Oven “Fried” Breaded Pork Chops

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Juicy, delicious, oven breaded and baked, boneless pork chops coated with a seasoned crisp crust. Ready in under 30 minutes, easy and kid-friendly!

Juicy, delicious, boneless pork chops coated with a seasoned crisp crust. Ready in under 30 minutes, easy and kid-friendly!
Oven “Fried” Breaded Pork Chops

These pork chops are amazing and better than Shake-n-Bake. Even my husband (who’s not a big pork chop fan) LOVES them. I served it with a raw shredded brussels sprout salad. I also have an Air Fryer Breaded Pork Chop version here.

Juicy, delicious, boneless pork chops coated with a seasoned crisp crust. Ready in under 30 minutes, easy and kid-friendly!

When I was a kid, my Mom’s friend Debbie often had my brother and I over for dinner because, well she lived right upstairs from us. We loved this, and she was so good to us. She would make broccoli, Rice-a-Roni and Shake-n-Bake pork chops. Growing up in a home where my mom made everything from scratch, this was totally new to us and we loved it.

As an adult, I know how processed (yes still yummy) those things are so I make them myself. One day I’ll share my healthier Rice-A-Roni recipe, it’s easy!

Juicy, delicious, boneless pork chops coated with a seasoned crisp crust. Ready in under 30 minutes, easy and kid-friendly!

Juicy, delicious, boneless pork chops coated with a seasoned crisp crust. Ready in under 30 minutes, easy and kid-friendly!
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Oven "Fried" Breaded Pork Chops

378 Cals 33 Protein 8 Carbs 13 Fats
Prep Time: 10 mins
Cook Time: 20 mins
Total Time: 30 mins
Yield: 6 servings
COURSE: Dinner
CUISINE: American
Juicy, delicious, boneless pork chops coated with a seasoned crisp crust. Ready in under 30 minutes, easy and kid-friendly!


  • 6 3/4-inch thick center cut boneless pork chops, fat trimmed (5 oz each)
  • kosher salt
  • 1 large egg, beaten
  • 1/2 cup panko crumbs
  • 1/3 cup crushed cornflakes crumbs
  • 2 tbsp grated parmesan cheese
  • 1 1/4 tsp sweet paprika
  • 1/2 tsp garlic powder
  • 1/2 tsp onion powder
  • 1/4 tsp chili powder
  • 1/8 tsp black pepper


  • Preheat oven to 425°F. Spray a large nonstick baking sheet lightly with oil.
  • Season pork chops on both sides with 1/2 tsp kosher salt.
  • Combine panko, cornflake crumbs, parmesan cheese, 3/4 tsp kosher salt, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, chili powder and black pepper in a large shallow bowl.
  • Place the beaten egg in another. Dip the pork into the egg, then crumb mixture.
  • Place on the prepared baking sheet and repeat with the remaining chops.
  • Lightly spray a little more oil on top of the pork and bake in the oven for 20 minutes.


Serving: 1chop, Calories: 378kcal, Carbohydrates: 8g, Protein: 33g, Fat: 13g, Cholesterol: 120mg, Sodium: 373mg, Sugar: 1g
WW Points Plus: 7
Keywords: Baked Breaded Pork Chops, baked pork chops, Breaded Pork Chops, oven baked pork chops, Oven Fried Breaded Pork Chops

Juicy, delicious, boneless pork chops coated with a seasoned crisp crust. Ready in under 30 minutes, easy and kid-friendly!

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  1. Excellent!!!

  2. My pork chops were still pink 🙁

  3. I’ve made this twice and it’s been a big hit both times!! My 92 year old Dad has also made it and loves it!
    Don’t substitute for the Panko!!

  4. I followed it to a tee. Best ever and so easy. Now, for a margarita and a chop! Perfect combination.

  5. Came out like all the other oven baked pork chop recipes.  Soft and uninspired. Getting a crunchy baked pork chop is impossible. If I’m wrong – please show me how. Fried = crispy. 

  6. I’m new to meal-prep, Is there anyway this be prep made and frozen?  

  7. Made these chops for the hubs and I for lunch.  Wish I had found this recipe 40 years ago, they are so delicious!!  Didn’t have panko and cornflake crumbs so I improvised using dry bread crumbs and cracker crumbs.  The flavor and juiciness of the chops can’t be beaten.  Will be making them again! Soon!!!

    • My mom did this for years with cracker crumbs only when I was growing up. The only thing is though she would pan fry them first before she put them in the oven. We learned years later just to spray them with oil and put them in the oven like I do chicken. 😊

  8. Incredibly delicious. Used thicker bone in chops from butcher.  Did not salt individual chops. Cooked an extra 4 minutes based on size. Whole family raved about them.

  9. How do I track this? I can’t find it on the WW app.

    • This one is pretty close. 6 personal points.

