Avena – Healthy Oatmeal Shake

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Breakfast on the go? This quick shake is healthy and delicious!

Breakfast on the go? This quick shake is healthy and delicious!

My daughter loves Avena and requests it for breakfast at least 3 times a week. It’s nutritious, high in fiber, lowers cholesterol and tastes delicious! Avena is a very popular cold beverage in many Latin countries, here’s my healthy skinny version. You can even double it and call it a meal.

Breakfast on the go? This quick shake is healthy and delicious!
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Avena - Healthy Oatmeal Shake

124 Cals 7 Protein 21.5 Carbs 2 Fats
Total Time: 20 mins
Yield: 4 servings
COURSE: Breakfast, Brunch
CUISINE: American
Breakfast on the go? This quick shake is healthy and delicious!


  • 1/2 cup quick oats*
  • 2 cups water
  • 1 cup fat free milk
  • 1 cup ice
  • 3 tbsp sugar
  • 2 tsp ground cinnamon


  • Cook oats and water in a small pot for about a minute or two, stirring often until it becomes thick and bubbly.
  • Remove from heat and let it cool a few minutes.
  • In a blender add milk, sugar, cinnamon. Add oats and ice.
  • Blend on high until very smooth.
  • Chill in refrigerator or pour in a glass over ice. Enjoy!! Makes 4 cups.
  • *Use GF oats to make this gluten-free.


Serving: 1cup, Calories: 124kcal, Carbohydrates: 21.5g, Protein: 7g, Fat: 2g, Fiber: 3g
WW Points Plus: 3
Keywords: Gluten Free, Kid Friendly, Under 30 Minutes, Vegetarian Meals



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  1. Can this be refrigerated for a few days? 

  2. Absolutely delicious and satisfied my picky toddler!! Thank you so much, sending it to my mama friends 🙂 

  3. Can you add fruit in this? Like half a banana or some strawberries, wondering if it would work well.

  4. Great healthy delish drink for a cold winter morning. I used old fashioned rolled oats. A nice switch from my regular oatmeal. Thank you.

  5. I’ve been making this for weeks as a quick breakfast. I’m obsessed! It’s so simple and delicious. Thank you Gina for getting me out of the sugary baked goods for breakfast rut!

  6. As a Queens, NY girl born to Colombian parents, this was an amazing treat that reminded me of my childhood. It was refreshing and tasty. Will definitely be making this again!

  7. Just made this and I agree with your daughter. It’s delicious. Is the nutrition info correct? I add sugar so I know there’s got to be sugar data but not sure if the rest is accurate. Thanks for another fantastic recipe.

  8. Oh my goodness! This is so tasty and simple. I made it on a hot summer day and the day before your rice and beans. I’m blown away. Can’t wait to try more recipes.

  9. This is delicious and was my favorite breakfast or snack after having a baby. A sprinkle of cinnamon on top made it look like a fancy frothy iced coffe drink. I would sip this cool refreshing drink through a straw while nursing my baby and always looked forward to having it! Yum, have made it for many new moms and everyone loves it!

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  13. I just finished making this for myself and kids and its very tasty! I used Almond Breeze Coconut Almond milk and it was very delicious. I only had old fashioned oats ,so I blended them well before cooking and then followed the directions.

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  16. Avena, looking delicious and tasty drink in which used energy and healthy ingredients.peak15fitness

  17. can you drink this smoothies for snack as well?

  18. No wonder why you receive countless of feedbacks.
    reviews on 21 day fix

  19. Can I use vanilla almond milk?

  20. Oatmeal shakes are always a good idea when you're trying to diet. They have a lot of nutritional value to offer someone, my mother used to make them for me all of the time.

  21. This short article posted only at the web site is truly good.

  22. will oatmeal smoothies help with weight lose ? thanks….

  23. Tried this recipe this morning. Instead of sugar/honey, i added my vanilla protein powder to it. Made it in my Ninja. Awesome breakfast. Thanks Gina!

