Chicken and Mushrooms in a Garlic White Wine Sauce

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Chicken and Mushrooms in a Garlic White Wine Sauce is a great-tasting, 20-minute dish, perfect for those busy weeknights!

Chicken and Mushrooms in a Garlic White Wine Sauce is a great-tasting, 20-minute dish, perfect for those busy weeknights!
Chicken and Mushrooms

We like it served with brown rice, pasta, quinoa or farro on the side, or a serve it with roasted veggies and a salad.

Chicken and Mushrooms in a Garlic White Wine Sauce is a great-tasting, 20-minute dish, perfect for those busy weeknights!

This recipe was originally lightened up from my friend Julia’s recipe back in 2011. She has twice as many family members in her household so I halved her recipe and cut back on the butter and olive oil. I then substituted half of the wine for fat free chicken broth and the results were fantastic.

If you prefer to use chicken breasts, slice them into strips before you cook them. To make this gluten free, you can use rice flour, or leave it out for Paleo or Whole30. Those of you who don’t cook with wine, use chicken broth instead.

Chicken and Mushrooms in a Garlic White Wine Sauce is a great-tasting, 20-minute dish, perfect for those busy weeknights!

Chicken and Mushrooms in a Garlic White Wine Sauce is a great-tasting, 20-minute dish, perfect for those busy weeknights!

Chicken and Mushrooms in a Garlic White Wine Sauce is a great-tasting, 20-minute dish, perfect for those busy weeknights!
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Chicken and Mushrooms in a Garlic White Wine Sauce

217 Cals 29.5 Protein 6 Carbs 7.5 Fats
Prep Time: 5 mins
Cook Time: 15 mins
Total Time: 20 mins
Yield: 4 servings
COURSE: Dinner
CUISINE: Italian
Chicken and Mushrooms in a Garlic White Wine Sauce is a great-tasting, 20-minute dish, perfect for busy weeknights! We like it served with brown rice, pasta, quinoa or farro on the side, or a serve it with roasted veggies and a salad.


  • 8 chicken tenderloins, 16 oz total
  • 2 tsp butter
  • 2 tsp olive oil
  • 1/4 cup all-purpose flour*, use rice flour for gluten free, omit for paleo, w30
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced
  • 12 oz sliced mushrooms
  • 1/4 cup white wine, omit for w30, paleo and add more broth
  • 1/3 cup fat free chicken broth
  • salt and fresh pepper to taste
  • 1/4 cup chopped fresh parsley


  • Preheat oven to 200°F.
  • Season chicken with salt and pepper. Lightly dredge in flour.
  • Heat a large skillet on medium heat; when hot add 1 tsp butter and 1 tsp olive oil.
  • Add chicken to the skillet and cook on medium heat for about 5 minutes on each side, or until chicken is no longer pink.
  • Set aside in a warm oven.
  • Add additional oil and butter to the skillet, then garlic and cook a few seconds; add mushrooms, salt and pepper stirring occasionally until golden, about 5 minutes.
  • Add wine, chicken broth, parsley; stir the pan with a wooden spoon breaking up any brown bits from the bottom of the pan. Cook a few more minutes or until the liquid reduces by half.
  • Top the chicken with the mushroom sauce and serve.


*I only used 1 tbsp of flour and tossed the rest, so calculations were for 1 tbsp flour only.


Serving: 2tenderloins with mushrooms, Calories: 217kcal, Carbohydrates: 6g, Protein: 29.5g, Fat: 7.5g, Saturated Fat: 2g, Cholesterol: 88mg, Sodium: 108.5mg, Fiber: 1.5g, Sugar: 2g
WW Points Plus: 5
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Photo Credit: Annalise Sandberg of Completely Delicious


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  1. My go to chicken recipe, my family loves it!!

  2. Love that it’s easy and fast to make with almost all ingredients in the pantry except chicken and mushrooms. Another favorite dish – thanks Gina!

  3. Question – I’m putting together my grocery list to make this dish (sounds delicious). Is there any particular type of mushroom you prefer/recommend? Button, cremini, or portobello are the ones most commonly found in my local stores. Thank you in advance for your feedback.

  4. Delicious! Would definitely make again but would probably double the amount of sauce.

  5. It was amazing! My 7 and 9 year old grandkids even gave 5 stars.

  6. Tried this last night and it was delicious!  Definitely going into the regular rotation. Super easy. 

  7. Loved this dish. Right before I served it I drizzled lemon on it. Yummy.

  8. So easy and delicious, whole family loved it!

  9. Absolutely delicious and so quick to make! Had it with brown rice and broccoli

    • Nice! I’m making this now for dinner and paired it with brown rice and broccoli, too.  I can’t wait for it to be done. 😋

  10. Absolutely delicious!  Lots of umami !!

  11. excellent! I added artichoke hearts as well.

  12. So good! It has become a family staple, also is great when out in the travel trailer.

  13. Made this last night with my sister over zoom and we both thought it was delicious, easy, and would totally make it again!

  14. This has been my husband’s
    favorite for several years. I wonder if shrimp would work with this instead of chicken?

  15. Very good! I used thighs cause that’s all I had and it still turned out great! Also added some cornstarch to thicken the sauce ~ personal preference. I’ll make this again!

  16. So flavourful!! We didn’t have any wine so we just used chicken broth and used chicken breasts cut into pieces instead of the tenderloins. Next time we make it we’re going to try serving it on some spaghetti noodles!

  17. Again, another amazing recipe! This website is really making my wife think I’m the best cook going! Thanks very much!

  18. Loved! Made exactly as recipe stated. I made more tenders than called for and added other ingredients accordingly. 

  19. Delicious easy recipe!

  20. Could you make this without mushrooms or replace it with something?

    • Honestly, if it’s a dish called “chicken and mushrooms” I would think the entire recipe and flavour would be altered with anything other than mushrooms. So, likely not.

    • This recipe is similar but no mushrooms.
       I have made it several times and my family enjoys it! 

  21. Love this one. Have made it twice already these last two weeks! So flavorful and so easy to make!!  Love your recipes!

  22. Love this! Had everything in hand and soooooo easy to pull together!

  23. Delicious! Easy, flavorful and low cal/carb. Served with cauliflower mashed potato and steamed asparagus. 

  24. very good.. I added 1/4 cup of heavy cream to the sauce. Came out wonderful

  25. This recipe was excellent. Super easy to make and I put cauliflower gnocchi (made in the air fryer) over it..yum! 

  26. Absolutely delicious, easy and fairly healthy. We served it with a big salad. Thanks

  27. I doubled this recipe to feed two teenage boys and my hubby and they finished it all up. Only thing I would do differently next time is to use a non-stick pan instead of my aluminum All-Clad bc due to the little amount of butter and oil we had some sticking issues and the sauce tasted a little from burnt flour. Hubby kept adding more oil and butter so I had to increase my WW calculation!! I served this with brown rice and steamed broccoli.

  28. delicious!  so easy to prepare!  My husband had seconds!

  29. Three stars but next time it will be four, I think! Mushrooms were lovely and the sauce was nice and silky. I think my chicken sat in a warm oven too long; next time I think I’ll gird my loins and use a separate pan and cook the chicken and the mushrooms/sauce simultaneously, so that I don’t overcook the chicken. I’ll also probably add a little more zip … maybe some finely shaved shallots and some tarragon?

    Thanks for the recipe!

  30. Didn’t have enough zip to it for our family’s taste.

  31. I just pointed this (I’m on blue) and I got 5 Pts for the serving using the nutritional info above. I checked to see if my app was up to date and it appears to be. Not sure what the issue is. Anyone else? I love your recipes. 

  32. This is absolutely delicious. I served with wilted baby spinach.

  33. I feel like the few times I’ve made anything with chicken tenderloins, they have this weird white tendon thing going down the middle of every single one. I feel that they are tough as well and always vow never to buy them. Do you somehow remove them? Or should I just buy chicken breasts and cut them into strips? This recipe looks delicious and I’d like to make it. Thanks!

    • I made this tonight and it was a hit! Delicious!

    • I have the same problem, so I just use chicken breasts and cut them into strips just like you mentioned

    • I always use a kitchen scissor to carefully snip out the tendon. I also pound and flatten the tenderloins between two pieces of plastic wrap on a cutting board.

    • Just saw this recipe, so I’m late to respond.  I just saw a thing on internet to use a fork and paper towel to pull the membrane out.  You tease the end of the membrane out of the meat and poke it up thru the tines of the fork.  Grab the membrane sticking thru the fork with the paper towel (so it doesn’t slip out if your fingers) & hold on to the tender while you slide the membrane out of the meat.  I have not tried this myself yet, but (of course!) they made it look so easy!!

