Chicken and White Bean Enchiladas with Creamy Salsa Verde

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White beans, shredded chicken, green chiles, sour cream and cheese – need I say more? This enchilada recipe is so good!

White beans, shredded chicken, green chiles, sour cream and cheese – need I say more?Chicken and White Bean Enchiladas Recipe

These have just the right amount of kick to them and hit the spot if you’re craving Mexican food. They are large filling (one enchilada is a perfect serving size) and go great with Mexican brown rice (or Mexican Cauliflower Rice for low-carb). The easiest way for me to make shredded chicken is in my crock pot. I let it cook all day while I’m away, then I come home and shred it and freeze the broth for other recipes. You can also use leftover rotisserie chicken.

White beans, shredded chicken, green chiles, sour cream and cheese – need I say more?

I have such an obsession with enchiladas, and have made them so many ways from good ole chicken enchiladas, to enchilada soup, to spaghetti squash boats and even in quinoa casseroles.

White beans, shredded chicken, green chiles, sour cream and cheese – need I say more?
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Chicken and White Bean Enchiladas with Creamy Salsa Verde

231 Cals 20 Protein 24 Carbs 8 Fats
Prep Time: 25 mins
Cook Time: 1 hr
Total Time: 1 hr 25 mins
Yield: 8 Servings
COURSE: Dinner
CUISINE: Mexican
White beans, shredded chicken, green chiles, sour cream and cheese – need I say more?


For the Chicken and White Bean Filling:

  • 1 tsp olive oil
  • 1/4 cup minced white onion
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 4.5 oz can chopped green chiles
  • 15.5 oz can Navy beans, or Cannellini beans
  • 8 oz cooked shredded chicken breast
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1 chicken bullion
  • 1 teaspoon ground cumin

For the Green Chile Enchilada Sauce:

  • 1 teaspoon butter
  • 1/2 cup chopped white onion
  • 2 tbsp flour
  • 1 cup reduced sodium chicken broth
  • 7 oz can chopped green chile
  • 2 jalapeños, chopped (I used jarred)
  • kosher salt
  • 1/2 cup light sour cream
  • 3/4 cup reduced fat Mexican cheese
  • 8 8-inch flour tortillas
  • chopped fresh cilantro or scallions, or both!


  • Preheat oven to 375°.

For the Filling

  • In a medium pan, heat olive oil on low. Add onions, garlic and saute until soft, about 2-3 minutes.
  • Add green chiles, beans, water, bullion, and cumin. Mix well and cover. Simmer on low 15 minutes.
  • Remove cover, add chicken and cook an additional 5 minutes, or until it thickens and liquid boils down. Set aside.

For the Creamy Salsa Verde Sauce

  • In a large nonstick pan, melt the butter over medium heat. Add onion and cook, stirring occasionally, until the onion softens and starts to turn translucent, about 3-4 minutes.
  • Add flour and stir well. Cook for 1 minute, stirring constantly. Slowly whisk in the chicken broth. Whisk until the sauce becomes smooth.
  • Cook over medium heat until the sauce boils and thickens, about 4-5 minutes. Add green chiles, jalepeños, and salt to taste.
  • Cook another minute then remove from the heat. Stir in the sour cream.

To assemble

  • Spread about 1/4 cup of the enchilada sauce on the bottom of a 9×13″ baking dish. Fill each tortilla with 1/3 cup of the chicken/white bean filling.
  • Roll the tortillas and place seam side down in the prepared baking dish. Continue filling remainder of the tortillas.
  • Pour the enchilada sauce over the top of the enchiladas. Top with cheese.
  • Cover with aluminum and bake 20-30 minutes, until the enchiladas are hot and the cheese is melted. Remove from oven and top with fresh cilantro or scallions.


Serving: 1enchilada, Calories: 231kcal, Carbohydrates: 24g, Protein: 20g, Fat: 8g, Cholesterol: 30mg, Sodium: 840mg, Fiber: 9g, Sugar: 2g
WW Points Plus: 6
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White beans, shredded chicken, green chiles, sour cream and cheese – need I say more?

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  1. Attention: We are NOT a “Leftovers Family.” The only things that get eaten the next days after they’re cooked around here are grilled meats, meatloaf and mashed potatoes. I kid you not. But these enchiladas barely last a day past cooking. They’re that good.

  2. Wow. These are SO GOOD. I used 1/4 chicken broth in place of the buillion cube because I didn’t have any. Worked perfectly. So delicious. 

  3. Great recipe. I think I might try Monterey Jack or pepper jack cheese next time. 

  4. can you prepare these a day ahead of time?

  5. My husband and I love this recipe!  Thanks Gina!

  6. I finally tried this recipe, after reading rave reviews from others. I don’t know why I waited so long — so delicious and full of flavor! Thank you, Gina.

  7. Could this be converted to a slow cooker recipe? Thanks!

  8. this is such a good recipe! I made grilled chicken in a cilantro lime marinade and cut it up instead of shredded chicken. It was excellent! I served it with cilantro lime rice as well to complete the theme, lol. It was divine!

  9. This is an amazing recipe! Better than my go to recipe that’s much higher in calories. Thanks so much. 

  10. My family asks for me to make this all the time!  Even my kids love it!!!

  11. Can you freeze these?

  12. This is absolutely delicious! I would make this again- I love this website

  13. Delicious!!!

  14. OMG – I was buying a similar product from Costco that was way too salty for me. Just made a batch of these to freeze for lunches and had one of course. So tasty!  FAR better than the store bought and healthier. So pleased. Thank you!

  15. These are fantastic! Absolutely my new favorite enchilada recipe. I left out the jalapeños because I was lazy but am glad I did because it was just enough spice for me. I’m a giant baby. Thanks for the recipe!

  16. These are amazing!!!!!!!! My family isn’t huge on spicy of chiles so I only used 1 4oz can of the green Chiles total… I also puréed both “sauces” that contained chiles as to minimize their presence, while still following the recipe. Delicious! New staple! 

  17. This was so good! I slow cooked my chicken in the crock pot with a jar of salsa verde and then followed the recipe as directed and was excellent. 

  18. This has always been a favorite of mine, and then we started keeping a kosher household. After a few experiments, I’m excited to report that chopping up a full 10.9 oz. package of Alpha Foods plant-based “Chick’n Nuggets” in place of the 8 oz. of chicken (and vegetable stock in place of chicken broth) worked brilliantly! We’ve always swapped in plain Greek yogurt for sour cream, and regular cheddar for low-fat, and the result of all these substitutions (and larger quantity of “chicken”) does come out somewhat higher-calorie than the original – but the taste and texture are fantastic. Thanks!

  19. I made this for the first time and it was delish! Will definitely make again. I took a shortcut and used canned chicken breast. It is the Members Mark brand Premium Chicken Breast packed in water from Sam’s Club. It worked perfectly! I used the Low Carb Tortillas from Trader Joes. They are only 45 calories each. I used the whole package of ten and reduced the filling to 1/4 cup and it was more than enough. I don’t follow the WW program so I’m not sure how these changes would affect the points. When it was done cooking I took the foil off and continued cooking to brown the top and firm up the tortillas alittle.

  20. Made a double batch of this tonight. Added bell pepper to the sauce and liquified it in the blender to make it a really smooth salsa verde consistency. Broiled it at the end to give the top a nice brown crispiness. Was quite a bit of work but tastes absolutely delicious and would make again!

  21. Gina answered this question from another post and said No, do Not drain because it helps to thicken.

    • Gina answered a question about draining the beans and said No, do not drain the beans because it helps to thicken the filling.

  22. Can the filling and sauce be made ahead of time?

  23. This is a delicious recipe! I did find the sauce to be a little spicy but I just added a little cream cheese (I know, not very healthy 😬) and it was perfect!! I will be making this regularly.

  24. This recipe was phenomenal! To make the recipe vegetarian I subbed corn and zucchini for the chicken. I also used green yogurt instead of sour cream to make it a bit lighter. This recipe will definitely be going in my regular rotation!

  25. Can the filling and sauce be made ahead of time?

  26. Lovely recipe — I’ve served it many many times. Two suggestions, indicate the serving sizes and add the measurements to the instructions.

    thank-you for this recipe, one of my favourites!

  27. So delicious!! I’ll be making them often!! 

  28. I looked for the answer in comments but did not find. Has anyone made this and froze? Would the tortillas get too soggy? 
    Any tips? 

  29. This looks great and I want to try it. I have one question about the recipe. The ingredients say – 1 chicken bouillon. Is this a bouillon cube? Or is there a specific measurement needed here if liquid or powder bouillon  (tsp,  cup, etc)? Thank you!

  30. Wow!  These were sooooo good!  The whole family loved them.   I have been asked to make these again and soon!  Thanks for another winner!

  31. These were DELICIOUS. My husband and I absolutely loved them! They will be added to our regular rotation for sure. Thank you for all of your great recipes!!

  32. Hey!!
    I made this tonight. I premade the chicken in the instant pot. Then made the gravy in a pan and threw it all together in the instant pot and tore corn tortillas and stirred it all together. 9 minutes in the instant pot. It is cooking as I type. Can’t wait. I will put the cheese on after because I like to use fat free cheese. Thanks again for all your recipes and the commitment to ingredients and great recipes.

  33. Gina, I just want you to know how much we love your recipes. I have one of your cookbooks, we cook Skinnytaste recipes 2-3 dinners a week, and we are never disappointed. Thanks for all your efforts, your recipes, please keep them coming!

    We tried these enchiladas last night, they were amazing. Your other enchilada recipes are also fantastic. We used your Instapot Salsa Chicken recipe to cook the chicken before using in this recipe…yum, yum, yummy!

    Again, thank you so much!

  34. 8oz shredded chicken breasts seems very skimpy for 8 enchiladas.

  35. Fantastic dish. I substituted salsa verde for the green chilies. Delicious 

  36. These were amazing!! I used cannellini beans and la banderita tortillas to bring the point value down to 5 on green plan but OMG, will definitely be making again!! Thank you for sharing!

