Baked Chicken with Dijon and Lime

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Baked Chicken with Dijon and Lime is an easy chicken dinner, perfect for busy weeknights!

Easy weeknight dinner solution – grab some chicken, remove the skin, brush it with this Dijon-lime sauce and put it in the oven. You can make this with thighs or even breast if you prefer!

Baked chicken is always an easy, inexpensive weeknight dinner solution. Grab some chicken drumsticks, remove the skin, brush it with this Dijon-lime coating and bake it in the oven. You can make this with chicken thighs or even breast if you prefer!

Serve these drumsticks with a big salad on the side and dinner is ready!

Although I really love the taste of crispy chicken skin, you really won’t miss it here. The chicken drumsticks get coated with a creamy mix that coats the chicken and browns as it bakes that’s delicious and easy to make. And if you dread removing skin from chicken legs, this easy tip will change your life! It’s basically using two paper towels which give you grip making it so much easier to remove, and also less mess.

How To Remove The Skin From Chicken Drumsticks

Dijon-Lime Ingredients

  • Dijon mustard
  • Fresh lime juice
  • Lime Zest
  • Mayonnaise
  • Garlic

Baked Chicken with Dijon and Lime is an easy chicken dinner, perfect for busy weeknights!

Baked Chicken with Dijon and Lime is an easy chicken dinner, perfect for busy weeknights!

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Easy weeknight dinner solution – grab some chicken, remove the skin, brush it with this Dijon-lime sauce and put it in the oven. You can make this with thighs or even breast if you prefer!
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Baked Chicken with Dijon and Lime

172 Cals 26 Protein 4 Carbs 5 Fats
Prep Time: 5 mins
Cook Time: 40 mins
Total Time: 45 mins
Yield: 4 servings
COURSE: Dinner
CUISINE: American
Easy weeknight dinner solution – grab some chicken, remove the skin, brush it with this Dijon-lime sauce and put it in the oven. You can make this with thighs or even breast if you prefer!


  • 8 chicken drumsticks, skin removed*
  • 3 tbsp Dijon mustard
  • 1 tbsp light mayonnaise
  • 1 clove garlic, crushed
  • 1 lime, squeezed, and lime zest
  • 3/4 tsp black pepper
  • kosher salt to taste
  • 1 teaspoon dried parsley


  • Preheat oven to 400°F.
  • Rinse the chicken and remove the skin and all fat. Pat dry; place in a large bowl and season with salt.
  • In a small bowl combine Dijon, mayonnaise, lime juice, lime zest, garlic and pepper. Mix well. Pour over chicken, tossing well to coat.
  • Spray a large baking pan with a little Pam to prevent sticking since all the fat and skin was removed from chicken.
  • Place chicken to fit in a single layer. Top the chicken with dried parsley.
  • Bake until cooked through, about 35 minutes. Finish the chicken under the broiler until golden brown, 2 to 3 minutes.


Serving: 2drumsticks, Calories: 172kcal, Carbohydrates: 4g, Protein: 26g, Fat: 5g, Cholesterol: 96mg, Sodium: 518mg
WW Points Plus: 6
Keywords: Baked Chicken with Dijon and Lime

*nutrition based on 4 oz cooked meat

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  1. Not our favorite- The mustard-lime combo was a bit too acidic for us. So many great recipes on this site, we’ll try a different one next time!

  2. Made this halved for two with larger sized breasts tonight. It was amazing. It didn’t take as long as it says for the legs but I did cook it at 425. Chicken was pretty big, too. Had with rice and Gina’s wilted baby spinach, and I added a few pecans to the spinach. I’m going to try this with chicken legs later on! Side note, the sauce stayed on pretty well with larger sized breasts so could be the size if some fine it too mushy. In didn’t need to broil them. 

  3. I want to give a 10 to this recipe–I have not made it in awhile as there are so many good recipes to choose from, but for simplicity and flavor it cant be beat. It is a favorite that I need to have more often.

  4. This is seriously one of the best and easiest recipes. It’s definitely one of my favorites and my husband’s favorites and it makes for great leftovers if you make a little bit more!

