The BEST Chicken Enchiladas Recipe

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These are the BEST Chicken enchiladas recipe! My cuisine of choice anytime I go out is Mexican and this easy enchilada recipe definitely satisfies my inner enchilada lover!

These are the BEST Chicken enchiladas, my dish of choice anytime I go out for Mexican! If you're an enchilada lover like me, you will love these!!
Chicken Enchiladas

When I go out for Mexican food, I always order the chicken enchiladas because it’s my favorite!! This recipe has been one of my most popular recipes since I first posted it, which I am not surprised! My easy homemade enchilada sauce really makes it outstanding, so don’t skip that step! These are so good, I can’t order them out now, because I am always disappointed.

How to cook chicken for enchiladas:

I always have shredded chicken breast on hand, I usually make a whole package of chicken breast in my slow cooker to use for recipes throughout the week. To make chicken in the slow cooker for enchiladas, my favorite way is top the boneless, skinless chicken breasts (or thighs) with water or broth and cook it on low 4 to 6 hours, then drain or shred. You can also use leftover chicken breast from a rotisserie chicken which is so much quicker if you don’t have time.

What should I put in my enchiladas?

Enchiladas can be filled with anything you can think of! In this Chicken Enchiladas recipe, I used shredded chicken breast, but here’s a few more ideas.

  • Vegetarian enchiladas are great with refried beans or zucchini and cheese, then topped with sauce and more cheese.
  • Leftover taco meat or picadillo also makes a great filling for enchiladas. You can use beef or turkey for this.
  • For a pork option, try this Slow Cooker Pork Carnitas.
  • The enchilada sauce in this recipe is so good I created a separate post for it, I usually make double and freeze the rest!

A few ways to serve enchiladas:

These chicken enchiladas have been one of my go-to recipes for years and are always a hit when we serve them to friends and family. If you’re debating on if you should make them, I vote yes, and let me know what you think!

How To Make Chicken Enchiladas

These are the very BEST Chicken enchiladas, my dish of choice anytime I go out for Mexican! If you're an enchilada lover like me, you will love these!!

How To Make The Best Chicken Enchiladas

My favorite chicken enchilada recipe ever!!

More Enchilada Recipes

These are the BEST Chicken enchiladas, my dish of choice anytime I go out for Mexican! If you're an enchilada lover like me, you will love these!!
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Chicken Enchiladas

168 Cals 17.5 Protein 17.5 Carbs 6.5 Fats
Prep Time: 10 mins
Cook Time: 35 mins
Total Time: 45 mins
Yield: 8 servings
COURSE: Dinner
CUISINE: Mexican
These are the BEST Chicken enchiladas, my dish of choice anytime I go out for Mexican! If you're an enchilada lover like me, you will love these!!


For the enchilada sauce:

  • 2 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1-2 tbsp chipotle chilis in adobo sauce
  • 1-1/2 cups tomato sauce
  • 1/2 tsp chipotle chili powder
  • 1/2 tsp ground cumin
  • 3/4 cup reduced sodium chicken broth
  • kosher salt and fresh pepper to taste

For the chicken:

  • 1 tsp vegetable oil
  • 9 oz cooked shredded chicken breast, from 2 small breasts
  • 1 cup diced onion
  • 2 large clove garlic, minced
  • 1/4 cup cilantro
  • kosher salt
  • 1 tsp cumin
  • 1/2 tsp dried oregano
  • 1 tsp chipotle chili powder
  • 1/3 cup chicken broth
  • 1/2 cup tomato sauce

For the enchilada:

  • 8 7-inch low-carb whole wheat flour tortillas, (la tortilla factory)
  • 1 cup shredded low fat Mexican cheese
  • non-stick cooking spray
  • 2 tbsp chopped scallions or cilantro for topping


  • In a medium saucepan, spray oil and sauté garlic. Add chipotle chiles, chili powder, cumin, chicken broth, tomato sauce, salt and pepper. Bring to a boil. Reduce the heat to low and simmer for 5-10 minutes. Set aside until ready to use.
  • Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
  • Heat the vegetable oil in a medium skillet over medium-high heat. Sauté onions and garlic on low until soft, about 2 minutes. Add chicken, salt, cilantro, cumin, oregano, chili powder, tomato sauce, chicken broth, and cook 4 to 5 minutes. Remove from heat.
  • Spray a 13 by 9-inch glass baking dish with non-stick spray. Put 1/3 cup chicken mixture into each tortilla and roll it.
  • Place on baking dish seam side down, top with sauce. Then top with cheese.
  • Cover with aluminum foil and bake in the oven on the middle rack for 20-25 minutes. Top with low fat sour cream or scallions if you wish. (Extra points) Makes 8 enchiladas.



If using premade enchilada sauce it is approximately 2 1/4 cups.


Serving: 1enchilada, Calories: 168kcal, Carbohydrates: 17.5g, Protein: 17.5g, Fat: 6.5g, Saturated Fat: 2g, Cholesterol: 29.5mg, Sodium: 441mg, Fiber: 8.5g, Sugar: 3g
WW Points Plus: 6
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Photo credit Sarah of Broma Bakery

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  1. How have I not tried this recipe yet?? So good even my husband raved about them. I tend to “veg up” recipes- added a shredded yellow squash, red bell pepper, and some diced green chiles. Absolutely delicious!

  2. Is it OK to substitute beef/hamburger for the chicken?

  3. This is a staple recipe! I share it with everyone. So amazing! 

  4. I cheated and used canned sauce for the top but used this recipe for the filling, except added a can of drained and rinsed black beans. I have to say that I did not have the ingredients for my usual go-to enchiladas recipe, so that’s why I tried this one. These were SO full of delicious flavor. Definitely making these again!

  5. Another winner!! These chicken enchiladas are amazing! Easy to fix. Only thing different that I did was have my husband by a rotisserie chicken because I forgot to set the chicken out from the freezer. Shredded the rotisserie and followed the recipe exactly.  It was delicious! Thank you so much for this!

  6. I forgot to give it 5 stars!

  7. I have now made this recipe twice – once for my family and once to take to a potluck with friends. It was a huge hit both times! The second time I made it to the point of baking it in the morning and then baked it at my friend’s house that evening. I think it was even better that way as the flavors really came together! Thanks for another hit!

  8. I make a double batch of your enchilada sauce and freeze any leftovers. I love it and use it on alot of things. I use it to season rice and in beans and of course any kind of enchiladas.

  9. This is a really good recipe that my entire family enjoyed.  I followed it as written, which is unusual for me.  

  10. Absolutely fantastic!! Just as good as getting it out at a restaurant but BETTER! Must make!

  11. Love this recipe and make it all the time!  How much tomato sauce do you use for the enchilada sauce? My enchilada sauce looks a lot thinner than yours. I have been doing a cup and half 


  12. I have made this recipe multiple times – I look at other recipes but I keep coming back to this one. I am not on WW and really wasn’t searching for a “skinny” recipe– that’s how amazing this recipe is! Flavor is superb. I like to cook my chicken in the crockpot the night before and shred it in the morning.
    I made a double batch today for my family and another for a family in need of some extra love. I know it will be great again 🙂 Thank you!

  13. Good to use low carb tortillas. Bad to suggest low fat sour cream. Low fat dairy items typically have added sugar = high carbs. For those cutting carbs, regular sour cream not only tastes better, but is lower in carbs. Read the label.

    • Not sure what low fat sour cream you’re looking at, but both Daisy Light Sour Cream and their Regular Sour Cream have 1g of carbs per serving each. Plus, not everyone is cutting carbs.

      Technically low fat sour cream isn’t even in the recipe, it’s an optional add-on. So you rating it lower because of that makes no sense!

    • What a silly thing to knock stars off for. If you’re low carb then use what you need to use. This recipe isn’t at fault for your dietary needs. 