  37. Super yummy recipe! I used Greek yogurt instead of sour cream and cassava tortillas. WOW seriously tastes like it is not healthy in a good way.

  38. Just made this recipe! So tasty. I made a few swaps (hatch green chili and corn tortillas). I also used the regular chicken broth and mexican cheese. I didn’t add any additional salt. It was the perfect spice. I will definitely make again.

  39. These are delicious! Even my picky little one enjoyed them. I made them with chicken thigh meat which is all I had and they turned out great. Will be making these again!! 

  40. Hello,
    Has anyone made this the night before and cooked the next day? Trying to find recipes i can make the night before and cook the following day!

    • I do often with enchiladas and just made these yesterday too cook them today for an easy Monday dinner. Since they were cold, I covered with foil for the first 25 minutes and removed it to cook for another 20. I’ll broil it at the end, hopefully they’ll be warm enough.

  41. I tried to search the comments for an answer, but the one that asked, got conflicting sarcastic replies haha.. I’m in the middle of this recipe now, do you drain the beans or not? It seems like it might need more liquid to simmer in? I drained and rinsed them.

    I’ve made these before in the past but can’t remember what I did! Thanks for your help. ☺️

  42. Before I was diagnosed with Celiac I would make these and my family and I loved them. Today I made them not knowing if they would be just as good without the gluten. They were still just as tasty!!! I used yellow corn tortillas instead of flour, and swapped the flour with corn starch. Sooo yummy!! Thank you Gina for all your amazing recipes. When I tell my family I’m making a skinnytaste dish they always get excited because they know it will be excellent. 

  43. I have never left a review on recipes but We just finished eating and it is so yummy and on the lower end calories wise. I did end up using corn tortillas but either way this recipe is definitely a win and I WILL be making this again.

  44. I’ve never felt compelled to write a review on a recipe until now. These were outstanding! You knocked it out of the park with these enchiladas! I added spinach and mixed sour cream with salsa verde for the sauce. I made these last night and my husband was still talking about them this morning.

  45. Thanks Gina, these were exceptional.  I had to make some Covid inspired changes (I used tomatillo sauce in place of the 7 oz of green chili). My family loved this recipe.

  46. This was absolutely the BEST enchilada casserole ever! Served to company and they loved it. Leftovers are equally delicious. Only suggestion I have is to make extra sauce, and make enough to have with your leftovers… if you have any!! Igive it a 5 star rating!

  47. These are SOOOO good! I did make more sauce and they were amazing! Also used Ole wraps instead of the regular tortilla . My husband likes them better than my regular full calorie enchiladas and he is NOT on weight watchers. Thanks for such a great recipe!! 

  48. I just learned: bullion is chunks of precious metal, bouillon is broth. Anyhow, does “1 chicken bullion” mean 1 cube of dried concentrate, or 1 (how much?) of liquid?

  49. I don’t usually comment on things but GOOD LORD these were delicious! Go and make them right away! I added corn to the filling but that was the only change I made.

  50. The way the quantity of chiles is written is super confusing!
    For the filling it says: 1 4.5 oz chopped green chiles, can
    For the sauce it says: 7 oz can chopped green chile

    Why not write them out the same?? I ask bc I ended up with 14oz of chiles in my filling… I thought it was odd since the cans are usually 4 or 7 oz!! Would be much more clear if the filling quantity was listed the same way as the sauce! 

  51. These were delicious and really quite simple to make since I already had chopped rotisserie chicken. I used corn tortillas and subbed a jar of salsa verde in the sauce for the green chiles, jalapeños and half of the broth. I also subbed greek yogurt for the sour cream to make it a bit healthier. As Texans, we’re picky about our enchiladas, and these were excellent. 

  52. This recipe is amazing! If you use tumaros wraps it’s only 4pts on blue 🙂

  53. Made this (again) tonight. Always a favorite!

  54. This was SO GOOD! I added corn to the filing. I loved that I could make this earlier and heat it up at dinner time. Thanks for another tasty dinner that’s WW friendly.

  55. Made this as is and it was a huge hit with the family! Will definitely be keeping this in the rotation!

  56. I love this recipe!  I have already sent it to so many friends.  The only thing I thought was not correct was the 14 oz of green chilies😳
    They usually come in 4oz cans so I used one for the sauce and one for the stuffing.  

    • HI Carol!I am so glad you enjoyed it! You were correct- the recipe call for one (1) 4.5 oz can of chilies. 🙂

  57. My 8 year old is vegetarian, but I love these enchiladas. Do you think I could roast a sweet potato and use that with spinach instead of chicken? 

  58. Best enchilada recipe.  Made a few adjustments to make a little spicer.  Family loves this dinner.

  59. Easy & super delicious recipe. My whole family loved it. I will definitely have this on repeat !

  60. I’ve made so many of your recipes, but this might be my favorite so far. These are SO GOOD! Made a few small changes: reduced to one jalapeno and broiled the top a little at the end. Leftovers are also amazing! Thank you!

  61. Any chance that I can switch out the cheese for mozzarella? My digestive system doesn’t like other cheeses.

  62. This has become a family favorite. Leftovers, when there are any, reheat well.

  63. Made these last night. I will be making them again and again. They were very good and easy to make once I found the rounds at Walmart. I have three portions of the filling in the freezer for easy dinner options. Thank you, I have never made one of your receipes that I did not like and being a life time WW they fit into my plan. Thank you!

  64. What kind of green chilis do you use?  I have cans of hatch, but I worry those would be too spicy.  Although, i find the chilis  in most grocery stores have little flavor.

  65. I made these for dinner on Superbowl Sunday, and they were fantastic!!! I used tortillas that were corn and flour, based on some other reviews saying the flour ones get soggy. These were tasty and pretty easy to put together. I’ve never used green chiles up until this recipe, and this was a great introduction to them. Great recipe, and I will definitely be making these again.

  66. Should you drain / rinse the beans in step 1?

  67. This was amazing! Made exactly as recipe was written. So

  68. Hello,
    Thank You for all the recipes, I’m trying to add some delicous food to my daily routine, You help a lot 😉
    Somehow I turned out with some leftover sauce :))
    any simple ideas where I could use it? How would it go with canned tuna ?

  69. How many people does this feed usually? If I have dinner for 4 adults (including myself) is this recipe enough or does it need to be doubled? 

  70. These are the best enchiladas that I have ever had. EXCELLENT!!!!!

  71. I would make these with corn tortillas rather than flour. Flour tortillas can get gummy in enchiladas, and corn tortillas seem more authentic. 

  72. It turned out really good . I would recommend it you got to like green chili and jalapeños. . I’m sure there is a substitute. If you don’t. Very good . Will do it again.

  73. This is another home run.  Both myself and my kids loved it.  I saved the jalapeños for topping because they don’t like heat and it was perfect.  I just topped mine with cilantro, diced jalapeños, and some minced onion.  I will definitely make these again.  We paired with fat free refried beans for a delicious 5pt dinner.

  74. THis tastes so good! Highly recommend. I skipped steps and ingredients because I was rushing and it still tasted great.

  75. I’ve made this recipe multiple times, and it comes out spot on every single time. I love it because it’s fast to prepare and easy to bake. If anyone hates sour cream like I do, subbing in a half cup of Skyr or plain Greek yogurt works perfectly. I do it every time and the sauce is superb. I always use low carb tortillas, and drain the beans as well. For extra heat, I add finely diced serrano peppers to the filling and the sauce. So good.

  76. Delicious!! This is so good!! It takes a bit to get it together but it’s definitely worth it!!

  77. I love these! I’ve been making them with the Ole Extreme Wellness wheat tortillas, so it cuts calories by about 100 because each tortilla is only 50 calories! They’re high in fiber (11 g) and have 4 grams in protein. They are a little more flimsy and chewy than flour tortillas, but if you’re looking to cut some calories and still have amazing taste-give them a try! 

  78. Can you freeze leftovers? If so, how do you reheat them?

  79. Absolutely a must try!  

  80. Made these tonight and used freshly roasted hatch chilis instead of canned green chilis.  Doubled the recipe and have a pan in the freezer.  A lot of work with the fresh chilis, but sooo good and it seems like a cheat dinner when it is not.  

  81. Love this recipe! Was wondering what the nutrition information would be if I used corn tortillas instead of flour?

  82. This is my third time making this for my gluten free grandson!  He loves it and so does the rest of the family!  

  83. These are so fantastic! Gina I absolutely love every recipe of yours  that I make. I can count on them to be quick, easy, cheap and delicious! Hard to believe they are healthy too. 🙂 

    I did half Greek yogurt and half sour cream for the sauce and I thought it was great. I also used Ezekiel sprouted grain corn tortillas for some extra health and the corn taste went really well with the flavors of the sauce! I will be making this regularly! 

  84. What brand of tortillas do you like best?

  85. My family’s consensus was that this was very tasty. A lot of melty, creamy goodness for so little points!!! Next time we will add some corn flavor, either corn tortillas (since our flour tortillas turned out a little gummy) or a little canned corn mixed in with the chicken. A sprinkle of cayenne rather than the jalapenos, for heat that doesn’t overwhelm the dish.

  86. Which brand of tortillas do you use? These were amazing when I made them!

  87. Do you drain the beans?

  88. This was wonderful. Will definitely be making again. 

  89. Made this with pinto beans bc the store did not have any white beans….figured they were Mexican so they would do fine and they did….Added canned jalepeno juice to both sauces and a little Siracha to give it some zing……Turned out really good. This is a recipe you can change pretty easily to your own tastes.

  90. I made this Saturday visiting my daughter, I doubled the recipie for leftovers during the week. Absolutely delicious! Will make it again.

  91. Fantastic!

    I did make a few changes – One I am too lazy to roll enchiladas so I did it as a casserole. With this amount of filling I only did tortillas/filling/tortillas. When I make it next time I will double the filling and do a second layer. I did mix a bit of the sauce in with the filling and a tiny bit of cheese. But it used fewer tortillas than making enchiladas would.

