Low-Fat Chewy Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

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These Chewy Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies are moist and made light by swapping out most of the butter for applesauce which works great!

These Chewy Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies are moist and made light by swapping out most of the butter for applesauce which works great!
Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

Chewy and moist, these oatmeal cookies are fabulous and loaded with chocolate chips in every bite! Perfect for your holiday baking, Santa will thank you for them! You may also like these breakfast oatmeal cookies which are more of a snack than a dessert.

These Chewy Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies are moist and made light by swapping out most of the butter for applesauce which works great!

Don’t you hate when you make a low fat cookie recipe, only to be disappointed? These became a favorite in my home from the first time I made them. Try them first as is, then have fun coming up with variations.

I came across this recipe years ago on Baking Bites and it’s now a regular in my cookie jar! For variations, try swapping out the chocolate chips for raisins or walnuts!

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie Tips

Because these use less better, it’s crucial not to over-bake them if you want them chewy. The applesauce makes them moist, but if overcooked they will become dry so if you’re not sure if your oven runs hot it’s probably best to take them out a minute or two earlier.

Once they come out of the oven, transfer them to a wire rack so they cool completely before storing.

I made the serving size 2 cookies, because I can bet you won’t eat just one!

These Chewy Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies are moist and made light by swapping out most of the butter for applesauce which works great!These Chewy Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies are moist and made light by swapping out most of the butter for applesauce which works great! These Chewy Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies are moist and made light by swapping out most of the butter for applesauce which works great!These Chewy Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies are moist and made light by swapping out most of the butter for applesauce which works great!

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These Chewy Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies are moist and made light by swapping out most of the butter for applesauce which works great!
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Low Fat Chewy Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

190 Cals 2.6 Protein 34.2 Carbs 6.3 Fats
Prep Time: 15 mins
Cook Time: 15 mins
Total Time: 30 mins
Yield: 15 servings
COURSE: Dessert, Snack
CUISINE: American
These Chewy Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies are moist and made light by swapping out most of the butter for applesauce which works great!


  • 1 cup all purpose flour
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 2 tbsp unsalted butter, room temperature
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup unpacked brown sugar
  • 1 large egg
  • 1/4 cup unsweetened apple sauce
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 2 cups quick oats
  • 3/4 cup dark chocolate chips, I use Lily's sugar free


  • Preheat oven to 350°F; line two baking sheets with parchment paper or use a silpat.
  • In a medium bowl, whisk together flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt and cinnamon.
  • In a large bowl, with a mixer, cream together the butter and the sugars on medium speed.
  • Add the egg, followed by the applesauce and vanilla extract.
  • Working by hand, stir in the flour mixture and the oats until just combined and no streaks of flour remain; stir in the chocolate chips.
  • Drop heaping tablespoonfuls (approx 1 tbsp each) of the dough onto prepared baking sheets, flattening each cookie slightly (I forgot to do this).
  • Bake for about 10-12 minutes, or until cookies become light brown at the edges.
  • Let cool on baking sheet for 3 or 4 minutes, then transfer to a wire rack to cool completely.
  • Store in an airtight container so you don't eat them all in one sitting!



Makes about 30 cookies roughly 1 tbsp each.
Splenda Lovers: Substitute all the brown sugar with 1/4 cup Splenda brown sugar blend, and all the white sugar for 1/4 cup Splenda sugar blend. Points remain the same.


Serving: 2cookies, Calories: 190kcal, Carbohydrates: 34.2g, Protein: 2.6g, Fat: 6.3g, Fiber: 2g, Sugar: 19.3g
WW Points Plus: 5
Keywords: healthy oatmeal cookies, holiday baking, oatmeal cookies

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  1. I’m a chocoholic when it comes to cookies, so I added about 3 T. cocoa powder. Dreamy! I like the chewy texture. For me, 10 minutes is all they should be baked to keep them from drying out.

  2. I love this recipe and have made it several times as stated. I also love swapping the chocolate chips for raisins. I soak them in warm water to plump them first. This time I ran out of brown sugar and used coconut sugar and it worked great. I often double the cinnamon. 

  3. Liked the minimal amount of ingredients in this recipe as well as a healthier (less butter/sugar) oatmeal cookie option. However, although the flavor of my batter was good and moist my cookies came out dry and a little crumbly. They are still ok but not like the chewy, indulgent homemade cookies I was hoping for. I would recommend doubling the amount of butter or a mixture of butter and applesauce.

  4. This is my absolute favourite cookie recipe. I make them every week. I double the cinnamon as I love that extra taste. Sooo good!

  5. These were easy to make and delicious. I omitted the vanilla and used peach flavoured apple sauce. SOO GOOD!!!

  6. Can I use raisins instead of chocolate chips? 

  7. Is there a quick way to figure my WW personal points for this recipe? Everyone in my family loved these cookies, by the way. Definitely a keeper!

  8. Why is Splenda half the amount of sugar? I thought that Spenda is used with the same volume as sugar.

  9. Delicious, I will make these often!

    • Thank you! As I couldn’t find the applesauce I cooked an apple with water, cinnamon and a little sugar and I also cut half white sugar as for our taste and they were perfectly sweet. They turned out delicious! All the family enjoyed them!!

  10. I am obsessed with these cookies.  I freeze them after a day or 2 so they won’t get stale and I won’t eat them up.  You can eat them right out of the freezer or warm them up.  They are a healthier alternative to chocolate chip cookies.  I pulse old fashioned pats in the food processor 5 or  6 times to make them “quick oats” texture 

  11. These are great! 

    I made them with old fashioned oats and didn’t have any problems. 

  12. I’m not sure what the person did to make them dry-they are moist and even better the next few days-loved them

  13. I made these with quinoa flakes instead of oatmeal. Delicious !!!

  14. I made these cookies today for the fist time and they are delicious. I love the cinnamon taste when you bite into them. So glad I saw these on your site.

  15. What can I use as an egg substitute? More applesauce? A banana? Greek yogurt? Thanks my little one has an egg allergy. Thanks, Renee

  16. Made these today and got 23 cookies out of it. 
    They are good, the taste is very very close to a regular full fat oatmeal cookie, BUT be aware they are much dryer. 
    i’m pretty sure they won’t be any good by tomorrow, probably stale by tomorrow. 
    But they do hit the spot and i would make it again. 

  17. Amazing cookies!!!  The kids loved them. I will be making this over and over again. I even added some protein powder and a little more apple sauce to offset. Substituted the chocolate chips for walnuts. 

  18. These came out so good!!!!

  19. Can you use old fashion oats instead of quick oats?

  20. I have old fashioned thick rolled oats, will those be ok for this recipe?

  21. I use flax eggs for my cookies now. I rarely use eggs so I was throwing out more than I use so this is a good substitute. I hope to try this one soon.

  22. These hit the spot! I would probably decrease the sugars a bit next time, just for my own liking. But overall, yummy!

  23. For anyone curious, I used pumpkin and gluten free flour and these came out really good. I also only used half the amount of each sugar and they are very sweet. The only issue was that it took at least twice as much pumpkin (I used a very wet brand as well, so I know it wasn’t a moisture issue). I test baked and they were too mealy, so I let the dough sit in the fridge overnight and they are perfect now! It helped the oats absorb the moisture. So for anyone looking for a delicious fall treat, I recommend the pumpkin, just double the amount.

  24. I just made these, but with a carrot version.  I finely grated carrots- about 3/4 cup and sprinkled them with 2tbs of the white sugar to let them get “juicy”. They came out absolutely moist and fantastic. Thank you for all or your well thought and delicious recipes ❤️

  25. These came out amaaaaaaazing!  Have you ever done a version with carrot?

  26. These are really delicious and easy to make!

  27. These are absolutely delicious!! Thank you! I made a few adaptations – I cut the sugar in half (to 1/4 C of each) and found that they were still perfectly sweet. I also subbed one T of the butter for a T of canola oil. And lastly, I used raisins (plumped in boiling water and then drained beforehand) instead of chocolate chips because my husband prefers them.