  14. Love this recipe.  
    I’m making these for a friend of mine who’s having an operation.  Should I bake them before I drop them off or have her bake them in the next day or two?

    Thanks in advance for your advise.


  15. This was my first time ever making enchiladas!  Quite possibly the best thing I’ve eaten in awhile!  The flavor was amazing and aside from the cheese, this recipe is pretty healthy if you use low carb wraps.  I used mission carb balance -3 net carbs.  Absolutely delicious,  fantastic, amazing! 

  16. These come together pretty easy and are absolutely delicious!

  17. Love all your recipes, but unhappy that when I copy them to take into my kitchen I can’t copy the picture!!!

  18. Really delicious but also time consuming. I think the sauce and the filling could both be made ahead for quicker prep on a weeknight. I was hesitant about the low carb tortillas but that brand is amazing. The tortillas are on the large size however, so we had to stretch the filling with some add ins like beans and more veggies. Will definitely make again!

  19. The word “Awesome” and “Amazing” were tossed around many times at the table!! Diffently putting this in my recipe book! The best enchiladas ever! And the sauce topping was amazing!

  20. So i tried to be ambitious and make gluten free flour tortillas for the enchiladas (first time). Of course they were too thick and would not fold so i ended making an enchilada stack and the tortillas were undercooked. All the other components of the recipe were so delicious though that the tortillas didn’t matter. Next time i’ll buy corn tortillas 😅

  21. Easy & delicious recipe! Perfect for busy weeknights. 

  22. Oh my! These were so good! Kinda a lot of work because I had to cook the chicken at the same. But, a really yummy recipe!

  23. These are absolutely amazing! 

  24. Delicious. Had to alter it a little do to lack of ingredients but it turned out great. Lots of flavor and pretty easy to make. My wife loved it so this is going in the rotation.


  25. Delicious! 
    But I am wondering why blue points shows higher than  green points.  Also, when I put into the recipe builder I come up with a lower pint value. Am I missing something? 

  26. I used low carb wheat tortillas and regular cheese—low fat is not my thing.  But I only ate 1.25 and I was stuffed.  Definitely a keeper!!

  27. Had the family over (including toddlers). Everyone loved our Mexican meal. We doubled the recipe but did not double anything spicy. Gave us the right amount of spice. Served with Skinnytaste Quick and Easy Skillet Mexican Zucchini and Skinnytaste Chipotle’s Cilantro Lime rice. All were great and a perfect combination. Thanks again, Gina for another successful meal for our family!

  28. Loved it! Just thdjfe right spiciness and so much flavor. Loved the enchilada sauce.

  29. Can this recipe be used as meal prep and be stored in the fridge for a few days or they will get to soggy?

    • I have made them ahead of time and I wrap the chicken in the tortillas, but store the sauce separately and place both in the fridge. When I go to bake them, I just pour the sauce in them and top with cheese and then bake them. Works great and they don’t get soggy 😊

    • I always make double the recipe – one pan for dinner and the second for lunches for next few days. Chicken drys out slightly with reheating so I keep a little enchilada sauce to add to the leftovers and it’s perfect!

  30. I do LOVE this! It is healthy, easy and enjoyable! Thank you! 

  31. This was very yummy! It was kind of time consuming, though, so maybe this is better for weekends. I love to be eating healthy with good food!

  32. This is one of our family’s favorite recipe.  I make it so often, I have memorized the recipe!  Wondering if this could be frozen after assembling but before baking?

  33. I always come back to this recipe. It’s a little more work, but so worth it. I have made these multiple times. Always good.

  34. They are THE BEST enchiladas!! I made extra sauce and I wanted to jar it and store it in the fridge. If you were to do this, how long do you think it’ll be good?  I did purée the chiles in adobo sauce first as suggested below. 

  35. These are positively the best Chicken Enchiladas – the recipe is a keeper. I only made 6 because I wasn’t sure how they would be – a mistake. I had chicken thighs cut up into small pieces and cooked with all the spices, so no need for the chicken broth that would be needed with cooked breast meat. I also added a little of the Enchilada Sauce to the chicken mixture along with a some cheese. We are going to be fighting for the leftovers.

  36. Love! So delicious. Hard to believe it’s a “light” dish. My only question is how exactly do you recommend using the chipotles in adobo sauce? Chop them up? Leave them whole? Thanks! 

    • Joy, I use the canned chipoltes in adobo. I got a hint from some cooking show to put them in a food processor and grind them up. Then just use a tablespoon of the sauce, or more if you like it hot. I then freeeze the remaining and defrost when I need it. Then, return to freezer. Works perfectly.

      SW Florida

  37. I don’t have a glass baking pan, only a dark metal baking pan. When ibattempred the recipethe tortilla bottoms came out wet. Any advice on how to adjust tge temperature for baking the 4enchiladas?

  38. Love this recipe! If I wanted to make ahead should I assemble it all and freeze? Then just take out and bake (longer)? Or should I stop at a certain step. 

  39. I made these today. Omg! They came out delicious. Thank you for such an incredible recipe. I will definitely make these again. I will never buy the already made enchilada sauce again. Your recipe is super easy& tasty. I’ve already sent it to a few friends.

  40. Ohhh my stars!  How delicious and reasonably within reach staying on track!  DELICIOUS and a keeper recipe!

  41. This recipe was so yummy! I sliced the chipotles in half and took the seeds out, so it was less spicy for our little one. I personally like more heat, but baby needs to eat!
    Did anyone get this recipe done in 45 minutes? I think it took me double that!
    We also cooked the suggested cilantro-lime cauliflower rice and it was delicious too. 

  42. I normally don’t like enchiladas but after reading the reviews I thought I should give them a try. They were AMAZING and my whole family devoured them! It is definitely on our normal rotation! I added black beans but after reading the reviews will sneak some zucchini next time! Can you freeze them? If so, how best to reheat?

  43. I’ve made this probably 20 times. My boyfriend can not get enough! If I say “do you want this meal or enchiladas” he says enchiladas every time. He used to live in Texas and work at a Mexican restaurant and says it’s the best he’s ever had! Thank you for sharing this recipe ☺️☺️☺️

  44. For the enchilada sauce it says 1-1/2 cups tomato sauce. That’s 1.5 cups right? Or 1/2 to 1 cups? I just want to make sure I make the sauce perfect!

  45. Have you ever tried to use red chile pods it freshly toasted green chili pods in your enchiladas? This is how we serve them and enjoy them in New Mexico!

    • Did you really expect to receive a positive response, or ANY response at all by leaving a single star as if you were actually “reviewing” the recipe? It seems fairly obvious that you have not tried this recipe. you just wanted to get your little plug in there about how YOU like YOUR Enchiladas. However, no one is interested in how you like your enchiladas, I’m sure they’ll ask if they do. Better yet, how about you start up your very OWN BLOG and find your VERY OWN followers instead of taking advantage of someone else’s hard work.
      Very ignorant, such a disrespectful move, why?

  46. Gina, I’ve been making your recipes for a long time, and one is better than the n. I always give credit to you! Thank you for making healthy recipes delicious, Diana..from Nazareth PA

  47. Super good! This is now on regular rotation in our house! 

    I add a zucchini and a green pepper to increase the amount of filling and eat vegetables. 

  48. This recipe was tasty! I doubled the chicken and the sauce to freeze some to make quickly another night. I cooked the chicken in the crockpot and then shredded it and it came out perfectly. The recipe itself doesn’t taste light. It’s flavorful! But a bit too seasoned/spicy for our 5 and 7 year old to enjoy. Next time I make it I will cook some of the chicken separately minus chili powder, less cumin, etc. so I can make half the batch per the recipe and have the batch milder. I will also use less Adobe pepper and chili pepper in the enchilada sauce.

    • We love recipe at my house too, but same issue for myself and my 5 year old. I leave out the chiles in adobo and the chipotle chili powder completely. Still has tons of flavor with the other seasonings! 

    • How did you do the chicken in the crockpot?