  5. First time trying this one and it was terrific. When baked the flavors meld and become savory. more then the whole. Simple to do, simple ingredients and is excellent.

  6. These were delicious and easy! Marinated overnight, I grilled them on a propane grill to crisp them up even more. Used plain fat free Greek yogurt instead of mayo.

  7. My family devoured this! The chicken turned out so moist and flavorful. 

  8. Do you think this could be made with shrimp? I’ve kinda gotten away from chicken lately.

  9. I just made this chicken tonight with leg quarters I left the skin on I smeared the sauce under the skin and on the skin. I tasted the sauce and it was a bit puckery. so I got my truvia nectar and squirted that in, not to make it a sweet sauce but to balance out the puckeryness the mustard and lime. husband and I both enjoyed it. if you didn’t want to eat the skin you could peel it off and you still have the sauce underneath giving flavor to the chicken meat.

  10. Would this recipe work in the Air Fryer?

  11. Really good, didn’t need the broiler. Browned nice without it

  12. I am a big fan of your lemon feta drumsticks in the slow cooker and tried this recipe since it seemed similar. My husband LOVED this one. Will definitely make again as a switch up!

  13. What would the Frestyle Points be if made with chicken breast instead of drumsticks? 

  14. Made this with boneless skinless thighs, delish!!!

  15. Could these be grilled or would it just burn them?

  16. Always make this and sometimes jazz it up with 1/3 cup plain breadcrumbs and 2 tbsp. parm/romano cheese, throw all the other ingredients along with the above into a zip bag, shake around then on the cookie sheet to bake and either way is a winner.

  17. Would these work in slow cooker?

  18. To make this recipe Whole30 compliant – what should I substitute for mayo?

  19. The Smart Points on this recipe are way off. Since a serving is 2 drumsticks and one drumstick with or without skin is 4 points, that makes at least 8 points, not counting the mayo. The recipe has a serving as 5 points, but that would only be for about one drumstick, not the full serving.

    • Hi Danielle, I rechecked and still got 5 smart points for this one. WW has an option- “Chicken drumstick, skinless with bone, raw” that’s 2 smart points per drumstick, which is what I used to calculate here. It’s 4 smart points for the chicken, and the rest of the ingredients bring it up to 5.

  20. Can I grill this instead of baking it?

  21. This was so good!! I noticed a few others mentioning they found the sauce tart so I tasted it before putting on the chicken, and I found it a touch too tart for me so I added just a bit of pure maple syrup, it was absolutely delicious!

  22. Hi! Wonderful recipe! We are such a fan!

    One thing, I do miss the old printing app. It would let me choose what to print as well as print the pictures of the food. The pictures are a must for us since it let’s us find the recipe we want in our makeshift cookbook. Really miss that. 

    Otherwise, love the new site, thanks for sharing!!

  23. I've made this twice now. First with skinless drumsticks, and tonight with skinless, boneless thighs. Quite good!

    I use 2 garlic cloves, seated on the microplane zester (I already have it out for the lime, so why not?!). I add a little paprika and just eyeball the measurements for the other ingredients.

    Broiling it at the end really does something special for it, and I'd never have dreamed that up on my own.

  24. would substituting lemons for limes work out?

    • Yes… I have used 1 lemon (big and… sweet) and it tastes delicious. Not sweet but less bitter than lime. Try it with lemon, you won't feel deprived… Good Luck !

  25. Hands down one of the most delicious (and easy!) chicken recipes I've ever made! The chicken comes out of the oven decadently moist and flavorful – I don't miss the skin one bit. Even my boyfriend, who isn't crazy about the flavors of lime or dijon on their own, claimed it was the best chicken I've ever made for him! Making it again tonight 🙂

  26. I'm substituting the maywith low fat Greek yogurt. Hope it turns out just as good.

  27. I'm substituting the maywith low fat Greek yogurt. Hope it turns out just as good.

  28. Wow!! This was so delicious and easy to make!!!!!! Thanks, Gina!

  29. ohh…those salad savors look good, especially Zesty and Fresh!