    The texture and everything is great!!! They are perfect with a cup of milk or tea – or even as breakfast cookies!

    Thank you, Gina, for another great recipe!!

  28. We were excited to try these. Unfortunately, we found them to be very dry – not at all “moist or chewy” like described. Still searching for that ultimate low-calorie cookie.

  29. These are dangerously delicious: perfectly chewy and chocolate-y.

  30. Crispy and soft! Felt like a treat without feeling too guilty about it, I highly recommend!

  31. I usually double the batch since these cookies are so good. I dont miss the extra butter.

  32. One of the best cookies I’ve ever eaten. I refrigerated the mix for a few minutes, which helped hold it together a little more. I will make these over and over again

  33. This was so good! I added raisins and only put about 5 semi-sweet chocolate chips per cookie (I made 18 cookies total) to cut down on fat but keep the chocolate richness. I also used old fashioned oats bc that’s what I had.  They were just as good as the recipe with a stick and a half of butter! 

  34. These were awesome. We are dairy free so used Earth Balance with no problem. Was out of granulated sugar so just used brown and coconut sugars. Soft, chewy, not to sweet – yum!

  35. Great recipe! These came out crunchy but soft. Very tasty.

  36. I am going to try to these today. I’m trying to make them more WW friendly so I’m going to substitute the brown sugar for Swerve and the sugar with monkfruit. I’m swapping the 2 Tablespoons of butter with apple butter and I halved the amount of chips. Hopefully they come out yummy. They will be one point a cookie. Any thoughts ? I’m super new to this 

  37. Delicious cookies. The whole family and friends and neighbours loved them! Thank you

  38. Great recipe but made some substitutions based on what I had on hand:

    applesauce for 65g mashed banana (about half a large banana)
    ALL sugar for 1 cup of granular sweetener + 1tbsp light molasses
    +1-2tbsp water

    turned out really great and will be making them again 🙂

  39. Made these with my kids and they were a hit. Great flavor and even my husband with his sweet tooth enjoyed them! They were very quick and easy to make. Would absolutely make again. Thanks!

  40. I will try without chocolate chips for WW. I calculated it is 3 points per cookie without chocolate chips. Which is how I prefer them 🙂

  41. These are amazing and have become the only cookie I make now.  Can you make the dough in advance and refrigerate?

  42. These were delicious! I didn’t have applesauce, so subbed regular yogurt and they came out perfectly. I can’t wait to make them again with raisins. Thanks for a great recipe!

  43. So good and flavorful!! Everyone loves this recipe 😍

  44. Delish! We did the recipe as printed but left out the cinnamon. I am not a fan of cinnamon. We also got less cookies than what we were supposed to but I didn’t tell my daughter to try to make the cookies smaller. We need to get a smaller scoop.
    We had to use old fashioned oats and they were perfect. The bigger oats give a feeling that there are nuts in the cookies without the extra fat!
    I am going to try doing them next time without the chocolate chips and do raisins and add a little coconut. Tiff’s Treats has the best oatmeal raisin cookies and they omit cinnamon and add coconut. So I will give that a try and see if I can come close. 🙂

    Great recipe for those on Weight Watchers. Thank you for including our points.

  45. Made some modifications since I didn’t had all the ingredients on hand. Instead of using butter I used coconut oil. I only had sweetened apple sauce so I halved the white sugar, left the brown sugar to the same amount. It came out amazing!!!! I loved it! Also, I used old fashioned oats and if you I would definitely recommend pulse them a bit on the food processor. I also used a cookie scooper to scoop them out and j got 26 balls. Try them, you won’t regret making them.

  46. Amazing.. my 1 year old loves the cookies also and I feel better knowing it’s a little more healthier that normal!  Thank u!!

  47. These cookies are so good that they have topped the chocolate chip cookie! According to my son, they are his new favorite! These cookies are chewy with good flavor. Thank you, SkinnyTaste, for another family favorite.

  48. I added 1 tablespoon on brewers yeast and 2 tablespoons of ground flaxseed to make these double as lactation boosting cookies too…. amazing! But I have to remind the rest of the family to actually save some for me! 

  49. Any suggestions for adapting this recipe for baking at a higher altitude so the cookies still stay soft? Thanks!

  50. Skinny taste thank you for your easy  healthy fall one
    pot soups and stews. 
    I am back in my kitchen after a long hiatus.
    Plus, to my surprise I look great 👍 in my Holiday outfit.
    Both WW’s blue plan and  my newly discovered
    Skinny taste recipes are winners!!! So am I!!!
    Again thank you 😊. 

  51. Are quick oats the same as Old-Fashioned Oats? I’m excited to make these but just a little confused about the oats. Thanks!

  52. I will say one thing more in addendum to my previous comment. I did NOT get 30 cookies out of this recipe. I got 14, and that was using heaping TBSPs as the recipe says. Any less and they would have been really small. So I would adjust the serving size to be 1 cookie rather than 2, since the recipe only made about half of what it was purported to make.

  53. I made these this morning. They were DELICIOUS! I followed the recipe exactly. I did not change a thing. I baked them for 12 minutes and they were perfect consistency. Best thing was that I had all the ingredients on hand. Thank you for this recipe. These may be my favorite cookies now!

  54. This by far the best cookie recipe ever!  So much so that I have had to make a fresh batch every night this week.  I have added 1/2 cup dried cranberries. Delicious!

  55. OOOH , soo good.! I added some unsweetened coconut and sunflower seed. Thank-you for this recipe.

  56. I made these cookies this morning with the chocolate chips.  Just enough sweetness for us.  AAA++++

  57. Just made this for my hubby who’s on a low fat diet. I baked them for 11 min, and they were amazing!! (I used my own homemade apple sauce which I have to say is way better than store bought ) The only thing is, I thought that for low fat they would be less calories…at 95 calories each, still seems high to me. Otherwise, amazing!.

  58. These cookies are excellent! Takes a short time to make from start to finish, and the cookie is delicious. I accidentally used 1/3 cup white sugar instead of 1/2 and the flavor was still on the mark. Thank you Gina! I love making your recipes!

  59. Your Recipes are so easy to follow! I made the PB2 brownies and today I did the oatmeal cookies! Thank you! 

  60. Sooo good! Just made this now. Hubby and kiddos loved it! I didn’t have apple sauce so I used plain Greek yoghurt. Turned out pretty well! Will surely make another batch. Thanks for the recipe, Gina!!! 

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  62. These were amazing! I subbed half the white sugar with sweet and low bulk sweetener. I put a couple of walnut pieces on top of each cookie before I baked them. I just ate 6 of them. Seriously delicious!!!

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  64. The instructions is not clear enough

  65. Delicious! Guilt-free! Just sweet enough. Added a few walnuts.

  66. Just made these and they were amazing! Chewy and tasty – I added walnuts and used 1/2 cup choc. chips.

  67. Great recipe! I baked for 11 minutes and found them more crunchy than chewy….but loved them! Next time I might cook for slightly less time…..

  68. Why would you recommend Splenda for this? Ghastly, toxic stuff.

    Keep credible, please.

    • If you don’t want to use it, then don’t. Everyone has their opinion on splenda…Perfect for diabetics, so keep credible please!!

  69. I'll add my praises for this delicious, nearly guilt-free treat! Serving them for dessert tomorrow night with sorbet. Oh, and the main dish is your Black Bean aD Butternut Squash Enchildas with Chipotle Cilantro Lime Rice! You make eating healthy easy!

