Instant Pot Pork Carnitas (Mexican Pulled Pork)

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Delicious Mexican pork made in the Instant Pot (pressure cooker) for tacos, burrito bowls, taco salads and more (also great with cilantro lime rice)!

Delicious Mexican pork made in the Instant Pot (pressure cooker) for tacos, burrito bowls, taco salads and more (also great with cilantro lime rice)!Instant Pot Pork Carnitas (Mexican Pulled Pork)

Since posting this Instant Pot Chicken and Lentil Soup Recipe a few weeks ago I’m getting tons of requests for more Instant Pot (a multi-cooker that does the job of a slow cooker, electric pressure cooker, rice cooker, steamer, yogurt maker, sauté/browning pan, and warming pot all in one) recipes so I’m making a commitment to make at least one new recipe a week.
To get to know my machine better, I’m starting with recipes I already know work. I haven’t made my Slow Cooker Mexican Pork Carnitas in a while and they are going on this week’s meal plan so I tested it out and it turned out juicy and tender! This is freezer-friendly.
Delicious Mexican pork made in the Instant Pot (pressure cooker) for tacos, burrito bowls, taco salads and more (also great with cilantro lime rice)!
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Instant Pot Pork Carnitas (Mexican Pulled Pork)

160 Cals 20 Protein 1 Carbs 7 Fats
Prep Time: 20 mins
Cook Time: 1 hr 20 mins
Total Time: 1 hr 40 mins
Yield: 11 servings
COURSE: Dinner, Lunch
CUISINE: American
Delicious Mexican pork made in the Instant Pot (pressure cooker) for tacos, burrito bowls, taco salads and more (also great with cilantro lime rice)!


  • 2 1/2 pounds trimmed, boneless pork shoulder blade roast, cut into 4 pieces
  • 2 teaspoons kosher salt
  • black pepper, to taste
  • 6 cloves garlic, cut into sliver
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons cumin
  • 1/2 teaspoon sazon, I used homemade
  • 1/4 teaspoon dry oregano
  • 1 cup reduced sodium chicken broth
  • 2-3 chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, to taste
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 1/4 teaspoon dry adobo seasoning, I used Goya
  • 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder


  • Season pork with salt and pepper.
  • Press saute on the instant pot, spray with oil and brown the pork on all sides for about 5 minutes. Remove from heat and allow to cool.
  • Using a sharp knife, insert blade into pork about 1-inch deep, and insert the garlic slivers, you’ll want to do this all over.
  • Season pork with cumin, sazon, oregano, adobo and garlic powder all over.
  • Pour chicken broth, add chipotle peppers and stir, add bay leaves and place pork in the Instant Pot, cover and cook using the pressure cooker setting on high pressure for 80 minutes.
  • When the pressure releases, shred pork using two forks and combine well with the juices that accumalated at the bottom.
  • Remove bay leaves and adjust cumin and add adobo and mix well.


Serving: 1/2 cup, Calories: 160kcal, Carbohydrates: 1g, Protein: 20g, Fat: 7g, Saturated Fat: 3g, Cholesterol: 69mg, Sodium: 397mg
WW Points Plus: 4
Keywords: Instant Pot Pork Carnitas, instant pot pulled pork, mexican pulled pork, pork tacos, pulled pork recipe
Instant Pot (Pressure Cooker) Mexican Pork Carnitas – perfect for tacos, burrito bowls, taco salads and more!
Instant Pot (Pressure Cooker) Mexican Pork Carnitas – perfect for tacos, burrito bowls, taco salads and more!
Instant Pot (Pressure Cooker) Mexican Pork Carnitas – perfect for tacos, burrito bowls, taco salads and more!
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Instant Pot (Pressure Cooker) Mexican Pork Carnitas – perfect for tacos, burrito bowls, taco salads and more!

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  1. I made this tonight and it turned out great. Thanks 

  2. I let my IP naturally release for 5 mins, then hit the quick release. Cut my pork shoulder into several smaller pieces ( think like 6-8). But let me tell you, when I pulled that first chunk out to pull it apart… I tapped it with my spoon to test the tenderness and it just fell apart. The taste was amazing, and my mom even liked it (she has very sensitive palette and cannot eat anything spicy). I am saving this as my family loved it and I will make it again. 

  3. I typically don’t write reviews but for this recipe I had to. The flavor was outstanding. My family went wild over it. I doubled the recipe and all the ingredients. I know the chipotle peppers can be very spicy so I just used the juice instead of the actual peppers. I cooked for 90 minutes with a 10 minute natural release and it was fall apart tender. For those getting the burn notice, make sure after browning the meat you deglaze the bottom of the pot. You can use the chicken broth to achieve this. Make sure to scrape up all the yummy brown bits.  I paired it with the cilantro lime rice (another hit). I already was asked to make it for my sisters birthday dinner. 

  4. I’ve been cooking your recipes for years now and own all of your cookbooks, but for some reason this is my first comment! This pork was AMAZING. My partner loved it too – said it was “unbelievable.” Thanks for inspiring my kitchen with healthy and amazing recipes for so many years!!!!

  5. I absolutely love this recipe. I was wondering how long to cook if I want to double it to 5 lbs.

  6. I really love this recipe. i have made it multiple times and my husband keeps asking for it. I love it with pickled onions or your quick slaw on a tortilla
    I modified your chicken enchilada recipe and used carnitas in place of chicken
    To the carnitas I added 1 1/2 tsp of cumin, 1/4 tsp mexican oregano, 1 can mild green chilies, 1 cup black beans, 1 cup canned corn, 1/2 cup taco cheese, 1/2 cup red enchilada sauce. I like spicy so I added 1/2 can of chipotle in adobo (other half in carnitas) I put 1/2 cup of mixture into very large tortilla and rolled it up
    i used large teflon lasagna pan and coated with approx 1/2 cup enchilada sauce, added rolled tortillas and topped with sauce and taco cheese. Warmed 30 min at 350. This is now a family favorite as well

  7. I followed the recipe and these turned out great! My husband ate 3/4 of the meat by himself because he’s a hog.

  8. We made this last night and all together the tacos were amazing! However, the meat by itself was really salty! Did anyone else has this issue? Do you think omitting the salt and pepper at the beginning would help? 

    • If you follow her recipe EXACTLY, it shouldn’t be too salty. However I have not followed it exactly in the past and have ended up with too salty meat. Here is where it gets too salty:
      ~table salt vs. kosher salt – table salt is denser and saltier. If you don’t have kosher, adjust accordingly.
      ~sazon store-bought vs. her sazon recipe – store-bought sazon contains salt. Her recipe does not. So adjust the recipe if using storebought.
      ~regular chicken broth vs. lower sodium broth – I usually have regular around.

