Asian Flank Steak Skewers

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Thin strips of grilled flank steak marinated with lime juice, ginger, garlic, sesame oil and soy sauce. These skewers disappear quickly at every gathering, so you may want to make a lot!

Thin strips of grilled flank steak marinated with lime juice, ginger, garlic, sesame oil and soy sauce. These skewers disappear quickly at every gathering, so you may want to make a lot!

With the Superbowl just around the corner I thought these would be a great appetizer for the steak lovers in your home. I myself love beef and enjoy these as an appetizer, but I also make them for dinner served with rice and roasted broccoli on the side.

You can make this on an indoor grill, a cast iron grill pan or make them outside on the grill. Always cut the meat across the grain at a slight angle with a very sharp knife.

Asian Beef Skewers

Kid-friendly, husband-friendly, and just plain old good!

Thin strips of grilled flank steak marinated with lime juice, ginger, garlic, sesame oil and soy sauce. These skewers disappear quickly at every gathering, so you may want to make a lot!
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Asian Flank Steak Skewers

150 Cals 18 Protein 2 Carbs 7 Fats
Prep Time: 1 hr
Cook Time: 10 mins
Total Time: 1 hr 10 mins
Yield: 6 servings
COURSE: Appetizer
CUISINE: Chinese, Japanese
Thin strips of grilled flank steak marinated with lime juice, ginger, garlic, sesame oil and soy sauce. These skewers disappear quickly at every gathering, so you may want to make a lot!


  • 1 1/2 lbs flank steak, sliced thin
  • 1 1/2 cups reduced sodium soy sauce, Use Tamari or Liquid Aminos for Gluten Free and Keto
  • 2 cloves minced garlic
  • 1 tsp fresh ginger
  • 1 tsp sesame oil
  • 1 lime, juice of


  • Soak wooden skewers in water about 30 minutes to prevent burning.
  • Marinate the steak in all the ingredients for about 1 hour or more.
  • Discard marinade and thread the sliced steak onto the skewers.
  • Heat your grill or grill pan to high heat; when hot grill a few minutes on each side until browned and cooked though.


Serving: 4skewers (1/6th), Calories: 150kcal, Carbohydrates: 2g, Protein: 18g, Fat: 7g, Sodium: 400mg, Fiber: 0.5g
WW Points Plus: 4
Keywords: Gluten Free, Keto Recipes, Kid Friendly, low carb, Paleo


Asian Flank Steak Skewer Recipe
How To Make Grilled Asian Flank Skewers
Grilled Asian Flank Skewers
Grilled Asian Beef Skewers

Makes about 24 skewers.

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  1. Excellent recipe! We even use the marinade for stir frying flank steak! 

  2. I’m a fan of your site, and truly enjoy most of the recipes I try. This was not my favorite. I saw that many reviewers found it too salty. I only keep low-sodium soy sauce in the house, so I did use that. My complaint was quite the opposite. I found the steak to be very bland. I admit that I chose to grill the whole flank steak and slick it cooked, but I also let the meat marinate for 8 hours (the same amount of time I marinate teriyaki flank steak), so I feel that the problem wasn’t that the steak was whole, or the time to marinate too short. It just didn’t do it for me. Perhaps the addition of a little heat would make a difference…red chili sauce? Red pepper flakes? Sriracha?

  3. I made this recipe using regular soy sauce. After reading the comments I expected a very salty outcome but I was pleasantly surprised, I loved it! Yes, it was a bit on the salty side, but nonetheless it was fantastic. I am sure with the low sodium soy sauce it would be exactly perfect. If I ever make it again with the regular sauce ,i will probably half the amount to balance out the salt. Also, I accidentally cut the steak a bit too thick. I as worried it will be chewey, but it was actually super tender, even the thicker pieces. Excellent recipe all in all, and will be a staple for the bbq season.

  4. Thanks for this recipe.  I used coconut aminos instead of soy sauce and used less than a cup.  I served with fresh corn and pineapple.  It was delicious.  

  5. This recipe was not on par with the normal caliber of recipes. I have made countless recipes from here and all have been wonderful! This one was so SALTY I could hardly eat it. (Yes, I used low sodium soy.) Any flavor was over powered by the salt. 🙁 
    I definitely would add this to your make over list Gina. 

