Lighter Eggplant Parmesan

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This Lighter Eggplant Parmesan Recipe is one of my favorite ways to eat eggplant. No breading, no frying, just eggplant, cheese and marinara.

This Lighter Eggplant Parmesan is one of my favorite ways to eat eggplant. No breading, no frying, just eggplant, cheese and marinara.
Baked Eggplant Parmesan

What is eggplant parmesan? Traditionally eggplant parmesan is breaded eggplant that is fried them topped with sauce and cheese before baking. I made this lighter low-carb version by roasting the eggplant in the oven instead and skipping the breadcrumbs altogether. It’s delicious and perfect to make ahead and freeze or send to a friend in need!

This Low-Carb Eggplant Parmesan is one of my favorite ways to eat eggplant. No breading, just eggplant, cheese and marinara.

This is the way my Mom always made Eggplant Parmesan, and I always preferred it this way over the deep fried breaded version. It does take some time to make, but it’s so worth it! The eggplant is layered with sauce and cheese, and almost becomes like a noodle-less eggplant lasagna, it’s so good! It melts right in your mouth with each bite. For best flavor, I always use a good Parmesan cheese or Romano cheese like Locatelli or Reggiano cheese.

Do you take skin off eggplant?

I get asked this question a lot. The skin of the eggplant is actually completely edible and also the most nutritious! The skin is jam packed with antioxidants while the meat of the eggplant is full of fiber and low calorie.

Can you reheat cooked eggplant?

Yes, you can pop leftovers into the microwave in a microwave-safe dish or set the oven to 350F, cover the dish with foil and pop them in until hot and ready.

To Make Ahead and Refrigerate

You can prep Eggplant Parmesan 24 hours in advance before baking. Prepare and refrigerate, tightly wrapping with foil. To bake, cover with foil and bake 400F in the center rack 40 minutes. Uncover and bake 10 minutes longer to help thicken the sauce. Remove from oven and let it rest 10 minutes before serving.

To Freeze and Serve

Prepare unbaked Eggplant Parmesan in a freezer to oven safe baking dish or foil dish, cover tightly and freeze for up to 3 months. There is no need to thaw, bake from frozen in a preheated oven 350F about 1 hour 15 minutes, until heated through. Uncover and bake 10 minutes longer. Remove from oven and let it rest 15 minutes before serving.

How To Make Eggplant Parmesan

This Lighter Eggplant Parmesan is one of my favorite ways to eat eggplant. No breading, just eggplant, cheese and marinara.

This Lighter Eggplant Parmesan is one of my favorite ways to eat eggplant. No breading, just eggplant, cheese and marinara.This Lighter Eggplant Parmesan is one of my favorite ways to eat eggplant. No breading, just eggplant, cheese and marinara.This Lighter Eggplant Parmesan is one of my favorite ways to eat eggplant. No breading, just eggplant, cheese and marinara.

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This Lighter Eggplant Parmesan is one of my favorite ways to eat eggplant. No breading, just eggplant, cheese and marinara.
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Lighter Eggplant Parmesan

255.5 Cals 20 Protein 18.5 Carbs 12.5 Fats
Prep Time: 20 mins
Cook Time: 1 hr 10 mins
Total Time: 1 hr 30 mins
Yield: 8 servings
COURSE: Dinner
CUISINE: Italian
This Lighter Eggplant Parmesan is one of my favorite ways to eat eggplant. No breading, just eggplant, cheese and marinara.


  • 2 pounds eggplant, 1 large or 2 medium
  • olive oil spray
  • 1 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 12 ounces part-skim ricotta, Polly-o is the only brand I use
  • 1/4 cup + 2 tbsp Pecorino Romano
  • 1/4 cup fresh parsley, chopped
  • 1 large egg
  • 2-1/2 cups part-skim mozzarella, I used Sargento
  • 4 cups homemade tomato sauce or jarred marinara


  • Start by making the sauce if you don't have any already made.
  • Preheat oven to 450°F. Spray 2 sheet pans with oil.
  • While the sauce simmers, slice the eggplant into 1/4 inch thick slices. Transfer to the prepared pans, it's ok if they overlap slightly. Season with salt. Bake for 20 minutes, turning halfway through until eggplant is golden.
  • Meanwhile, in a medium bowl combine ricotta, egg, parsley and 1/4 cup of grated cheese.
  • Put 1/2 cup sauce on the bottom of a 9x12 baking dish, add 1/3 of eggplant to cover the bottom of the dish. Top with 1/3 of the ricotta cheese mixture, 3/4 cup of the mozzarella cheese and 3/4 cup of the sauce. Add another layer of eggplant and repeat the ricotta cheese, mozzarella cheese and sauce two more times, reserving the third layer of mozzarella for topping. Finish with 1 1/2 cups of sauce, remaining mozzarella, and the remaining 2 tablespoons of grated cheese.
  • Heat the oven to 400F.
  • Cover with foil and bake until cheese is melted and everything is bubbling, about 40 minutes.
  • Remove foil and bake an additional 10 minutes.
  • Take it out of the oven and let it sit about 10 minutes before cutting.



Serving: 1/8th, Calories: 255.5kcal, Carbohydrates: 18.5g, Protein: 20g, Fat: 12.5g, Saturated Fat: 6.5g, Cholesterol: 59.5mg, Sodium: 809mg, Fiber: 5g, Sugar: 9.5g
WW Points Plus: 7
Keywords: baked eggplant parmesan, easy eggplant parmesan, eggplant parm, eggplant parmesan, Lighter Eggplant Parmesan

Photo Credit: Jess Larson

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  1. I really wanted to love this recipe as I love eggplant. And I have made several recipes from this site and loved them.  But this one didn’t work for me and my family. I followed the recipe exactly and it was overwhelming watery.  We still tried to eat it but felt it lacked flavor. 

  2. Hi there, I’m planning to make this for dinner tonight because it looks so yummy but I am trying to restrict my salt at least a little bit. Do you have to salt the eggplant slices before you bake them?

  3. I made this for dinner, it came out exceptionally well! I didn’t have any ricotta on hand so I used cottage cheese, you couldn’t tell the difference. I also threw in a little fresh basil. 
    Highly recommend this! 

  4. I made this exactly as written, it was delicious! I had just purchased 2 large eggplant at the public market for $1. My husband commented that it was the best vegetarian dish he had ever eaten. Leftovers for another day! Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!

  5. Het lukt niet om de WW punten te koppelen of te delen in de WW App? Hoe doe ik dit?

  6. Should I let eggplant slices sweat for a while before putting them in oven for 20 minutes?

  7. Loved this smooth and gooey delicious easy eggplant Parmesan. Excellent the first  day, fabulous for leftovers. thank God for Gina!! 

  8. This is one of my go to healthy meals. Even my picky SO, who admits to having the pallet of an 8 year old, enjoys it and will eat leftovers (which he NEVER does). 

  9. This was fantastic!!! I only was able to do 2 layers as my eggplants were smaller and I under-estimated how many I needed.  I split it up into 6 meals and plan on freezing.  Simply Excellent 

  10. I included a layer of mushrooms/ricotta and a layer of spinach/ricotta. The results was a very watering dish. I also used skim ricotta. I don’t want to give up on this dish. Where did I go wrong.

    • Mushrooms and spinach are packed with water! Try cooking and draining both before mixing them into the ricotta and baking. Happy bites!

  11. This was delicious! I ended up using a tomato basil sauce and only used 2 cups instead of 4, and it wasn’t soupy. I also sprinkled some salt on the egg plant and covered with paper towel for about 30 minutes before baking as instructed. Will be making again! 

  12. Fantastic, light dish! Totally prefer it without the breading!

  13. Excellent!  I will definitely be making making eggplant Parmesan this way from now on. This was just perfect!  

  14. I made this last night. I salted & seated the eggplant, and also roasted in the oven as instructed with the recipe. It still came out delicious but very soupy! Next time I would make the eggplant slices a little thicker and use less sauce.

  15. I ended up modifying this a bunch to accommodate what I had. It was great!

  16. Wonderful recipe as is, or a good starter recipe to make your own additions. I don’t usually review recipes that I make my own additions to, but this recipe is so easy to get more veggies added into without losing the spirit of the original. I had a lot of veggies that needed used, so I added yellow and zucchini squash to the eggplant before baking. I salted and sweated all. To the marinara sauce (Rao’s!), I added mushrooms garlic and onions that had been slowly sauteed in olive oil until dry before adding. Then I assembled the components as per recipe.
    I think the most important step in this recipe is to get the veggies as dried out as possible so you don’t end up with soup instead of a casserole. It turned out delicious, and I froze half for later.

  17. We both were so pleased with how delicious this dish is without feeling heavy afterward.  Rich but not heavy.

  18. How many ounces is 2.5 cups of cheese? The internet seems to be undecided….

    • If one cup is 8 oz. then 2 cups is 16 oz. the half cup is 4 oz.  
      Total is 20 oz.

      • I have to disagree 1 cup of mozzarella cheese or most any cheese is 4 oz 113.4 grams. A half cup would be 56.7 grams or 2 oz. 2 cups would be 8 oz. So 2.5 cups would be 263.5 grams or 10 oz. Not all cups equal 8 oz when it comes to the weights of different foods.

  19. We tried this last night with fresh garden grown eggplant with just a little chopped pancetta added and it was delicious. Not breading and frying the eggplant is genius – it just gets soggy in an eggplant parm anyway. That also saves time and helps keeps the carbs down. After letting it cool for 10 minutes it set up nice for serving. I did salt the eggplant first and let it sit out at room temperature for 30-45 minutes so that could have helped keep it from being too watery.