    • I know this is old but use a fork around the tendon and pull down while holding the chicken with a paper towel. It will come off easily everytime 

  34. I made this last night. Wonderful.

  35. My husband will love this, thanks!  Craving it now!

  36. Can this be frozen? I am the only person in my house who likes mushrooms and I would love to make some to save for busy nights. Thanks!

  37. I made this for the first time last night, and it was a definite hit! My teenager liked it a lot, and my husband was still nibbling bits from the skillet after he put his plate in the sink. Definitely going to add this one to the regular meal rotation.

  38. Subbed sherry wine for the white wine – gave it a nice nutty aroma and nice flavor. I skipped the flour and used a cornstarch slurry at the end to thicken the sauce, then added a dash of fat free half and half to give it a little creaminess. Another winner, Gina!

  39. This was really good. I did use Italian parsley & served with thin spaghetti noodles. Also added parmesan cheese & crushed red peppers.

  40. I did not add any flour, used marsala cooking wine and light sour cream at the end. Delicious!

  41. I lvoe food, this chicken and mushrooms recipe is really good, i try it at home.

  42. Wonderful dish. I served it with a bag of Steam Fresh green-bean and mushroom risotto. Instead of chicken stock I used Better than Bouillon. Having left overs for lunch today and probably another day or two, since I’m cooking for one. Easy to make. Delicious!

    Will make again and again.

  43. I made this with your roasted cauliflower rice.  Both were delicious! I added a bit of Parmesan to the top.  Amazing—we will be making this again!  

    And to those who are having trouble getting the flour to stick—don’t pat dry your chicken.  You just want a light dusting of flour to give it some color. 

  44. These chicken and mushrooms in garlic white are so Instagrammable and adorable! As you know I made it a short while ago and it was lovely! Thx for sharing!

  45. Quick, easy, delicious!!

  46. I have never felt very confident trying recipes that call for wine ~ because I don’t what specific brand/type of wine to use??
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!! Looks delicious & I’d love to try it asap

  47. Can I substitute the mushrooms for sauteed spinach? I want to like mushrooms so badly, but I can’t get into them!

  48. Why does this recipe have oven pre-heating instructions? Maybe a mistake? Just want to make sure I’m not missing something! 

  49. I marked the wrong recipe it was the Cajun chicken made lighter. I added shrimp to that recipe and it was great

  50. OMG I made this and added 12 oz of shrimp! It was great

  51. It was tasty, and a good basic recipe. I added a little garlic, and some sour cream. Yummy!

  52. Amazing chicken and mushrooms! Combination of taste, I like a balanced diet, a variety of vitamins in it. I really like.

  53. I love wine country and since I live in Washington I’ve visited winey country here and in Oregon, plenty of times. The last time I was in Napa I was very young and would love to return as I really loved the landscape. Domaine Carneros is quite grand and I’d love to see the winery -Grgich Hills Estate- that put California wines on the map. I also like train rides and that would be such a fun way to taste wines and see the scenery pass by slowly.

  54. I made this tonight. It was delicious!  I added the salt and pepper to the flour instead of to the chicken.  Other than that I followed the recipe. I will absolutely make this again 

  55. Does the parsley add much to this dish other than color? I have everything on hand except for that, I wonder if I could omit it or substitute anything else. I think I have parsley flakes in the spice cabinet, hmmm.

  56. What could I use instead of butter?

  57. Made it tonite! I added 2Tbs capers and a bit of lemon juice. Really great recipe, my husband loves it!

  58. Made this tonight and it turned out pretty good. I HATE cooking chicken in a skillet – maybe next time I’ll bake it. I used 3 garlic cloves in my press and coarsly chopped 2 additional cloves that I added in at the same time as the wine & broth. 

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  60. I made this tonite, only I doubled the amount of broth, wine and garlic, put in a couple sprigs of fresh thyme with the wine and broth mixture, and put shaved parmesan on the chicken. I served it with wild rice and fresh green beans. It was AMAZING!

  61. Made it for my husband he loved it!  Not complicated fast and easy!  2nd time making it.

  62. We made this last night (sans wine and used coconut flour) and it was delicious!

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  64. The chicken with mushrooms, garlic and white wine sauce was absolutely delicious! I’ll be making this one for company because it was that special! Not only that, but the presentation is very pretty as well! 

  65. So yummy! I’ve made it a few times and every time everyone loves it. Thanks for sharing this awesome easy recipe!

  66. Fantastic, great flavor!  I would totally recommend.

  67. A bit disappointed in this one.  I agree with the others.. it needed something more.  I followed the recipe to the letter.  I found the flour was coming off on my chicken, may use rice flour next time, but it needed some lemon or something fresh to liven it up.  I thought it was OK, but won’t be repeated at my house.  Sorry, gina!!

  68. It needed something more.  I thought maybe a twist of lemon juice and some capers.. it just seemed a bit off.  Had a tough time keeping the flour on the chicken.. next time, I might just not worry about flour at all.

  69. Easy to make, little prep work, and tastes FANTASTIC!!

  70. Delicious! I made it with some fettuccine. I marinated the chicken in an apple cider vinegaratte which gave it a great sweetness to juxtapose the savory mushroom sauce. YuM

  71. Great recipe, I like to add diced onion before the garlic and a couple extra cloves of garlic!

  72. Delicious! Thanks for the great recipe!

  73. Made this last night after a very long day… it was easy and it actually surprised me how tasty it was! Definitely adding it into the rotation!

  74. I had this for supper tonight, so good! I made a few modifications for the ingredients that I had on hand (no chicken stock, so I used more wine & I had one 8 oz chicken breast that I sliced into 4 tender shaped pieces). It will definitely be going into my rotation.

  75. I love this recipe! You have the best recipes because they are easy to make and they taste good.

  76. Delicious! I didn’t have tenderloins, so I just cut whole breasts into strips. Husband loved it, so I’ll definitely be making it again.

  77. This is really delicious. I had one leftover chicken breast so the recipe was perfect for two people. . I added julienned carrots and onions for a little more color. I also quartered the mushrooms because I like the look. Served it with mashed potatoes and green beans. As my mother said, “It’s a keeper.”

  78. Delicious quick & easy! Made the recipe pretty much as written – used Wondra flour because it is finer.

  79. Made this for dinner tonight and it was delicious! I didn’t have any white wine on hand so I added extra chicken broth (as you suggested) and a tsp. of apple cider vinegar. Also, this was super easy and quick for a weeknight dinner. Paired it with grilled zucchini. ????????

  80. Thank you so much!!!

  81. Does anyone know how many freestyle points this is? I would think 2, but when I enter the nutrional info, it’s saying 5. 🙁

    • You have to use WW recipe builder, the only way to get accurate points! The calculator will make chicken 2 points, but the new plan is 0.

      • Gina- how do you count wine in your recipes since most of calories and alcohol burn off during cooking?  Do you put the full amount in the WW recipe builder?  I’ve always wondered this!
        Thank you!!

      • Yes, I do.

    • I just created this recipe in the recipe builder in my Weight Watchers app and it came out to 1 point per serving! Cant wait to make it.

  82. Easy and delicious!  I added more pepper and white wine.  It was perfect, I will surely make it again.

  83. Another fantastic recipe from Skinnytaste, yay!! This is the second time I’ve made it, so good.

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  85. I tried this earlier this week and at first found it to be very bland (I do tend to cook with very little salt and add salt to the finished product as needed). BUT tonight I tried it again with a sprinkle of salt and fresh Parmesan and it was fantastic. If you find your end result tasting flavorless, try adding a bit of salt and/or Parmesan. Sometimes I find that it’s not always obvious when more salt is needed. Would make again!

    • Kaitlin, I like your suggestion of adding Parmesan cheese. Did you add the cheese to the sauce as it was cookIng, or sprinkle it on after it was cooked and ready to serve.

  86. I added edameme shells to add a bit more green and a little crunch to the mix. Overall the recipe was spot on!

  87. Being on a keto diet I can afford the extra fat. I have made a recipe similar to this adding another third of a cup of the full fat chicken broth and then adding 2 c. chopped Swiss chard to braised with the chicken and mushrooms. At the very end I add 1/2 c. heavy cream. This does change the recipe but the addition of the Swiss chard is adding some greens and the recipe is complete meal and is awesome. This does add 3.5g of carbs and 5.5 fat g, as well as 3.3 g of protien per serving keeping it keto friendly.

  88. What side do you recommend with this?

  89. Simply delicious! I used almond flour for the chicken to make it whole 30 approved!

  90. I’ve made this at least 5 times already. I add a little more garlic and mushrooms and have it for dinner and lunch the next day. So delicious and healthy. Thank you for a great marsala substitute!! YuM!