  49. This was a huge hit for the whole family! I was told that this makes the “make again” list.

  50. Absolutely delish! The fam thought so too. Will definitely make again.

  51. My husband requests this recipe AT LEAST once a week! We use a bit more chicken than called for but everything else is right on point! Delish!

  52. The name says it all. Truly the best enchiladas!

  53. I have made this several times now as people have requested this time and time again. My little people even love to eat it as the spice isn’t to hot for them. Great simply and easy recipe!!!

  54. Looking forward to making this, but it seems like steps #1 and #3 are the same….so I am confused. Any suggestions?

    • No, there are some similar ingredients but they are 2 different things. One is the enchilada sauce and the other is the chicken. See ingredients list.

  55. I’m originally from New Mexico. When I lived there (1950’s – 1970’s) we flavored Mexican food with Green Chili or Red Chili.  There was no such thing as Chipotle.   Neither my husband or myself likes the Chipotle flavor.   Do you have a recommendation for replacing it in your recipes that call for Chipotle. We eat Skinny Taste recipes at least two to three times a week and so appreciate them!

  56. These were amazing…love the little bit of heat…what do you serve with it to keep low cal ?

  57. Delicious! All four teenagers loved this dish! Thank you!

    (Was I supposed to cut up the chipotle peppers?)

  58. Absolutely delicious! A bit of spice, a bit of citrus… I highly recommend. 

  59. I had leftover canned chipotle peppers so decided to make these enchiladas, and all I can say is WOW!  My family is already asking me to make them again. Like tomorrow. 

  60. This is one of my ALL-TIME favorite recipes – not just on your site. I make it frequently and usually pair with IP black beans and Mexican cauliflower rice. I do have one question. Why is blue 6 points and green 5? I get the purple number but I just am wondering. NOT remotely complaining!! 

    • Making these tomorrow so really if I could have not put a star rating I wouldn’t have When I plug this into the recipe builder for Blue they come out 4 points a piece, not 6?  

      • Not sure why this posted under Sharyn.  but anyway maybe the difference is the tortillas I plan on using.  The mission low carb white flour or wheat for 2 its each?

      • Yeah but the points for the tortillas should be the same for green/blue. The ones I’m using are 1 point anyway just curious! Regardless it’s fantastic!! 

  61. I love these enchiladas and so does my family. Can I use this same recipe with pulled pork?

  62. I used 1/2 cup of cheese and corn tortillas instead,  and it was delicious! You would never know it was a healthier Version of an enchilada dish. Make it, you won’t be disappointed. 

  63. Wow. That was an undertaking. I think 95 minutes from starting from scratch til they went in the oven. In the future…

    1. Made a double batch of the sauce, froze 1 half of it. (I did use blender to pulse those chipotle peppers to be smooth).
    2. Did one batch of chicken breasts – I will ABSOLUTELY make a slow cookers worth of shredded chicken for this and other dishes and throw it in the freezer. With those two steps done this recipe would be a breeze. Without it was basically a two dishwasher load recipe lol. Why would I go through all that again?
    3. Because it was utterly delicious. Added rice to the chicken mixture and did what several folks suggested and precooked without sauce for 10 mins, took out and sauced and cheesed the dish and back in for 20. They were literally perfect. I’ll never make another recipe for enchiladas.

  64. Best home made dinner!  Ever!

  65. I just made this tonight and it was delicious. I love the sauce, it had a little zip but just enough. My family said this is a keeper:))))

  66. My family LOVED this! My very picky 5 year old said he wants me to make this more often! We will keep this in the recipe rotation.

  67. Can you use corn tortillas to make gluten free?

  68. Oh my gosh!!! My husband and I LOVED this recipe! I haven’t tried new recipes for a few years now but this caught my eye and it was simply scrumptious. I had a difficult time locating the chipotle chilis in adobo sauce but eventually found it. We used the chicken breasts from a rotisserie chicken and I can’t wait to make it again! I even shared the recipe with my favorite brother and his wife. Thank you very much!

  69. I love Gina’s recipes, but one enchilada is a serving? With ONE OUNCE of chicken in it? If y’all agree that’s kind of skimpy, I put in 2 ounces of chicken per, which adds only 46 calories, almost all protein. I put some black beans in the last batch too, and that was great! Love the enchilada sauce!

  70. I can’t wait to try this. I have not worked with Chipotle chilis in Adobo sauce.Can I buy it this way?

    • Yes, you’ll find it in any grocery store, in cans. Use what you need and freeze the rest in a small plastic container. You can cut off a tablespoon at a time straight from the freezer.

      • This recipe was good, but I was a bit confused because the instructions do not say what to do with the enchilada sauce. Never having made them before I wasn’t sure if any went inside the enchilada or just on top. I ending up putting a small amount inside each one then topped with the remaining sauce and it was good. 🙂

  71. So good, adding to the rotation stat!

  72. I don’t know why it is spicy but we shared it with our neighbour’s and they said it one of the best enchilada they ever had so thank you so much.

  73. Made this last night exactly as the recipe states – outstanding, even my hubby loved them. It was a bit too much cumin for him (42 years, and I didn’t know he wasn’t a big fan), so I will add a bit less next time. Excellent!

  74. This truly is the best recipe! I used regular corn tortillas. We froze it and it reheated well. The sauce is excellent!

    • How did you reheat? I made a double batch and it was waaaayyy too much for us. Thinking of freezing back full recipe size. Any advice is appreciated!

  75. I made 2 important mods to this recipe, which is so good it has become a staple in our house:
    1) hit the enchilada sauce with an immersion blender to really maximize volume and deliciousness
    2) use corn tortillas!


  76. Love this recipe! I’m making a dish for my friend about to undergo a c section. Any tips on how to make this and then freeze so they can pull it out and bake it when they need a quick and easy meal? I’ve made the chicken and sauce already but thought I’d check when/how to freeze this recipe. Thanks!

    • I tried freezing the enchiladas with no sauce on them and they were still gooey – used flour tortillas. May work better if the tortillas were browned/toasty before freezing? I won’t try it again but I do freeze the sauce.

  77. This is a solid recipe! Very low calorie and flavorful. I used ground beef and added a little taco seasoning into it. Tasted like I ordered Mexican take out! Next time might see if I can squeeze in some rice. Yum!!

  78. This is definitely a more labor intensive meal to make, a weekend meal for me, but totally worth it. It was definitely spicy! I am not complaining, I love spicy, but anyone cooking for kids or someone who is more sensitive to spicy flavors be mindful. For the filling and sauce I followed every step according to the (cookbook version) of the recipe other than doubling the filling because I had a little over a pound of chicken. It matched the amount of sauce well. I did use (18) corn tortillas, I’m gluten free, and they did end up quite mushy. I gave them a quick heat In the microwave in batches so they would roll easily. I tried the tip in the comments about baking them for 10 minute without sauce so I did get some nice crunchy bits at the edges which I didn’t cover with sauce. With then amount of filling i made I was able to use a standard size casserole dish for 12 enchiladas and I had a smaller dish I put the remaining 6 in. I baked and froze the little one for another time. I’m not sure how the defrost/reheat will go but I will update when I do. Any tips would be appreciated.   Next time I make them (and I will) I may reduce or eliminate the cilantro. I’m not a huge fan but was unsure how much I would taste it in then filling (you def do). I may also do a quick immersion blender in the sauce, I find that there were some chunks of the peppers in adobo even though I diced them as fine as I could. 

  79. Hi! Is this recipe freezer friendly! Have our first baking due in 10 weeks and looking for recipes to fill the freezer!

