Low Fat Rice Krispy Treats

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These low fat Rice Krispy treats will satisfy your sweet tooth, and your kids will enjoy them too! I replaced the butter with Smart Balance Light and used half of the required amount. I’m not a big fan of making sticky things, and I’m not sure if it gets stickier than melting marshmallows and combining them with puffed rice, but it’s so worth the getting your fingers sticky for this low fat, low point dessert. No baking required!

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Skinny Rice Krispies Treats

84.4 Cals 0.8 Protein 18.9 Carbs 0.7 Fats
Yield: 16 servings
COURSE: Dessert
CUISINE: American


  • 2 tbsp light butter spread, I used Smart Balance Light
  • 4 cups or 10 oz mini marshmallows
  • 6 cups Rice Krispies
  • cooking spray


  • Spray a 9x12-inch pan with cooking spray and set aside.
  • Heat a large saucepan on low heat.
  • Melt butter spread being sure to coat the bottom of the pot to prevent sticking.
  • Add marshmallows and melt on low flame.
  • Stir until completely melted, then remove from heat.
  • Add Rice Krispies to the melted marshmallows, and stir until completely combined (this is the hardest part, do this quick before the marshmallows cool).
  • Press into the buttered pan with wax paper and cut them into 16 pieces.


Serving: 1piece, Calories: 84.4kcal, Carbohydrates: 18.9g, Protein: 0.8g, Fat: 0.7g
WW Points Plus: 2

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  1. I made these for Halloween, cut them out with cookie cutters, and lightly dusted with colored sugar! They were yummy and festive! 
    I am wondering if you have ever tried to make a light version of Nutella Rice Krispies? I would love to see your skinny version!! 

  2. Yes I did make recipe. Very light and scrumptious. I have Chrons and it one of the only desserts I can have.

  3. Made these tonight. Used a 10 oz bag of Mini Marshmallows. According to the nutritional information on the bag, this amounts to 6 cups not 4 cups (2/3 cup per serving x 9 servings per bag).  So I wasn’t sure whether to measure 4 cups of marshmallows or use the whole 10 oz bag. Decided to use the whole bag, and they turned out great!  Was I correct?

  4. These were just as good as the original. I always add a heaping teaspoon of vanilla!!

  5. I just wanted to comment that I made this recipe with coconut oil instead of margarine and they came out great! I sprayed my casserole dish (9×6” I think?) with Pam spray and cut into 12 squares. Fantastic! They are not rubbery or hard, just perfect. Thank you for the light recipe! Will make again 🙂

  6. I did make them & they were delicious!!!! I highly recommend them. I am a weight watchers & I love marshmallows. I made them to bring to a music festival/camping trip & they were great to have a great without paying big money for something I’d feel sorry for eating. Thank u, skinnytaste!! Getting ready to make another tray now.

  7. I made these yesterday. I still can’t get my head round the fact that they are so low calorie. As for the butter-v-marge debate. I used Tesco Butter Me Up Light spread and they were not at all rubbery or soggy, just crispy, light, sweet and delicious. I also added a few sultanas. May add some choc drops next time.

  8. Oh, I love you! I’m about to try those Rice Krispy sushi I saw on Pinterest by MommyKnows.com, and the original Rice Krispy’s recipe in its site warns not to use light or diet butter.  I was googling what would happen if I did (it’s all I have in my house!) and saw my beloved Skinnytaste in the results! 

    What?!?! She’s done those too??  I’m getting ready to see if they work out!  If they don’t work out well for rolling sushi, It’ll be like he majority of my Pinterest attempts and we will laugh and laugh, and know that it’s because I have 10 thumbs, zero patience, and the attention span of a 2 year old.

    Anyway, back to work for me. I have a birthday party to put together!

    Thanks again!

  9. Wow.  Just made these tonight!!  Super tasty, soft and chewy!:). Highly recommend for only 3 pts!

  10. Also great with puffed kamut! 

  11. If you are vegetarian, you can use a jar of marshmallow fluff in stead of
    wholee ones, always works for me

  12. OMG, These are sooooo GOOD! I was a little, ok a lot lol, hesitant about making these after I read a few comments about these coming out soggy. Boy am I glad I made these! I used Smart Balance spread, I made sure I also sprayed the sides of the pan I heated the Smart Balance and marshmallows in with cooking spray, and also the spatula I used to mix, etc. Easy to make, No mess, and taste great!

