Chicken Curry with Coconut Milk

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This easy Chicken Curry dish with potatoes, garam masala, cumin and curry spices and simmered with coconut milk. This aromatic dish gives flavor newbies and seasoned curry lovers with go nuts over.

This easy Chicken Curry dish with potatoes, garam masala, cumin and curry spices and simmered with coconut milk. This aromatic dish gives flavor newbies and seasoned curry lovers with go nuts over.Chicken Curry with Coconut Milk

Great over basmati rice for a complete meal (also great with naan or cauliflower rice to keep the carbs low or Whole30 compliant).

This easy Chicken Curry dish with potatoes, garam masala, cumin and curry spices and simmered with coconut milk. This aromatic dish gives flavor newbies and seasoned curry lovers with go nuts over.

I use skinless chicken thighs (I prefer on the bone for more flavor) but you can use your favorite part of the chicken. If you want to leave the potatoes out that would also be totally fine. To make chicken curry in a hurry, this can easily be adapted for the Instant Pot or pressure cooker using slightly less water and the Poultry button, then do a quick release, add the potatoes and cook 5 more minutes.

This easy Chicken Curry dish with potatoes, garam masala, cumin and curry spices and simmered with coconut milk. This aromatic dish gives flavor newbies and seasoned curry lovers with go nuts over.
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Chicken Curry with Coconut Milk

213 Cals 24 Protein 12 Carbs 7 Fats
Total Time: 45 mins
Yield: 6 servings
COURSE: Dinner
Great over basmati rice for a complete meal (also great with naan or cauliflower rice to keep the carbs low or Whole30 compliant).


  • 1/2 tbsp olive oil
  • 1/2 tsp roasted cumin
  • 1-1/2 tsp garam masala
  • 2 tsp curry powder
  • 1/2 onion, minced
  • 5 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 large tomato, chopped
  • 2 tbsp fresh cilantro, chopped
  • 1/2 cup light coconut milk
  • 2/3 cup water
  • 8 oz 1 large potato, peeled and diced small
  • 6 skinless chicken thighs
  • kosher salt to taste


  • Heat oil in a large deep skillet, over medium heat.
  • Add onion and garlic and sauté 1 minute. Add cumin, masala and curry powder and mix well, cooking 1 minute.
  • Place chicken in the pan and season with 1 teaspoon salt.
  • Add tomatoes, cilantro, coconut milk and water.
  • Stir all ingredients and cover pan, simmer on medium-low until chicken is cooked through, about 30 minutes.
  • Add potatoes, 1/2 teaspoon salt and simmer, covered an additional 10 minutes, or until the potatoes are tender.
  • Pressure Cooker Directions: Reduce water to 1/2 cup and cook the chicken after step 4 on high pressure for 15 minutes, quick release then add potatoes, high pressure 5 minutes. Let it release naturally.


Serving: 1thigh with sauce and potato, Calories: 213kcal, Carbohydrates: 12g, Protein: 24g, Fat: 7g, Saturated Fat: 1.5g, Cholesterol: 108mg, Sodium: 392.5mg, Fiber: 1.5g, Sugar: 0.5g
WW Points Plus: 5
Keywords: Freezer Meals, Gluten Free, low carb, One Pan, Pressure Cooker Recipes, Whole 30 Recipes

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  1. This was absolutely delicious! Thanks for the recipe, will be making again and again!

  2. Amazing dish, second time I made this dish in 1 week. My boyfriend loves this dish.

  3. I made this tonight and it is excellent! This is the kind of dish where you can add or swap out other veggies, so don’t be afraid to be creative. I used canned dice tomatoes instead of a fresh tomato (its winter here) and added 1/2 chopped bell pepper. Loved it!!! Thanks for another great recipe!

  4. I added the potatoes from start of simmer time as I didn’t think 10 minutes would be enough , turned out great ! The house smells incredible 

  5. This is a great dish, and will be making again. Everyone (hubby & “funny about bone-in chicken” son…) loved it! We used chicken thighs/removed skin. It was a hit BEFORE we had a chance to even taste it. We cooked it the night before in our pressure cooker and had it for dinner the next night…. BUT the aroma that filled the house was fabulous and we couldn’t wait to to eat dinner the nxt night. It lived up to the expectations!!! Delish, we had with white rice, and it was very filling. will make again and freeze for future quick dinners!! thanks for sharing.

  6. OMG, hands down this is my new favorite dish. I served this over saffron basmati rice but could have easily subbed cauliflower rice….the flavors were out of control delicious! ❤️

  7. So flavorful and satisfying, will definitely make again!

  8. This may sound weird but…. this recipe sounds delicious and out of the norm of what I usually cook, which is one reason I like it. I always stay away from Indian cuisine because I really dislike tumeric. Do you think I would spoil the whole dish if I didn’t use it?.

  9. This was delicious!.  I added much more cilantro and a chopped jalapeño pepper. Also, used cumin seed and tempered in oil before cooking onions and garlic.  A keeper for sure! 

  10. Can you substitute regular cumin for roasted cumin?

  11. This recipe is easy to made and it’s absolutely delicious. I ended up grinding my own spices together to make garam masala – there’s a great recipe on Food Network. I substituted chicken breasts (I used 3 and cut them in half to duplicate the 6 chicken thigh). Could you please add the nutritional value for this substitution to the recipe if possible?

  12. This was my first go at making Indian – and it was so easy and delicious!  Definitely a keeper.  Thank You!

  13. how many pounds of chicken breast would you use?

  14. This was absolutely delicious! I made the recipe with the ingredients as written.  I did sauté the onion for about 4 min before adding the garlic and then spices. The sauce is brothy, but i thought it was fine, and the the flavor was perfect. I wouldn’t change anything, as it was delicious as is and very low calorie. I will definitely be making this again! 

  15. So yummy and flavorful. Plus very filling!!!

  16. Hi Gina. This was really good. My picky husband liked this a lot saying how tender the meat is. I enjoyed the added tomato. Thanks a lot, your taste preference is perfect for me and my family.

  17. This was an excellent recipe. It was easy to follow and the quantities were just perfect. I subsisted the potatoes for sweet potatoes and it still tasted great. I liked the fact that putting only the 1/2 cup coconut milk with water gave this dish a very different flavour. This is definitely a “on the menu” kind of dish. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Very good recipe! I had some extra coconut milk so I made this to use the left over milk. Wow! I’m glad I did! This will go into my meal rotation!

