Slow Cooker Chicken Cacciatore

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This family friendly Italian classic dish Chicken Cacciatore is made in the slow cooker for a convenient weeknight dinner!

This family friendly Italian classic dish Chicken Cacciatore is made in the slow cooker for a convenient weeknight dinner!
Slow Cooker Chicken Cacciatore

There is nothing better than the sweet aroma of bell peppers and tomatoes simmering slowly all day in this Chicken Cacciatore dish. You may also like this slow cooker Pollo in Potacchio or Salsa Chicken with Beans and Corn.

Cacciatore means “hunter” in Italian. Often the chicken is dusted with flour and fried in oil before simmering in tomatoes with onions and peppers. This healthier version removes the skin and skips the deep frying, but you won’t miss it.

Slow Cooker Tips:

  • When using your slow cooker, I always recommend browning the meat and vegetables first for deeper flavors and a thicker sauce because liquids don’t evaporate in the slow cooker.
  • But for those of you who don’t want to dirty a pan, or don’t have that extra time to brown first I tested this out using the quick method of dumping it all in the slow cookers.
  • Verdict: The sauce wasn’t as thick as I would have liked, so my easy fix: I set the crock pot to high with the cover off for one additional hour to let it simmer and thicken and that worked fine. Perhaps adding a little flour would also help it thicken. If you want to add mushrooms to the sauce, this would also be a great time to do so.
  • If you like white meat, you can certainly use chicken breast but I highly recommend keeping the chicken on the bone. The bone is what gives you such great flavor, you can always remove it after.
  • And since so many are asking, although I have and love my Instant Pot, I still love my slow cooker! I have the 6 Quart Hamilton Beach Set ‘n Forget Programmable Slow Cooker (affil link). I love it because you can adjust the time you want it to cook, and it automatically turns to warm when it’s done. It also has a probe for meat that automatically shuts off when done. I hated my old crock pot, it burnt everything and my food had a weird taste. This slow cooker is so great, I actually own several!

What do you serve with Chicken Cacciatore?

  • We love it served over pasta, spaghetti squash, rice or polenta.

For the stove top version, see Chicken Cacciatore. Cooking on the stove differs from the crock pot, liquids evaporate quickly on the stove where as in the slow cooker nothing evaporates. When you add all the elements to your crock, you may be tempted to add broth but don’t. There will be plenty of liquid once it starts cooking. Also, flavors tend to get muted in the slow cooker, so I always adjust my herbs and seasoning in the end to get it where I want it.

I’ve also now included an Instant Pot Chicken Cacciatore recipe. Enjoy!

There is nothing better than the sweet aroma of bell peppers and tomatoes simmering slowly all day in this Chicken Cacciatore dish. Serve this over your favorite pasta, spaghetti squash, rice or polenta and enjoy!
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Crock Pot Chicken Cacciatore

126.2 Cals 13.9 Protein 9.2 Carbs 2.8 Fats
Prep Time: 10 mins
Cook Time: 4 hrs
Total Time: 4 hrs 10 mins
Yield: 8
COURSE: Dinner
CUISINE: Italian
This family friendly Italian classic dish Chicken Cacciatore is made in the slow cooker for a convenient weeknight dinner!


  • 8 chicken thighs, with the bone, skin removed
  • 28 oz can crushed tomatoes, Tuttorosso my favorite!
  • 1/2 red bell pepper, sliced into strips
  • 1/2 green bell pepper, sliced into strips
  • 1/2 large onion, sliced
  • 1 tsp dried oregano
  • 1 bay leaf
  • salt and fresh pepper to taste
  • 1/4 cup fresh herbs such as basil or parsley for topping


Quick method:

  • Season chicken with salt and black pepper and place in the slow cooker.
  • Pour tomatoes over the chicken, top with onions and peppers, add oregano, bay leaf, salt and pepper, give it a quick stir and cover.
  • Set crock pot to LOW 8 hours or HIGH 4 hours.
  • When the timer beeps, remove lid and keep the crock pot on HIGH one hour to help it thicken.

Better method but requires more prep:

  • Heat a large skillet over medium-high, lightly spray with oil (I use my Misto) and brown chicken on both sides a few minutes, season with salt and pepper. Add to the slow cooker.
  • To the skillet, spray with a little more oil and add onions and peppers. Sauté until juices release and the vegetables become golden, a few minutes.Add to the slow cooker. Pour tomatoes over the chicken and vegetables, add oregano, bay leaf, salt and pepper, give it a quick stir and cover.
  • Set crock pot to LOW 8 hours or HIGH 4 hours. Remove bay leaf, adjust salt and pepper and enjoy!
  • * Pasta not included in nutritional info.


Serving: 1thigh, 1/2 cup sauce, veggies, Calories: 126.2kcal, Carbohydrates: 9.2g, Protein: 13.9g, Fat: 2.8g, Saturated Fat: 0.5g, Cholesterol: 57mg, Sodium: 271.6mg, Fiber: 0.6g, Sugar: 4.1g
WW Points Plus: 4
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  1. Does this recipe have a WW personal points link!

  2. This is my favorite meal, it delicious and healthy The perfect WW in my opinion ❣️😁

  3. This was easy and delicious!!

  4. Great recipe – but I did add capers and mushrooms, red pepper and substituted herbs de Provence for Italian seasoning – came out fantastic.

  5. Not enough flavor. Need to add garlic and Italian seasoning. Meat fell right off the bone. Sauce is a bit watery.

  6. I just prepped this to cook tomorrow and added mushroom chunks in. Did I make a mistake adding them too early? Are they going to disintegrate or become too mushy because they’re cooking all day? 

  7. This was good. Very quick and easy! 

  8. How many points would this recipe be on green or purple?

  9. Can you mak this with boneless chicken?  If so do I have to modify anything?

    • I was wondering the same thing. My grocery store was out of chicken thighs and all I have are boneless breasts.

  10. Simple excellent very tasty that’s.

  11. Great recipe!!!  I browned the meat and vegetables first as suggested and added 2 cloves minced garlic.  Delicious with a ton leftover.  Mine had very little water. I did use the same crushed tomatoes as suggested. I will definitely make again.  Very easy.  

  12. This was delicious. I did, however, make a few adjustments. I only used a green pepper. I added mushrooms, fresh garlic, red wine, small can of tomato paste, and crushed red pepper.

    As suggested, I browned the thighs and sauteed the onions and green pepper. I then added the rest of the ingredients. Because other reviews said the sauce was thin, I added a small can of tomato paste, and some red wine that I had left over – maybe a 1/4 cup. The consistency of the sauce was perfect. Would definitely make again with the adjustments I made!