  91. I’ve been cooking a version of this recipe for years m and love it! The only difference is I add died thyme. Delicious!

  92. This was SO good! A huge hit with the whole family! Thanks for another winner!

  93. Can I use marsala wine instead of just white wine?

  94. Thank you for another fantastic recipe! The mushroom wine sauce was delicious and made the chicken taste so moist and flavorful.  My boyfriend doesn’t like mushrooms but he actually loved this recipe.  I served it with a lemony quinoa, spinach, and grape tomato salad with grilled asparagus.  thank you again for another healthy and satisfying meal!

  95. Ok to use thin sliced chicken breasts instead of chicken tenders? No need to marinade beforehand?

  96. GREAT dinner, plus a bonus of quick and easy to prepare. Served with tri-color quinoa and a salad. May try next time using Sherry wine instead of white wine.

  97. This looks amazing!

  98. Can’t wait to try. Has anyone frozen this?

  99. Hi! Big huge fan!! I am almost exclusively using your recipes these days. I made this one tonight, and per my usual tripled the recipe (because…teenage boy athletes) I accidentally used too much flour (“I dredged” – definitely will be more careful next time!. Also, tripling the butter and oil had me almost deep frying the chicken (Did the chicken in two batches and didn’t divide) and I went through a half a roll of paper towels getting the oil off. I may consider baking next time and transferring the drippings to the pan to make the mushroom sauce, which is AWESOME!! I may use a little more wine next time. I did find it pretty thin and mixed some chicken broth and cornstarch and put about two or three teaspoons in to thicken the sauce just a tad. A HUGE success. I served it with squash cakes, roasted cauliflower and broccoli,and a side of spinach salad and fruit.. One boy had eaten dinner earlier and still had some. the other boy ate four pieces!!

  100. Thank you!!! This was delicious, and EASY to make. Best use of 4SPs!!!

  101. Soooooo good! My family LOVED it! Doubled the sauce, had more chicken so I cooked it all up – could have tripled the sauce! Don’t skip the wine – it adds a flavor depth that is so important!

  102. Oh my word Gina!!!  Made this for dinner tonight and felt like I’d died and gone to heaven. I even had seconds-it was that good!  Only change was adding lots of fresh spinach just before putting chicken back in. This is a definite keeper ❤️.

  103. This is one of my fav go to recipes of yours!
    love it so delishish quick and simple Thanks!!!

  104. Delicious!!! Neither me or my husband are big fans of mushrooms so I substituted asparagus! It was absolutely fantastic. I also added a pinch of crushed red pepper for a little kick. It was a big hit! I will be making it again for sure. Thank you for all your yummy recipes. Dinner time has definitely improved since I found your site!!

  105. Why does it say preheat the oven to 200? Am I missing something? Looks like it’s all Cooked on the stove top? 

    • Step #3 Add chicken to the skillet and cook on medium heat for about 5 minutes on each side, or until chicken is no longer pink. Set aside in a warm oven.

  106. This is one of my favorite dishes. Its quick, easy and delicious!

  107. Instead of warming the chicken in the oven, place it back into the pan and let it cook for the last 5 minutes of the thickening process. Infuses tons of flavor into the chicken and does not require using the oven at all, which is a good thing in the summer.

  108. This is one of the first recipes I made from your site…still a favorite! So pleased to it highlighted today.

  109. This sounds great. I wonder if we could throw it all in the Instant Pot?

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  112. I LOVE anything mushroom and did a search on Skinny Taste and found this WINNER!! i was pretty skeptical because it seemed too simple to be good. Boy was I wrong. It turned out DELISH. I can’t wait to make again so i can add even more mushrooms. 🙂 The only tweak i made was added a little chicken bouillon to the sauce for added flavor.

  113. Just made this,. absolutely delicious. will positively make it again!!!

  114. How many mg of sodium is this meal?

  115. I made this last night and it is scrumptious. The garlic, mushrooms and wine make such a tasty, yet low fat, low carb sauce. Have not had one bad recipe from Skinny taste yet. As a newly diagnosed diabetic I am so grateful to have so many ideas to try. Thank you.

  116. This was so delicious…even just the chicken by itself was delicious, but tge sauce rocked! My husband was sad there weren't any leftovers.

  117. Looking forward to this for dinner tonight. I need a different side that's less carb – diabetic. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to see carbs listed. I've yet to try a recipe that wasn't delish

  118. This was delicious! My chicken didn't look cooked through although it was nicely browned, so I put it in the warm oven while I sauteed the mushrooms and garlic, and added it back to the pan to finish cooking while the sauce reduced. I think the flour coating helped thicken the sauce, and the chicken was lovely and tender. Can't wait to have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

  119. Gina,

    I go to your cooking site more than any other…Your recipes are SO DELISH!! Thanks for all the feedback too, you're really on top of everything! -Valerie

  120. Just made this. Soooo good. Thank you for an easy healthy supper recipe. Just what this tired nurse needed. 🙂

  121. You could also use a Marsala cooking wine and add some shallots. I would eliminate the butter to make it even lighter. I do basically the same think with veal or make a lemon sauce with chicken and add some capers for chicken picata.

  122. This looks fantastic. My husband would be ecstatic if I made this soon!

  123. I made this last night, and added a package of fresh baby spinach and wilted it at the end. We ate the whole pan full without needing a side!

  124. I made the chicken with mushrooms…..2 thumbs up easy recipe to follow and very flavorful.

  125. This is one of my longstanding favorites of yours. Tonight was no exception! Thank you for this recipe.

  126. This was very easy and yummy. I added Somen noodles during the last couple of minutes of cooking. Increased the wine and broth a little because of the noodles. I highly recommend this recipe! Loved it.

  127. Just tried this recipe… ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I made this with your baked rice & peas and a side of watermelon. I am shocked that I made something that tastes this good. Thank you!!!

  128. Just made this with the baked rice and peas, yummie. So pleased I found your site x

  129. Hi! Has anyone substituted turkey breast for this?? We are cutting down the red meat, but getting a bit chickened out….. Thanks!!

  130. Delicious! I have made 4 of your recipes so far and all are winners, You make eating healthier easy. Thank you!

  131. This was so good; I made it last night and wow! did it blow my mind. I love that it is a WW recipe! Thank you Gina!

  132. I made this last night. It was absolutely wonderful!! I even ate some for leftovers for lunch and I NEVER eat chicken for leftovers. I found that the tenderloin still tasted great the next day and not dry one bit. This was my first time using tenderloin and definitely won't be my last. Thanks!!

  133. I made this twice in two days! I learned some things from the first try and it was even better the second time! We will definitely be making this again in the future!

  134. I made this and it was so tasty I used brown rice flour and omitted the butter and it was still delicious. Ive already passed the recipe on to several people. lol.

  135. Do you cook the chicken in the oven? You say to preheat oven to 200 degrees.

  136. I made this recipe last night, it was delish!! I used brown rice this time, but starting a new grain-free diet, so I'll just eat it with spinach next time. Thanks for your awesome recipes!

  137. Thank you! This is definitely a keeper! So delicious! I had this along with parmesan green beans and a tomato salad I make with halved grape tomatoes, feta and balsamic.

  138. I made this tonight. I didn't have mushrooms on hand but I followed the recipe as written. And oh my, it was delicious! I was a bit hesitant to try another recipe since the first one I made from here didn't turn out well (but really, it was my fault. I forgot to add an ingredient!).

    I had only 3 chicken tenders and the sauce was just enough for those 3. If I had any more chicken, I think I would need to double the sauce. I am glad I made the decision to make this recipe. I am looking forward to trying out more recipes 😀


  139. Thank you so much for making cooking easy and yummy. This recipe is incredibly quick and delicious 🙂

  140. I just made this for dinner and it was amazing!! It felt like a meal worthy of being served in a restaurant! Not only was it delicious but it was really easy to make. Thank you for a wonderful new recipe. I will make this again soon!

  141. I added some cream cheese to the sauce and it tasted absolutely amazing

  142. I never used to cook and just recently, over the past week, starting giving it a try, thanks to finding your recipes! I have successfully cooked for the first time, thanks to you – my husband couldn't be more excited and the fact that it's healthier cooking than our normal takeout or other cooking, is awesome. YOU ARE AWESOME!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for inspiring me. I'm now excited to cook, instead of afraid to cook – thanks to your blog. Thank you for all the hard work you put into it!!! 🙂

  143. I was recommended by my sister in law to try recipes on this site and pulled up this chicken and mushroom recipe and made it last night and it was easy and delicious. I just used chicken cutlets rather than tenders. No other changes. The recipe was perfect as is and my 6 yr old kids enjoyed the chicken too

  144. I was recommended by my sister in law to try recipes on this site and pulled up this chicken and mushroom recipe and made it last night and it was easy and delicious. I just used chicken cutlets rather than tenders. No other changes. The recipe was perfect as is and my 6 yr old kids enjoyed the chicken too

  145. This is one of my favorite skinny taste recipes and I make it often. I use only a heaping TBSP or so of flour, and shake it in a large plastic bag to coat the chicken.