  19. This is a favorite of ours but we use chicken breast. What would the points be on blue for switching to breast? Today is my first day starting back up on WW but this meal never left out rotation!

  20. This was SO GOOD!!!

  21. This meal was delicious.   The curry flavor along with the vegetables and potatoes made for a quick and delicious meal.   I would definitely recommend this for entertaining or a family meal.   S

  22. I rarely leave reviews, but this is THE best curry honestly. I’ve cooked hundreds of different curry recipes that sounded far more promising than this one, but none compare. I don’t know what it is about this one, but we come back to it over and over again. I am just about to cook it again and am salivating at the very thought of it. We cook in bulk and it freezes perfectly. I can’t recommend it strongly enough, try it and you’ll be hooked like me.

  23. Doubled because I knew it would be a hit… good thing I did! Delish!!!! I used BLSL breasts instead of thighs (what we had on hand) and cut them in pieces for ease of eating. This was amazing and simple and all four of my boys enjoyed it (which NEVER happens!)

    Thanks for another wonderful recipe! 

  24. This is my husband’s favourite meal. The smell of the spices is heavenly. It’s low in calories and tastes wonderful!

  25. This was better than I expected (my husband picked it). Had to tweak it a little based on what we had. Used half potato and half turnip. Only had regular coconut milk. I also cut up the thighs a little smaller.

    Added a bunch of curly kale chopped without the stems for more vegetables. Added extra hot cayenne for a little kick and served with a little mango chutney to cut some of the bitterness of the vegetables I had. Served with a little brown rice.

  26. Light coconut milk is found where and what brand?

  27. Delicious and so easy to make. Made with bone in thighs(only had 4) and used Penzeys Now Curry. Added some baby spinach (just for myself). Served over brown rice and quinoa. Will make again soon!!

  28. Made this a few times now, using Quorn instead of chicken and it’s gone down a storm each time. Might start doubling quantities as never any leftovers!
    Thanks again sure to become a trusted staple.

  29. Three stars for recipe as written – 4 or 5 stars for recipe with changes from past reviews,
    Here is what I did- thanks to all who posted before:
    Doubled (tripled!) spices. Used full fat coconut milk, boneless thighs, added yellow pepper, three small
    unpeeled potatoes, used one fresh tomato. Rinsed can of coco milk and dumped water in– next time no water!
    garnished with lime – tried peanut butter in a bit of leftovers and it was good, maybe add next time??
    Just needed to be a little richer- maybe add a bit of cream – almost perfect. oh and a handful of peas

  30. Shall try this over the weekend.

  31. Very flavorful. I followed other comments’ suggestion to double the dry spices and I used chicken broth instead of water. I liked it pretty well, but wasn’t loving it yet. Then I tried stirring in a couple of spoonfuls of fat-free Greek yogurt into one serving – fabulous! With that final modification on the serving suggestion, I’ll definitely be making this again. Thank you, Gina!

  32. After reading all the reviews, I made the following edits: doubled the recipe and used chicken breast, cut very thin. Used small nugget potatoes, quartered, added shortly after the chicken (I like the suggestion to pre-microwave them, and will try this next time). Omitted the water and added more coconut milk instead and most importantly, I quadrupled all the spices and then likely nearly-quadrupled them again, to taste. Also added frozen peas. Loved it loved it loved it! Thank you for yet another amazing recipe Gina; these flavours are so fresh and so delicious.

  33. This aaa tasty but I completely left out the water and used full fat coconut milk instead. Delish

  34. Wow. Nice flavour and a great way to use up my coconut milk.

  35. My family LOVES this meal, but when it’s a weeknight and I’m home late from work, I’ve now made it using every shortcut I could think of and it’s still fantastic.  I’ll share for those of you short on time.

    Weeknight shortcuts: 
    Replacements: Frozen diced onions, jar garlic, one can of diced tomatoes, shredded carrots (add), diced red pepper (add),  squeeze cilantro. 
    Full can of coconut milk (full fat is pretty amazing), 
    Chop chicken into bite size pieces.
    Chop potato small and microwave one minute before adding.  Add right after chicken starts to cook

    Again, the original recipe is better, but this way I can make have it on the table in 30 minutes.

  36. I will make this again, but next time I will add more curry powder and try sweet potatoes.  We topped it with golden raisins to add a bit of sweetness.  

  37. How much sauce and potatoes per serving?

  38. I made this, and based on the reviews I doubled the Cumin, Curry, and Garam Masala…. You could even triple these! Only makes it better!!! You need extra salt too (to taste of course). Also, I inverted the water and coconut milk… maybe a little extra coconut milk. So, maybe 1 cup coconut milk, and 1/2 cup water. 1 package of dark meat chicken. I turned out really delicious! 

  39. One of our household favorites! We’ve swapped the potato for peas and still amazing. I’d like to prep this to freeze. Am I able to just prep and put all ingredients into a gallon freezer bag or should I separate parts (re: potatoes, chicken, etc) and freeze that way?

  40. What brand curry powder did you use??

  41. What’s a substitute for garam masala?

  42. This is really, really good. I’ve made it a couple times now. It makes the whole apartment smell delicious as well 🙂

  43. Made this recipe as directed. Exactly. And it was damn good. I’ve had curry before but none this amazing! White rice and garlic naan on the side – fantastic. 

  44. I really wanted to like this recipe, it’s all of my favorites. However, my husband and I found it really bland. Does anyone increase the spices or have any recommendations? Are all curries not created equal?

    • When a curry is not particularly spicy, we use a tablespoon of chutney on the plate to spice it up. Our favourite is sweet mango chutney. 

  45. This was so so good! I wasn’t able to find the Garam-Masala Spice at the two stores I went to, so I subbed all the spices in the shrimp curry recipe for this and it was full of flavor! 

  46. I made this using full fat coconut milk, and sweet potato instead of white potato.  I used organic, air chilled, skinless chicken thighs.  The chicken was so juicy and tender.  I made it in a Dutch oven on top of the stove.  My husband and I agree that this is the best chicken curry we ever had!  It is truly so delicious!!!