  70. I just made these and they are DELICIOUS!!! Wow! My 3 year old is begging me for another one as I'm typing this.

  71. Just got these out of the oven….delicious! Thanks for sharing! I did substitute coconut oil for the butter and used mint chocolate chips. I believe I'll be making another batch soon as I can tell they won't last long.

  72. Made these today and they were fantastic! I didn't have any apple sauce so i just blended up an apple from the fridge with a tiny splash of lemon juice. Also left out the chocolate just because I'm a weirdo and not a big fan of chocolate. They were so great! And like you stated, the possibilities are endless with add ins. Thanks so much! I know I can always turn to your site for healthy and yummy foods!

  73. These are the best cookies of yours that I have tried. They look just like the picture and taste great!

  74. These were great but too sweet for my taste. Next time I'll reduce the sugar and use whole wheat flour. Great recipe! yum.

  75. Made this cookies over the weekend, they were a big hit. Will definitely be trying to make these cookies more often. Thank you for the recipe!!!

  76. I searched all the Internet for healthy and delicious desserts recipes and I discovered this incredible book with delicious, healthy and low-calorie recipes, Strongly recommends – http://bit.ly/1gG2Y8y

  77. My dad loves plain oatmeal cookies, so I used this recipe omitting the chocolate chips. The batch turned out to be 22 cookies. All were gone in one day. Even my 17-year-old sister, who hates my guts, ate a few! My dad ate about 7. A great recipe!

  78. I made these over the weekend and they were a huge hit. I'm not a big dark chocolate fan, but I went ahead and used dark chocolate chips anyhow and I really couldn't tell when I ate the cookies that they were dark chocolate chips. THANKS!

  79. very good! yum 🙂

  80. Hi Gina!
    Thanks so much for your recipes! I would love to turn this recipe into a cookie cake for my boyfriend's birthday and was wondering if you had suggestions on baking time?


  81. Can I use regular oats? I don't have quick oats and I like the bigger size oats in cookies also.

  82. This may just be the best oatmeal cookie I ever made. delish!!

  83. These are good, if anything a little too sweet. I used sugar in the raw in place of the white sugar and whole wheat flour. Used 1/2 c choc chips and 1/2 c dried cranberries. Next time will use 1/2 c brown sugar and 1/4 c raw sugar. Not bad for lowfat coookies!!

  84. Hi! Thank you so much for this recipe! I've been experimenting with low fat/fat free recipes and am so pleased to find this one!

    I made a couple additions: 1/3 C. extra oatmeal – due to misreading! I also added 1/3 C. each currants, cranberries and a few tablespoons of chopped dark chocolate chips.

    They are crispy, moist and spectacular!!!! Would it be all right if I posted the link to your recipe on my blog?


  85. I'm confused, this is listed under gluten free recipes yet it calls for all purpose flour. Doesn't that have gluten?

  86. I made these tonight and they are so good! My husband loved them… He had 4! I followed the recipe but I made 38 cookies. I entered the recipe in WW recipe builder and it came out to 2 pts+ per cookie. Delish! Thanks for a great recipe 🙂

  87. Hi, this recipe was a life-saver. I tried another first, which was soo disappointing & then turned to Skinnytaste, which is now my go-to site for all my recipes. My husband & I both loved munching these, & were especially excited that it included apple sauce – for a fibre punch! I also used my wholewheat flour – 7/8 cup (which is a 3/4 cup minus 2 T) to your 1 cup. This makes it more filling too. And all brown sugar as I dont have regular white. But cheated with some chopped up Belgian choc instead of all dark choc 🙂
    Thanks Gina!

  88. my tablespoon dropper only made 18 cookies gina. can you help me out with the points please?

    • For the first time ever, I got exactly the number of cookies specified in the recipe!!!  I didn’t think my husband would like them since previously he didn’t like some of the cookie/cake/ bread recipes I made from this site.  But, he ate one when they came out of the oven.  So I mentioned to him later that there was oatmeal and a gram of fiber in each cookie.  He said “great I had 3 of them “!  As long as they have those dark chocolate chips!!!!!

  89. I have made these twice so I can vouch for how good they are. Taste tested and approved by hubby, and he asked me to make them again. I am thinking they would be great with some P2B powder added? Maybe would need to increase liquid a little if you do. Any suggestions on best way to do that?

  90. Best cookies EVER! My whole family is totally addicted to them. Most cookie recipes call for a stick or more of butter, but these work fabulously with only 2 tbsp! Yay for healthier treats that taste just as delish! The applesauce also adds such a great flavor. I usually end up with 18 pretty good sized cookies and bake them for approx. 20 minutes on parchment paper. They come out of the oven a little spongy (which worried me the first time I made them), but I found that if you transfer them to a cooling rack while still on the parchment, they'll hold together better after a few minutes of sitting and still stay chewy on the inside 🙂

  91. Another winner! I made these as directed and they came out fantastic.

  92. Wow! What an awesome treat! I've been thinking about ditching store bought work treats like granola bars and decided to try these. Plus I just started WW and i still NEED chocolate. These turned out so grand and it will serve me well over my afternoon tea break! These just may be TOO good to share!

  93. I've been searching for an oatmeal cookie recipe to make with butterscotch chips in them. Must try this ASAP! Your recipes are amazing 🙂

  94. I wanted you to know these are the BEST COOKIES EVER(according to my husband and son)!! I have made these countless times,and they turnout chewy and delicious every time! This last time I made them, I didn't have any stick butter, so I used Brummel and Brown yogurt butter (2 TBLS)… they tasted the same, or maybe better with half the fat of stick butter! And I only cook mine for 7 minutes… nice and chewy, even better the next day! Thanks for this recipe 🙂

  95. These were awesome! I used semi sweet chips as thats what I had onhand. I also used the old fashioned oats worked just fine! A great recipe even if your not on Weight Watchers!

  96. Hi Gina, these was the first time I ever baked cookies, and they were perfect !! I am fan of your recipes. No matter how much how much I look around, I always come back to your recipes. I am new to baking and you are my inspiration 🙂

  97. Hi Gina! Thank you for the recipe,so excited to try it for my son but I need to ask you the following:
    What can I substitute the apple sauce with? since I can't find it where I live
    What I can substitute the baking soda with?

  98. Made these tonight, awesome cookies. I used whole wheat flour and for the walnuts, I used half walnuts and half slivered almonds. DELISH! Thanks Gina.

  99. So…I know that there have been about a million posts on these, but I can't help it because they came out so amazing. Nothing is ever low cal/ low fat enough for me, so…I subsituted Land of Lakes 50% less fat/calories butter, 2 tbls nectresse instead of white sugar (kept the brown sugar to maintain flavor/ texture), 3/4 cup whole wheat flour & 1/4 cup ground flax in place of A/P, and 1/4 cup egg substitute. I also like 70% cacao bittersweet Scharffenberger baking chunks.108 calories, 4g fat per 2 cookies. I am going to add protein powder next time, which will up the calories a litte, but then I can call them protein bars!!!

  100. Fantastic cookie! I've made them twice in one week.
    My spin: Brummel & Brown "butter" and Egg Beaters.
    They turn out perfect.
    Thanks ST.

  101. Hi Gina,
    Just wanted to say the recipe for the cookies are delicious and easy to make. I started making them with mashed bananas and they are even more delicious. I make these at lease once a week so GOOD!!

  102. These are great super moist and delicious people did not believe they were light!

  103. These are AMAZING!!! Thank you so so so much 🙂

  104. These turned out so good! My husband loved them almost as much as i did 😉 thanks for all of your great recipes!

  105. Made these tonight and they are delicious! Used semi-sweet chocolate chips, though. Thanks for another great recipe.