  6. These are amazing!! I actually ran out of skewers so I put smaller pieces of meat in my grill basket and laid the strips on the grill grate and it worked perfectly. I made a bunch extra and froze them on a cookie sheet and I send them to school for my daughter’s lunch (I removed the skewer before freezing). They are a little salty for my taste, but everyone else thinks nothing should be changed so I will always make them as written. THANK YOU for this simple, quick (other than skewering the meat lol) recipe. I used some of the strips diced up in an omelette for my son with red onion, cilantro and tomatoes, some went over an Asian themed salad with sesame dressing and my daughter just eats them “as is”. This recipe works for so much more than just appetizers!!

  7. We loved this so much!!  My grown son always says he doesn’t like soy sauce.  I made this and took a chance that he’d eat it.  He couldn’t stop talking about how good it was!  Thank you, Gina!   
    P.S.  I rated it 5 stars but am not sure I hit the stars correctly.

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  9. My new favorite company dinner!  easy peasy and so delicious.  Grills  up quickly, paired with rice and broccoli…I will be able to enjoy my guests and eat delicious food. Thank you!

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  11. Fabulous party food!  I found smaller appetizer-size skewers (maybe 6″) and those worked perfectly.  The meat was so tender that guests could eat it right from the skewer- no cutting involved.  I made 3 lbs. for 15 people and they were cleaned out!  (Of course, anything grilled in Michigan in December just tastes better because we all miss that flavor!)  My only caution is don’t marinate them for more than 90 minutes if you cut the meat first, otherwise they will get mealy.  The nice thing is that they were even good at room temperature, so you don’t have to worry about trying to keep them hot without overcooking.  Great recipe!

  12. I was excited to try this and did it twice. First time accidentally bought regular soy sauce and OMG the Salt! Gag.
    Tried again and bought low salt soy sauce and still had the same results even with throwing honey into the marinade to combat the salt content per an asian friend. Completely disappointed in this recipe.

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  14. Can you eat these right off the skewer but do you need a knife and fork? Thanks!

  15. Trying this tonight with the orzo / broccoli (which we love!) and some steamed or grilled veggies. Can't wait!

  16. Made this last night, marinated overnight, delicious. very tender and great flavor,
    I did not skewer

  17. Thank you so much for a delicious and FAST recipe. My kids (3 1/2) loved it and my husband raved about it for days. We added 1/4 cup of pineapple juice to the marinade (we decided to grill some pineapple chunks to go with the steak) – and omitted the lime juice, because the limes in our market were rock hard. Absolutely delicious. Thank you again.

  18. I made this for my mom and I one night in September or August (don't remember) exactly as the recipe directed. I didn't find it too salty, but I want to make this for one piece of steak in the oven because I don't have a balcony for a barbecue. Hope it turns out as well since I'll also have to cut down the marinade.

  19. great flavor. Used London broil- all I had. Didn't absorb taste as much as I would like. also did not skewer- too time consuming. broiled and sliced.
    Not as big a hit with hubby- but that's just because some oriental flavorings are just not his thing.
    **** 4 stars

  20. Gina – About how many ounces is a skewer? I'd like to weigh the meat to make sure I am exercising portion control.

  21. I just got a tip from a chef friend for skewered chicken (I'm assuming it would work the same for this). You put the skewers in the meat FIRST & then slice the meat – that way it is easier to skewer! Making this tomorrow night so I'll be trying out her tip – I know it works well on chicken breasts!

  22. I make this about once a week, it's a TOTAL favorite at my house, even my picky son. I don't cut the steaks though, just grill them in one big piece. I heat up the marinade for dipping and to drizzle over the rice. YUM.

  23. I've been making these for awhile and we love them. I have two little boys and a husband that are all huge eaters so I usually make over two pounds of meat and have a small amount left. It's a lot of work (and trips to the grill) to put all that meat on the sticks so I've started just cooking the meat whole and then slicing it. It's SO much easier for us that way. Thanks for such a great recipe!