      I usually use table salt, store-bought Sazon, and regular chicken broth, and since all those contain salt, I do not add the 2 tsp of salt. I salt the meat when browning, and sprinkle some salt in the instant pot, and that’s enough.

  9. I tried it and it came out wonderful! The only thing I adjusted was the time of the pressure cook. 80 minutes sounded a little long. 40 minutes high pressure cook worked perfectly for me!

  10. I made this recipe this week and my family loved it! They said it is their new all time favorite. My son even asked me to teach him how to make it so that he can do it in college next year. Making it again this week.

  11. I can’t get my hands on pork right now while sheltering in place…if I used chicken breast instead, what would the cooking time be? Thanks!

  12. This recipe is garbage. I tried it twice. Followed the instructions to a T. Both times the result was several burn warnings and a pot caked in burnt food stuffs,

    • The recipe itself is not garbage, quite the opposite! It is amazing. I make it at least 6 times a year. You can try a couple of things to alleviate your problem:
      1. deglaze the bottom of the pan after browning, or
      2. brown the meat in a separate frying pan (that’s what I do)

      You can also try shortening the pressure cook time. I usually go the full 80 minutes, but I also usually add 3 to 3.25 lbs of pork instead of 2.5. According to other’s comments, they were successful cooking for 40 minutes.

  13. I followed exactly and got the burn notice 😬 Otherwise it tasted good! I just had to adjust the water/broth ratio

  14. This sounds amazing. Just curious, what is the white sauce on top in the pictures?

      • I’m obsessed with this recipe.
        I use store bought Sazon. Also, one day I was in a pinch for time and used jarred minced garlic and just through it in the pot. It tasted the same and is so much easier then doing all of the slivers. I also have never used the adobo or chipotles. Tastes like heaven!!! So easy and so delicious!!  I am always confused as to whether I should do quick or natural release…I’ve done both. The recipe doesn’t specify.

  15. I make this at least four times a year. I follow the recipe exactly, and it comes out perfectly each time. Never an issue with being too dry, it is always fall-apart-moist. Do not skip the browning of the meat, it is vital for getting that awesome flavor! A family favorite.

  16. 80 min on high? Are you sure?

    • Yes, for 2.5 lbs of pork, cut into 4 pieces, 80 minutes was perfect. The last time I made it I was only able to get 2 lbs of pork, so I cut the time down to 70 minutes and it was perfect. So if you stick with her recipe of 2.5 lbs, then 80 minutes is correct.

    • I cut the pressure cook time down to 40 minutes and it came out perfect. It thought 80 minutes sounded like a long time too.

  17. Made a burrito bowl tonight using brown rice cilantro lime, shredded lettuce and sulsa.
    Sooooo! Good.

  18. Very dry pork despite all the juices- so I’d reduce the liquids first.  I didn’t really care for the amount of cumin- but the chipotle peppers added a nice zing. Overall I think there are better recipes out there 

  19. Yummm, CARNITAS, WOW!!! This is going to be EPIC, I just know it!!! Thank YOU! I can’t wait to try it, and I will update my review when I do!!!

  20. This is the best pork recipe!  We are not spicy people so use 2 of the adobo peppers.  This adds so much flavor to the meat. I don’t usually mix them in when I shred the meat.  The garlic is also wonderful.  I buy Sazon to keep on hand for this recipe.  Thank you so much for my go to when I have a casual dinner.

  21. I didn’t have Sazon so I made my own as well. Also didn’t put the garlic slices into the pork just threw them in the pot with everything else. I had beef broth opened so I used that instead of chicken. It turned out great. 

  22. Love this recipe! So easy to make and turns out so delicious every time. Making it again tonight for church potluck.

  23. I see that the recipe uses 2-3 chipotle peppers in adobo sauce. My wife is becoming more sensitive to heat. Even regular El Paso brand taco seasoning seams to be to spicy . How spicy is this?

  24. Amazing! I make these at least once a month!

  25. Have made these numerous times and every time they’re amazing and delicious!!

  26. I made this yesterday. OMG, so good. I worked from home and just have to say, I feel bad now when I had pets and had the crock pot going all day, the wafting smell of goodness was just torture!! We ate them on tortilla’s and we had some leftover corn on the cob I reheated and took off the cob, some shredded Mexican 4 cheese, salsa, cilantro, fresh squeezed lime, and a little light sour cream. I have to say this was the best taco’s we ever ate. Just the two of us so am freezing the rest for another meal down the road. Thanks Gina, for sure a repeat recipe!!!

  27. Best pulled pork I ever had. Super moist and flavorful!

  28. Hi Gina! Would you know how to cook this on the stove top? I saw that you have a slowcooker version as well, but unfortunately I don’t have either. Thank you!

  29. This recipe was as delicious as it was easy. It will be in my regular rotation. 

  30. I couldn’t find pork shoulder and bought a pork loin instead. I plan on cutting the recipe in half. How would this effect my cooking times??

  31. I don’t eat pork, what can i substitute this with?

  32. This was so good! We had it in tacos last night, and served it as bowls for lunch today over Cilantro Lime Rice with your Cuban style black beans, pico, salsa, and monterrey jack cheese! Tonight we’re going to use it in quesadillas. My husband and I are horrible about eating leftovers for more than one meal because we get sick of them. I love recipes like this that you can use the leftovers in so many different ways. It doesn’t feel like leftovers, and it makes the week so easy!

  33. 4 lb roast and did it for 2 hours, was amazing!!! Someone mentioned below if its not done, just cook it more. I did 90 minutes at first and it needed more time. Perfectly flavored and tender. This will be a go to!!

  34. I’ve been asked to make this for an office party but with a different protein. Thinking of using beef so I’m wondering which cut would work best (fat content, etc.)? Any advice is welcome. Thanks!

  35. This is a staple in my house! Everyone loves them!

  36. I am really confused. How long is this suppose to cook? A full 80 minutes plus 30 minutes of manual decompression time or 50 minutes of cooking and 30 minutes to decompress?

  37. I made this a couple months back with a bone in pork butt roast(it was all they had at my store). Turned out great! I am making it again today, the store only had a5 pound bone in roast. Do I double all ingredients? What about the cook time?

    • Did you brown it with the bone in or did you cut it off the bone before browning ? I’m looking to to use the dame for this .