  106. I added ground up dates and figs! Turned out great

  107. LOVE LOVE LOVE these cookies, made them last night and enjoyed them guilt free. Seriously Your site has been a lifesaver 🙂

  108. These cookies are delicious! I've made them twice already and absolutely love them! Even my 20 year old son can't tell that they're low fat! I have loved every recipe I have tried off your website so far. Thank you so much for your amazing low fat recipes, you have forever changed how I cook. 🙂

  109. I just baked a batch and they're amazing!! I can't imagine making a regular version when this low fat version is tastier than any other recipe I've tried! I was a little skeptical when dropping them onto baking sheet since it seemed a little too dry but after they came out of the oven, they were chewy and soft. I'm not sure that they'll last till tomorrow! Everyone LOVED them!

  110. My son has an egg allergy – is there an easy substitute for egg for this recipe? I sometimes use applesauce — but i see that there is already applesauce in it. Any suggestions?

  111. These are yummy! I am just loving your site. Everything I've tried so far has been a keeper.

  112. Just made these and I had some quick cooking steel cut oats (1 cup ) that I used in addition to the regular oats (1 cup ) and they are so VERY GOOD. Love them. Thanks for the recipe.

  113. Gina- Excellent recipe! I baked it tonight and loved it. I didn't have pepitas so I sprinkled brown sugar over top instead.

  114. these are awesome!! I used oil instead of butter, and i added some dark cocoa powder, so they are chocolate chocolate chip. yum!!

  115. Would it work to replace the applesauce with pumpkin?

  116. Sounds good. Toll house has dark choc. Chips. Great. Gina, can we freeze them raw and bake as needed. I usually do that with regular chocolate chips so I can make a few at a time.

  117. Great Recipe! Thank you! I modified it a bit by using about 1/3 cup wheat bran and 2/3 cup of flour! Instead of brown and white sugar, I used a total of 1/2 cup of clover honey. Yummy!

  118. How many calories are these?!

  119. Somehow I missed these the first time around. When the oatmeal cookies I made last week failed (by my standards. Never use the recipe on the generic oatmeal carton), I scanned your site to see what you had (and, dare I say that that other recipe called for 1 cup of butter!!!!).

    At any rate, I followed the recipe exactly except the only apple sauce I had was a peach/apple medley which I figured would be OK. And, it was and they are, by far, my favorite oatmeal chocolate chip cookie EVER!

    Thank you! I posted the pic to my FB wall with the comment "The ONLY oatmeal cookies I will ever make again" and the comments asking for the recipe are already coming in 🙂

  120. Subbed white flour for whole wheat and choc chips for 1/2 cup toffee bits (midway through prep realized we were out if chips)! These are incredibly chewy and moist. Can't wait to have one with a cup if coffee in the morning!

  121. Hi Gina. Thanks for this terrific recipe. I made these this morning and can't believe how great they are with only 2 Tablespoons of butter. My recipe that I have used in the past uses 2 sticks (16 Tablespoons)…big difference. I did not use a mixer, I just stirred it together. I used less chocolate chips and added raisins and craisins to make up 3/4 cup. Delish!

  122. These were incredibly delicious and easy to make. I added about 1/4 cup chopped walnuts.

  123. Thanks! My three year old helped me make these today. We used whole wheat flour and subbed cornstarch for the baking powder – they turned out yummy!

  124. So So good!! So moist and chewy and delicious!! The cinnamon and chocolate combination in this cookie makes it absolutely divine…

  125. these cookies are heaven on earth!!! they do not taste "diet" at all!!

  126. Amazing and chewy. I used the non-dairy chocolate chips and I used old fashioned oats. So delicious, so tasty!!! I love them!!!

  127. Good recipe! I'm not a huge fan of cinnamon, so I think I'll use less or none at all when I make them next, but overall they're wonderful! I didn't have any quick cooking oatmeal, so I just blended some old fashioned in a food processor for a few seconds and they came out perfectly! Thanks again!

  128. Hi Gina! Another amazing recipe!! My family goes nuts when I make them. I just have to tell you that instead of 1 cup all-purpose flour, I use 1 cup wheat flour and they come out just as good if not better. Plus it makes them even healthier! PS I put 1/2 cup dark choc. chips & 1/2 cup raisins and they are do delicious!!

  129. My heaping tablespoons were even bigger, got only 12 cookies!
    I followed the recipe exactly, only baked a little longer since mine were way bigger, the result was sooo delicious! Thanks for this great recipe!

  130. Made them today. My heaping tablespoons were pretty big, so I got 24 cookies. Delicious!

  131. Made these yesterday and they are YUMMY!! Thanks for the recipe!

  132. These are amazing! I have made them 5 different times and everyone loves them. I do reduce the amount of sugar a little, and only use 1/2 cup DARK chocolate chips. LOVE THEM! THANK YOU

  133. Slightly modified these with dried blueberries for the chocolate chips. Also traded one more tbsp butter for one less tbsp applesauce since the blueberries don't have any fat. Used 50/50 white and wheat flour cause that's what I had. Only got 25 cookies, but plugged my changes into the recipe builder and only 3 points per cookie! Thanks for a great recipe. 🙂

  134. These are in my oven right now and I can't wait to try them! They smell absolutely delicious!

  135. My wife and I baked these cookies for the first time about a month ago; they didn't even last 1 week! They are delicious and very chewy, even the next day! We followed recipe almost exactly except that we left out the cinnamon, and used milk chocolate chips instead, still equally delicious!

  136. These are truly delicious. I normally don't love oatmeal cookies but my husband does. These can convert even me!

  137. Amazing! My 4 year old twins , husband and myself ate the whole batch.. I used half stevia/sugar mix for the white sugar

  138. Apple sauce isn't a big thing here in Australia, is there something i substitute it with??

  139. STILL love these cookies! My 2 year old helped me with them today and spilled half of the oats on the counter! I added enough to compensate as best as I could. A-OK with me 🙂 I never get 30 cookies – usually 24, but I still love them! 😀

  140. Great recipe! I used white wheat flour and ghee (clarified butter) instead of the all purpose flour and regular butter and they turned out wonderfully. I might try a bit less sugar next time because I don't have much of a sweet tooth (don't tell my boyfriend).

    I have to say I love your blog. I'm not on WW or anything like that, I just find that many recipes and meals are loaded with unnecessary fat, sugar, salt. I personally try to follow ayurvedic principles when cooking and eating and have found your blog very helpful. I think your blog is likely informative to a diverse range of eating styles many of which have the similar goal of eating more a nutrient dense diet.

  141. Just made these today and they turned out great!! I modified the recipe just a little bit– used white whole-wheat flour, used 2 T. peanut butter instead of butter and used 1 T. truvia instead of white sugar. They made delicious cookies, my kids loved them! Thanks for a yummy recipe : )

  142. I made these with pumkin puree in place of the applesauce. Holy moley! AWESOME!!!!

  143. I'm eating these cookies as I write this review. These are delicious! I halved the recipe (because I was short on oats), used all whole wheat flour and all brown sugar. I used a tablespoon to spoon these out and made 19 (so 38 for a full recipe) which makes every 2 cookie serving only 4 points. 🙂 Thanks!

  144. I love these cookies! Thank you so much! Makes me feel healthy while I still get to eat my sweets 🙂

  145. these cookies were amazing! i made them into about 16 large ones – they were extremely delicious and chewy. i can't wait to make them again!

  146. Is that wax paper that is on the baking pan?

  147. I don't know how they'll taste when they get out of the oven (as they are baking right now), but man that dough was good!! I didn't have applesauce on hand so i just went ahead and smashed up an overripe banana and that seems to have worked. Thanks for the scrumptious recipe!

