Brownie Batter Pancakes

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These decadent chocolate brownie batter pancakes are a guiltless, low fat and vegan with only 170 calories for the entire recipe. Can also be made gluten free!

These decadent chocolate brownie batter pancakes are a guiltless, low fat and vegan with only 170 calories for the entire recipe. Can also be made gluten free!Brownie Batter Pancakes

I am very happy to have Katie of Chocolate-Covered Katie as my first guest post here on Skinnytaste. Her recipes are a great fit for Skinnytaste as they are all healthy and low fat, but she also brings something else to the table… all her recipes are vegan! Whether you are a vegan or not, I guarantee you will spend hours drooling at the photos on her blog! Please welcome Chocolate-Covered Katie to Skinnytaste.

Hi chocolate chips!

I’m Katie, of the blog: Chocolate-Covered Katie, and I’m so honored to be a guest on Gina’s blog. I love Gina because she shows that healthier food can taste incredible when it’s prepared the right way. On my own blog, I try to show this, too.

One exception: my blog is only desserts.

Just like Gina, I believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice good taste in order to be healthy. And today, Gina asked me to share one of my “does not taste healthy” recipes that can be a breakfast or dessert: brownie batter pancakes. This recipe is also vegan AND can easily be made gluten free with Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free flour mix!

Hope you enjoy!!

There are only 170 calories in this entire recipe. If you want a more substantial breakfast, feel free to make a bigger serving and/or go crazy with the toppings!! And if you’re feeling really crazy:

Try topping these with: Chocolate-Chip Cookie Dough Dip. Cookie dough brownie batter pancakes… who knew such decadence could be healthy?!

These decadent chocolate brownie batter pancakes are a guiltless, low fat and vegan with only 170 calories for the entire recipe. Can also be made gluten free!
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Brownie Batter Pancakes

172 Cals 5.5 Protein 32 Carbs 2.5 Fats
Prep Time: 10 mins
Cook Time: 15 mins
Total Time: 25 mins
Yield: 1 servings
COURSE: Breakfast, Brunch, Dessert
CUISINE: American
These decadent chocolate brownie batter pancakes are a guiltless, low fat and vegan with only 170 calories for the entire recipe. Can also be made gluten free!


  • 1/4 cup Bob's spelt flour, or all-purpose or for gluten free use Bob’s gluten-free ap flour
  • 1/4 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tbsp Hershey’s Special Dark unsweetened cocoa powder, or dutch cocoa
  • 1 1/2 packets nunaturals stevia or 4 tsp sugar, you can use less if you’re planning to top with syrup and don’t want the actual pancakes to taste sweet
  • pinch of salt, optional
  • 1 1/2 tbsp unsweetened applesauce
  • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 5 1/2 tbsp nondairy milk of your choice


  • Mix dry ingredients very well, then add wet.
  • Make pancakes!


Serving: 6-8 silver dollar pancakes, Calories: 172kcal, Carbohydrates: 32g, Protein: 5.5g, Fat: 2.5g, Sodium: 241.5mg, Fiber: 6.5g, Sugar: 4.5g
WW Points Plus: 4
Keywords: Brownie Batter Pancakes, chocolate breakfast, chocolate pancakes, healthy pancakes, holiday pancakes

These decadent chocolate brownie batter pancakes are a guiltless, low fat and vegan with only 170 calories for the entire recipe. Can also be made gluten free!

Life is better with chocolate. Please do stop by sometime, at Chocolate-Covered Katie, and say hi. I love meeting new blogger and reader friends!

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  1. Just tried these for the first time and wasn’t impressed. I used regular flour, they didn’t come out gummy but they didn’t come out like pancakes either. Also calculated the WW points in my app and they only came out to about 7 points which was a pleasant surprise but I probably won’t make these again. Lacking in the flavor department.

  2. As far as the gummy texture people are complaining about, I found that the first time I made the recipe with whole wheat flour, I didn’t have that issue, but this time I made it with all purpose flour and they were very gummy. Next time I will stick with whole wheat and possibly sub the applesauce for an egg white. The points in the ww app come out much less with whole wheat flour as well.

    I’m basing my rating on my first attempt at the recipe which was very good.

    • Ok actually the flour doesn’t change the points but when I put the recipe into the app it comes out much less than Skinnytaste cites, so that’s what I was erroneously attributing it to. It’s actually the same. Whole wheat still works better.

  3. Just made these for breakfast & they were perfect! 🙂
    I did make a few changes to the original recipe- I doubled the baking powder to 1/2 tsp, used an egg white instead of applesauce, & added a pinch of salt.