  10. The first 5 times I made this, it was perfect and crunchy and delicious. Lately, it’s completely mushy. I can’t figure out why! Please help me figure it out because it was one of my favorite weeknight meals. Could it be the egg making it mushy? I try not to put too much egg. Or am I mashing up the crumps too much and it’s mixing with the egg too much instead of just sticking to the pork? Help! Thank you!

    • Make sure when egg washing your pork, you let excess egg drip off the pork chop. Also continue to shake your crumbs to make a new layer of loose bread crumbs. This will mitigate excess egg sticking to your bread crumbs, thus no mush should be present. Hope this helps for your next meal!

  11. So Delicious. I didn’t have Panko so used whole wheat breadcrumbs instead and instead of dipping in egg I spread Dijon mustard all over. I baked on a rack over pan so top & bottom would be crunchy. Came out soft & delicious. Husband loved it even with the chili powder on it.

  12. Gina,
    Would you do anything different if you used a pork tenderloin?  I was thinking of cutlets andi know I have to watch the cooking time but…..

  13. Hi Gina,
    Have you tried this recipe in the air fryer? My oven has been on the fritz lately so i was going to try it later on this week. Do you have any pointers?

  14. Made these chops last night. Substituted Wheaties for the corn flakes. They were delicious and a big hit with the family. Will definitely be making these again. Thank you for the great recipe!!

    • I substituted frosted flakes…mainly because it’s what I had in the pantry…and wow!!  My whole family loved them!!

  15. This recipe was excellent. Crust came out crisp, golden and flavorful (I used regular, unseasoned breadcrumbs and honey bunches of oats, good substitutes). Served with oven roasted yukon gold potato wedges (same temp and time) and fresh green beans. Easy and delicious dinner.

  16. This is the ONLY oven fried recipe I have tried that comes out crispy and it is very good!. Most oven fried recipes I have tried don’t come out crispy because the oven temp is not high enough and there is flour for breading, not dry crumbs. So then it ends up as a soggy and greasy mess. I agree the salt should be cut back some in this recipe.

    Great recipe!

  17. Yummy recipe. I would cut the salt a bit and reduce the oven temp to 400 degrees. Or lessen the time.  A keeper for sure.

  18. I wanted to make Shake and Bake Pork Chops but with the quarantine for COVID 19, I was hesitant to venture out to the store for one item. I stumbled across this recipe and tried it. The family loved it so much that they told me never to buy or use Shake and Bake again. This should be called better than Shake and Bake.

  19. Excellent and easy! My whole family enjoyed it!

  20. This was very good!

  21. I don’t have corn flakes and would rather not buy for one recipe? I have like corn tortilla chips could I use those? Does anybody else has any other suggestions for substitutions?

  22. Didn’t have all ingredients, subbed onion salt for onion powder and kosher salt, left out chili powder and pepper because of fussy kids but still a  winner!

  23. I am curious to know if you can use a bone in pork chop for this recipe. Would appreciate your thoughts.  We find the boneless pork chops dry   Thank you 

  24. Great recipe. We were out of panko and corn chips so I used Italian bread crumbs and corn chips instead and the kids and husband loved it. Thanks for a great recipe. Michelle Cunningham

  25. There had to have been an ad campaign featuring corn flake coating (my mom would use sour cream to make the corn flakes stick) and Rice a Roni. We actually had the Pasta Roni Parmesan(or stinky noodles) this was a big favorite in our home growing up.  Thanks for the smile. 

  26. Don;t know what I did wrong, but I though they needed more seasoning. Yes, smelled good, and my daughter, working from home, kept asking if it was ready to eat. The breading did not stick to the pork chops well and again needed more flavor.

  27. I tried this and was a little disappointed. I expected them to get a bit of crunch on the outside but not at all. I thought the crust would back to the meat and it didn’t. What did I do wrong?

  28. This is the  Best Pork Chop Recipe!!  I didn’t have Corn flakes so I used Raisin Bran Flakes.. The Pork Chops came out soo Moist! Thanks for sharing..  

  29. Hi, That was a delicious coating.
    I didn’t have any corn flakes but I did have a bag of Fritos chili cheese corn chips.
    Since they were salted I just didn’t add anymore salt to the coating.
    i used the coating on baked chicken.

  30. Amazing! I only added one spice to this my favorite Seasoned Pepper and also I didn’t have any corn flakes so I just used all Panko instead and it was still delicious and fast! Thank you!

  31. I say, I say.! Whata blast. This ain’t any dish as its sooo delicious. The breadcrumbs keep in the flavours and juices. Horay. Hahaa. Happi holidays.

  32. We’ve done this recipe several times for both pork chops and chicken parts. Smells like heaven and tastes the same!

  33. These were fantastic.  I improvised as I was making two chops but what a great find.  Will definitely make these again.  In fact, we are going to use the breading with chicken as well.