  24. I love this recipe! Being such a fussy eater, I think I found another one to add to my meal plan. Thanks!

    Mischna Ong

  25. Just made this tonight and my very picky 4 year old asked for seconds, which never happens! (unless it's cake ;)) Your recipe made this momma very very happy, because everyone in the family enjoyed it and it's within my diet! No extra meal making this time.

    I did just marinate the whole thing in one piece, and stuck it in the oven at 400 for about twenty minutes, turning it halfway. I probably could've broiled it for more of a brown crust but the kids were hungry. 😉 The kids had it with some garlic rice and I had it with lots of broccoli. Super yummy! Your recipes have been so amazing, and it's really helping my family eat better and keeping me on track. (Almost 50lbs lost and 6 dress sizes down!)
    I'm not on weight watchers but I do watch my food intake and my recipe book is filled with your recipes. And its full of flavor so my family loves it. Thank you so much!

    Btw, can't wait for your book to come out! 🙂

  26. These were very tender and would have been better had I not followed my own path instead of the directions. I used regular (as in loads of sodium) because that's what I had. They came out too salty. The low sodium would have been perfect. I will make them again…this time without improvising.

  27. What side dish would go good with this?

  28. Anonymous, you peel the ginger and then mince it up really fine, just like you would garlic.

    I have also found this is really salty even with using less sodium soy sauce. Instead of marinating it for an hour, I just did about 20 minutes, and that seemed to cut down the saltiness.

    Gina, thank you for this site. We have been using at least one or two of your recipes a week for about a year and have lost weight and still feel like we can eat yummy stuff! I couldn't access my recipe box a few days ago when it was time to make my weekly menu and just about had a melt down! Haha!

  29. I made these last night for the Ravens game. Everyone really enjoyed them! I only had 1 cup of low sodium soy and I think that was plenty! Thanks for the awesome app!

  30. It just says 1tsp fresh ginger, I'm not used to cooking with ginger–so should I be cutting it up or just dropping it in the marinade?

  31. is there a way to make less salty?

  32. I tried pure beef meat barbecue from a catering company near our house and it was absolutely great! I would love to go there again but fortunately, I can make them on my own.

  33. We liked it a lot! Just a note…. I used regular soy sauce because it's all I had and Thayer were a tad too salty.

  34. I would like to try these for the summer and the holiday weekend that calls for barbecue. I think this is of Mongolian of origin. A pinch of curry powder will enhance flavor.

  35. I made this last night for my family and they loved it!!! It was so yummy and I paired it with the Brown "fried rice" recipe that's also on here. We dipped it in Sriracha sauce. Loved it.

  36. Just an FYI – This recipe was listed under Gluten-Free recipes, however, there is soy sauce in this recipe. Soy sauce has wheat so this is not a gluten free recipe. Sounds yummy though!

  37. What do serve them with?

  38. In my town there isn't one place that sells flank steak. Can I use any other kind of beef?

  39. My husband and finicky daughter gobbled these up. They both thought they'd like them even more with less lime, so I'll give it a try that way the next time. So happy to have one more dish to add to the rotation!

  40. These were fantastic. I think cutting the meat up to marinate beforehand really made the taste better for flavor. YUM!

  41. I am wondering if this would work with deer tenderloin…? We have plenty and need to use it up. Sounds so good!

  42. Made these tonight. Used regular soy sauce and they were pretty salty. Now I know why the recipe calls for "reduced sodium". Family liked it anyway. I will try again but definitely will use the "reduced sodium" soy sauce.

  43. I used your recipe tonight as the base for Korean tacos. It was soooo delicious! I made the strips of flank steak using your directions. We made tacos using flour tortillas or whole leaves of napa cabbage. For the insides, we had hoisin sauce and sriracha, sliced cucumbers, shredded carrots, sliced radishes and cilantro and mint. Everyone ate and ate! We love you at our house, Gina!

  44. I used regular flank steak instead of skewering (wasn't grilling but when I do, I am so going to put it on skewers!) Instead of soy sauce I used low sodium Teriyaki sauce and no lime (didn't have any on hand) and it was delicious! Next time, I will follow the recipe to a 'T' and post how delicious it is…I'm sure it will be!

  45. Made these over the weekend using 2 london broils and I must say it was DELISH!! Had over 30 guests ask for 2nd and 3rds. I let it marinade for over 12 hours though in the frig. With a recipe so simple as this I will definitely be making more again very soon! THANKS!!!