    Btw, I'm one yr post-op (Gastric Bypass) so there's a lot I can't eat (well I could but would make me sick so I choose not to be sick!), I was able to eat this without any problems, Therefore not depriving myself of a treat. Thank you for this recipe 🙂

  13. I've actually never made rice krispy treats but needed to use up a bag of marshmallows so I went looking for how to make the treats and found this recipe. They turned out perfect. No problems, not soggy, just yummy. Thanks.

  14. Tried them with the sultanas & cherries, substituted 1 spoon of the spread for 2 of runny honey & added some dessicated coconut – heavenly!!

  15. I used a low fat olive spread & also added sultanas & chopped glace cherries for added sweetness & texture. They were delicious – ate far too many. Made them to take to work & sprinkled with white choc chips before chilling.

  16. Wow. I made a batch last night and everyone loved them! They were crunchy and soft at the same time. Not soggy at all! Thanks for sharing!

  17. I made it with gluten free rice crispies, low calorie/fat margarine and used a little less marshmallows =) yummy!
    Not hard at all. Delish!

  18. Friendly FYI – marshmallows are not vegetarian, they're made with gelatin. Just in case someone makes this for a veg friend!

  19. Friendly FYI – marshmallows are not vegetarian, they're made with gelatin. Just in case someone makes this for a veg friend!

  20. Just made these and they came out DELISH!! I added two cups of fiber one (no marshmellow adjustments or anything) and they came out soft, not soggy at all. I pressed them into a sprayed pan with wax paper, and then cut them into 20 pieces. It came out to 2 points each piece. Bigger than the WW bars, but just as many points!

  21. I used Cocoa Krispies and Blue Bonnet Lite…16 pieces @3 pts each and CHOCOLATE!

  22. Made these with my 4 and 6 year old. They loved them 🙂 thanks for remining us wevcan still enjoy junk by modifying recipes w/ lighter options. 🙂

  23. Umm this is the normal way of making them. unless all you normally eat is super fat butter. lol…

  24. Made these and the bangin shrimp at my good friends house tonight (she's a fellow weight watcher). Her 2.5 year old daughter helped me make these and she had so much fun. They were so good and easy to make. My friend's husband didn't even realize they were "light" – he said they were the best he had because they weren't too gooey but just perfect. Definitely will be making again!

  25. These were absolutely delicious and SO EASY! I've always been hesitant to make them because they sound so crazy, but they were really great!

    I subbed in brown rice crisps that I found at Whole Foods and they were amazing! I added them into my Weight Watchers calculator and it came out to 3+ but I still totally love these!

  26. My kids WILL NOT go back to packaged rice krispy treat after making these. We are making these about once a week because now my husband is eating them all:) Family favorite and I actually have my 6 and 8 yr old make them while I supervise.

  27. Marshmallows are Not vegetarian.

  28. I made these with Fleischmans margarine (with olive oil) and so did my own calculations for calories as I also used the large m.mallows and may have put in a bit extra. I came up with 107 per piece but oh what a good piece it was! I truly did not notice the missing butter. So soft and gooey! My son and I ate them right after so I don't know how they'll taste tomorrow….hmm I may never find out! thanks for ANOTHER successful recipe!

  29. I can't believe I did this. I added Better than Peanut Butter instead of the Smart Balance. My kids loved it! Should be the same points too.

  30. Just made these tonight and they taste just as delicious as if you were using the real recipe with butter! I just joined weight watchers and came upon your site, I love all of your recipes and cannot wait to cook for superbowl and trick all the males with your low fat recipes! This diet will be manageable thanks to you!

  31. I have been making these for months. I love them. Too many marshmellows are way over rated. I am going to pass this recipe onto some of my friends trying to watch their weight.

  32. Just made them … DD loves them! I used Land O'Lakes Light Butter (not in a stick) and they came out great!

    I might try the canola oil trick from one of the posters up above sometime.

    Thanks Gina! I don't know if you realize how much we talk up this site on the WW Newbies message board! 😀

  33. My pleasure 🙂

  34. God bless you for this website. This is helping me so much!!

  35. I just learned about your website and am thrilled to try so many different things!!!! Everything looks so good and simple and family friendly!!

  36. Right now, you can find the marshmallows in French Vanilla, Gingerbread and Peppermint flavors!

  37. i make mine with Gluteen free rice crispies and a few dark chocolate chips YUMMY!