  20. Really delicious, but a bit soupy, I will cut the sauce down in the future

  21. This was amazing with the fresh eggplant from my garden!  I substituted the regular marinara for  arrabbiata sauce and it was delicious! 

  22. I like the taste of eggplant, but it always cooks up mushy and the texture is not appreciated by anyone in the family. Am I doing something wrong, or is that just the way eggplant is and we need to learn to love it or leave it?

  23. Easy, delicious, and filling! Will make again. The only thing I did differently was salt the eggplant and let it stand for 30 minutes before baking to release some of the water.

  24. My daughter gave me recipe.  Really liked it. Made it again tonight. Still good. My only complaint is that the dish gets very liquidity. Is it from eggplant, cheese or sauce. Any help in what I need to do to reduce this outcome.  Thanks, Susan

    • After you slice the eggplant sprinkle it with salt on both sides and let it drain in a colander for about 30 minutes prior to baking.  This will release the liquid from the eggplant and there will be less liquid when combined with the cheeses and sauce. 

    • Mine turned out that way the very first time I made this when I used plain jarred marinara sauce. Last night, I finely diced a quarter onion and a bell pepper I had in my fridge, sautéed it until soft, added ground turkey, cooking it through, and then added in a jar of marinara sauce until everything was heated through. My sauce was obviously less liquidy, but this ended up being the perfect consistency for the eggplant Parmesan and fixed the extra liquid problem in the end.  

  25. Fantastic recipe. My family loved it.

  26. This recipe was delicious, reminding me enough of classic eggplant parmesan to make it worth my while.  I substituted parmesan reggiano for pecorino romano and used the easy and quick homemade tomato sauce recipe you provided.  I have a sensitivity to egglplant which irritates my mouth if I do not salt and let it sit so salt it I did, but I realize now that I didn’t have to salt the eggplant per the recipe if I have already salted and rinsed the eggplant as a separate step.  Despite rinsing, plenty of salt is retained!  I can confirm that a lot of moisture is extracted by salting the eggplant first so the final product was not watery at all.  Again, it was yummy.  Thanks!

  27. i have made this many times using cottage cheese works out beautifully. I also add red chili flakes to spice it up a bit. I made a mistake and over cooked some of the eggplant slices and they made delicious salty chips. I will try a new recipe doing exactly that. eggplant potato chip snacks!!!!

  28. For healthy eggplant Parm, I roasted the eggplant in the oven (no bread crumbs) then used 1% no salt cottage cheese instead of Ricotta which has 1/2 the calories of ricotta, mixed it with red sauce and used a hand mixer to get rid of the curds, then built the dish. Baked at 350 for 25 minutes. It came out amazing and 1/2 the calories. 

    • Caroline, I’m very interested in your method.  Did you literally mix the cottage cheese with the tomato sauce or layer the two separately as in the original recipe?

      • I also use cottage cheese in place of the ricotta cheese.  Have been doing that for 50+ years in my lasagna.  I just stir it into the egg, parsley, cheese mixture—don’t worry about breaking down the curd, it just softens out in the cooking.

    • Hi, can I make this on Christmas Eve and heated up Christmas Day? Thank you

    • Cottage cheese does have fewer calories than ricotta, but ricotta has less sodium, less sugar, and more minerals. Which just means that which one is better for someone on a diet depends on what type of diet they are on.

  29. This is my first time cooking eggplant – Delicious!!! I wasn’t sure that I would like it so I decided to make your air fryer chicken tenders on the side.  But we loved this recipe!! I halved the recipe (from 8 servings to 4) so that we will have another meal this week. Thanks Gina!!

  30. This is the only way my eggplant fearing husband will eat. I make it dairy free by using vegan cheeses. So good!

  31. I, too, was skeptical about no breading but this recipe is outstanding and delicious. I would probably do two large eggplants next time, 2 medium didn’t seem like quite enough.

  32. Made this last night as I didn’t realize I had run out of panko crumbs and was in a crunch to fastly find a new recipe. I had let the eggplant sweat out- about 40 minutes. Dish was delicious. Was a bit watery on the bottom but that didn’t ruin the flavor. For leftovers I might put a small bed of macaroni pasta on the bottom and since there is a lot of sauce leftover. Delicious recipe. I was sure to slice eggplant very thin. For a little extra kick I sprinkled red pepper flakes on the top ( just a little) and truffle salt.

    • Best Eggplant Parmesan ever!  I salted the eggplant slices, placed them in a colander, put a double layer of paper towels and a heavy plate on the whole thing. Put the colander on top of another plate and waited 30 minutes for the eggplant to “sweat”. Patted the slices  dry and proceeded with the recipe! 

  33. Out of this world – added a pkg. of hot Italian sausage – cooked with the sauce and cut   in slices. Terrific!

  34. This was delicious!! I took a shortcut and used frozen eggplant slices from Green Giant, roasted them in the oven, then used them in the lasagna, and it turned out great! I’m making it for the 2nd time for tonight’s dinner. It will definitely be in the regular rotation!

  35. I think this recipe might work out nicely. I’ll give it a try. As a full blooded Italian (FBI), I have to make one suggestion. The anglicization of the authentic name of this dish detracts from its heritage, and the melodic beauty of the Italian language. Please consider referring to the dish as “parmigiana di melanzane” or “melanzane alla parmigiana”, if not in the title (please), then at least in the description. It sounds so much more romantic.

    • Are you kidding???? How snooty!  EGGPLANT PARMESAN IS EGGPLANT PARMESAN! Boy,…. People are writing reviews of a great recipe,not how the name is presented…..

  36. Help!  I forgot to cook the eggplant beforehand, it will just be more watery, correct?  

  37. I followed the instructions carefully but the dish was still very watery.

  38. Made this tonight using Rao’s marinara for a shortcut. Man, it was so good!! Paired it with homemade breaded chicken strips. My husband gave rave reviews.

  39. Every time I made it it’s been very watery what have I done wrong

    • If you salt the eggplant after it’s cut,  let it sit for awhile (30 minutes, it’s ok if it browns)  it will release much of the water that the eggplant holds. In doing so, it also releases the bitterness and makes for a sweeter eggplant.  Pat the water beads down with paper towels and then move on to the layering. 

  40. This was SO good!! I’m trying to eat more healthy foods and I had never eaten eggplant before. I picked one up at the grocery, did a search for recipes, and found yours. I loved it! It’s easy to make and delicious! 

  41. Omg do not hesitate and make this right away! You do not miss the oil or the breading AT ALL. Absolutely delicious and just as good leftover. I recommend using your own sauce as Gina suggests. I made w jarred sauce and it wasn’t as good. I made a quick homemade sauce tonight and the extra effort was worth it. Served with some butternut squash noodles on the side. Hi 

  42. Thumbs up on this one. I can’t wait to have the leftovers since I am full . So satisfying for a ww recipe. Will be making again!!!

  43. I expected this to be good based on the reviews, but this is so far beyond anything I could’ve imagined. I will make this again, and again, and again. Thank you for this delicious lightened-up version of one of my favorite dishes. 🥰

  44. Being of Italian descent and having had eggplant Parm made by my grandmother, mother and aunts… I had a hard time enjoying this… it is fine but just not eggplant parmigiana….. I cooked it as per instructions and it was really very nice… I would make it again as it is low cal… 

  45. Made the eggplant. I added 1 pound lean ground beef. It came out pretty good my husband loved it. 

  46. This recipe is very easy. I used cottage cheese instead of ricotta it was delicious. I love the no frying no bread crumbs and it was a big hit with everybody. I only did two layers because that’s all the eggplant I have and so cooked it for 30 minutes +10 instead of 40

  47. Excellent recipe! I would double the eggplant though next time. Not enough eggplant for me. Also I used almost double the sauce. Came out great, just more eggplant next time. I did serve with Penne pasta and it was delicious mixing it together. 

  48. I made skinny eggplant recipe last night it came out soggy and salty I followed the recipe to as directed maybe if fried the eggplant it wouldn’t have been so soggy I will give three out of ten.

  49. Terrific eggplant Parmesan recipe. I’ve made it twice to rave reviews. It’s easy to make too. 

  50. So good! Full of flavor and filling. We didn’t miss the breading at all. I served ours with a side salad. Thanks again Gina for another winner!

  51. What do you recommending serving with this? 

  52. I made this last night with a few modifications. It was truly outstanding and I will be making this regularly! Yum! I used a 23.5 Oz jar of marinara, only had 26 Oz (by weight) of eggplant, rather than the 2 pounds. Used 2 cups of full fat mozzarella,  added about 2 ounces of  thawed frozen spinach, (squeezed dry), 1/4 c chopped fresh basil as well as the parsley. Used a full 16 Oz container of 2 percent cottage cheese instead of ricotta because it was only $1.49! Oh and added my minced sautéed shallot that I forgotten to add to my ST breakfast casserole last Sunday! Otherwise, as recipe stated…
    I know a lot of people criticize because they say you’re not following the recipe, but hey the recipe is the guide and for that, Gina, I am so grateful!
    Also, I used the recipe builder on the My Fitness App and it is so easy to use. I got 324 calories for 1/6 recipe. I used a 10 by 10 casserole dish. 
    Wow, just wow! Thank you, Gina for your work. I love all your recipes. My husband is a huge fan.
    Do yourself a favor and try this recipe and don’t be afraid to alter as is necessary during this crazy time! It is wonderful!

  53. Made this tonight exactly as directed. Perfectly delicious. I’ve always  made the cooking light version which has breading so I was somewhat hesitant but it was beautiful. Did not miss the breading at all. Will definitely use as my go to recipe from now on. 