  38. !Muy excellente! Second recipe ever in the Instant Pot, and it’s a keeper. Frankly, best pork butt we’ve ever made. Served on corn tortillas with a slaw mix we picked up at the grocery store today. Tomorrow’s leftovers will be on tortillas with avocado. If there’s any left after that, we’re thinking of serving over cauliflower rice with some pickled red onions. Thanks so much for helping us learn this new cooking method.

  39. How many people does the 2.5 lbs feed?

  40. When cooking in the instant pot, do you use the cooking rack or leave the meat in the bottom? Probably should have asked before now, because it is in the Instant Pot on the rack…

  41. Made this this morning for work. Followed the directions exactly and let it release naturally. Came out SO good!!! Everyone that has tried it so far has asked for the recipe.

  42. One of my faves!!!

  43. I have made this with a mix of boneless, skinless chicken breast and thigh meat, not quite as good but still very tasty.

  44. I’ve made this twice now – incredible both times

  45. Made these tonight and will never use another recipe again! So incredibly tender and flavourful. Thank you for the recipe!

  46.  Absolutely delicious. I only put in one pepper for fear of it being too spicy I think I’ll add the other two next time  ?

  47. My Family loved the flavor of this recipe !!

  48. So Yummy and moist. Made this for our taco bar for our Father’s Day party and it was a great hit, even for picky eaters! Thanks for posting this!

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  51. Absolutely amazing!!!!!  Two lbs is not enough for my family.  I recommend doubling the recipe 

  52. I use your meal plans, please keep sharing!!

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  54. This was so incredibly delicious and tender! I even made your homemade sazón and used for the roast. I’ve already made an extra batch of all the seasonings to make again in the near future! My roast was falling apart coming out of my IP.

    Thank you! I will make your recipe regularly!

  55. I have made this twice now and it’s amazing! So incredibly flavorful and super easy. I ran out of oregano but had italian seasoning and used that. Do not skimp on the slivered garlic. It completely melts once shredded and is delish! I may have eaten a serving while transferring it to a tupperware container! Ooops!

  56. This was easy and delicious. I’d never tried to make something like this before, kind of intimidated; but I got an Instant Pot for Christmas and needed recipes. Very good.

  57. Could you do this recipe with the same weight of pork sirloin roast (boneless)? Would you change the cooking time?

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  59. Awesome recipe!  I did some serious adaptation because the pork shoulder roast already had a dry rub. It turned out perfectly!

  60. This is one of our very favorite meals! I have served this on multiple occasions to guests and everyone asks for the recipe. I even use the leftovers in other recipes and it adds so much. The only thing I do differently is to just rub 6 minced garlic cloves all over the outside during the seasoning step/after browning. This is just out of sheer laziness but it still works beautifully! Thank you so much! 

  61. Made this today using a frozen solid shoulder roast (a little less than 2 lbs). Didn’t brown it – Just rubbed the dry ingredients onto it. Smashed the garlic and added to broth mixture. 90 minutes then natural release. Took a little longer to come to pressure but not that much. Wonderful flavor! And a perfect way to compensate for my less-than-perfect planning skills.

    Thanks for yet another brilliant recipe, Gina!

  62. I made these tonight and they were very good. I’ve mace it dozens of times in the crockpot and that’s definitely my preferred method, but when in a time crunch it’s still very good! I had a 3-4lb piece of pork and cooked for 80 minutes then used natural pressure release. It was perfectly cooked. 

  63. Made this last night and it was absolutely delicious and perfect. I doubled the recipe, so I had about 8 pieces to brown, but that was the most time consuming part, the rest was a snap. It was also fun to try a new spice I was unfamiliar with (I made the spice blend as suggested using the ground Anatto).

  64.  Could this recipe be done using chicken breasts?  My husband and I don’t eat pork for religious reasons. What adjustments would need to be made?

  65. First try at the instant pot version, hubby loves the crock pot version which normally I brown and then let sit with the seasonings on overnight before adding the broth & turning on the crock pot. But wow, this instant pot recipe, which I didn’t let the meat sit overnight w/ the seasonings on- so tender, it was amazing!! I think I will try it again browning it and letting it sit overnight in fridge w/ the seasonings & then doing it at pressure. Cooked about 3 lbs (cut into 3 pieces) for the 80 mins, then natural release- so tender & delicious!! Definitely a keeper of a recipe!!

  66. Is there a typo in this recipe? In the instructions it says to cook for 80 minutes but the recipe says 60 minutes total and the text description says 50 minutes. I think I may have just over-cooked mine by 30 minutes 🙁 It just went off – So I am going to go check! 

    • Okay – reporting back. I did quick release since I was worried I left it in too long and it was going to burn. But It’s actually perfect. Shredding super easily and tender.  Still – would love to know which time is the “correct” time. I think the last time I made this I did actually cook it for 50 minutes and I think it was a bit more difficult to shred than this time around.
      This is my second time using this instant pot recipe and I have made the the slow cooker version countless times – we LOVE carnitas. We make bowls out of the carnitas, cilantro lime rice and grilled mexican corn salad (from the OG Skinnytaste Cookbook)

  67. Cooked this on Sunday with a 2.5lb pork shoulder and after 80 minutes + a natural pressure release I had THE most tender pork I’ve ever cooked. Just amazing. It’s a little too spicy for me so I plan to leave out the Chipotle peppers next time but it’s still so delicious!

  68. Do you quick release after the 80min or let the pressure come down on its own? 

  69. I did this on Saturday and OMG, it was so good. Love it love it. I did 2pnds for 50min in the Instant Pot, Pressure Cooker setting.

  70. I am trying this tonight, but am a little confused with the cooking time. The intro says 50 min, and total cooking time of 60 min, but in the recipe text, it says to cook for 80 min.  Which is correct?

  71. I found this recipe and my husband decided to tackle it himself while I was feeling under the weather. He purchased a huge chunk of pork and followed all the directions. Unfortunately, within 15 minutes our Instant Pot was blinking “BURN”. So, turns out 3/4 of liquid was pretty much nonexistent when I opened the lid. We added another cup or so of broth and started again. When the timer went off, the meat was raw inside and as hard as a rock. Needless to say dinner was ruined and we ended up eating freezer food. After reviewing the pictures I noticed that the pork was cut up into chunky pieces, which probably made it cook faster. Since my husband didn’t read that in the recipe, he didn’t cut it up, so it was probably why the meat didn’t cook all the way through. I ended up using the slow cooker setting, but the meat never got tender. The flavor was decent, probably would’ve been better if we didn’t have to drown it in broth to keep it from burning. Lesson learned I guess.