    The other major change I made was I blended the sauce when it was done to eliminate chunks. I used fresh Jalepenos (which I sauteed with the onions) . The sauce was so yummy.

  92. OMG.! So good.  The sauce was especially yummy! I use corn tortillas. I softened them up in a microwave with Damp paper towels for one minute.  Will definitely make this again for company. 

    • When you use the corn tortillas how many more enchiladas did it make? Since they are typically smaller in size than the flour 8inch? Thanks!

  93. This was delicious.  Because I am cooking for 2 people I cut the recipe in half.  I had a half of a can left of left over white beans which I put into a blender along with some chicken stocked and creamed it.  I then added it to the sauce and therefore was able to use less flour.  The sauce was so creamy!! I hate having little containers with dabs of things that get lost in the back of the frig.  I had some of the filling left over so I saved it to add to my salad for lunch tomorrow.  Suggest a good salad dressing that would compliment the chicken and bean filling.   Thank you for a great recipe.

  94. This recipe is absolutely delicious. I was skeptical, because it’s lower in calories. Very pleasantly surprised! I’m totally going to be able to get back into shape eating like this. 

    Super excited for leftovers! 

    Can this be made ahead of time and frozen? 

    Does Skinnytaste have an app? 😍

  95. Omg so good, worth the try and excited for the leftover tomorrow

  96. I have seen this asked, but does the calorie intake include any kind of tortilla? It says one enchilada, but I feel like that’s misleading. It’s currently in the oven! I can’t wait to try it 🙂

  97. excellent!! everyone loved it! creamy and delicious!

  98. Help … love but my tortillas were really soggy 

    • The tortillas shouldn’t come be crisp for this recipe. Make sure when making the sauce and filling, that it has thickened enough before baking.

    • Can’t wait to try this! I’ll use corn tortillas – they don’t get as soggy and I love that corn flavor in my enchiladas 🙂

  99. I have made this over and over again. and have frozen it as well. really like it and easy to modify with different salsa flavors and beans.

    • Hi!  Can you provide your freezer instructions please?  As in how much did you do before putting in the freezer, defrost or go straight to oven, same temp, etc.   Would love to make as a freezer meal!!

  100. I follow WW freestyle and I’m looking in the app and the flour tortillas are 5sp. So does that mean the filling and sauce are 0sp for one? Looking to replace the high point regular tortillas for my fav the Tumeri 1sp ones! 😉

    • While I haven’t yet made this (tonight), I use one of the 1 pt tortillas, such as Ole Extreme or La Tortilla factory. I tend to use the Ole option.

  101. Very good. Next time I will make it with corn tortillas. The flour with the sour cream sauce make the tortilla a little gummy. I think it needs a little more spiciness. I will definitely make again with some modifications.

  102. Hi. I was going to make this tonight, but started plugging all ingredients into MyFitnessPal. According to the ingredient list, which I entered in twice to make sure I did correctly, the total carbs are double (47G) and the calories are around 500 for each serving. Please note I ensured this was for 8 servings. Am I missing something or reading something incorrectly? Are you not putting in the whole can of beans or is the nutritional breakdown for just the filling only? Just want to make sure I am understanding correctly and also want to be sure you are aware.

    • This happened to me as well. I went through and looked for items that seems very high in calories and went in an manually entered the total amount used for the recipe. (The chicken that MyFitnessPal picked automatically was way too high). Hope this helps.

  103. Do the points include the tortilla? I do not see them in the ingridient list. Sounds really yummy!

  104. OK, I must be the dummy here. I am confused by the ingredient 1 Chicken Bouillon. What does that mean? I chicken bouillon cube, one chicken bouillon packet, one teaspoon better than bouillon, can of chicken bouillon…. maybe I’m overthinking this…. I’ll take a wild guess, but since I know it will be wrong, what is the correct answer?

  105. Excellent flavor and even better the next day!

  106. I’ve made this recipe several times and keep having problems with the sour cream (or greek yogurt) curdling after cooking in the oven. I’ve started using cream cheese that has been heated/melted with water and that seams to work better. I think it also makes a tastier sauce.

  107. What type of tortillas do you use? I calculated points on my end and am coming up with 8 per serving. I figure it has to be in the tortillas since the other ingredients have pretty low point values.

  108. Has anyone ever used greek yogurt in place of sour cream?

  109. I am generally not a person to get excited over eating leftovers the next day…this recipe is one of those exceptions! Soo good and really filling, fit perfectly into my WW available points both for dinner an the next day for lunch! To be honest I could barely wait for lunch the next day remembering how good they were the night before!

  110. This was so delicious. I used corn tortillas because my daughter in-law has a gluten allergy.  It will be a regular for us.

  111. I only made 1/2 of the recipe to make sure I would like it. Now I wish I made it whole!

  112. Amazing

  113. Im making this tomorrow night and was wondering if I could make the filling in the slow cooker with fresh chicken breast? I thought I would let it cook all day, shred the chicken and then make the rest of the recipe

  114. I would like to make these, but if you get two tortillas per serving shouldn’t the point value be 10?

  115. What type/brand of tortillas do you use to keep the points down?

  116. Loved this! My husband hates peppers and sour cream but he didn’t mind these a bit. Can’t wait for leftover lunch tomorrow!

  117. So, so good!

  118. Spectacular

  119. Thank you!  I love All of your recipes and meals. 
    What is the best way to go about making your grocery list when you are coming out a few of the recipes for that week?

  120. My In-laws make a similar enchilada dish, with nacho Doritos as the tortillas and can of cream of mushroom and can of cream of chicken. This dish tasted just like that, less bad ingredients. I’m so excited to be able to put this in my rotation of meals! 

  121. I see this questions asked a bunch with no answers….has anyone tried freezing this?? We have family coming into town this weekend and I would love to make this ahead of time and freeze, but I don’t want the tortillas to get chewy.

  122. This recipe is awesome. Made it tonight for the first time.
    Thank you SkinnyTaste

  123. Not a fan. Won’t be making again.

  124. This was delicious, made it for my in laws and they were like blown away. Thanks for making me look good while they visited 😉

    I did add some chipotle seasoning and more cumin than the recipe, used chicken broth instead of a bouillon since I didn’t have one!

  125. We love this in our house and have made it a few times. When I use the recipe creator on my WW app, though, it tallies in at 7 points, 6 if I use half the cheese. I’m using low carb tortillas but they’re still 4 points each. I wonder if there’s a low point brand of tortillas I should use?

  126. I keep seeing people asking this question but have yet to see it answered so I will ask it again…has anyone had luck with freezing this recipe?? I have family coming into town next week and would love to make a few things ahead of time to freeze but dont want to end up with mushy enchiladas! If you have frozen this can someone please share how you could bake it from frozen please?? Thanks so much!!

  127. We loved this recipe! The flavors are so delicious but it is very labor-intensive. I don’t mind for a weekend meal though because it is so yummy. I followed the recipe except for using 1 can of HOT green chilis in the filling. I used mild chilis for the sauce and skipped the jalapenos. I also used sieta cassava flour tortillas. It was perfect! Will make again when I have the time!

  128. OMG!  This is so delicious Gina!  Thank you for your wonderful website filled with delicious and healthy food!  I just bought your newest cookbook and can’t wait to get it : )

  129. Has anyone made this with ground turkey instead of chicken?

  130. Can this be frozen and warmed up?

  131. This recipe was really tasty! I used salsa verde that I had on hand and layered the dish like you would for a lasagna (sauce, tortilla, chicken/bean filling, cream/cheese, etc). With dishes like this, I typically use the ‘lasagna’ technique instead of filling each tortilla separately. This method also works great with making ahead and freezing.

  132. This dish was delicious! I served it to friends lst night and they loved it.

  133. So yummy!  

  134. Made this for my guys the other day. Fantastic! I used the Autumn roasted green chile that Bueno makes instead of the canned stuff. Turned out great.

  135. This is always a huge hit at my house so thank you Gina for this recipe! I do used canned green chile enchilada sauce as a shortcut when I don’t have much time and it still comes out amazing. The only question I have is, I have a 1 year old and he loved the taste however the added canned green chiles were a little too spicy. Is there a replacement or should I omit all together for him to eat? Thank you!

  136. I made this tonight for the first time. It is delicious. Definitely a keeper! Thanks for posting!

  137. These are so good it felt like I was cheating on my diet!! A little time consuming to make, but well worth it!

  138. Made this twice delicious! I usually will have a salad on the side! Thank Gina for a great recipe!

  139. Recipe was very delicious and low in Freestyle Points! Will be making again soon.

  140. Made this recipe last night. Fabulous! I always freeze leftovers in individual serving sizes for a quick lunch or dinner. Delicious every time. Thank you, Gina.

  141. Delicious !!

  142. Made these tonight but used low carb tortillas, so 4 points each. Very delicious and spicy. Definitely a keeper.

  143. One of my favorite all time recipes. Thank you!

  144. Our family loves these enchiladas! When I made them this week, I decided to put the sauce in a blender and it made it so creamy and smooth!

  145. This was so yummy! Just made it tonight. Used 1 jalapeño instead of 2 

  146. I made this a few weeks ago. It was great, but I think I messed up on one step because I drain the beans so the simmer step when making the filling didn’t seam to apply. Am I supposed to drain the beans?

  147. I’ve made this recipe several times and it’s been loved by many. Personally, I’ve never been a big fan of enchiladas because the tortillas can turn out so funny when you have leftovers. BUT I discovered Trader Joe’s wheat and corn flour tortillas and they made this recipe ????!!

  148. I loved this recipe. It looks like it is too labor intensive, but it goes together quickly and easily. Tastes great!!!

  149. this recipe was delicious, but it definitely took longer than an hour to make…

  150. Does this freeze well not sure if i should cut the recipe i half or not as i am the only one who will eat this in my house

  151. Should the beans be rinsed & drained? It would cut down on the sodium. Also, should you drain the green chilis? Sometimes those are a little “juicy”.