  54. This was amazing, I was skeptical about not breading the eggplant, but didn’t even miss it.   I would make sure to slice it thin enough, otherwise it wont cook as fast in the roasting part.  I also peeled it as I dont like the skin of the eggplant.  My husband, who doesn’t think its a meal if there is no meat loved it!  5 stars

  55. Where does the recipe save when I hit save?

  56. DOUBLE, or even triple, the eggplant! This is 100% a 5-star recipe with some modifications. I’ve come back to this recipe several times and there is never enough eggplant compared to the sauce!

    I used 3 lb 5 oz of eggplant this time, and my layers had lots of gaps between the eggplant. I also suggest cutting them a little thicker (1/2″) and salting them beforehand to remove any bitterness. I found that 1/4″ setting on my mandoline would get too thin and develop a paper-like texture. We also use double cheese and use whole-milk Mozz to get the nice gooeyness when you serve it (adds 100 cal per serving) and just use the entire 16-oz container of ricotta so we don’t waste it.

    Ultimately my changes of adding more eggplant and doubling/using the Whole Milk Mozzerella double the caloric intake of what Gina has listed and adds about 6g of extra protein; but we eat this as an entree and it really helps make it a meal that is more satisfying for everyone and works with my 1500 cal/day diet.

    Next time, I will likely try somebody’s suggestion of using slices of zucchini as a layer, yum!

  57. Easy to make really delicious 

  58. Fabulous! Definitely a keeper recipe and so much easier and healthier than traditional breaded style. 

  59. i made this and it was ok, but certainly prefer the breaded and fried one.

    should have removed if not all the skin, then partial skin. it had a few bitter tasting pieces

    used the MALE eggplants, less seeds and not as bitter. but still got bitterness.

  60. So good! Used Victoria marinara sauce as a cheat, and Parmesan instead of pecorino romano because that’s what we had. Don’t skimp on the sauce – it sounds like too much but it’s not!

  61. Super delicious!  I used Rao’s marinara as a time saver.  Also roasted some zucchini cut lengthwise same thickness as eggplant and layered it in for some more veggies.   Enough for two dinners and lunch leftovers for 2 adults, two small kids.

  62. Hi
    I would live to make the eggplant Parmesan. I don’t k ow if I can get pecorino romano cheese. What can I use instead of that cheese.
    Thank you

  63. Made this tonight for dinner and it was a hit! Was super easy to make, takes a bit of time with the sauce, eggplant roasting, and then baking for 50 minutes but well worth the wait!  Excited to eat leftovers =)

  64. I made this tonight.  I wish I had taken the skin off the eggplant.  Half of my family did not care for it.  I think the skin made it taste bitter. I thought it was a fairly easy recipe to put together. Next time, I’d make that change for my family.

  65. How long does this last in the fridge ?

  66. I made this a few years ago and accidentally skipped the step to roast the eggplant first and if I remember correctly, it was still very good. I’m making this tonight and curious if I’m just losing my mind and HAVE to actually roast the eggplant prior to layering everything or if it’s possible to just layer and bake and still come out okay. I remember it being delicious that way but I’ve also had two kids since then so I could be completely wrong.

    • I think you could still layer and bake but might have extra liquid from the eggplant. Curious to hear how it came out!

  67. When the recipe lists 2 1/2 cups of mozzarella, is that Cheese shredded to fill 2 1/2 cups? 
    PS I’ve made this a few times and it’s amazing!!!!!… but I always feel like there’s SO much cheese. That’s why I’m asking about correct measurements. Thanks!!

  68. Sooo yummy! I didn’t have ricotta so I used cottage cheese instead, it was amazing! I prepared it a few days ago and cooked it from frozen, it DID take longer than 1 hour 15 min as recommended (the middle was still frozen)! But we microwaved it and put it back in the oven for a little longer, and there were no leftovers 😀 yum!!

  69. This was amazing. I actually grilled my eggplant before I put it together. My husband and I wanted to eat the whole pan. Will absolutely make this again. I used Trader Joe’s marinara. This is a must make ! 

  70. Fabulous!  My husband loves lasagna and now likes this as much   I have made it several times  –  no changes needed. 

  71. I tried this for my cookbook club today. We had a good chuckle over the fact that there is no parmesan in the ingredients. I like the recipe a lot. I increased the herbs and added fresh basil. Also added steamed baby kale to the ricotta mixture. I have played with a similar recipe for a while and also like this with some roasted mushrooms and onion added to the ricotta. Easy when you are roasting the eggplant. Try making your own ricotta — its wonderful and easy particularly using goat milk. Change up cheeses for different flavors. I used the Marcella Hazen tomato sauce with reduced butter. Love that you can do elements ahead of time and assemble quickly at the last minute. Keeps, travels, reheats and freezes well. A keeper.

  72. Do i have to use egg in recipe?

  73. Can you prepare it a day ahead and cool it for dinner the following day?

  74. when i used nutritional info to calculate points for WW blue, it came out to 9 SP…

    • The only accurate way to determine any recipe’s SmartPoints® value is to plug the ingredients into the recipe builder on the Weight Watchers website (Click on “My Foods,” select “Recipe,” and click “Create a recipe.”)

      The SmartPoints® calculator isn’t meant for recipes and will often give you the wrong points (usually higher) because it’s counting 0 points foods such as eggs, chicken, fruits and vegetables. So if you see a recipe with a SmartPoints® value that’s different from what the calculator tells you, that is why.

    • Thank you for posting your comment about the ww points being Bieber. I just built the recipe and with the sauce I used it comes out to 8 points a serving on blue instead of 5. Saved me from eating it multiple times and not counting enough! 

      Mine is still baking but it looks and smells great!

  75. Love this take on eggplant lasagna. Followed the recipe exactly and wasn’t disappointed at all. To answer some of the reviewer questions, I used the skin-heavy slices (we sliced ours longways rather than into cross sections) and they were great, not tough or bitter at all. We thought it tasted almost exactly like lasagna and didn’t miss the noodles at all! 

  76. I just made this. Phenomenal. Don’t miss the breadcrumbs or the frying.  Magic does happen as it bakes uncovered and then rests. 

  77. I love Eggplant but the red sauces give me heartburn. I’m thinking of substituting pesto sauce. Have you tried that and would it be just as well using the same amount of pesto as marinara ? How about tomatillo sauce, would that work ?

    • I have read about a couple of solutions for heartburn from red sauce including adding 1-2 whole peeled potatoes because it absorbs the acid.  There are also some recipes where you add a teaspoon and a half of baking soda, and some people use carrots or sugar to balance the acidity.  I don’t think we are supposed to post outside websites so I am not posting the links but try searching for “red sauce that doesn’t cause heartburn” and you will find many suggestions. Good luck!

  78. When I enter the information into the WW app either in calculator or the recipe builder it showed as 9 points for blue not 5. Am I doing something wrong? BUT 5 points or 9 points this was absolutely FANTASTIC!!!!!!

  79. Made this last night and it was DA BOMB! I LOVE eggplant parm and this didn’t disappoint! I didn’t miss the breading AT ALL! The only modifications I made were to use low fat cottage cheese in place of the ricotta and used a jarred sauce (Gia Russa Marinara – 24oz jar, plus 8oz of a strained tomatoes as that’s what I had). I added some crushed red pepper flakes to the sauce as I like to have a little spiciness. I had enough macros to eat 3 servings. I had to forgo my frozen yogurt bar and do watermelon for dessert instead, but it was worth it to have ALL THAT PARM! I’m having leftovers for lunch today and dinner and will have enough for another serving tomorrow. This recipe will definitely stay in a steady rotation. With my modifications mine came out to: 214 calories/srvg, 9g fat, 18g carb and 17g protein. I can do a double serving w/ a salad for a great meal (which will be lunch today), or a single serving with a protein (which will be dinner tonight). Thank you!

  80. I made this last night for dinner.  It was fantastic.  Both my husband and myself loved it.  I will make again that’s for sure.   I do have a question.  If I want to freeze it.  Do I make and bake the dish before freezing.  Or assemble the dish, freeze it and bake it when I take it out?   Thanks

  81. I just love this recipe! It is the perfect base that allows for lots of improvisation.
    I slice my eggplant into thick rounds and spray directly with olive oil, then season with garlic and onion powder. Roast at 350 for 35 min on parchment. I also add a 16-oz bag of spinach (because that stuff cooks down to practically nothing) and 24 oz of sliced mushrooms, both sauteed in nothing but water. I also added a 16-oz jar of drained roasted red peppers, roughly chopped. Yes, I wanted tons of veggies. And lots of Italian seasoning, oregano, basil, rosemary, and parsley. It was so dense, satisfying, and delicious! And no pasta, breadcrumbs or frying in oil Thank you so much for your recipe–it is a treasure!

  82. Thank you for all of your amazing recipes, Gina! They are so great. I don’t even bother looking elsewhere. I know if it’s a ST recipe it will be amazing. I only cook ST! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love this recipe, and so many others! 

  83. This was fantastic!  I hesitated to try a different eggplant parm recipe because I love the one I have….but it’s a lot of work.  The promise of something simpler lured me to try it, and it was well worth it!  I had one medium size eggplant from our CSA so I used that with about half of the rest of the ingredients in a 9×9 pan. The pan wasn’t full, but that was the right amount for two of us (dinner plus lunch the next day for my husband).  The ricotta soaked up the sauce beautifully, and the flavors were fantastic.  Don’t skimp on the marina sauce…if you buy it, buy a good one with a lot of flavor.   And don’t skip the “resting” step…that’s when the magic happens! 

