Baked Zucchini Sticks (Oven or Air Fryer)

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The kids love these healthy Baked Zucchini Sticks! Bake them in the oven or in the air fryer (directions provided for both). Perfect served with marinara for dipping.

The kids love these healthy Baked Zucchini Sticks! Perfect served with marinara for dipping.
Baked Zucchini Sticks

These baked zucchini sticks are a healthier version of fried zucchini sticks or zucchini fries are delicious as a snack, appetizer or side dish. Heck, I’ve even made them for lunch! When my daughter Karina was younger, she used request them often! If you love zucchini as much as we do, check out all my zucchini recipes here.

The kids love these healthy Baked Zucchini Sticks! Perfect served with marinara for dipping.

I’ve been making this recipe for years, when Karina was younger it was my favorite way to make zucchini because I knew she’d eat them with no complaint. I serve them with my homemade marinara sauce on the side but that’s totally optional. The serving size is huge, each person gets a whole zucchini!

The only complaints I used to get was that I never made enough, so if you think this is a lot for four people, keep in mind they shrink a bit when they cook, I learned fast to make a big batch of these!

How To Make Zucchini Sticks

  • For best results, it’s best to bread them in two batches so the crumbs don’t clump up.
  • Although the recipe is written for four servings, you can easily make this for one or two. Simply cut the recipe in half or in quarters.
  • To make them dairy-free, swap the parmesan cheese for more breadcrumbs.
  • To make them gluten-free, swap the breadcrumbs for gluten-free seasoned crumbs.

Baked Zucchini Sticks


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A great way to get even the pickiest of eaters to enjoy zucchini! Perfect as a snack, appetizer or side dish.
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Baked Zucchini Sticks

154 Cals 9 Protein 26 Carbs 2 Fats
Prep Time: 10 mins
Cook Time: 25 mins
Total Time: 35 mins
Yield: 4 Servings
COURSE: Appetizer, Side Dish, Snack
CUISINE: Italian
The kids love these healthy Baked Zucchini Sticks! Perfect served with marinara for dipping.


  • cooking spray
  • medium, 7 oz each zucchinis, ends trimmed
  • large egg whites, beaten
  • 1/4 tsp kosher salt
  • fresh black pepper, to taste
  • cup seasoned whole wheat bread crumbs
  • 2 tbsp grated Pecorino Romano cheese
  • 1/4 tsp garlic powder
  • 1/2 cups quick marinara sauce for dipping, optional


Baked Zucchini Sticks:

  • Preheat the oven to 425°F. Spray 2 large baking sheets with cooking spray and set aside.
  • Cut each zucchini into 16 equal size sticks about 3-inches long and 1/2-inch thick.
  • In a small bowl, beat the egg whites and season with salt and pepper. In a medium shallow bowl, combine the breadcrumbs, Romano cheese, garlic powder and mix well.
  • Dip zucchini sticks into the egg whites then into the bread crumbs, a few at a time and coat well.
  • Place the breaded zucchini sticks in a single layer on the prepared baking sheets and spray with more oil on top. Bake for about 22-25 minutes, or until golden brown. Serve with 1/2 cup marinara sauce for dipping if desired.

Air Fryer Zucchini Sticks

  • Preheat the air fryer 400F. Air fry in a single layer, in batches, 12 to 14 minutes, turning halfway until golden.



Serving: 16sticks, Calories: 154kcal, Carbohydrates: 26g, Protein: 9g, Fat: 2g, Saturated Fat: 0.5g, Sodium: 327mg, Fiber: 3g, Sugar: 7g
WW Points Plus: 4
Keywords: fried zucchini, zucchini fries, zucchini sticks

A kid-friendly way to cook zucchini!

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  1. Yummy. 

  2. Can these be made with almond flour?

  3. Can I sub the flour for pork rinds? Trying to not over do it on carbs although I I do eat a lot of healthy carbs from fruits and veggies.. I wanna try this with my zucchini…

  4. Just as an FYI to anyone reading later — I entered all ingredients minus the dipping sauce into the recipe builder, and it comes up as 3 points on purple per serving!

  5. Not sure why this would be higher on Purple or Blue than it is on Green.  Thoughts?

  6. I love these!!! For extra crispyI cooked them on a rack on a cookie sheet. Dipped in ranch dressing YUMMMM!!!

  7. Stwp three is very misleading, and should be divided into two different steps

  8. You make it seem like, in step three, that you should combine the bread crumbs with the egg. It is very confusing!

  9. Any thoughts on substituting almond flour and seasoning for the bread crumbs?

    • don’t overthink it…lots of GF air fried zucchini recipes that use almond flour and shredded parm instead of bread crumbs

  10. Delicious! I think I used HUGE zucchini so I only used 2 and still ran out of breadcrumbs. Really easy to make, used gluten free panko breadcrumbs. With our dinner, didn’t serve it with marinara, but next time definitely will. Thanks!

  11. Thanks for sharing all of these wonderful recipes,!
    These look delicious and I plan to make them soon. I’m wondering though about the WW calculations. I’ve never seen a recipe with more purple points than green. Should those numbers be swapped?

  12. Simple, but really good. The marinara dipping sauce is the perfect condiment for these!

  13. I can’t wait to try this recipe! Is there a substitute for the egg, as my daughter is vegan?

  14. I love these and make them all the time.  I’m wondering if there is a method to freeze for a really quick dinner.  Would you batter and freeze uncooked to be baked later?  Or complete recipe and then freeze?

  15. Sounds great! Steps 3 and 4 are flipped in the baked method. 

  16. These were awesome!. I tried in the airfryer and oven and both were good but the airfryer was the best.

  17. Could these be done in the air fryer. If they can, how long would you cook them.

  18. I had some zucchini in my refrigerator and was wondering what to do with it, so I searched your site and found this recipe. My family loved them!  I cut and salted the zucchini to remove excess water before I made them and I did shake them in a baggie of flour before putting them in the egg bath.  They turned out crispy and delicious. I may spice them up the next time I make them.. Thanks, Gina!  Delicious as always!