  13. My husband liked this a lot. Kid-friendly, too.

  14. Tried this recipe at the recommendation of a friend who makes it regularly using boneless, skinless chicken. Tried it with boneless, skinless chicken thighs. Browned them and veggies on the stove first. Then cooked overnight on low for 8 hours in the crockpot.

    The chicken is VERY tender. This makes a shredded chicken Italian pasta sauce. Which is fine (I guess the bones would have kept the chicken pieces more intact.) I’ve never made an Italian chicken sauce with shredded chicken versus hunks of chicken. It’s a little different but good. 

    The way the recipe is written turned out a little blah and like a health food tasting recipe. It was watery after 8 hours (browning chicken and veggies on the stove before into the crockpot) and just didn’t have as much flavor as I would want to be excited to serve to someone. (Think: sauce tasted like a healthy choice frozen dinner sauce.) I added a minced garlic clove when it was cooking in the crockpot. At this point, instead of trying to simmer in the crockpot on high after 8 hours on low, I transferred to a pot on the stove to simmer. Added two more garlic cloves minced, mushrooms, chopped fresh basil and parsley, crushed red pepper flakes, and dried Italian seasoning. Seasoning is really what this was lacking the chicken is a great consistency. What Italian recipe doesn’t include garlic?! Definitely simmer uncovered before serving (doesn’t matter which option you choose at the beginning when you’re putting items into the crockpot) and season liberally. Doing those things will turn this into a recipe you’re excited about if your initial thought was that this seemed to be missing something. 

  15. If I use boneless chicken breasts what setting and how long in the crock pot? 

  16. forgot to defrost my thighs….can i put them in slow cooker frozen??

  17. Why is this 5 points?   Chicken is zero and the vegs are as well ?

  18. Heads up the link for “I’ve also now included an Instant Pot Chicken Cacciatore recipe. Enjoy!” doesn’t work.

  19. Tried this last night and it turned out great. The whole family loved it. Thanks

  20. Link to instant pot recipe does not work (has in url link)

    here is the correct link 😀

  21. Can I use thighs without the bone or chicken legs? Which one would b better ? Do u prefer low or high for cooking. I have time either way. Which one is better?

  22. I put this on WW recipe builder exactly as is with 8 servings and it came up 3 points not 5. Why the difference in points? If you use chicken breast its 0 with the new FS plan.

    This recipe is delish as is all on this site!!

  23. Great recipe! Very tasty sauce. Meat was moist, tender and just fell off the bone! I did add minced garlic. I can’t make an Italian dish without garlic. Next time I will add corn starch. It was too thin for me.. I’m going to try some sliced black olives too. Thanks for the recipe!

  24. Can you freeze leftovers? I want to double this recipe. Thanks in advance

  25. If I want to half this recipe do I need to adjust the cooking time?

  26. Made this last night. I cook from Gina’s recipes ALL the time and love everything. This is the first time I didn’t fall in love. Very little flavor to this. I added plenty of slat and pepper, too. I think some garlic and Worcestershire and maybe some grated carrots would have added a lot. I will try that next time. The chicken just falls of the bone! Lovely! Don’t even need a knife!

  27. Why is this 5 points if it doesn’t include the pasta?

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  29. Love your recipes.

  30. What kind of Mushrooms do I put at the end for the last hour?

    • There are no mushrooms in the ingredient list, but I’m sure you could add whatever kind of mushrooms you like.

  31. Can you use chicken breast instead of thighs with the same outcome in taste, I have 3 breasts defrosting I want to use?

  32. Delicious!! Big hit with my hubby!! I added capers instead of the peppers…no pasta for us, served it over broccoli…Very healthy and Very tasty!! Adding it to the weekly menu!! Thanks!!

  33. Should the chicken be shredded when done cooking? I have never made any version of chicken cacciatore before!

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  35. Absolutely delicious. Added 1 small courgette (zucchini) sliced, 1 large carrot in small chunks, and handful of French (Bobby, pencil) beans in 2 inch pieces. Needed a little cornflour (cornstarch) paste to thicken. Took less time than expected to cook. Will definitely make this again, especially in winter/wet weather. So easy. Thank you very much. (Brit living in Spain)

  36. Hi Gina,
    I bought the ingredients for this today for dinner tonight. I’m wondering, could I do think in a Dutch oven too. If so, for how long.  

    Thanks so much. I love Skinnytaste and have been following you for years. 


  37. Easy, tasty, and my granddaughter approved!

  38. Easy, delicious, and only 5 Freestyle Weight Watcher Points, this crock-pot gem makes a delicious meal for 4. The meat falls off the bone easily and the flavor is just perfect. I “cheated” a bit by adding a potato cut into small, bite-sized pieces. If you are a purist and want to forego the almost obligatory pasta, try pouring your portion over half of a Sandwich-Thin as you’ll need something to mop up the delicious juicy sauce that this cacciatore will produce. 
    I made this dish in a crock pot, in about 5 hours alternating between high and low temps, but Gina includes directions for cooking it (really fast) in an InstantPot. That’ll be my next project.
    It is so nice to know that delicious can also be healthy. Thanks!

  39. One of my favorite Skinnytaste meals! I love that you can whip up something so delicious in a slow cooker. I love to add mushrooms, zucchini, and yellow squash to this as well!

  40. Made this with chicken breasts and served it over spaghetti squash for zero points.  Leftovers will make great lunches.   So easy and delish. 

  41. I want to add more chicken to serve 12. Do I need more sauce?

  42. Would this be 0 points on the new plan?

    • This recipe calls for chicken thighs, which aren’t zero points. But you could definitely sub chicken breasts, though the flavor may be a little different since breasts are leaner and taste a little different.

  43. Delicious and easy. I used bone-in chicken thighs and the meat just feel off the bone when it was done. Moist and tasty. I froze half and had had the rest over linguini.

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  47. This was fabulous!  I made with chicken breast to adhere to WW Freestyle. Zero points for the sauce/chicken and used dreamfields rotini pasta for 5sp (3/4 cup). That was the only pasta I had on hand. Will make again!  Great recipe Gina! 

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  53. I just made this tonight and the updated freestyle points are 3 per serving 

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  58. Making this tomorrow night for dinner. When I put it in the recipe builder in the Weight Watchers app, it calculates it as 7sp, not 5sp. Did I do something wrong?

    • Did you use the recipe builder? The only accurate way to determine any recipe’s SmartPoints® value is to plug the ingredients into the recipe builder on the Weight Watchers website (Click on “My Foods,” select “Recipe,” and click “Create a recipe.”) which does not count fruits and vegetables in recipes in the calculations as they are now 0 points.

      The SmartPoints® calculator isn’t meant for recipes and will often give you the wrong points (usually higher) because it’s counting the fruits and vegetables. So if you see a recipe with a SmartPoints® value that’s different from what the calculator tells you, now you know why.