  24. Fantastic blog! great recipe!

    bubblegum casting

  25. Can you use almond milk?

  26. Skeptical,,,,,,,,,but I went ahead and made it anyway. My mother in law was telling me to make this for the past 3 years for my son………never got around to it. I must tell you…..we were missing out. Love this recipe, Thanks!

  27. is there a way i can pin this recipe even though it doesn't have a pin button? sorry couldn't figure it out 🙂

  28. I have tried three different blenders for ice and all have been a disappointment. Can anyone recommend a great blenders for smoothies and other beverages like this?

    • Instead of a stand blender, try an immersion blender. You move it up and down in the container, so you can easily blend up the ice and oats.

      An immersion blender is much easier to clean and so handy! I use mine to make pesto, smoothies, whiz up soups, etc. Mine has interchangeable parts, a whisk, a chopper cup, and a blender stick.

    • Vitamix is the King of blenders. I LOVE mine to the moon and back!!
      I can give you a link to save some money. Send me your e-mail at jgc@indigomoonarts.com

  29. I make a great peanut butter & banana oatmeal with peaches and cinnamon. I save half for smoothies, but I can never get thin enough. I'll have to use these ratios and get it a try.

    Thank-you so much!!!


  30. Just made this this morning & it was good. But it tasted like it was missing something. I added vanilla & voilà! Tasty!

  31. I think I did something wrong, because mine wasn't very good–much too watery. It's probably something that went wrong when I was making the oats, I couldn't get it thick and so I just tossed it in there anyways. I think I'm going to try using instant oats instead of regular oats and see if that makes a difference.

  32. Good Morning Gina,
    I decided to try this this morning and I was very skeptical but will try anything at least once. Absolutely delicious! My 3 year old had some and said, "tasty Momma like an apple pie in a cup". Next time I make it I would love to try it warm and will try some of the other bloggers ideas.
    Thanks so much for your site. My husband is a picky eater and even he likes some of the recipes. woohoo
    Thanks again and keep going,

  33. Oh so yummy! I added a chopped ripe banana and about a tbl of chocolate syrup (omitted the sugar) and it was so good. Thank for a yummy afternoon snack or breakfast.

  34. I'm going to try this tomorrow! I went to Irazu on a school trip and I never got to finish my shake because I was too full (everything I tried was amazing!), so I'm hoping for the best with this one. I think I'll replace the sugar with Stevia, though.

  35. So good! I tweeked the recipe because Im doing a cleanse and it was still so delicious! I switched the sugar for agave and the fat free milk for almond vanilla flavored milk and it was still so delicious!!! Thanks Gina!

  36. I grew up with my mother making this drink and I loved it! My mother would often sweeten avena with fruit. One of my favorites was when she would add a little bit of canned peaches and their juice. Thanks for the recipe, I will definitely be trying this recipe with peaches!

  37. There is such a thing as oatmilk for those of you allergic or sensitive to dairy, soy, and gluten. My daughter loves it and drinks it alone plus it boosts the protein without adding a protein shake supplement for those long mornings between appts and eating…You can buy it in the organic section of Krogers, Publix, and you can ask Wal-mart to carry it if they don't already. Pacific Natural Foods is the brand we enjoy if your having a hardtime finding it.

  38. Gina, thank you so much for the amazing recipes. I'm lactose intolerant so I used soy milk instead of fat free milk and I thought it was still very yummy. I've made a lot of your recipes before even though I'm not much of a dieter but rather a "healthy eater" and you've never let me down! Even my super picky boyfriend has yet to give your recipes nothing but praise. I tell everyone about your site 🙂

  39. could I add almond milk instead of fat free milk?

  40. Made this, failed, but i am willing to give it another try. Hopefully this time it turns out better. Last time it was really watery and then in the bottom there was a whole bunch of half blended oatmeal chunks.