  19. This recipe took a little finagling to get it juuust right but I managed to do it! I placed a baking rack on my cookie sheet to allow heat underneath the zucchini sticks and they came out perfect. Reminds me of mozzarella sticks and I could eat these all. day. long. They are delicious and flavorful! So if you made these and they didn’t come out the way you wanted, don’t lose hope! The recipe is spot-on, the cooking method takes a little experimentation depending on your tastes. I plan on making these for dinner!

  20. Cooked these in the air fryer. They were nice and crunchy and delicious.

  21. I’ve made this several time and offer a couple tips: 1 – make thin wedges, too thick and they will not get crispy; 2 – I shake my cut zucchini in a bit of flour to coat before dipping into the egg (typically only a couple tablespoons of flour is enough);  3 – I find that I need to bake at 455 *F to get that crunchy outside.  I also find I can use just two eggs including the yokes – but that does change the calorie equation.  

    We adore this recipie and make it often in the height of zucchini season.  Leftovers reheat well in the toaster oven.


  23. I absolutely loved this recipe. Made it tonight to go with the Reuben Pork and can’t tell which one I loved more. Such a great side. Will absolutely make these frequently.

  24. Would this work in the air fryer?  I have made these in the oven before and really like them.  But got an air fryer for Christmas.  So just thinking…  

  25. I just tried to make these tonight along with your baked garlic lemon tilapia. They both took me absolutely forever but I’m sure that’s because I’m new to cooking and to be honest neither of them came out great. I’m sure it’s my fault. The textures are off on both of them though. My fries are mushy. Any suggestions? I was going to try putting them in the air fryer to get them crispier because I put them in the oven a little longer and they’re not any crispier!

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  27. This is the first really frustrating recipe that I’ve had and that disappoints me because I LOVE Skinnytaste and have made many, many of your wonderful recipes. First, none of my sticks coated very well. In fact, I ended up with a bag of zucchini sticks and clumps of bread crumb/egg mixture. I got one tray in the oven, with maybe a dozen sticks (they’re baking now) and the rest went into the trash, along with the printed recipe. Sad, because I’m on a mission to provide my family with more vegetables and this, I had hoped, would have pleased my two teenage boys…. 🙁

    • Wish I knew why they didn’t stick!

      • Well, my beloved “best cook ever,” a.k.a. Gina, the recipe has been reprinted and will be retried until I figure it out! This is because the one tray I managed to get in the oven was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! The guys (husband and two boys) gobbled them up like French fries. So, clearly, it is something I’m doing wrong. I am going to try different techniques until I get it right! Sleep well, My Friend, YOU never disappoint!

      • Cindy, I just added the video to the recipe on the blog….take a look! Keep me posted!

  28. Have you ever made these in the air fryer?

  29. can you use sqash instead of zuchinni?

  30. Just made these! I couldn’t find wheat bread crumbs, so I just used Italian bread crumbs. Then I made an unhealthy garlic aoli dipping sauce. Haha. These were delicious!

  31. So I’m confused here, is it 4 points for one whole zucchini? 

  32. Gina, we have two of your cook books that I cook from and have never had a bad recipe yet. As an older male cooking at times became a little intimidating so my poor wife was stuck eating what I knew. Now she is much happier with your great recipes. Our favourite is the zucchini lasagna, so good.

    Thanks again.

  33. I had issues getting the breading to stick as well. I also noticed that about halfway through the mixture in the bag was getting soggy. Next time I will only put half the breading mixture into the bag then add the rest for the second half of the zucchini. These were fantastic, however. So good. We will definitely make them again and work on getting the breading to stick better.

  34. My breadcrumbs wouldn’t still very well. How long are you supposed to beat the egg whites for?

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  36. Hi. I have a air fryer. Do you think it would turn out the same as well in my actifry?

    • I don’t have an air fryer, so I am not sure. If you do let me know how they come out!

      • I tried these in the air fryer last week. I did them on around 350-375 at ~8-10min a batch (tossing halfway through). I was experimenting, so don’t remember the exact times but THEY WERE DELICIOUS. I worked in smaller batches and then after each was done, threw them all back in to get them hot… Although my boyfriend probably ate half of them before I managed that last step. We made your Quick Marinara Sauce to go with them and it was a perfect pairing.

  37. These were delish!!!! I did peel all the skin off so the breadcrumbs would stick better. And best of all my picky little toddler gobbled them up! I told him they were French fries!!!  These will be in my regular rotation. Thank you Gina!!! Thank you taking all the guess work out if dinner time…such a huge help to this working mom! 

  38. Gina when I try to make these they come out very soft and almost soggy,  any suggestions?


  39. Just made them for lunch today. As I was making them only for myself and I now regret not making a double batch (I could have eaten it).

  40. I love zucchinis and am always looking for new ways to have them! This looks like a great idea –  and so east too, which is nice! 

  41. I’ve never had these before so it was a bit surprising to bite into them for the first time. There’s not a lot of taste to them so I would highly recommend making a delicious dipping sauce. I made garlic aioli. 

    I used panko breadcrumbs because I wanted them to be crispy but I found it really hard to make the breadcrumbs stick. Some of them had none at all — I just sprinkled some over the zucchini in hope that it would bake into the sticks. I’m not sure if there’s a trick to making the crumbs stick. Maybe it’s because I used panko crumbs.

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  43. I made these using italian seasoned bread crumbs and they made a good side dish for baked fish.

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  45. Can I make these ahead of time and keep in the refrigerator for a few hours before baking?

  46. Made these tonight and they were delicious. Hubby liked them too. Made homemade breadcrumbs in my Ninja blender, worked great.

  47. This sounds so good. I see I can use gluten free panko but I also am not eating dairy. Is there a substitute for the cheese?