  47. Thanks so much for this recipe and all of the tips added! I’m fairly new to Instant Pot and googled for advice. My notes: I did UP the spices, nearly 2x. And I, like others had noted, didn’t read correctly and put in the whole can of  (low fat) coconut milk, which turned out fine since I cooked a boatload of extra potatoes 🙂 Added a cornstarch slurry to thicken the sauce bit. Oh, and added a can of fire roasted tomatoes, since I didn’t have a fresh tomato!

  48. How can this be done in an instant pot?

  49. Very watery.. instead, I would substitute the water with chicken stock. or broth. I think it would make a big difference. Also, water and oil don’t mix and coconut milk is sort of oily. I used the light coconut milk and found that the liquid looked like it was not looking happy.

  50. Doubled the recipe and used 9 chicken thighs and added chick peas before serving. Whole family enjoyed it. My son who doesn’t like spice actually said it could use more so will add some cayenne next time. 

  51. Delicious!
    Have made this several times and passed recipe along to friends, it’s delicious every time!  Serve it with cauliflower or sweet potato rice

  52. New favourite in our household! Amazing and so tasty, very easy to make!

  53. This was delicious and aromatic. I did add a bit more of the spices than what was noted in the recipe, and substituted very small diced sweet potatoes for the regular potato. I was satisfied with the flavor from the coconut milk, but if you like a stronger flavor you sub coconut oil for olive oil. I will definitely be making this again!!

  54. I’m afraid this was not good.  The addition of water was not a good idea.  The sauce was very bland…. added a ton more spice.  The light coconut milk was also nonexistent in the final flavor.  Over all, it was very very bland and my husband had the salt shaker next to his plate and just kept adding more salt.   Would not make this again.

    • I modified this with sweet potato and just a little bit of water. I did this the first time. It has to do with measurement not following everything on the recipe

  55. Made the Coconut Chicken curry for dinner, I added peppers and also tinned diced tomatoes without the juice. Delicious.

  56. If I omit the potatoes (never been a fan), would I simmer/cook for the time it would have taken to cook the potatoes? I don’t know if this had already been asked, but 200+ comments is a lot to go through.

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  58. As my husband said, “it’s a keeper.” Another homerun by Skinnytaste! I did modify the recipe slightly by increasing the spice by 50%, adding hot crushed red pepper, and using frozen peas instead of potatoes. I also roasted cauliflower for a side dish. Next go around I’ll sub curry powder with hot curry powder (Penzeys Spices brand).

  59. can you share which instant pot you use? I think many readers would like to know!
    love your recipes!


  60. I just got an instant pot for Christmas. i was looking to make this recipe but am slightly confused . do i put everything 1 through 4 into the instant pot and cook then add potatoes? And cook again? thanks in advance.

  61. I am new to Indian cooking.  My son loves it and is coming for Christmas.  I would like to know if you add 1/2 teaspoon of the roasted seeds or do you roast the seeds and then add 1/2 teaspoon of the powder.

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  63. My 18 month old and 3 year old loved eating this curry tonight. I like that the curry is light and tasty. Please create more Indian recipes!

  64. Wow! I’m Indian and having been using a particular chicken curry recipe for years, but this is by far better! way to go!

  65. I made this exactly as she said and it was DELICIOUS ❤️????

  66. I love this dish! One night though I made a veggie version of this because I didn’t have any chicken on hand. I added cauliflower and a can of chickpeas and the recipe was still amazing 🙂

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  68. I love all your recipes so much but this was the first one I surprisingly thought was a little bland! I made it in the IP just as described. Added some cornstarch at the end to thicken the sauce a bit and served over cauli rice. I think next time I may double the spices to see how that turns out. 

  69. This was dinner tonight made in our new Instant Pot. It was so delicious! Thank you, Gina! The recipe immediately went into our favorite healthy recipe file. Your recipes have all been big winners at our house!

  70. I made this tonight, it was really good although I did omit the potato to reduce the points and served with cauliflower rice. Definitely a keeper.

  71. Do you trim the fat off the chicken thighs?

  72. I made this as directed and it was absolutely delicious! I love spicy food tho and would like to ramp up the heat without negatively altering the taste. Do you have any suggestions on what to use? 

  73. I just made this for lunch and it turned out wonderful. I used Gardein vege chicken strips and doubled the amount of coconut milk. This led me to have to add an extra dash of curry and masala. I let the sauce thicken nicely, but the taste seemed to be missing something. I added a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and then it was perfect. I served it over brown rice with a baked sweet potato and sauteed spinach.

  74. When using IP directions, do you use saute mode for steps 1 and 2 ? Or do you still use a separate pan to cook the onions, garlic and spices?

  75. Hi.Gina. Excellent recipe. Since this is marked as low carb could you give us the nutritional information  we make this without potatoes?

    Thank you!

  76. Made this tonight – delicious.  Hubby likes it too.  Great with Gina’s cauliflower fried rice.  

  77. This dish is perfection-I added some tomato paste to thicken up the sauce a bit. 

  78. Looks delicious!   Are the chicken thighs boneless or bone in?

  79. I see in your recipe that the chicken thighs should be skinless. Are they bone-in thighs or boneless? I am going to be making this recipe in my electric pressure cooker,


  80. I don’t have garam on hand:( can I leave it out? 

  81. Would the pressure cooker timing be any different with sweet potatoes instead of white? Looks yummy…

  82. It was good. I would highly recommend that you cook the spices the way instructions state. I waited to put them in because I was afraid they would burn. I added mushrooms and bok choy at the very end, good addition.

  83. Gina,
    Any tips for using a slow cooker to make this?

  84. We had this tonight was very nice and easy, did mine in the ElectricPressure Cooker And will do again also added my homemade Aubergine Chutney that I make and was a lovely touch to it, Love your recipes Gina from us down under in Oz 

  85. This is a great recipe! I make in the IP and usually double everything up, but leave the water quantity at 2/3 cup.  I also add mushrooms during the main cooking time and diced carrots along with the potatoes.

  86. I made this and I wasn’t a huge fan. I omitted the potatoes, but the flavors just felt muddy and not as vibrant (or Indian) as I expected. Can’t say I’ll be making this one again. 