  46. Have you ever tried to make the marinade in advance. How long does it keep? Thanks!

  47. Although I used reduced sodium soy sauce this was too salty for me, not sure why.

  48. My family loved this recipe. It is a bit salty…anyway to cut that down a bit…and I did use reduced salt soy sauce. Thanks.

  49. My daughter loved these so much that she requested we keep some in the refrigerator at all times for an after school snack!

  50. LOVED it! Putting it in my permanent recipe box!

  51. I really like this recipe – BUT I used 1 cup of soy sauce and everything else was kept the same. Still… It tasted too much like soy sauce. If I did this again, I would use about 3/4 cup soy sauce (low sodium), increase the ginger and garlic and maybe add some red wine. It was too salty even with the low sodium soy at the reduced amount.

  52. Loved this recipe! I got my 3 year old to eat 4 pieces! I sauteed some zucchini, onion and mushrooms in a little oil then at the end added a teaspoon of sesame oils, a dash of soy sauce and some sesame seeds. They tasted just like the veggies at a habachi grill! It was a great side to this dish!

  53. Made this tonight & my family loved it! Marinated the entire flank steak for ~4 hours & grilled the entire steak on my stove in my grill pan. Sauteed 2 sliced small sweet onions & strips of red, yellow & green peppers, and 6 minced garlic cloves in olive oil on the stove & then cooked well with some of the leftover marinade. The sliced steak & veggies were yummy with steamed rice! Excellent! All of your recipes are delicious & healthy! Thank you so very much!

  54. This recipe is AWESOME!! My husband and I have been cooking from skinnytaste every night, and this one is our favorite. I also love the recipe box and shopping list that can be created so easily from this website. THANKS GINA!! You rock!

  55. Gina. I have been cooking from your site almost every single night for 1 year and 1/2 and you never ever disappoint. These skewers were amazing and so low in Calories. I made them with your Shrimp Pineapple Fried rice without the shrimp. Such a delicious, low calorie, and satisfying dinner. The BF loved everything as usual. I don't know what I would do without you lady. Brooklyn loves you! lol!


  56. Made these for dinner tonight! I didn't have a lime, and used ground ginger. Was VERY good! A bit salty, but my hubby loved them. Thanks!

  57. I'm really, REALLY hoping you can tell me where you bought that bowl! I've been looking for these, but can't find them! I have the plates, smaller/taller bowls and cups just like these, but can't find these wide bowls!! Please comment or email me at projectmommie @ gmail (dot) com

    Thank you SO MUCH!

  58. Gina, i just joined weight watchers and your site has been a vital part of my menu planning for my family and I. I have tried about four recipes and they all turned out great. Love it! I Love every recipe i see so its hard to decide what to make next, which is a great thing with all the choices. I have even shared your site with my coworkers and they love it also. Thank you so very much for all your wonderful recipes!!!

  59. These were awesome and a big hit with the whole family. Going to make again with chicken and shrimp and your fried rice recipe. My whole menu plan for the week is using your recipes. Thank you.

  60. i made these the other day, and used low sodium soy sauce, but they still were sooooooo salty…they marinated for a few hours, that must have been too long….

  61. You just made my day! I have been making this exact recipe, minus the lime, for years. My aunt passed it down to me and calls it bulgogi. I am so happy to learn that it is a healthy recipe!

  62. Making this for dinner tonight with brown rice and steamed stir-fry veggie mix. Can't wait!

  63. Made these for the Superbowl gathering and they were a huge hit! I made a sourcream w/horseradish dip that complimented them beautifully. The kids loved them too. Fantastic!

  64. Thanks for a great recipe!! My son, who doesn't eat meat, ate them too! : )

  65. Made these tonight for the family as part of our Super Bowl meal. Everyone loved them! The kids ate them up. We like things a bit spicey, so as someone had suggested I added some crushed red pepper to give them a little bite. These are awesome! and we will be having them again.

  66. I made this for dinner tonight and my son who does not like red meat ate every bite and for the 1st time ever he asked for more. I used the low sodium soy sauce but it was still too salty for me personally. I did marinade it overnight so that may have been the problem. I'll definitly make it again since everyone else loved it but I won't make it the night before weigh or let it sit overnight next time lol.