  48. Love this recipe! Quick question – do you try to squeeze out any of the water content from the zucchinis before baking? It doesn’t look like your sticks are soggy, so I was wondering if that is because of the high cooking temp or because you removed some of the water. Thanks!!

  49. I have your book and I read the recipes on line. Everything I have made has turned out well My only question is: What on earth do you do with all the egg yolks after you separate the whites and use them?

  50. Do the points include the marinara sauce?

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  53. I'm making your cheesy jalapeño popper chicken along with these zucchini sticks right now, but I had the worst problem with my breadcrumbs not adhering to the zucchini. Not willing to take it as a loss, I just layered them in a casserole and covered with the crumbs. They're baking now, so hopefully turns out. I'm sure it'll be delicious, anyway. 🙂

  54. Better late than never….we just made these yesterday and they were delicious!!

  55. I want to use what I have at home already. What can I replace the bread crumbs and pecorino cheese with? Panko crumbs?

    • We made these yesterday….and yes, Panko works just as well. I did add a little more of the garlic and some crushed red pepper after I breaded them for a little more bite. Seriously yummy!

  56. I think these sound amazing and I want to make them for my fiance and me! Any way I can make them vegan for my animal-loving man?

    • Whipped aquafava (the liquid from a van of chick peas or beans) is a good substitute for egg white, but I haven’t tried it in this recipe.

  57. Love them!!!! Served with Baba Ghanoush as a dipping sauce.

  58. I actually stopped eating these to comment about them. AMAZING. Such a great use of zucchini! I stumbled upon skinnytaste by accident and am so glad! Thank you!

  59. made these last week. Delicious. Still a tough sell for all my kids- but one did enjoy them. Even better- my husband loved them- and he does not like zucchini.
    I ate almost the whole tray myself. Really works when you have a fried food craving. Felt like I was eating mozzarella sticks.
    Thanks for great recipe

  60. Tried these so good but can't figure out why these are two points more then the eggplant.

  61. Where do you get the "seasoned whole wheat bread crumbs"? Do I make them myself, or buy them at the store? Thanks!

  62. These are awesome. I didn't have wheat bread crumbs so ground up some dry Pepridge Farm stuffing mix with Panko–to make a half cup of crumbs, with the rest of the ingredients in the recipe. I also used 2 egg whites. Instead of the marinara sauce I made a sauce I used a couple of nights ago that was popular with my husband and me. Equal amounts of mayo and low fat Greek yogurt to equal 1/2 – 3/3 cups, 1 T. of Adobo sauce from a can of Ancho chiles in Adobo, 1 T. olive oil and a large clove of fresh garlic, minced.

  63. I love zucchini sticks but have only had them deep fried from a restaurant. This is something I am going to try. I have some small zucchini and that is something to do with them. thanks for sharing.

  64. Made these last night! Absolutely delish….they were gone in a flash. Family loved them. and I love that a whole zucchini worth of sticks is ONLY ONE POINT!!!!
    Ilene P., Brooklyn,NY

  65. these were AMAZING! I used gluten free panko bread crumbs, and I have a sensitivity to eggs so I used olive oil, which is more points but well worth it. They were soooo good. They were a bit soft, i'm not sure if they were supposed to be crunchy but I would still make them again! And I will LOL!

  66. These are AMAZING!!!!!!

  67. love your site! a quick question…the baked zucchini sticks recipe is the same as the baked eggplant sticks (except a little more breadcrumb), why are the point values different?

  68. I made discs instead of sticks, and I used egg beaters instead of the egg white. Also, I baked them on a wire rack so they came out super crispy. They were great! Thanks for sharing this recipe. 🙂

  69. I made these just now…breading sticks well to the peeled sides but not the skin which may be expected. Next time I'll try pressing them a little harder while in the bag of bread crumbs. It's not the same as Red Robin but it's pretty good for homemade without being deep-fried and loaded with preservatives (as I'm sure Red Robin does).

  70. Made these tonight with the chicken parmisan served over the spaghetti with mushrooms, garlic and oil. All of it was fantastic.

    The serving size of this is huge! and didn't taste "healthy" at all.

    I will be making these again and again!

  71. I made this recipe last night…OMG! It was soooo good! Thank you for this website! I look forward to many more recipes!

  72. oh yes & about how large/long should the zucchini be? i usually get fairly large ones….

  73. can you use Panko for this recipe or will it affect the points? LOVE YOUR SITE!!!

  74. I tried these and they came out tasty but they were a little bit soggy, what did i do wrong? Maybe my sticks were too big.

  75. Just got done making these and they turned out great! I absolutely love fried zucchini restaurant style, but am trying to lose weight and this was the next best thing. My mother mmmm'd through her whole plate full lol i did substitute the romano for parmasen cheese, will have to try romano next time. thank you for the great recipe!

  76. Gina,

    Thank you for posting this awesome reicepie. Just curious, can you make them all the way to baking them and freeze them so they are ready in a pinch. Or later in the season when my zucchini plants are dead?

  77. Thanks for the recipe. Tried it and they are so yummy!

    Paired mine with salsa instead of marinara and I used about one and a half zucchini's to use up almost all of the 1/3 cup of bread crumbs. Used 2 tbs of fat free Parmesan cheese instead the Romano cheese because that's what I had on hand, and these still came out so good!

  78. These were great but just an FYI I needed two egg whites, and two batches of bread crumbs/parmesan/garlic powder. YUM! Thank you…

  79. I made these the other day for myself and my kids. It was a BIG hit! They loved them! Thank you for making healthier kid friendly recipes!!

  80. I made these tonight with Italian breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese, like the Healthy Baked Chicken Nuggets, and cooked them both at the same time. My son, who swears he hates zucchini, loved it! Thanks so much for your great recipes! =)

  81. I really want to try this recipe, but we're vegan. Any idea how to substitute the egg white? I may have to break down and try it anyway, I so love zucchini!