  41. I just tried it as an afternoon snack and it's really good!!! I never thought i could make an oatmeal smoothie! I think i'm going to start making it the night before so i can have something before i head to the gym in the morning! Thanks gina!! <3

  42. Totally tasty! I'm not an oatmeal fan but have been trying to add it to my diet and this is perfect. I expected it to be more filling but when you think about it, it's really only 1/4th of a serving of oatmeal. I may do like another reader suggested and add protein powder next time. I had trouble with the water to oat ratio since it said it should get thick and bubbly. I ended up cooking the oats like normal with 1 cup water and then adding a 2nd cup of cold water to the blender. This way it was ready to drink immediately without needing to pour over ice.

  43. Ooooh can't wait to try this! I'll be using almond milk (unsweetened) and per the previous comments, I don't see why it wouldn't work! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this!

  44. i am so happy you posted this recipe!! Each time i go to Colombian restaurants i order Avena <3 now i can make it myself

  45. Gina, what do you think about adding protein powder?

  46. Okay i blended my oatmeal and water in the pan then added 3 tbsp brown sugar… so far so good, had to have a little taste and it reminds me of babyfood 😀 I'm using my oster handheld blender so i will have to crush the ice in my food processor…

    waiting on the honey to come home from the grocery with some light almond milk so i can finish up our breakfast treat. 😀

    Skinnytaste, i have never had any complaints about ANY of your recipes, even with my tweaking (I always tweak recipes, bad habit!) I made your clafouti recipe recently and even my dad – the pickiest eater – ate his whole serving! Thanks for creating and testing your recipes, you rock!

  47. we don't keep milk around in my house, would rice milk be an okay substitute?

  48. Hi Gina, Love all your recipes!!! I put this thru the recipe builder and with the quick oats it was 2 pts and with the old fashion ones it was 3 pts how are you figuring out the pTS+

  49. I was a little skeptical about oatmeal in a smoothie/shake but this recipe was wonderful. It's really smooth and gives the drink a little more thickness. You really do need to let the oatmeal get really thick before you blend it in though.

  50. Not sure if it's because I used steel-cut oats, almond milk, and honey, but it did not taste good. Not sure if the oats are still supposed to be a little chunky or if the texture is supposed to be completely smooth….? The flavor was very watery and bland. (i was worried about that since there was so much water and ice in the recipe.) do you know where I went wrong? Or is the flavor supposed to be super mild? I've never had one of these before…

    • steel cut oats would have to be cooked really really well, almond milk adds a different taste but should still be good. I would skip the honey and add a 1/2 tsp of vanilla.

  51. Yummy! I just made this and it is pretty tasty. I am going to try making it with peanut butter and a banana next time. Thanks for the great recipe!

  52. absolutely delicious!

  53. I've been looking for make-ahead meals for work because I'm in so early and busy so fast.

    I used brown sugar instead of regular for a deeper flavor and tried it before putting it in the fridge for tomorrow.


  54. I just had one of these and made it with Truvia. I am a little more than surprised at how much I like it! But then I LOVE oatmeal! I cannot wait to try the pumpkin variation!

  55. i said…This is GREAT for breakfast. I've tired this with small red apple(don't forget to core the apple) and honey or cinnamon. This has lower my high cholestrol.Love this.

  56. This is amazing! Can't wait to try the pumpkin version.
    Shaydoss- the recipe makes 4 servings it would be about 9 p+ for the whole amount.

  57. Everything would be great if I didn't use salt instead of sugar! Ha ha ha!
    Well I had to make it once again and it was delicous! 🙂

    I love your blog Gina!!

  58. This was awesome!!

  59. I am not a big fan of oatmeal due to the texture and plain taste of it but have forced myself to eat it due to it's healthy benefits the last few weeks. I just tried this and it's so much better! I will definitely be taking my oatmeal this way from now on!

  60. Sorry about this comment when you posted this ages ago, but I really love this! Thank you so much for the recipe! I am going to try to incorporate these oats into a green smoothie to make it really smooth and creamy.