    • Sorry I wish I knew why you got a burn. I will remake this and see if I can fix the issue.

      • Often you can get a burn if you dont deglaze the bottom of the pot after browning the meat. It gives a false burn code and ruins your meal. I recommend after browning to always add a little of the broth to the pot and deglaze (use a wooden spoon to scrape all the little pieces of meat) the bottom of the pot before you pressurize.

    • I have had this happen when I first got my Instant Pot. The problem was that I would forget to turn the top knob to closed for pressure cooking.

  72. Hi There! Might be a silly question, but how many pieces should the pork be cut into before browning? Thanks! Love your recipes! 🙂

  73. What is the white sauce?

  74. Would this still work with pork tenderloin?? 

  75. I love the meal plans, please keep sharing them! For the tacos in your photos, what is the white sauce drizzled on top?

    • It may be a lime crema sauce. You can make it by just squeezing some fresh lime juice into plain Greek yogurt and seasoning with salt (to your tasting). Super yummy!


  77. Hi Gina,
    We LOVE your carnitas from the slow cooker.  I was wondering now that you have made the recipe in the instant pot as well – which do you prefer?  I am planning to make carnitas next week and could do either as I just got an instant pot.  The version from the slow cooker is so falling apart tender – do you get the same results in the instant pot?  My husband would be upset if I changed it and it didnt come out the same!  He loves it!

  78. I am using pork shoulder steak, same cooking time? Quick or natural release? Thanks

  79. I am planning on making this tonight. I have a question about the end of the recipe where it says adjust cumin and add adobo. I thought we already added the adobo in the seasoning of the meat step? Help!!! THanks

  80. Love the meal plans, please don’t stop. I have always done well with “lists” and used to do my own menus when my children were at home. Now that I’m older and seem to be constantly fighting the battle of the bulge, low calorie, I find healthy meal plans to be very helpful and love that you cover all the meals of the day.

  81. This came out terrible!! It was so tough, I can’t even shred it. I used my IP and cooked on high pressure for 50 min. I followed the directions exactly. Ugh

    • The recipe says high pressure for 80 minutes, so you followed the directions exactly 30 minutes shorter than you were supposed to.

    • ugh you did not follow the recipe!

    • FYI for next time…if it comes out tough, put it back in. Even if you follow the recipe to a T, sometimes different cuts of meat turn out differently. Just when I assumed I ruined our meal, I put it back in thinking, what’s the worst that could happen. About 20 minutes later I opened it and found it was getting more tender, so I left it in longer. In the end (about 35 min) it was perfect! This was for a different recipe, but I’ve found the idea works in general. Good luck!

    • Did you use a pork shoulder?

    • You did not follow the directions at all. Not a recipe fail. User fail.

    • Would I need to adjust the cooking time with a pork loin instead of a shoulder? Thanks!

  82. How much garlic powder do you use. Sorry if I missed it in the recipe. 

  83. Well, let me just say that this was my biggest fail at cooking and I’ve been cooking a long time. The meat was dry, tough and inedible. I’m not blaming the author. Judging by the rave reviews, it worked for most everybody else. I am new to Instant pot. I had a pound of pork so set the pressure cooking time to 25 minutes. It was also pork loin roast and not blade. I was expecting fall apart pork as if I’d cooked it all day in the slow cooker. I’m glad I only bought a 3 qt and got it super cheap. I did love the risotto I made in it and also made some rice today that was pretty good so I think I’ll steer clear of protein items and use it for things like that.

    • A pork loin roast is much leaner than the shoulder, and that is probably why it was dry. Try the shoulder and you’ll see the difference.

  84. Your recipes and site has been a big help to me as I just joined WW a few weeks ago. My co-worker told me about your site. The weekly menus help tremendously. I purchased the air fryer during the holidays and now wish I would’ve bought the Instant Pot. 🙂 I will keep an eye out for sale/coupon before I buy. Thanks so much for sharing your love of food and knowledge with us.

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  86. When I plug this into recipe builder it comes up as 6 points but you posted 3 freestyle where am i going wrong I used two and a half pounds of pork shoulder with the fat cut off three-quarters of a cup of fat-free chicken broth and just the seasoning and the garlic everything is showing up as zero points except for the pork which is 67 points for 2 .5 lb split between 11 servings please help

    • Hey Pamela! You did use the recipe builder? The SmartPoints® calculator isn’t meant for recipes and will often give you the wrong points (usually higher) because it’s counting 0 points foods such as eggs, chicken, fruits and vegetables. So if you see a recipe with a SmartPoints® value that’s different from what the calculator tells you, that is why.

      The only accurate way to determine any recipe’s SmartPoints® value is to plug the ingredients into the recipe builder on the Weight Watchers website (Click on “My Foods,” select “Recipe,” and click “Create a recipe.”)

  87. We are making this in our Instant Pot right now.  I’m assuming your recipe is for Natural Pressure Release (NR) and not Quick Release (QR)? It doesn’t specify as most Instant Pot recipes do and it’s kind of helpful to know this information.  We are doing it natural release so hopefully that is what you meant.

  88. I just finished this…. used a shoulder roast with a bone in it but otherwise just followed the recipe exactly.  It is FABULOUS!!!  This is a definite keeper!

  89. I don’t have an instant pot pressure cooker but I do have a crock pot.
    Do you have instructions for making this recipe in a crock pot?

  90. How do you make this without a pressure cooker?

  91. I’ve made different variations of pork carnitas, but this is one that hubby agrees is the “winning recipe”. Don’t skimp on the garlic! Looking forward to making it again when pork goes on sale.

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  93. Silly question but I have 6.5 lbs of pork shoulder. Would I just triple this recipe?

    • I had a 7 lb bone in. Cooked for 80 minutes. The part towards the top (it barely fit) was very rare, so we shredded off the bottome part was ready and put it back in for 40 minutes.

  94. I just made this in my IP with a bone in shoulder roast (it was on sale) and I cooked for 90 minutes. It easily came off the bone and shredded perfectly! The flavor and texture are perfect.

  95. This looks amazing, can you tell me what kind of tortillas you use and the white sauce on top? Thanks!!

  96. I’m so bummed with this recipe.  I made exactly as the recipe called for – without cutting into chunks – and my meat was extremely tough.  I used a 2.5 lb pork shoulder (butt) roast.  I cut it into chunks and back in the IP for 20 minutes, so hopefully that will fix things but now dinner is way delayed.

    From the comments it seems like not specifying to cut up the pork is a recipe mistake, so why not correct it?

