Cilantro Lime Fish Tacos

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These easy Cilantro Lime Fish Tacos are made with flaky white fish, tomatoes, jalapeños, cilantro and lime topped with avocado.

These easy Cilantro Lime Fish Tacos are made with flaky white fish, tomatoes, jalapeños, cilantro and lime topped with avocado.

Tommy doesn’t care for fish, but he loves fish tacos! A few other seafood taco recipes I love, Blackened Fish Tacos, Shrimp Scampi Tacos and Green Scallop Tacos.

I like it spicy, so I chop up the jalapeños whole, seeds and all but you can tone it down to suit your taste. The avocado raises the fat in this dish, but it’s all good healthy fats. Any flaky white fish would be great such as flounder, sole or tilapia.

These easy Cilantro Lime Fish Tacos are made with flaky white fish, tomatoes, jalapeños, cilantro and lime topped with avocado.These easy Cilantro Lime Fish Tacos are made with flaky white fish, tomatoes, jalapeños, cilantro and lime topped with avocado.These easy Cilantro Lime Fish Tacos are made with flaky white fish, tomatoes, jalapeños, cilantro and lime topped with avocado.These easy Cilantro Lime Fish Tacos are made with flaky white fish, tomatoes, jalapeños, cilantro and lime topped with avocado.

These easy Cilantro Lime Fish Tacos are made with flaky white fish, tomatoes, jalapeños, cilantro and lime topped with avocado.
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Cilantro Lime Fish Tacos

310 Cals 28 Protein 36 Carbs 8 Fats
Prep Time: 5 mins
Cook Time: 10 mins
Total Time: 15 mins
Yield: 4 servings
COURSE: Dinner
CUISINE: Mexican
Flaky white fish, tomatoes, jalapeños, cilantro and lime topped with avocado. A fresh and flavorful way to spice up fish, tacos quick enough to make for a busy weeknight!


  • 1 lb fish fillets, rinsed and pat dried (flounder, tilapia, etc)
  • 1 tsp olive oil
  • 1 small onion, chopped
  • 4 garlic cloves, finely minced
  • 2 jalapeño peppers, chopped (seeds removed for less heat)
  • 2 cups diced tomatoes
  • 1/4 cup fresh cilantro, chopped
  • 3 tablespoons lime juice
  • kosher salt and pepper to taste
  • 8 white corn tortillas
  • 4 ounces 1 medium haas avocado, sliced
  • 1 cup sliced cabbage
  • lime wedges and cilantro for garnish


  • Heat olive oil in a large skillet over medium heat.
  • Sauté onion until translucent about 4 to 5 minutes, then add garlic and cook 1 minute more. Mix well.
  • Place fish on the skillet and cook until the flesh starts to flake.
  • Add jalapeño peppers, tomatoes, cilantro and lime juice. Sauté over medium-high heat for about 5 minutes, breaking up the fish with the spoon to get everything mixed well; season to taste with salt and pepper.
  • Meanwhile, heat tortillas on a skillet or directly over the flame of the burner a minute or 2 on each side to warm.
  • Serve a little over 1/4 cup of fish on each warmed tortilla topped with cabbage, avocado, cilantro, and a squeeze of lime.


Serving: 2tacos, Calories: 310kcal, Carbohydrates: 36g, Protein: 28g, Fat: 8g, Saturated Fat: 2g, Cholesterol: 48mg, Sodium: 90mg, Fiber: 7g, Sugar: 3.5g
WW Points Plus: 8
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Photo credit Jess Larson

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  1. Absolutely delicious!!!

  2. We love this recipe and it is low cal and satisfying! We use the gluten free Siete tortillas and they work perfectly, We like spicy food so if the jalapeno doesn’t happen to be hot enough we sometimes add a pinch of red chili powder. This is definitely one of our favorites from Skinnytaste.

  3. Loved it! We just used a slotted spoon for the water (which I fully expect when I sautee tomatoes). It was perfectly mild but flavorful: perfect for my husband who is allergic to all spicy things but who misses Mexican food!