  30. So I made this tonight with chicken tenders and it's so good… do you think I can freeze the leftovers?

  31. Where can you buy the DeLallo Salad Savors? I couldn't find them at my grocery store.

  32. I'd try the Gorgonzola cheese DeLallo flavour packet – yum!

  33. I made this recipe last night along with the roasted cauliflower. Absolutely delicious! I haven't made a Skinny Taste recipe that I did NOT like!

  34. 172 calories and 6 pts? Are the points/calories correct?

  35. Love your recipes!
    Dellalo packets look amazingly good….where can one buy them?

  36. I think that this will be dinner tonight. Don't have a lime, but maybe my lone lemon will do.

  37. I just bought a big bag of limes and a big package of chicken legs. Trying this tonight.

  38. While I've recently tried a variation of this recipe with the chicken meat being fried, I'd say baking/roasting it is far more pleasant for me.

  39. this looks so good! drooling

  40. That looks incredibly delicious! 🙂

  41. This looks wonderful Gina and that salad looks fabulous!

  42. Wondering if I can use nonfat plain yogurt instead of the light mayo?

  43. Where do you find the delallo salad fixin's? In the refrigerated section or produce?

  44. I have made this twice and we LOVE it! The sauce is amazing and the lime zest came through just right—made your recipe exactly as written. My husband is on low carb and it was a real treat for him.

  45. I made this tonight with boneless, skinless breasts and marinade did not stay on. Pan was full of juices (watery) when I tried to broil it, it didn't do much, the chicken still looked boiled. My bf hates boiled chicken so this was a complete fail. Any suggestions to prevent this watery, boiled mess Gina?

  46. This has been my go-to weeknight recipe. it's perfect every time! I serve with cilantro lime rice or a veggie side and everyone always RAVES! I pretty much always make a double recipe, but triple the sauce because I love to drizzle it over the rice, and leftovers are a perfect lunch. Thank you for helping me keep my eating on track! Why go out when you can make something delicious at home?

  47. Hi Gina,
    I just found your site 2 wks ago and I love it. I am following the WW plan and am so thrilled. I have a very picky husband and it can be difficult to stay on plan with him. He really liked this recipe. It will be going into the rotation. Thank you for the wonder recipes and pictures you post. I make making them easier as I know how thing should look.

  48. Made this and used some avocado instead of mayo and it was delicious!

  49. Idk why every time I bake chicken why so much water comes out that it take all the marinate comes off. So then my chicken is flavor less.

  50. This…was…AWESOME! My fireman hubby loved it!

  51. This was really good. My only criticism is that it was maybe a bit too flavorful. Next time I'll probably halve the recipe and add some oil to balance it out.

  52. I have made this twice and love it. However, I just finished preparing to make tonight and I can't remember if I covered it while it was baking. Can someone help please? This is absolutely delicious, by the way.

  53. Possibly dumb question: do you just dump out the lime/mayo/dijon mixture after you put the chicken in the pan? Or do you pour it over before baking?

  54. What is considered a small chicken thigh?

  55. Making these tonight, since my dad gifted me with a huge package of these from BJ's. Smells great in the oven now (and I don't usually like dijon, but you never steer me wrong!).

  56. I made this twice this week actually. On Tuesday made the exact recipe and then Thursday, forgot to set the slow cooker so I made it with split chicken breasts and lemon (since I didn't have the lime) it was a delicious and easy recipe! Thank you!

  57. Can you give me some idea as to what the sodium count is

  58. This was so delicious! Thank you:-)

  59. Just took this out of the oven and it's amazing! Moist and flavorful. I used Greek yogurt instead of the mayo, will definitely be spreading the word about this recipe! Yum

  60. This is the best chicken recipe ever. My family loves it. My son said "Mom, are you making that dijon chicken again"? When I siad yes he said Awesome and licked his lips! It's the greatest! Thanks Gina for all of your recipes!