  67. I don't have a grill pan and my grill is outside and it is most likely frozen shut, either way I'm not going out there to find out!! DO you think I could Broil these or do them on a pan stovetop?? Thanks…I Love so many of your recipes!!!

  68. Hi Gina,

    Made these last night. "Meat on a stick" = always a good time. I only made one modification and here is what and why. My husband likes this preparation of meat called Chislic.( It is fried but the Chislic he makes has Asian flavors due to a really tasty marinade similar to your skewers. I thought the flavors of this would mirror what he really likes about Chislic. So I added some plum wine, which he uses in his Chislic recipe. Ding ding ding! And the sugar from the wine, gave the meat a nice crust, which was an added texture bonus. Not sure how many extra calories it added- I used 1/4 cup of the wine and then 1/4 cup LESS soy sauce. Great recipe and thanks for a fun replacement for Chislic. Because who wants to clean a deep fryer anyway? 🙂

  69. We made this for dinner. Absolutley awesome! The boys liked it because it tasted like juicy beef jerky. The girls liked it for the portion control.

  70. I'm so glad you all liked it!!

    NNN- I subtracted the marinade I tossed but make sure you are using raw meat in calorie count, or if you are using cooked, the weight of the meat is less when cooked. It loses about 1 oz for every 4 oz of raw.

  71. I made this last night and it was really delicious. Two questions though. How long can you leave steak in the marinade? I didn't use it all last night. Also, your nutritional info says 4 skewers are 150 calories, but when I went wrote the recipe in calorie count, it gave me 263 calories for the serving. Is there something I missed?

  72. These were sooo delicious…and easy!!! Thanks for all of your great recipes – my husband and I are never disappointed!!!

  73. I made these this weekend and they were a huge hit! My hubby and I both loved them 🙂

  74. The hospital I work at makes Korean Flank Steak a couple times a month. It is delicious and I love it, but it is so unhealthy. I'm so excited to try this skinny version!

  75. Marinated a whole flank steak the other day with full intentions of cooking dinner that night, but stuff came up. Cooked it on the cast iron the following day (marinated for a day and a half) and sliced it up SUPER thin, and served it up with rice and related broccoli. It was a delicious, lighter take on beef with broccoli. I got thumbs up from 3 silence stricken grown men! Awesome recipe! I did add some crushed red pepper because we like a little bite. Yum!

  76. My husband and I would love these! I will definitely have to try this recipe.

  77. What is the points? Is this about the weight watcher points that Gina is talking about?

  78. I had to use canola oil since I didn't have the sesame oil but man this is flavorful! I was too lazy to slice the meat first, so I marinated the whole 1 lb flank steak, broiled it whole and it was still really delicious. Thank you as always, Gina!

  79. Thanks Mary!!

  80. Your Skinny Taco Dip has now been repinned 112 times from my Pinterest board, and I only Pinned it a few hours ago! Many of the other recipes have been pinned 10 – 15 times, but this one is a definite winner!

  81. WOW! I found your site today and I am in LUV! The photos look delicious, the recipes sound delicious, and they are HEALTHY! All of us need to eat healthier, whether we need to lose weight or simply want to live longer! I've posted many of your recipes to Pinterest today, and they have already been re-pinned dozens of times. 🙂 Thank you so much. -mary

  82. Yum, thanks for listing this recipe, what a great find your whole blog will be for me as I try to cook more and eat healthier. BTW, I added this recipe to Pinterest.

  83. I saw this recipe on your blog yesterday and I went home and tried it. IT was fabulous! thank you!

  84. These look amazing, always scared and think I can't cut meat like that. Thanks so much for the photo of the slicing. That helps a lot!

  85. hi gina ,can i use sesame paste instead of the oil. i bought paste instead of oil and i have no idea if i use it for sesame oil substitute.

  86. I cannot wait to try this! I have never posted before but I wanted to let you know I truly cannot remember what my family ate for dinner before I found your website. Your chicken rollinti receipe is amazing. I still cant believe its healthy. Thanks so much and I look forward to a cook book one day!