  38. I'm so glad you liked them! Chocolate I bet was great with them!

  39. Made these the other day and fell in LOVE!! I am a big fan of rice krispie treats and these totally hit the spot. Loved how fluffy the marshmallows were and mine were not that sticky. I added a small amount of chocolate chips for a bit of a chocolate kick and I am in heaven. Also, love that they are so big for so small a points! Will make these again and again!

  40. I don't like the ingredients in most margarines, it's really not good for you. I keep my canola oil in a squirt bottle, the type you can buy for ketchup and mustard. I just squirt the inside of a glass bowl with the oil, it's probably about a tablespoon, then toss the marshmallows in and put it in the microwave. I use minis so it only takes a minute for them to puff up, then just stir a few times until smooth. If you microwave them too long they start to dry out and get too hard/chewy. I also add a splash of vanilla to the marshmallow, then just follow the rest of the directions as you've posted!

  41. These were awesome! As a matter of fact, they came out more fluffy than when I make them the usual way! I almost wish they weren't this good…I ate more points than I should have!

  42. I also use Barabaras brown rice Krispie cereal to make them gluten free

  43. for a more sophisticated, adult rice krispy: add a little cinnamon and some chopped almonds.

  44. Not sure what went wrong on your end, no one ever knows mine are light, could be the butter you used.

  45. These came out super soggy FYI. I am an avid baker, and these didn't do the trick. Sorry. Not a great recipe. I'll stick with the butter version and eat less! 🙂

  46. I just got finished making these for my boyfriend and I. They came out great!!! The taste is fantastic, just as if they were made with a stick of butter. Browsing through the comments was super helpful as well! I didn't realize that we were lacking wax paper until too late. I spray my hand and knuckles and pressed them down without sticking. Love your website and your fabulous recipes! Thank you!!

    – Nikki

  47. my hubby is sooooo gonna love these cant wait to do them 🙂 Tanks Gina

  48. Cold water on your hands makes for no sticky mess, too! Just run hands under cold water and shake most of the drips off.

  49. Marshmallows are always fat free, maybe it was too hot?

  50. The first time I made these, the marshmallow coating seemed to stick on the bottom of the rice krispys? Also, if using fat free marshmallows is there a different taste ? Such an easy recipe 🙂

  51. I have been making the regular Rice Krispie Treats recipe in the microwave for years. (The marshmallows come out so much lighter and fluffier in the finished bar than if you cook them on the stove). Now I'm going to lighten them up a bit and not feel a bit guilty about incorporating them into my WW program! YAY – Thanks!

  52. I made these and they were great!! 10lbs. so far with you help! Keep the great recipes coming!

  53. I just made these and they are fabulous! They are a hit with my two year old daughter too! Thank you!

  54. Go with the weight which is 10 oz.

  55. If you use regular size (not mini, but also not jumbo) marshmallows, how much would you use?

  56. Yeah that is exactly what I was looking for was a st patrick's Day treat!!! Thanks Anoymous for the idea and Gina for the awesome recipe!!! Yeah off to the store.

  57. Great idea!

  58. Hey Gina! I love all of your recipes! I made these Rice Krispy treats today and added green food coloring to the margarine and marshmallow mixture and had green rice krispy treats for St Patrick's Day!

  59. I made these last night after making the cheesy zucchini enchiladas for my family. Amazing!! I was pleasantly surprised by the size of the portions and my family members ate them up real quick! In fact, my sister-in-law, who is not dieting, cleaned out the mixing bowl with a spoon!

  60. They are the same as long as you cut it into 16 pieces.

  61. what's the points if I only have a 9×13 size pan?

  62. I agree with Jennistarbrite! They were just sweet enough. I usually don't like the store bought ones, but these are fantastic! REALLY sticky, but fantastic! I don't think they're gonna last the weekend 🙂

  63. I love how people LOVE to criticize but don't have las bollas to put their name to the criticism.

    Anyway, I made these and I am biased because a friend's mom used to make EXTREMELY fattening (but delicious ones!) LOL but..these were not bad. Way better then the individual ones you buy at the supermarket. Just sweet enough.

  64. So glad you agree!!! If I thought they were just ok, I would not have posted them.

  65. these tasted the same as the full fat version, AWESOME! i didnt end up having the right sized pan so i ended up with 12 serving @ 3 points plus each, still worth it! another great recipe gina!