  80. This is very easy to make ahead . The best chicken enchiladas ever. Great for a large gathering. make ahead and just enjoy without being tied to the kitchen. We always spice it up with fresh jalepenos

  81. I don’t know if others come back to these comments, but I also found the texture of the tortillas kind of gluey the first time I made them so I have started baking the enchiladas dry (no sauce added) for 10 minutes. Then, I add the sauce and cheese and bake for 20 minutes. I think they are much better in texture when you do this. The enchilada sauce is delicious, but way too spicy for my grandchildren. I use 1/2 the amount of chipolte chilis and chili powder. Even at that sometimes my grandson says, “Too spicy grandma!”

  82. I love this recipe. I did add some Sofrito to kick the flavor up a notch. It was so good!

  83. So delicious! I love the flavor of the chicken.

  84. We LOVE this recipe. My husband and I are on WW (blue) and make this atleast 2 times a month. Love to make on a weekend and have the leftovers for workday lunches. The enchiladas sauce is perfect. We often add sliced bell peppers to the onion/meat mix and have done the traditional chicken but have also tried it with ground turkey and shredded pork. Love how versatile this recipe is. Truly the best!

  85. Excellent! Everyone loved dinner tonight. Thank you!!

  86. I was raised with a Mexican step-dad and have tasted his authentic enchiladas and I have to say these are better than his. I LOVED this recipe! It was full of flavor and really easy to make. The only thing I changed was the flour tortillas an used yellow corn tortillas instead, I personally enjoy the corn flavor better.

  87. These are amazing!! I add refried beans and corn into mine. Do you think they’ll freeze well? Any tips? 

  88. These are delicious! Best enchiladas I’ve ever had. We often smoke boneless skinless chicken thighs and use those in place of shredded chicken breast (obviously affects point value) and it adds even more amazing flavor!

  89. I made this in a “lasagna-style” with 9 corn tortillas in a 9X9 baking dish. And, I used about 1 pound 6 oz of chicken. and 2 cups of reduced fat Mexican cheese blend.

    A splash of sauce on the bottom, tortillas, chicken, cheese, sauce–repeat until topped with final tortillas, sauce and cheese. It was amazing! Will definitely make again (and trying rolling into tortillas if I’m not feeling as lazy). 🙂

  90. I made a batch of sauce before making this- I have containers in the freezer portioned our by a cup a piece, does anyone know if one cup is enough of the sauce is permafrost or do I need to pull two out of the freezer? Thanks!

    • I’ve made this recipe a bunch of times now and realised I never left a rating or comment. I’m back on here because I’m making it again tonight!

      This has become our go-to enchiladas recipe. It’s super easy, and tastes great. Sometimes I use shredded pork in place of the chicken, sometimes we use regular tortillas. Any leftovers (ha! As if my kid wont just eat the lot of it given the chance!) reheat great as well! Thanks for the awesome recipe!

  91. So yummy! I use Greek yoghurt instead of sour cream 

  92. These are the absolute best enchiladas I’ve ever had. And I’m from Texas-the TexMex Capital of the world. I used dairy free cheese and corn tortillas to make them gluten and dairy free. Def one of my family’s most favorite meal!

  93. These are fantastic.- so full of flavor and leftovers were excellent as well!

  94. Excellent recipe. One of our family’s favorites. 

  95. Is there a difference between chipotle chili powder and chipotle chili pepper? I used chili pepper and they were so spicy! And I cut it in half! 

  96. These were delicious but there wasn’t enough filling for even 6 shells, let alone 8. If doing 8 I’d do the very small taco sized shells, not 8” or double the filling, but then they aren’t really “skinny” anymore calorie wise. 

    • I see the recipe calls for 7″, that probably makes some difference in how much each tortilla holds?

      • Soooo, you misunderstood the recipe and/or didn’t pay attention, yet chose to leave the Author a 4 star rating?  You are potentially bringing her overall rating down due to your negligence? So disrespectful and tasteless. 

        It’s likely that you don’t understand this either, so I’ll clue you in. A “star rating” is NOT required when leaving a comment. You can leave your meaningless comments without hurting the Authors rating in the process.  In the future, feel free to just scroll on by the stars, especially if you’re writing only to complain about an issue that no one is at fault for aside from yourself…

  97. I just made these chicken enchiladas last night and they are amazing. both my husband and I loved them. Gina I get a lot of my recipes from your site and I have never been disappointed. I made blueberry scones earlier in the day yesterday. from your site too. Thank you. Keep posting them.

  98. These enchiladas are UNREAL! 
    So so good! I used white tortilla because I didn’t have wheat. 
    I think it has a big kick of heat to it (not bad) but might do less heat for kiddos. My 20 month old wouldn’t have been able to handle the heat. Definitely making AGAIN.

  99. This is one of my favorite recipes.  Do you have recommendations on making these ahead and freezing them?  If so, at what step do I freeze them and how should I reheat them? 

  100. Wow. I mean wow. We just just made these for Cinco de Mayo and they were actually pretty easy and quite delightful. Our guests loved them. I actually doubled the sauce just to have extra as an optional garnish, and I am glad I did. I used normal flour tortillas and shredded a block of cheddar cheese I had on hand – so likely not quite a healthy, but still very delicious. Something like an enchilada is often too much work for me to care to make, i like one-pot-wonders, but I would do this again!

  101. Hi GINA! I made these for dinner tonight with cilantro cauliflower rice! So good!! Love your recipes!

  102. We LOVE these!!  Anytime we serve them, they get RAVE reviews!

  103. Thank you!

  104. Would these be ok using canned chicken? 

    • I just made them with canned chicken last night. Tasted great. The chicken just breaks down in that it’s not in big chunks but still good. 

  105. Hi,

    What can I use to substitute for the Chipotle chilli powder?

  106. Love this recipe, but wondering why the points on blue is higher than green? 

  107. Just made this tonight. Cant say enough how much I love this recipe. So flavorful! The homeade sauce really was worth it. For the shredded chicken, I cooked mine in a crock pot for 6 hours on the low setting in a cup of chicken broth…the chicken came out soo tender!

  108. Great recipe albeit I added a bit more hot chilies to it just because I like things a little bit on the warmer side but everybody seems to love it so thumbs up

  109. I made this recipe twice and I wanted to love these enchiladas, but the flavor was not there. The first time I made the enchiladas, I followed the directions step-by-step. THEY WERE SO BLAND. The second time, I doubled all of the spices to see if that would improve the taste. Sadly, I was disappointed. If you are looking for flavor, this recipe is not for you.

    • I love flavor and this recipe has it!!! I have made this recipe many, many times and it is delicious! Everyone I have served this to has loved it. My family requests it!!!

    • Perhaps more salt? I know a lot of salt is not healthy, but a lot of times I find using more salt seems to bring out more flavors.

    • I like to add a can of rotel in the chicken. It really makes a difference 

  110. We love this recipe SO much. It really is one of the best recipes we’ve ever made.

    Tonight, we had some leftover Chicken Taco Chili (another ST recipe!) that we used up as the filling for these, and it was still delicious. Not as good as the original chicken filling described here, but still tasty!

    The enchilada sauce is SO yummy. Do not skip it!

  111. Great recipe! Even my picky daughter liked it, thanks so much!

  112. I was wondering if you could put recipe where we can use our Instant Pot?

  113. Could you make the chicken in an instant pot just like the chicken salsa recipe but with these ingredients or will that not work? 

    • I just made the chicken in the instant pot! I used the recipe for the chicken and then put the uncooked breasts in the instant pot for 10mins. I still used the stove top for the sauce while the chicken was cooking. Came out perfect 

    • I always make my chicken in the IP, but then continue on stove top. Perfect every time 

  114. What if i forgot the chipotle chilis in adobo sauce? What can i use instead?! Please help!!!

    • Try the chipotle chili powder. Just use less. Maybe some smoked paprika as well to get that smoky adobo flavor

    • I brag about this recipe so often. I am not an enchilada fan but MY GOD are these delicious!!! The only thing I suggest is baking the enchiladas without sauce or cheese for 10 mins first, then adding sauce and cheese and baking for 20 minutes. Without this step, the tortillas get soft and have a mushy texture. By the way, double the sauce recipe. It’s amazing!!!!