  4. Not a hit. The consistency was off. They were gummy. Used sugar and not Splenda but the dark chocolate was too overpowering. Too many points per serving. This is the first recipe on you site that didn’t work for. I have been cooking a new one or two every week. 

  5. Finally got some splet flour and wanted to try these. Very good and deep chocolate. I like Might nut powdered peanut butter or one like it on top!
    Great dessert.

  6. I was having a bit of a need to comfort eat this evening- after having a weird old day. I was looking through my cupboards to find some chocolate, and then I remembered seeing this recipe a while ago. I’m so glad I did as I just made these and they hit the spot more than enough! Amazing! Think these might become a regular desert fixture for us. I have half to my partner and he didn’t even realise they were so low in calories. Thanks Gina and Katie! You’ve literally saved my diet for the day! x

  7. It seems like I had the same problem as others with the middles being gummy and not seeming done. Is this normal because of the applesauce? Many people have commented and asked how to fix this or what the problem may be, can you please answer? The taste was great, just want them to be done in the middle. It made two small pancakes for me, no where near the serving size it says.

  8. Hello. These look amazing but what is the chocolate syrup that is being dropped on the pancakes? It's not the link for the cookie dough she makes too. Just curious because it looks good too.

  9. Hi! My hubby and I wanted to start making our snacks instead of buying so many packaged/processed snacks. We like this for the fiber! It could replace our fiber one brownies we usually get, but I am having trouble finding the 6.7 g of fiber in the recipe :/ I looked up all the ingredients and I get about half of that in fiber. What am I missing? 🙂

  10. The taste is wonderful, but mine too were runny and didn't rise or cook out. I would love to have them turn out as others had theirs turn out, and I followed the recipe exactly. Suggestions?

  11. Can you use buttermilk instead of nondairy milk? I know it might add some calories, but would it still taste good? Please answer, I plan on making these for my mom's birthday this weekend and I want them to be perfect. 🙂

  12. mine stuck to the pan like crazy and were super gummy… any suggestions?

  13. These were fabulous!

  14. These are FANTASTIC! I topped them with strawberries and sugar free syrup. My husband, daughter and I all thoroughly enjoyed them! Thank you Gina and Katie!!!!!!! 😀

  15. These may look good, but they taste nasty. Seriously the grossest thing i've ever made and i've been known to set pans on fire while i cook! The batter was runny and stuck to the pan. It had a gummy-like consistency and virtually no flavour. Yuck, Yuck, and Yuck.

  16. I religiously track what I eat. How many grams (or ounces) is a serving of these?

  17. Have you ever considered making a tumblr account ? I would defiantly follow !

  18. These were horrible. HORRIBLE. Stuck to the pan, made nowhere near the serving size in the recipe…awful. And I am a healthy eater that makes non-traditional pancakes often. I've loved your site for a long time and this guest post is enough to put me off.

    • Obviously you did something wrong. Sorry, but I make these every week. They're my go-to pancakes. So to say the rude last sentence like you did is not only putting Gina down, it's also putting down everyone above you who has made these and loved them.

      My taste buds are just fine, and I (and my entire family!) adore these pancakes. Gina, don't pay any attention to this "anonymous" who probably hated the recipe due to a user error.

      It's a great recipe, and Skinnytaste is my favorite blog!

    • You dont even make sense…."I've loved your site for a long time and this guest post is enough to put me off"
      They call this cutting off your nose to spite your face.
      One post that wasnt to your liking sends you packing?

      How rational.. See ya!

  19. I don't know how the person above me could've not liked these pancakes, unless she maybe mismeasured something? They were some of the BEST pancakes I've ever eaten. So don't be put off by that bad review. My boyfriend even liked these!

    Hands down my favorite recipe from your site, Gina, which never fails me. You're the best :).

  20. I made these brownie batter pancakes after seeing the recipe on pinterest and they taste absolutely dreadful! The taste of the pancakes from this recipe is no where near to how a brownie tastes let alone a pancake. I would strongly recommend making these first for yourself before you serve them to any guests just to see if you are willing to put them through the trouble of eating these horrid pancakes.

    • Agreed – you wouldn't want to insult your guests, or even yourself for that matter, by serving these.

      Plus, they won't keep you full very long. Silver-dollar sized with no fat? It should be one or the other, in my opinion.

  21. Unbelievably good! Can't wait to try them with all sorts of berries, bananas, a little sweetened ricotta….I just love them!

    • Oh that sounds really good! Like chocolate cheesecake pancakes.

      These were really, really good with plain maple syrup, but now I want to try sweetened ricotta in between each, and maybe even some strawberry jam. So many possibilities. I love this recipe!