  61. hi,

    I love the shake, but when I went to add it to the recipe builder it came out to 9 points. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong, but the breakdown was:

    oats = 4pts
    low fat milk=3pts
    2tbs sugar=3pts

    I added one tablespoon less of sugar and used 1% milk as opposed to lowfat milk. I thought it would balance out the points, but instead i'm over by 6 pts.


  62. I just wanted to tell you I LOVE this shake! You inspired me to make my own oatmeal smoothie recipe: http://www.foodwhine.com/2011/06/oatmeal-smoothies.html

    I included a link you your site and this post as well. Thanks for all your inspiring recipes!

  63. I never added wheat germ so not sure but try it, why not!

  64. We are LOVING this at our house! My teenager is crazy about it, too! The cinnamon is a must for us and a banana makes everyone happy!

    Don't have any protein powder on hand, wondering about adding some wheat germ – what do you think?

  65. I stumbled across this recipe last night and decided to give it a try for breakfast today. It was so yummy! I made it a bit too watery and would reduce the Cinnamon in the future, but will definitely be making again! So glad I tried it 🙂

  66. Yes you can use regular oats, just cook it longer.

    Kim I'm happy you enjoyed my version and I used to drink alpina too!

  67. This recipe is wonderful! It reminds me very much of Alpina Avena – they have light, original and cinnamon versions that I buy when I don't have time to make my own. I think they sell it in the US now and it can be found on Amazon.
    Thanks for sharing this recipe- it's better than the one I was making 🙂

  68. This sounds like a great way to get my picky eaters to drink (almond) milk! One question–We usually buy regular oats, not quick, do you think I could substitute those with a longer boiling time maybe?

  69. I am so glad you posted this today!

  70. Tess an ice pop would be a great way to get my toddler to enjoy this! I bet it would be great!

    If the oatmeal seems too thin, let it boil a little longer until it thickens a bit but once you mix it with the milk and ice, it will be thin enough to drink.

    Nativa – I can find the powder in my local Latin market but homemade is the best!! And easy!

  71. I love, love this recipe. I my host mom made it for me everyday for four months in Costa Rica. They sent me home with premade packs of it but contained a ton of sugar. I'm so happy to have a healthified recipe for it now!

  72. Loved this recipe! I actually just made it and tweeked it a little as I was going along. I added apples and bananas and a teaspoon of vanilla extract. I also spared 2 points and added 1 tbsp of peanut butter into the blender. Unfortunately all I had was the chunky peanut butter but if I had a reduced fat peanut butter my points would have been lower. Great smoothie coming from someone who hates to eat oatmeal!

  73. I realize that it's a beverage. I was confused by the "stirring often until it becomes thick and bubbly." instruction. With two cups of water, my oatmeal never reached that state. Since 1/2 cup oats normally cooks with 1 cup water I wondered if it was a typo. Guess not. Thanks.

  74. It's not thick, it's a beverage.

  75. Loved the recipe, but my oatmeal was super runny. Should it be one cup of water for 1/2 cup oats? Thanks for your site. I love it!

  76. Tess, ice pop! What a great idea!!

    Ellis, just updated the nutritional info and added points plus, it came out to less fiber, but still pretty high. Not sure if different brands give different results, but I did notice that cinnamon has a nice amount of fiber in it, so that brought the fiber up.

  77. Hi Ellis, Let me double check the nutritional info.

  78. Hi Gina,

    Love your site and just made this- it's delicious! However, I'm totally lost as to how a serving of this has 4 grams of fiber. Per my oatmeal, 1/2 c has 5 grams, which is the entirety of what this recipe calls for (which would put the fiber at 1.25/serving). Correct? I can't figure out where any other fiber would come from, since milk doesn't have any.


  79. Has anybody made an home made ice pop with this recipe?

  80. I'm still trying to get used to non fat milk (I'm coming down from the whole milk I got used to drinking after my daughter was born). If I make this with 1% milk, what will the points be? What about the new points plus? I sincerely appreciate your help.