  87. This was EXCELLENT. I 1.5ed the recipe and genuinely enjoyed the leftovers multiple times. I only had one regular potato so I threw in one sweet potato too – still delicious!

  88. Just read through comments that people did this in the slow cooker. I have done this on the stove and absolutely loved it, but wanted to know how people converted for slow cooker? Did you all start on the stove and then move into the slow cooker? Any help would be appreciated! Also, do you think this would freeze well?

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  90. Made this tonight in my instant pot and it was great! I used some potato flakes at the end to thicken up the sauce. Husband says make it again!

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  92. I made this for my husband last week and he loved it so much and has requested it again today. I swapped out the potato for cauliflower and added a little flour to thicken it a bit. But beautiful flavours and easy to do. Good job 😉

  93. O my gosh, this was soooo good!!!! Definitely going in the regular rotation. It was so easy in the IP. Sauce was a little too thin, so next time we will thicken it a bit, but gosh the flavor was amazing and the chicken was falling apart it was so tender. Love love loved this!!

  94.  Made this in the crockpot last night. I cannot eat potatoes so I used chopped onions, bell pepper, and mushrooms instead. It was absolutely delicious. Served it over mushroom and herb couscous. 

  95. I made this tonight and it was honestly one of the best things I’ve ever eaten! I skinned some fryer chicken pieces and used that. I also only had full-fat coconut milk, so I used that as well and cut down the water to only 1/3 cup and cooked it in the pressure cooker for 10 minutes before adding the potato and cooking for 8 minutes more (the potatoes weren’t quite done after 5. I must have had too big of pieces and too much volume in my cooker). I served this over rice. It was so flavorful, tender and delicious! You’ve got a winner recipe here and it’ll be in my permanent rotation.

    P.S. I live a flexible dieter lifestyle and so many of your recipes have wonderful macro ratios! I use this site often but rarely comment. Thanks for the tasty food!

  96. Made this 2 nights ago.  It is delicious!!! I mean yum.  My daughter thinks it’s the best thing I ever cooked. Also, my house smells so good..  Leftovers are good too.

  97. It was great and the BF loved it! I think I’m going to try chickpeas next! Thank you, Gina!

  98. This was so good, didn’t use the masala because could not find it. The son and picky eater husband gave it two thumbs up. Will be a meal I will cook again. 

  99. Does this recipe freeze well? Or should I cook it without the potatoes and add them when I am reheating it? It looks delicious! 

  100. Will I be able to subsitute garam masala with tikki masala? Thanks ????

  101. Enjoyed this very much…made it in the IP. I used a heaping tablespoon of green curry paste instead of curry powder (could have used even more) and cut the water in half. The result was akin to a soup, so I mixed a bit of the hot broth with a scant tablespoon of arrowroot powder, and stirred into the pot. Put it on boil (yogurt setting) for a few minutes to thicken. Will likely repeat. Thanks….Merry Christmas to you and your family. Your new cookbook was a great idea for gift giving. Congrats on its completion…I am LOVING it!

  102. Loved this dish and will b making it again

  103. This is delicious! !! I’ve made it a handful of times along with all your recipes! Your recipes are what make me stick to the weight watchers program and so far 10 lbs gone and feeling great????

  104. Made this last night for dinner and it was fantastic. Enjoying leftovers right now for lunch and if possible it’s even better now than it was last night! This is just a wonderful dish, Gina. Thank you!

  105. This recipe was a huge fail for me. Currently waiting over 20 min for the potatoes to soften… meanwhile the sauce is basically gone. What did I miss?

  106. I made this tonight along with cauliflower “rice.”  I didn’t have any cilantro so used scallions and chicken tenders rather than thighs.  It’s delicious!!  Thank you, Gina!   Incredible recipes such as this keep me moving along with the WW lifestyle.  

  107. One word,Delicious.Made this tonight with cauliflower rice.

  108. I just made this for my family – it was DELICIOUS! My kids loved it. One of my 5 year olds literally licked the bowl clean! Thanks for so many amazing recipes.

  109. I made this recipe and loved it. It’s a keeper.
    Can I substitute sweet potato for the white potato and if so, how long will it need to cook?

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  111. This is the best curry recipe I’ve ever tried. Will definitely become part of the repertoire. Thanks for sharing. 

  112. Is the cumin ground or seeds?

  113. I am currently cooking this for the first time smells great. I couldn’t find the Marsala spice, so I looked up the ingredients and created my own. I’m an early millennial & I use to like hot pockets & burritos. But with a growing daughter I want to expose her to different dishes. This is my go-to site! Thanks!

  114. I have made this several times now and it’s so good! My fiancé usually complains when I make “healthier” versions of food but there was no complaints here.  We bump up the spices a bit as we like a stronger flavor and, although I know it’s not as figure friendly, we use a can of coconut milk and omit the water. I have added a bit of peanut butter too and brings more of a thai taste to it. We omit the potatoes and add in extra veggies, serve over rice or quinoa and you have an AMAZING meal! 

  115. Do you think this would freeze well?

  116. I am not a big chicken thigh fan. Can this be made with chicken breasts?

  117. What is roasted cumin? Can I buy it in the spice aisle or should I just roast regular cumin on the stove for a few seconds?

  118. In order to eat the correct macros, how much sauce and potatoe would u recommend per serving .. a cup? a 1/2 cup ? 

  119. Added carrots and cut the chicken up first. Cut down on cooking time and was delish! Love your recipes!

  120. This was phenomenal! I served cauliflower with it. Thank you.

  121. I made this for dinner last night & it was a huge hit! I added some diced red pepper & used chickpeas instead of the potato, mostly because I didn’t have a potato in the house. I served it with cauliflower rice & my husband & daughter both gobbled it up! Will def make it again! Thanks Gina!!

  122. As usual, this recipe was delicious!  We all ate every last bit of it.  I love the smaller cut potatoes and less coconut milk than other curry recipes I’ve seen.  We will definitely be making this again!

  123. Wow – what an amazing weeknight dinner idea! This was incredibly flavorful, with tender chicken and a delicious sauce. We served over a simple coconut rice. A winner!