    • I don’t rinse or drain the beans or chilies and it turns out fine! A lot of the juice evaporates during the simmering stage. If it is a salt preference I would say it’s up to you! There isn’t much liquid in the beans to begin with ☺️

  152. I’m not a fan of beans at all! How much more chicken could I add to keep the protein levels the same?

  153. Made these tonight, they are wonderful! That verde enchilada sauce is the bomb!

  154. My boyfriend and I made these last night and we loved them! We’re big spice fans so we added some jalapeno juice to the sauce and a little bit of hot sauce to the filling. So good!

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  156. This sounds like a tasty recipe. I love reading the reviews. I’m going to make it tomorrow. I’m vegetarian and I like the idea of adding more veggies as a filling instead of chicken.

  157. Are you supposed to drain the beans?

  158. I have made this recipe for my boyfriend and myself several times and it is delicious! Since these are so dense/filling we always have a ton of leftovers. (While I love leftovers I feel like tortillas just don’t reheat well and can be a bit chewy) To lighten these up a bit do you think the filling could be used to stuff poblanos or zucchini boats (essentially using this filling with your other veggie/lighter enchilada inspired recipes)?

    • Gina has a recipe for zucchini rollatini (i think that’s the name) where she uses thinly sliced zucchini (long strips) instead of lasagna or mannicotti noodles. I think using zucchini in place of the tortillas is a great idea – should taste great, lower carb, etc.. 🙂 I think i’ll give it a try

  159. Made these with diced zucchini in place of the chicken, and 4 tablespoons of almond flour instead of regular flour.  They were amazing and my daughter (who is a very picky eater) devoured it and declared it her favorite.

  160. Would this be ok as a freezer meal? It looks amazing!

  161. These were excellent! Love the added white beans. I used a canned green sauce which made it even quicker to make. Will make again!

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  163. I love this recipe! Easy, delicious AND healthy!

  164. One of my favorite Mexican dinners!! Thank you!!

  165. I just made these tonight. My husband I both enjoyed them. I pretty much followed the recipe but added some fresh spinach inside the tortilla and used a low carb tortilla. I will make again but will add more spice but that is a personal preference. Definitely recommend and you can make the chicken and bean mixture the day before which saves time.

  166. I want to make this recipe gluten free as it looks wonderful.
    Just starting gluten free cooking.Saw above idea of using peppers to stuff.

    Any sugestions what to use instead of flour to thicken the sauce? Any ideas are appreciated.

  167. Delicious!!

  168. enjoyed this recipe–thank you

  169. I made these last night and used poblano peppers instead of the tortillas for a lower carb version and they turned out great. My husband loved them as well. I blanched them before stuffing and cooking them to make sure they were tender, but I’m not sure that will be necessary next time.

  170. What a fantastic and flavorful recipe! It’s hard to believe that it is only 5 points (7 the way I made it). This is a definite keeper and I will make again. I’m a recipe tweeker by nature, but I followed this recipe exactly (except for going full fat on a couple ingredients) and it couldn’t have turned out better. This is only the second recipe that I’ve made from this site, but have been impressed with both. This will be my first stop on our journey.

  171. These were amazing, honestly everything I’ve made from you is! This recipe specifically will be make a regular appearance in my meal planning. 
    Thank you for making healthy eating so easy!

  172. Wow. This recipe is insanely tasty. I plan to make it again for company sometime. This is simply sublime.

  173. Another commenter asked this, but it hasn’t been answered. How much sat fat in this recipe??

  174. I love every Skinnytaste recipe but this one didn’t turn out that great for me. I don’t know what I did wrong but can make some guesses. I used a whole grain tortilla and wondered if it was to dry to start with. I also cooked a little longer to brown the top of the enchiladas and then broiled for a few minutes. Maybe that was the problem. I think I would also include a little dark chicken meat with the white to keep it moist. Bottom line, I think I just prefer “red” enchiladas.

  175. This is very tasty and filling! Next time I think I will slightly smash the white beans before adding the chicken to the mixture. I also substituted plain Greek yogurt for the sour cream to lighten it up a little bit more. 

  176. These were delish!  I used actual jalapeños and man it was spicy but delish!!  Thank you!

  177. A slight modification from TX, but we sure loved it!!  I am GF so I made it a stackable casserole with corn tortillas.  

    Next time I am going to swap out the chicken and beans for shrimp and frozen chopped spinach.  What do you think?  

  178. I make a ton of skinnytaste recipes and this is definitely a favorite! My husband loves them. They taste very indulgent. Love them! 

  179. This was sooo good. I loved the sauce and the beans made it so creamy good. I added Extra Chicken because I needed to use it up and it didnt affect the points. Also, since the jalepeno I had was so large, i only used one.
    You won’t be sorry if you try this one.

  180. Delicious! This recipe was a big hit even with my picky kids! Definitely going on the regular rotation. I only had regular sour cream on hand so I used half the amount. Still amazing! 

  181. Love your recipes and website. This was fabulous but I’m wondering how this could be only 5 Freestyle points. The small flour tortillas are more than that for two tortillas. Of course, if you use reduced carb tortillas you could lower the points but the recipe doesn’t call for those. Perhaps you could update the recipe to reflect the higher points or am I missing something?

  182. This recipe was so easy to make and absolutely delicious! One of my 2018 goals is to try at least one new recipe a week so I’ll be using more from your site. Didn’t and wouldn’t change a thing !

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  184. Has the point value changes for freestyle?

  185. Do you have an updated recipe for making shredded chicken in the Instant Pot?

  186. Do you drain the beans? How does the filling thicken?

  187. Made these tonight!! They were so good and so simple to make! Have only ever had enchaliads with red sauce and these were delicious 🙂 

  188. I made this recipe for guests and everyone was impressed! I used “hot” canned green chiles to give it some extra heat. I also uncovered and broiled the dish for the last 5 minutes to get a nice browning on the cheese. Served with a southwest blend chopped salad kit from Wegmans. I had a little bit extra of the chicken and bean mixture, so today I used that to make a quesadilla with a low carb tortilla and the light Mexican cheese. So good!

  189. This is one of the first recipes I tried when I found your blog in 2011. It’s a family favorite. So flavorful!

  190. Is it a full jar of chicken bouillon? 

  191. Hi! I am wanting to make this tonight for dinner and I was wondering if I could add all of the filling ingredients into the crock pot, add the beans the last half hour or so, and fill the tortillas from the mixture in the crock? It really does make the best shredded chicken!

  192. Oh………. Made these last night.  The family loved them.  We were swooning over the cheesy, saucy, yummy goodness.  Make these!!!  Thank you, Gina, ????????????

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  194. are beans suppose to be drained?

  195. We did not care for these. The addition of the beans made the filling taste too mealy. The sauce was just ok.

  196. When I wrote my grocery list I was 100% sure I had cannellini beans. Alas, I don’t. Can I use great northern? ????

  197. Hi Gina, I love love love your recipes! For the canned beans, should they be drained and rinsed?


  198. These look so good. Can I just a jar of salsa verde? If so how would I alter? Thanks.

  199. As a transplant New Mexican in Florida, I always have green chile cravings! I made these tonight with corn tortillas instead of flour. They definitely hit the spot. My husband though it was odd to add the beans, but after he ate some he was in love! Very flavorful!

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  202. Love this recipe! I have made it for the kids several times – on regular rotation now. And it’s the most asked for recipe when I visit and ask what I can bring. Just bought your books as a gift for a good friend – – sharing your blog too. Thanks for such wonderful, healthy recipes.

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  204. i added finely shredded red cabbage inside the enchilada, added a sweet crunch! so yummy

  205. Can these be made 24 hours ahead? Thanks!!!

  206. Probably a dumb question but what’s best way to get shredded chicken??? I have found a few different ways. 

    • I buy a 3 or 5 pound bag of frozen chicken breasts, put them in the crock pot (still frozen), cover completely  with water, cook on low overnight, shred and portion into freezer bags. Freeze until needed. Thaw and use in recipes like this one. 

  207. It looks like you have plenty of people telling you how magnificent this recipe is, and they aren’t lying. This was delicious and filling. Your recipes have helped me lose 10 pounds so far!!! Thanks for creating food that doesn’t taste like “diet food.”

  208. Is that one cube of chicken bouillon? Thanks!

  209. If I use WW tortillas should I add an extra smart point?

  210. I’ve made these a half-dozen times since I discovered the recipe. So good! Thank you.

  211. Amazing! Crowed pleaser and feeds many! 🙂 
    -served with tortilla chips to scoop up all the yummy still on the plate! 🙂 
    -added a few splashes of C. broth to the filler so it wouldn’t get dry. 
    -used a rotisserie chicken (major time saver) 

  212. These were awesome! Thank you for a great recipe!

  213. I made this last night, and it was amazing! GIna I don’t think I’ve ever made anything I didn’t like–I’ve been cooking with you for at least 3 years. Thank you for always giving me something delicious, my guests are never dissapointed!!

  214. Fantastic! Super filling, lots of fiber, and so, so tasty.

    (Of course I forgot to grab a second can of chilis, so my sauce included a diced poblano with a little extra chicken stock and hot sauce for tang instead- totally fine substitution.) Two giant, creamy enchiladas for under 500 calories – you can’t beat that!

  215. Anyone try with corn tortillas?

    • Nancy. To me it’s not enchiladas without corn tortillas. I used the white corn ones and it was phenomenal. I also forgot to buy Mexican cheese and crumbled a couple slices of pepper jack cheese on top.

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  217. I’m not one to usually leave comments, but OMG!  These are soooo good.  They are even better the next day or two.  I’m glad to know they will freeze because I’m single and will absolutely be making them again!  Yummy!  They look like a bit of work, but not really and so worth it.  I used crockpot shredded chicken.

  218. I stumbled across your website about a month ago and could not use another recipe without telling you how amazing you are! These enchiladas were amazing and while I had to tweak a bit due to lack of all ingredients (corn tortillas, Greek yogurt and some feta in lieu of Mexican cheese) they were soooooo good. White beans were such a clever idea too. I will never use another recipe site and plan on buying your cookbook. You have a very lucky family to eat the foods you create. Simply outstanding! Thank you for helping busy moms who aren’t very creative in the kitchen but want to prepare clean, delicious meals!