  146. I'd printed this out ages ago, stumbled across it last night, and finally made it tonight. Why did I wait so long? This is delicious, and so easy and fast! We served it over whole wheat angel hair with a scant teaspoon of parmesan with a side of steamed broccoli, and my husband was actually disappointed that there were no leftovers!

  147. I made this last night and it was amazing! I tagged you on Instagram 🙂 I added Organic White Qunioa cooked in Low Sodium Chicken Broth and some Brussels sprouts. Thank you!

  148. Can this be made with fish instead of chicken?

  149. I made this tonight and it was awesome!!!! I did change up some things. I added a little onion powder, lemon pepper and lemon pepper to the flour. I also added a splash of lemon juice and a few capers. So good!!!!!! Thank you for posting this recipe!!!

  150. I am eating this as I type this and I followed the recipe except I added about a teaspoon of crushed red pepper flakes for a little heat! Yummm! This will for sure be a go to recipe for my family!

  151. I usually don't like Mushrooms but this was delish! i used fat free Low sodium chicken broth as i didn't have any white wine.

  152. This recipe is my go to everytime and it is soooooo fantastic! I've made it using steak, brocoli or peas (when I had no mushrooms) . I love it soooooo much

  153. I had this last night for dinner & it was DELISH! I thought (because of how few ingredients there are) that it would be bland… Boy was I wrong! This is going in to my Normal Rotation at home 🙂

  154. This was awesome. I used almond flour instead. No chicken broth and basil instead of parsley. Enjoyed over a bed of spinach. #delicious thank you!

  155. I love this recipe! I have now made it several times and it is wonderful! My six year old is pretty picky but she loved the chicken and ate two pieces! My husband loved it as well and it is now part of our monthly menus! Thank you so much!

  156. Delicious! I made this tonight and it was amazing! Thanks for ANOTHER great recipe!

  157. I made this dish tonight for dinner and it was delicious! Definitely will become a regular dish in our home!

  158. I've made this twice now, both times with just chicken broth b/c I didn't have any white wine. Both times it has just blown my socks off. Thanks a bunch!

  159. I made this last night and it was fantastic. I actually added a head of broccoli and the entire family loved it!

  160. I loved it! Thank you for the recipe. Sharing this recipe spreads love in the world.

  161. I made this last night, using all chicken broth because I didn't have any white wine. It was fabulous and my husband ate all of it even though he claims to dislike mushrooms!

  162. I make this recipe with fresh dill instead of parsley and add diced vadalia onion. When I serve it, a sprinkle of coarsely grated asiago cheese makes it taste and look wonderful

  163. I knew I'd find what I was looking for here! I had a container of mushrooms and really wanted something different but not unusual. All I can say is YUM! I made mine slightly differently – added onion, left out the parsley, and made pork chops instead, but I sliced up the chops, put them on top of couscous, added the mushroom sauce on top, and enjoyed every bite! And so did my foodie of a four year old :). Thanks for a great recipe!!

  164. Hi!

    I made this recipe and it was awesome! I used a local white wine, which was wonderful. I chronicled my experience on my blog, Fancy Fork:

    I credited you – so thanks!


  165. My husband is a new cook and makes this about twice a month. It a family favorite and easy enough for a beginner! We use whatever wine we have on hand!!! Yummy

  166. Excellent, easy, and quick!

    I've made this twice and there's barely been leftovers left. (Just me and m wife.) The first time I made as directed, maybe a little extra butter and olive oil when cooking the chicken. (Oh, I just cooked the whole thing on the stove top…cut the chicken into smaller chunks.) The second time I added more mushrooms and little more wine and broth. Both times I served this with rice cooked in broth and peas.

    This is something that I will make for the rest of my life.

  167. Made this just as is, fantastic! I agree with another comment to sprinkle the flour on the chicken, it was plenty! Thanks so much, I will definitely be making again and again!

  168. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! This is one of our "Go to" recipes. The kids love it and their friends do too! Last night I added some canned artichoke hearts for fun – it was delicious. THANK YOU for your recipes, they are amazing!

  169. Made this with a little bit of linguini and it was great! Always love a new chicken recipe!

  170. Made this last night and my boyfriend said this is in his top 3 meals I have ever made….and I cook almost every night! Thank you!!

  171. Made this tonight. Left out the wine and put over baked brown rice with peas. Yummy!!

  172. This was delicious– much more flavorful than I anticipated.

  173. I just made this for dinner and it was delicious! Thanks for another great recipe.

  174. This is absolutely DELICIOUS and I can't wait to try more of your recipes. It's hard to believe it's WW friendly and I loved that it was easy and I had everything on hand needed to make it. Thanks so much for a fantastic recipe!!

  175. Just made this with pea and Jacket potatoe! Yum 🙂 and so easy

  176. Me and my boyfriend made this over the weekend and it was great! We used more mushrooms to make it healthier, and added 1/2 cup of wine to create a little sauce to spoon over the chicken. Next time we will probably add a little onion in with the garlic. Thanks for the recipe!!

  177. Why are we preheating the oven on this recipe?



  178. Hubby made this last night and wow is all we both could say! This is the perfect replacement for chicken marsala, which is very similar only more fat! I also added pasta, but it was only a cup and it was whole wheat. Will be having this for lunch for the next 2-3 days!

  179. Made this last night and it was WONDERFUL! Served with some baked brown rice which I cooked with the left over chicken broth, great meal. Thank you!

  180. Boyfriend loved it and so did I. Thanks! Question though: I put the nutritional in go in and got 4 points plus. What am I doing wrong? Should just manually put in 6?

    Thanks for helping us stay healthy!


  181. Made this tonight. Another awesome recipe!!!! I love your site!

  182. Just made this, it's amazing!!

  183. I made this tonight and it was great! Served it over your roasted spaghetti squash. Tasted and smelled a little bit like chicken Marsala …one of my favorites!! Thanks for another winner, Gina!

  184. Winner winner ~ chicken dinner! Loved the baked rice & peas too.

  185. I made this once last year for myself using a cut up breat piece (all I had at the time). It was good then.

    Tonight, I made it for myself and my parents (so 3 servings only) using tenderloin pieces. HOLY COW. So delicious and moist. It was so good, I actually wish that I would've made the last serving so I'd have leftovers tomorrow. Another success from the Skinny Taste site – and there have been MANY.

  186. Thanks for the recipe! I doubled the wine and chicken broth, added a little garlic salt and bouillon to the sauce, reduced it and then added a tiny bit of corn starch to thicken it. I served it over rice and it was a huge hit in my house!

  187. Great dish! I made it last night for a friend who's not eating havy things. The flavour of the mushrooms get incredible! Thanks!
    I making this sauce with many other dishes!

  188. I licked the plate 🙂

  189. I just made this and it was DELICIOUS kudos to the great recipe!
    Thank you Gina!

  190. I'm making this tonight…. Do you put it in the oven?

  191. I just made this for my boyfriend, a friend and me. We all loved it and I'll definitely make it again!

    I'm so glad I found your site because my bf and I are in a bit of a dilemma. He needs to loose some weight, I need to gain a couple kilos. The solution: I'll get inspired by your recipes, cook healthier and skinnier for my bf and I myself just eat loads of ice cream as a desert 😉

    Thank you for your awesome site!

  192. that was the best dish i have made from pinterest so far:)

  193. Hi Gina I just made your hash brown egg nests this morning and they were great!, had your French Onion soup last and I know find myself with a whole bottle of chablis and sherry can I use the chablis as the white wine for this recipe? thank u lots 😉

  194. I made this last night and we all gobbled it up! I used a sweet wine, too, but it was still fabulous. Thanks, Gina!!

  195. I made this last night and it was absolutely delicious. So excited for the leftovers!

  196. Chicken and mushrooms in a white garlic wine sauce. I made some fattening spaghetti with it, but still just 9 points for this plateful. I liked it; it gets an A 🙂

  197. This is great served over some simple sauteed spinach instead of rice.

  198. I made this and it was delicioso!


  199. This dish is so delicious. Thank you so much for the post!

  200. I make this all the time! It is delicious – I add a whole shallot too. Adds to the tastiness!

  201. mmm this was sooo super good! The chicken was divine and the sauce was light and flavorful! I paired this with wild and brown rice thank you for these great recipies!