  59. If it hasn’t been mentioned–and I have probably commented on this on other recipes–a cornstarch/water slurry (equal parts) is the easiest way to thicken any sauce. For something in the crock pot, I usually remove the meat from the sauce and put it in a dish. If you use chicken on the bone (thighs really are best in the slow cooker), you can take the bones out easily, and cut the chicken into bite sized pieces.

    Most crocks can go in the microwave, so stir in 1Tbs each of cold water and cornstarch (mixed together before adding), put the crock into your microwave, and cook it for several minutes, then stir it and check the consistency. You can add additional slurry if needed. Then put the chicken back in and it’s ready to serve.

  60. I finally made this today for the first time and I can’t believe I waited so long to make this! this is absolutely delicious! I used boneless skinless chicken thighs instead and I did the prep on the skillet beforehand as recommended. Amazing! CANT WAIT to make this again!  Another A+ recipe from Gina!

  61. How well will this freeze? I’m cooking for two at home and one 19 year old college student who comes home to take precooked entrees back to school.
    Saw this in week 93 dinner plan and then looked it up in my copy of the Skinnytaste Fast and Slow cookbook! Your website has become my family’s go to for new recipes (My 21 year old daughter is paleo and I’m trying to eat healthier.)

  62. Gina, we’re not fans of bell pepper but I still really want to try this dish! Would simply omitting the bell pepper affect the dish consistency too much? Or is there an adjustment to the other ingredients I can make? Thank you!

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  64. This was so so good! I was a little worried because I could only find boneless thighs at the store, but it came out great. I did Brown the meat and vegetables before, so I think that helped to make up for the lack of bone. Also added some red pepper flakes and Aleppo pepper, which gave it a nice heat 

    Will definitely be making this again and again!

  65. Would this work in an Instant Pot?

  66. Would this work in an Instant Pot?

    • Would this work in an Instant Pot?

  67. I wonder if adding zucchini noodles to this dish while in crock pot would alleviate the need for pasta OR would they get too limp so better to do on stove and put cacciatore over?

    • It would be mushy

    • Not a fan of zucchini noodles, but if you want to use these, I would add at END of cook time, turn off the cooker and allow to sit for about 5 mins.  OR I do this for my husband who DOES enjoy zuke noodles:  Lightly cook in sprayed nonstick pan (can lightly brown a bit of fresh garlic).  Add zuke noodles, stir/fry about 20-30 seconds.  Place a serving on individual serving dishes.  Ladle chicken cacciatore over it.  Serve.
      I rated this recipe 3/5 stars because like several posted comments, I added other ingredients: garlic, wine, mushrooms, pinch crushed red pepper, omitted bay leaf, tomato paste (from squeeze tube), GF flour to thicken sauce, stirred in fresh parsley and basil.  Then it became a 5/5 for us.  As written, basic is too bland for us.

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  71. Can this be adapted to make in the IP?

  72. I made this for dinner last night and it was a huge hit! I’ve never made Cacciatore before because my family doesn’t like bell peppers. Or so they thought…This was so quick and easy. Thank you!

  73. Here’s an idea that only takes a few extra minutes: Before placing chicken in slow cooker, line a broiler/baking pan with non-stick foil, spray a little oil on the chicken with your Misto and place under the broiler until brown. Voila!! Browned chicken and no extra clean up.

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  75. Can you do this with boneless chicken thighs?

  76. Could this be converted to use with an instant pit?

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  78. First time ever using a crock pot and this turned out great! I’m not here for diet recipes but a quick google search for “crock pot chicken” led me to this recipe. I followed the recipe and set for 8 hours on low. Ended up falling asleep and cooked for 9 hours before oulling the lid off but it still turned out amazing. Only had to add a bit more oregano and some fresh chopped basil. 

  79. Can you prep day before up to the point you put in slow cooker?

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  81. So yummy and easy! Rather than pasta, I served over zoodles. A definite repeat!

  82. I hate bell peppers – what do you think would be a good sub that didn’t detract from the flavor?

  83. What is it in Smart Points?

  84. Smart points still 4

  85. Stacy! Yumm! How would you adapt this for the Instant Pot?

  86. I made this tonight (shortened crock pot version with skinless boneless thighs). The meat was falling apart & the sauce tasted fantastic. However, I could still taste the “plainess” of the meat under all the good sauce – like the flavors haven’t penetrated the chicken at all. I’ve found this before with other chicken recipes that the chicken has sat in flavorful liquids all day but still tastes plain underneath the sauce. Am I doing something wrong?

    • Slow cooker is certainly different than cooking on the stove. I find seasoning the chicken overnight (salt, spices) helps a lot!

  87. I just made this a couple hours ago, but on the stove instead of the crockpot (I forgot it was a crockpot recipe, lol). I browned the chicken with the onions and peppers in oil and seasoned them with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. I then simmered them in crushed tomatoes with oregano, red pepper flakes, italian seasoning, and more garlic powder (I forgot the bay leaf). Had a hearty bowl with mozzerella cheese. Overall I think it was missing something but still was pretty good. Here’s to hoping the leftovers are even better! 🙂

  88. I am wondering how you would change this recipe to use the instant pot? I love all of your recipes and purchase kitchen gadgets based on what you use.  Thanks!

  89. Not wanting to the store for ingredients I didn't have. I had all the stuff for this. I had some frozen chicken breasts so I used those. We also only had diced tomatoes. So I put them in my boyfriends mini blender and added some tomato paste and a little red wine we had. I'm excited to try it and so it my boyfriend.

  90. This was yummy…I used pheasant instead of chicken because my freezer is full of that bird…this came out so delicious…I used the "better method" and cut the recipe in half…loved it…TeresaS

  91. I just put this in the calculator for the new WW Smartpoints program and got 3. That's either the new emphasis on protein or the missing saturated fat number. I'm going to go with protein until you say otherwise. 🙂

  92. This was good. I used the quick method with skinless, boneless thighs (I know…) & had to add more salt & pepper… I think if I used the bone-in and did the "Better method" I wouldn't have needed the extra salt & pepper. This was a hit with all 4 of my family members which is rare – normally one of my kids isn't a fan of what I cook. 😉 Of course it's because of them that I didn't use bone-in… they are so weird about bones in their chicken. 😉

  93. So easy to make and delicious.

  94. can you make this in a smaller crockpot ?

  95. So delicious and so easy! I use a whole cut up chicken, since everyone likes different chicken parts in my family. I had made this once before and it was too tomato-y for the kids, but the adults liked it. This time I added 1 tablespoon of brown sugar and it was a hit with the kids too. Other adjustments I made:
    – used 1 whole red pepper and no green pepper
    – used a whole onion
    – added a small can of tomato paste to thicken the sauce a little

  96. This recipe is very good and one that I use a lot. However, one thing I do differently is that I add the bell peppers about an hour before I am going to serve it. Otherwise, I've found that they get very soft and have an off putting consistency.