  115. This recipe has become my family’s favorite. Easy to make and delicious. Love from the Philippines!

  116. Love these enchiladas!   They are the best.  I have not made them since WW changed to green, blue and purple. .   I am confused how blue points (Listed as 6)can be more than green(listed as 5) when chicken breast is zero points under blue.   I think it may just be listed backwards by mistake.  

  117. Can you put the ingredients in an Instant Pot?
    If so how would I do it?

  118. Made these tonight, husband raved. We loved the sauce, I was able to make per the recipe, then saved a little on the side, taking the two whole Chipotle Chile’s from the sauce and chop them up, mixing with the remaining sauce to serve on the side. It was much hotter, delicious.
    Using the low carb tortillas, they were soft and absorbed the flavors nicely. Served with sliced avocado. Definitely going to make these again. Thanks for the great recipe!

  119. I love this……… did my family.

  120. One of our faves!

    Today I had to make it without tortillas, as the store was completely out!

    I followed the recipe exactly, until it came to baking it.  I put the chicken in the dish, followed by maybe only 3/4 of the enchilada sauce, and then covered with cheese and baked.

    It came out more like a cheesy stew.  I served it over yellow rice. And my husband and son enjoyed eating it with tortilla chips.

    Definitely a fun twist on an old fave!

    Thanks for all the wonderful recipes!

    • I know I’m weird, but I don’t love tortillas. They’re not worth the calories to me.
      But I love Tex-mex food! So I was thinking about making these just as you described and serving over cilantro cauli rice. I’m glad to know it turned out ok for you! Planning some meals for next week. 

  121. Yet another winning recipe! I confess I didn’t use the enchilada sauce this time as I had mole on hand that needed to get used, but will make the sauce soon for another batch. The chicken mixture itself was fantastic! Great flavors, fun and easy to make!

  122. It is very good, I made it today, it was yummy 

  123. Hi my tortillas were soggy.  Any recommendation on brands.  We made tortilla wraps ahead of time but did not add sauce or cheese until we baked them.  Taste was great but texture so-so.

    • Same thing happened to me. I used low carb tortillas and they turned to mush. Enchilada sauce was delicious

  124. Can you use cornmeal tortillas instead of wheat flour?

  125. Delicious flavor! We love chicken enchiladas and this is the best recipe yet!! … and I’ve made a lot!
    Highly recommend!

    • So…if you make the large batch of enchilada sauce (which Injust made and tastes great by the way) do you just add some of it to the chicken/onion/garlic mixture? (Otherwise, it seems like you’re just making more sauce…?)

  126. Is chipotle chili pepper (ground) the same as chipotle chili powder? Thanks!

  127. I thought the sauce was flavorful and it was just the right amount of spice. Overall, I would rate the dish a 10/10.      


  128. These were amazing and I highly recommend the enchilada sauce.  I live by myself, can anyone recommend the best way to reheat for leftovers?

  129. I absolutely love this recipe! The best enchiladas ever! I’ve made them at least 20 times, the only thing I skip is the cilantro, but everything I follow!

  130. Do you use the entire recipe of enchilada sauce for this recipe? I seem to remember having leftover sauce when following the previous version…

  131. These enchiladas were incredible! Even my fiance who doesn’t ordinarily like enchiladas loved these. I added an extra chipotle chili to give the sauce a little more kick, but otherwise made them exactly as written. Will definitely be adding these to the rotation!

  132. I have made these many times and LOVE them! Question, can you give any alternative brands for low we point tortillas as I can’t seem to find La Torilla Factory near me. Thank you! 🙏🏻

  133. Can these be made ahead and frozen?

  134. I was disappointed in these unfortunately. The sauce was too sweet and I feel like it would have been easier and better to use canned enchilada sauce. The flour tortillas were gooey. It was okay but I would not make this again.

  135. These were amazing (as I knew they would be)! I had left over enchilada sauce from one of Gina’s other enchilada recipes. I ended up throwing everything for the chicken in the crockpot (chicken, onions, and all seasoning). After shredding the chicken, I assembled everything. So delicious!

  136. Off the charts amazing. Literally the best dish I have EVER made. Thank you!

  137. Can I make these ahead and freeze them? They sound delicious!

    Thank you for sharing all of your great recipes!


  138. The sauce alone is enough to rate this recipe 5 stars. I quadruple it and store the extra in gallon bags laid flat in the freezer for super quick thawing. I haven’t bought a single can of enchilada sauce since finding this recipe.  It is amazing. The enchiladas a a hit with everyone I’ve made them for. Thank you so much!

  139. I found this recipe very time consuming and frustrating;
    maybe I did something wrong.  The sauce was chunky, I was picking chunks of garlic and pepper out of it. I didn’t realize the chicken was supposed to be cooked in advance, so I had to boil it halfway through making this recipe which took about 20 extra minutes. Lastly, tortillas don’t list their size (that I saw), so I guessed on the medium-ish size. There was barely any chicken per each tortilla if I wanted to stretch it out into 8. I would not make this again. 

  140. This massively overstates the WW Smart Points for Blue.

  141. Can you make this dish a day before ?

    • I read somewhere in the comments that she recommends making the chicken contents and the enchilada sauce ahead of time, but not putting things together until you are ready to cook. She worried it would get soggy otherwise.

  142. So this is just a heads up to everyone else – if you use Mission carb balance tortillas, and the Trader Joe’s reduced fat 3-cheese blend, and follow the recipe as follows otherwise, it works out to only 4 points per enchilada on blue! I even increased the cheese to 1.5 cups and it was still only 4 points! I couldn’t believe it when I saw it either but I have checked and checked again…

    Happy eating! This is my favorite recipe on this entire website 🙂

    • I used Mission Low Carb whole wheat and the Kroger reduced fat shredded mexican and it came out to 6 points for TWO. I was so excited!!

  143. This is my favorite recipe ever! I’ve made it so many times. But…. are the points possibly swapped? It doesn’t make sense to me that a recipe would have more points on blue (where chicken is free) than green (where chicken has points). I noticed the same problem on the instant pot spaghetti recipe. I’ll calculate them myself with recipe builder, I just thought I’d mention it…

  144. Absolutely love this recipe and I don’t even like enchiladas! Thank you and keep em coming! I made the chicken in the crockpot on Sunday and then made your sauce ahead. Came home Monday night and it was so easy. I substituted 0% greek yogurt instead of sour cream.

  145. These look delicious! I don’t have a slow cooker, so how would you suggest preparing the chicken breasts?

  146. I am a very lazy cook and never intended on making homemade enchilada sauce especially when you can just buy a can. However, I use the Yummly App and quickly added all ingredients for the Skinnytaste chicken enchilada recipe and ended up buying all those ingredients. So I bit the bullet and made it despite myself and it was the BEST mistake ever made. I will no longer buy any sauce in the can. Now I make double batches and store in the freezer! It is quick and tastes soooo good!

  147. These are SOOOO good! I’ve made this recipe multiple time. Always a great choice to make. I may need to make these tonight… yummm

  148. These enchiladas are one of the best things I’ve ever made. My husband said they tasted like they came from a  very fancy Mexican restaurant. Thanks so much … super delicious. 

  149. Your calories for this dish are really off. When I put it into MyFitnessPal it’s over 200 calories for 1 enchiladas. 😏

  150. Your calories this dish are really off. When I in put to MyFitnessPal it’s over 200 calories for 1 enchiladas. 😏

  151. This mid-labeling of food is concerning………

    enchilada noun
    en·​chi·​la·​da | \ ˌen-chə-ˈlä-də  \
    Definition of enchilada
    1 : a usually corn tortilla rolled around a savory mixture, covered with chili sauce, and usually baked
     Learn to pronounce
    a Mexican dish consisting of a tortilla rolled around a filling, typically of beans or ground or shredded beef

    The recipe as a whole is really good though!!  I mean absolutely EXCELLENT!!