  219. I made this recipe for dinner with the Mexican rice and it WAS FABULOUS.

    My family will be fight over the leftovers. Thanks for the heads up on the Trader joes frozen rice

  220. So I don’t drain the beans? Just dump the whole thing in?

  221. I am planning to make these for friends, one of whom is a vegetarian. I will make her enchilada with tofu instead of chicken, but am wondering how the sauce would be with vegetable broth instead of chicken? Wondering if I could do it with vegetable broth for all of us, or whether I should make a separate batch of sauce for her?

    Thanks, its a great recipe

  222. Hi! I made these last night and they were really good! My boyfriend even liked them and he’s one picky eater 🙂
    I do have one question. When I put in the nutritional info for WW smart points the app says it’s 5 but you have it listed as 7. Is there a reason why you having it listed as 7?
    Thank you!

  223. I am considering making these… but doing a zuchini boat instead of the tortilla as we are gluten free. What do you think?

  224. Hi – I’m going to make this dish tonight. Do I drain the can of white beans?

  225. Hi are the instructions the same if I’d like to make the filling in my crock pot? If not, can you provide the modified instructions? Thanks!

  226. I just recently started weight watchers so I have been trying new recipes.  I made this tonight and it was delicious!  It’s hard to believe it was so low in points!  Thank you for sharing!!

  227. I made these tonight & it was INCREDIBLE!! I cannot believe how delicious they were they restaurant quality! Thanks skinnytaste! Love the smart points too! I used fat free sour cream & mission soft flour tortillas just perfect!!! And left overs for the family for the week! 

  228. THESE WERE THE BEST! I BBQd the chicken instead just for fun and subbed Greek yogurt for the sour cream. I love the kick the sauce has!!  Thanks!

  229. Hey Gina.   LOVEyour recipies !   Can I make these GF.  These look sooo delic! 
    If you ever try with corn tortillas for this RECIPIE. I would love to know how it turns out , and I assume I can use rice flour for flour substitution for any recipe ! 
    Tnx. Sue 

    • I used ultra-thin Mission Corn Tortillas (3 for 2SP) & GF flour -> turned out beautiful. Shouldve read Gina’s comment on warming the tortillas before rolling them as they did fall apart but the flavor was still real good! I used fat free sour cream and after plugging it in in WW with the corn tortillas I could have 2 for 9 SP (my batch made 10 as im sure the tortilla’s are smaller than flour ones)

  230. These were unbelievably good. My partner said they were at least 100x better than anything we can buy in a restaurant around here. I followed the recipe pretty much to a T – and I don’t think I would change a thing.

  231. Hi. Do you drain the beans or use the liquid in the can too? Thanks for the yummy dishes!

  232. Do you rinse the beans?

  233. I breezed through the comments and did not see this one asked. Should the can of beans be drained?
    Thank you. 

  234. Made these tonight and they were delicious! My 6 year old, a regular Mexican food fan, absolutely loved these…insisting on taking leftovers to school for lunch tomorrow. Another home run!

  235. Very good! We made these last night and my husband and I both loved them. We will be making them again for sure!

  236. Love love love this recipe! So delicious – a guilty pleasure without the guilt! Works great for me on WW. We’ve made it two weeks in a row and it definitely holds up!

    In the nutritional facts, it does not have a number for saturated fat (it just says “g” for grams with no numbers) – what is it?

  237. I made a few changes. For the filling, I did two chicken breasts instead of one. (I am still trying to get my husband used to eating beans). I made a slightly different sauce that I have used before. It is a spicy green sauce but it is made with four or five cups of fresh spinach in addition to cilantro, peppers, onions etc. I felt good about adding the veggies, But it was the filling that made it. Sound almost too simply but it was amazing.

  238. OMG! These enchiladas are crazy delicious! Thank you so much! Definitely making these again. Everyone in the family loved these! 

  239. Hi Gina: I love this recipe! I made it this weekend. Your recipes are so full of flavor and satisfying. It’s can be so difficult trying to lose weight when you love to cook FATTENING delicious meals that are loaded with calories.

    So far, this and a few others are my GO TO recipes: Chicken taco chili, zucchini lasagna (amazing), regular chicken enchiladas (with your homemade enchilada sauce — awesome flavor), and skillet chicken cordon bleu. I have lost 21 pounds with help from your recipes, and I want to personally thank you for your inspiration! Sincerely, Christy.

  240. This was SOOO good!!! I tend to shy away from things with too much spice, but these had just enough kick to them. These will be in regular rotation.

    I also made my chicken breast in the pressure cooker and they came out PERFECTLY in under 15mins!

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  242. I made these this week. They are so delicious. I also made a side of cauliflower rice (seasoned with just a little cumin & cilantro). I portioned them out in meal prep containers for lunches for the week for both my husband and me.

  243. Do you know how many smart point are in the tortillas you used?  

  244. Hi! thank you for sharing this great recipe, it was delicious!! I have a question regarding the nutrition – I plugged the information into the WW app and it came up as 5 SP per serving. I know the WW can sometimes provide incorrect information and I trust your recipes but I wanted to get your thoughts on which point calculation is correct. Thank you!

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  247. This recipe was outstanding! I also found jalapeño and cheddar wraps which made it even better!

  248. I made these last night for dinner….what a hit! My husband says they are better than our local Mexican restaurant.  Thank you for the inspiration!

  249. Made this last night for dinner and everyone LOVED it. I will definitely be making it again!! No one could believe it was “healthy” either!

  250. What is “1 chicken bouillon”? 1 cube? 1 teaspoon? 1 cup?

  251. Can you use canned chicken?

  252. Can I assemble the night before and then bake in the oven the next night?

  253. Hi Gina,
    My daughter turned me on to your site a couple of years ago and I’ve been sharing it with everyone I know. Due to an essential tremor ( shakey hands) I no longer roll enchiladas. I just layer everything like you would with lasagna. No need to heat the tortillas. It is quicker and easier. But you should see me chopping the vegetables.  HA!  
    Thank you for all of your great recipes.

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  255. Do you throw no I could just use a 1/4 cup of chicken broth or do I really need the bouillon? Thanks! I’m excited to try!

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  258. Outstanding! I made these last night and I am fantasizing about the leftovers right now. My husband loved them too. He always says “this is the best meal I’ve ever had!” no matter what I make, but last night I think he actually meant it. 

  259. Can you use corn tortillas in place of flour tortillas?

    • The technique is different as they crack when rolling. If you do, warm them in the microwave. They might crack but they will still be tasty.

      • What type of flour tortillas did you use? I’ve seen with previous WW recipes it’s recommended to buy a specific type (i.e. whole wheat, high fiber/low carb) to keep the points down., so thought I would double check. Thanks!

      • Ole La Banderita Low Carb Flour Tortillas

    • I have a chicken enchilada casserole that layers corn tortillas like a lasagna. The flavors are still there if you don’t care about the traditional rolled enchilada!

    • I’ve always used flour (I’m allergic to corn) and never had a problem. I do buy the fluffier ones though, and mine are always at room temperature. 😉

  260. Tastes amazing!

  261. Yes, you are, in my opinion, the enchilada queen!  I’ve made several of your recipes and have been wowed each time.  I grew up near San Antonio, Texas and have eaten mmmaaannny enchiladas in my lifetime and your’s are among some of the best.  Thx for such a great site.  It’s the only one I now use for recipes and meal planning.  And, the photography is quite beautiful.

  262. Hey Gina,

    Your site is amazing! We make so many of your recipes. ???? Quick question about this recipe, how many calories are in the tortillas you used? The ones I got were 200 per tortilla which means the insides and sauce would only be 30 calories which doesn’t make sense…thanks so much!!

  263. Another great recipe!  As I was making this recipe I was thinking- this is going to taste bland. But- by now I know to just trust that Gina’s recipes will be super tasty in the end, and this one did not disappoint. 
    I left out the peppers– and it was still really good. I also substituted 0% Greek yoghurt for the sour cream. 
    I did find that I needed a large pan for the beans and chicken, and a medium pan for the sauce (recipe has them reversed). I also needed to add more chicken broth to the bean/chicken mixture and to the sauce. I still can’t believe how good that sauce is for so few ingredients (and minus the peppers). 

    • RK, did you leave out both the jalapeños and the chiles? I really would like to try this, but was nervous it would be too spicy for my 3 little ones, and figured it may taste bland if I completely left them both out.

      • Audrey,  Sorry for the very late reply. Yes, I left out the jalapeño and the chilis. It still tasted great. 
        By now you’ve probably made this. What did you think? 

  264. Could you make these ahead and freeze??

  265. We made these tonight and they were great! The only change we made is that we blended the sauce. It made a great texture and smoothness that we really liked.

  266. Made these for dinner tonight with the Mexican cauliflower rice. Subbed greek yogurt for sour cream and used shredded rotisserie chicken. DELICIOUS and filling. Got rave reviews from the bf.

  267. Will you share the brand and points value of the tortillas you used? Thanks!

  268. Wow… these were… wow. I’ve cooked a few different enchilada recipes and these are by far my favorite. The sauce is outstanding. Even though there is no cheese in the sauce, it somehow tastes like a decadent creamy cheese sauce to me (voodoo magic). I think I could have even done without the shredded cheese on top and still been completely satisfied. Thanks for this amazing recipe!

  269. Would 1/4 cup chicken broth substitute well for the bouillon cube and water or would it need more flavor?
    LOVE your cookbooks and blog.Your recipes are on our weekly menus at least 3 times per week!

  270. This recipe sounds good. But 8 oz of chicken for 8 enchiladas? Only 1 oz chicken per enchilada? Is that on purpose for WW? I’d have to eat more than one to feel satisfied, but don’t need the extra tortillas, and would rather have extra lean meat. 