  81. Hey Gina, I made this for breakfast this morning, and it was absolutely delicious! I am so excited to have a healthy breakfast on the go idea. I already had the instant oatmeal packets on hand, so I microwaved one of those according to the package directions. Next time I go to the grocery I will buy the quick oats. If you use one package of instant oatmeal, the whole thing only makes about 2 1/2 cups total, so just divided it in half for a 4 point breakfast. I can't wait to try this again with the quick oats, but I think I will still do it in the microwave. Oh, and 1 tsp was plenty of cinnamon for me.

  82. Love your modifications, and I love this served warm!!

  83. I made this recipe this morning with a coupe of modifications, and it was AMAZING. I added it to the recipe builder, and it's still only 3 points per 8oz serving (still made 4 servings.)

    I added a whole banana, a tsp of pumpkin pie spice and a tsp of vanilla, and only used 2 tbsp of brown sugar instead of 3. I served it hot instead of adding the ice, and I swear it tasted just like banana bread!

  84. Yes you can use regular oatmeal instead, but you should check recipe builder to be sure the points don't change.

  85. Breakfast is my hardest meal (as in, I have a hard time making myself eat it), and this sounds delicious!

    One question, though—can you substitute regular oatmeal for quick oats without changing the points? I don't mind the extra cooking time, and that's what I have on hand. 🙂

  86. Thanks so much, this recipe is delicious! I was sad to see that the recipe doubled in points with the new points plus program, but I subbed Stevia (an all natural calorie free sugar sub) and it brought it back down to 2 points per serving. You can have half the recipe for three points though.

  87. So happy you liked it!

  88. I keep trying to include oatmeal in my diet, but I just cannot come to like it. However, I tried this recipe for breakfast this morning, and it was great! It had the great taste of oatmeal, without the dry, sticky consistency that my regular oatmeal usually turns out as. Thanks for another great recipe!

  89. Yes, you can. The shelf like would only be about 3 days because of the milk, but with soy or almond milk, it may last longer. I haven't tried it with them but almond milk sounds like it would be lovely!

  90. Hi Gina, was just wondering if I make this recipe and it's just for me, can I keep the extra servings in fridge and use during the week for breakfast? Also have you ever tried with soy milk or almond milk? Make your recipes all the time, Thank you…

  91. LOVE THIS! Takes me back to childhood! Joined WW for the second time and can't wait to try your fabulous recipes! Thank you!

  92. You can simply heat it on the stove or microwave.

  93. How could this be made warm for like in winter time?

  94. YUM…. thanks for the post Gina. I make this for my girls and I and drink it for Breakfast, however I used Frozen Fruits instead of ice… 🙂
    My chikitas and I Love IT…..

  95. It's good right! I've always wanted to try horchata. I think my mom made this for me as a kid. All points are per serving.

  96. I tried this for breakfast today and it is SO good! Just a quick question… the WW points are per serving right?

    Thanks for all these recipes, I'm just starting WW and they have been a life saver!

  97. Try using fructose as the sweetener. It is the crystalized form of fruit sugar and you can get by using a little bit less than sugar as it is slightly sweeter.

  98. OMG!!!! I love love love this!! This tastes similar to Horchata (cinammon rice drink) that I grew up on. It is so delicous! I recently began WW again as I just had a baby and I am having a hard time staying motivated. Your site is just what I need to stay motivated. My children LOVED this recipe as well. Thanks so much Gina!!!

  99. I tried this for a snack today and added 4 large strawberries and half a peach for flavor. I also used Splenda since I am diabetic instead of sugar. Not sure what the points come out to, but I figured about 2 since the peaches and strawberries are very low.

  100. I think I added too much cinnamon …but this came out great! Who would of thought this would be only almost 2 points..I am soo happy that I have discovered this website. You have such awesome recipes..>I am excited I can't wait to use them.

  101. You should try the Finesse Oatmeal drink from Alpina. It's only 70 calories per serving and it is delicious. I usually just drink it by itself, but sometmes I make a smoothie, I put strawberries and banana in a blender and add Finesse, YUM! is the perfect breakfast!