  4. I made this recipe tonight and felt that it lacks flavor, very mild. I love that it’s healthy and all natural ingredients but for our family it needs more flavor.

  5. Best fish taco recipe. Cooking the fish with the onion, tomato, cilantro, lime & jalapeno is fab!

  6. This has way too much liquid. I won’t be making it again. However I will try another Fish Taco recipe without tomatoes.

  7. Made this recipe as written, with one exception: I used a can of drained, diced tomatoes with jalapenos, rather than fresh tomatoes.

    This was really good, but going forward, will make these changes: 1) Add the jalapenos along with the onion. In the end, I felt like they were not soft enough. 2) Add more lime juice and maybe a little bit of dried cumin for additional zing.

    I left 2 fillets whole(for the tacos), then broke up the other 2 and added to brown rice for lunch the following day. If I had broken up all 4 fillets in the beginning, I would not have drained the can of tomatoes. This would have given me a little bit of broth for the rice.

    Overall, this was any easy recipe to follow, and quick to make. I’ll definitely make this again, and also add to my Lenten rotation.

  8. Just made this tonight! Absolutely delicious 😋 

  9. These were very delicious and had so much flavor!! My husband and I loved these tacos and I even forgot to add the cabbage to it. When I told him I forgot the cabbage he wanted me to make them again this week.

  10. My 10-year old daughter said this was one of the best meals I’ve ever cooked. It was delicious served with your Cuban black beans. Thanks!

  11. Could this be done with beer battered cod?  It looks like that in the photos?

  12. This was amazing! I didn’t even use salt and pepper, or the tortillas, I just served the fish fillets to a dinner party of 7 and got rave reviews! Thank you for this! I’m going to be sharing it!

  13. Made these today. Delicious! Definitely will be making these for my husband next time. 

  14. I made these last week and forgot to leave a review. These were good. I made my boyfriend some with mushrooms instead of fish and he liked them. I had it with fish and it was good. Another recipe that is a keeper.

  15. Very tasty, though I ate them with a fork so they wouldn’t end up all over me.  I did cut the tomatoes in half along the equator and scoop out most of the juice before cutting them up, and I substituted shredded lettuce for the cabbage because I had it. I didn’t include the seeds and membranes of the jalapeños, just the green part, because I don’t like hot foods.  Especially good served with a cup of the Instant Pot “Refried” Pinto Beans.  Shrimp would be a good substitute for the fish for variety.  Thank you again.

  16. This was a delicious recipe. I changed a few things to try and use what I already had in my fridge. I topped the fish with green onion, corn, romaine lettuce, avocado, lime and jalapenos, and just used light sour cream with hot sauce Cholula and lime. It was delish. The sweetness from the corn was perfect. My boyfriend loved it!

  17. This was a very simple and easy recipe to follow. The ingredients were pretty inexpensive, but the tacos ended up being delicious. A very healthy and filling meal. 

  18. Delicious! For those mentioning too much liquid, you can cook and flake the tilapia separate and combine it with the rest after – also using cooking spray in lieu of olive oil helps cut down on it a bit too.

  19. This is my second time making this easy, delicious dish and our whole family loves it. I will add that I reduced the tomotoes to 1 cup of rotel and added no extra jalapeno. Just our preference. Such good flavor and the little amount of leftovers worked well heated up the next day for a lunch at home. Yay Gina!!

  20. This was easy and full of fresh flavor. I made this tonight at the last minute, and it came together really well. I used frozen tilapia, and paired it with your black beans & rice recipe. Thanks for another great fish recipe 😊

  21. Hi. Which of the SkinnyTaste books is the fish taco in?   I am interested in recipes like this one. Thanks 

  22. These were delicious and so easy to make! So fresh and light, and a lot of flavor. I will add this as a staple in my repertoire.

  23. Fantastic taste but too much liquid, they ended up falling apart. Next time I thing I’ll only use the flesh of the tomato and cook the tomato/cilantro less.