  84. Too runny. Ate more like a dip. 

  85. I am extremely picky and struggle to find healthy recipes to eat. Since finding your website I am confident I can finally do it. Thank you so much! This recipe is so easy and so delicious!!

  86. Can you use the skinned ends of the eggplant for the bottom layer when making this dish??

  87. I love this so much! I do add chopped spinach and sub ricotta for low-fat cottage cheese but all else remains the same. This is a winner!

  88. My husband and I made this for dinner and WOW! Thank you for this low touch, low mess recipe

  89. Made this for dinner tonight. The flavor is great! Didn’t miss the breading on the eggplant at all.  Thanks for another winner!

  90. This was amazing!!!!

  91. I made the entire thing on the grill to keep my house from getting hot and it was fantastic! First I sliced my eggplant a little thicker, grilled them until softened, put together the sauce and ricotta per instructions and put my metal baking dish back on the grill, covered with foil for 25 minutes. I then took my foil off and cooked an additional 5 minutes. So good! 

  92. Wow made these for a second time (this time with an air fryer) and they were amazing! Very good in the oven but even better in the air fryer… used mozzarella cheese for half and blue cheese crumbles on the other half. Both came out very well and were gone in no time! Thanks GINA- these are a perfect for game day apps this fall!

  93. Hi, I want to make 2 batches and freeze one. Should I freeze before baking it (step 7)or should I complete the recipe, let it cool and then freeze? 

  94. Can you slice the eggplant with a spiralizer?  Like the butternut squash lasagna, or would that not work with this recipe?

  95. Absolutely delicious.  Subbed cottage cheese for the ricotta and added spinach and fresh basil into the mix.  Easy to make and perfect with the tomato sauce from Skinnytaste.

  96. Wow, this turned out fantastic! Both my husband and I really enjoyed it. I did add hot Italian turkey sausage for the hubby however it does NOT need it at all. I also added some red pepper flakes to my sauce for a little heat and caramelized onions.. We can’t wait to have the left overs tomorrow. Thanks for another fantastic meal Gina!

  97. Terrific, some of the best I have made. I used less cheese, and 2% cottage cheese, egg white, and did make Skinny Taste tomato sauce that simmered a long time too–wonderful. We loved it. thank you. It will be my recipe for this from now on.

  98. I love this recipe. I used to make traditional Eggplant Parmesan but this will be my go to from now on. It’s so much easier, healthier and tastier!

  99. Gina, I made this past weekend and it was delicious! However I used closed to 4 cups of mozzarella. Recipe calls for less?

  100. I’ve been following your blog, as a Weight Watch, for a number of years. I love many of your recipes. The weekly menu helps trigger ideas for my menu. 

    Now I am diabetic. This recipe translated very well to low carb because no bread crumbs!  I used full fat dairy products because they are lower carb. 

    It was phenomenal!  One of your best recipes ever!  Thank you to your mom, too!!

    Thank you s million times!  Judy.  11stars (10 star scale)

  101. I would want to make this and freeze in individual portions to reheat for lunch at work. Does this freeze well after baking? Thank you from one Long Islander to another.

  102. Can you make this recipe and divide it into two baking dishes since it serves 8 people?  If so would the cooking time be the same?  I would freeze one of the dishes for another time. 

      • I am allergic to Cottage cheese and Ricotta, what can use instead to replace this with please, but I am not allergic to Mozzarella or Parmesan cheese, instead of Marinara sauce Can I use Bolognaise sauce , can i put some spices too and which ones

  103. I’ve got this in the oven as we speak (well, type)! Very excited because I’m a Skinnytaste devotee. Two observations: the ingredients list calls for 2 cups of mozzarella but in the directions it adds up to 3 (I compensated by doing 1/2 cup layers rather than a full cup). Also, I didn’t have quite enough sauce because I used the link to the homemade version and that only makes 3 cups; I didn’t think to check before I went to the store. I’m sure it will still be yummy though. Thanks Gina for so many wonderful recipes!

  104. I didn’t read any comments prior to trying this BUT after making it – do not cut the slices of eggplant too thin. I tried to be fancy and make pretty thin slices. Don’t be like me. I also did do the oil step but think I should have done more. 

  105. Hi Gina- this recipe has been a hit in our house this summer with all the farmer’s market eggplant!  Do you think this can be frozen?

  106. I took a risk and prepared this dish for a group bbq a hosted.  Two of my guests are real Italian and picky when it comes to Italian food..  well this recipe was easy to follow and absolutely delicious!  It’s cheesy and light all at the same time.  I added garlic to the ricotta cheese mixture and I sliced the eggplant a bit too thin but I’m making this again.  Iit feeds at least 10 people if you serve other entrees. Very very good!

  107. My recipe is nearly same except, I put banana peppers on top. And sometime also put a layer with a combo of black & green olives, green pepper, onion, mushrooms and zucchini (all or some) in the middle.

  108. Fabulous! 

  109. Can you please clarify the layering instructions? The recipe only calls for 2 cups of mozzarella.

  110. Wow! My favorite recipe on skinny taste (for now)!
    Delicious!  I loved the easy sauce recipe too.  I used my last jar of my canned tomatoes from last summer & was happy I used them on something so delicious! So easy too compared to the dipping & breading etc.  thanks!

  111. Such a good recipe, and so flavourful without all the frying!  This recipe is a keeper

  112. Love this recipe! Just want to point out though that the written instructions are different than the video which made it a little confusing. (The video said to roast eggplant for 25 vs 20 in the written)

  113. Absolutely the best Eggplant Parmesan I’ve ever made!  Thank you Gina for yet another fabulous recipe💕

    • Never in a million years did I think I would like eggplant parm made anyway then the traditional breaded way. This recipe is amazing with a capital A Made it for dinner tonight and it is a huge hit. No

  114. Could I use zucchini instead of eggplant? I have a bunch of round zucchini plants growing in my garden. 

  115. This eggplant parm sounds DELISH! My mom’s side of the family is Italian, so this is my favorite kind of comfort food 🙂

  116. Making this tonight. The total mozzarella is 2 cups, but I read the recipe as 3 layers of 1 cup each. What did I miss?
    Thanks 😊

  117. This looks really yummy!
    Edit: there is an extra o in ounces.
    Question: 9×12 pan? did you mean 9×13?

  118. This is how I make eggplant parm all the time, for decades, but! I never roasted it first. I am going to do this the next time I make it. I usually use cottage cheese but I will try ricotta again. Not super fond of it.

    I love this recipe so much I have a hard time not eating a HUGE plate of it. I will let you know how it comes out Gina.
    I want to thank you for all these fabulous recipes you’ve given us over the years. I have your first cookbook and I am eyeballing the Instant Pot one but since I live alone I am trying not to make huge meals because I don’t have the freezer space for them.
    Thanks again!!

  119. Could you make the eggplant by grilling in an iron skillet that has the ribs instead of the bbq?  How will you know how long and what to put the burner on?

  120. I love your recipes and have made many with great success. I do love cooking.

    I have made eggplant Parmesan many times, and my version is very light just like yours. But I could not
    help to reach out and warn your followers, eggplant can be bitter. I grill my eggplant first then I start the
    process. I find this gets rid of a lot of water, and bitterness and also add a very great flavor if you grill on BBQ.
    Thank you again for your healthy recipes.

  121. I was thinking about cooking this in the air fryer using mini aluminum pans so they are smaller portions and cook quickly. At what temperature should I set the air fryer at and for how long? 

  122. Amazing! Took a long time, but so worth it. This is the first eggplant recipe I’ve truly loved!

  123. I don’t usually comment on recipes, but my meat lovin husband loves this veggie recipe! We’ve subbed in basil for parsley a few times, and I’ve skipped the egg if I (whoops) dont have one. The cheese still binds everything together so it hasn’t been a problem. Happy I found this one, it’s a household staple!

  124. I am wondering if this dish would freeze well?

  125. When I put the nutrition facts into my WW app, I am getting a serving= 8 freestyle points, not 4.

    I put in:
    265.5 calories
    3 saturated fat
    14 protein
    1.5 sugar

    Am I doing something wrong?

    • The only accurate way to determine any recipe’s SmartPoints® value is to plug the ingredients into the recipe builder on the Weight Watchers website (Click on “My Foods,” select “Recipe,” and click “Create a recipe.”) which does not count fruits and vegetables in recipes in the calculations as they are now 0 points.

      The SmartPoints® calculator isn’t meant for recipes and will often give you the wrong points (usually higher) because it’s counting the fruits and vegetables. So if you see a recipe with a SmartPoints® value that’s different from what the calculator tells you, now you know why.

  126. Can you substitute fat free cottage cheese for the ricotta cheese?

  127. This recipe was SO good. Truly made my night so easy and tasty! I will MOST DEFINITELY make this again and again.

  128. This was like a cross between eggplant parmesan and lasagna. It took about 2 hours to make, so plan accordingly. It was excellent!

  129. I tried this not sure if my husband would like it.  He prefers the traditional redding and frying.  He loved it and ifn fact brought home an eggplant from the store to make more.  I didn’t follow the recipe exactly.  Just layered eggplant, sauce, mozzarella and Parmesan cheese.

  130. Delicious as usual Gina! I don’t miss a thing with this recipe, What a great idea to precook the eggplant this way to cut out fat and calories. I think this will be my lunch for the coming week.