  202. No lie, I make this at least once a week. Sometimes two, and the leftovers are GREAT!

    Amazing recipe.

  203. Hi there. This was amazing, as well as all your other dishes!

    I was just curious why this says 6 points but when plugged into the ww calculator it says 4 points…. any ideas?



  204. Added more chicken stock and whole wheat egg noodles to give a beef strogonoff feel (we no longer eat beef, which is depressing when you have to give your favorite dish up) and it was soooo good. Surprisingly, Very similar to beef strogonoff! With the stock, sour cream, and mushrooms… it was basically the same. Dare i say, i didn't even miss the beef. And the kids finished this off before i finished my side salad. I'm not kidding. Thank you!!! Again!

  205. Made this for the first time tonight….what an AWESOME recipe! I served it with 1/2 a cup of brown rice mixed with (frozen) spinach. So so good. I also squeezed in a little lemon juice towards the end to add a little citrus.

    I made the whole recipe so I could have leftover the next few days—looking forward to them.

  206. Any suggestions for people who are allergic to mushrooms?? My husband LOVES them, but I however am allergic so of course I'll make the mushrooms for him, but as for me…not so sure. Any suggestions?

  207. Made this tonight for dinner and we loved it! Thanks so much!

  208. I made something similar recently. I cooked the chicken for just 3-4 minutes on each side, and then returned the chicken to the pan to simmer in the broth/wine for 5-10 minutes before serving. It makes the chicken extra juicy and tender!

  209. Hey Gina – I love your site. Thank you so much for the healthy, yummy recipes. I plugged your nutrition info in my food tracker for WW and it it added up to 4 points plus, not 6. I used your numbers for fat, carbs, fiber and protein. Just making sure I'm entering everything in right. Thanks!

  210. I made this two nights ago and it was amazing! The leftovers today were just as good!

  211. This was excellent!! Thank you so much for creating these delicious recipes!!

  212. This recipe is AMAZING!!! My children even LOVED it!! I have cooked 2 of your recipes this week and BOTH were fabulous!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  213. Tried this recipe last week and it was WONDERFUL!!! So easy and delish! Thanks so much for all the great ideas on this site, each one I've tried so far have been amazing.

  214. if you dont cook with wine but still want it to taste the same, I use Alcohol Removed wine made by Fre – 2010 premium white – looks like wine/tastes like wine but is alcohol free. I buy it at Giant in the alcohal mix isle.

  215. I made this for dinner and really impressed my hubby! He said it tasted like something he might order at a restaurant! WOW! Has AMAZING flavor with just the few ingredients! Pretty healthy too! We had it with roasted asparagus and quinoa! Will definitely make again and will pass along the recipe!

  216. Made this tonight and the whole family loved it (including 2 kids one of whom is picky, picky). I did use some Marsala wine instead regular white wine-hopefully I didn't throw off the points too much, but I added a point just in case. Served it with barilla plus pasta and asparagus..yum!!

  217. Just wanted to say that I made this tonight for my boyfriend & I- it was absolutely wonderful. Boyfriend had two large helpings & asked when I'll be making it again! So just wanted to say thanks, and I can't wait to try some more of your recipes!

  218. Hi Gina! I'm really looking forward to making this dish. I've made a couple of your recipes before and they were great! Just for clarification, and this may be apoor question, but do you use two separate skillets? Once you put the chicken in the oven, do you then use a separate skillet or add everything to the same skillet that's in the oven with the chicken? Thak you in advance!

  219. I love this recipe and make it all the time with sauteed kale or spinach. YUMMO! Thank you!

  220. Thank you for sharing this recipe. I made it tonight for dinner. It was wonderful! I decided to put my chicken back in the sauce and let it cook for a few more minutes with the top on. The chicken really soaked up the flavors. Wow, this was good. I will def. be making it again.

  221. Tried tonight via Pintrest and it was wonderful. I put mine over noodles because I have a picky eater who only eats plain noodles. Served with a green salad. I also doubled the wine because we like extra sauce. Added about a tsp. of left over flour to adjust for the extra wine. Picky eater or not, next time its going over the rice, I can only imagine the yumminess when it soaks up the sauce! My only complaint was there were no leftovers in the house!

  222. This was awesome! I am new to your blog. I was so tired of the same bland food with weight watchers. You have made ww a whole lot easier. Thank you!

  223. I've been wanting to try this for months and tonight was the night. So amazing!! It did take me about 30 minutes but I wasn't totally on task I must admit. I served it with some bulgur with cherry tomatoes and artichoke hearts and steamed broccoli and it was seriously to die for! Your recipes continue to impress – keep 'em coming.

  224. New fan here! Saw you on pinterest last night, and made this dish tonight since I already had all the ingredients. Delish! Thank you, just trying to pick the next one to try!

  225. Adding leeks and artichokes….more bulk, but no extra points!

  226. I just made this for dinner – the chicken came out PERFECTLY, with a slightly crisp outer layer, and tender and juicy inside. The mushroom sauce was also delicious, but it was a little thin. It didn't really absorb into the chicken, it just kind of went all over the plate. Still yummy and really easy to make! I served it with roasted basil green beans and tomatoes.

  227. This was a big hit with my husband and I! Thanks for the great recipe!

  228. This dish is simple and sounds really delicious, the ingredients are easy to find. I like to try it as I have done with this dish with chicken that I've discovered u on another site and that I also love to share with you
    This is the page of the site in its original
    and here the translated link
    i hope u will like it as i did .

  229. This is the most fantastic recipe! Delicious! Easy recipe to follow! Thanks! Mmmm!

  230. This was DELISH! Entire family LOVED this…19 month old, 7 and 10. Made with baked rice and corn (not big pea fans). Will surely make again.

  231. This recipe is so, so good. All of your recipes are great, but this one may be my favorite so far. The sauce is creamy, flavorful, and absolutely perfect. It doesn't taste like a healthy meal! I'll be sharing this recipe and blog with all my friends!

  232. Super Yummie!! Added 2 zucchini to the recipe and it was delish!!

  233. I love this recipe!

  234. O.M.G!! This is delicious!!! I used double the mushrooms (yes, I like lots of mushrooms) and used Marsala wine served over linguini. My husband went back for thirds, I asked him if he was starving or was it THAT good and he said it was THAT good! This is a huge hit and will be a regular on our menu!

  235. This was amazing!! I have just re-started my weight loss journey after gaining back 20 of the 55 pounds I lost and I can tell your recipes are going to be a huge help. Made this for dinner tonight and it was unbelievably delicious!

  236. this was fantastic, im from the U.K and doing weightwatchers. Me and my boyfriend loved this (he isnt even on ww ) we had it saturday night and decided we wanted it again tonight …fabulous x

  237. Made this tonight and it was really good! Used a combo of baby bellas and white mushrooms. Yum… Your recipes have helped in my weight loss journey. I have even served your recipes to my father-in-law (staunch Italian!) and he always eats everything up! I will continue to use your recipes for good, quick homecooked meals. Thanks!

  238. This was awesome! My husband loved it too! I added in some onions and fresh green chile (I live in an area where it is abundant) for spice. I served it over an ounce of whole wheat pasta. I made your fresh roasted green beans with parmesan cheese to go with it. It was a hit! I'll definitely be adding this to my recipe box! Thanks for your continued awesome recipes!

  239. I'm eating this right now & it is so good! I served it over brown rice with a side of the roasted broccoli with smashed garlic. Yum, yum, yum!

  240. YUMMM!! Definitely a delicious meal & a keeper. Thanks! 🙂

  241. I made this last night and it was absolutely delicious! My husband loved it, too. I neglected to tell him it was weight watchers friendly so I think that made it more enticing for him! Thanks for such a wonderful web site – you rock!


  242. This was awesome!! I used thyme instead of parsley and added some zucchini and onions with the mushrooms. Soo good! I will definitely be making this again…thank you!! Heather

  243. OMG this was delish!!! I just finished eating it and I simply had to review. It was superb.
    Low fat and full flavor!

  244. I just made this and my fiance and I thought it was absolutely wonderful! Thanks for the amazing recipe 🙂

  245. Just made this (actually I'm eating it as I type) and it's fantastic. My boyfriend approves and I think this will be a meal that we have often. Not a big fan of mushrooms myself but having them cook with the broth and wine makes them taste so good. Thumbs up! Wonderful meal.