  22. I can't have white sugar or stevia and was wondering if I just use honey if it would alter anything?

  23. I just looked at the nutrition info and the sodium seems a little high. Is there really over 200g of sodium in this?

  24. So good! I quadrupled the recipe to make 3 regular size pancakes for myself and my boyfran..not worried about weight-we're athletes. In order to not get the gooey middle and burnt surface, just spread the mix on the pan a little bit like a crepe to reduce the thickness. Added chopped banana and chocolate syrup-so delsih and dirt cheap too! About 65 cents for three medium size pancakes.

  25. I am a healthy eater, but my husband and kids are NOT into healthy foods. And yet, when I made these, my teenage son (who hates health food!) asked for a second batch just for himself! These were a huge hit, and if anyone's on the fence about making this recipe, I highly recommend trying it!

    Thanks Katie, and thanks Gina for having such a great guest post!

  26. just made these…. the flavor was okay, but the texture was awful. Very gummy.
    I found myself wondering if it was worth the calories.

    • It sounds likeyou did something wrong! Maybe you used the wrong flour.

    • I agree with Ali. I followed the recipe to a T and they were extremely gummy. They also didn't rise and were still raw in the middle when the outside was burning.

      The ones in the picture are probably raw in the middle too.

  27. yep, another happy person! I just made (and ate) these and they are delicious! I subbed the applesauce/oil for one T of fat free yogurt and one T of applesauce to get just the right texture and they turned out perfect!

  28. These were delicious! I used vanilla flavored coconut milk and though they were difficult to flip and tasted a bit gummy, topped with nutella and raspberries they were a treat.

  29. I have made these pancakes a few times now, and my whole family loves them (especially with a few chocolate chips thrown in and some whipped cream on top…although I realize that adds extra points!). Could you please post the measurements for a larger batch (maybe 4 servings)? Each time I've tried to quadruple the ingredients, the batter always comes out super runny. Thanks for the great recipe!

  30. I made these today for my family. I used skim milk and all purpose flour. Calculated the points plus to be six per serving. I found they were a bit finicky to cook but maybe it was just my pan. My whole family (hubby, 3 year old and 19 month old) loved them. We ate them plain with bananas on the side – they didn't need syrup at all. No diet taste here! Thanks for the breakfast treat!

  31. I was anxious to try these — but didn't have spelt flour or cocoa powder in the house so I made them using self rising flour, 1T sipping chocolate mix and skim milk. My batter was a bit runny, so I added 1T ground flax seed and let it sit a bit before adding 1/3c fresh blueberries. Fabulous. Scratched my pancake itch and still 6 points+ for 3 thick, 4-5" pancakes. Caution though – those blueberries get HOT!

  32. Anonymous Feb 22 @6:53am~ See comment directly above yours.

  33. Thanks to everybody who thinks these "LOOK GOOD". Please stop writing about the picture.
    Now has anybody actually made them?

  34. Ok, so I think I expected these to be great tasting and decadent. In reality they are diet pancakes and they taste like diet pancakes. For what they are meant to be, they are great. Don't make these expecting them to taste like dessert. They are a tad bitter and have a that slight Stevia aftertaste. But, I would make them again b/c I can eat double the amount of these as opposed to regular pancakes. So, overall, I would say these are good. Just don't expect heaven (which is how they look in the picture)

  35. I picture making these a little thinner like a crepe and using the cookie dough dip as a filler for dessert. Great looking recipe.

  36. Can't wait to try these with cappuccino frozen yogurt…kind of like an ice cream sandwich?…mmmm

  37. I need to make these ASAP. My points reset on Sunday so I think I will make them then. I have been so bad with tracking, so this will be nicde fresh start!

  38. these were great!! I used ww pastry flour, almond milk and splenda. To me these were perfect! Thanks so much!

  39. I made these this morning & they definitely need more sugar. I used Splenda & they came out tasting like cocoa powder.

  40. I plan on making these for my son for his 10th bday –he has anaphylactic food allergies and these are perfectly safe! THANK YOU!! I can't wait to see his face 🙂 xo

  41. This recipe was fantastic, even though I had to substitute regular cocoa powder for dark cocoa powder because apparently Wal-Mart doesn't like to stock it.
    I also had to use regular all-purpose flower which bumped the points up to 6 per serving, but hey – it's a chocolate fix for less than a candy bar. Mmmmm!