  152. Can the chicken enchiladas be made in advance 
    And frozen. I would add enchilada sauce and cheese 
    Ready to cook .

    Thank you

  153. These really are the best enchiladas. Hoping to start making the homemade enchilada sauce soon!

    • The sauce is very easy to make. I will never go back to store bought sauce now that I’ve made this. I loved it!

  154. Can you please provide instructions for freezing/thawing/baking?  I just tried your enchilada spaghetti squash bowls and they are to die for.  I was going to make a batch of these for the freezer next.  Thanks!

  155. These are seriously, without a doubt, the BEST enchiladas I’ve ever had. This is the first review I’ve done, but I had to because they were SO amazing!

  156. We love this recipe. Can you make ahead without having the tortillas get soggy? I want to make these for a friend who just had a baby and bring them over for her to bake. 

  157. These are my favorite! With back to school, and crazy after school activity schedules, Im wondering if you have tried to freeze this meal? Im thinking before the enchilada sauce?…

    • I make extra sauce and freeze it in Ziploc bags and I freeze the cooked chicken so all you need to do is buy the tortillas, defrost the sauce and chicken and you’re ready to go!

    • I’ve frozen these before (without the sauce on them) and they turned out just as good as fresh! 

  158. This was an excellent recipe. The whole family loved it. I just layed out corn tortillas in two layers, only used 10 for a huge casserole to keep it lowish carb, didn’t roll them, too time consuming. . Also, two of us are dairy free so I used DF cheese for half and reg cheese for the other half. It was gone soo quick I have to make another one the same week! Very Very good. Excellent thank you.

  159. Excellent! However, I am usually too lazy to stuff my tortillas, so I make them flat. I put a thin layer of sauce on the bottom of the pan, and layered the tortillas and filling, pour the sauce on top, add the cheese and bake as directed. I also feel it could lower the calories because there is a little less tortilla in each serving, but that could be just wishful thinking!

  160. This is hands down our favorite enchilada recipe! The homemade sauce makes all the difference. I’ve started to make the enchilada sauce in big batches and freezing it to have on hand.. My boyfriend raves to all of his friends about these enchiladas. Thanks for this great recipe, I’ve made it multiple times and will always keep it in my rotation 🙂 I

  161. I have been running out of things i want to cook. Chicken enchiladas were mentioned & i have to say i rolled my eyes. I love, love mexican food but chicken enchiladas are not anywhere close to my favorite. Ive got to tell you…these were the best chicken enchiladas ive ever tasted! It was so simple to put together also. All i can say is yum & thank you!! I will be making these again.

  162. did these used to be called “skinny enchiladas?” i had that recipe print out and it was our go to, but after using it over and over we cant find it…this looks the same, but just wanted to be sure!?!

  163. This recipe is delicious but I cant figure out the points for WW. I am on Freestyle and I do not calculate one serving as 6 points. One serving is one enchilada, right? Please help! Thank you.

    • Hi Tammy. Yes, one enchilada is one serving. FS points are 6.

      • I also calculated it differently in the recipe builder. I’m showing 3 points, with the only Freestyle SP coming from the tortilla (I use 1 SP tortillas) and light cheese (Trader Joe’s 5 SP for 1 cup) I hope I’m not missing anything! It was delicious! Thank you

  164. OMG! These are absolutely amazing! I was a bit confused on the amount of chicken to use so I just used a pound which I assume is the correct amount because it easily filled 10 tortillas! Not only were they delicious but very easy to i make as well!   Definitely going to be a recipe that goes into my dinner rotation. 

  165. Made these tonight and they were perfect! I used 1 and 1/2 tbsp of the chipotle peppers but next time will cut it down to just 1 tbsp (my husband can’t handle the heat 😂). The filling was the perfect amount for 8 tortillas, I didn’t run out or have extra using a 1/3 cup to measure. Served with 1/4 cup of Spanish Style Rice and 1/4 cup Fat-Free Refried Beans. Perfect dinner!

  166. I was doubtful that this recipe would be any good because that’s how I am, but- holy smokes- was I wrong. This is actually AMAZING. It is definitely worth the time and effort.
    P.S. It took longer than 10 minutes for me to prepare everything. Expect that it will for you, too, unless you have everything shredded/minced/chopped or whatever beforehand.

  167. Do you think this recipe could be made the night before, refrigerated, and then baked the next night? Or might the tortillas get soggy?

  168. A family favorite. The flavors are amazing and the recipe is very easy to follow.

  169. I used spray instead of oil, part skim mozzerela cheese, and Ole wraps that are only 1SP. It got the smart points down to 2 per enchilada! I also added a can of black beans to bulk it up a little and they were delicious. This is now one of my favorite recipes. I think the sauce is what makes it!

  170. Great recipe! Some 0 point nonfat yogurt made these even more delicious! My question is why is each enchilada 6 freestyle points? I just plugged it into the recipe builder and I got 4 points per enchilada. The only foods that have points are the tortillas, cheese, and enchilada sauce right?

  171. Would corn tortillas work?

  172. Made these and totally loved them but too much for one meal.can the leftovers be frozen?

  173. I always make a recipe almost exactly as stated the first time. No different here except I used leftover pizza sauce I had in the freezer that was homemade. I t was a very basic sauce, so it worked perfectly.  I couldn’t find low-carb  tortillas, so used whole-wheat. We just loved these.  I only got 7 enchiladas out of this recipe, so would definitely use more than 8.5 oz of chicken the next time I make it..  My husband loved these also and it’s always a challenge to get him to eat chicken. 

    I let them cook for a bit longer so they would be a bit crispy.  Will make again!

    • The recipe says 2 8.5 ounce chicken breasts for a total of 17 ounces of chicken meat.

      • No, it doesn’t. It says 8.5 oz, 2 chicken breasts. I used 2 chicken breasts and barely got 8.5 oz. I reduced the filling to 1/4 cup and still got only 7 enchiladas. For a frame of reference, the cookbook version of this recipe calls for 9 oz. 

        17 oz of chicken would have made 12-13 enchiladas, not 8.

      • No, it doesn’t. It says 8.5 oz 2 breasts. If it was 2 8.5 oz breasts, it would have been written that way.

        I too only got 7 enchiladas, and I used 9 oz of meat (as the cookbook version of this recipe calls for).

  174. My favorite enchilada recipe!! Perfect amount of spice (but I like spicy food) and the sauce can’t be beat. I also found that I require much more chicken/filling in order to make 8 servings. Since it’s a bit time consuming, I’d love to make a huge batch and make half into a freezer meal please!! Should the sauce and cheese be added, then place in freezer instead of putting in the oven? Any advice on cook time from frozen? Thanks!!

  175. This was one of the first recipes I tried when I first bought your cookbook years ago and I can attest that ordering enchiladas at a restaurant has lost its appeal because nothing ever comes close to this delicious sauce! This is my husband and my favourite meal. He always asks for it on special occasions. Thank you so much Gina. Amazingly delicious!

  176. I cannot find reduced fat cheese where I live. I even go to North Seattle to visit family which is 2 hours from where we live and cannot find anything at Trader Joes. The best we have is part skim mozzarella. Can this be a substitute even though the flavors are not like cheddar or is there a good place to purchase online and not too expensive.

    • Have you checked the block cheese? Even when I can’t find reduced fat shredded, I can find the blocks and shred it myself.

    • Trader Joe’s sells a shredded Lite Mexican cheese blend and a shredded lite Mozzarella in the bag. It’s very good. It sells out quickly at my TJs so ask when you go if you don’t see it. Cabot makes a 50% and 75% reduced fat cheese in an 8 oz block. Wegmans sells it here. Not sure which grocery chains you have in WA. Good luck! 