  97. GailA 6/24/14

    I have made this many many times, throwing out my old recipe for chicken cacciatore! I always use skinless thighs with the bone in. The flavor is always with the bone!! It is easily removed when the chicken is done!!
    As a receptionist for Weight Watchers, I have passed along this and many other recipes from Gina's web site!! Love Love Love!! Thanks Gina!!

  98. I too am wondering what size chicken thighs you used. The bone-in with skin ones I bought were about 8 oz each. The thigh alone is WAY more than the calories you have listed.

    • Agreed. I got my thighs from Sam's Club and they worked about to 5.6 oz each, and based on calories for chicken thighs online, this works out to about 333 calories, just in the chicken. I am a little concerned about this.

  99. My family loved this recipe. It actually tastes just like my Gram's Italian recipe. I personally like the "soupy" sauce, it went well over pasta.

  100. Just made this today. It came out amazing!

  101. I really enjoy this dish, but I think the points are wrong. Using the point calculator, chicken thighs bone-in, no skin are 7 points each. When I put everything in the recipe in I come up with a total of 60 points, which is 7 1/2 points per serving, not 4. Can you please review your point calculation and revise if needed? If I'm missing something, please let me know. 🙂

  102. "If you are a white meat girl"

    REALLY? You only expect women to use your site???!!! Lol, don't lose out on a huge market of male cooks that are looking to cook healthy.

  103. Delicious! Loved how the chicken fell right off the bone- no shredding required!

  104. I appreciate you Gina! Another amazing dinner, thanks to you! =)

  105. Hey Gina can we mix in some boneless chicken breast too I am going to try it!

  106. This is very similar to my recipe. I don't never a bay leaf, I always add a few cloves of garlic, and the last 30 minutes of cooking time, I add mushrooms to the sauce. I love the Tuttorrosso Tomatoes too. They are next best thing to freshly made, or home canned tomatoes. I will usually cook fresh Oregano, parsley and or basil into my sauce as well. The slight cost difference is worth the flavor. Then I will just freee left over herbs for next time. (They dn't necessarily look pretty, but the flavor is still good)

  107. This is totally delicious and very easy even following the "better" method. However, I used only red pepper and I roasted it — YUM! I also sauteed some carrots in the skillet I browned the chicken in and then threw them in the crock pot for the last half hour or so. Added some healthy bulk and the sweet carrots in the rich sauce were SO delicious. I serve this over either a Parsnip Puree or Cauliflower Mash and everyone in the family loves it.

  108. Love this recipe! I eat it over spaghetti squash.

  109. Thank you Gina for this wonder meal! Made it tonight and my bf loved it! I made it with boneless/skinless chicken thighs instead but was still very flavorful! Also, I agree with your verdict, the sauce wasn't thick even after adding mushrooms in the last hour. I just took out excess tomato juice and the problem was solved! Super delish with lots of flavor! Thanks again!

  110. I made this recipe on Saturday for a romantic dinner with my boyfriend. He could not get enough of it!

    I added sliced button mushrooms, crushed red pepper and garlic to the crock pot and finished it with a hand full of chopped fresh Italian parsley. I served in over whole wheat rigatoni pasta with a spicy arugula salad.

    Simple for a weeknight meal yet impressive for a group or special occasion makes this dish a "make again" in my recipe book.

  111. Thank you sooooo much Gina for the fantastic crock pot recipes! Right now we are remodeling our kitchen and we have no stove so I've been doing everything I can in the blender, toaster oven, and at work in the crock pot to keep my family and our working friends fed. Making this for dinner tonight. We only had breasts, but I'm sure it will work out fine. I had whole canned tomatoes and just threw them in the blender to crush them a bit. Excited to taste it! 🙂

  112. can I put boneless skinless thighs in frozen? I do that a lot for certain recipes. Has anyone tried it with this one?

  113. Love love love this! I had it with spaghetti squash and it was delicious.

  114. Made this over the weekend, using breasts instead of thighs and adding fresh mushrooms. I also used more peppers than called for in the recipe and added some Italian seasoning. Served it over whole wheat linguine and it was delicious. My family loved it. I will be making this again.

  115. Made this two nights ago and have been enjoying it ever since. SO good and SO easy! Served over angel hair with a simple salad. Perfect. And I have plenty left over for my freezer =)

  116. just started the true crockpot version (no browning) with skinless boneless thighs. i have an aversion to touching raw meat. we're also trying to be healthier, so i buy skinless and the bone-in variety had all kinds of skin that I wasn't about to touch. whole wheat pasta noodles have been bought. dinner will start smelling awesome in a couple hours. i hope it tastes as good as the recipe predicts.

  117. Can I use chicken breasts instead? Would the cooking time change?

  118. Would like to see some low sodium recipes.

  119. Just wondering about how much your eight chicken thighs weighed? My eight thighs weighed 2 lbs, 9 ozs… and a single serving came out to 10 ppv when I figured it using Weight Watchers' Recipe Builder. The only extra thing I added was a 16 oz. can of diced tomatoes. My point plus count is BEFORE noodles — quite a difference from the 4 ppv you posted! My husband and I loved it, however.

    • I used 4 boneless, skinless chicken thighs that were a pound for the four. I also halved the tomatoes. I ended up with 7PP for a serving without the pasta. I was a little lost as to where 4PP came for this recipe too. We still loved the recipe too and are putting it on the monthly rotation :o)

  120. I usually like the recipes on your site (have to adjust spices to taste), but this one I didn't like at all. Nobody finished the dinner & all the leftovers were thrown away. It was really bland, even after adding a lot of spices. Maybe we are just used to chicken breast, but this recipe was really disappointing (a sloppy version of the real dish). 🙁

  121. I made this on Monday and both the hubby and I loved it. If possible, it tastes even better as leftovers. We served this over no yolk noodles and a little grated parm.
    Your site is amazing and I have tried a few recipes (including the pulled pork – another hit btw with my brother and friend). I love that you give the WW points as well.

  122. I'm gonna use drumsticks for this tomorrow, they're thawing now & I'm so excited! I have two or three cans of STEWED tomatoes… Should I just put them in a blender to smooth them out? Do you think I'd do better using pasta sauce instead? I also have a small can of tomato paste…but I can't go back to the store anytime soon. Please! Advice anyone?

  123. Just finished putting this in the crock pot. I've made it once before and it was DEE-LISH !!! We had pasta last night so I'm going to serve it over brown rice tonight….. Already looking forward to supper.

  124. This was so good! I doubled the recipe thinking I'd freeze half for later in the month, but we ended up just eating it all week long! We'll definitely be making this regularly. Thanks!!