  24. how many calories do the tortillas you used have? Tortillas vary so much from brand to brand, want to make sure I’m not going over the calories. Thanks! 

  25. newest fan favorite! These tacos were absolutely delicious. My 13 year old loved them as well.

  26. These were amazing!    I used fresh (thawed) cod from Trader Joe’s, as well as their vine ripened tomatoes, cilantro, white corn tortillas, onion, and I subbed their sweet and spicy pickled jalapeños for fresh because they’re like candy.     One bite, and I did a little dance in celebration.   The lime with the cilantro really makes this outstanding.  If anyone finds this watery, you can either reduce it or strain the extra liquid.  I added lime wedges to serve.  Oh and the cabbage adds the perfect amount of crunchy texture.   This was exceptional.  

  27. First time. Loved it. Added sauteed mushrooms to the pan and cooked the cabbage in there, too, to soften it. Used cod as our fish. And salsa. The cilantro was so fragrant. I thought it was as good as any restaurant dish. We used gluten free corn tortillas which got kind of messy, so my husband abandoned them, picked up a fork, and still loved every bite.

  28. Best fish tacos! Very easy and quick recipe!

  29. What does the star next to calories mean in your recipes? 

  30. Made these last week and I hate to say but it was a miss for me. Mine came out nothing like the picture, and more like a pile of mush in the pan. I also wasn’t keen on the flavor, when I do like all of the ingredients. We ended up throwing it away and not eating it. This won’t be a do over for me, but it could have been ‘user’ error, not sure.

    I do want to add that I have made many other recipes on here, and am a regular follower of the Skinnytaste recipes, and everything else has been delicious!

    • Completely agree. 

    • I to was disappointed…very mushy & too much liquid 😞 
      The flavour was alright, except for the white tortillas…yuck😞

      If I do this recipe again…I will reduce the amount of liquid & use yellow tortillas instead.

  31. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE list the reviews/comments reverse of what they are, i.e. most current down to oldest. As they are we have to scroll through several years worth in order to read current comments/suggestions. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. Love you and your food!!!

    • You can change the order by clicking on ‘Newer Comments’ at the top left or right of the comments section.

  32. I made these tonight. I substituted shrimp for the whitefish. They were DELICIOUS!! I will definitely be making these again!

  33. Made with fresh telapia tonight, it was amazing! My husband is always super picky but he loved it! Made it with Gina’s Mexican cauliflower rice!! 

  34. Can I use shrimp instead?

  35. I made this last night. SOOOO good!!! Can’t wait to make it again soon!

  36. Gina this looks great! Do you think snapper would work?

  37. These sound delicious. I would like to make them Can you tell me what size corn tortillas you used. Many thanks.

  38. Does the calorie count here include the corn tortilla and avocado?

  39. This recipe is very simple, however the flavors are amazing! I love every bit of this recipe. I highly recommend it.

  40. Fantastic! This recipe comes together so quickly and tastes delicious. I topped mine with extra lime and a scoop of homemade guacamole. They tasted so fresh and like I’d spent all day making them instead of about 20 minutes. A great dinner for weeknights or to spice things up a bit. Will definitely make again! Thanks, Gina!

  41. Made these tonight and my son, who is somewhat picky, ate seconds and called it a “keeper recipe”! The only thing I did differently was add a dash of cumin to the fish. I topped mine with shredded cabbage and some sour cream. Thanks for the recipe!

  42. These were delicious! I don’t like Tilapia, so I used flounder and substituted the cabbage with bagged cole slaw mix. Also topped with some light sour cream mixed with salsa and served on Joseph’s Oatbran Flax Seed Pita. Served these with the Quick Mexican Brown Rice. Great Meal! Thanks!

  43. These were excellent! I have a taco obsessed husband and he fully approved and told me to put them on the make-again list.

  44. Can you tell me how many points for only the fish I’m on weight watchers freestyle and I don’t know what tortillas you are using or the measurements of avacado.  Can you tell me what tortillas you used and amount of avacado. I’m not sure if the fish is 0 points now so I can use it in other ways thanks 

  45. Hi Gina! Does this freeze well?

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  47. can i marinade the tilapia before cooking it?