  82. I made these tonight to have with some left over gourmet pizza and even though they didn't turn out quite right, they were still delicious. My zuchini was monstrous (I didn't even use the entire thing) so my slices were probably too large. Due to egg and yeast allergies I made some changes. As an egg replacement, I tried dipping in a mix of olive oil and melted coconut spread (butter substitute). And for the breadcrumbs I ground up some Wheat Thins Flatbread crackers as I usually do for breading adding the Kraft graded Parmesan for cheese. I realize that with all of the changes, the recipe is then quite different…
    Even with all of the changes, the flavor was GREAT, especially dipped in Ranch. Mine did turn out pretty soft, some even mushy, after 30 min in the oven. A lot probably had to do with the oil mixture. Next time I'll slice them thinner and use soymilk instead, maybe even broil vs. 425?
    Thanks again for the great recipe!

  83. Are these good cold as well? Or do they get soggy?

  84. Can I use the parmasean cheese from the can instead of the romano cheese? Also, I got some whole wheat bread crumbs but they aren't seasoned, when can I use to season them?

  85. Tried tonight- had a lot of trouble getting breading to stick! They were soggy and the kids hated them. But, from reading above comments I think I made the sticks too big and will try again very soon. I really want to love them as much as I think I could 🙂

  86. How funny…just after I posted this the rest of the instructions came up! I don't know why I couldn't see them before. Thanks though!!!

  87. Can you put up more detailed instructions for these? It has instructions for the sauce, and only an oven temperature for the sticks. Thanks! I am excited to make these 🙂

  88. Far tastier and more delicious than the traditional oil-soaked, soggy zucchini. I'll try these next time with your buttermilk dressing that I plan to whip up soon. Your website is great, Gina, and an important tool in my WW program. Thank you for sharing your ideas (and calculating points for us!) and creating simple, healthy, varied, and accessible recipes that do not skip on taste.

  89. Made these tonight to go with our hamburgers and they were a great replacement for french fries! Very Yummy!

  90. Thank you for this recipe!!! They were delicious and it is my new favorite side dish/appetizer!!! We had them without the marinara and they were fabulous. I made them as a side dish with your Chicken Francese Light, and a rice pilaf and it was all perfect. Thank you for the love and care you put into this site- after stumbling on your recipes I now love to cook again!! =)

  91. SO good!! I used panko and canjun seasoning instead of the breadcrumbs and it is amazing. Perfect for a snack, but definitely not for a meal. They got a little soggy after about 20 minutes, so you have to eat these sort of fast. But I give them an 8/10 🙂

  92. I've been reading all the reviews and can't wait to try these! So can you help me… is each zucchini 3 points? Or is each zucchini just 1 point?

  93. My son is allergic to eggs. Do you know what I could use instead of eggs?

  94. Hi Gina,

    you keep mentioning the "marinara" sauce but do you realize that the marinara sauce is a fishy tomato sauce only to be used with spaghetti and fish/seafood?

  95. Delicious. A good, healthier replacement for french fries. Came out well with your directions.

  96. My 8 year old (never eats anything green) son LOVED these! You have no idea how excited we were! Going to try eggplant next. Thanks!

  97. Why am I preheating the oven to 425 for quick marinara sauce?

  98. These look great — thanks! Do you have an egg-free alternative that would work for my allergic little one? Perhaps milk? Any ideas are welcome!

  99. could you make more and freeze these?

  100. So you are telling me one entire zucchini, with breading and all is 1 point??

    I am making these tomorrow, and can not wait. I LOVE your website!!! Have already made and plan to make so many things! Thank you!

  101. These are so good! I made them and my husband practically inhaled them 😉 I was hoping the kids would be tricked into liking them, but no such luck. Doesn't matter though…I'll definitely be making them again! I peeled them – didn't realize the skin should be left on. They were great anyway….would definitely make a bunch for something like a Superbowl party and just watch them disappear!

  102. Tried these last night. OMG they were sooooo good. Even my two year old and 16 month old were walking around eating them. I felt like a mom champion LOL. I have already shared your site with three people!

  103. delicious …. You are a genius

  104. DELICIOUS! My kids love them!

  105. Love Love these Gina, made them three times now! I do short cut the process and microwave the zuchini's before breading so they don't have to cook as long!

    Thanks Again

  106. If your zucchini was large, it may be that your wedges were too thick. Next time cut them smaller.

  107. First of all, I LOVE your site! My husband and I aren't doing WW but we did recently decide to start doing all of our own cooking and be more healthy in general. I made these this week and they were great; my husband admitted, without being asked, that he was a "big fan" which surprised me a lot!

    However, I sort of expected them to be at least a little crunchy, or more rigid, or something; ours were quite floppy and soggy, hard to eat as a finger food. I did have to add another egg and more breadcrumbs halfway through because I ran out, though I think my zucchinis may have been a little too large. Any ideas on how to make these more crispy? Cook them longer?

  108. Gina,

    I love love love your blog. The recipes are healthy and easy to make. A must for me as a working mom of a one year old daughter. I want to make these zuccini sticks but from past breading experience, is there any solution to my fingers getting all gooey and then the breading not sticking onto the food? —Jolie

  109. These are amazing! Very crispy and the sauce is so easy to make and has great flavor! They take a bit longer than things I usually make so my boyfriend and I have cooked them on weekends as a treat. Great finger food when sitting around watching our favorite tv show on Sunday night! Thanks for all your amazing recipes!

  110. I am amazed at how great these were! Even my husband, who admittedly doesn't care for zucchini, really enjoyed these. The marinara is a MUST! 🙂 THANKS!

  111. Absolutely delicious! I worked at an Italian restaurant and I ate a fried version of these nearly every night (hence my weight watchers subscription). These are just as good if not better than the fatty fried version!! The marinara sauce is also delicious. As a garlic LOVER I am always tempted to add extra garlic to everything I make, but this had the perfect amount. I wouldn't change a thing. So glad I get to eat one of my old favorites again… without all the guilt.