    • Safeway carries tons of 2%cheese

  177. This was delicious! I did use the 2 TBSP of  the chipotle chilies and next time I will lower it to the 1 TBSP.  Was very spicy but I added a little bit of light sour cream to mine to help with the heat. My husband loved it exactly as it was. This is a keeper!

  178. Do you think you could use corn tortillas?

    • They would change the nutritional breakdown (how much I’m not sure), but I used corn tortillas since I prefer the taste and texture of them over flour and it was delicious. 

  179. These look amazing! Do they freeze well? I notice it’s not officially designated as a freezer meal, and I’m wondering if that’s on purpose.

  180. Great dish! Note this is quite spicy.

  181. Fantastic recipe! And great leftover too. Wondering if you could combine all the ingredients for the chicken in a slow cooker and cook it that way instead of in the skillet? Let me know if you think that would work! 

    • I did, with the exception of the onion and garlic because I didn’t have it all chopped up yet and I didn’t want to wait any longer before I put the chicken in the slow cooker. After I sautéed the onion and garlic, I tossed the contents of the slow cooker into skillet and heated it all together as advised in step 3, though I’m sure you could easily just add the garlic and onion to the slow cooker and everything would be great. If I hadn’t been rushing to get my frozen chicken in the slow cooker, I would have. 

  182. This recipe was awesome! My husband asked me to add it to the rotation. My 10 year old, who is a fairly picky eater and doesn’t like to try new things, devoured it. My 7 year old also liked it but found it a bit too spicy (I used a bit more than 2 tbsp of chipotle adobo 😜). I whizzed about 2 cups total of baby spinach in the tomato sauce to add some veggies and served everything with a sour cream, avocado, lime and cilantro cream, delish!

  183. What can i sub for the chipotle chilis in adobo sauce? I can’t find it in the shops here in belgium.. plus, with the chipotle chilis, you also poor in the adobo sauce or is it wihkut the sauce? It looks delicious!! 

    • The chilies in adobo is really what makes the flavour of the sauce. You don’t want to leave it out. I have on occasion (if they’re sold out at my store) bought chipotle sauce as a substitute and it works fine. But I would suggest trying to find the chilies in adobo if you can. Go to a specialty store. Or maybe you can buy on amazon?

    • I do not like spicy food, so I mix Goya Sofrito sauce with tomato sauce and eliminate the chipotle chilis. Adds great flavor without the heat!

  184. This is THE recipe to end my 10 year search for the perfect enchilada recipe! It is incredible in every way. Celebrating the fact that I don’t have to order our enchiladas anymore! THANK YOU! I made two small variations for my family’s preferences. I used corn tortillas and baked them half the time without any sauce, just cheese. Then I pour the sauce over them,  added a bit more cheese and finished out the time in the oven. This gives the tortillas the little crunch we were looking for. 

  185. Love this recipe!  A hit with the whole family.  

  186. These are the best enchiladas I have ever had. My kids love them and request them often. At first, the recipe looks a bit difficult but don’t give up because they are so worth it.

  187. Tasty enough, but there is no logical way you can get 8 enchiladas out of a filing that includes 8 oz. of cooked chicken.  I was lucky to get 3.  There’s plenty of sauce, so now I guess I’lll make another batch and put them in the freezer.  But note that if you want to make these, you need to completely recalculate the calories and adjust the amounts appropriately for the number you need to make. 

  188. This recipe turned out awesome! Based on some of the comments I cut back on the the Chipotle but i wish i hadn’t. I would have liked a bit more heat but that’s my own fault. Next time I’ll add the correct amount. Thank you for posting this recipe! Will definitely be making again!

    • I wish people would leave out their comments on the heat of something. That’s 100% subjective. Now if they said it was a 3 on a scale of 5 and I prefer a 1, that would be much more useful.

  189. Made this tonight it was amazing! I put the chicken breasts in the slow cooker at lunch time with chicken broth, they shredded easily by supper time. Will definitely make this again!

  190. Made this for my boyfriend and he loved it! It was a little on the spicy side, though, so next time I’ll lessen the peppers/chipotle seasoning. Highly recommend. 🙂

  191. This was a wonderful meal,  followed the recipe to the tee DH gave it a thumbs up!

    • OH MYYY!!! Such a WONDERFUL MEAL!! All thumbs UP from the Dear Hubby, pure love coming from him! Typically, when hubby is happy, wife is overjoyed.  But NOOO, apparently you must not be happy, you chose to award this “Wonderful, well loved” recipe just 3 lousy Stars?? What exactly is it that you require from a recipe, from a meal that you have personally created and been praised for, in order for it to deserve 5 stars? I get a strong feeling that those lacking stars have a whole lot more to do with the one EXECUTING the recipe, NOT THE AMAZING AUTHOR who created the Award~Winning Meal. 

      I certainly pray that you don’t have Children who are spending and/or have spent their precious, impressionable years attempting to please you. It seems quite apparent that they are and/or will be most certain to fail, over & over again. Shame on you, so very disrespectful and such an ignorant way to treat people who are providing you with such incredible content ABSOLUTELY FREE, NO STRINGS ATTACHED! It’s so unfortunate that Bloggers are unable to “Background Check” people prior to providing them with the incredible content that they’re willing to share. 

  192. This tasted like the real deal. I’m from NM and would be happy to be served these in a restaurant. The spice was perfect.

  193. This was a great recipe—thanks!

  194. Made this today and all I can say is WOW! Everyone loved them! They are so flavorful and easy – this is definitely going to be a repeat favorite. Thank you! 

  195. absolutely awesome! Felt like I was over indulging…family hit!

  196. Instead of tortillas, could you makes these with crespelles??

  197. This tasted great! I couldn’t find chipotle chili pepper in my grocery store so I used paprika instead. It still turned out really flavorful from the canned peppers, tomato sauce, and spices.

  198. Gina: Thanks so much for your delicious & simple-to-make recipes!! I’m eager to try this one because my grandson LOVES Mexican foods, but he can’t handle the ‘hot’ stuff. Please tell me what I could
    sub for the Chipotle powder?? I definitely can’t use the Chipotle chilis for him. I saw where someone did use smoked paprika (which I’ve never tried). Is there something else you would used instead? Thanks much – Debra

  199. These are my favorite! Make them all the time. Has anyone every made it, refrigerated overnight, and then put in the oven the next day? Would it be too soggy?

    • I had the same question. Think I’m going to leave the sauce separate over night and pour it over tomorrow before baking. 

  200. LOVE LOVE LOVE this recipe! I omitted the pepper as I thought it would be too much spice. I am glad I did! It was the perfect amount of spice for me. I did use 1 3/4 c. cheese instead of 1 cup and I loved the cheesiness. I had a ton of trouble finding chipotle chili power (I kept finding chipotle chili pepper- I think they are the same thing?) Anyway, everyone raved over how amazing these were. I do have one question- anyway to do the chicken stuffing in the instapot (with all of the seasonings, broth, etc.)? Has anyone tried this?

  201. What is the white sauce/ are the toppings?!?!

  202. This was so good! I did make a couple of little changes – used a whole roast chicken and a can of black beans in the filling, and I didn’t have chipotle or adobo so I used smoked paprika and chilli. It made enough for about 5 meals served with salad and Greek yoghurt.

  203. I noticed quite a few folks had asked about freezing but I didn’t see a response. Would we just prepare as normal but instead of baking, plunk into the freezer?

  204. We love these at my house! Do you all think I could make them the night before and then bake the next day? I was thinking if I didn’t add the sauce on top until I baked it may work. What do you guys think?

  205. This is an excellent recipe. I was recently in Sayulita, MX and it reminds me of a place there we ate at.
    The enchilada sauce is amazingly fresh and beat 3 pre made store brands we did a taste test on.

    Thanks for a very authentic enchilada recipe!