  48. Number#1 for fish tacos and I’m super critical! I make this over and over again! Super fast and my husband always says “You could sell these!!” Delicious and no fail that’s for sure.

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  50. Gina, we have eaten many of your recipes over the last few years and have NEVER been disappointed!  They are all so delicious!  Tonight we tried these tilapia tacos and my husband gave it a 5 (our highest rating) on his first bite!  He barely ever rates anything a 5!  Both of my kids (a picky 2 year old and an 11 month old) gobbled them up as well!  Thank you for all of your tasty recipes!  We love them!

  51. I have never been able to find a recipe for tilapia that I really liked…until this one! It was awesome-thanks!

  52. This recipe is so easy and tastes so good!  It is going on my weekly meal rotation!!!  I love eating it over shredded cabbage too.

  53. This recipe is simply AMAZING !!! I am not a big cook but this recipe by far is the easiest, fastest and most importantly the tastiest recipe for fish tacos hands down!!! I feel like I am making these constantly and everyone is a huge fan!!!

  54. I just bought your book and meal planner. I made this tonight for dinner—yummy! I made a chiptole "mayo" and drizzled on top (1T chipotle sauce, 1 container non fat greek plain yogurt, fresh lime, garlic). Thank you!!!!!!

  55. How many saturated fats for the new smart points?

  56. I LOVE skinnytaste recipes and have tried many. This one is a definite winner – I make it pretty regularly. Such a great idea, super easy. Usually I add black beans on the side. Recently, I've increased the jalapeno used and added in pineapple, throwing a little sweet into the spicier mix. Great with chips, over brown rice, or in a tortilla and perfect for a hot summer evening! Picky-eater-boyfriend even approves!

  57. I've been a fan for years. I have one small request. On new post, may you add a serves well with suggestion, please. This will save me so much time on meal planning.

  58. Made This Recipe today. It Was Delicious !!! Thank you

  59. i see the recipe calls for onions but I don't see it in the I add with the tomatoes

  60. I made these tonight and they are delish!! Thanks for another great recipe.

  61. I have some chicken I need to get rid of, but really want to make these tacos – do you think I can cook this the same way with chicken?

  62. Amazing recipe just made them tonight even my 2 yr old daughter liked it! And so fast and easy will definitely make again

  63. I just made these for my family and everyone loved them! Great flavor and they tasted so good! Thanks for sharing!

  64. Gina- This looks so good. I was looking for a sopa de mariscos or molcajete de mariscos but this will do the trick for now. Thanks!

  65. These were SO flavorful! We loved them. Next time we might just add a quick slaw on top for some crunch – luckily we had some kale around to do the trick this time. We also topped with a teeny bit of greek yogurt to give it some creaminess. Loved it though.

  66. Made these tonight with cod fish – soooo awesome! I will be making them again for sure!

    • I was searching the comments for someone that maybe used cod bc that’s what is easily available. Thanks. Good to know it sorked.

  67. Made these tonight and served with your Asian Cabbage Slaw – what a great marriage!! So delicious!!!!!

  68. These are sooo tasty. We usually add another jalepeno or two and keep the seeds in. Then we top it with either shredded lettuce or cabbage and a squirt of lime. They are spicy and satisfying without being unhealthy. They can be kind of messy, but that hasn't stopped us from making them over and over again. Thanks for the recipe!!

  69. This is one of my all time favorite Skinny Taste recipes! Such a healthy and delicious alternative to fish tacos that are usually fried!

  70. These were awesome! I topped them with the avocado and a spicy cole slaw (I buy the packaged one at the store, toss the dressing that comes with it, and make one with mayo, adobo sauce from a can of chipotle peppers, vinegar and a touch of stevia). Delicioso!

  71. These are ammmmazing!! 2 of the people I fed hated fish tacos before, and both had seconds! Love it!

  72. Just made these!! The best ever!!!I will always make my fish tacos this way now…it was fast and easy..and my family love them. I used the small 4" tortilla…they were perfect size!!!