  112. These were wonderful! I've tried to make baked zucchini sticks before but they have never turned out very well. Thanks for the great recipe! This is the first recipe I've made from your site and I can't wait to try more! Tomorrow we're having your chicken pot pie soup for dinner 🙂

  113. I gotta say…these were AMAZING. My kids are gonna eat them up!!!

  114. Dip it in olive oil, then into the crumbs.

  115. Can you tell me what a good substitute for the egg would be in this recipe? And what the point value would be w/o egg? Thanks 🙂

  116. Hey 🙂 Is the amount of calories per one stick or per one zucchini?

  117. Never had deep fried pickles, let me know!

  118. These were really yummy. I used egg bearers instead of the egg. Will definitely make these again.

  119. We had the greatest deep fried pickle chips recently, I am going to try this with them and your delish homemade bluecheese dressing (which I have been eating all week). Probably have to lay the pickles out on paper towels to dry some of the juice off. Do you think it could work?

  120. Thanks for the recipe! I used Egg Beaters (instead of whites), reduced fat parmesan (the sprinkle kind in the green shaker) instead of the romano, and added some Jamaican curry powder to the dry ingredients to make it spicy. Served it with heart healthy Prego for dipping. My Big Man says "I'd eat these again". They passed the test! Huzzah! 4 stars out of 5!

    Millie's Mom
    Southeast TN

  121. Hi Gina,
    I have been cooking your recipes for the past month, I love everything so far and I am excited to keep trying 🙂 I have a few zucchinis in my garden but they are huge! I made the turkey stuffed zucchini recipe tonight and it was helpful that you gave the weight, what weight would you consider a "medium" zucchini? Just trying to stay true to the points! I have told EVERYONE about your website, it is amazing, thank you thank you thank you!

  122. Made these last night, could not find whole wheat bread crumbs, but did find tortilla crumbs. Flavor was a little different from the first time but still loved them. Used the ranch dip from WW. Thanks


  123. We tried these tonight and while they were good, they didn't look as good as your do in the photo. I don't think mine tasted as good, either (HA HA!) But we enjoyed them.

    My BIG thank you is for the tomato recommendation. I have always just bought whatever but those Tuttorosso crushed tomatoes made all of the difference in the world! They are now my new favorite as well. I can't wait to make something else with marinara just because I can!

  124. DELICIOUS!!
    We had this for dinner tonight and it was so good. And I admit, I was skeptical as I am not a big zucchini fan. This was GREAT!
    My husband liked it as well as my kids-boys, ages 7 & 4.
    We had an entire finger-food meal: the zucchini sticks, string cheese, and some Italian bread.
    Very good. My 7yo told me to make this again & again.

    Thank you, Gina!
    And to anyone out there debating about trying this, do it! You'll be glad you did. 🙂

  125. Gina,
    I had to comment for the second time today. I made not one, but two of your recipes today. The sticks were a healthy treat!

  126. I made these last night and my kids (7 and 17) ate them up and kept asking for more. I've already had a request to make them again today and tomorrow! love you and the site!

  127. Ashley no it's easy. Cut it in half the long way. Place cut side down, cut the halves in half, and keep doing that until you have small sticks.

  128. Just made these last night! yumm-o. Question though, Gina, do you use a special cutter to cut the zuccini? I had trouble cutting them into sticks?…thanks for the recipe. so good!

  129. I have made these twice so far and even my picky veggie eater husband will eat them. It was hard for him to admit that he liked the. Same for my son. He liked them until he found out it was zucchini. 🙂 Although now he admits he likes them.

  130. Great idea using eggplant!

    Thanks Steph!

  131. Delicious! The whole family loved them. My 18 year old son said I need to make these again. Zucchini and marinara sauce is a perfect pair.

  132. just made these with eggplant…yummo!

  133. I've been meaning to try that!!

  134. Loved this recipe! I had onion chunks left over from another recipe & coated them as well, like the zucchini. It was just like eating a blooming onion!!! The whole family loved it. Flavor but without the dripping grease. Thanks for your site!

  135. These were good. I used seasoned bread crumbs and omitted the garlic powder. I would definitely use the garlic powder also next time.

  136. These were SOOO easy and delicious, my 2 year old kept scarfing them! I am so full and they were so good, definitely recommend them. Nice to have a healthier option to french fries!

  137. I'm also on WW and eatting these FEELS like major cheating. Thank you for sharing this! I loved the sauce as well. I haven't made a sauce before, so it was easy for a beginner.

  138. OMG those are the hit! We all enjoyed those, even my super-picky 2yr old!!! Thanks for the recipe
    Julia (from Germany!) 😉

  139. Thank you! I feel like I just ate all of my daily points! These are so yummy and ever since I started weight watchers (a week ago) I have been craving something that was fried! This is exactly what I needed… the best part, I only used 3 of my points!! this will become a favorite snack for my family. Thank you so much.

  140. Fantastic! The perfect snack while watching the NCAA tournament. Thank you!

  141. I had so much zucchini over the summer that I made these almost every other day! I actually stopped at the grocery store on the way home last night because I have been craving them, didn't find time to make them last night but will tonight! Love these as a snack!

  142. yes, I include the zucchinis. Calories are calories and add up.

  143. Do you include the zucchinis when calculating nutritional information? Without the zucchinis, i came up with 45 calories per serving.

  144. Made this tonight and most of the sticks weren't coated with crumbs. Still very delish! 1/2 c marinara sauce per serving of zucchini sticks is a lot for one person. I poured 1 cup and sauce barely went down.

  145. Sure, or even panko if you prefer, I believe the points remain the same.

  146. Can you use regular breadcrumbs instead of Whole wheat breadcrumbs? I'm guessing it will change the point value?

  147. These were so good – I made them TWICE this weekend. Even my picky hubs thought they were good and gobbled this right up! I've been doing WW for a few weeks now, and have basically been making your recipes every night. Thanks so much for helping me out! I love to cook, and you make it so easy (especially after a busy day at the office)! Thanks Gina!! 🙂

    By the way, I've passed your website on to a ton of friends and family because everything has been so good!

