cream with this….go to Trader Joes and get the vanilla creamy vanilla. All soy and DELICIOUSSSSSS.

  58. Fabulous! Took this to a small potluck this evening!!! Was asked to share the recipe. My husband enjoyed the leftovers. Will definitely be making this again!!!

  59. I just made this for some friends and it got great reviews. It was very yummy! We ate it with vanilla frozen yogurt on top. Great recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  60. We can't get fresh cranberries here in Oz especially this time of year. Might try blueberries?

  61. Hmmm, I think I might make this but sub half of the apples for sweet potatoes. I love sweet potatoes with cranberries and apples.

  62. yum hope i win!

  63. Oh my goodness, these look yummy. I'm with you – I can skip the cookies, but a good food cobbler is hard to resist!

  64. This sounds great. I believe this is what I will be making for desert for Christmas.

    For Thanksgiving, I made the Creamy Grape Desert and it got rave reviews!! Keep up the good work.

  65. Is this a dessert, or a breakfast?? I guess it just sounds so yummy, I want to eat it for all meals!!

  66. To the 26 point question. I am just returning to WW and I am STARTING at 26 points. It's not impossible. Plus you have your 49 extra points if you go over a couple…. Even using 29 points per day, you are still only using 21 of your available 49…. You can do it! Just try to plan ahead. That is my issue…. the unexpected.

  67. I have been making Cranberry Apple Crisp for the holidays for nearly 30 years now. Everybody loves it. My recipe is for a 9 x 12 baking dish. The apples and cranberry mixture can be frozen ahead and finished off with the oat crumble (which can also be frozen separately) before baking. It's one of those dishes that puts me ahead of schedule during hectic kitchen prep. Thanks!

  68. I just have to make this crumble! No cranberries here in India but might use strawberry instead 🙂

  69. Looks delicious! I can't wait to try this! Also, visit me over at The Savvy Kitchen ( to enter my giveaway!

  70. Wow! This looks great! However, my family is not big on cranberries. How do you think it would turn out if I subbed in fresh cherries? Do you think frozen would work?

  71. I'll be honest, I haven't paid attention to the changes on WW.

    Yes, serving size is the same with sugar.

    I would make this, then re-heat. Just needs to be warm, the microwave is perfect to warm it up.

  72. This is my favorite dessert! I just love a crumble, a brown betty and a crisp. I love the flavors of apples and cranberries together! This I will definitely make! Thanks Gina, I LOVE your blog!

  73. Gina, thanks for remaking this recipe! I can't wait to try it!

  74. Here in Portugal we only have dried cranberries, and we don't have pecans… and I simply LOVE pecans, but I only get to eat them when I travel to the States.
    Anyway, I think this crumble must be something out of this world… can you send a little for me please 😉
    Big kiss.

  75. I love fruit crumbles!Looks great,delicious!

  76. Cranberries go so well in crumbles with apples or even pears! It looks amazing!

  77. This sounds very yummy. Question Gina… Are you or any others who have 29 points plus a day going down to the new 26, this seems nearly impossible!? Sounds like I'll be cutting even this crisp in half!

  78. I love this recipe, and is a good Idea for my Christmas party in my work, Thanks Gina!!!!!

  79. I just love when your recipes look delicious and when I have everything on hand! Thank you!

  80. without a doubt I know this is delish without even tasting it.

  81. Hi Gina,
    Looks great! If using sugar instead of Agave, would it still be 2/3 cup. How would you suggest reheating, oven or microwave? Thanks.

  82. I know you said we could make this ahead and simply reheat when ready to it. However, I was wondering if you could your prepare it and keep it in the fridge and bake it when ready to eat – like a day later. Do you think that would work??

  83. Oh my gosh – heaven in a crumble crust!! ~Megan

  84. Yeah, this is my weakness. I can skip the cake and cookies, but this is right up my alley!!

    You can use sugar in place of agave nectar. You can replace the nuts with oats if you have an allergy to them… but if you don't leave them in (yum!!)

    I had a little fat free whipped cream with this, but why not some fat free yogurt or frozen yogurt!

  85. This is such a yummy looking holiday treat! Yum!

  86. would it make much difference if i leave the nuts out? (allergies) looks great though!!

  87. All I can say is … OMG

  88. I have about 1 cup of cranberries left from decorating with them (candle holders and vases) and I'd love to give a cranberry recipe a try since I've never actually cooked with them.

  89. A great combination of apples and cranberries with a crispy topping.

  90. I love that. My husband could eat apple crisp every day, but I like to spice things up. And lately I've been on a cranberry kick. PERFECT! 🙂

  91. The problem is that this makes me want vanilla ice cream to go with it!!!! Looks amazing Gina!

  92. Looks delicious! Apple crisp was always of a favorite of mine. Love the addition of cranberries!

  93. Beautiful – I love fruit crumbles/cobblers.

  94. This looks wonderful! Question, by "2/3 cup agave," do you mean the nectar?

  95. Any substitutions for agave?

  96. Looks sooo good. I love a good oaty crumble topping.