  246. Gina, I just made this but instead of white wine, I used Marsala because I absolutely love chicken marsala. It worked perfectly with the chicken stock I made yesterday (from your blog as well.) It reduced down beautifully to a carmel marsala sauce. Your blog has certainly been enjoyable. Thank you so much!

  247. This was delicious. Love your site – I am new to WW. I just had to use one more tsp of oil to finish sauteing the chicken and I topped with cilantro (I didn't have parsley) and chopped scallions. Loved it! Thank you. —SBE

  248. LOOOOOOve this recipe! I use baby bella mushrooms!

  249. I am avoiding frying food (due to ulcer) but can this chicken be baked or broiled instead?

    • Yes, bake for 35 minutes at 350 degrees after lightly spraying pan & top of food. Check to make sure chicken is thoroughly cooked.

  250. I am new to this blog. A friend sent me the link last week. We made this chicken last night. Simple, amazing & delicious. Thank you so much!! We are making the shrimp curry tonight. Finally dinner is not a battle any longer. We can never figure out what to make. We are always looking for healthy meals for our family. Thanks you, thank you, thank you!!

  251. Thanks Sarah, the alcohol doesn't show up in the nutritional info. I just updated.

    Donna, that's good to know, thanks for sharing!

  252. I made this a few weeks ago and ended up freezing it. Still tasted amazing after reheating from the freezer. THANKS for so many great recipes. You make my Sunday marathon cooking sessions so much easier – and healthier!!!

  253. Oh, and for only 1T flour, it's 5. Forgot to include that!

  254. Hi Gina! Trying this dish for dinner tonight and I am very excited! It looks delicious! Just wanted to let you know that I plugged it into my Recipe Builder on WW online, and it comes out to 6 Points+ per serving, as opposed to 4.

  255. I made this for dinner tonight and it is delicious. Even my picky DH said it was delicious. He especially loved the mushrooms.

  256. I love your blog! Thank you for using REAL ingredients to make healthy food. Very inspirational 🙂

  257. I wanted to eat this sauce with a spoon, it was so good! Cooked chops until almost done, removed and covered, made the sauce and then reurned the chops to the sauce for a few final mins. Also made with your roasted cauliflower, which was great. I may have put a bit of sauce on that too….


  258. I made this for dinner last night and it was DELICIOUS!!!! Thank you for the great recipe!

  259. Made this tonight using an unoaked chardonnay. Delicious, as always! Thanks for posting such great, healthy recipes!!

  260. Allison, I prefer Sauvignon blanc since it is a drier white wine but I have also used moscato which is a very sweet white. Both were good but I am a fan of the drier wines so go with what you like, hope that helps!

  261. Gina, what kind of "white wine" do you recommend? I don't think I've ever actually cooked with wine before, so I don't know what types of white wine are appropriate for something like this. Help?

  262. I cooked this today for my family, It was so delicious and tasty. Even my daughter who doesn't like mushrooms loved it. My husband said that this must be on our weekly menu. Thank you so much..

  263. I LOVE THIS RECIPE! This will definitely be a permanent recipe in my house. Thanks!

  264. Cooked this two nights ago. I wasn't sure hubby would like it because he is not a mushroom fan but I knew he would it the chicken. He LOVED the mushrooms too. Even went back and got extra mushrooms from the dish and ate them with no chicken. The leftovers heated up well for my lunch the next day also. Definitely a keeper recipe – Thanks Gina!!!

  265. I'd like to make this for a dinner party. How far in advance can I cook and leave in the oven at 200 degrees? Thanks.

  266. Erin, I hope I can live up to that!

  267. YUM! I made this for dinner tonight, and it's a new household favorite. I've tried a few recipes from your site, and we've loved all of them. As far as we're concerned, you can do no wrong!

  268. Just made this tonight and it was so yummy. 🙂

  269. I use Pinot Grigio because that is what I drink and have on hand.

  270. What kind of wine do you use?

  271. I made this the other day and it was delicious! I just stumbled upon your blog a couple weeks ago after joining Weight Watchers and I must say, this is GREAT site. All of your recipes look delicious! And love that you add the point value onto the post. Thanks for doing this!

  272. Laura, I run the nutritional info through the WW calculator, but recipes with alcohol give you different results using the calculator as opposed to the recipe builder. I personally feel the alcohol cooks out so I leave the points plus values I get using the calculator.

  273. I am wondering how you calculate your points plus values. While I love your recipes, when I just ran this through recipe builder (without the wine even) it came up as more than 4 points. And I entered it as 6 servings!

  274. This is soooooo yummy! I made it 2 weeks ago and froze the leftovers. I thawed them yesterday and we ate the rest today. Sooooo yummy!

    Thanks Gina!

  275. My sister and I LOVE your site! We make recipes from here often. We loved this recipe tonight! We also made the Pasta w/ Asparagus and had that on the side–Delicious! Thanks, Gina, for all of your hard work and dedication to helping us all eat healthfully and lose weight!

  276. Isn't this great! And easy too 🙂

  277. Gina you are so wonderful!! This is now one of my favorite dishes!! My hubby loved it too!! We are both trying to lose some weight and I am on your website trying all your dishes. I have not found one that I have not loved!! Thank you for all your hard work!!!

  278. I made this yesterday and it was delicious!! (Though I think I used slightly too much garlic for what the bf likes, next time I'll use 3 cloves worth instead of 4)

    So tasty and filling!!!!

  279. Made this tonight using leftover lemon pepper chicken. I used fresh thyme instead of the parsley, and I added fresh peas. Yummmmm!

  280. This was so delicious my kids ate it! So easy they helped to make it!

  281. Whole family loved this tonight! I doubled the wine/broth to have more sauce, then served over whole wheat spaghetti 🙂 wonderful!

  282. BTW, here are a few recipes that I make that I thought you may enjoy!!

  283. Next time I am going to have to make it smaller, in the individual portion sizes so that I don't keep PICKING AT IT!!! I want to eat the whole batch!

  284. Oh, baby, this was good! I substituted white grape juice instead of white wine and served it over brown rice. It was AWESOME!! THANK YOU!

  285. Tried this this evening. Very good. We ate this on top of a quarter cabbage – perfect.

  286. I made this dish last night and it was simply….AMAZING!!!! I love your site, the ease of your recipes, the fact that you are able to give 'healthy' a great taste that my family enjoys 🙂 It makes our dinner time even better to know that they are enjoying something that isnt junk food!

  287. This was super good! My family asked that I make it again soon! So far they have loved every recipe from your blog. Thanks again Gina.

    Danielle in Las Vegas

  288. My mom used to make a casserole with chicken and Golden Mushroom soup over rice. It was one of those childhood comfort foods that I loved, but when I stopped eating red meat (10+ years ago) I could no longer make it due to beef stock in the soup.

    I'd pretty much forgotten about that dish until I made this tonight. Served over brown rice with an artichoke on the side, it was the light and healthy version of a childhood classic. My husband loved it as well. This was my first recipe of yours to try, and I look forward to many more. Thanks!

  289. I finally got around to making this ne tonight. I used onions instead of the mushrooms. It was so amazing! I could have eaten the whole pan! I'm so excited about your new ratings! Now I'm going back and rating all my faves!

  290. I made 5 of your meals over the past 8days and this has been my very FAVORITE so far. The entire family loved it too! Your site ROCKS!

  291. Great! It fills me with delight to hear I'm helping!

  292. Down 6lbs WW week one. A huge thank you to you. Your recipes were at the core of this success. Thank you for making it so simple, fun and unbelievably scrumptious to lose weight! This one was my favorite.

  293. I'm making this tonight and adding asparagus to it too. I can't wait!


  294. I would slightly under-cook the chicken, this way when you heat it up it won't get overcooked.

  295. I love your site. I made this the other day and it was delicious. I'm thinking about doubling or possibly tripling this recipe for a party. Do you think this can be "made-ahead" and then warmed up? Or would that make the chicken tough? Thanks for all the great recipes, keep 'em coming.

  296. This was completely awesome!! Made it with vegan "chicken" and regular chicken served with couscous, roasted cauliflower and roasted summer squash. It was amazing!! YUM!!

  297. GREAT RECIPE! This has a chicken Marsala taste that was just like a fancy restaurant!! I give this one 5 stars!! Perfect. I added more chicken broth as the sauce got low and it tasted perfect!!

  298. I made this the other night and my hubby and I both loved it. I somehow missed the part about dredging the chicken in flour first, though, but once I realised I left it off, I just added it to the pan with the mushrooms before I poured in the wine and stock and it still made a really nice sauce.

  299. Artichokes, great idea!

  300. I love this dish and another thing I have done to mix it up a bit is to add artichoke hearts. super yum

  301. Danielle, and easy too!!

  302. OMG, this might be my fave so far, and I've tried a lot of your recipes. I just loved the flavor and the freshness of it all. I did add shallots and snap peas, served it over wild and brown rice mix. It was fantastic!