  124. Easy and delicious . We loved it. Not that many ingredients and fast to cook. Thank you. 

  125. This was a fantastic recipe! I served it over cauliflower rice, with a side of Nigella Lawson’s Cilantro Cucumber Raita (NYT Cooking) and naan-delicious!! Thanks Gina!

  126. This a great recipe! Super easy and quick prep, especially for a curry. Tastes delicious! I doubled the spices but we like curry heavy on the spice – otherwise didn’t change a thing!

  127. Hi Gina!
    I’m a long time fan of yours but never really comment.  I just HAD to tell you how much my husband & I enjoyed this dish!!  I followed your recipe exact with the exception of using boneless thighs instead of bone-in.  SOOOO delicous!!  I served it with the tumeric roasted cauliflower from your book & some naan.  This will be made OFTEN!! Love love love your blog & I cook from it (& your book) often.  I’m not on weight watchers, just like to cook light & use fresh ingredients.  The black bean burgers is my absolute favorite recipe from your 1st book & I’m very excited for your 2nd. Pre-ordering it today!!  🙂 

  128. Made this last night and it turned out very watery, almost like soup. And the chicken did not pick up much flavor. Any advice?

  129. I made this last night for dinner. I followed the recipe exactly. This meal turned out fantastic. I will make this recipe time and time again! Thank you for sharing! 

  130. Excellent Recipe   I used boneless breast, but agree would have been even better with thighs.  I also added some hot pepper to increase the heat – kids had over rice hubby and I had over cauliflower rice.  YUM!

    • Hi Michelle! How much chicken breast did you use? I’d love to try this recipe with boneless breast instead. Or Gina, do you have any thoughts?

      • I always double or triple Gina’s recipes. II have a family of 5 withe 2 hungry teenagers who eat at least 2-3 portions.

        I used a whole package of costco boneless breast and increased everything else accordingly.

        Tonight I will make it with bone in thighs and will use about 3.5kg of meat.

  131. So good if you add chick peas!

  132. Gina, do you recommend boneless chicken thighs?

  133. Personally, I’d wait until the end of cooking to add the garam masala, but that’s just the conventional approach in many curry recipes.

  134. I just made this for dinner tonight and my husband and I both loved it! My husband went in for seconds. I make something similar only without the coconut milk and more tomato. This is a nice creamy variation. 

  135. Do you think you could use canned tomatoes instead of a fresh one?

  136. I just made this according to the recipe and served it over cauliflower rice. It was FANTASTIC. Thanks for the great dinner (and lunches this week!).

  137. My whole family enjoyed this! Very flavorful without the heat. As I replied to Raney above, I recently learned that light coconut milk is just coconut milk plus water. (Seriously. Read the label!) You can use 1/2 regular coconut milk plus 1/2 water to the same effect and save money to boot! I usually freeze the leftover coconut milk and thaw in the fridge the night before I need it.

  138. I will not make this again. Topo much prep time and not worth it.

  139. Do you think instant pot cook time would be different if using boneless thighs?

  140. The flavor was really good but it came out super watery in the pressure cooker. Not sure what could solve this but if I try it again I might add the tomatoes at the same time as the potatoes so maybe they stay intact more.

    • Mine was the same… just made it tonight and it was like the water separated from the dish and I added corn starch to try hold it back together… but I must admit I poured in the entire can of coconut milk before realizing I only needed 1/2 cup so they may have had something to do with it. Flavors were delicious though.

      • I have this in the ip right now.. just realized when I read your comment that I used half a can of coconut milk instead of 1/2 a cup.. I will just put it on sauté to reduce .. fingers crossed it turns out.. guess I should have read comments first !!

  141. Can’t express enough how much I love this recipe! I’m Indian make Indian food about 2-3 times a week and have been wanting to try a curry recipe in the IP. I just made it for dinner and it was so simple and delicious that I honestly think I will be making this all the time! Some of my mom’s recipes are too spicy for my kids but this was flavorful but not spicy and the kids loved it. Thank you so much!! Love every single recipe I have made from this website and plan on buying your cookbook to support your amazing talent! 

  142. That cholesterol number can’t possibly be correct can it?

    • Just fixed, typo! Thanks for pointing that out.

      • Thanks! I adore coconut curry, but am a bit hesitant to use coconut milk due to high saturated fat content. I often use fat free plain yogurt and a dash of coconut extract. A somewhat acceptable imitation, but definitely not as satisfying. I am anxious to try your recipe.

  143. Is the 8oz for the potato measured before or after it is peeled? Thanks!

  144. Made this tonight in my pressure cooker .  All was great until I added the potatoes and cooked another 5 minutes.  Potatoes soaked up all the juice and burnt on the bottom.  Flavor was great , next time will try a different cooking method so there is juice to go over the rice .  Husband liked the flavor! Lol

  145. Making this tonight.  Can I cut the fat in regular coconut milk somehow as that is all I could find?

  146. We made this last night and it was wonderful.  Not too spicey.  We thickened the sauce a bit and served it over zoodles.  Will definitely make it again.

  147. Wonderful recipe! I added a few cups of spinach. Loved the flavor!
    Thanks gina!

  148. How much Sodium is in this recipe, please?

  149. Hi Gina, I can’t get light coconut milk where I live and the regular is pretty high fat. Would there be some other lighter substitute that i could use (I hope I can get it!! 🙂

  150. This sounds wonderful, Gina! I’m going to make it this weekend! I so glad you revived this recipe…I’m definitely inspired!!

  151. I am really bad at conversions…any thoughts on how to do this in the crock pot?

    • The standard for chicken is 4 hours on high, and 6-8 on low. You’d probably still want to sauté the onion and garlic to get those flavors going before throwing everything in the crock pot, too.

  152. Any thoughts on what kind of onion goes best with these flavors? Yellow?

  153. Hi!

    Recipe looks amazing but when I plug in the nutritional information on the weight watchers app it comes to 4 Smart Points. Why is your 6 smart points?

  154. Did you just coconut milk from a can or from the carton? 

  155. My husband and I enjoy the Indian flavor and this sounds amazing. I think even I will be able to make it. Are there instructions available without the pressure cooker? 

    • Lynn the standard directions are for pan cooking, the bottom paragraph shows how to modify for a pressure cooker but only as an option. Trying this for sure, yum!