  148. Gina, I love your recipes but I am not a fan of butter. I like to stay away from it which is why I try not to have any in the fridge. Is there something else that would work instead of butter?

    What do you think about adding flax seed to it? I try to add it to baked foods for more nutrition.


  149. These were delish! I didn't have the chocolate chips but added crushed walnuts and raisins how much do you think that effected the points plus if any?

    Thank you

  150. So Good! Taste just like the Kashi dark oatmeal cookies i buy. Now i can make them myself. I didn't use the white sugar. Instead i substituted it for about 5 packets of stevia. Also substituted the all purpose flour for a mixture of all-purpose, whole wheat, and milled flaxseed that added up to a cup. Still came out chewy and sweet. Tna ks.

  151. Second recipe made from this site (first was the carrot cake YUM). I used Porridge Oats which is a combination of oat flakes, wheat bran, oat bran, and flaxseed instead of the oatmeal and reduced the chocolate chips slightly and threw in 1/3 cup of dried cranberries. I used heaping TBSP's (eyeballed it) and got 16 big cookies. Baked them for 11 mins and took them out when I thought they were underbaked slightly.

    They were perfect and the two that I have left are still moist. I had one today before my work out and still as moist and tasty as they were when I baked them Friday. This recipe is a keeper. I did want to use Agave syrup rather the sugars asked for but was afraid it would make the ingredients too wet?

    Anyhow a very tasty, healthy low fat treat which everyone loved.

  152. Holy Moley! I used half chocolate chips and half butterscotch and I am BLOWN AWAY!!!! They are sooo good! Definitely a new staple in my baking!! THANK YOU!

  153. I had two macintosh apples that were getting old so I made them into applesauce myself (on the stove), and ended up with about 3/4 cup. Not wanting to waste it, I threw it all in (and skipped the cinnamon)… in nearly 30 years of baking, these are the BEST cookies I've ever made! Thank you!

  154. FANTASTIC!!! I made these on Monday and they were gone in two days. I omitted the cinnamon since I'm not a fan. Thank you so much for this blog, Gina, I've made a lot of your recipes and they are all delicious!

  155. Made these today using 1/2 quick oats and 1/2 old-fashioned oats, because I ran out of quick oats. I also used raisins in place of chocolate chips. They are delicious! My husband couldn't believe they are low fat. Thank you, Gina, for all the effort you put into your recipes.

  156. Just took a batch of these out of the oven. YUM!!! Thanks for the recipe 😀

  157. Just made these and they are amazing!!!
    Used half of the sugar (1/4 cup white and 1/4 cup brown) and still deliciously sweet!
    LOVE your website Gina!

  158. Gina, just made these – they are amazing. I made some changes and ran it through recipe builder.

    sub 1 medium really ripe banana for applesauce
    sub TJ's 100gm 72% dark choc bar chopped (approx 3/4 cup)
    ADD 2/3 cup mini marshmallows! I was thinking s'mores. Not sure how the marshmallow will be once they cool but slightly cooled from the oven they are awesome!

    Also, at 1 heaping Tbsp (pampered chef small scoop) I got 50 cookies.
    2 for 3 PointsPlus!! 🙂

  159. Delicious!

  160. Unbelievable! All the men inhaled these while watching the Giants game Sunday. They're amazing! I used Stevia versus Splenda and I'm making them again this weekend! They're amazing!

  161. I made these on 4 days ago, and they are still chewy! I made them with pumpkin instead of applesauce, and added extra pumpkin spice to bring out the flavor. They are absolutely delicious! This is an excellent recipe, and I will be making ones with raisins soon-Thanks Gina!

  162. YUM!!! Made them last night…. want to make more 🙂

  163. Made these using a banana instead of the apple sauce because that's all I had in the house. They are soooo good and very filling! Fiance and his mates loved them, and his friends didn't even know they were healthy! Thanks!

  164. On the recommendation of a pro cycling friend of mine who sent me the recipe, I followed some of her mods and added my own (credit to Joanne Kiesanowski, Team Tibco To The Top):
    Gluten-Free option-
    Bob's Red Mill All Purpose Gluten-free Flour instead of flour
    Bob's Red Mill double acting baking powder vice the baking powder
    Bob's Red Mill Xanthan Gum, 1 tsp
    Old fashioned or large flake oats 1 cup
    Coach's Steel Cut Oats 1 cup
    High quality dark chocolate chips or raisins
    Convection oven at 325F for 15 minutes

    I can promise that these are among the best gluten free cookies around!


  165. All I have on hand is cinnamon applesauce. Would that work? Should I use the cinnamon applesauce and just omit the 1/2 tsp. ground cinnamon? Would it change the nutrition information at all?

  166. Do you know how the cal would change if wheat flour was used?

  167. Recipe worked perfect for me. I've made about ten batches since first finding the recipe too. I add the egg then cream together with the sugar/butter mixture for about a half a minute, then I add the applesauce and vanilla and cream some more. I've never had a problem and even when over baked they still are softer than most other cookies. Thanks a lot for the recipe

  168. These didn't turn out. I even under baked them and they turned out hard and stale like. DON'T use apple sauce… it doesn't do the trick with cookies!

  169. These were super yummy! I had to make some adjustments because I only had cinnamon applesauce and old fashioned oats on hand. I decided to use them anyway and using just a pinch of ground cinnamon and the cookies still turned out great! Well done, Gina!

  170. I just made these and substituted the flour for more oatmeal and oil for applesauce and they turned out great and taste amazing… crunchy with a slightly chewy middle perfect for the kids lunches. Also your regular chocolate chip cookies are amazing amazing amazing!!

  171. Just made these. They are AWESOME!!!! Didn't have the chocolate chips that the recipe called for but did have mini ones. Used a melon ball scoop to make the cookies. When plugged in to recipe builder on WW the cookies were only 1 pt each because they are smaller and I was able to get 48 cookies from one batch.

  172. I made these cookies and they were amazing!

  173. I modified these pretty heavily, but they still turned out great! I substituted 1/4 c chia gel in place of the egg, used coconut oil instead of butter, halved the sugar, used whole wheat flour, added a teaspoon of cocoa powder, and an extra 2 Tbs of applesauce. I meant to try adding some flaxseed flour, but totally forgot, I guess I'll try that next time! Thanks for such an amazing springboard, looking forward to trying some other recipes on this site! Keep up the great work, Gina!

  174. What about peanut butter chips? Is there such thing or did I just make that up?

  175. My family loves these and I've made them with lots of different add ins. Just wondering if there was any way to add some peanut butter and if they'd still turn out. Not too worried about pts. any suggestions?

  176. So incredible! My entire family is loving these. I used raisins instead of chocolate because of allergies. I will be making these for years to come. Thank you!

  177. I made these this evening and used almond butter instead of the butter which really reduces the saturated fat. Also, I used non fat greek yogurt instead of the applesauce. They turned out great- moist and chewy!

  178. I want to make these so bad right now but i have no apple sauce…what could i use to replace the apple sauce?? please help!

  179. Hard to believe these only have 2 Tbsp of butter in them! They are beyond good! Low fat cookies usually are a disappointment but not these. Do you think that I could substitute almond butter for the butter? Might be fun to try.

  180. these are AMAZING! lovelovelove! oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are my absolute favorite and now that i'm on a diet, it's hard to find cookies i enjoy but these definitely filled my sugar cravings…thanks so much for sharing!

  181. These are so amazing that I can't believe they are "healthy!"

  182. Yum Yum Yummy! I made these this evening and used whole wheat pastry flour and replaced the regular sugar with agave. I don't do Weight Watchers so I don't understand the points but just know the recipes are healthy and delicious. Since I used agave, I felt it was okay to sneak another half of a cookie. 🙂 Excellent with a hot cup of herbal green tea.