  87. This looks wonderful! Something I will definitely try and share! Thank you 🙂

  88. Gina, Just this morning my husband commented on how much he enjoyed the Skinny Salsbury Steak I made this week from your recipe. Thank you so much for making it enjoyable to eat healthy! I look forward to opening up my email everyday to see what's for supper…

  89. Is flank steak and London broil the same cut of meat? Would they taste the same if I did as one person posted and just marinade the entire steak and cook it whole? Thanks for the recipe!

  90. This looks amazing! I have party coming up at my place and i think I will add this in my menu

  91. Pinterest- You can download the pin for your browser, so you can pin any picture anytime. That's what I do.

    Yes, I meant sliced. I will fix that, thanks for noticing the typo. Glad you all liked it!

  92. Matt and Dixy, i'm pretty sure she meant sliced not slicked.

  93. I'm trying to up my protien intake. This sounds good. One minor error in the recipe though unless it's a cooking term I don't know- slicked? is it suppossed to be sliced?

  94. I made this for dinner tonight and it was so yummy! My daughter who does not usually like meat ate it up. I see this recipe again and again on our dinner table. Thank you!

  95. I had Asian Steak Skewers last night and loved them. I said I was going to find a recipe for these! Perfect timing with your post! 🙂 Can't wait to try them!!

  96. Thank you! I hope you can get it working again soon, until then I will continue to follow you on Pinterest. My husband and I just started a low fat diet and your website has been feeding us for the last week! (All of my planned meals for next week are yours as well!) I am excited about dieting and all of your recipes are fantastic! I really enjoyed pinning them and sharing them with all of the wonderful friends and family we have supporting us. Thank you again for your awesome recipes and the amazing resource that is your website!

  97. It wasn't working properly, sorry. I will try to get it up and running soon.

  98. Why can I not "pin" your recipes from your website any more? I was using the pin it button, but its no longer at the top of the recipe?

  99. Oops, yes I did, the juice of one lime. I will adjust!

    • Gina, you prob know by now, I am a huge fan and almost every single night, one of your recipes is our dinner. My family loves beef so I have tried this recipe 2x but both times, it tasted extremely salty. I even went out and bought the soy sauce brand suggested (I usually use Kikoman less salt). Am I doing something wrong?

    • I would try using himalayan salt. My family made the switch a few months back and now everything "pre-made" tastes salty. If you look it up you'll find that it actually HELPS the body digest and tastes way less salty than table/sea salt…. just a suggestion

    • I make mine similar using white vinegar. I put equal amounts of soy sauce and vinegar and use a small can of chopped pinapple. It cuts the saltiness of the soy sauce an is really good. Try that and see how that works for you.

    • The same thing just happened to us. I have loved every recipe of Gina's, almost everything I cook is off this site, so I am trying to figure out what I did wrong. It wasn't just a little salty, it was over the top salty. We used liquid aminos bc I am gluten free, so I thought that was it but I'm not sure.

  100. This looks so delicious!

  101. Gina I think you forgot to put lime juice in the ingredients list. How much do you use? Thanks so much! This sounds delicious!

  102. This looks sooooo delicious! Unfortunately the hubby has decided to give up beef. I'll have to this one weekend when he's at drill! I just have to say, I really love coming on here and trying new recipes! This is such an awesome resource!

    ~Charity 🙂

  103. @Kati, it says to marinate the steak in ALL the ingredients for 1 hour or more. 🙂

    I'm definitely trying this!!

  104. I have what may be a stupid question. There is a lime in the ingredients photograph, but it's not listed in the recipe. Is it just for color? Or is lime an ingredient?

    Definitely not trying to be a smarta$$ here, just wondering.

  105. I just happen to have some steak on hand that I was wondering how to spice it up and this looks like just the right thing to make the Mr's eyes light up Friday night! Thanks!

  106. I should have mentioned this recipe was posted back in 2008, I never had photos for this so I re-did it with some minor tweaks. Enjoy!!

  107. I made these for dinner this week and they were great! However, if you slice the meat thin, about how many skewers is a serving?

  108. Have made this like 3 times, family loves it! I don't skewer, just use the marinade on flank steak and then slice it up. SO good!