  148. Nope, I leave it as is! Easy!

  149. Hi Gina, my husband and I love your recipes! We started weight watchers and your recipes make it so easy and good. On this recipe do you peel the zucchini?

  150. These are my favorite. What is the new points plus value?

  151. what is the new points on this?

  152. Cant wait to try these, as with all the other recipes on your site! 🙂 We go to an Italian restaurant and we always order fried zucchini, but we hate how its drenched in oil… Anyways, I am so glad I came across this recipe! Seems like a great way to use up breadcrumbs, which I rarely use, as well as zucchini before it goes bad! Love it:) Delish! This seems like an amazing afternoon snack!

  153. These are amazing!! I made two servings and had to eat them all!! Thank you so much Gina for all these great recipes.

  154. Thank you, yes these are all my photos. I feel photos really give you a good idea about how the food should looked when cooked.

    You'll love these, come back and give them a try!

  155. Just found your site Gina… WOW!! EVERYTHING looks and sounds AmaZiNG!! Makes me wish I wasn't going out of town this weekend. Would love to just stay home and whip up a batch of these tempting recipes instead!

    Your photos are fabulous! Do you do your own photography? I could just eat the food straight out of the picture!

    Have been on WW for 2 weeks now and doing well. This site will be my lifesaver to stick with the plan easily! Thank you, thank you!

  156. I've never had enough leftover to know the answer to that, but I would think it might not be a good idea. I think it would get soggy.

    Danielle, Alyse, Bek – Aren't they great!

  157. Gina, I'm curious how these are as leftovers? How would you re-heat them without them getting soggy? It seems like a great idea to pair leftover zucchini sticks with soup for lunch 🙂

  158. These were soooooo delicious! I'm used to the fried versions from local pizza joints, but i think i almost prefer these over those now!

    I absolutely love your site! I've made a handful of the things you have on here and everything was perfect! I gave everyone a link to it at my WW meeting!

  159. I made these tonight as a late night snack for my husband and I. All he had to say afterwards was, "Is there more?" haha! They were delicious. 🙂

  160. So Good! Tried tonight. I lost a lot of weight on ww but encountered a plateau. I'm doing Medifast for a short while and was able to adapt this recipe for MF as well. So good. I cut the zucchini a littler thinner to make it crispier. My new replacement for french fries:) yum yum yummy!:)

  161. This ones a great one to start with!

  162. Hi Gina – I've just discovered your website and now I don't know which recipe to make first. I can't wait to try this one and a few others too!

  163. @Deelish! At least the profanity followed the praise! lol. This is a great recipe for picky kids too!

  164. I just made these tonight and my husband who is not a zucchini fan took a bite and followed with praise and profanity in the same sentence. 🙂 Fantastic!

  165. Thanks Kelly, Kris and Erica!! Happy you all liked them 🙂

  166. These are without a doubt amazing!!! I really love your recipes…..i'm a bit new to your site but i've made about 4 of your recipes so far……your awesome thanks for taking your time out like this!!!

  167. YUM!!! My teenage son is requesting that I make these again. They never made it off the baking sheet to the serving plate – they were soooo good we couldn't stop ourselves. Thank you for the great recipes that help us keep on plan 🙂

  168. I made these tonight. My only regret is that I found the recipe so late in the summer season, otherwise, I would have been eating plenty o' zucchini this summer! thank you!

  169. Thanks June!

  170. I just tried this and I love them! I didn't have bread crumbs so I used Wasa crisp'n light crackers. I used 3 for only 1 point! I put the zucchini sticks on a paper plate and sprinkled on the "breadcrumbs" . so so yummy.
    Gina, you have created a great web site here. It's the best I have ever seen for Weight Watchers!

  171. Hey Gina,

    Do you think if i used whole wheat bread crumbs with a sprinkle of benefibre that the points would be 1 instead of 2?

  172. I'm so glad you took the risk Josie!

  173. I am so thrilled that this site was shared with me. I'm not one to try new recipes…and have been looking at your site for probaby the last 2-3 months. Well- I dove in and made the petite turkey meatloafs on Monday and then tonight made the zuchini sticks. They were both so awesome and simple. I can't wait to make more. Typically with WW recipes I make them and end up tossing them out. Can't wait to try more recipes. – Josie

  174. Wow Heather, you are the first person who had a problem making these! I can't imagine what went wrong, I've never had a problem. Glad the crostini came out good!

  175. I made these tonight along with your White Bean Crusting (which were excellent by the way) however these were a total flop. They were soft, never firmed up in the oven and the breading didn't stick after the first handful. I actually ate them all (luckily they were so low in fat) before my guests came since they were so hideous.
    Oh well, I have loved many things on your site like your South Western Black Bean Salad this was the only flop to date.
    – Heather

  176. That's interesting! The crumbs stuck without problem?

  177. Made these tonight and they were delicious!! I ate probably way too many of them. But, I also left out the egg white and they came out just fine!

  178. Made these last night and they are DELISH! I also made some pickles along with it but made the mistake of not cutting the spears smaller, but still turned out pretty decent. I was alsmost scared to eat too many because they tasted too good for it to be a small amount of points!


  179. I made these for a light lunch today with yellow squash and onions that I got yesterday at the Farmer's Market. Fabulous! Onion slices worked better than rings because the rings cooked really quickly. The yellow squash turned out perfectly. Thanks Gina!

  180. I made these a few weeks ago, and they were terrific! This marinara sauce is likely the best I've ever had. 🙂

  181. Original way of cooking the zucchinis. Congratulation

  182. These are better eaten right away. I don't recommend refrigerating them.

  183. I'm wanting to make these the night before I need to take them to an afternoon event. Does anyone know if they keep well in the fridge overnight? Any tips for reheating?