  131. I’d call it Eggplant Lasagna! I love lasagna! Will definitely be making this soon! Thank you!

  132. Loved this lighter version of eggplant Parmesan !

  133. i use nonfat cottage cheese instead of ricotta for this dish and when i make lasagna. this recipe a good alt to nasty breading!!! delish. i also top this dish with fresh spinach to get my greens in. made huge vat of this, freeze into 8 portions and voila healthy lunch and din to go in my freezer

    • I love this recipe but I slice the eggplant through the rounded part not the longer length as you do.Slicing in different desired slices is so much easier.
      Thanks for the great and tasty recipes.
      Barbara C. Jax,Fl.
      Also you can use low fat cottage cheese with fork mixed raw egg in the cottage cheese for better texture.Add desired amount of the fork mixed eggs according to your liking and quantity of cottage cheese.I love this trick from my mom especially for lasagne.She had a big family with a hungry additional guest most times.

  134. I going to try this breaded with chickpea crumbs they are gluten free my new favorite thing. I use them for your chicken parm recipe and maybe adjust by lessoning the cheese content. Reminds me of Ina Gartens recipe which I used to love! 

  135. I haven’t made this yet, but it’s pretty clear that the recipe actually takes closer to 2 hours than 1 hour. I’m also going to try making some to freeze.

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  138. Curious if anyone has ever frozen this dish?  I’m the only one in my house who eats eggplant, so I thought I’d put in 2 8×8 dishes, freeze one and cook the other,  thoughts?

    • yes, this is fab to freeze. i triple the recipe and freeze 8 portions…so handy for healthy on the go…just microwave when ready

  139. I love this! I make it frequently. I’m making it this weekend. My husband doesn’t like eggplant in general so it’s all mine. ????. Thanks for a great recipe! 

  140. It says 4 freestyle points  under the heading. I think I can do with less cheese and add a layer of ground turkey.

  141. This is one of my favorite recipes! I have already made it 4 times in the past couple months!

    I had to make a few adjustments based on what I had in the house. I found that one large eggplant wasn’t enough so I cut some zucchinis in 1/2″ ovals and roasted those and added them as the extra layers. I also either use ricotta or cottage cheese depending on what I have. Also my dad is more of a meat guy so I have added browned crumbled chicken italian sausage in the layers and it’s awesome. I’m sue the recipe is great as is but sometimes I’m just too lazy to go to the store if I’m missing something 😉

    The ricotta mixture is definitely the best part of the recipe so make sure not to skimp! Thanks, Gina!

  142. I’m making this now. The eggplant is in the oven. My only difference is that I couldn’t find fat free ricotta cheese so I’m using part skim ricotta. And it’ll be 6 points per serving. I’m thinking it’s 8 servings. We’ll see exactly when it’s all together after it’s baked. I also purchased an OXO mandoline so I can make this. It was so easy to use. I’ll have to see if I can send you a photo of mine when it’s done. Thanks for sharing all of your hard work. ????

  143. This seems similar to your zucchini lasagna. I plugged this into the WW recipe builder and got 4SP per serving. I’m going to make this for dinner tonight but would love to see an updated post with more pictures. This seems like a really delicious low smart point meal. I’ll post later tonight on how it turns out. ????

  144. This was quite delish. I added green peppers and pepper flakes to the sauce, and did a layer of mushrooms with fresh basil on top. Definitely adding to the list of weekly meal prep. 🙂

  145. Has anyone made this the night before and then cooked the next day?

    • Yes, I have.  It works just fine.

      • I’m from an Italian family and I love this lighter recipe. I read Gina’s comment about tasting like lasagna after I tried the recipe and that is what I said too. I froze half to have at another time and it was just as good as the first time. Use the recommendation of using the Polly-O. It was the only part-skin ricotta with milk as the first ingredient at my store. The others had whey.

    • I just did that and it was fabulous. So nice to come home from work and just pop it in the oven. 

  146. I am confused about the Smart Point calculation on this recipe. I thought it was about 10 sp. your recipes are absolutely fabulous!  Thanks 

  147. I am confused about the Smart Point calculation on this recipe. Isn’t it closer to 10 sp? 

  148. The link to the tomatoe sauce isn’t pulling up?

  149. OMG! This was beyond delicious!!

  150. Gina or anyone know, is this 5 or 6 SP ? I love eggplant parm and would love to make this.

  151. What are the weight watchers smart points for this recipe?

  152. I think this is now 6 smart points.

  153. Approximately 5 smart points per serving if anyone else is wondering.

  154. My husband and I absolutely love this dish! This is so much better than any other lasagna I've had in my life. I make a half and half casserole dish using no bake lasagna noodles for my son because he does not like eggplant. If I was going to make a full casserole of just the eggplant I would use 2 large eggplants for sure. The flavor is amazing. Thanks for another great recipe that will be a staple in our home 🙂

  155. This recipe is fucked! I used my food scale to weigh out 2 lbs of eggplant (I had to buy 2 not 1) and my mandolin to slice it 1/4 thick and I only had enough eggplant to cover the bottom of the pan plus 2 random pieces I had to lay on top. I was left with all this ricotta mixture and only 1 layer of eggplant! My Parmesan is in the oven now but its more like a pan of cheese and tomato sauce with pieces of eggplant mixed in than Parmesan because I couldn't go get more eggplant.

  156. I made this today for the first time and it is now in the oven, but I don't know how it's going to turn out. I used a mandolin to slice the eggplant 1/4", but when the eggplant got out of the 450 oven, it was almost paper thin. Gina, what did I do wrong?

  157. broiler instead of roasting eggplant….faster and tastier

  158. Do you slice your eggplant end to end for longer pieces or side to side for round pieces? Looking forward to making this, your meatless meals are amazing and my husband actually loves them!

  159. what is the purpose of the egg in the ricotta mixture? i just prepared this for tomorrow, but somehow missed the egg…it hasn't baked yet, so i could go back and add it if it's important for the structure or something… so I was just wondering why you add the egg? Thanks! It looks delicious.

  160. I am making this for dinner (and this might be a silly question) but if I have sauce already do I still need to heat it on the stove? or can I use it out of the can directly into the dish for the oven?

  161. I would like to print this receipe.

  162. There is no way that the 1 eggplant called for in this recipe is enough to do 2 layers in a 9×13 pan. I used 2 eggplants and still only had enough for 1 layer. The ricotta mixture was bland, and the dish overall lacked flavor. I was very disappointed.

  163. Can this be frozen? If not, how long will it last in the fridge?

  164. Love this recipe. Making it for the second time today. Do you think if I split this between 2 smaller casserole dishes one would freeze okay?

  165. I love your blog so much. Thank you for all these amazing recipes.

  166. this recipe came out so good, i am making it again tonight. i am frying half the recipe per my boyfriend's request, but making the other half this way for myself. i had leftovers last time i made it and a girlfriend came over, we had it in one of those sandwich thins and she LOVED it. i tweaked it a little so i can actually get the calories around 260 (a whopping 5 less lol!) i didn't use as much shredded cheese which is weird for me since i am a cheeseaholic! but gina this recipe is awesome, you are amazing and i love coming on here and making all your tasty creations for various meals. wouldn't change a thing with this recipe.

  167. This was great!! It tasted just like the real, full fat, version. I ended up using almost double the amount of eggplant (so I used 2 eggplants weighing about 2 lbs each). I got 3 real nice layers out of it. Would definitely make this again!

  168. Tried this for the first time this week. Very Yummy! Will definitely make this again! Thanks, Gina!

  169. In the oven as I type smells yummy can't wait to try.

  170. Made this this am, and want to reheat for dinner. Can you suggest an oven temp and cooking time to reheat? Thanks so much for your awesome recipes, Gina!!

  171. Just made this dish for my family (expecting that I would be the only one that would like it) and it was a huge hit with the whole family!!! My youngest daughter (who is just under 2) thought it was pizza and had 3 helpings!

  172. I made this last night for dinner and it is FANTASTIC! I will be making this again & again!Thank you so much!

  173. I just made this without the ricotta. I don't usually use ricotta in my fried eggplant and didn't have any on hand tonight, so… I loved it! It was much lighter than the pan fried I normally do, my mom's reciepe from 50 years ago. Need to keep the eggplant slices thicker, as I am used to paper thin for pan frying, and some of my eggplant slices burned! Will do better next time. All in all, really nice, I also used Giada Delaurentiss sauce reciepe.

  174. Thanks again for another wonderful recipe! I added blanched spinach to my ricotta mixture instead of the parsley, which is how I usually make my lasagna. I honestly did not miss the noodles and a good lasagna is one of my favourite foods!

  175. This was one of the best dishes I have ever made. Thank you for your wonderful recipes!

  176. Stupid question but I have never cooked with eggplant. Do you have to take the skin off first?

  177. Made this for dinner last night and it was a big hit! The homemade tomato sauce was a bit acidic, but once I added the sugar, it was perfect.

  178. Is this Gluten free??

  179. I add tofu and roasted red peppers, sometimes sautéed mushrooms … It's all good!

  180. This is so delicious!!! It's hard to believe that it tastes so good and is so low in calories/points. Weight Watchers has never been so easy . . . thanks Gina!!

  181. Maybe I missed it somewhere; but can you tell me how big a serving is. I made an eggplant parmesan with another recipe, but I'm so eager to try this one.

  182. do you think i can sbustitute paremsan for the romano? by the way LOVE YOUR site. just had the ziti today and it was delish! 🙂

  183. Excellent dish, eggplant and parmesan always fit together

  184. hi gina! i am also curious if using your homemade marinara would be just as good, and if it would change the point value at all?

  185. I made this last night to satisfy a craving. It is delicious! I peeled some strips of skin off of the eggplant but didn't peel it fully. My husband even enjoyed it and says he didnt miss the frying! That is huge in my house.