  73. I plan to use Bibb Lettuce leaves instead of tortillas to save some points. Do you know how many points are in the tortillas that I can subtract out? Thanks – Love your recipes!

  74. I only have salmon in the freezer, would that work for this recipe??

  75. So very delicious!

  76. Delicious!

  77. Wow, I stumbled upon your website looking for a good fish taco recipe from WW. Let me just tell you: YUM! I didn't have tomatoes but I just subbed some salsa and it was awesome! I added cabbage and it was deliciously satisfying. Thank you so much!

  78. Delicious! I used lettuce wraps and no avocado to cut points. It was WONDERFUL!!

  79. Delicious! I used lettuce wraps and no avocado to cut points. It was WONDERFUL!!

  80. I don't like fish at all but I am type 2 and have low carb tortilla's and have been eating healthy and wanted to try eating fish. The first bite I was worried but WOW! it was amazing. I never post anything but steal recipe's off the net all the time. I felt I relly needed to say thanks for the recipe. I will be eating these again.

  81. These tacos are terrific…thanks for charing…my little family loves them!

  82. Love this recipe, so easy and simple! Instead of dicing tomatoes I bought a can of Rotel tomatoes with cliantro and lime and substituted!

  83. Made these tonight, and they were delish! I seeded the tomatoes so that they would not have so much juice! I have the Jamaican Jerk pork marinating for dinner tomorrow. Love the recipes!

  84. Hi Gina! Just want to say that I made this recipe for my family and we all loved it! I added a little fresh jalapeno on top of my tacos and made myself a Michelada using Heineken Premium Light and it paired AMAZINGLY!!

  85. My husband and I made these tonight and they were sooooo good! We added some lemon pepper and red pepper flakes and it was so yummy! Thanks for the recipe!

  86. Hi Gina!

    I am a brand new cook and absolutely love your recipes! I am going to try this for dinner tonight! Quick question since I am still learning…when you first place the tilapia into the skillet and "cook unto the flesh starts to flake" what heat setting would you allow this to initially cook on and for how long? thank you!!

  87. Made these tonight! They were great and so easy. We don't eat garlic so we used a shallot. Thanks for all your great recipes!

  88. Thanks for this recipe… was looking to make some cilantro tacos without meat and came upon this. Going to the supermarket now! 🙂

  89. My husband and I had these for dinner tonight and it was delish! I used a can of diced tomatoes and it had way too much liquid. Next time, I will use fresh tomatoes. 🙂 Thanks for the great recipes!

  90. These were so flavorful and delicious. I can't believe how easy they were to prepare. I never would've had the guts to make these without you, Gina!!

  91. I have tried numerous recipes from skinnytaste and I have so much confidence in her recipes that I have made a new a recipe for the first time & serve at a dinner party without trying it out first. But I am soooo glad that was not the case with the cilantro lime talapia tacos. They were extemely bland..we just loaded it with salsa to recover some taste. My family was disappointed and although lots of her recipes have been hits with us..this one wasnt.

  92. These are delicious. There aren't many recipes I try and repeat, ever, but this is one I've kept and love. It tastes great and is simple. Thanks

  93. Replaced the tomatoes and jalepenos with salsa. Fantastic!

  94. I started making these as soon as you originally posted them and my boyfriend is crazy about them. He suggests them for dinner at least every other week. Tonight, for the first time, I made them for dinner while his teenage son was over. His son said they were the best fish tacos he has ever tasted and he loves fish tacos. Not a bad compliment from a teenage boy. Thank you for sharing all your amazing recipes!

  95. I just made these tonight for the first time and they were AMAZING!!!! my taste buds thank you a million times over!

  96. So delish! Thanks for the amazing recipe.

  97. I'm gonna try this with some chopped cabbage and a homemade tomatillo dressing on top with some brown rice! Fingers crossed it turns out as good as it sounds! lol

  98. Making with catfish tonight! Can't wait!

  99. Probably the best thing I ever made, thank you for this!

  100. Do you think they would be just as good with chicken? I'm not a fish girl. Or shrimp, Chili's has something like this it's so yummy. But I can make it better and healthier.