  184. I made these last night for the hubby and I to go along with some turkey burgers. Yummo!! Thanks so much. Looking forward to trying out some more of your recipes soon!!
    Maryville, TN

  185. 3 zucchinis = 3 servings so it's 1 point per zucchini!

  186. Gina…Is it one point a stick? Im confused…thanks

  187. Maybe you didn't cut them thin enough? All ovens vary so you could also try increasing the temperature or leave them in a little longer.

  188. I tried making these and they came out really soft and light colored – nowhere near as crispy as yours look – any suggestions?

  189. Wow Dana! Glad you liked them!!

    @winthedeaf- Thanks for giving us a gluten free version!!

  190. ORGASMIC!!! Just made these for a late afternoon snack. Hadn't actually eaten anything today, so I gobbled them up. Now I am disappointed that I only made one zucchini. I do have two more in the fridge.

  191. I am trying to go gluten free, so I substituted ground flax for the breadcrumbs. It worked like a charm. These are sooooooo delicious! And I know my veggie-lovin' hubbs is gonna adore these. So nice to have some variety in how to fix zucchini. I agree w/ the poster above who said the fried version is greasy, overbreaded and tasteless compared to these. Thanks again!

  192. If you don't use the cheese, you'll have to use more breadcrumbs which will make the points slightly higher.

  193. how many pts for this if i dont use the cheese, im lactose intolerant..

  194. These are AMAZING…I love them I have to make them at least once a week!

  195. I made these tonight! Fantastic! My hubby and my picky 2 year old ate them up. Also the marinara recipe is superb! I just added a bit of Italian seasoning and garlic salt to taste. These are comparable to eating a french fry or a bread stick with your meal, only way way better for you!

  196. It depends on how small you cut them. Basically one zucchini per person.

  197. How many sticks do you think a serving makes up?

  198. I can't WAIT to try these!!!!

  199. Thanks Steph!!

  200. Made this for a group of non-dieters and they ate them up so fast! Everyone wanted the recipe and I told them to see Gina!

  201. Thanks for sharing this Patrick!! I will have to try this with your Ranch dressing. Sounds really good!!

  202. I just wanted to post again how wonderful this recipe is. I have since taken to eating them dipped in the WW ranch dressing (1 cup 2% greek yogurt, 1 cup low fat buttermilk, 1 pkg Hidden Valley Ranch. The little bit of fat in the yogurt really intensifies the flavor; I used to use 0% but the 1 pt. difference for 2 cups isn't worth it). Glorious. There are never enough. So crispy, delicious and satisfying.

  203. LOVVEE ITTT! this was the best! its like fried zucchini, but minus the fried part! thank you:]

  204. Awesome, thanks for sharing 🙂

  205. Way to awesome to put into words…who can believe these are "WW" friendly?!??! Loved them! Thanks so much for the recipes and the specific points per ingredient you list! Very helpful!!!!

    Just shared this on my FB page…think you'll get a lot of followers after this one!!

  206. Sooooo good!!! I just made some for my son and I 🙂

  207. Sounds like a great meal!

  208. I made these last night and WOW! My girlfriend is also on WW and is very picky so I was nervous she wouldn't like it but to my surprise she loved it! We paired it with a Boli whole wheat pizza (no cheese…lots of veggies) and had a fun dinner! Thank you Gina, can't wait to try another recipe!

  209. Olive oil for these…

  210. I can't wait to try these!!! What type of cooking spray? Olive oil or butter flavored?

  211. They do have them in restaurants, but always fried, never baked. Would be great, wouldn't it! Great way to get your kids to eat veggies!

  212. These are so delicious! My husband couldn't stop talking about how good they are and wants to see them served in restaurants!

  213. What a brilliant idea. Recipes like this make being on ww a lot more enjoyable !

  214. These are amazing!!!!

  215. @Virginia- Eggplant sounds good!
    @ CJ- Let me know what you think!

  216. I have just started weight watchers and have been looking for awesome recipes like these. Thanks so much! We are actually having these tonight with dinner. I have also started a blog to document my weight loss journey. Can't wait to try all of your delicious recipes. 🙂

  217. I made these with eggplant instead of zucchini and it was pretty tasty!

  218. this recipe is delicious and VERY satisfying.Made this for Super Bowl and it was a BIG hit. The lighter Buffalo Chicken Dip ROCKED!!Thank you for making the day so easy.

  219. Loved this recipe! Your website is great and we are really getting some wonderful recipes that taste good and are healthy!

  220. Glad you found my site, thanks for leaving a comment!! Love hearing your feedback!

  221. I just found out today about your site at Weight Watchers. Wow this looks wonderful. Thanks

  222. Made this Friday night for the teenage kids. They loved it! So did I. I think I've found a new favorite website!

  223. Made them today!! Love them!! YUMMO!

  224. I'm a new reader…I'm so excited about your site! I made this sticks the other night and it took everything for me not to eat them all and share. YUMMY! Thanks so much!

  225. about how many calories would you say these are? they are amazing! thanks for the recipe

  226. Leave the peel on.

  227. Are you peeling the zucchini or leaving the peel on?

  228. Basically 1 serving is 1 zucchini or you can divide it all equally in 3.

  229. i love this site and have made the cauliflower fritters & the parmesean crusted turket cutlets.. YUM. tonight will be the shrimp & zuchinni w/ bowties & these zuchinni sticks… my question is what is a serving size that = 1.33 pts?

  230. LOL! Too funny! The only complaint I get is I don't make enough!

  231. ok Gina your my new best friend. I just made this as an appetizer for my husband and his friend for the football game. Put them on the coffee table walked to the kitchen to wash the cookie sheet turned around and they were gone! WOW! They were begging for more. Glad I saved a few sticks on the counter for myself. I think this will be requsted for every game. THANK YOU!