  303. I'm wondering if it's the wine, I based my calculations off the nutritional info and I've noticed the points plus calculator will give you different results than the recipe builder.

  304. Hi Gina, I absolutely love this blog. Congrats on all your success. I made this for dinner, and as a paranoid Weight Watcher I redid the points saying its just too good to be true. I am coming up with 6 point per serving at 4 servings. Is it meant to be 6 servings at 4 points possibly? Where am I going wrong in my calculations? Thanks!

  305. I made this tonight for dinner and we LOVED it! 🙂 The white wine in the sauce really made it taste decadent. I will definitely make this again! I followed all of the instructions and didn't change a thing. Fabulous!

  306. This was sooooo GOOD!!!!

  307. oops!!
    Thanks Gina!! I'm a goof!!

  308. Yes, you overlooked the step to set aside in a warm oven. Enjoy!

  309. Hello, planning on making this today – but am I missing something?? Preheat oven, but as far as I can see it is top of the stove?? Help!

  310. I made this tonight for dinner and it was delicious! I added sliced shallots to the mushrooms. I made lemon cilantro basmati rice as a side. yummy!

  311. Made this last night and served over whole wheat angel hair with side of green beans. Kids LOVED it as did we. Definite keeper. Thanks!

  312. Always happy to hear positive feedback!

    Betsy, congrats! Yes, it's after the wedding you have to work harder at eating healthy! Before the wedding you have the dress and photos to keep you in check.

  313. I love your site! I recently started losing weight for my wedding and think that I will be eating healthy much longer than the wedding thanks to your wonderful site! I love that you have recipes that my picky fiance will eat also!

  314. Picking up the ingredients right now. Thanks Gina, this looks amazing. I love mushroom dishes!

  315. Just made this for dinner tonight, and it was amazing! I left out the flour and doubled the liquids (we like our stuff saucy!)and let the chicken cook in the liquid until the rest of dinner was done. Hubby and I are trying to eat healthier, and so far, the recipes here are yummy and so easy!

  316. I made this last night and it was delicious. We had steamed broccoli on the side. We like to put balsamic on our broccoli and some accidentally dripped into the chicken. YUM!! I may add balsamic in the future.

    I stumbled on your site last week and have been using your recipes ever since. My family thanks you!

  317. Raquel can you believe I haven't seen that movie yet?? Good luck with the diet!

  318. I made this dish last week- was absolutely delicious!!!! As I just started my low carb diet I am going to try this without the flour and add extra mushrooms!!! Will have to use a very large pan as I just learned from watching Julie and Julia you can't crowd the mushrooms or they won't brown!!! Wish I knew that last week haha!!!

  319. made this many times already. it is a fav!

  320. This is a great quick and healthy go to meal. Thanks!

  321. Absolutely Delish!! My family are not mushroom fans, but they ate the chicken in the sauce…minus the mushrooms. I, on the other hand, inhaled the chicken AND mushrooms!! Thanks, Gina, for this website. This is not the first thing that I have made from your site…and won't be the last. Already searching for something new to make tomorrow!

  322. I made this last week and my husband was VERY impressed (as was I!). It is a very tasty dish! This one went into my file of printed recipes that I WILL make again 😉

  323. My hubby and I loved this recipe!! Tasty and easy to make for any weeknight dinner! I added onions and diced red pepper just to have a few more veggies. I can't thank you enough for your fabulous site and wonderful recipes!!

  324. Delicious!!! Made this last week! It as so easy even though the finished dish looks complicated!! 🙂

  325. Made this dish last week. Very yummy!

  326. Yummmm! I just made this and we loved it! Served it with the baked rice as suggested and couldn't believe how well it came out.
    I may never do rice on the stove again!
    Thanks so much! x

  327. Yes! I was just thinking "Gee, what can I make for dinner tonight using things I already have in my kitchen?" This. This is perfect. Can't wait. Yum ♥

  328. I made this tonight…and I am not much of a cook myself…it was amazing!!!!!

    I also add onion too it 🙂 sooooo good.

  329. Made this for dinner tonight and we both loved it! Next time we're going to do some shallot with the mushrooms/garlic, but otherwise it was DIVINE! Thanks for all your recipes, I can't wait to try the LF oatmeal/choc chip cookies this weekend. 😉

  330. I saw this recipe last night and just HAD to try it. I used ingredients I had on hand (canned mushrooms, garlic powder, dried parsley– I know it changes the nutrition info a bit) but WOW. I will definitely be making this again and again! Simple, and TASTY!

  331. So happy you all like this! If you don't like mushrooms, maybe replace the mushrooms with another vegetable like asparagus.

    Jesser and the person asking about flour- I put 1/4 cup of flour in my dish, then tossed the rest so I only calculated what was used which was 1 tbsp. That is probably why your points, calories are slightly off.

  332. I was directed to your site by a friend who posted a yummy sounding dinner and I asked her to share the recipe, and she linked me to your site. I'm so happy she did!! I made this dinner, with the baked rice and peas last night and it was so good! It's definitely going to be something I make regularly. We have a family of 5, so I used more chicken and doubled the wine/broth, and it was perfect! I had never baked rice before, but it was so easy and so tasty that it reminded me a little bit of risotto. Thanks so much for all the delicious recipe ideas! I'm already planning on making the dijon pork chops and the chocolate zucchini bread 😉

  333. I'm so excited to make this tonight! Just one question … how do you do your calorie calculations? I used MyFitnessPal and came up about 50 calories more. Not a big deal, but I was just curious. Thanks for this awesome site!!!

  334. My fiance wanted dinner that had chicken and mushrooms in it, good thing I had just been on yor site and saw this recipe. It was a quick preparation and it was done with ease. Man was this tasty!!! The mushrooms were the perfect consistency and the sauce nice and light! Next time I try this I'm serving it over wilted spinach!
    The best part about it? My fiance almost licked his plate clean! That's how I know a recipe is a keeper!

  335. I made this last night and it was so delish. I usually modify recipes but this one didn't need any modification. I made it with the baked rice, and I couldn't get over how good they both were. This is my first time making a recipe from your site and I will definitely be making a lot more!

  336. Gina – i'm a litttle confused on this. Is the PP value this same if you used 1/4cup flour? I didnt notice until after i made the recipe that you only used 1 tsp (far drastic amounts of flour!)

    It was delish!

  337. I'm embarking yet again on another weight loss journey, and a friend turned me on to this site. I have made the chicken and white bean enchiladas and this mushroom garlic chicken. Both were a BIG hit! I can't wait to try more recipes and share this site with others. Thank you so much for 1) taking all the guesswork out of calculating WW points in recipes, and 2) making dishes that both I (who is trying to lose weight) and my husband (who has never had to count a calorie in his life) both enjoy! 🙂

  338. Do you think this would lose it's value without the mushrooms? Any good replacements?
    I hate mushrooms hah.

  339. I made this for dinner tonight and had the same experience you did – my family just about polished off the whole thing! I managed to save a couple pieces for my lunch tomorrow. I served it with risotto, so the point value was a little higher but so worth it.

  340. Made this one tonight and it was fabulous! Of course, I had to add extra garlic. I also used no sodium chicken broth powder and mix it with low sodium broth. I ended up using a bit more than 1 T flour for the right consistancy. My bride was a happy camper when she came home this evening!!! Love it! I would serve this to company anyday! Thanks. rockintom

  341. Glad you all liked it! And the rice too!!

  342. Made this tonight (with the rice) and it was DELISH! My 3 and 4 year olds loved it too and ate a ton.
    Now I'm trying to decide whether to save some for my husband or eat it for lunch tomorrow……

  343. I made this last night for my family – it was so yummy. Everyone loved it and the chicken was so tenter. I took the extras and shredded it over my salad today for lunch. Will be making this one again. I took 1 Tbsp of flour and just sprinkled it over the chicken…that way I didn't get more than I needed. Thanks again Gina love your recipes and share them with all my friends.

  344. LOVE IT!! Delicious (as always)! I missed the step to dredge the chicken with flour (thanks to my 2 yr. old assistant) but didn't miss the flour at all!

  345. Delicious! Another winner,thanks Gina 🙂

  346. Thanks for all your comments! They are so helpful to those looking to try this for the first time. I'm happy you all enjoyed this dish.

    To the person who commented about butter- 2 tsp between 6 servings is not a lot in my opinion. A dish like this in an Italian restaurant would easily have a 1/2 stick of butter. But the beauty of cooking is you can change the recipe to suit your taste, so if you prefer olive oil, go for it!