  156. this looks so good and family friendly as it doesn’t look too spicy. do you have crockpot directions? I think that a half bag of frozen peas and carrots added with the potato would round out this dish.

  157. I saw this just the other day and was going to make it sometime soon- you just put this one on my front burner! Looking forward to some healthy curry!!! Thanks, Gina!!!

  158. Slow cooker process???

    Also I found cheap garam masala spice at an ethnic market. 

  159. Gina, thanks so much for this recipe. The spouse and daughter are dairy allergic, and I usually make curry with soy creamer. I never thought of coconut milk as a yogurt substitute, but it’s a great idea. So excited to try this.

  160. This kind of good-looking dish is really awesome with rice! Can’t wait to try one now!

  161. Is masala a dry spice?

  162. Do you have any tips for making the Basmati rice in the Instant Pot along with the curry?

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  164. the recipe doesn’t list how much fat? 

  165. This was so good! I made this last night using full fat coconut milk b/c its what I had in the pantry. I also omitted the water and it was still quite soupy. Instead of dicing up a tomato I drained a can of petite diced tomatoes and used those. I served with jasmine rice and grilled naan bread. The leftovers were even better the next day!

  166. Lite coconut milk only comes in a 13.5 fl oz can (approx 1 cup). I use 1/2 cup for this recipe then put the other half in the fridge but always end up throwing it out after a week or so.  Any suggestions on how to store it or use it in another recipe?  I hate wasting it!

  167. Looking up old favorite recipes from your site to get the Smart Points and it seems this one hasn’t been calculated.

  168. Could you please tell me what the Smart Points would be for this?

  169. Hi….just made this I doubled the recipe and used a crockpot. I used a tin of diced tomatoes and a tin of light coconut milk but cut back on the water a bit because I was using a slow cooker. Made my own garam masala. When the meat was just about done, the sauce had turned watery. I removed the sauce, added a couple Tblsps of potato flour and cooked it down til it was nice and thick. It had good flavor but seemed to lack some depth……so I mushed up a banana and added it to the sauce. Perfect! Next time I think I will add some carrots and peppers!

  170. My husband is from the UK and LOVES Indian food! He really liked this! I changed it a little: Boneless skinless chicken breasts, a whole can of light coconut milk (I don't like leftover), a can of diced tomatoes drained, and a sweet potato instead. Made a nice big batch! Thanks!

  171. Just made this! Used chicken breasts and sweet potato instead. Also added carrots and pepper. Delicious!!!

  172. Can I substitute a sweet potato for the regular potato? Also, do you have any suggestions if I want to convert this to a slow cooker recipe? Thank you.

  173. Hi Gina! Hoping to get slow cooker instructions for this recipe? Thanks!

  174. Absolutely delicious!!!! Bravo!

  175. Yummy… I left out the taters, and added in a bit more coconut milk at the end to add some additional creaminess, and it was really good. Family liked it, and it made enough sauce to pour over the rice. Thanks for a great recipe!

  176. do you use sweetend or unsweetend coconut milk

  177. Made this for my husband and son tonight and they ranked it their now second favorite meal! Used an Indian curry i bought in Jamaica and blue mountain Jamaican curry.Served w coconut rice. The only change I'd make is to throw in some red pepper flakes to increase the heat. I love this site! Thank you for your wonderful recipes.

  178. Love this recipe! I made it with 2 chicken breasts, sweet potato instead of white and added cauliflower. Sooo filling and delicious.

  179. Since my boyfriend hates curry, is away for work, and NYC is stuck in what feels like an indefinite winter, I made this today and from my incessant taste testing along the way… it turned out great! Added an additional potato, a small can of tomato sauce and some peas. Going to be having it when I get back home later over some brown rice, garnished with fresh cilantro… I'm so excited!

  180. When I made this for dinner the only complaint I had was that I didn't make enough.

  181. This recipe was sooo delicious! Used chicken breasts instead and cut into chunks so it would be easier to eat. Very creamy, spicy and tasted really authentic. Used a little more salt, curry powder and garam masala than the recipe called for but other than that, this was definitely a winner. If I had to make this again (ohhh I will) I'll make it a little more saucy so it coats the rice better. Thanks for sharing!

  182. This was absolutely amazing! My husband was blown away! We are currently trying to eat healthier and lose weight! This recipe offers us a decent portion packed with flavor but doesnt put us over on calories! We will be making this again soon!

  183. Yum! My new favorite. Easy, too, some curry recipes are complicated. I used coconut cream instead of coconut milk, made it extra creamy and delicious. I didn't have a potato, but added carrots and peas. Good! Will definitely make again.

  184. I made this last week because my boyfriend was craving curry. Yum!! Totally forgot to make the rice, but it was great without it. It hit the spot for my bf and definitely found a place on our dinner rotation. Thanks for sharing!

  185. I made this for dinner tonight…just did a half recipe for the two of us. Couple things to note for next time. First, it took my potatoes a whole lot more than 5 minutes to cook, even in a 14" dice. Next time I will start cooking them with the onion. Also, I used bonesless skinless breast instead of thigh….just cubed it up and it worked great. I added more of all the spices – probably 50% more, and then it had nice flavor. Next time, I will make a lot more sauce because there really wasn't as much as I would have liked. I will trade off fat in the thigh for some additional light coconut milk! Great recipe- just a few minor tweaks needed.

  186. Hi Gina,

    I was wondering if I could throw this in the crock pot! If so for how long? Thanks!

  187. Can I use regular rotisserie chicken with this? It won't be seasoned and cooked in the curry spices, though…

    This recipe looks delicious – can't wait to try it!

  188. Looks awesome! I can safely say that I've never made anything of yours that isn't amazing! I literally use your recipes 5 days out of the week!

  189. Made this Saturday night! It was my first time making Indian at home! It was super easy and super delicious! My husband LOVED IT! Thanks for the variety of recepies on your blog! I am not lying when I say yours are the only recipes I make on a daily basis!

    *I used red potatoes I already had with the amount of time suggested in the recipe was perfect. They are naturally softer so I am assuming that helps.

  190. The aroma alone is a prelude for my taste buds….SCENTsationa!!!l…and I have mad something similar, but i didn't use coconut milk…we are delighted and can't wait for dinner esta noche!!! (btw I am a Texan and I speak broken Spainglish ;)… Thanks for your recipe..