  102. To those mentioning using Agave syrup…

    Don't. It's marketed as "natural" or "organic" but is actually highly processed. I've been informed it's no better than corn syrup.

    I used to love the stuff too. Sorry.

  103. I never had an Atkins shake so I'm not sure. Let me know how it come out.

  104. Next time I may substitute one of my vanilla atkins shakes for the milk, what do you think?

  105. This is a great filler up breakfast!!! I took one of your readers suggestions and added a scoop of chocolate (all i had) protein powder to half of this and has left me feeling full for hours, while making another one of your fabulous recipes, without urge to taste whole thing!!!! Keep in mind protein powder will raise calorie and WW point I am certain. Love this!! Bringing rest to work tomorrow!!!

  106. You're welcome!! I grew up with this, love it!

  107. Thank you for such a great smoothie to make in the morning! I appreciate the fact that it has enough protein to keep me satisfied! I actually made this for a Sunday afternoon snack as well…I didn't want to go over my points on a weekend and this rescued me! I just use 1 tsp. of cinnamon & that's enough for me. Also, put the second half in the frig for the next day…it's a little thicker, but "doable." Again, thank you, yum!!

  108. @Trinette- Of course! 🙂

  109. This looks awesome. Can I use regular oats. I don't buy quick oats!

  110. Made this for breakfast this morning! SO yummy..thank you!

  111. thanks for sharing..

  112. So good, right! And healthy!

  113. Yum! I've made this for breakfast 3 times this week already.

  114. Yes, it could, but it won't taste as good.

  115. Hi there, can this be made using instant oatmeal packets?

  116. I am going to try this as a treat tonight! It sounds tasty!!! I love your blog and I love that you don't use Splenda or Aspartame!!! Thanks for making recipes w/real foods:)

  117. This is wonderful. I had never had an oatmeal shake before but I had all the ingredients. I made it last night so it would be ready in the morning. I added a little light brown sugar to the top-less than 1 tsp. It gives it a little sweeter taste to it. This is very filling. I will definitely make this again. A few questions though, how long will this keep in the refrigerator? And if I add a tsp of brown sugar how many points will that add? Its just me that will eat this, so I would like it to last at least another day or two. I guess I could cut the recipe in half if it only keeps for another day.

  118. Can this be made ahead of time and then refrigerated? I would like to have it made at night and then its ready in the morning.

  119. I personally don't like using Splenda. Although it reduces the points, I'm not sure how healthy it is and I would rather use something natural, like sugar, honey or agave. While Splenda starts out as sugar, some serious scientific tinkering goes on
    How to make a website

  120. Yes, this is a great healthy breakfast on the go!

  121. I have searched for a long long time for a way to enjoy a very healthy oatmeal breakfast. And now I can. This is very tasty and quite filling.
    What a great site you have.
    Thanks for sharing with us all.

  122. Hi Gina,

    Great drink. Never thought preparing it in the way you describe it and it sounds delicious! Tomorrow morning I'll try it! Great!

    Nice new header image by the way, muy hermoso! Me gusta mucho!

  123. I may have this as a snack tonight. Tomorrow's weigh in day and I'm careful the night before. I never heard of Avena. I've been back on program for 4 weeks now (7 lbs gone plus what I lost this week). I've redone my blog to focus on WW food, too. You can never have too many good recipes, so thanks for your great site.

  124. Ciao Gina ho appena iniziato a visionare il tuo blog e ne sono rimasta entusista, ricco di ricette e di contenuti, complimenti.
    Ciao Daniela.

  125. I've never thought of using oatmeal in a shake–brilliant! I bet adding in some flavored yogurt would kick it up a notch! 🙂

  126. Would love to hear your feedback! I grew up drinking this an I love it.

  127. this looks like something I've got to try and soon! Thanks!!!