  183. You'll have to use recipe builder to see the difference, but I'm guessing it would be the same.

  184. Hello Gina,

    I was wondering how many points will the cookies be if I use raisins or craisins instead of chocolate chips. I really don't like chocolate and I love oatmeal raisin cookies.

    Thanks in advance for answering my questions.


  185. THE BEST! I make these a lot for my kids and they absolutely love them. My husband, who frowns at anything he knows to be "low fat," loves them too. Problem with these is controlling how many you eat! They freeze well too, though I only end up doing that when I double batch it because they disappear so fast. Sooooo good. Going to make some today and toss in some zucchini since I have lots on hand.


  186. Thanks for another great recipe, Gina! I made these awesome cookies yesterday! I made them using old fashioned oats and pumpkin instead of apple sauce. They are soooo tasty and my husband has no idea that there is pumpkin in them! You can't taste it at all! 😉

  187. Just made these last night, and they're awesome!
    I used 1/2 cup dark choc. chips and 1/2 cup of raisins and they came out great. They are very soft (almost a cakey consistency, which I prefer). Thanks for the recipe!

  188. How many calories would this be if you don't add chocolate chips? Also, how many would it be if you replace the chocolate chips with raisins?

  189. You must try this recipe! These are fabulous!!! My family loved these cookies. I love to freeze cookie dough in balls to cook as needed. I am hoping these cookies work for that type of baking. ENJOY!!!

  190. Now this….THIS is a good cookie! I love these cookies and so does my 21 month old toddler.

  191. These cookies are amazing!! I was shocked at how good they were!! Everyone I have shared them with raves about them 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  192. I just tried this recipe tonight and it turned out great! Chewy, soft and moist.. will definitely make again. Thanks for the recipe!

  193. Another awesome recipe! I doubled the recipe since I have 4 adults and 3 kids staying at my house for a week. Half of the cookies are already gone and it has only been one day. Maybe you should change the name of the recipe to disappearing chocolate chip cookies.

  194. This recipe is beyond good for an oatmeal cookie recipe that is not a calorie bomb! I make these all the time when I'm in need of a good cookie but don't want to feel the guilt. Thanks!

  195. Made these – so yum! Now my boyfriend insists I make these once a week 🙂

  196. It makes 15 servings. A serving size is 2 cookies. Since you made them double in size, 1 cookie is 5 points plus.

  197. i am confused about the servings. it said it made 15 cookies, so i made my cookies big enough to fit 15 on the tray — but then at the end of the recipe, it says something about 30 cookies. I made 15 cookies with the directions here. how many PPs is that then?

  198. I'm not sure, that is what the n.i. read but if you want to double check, see what comes up in recipe builder. Perhaps because the serving is small, so the amount of sugar doesn't effect it for 2.

  199. Why is that if you use Splenda the points remain the same?

  200. Wow! These are fantastic! I never would have guessed that they were "skinny"!

  201. Just made a gluten free version of these cookies! AWESOME! Thanks!

  202. I think these are my new favorite cookie 🙂 The hardest part was just eating a couple…

  203. This recipe looks fantastic! As soon as my 3 kids wake up from their nap, we're going to make them together. I've been a member of Weight Watchers for 1.5 years and I've lost 77 lbs. and just became a Lifetime member last week. I adore your site bc of your real food and real ingredients, just in a leaner version. I've made several dishes and plan to make many more. Thank you so much for everything you do on here!! 🙂

  204. Great idea!! I can't wait to try that when my zucchini grows this summer!

  205. I made these cookies and added grated carrots, it was fantastic! My husband devours them and keeps telling me that theres no way they can be healthy. I also threw in a little coconut, I know it adds calories but it was too good. I'm thinking I'll try zucchini next time and I also have some butterscotch chips I've been wanting to use for the batch after that… I guess you can tell I intend to keep making these cookies. I'm doing WW and I eat one at lunch and one at dinner, so great!

  206. I just wanted to let you know that my husband now likes these better than his formerly favorite Betty Crocker mix. 🙂 I'm with him – the taste is so great! I make half the batch with chocolate chips for him and half with raisins for me. We have them almost every week. You are the best – 14 pounds down so far!

  207. For the better I hope!

  208. Gina, these cookies are life changing!

  209. Tom, I love your changes!

  210. These are so adaptable and delicious. I used a gluten free flour blend, coconut palm sugar and a broken up sugar free chocolate bar. They came out fantastic! So tasty and soft. I also subbed cardamom for the cinnamon, which seemed to complement the flavors very nicely.

  211. They just came out of the oven! Awesome!

  212. No it would be the same per cookie.

  213. Hi Gina!
    Would the Points change much if I substituted Wheat flour instead of white flour? Thank you!!

  214. Thanks Mom Foodie! Taste is far more important than looks 🙂

  215. Gina, new to this blog and Loving It! I, too, am a food and photography lover. It really is true that we "eat with our eyes first." The beautiful pictures of these dishes want to make me try every recipe! After making a couple of dishes, to find out that they actually taste as good as they look, is fantastic! I baked these cookies today and they are awesome! So hearty and filling with the oats, but
    definitely satisfyingly sweet, too! Thank you and please keep up the good work!

  216. My boyfriend ate a dozen of these cookies within half an hour. I just wanted to thank you for your OUTSTANDING blog too. I'm trying to make every recipe you've posted, and so far I haven't been disappointed. You're amazing!

  217. Gina, I combined this recipe with your chewy banana nut cookies, and the resulting cookies were divine! I substituted whole wheat pastry flour for the all purpose flour, used old fashioned oats instead of quick oats, and added extra banana to make them extra moist since I subbed whole wheat. I used dark chocolate chips, too.

    I brought them home to my family for Easter and they went crazy for them! They're so good, I posted about them on my blog: http://cookieandkate.com/2011/chocolate-chip-banana-cookies/

    Thank you for the great recipe and inspiration!

  218. These are delicious! Everything I have made from your site has been amazing! The Irish Soda Bread Muffins, Skinny Buffalo Chicken Dip (my personal favorite!), Rice Ball Casserole (Yum!!), Red Velvet Cupcakes, Coconut Chicken… to name a few! Your photos are all beautiful which inspires me to cook! Your site has helped me lose 15 lbs without giving up delicious food. I'd love to see a Skinny Alfredo Sauce recipe! Thank you!!

  219. These were SO delicious! I made them with white chocolate chips as well to add a little extra umph and some fun colors!

  220. I made these with smashed banana in them like you suggested and I LOVE THEM…so easy and yummy!! My family is really enjoying your recipes!!

  221. These look like the perfect afternoon treat! I am going to make these with white chocolate chips to mix things up.

  222. This is my first recipe from your site, and a good one. Made mine with Gharidelli dark chocolate chips and they are delish. I have mine with a cup of hot tea and it fulfills the sweet craving and satisfies my hunger too. Mine were a little big too. I only got about 2 dozen cookies.

  223. Added craisins, raisins and pecan chips to half the batch. They were awesome.

  224. These are delicious! Just ate one from my first attempt:) I did a test batch of just 6 cookies as they looked a little too moist, but they turned out great! They were a bit too big, so I cut down their size and came out with 21 cookes. I get 1 ounce or less for the second batch, so I'll eat those and leave the bigger ones for my fiance!

    They are delicious – I added a pinch more cinnamon and a 1/4 tsp nutmeg. Added a great new flavour I've never tried in cookies before! I also used old fashioned oats and milk choc. chips the points were the same as per the label on the 50% cocoa dark choc. chips!

  225. Just took these out of the oven. They are DELICIOUS. Nobody would ever know they were a weight watchers recipe. Thank you so much for posting!