  61. This chicken was amazing! My fiancé can never tell your recipes are WW 🙂 but I have a question about the points for this one – when I put it in the recipe builder, I got 5 points for 1 thigh, not 2

  62. YUM YUM YUM! It was so good and flavorful. My 6 year old said it was his favorite chicken. THANKS Gina!

  63. This dish just got named "Kickin Chicken" in my family because it is such a big hit. All thanks to you! Love your site!

  64. is there an alternative for the mayo? We have an egg allergy.

  65. Love this dish, made it last night with boneless chicken breasts and it was DELICIOUS!!!

  66. I want to try this tonight but I was a little confused. The serving size says 2 thighs 5pts+ but the WW book says that 1 thigh is 4 pts.

  67. Just got off work and was told about this site by one of the clients that calls the company I work for and can't wait to try it…will come back and comment soon on how it went….Yeyyy…I have all the ingredients =)

  68. Just made this and it was delicious!! Hubby liked it and he doesn't like thighs! Very easy to make. I didn't have enough mustard so I combined Guldens spicy brown, yellow mustard and Kosciusko. YUM YUM!!

  69. Easy and delicious! Works great w boneless skinless breasts too!

  70. Hi Gina,
    I tried this last week and both my husband and son loved it! I liked it so much I decided to use the same sauce on some tilapia loins I had in the freezer and it was great too!

    Love your site and hope you get a cookbook soon!

  71. Hi Gina,

    Been making things on your blog for years now! Just had a question about how tart this was. My bf loved how juicy the chicken was but said it was a bit harsh on the tartiness.

    Anyone else have this problem? Any tips on avoiding this in the future?

  72. I tried this last night and it was wonderful. I think it's good enough for a re-post!

  73. This is really good! Took less time than I was expecting and so good! Thanks!

  74. Just tried this with boneless skinless chicken breasts, it was great. My fiance loved it!

  75. Just got done making this (although I used dried dill instead of parsley) and it turned out really tasty and super moist, despite using boneless, skinless breasts

  76. I followed this recipe to a T. It was decent – definitely more of a plain chicken recipe. Served this with the orrechiette and broccoli recipe you have on here, so it worked. I will say though, the chicken was super tender inside..

  77. I made this last weekend and I LOVED it! The chicken was full of flavor even without all the skin and fat.

  78. Made tonight with boneless breasts, and only cooked about 23 minutes – turned out great, as everyone has already stated, and my husband suggested that we try it next time with fish. Has anyone else tried that? It sounds great!

    It is funny to watch my posts on Pinterest…pretty much all the recipes from this site go from "recipes I want to try" to "healthy and delish!" immediately! Again, thank you for all the great healthy ideas!

  79. One of my favorite recipes yet! It was so delicious!

  80. I loved this dish. We used boneless/skinless chicken thighs, so that made the labor much easier. The marinade is delicious! Will definitely make again.

  81. I just looked through this thread and I noticed that several people asked whether or not there was a decrease in points for using chicken breasts instead of thighs, does anyone know the answer?

  82. I tried this last night – absolutely delicious and so very easy to make. Thx!

  83. This is in the oven right now. Can't wait to try it! Making thighs for my grandparents, husband and son and breasts for my daughter and I. The mustard-lime-garlic mixture smelled so good, I could have eaten that I think!

  84. Would this work with shrimp??

  85. I absolutely love this recipe! I make it with chicken breasts and it's delicious! Thank you!!

  86. Can I replace the mayonnaise with more dijon?

  87. Another fabulous recipe! My husband never believes these are "weight watcher" recipes. Delish! I served it with roasted asparagus and basil-parmesan quinoa.

  88. I made this tonight and all I had was boneless skinless thighs (really should be the same NI since I'm not eating the bone). I had 7 thighs which was 2 pounds…I put the recipe in the WW recipe builder and it was about 13 points for 4 servings. Not sure how you got 5+ unless you had teeny tiny chickens. My thighs seemed average size.


  89. trying this tonight! 🙂 cant wait!