  97. Made this recipe using our IP for the first time and it turned out great.. Made a homemade adobo seasoning as I couldn’t find it in the grocery store. Printing out the recipe as I don’t want to lose this recipe.

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  101. Do I need to adjust the time if  I use a bone-in shoulder? 

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  104. I have made these two times and they are awesome!

  105. I forgot to leave my pork out this morning!!!????????‍♀️ Can it be frozen? I’m guessing not since you’re supposed to brown it??

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  107. Just wondering, you have adobo twice in the instructions. Once is ” Season pork with cumin, sazon, oregano, adobo and garlic powder all over” and then again at the end. “Remove bay leaves and adjust cumin and add adobo and mix well.
    “. It seems that these are both referring to the Goya powder, not the adobo that’s with the chipotle, but I’d love some clarification. Is it just adjust to taste? Can’t wait to try it! Thank you so much.

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  111. Absolutely delicious.  I am not an accomplished cook, but I’m trying a few things with a slow cooker and my new instant pot.  This pork was fantastic.  I didn’t measure anything, I didn’t have everything, and I sautéed in the IP and then just finished the seasoning right in the pot.  The great thing about doing it this way, is when you saute in the IP first, then getting up to pressure takes so much less time.  

    This recipe is a keeper and don’t be afraid to tell people to not worry about being exact — it tastes great and seems really pretty healthy without all the usual barbecue sauce used for pork!  

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  114. Mine didn’t shred. I didn’t see in the directions where it said to cut it into chunks so that was probably my issue. But it was delicious flavor and I’ll try it again

  115. I’m a huge fan of Mexican food; I’m originally from southern California, my birthday is Cinco De Mayo, my half sisters are half Mexican, the list goes on. I usually make a huge batch of these, roast it in the oven most of the day and then freeze some. With 3 little kids though (5, 3 & 1), I’m always in a rush to get it roasted so I can use it to make Enchiladas that night. I just bought an instant pot and its changed my life. When I saw this recipe I knew I had to try it out! It was so delicious. I can’t believe how easy it is to do this all in one day now. I’ve been trying to lose weight so I actually made a pork enchilada spaghetti squash version, and it was amazingly good. I roasted a spaghetti squash in the oven while the meat cooked. When they were both done, I mashed up the spaghetti squash a bit then topped them with the shredded meat, some black beans, Anaheim peppers, onions, corn, enchilada sauce and cheese. I popped them back in the oven and roasted until the cheese was melted and beginning to brown in spots. To serve, I sliced the spaghetti squash into enchilada size portions and topped with guacamole! They were so tasty, and I didn’t even miss the tortillas. Husband loved it too. Thanks!

  116. I made this tonight for dinner. It came out great. My supermarket did not have a boneless shoulder/butt pork roast so I bought a 3 lb pork tenderloin. The only other change I made was using a full cup of broth instead of 3/4. I did a natural release after 50 minutes on high pressure and the meat literally shredded itself. It was so good. We served it with a broccoli slaw and avocado slices, on mini flour tortillas. I also made my own Sazon Seasoning like the recipe suggested. 

  117. I would like to print the recipe but you don’t have show where I can.

  118. Anyone know what cooking time would be for pork tenderloin instead of pork shoulder? New to Insta pot

  119. New to Insta Pot and want to use Pork tenderloin any one know what the cooking time would be for tenderloin instead of perl shoulder?

    • Cooking time won’t be substantially different but the final product will pale in comparison to using the pork butt roast or shoulder roast. The tenderloin is so lean that you will find the texture and taste disappointing IMO

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  122. Is it possible to also cook rice with this? Maybe some combination of pot in pot?

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  124. I know this is from last year but I’m hoping maybe you’ll still answer 🙂

    Can I do this with a frozen pork butt? My Instant Pot is ready to work!

    • Wondering the same thing!! Did you end up trying it? 

      • Would love to know if anyone tried it with frozen roast. I don’t know if you have the 8qt pot but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a roast that would fit in my 6qt pot. A few things come to mind as problems.
        1) You won’t get the additional flavor of browning the meat and browning adds some depth to the flavor.
        2) You also won’t be able to stuff the meat with the garlic.
        3) While the 1st two are are. Probably not a deal breaker but I think this is.
        A. The more meat that has direct contact with the pan the better (this comment explains why and in my experience is true: Jeremy— August 20, 2017 @ 5:18 pm
        B. You can’t submerge the meat in the liquid and based on my experience it will be tough

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  127. This is a great recipe. I made a few changes based on what I had available to me. I bought a 3.8 lb boneless pork shoulder butt which was the smallest one at the grocery store. I cut it into 2-3 inch chunks, which I seasoned with salt and pepper, then browned (in 2 batches) in a small layer of oil in the InstantPot on Saute adjusting to “More” to get it as hot as possible. Once browned, I pretty much followed the instructions as listed with some changes in amounts of ingredients.

    I doubled the garlic (threw some of it on top of meat once in the InstantPot since I got tired of trying to put the close to 50 slices in the meat chunks – next time 2-3 slices per clove instead of the really thin ones I was cutting) and doubled all of the spices with the exception of the cumin, for which I used the amount listed in the original recipe. The Goya Adobo seasoning I have is the one with cumin and I didn’t want to overdo the cumin flavor. I had a packet of Goya sazon con culantro y achiote, so I used the whole packet (I’m not sure of the volume). I used about 5 chipotle peppers. Used 3/4 cup of chicken broth as listed in original recipe (the regular sodium chicken broth, not reduced sodium because I didn’t have it).

    Cooked on Manual for 50 minutes. Meat smelled delicious; was tender and easy to shred with forks. Then heated about a tablespoon of oil (may not have needed oil) in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Used a slotted spoon to first transfer some of the shredded pork out of the pressure cooker and into a bowl, then spread it out in the skillet, letting it sit without stirring until the underside was well-browned. Gave it a quick stir once well-browned and put it in a bowl to serve in tacos. We ate all of the meat that I browned and saved the unbrowned meat. I used a skillet again to brown leftovers today. One more pan to clean and not an absolutely necessary step but I like the added flavor and texture.

    Next time, I’ll cut back on the salt if I use regular sodium chicken broth. (the Goya sazon is also very salty and has MSG). These carnitas tast a bit different from the carnitas I get at restaurants or taco trucks (a bit smokier and spicier, but I admittedly used a fair amount of chipotle peppers) but really really good. Wife and kids loved it too. I’d definitely serve to friends.