  186. This might be a stupid question. But do you leave the skin on the eggplant?

  187. This was delicious! Made this last night. It kinda turned out like a eggplant napoleon lasagna. So I had 6 of them, 3 layers each. 1 stack was good enough for dinner, served on a small bed of whole wheat spaghetti. My boyfriend cleaned his whole plate!
    I kinda made the mistake of mixing the ricotta with the mozzarella, instead of with the parmesan, but it still turned out just as good I'm guessing. Thanks for another keeper!

  188. Ok, I admit it….not sure if the Pecorino/Romano is from a container, or do you grate that freshly?

  189. I had printed this recipe out and could not wait to try it. Only problem is I cook about once a year so I waited about a month to finally buy the ingredients and attempt to make it. This dish was absolutely delicious!! It did not taste low fat to me at all. It was my first time cooking with eggplant and it was so easy I could make this a meal staple. When i put all my ingredients into the recipe builder it came out to only 5 WW Points Plus! No idea how but this dish is delicious. Thank you Gina for creating such a god recipe. I can't wait to try some of your others. Anyone have another favorite recipe on this site?

  190. I never knew I was a fan of eggplant, until tonight!! I used one 2 lb eggplant and got only 2 layers out of it. It didn't matter. I still used the same amount of everything else and it
    was awesome! I will be making this again. Thanks, Gina, for all the effort you put into these wonderful recipes.

  191. Do I slice the eggplant long ways? or in circles?

  192. Okay, first time post but not a first time user. I just made this dish and it rocked! It is now one of my favorites!

  193. This is awesome, and really easy to prepare, LOVE It. Thanks for all the great receipes

  194. Amy, I built it and refrigerated it before baking the next day and it turned out great. Go for it!

    Gina – YUM! Our garden is full of eggplants and tomatoes, so I made sauce from the tomatoes and then made this. I made all of the eggplants into your baked eggplant sticks, then used some in the parmesan and served some as appetizers. So good!

  195. Do you think you could prep this the night before and then refrigerate and cook the next day? I'm looking for throw in the oven meals for weekdays! Thanks!

  196. Made this last night for our weekly meatless Friday meal. It was so yummy. I did make a minor adjustment to punch up the flavor and texture, I added a light dusting of Italian breadcrumbs between layers. Also, I would suggest slicing the eggplant at 1/2 inch because it does bake down when cooked. Overall a very tasty take on a classic dish. I will make this again!

  197. Just made this and used cottage cheese instead of ricotta cheese. DELISH! AND I added a layer of fresh spinach. YUM! Thanks for posting.

  198. The eggplant turned out soggy for me, it may have had to do with the fact that my eggplant was too small, as I barely had enough for two layers. If I make again, I'll get a larger eggplant and add more spices. While the eggplant didn't work for me…the home made tomato sauce was excellent, definitely a keeper.

  199. Okay so I used 2.5 eggplants (2 rather large and one small) and we grilled them instead of the oven and they must have shrunk or something because there was only enough to for one layer. Luckily, I had lasagna noodles at the house and turned into that. I am done crying that I ruined dinner and my kids will get to bed late. HA! Good thing I made this on a Friday night.

  200. i haven't even started eating yet, i can just smell them cooking and i'm so excited for dinner!!!

    • tastes so much better than it smelled!!!!! A+ on this recipe…and this website! i made dinner from this site every night for one week and in that week i lost 6 lbs! thanks for the help!

  201. Love it and now its a staple in our house. Even works when I am on HCG!

  202. I have never had eggplant parmesan before, but I have always wanted to try it – and this looks AMAZING. Do you leave the skins on when you roast it? I know you can do it both ways, but I've only ever had eggplant with the skin off… would be interested in trying with it on. Gotta get those antioxidants! Which way did you do it here? – Becky

  203. To be honest, I didn't *love* this immediately, which probably had more to do with the 6 year old, crying through dinner. ("This cheeseburger tastes funny!" wah). I just had my leftovers in the peace and quiet of my office and holey moley it was delicious! Thank you so much for these wonderful recipes.

  204. Hello. I just baked this dish tonight. It was delicious. Thank you for this recipe.


  205. Just found your site and loving it.

    I've been making eggplant parm much the same way for many years and it's one of my favorite dishes – I've never done the ricotta mixture, just stuck with mozzarella and Parmesan, so I'm going to try your version this week, along with your sauce!

    The thing I love the most about this dish is that it reheats well and it's even better the next day.

  206. Everything here look delicious. U put a lot of time and effort into what you do and it shows.. Thanks again. Joel@peanut buter rice krispie treats

  207. Do you cut the eggplant lenthwise or in rounds??

  208. I burnt it too. Whoops. Oh well lessons learned I suppose! LOL Glad to hear I'm not the only who did!

  209. I made this tonight… Not a fan of ricotta… I used goat cheese… I have been looking for a recipe like this for a while!!! It's awesome, thanks!

  210. I recently discovered your website and i am sold on it!!! Thx for all the delish recipes posted!

  211. Wow, this was amazing! Even better the next day for leftovers! 🙂 Thank you so much!

  212. Thanks for such a great recipe – I really enjoyed it and will be making it again. And one-eighth of a 9×11 pan is a pretty big serving size, which is one area where a lot of healthy recipes tend to fall down.

  213. Any specific brand of sauce if you dont want to make the homemade one? I'm a lazy cooker…

  214. I used my ww recipe builder and only got this as 6 points plus????!!!!!!

  215. Making this tonight! I hope 1 eggplant does the trick!

  216. This was GREAT! But it needs more eggplant, and cut not quite as thing. I used one eggplant, as the recipe called for, and next time I would use two or even three. A few of my eggplant slices burned because they were so thin. I was trying to get them dried out, but they quickly went from slightly golden to burned. It was still good– it just needed a bigger eggplant to cheese/sauce ratio.

  217. Gina, I made this for our Valentines Day dinner….and it was AMAZING! I will definitely make this again…and again! I am new to WW and I have to tell you that I love your site/recipes! I've used many over the last few weeks, and not only do my fiancee and I love them, but, our kids as well! Thanks for all you do!


  218. Liked this a lot, will make again. Might add some long slices of zucchini next time to bulk up more. Thanks for the great recipe!

  219. @Liz: I had a similar problem cutting it into rounds. I didn't use a mandoline, so I thought maybe I cut it too thin. I managed to get 3 layers, but I used an 8 x 11 pan and many of the pieces are really thin. I'm going to try 1/2" pieces if I make this again.

  220. I have been making all sorts of recipes from this site and have LOVED all of them! So I was super excited to try this one… It's in the oven but I think I messed up?! The eggplant was sooooo small and thin coming out of the oven that I barely had 2 layers. I have leftover cheese because of this. Should the eggplant be cut lengthwise or width?

  221. Hi Gina. I'm making this over the weekend (can't wait). I want to use one of your homemade sauces and want to know if you recommend your marinara sauce or your Filetto di Pomodoro. I'll make which ever one you think would be better.

    Thank you!

  222. Loved this recipe! I've tried some other light versions that use egg white and breadcrumbs and bake it, but I like this so much better. I didn't miss the breading at all. I do need to perfect my technique though – my eggplant shriveled up in the oven. I think my oven is just too strong (its gas) and I need to half the time – I have this problem quite a bit. But even still, it tasted delicious. Like other users, I used part skim ricotta becasue my supermarket did not have fat free. I only used 1 3/4 cup mozarella because Kraft sells their shredded 2% cheese in bags of 1 3/4 cup instead of 2 cup and I didn't feel like buying a second one.

  223. Gina, this was delicious! My husband and I loved it. It's great to know that you can have a "comfort food" without going crazy on the fat and calories. I look forward to trying many more of your recipes and hopefully losing a few pounds while doing so.
    Thanks again!

  224. This is one of my new favorite recipes!!! I LOVE all your recipes, Gina, but Man Oh Man…this one is really awesome!!!!

  225. This was delicious! We didn't miss the breading either! Sooooo good– I will make it this way from now on! Thank you Gina!
    ~Amy 🙂

  226. Made this, Totally delicious!!!!!!my husband that doesn't like eggplant, put his fork in the baking dish to grab a bite more than once!! Thanks Gina!!!

  227. I ended up with burnt eggplant. A 450 for 20 min is too long for 1/4" slice. You must mean 1/2". Sorry I didn't catch that before I ruined dinner.

  228. I just made this recipe last night and it was FANTASTIC! My fiance said it was the best thing he ate in the last 6 months, and that includes his birthday dinner! Thanks for sharing. I will make this again! 🙂

  229. I have never used eggplant before but really want to try this recipe tonight. I know this is going to sound stupid (I really can cook and have enjoyed so, so many of your recipes!), but was wondering about the seeds in the eggplant. You eat them I assume? Thanks, Katie

  230. I made this tonight and it was a huge hit with the family! Only change I made was adding mushrooms to the sauce. Very good recipe! Thanks Gina!!

  231. Delicious! Would make again. Made exactly as told except I added sliced tomato to the first layer because I had it and didn't want to waste. Recommend spraying pans down before baking eggplant slices. A few of mine stuck even though they had olive oil on them. Used tomato sauce recipe that is linked on this recipe.
    And I wish people would stop commenting that something looks good and they are going to try it. Make it and then review. Makes sense.

    • I so agree about the "looks good" comments. I want to read all the helpful "this is the problem I ran into that you could avoid" comments without having to scan through all the useless ones! Isn't that the point of commenting?