    • It’s cooked weight, but feel free to add more if it fits

    • Also there are beans for protein/fiber! Even the cheese and sour cream add protein, which makes it more filling. I ate one and a half enchiladas with a large side of vegetables and was definitely satisfied.

  271. One of my most favorite recipes!!! This has been in our rotation since first posted LOVE IT Even better to know the points!!! Wonderful to use up leftovers…chicken or turkey

  272. This looks delicious, but when I calculate the points using each individual item exactly as stated per weight watchers it is 8 1/2 points. Would love to know the difference??

    • The only accurate way to determine any recipe’s SmartPoints® value is to plug the ingredients into the recipe builder on the Weight Watchers website (Click on “My Foods,” select “Recipe,” and click “Create a recipe.”) which does not count fruits and vegetables in recipes in the calculations as they are now 0 points.

      The SmartPoints® calculator isn’t meant for recipes and will often give you the wrong points (usually higher) because it’s counting the fruits and vegetables. So if you see a recipe with a SmartPoints® value that’s different from what the calculator tells you, now you know why.

  273. Someone I work with shared your Skinnytaste book with me and after writing down over 8 recipes to copy, I bought your book. I live by myself now and believe in cooking for myself after raising 3 kids (and a husband). I LOVE this cookbook – recipes that allow for freezing is awesome. I have a friend who has been diagnosed with celiac and must eat gluten free. I showed her this book and off she went to purchase it. Easy recipes that make the standard chicken, fish, meat into something really nice. Thank You!

  274. This looks so yummy!! 

  275. Do you think you could freeze these before you baked them?

  276. Oh my YUM!!!! I love everything enchilada and these look off the hook!

  277. can you prep these in advance or will they be soggy?

  278. Being on WW, Your blog and cookbook have been a life saver!! With a family that loves Mexican Food, it is wonderful that you have so many Mexican inspired recipes!! I have to say that though I have loved all of them very much, THIS ONE is by far my favorite!! No one would ever know that this is actually a healthy version of a normally fat laden classic!! LOVE IT!!

  279. My family LOVES these!! I could make them once a week and they would be so happy! : )
    These are creamy and rich. You won’t believe they are healthy!!

  280. I found these to be bland – will increase cumin if I do it again and add something to moisten the mixture a bit.

    • At my grocery store, the green chilies only came in a 4oz can. since the recipe calls for 7oz, i used one can of mild and one can of hot, and it was really really good.

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  283. Can you make the green chile sauce without sour cream?

    • I made it last night without the sour cream and it was amazing! I didn’t leave it out on purpose, i just forgot! 🙂

  284. Does this freeze well??? 

  285. Is 1 bouillon = 1 cup of bouillon or 1 cube?  I used a cube and there was not a lot of liquid when I added my chicken so thinking I messed up 🙁 

  286. OMG!!! These were AWESOME! My skinny dude hubby loved them and he's not a dieter! Thank you for recipes that taste so good he doesn't know and I can eat guilt free!!!!!!

  287. These were SO good! I had to make a few subs because I couldn't find a couple of things. I used rotel tomatoes w/ green chiles in lieu of the canned green chiles, since I coukd find them in my grocery store. I also used whole wheat tortillas. These remind me a lot of a favorite comfort food that I love,but healthier. The family agrees, this was a huge hit!

  288. This was so good! I would use less water had to add extra chicken to absorb the water.

  289. These were DELICIOUS!!! Not too spicy (my 2 & 6 year old even ate them) although we are Texans so born and raised to not be spice wimps. lol Next time I will either drain the beans or omit the water as it took much, much longer to get the filling thick enough (in the end I added a bit of broth with cornstarch to tighten it up a bit). I also subbed plain greek yogurt for the sour cream and will do that again. Might give corn tortillas a try next time for a more authentic flavor. Super yummy!!!

  290. I used your nutritional information to find out how many points it would be for 2 (12pp). It said one enchilada is actually 6pp 🙁

  291. Hey Gina! What size tortillas did you use? Would I need to adjust the portion sizes for 8" tortillas?

  292. I've made these several times and they are fabulous! If I make them 1-2 days ahead and then bake, will they be too soggy?

  293. Made these tonight and they are fabulous! Loved the sauce….I used half of a fresh jalapeño with all the seeds. The only thing I would do differently next time is mash the beans a little before adding them to the filling. Really good. Will share recipe with family and friends.

  294. Made these Sunday and I am eating for the whole week with a side salad! Sooooo good!

  295. can you sub yogurt for the sour cream?

  296. Made this tonight with a salad. My family loved them. Added avocado wedges to them when served.

  297. Oh my goodness. We just made these here in Santiago, Chile and my husband and I LOVED them. Will definitely be making them again SOON. Thanks so much for sharing your lovely recipes.

  298. Thanks SkinnyTaste! This is the 2nd recipe I've tried, I'm on WW but my hubby says the recipes I've tried out of their cookbooks lack flavor. He ate 4 of these (ok, it defeats the point but he's not on WW lol!) However, when I put the ingredients into the calculator I get 7 points+ not 5… are you able to say what kind of tortillas you used, mine were lowcarb?

  299. Gina –

    This may have been asked already, but I was wondering if it were possible to cut the time on this recipe by using your Salsa Verde recipe as a base, then adding the beans to it and adapting it as needed to make the enchiladas? I do a recipe similar to your chicken taco recipe (chicken breasts and thighs in salsa with green chiles and black beans) that I always double the recipe and freeze in smaller portions. I use that chicken as a base to then make chicken enchiladas, build your own nachos, tacos, and chicken tortilla soup. So – basically I was wondering if it were possible to do that with this recipe and the Salsa Verde Chicken recipe….

  300. Gina, my best friend made this for my birthday dinner and it was fantastic! Thanks so much for this blog, it is a true lifesaver. I credit much of my WW success to you and your recipes…….when can I expect the cookbook?

  301. I have to be gluten free. Do you think I could omit the flour or substitute it with Almond flour? What would you suggest?

  302. Gina
    I've been doing your recipes for a year and I love them. I had to comment on this one, though: It was such a hit, my 20-month-old toddler ate 3 servings between dinner last night and lunch today. She kept asking for more.
    Thanks for the awesome recipe!

  303. any chance you've got a way of making these or something similar gluten free??? We LOVE these but recently changed to a GF diet.

  304. These are very yummy! I have made them twice both following the recioe exactly. I use your crockpot chicken broth recipe to make the chicken and then use the broth for the recipe. Oh so yummy!!!!!!

  305. My husand and I absolutely love these…however, we recently switched to a gluten-free diet. any chance you've got way to make these or something very similar in a gluten free recipe?

  306. Any tips on how to make this or something similar but gluten free! My family and I just switched to a gluten free diet but miss this dish a LOT!

  307. I made this recipe after it being recommended by a friend that follows your blog, too. It's amazing. I split it into 2 8×8 dishes and used a little extra shredded chicken to stretch the filling into 5 rolls per dish (10 total vs the 8 called for,) and it fit into the two dishes. One I baked for 15 minutes, and the other I froze for later. I'm so glad I froze the extra one! It's just my son and I for a while daddy is away with work for several months, so it's hard to cook for 1.5 people, lol. This was wonderful, healthy, and easy to make. I've eaten the leftovers from the 8×8 I baked for the past 2 nights for dinner, which sounds terribly boring, but I am GLADLY eating these leftovers! …and I hate leftovers, haha. You've got me hooked on cumin… A spice I hardly used until stumbling upon your blog. Please keep going, Gina. You're amazing. I've been a fan for 2 years, but this is my first comment. I'm sure there are hundreds like me that follow and love your recipes, but never get a chance to commend you each time.

  308. It's entirely possible that you already answered this, but the recipe calls for 1/3 of a can of water- is that supposed to be 1/3 of a cup? Sorry- newbie chef….

  309. any ideas on making this or something very similar to it but gluten free! I LOVE this recipe but our family recently went gluten free and we miss this dish A LOT!!!

  310. Love this recipe! I have made it twice now and each time I use corn tortillas and layer the filling, sauce and cheese in a round casserole dish!

  311. These were so delicious! It was a hit at the dinner table!

  312. These look amazing! Making them tonight for company. Just wondering – in the first set of ingredients, it says "1/3 can of water." Is that meant to be 1/3 cup? Thanks!

  313. I made these over the weekend, and SUPER yummy!! Eating them for leftovers and they're still great. I had to improvise with some of the green chiles because I didn't have enough, and still turned our great. Thank you Ms. Gina for your website and all your fabulous recipes!! I'd be lost without them 🙂

  314. I'm so glad to have learned from you about making shredded chicken in the crockpot. I do it all the time now! These enchiladas were delicious! My boyfriend and I both loved them.

  315. I made these with leftover jerk pork (your recipe too!) and accidentally put about 9 oz of chiles in the sauce…and they were amazing! These are so delicious it's impossible to believe that they are only 5 points per enchilada! My husband snarfed two down in no time flat.

  316. When I input the nutritional info into WW, it's coming out as 6 points – there have actually been a couple receipes that come out higher – am I doing something wrong?

  317. basically working my way through your site…haha….this is one of my favorites…what do you recommend as a side dish for this? trying to impress the in laws 🙂

  318. This is a fantastic recipe. My fiancé doesn't usually like lighter versions of dishes, but he requested that I make this again. Drooling just thinking about it… Thanks for posting it!

  319. How would I go about freezing and reheating these?

  320. Wondering if anyone will see this comment in time but..
    I'm making this as a dinner for another family in my mom's group who needs a hand & I'm making/giving it to them the day before they're eating it. I hate to give her the filling & sauce & tortillas seperately to assemble herself the night they're going to eat it, (they don't have much of a functional kitchen @ moment, so want them to just have to heat in oven) so will they be OK if I assemble and she bakes the next day? Or should I bake them and she reheats? Idk what the best way yo prep these ahead is!! Help!!! TIA!

  321. Just made these and they were delicious! I cut back on the chilies and didn't use any jalapeños because I don't like too much spice but in retrospect I should have used a little bit more of the chilies. Still delicious!