  101. After stalking this site for a while, this was the first dish I made. OH MY WORD they are amazing! I still can't believe how good they are for you! I served with the Fiesta Lime Rice and Creamy Cilantro Tomatillo dressing. Divine!!! And all for 13 points!

  102. So making these for dinner. They look awesome! !!

  103. Made this for dinner this weekend and I couldn't believe how wonderful and tasty it was. Absolutely amazing! Thanks for the great recipe.

  104. I made this tonight for my boyfriend and myself. I lied and told him I knew how to cook. (I don't! Unless you count Lean Cuisine). I followed your recipe exactly and it was so good! The pictures along the way helped, ha! He was very impressed, but I definitely owe it to you Gina. Thank you so much for sharing and we'll definitely be having these again.

  105. Made these for dinner last night and they were fantastic. Thanks for sharing the great recipe 🙂

  106. Had these tonight….very good, but next time I will use only 1 jalapeño. Too hot for me!

  107. I have made these twice now and I LOVE them! Easy and very tastey

  108. I made these today for lunch with what I had on hand…everything except the jalapenos. They were DELICIOUS. The best fish tacos I have ever made at home. I don't like all of the creamy sauces that restaurants tend to put on their fish tacos. These were so good I think I could eat them for dinner again tonight! Thank you! I have never made any recipe of yours that wasn't out of this world good.

  109. I LOVE this recipe, but every time I make it, I burn the heck out of my pan. What am I doing wrong? Is the pan not hot enough…too hot? Should I be using something other than olive oil? Help 🙂

  110. I had your tacos for dinner last night (and for lunch/dinner today!) and they are absolutely incredible! Thank you so much for posting such great recipes!! I'm in love with your site!


  111. This looks really good, however, I would use Cod. Tilapia is really high in cholesterol and mercury. Bad fish!!!

  112. I made these last night. The recipe was really easy to divide in half for just two of us. I had two tacos, my boyfriend had 3, and we still have some fish filling left over. I made a quick guacamole to go on the tacos, as I am not a fan of plain avocado slices. We both enjoyed this much more than I expected we would!

  113. These were probably the best fish tacos I've ever had, restaurants included. Went great with the Fiesta Rice!

  114. These fish tacos were AMAZING! The best I've ever had! I did have to change a few things depending on what I had available: I used lemon juice instead of lime and a bit of chili garlic sauce and cayenne pepper instead of jalapeño. I couldn't make it with avocado cuz they're not in season so I added roman lettuce and reduced fat sour cream. I also added a bit of feta cheese. 😉

  115. I made these for dinner tonight and my fiance and I loved them! I got the thumbs up to add this into the "rotation" of dinners. Thank you so much for this awesome recipe! I will definitely be making these tacos again!

  116. I made these for Cinco de Mayo for the husband and I…I have never been a fan of fish or tacos but I love all the ingredients in this recipe so I gave it a try! Oh my goodness-they were a hit! The avocado was necessary to me to add a little flavor. I think next time I will play around with a little seasoning but I will definitely be making these again. The husband had three tacos and he could have had more! Third recipe from Skinny Taste that has been a success! I'm getting hooked! By the way, I'm down to 149 today from 169 so I've lost 20 pounds so far! Thanks for the great skinny recipes!

  117. Happy Cinco de Mayo! I made these tacos for dinner tonight, they came out very good. For the past 2 weeks I have been making skinnyTaste recipes for myself (WW), my boyfriend and my 3 year old. We all enjoy your recipes. 🙂

  118. FANTASTIC! Another winner…thanks for the great meal ideas!

  119. This is fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing! I added a little smoked cayenne pepper for a little more heat and flavor.