  232. Sure, that would work just fine!

  233. @Gina-Can you prepare this the night before like a lasagna and then pop it into the oven?

  234. Oh no, I'm sorry you hurt yourself!!

  235. I'm sad to say that this recipe caused me a trip to the ER (stupid mandolin taking a swipe at my pinky). But 4 stitches and 4 hours later, it was delicious! The second night we put it on rolls, I have a thing for eggplant parm sandwiches 🙂

  236. Hi Gina! I have a 14 month old granddaughter and she couldn't shovel this into her mouth fast enough, lol! It was adorable, she really loved it. Thanks so much for all the wonderful recipes and pictures! I love your site, have made several of your recipes, all yummy, and plan on making many more.


  237. Gina – Made this for dinner tonight with some very minor modifications and it is terrific. Thanks for sharing. Deborah

  238. I made this last night and it was amazing. I was a little skeptical about the fat free ricotta, but it's perfect with the parsley and peccorino romano. Can't wait to try more of your recipes.

  239. Perhaps you used a smaller eggplant?

  240. I made this tonight….and we really enjoyed it. I think it came out too cheesy however and I need to par down the recipe. We only were able to make 2 layers of eggplant, not 3.

  241. This was AMAZING.
    I cut into 6 servings from and put it in my Plan Manager I only got 6 points each.

  242. I just picked my first eggplant of the summer and made this fabulous dish. Even my husband, a meat and potatoes guy, loved it.

  243. delish! my only problem was that the skin on the eggplant seemed a bit bitter… are you supposed to peel them? i've never peeled them for any other eggplant recipe!

  244. Nope!

  245. Do you peel the eggplant first??

  246. I know, this is so much easier to make!

  247. This is my first time posting but I have to tell you how AWESOME this one is. I don't miss the fried breading and actually enjoy the lighter recipe. My husband loved it too, and he hates eggplant.

    I also want to thank you for continuing to post the old points as many of us are still following the old plan with great success. Thanks again.

  248. I am in love with your site and the recipes on it! This was the first one I tried and we LOVED it! Definitely a "re-do"! Can't wait to try more! Thanks so much!!

  249. Oh Karia, I am sorry you burnt it! Better luck next time!

  250. I have to admit, I burned the eggplant, BUT it was salvageable save a few pieces. I ended up with not as much eggplant as I would have liked, but now I know next time to slice thicker and keep a closer eye on my oven (totally my fault).

    Despite that, this still turned out fantastic. I always have a batch of Filetto di Pomodoro on hand (I feel like I make a batch every month)and the filling is very tasty (I used some cracked black pepper and garlic powder in addition to the instructions above), that made up for some of the more-done eggplant that I insisted on putting in the dish.

    This is really excellent, thank you!

  251. Kelly, yes as but check your labels, they are not all the same. But I wouldn't use the one from the tin can, use a jarred sauce which is already seasoned.

  252. I'm not sure if the question has been asked, but would the point value be the same for store bought tomato sauce? rather than the homemade? Not the fancy types with the extra cals, just the kinda from the tin can. I just LOVE your recipes…you have changed my cooking world!

  253. That sucks! I have a recipe for zucchini lasagna which is very similar to this recipe. Hope it worked!

  254. I guess I bought bad eggplant, it didn't look bad but it was all brown inside :'(

    All I have is some zucchini so I'm going to try that.. crossing fingers that it still comes out good.

  255. omg Gina it was delish! I used two eggplants since after taking the water out and baking them first they shrunk up quite a bit. I actually used proscuitto, not ham, and i didn't have enough to layer it so i added it on top and it crisped up really nice. It was delish!!! I served it with a side of dreamfields pasta- low GI, low Carb pasta… great for diabetics

  256. I've never had eggplant parm with ham, never even heard of it! You could layer it in between the layers of eggplant. Let me know how it turns out!

  257. Gina- i saw someone post that they make this with ham. I was wondering if you would recommend putting the ham inside the casserole or on top. Do you think it would burn on top or just develop a nice crunch?

  258. I personally wouldn't but I love ricotta and I'm not a fan of cottage cheese.

  259. I love all of your recipes!!! My boyfriend hates ricotta (I think it goes back to his childhood) but I love it! I've heard of people substituting cottage cheese for ricotta. Do you have any experience with this? Should I use 1% bc the fat free can be a little bitter?

  260. So happy you are all enjoying these recipes 🙂

    I think part skim ricotta adds 1 point plus extra per serving.

  261. Hi Gina, I can't find fat free ricotta. I went to 2 supermarkets and all i could find was low fat. How do i calculate the points. Thanks so much for the help. Nan

  262. This was likely the best "diet" food I have ever eaten and the tomato sauce is now a staple, we eat it on everything.

  263. I found your link on the ww website and I am so THANKFUL that I did. I made your eggplant parmesean and it was so delicious and easy to make. I will never fry eggplant again, your way is so much better. You have made my life so much easier with all your dinner recipes. Thank you so much for this site and all your hard work. Tomorrow Sante fe Chicken– Annie

  264. As usual with your recipes, this one turned out delicious! I used part-skim ricotta, and will add one 1p+ per serving to account for that (it adds 6p+ for the whole recipe, so technically it's only an additional .75 p+/serving). I made it exactly as written and am so glad I finally tried it. Will be freezing leftovers. Once again, thank you Gina for a winner!

  265. This is a crowd pleaser and great for leftovers! Glad the kiddies liked it!

  266. This dish was delish! as my four year old daughter said. I was nervous to make eggplant, as I thought the kids would hate it.. Well just the opposite, they gobbled it down ( 4 and 7 years) and my husband too, who ate eggplant for the first time. Will absolutely put into my rotation. Excellent/

  267. Looks good Gina, can't wait to make this for dinner this week. I've always breaded my eggplant and wanted to find a recipe for a healthier way to prepare it. What great recipes, can't wait to try them all!!!!

  268. I made this tonight and can't believe how delicious it was for lowfat!! I love the carrots in the sauce! I used part skim mozzarella instead of lowfat by mistake, but I don't usually use my extra 35 pts./week allowance and figure the few extra points will just have to come out of those! I have really enjoyed looking through your recipes and look forward to trying many of them!!

  269. It helps bind the cheese, but it will still taste yummy!

  270. well, shoot. i just made this ahead of time for dinner and just realized that i forgot the egg in the ricotta mix. big mistake? looking forward to trying it!

  271. This is better made ahead and reheated in my opinion! And it freezes great!

  272. Gina,

    I love, love, love, this recipe! Do you think it would be ok if I made or a day ahead? Is this something I could freeze?


  273. Ahh, this is my absolute favorite food! (Well, second to my moms homemade baked mac and cheese but no one else can make that!) I am so excited to try this. I love how you don't skimp on recipes but they are still low calorie. Some call for fat free cheese or 1/2 a cup of cheese, that doesn't cut it in my book!

  274. I just figured the PointsPlus-8+
    I can't wait to try it, even my daughter says it looks delicious!

  275. I lived in Sicily for several years. This is almost how I learned to make it over there. With the exception that they pan fry (no breading) and layer with the eggplant, mozzarella di bufala, sliced ham (from the deli) and boiled eggs. Granted I am not much for the egg in my dinner dishes…excited to try this!!

  276. When I use the calculator I get 8, not sure why they are different but 7 sounds better!

  277. The WW online recipe builder calculates this as 7 points plus – is that right?

  278. Hi Gail, I like to make this when I'm eating low-carb meals, I'm glad to know this is diabetic friendly!

  279. I made this last night and it turned out beautifully. I love Italian food, but I'm a diabetic and pasta makes my blood sugar rise more than just about any other food outside of sweets.

    Thanks, Gina, for all the fantastic recipes!

  280. I see your point Joanne, I meant grated Parmesan cheese.

    Lindsay, you're welcome!!

  281. Hi,
    Looks lovely, 1 question, you say add grated cheese but which, mozzarella or parmesan? Or a blend of both? presume the extra 2 Tablespoons of parmesan are for the top?

  282. We just had this for dinner tonight and it was SO good. Thank you for such a great recipe!!

  283. So sweet of her to mention me!! Let me know what else you try and thanks for commenting!

  284. Hi Gina!

    My WW leader mentioned your website in our meeting last week and I'm hooked! Made the eggplant parm this weekend and it was delicious. Thanks for all the great, healthy recipes!

  285. My mom used to make it like this, which is how I starting liking eggplant too!! I'm so happy you all like it! And thanks to the husband who gave this 7 stars!

  286. I made this last night & my husband said it was a keeper. Even my 13 yr old son, who swears he hates eggplant, loved it. I didn't tell him until he'd had seconds that it had eggplant! This was very delicious & will be a dinner staple from now on.

  287. Hi Gina,

    I tried this last night, it's so yummy! My husband gave it 7 stars!

    Thanks a zillion for all these lovely recipes, they're so creative, light, colorful and full of flavour.


  288. That's wonderful! Look around 🙂

  289. I was over at a friend's house last night and she served this for dinner. So good! I asked her for the recipe and she gave me the url for this site. Thanks for the great recipes!

  290. @Kelly- My mom always made it without breadcrumbs and I loved it! I agree, fat free cheese is terrible, but reduced fat is pretty good!

    Yes, this reheats well. Great to make ahead!

  291. I plan to bring this to a labor day BBQ since eggplant is in season…. Does it reheat well do you know?

  292. Wow! I tried this over the weekend and loved it. I didn't miss the bread crumbs as I thought I would. What a pleasure to have reduced fat mozzarella instead of fat free. This was so cheesy, really satisfied me. Thank you for the great recipes and helping us stay on plan!