  322. These are amazing! I've passed on the recipe (and your site) to many friends. They all love it!

  323. These are delicious!! Please note, they are actually 6 points + for each one.

  324. this looks so yummy! i wanna try it! thanks for sharing!:)

  325. I love love LOVE this recipe! I changed out the low-carb tortillas for corn tortillas (btw, that makes more enchiladas and lowers the points per serving) I also sometimes crumble a couple of baked Tostidos on top for crunch! MMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  326. Oh my, these were so yummy. I used leftover Sante Fe chicken to fill mine, instead of the white bean and chicken filling, then made your enchilada sauce and followed the recipe as otherwise directed. My husband ate 4 (!) and declared them "amazing". This is my new go-to recipe for leftover taco fillings and Mexican meat dishes.

  327. I was introduced to your website recently and have a whole week's worth of recipes lined up. If the others even come CLOSE to this one, I will be thrilled! My husband usually does the cooking at our house and I do the baking. Tonight…I shocked him! The flavor blew our minds. Thank you & keep the recipes coming!

  328. What is the difference between chopped green chile and chopped green chilis?

  329. Just made them – and will do it again. Absolutely delicious.

  330. These were incredibly good. They were very filling, also. I am very glad that I made this recipe because I feel like I really had a great meal for a small number of points. I made mine extra spicy–I used almost a cup of chopped jalapenos from a jar in the sauce and filling. I LOVE spicy foods though. This recipe is easy, but definitely time consuming–I am glad I had the day off work today to make this because I have enough leftovers to feed myself and my husband several more times!

  331. I make these enchiladas all the time! My husband and I both love them. I've even started leaving off the cheese and haven't noticed much of a difference there. Thanks, Gina!

  332. I just made these… the only difference I did, was use zero percent fat plain Greek yogurt in place of the light sour cream. They are SO good. I expected them to be lacking in flavor, but they aren't! Completely worth the time!!!

  333. Had these for dinner tonight and they were delicious though you should know that they are 6pts each on the new WW not 5. Might want to change that! 🙂 otherwise great recipe!

  334. I made these a few weeks ago and they were incredible! My whole family devoured them and this is definitely a keeper. I hope you don't mind, but I added this to the beans & rice recipe list linky here:

    Everyone should know about these tasty enchiladas 🙂

  335. This recipe is unbelievably good…and healthy to boot?! This blog is seriously a life saver. I'm not on WW, but I like to eat healthy and still enjoy my food.

    But back to the enchiladas….yummmmo! Even my Hispanic bf, who is incredibly particular about Americanized Latin American cuisine, took his hat off to this recipe.

  336. Served these at halftime today. Followed the recipe exactly. Will definitely make them again. Served with a lettuce, fresh tomato and avocado salad. Yummy!!!

  337. Made these tonight as an alternative to our usual veggie/black bean enchiladas. I made a few changes to the recipe, which suited our tastes (we aren't on Weight Watchers or counting Points) and maybe yours too. I added cilantro to each of the components (both sauce and bean mixture), and garlic to both as well. I added Mexican cheese to each enchilada before I rolled them up, so that the men in our house would eat it! We all agreed that the enchiladas needed a little more heft, so I'll add a sturdy green vegetable like zucchini and possibly some white corn kernels next time. When rolling the final enchiladas, I had very little filling left, even though I probably used more chicken than the recipe called for. The green chili sauce was delicious!

  338. I just made these for my boyfriend and they were delicious! Love Mexican food and love that it's something different than the typical enchiladas! My boyfriend liked them so much he even said that they were so much better than the enchiladas we had last night out at a restaurant! I also made the mistake and used 2 chicken breasts ..but thought it was perfect and filling!

  339. I just finished making/having these. Absolutely delicious. My parents were over & were practically inhaling them, they were that good. Well worth the time and effort. Again thank you Gina. Another brilliant recipe.

  340. could i make this and freeze the casserole for later? or would they be soggy? any advice would be great!

  341. These are absolutely amazing!! I served them with your southwest black bean salad and it was perfection.

  342. My husband and I just made these…SO FANTASTIC! Definitely one of our favorite Skinnytaste meals ever!

  343. I would like to make these gluten free-or possibly just as a casserole without the tortilla. any recommendation on how to do so?? love your site!! thanks 🙂

  344. Thank you SO much for your tasty and inventive recipes and gorgeous photography! My family has been really tight this past month (husband is switching jobs), and being tight usually means eating less healthy. I spent 2 hours going thru your site, I found 7 DELICIOUS recipes, mapped out our meal plan for the week, and was able to get all my food for $37! We fed a family of 5 a delicious, healthy meal each night and had something to look forward to while money was tight 🙂 Just a little testimonial.
    Ps: My new sis in law was racking her brain, trying to figure out how she was going to cook tasty veg food for my vegetarian brother. She found your site and has been making taaaasty meals and recommending them on Pinterest

  345. One of my go to Gina recipes is the Kahlua Pork – it's so versatile, I tend to make a batch every Sunday night and then use it during the week in various recipes. I just tried this recipe and substituted the pork for chicken. Fabulous!

  346. These were great! My fiancé said he'd rather make these than go out to a Mexican restaurant 🙂

  347. Tried these this weekend using fresh jalapenos both inside and in the sauce and it was awesome and spicy.

  348. These were unbelievable! I made your other enchilada recipe, which was so flavorful, but I craved a rich, creamy enchilada. This did the trick! I can't believe how creamy they are with so little sour cream! It's been a week since I made these, and my husband is still talking about them!! Another fabulous recipe – thank you!!

  349. Made these tonight! They were amazing, so yummy, so filling, one was plenty! So easy, just a little time consuming with boiling and shredding the chicken but so worth it! I thought they might be spicy with the chiles and jalopeno but they weren't (and I don't do spicy). Will make these again!! Perfect with some mexi rice!

  350. I am going to prep these today and make them for dinner after school tonight…how would you suggest prepping them? Making everything and keeping it separated till I am ready to bake them later on or could I go ahead and put them in the baking dish and keep them refrigerated till I am ready to bake them?

  351. These we're yummy. I made these subs (all I had on hand)… Instead of chilies in the filling, used spinach. Instead of the jalapeños & chilies in the sauce, used salsa verde. Also used Greek yogurt instead of s. cream. Yummy change up for the summer!

  352. Made this for the family a few nights ago and they were outstanding! Thanks for the great recipe!

  353. I made these tonight and they were amazing!!! Thanks for the recipe!

  354. I made these tonight and they were a hit! So delish. Thanks!

  355. Found your recipe on Pinterest and tried it for the first time tonight…everyone devoured their enchiladas…thanks for the yummy variation!

  356. These were fantastic! The whole family liked them and we can't wait to have them again. Yummy!

  357. You make dieting not so depressing!! I made these tonight and they are insanely good!!!!! Thank you!

  358. Made these the other night, and they were delicious! I really thought they were delicious, and my husband suggested we add them to the "keep" list!

  359. I found your recipe off pinterest, and it was AMAZING! YUM!

  360. I rinsed the beans and used jarred jalapenos.Really good.My 6 year old ate it too!

  361. These were so delicious! I had some left over chicken/white bean mixture and tortillas, so I made quesadillas tonight-yummy!

  362. On the subject of points, I actually increased the chicken to 12 oz (that's what I had) and used light butter. Using the La Tortilla Factory whole wheat tortillas (the small, 1pt variety – which aren't too small) I still had only 5 points in the WW recipe builder.

    I had budgeted 2 enchiladas for dinner but these were so filling I only needed to eat one and was completely satiated. Absolutely delicious, one of my favorites. Can't believe how low in points it is. Thanks!

  363. I'm one of those "hate cilantro" people, but I loved how this looked so I put chopped arugula on mine and it was great!

  364. These are awesome! I have made them several times and everyone always loves them. I always serve the black bean corn salsa dip to go with them. YUMMY!!

  365. These are DELICIOUS! We used diced canned Jalapeno's, because we're that BA! But seriously, our mouths were on fire. If you don't like spice, definitely be sure you're getting diced green/anaheim chiles. They were still awesome, and we will be making these again, but with the different chiles. Enjoy!

    • Anaheim chiles are not the same as what most call “green chiles.” Green chiles are New Mexico chiles and the best are from Hatch and the Las Cruces area. They span the range from mild to crazy hot: Big Jim is my favorite and they are kinda spicy but uneven. I like getting a bite of mild and then a bite of hot. I would never add jalapeño to this recipe because I love green chile too much to water it down, so to speak. 

  366. My dad is allergic to tomato so any recipe we find without tomato is a God-send! Thank you!

  367. Made these for my very picky husband, sister-n-law, and 3 year old and they were a TOTAL success!! SO delicious! My husband even said this should definitely go in the repeat box. Can't wait to try some of your other recipes…this was my first one.

  368. Can these be made a day ahead of time or will they get soggy? Sounds delicious and can't wait to try them!

  369. I just made and ate these on my patio- wonderfully lighter adaptation! I served with a fresh avacado, orange wedge, puple onion, and tomato salad- my 4 year old is cleaning his plate! Great!

  370. These are soooo good! I made them last weekend for my boyfriend and he ADORED them, so I'm making them again tonight for a friend (served with margaritas 😉 ). They're in the oven right now and smell so delicious. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

  371. don't understand this point thing but I do know these were absolutely, ridiculously great! a new favorite

  372. These were amazing I used fresh jalapenos and only one plenty spicy.
    Highly recommene this dish!

  373. These are delicious! I used canned salsa verde instead and I would recommend fresh jalapenos. Other than that, YUM!

  374. I made these tonight – and they were AMAZING!!! Such great flavor, easy to put together, in fact I put them together last night and then just threw them in the oven for 30 minutes when I got home. I cannot say how scrumptious they are! Just the right amount of spice!

  375. i cant believe how long it took for me to notice and make these! i loved it! the only thing i missed was spiciness( next time will use hot green chiles instead of mild) it was delicious and i think i liked it almost as much as your original enchilada recipe.