  128. I would have never thought to make a oatmeal milk shake.I have all the ingredients in the house so breakfast tomorrow is already planned!

  129. Wow! I'm sooooo thrilled I stumbled onto your blog!!!! Its sooo inspiring and beautiful and such great ideas! So many recipes I'm excited to try!

    I'm so interested in this Avena shake! We are oatmeal LOVERS in this house! (I even love it plain with cinammon). Then we were diagnosed as allergic to gluten. But luckily I just found Gluten Free oatmeal. So we're back in the game!

    Going to try this tomorrow AM! I'll likely try reducing the sugar.

    Thank you for this and all your great recipes!!!!
    ~ Cari

  130. Splenda triggers migraines for me, so I am thankful to have stumbled across your blog of delicious Weight Watcher friendly recipes with natural ingredients.

    THANK YOU & please keep them coming! 🙂

  131. Wow, how interesting. I love oatmeal and always have cold oatmeal in the fridge (I cook it and mold it in a loaf for slicing off and reheating every morning — it turns soft again). I could easily put a scoop in a blender and make an oat smoothie. Fascinating, I'm going to try it soon, with a scoop of unflavored Unjury protein powder. Thanks!

  132. I agree with you Gina – Splenda sketches me out! I like my food as un-messed-around-with as possible. The more natural the better. I have yet to try Agave syrup but it's only $2.99 at Trader Joe's, so I'll pick some up next time I'm there!

    • Agave is no better than sugar, and there is some speculation it is not safe. It comes from a cactus but the process to get it is quite complicated. Stick to honey or raw sugar.

    • Most agave syrup is so refined that it's as bad as refined white sugar. Big companies always trying to make a bigger buck. Stick with raw, organic agave or coconut sugar. Btw, agave is from the yucca family, not cactus 🙂

    • Raw Honey or Pure Maple Syrup are better sweetener choices!

  133. What a great way to get your oatmeal!

  134. I personally don't like using Splenda. Although it reduces the points, I'm not sure how healthy it is and I would rather use something natural, like sugar, honey or agave. While Splenda starts out as sugar, some serious scientific tinkering goes on such as removing three atoms found in sugar and replacing them with three atoms of the chemical chlorine. I don't think there is enough information to know what the effects are in the long run.

  135. I'm willing to try it – I don't like hot oatmeal (it's a texture thing) but this sounds yummy! I have a lot of instant oatmeal packets – can this recipe be adapted to use those?

    • Yes! The first time I made it, I used a pack of instant apple cinnamon oatmeal and divided the rest of the ingredients in half. It made one tall, delicious glass.

  136. I love your recipes – I have made many of them in the past few months. One question…why do you not make more low fat/ low cal substitutes such as swapping splenda for sugar?

    • splenda isn't food. 🙂

    • First off, splenda isnt good for you in the long run and substituting splenda for natural REAL sugar actually makes it harder for you to lose weight later because of the way your body digests it. Also, splenda has been linked to cancer. Then again, you could say that about just about everything we come in contact with these days. But seriously, stay away from the stuff.

    • Splenda is bad for you. I've had a doctor tell me that.

  137. I'm going to try this! I bet you could boost the protein with a half scoop of vanilla protein powder without changing the taste too much!

  138. One of my favorites! and great when you get bored of your typical boring oatmeal! thanks!

  139. I've been into oat smoothies lately, too! I was surprised at how good they are!

  140. Oh man!
    I'm glad you posted this. My costa rican host mom would make me this drink all the time. I didn't think I'd be a fan when she offered it but it was so tasty. We actually drank it warm on cold-ish nights. Can't wait to try the cold version!

  141. Oooooo! Can you make this at night and then drink it in the morning???!!! This is great!

    • Yes my daughter makes it at night and takes with her in the morning we even got my husband to take it with him to work. Works for us and its delicious.

  142. Wow! I happened to have all of the ingredients at work (I eat oatmeal for breakfast most days) so I thought I'd try this as a late-morning snack. It's delicious! Your daughter has good taste.