  191. I am never, ever disappointed by your recipes. I made this because I needed to use up some chicken thighs and had the majority of the ingredients already. I did add a little cayenne pepper because I love spice, and I placed the potatoes in with the tomatoes as other commenters suggested. This dish is now added to my super easy to make and delicious list! I will be making it over and over. You always seem to please me! I REALLY wish you would come out with a cook book already. I want it! 🙂

  192. Oh MY Gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is my FAVORITE dish thus far! I L-O-V-E-D it. I ate ALL the left overs all by myself and I did not want to share. I made a double batch because I was going to freeze one batch and eat it later. Sad (or good) to say that it did not make it into the freezer. The only advice though is to put the potatoes in at the same time you put the tomatoes, curry paste, coconut milk etc….. I know the potatoes would not been done if I did not do that, then I would have to have cooked it longer making the chicken really overcooked. It did require more than 20 or even 30 min simmering time for both the chicken and the potatoes to be done. I think I did mine for about 45 min. I will definently be making this one again and again and again.

  193. This is simmering on the stove as we speak and it smells AMAZING!! I have a feeling it will be a home run!

  194. Hi, I am from South Africa. This receipt is just incredible. Trying it tonight!!

  195. We made this tonight and it didn't turn out quite right. It was too runny and the potatoes were under-cooked. We ended up cooking it longer and uncovered to let it thicken. This seemed to be helpful.
    Hope this helps others!

  196. Should I use hot madras curry or regular curry for this?

  197. I made this tonight and followed the recipe for the most part, as written. I cooked about 10 minutes longer after adding the potatoes because I checked my chicken with the thermometer and it wasn't done (maybe because I left the skin on). I also diced the tomatoes way smaller than the pic (printed the recipe without pics).

    Anyway, while this was delish, the potatoes did seem to soak up a good amount of sauce because I didnt have nearly as much sauce as in the picture. I guess this is because I cooked it longer. Also, some of the food did burn a little at the bottom(should have added even more water)

    This was still very tasty tho.

  198. I made this tonight and it was delicious! I shredded the chicken thighs and added the fresh tomato and cilantro in the last 5 minutes. I topped it with avocado and lemon juice. Yummm!!!

  199. I finally made this recipe. I'm trying to stretch my budget, so I doubled the potatoes and cut the chicken in half. It was still delicious! Even the picky eaters loved it.

  200. I've made this twice now and it is delicious and easy to make. My husband loves it too! Thanks for the recipe:D

  201. I made this with breasts instead of thighs, cut in half and pounded. Let it thicken/cook down. This is amazing. I am licking the spoon! Can't wait to try more.

  202. I made this tonight and used coconut water instead of coconut milk. Naturally, it turned out with more of a clear broth than a creamy consistency. We had it over jasmine rice, and it was fabulous! When I put it all into the recipe builder, it was 8oz for 6P+. Thanks, Gina!

  203. Just made a pot! So delicious. So far, I've tried your Spanish rice and chicken curry dishes. Cannot wait to try more, as your recipes have yet to fail me. Thank you so much for healthy ethnic food!!!!

  204. Sure!

  205. So if I cant find roasted cumin will regular cumin be okay?

  206. This was soooo delicious!!!. I did not have the garam marsala, but i had everything else and the recipe turned out fabulous.

  207. Hi,

    I want to make this tonight and was just wondering how much of the sauce is in one serving? Like 1 cup or something like that?


  208. I made this tonight and it was so delicious. I mean really delicious, not diet delicious! I left out the cilantro (we're in the no camp) and it was great. Served it on 1/2C of brown rice and my husband and daughter each got a piece of nan.

    I used 1-lb of boneless, skinless thighs and they were so tender, I'll be using more of those as well.

    thanks Gina. My first curry ever and it was a msterpiece:)

  209. This was delicious! I used chicken tenders instead (defrosted too many for superbowl so I saved them for dinner tonight) and I cut them up into bite sized pieces. Perfect filling dinner tonight. Thank you for another wonderful recipe!

  210. Yes, would love to know the weight of the chicken you used instead of the number of thighs, thanks!

  211. Hi! Can I used chicken breast instead of chicken thighs? If so, how many breasts to thighs ratio? Thank you!

  212. yes, Gina–any ideas on how to make this in the slow cooker??

  213. Gina, any ideas on how to make this dish in the slow cooker? Love your recipes 🙂

  214. Love love loved this. The sauce was a bit loose so I thickened it with a cream and flour slurry and let it cook down for a while longer than written, but it was so so so so so SO good.

    Thank you for the recipe ^_~

  215. Wow, this was delicious! I didn't have cilantro, but it was still great. I used chicken breasts and canned diced tomatoes with most of the juices drained. Thanks for the great recipe!

  216. So happy you enjoyed it : )

  217. I made this last night and it was fantastic. Thanks so much for the great recipes. Sending big loves from the UK.

  218. Can you post and update with calories and other stats not just the points? Thanks! I'm hoping to make this up over the weekend. Does it freeze well in individual servings. I'm thinking of leaving out the potato as I know they don't freeze overly well and then taking indivdual rice cups with a serving for lunch.

  219. Very good!!! Really liked it including my partner who doesn't care for new foods and spices that much. Left the cilantro out for her taste and used turkey breast instead since that's what I had in the house. This could be a very versatile recipe!!

  220. I love love love your recipes! I have some chicken thighs leftover from another one of your amazing recipes, so I want to give this one a try!

    The boneless, skinless chicken thighs I got are huge! For your recipe, what is the weight of one thigh? Mine are about 5-6 oz. Thanks!

  221. Of all places I found the masala at Uncle Giuseppe's (an Italian store for those of you who can't tell) I've been told that Pathmark carriers it and McCormick makes it as well but i have only seen it in those little recipe cards that have all of the spices measured out already for Curry

  222. I love your recipes! I've been on your site since August 1st and have lost 12 lbs. cooking your delicious food…so thank you! As for this recipe, if I swapped out the 6 chicken thighs for 4 chicken breasts, would the points still be the same? I plan on making this for dinner tonight and can't wait to try it.