  293. SO GOOD! Next time I will use 2 eggplants rather then one. This will be my new go to eggplant parm. Yay!

  294. A mandolin is the best way if you have one.

  295. This was a huge hit with my family and guests last night! I was skeptical because I don't like ricotta but I was entertaining vegetarians so i went for it and it was amazing!! I had white bean crostini's for an appetizer, heirloom tomato salad and eggplant parm for main course and coconut cream pops for dessert–super delicious!

    Any suggestions for cutting the eggplant? I had a hard time getting the right sized slices.

  296. any idea how much higher the point value using part-skim ricotta? I, too, cannot find fat free ricotta anywhere! Thanks Gina!

  297. You have to divide it into 8 equal portions. Not exactly sure if it's a cup. Some recipes are hard to measure in cups.

  298. this looks absolutley amazing,,, i grew up on eggplant parm… definatley trying this one…but one question,,, when it says for example 8 serving for a serving 1cup??

  299. I'm going to try this out this weekend…..wish me luck :0)

  300. Made this last night and it was awesome! At first I thought there wasn't enough eggplant when I was putting it together, but it turned out great! So far have made this and the turkey enchiladas both turned out great! Love your recipes!

  301. I just found your website and love it! I don't see sodium content in the recipes. Any chance you will be adding that in the future?

  302. Part skim would work too, although the points are higher. Maybe use a little less ricotta, it'll still be good!

  303. I have been dying to make this recipe for several weeks now, but I can not find fat free ricotta cheese anywhere. The only thing I can find is the part skim.

  304. Hey girl, I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I tried the recipe AND LOVED IT, I posted pictures of it in my blog if you want to check it out.

  305. Hi Gina! Loved this recipe! I've recently gone from WW to counting cals and many does this have? THANKS!!!
    your a lifesaver!

  306. Made the sauce and the eggplant tonight….so yummy. Everyone loved it, even my 3 & 5 year old kids (and they don't like anything!). Thank you!

  307. This is a great way to try it for the first time!

  308. I've never in my life had eggplant, but guess who is going to have her first eggplant experience with this recipe??

  309. HOLY CRAP! This was wonderful. Made the sauce as directed. Used 5 small eggplants instead of 1 or 2 big ones. Left the skin on. Excellent. Hubby loved it too. Carrots in the sauce and all! Leftover sauce measured and frozen for the next batch! Leftover parm also divided up and into containers for work lunches. Thank you! Diane A.

  310. Ha, you must have read my mind! Martini coming soon!!

  311. Oh wow this site is INCREDIBLE! Cheers to you for being so creative with your food ideas and help keep America a big advocate of WW this site is a heaven sent, keep up the amazing job, and oh adding in some breakdowns of fun drinks, martinis, etc would be warmly welcomed 🙂

  312. What a great recipe! I'm going to try it tonight because I have most of the ingredients already.

  313. If you want a firmer consistency for the eggplant, you can broil or grill the eggplant first. This will prevent your eggplant parm from having too much moisture. Also, using less sauce and ricotta cheese may give you the results you are looking for. It's a matter of preference. Good Luck!

  314. My husband & I are 6 weeks in on our latest WW journey, and you've been a Huge help!!!
    This Tasted AMAZING!! My first time making eggplant, and I didn't really know what to expect… it didn't turn out the way I think it should have tho- even after salting, draining in the colander & papertowel, when I baked the eggplant, it went very soft & squishy, and didn't want to keep together in the nice slabby pieces I was hoping for…more like slimy mushy bits.
    Any tips?? Could I have been too skimpy on the olive oil? The eggplant seemed to soak it up so instantly that I was hesitant to keep brushing it on… Any help would be great, since it was an incredible tasting dish & I would love to have it the Real Gina way 🙂 Thanks!

  315. No one would ever know!

  316. Made this last night for dinner guests and it was a huge hit. Didn't even have to mention it was WeightWatchers.

    I'm looking forward to going through all your recipes and making something new every day. You rock!

  317. Anonymous – usually, I go to print preview and adjust the size of the image so that only the recipe fits on the first page, then print page 1 only.

    Hope that helps!

  318. How can I print a recipe without printing every comment? I copied and pasted to a word document, but is there an easier way? Thank you.

  319. I just made this for dinner and I have to give it 2 thumbs up…My husband was very skeptical of the eggplant…he is meat for every meal type of guy.Told him he wouldn't miss it..viola…He has done nothing but rave about how good this was…thank you….Will be checking out the rest of your dishes..

  320. Tried it and loved it! Thank you! So so good!

  321. Hi Gina,
    Thanks for such a wonderful recipe site. I have one request. Is there any way to print the recipes without printing all of the comments that follow? When you click on the link "Print this Recipe" – It prints the recipe and all of the comments…lots of pages! Just curious and thank you again for such a great resource.

  322. So Glad Hubby liked it! This is a wonderful dish to make for company or to freeze for leftovers.

    @Michelle – I buy Pecorino Romano in the supermarket, Trader Joe's, anywhere. It's available everywhere.

  323. WOW..Just WOW! Me and Hubby (who is not on WW) are foodies deluxe and every bite of this dish he was going "OMG this is good", "This is WW?", "Oh babe you have outdone yourself"..I gave you all the credit of course. I hope this freezes well as I plan on making it one of my freezer "Grab and go" meals to help me stay on plan. Thank you!

  324. Gina, where do you purchase your pecorino romano? I haven't been able to locate it. Thanks!

  325. Hi Ann, No need to peel.

  326. Gina-this looks SO great! Do you peel the eggplant? Sorry to sound so dumb………… Annie

  327. Glad to make everyone from Preggo friends, to picky kids happy with this one!!

  328. Please keep the recipes coming. I have enjoyed each and everyone tried. My daughter who is extremely picky has been eating very well lately thanks to you. Simply amazing 🙂

    Thanks again!

  329. Thanks for all the wonderful recipes. I cook for a group every Monday that go to Weight Watchers and they are always happy with all your recipes. Yesterday, after tasting the eggplant parmesan they thought I should open up my own cafe!

  330. Saw this recipe a few weeks back, and from the picture knew I had to make it. I did, and have been craving it since! It is SO delish! My preggo friend LOVED it (bonus points for happy preggo lady!) Definitely a keeper.

    thanks for sharing!


  331. I just cooked this tonight! And all i can say is wow! Its really filling, and tastes great. GREAT RECIPE!!!

  332. You can bake or grill the eggplant first. This will prevent your eggplant parm from having too much moisture.

  333. Do you put whole eggplant in oven at first? Sorry about the dumb questoin……Tammie

  334. This is heavenly!!!!! My favorite recipe! My husband who thinks he always needs meat at every meal doesn't even miss it! Everytime I make it and eat it I am always shocked that it is a a low point weight watcher meal! Thank you for making this weight loss journey tasty and doable!!! You are ahhhhwesome!!!!!

  335. This website truly is a work of culinary art! Thanks Gina for your efforts!… I made the eggplant parm. tonight for dinner! It tasted fantastic, but it didn't look at alll like the picture. Mine was really runny… I followed all the directions without any improvising, but am not sure of where things went wrong.

  336. I just made this tonight for dinner and it was a huge hit! Thanks for the awesome recipes you have provided us! I've lost over 10% on W.W. thus far and your recipes have really helped me keep on track! Thanks!

  337. We make this all the time – its amazing!

  338. I had two cups of your candied tomato sauce (which is soooooo delish!) in the fridge and used it mixed with a cup of diced tomatoes and a little garlic. This is a great recipe! I also loved the white bean and turkey chili recipe, and make the twice baked sweet potatoes all the time! Great site, really helping me keep OP!

  339. My girlfriend and I made this a couple of weeks ago. This is an AMAZING recipe. We bought a block of reduced fat mozzarella and cut it into thinly sliced strips and subbed that for the 2 cups pre-shredded reduced fat mozzarella and it gave the dish a wonderful texture. Be sure to use the tomato sauce recipe linked in this recipe, it really is great!

  340. Absolutely fantastic! Hubby and I love eggplant parm and this was wonderful and guilt-free.

    Thanks for this great site!!

  341. hi, Gina, this was great. I subbed in storebought marinara, added a bit of garlic to the ricotta mix and some fresh basil, and it was a real hit! One thing I might add next time, since I had them around, is sliced fresh tomatoes in on of the layers-I love the taste of baked tomato! thanks so much for this and other great recipe ideas.

  342. I tried this receipe this weekend along with the tomatoe sauce receipe. Both were wonderful. I had my mother over for dinner and we just could not believe that it was a ‘light’ dinner. Thank you. I look forward to you recipes every day.

  343. Any eggplant is a good eggplant!

  344. Anything lighter right now is very well welcome. Speedo season is almost here and we need to look good! LOL. This sounds really tasty 🙂

  345. @ Jen, not sure how many carbs total, but 1 cup of eggplant has about 7 grams. It is very low in carbs.

  346. Looks amazing Gina. Great idea to cut out the frying and bread crumbs! Thanks for another great recipe i can’t wait to try!

  347. oh! so excited!! this is a fav dish in our house,now i can make it w/o feeling guilty!!

  348. Gina, could you tell me how many carbs are in this recipe? I’m diabetic and the carbs are also important to know. Thanks so much for your help. Jen

  349. Gorgeous! I’ve always wanted to try this, now I can!

  350. This looks great, I added it to my to-do list!

  351. OMGosh!!! This sounds delish! Thanks for posting!

  352. Wow, that looks deeeelicous, Gina! When are you going to have your own Food Network Show?

  353. This looks delicious!