  42. I made these and they were nasty. I'm not sure what I did wrong. I mixed all the dry ingredients well before mixing in the liquid ingredients. I used dairy milk instead of non-dairy but I don't think that would have made a difference. It only made 2 small pancakes. They were just about burnt on the outside so I thought they were done but the middle was still gooey. Maybe I cooked them wrong. You should have included cooking instructions in your recipe. Not everyone knows how to cook pancakes. Anyways, they were really blah and the clumps of cocoa put a horrible taste in my mouth. I made sure the cocoa was mixed in well before cooking them so I don't know how they got clumped up after cooking. I took two bites and threw them away. I won't be making this recipe again. Yuck!

  43. These are delicious, except my batter did not make as many. I exchanged pure pumpkin puree for the applesauce only because I didn't have any and I was able to make 4 pancakes…something I should do differently?

  44. Anonymous: Yes, you can use any milk. The calories will depend on what type of milk you use (skim, 2%, whole, etc.).

  45. Will this still work if you use regular milk?? How will that change the calories and points??

    Thanks Tacarra

  46. They are so incredibly yummy! Made them this morning and quadrupled the recipe. THey were a bit runny at first, so I added another serving of the dry ingredients, plus some mini chocolate chips and got 4 ~3" pancakes per person (4 servings). SO GOOD!!!!

  47. Sure, Splenda would work!

  48. Can you use spends instead of stevia? And I was windering if I could just use splenda instead of sugar. I'm diabetic and try to not use sugar would this be ok?

    Thank you, Tacarra

  49. Melodie: Yup, that's one serving (8 baby pancakes) in the photo. 🙂

  50. These look good. Did you use 1/4 cup for these?

  51. YUMMY. Making this for New Years breakfast! 🙂

  52. Just when I've commented to giving up the habit of having dessert after most main meals over the christmas period, I came across your post and thought it looked heavenly.

    Will definitely be trying this recipe out.

  53. Omg! I had to do a double take when reading this post. I usually check Katie's blog after I check yours. Katie's recipes are super yummy.

  54. What would you use for syrup? Is there a chocolate syrup recipe you have?? 🙂

  55. Mine didn't raise at all, the smell was great the texture (since they didn't raise) was not good. I did test my baking powder before using it…. oh and I did double the recipe. 🙁

    — dalis

  56. Anonymous: I don't have the calorie info for the cookie dough dip, but I posted a very similar recipe a few months ago where I DID include the calorie info:

    For the linked recipe above, it's 25 calories per tablespoon. Hope that helps!

  57. just made this recipe — used plain white flour and skim milk. however when i put it into my WW recipe builder, it came out to 5 points for the whole recipe, not 4. not a big discrepancy, but just FYI.
    simple and tasty! i served with FF maple syrup, but i definitely didnt need as much as i used. i will definitely file this recipe away for the future. maybe make and freeze a few batches!

  58. Hi Gina, Merry Chridtmas to you and your family. Do you think you will be putting together a "shopping list" of basic and not so basic ingredients, i.e, different milks, butters, sweeteners to stock our pantries with for all your recipes? Maybe for the New Year, please?

  59. Made these tonight for dessert with my mom. They turned out great. We doubled the batch, and each had 6. It was great because they were so filling and really cured our sweet tooth. (And we used equal packets because that was all we had) We used sugar free syrup on top, which made them even better!

  60. Do you know the nutritional info on the cookie dough?

  61. Top with cookie dough dip? Don't mind if I do!

  62. Dalis: So sorry for the confusion! I should've written "milk of choice" because you can use whatever type of milk you want– almond, soy, dairy, etc. I used almond milk, but it really shouldn't make much of a difference no matter what you choose :).

    Lyndsay: I'm not sure… I've only ever made little ones. I guess it also depends on just how big you make them and how thin.

  63. Quick question: If you want larger pancakes (i.e. maybe 3" diameter), how many would you get out of the batter? I'm not a fan of little pancakes and neither is my family. 🙂

  64. May Lord have mercy! Hmmm… question I was going to try them today, but can I substitute the non dairy for just plain ol' milk…. or if this where I add the soy milk for my daughter or almond milk? for me non-dairy reminds me of the powder stuff my mom used.


  65. nuh-uh, no way these are even close to good for you!!! 😉 nom nom nom….

  66. Thank you so much Gina, spelt is tricky because many people think it's gluten free, but it's made from wheat. It is supposed to be lower in gluten, but those with severe intolerances will react to it. Also, try Domata, it's the best gluten free flour mix I've tried. 🙂

  67. Sarah, thanks for that info!

  68. I made these this morning with gluten free all purpose flour and they were really good! My kids ate them with a little powdered sugar sprinkled on top and they requested that they be added to our breakfast rotation. 🙂

    Spelt is NOT gluten free, please edit to correct that information.

  69. I made these this morning, and subbed 1tbsp of flour for protein powder and kept the rest the same. These are so good! Perfect for weekends and treats. Thank you!