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  129. I made this tonight in my Instant Pot and it’s delicious. It was tender and juicy and shredded perfectly. . I couldn’t find a pork shoulder blade roast so checked on a substitute for it and ended up using a 2.86 lb. Pork Center Cut Loin Roast and followed the recipe using the homemade Sazon. I had read the reviews and another reviewer had used another cut and used less time to cook it. I went with 35 min. Then a Natural release for 10 min. and then the Quick release to finish. Definitely a repeat!

    I think your next book should be on Instant Pot recipes. I am loving this machine! Thank you and looking forward to more IP recipes!

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  131. This was absolutely amazing! I love that you have “flavor” in your recipes. I think we don’t eat anything without garlic, onions, or spice. Keep up the great work! 

  132. This was a hit at my house!!!

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  134. What flavor adobo seasoning do you use. I went to buy it, and there are several different ones. Thanks for your help!

  135. This was my very first recipe in my new Instant Pot.  I panicked a little when the grocer gave me a bone-in pork shoulder but I just cut all the meat off and followed the instructions except I added a couple more chipotle peppers to make it a bit spicier.  I made your homemade salon even and was so excited when it turned out perfectly.  I can’t wait to explore other Instant Pot recipes on your site.  Thank you for all your inspiration and the hard work you do to provide us this site.

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  137. Made it tonight. Great recipe that deosnt rely on a sugary bbq sauce.  This is a great all purpose mexican pulled pork dish.

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  139. You do know pork isn’t beef right?

  140. Pingback: Instant Pot Pork Carnitas (Mexican Pulled Pork) - Our Healthy Vision

  141. This is the first time I’m using my Insta pot. I have a 5lb pork shoulder how much longer would that take in my instant pot?

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  143. Such good flavor!!! I did cut my roast into 8 large pieces and probably could have cut down on cooking time. Shredded like a dream!! Definitely a do over! Served with cilantro rice and black beans. 

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  146. This was my first instant pot recipe.  My husband accidentally bought a bone on pirate roast so I don’t think we yielded as much meat as we should have.  
    3 of us had it over rice, other son in a taco-HUGE HIT!  
    I followed the recipe exactly and used NPR, shredded perfectly, fell apart even.  

  147. Gina, we love this recipe and my son wants to try it with chicken breast or whole chicken. Do you recommend chicken for this carnitas recipe.  All I can find are recipes that use legs and thighs. We have him an electric pressure cooker and he wants to try it with chicken. Is it possible to duplicate recipe as is with chicken. Thanks Cindy

    • I haven’t tried it but it could be good!

    • Don’t know if you tried it with chicken but would love to know how it turned out and if so what you did. The reason most recipes call for legs and thighs is dark meat is less temperamental than white meat and comes out better. Breasts are more likely to come out dry or rubbery when cooked to long. In my opinion that would happen with this recipe. There isn’t enough liquid. If you go to the Instant Pot site you could get cooking time for breasts and try to convert it that way. I have made some decent whole chickens in my IP, but also had problems with dry breasts. I didn’t pay much attention to what I was doing at first since I just started using the IP and was mainly doing whole chicken without a problem. ????

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  151. Helo, I’m planning on cooking a roast tomorrow,. The directions mention cooking it for 50 minutes in a slow cooker, but I have an Instant Pot. Do I still cook it for 50 mins, this seems a little long. Thank you!

  152. I have made this recipe numerous times in my slow cooker with excellent results.  I tried it last minute in my new Instant Pot and followed the directions exactly.  I didn’t read all the reviews beforehand since it had been such a successful recipe for me before.  This time, my meat was tough and wouldn’t shred.  I had to cut it up.  It was still good after mixing with the sauce, but it wasn’t the same as what I’ve accomplished in my slow cooker.

  153. This turned out AMAZING. Omitted the bay leaves bc I thought I had them when I actually didn’t…used pork loin. Other than that, followed the recipe to a T. Wonderful! Thank you Gina!

  154. Chipotles in adobo sauce are sold together in a can. Look in the mexican food section of any grocery store.

  155. Can I use tenderloin instead? Would the cooking time change?

  156. Am I supposed to put the chipotle peppers in adobo sauce? Where can I buy adobo sauce?

  157. Have the Insta Pot on my Amazon wishlist – keep looking at recipes and built a Pinterest board to save recipes for when I get mine! I would love to see your Picadillo recipe made in the Insta Pot!!! It is one of our favorites!

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  159. My pork was not tender at 50 minutes either and I read all reviews prior to cooking. Added extra liquid, almost covering Pork and had to add 20 minutes back to pressure cooker and then it shredded very easily! Also, I couldn’t find Achiote for the Sazon so I subbed Turmeric. It was a hit! Thanks for the recipe! 

    • You did not use the correct cut of meat.  The recipe calls for Pork Shoulder Blade Roast.  This is sometimes known as Boston Butt or Pork Shoulder in the grocery store.  Pork Loin or Pork Tenderloin will not work for this recipe’s instructions, though they are leaner cuts than the shoulder (and therefore we healthier cooks tend to steer toward them).  

      The fat and connective tissues in th shoulder are more conducive to a “pulled pork” recipe.  Loin *can* work, but it does tend to be a dryer outcome, and the timing and proportions of liquids would need to be changed from this recipe.

  160. If it doesn’t shred easily, make sure there is enough liquid and put it back in for another 10-15 minutes then slow/natural release.  In my experience with the Instant Pot, it just takes more time to break it down. I’ve yet to overcook a cut of meat in it.  I also recommend using Dr Pepper soda instead of water or broth. Gives it a slightly sweet flavor and helps tenderize the pork. So yummy.

  161. We made this last night and they were deeeeelicious!!! I used 3.5 pounds of pork shoulder (I think? Could have been butt or some other large cut from the store), and I cut it into very large 2-3″ chunks. I browned the meat with salt and pepper right in my IP. Then I took it out, let it cool, shoved a ton of garlic all over, sprinkled it with the spice mix Gina recommended (I did double the amount to account for the extra meat), added 3/4 cup water, locked the lid and then used the “meat” button and set it for 35 min. I then let it naturally release for 20 min before quick releasing the rest of the steam. I pulled the pork out, shredded, then crisped up a few servings in a non-greased skillet just to get some additional texture.

    Overall, we LOVED this! The pork was falling apart, super juicy and tasty. I read a few others had issues using IP, but I had really good luck and would definitely encourage this for dinner. We’ll definitely make again. Only change is that I may look for a slightly less fatty cut of meat. 

    Thanks again for a great recipe, Gina! 