    Kiani- My husband is a basil fiend too! I bet he would love that. And I'm happy you are making recipes from here and not on a diet!!

    Dedicated to Gina's recipes- aww, what a great name 🙂

  347. I made this two nights ago, and my husband and I both LOVED it – every single bite. It was absolutely delicious! Thank you for all of the great recipes you post. 🙂

  348. We did a cheers tonight to you Gina. Everyone (an almost four year old, a 22 month old, hubby and myself) inhaled this dinner. Made it with the rice like you suggested. So yummy. Now to decide who gets these leftovers and who gets the thai shrimp leftovers. We make at least four recipes a week from your site. Thanks for all your hard work and for sharing.

  349. My husband gave this dish rave reviews! I used tuscan white wine vinegar and added garlic powder in the flour dredge for more flavor. It was delicious!

  350. Made this tonight. Excellent recipe. The chicken flavors are very tasty.

  351. I just finished making this aswell. I don't usually improvise with ingredients but when the grocery store didn't have parsley available I realized it would be a good idea to use BASIL instead. I am SO glad I did! It. Was. Delicious. Im kind of a basil fiend so maybe Im biased here but I think garlic and basil always belong in the same sentence together. Unfortunately I thought I had white wine in the fridge but when it came time to cook realized I didnt, so I did use just chicken broth…I was bummed about it but it was still amazing. I can't wait to try it again with the wine. Thanks Gina!! Love you site even though I'm not on any sort of diet.

  352. i just finished making this and it is so DELICIOUS!!!

  353. i found some other interesting ones

  354. Gina,
    I love your website but sometimes I think you are using far too much butter! I think this is a dish you can make with one table spoon of olive oil. It taste the same believe me.

  355. For people who don't use (or have on hand) wine, you can also use apple juice in place of white wine. The point value shouldn't change much, and it adds a deeper, slightly sweeter flavor than chicken broth. Looking forward to trying this one!

  356. Angie A: I just made this for supper and served it with roasted garlic mashed potatoes. Total of 7 points a serving. It is absolutely delicious. My husband commented that its nice when you use wine it doesn't over-power the whole dish. Will definitely make this again!

  357. This is my first of your recipes that I've tried and I am THRILLED! 🙂 I've been trying to make the standard white wine sauce for so long, and it FINALLY WORKED! It was mouth-wateringly delicious! My chicken was perfect, too. 🙂 THANK YOU for such a wonderfully well-written recipe! 🙂 Trying your Crock Pot Santa Fe chicken next. 🙂

  358. This was quick, easy and delicious! I purposely left out the flour and added broccoli florets to up the fiber. Defiantly a new favorite of mine!
    -Claudia R.

  359. Heidi that's wonderful!!

    Jane, lol

  360. Oh! Disregard my previous comment. I figured it out. LOL. 🙂

  361. Why do we have to heat the oven to 200?

    Making this RIGHT NOW, by the way. Can't wait. 🙂

  362. Thank you, thank you, thank you Gina! Your recipes are amazing. You have inspired me AND MY CHILDREN (no small feat) to eat healthy again. We now look forward to dinner–both cooking and eating together–and aren't just scrambling for whatever is around. I'm actually planning menus, grocery lists and preparing ahead when possible. I can't tell enough people what a difference your blog makes!

  363. This looks really good. Will give it a try!!

  364. Danielle, I keep opened wine in my fridge for when I need to cook with it.

    Sonewhere in the sun – I'm so happy you had an entire skinnytaste night!!

    Gari, after getting the question often, I figured I'd answer it once : )

    Dispatches- the points do not include the rice, only the chicken so add extra for whatever you eat on the side.

    Susan, aren't they great! Yup you answered your own question!

    Wes (Judy), thanks for sharing, I appreciate all of you for commenting and sharing skinnytaste with others!!

  365. I hope to have this name changed as the last post was Judy not Wes.

  366. Gina
    Made this last night and I did add the snow peas. It was great. I served it over spaghetti squash and saved many points instead of the rice. Thanks again for such wonderful recipes.

    I took a list of the recipes I have tried in the last two weeks since I have found your site to my WW meeting and hope others will give them a try.

  367. Gina…
    You've got me hooked on chicken thighs. How would you cook this if using thighs instead of tenderloins? Just cook chicken in pan longer and then add the rest?

  368. This looks delicious! Thanks Gina! Cannot wait to try it!

  369. Thank you for all of your recipes! I'm making this next week. I cook from your blog every night! I'm down 13 and my husband lost 15- he didn't even know how 😉

  370. I like this recipe, it's so simple and I bet it's delicious!

  371. How would the points change if I used whole wheat spaghetti instead of brown rice?

  372. I wanted to thank you for including "if you don't cook with wine" as so few recipie writer's do. It is nice when someone understands that we don't all cook alike. Thanks.

  373. Hi! I recently found your site and have been looking forward to trying many of the recipes. Tonight we had this chicken along with the Baked Rice and Peas and the Baked Bananas. A whole Skinny Taste meal! 🙂

    EVERYTHING was delicious! Even my rice hating son loved the baked rice. The chicken was amazing and the bananas were a welcome surprise to everyone. Nobody could believe the entire meal was WW friendly.

    I am truly looking forward to many many more of your recipes!

  374. Yay thanks for this recipe!! I have half a bottle of white wine and I've been trying to figure out how to use it for days!

  375. This site never fails to make me HUNGRY. But in a good way. 🙂

  376. saved this recipe. It looks delish! Thanks. Love your blog!

  377. Could you do this without mushrooms or would that mess up the sauce?

  378. Snow peas would be a great addition here!

    As metioned above, you could use chicken broth in place of wine.

    I don't list sodium because salt is always to taste, use low sodium broth and don't add salt if you are on a low sodium diet.

    Shannon- Make my thai fried rice and add pineapple to it, it's delicious!

    Emily, how wonderful!! I'm glad to hear they've all turned out great.

    • What kind of white wine can you use? I have never cooked with wine so this will be a first for me. Want to make this dish tonight for dinner looks SOOOOO YUMMY!!!

  379. I can't wait to make this!!! Thank you so much Gina for sharing all your wonderful recipes. I am trying to make one new thing every week and for the past month it's come from your site…and all of them have been great! Thanks!

  380. Hi Gina: I love your recipes and I know how hard you work on them and I appreciate it very much. My husband needs to be on a low sodium diet and I was wondering if it was possible to list the amount of sodium that is in each recipe. Thank you.

    • Use low sodium chicken broth or make your own unsalted. 4 oz. of white wine has 19 mg. of sodium., so 1/4 c. would have about 9.5 mg.

  381. Oh yummy… right up my alley… thank you!!!

  382. what can i use instead of wine? I don't drink and I don't buy liquor. thanks.

  383. Girl! You are churning them out. Thank you! I have no doubt that this will be just as amazing and delcious as all of your other recipes. Quick and easy main dishes are my favorite. Much love.

    PS…I'm OBSESSED with the baked rice. Its the only way I make it now and its so versatile and comes out perfect anytime. The possiblilites with that recipe are endless. I'm trying to figure out and come up with a "Pineapple fried rice" version of that baked rice.


    • Shannon- can you please share the recipe for baked rice?! Thanks a bunch!

    • Shannon- I'm new to this site and the recipes look delicious. I would appreciate it if you would share the baked rice recipe. My husband loves rice.

    • Baked Rice and Peas recipe also from this site:

  384. Gina, this is my first time to comment. I have just been thrilled with you site. I would like to know if you could add snow peas to this dish maybe along with the mushrooms when cooking them? Thank you so much for all the wonderful recipes I have been using.

    • Its funny you mention snow peas. I just made this dish and it was delicious. I steamed some snow peas and just put them on top after. With the little bit of sauce that got on them they were delicious!

    • Yes certainly you can add snow peas. You can add anything you want – and you don't need someone else's permission to do it.

      If you do add snow peas, make sure to string them first, and add them at the very last minute of cooking because snow peas wilt very quickly and taste better if they still have some crispy crunch in them.

      I made this recipe and found that it needed a bit more butter and salt – and more wine. I also added chopped roasted cashew nuts to it and that helped it a lot.

      Cook and eat like you are going to die tomorrow. You will live far more happily if you do.

      Who wants to go to the grave thin and healthy?

    • I am not Gina but I do not see why You could not steam some pea pods and just add them at the end so not over done. But watch it because pea pods have lots of calories and will raise your calorie count.

  385. Making this asap! My favorite ingredients to cook with!

  386. I agree… nothing worse than tough chicken… trust me, I do it all the time! lol
    Looks delicious!
    – Brittany