  125. I have only ever seen Tutorusso crushed tomatoes with basil, is that what you use?

  126. This sounds terrific. I'm always looking for healthy recipes. I just posted a healthy turkey chili recipe on my blog at

  127. Even though I browned the chicken and veggies beforehand, the sauce still turned out to be more of a soup. I thought it was delicious and I will make it again, but next time, I think I'll add a can of tomato paste at the end, to thicken it into more of a sauce. I also added a little bit of red pepper flakes, to give it a little kick. 🙂

  128. Have this in the crock pot right now! Used breasts instead of thighs. I'm going to add mushrooms for the last hour, and I also am going to shred the chicken once it's done and stir it back into the sauce 🙂

  129. Absolutely Delecious! I loved the depth of flavour the sauce got as it blipped away slowly.The only adjustments I made was to add a couple cloves of minced garlic and a pinch or two of red pepper flakes,other then that..perfect!

  130. I made this today for dinner – SO GOOD! My mum got me a crock pot for Christmas and it has been the greatest addition to my apartment. Rather than plain crushed tomatoes, I bought crushed tomatoes with garlic and herbs in it (in addition to the bay leaf and oregano already in the recipe). It definitely adds a boost of flavor to what some are calling a bland meal. I recommend!

    Thanks, Gina!

  131. Another winner, Gina. We really enjoyed this dish.

  132. Amazing!! I love to cook but am constantly "editing" recipes to make them WW friendly! Your site has changed my life!! I used boneless/skinless thighs, extra onions, different colored peppers and a hint of crushed red pepper . . . so good!! There hasn't been one Skinnytaste recipe that wasn't most excellent! Thank you!!

  133. I am a fairly new cook and so far have had bad luck with other sites. I made a lot of mediocre recipes last year! I am very grateful to have found this site because your recipes are tasty and easy to make. This recipe is really good — I followed it exactly (long method; on high for 4 hours). Next time I think I will add more oregano though for a little extra flavor. I can't wait to make this again. Thanks!

  134. We LOVED this recipe! We had been making regular (stovetop) chicken cacciatore and it was really good but decided to try the crock pot recipe. Well we are never going back to the stove top now! The crock pot made the thighs SO tender, they just fell apart. This will be a regular in our house!!

  135. I had some chicken breasts in the fridge I had no idea what to do with and wanted something new. I happened to also have some cherry tomatoes and mini bell peppers from a veggie platter from Christmas.

    I chose to brown them because I know chicken breatss can be rubbery if just thrown in the crock pot. I also added a dash of garlic salt, and salted and peppered both the browning chicken breasts and the veggies liberally.

    Since I only had a few cherry tomatoes, I used a can of tomato sauce and threw in a few baby carrots just cuz I like veggies. When it was near finished, it did seem a little watery and bland, so I threw in an additional tsp salt and a second can of tomato sauce to thicken it up- turned out great! The chicken breasts had none of that rubbery-ness to them that they get if not prepared, and shredded really nicely in with the veggies and sauce. Glad I found this recipe!

  136. I always cube my chicken BEFORE cooking, otherwise it ends up looking like the above photo – strings of garbage on a plate!

  137. I made this yesterday and was very disappointed. It didn't have much flavour and I even browned the chicken, peppers and onions.

  138. Just recently made this and it was delicious! I made 10 chicken thighs (it was a value pack that was on sale) so I put extra vegetables and portioned it out to freeze the extras. I also added mushrooms during the last hour that you cook without the lid and red pepper flakes because my husband and I like a little heat. Other than that, pretty much kept it the same. Served over egg noodles. I do agree that you need to add a bit more seasoning (salt and pepper) before serving. Another thumbs up.

  139. Alright now.. when do you remove the bone? Individually on the dinner plate?

  140. I have a whole chicken which I need to use up as it expires tomorrow – just wondering if I can cook a whole chicken in a slow cooker or should I do it in the oven first and then shred the chicken up and cook with the remaining ingredients. What do you think?

  141. Adding a packet of Goya Sazón adds even more yumminess!

  142. We made this recently and it was FANTASTIC! Favorite Chicken Cacciatore recipe as of right now. So easy to make and absolutely delish!

  143. Gina,you may have already answered this in a previous post but I didn't see if you did. If I used bone-in chicken breasts would that still give the flavor that the original recipe does? Just curious, since we aren't dark meat fans.

  144. I made this today and I have one word to describe it… AMAZING! I just had a second helping after running errands. The house smelled fantastic too! The chicken was literally falling off the bone… YUMMMM!!! Can't wait for left overs tomorrow. 🙂

  145. DELICIOUS! My husband and I loved this meal. I especially loved getting all the vegetables in with so much good flavor.

    I want to make this on Saturday for 10 college students, and I have a 5 quart crock pot. Should I plan to use 10 thighs and some extra veggies in the crock pot? That's what I'd prefer for ease of clean-up and because the rest of the day is busy.

    Also, what are some sides that would go well with this meal? I'm planning to serve it with rice, but I think I need to serve one or two more sides to make sure there's enough to go around. (I'm planning on apple crisp and ice cream for dessert.) Thank you!

    Gina, I love using your recipes!

    • See my review below but I used 10 thighs because that's what came in the value pack and I added more vegetables – 1 green peppers, 1 red pepper, 1 onion, and I also added mushrooms at the end. It was perfect. I served over egg noodles, but rice is great.

  146. Could you tell me what size crockpot this is made in?

  147. Would love to try this recipe, would a whole cut-up ckicken work? My family is picky and we all eat different parts of the chicken.

  148. To everyone that has cooked this recipe…will a 6 quart crock pot work?

  149. I made these last week and everyone in my house loved them and I am the only one trying to lose weight. I love coming on this site and finding new things to make. Everything I have made has been a huge success. I never knew losing weight and eating right could be this easy.

  150. I served this over rice (because I forgot to buy pasta and didn't realize until it was way too late!) and it was DELICIOUS. Used chicken thighs, and they were falling off the bone as I was serving it. looooove it!!

  151. I just made this last night, and it was great! So incredibly easy to make, and a BIG hit at home. LOVE your slow cooker recipes!

  152. This was outstanding! I added a couple of long hot peppers as well. I served it over organic brown basmati rice. This recipe is now part of my "family favorites"! Thanks for sharing!

  153. Can't wait to try it with Turkey Sausage. We LOVE Turkey Sausage. I am making this recipe today and the house smells divine!

  154. I just have to say that this is my favorite new crock pot recipe. It's so delicious and the whole family loves it, even my picky toddlers. It's a home run! Thank you.