  206. Made these last night, and they were pretty good, but some of the proportions seem a little off. 8.5oz of chicken was only enough to make 4 enchiladas, not 8. I guess you could split them into 8, but it would be a pretty sad and empty enchilada. Using 4 tortillas and cutting the cheese to 1/4 c gave me about 225 calories per serving (30g carb, 5g fat, 23.5g protein). For the chicken, I cooked the breasts in the instant pot for 15 minutes on the rack with some water on the bottom (natural release), shredded it, and then used it as stated in the recipe. I also cut some of the spices used for the chicken part and only used a 1/2 teaspoon for all of them, but it was still pretty spicy. I would make it again.

  207. Very tasty! I recommend prepping everything ahead of time. Almost burned my garlic. I could have stood a little less spice, but my husband loved it! 

  208. Made these tonight. Tweaked it a bit, no cilantro and cut back on the chili powder. Still pretty spicy. Wow! They were soooo yummy! And easy! I made 2 and made 4 more to freeze (no sauce). Definitely will make again!

  209. What is the serving size?

  210. If I were to use a canned enchilad sauce to save time how much would you suggest?

    • I was wondering that too. I see that some people are mentioning the volume of chicken in the recipe. Maybe a clarification for that too? TY!

  211. !Best Chicken Enchiladas I’ve ever made!!!!

  212. Good flavor and easy to make.  Kids (4 and 10)  hated the sauce, which was different than they’re used to.  Maybe I’ll try again, cutting back on the spice and adding sour cream to theirs.  

  213. Just wondering which mexican cheese everybody used?

  214. This was the best enchiladas we ever had. Delicious. I haven’t had one bad recipe from you. Amazing

  215. These are SO GOOD! Pair perfectly with cilantro lime rice. Love all the awesome recipes you share ♥️ Thanks!

  216. Can you tell me what the saturated fat is?  Seems to not be listed in the nutritional information… trying calculate on WW.  Thank you

  217. Wondering, can chicken be done in the IP?  If so, how long?  TIA.   

  218. Restaurant quality enchiladas. I love the spicy of the chipotle peppers and they might be too much for some. This is low calorie but so good you will eat way too many of them. The low carb tortillas were good I thought.

  219. This recipe is so yummy! I will definetely cut back on the spice next time but the flavor was amazing. We had to add lots of sour cream so the kiddos would eat it. I cannot wait to have the leftovers for lunch tomorrow!

  220. These are the BEST enchiladas I’ve ever had and having eaten them in great restaurants  in California and Texas, that’s saying a lot. Finding the chipotle powder was a challenge, but worth the effort. Now onto your next enchilada recipe. Thanks for all your hard work.

  221. Do not use 2 tsp of chipotle chili Adobo sauce, my mistake but it was super spicy.

  222. Are these freezeable? If so how long would they last in the freezer.. Thanks 

  223. This was a tasty way to use leftover meat. I followed the recipe exactly and it was super good.

  224. These are fabulous. My family loves them and they are a hit at every potluck I’ve taken them to. I do lighten them up a bit by using Xtreme Wellness wraps instead of tortillas and leaving off the cheese (that sauce is so good no one has ever missed the cheese).

  225. I make a ton of skinny taste recipes and this was one of my FAVORITES (although it’s hard to pick). My husband ate 3 in one sitting then asked me to make more. I used 1 Tbsp. Of chipotle chili’s in adobo and used ancho chili powder instead of chipotle Chile powder. They turned out absolutely perfect!!! 

  226. This is not a healthy dish at all…
    It is soooo damn delicious, I had to eat three instead of one and I would have probably eaten even more if i didn’t have to share with my husband.
    We scraped out the tiniest bits left in the pan.
    My ultimate favourite dish.
    Thank you!

  227. Excellent recipe! Loved the sauce and filling!

  228. These look delicious! Do you think you could assemble these one day, store in the fridge, and then bake the next day?

  229. We loved the flavor but next time I will use corn tortillas. The flour ones I used, were very gummy. Not sure why.

  230. We can’t buy these tortillas. Could you tell me how many points each one is so I can find something comparable? Thanks.

  231. I made these for the first time today and will be adding this to our house favorites. My boyfriend also LOVED them. I slow cooked boneless skinless chicken thighs all day and use that instead of breast. I used regular chilli powder and used 2 tbsp of the Chipotle in Adobo. It was the perfect spice level for us. Topped with scallions, avocado, jalapeno and sour cream.

  232. My Husband LOVES these! I have made them every week for the last 4 weeks! It is in our regular rotation. I serve with Skinny Taste Mexican Rice using cauliflower, WOW We don’t even go out to eat Mexican food since we found this!

  233. Can you tell me why these are 4 points. and your BUTTERNUT SQUASH AND BLACK BEAN ENCHILADAS are 3, please? Either is a “cheap” point option but I was curious. Thank you!!

  234. I use this recipe as more of a jumping off point because I don’t like chipotle at all, and it’s great without it. It’s the perfect thing to make as lunches for work- just prep on Sunday and you have a lot of lunches! 

    • so you left out the chipotles and kept everything else the same? did you do anything different?

    • I’m glad you commented about omitting the chipotle’s.  I love spicy food but HATE the smoky taste of chipotle peppers…will be making tonight without them too.  Thank you for posting!

      • I agree about not liking the smoky taste of chipotle peppers. I would sub with one small or 1/2 jalapeno pepper (fresh), with all membrane and seeds removed. They are not hot when this is done but add a wonderful flavor.

  235. I love this recipe but have made one further cut…. I use a pie plate and use only 3 tortillas….place one in the pie pan sprayed with a little cooking spray and then 1/2 of the meat another tortilla and the other half of the meat…Top with last tortilla and cover with enchilada sauce and cheese….Bake as directed then cut into 8 wedges…fewer calories, but so easy and tasty.

  236. Hi Gina! I wanted to make this as a freezer meal for an expecting mama! How would I go about preparing for freezer/instructions for reheating? Thanks so much!

  237. This recipe is amazing. Simple to follow with delicious results. These were a great lunch for the work week with jasmine rice, a squeeze of lime, and dollop of plain Greek yogurt. Will definitely be making again!!!

  238. These were fantastic! My boyfriend raved about them and we’re definitely adding these into our dinner rotation. Great recipe!

  239. HI Gina!
    Love your recipes, when cooking the chicken breast in the crockpot – would you recommend bone in or boneless breast?

  240. Where is everyone finding the chipotle chili POWDER? All I can find (even when I google it it chipotle chili PEPPER! Is it the same thing? Is everyone just calling it powder? Idk what am I supposed to do??  Ugh!!!!

      • Omg! AaaaTHANK YOU! If u only knew how I’ve been worried about this all day trying to figure it out! Lol I mean it’s 2 in the morning the NEXT day and I’m still searching so glad I came back to see if I had an answer!

    • Penzey’s carries the Chipotle powder – it’s really fresh and good

  241. These were great although the filling only filled 5 tortillas for me. I took 2 breast halves to mean 1 breast. I used 1 large chicken breast and next time would use 2.

    • Two breast halves refers to what many of us would think of as just 2 breasts. 2 breast halves = 2 halves of a whole chicken “chest” I guess, aka the meat on both sides of the breast bone. A chicken breast “half” refers to a single breast fillet. It’s goofy, I know.

  242. Gina- Love all of your recipes…thanks for keeping us all on track! I especially love some of your baking and serving dishes in some of your pics as well. Would you mind sharing the sources? 

  243. Made these tonight and the were BOMB!!! Wow so yummy my hubs had 4 of them in one sitting! A lil spicy for the kiddos though even though I scaled down the hot spices. Next time will lower even more. Thanks so much for this recipe. AMAZING!

  244. Made these tonight. I used corn tortillas since we dont care for flour. They were good

  245. These enchiladas had a very good flavor, but they were too spicy for my family, even though I used less than 1 Tbs. chipotle chilies in adobo. I think I’ll try again using just a tsp. of the chilies or maybe reduce the chipotle chili powder, even though it is so tasty.