  66. I had no problem with mine being soggy, maybe because I used such a small amount. And I brought them to a friends house and they had no idea I lightened them. Even my daughter ate them, and she would have complained Im sure!

  67. I always used to make them this way, but they always came out rubbery and soggy, and I couldn't figure out why! Then I read somewhere that that's what happens when you use margarine instead of butter. As soon as I switched back to using butter, they were just as I remembered. Soft yet crispy and never rubbery or soggy! Unfortunately, you don't save any calories or fat by using butter, but I don't think it's worth it to save if you're ending up with soggy rice krispie treats!

  68. Taste okay but they are chewy and the rice crispies taste rubbery. Nice try but I'll skip this one in the future.

  69. I am so making a double batch of these this Thursday night for our adult Bible study. One batch for the grown ups and a second batch for the kids.

  70. I just made these tonight; they were delicious – a huge hit with the whole family!

  71. Sadly, mainstream marshmallows are not vegetarian. I did not realize this for years after ditching meat, but they contain gelatin. The recipe can be made veg by substituting vegetarian or vegan marshmallows, though!

  72. Made these today and they were wonderful. Taste better than store bought.

  73. I just bought all the makings for this today! What a coincidence!

  74. I've also used cheerios to make these kinds of treats…may help with the fiber content. I like mixing regular and chocolate cheerios. Wonder how they would be if I mixed regular, chocolate and the banana nut? Yum…

  75. I tried this recipe today and they were fabulous.I love rice crispy treats.These look good.

  76. Thanks for all the tricks you use on preventing sticky hands!! I've never tried them in the microwave, thanks for sharing!

    @Kemi- No, not soggy at all! Honestly, you would never know they are low fat.

    @Sandi- Thanks, I'll come visit!

    These aren't hard at all. And yes, I'm trying not to expand my butt! lol

    @Healthy and Homemade- Yes, these are low fat, but not low carb. Can't have everything!

  77. I will for sure have to try these! yumm!!

  78. I just made these with the cake batter flavored fruity pebbles and they are amazing!

  79. awesome! I've been wanting to make these with the kids, so glad to know I can cut the butter! (I love Smart Balance)

  80. I love rice krispy treats because they are a fairly low-fat dessert! This looks great, thank you 🙂

  81. Gina, I turn the bag inside out that the marshmellows come in, put my hand inside and spray it lightly with Pam. Smush everything down and throw it away! 🙂

  82. I tried this recipe today and they were fabulous… I used the microwave instead of the stovetop… just melted the butter substitute in the mixing bowl, then tossed the marshmallows to coat, then microwaved marshmallows for 1 min. 20 sec., stirred until they were melted, then added the rice krispies. They were yummy and SOFT… thanks for the recipe.

  83. I have been craving rice krispy treats ever since starting WW. Finally an excuse to make them! I'll be trying out this recipe this weekend, thanks!

  84. My trick is to spray my hands with Pam, or any cooking spray and then press the mixture into the pan. It saves the use of wax paper and is quick and easy. I love rice crispy treats. We could add dark chocolate bits to this too and it wouldn't add much more points if it's a small quantity of say, mini morsels.

  85. I've never thought of using a low-fat butter substitute in these!! Great thinking!

  86. Actually they were pretty soft and chewy.
    Thanks for another keeper

  87. If you don't actually press the krispie treats into the pan, they stay soft. Just gently spread it throughout the pan, don't press

  88. One of my favorite desserts! Too many carbs for me though, which is just heartbreaking!! =(

  89. Hard rice krispies or a giant butt?? I'll have the rice krispies any day!! Keep up the fabulous job Gina, your awesome!!!

  90. I will just have to give these a try! I'm linking you up to friday's favorites so I can find this recipe again.
    Thank you Skinny Gina 🙂

  91. My fiance's mom adds almost a stick of butter to her rice crispy treats and they're fabulous. I think that skimping out on that part would make for some really hard rice crispy treats.

    • It doesn't! They are really good!

    • My MIL uses lots of butter and they get rock hard. She heats over med high heat because she's impatient. Low heat and stirring frequently ensures soft krispies. Mashmallows are candy and furthur heating makes them harder.

  92. Yum! Are these soggy at all?

  93. These look good. My husband loves rice krispy treats – I'll give these a try soon.

    I always use wax paper to press the krispies in the pan – I hate sticky fingers too!

  94. Yum! I may have to make these when my daughter comes home for a visit. Thanks!