  155. Made this tonight for the 6th time in about 8 weeks. It keeps getting better and better. I ran out of crushed Tuttorosso tomatoes, but for some reason I have plenty of the diced variety (must have just grabbed whatever during a BOGO sale at Publix!). I've made it with the diced kind before, but it was too runny. This time, I dumped the can in the blender and pulsed for a few seconds. I was worried it was too frothy, but after eight hours in the crock pot, it was just like the crushed variety I usually use — maybe even better. Also, I sliced the peppers into thicker strips. Always love to see all those great veggies and not have them disappear (visually, not nutritionally) when the mix cooks down.

  156. Gina –

    To thicken the sauce it's one extra hour on high with the lid off in addition to the cooking time listed in the recipe correct?! I just want to double check – making this (finally) this week!!

  157. I just made this today doing it the way you recommended and it was delish! I didnt have bay leaves, but had basil so I used that instead. Seasoned with salt once done and it was perfect! Thank you for sharing this recipe!

  158. I did the "Better Method" and I am sure it paid off though I haven't eaten it yet. I made it overnight and now it is in my freezer. Luckily after making another recipe I had leftover linguini so I dont have to make any more pasta. It smells wonderful. I am sure after I thaw it out I will have to add some more seasoning but either way the extra step and all was sure to be worth it. Thanks for another easy breezy recipe!

  159. This looks great! I have to ask, though – how did you come up with 4 PP? I entered in all of the ingredients into my WW calculator and came up with 8PP. I hate to ask, but I'm confused since that's double what is listed from your calculations! I'm not including any pasta, etc, in the list of ingredients.

    • Just wanted to reply back with an update after some researching. Looks like WW recently revised their chicken thigh PP values – some more info is here:

      Sorry for any confusion! I couldn't figure out why the heck my numbers weren't matching up, but now I see!

  160. Made tonight and was amazing! We definitely didn't think was bland. I used 28oz trader Joe's low sodium marinara sauce and a tablespoon of italian seasoning. We also added about 2 teaspoon of red pepper flakes. I used the harder method and seasoned the thighs with garlic powder as well as s and p. Then added the veggies, scrapping up the browned bits and seasoning left from the chicken. Put it in a bowl, stuck it in the fridge over night and cooked on low for only 7 hrs. Oh ma gawd!!!! We had it over spaghetti squash. Wow. One of the best skinnytaste recipes have made and have probably made over 50 over the past year!

  161. My husband hates chicken thighs, so not I used boneless breasts and didn't brown them beforehand and I have to say this NEVER happens on Skinnytaste, but we didn't love it. It was kinda bland. SO…next time I shall try the chicken thighs and brown them before, b/c I assume from all the comments that is what it was lacking! 🙂

  162. I made this tonight for dinner and it was AMAZING! It's going into my meal rotation. Thanks you so much for sharing it with us!

  163. Do chicken thighs have a strong smell to them? I just pulled out of pkg and the sell by date is two days away but I have never cooked thighs before but felt they had sort of a strong smell so not sure if that is normal. I usually only do boneless breast.

  164. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I mad this tonight and it was outrageous! I seasoned the chicken before sauteing with salt, pepper and chicken seasoning. I also added some fresh sliced mushrooms and garlic when sauteing the veggies. I also added a splash of rose wine and chicken broth. This was OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!! Thanks for another great recipe!

  165. This was AMAZING!! And SO easy! thank you!!!!

  166. Yummy! Just made this for the 2nd time and my family agrees – it's a keeper. Thanks so much for your creativity and inspiration!

  167. If I use boneless skinless chicken breast do I then just shred the chicken in the crock pot or serve one breast to each person? Thanks
    And BTW I love your recipes I have made about 20 plus!!!

  168. I decided to cook this on the stove for 2 1/2 – 3 hours. I browned the meat first & cooked down the vegetables. I'm very excited to try this recipe!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I'll let you know how it turns out!!

  169. i have it all preped and ready to go for tomorrow!!! I can't wait!

  170. I made this dish, and it was absolutely delicious! Thank you so much for your amazing recipes.

  171. Can this be done in a dutch oven instead of a crock pot? If so how long would you cook it for?

  172. Made this a few weeks ago and froze it. Had it tonight and the whole family loved it! It was so tasty, and so easy to make! I did substitute boneless chicken breasts and I can't believe how tender the meat came out… shreddred so eaily with a fork. Mmmmmm….. so glad when I made it I did a double batch (loving my new 7qt slow cooker).

  173. Gina, I am normally not a fan of tomato based dishes (just a personal thing) but I made it for the hubs because he does. Holy cow, I am in heaven! I could eat this every day! I guess it's because this is the first time I haven't used canned sauce. So delicious. I put a little extra salt on the chicken so I didn't feel like I needed to adjust the flavors at the end. Served it up with brown rice instead of pasta because I ran out and it was SOOOO GOOOOOOD! Thank you!

    P.S. – Hurry up with that cookbook! I'll but it the seconds it becomes available!

  174. Made this last week. It turned out PERFECT. The meat just fell right off of the bone. I had to 'fish' for the bones! Thanks, Gina!! 🙂

  175. Gina,

    I am making this tonight and we are having guests for dinner. I have come to love your recipes so much that I even break my own rule of always trying something first before serving it to guests. Thanks so much!

  176. I made this last night and really enjoyed it! I used boneless skinless thighs and it was cooked to perfection after 6.5 hrs on low in my slow cooker. I had browned the meat and sauteed the vegetables like you recommended. I did not have a bay leaf or fresh herbs, but the canned tomatoes came seasoned with basil and I upped the oregano a bit to make up for it. I also added a can of tomato paste to thicken the sauce after seeing your comment about the sauce not being as thick as you'd hoped for. I was first drawn to this recipe because of its short ingredient list and fast, simple prep, but was worried about how flavorful it could actually be. Verdict-flavorful sauce + tender meat = incredibly easy, delicious weeknight meal! Thanks for sharing!

  177. I made this the "slow way" and it was absolutely fantastic! My husband said it was "restaurant quality," and I have to say that I agreed; it was bursting with flavor. The recipe gave us some leftovers, too, and it was just as good, if not better, each time. Thank you so much!!!

  178. I thought this was delicious, I made it exactly as written and didn't find it bland at all. I added more salt and pepper in the end and enjoyed it over pasta with grated cheese. THANK YOU!! Kids and husband LOVED it!!

  179. I would like to use bone in chicken breasts. Would that work? They are really big and I wouldn't know how many to use.

    Thanks for all of your wonderful recipes. I have been using them for a year now 🙂

  180. delicious the first time around, but looking at the leftovers in the fridge, i decided to doctor it up a bit. i sauteed up a bunch more peppers, onions and mushrooms and added that for the 2nd day meal and skipped the pasta all together – didn't miss it at all! great recipe to add to the crock pot arsenal! thanks 🙂

  181. Would it make much of a difference to the overall taste of the dish if the bay leaf was omitted?

  182. Made this for dinner last night. My hubby RAVED. Thanks so much!

  183. This looks AMAZING!

  184. Love your site, the ENTIRE family LOVED this!! So delicious!!

  185. Gina I love your site. Not only are your recipes good, but the nutrition info is so useful. That being said, I found this recipe bland. It's missing something, maybe garlic?