  232. Welcome Roxy! Glad you liked them!

  233. I just came across your site and I'm so excited! I just made these b/c I had a zuchini in the fridge that I had no idea what to do with. They are FABULOUS!!! This is a great site, looking forward to trying out more of the recipes!

  234. thanks kori! my daughter loves them too!

  235. Gina…I've been using your recipe site for a few weeks now and I absolutely love every dish! These Zuchini sticks hit a craving for fried food and I think they taste better your way than with all the fat.

  236. so yummy!

  237. We eat these all the time! Great snack for watching the football games on Sunday afternoon!

  238. Just a great idea!!
    Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  239. Great idea!
    Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

  240. how many calories are in the zucchini sticks just out of curiosity? Either way I'm going to try making them this week! These recipes look amazing. Thanks for taking the time to post:)

  241. I am so greatful you take the time to post these gorgeous photos and yummy recipes, sure does make it easy for us working moms to stay on the program.

    many thanks

  242. How sweet, Amen!

  243. Dear Lord, please bless my table with these delicious *and* healthy treats at my table….agian…AMAZING! My husband said forget weight watchers and went back for more!

  244. @ Gina – So glad you like everything so far!

    @Brianna – Aren't they a great snack or appetizer!

  245. This was the first recipe we've tried after finding the site from a friend on Facebook. They were YUMMY! I've passed it on to my friends.

    I'm meal planning/shopping today and using this site for most of this week's plans.

  246. OMG! these are so delicious! These are so good, I’ve even planted an extra zucchini plant in my garden. Thanks!

  247. Yeah, lucky in the gardening respect. I live in a warm area of Oakland, CA -so plenty of sunshine, no fog like areas surrounding me, and temperatures between 60 and 75 degrees most of the year. It’s hit or miss with eggplant, bell peppers and some other warm season crops, but zucchini and yellow squash seem to thrive here. I harvested 9 yesterday, all about 5 inches long, and the 4 plants only have about 6 leaves each. I expect my first cherry tomatoes in 2 weeks! Got to get to work; I’m making the Cauliflower Soup (decided to splurge on the 1 point version), Eggplant Pamigiana (need to use up the rest of the sauce and cheese) and also a WW recipe from their website, Zucchini with Tomatoes and Mint that my co-worker practically lives on.

  248. @Patrick, I’ve been meaning to make these again, maybe tonight. You reminded me I have zucchini in the fridge. Wow, you have some growing already? You must live somewhere warm, I’m jealous!

  249. Came home after work today, after much mulling about dinner. Decided to “sacrifice” some of my first-of-the-season zucchini and yellow squash to make this recipe and the Zucchini Casserole (along with some soup made with the stock from the bones of last night’s Chicken Parmigiana!) Anyway, they were nearly of the same size I usually wait to harvest anyway.

    Another wow, Wow, WOW! Love the taste, the crispy texture and that great crunch sound these make from the crust and the slightly dehydrated zucchini. Truthfully, I’ve never really been a fan of breaded zucchini because it is usually soggy with oil, overly breaded and tasteless. All those calories for so little. Let me tell you, this is exactly the opposite! Gina’s daughter is right. (Cheated: used leftover marinara from last night.)

    The Zucchini Casserole is in the oven now…

  250. made these yesterday ! They were delicous… the only problem i had was half way through the bread crumbs werent sticking because they were too wet, next time i will split it in half and add more dry bread crumb as needed ! They were Delicous! I even made them a few hours earlier and they got crunchier when i re heated it!

  251. These look fantastic and when I made them they tasted fantastic. I can’t figure out how to make 1/3 breadcrumbs work though. I had to increase the points because there weren’t enough breadcrumbs for three medium zucchini.

  252. I am always looking to make new recipes that are weight watcher friendly. Thank you for your positive feedback, it makes this worth my while.

  253. AMAZING! I made both the zucchini sticks and the marinara (slightly modified because I am gluten free so I used GF bread crumbs) and they are GREAT! Thanks so much for being a place to try new things, this was a first for me!

  254. Breaded zucchini sticks with marinara sauce sound great!

  255. I’m also following WW and can’t wait to try these!! My husband will love them.
    When I make them, I’ll post a link on my cooking blog and let you know 🙂

  256. @Em Thanks for pointing that out, they are vegetarian, not vegan. I changed the tag. For vegans, you could probably toss them in a little olive oil to bind them, but of course that would add some points.

  257. Mmm, yummy! I love that they’re healthy too.

  258. This looks like a great way to serve the omnipresent zucchini.

  259. yum. they look tasty. i noticed that it's tagged as a vegan recipe but it has egg whites & cheese. you could prob just use water instead to bind them? can't wait to experiment w it.

  260. Hi Gina,

    Thanks for the awesome post. I lost 60 pounds on WW. These sound very yummy. Always looking for excellent recipes like this one.

  261. These sound excellent, and I know we’ll all love them. Thanks for sharing!

  262. I love zucchini stick, but only had the fried version. Yours are a great healthy version, Ive booked marked this to try 🙂

  263. Hi! I just came across your website though Tastespotting. It’s great to see a website that features gorgeous pictures of good for you foods! I lost over 100 pounds on Weight Watchers, and still follow the plan now. I’ve since gone vegan, but many of your recipes can be adapted to be vegan if they aren’t already. Awesome site!

  264. d. fine 09 – I can’t think of a better way to use your zucchini! Enjoy : )

  265. These look absolutely delicious! I have a zucchini in my fridge begging to be used for these. I have everything. Must be meant for dinner tonight.

  266. Anna, what a great idea! Maybe I could get my daughter to eat green beans this way. I will certainly try that soon!!!!

    Marisa, these are so good! Even if you have these for lunch, you can eat 2 zucchinis and it’s still a low point lunch.

  267. Gina – you never disappoint!!! LOVE this recipe; can’t wait to make them!

  268. These sound delicious! I am going to have to try these! Do you think they would work with green beans as well? I’d think so and probably be a better, healthier version that the high fat ones from TGIFridays.