  376. Made these tonight and they got 2 thumbs up from my husband and me!! Just an FYI, I entered the nutrition info into the calculator and got 6 pts+ per serving. I still think they are more than worth it, though!!

    Oh, and I added spinach into the enchilada when I was assembling them. I have a hard time not having something green and healthy in my meals (yes, I know I could have a salad but ….).

  377. For the chicken and white bean filling, did you use dried minced white onion, or raw/fresh minced white onion?

  378. SOOOOO good…especially for being healthy!

  379. How bad would it be if I used Pinto Beans instead of white beans? I had everything else in my pantry!!!!

  380. Made these tonight. Delicious! Going in the "Make Again" file. Thanks for sharing!

  381. Just made these tonight and they are SOOOO delicious. I HIGHLY recommend them. Thank you for always having great recipes.

  382. Made these for dinner tonight, delicious! The family loved them too!

  383. Just made these…ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! I can't wait to make them again for other people to try! The only thing I changed was using a little bit of artificial sweetener rather than salt. My new favorite food for sure!

  384. I made these and added a package of cooked & drained frozen spinach to the chicken mixture – it made 10 enchiladas and was absolutely delicious! My husband couldn't believe there was no cream in the sauce!

  385. I have made these many times now. Absolutely love these! Have made them for family and they all loved them to. I do add a lot more chicken than it calls for. Almost a whole store bought roasted one. Super tasty!

  386. i will be making these this week, but i wasn;t sure…do i need to soak the beans first?

  387. I was wondering…I was planning to make these for a friend…if I put everything together and just cover with tin foil and give it to her to bake, do you think the tortillas will get soggy, because of sitting in the sauce? I'm trying to figure out how to make the entire recipe without the baking part, so that my friend can eat it right out of the oven…Any suggestions would be helpful! Thanks!

    • give her the sauce on the side and tell her to put that and the cheese over the top of the enchiladas just before she's ready to put it in the over…it will take her two seconds and keep them from getting soggy. I've done this for a few people and it's worked great. I have also given it to people with everything already put together and it's also worked great…so either way!

    • Yes, I think they would if they sat too long.

  388. I tried these last night and they were amazing. My DH even did the dishes without complaint afterwards.

  389. What size tortillas is everyone using? All I can find is the 3 point tortillas. Does anyone know how many points this would make each serving? Ww points plus?

  390. Mmmm… my mouth is watering! These are definitely on the menu for this week. I love trying different variations of enchiladas! The best thing about them is that they are even better for lunch the next day!

  391. Mmmm, good one. I'm going to sub sour cream with Greek Yogurt and cut back on the cheese a bit. Thanks for sharing!

  392. When I calculated this based on the nutritional values, it came out to 6 points instead of 5, BUT, it's Sooooooo worth it. They are delish!!! Made them last night. Will be making them again very soon!!
    Thank you so much for your fabulous website and your wonderful recipes!!!

  393. I found this on pinterest, it was so delicious and repinned! I made it tonight, and it was just as good as more calorie laden versions. I blogged about it, it was so good! 😀


  394. When I calculated this based off the fat, carbs, protein, and fiber for PointsPlus, it came out to 6 points…

  395. I made this tonight – it was delicious! Husband loved how fresh it tasted and said it was the best enchiladas we've ever made. And lowfat to boot! Cilantro is a must! Thank you! 🙂

  396. these were delicious! just had them for dinner. took a bit of time, like others said, but i actually enjoyed all the prep. i love being in the kitchen. next time i'm gonna use white corn tortillas. i used low carb wheat this time, and i just like the texture of corn better. the filling and ESPECIALLY the sauce was freaking delicious. thank you so much for having this site. i'm 11 lbs down and this site has helped me so much. 50 to go.

  397. I'm not the biggest fan of green chilies, so I made this using roasted red pepper instead, and it it was DELICIOUS.

    I found some low-fat, low-sodium corn tortillas at Trader Joe's and decided to use those instead of wheat tortillas, but they were difficult to roll. I improvised and made a flat layer of 6 corn tortillas over the thin layer of sauce, poured in the filling, layered three corn tortillas on top, and spooned the rest of the sauce with the cheese and baked as instructed. It worked really well.

  398. If you use fresh jalapenos, one, seeded is probably enough and you'll want to cook them at the same time as the onion.

  399. So super delish. Made these for a cute boy, and he was smitten with me afterwards. 🙂

  400. I will use my leftover Turkey for these tonight! Thank you!

  401. I made these last weekend! They were wonderful! My whole family loved them! Be sure to use the cilantro! I never tried that before and it adds so much to the dish! Thanks so much for all your wonderful recipes!

  402. Tried these this weekend and was amazed!! sooo yummy my husband and i thought they could have been served at the local restaurant! thank you for all the amazing recipes!

  403. Two more suggestions:
    * Spray the dish with Pam for easier cleanup
    * Try Fat Free Sour Cream. I used FF and it was great!

  404. I read MOST of the comments…hopefully, I didn't miss this. Couple of suggestions:
    * Consider draining the beans or omitting the 1/3 can ofwater in the filling. I had a hard time boiling off the liquid
    * I added a bit more chicken for my carnivorous husband and managed to get another server out of the dish
    * After the dish was "done" I broiled for a couple minutes to create an wonderful golden top….

  405. It was yummy, but oh so spicy! You should mention the atomic heat! My hubby and I like it hot, it pushed spicy for us! Would make again, but will use less jalepeno, I think….hmmmmm

  406. Just had these for dinner, I didn't have enough of the green chilis so I didn't put them in the enchiladas, just in the sauce, I also used raw jalepenos. (just one with out seeds) It was one of those dinners where I didn't have enough of everything so I improvised. I put my chicken breasts in the crockpot this morning.I really like the artisan corn and wheat tortillas (taco size) so I made mine with that and made the rest in burrito size tortillas. Everyone loved these! Last night I had made the pork carnitas with the corn salsa. So we used the left over corn salsa on top of the enchiladas along with a little sour cream. YUM!

  407. I found your site last week, and how wonderful it is! I love this recipe! Hard to believe it is healthy. I love it with wild rice and pickled greek peppers on the side.

  408. This is one of my all time favorites from your site. We had it this evening and last week! For the last month I have made recipes from your site at least 4 times a week. I am so happy I found it and love your dishes! Thanks!

  409. PHENOMENAL! I am going to use my leftover turkey at thanksgiving to make these to change the pace up with our leftovers. LOVED IT!

  410. i made these last night…i have to tell you, i am now in love. SO good!

  411. I was a bit of a complainer last night making these. I was frustrated with how long it took but I just ate one with a friend and WOW! So delicious! I think I will freeze the mixture as suggested above for quick meals in the future. It may take a little time but it really is worth it.

  412. Yum! Yum! Yum! Yum! Yum! Made these tonight and omg… YUM! 🙂

  413. These are AMAZING! Thank you for the recipe 🙂

  414. These enchiladas were so good!! I think I am going to have to look up some synonyms for delicious because of your recipes! I have yet to try one that I haven't liked, and I've made quite a few! I tell all my friends and family about your blog to spread the love too. When I make a new recipe now, my husband always asks if it's "Gina's" recipe, and when I tell him it is, he is always excited for dinnertime 🙂

  415. This was so delicious!!! Made it for dinner tonight and my boyfriend and mother loved loved loved it!! It may take a little time to prepare everything but it's soooo worth it! Great recipe!

  416. If you want to stretch the filling further you can add a million kinds of extra veggies. I like zucchini and mushrooms, onion, bell pepper… whatever you have on hand. One of my local Mexican restaurants makes a potato enchilada that is awesome but I can't imagine that would be any more WW friendly than your original recipe.

  417. I loooove enchiladas verdes. I make a similar recipe with seafood instead of beans and chicken (usually crab and shrimp). So happy to read that they're not as bad for me as I thought 🙂

  418. I just made these for dinner and wow! Cheese is usually the bane of my existence. I usually have to force myself not to ruin any hopes of something being healthy by adding cheese. These smelled so good while making them that I decided not bother putting cheese on top and I didn't even miss it! I also made the chocolate cloud cookies earlier today and they were amazing too!

  419. OMG, these were amazing. I just kept saying, I can't believe this is a skinny recipe! I did sub black beans for the white. Totally obsessed with your blog! I think I'm just going to go through and try everything!

  420. I made these last night, and I found them to be a quite bland…. BUT BUT BUT, I am wondering if it's because I accidentally bought the TAMED jalapenos in a jar. SURELY that is it.

  421. I made these last night and they were delicious they do not taste low fat for sure. I doubled the chicken though. It is a little time consuming but it was so worth it. Had the neighbors over, them and my husband raved over how good they were.

  422. I am so excited to make these tomorrow night! I have a Salsa Verde Chinken Enchilada recipe that has been in my family forever but man oh man these look so delicious. I'll let you know how they turn out!

  423. These were fantastic! The sauce was creamy with just the right amount of kick.
    I've tried the other two enchilada recipes but I think this one takes the cake!

  424. Good point, it was probably the beans.

  425. Hi Gina,
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everything I have made from your website! One question regarding this recipe . . . The filling calls for 1/3 can of water . . . which can? I wasn't sure so I used 1/3 cup.

  426. It's really not that spicy, but I think it needs it. Maybe put some on the side for the kids without it.

  427. Will the sauce be gross without any of the chiles/jalepenos? My kids are 1 and 3 and don't like spicy things (yet?). I mean, it can't really be a chile sauce w/o the chile, no? lol

  428. SO GLAD you liked them!

  429. I have to tell you that I didn't think I would find a chicken enchilada recipe that would beat the one I already had. Well, you did it! These are FANTASTIC!! I am not a WWer and made it a little easier by just using a can of mild green enchilada sauce and then added then onion, jalapeno, and sour cream. Yummmmmm!

  430. It shouldn't effect the flavor, enjoy!

  431. These are in the oven as we speak! 🙂 I couldn't find the canned beans, so I just bought them dry & cooked them. Will this affect the flavor?? Thanks so much for your awesome recipes!


  432. They will both freeze great!

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