    • salt maybe? I didn't think it was bland at all, but the crock pot tends to mute the flavors of food so you always have to adjust the spices in the end.

    • I added more seasoning to the chicken before sauteing it. I then added some rose wine and chicken broth to the sauce. It was amazing!

  186. Hi Gina, I have no oregano on hand but everything else. Can I use italian seasoning ? Or what would you or anyone suggest. I would like to make it today for dinner.

  187. I've got it in the crock pot now! My kitchen already smells good from browning the meat and veggies!

  188. It was good, but needed more seasoning. Will add more garlic, oregano, basil, garlic salt, pepper, etc. next time. Maybe even some red pepper flakes for a bit of heat.

  189. Prepared yesterday and it was delish! Took all my willpower to keep from going back for seconds!

  190. I found it rather on the bland side. With the left overs I added quite a bit of garlic powder and some parmesan and it gave it just the zip it needed

  191. I made this last night, and wanted leftovers for lunch, but didn't want all the carbs and calories from the pasta…so I made chicken cacciatore flatbread pizza! I took a 100 calorie sandwich thin, topped with the cacciatore and a small bit of part-skin mozzarella, and had the best lunch EVER!

  192. I used chicken drumsticks because I had them in the freezer. All I can say is wow! it was soo good. I am usually a boneless chicken breast person and I usually don't like the chicken legs but it was a winner in my house!!! Even my picky kids ate it. We had it over penne and it was very filling and a great points value. Thanks for the recipe!!!

  193. I just had this for dinner and it was great! I used skinless boneless chicken breasts and it came out very well!

  194. I have made many of your receipes, but haven't commented until now. I made this yesterday for dinner and it was delicious. I added a couple of crushed garlic cloves. Thanks for your great receipes!

  195. I made this yesterday to save for dinner tonight….(I can't use my crock while at work, I'm gone too long) It smelled amazing, and I can't wait til dinner! I'm going to have it over pureed califlower(just because I love it) I will make some rice or pasta for my boyfriend. YUM! Thanks for all your recipes! I've made at least 30 or so by now, and I've made several 2x already(chicken sabroso is a fav in my house)…So far I'm down 25lbs. Thanks again!

  196. It's cooking at the moment! I used chicken legs tho… will that be ok, you think?? 🙂

  197. do you think i could use spring onions in this? looks so good and i have everything to make it except an onion – i only have spring onions

  198. I have tried probably 50 recipes from your blog and love them all. Just put this in the crock pot! Cant wait to try it tonight!

  199. If I were to halve this recipe, would the cooking time be the same? I'm a rookie with my crock pot! Thanks to anyone who can help.

  200. Help! I followed the recipe and it was bland, but it looked good! Maybe I used sodium free crushed tomatoes? I used chicken thighs with the bone and browned them beforehand.

    Any suggestions?

    • Different brands of crushed tomatoes will taste different (which is why I swear by Tuttorosso) but if you used a lower sodium tomato, then you should add salt to bring out the flavor.

    • Hi Gina, I made this last night (yum!). I cheated and did the quick method, so I know that it would have had more flavor if I did it the other way, but I wonder if I also did adjust my seasonings enough? I remember you mentioning in various recipes about adjusting the herbs and spices – I added more at the end when I took the lid off for an hour. Do you adjust them throughout the whole cooking time?

      I've been trying to add more protein in my diet, especially at breakfast, so I can't wait to try those oats this week! 🙂

    • I found it to be pretty bland, too, but the rest of my family really liked it. If I were to make it again, I would absolutely increase the seasonings and even though I did the longer method, I would also do the step where you leave the top off for an hour.

  201. I knew this would be a winner when I read the recipe. I just read the comments and will be making it tomorrow. As always, thank you Gina.

  202. This looks scrumptious. I have to try this ASAP.

  203. Cooking this for Father's Day!! 😀

  204. made this for dinner last night – it was fabulous! will definitely make again and soon. I cranked the cp to high for the last hour with the lid off as you suggested and it was the perfect consistency. the fresh herbs added at the very end was a nice touch. served it over barilla whole wheat linguini for a healthy meal and sprinkled a little freshly grated asiago cheese, yummmmmmmm
    thank you Gina!!!!

  205. I made this tonight, and it was delicious! After browning the chicken, I deglazed the pan with a little white wine before adding the peppers and onions. It added a nice layer of flavor. Thanks for the great crock pot recipe!

  206. I made this for supper and all I had was the boneless, skinless chicken thighs. It was very good but I can see where the bones would add more flavor. It's a keeper for me. I ate it over whole wheat couscous. I emailed it to my brother. Thank you for such a wonderful recipe.

  207. Made this for dinner last night for my family and they loved it! I've already made a few of your recipes and they've all been good. Thank you for sharing these healthy options (I'm on WW too) and I look forward to making more of your meals for my family <3

  208. Made this for dinner last night. Used the "better" method with browning, added mushrooms for the last hour and cooked on high with the lid off. So, I guess I used both methods! 😉 I've never cooked with bone-in thighs so I was nervous about how well it would go over with the family, but the bones just slid right out of the meat when it was done. I easily pulled them out before serving so no one had the hassle, and I was able to utilize the benefit of the flavor. It was a big hit with my dad and husband. Served it over pappardelle noodles. Yum! Thank you, Gina!

  209. Hi can you freeze this afterwards?

  210. I always like to brown the meat and veggies first too, it makes suuuuuuch a HUGE difference in the flavor! This looks awesome!

  211. This looks like a wonderful meal to come home to after a long day!

  212. On this weeks menu! Yum! Wondering if you might share your brand of immersion blender with us?

  213. Your better method that requires more work as you say is well worth it. I've only done it in a dutch oven on the stove for browning & then into the oven it goes. That is also well worth it!Josie

  214. THANK YOU GINA! I love you recipes and can't wait to try this one. Bone-in chicken breasts usually go on sale here and are very inexpensive. Added bonus!

  215. I am making it right now. Browned a couple of chicken quarters and threw them in a crock pot along with a chopped fennel bulb and some rehydrated porcini mushrooms. Smells mmm…mmm…good.

  216. Crock pot recipes are my favorite! So easy and…so easy! I've made a version of this before and agree that you get such good flavor using the chicken on the bone. This is one of my favorite and most satisfying meals! #nom

  217. I make almost this exact same recipe but with Italian Turkey Sausage and it's amazing.

  218. Thanks for the recipe…it's in the crock pot now…

  219. Hi Gina. I make a very similar chicken cacciatore dish. I cut up chunks of chicken breast and coat them with flour in a baggie. It's a very small amount of flour (maybe 1/4 of a cup or so at most) and the one time I forgot to use the flour there was a very noticeable change in consistency. Hope this helps!