  70. When I saw this post come in through my email, I immediately though to myself "I wonder if these will be as good as CCK's" Well, lo and behold, it's Katie herself with her fantastic recipe. I've made these before- they are unreal

  71. O.M.G. Speechless. Can't wait to try this!!

  72. Tonya: I’ve never tried them with white ww, so I can’t vouch for the taste… but I think they would work! You can use the same measurements. Don’t forget the 1/16 tsp salt ;).

    Leah: I am so excited you already made them!

  73. I doubled the recipe and made them for my husband and I this morning…fantastic! Thanks for the great recipe. It's so wonderful to have real people out there championing healthy recipes 🙂

  74. These look fantastic! I cannot believe they are only 176 calories! That is amazing…thank you

  75. I've been following Katie for awhile now and absolutely love her recipes! Everything I have made so far has been fantastic. Thanks for having her as a guest 🙂

  76. Black forrest pancakes comes to mind with fat free cool whip and lite cherry pie filling.

  77. i want to have that.. oh boy.. i am hungry.

  78. And thank you Katie!!!!

  79. Oh my goodness. I know what I'm having for breakfast in the morning!! Chocolate for breakfast, and I never thought I'd see my childhood years again! Thanks Gina!

  80. I can't believe 130 calories for the whole recipe! OMG! I need to make these, Stat!

  81. Unbelievable! I am so excited to try this!!!! My stomach is growling and it is 9:45 at night!!!

  82. I calculated this with almond milk and Stevia.

    Tonya, I'm assuming it would be fine to replace the spelt flour with all purpose. Katie?

  83. Yum! I'd love to start my day with these:-)

  84. If I want to use White whole wheat flour, do I need to make any alterations?

  85. Oh my goodness, I better make a big batch of these or else I probs will be regretting that I didn't later- they look sinfully delicious!

  86. Are the points figured out with regular milk and sugar, or fake milk and sweetener? Thanks.

  87. These look so good. You always amaze me how you top the day before's recipe. Thanks!

  88. Thank you so much for having me, Gina!!

    Anonymous: Yes, they definitely freeze well. 🙂

    Kim: It's actually just Hershey's chocolate syrup drizzled on there to look pretty for the photos, but I know a lot of people like them drizzled with pancake syrup, or with melted banana on top, or even plain! (Or you could always try fat-free chocolate syrup if you're counting calories).

    Anonymous: Sorry, I should've said "milk of choice." I like Silk unsweetened almond milk, but you can use ANY milk you have on hand– soymilk, ricemilk, cow's milk, etc.

  89. Oh, yum. I LOVE recipes like this. Chocolate and healthy together? Yes, please!

  90. Wow! Now that's what I call breakfast!

  91. nondairy milk, does that mean like almond breeze or silk?

  92. Hi there,
    Just wondering what the chocolate topping is that is drizzled over the top of the pancakes and how many points plus for that?

  93. Top with raspberry sauce

  94. Wait let me see if I got this straight….6-8 pancakes for 4pts? RU kidding me…I think I am in love with you!!!!! do you think these freeze well? for 4pts im friggin eating these every day lol. I'll triple the batch and have them ready to go….

  95. I'm planning a brunch next month and these will be a perfect addition to my menu. Can't wait to try them!

  96. I'm wondering, could this recipe be used in a belgian waffle maker?

  97. Chocolate Covered Katie will definitely be added to my list of blogs to follow!! Thanks for introducing us to more fabulous, healthy desserts!

  98. This is genious! I cannot wait to make these chocolately pancakes! What a great idea for a low fat low calorie dessert! And this will definitely satisfy my chocolate cravings. Will be checking out Katie's blog too since I am obsessed with chocolate..thanks so much Katie and Gina!

  99. We're always looking for something different and fun for our New Year's Day Brunch……this fits the bill to a T! Thanks!!

  100. Love Katie's blog and these look out of this world good!

  101. Oh my! These look delicious! I know whats on my breakfast menu for this weekend!

  102. Definitely going to try these

  103. Wow!!! These look so good, I'm definitely going to give these a try soon!

  104. I cannot wait to try these! Oh, they would be so good with chopped, toasted pecans or walnuts! Or topped with some peanut butter that has been warmed up, or a cooked fruit….Oh boy. Thank you Gina & Katie!

  105. I calculated them myself!! Calories vary slightly depending on different flour but they are all in the same ball park!

  106. Oh these look delicious! I just love Katie's blog!

  107. These look AMAZING! Not believing the nutritional information on this -fabulous!

  108. they look sinful! 🙂


    … There are no words… except maybe THANK YOU!