    • I’ve made this several times (including tonight) with pork loin, and it comes out great with very little grease. I couldn’t find a 2.5 lb cut of loin so bought a 3.5 lb piece & just increased the spices and bumped the chicken broth to 1 cup instead of 3/4.

  162. You refer to seasoning the pork with garlic powder but it isn’t listed as an ingredient??

  163. I made this recipe this past weekend and it was so good!!! I made pork carnitas tacos and my hubby loved them. I took the leftovers and made fajita veggies and I mixed them together and I put it on a salad with black beans so it was sort of like Chipotle. This is a recipe that I will definitely make again. Thanks Gina!!

  164. This is the second recipe I have tried using the IP. My husband and I could not be happier! This was just delicious. I did spray my pot with Pam Spray and used the natural release instead of the quick. My husband said it shredded very easily. The taste was amazing.

  165. what is the white sauce shown in the pictures?

  166. This recipe was a huge bust for me! Same problem as a few other comments: the meat was extremely tough and wouldn't shred. The bottom of the pot burned badly and, although the meat was burned, it was a massive pain to clean.

    I have a stove top pressure cooker, but it looks like a few commenters who used the instant pot had the same issue so I don't think it's from my PC.

  167. When I put the nutritional content into the WW app, it comes up as 4 SP. I religiously use your recipes and refer everyone to your site but I've noticed the points are off on things…not sure why?

  168. Unfortunately, this recipe didn't work for me at all :(((( The roast was totally tough after 50minutes and wouldn't shred at all. Not sure what I did wrong, I followed the recipe exactly – even bought the exact same Instant Pot that you have here. The only thing I didn't do was cut up my pork roast into smaller pieces. Do you think that could have been the problem? Welcome your feedback as I really want to try it again.

    • Lesley, I wish I could help, as you've sought out help a few times for this recipe! I've only used my instant pot (a Farberware) a few times, so I don't know why something does or doesn't work. I also didn't read the ingredients list before starting this last night so I fudged the recipe and ended up with too much liquid.

      My novice and unscientific thinking would be that because you didn't cut it into smaller pieces there wasn't enough liquid to permeate all the meat? So it was more like if you baked it in the oven as far as cooking and final texture goes?

      Sorry I couldn't really help.

    • Hi, Lesley.  I know you left this question months ago, but maybe this answer will still be helpful.  A larger piece of meat will take longer to cook and tenderise than will smaller chunks.  I would recommend following a recipe exactly the first time you make it, to get the feel of what worked for the recipe writer.  After you are comfortable with the results, feel free to play around and make changes.  At that point, if something goes wrong, you will usually be able to pinpoint the reason based on what changes you made.  Good luck!

    • Did you do a natural or a quick release at the end? If you want to shred meat, it’s best to do a natural pressure release. Also, definitely cut the meat into smaller chunks as others have said. I made this tonight for the 3rd or 4th time, and never have had any issues with it (unlike some other instant pot fails I’ve had). I’ve made this same recipe in the slow cooker as well but much prefer the pressure cooker version.

  169. This sounds fabulous and I'm so glad you're posting Instant Pot recipes since I got one recently. Thanks! This is going on the menu next week.

  170. OMG absolutely amazing! Enjoyed it in a taco and that with cilantro lime rice as a burrito bowl, and I preferred it this way as you could take some of the sauce and put it over the rice! YUMMY! Thank you. Please more Instant Pot recipes, my friends and I are addicted to it!

    • Heidi – hope you can help me! Unfortunately, this recipe didn't work for me at all :(((( The roast was totally tough after 50minutes and wouldn't shred at all. Not sure what I did wrong, I followed the recipe exactly – even bought the exact same Instant Pot that you have here. The only thing I didn't do was cut up my pork roast into smaller pieces. Do you think that could have been the problem? Welcome your feedback as I really want to try it again.

      • Yes. I had this issue so I cooked longer and another cook said cut it up next time 

      • There are two advantages to cutting it up into smaller chunks. The first is that it simply cooks faster because the pieces arent so thick.

        Second, and most importantly, by cutting the meat up into smaller pieces you are increasing the surface area of the meat. So when you are browning the pieces, there is much more delicious brown goodness that goes into the end flavor of the dish. This ia a complex reaction called the Maillard reaction and is the basis for great flavor in cooked proteins. The extra surface area also adds more surfaces to be exposed to whatever delicious seasonings or liquids that develop in the instant pot.

        Source: am chef 🙂

    • Mine shredded perfectly, but I didn't have any juices. It's pretty dry. I made some extra broth to try and make it moist. I'm really bummed that I don't have the juices that her pictures show.

  171. Thanks for the instant pot recipes! I am considering getting one, but I was hesitant because of lack of tried and true recipes. I am going to save all those you add! Thank you!

  172. Yum! These look amazing! Just repinned to try 🙂

  173. Gina, is there a reason you did NOT sear/saute the pork right in the InstantPot? You show it seared in a pan, but I know the InstantPot can perform this function.

    • I seared mine in the pot. Maybe she didn't because cast iron has a built up nonstick surface, so you don't need oil, but you would in this. I just let mine stick and it wasn't that bad.

    • I seared mine in the IPhone as well but had to do it in batches so it’s probably a personal choice and a time decision. I was not pressed for time. I did cook some of the fat I cut off the pork first so I had an oil base to cook the meat in. There wasn’t enough that I was worried about draining it and I didn’t want to lose the flavor of the spices and brown bits left in the oil. Again personal decision.

  174. Can I use pork loin instead of the pork shoulder?

    • I was wondering the same. Looking up points for a pork loin vs shoulder the points are lower on the loin so I would think it would be fine.

  175. Is it possible to also post cooking time for a regular pot when you post time in an instant pot?

  176. I have this cooking in my Instant Pot now 🙂 I have a quick question tho. In the directions, you call for garlic powder to season the meat with before putting it in the Instant Pot, however, I'm not seeing garlic powder listed in the ingredients?? I added 1/2 tsp but wanted to check with you on that. Thanks so much for all your wonderful recipes!

  177. Is the Instant Pot the same as the Aroma Professional Cooker?

  178. Cathy, The old points are still there. Look at the top of the recipe. It says Points +:4

  179. I'll be trying this since I love Carnitas and have the pot. One thing I am disappointed is that you got rid of the old points. Whenever I go back to WW, just at home, I used the old system I lost 40 pounds on, and use the old points system so I don't have to spend money to purchase new. Would you consider keeping the old points?