  90. This was OUTSTANDING!! I made it last night and everyone asked for seconds (including my three kids) Thank you!!

  91. a little bitey at the beginning, but overall creamy flavorful recipe. Will definitely repeat

  92. I am making this now, will know in another 25 minutes or so how it will turn out. Kind of nervous. Im such a picky eater and I just signed up for weight watchers. But this was super easy and I had all the ingredients. Making drumsticks for the first time.. Fingers crossed!!

  93. Made this last night using chicken breasts, so yummy! Great flavor. Thanks

  94. This must be the millionth time I've made this dish, and it finally dawned on me that I owe you a big 'thank you' for introducing it into my life! Love, love, love this baked chicken!

  95. Wonderful. I have made it several times then shared the recipe with my stepmom who has no computer and is allergic to many foods. She loved it. Thanks so much.

  96. *moist*

  97. This has become a weekly staple in my house. So easy to put together in just a few minutes and it always comes out mosit and delicious. I have used chicken thighs, legs, and breasts and just adjusted the cooking time and they always come out so good! Thanks for such great recipes, keep 'em coming!

  98. My boyfriend is the chef in our relationship, and I'm the baker. Tonight I cooked dinner for him as a treat, and made this chicken – it turned out fantastic!! Great flavors and not dry at all!

  99. I made this last night and we LOVED the flavors! The only thing I did differently, was use a grainy mustard because that was all I had on hand. Turned out moist and delicious! Thanks for the wonderful recipes!

  100. made this tonight it was DELISH!! thanks!!

  101. Another winner, Gina! This is fantastic. It is going into the regular rotation. Thank you!

  102. I made this dish this past weekend for a dinner party we had at our house. Everyone LOVED it! I used boneless, skinless chicken breats and actually made them into cutlets. I shaved about 3-4 minutes off the cooking time and they were moist and delicious. Thank you Gina!

  103. this was tonight's dinner and I can't tell you how we all RAVED about this. I'm so happy that you have been brought into our family. The kids devoured the chicken and my hubby and I haven't had so many different types of food (that tasted so good) that was so delicious that we needed to go OUT to get. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    And I don't cook with salt… it didn't need it! Very flavorful!

  104. Made this tonight with my boyfriend who is completely anti eating healthy, and he loved it!! will def be coming back to this site

  105. This was good but next time I will cut back on the salt SIGNIFICANTLY…it's sooo salty and I usually go for a little salt..

  106. This was really great. The only thing I will next time is only half a lime instead of a whole. Maybe even try the spicy dijon, which sounds yummy. Fantastic!

  107. hi this came out great! thank you soo much after much attempts at making something good for the hubby and my 6 yr old this was a sucess

  108. I made this last night and it was a hit! My family loved it. I just don't have the creativity when it comes to cooking but now I have your site. Thank you for making my weight loss goals easier to reach.

  109. This was so easy and delicious! I used almond milk instead of the mayo since I'm on a "clean" diet right now and it was still perfect.

  110. Just made this tonight! Definitely the juiciest & probably the tastiest chicken I've ever made! I used boneless skinless chicken tenders ( not a fan of dark meat) & I thought it would come out a little dry, but it didn't! Sooooo juicy! I will DEFINITELY be making this again!

  111. I made this tonight, it was delicious. My son loved it. For a side I cooked some peas in the drippings, it turned out great. I've never seen a 9 year old that excited about eating peas.

  112. I made these last night, boneless, and it was so good. My 3 kids at all of it and asked for seconds. Love your resipes

  113. Delicious! Thank you Gina! I'll be making this often! I served it with your Cilantro Lime Rice and a vegetable. Yum!
    ~Amy 🙂

  114. Can u make this using drumsticks? Would it change the ingredient measurements?

  115. Made this Sunday…suprisingly good flavors! Will be making agian!

  116. I'm going to try this for lunch…I don't have limes so I hope Lemons work out just as great! Thanks for sharing!

  117. I made this on the stove top like another reviewer and used chicken tenderloins because I was in a rush. However, unlike the other reviewer, we all LOVED it cooked this way and it was really quick to get dinner to the table on a busy night. I may try it in the oven nest time when I have more time to see if it has a different flavor. Really flavorful!