  220. I can't use any of the bell pepper family so sub with, Cubanelle, Poblano and Anaheim pepper.(mild and sweet peppers) Is there any pepper I can use to sub the Red Bell?

  221. This sounds SO good! Can you find Tuttorosso in regular grocery stores?

  222. This is so easy and it sounds so good!

  223. OMG! I seriously want to hug you right now! I LOOOOOOOOVE chicken cacciatore and now I can make it in the crock! <3
    This is going to be a wonderful weekend! Thanks so much GINA!!!

  224. This looks amazing. I love chicken cacciatore and I'm going to make it tomorrow. Can't wait to try it.

  225. Beautiful recipe!!!!

  226. If you are doing it the quick way, do you put the chicken in frozen or thawed? Thanks – I can't wait to try this! Every recipe from your website has been fantastic and I have my co-workers hooked on your site now too!!

  227. Another fantastic recipe!

  228. mmmm looks delish gina!


  229. Ok – I am going to do this one tomorrow – thanks!

  230. Delish! I just finished making this with chicken breasts in the crockpot. I added a bit more dried parsley and oregano as you suggested! YUM! Thanks for all the great recipes! They are all FANTASTIC!

  231. This is exactly how I cook it except I also add a little bit of celery chopped fine. I like the flavor it adds. I have never done it in the crock pot, however. I brown, then simmer on the stove. I am going to try the crock pot version asap! Thank you!

  232. we LOVE peppers in my home, sometimes we add mushrooms, sometimes we don't (my stove top version does)

  233. wow! I simply adore your blog, it's so inspirational to me! Thanks for sharing (:

  234. Do "crushed tomatoes" have "chunks" of tomatoes in it? My husband will not even put the fork to his mouth if it does… can I use tomato sauce then? Thanks to anyone who can help.

  235. Real Chicken Cacciatore is not made with peppers or onions the it is made with mushrooms only. for anyone that cannot eat peppers. too many recipes include peppers and i am forever subing with other veggies.

    • that's what happens when you can't eat something, you substitute with something else. It is called life.

    • This would be good info, if it was actually true, but real Chicken Cacciatore DOES include peppers, but feel free to substitute something else, since you wouldn't obviously want to die, just to eat an authentic dish. Lots of people are allergic to lots of things…they make substitutes, its not complicated, its called survival of the fittest.

  236. I am going to have to try this for my healthy recipe on my blog next week! It looks amazing! Thanks!

  237. This looks delicious! I have made a different cacciatore recipe in the past that is pretty good, but this looks exceptional.. and the fact that it is in the crockpot – even better! 🙂

  238. I have made something like this in the past, but with zucchini, squash, mushrooms, and a jar of spaghetti sauce—and skinless breasts. My recipe doesn't call for browning the meat first, though. Great way to use the veggies in your garden in the summer without heating up the kitchen! This looks wonderful and I can't wait to try it! I love your recipes so much!

    • Im planning on making this one day this week. We are over ran with zucchini and squash right now. Do I just add them in the place of the peppers or do I need to wait and add close to the end of cooking. Just dont want them to get to soft.

    • I'm adding mushrooms to this one, myself, though the thought of adding zucchini sounds super tasty…

  239. Think it would taste ok with pork chops instead? My son is allergic to chicken :/

  240. Never thought of doing this in the crock pot – great idea!

  241. Hi Gina! This looks amazing! Can you use boneless breasts instead?

  242. Chicken caccioatore is one of my favorite meals! I'm a bit partial to my grandma's, but this looks delicious!

    • I had it in a restaurant years ago.It was delicious .Have tried different recipies since but just not the same.What ingredients are in your grandma's.I would like to use 8 breasts with the bone but skinless..for company..Thanks

  243. This looks utterly amazing!!! Can't wait to try it! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  244. Looking forward to trying this for sure! 🙂

  245. This looks so good. I'm making this for dinner this weekend. I love crockpot cooking.

  246. Can you do the browning the night before, put it in the refrigerator and then start the crockpot in the morning? Is there any food safety issues?

    • Good Question. I don't want to give you the wrong info, anyone know?

    • I've done it with beef . . . but don't put the ceramic crock in the refrigerator over night. It will take too long to get up to safe cooking temperature when you turn it on. I refrigerate in a covered bowl and throw it all in the crock pot in the morning.

    • I've done the browning with chicken the night before many times and have never had any issues. You definately need to refrigerate chicken over night, though. And I agree with Marion about putting the ceramic insert in the fridge — it adds significant time to cook time just for the insert and food to get to temperature. Good luck!

    • I always put my ceramic insert in the fridge. I just set it on high for the first hour and then turn it down. Never had an issue.

    • I would not recommend browning the meat the night before, as this will bring the food to a warm temperature without cooking it right away, paving the way for bacterial growth in the meat. A safer way would be to prep the veggies the night before and store them in ziploc bags until morning. You could have the skin already removed from the breasts or thighs (or both, which is what I do to please all members of the family) In the a.m., allow the extra 5-10 min to brown the meat. Put all the stuff in the crock-pot on high for the first hour. If you work outside the home, head to the shower, dress for work, turn crock-pot to low before you head out the door. If you don't work outside the home,(like me) enjoy the smell during the day and make sure that you don't taste it until the end of the day. (A friend of mine could not resist the smell of some chicken dish that she was cooking and tasted it–got pretty sick from the juices of the uncooked chicken, even though she didn't taste the meat itself)

    • As long as the meat is put back into the refrigerator overnight there won't be an issue. You chill leftovers don't you? Well, they were warm as well.
      The pre-brown, chill then cook is fine. I agree with the insert thing, however, if only for the extra electricity it takes to get it hot again.

  247. This sounds wonderful! Thanks for another great recipe!

    -Eva and Kobe 🙂

  248. Hi Gina! This sounds so good! Can I use boneless chicken thighs or will it be too dry?

    • You can but I think the bone would taste better. But yes, you can.

    • I used boneless skinless chicken thighs (quite by accident – I thought I purchased bone-in). I was concerned that the chicken would be dry, but it was fabulous!

    • I am glad to hear someone else accidentally bought boneless. I have it cooking now and was worried it would be dry also.

  249. this is totally dinner tonight! although what is the difference in calories in using chicken breasts in place of chicken thighs?

  250. Crock pot cooking is the BEST! Especially when something this awesome is waiting for you at the end of a long day!

  251. I have chicken thawing in the fridge and was just wondering what to do with it and up pops this recipe! And, I have everything I need. I'll have to make it with breast meat today, but can't wait to try it with thighs.