  120. I make these every other week. Love them!

  121. Another great recipe! I didn't have enough fresh tomato, so subsituted half a cup with store bought salsa, turned out great. My avocaso wasn't rip eenough, so I served with a dollop of fat free greek yoghurt

  122. Gina, any idea what the calorie count on just the filling is without the tortillas or avocado?

  123. These were amazing! My fish-loving 5-yr-old couldn't get enough & the hubby deemed them better than restaurant quality. My 7-yr-old, who only likes fish when I fry it, wasn't crazy about it. Big thumbs-up! I deem it a must-try! And, they were fun to make! Now, I can get the fish tacos I always want much cheaper than at restaurants AND I can control how spicy & healthy they are! Win-win!

  124. I'm so happy you all loved them!!

  125. FREAKING AWESOME! I added cabbage slaw for some crunch and mango salsa just because it sounded good. Best dinner I've made in a while!

  126. I had 2 tilapia fillets so I tried this tonight…my husband loved it and so did I! Thank you!

  127. Not only are these tacos amazing, but all of your lenten recipes have been a life saver! I'm also a WW member, and I'm always looking to your website for recipes. Thank you so much, Gina!

  128. i love fish tacos so i thought i would give this a try. very easy recipe i might add. from a beginer cook to and experienced, this recipe will be okay for anyone. i thought they were pretty good but there was something missing and i dont know what. maybe if i hadnt taken the seeds and ribs out of the jalepenos it might have been better but my husband doesnt like spicy. this made tons! so im glad it was good so now ill have a good few days worth of lunch

  129. I just made these tonight. OH.MY.GOSH. They are seriously amazing. The only thing I did different was 1 jalepenio and a can of Rotel diced tomato with green chilies instead of 2c diced tomato. Will definitely be in our dinner rotation… again…WOW, amazing!

  130. This is about the third time I've made these and they are great, esp for a quick weeknight meal! I have some leftover and wondering if it will be good..I'm never to sure about fish?

  131. These were great!! Thanks!!

  132. How many points+ would this be if I didn't use avocado?

  133. This recipe was absolutely fabulous! I am relatively new to your website, but have already made over 20 recipes found here. Each one has come out exactly as you described and was so delicious! I love all the new recipes you post and particularly have been enjoying how quick and easy they are! Thanks for such a great website!

  134. Hi Gina!

    I love your site, and drool over the recipes you post often! I made this last weekend and it was soooo good!!!

  135. I have made a couple of your recipes so far; each and everyone one of them has been a hit! I especially loved this one, so easy to make, my fiancee & I gobbled all of it up in no time 🙂 Keep the great recipes coming!

  136. This recipe was a delicious way to kick off Lent! I wanted to share how I enjoyed the leftovers the following day. I kept the fish mixture cold, added the juice of about half a lime, and added half an avocado (chopped.) it turned out to be a yummy "ceviche" appetizer that I served with tortilla chips. Just wanted to share something easy and delicious to do with the leftover fish. :-). -Laurielle

  137. Thank you SO much for all your delicious recipes! This week, I made these tacos, the Cajun Chicken Pasta, and then Lasagna Rolls last night. Each dish was absolutely amazing and a hit with my family! Since I have been counting calories and using your recipes over the past 1.5 months, I have lost 17 pounds and counting 🙂 I love how you are seasonal with your recipes too! Keep them coming!!

  138. These are DEEEELICIOUS!!! So simple to make too which is always a plus on weeknights. AND the best part, my teenage son told me these were the best thing I have made besides thanksgiving dinner LOL!! Thank you!

  139. Had these tonight. SOOOO good:) Not only did I love them, but so did the hubby. I had shredded red cabbage into the taco for a bit of a crunch.

  140. I made this tonight for dinner, it was fast and VERY delicious! I have a week menu of all your recipes..if tonights was any indication, this is going to be a great food week for my family! Thanks!

  141. I made this for the first time tonight and I love it! This was simple, fast and very tasty!

  142. Your recipes are so amazing… I'm able to sneak in healthier food and my husband has no idea!! He's loved everything I've made from your site!!

    Quick question, I'm new to cooking fish – when you say "until the flesh starts to flake" do you have an estimated time on that?


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