  223. I love this dish too, just made it last week for supper!!

  224. OMG! This is the first time I have ever a) eaten Indian food and b) cooked Indian food. May I say, this is AMAZING! One of my new favorites. Thanks, girl! You rock


  225. I discovered chicken curry this year and I LOVE it! The kind I have eaten has been made with breasts, thank goodness… I just can't seem to like thighs. Will definitely try this! 🙂

  226. I made this last night and it was delicious!! Even my father, who fancies himself a food critic and never likes anything, said it was good! I used mild curry and tikki masala instead of garam masala because that's all my supermarket had. It was super tasty but not at all spicy, so I may pick up a stronger curry for next time. I'll also keep my eyes open for garam masala so I can try the exact recipe. I might add a few raisins in the mix next time for some extra sweetness too! Thanks for the great recipe and I can't wait to try another!

    Here's my blog post chronicling my curry adventure 🙂

  227. Made this recipe tonight and it was awesome!! Even my son liked it. I used a "mild curry" as that's all I had plus I just used regular cumin as I didn't have any "roasted." I also didn't add the potato as I'm watching carbs, but didn't miss it at all. I also had to substitute a small can of diced tomatoes since I didn't have any fresh. Served it over basmanti rice. This is another keeper!! Thanks Gina!

  228. I'm guessing 3 or 4.

  229. This looks awesome! I love all of your recipes that I've tried so far. Just wondering, about how many chicken breats would be equivalent to 6 thighs? Thanks!

  230. We had this tonight over rice and it was the best! It satisfied my every Indian craving. Thanks Gina

  231. anonymous, try it with masala and cilantro next time.

    Leigh, yes it needs salt as it cooks for sure! I love this dish!

  232. I made this tonight and used chicken breast tenders cut into large bites. It was delicious – very comforting and filling. I did have to add salt a couple of times in the cooking process, but I find that with any recipe that uses coconut milk. I thought the spices were just perfect – wonderful flavor! I figured points plus to be about the same, and for 4 servings just over 6 points (with breast meat) – but don't take my word for it!

  233. I just made it and while it is spicy (my nose is running) its bland if that makes any sense. The chicken is seasoned well, but the sauce is bland. I couldn't find the masala so I made my own and didn't use cilantro because I didn't have any. Any suggestions on what may have happened, other than the subs I made?

  234. I made this last night and it was amazing! Thanks so much Gina. I wish I knew how to make roti to go along with it.

    Could you update the Points + for this recipe? That would be great! Thanks so much again =)

  235. Not late, LOVE that idea! So much I might make it soon!!

  236. this is probably a bit late, lol but i make a very similar curry. its basically the same base but instead of chicken i use chickpeas, cauliflower and potatoes. VERY GOOD! and super filling!

  237. Wow, opera singers! You might be the first here! I hope she enjoys it, singing with Domingo… she must be great!

  238. My GF is singing with Domingo tonight here in LA! I'm gonna surprise her when she gets home with this dish! Thanks Gina from a couple of Opera singers in LA LA land 🙂

  239. I love curry too and I love this recipe. I really need to make this for my friends who think they don't like curry. I know they will change their minds!

  240. Oh I forgot to say that I made a Cilantro Chutney to go with this & it added that extra "oomph" without the extra points!

  241. This was SO good & easy to make.. I love one-pan/pot meals. I added 2 potatoes to make it a bit more filling for my kids & DH & since we all love cilantro, I added closer to a 1/2 cup! lol We are big fans of Indian food/curry so this was an instant winner for us. Thanks for another great recipe!

  242. I tried this. I'm not a big fan of cumin or cilantro. So I took them out and added a chicken stock cube instead and it is one of my FAVOURITE curry recipes 🙂 Thanks so much for it. Love it 🙂

  243. Good luck to you and let me know what you think!! : )

  244. This looks so yummy. I am new to the site, just diagnosed with high blood pressure, cholesterol, and my blood sugar levels are up. (Much of this should come down by losing weight). I cannot wait to try some recipes and I think with how diverse the recipes are I just might not get bored of eating healthy! Thanks!

  245. @Suzan- that sounds like it would be amazing. Let me know how it comes out!
    @ragamuffin- just let it cook a little longer, it will reduce and thicken.

  246. First of all, I love your site, so thank you! I was wondering, I'm making this recipe now, and I'm finding that with the 3/4 cup of water it made my dish a little watery. Is there anyway to thicken the sauce a bit?

  247. I have been looking for a good chicken curry with coconut milk recipe, and girl, you have done it again!You are the one I turn to when I need a new tasty WW meal! I am thinking of lightening it up by trying chicken breast, and butternut squash, instead of potato. I have so much squash, and I need some new ideas to do with it. wish me luck! Suzan

  248. You're welcome! Yes, it is very authentic!!

  249. Hello from Toronto! I made this last weekend – and it was DELICIOUS. Tasted very much like you can buy at local roti shops.

    Thank you for posting and sharing.

  250. Wow, I stumbled across this recipe and made it this weekend and it was amazing!! Thank you for posting it and I look forward to trying other recipes on your site.

  251. Hi Sabrina,

    I can usually find this in the supermarket here in New York, but if you can’t find this in your neighborhood, Im sure you can find it online.

  252. hello-
    this recipe looks amazing! I would like to know where you get roasted cumin and garam masala. i am not familiar with “roasted” cumin or the latter! thanks so much! by the way, your pictures are fantastic, too, gina! they make a world of difference and set you apart from other recipe sites!
    thanks so much!

    • You can find garam masala and roasted cumin in regular grocery stores. Most cumin is not roastd but the roasted has more flavor. McCormick would be one common brand.

  253. Hi from South Africa,

    This looks yummy!! Cannot wait to try it out.



  254. I’ll be making this one!

    It’s gluten-free, which is great for a lot of us that can’t eat wheat/gluten!

  255. Hi Gina,

    Delicious meal! I make this almost once a week because it’s so good!!

    Thanks a lot for your advert in Entrecard! Cool!

    Have a good evening my friend and thanks for your comment too!

  256. Awesome as always Gina.

    You have an award waiting for you on my blog.


  257. This sounds amazing!

  258. Coconut milk is so tasty in food! Makes it uniqe, and it’s also healthy.
    I add it to my scrambled eggs!