  226. Oh my gosh!! These are FANTASTIC!!! I made them today with my brother and he said they were awesome! And then, he asked me if they were "good for you" and when I replied yes, he didn't believe me! I am so glad I found this site! You make being on WW VERY easy 😀

  227. I made these for an easter egg hunt this weekend and they were a huge hit!!! we used the ghiradelli dark chocolate chips and they were SO rich and delicious!! Even the non-dieters were lining up to try one! Thanks for your amazing recipes!!!

  228. Tried these today with peanut butter chips rather than chocolate… also very tasty.

  229. These are amazing. Very delicious. My husband also raved. Gina, you rock! Keep it coming, especially the Latin dishes, those are my comfort foods. 🙂

  230. OMG these are so amazing! I am having serious emotional issues – i feel so guilty eating these becuase they are AMAZING – you are truely talented! Wow!

  231. Made these last night. They turned out great. I didn't have dark chocolate chips on hand so I used semi sweet. Still very good!

  232. Sorry if I was off on the measurements, I using heaping tablespoons, so lets say they are 1 tbsp each. I'll fix in the instructions.

    So glad everyone loved them as much as I did!!

    Bones- I'm not sure, you'll have to plug it into recipe builder to see if it's more. Anyone know?

  233. I added some nutmeg because I love the flavor (about 1/2 teaspoon). The next time, I will most likely reduce the sugar (just because of my own taste issues) and add nuts. Nevertheless, my WW buddy (aka Mama) and I just love the taste! Maybe using a half measure of an ice cream scooper will bring the correct number of cookies–I may try that next time.

  234. I am very excited to make but could only find semi-sweet choc chips at trader joes and not dark chocolate chips 🙁 . does that change the point value?

  235. Just made these… and they are ah-MAZ-ing! I bribed my son to take a nap and told him he would wake up to these cookies… I can't wait to share them with him when he wakes up! Thank you!

  236. Another delicious winner! I made six big cookies and twelve smaller ones. My husband who hates dark chocolate and oatmeal has had three already 🙂 I'm bringing these to work tomorrow so I don't inhale them all.

  237. These were easy to make and delicious! My whole family enjoyed them and I have made them twice already. Like other posters, the recipe as stated will only make about one dozen cookies. If you only use one tbsp each, you will get closer to 30. Just saw the new recipe for the banana nut cookies-can't wait to try those too 🙂

  238. Yeah Star Director I had the same issue today.. I ended up making 8 cookies with 3 tbsp and then switching to about 1 1/2 tbsp for the next 12 cookies. Confusing. But delicious cookies, thanks Gina!

  239. Star Director I had the same issue so I made 15 big cookies. I think if you use 1 heaping tablespoon per cookie it will be around 30 cookies.

  240. So I've made these TWICE this week b/c they were so awesome and my husband LOVED them. However, the first time I made them, I did them 3 Tablespoons batter each and it only made 13 cookies so I counted them as 5 WW points each. So, I thought, well, since it's supposed to make 30 cookies, I'll divide the 3 Tablespoons in half and it should make about 26 cookies. So I started with the Tablespoons and then was going to add a 1/2 Tablespoon to each cookie and this time I was only able to get 28 cookies that were 1 Tablespoon each before I ran out of batter. I'm SO confused! Help, please!

  241. I made 15 huge cookies, 5 pts plus each. You eat through your eyes first and the size and all of the chips truly satisfied! Thanks!

  242. LOVE your blog, i just linked this recipe on my blog because these cookies were so good!

  243. I made these cookies yesterday and followed the recipe exactly. They turned out amazing. My batch made about half of what you said it may make (my cookies were probably too big), so I'm just counting each BIG cookie as two servings. Both of my kids loved them, as well as two neighbors who stopped by. Thank you, Gina!!

  244. Someone mentioned they used a gluten free flour mix with great results. Not sure if the points change, I would plug it into recipe builder.

  245. How would the recipe change if Gluten Free Flour is substituted??

  246. I can't wait to try these – I LOVE oatmeal cookies. I might try half with chocolate chips and half with raisins, or mix them! Thanks for the recipe!

  247. I just made these yesterday and they are amazing!!! I'm so glad you did chocolate chips too and not raisins. Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies are probably my favorite thing, but I wont touch a oatmeal raisin cookie (yea I'm weird, hehe). I'm planning to reheat them about 10 seconds in the microwave when I (slowly I hope!) finish eating them all 🙂

  248. My husband LOVES oatmeal raisin cookies, so I substituted the same amount of raisins in place of the chips. They're awesome. He & I both love them. Thank you!

  249. I'll have to try these soon! My husband will appreciate the butter and eggs… last night I made a vegan-ish version using canned beans and I can only descibe them as "cookie-like". I think they're okay, but he probably won't try them. Have you ever substituted beans in cookies or brownies?

  250. Love all the reviews! Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  251. So yummy!!! Husband couldn't believe they were "diet" cookies! 🙂 And you're right about wanting more than one… I'm going to have to hide them from myself!

  252. I love, love, LOVE to see new dessert recipes w/ WW points. These look like a must-try!

  253. Made these for my family who do NOT like dark chocolate. Big thumbs up from all and everyone I've given a bit to taste. Definitely on our favorite sweet snack list!

  254. I am a self-proclaimed NON-baker (I even mess up the ready-made brownies, lol!) but these were sooooo easy and incredibly yummy! I baked them exactly 10 minutes; when I touched the tops, they were almost still gooey. I let them sit on the pan for 5-6 minutes then switched to the wire rack. THEY ARE STILL CHEWY THREE DAYS LATER! These are guaranteed a success if you simply follow the directions. Thanks for a wonderful website, Gina! My BF loves being my guinea pig for all these new recipes, and he doesn't even know they are healthy!!! 🙂 Peace!

  255. I made this recipe this weekend! IT WAS DELICIOUS! I'm addicted. Cannot wait to try these with craisins and walnuts next time!

  256. Another yummy treat! They turned out great 🙂 Thanks

  257. These were delicious! My whole family is loving them! Next time I am going to do 1/2 cup of choco chips and 1/4 cup of walnuts…yum!!

  258. These are fantastic. I just made these, and the teenages I have visiting loved them. Even with the applesauce they saw me put in. One said that I need to give the recipe to her mom, these are the best cookies ever-she said.
    Thanks so much for the great recipes.

  259. Gina, I just made these this morning. These were so delicious! Half of the batch is already gone – I only ate 2 though (so wanted more!). I accidentally used traditional oats, but just baked for 15 min instead. Perfect! Thank you again!

  260. I made these and they are awesome!! dont even taste low fat at all! I used reg whole oats and just pulsed them a bit in the food processor. I love oatmeal choc chip so therese are perfect! next time I will throw in a few nuts, thanks so much for this recipe!!

  261. Sarah- Marine approved! Good to know 🙂

    Alexa, Better Batter, I'll have to look out for that for a gluten free flour, thank you!

    Rushhourmom- who knows how big those cookies are? Or how many choc chips.

    Anonymous- Husband approved! Great!!

  262. Just made these! So delicious and moist! I watched the oven as you said since I hate dried out cookies! They were delicious! Thanks again!

  263. I baked these cookies tonight. YUM. Now I am back on your site looking for my next adventure. Funny thing just happened. My husband just walked into the room and said "thanks for making those delicious cookies tonight."

  264. Just pulled these out of the oven… I switched up the chocolate chips for 1/2 cup butterscotch chips. Very good and cookies are nice size too! Re-calculated and got 2 points per cookie…

  265. Your blog is a life saver… <3 thanks!!!!!

  266. Wow these look delicious! I just forwarded on to my friend who LOVES a good oatmeal cookie.

    Come by and enter my giveaway for a See by Chloe tote bag if you like!
    Have a good weekend!