  118. This was great. I love the flavor.

  119. If I have 4 chicken breasts should I decrease the dijon and mayonnaise?

  120. Amazing recipe! I just made this with my roommate and it turned out soo good! It is perfect for college students cuz its fast and super tasty! I used chicken breast instead of the thighs but it still very tasty! Thanks.

  121. In the oven now! I used lemon instead of limes and I chopped up some red potatoes and plunked them right in the same pan. Smells amazing! Can't wait to try it!

  122. If I do not have a lime, but do have lime juice, how much should I use? Thank you!!!

  123. This was absolutely delicious!! I added a little paprika to the dijon lime mix to give it a little kick and it was just perfect! Thank you so much for another awesome recipe!

  124. Made this tonight. It was good, but I think I will cut down on the lime juice next time. It overpowered the chicken just a touch. However, it was still really good. My hubby even liked it. Will make again, maybe with one of your rice dishes. Tonight I made it with your Baby Red Potato Salad which is SO good!

  125. Just made this tonight. It was AWESOME! I've made a lot of your dishes but this one was so good, I had to comment. I was a bit lazy with this recipe – didn't feel like dealing with fresh garlic so used garlic powder and didn't have a lime so used a lemon. It's so good, even with my modifications. Chicken thighs are so delicious, I never knew! I might make this again with the skinless chicken breasts I have in the fridge but I can't imagine it tasting as good. Thanks!

  126. Sure!

  127. Would this work with bone-in brests?

  128. This was fabulous, Gina! So easy, and it tasted great even with regular mustard (didn't have any dijon). I may try honey mustard next time. I loved it! Thank goodness for leftovers. I think I'll cut up a piece and serve it on a salad tomorrow!

  129. Glad they were easy, that is my goal!

  130. I made this chicken tonight and it was delicious! I am NOT a cook and struggle with making pretty much everything, but these directions were easy to follow and it turned out great! I also made the baked zucchini sticks for a side! Thanks!

  131. This looks amazing! I will cook it this week!

  132. Made this for lunch today, and it was outstanding! Thank you so much, Gina.

  133. Thanks for the recipe–first one tried from your site. It was just totally yummy and easy. Going in to full rotation! I increased the points b/c I just always take the extra hit with using real mayo, but it's worth it to me. Thanks!!

  134. All I can say is WOW this was delicious! It had so much flavor. Everyone loved this recipe. Made with your Skinny Mashed Potatoes and a nice salad. Yummy

  135. Planning to make this tomorrow night…wanted to cook it at the same time as the baked rice and peas. The rice cooks at 350 and this cooks at 400…any suggestion as to what temp to use to cook them together, or is that not a good idea? Thanks so much…LOVE your site and all your recipes!!!

  136. In the oven right now and smells delicious!!! Thanks Gina!!

  137. I made this tonight and it was delicious. The chicken was so tender and had great flavor.

  138. Excellent dinner tonight & easy (it must be because I don't do the cooking!). The kids and picky hubby loved it. Thank you!

  139. I made this last night and it was great! Even hubby, that doesn't like to "diet", loved it!!

  140. Made this last night along with your Latin yellow rice, and it was a HUGE hit in my house! Even my pickiest eater was licking his plate! YUM!

  141. how long would you cook this if you used chicken tenders (boneless, skinless)?

  142. Made this last week. Was DIVINE!

  143. They should hire me! Ha ha, maybe I'll see if I could get a job there.

    I think the minute you tell yourself you are dieting, you instantly get depressed. Instead just think of it as a way to get creative in the kitchen. Have fun with it!!

  144. I'm SO thankful to have found this blog! I started WW and was mourning the days of my creative cooking. BUT, your blog has actually made me happy to be on the plan! You have so many amazing recipes. They should be cutting you a check! 🙂

    This recipe is in the oven now. Can't wait to eat it!

  145. Amazing recipe, made it for my dad and brother two very picky eats and they loved it! Thanks for all the great recipes

  146. You're awesome! Thanks!

  147. I put this into the PointsPlus calculator and got 5 points+ for the two thighs as well…just wanted to let you know to save you the calculating!