  180. What is the sauce you put on the finished dish (white)

  181. I haven't used my instant pot yet and what a great surprise to see you are posting recipes for us. A MILLION THANKS….I'll report back after I make some of your recipes….Feed back is always helpful…

  182. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I also received one for Christmas, but other recipes I'm finding are hit or miss and not nearly as good as yours.

  183. I assume any of your IP recipes will work fine in any pressure cooker, is that right? I have a stovetop one, so I assume I just do it in that for 50 min under pressure, right? Thanks!

    • Gina, I would still love to have your input on this. I made these tonight with my stovetop pressure cooker and just put it under pressure for 50 min. Although the flavor was really delicious, it didn't shred at all and wasn't soft. I had to cut it up into pieces and it was a bit tough. Family loved it though but I'd love to know how to get it soft/shreddable. The problem might also have been the cut of meat I got, which was boneless pork loin roast, could that cause a difference in texture? Or do you think the difference is in using a different kind of pressure cooker vs the IP? Would like to know so that I know how to approach your other (upcoming) IP recipes, whether I should attempt them in my pressure cooker or not. Thanks! Love your recipes and book, Gina.

      • Pork loin has less fat and connective tissue  than shoulder does, and usually requires less cooking time.  My guess is that the extra fat is needed in order to make the meat shreddable.

      • I’m trying to figure out  how to cook pork sirloin  roast in an instant pot.  When I do it in the oven or slow cooker I can get it to shred.  I like using the leaner meat.

      • This is a late reply but anyway you might see it. Pork will not shred until the internal temp of 190 has has been reached, I would suggest to cooking it longer.

    • I had the same problem! I have the Instant Pot and mine did not shred so I don't think its the type of pressure cooker. I decided to pressure cook it a little bit longer to see if that makes a difference. Ill let you know!

    • Mine did not shred either. I made them in the Instant Pot shown here! 🙁

      • Terms:
        Natural Release (NR) Letting pressure subside by natural heat reduction which takes approximately 15-20 minutes. Tip – Lid will not allow you to open while pot still has any pressure.
        Quick Release (QR) is manually letting the pressure out.

        I used my Instant Pot (which I also love and now cook more) and when it was done I realized only the meat that was fully submerged in liquid was fall apart tender. I had 3.5lb of meat ? the recommended 2.5lb and had to guess at adjusting the recipe. I think I cooked it for 58 minutes and did NR. I moved the meat around and pushed the meat on top into the sauce (some of the tender meat was now above the liquid). I cooked it about 10 to 15 minutes more and did NR and now it was all very tender and shredded with little effort.

        Someone mentioned not doing a quick release with meat and I read the same thing in the Cookbook “Cooking Under Pressure”.

        I also didn’t have all the spices so I looked at the recipe for her homemade sazon and found a
        *adobo seasoning recipe on All Recipes and used what I had to replicate the spices in the MEXICAN PULLED Pork recipe as closely as possible. I did not have achiote/annatto but have McCormick Grill Mates “Chipotle & Roasted Garlic” and that has some in it.

        I’m not someone who cooks a lot and was quite nervous about making this and so felt it was a bit of work. That said, I think it was definitely worth it and would make it again. I’m thinking since I’ve gotten over the ingredients have to be perfect issue it will seem much easier. Also notable information is my roommate who is a cook and doesn’t like pork was so enticed by the smell she tried it and really liked it!


    • I'm wondering if the people who had problems did quick release instead of natural release? I read that doing quick release will leave meat stringy and tough because it loses all of the moisture and flavor. I did it the slow way and it took 25 minutes, but it shredded easily and wasn't tough at all.

    • I understand the IP pressure is lower and requires 10% longer cooking times… that would mean you would need 10% less time in a regular pressure cooker.

  184. Great minds think alike! I literally just cooked your slow cooker version of this yesterday and my family loved it!!! Thanks for providing us with such great recipes all the time. They are so helpful.

  185. I got a pressure cooker for Christmas and I'm excited to start using it!! This recipe sounds perfect!!

  186. Do you have any suggestions of what to do with the leftover chipotle peppers? I love the flavor they bring but I always end up tossing almost the whole can after I use them for a recipe – for instance, like your homemade enchilada sauce (which btw, is ahhh-mazing!) but I hated that I don't use them enough to save. Can they be refrigerated or frozen? Any suggestions? 😉

    • I whip the leftovers in my mini blender til smooth and store in the refrigerator. Keeps a very long time, and I add a tsp to tablespoon to whatever I'm cookimg. A Tbsp. is about the same as one pepper.

    • I divide the leftovers into a few ziplock bags and put them in the freezer, then pull them out one by one when needed (mostly for that enchilada sauce, which, agreed, is amazing) – I used to also toss the remains and was so happy to come up with this freezer/single portion idea.

    • Don't toss them! They freeze beautifully. Two ways to freeze. Put one pepper and a bit of sauce in each section of a silicone ice cube tray (available on Amazon) and place in the freezer. When frozen, toss them all in a Ziploc bag and keep in the freezer. Pull them out one at a time as needed. They are actually easier to chop when frozen, too; no need to thaw.
      Or, just spread them out on a sheet of wax paper to freeze then toss in a Ziploc bag when frozen.

      I use a silicone ice cube tray for leftover chicken broth, tomato paste, coconut milk, pesto, etc. So many recipes call for a small amount. The one I have has cubes that are 1/4 cup.

    • Yes! I blend them up and freeze in silicone ice cube tray also!

    • You can freeze the chipotle peppers in a bag for use in recipes later. Just make sure to mark the bag. This way you never throw any out

  187. Would love to see some low-sodium recipe choices for the Instant Pot. Just got one last month and am looking forward to getting some great easy recipes here that are tasty but will work for my husband's restricted diet.

  188. I have a Cuisinart electric pressure cooker and love it! Thanks for this recipe! I LOVE your website and healthy recipes!

  189. Can you recommend what instant pot to get?

  190. I love my instant pot and I love your recipe. A winning combination!!! Thank you for your commitment to post one IP recipe a week. This one is going on menu this week!

  191. Do you know you can brown the meat IN your instant pot! It's the sauté function and it's great!

  192. Hello.. Thank You for all your fantastic recipies!! I love your site!! What kind of instant pot do you have?

  193. Yay on posting one new Instant Pot recipe a week! My daughter and I are both trying to use it more and more. We really like it and look forward to seeing what is to come!

  194. I just got an Instant Pot for Christmas and am hoping you'll post more recipes for it! Definitely going to try this one.

  195. If you don't have a pressure cooker setting how long should you cook it for in the slow cooker and should you still brown the meat before putting in the slow cooker?