  267. These were great. I'm wondering why the WW pocket guide says 3 pts for 2 chocolate chip cookies, but these are 5 pts for 2 and low fat? It makes me wonder if the pocket guide is somewhat off? Anyhow, yum, yum. I had 3, oops. 🙂

  268. I just made them- love the flavor! They really are moist. I'll be curious to see how they are tomorrow.

    Thanks again. You are seriously the best. I send people your way ALL the time!

  269. These came out great! I made them gluten free by using Better Batter flour mix and gluten free old fashioned oats. Delicious!

  270. These were amazing! I love having a lower fat cookie that's delicious!

  271. I made these for my husbands KC130J squadron about 2 hours ago and they are gone. If Marines love them thats saying something! They are awesome and I didnt even tell them they were so healthy. Thanks so much!

  272. I mean Gina, I just want your name to rhyme with skinny. Sorry!

  273. Ginny, I love your emails and website!! Your pictures are exquisite, your recipes are well written and delicious! Keep up the great work!

  274. I'm sure it would work without a mixer.

    K, aww I like being the sprinkles! Thank you

    Shoelover, haven't tried it but why not! Report back and let us know!

  275. Definitely adding these to my list, can't wait to bake!

  276. I just took these cookies out of the oven, and they are delicious — a definite keeper. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  277. LOVE! Thank you because I have been craving chocolate chip cookies for weeks 🙂

    I have zero will power with sweets….so I usually freeze any cookies I make and take out a portion at a time to thaw for a treat.

    Do you think these would freeze well?

  278. Yes, I do hate when I attempt a low fat cookie recipe that ends up bad enough to not even be worth the calories… So, I'm so excited to give these a try!

  279. I love oatmeal chocolate chip cookies! Always good to find a lighter version that really tastes good!

  280. You have so much to make my Weight Watchers plan work for my husband and I, and help to make such healthy choices for my family. Not having to feel like I have to just eat salad the rest of my life has made this more of a lifestyle change and not a diet, and having this site is like sprinkles on the top. You are amazing and I'm so thankful you came into my life (via the internet)!! 🙂 K

  281. My mixer is broken, but I sooooo want to make these!!! What do you think about stirring the ingredients really hard until as smooth and blended as possible?

  282. I made these last night-very good!

    I think I would reduce or cut out the cinnamon all together next time though.

  283. Sorry Chris, it should read HEAPING tablespoons but I think I mentioned I eyeballed it.

  284. I dont understand your response to Doreen. You say drop by tablespoon then you say each cookie yields 3 tablespoons. How does that make sense?

  285. I just love saying cookies and skinny in the same breath~
    Friday's favorite for sure 🙂

  286. I'm so happy you all liked them!

    Shana, yum!

    Thanks for all your ideas, can't wait to make these again and share what I come up with!

    Doreen, thanks for your exact measurements!!

  287. so good!! i just made these and they're delicious. chewy, chocolatey, and seriously yum. applesauce is an excellent trick.

  288. I just made these and they are wonderful!! My three year old cookie monster inhaled them as they made their way on to the cooling rack! Everything we make is from your site and we have yet to find anything we didn't like!

  289. I just made these! I used 1/2 cup whole wheat pastry flour and 1/2 cup all purpose, semi-sweet chocolate chips, and margarine instead of butter. I also added a handful of walnuts. They are awesome!

  290. I love this recipe. I have everything but the choc-chips so I plan to substitute chopped almonds. Can't wait!

  291. OMG – Savoring as I type. Made with old fashioned oats since that is all I had and semi sweet morsels(Trader Joe's brand). To die for. Sweet, chewy, large enough to warrant 5 points a couple days a week considering I get just the 29 points a day! After flattening slightly and cooking they were approx 2 inches across in diameter. Also I got exactly 30 – I used my scale and each cookie dough ball was 3/4 to 1 ounce of dough. I baked till barely slightly brown to retain chew and moisture just 10 minutes and then rest on cookie sheet for 4 min. THANK YOU GINA – this is my third or fourth recipe I have tried on the site and they have all been fantastic!

  292. I make a very similar cookie, that I LOVE. Use a medium banana instead of the applesauce, and a 1/4 cup of butter. I make these cookies far too often… 😉

  293. OOOH…I'm going to give these a go VERY soon!! Thanks as always Gina!!!

  294. Jessica, sure!

    Not sure what would happen with old fashioned oats. I think pumpkin purée would work in place of applesauce if you don't have.

    Kristen, great!!

  295. This morning my son was begging me to make chocolate chip cookies. Thanks to this post I was able to surprise him with cookies when he got home from school today. I used semi-sweet chocolate chips since that was what was in the house. They are delicious and he loved them.

  296. What can I use if I don't have applesauce on hand? Any ideas?

  297. Hi!
    Is it okay if I use old fashioned oats? It's all I have. Thx for another great one!

    • I've used both and definitely prefer using the quick oats over the old fashioned. The quick oats help the cookie hold together better and create an overall better texture. A little tip: you can make quick-cooking oats by pulsing old fashioned oats around in a food processor until you reach the desired consistency!

  298. Thanks! You're fabulous. My husband will be very grateful for these as well. 🙂

  299. Yummy! I just StumbledUpon your site. I am on WW and love the idea of tweaking and making my own WW recipes. Would you mind if I link you on my blog?


  300. What a great treat! Love oatmeal and chocolate together!

  301. and I have everything already at home…. yay!!!!

  302. You guys are too sweet… enjoy!! 🙂

    Doreen, Yes, they are each approx 3 tablespoons of dough, I didn't measure but I'm good at guessing after doing this a while.

    If you change the ingredients, you should def. use recipe builder to see the difference. If you get more or less than 30, it may be a good idea to check also.

    1 tbsp dark choc chips cal: 70 Fat: 4.5 Carb: 9 Sugar: 7, Protein 0.

    I haven't tried them with raisins, but my guess is to use equal amounts of raisins or up to 1 cup in place of the chips.

  303. Question – You say drop tablespoons of dough onto cookie sheet then you say each cookie is approx 3 tablespoons.. do you mean of dough? # Tablespoons of dough per cookie?

    Thanks a bunch! I may try em tonite!

  304. I love when the points are the same whether you use the real stuff, or the substitute. Gonna try these!

  305. These look great, can't wait to try them. Thanks for sharing!

  306. I know I'm odd, but I don't like chocolate but I love oatmeal cookies. Can I substitute chocolate for raisins? Will I need to add anything else to the batter if I do this?

  307. Gina- I am going to attempt to make these today however I was wondering if I could substitute quacker instant oatmeal for the quick oats and I do not have dark chocolate chips on hand I have semi morsels (chocolate). Thanks Foxxy

  308. I have looked and can't find dark choc. chips around here. Do you know the stats on them so I can compare to mine, or would you just use semi-sweet to replace?

    Thanks! I'd love to try these soon!

  309. They look so yummy! I want to reach into my screen and eat them 🙁

  310. Oh yum! You are awesome!

  311. Simply put? You… Are… Amazing. End post 😉

  312. These look like a winner! Will have to whip these up for a treat, after a full day of catching up around here. (house work and yard work!) Thanks girlfriend!! =)

  313. I have tried so many recipes, but have never been happy, which is why I never posted them but these were great, I loved them and my teen shared the rest with her friends in school who didn't know they were low fat and they all liked them!

  314. I am so gonna try these.

  315. They sound really good! I know dark chocolate is the healthiest, but I just don't like it – I'll have to step up the fat content just a little and use milk chocolate chips

  316. So excited to try these Gina. I've been disappointed with most low point baked goods I've tried, but have always been thrilled with your recipes. I'm thinking I'll whip up a batch of these today 🙂