  148. Sorry you didn't like it, I guess everyone has different taste!

  149. I love this blog! I do not enjoy cooking but since I was introduced to this site I am always looking forward to preparing a new dish. I've tried a few receipes and loved them; however, after reading all the comments before preparing this one and then finally preparing it exactly as instructed, I was not so impressed. As a matter of fact somewhat disappointed.

  150. wwsuzi- what a great idea!

  151. I finally tried this with boneless pork loins last night and it was delicious, very juicy and flavorful! I marinated for about 3 hours (I might up it to four to increase the mustard taste – but I like mustard)then grilled it and served it with roasted sweet potatoes and corn. Your recipes are so great – thanks again!

  152. yumm-o-ramma! delish, this will be a regular.

  153. I made this last night. It was terrific. Ate the leftover chicken for lunch this afternoon and it was even better!!! I have yet to be disappointed by a Gina recipe!

  154. I made this tonight – so easy, so moist and so flavorful. I can't help thinking that this would be fabulous with pork tenderloins.
    This one is going into the regular rotation!

  155. I just made this tonite with split chicken breast..I added a little chipotle powder..super delicious,moist with a little kick.Will be making this again.thanks

  156. Everyone loved this chicken. I didn't have a lime so I used lemon. Fabulous dish. I had it with left over tabouleh and a sliced fresh garden tomato.

  157. Everyone loved this chicken. I didn't have a lime so I used lemon! Fabulous dish. Had it with left over tabouleh and a fresh sliced garden tomato!

  158. We L-O-V-E this chicken! It has now become a once a week staple at our house. Yum!

  159. @Gwen, LOL yeah this is definitely meant for the oven!

  160. 🙁 I tried to cook this on the stovetop to save time & must've messed it up. We were not fans of the flavor. I used boneless, skinless thighs & cooked them in a non-stick skillet 'til almost done & THEN poured the sauce over them & cooked a bit more. FYI – this method apparently isn't the way to go! (I've done that with other chicken recipes & had decent results). oh well – i'll wait a bit & try it again! (never had a recipe of yours fail me – and i suppose this one didn't either – since i altered it!). 🙂

  161. I just recalculated using the USDA nutritional info and I got 5 points per serving using thighs that are 3 oz each.

  162. just a question: my weight watchers book says one thigh without skin is 3 points. How is 2 of these thighs only 4.25? Just want to make sure it's accurate.

  163. Just started WW and have been looking for new/healthy dinners. I baked this for my husband and I tonight and it was delicious! He said it was one of the best "new" recipes I've made. I used boneless/skinless chicken breasts instead of thighss and it was perfect. Thank you sharing, I look forward to trying your other recipes.

  164. Gina, this dish is AWESOME! So flavorful and using thighs keeps it moist. My 6 year old loved it as well. Thank you!!

  165. A HUGE hit! My 2-year-old, who is getting progressively picky and recently started refusing meat, devoured this. I love these recipes! It's so nice to have dinners to look forward to when I'm dieting.

  166. I made this tonight, and my husband and VERY picky sons all gave it an enthusiastic thumbs up! I will be using the leftovers (held back on purpose!) for a chicken pita for lunch tomorrow. Yummy!!!

  167. Sounds great!

  168. This is the first Weight Watchers meal my husband has every enjoyed! The only thing I did differently was use coriander instead of parsley, it worked beautifully with the chicken and lime. Thanks for all your recipes!

  169. Made this recipe last night and the whole family (including an increasingly picky 5 year old) loved it! Definately going to become a staple in our house!

  170. This is now a staple in our diet. Hubby gave it to thumbs way up. He usually groans when I start WW but he kept saying this is a keeper-for once he wasnt raeching for the salt shaker! I served this with brown rice for him and a big salad and side of garlic string beans for me. (he had some too heh)

    I made this with the breasts as suggested, but hubby asked if they are fattier than breasts. He was just curious so I am too. Would breasts cut the fat down signifigantly Gina or is it not even worth it?


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    I've done it with thighs and breasts, and it has become a quick weeknight staple.

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