  34. I made these for the first time last night. They were delicious, and so easy to make! Thanks for the great WW friendly recipes! I bought your books, and am making things in never thought i would eat! I am new to the Ninja foodi, and love that i can use your recipes in it. I have made about 10 of your recipies, and have loved each one!

  35. Love these chops!! And so does the kiddo. 

    Have you ever posted the “rice a roni” recipe?  

  36. These were so good!  I made them exactly as the recipe calls for.  Sat the chops on a cookie rack on the baking sheet and both sides were crispy and delicious!  Even my picky four year old asked for seconds!  Thank you, Gina, for creating a recipe that is both family friendly and WW friendly!  ❤️

  37. Made these for dinner tonight and they were delicious! So easy to make and being baked takes away the fried food guilt.

  38. Terrific recipe! I’m making pork chops this way every time I cook chops! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  39. Inquiring minds would love to know your healthy rice-a-roni recipe 😊

  40. Did you ever share your healthy Rice A Roni recipe? Looks like a lot of requests for it here, but I searched and couldn’t find it. It was definitely a favorite of mine when I was a kid and would love to recreate a healthier version!

  41. I didn’t have spray oil. In a different version of oven fried chops, the directions said to just melt butter in the cooking pan, so I put my pan in the oven while I breaded the chops, but alas, the butter at 425 browned in no time!  I should have figured that one out! I plunked the first breaded chop into it and went on to the second. The third chop was placed on the pan without butter or oil, but i did put a very tiny dab of butter on top the chop.  Also, I did not use any cornflake crumbs or cheese.  (I had made a cornflake/parm encrusted chop previously and hated it, so I put all the cooked chops in the fridge and gave them to the dog over the course of a week–they did not have salt or other seasonings so were safe for him.). I will be buying spray oil and try this one to the letter next time!

  42. Great recipe! I had to double it for my family but it was great with asparagus and fried potatoes!   Thank you!

  43. I have thick boneless pork chops. How long do I bake them for? Would I need to turn them over half way?

    • Yes same as recipe directions. If they are thicker than 3/4 inch, cook for another 3-7 or so minutes until they are ready.

  44. I plugged in inegredients in WW Recipe Builder and came up with 5 freestyle points

  45. I have center cut pork chops with the bone in can I use that and if so how long do I leave them in the oven for and what temperature

  46. Can you use oats instead of the panko and cornflakes?

  47. I didn’t have any panko crumbs, so I crushed up sea salt crackers. Probably not as good as yours but they were pretty good. I am so excited I found you.
    Thank you,

  48. One of my family’s favorites, it’s requested a lot! Kids gobble this up. I am dairy free and leave out the parm for myself without issue.

  49. Making now, and can’t wait to see the results. I drizzled with EVOO instead of cooking spray. I hope they come out crispy.

  50. Too many ingredients. Try a box of pork Stove Top Stuffing. Pour stuffing in a gallon zip lock bag, smash and roll. add garlic salt and onion powder. Dip chops in egg then in crushed stove top. then bake as your receipe.

  51. Awesome flavors! The smell of this dish baking was so enticing! I used crushed RITZ crackers in place of corn flakes, mmmmm. Didn’t change much else though. I had a bag of spinach that needed cooking so I washed and dried it, drizzled it in olive oil, and used it to line the bottom of a 9×13 baking dish. Then I placed the breaded chops on top. The spinach keeps the meat from sticking, adds some greenery, and the bits around the edges of the dish are crispy bits of heaven! Thanks for the recipe, it will be a favorite in our house from now on! Pork chop perfection!

  52. This is one meal that I can make and everyone will eat, including my picky kids!  Great flavor and easy for weeknight meals.  Two thumbs up!

  53. The pork I bought isn’t very thick. Should I cook it for less time?

  54. Delicious!  Thank you for this wonderful recipe!

  55. Great, moist pork chops that are crispy on the outside.  My husband asks for this dish several times a month.

  56. I get 9 points for WE when I do the calculator ?

    • The SmartPoints® calculator isn’t meant for recipes and will often give you the wrong points (usually higher) because it’s counting 0 points foods such as eggs, chicken, fruits and vegetables. So if you see a recipe with a SmartPoints® value that’s different from what the calculator tells you, that is why.

      The only accurate way to determine any recipe’s SmartPoints® value is to plug the ingredients into the recipe builder on the Weight Watchers website (Click on “My Foods,” select “Recipe,” and click “Create a recipe.”)

  57. mine ended up soggy…did I do something wrong?

    • aluminum baking sheets vs nonstick will give you crisper results. Also, I have an air fryer version, super crisp!

  58. I’ve made this two weeks in a row but with turkey cutlets. They came out amazing! First time getting them so crispy in the oven!

  59. I’ve been making breaded pork chops for years but always get the same results. There soggy on one side. Help me make crispy chops plz

    • Very crispy & tasty. I lined the pan with foil & brushed it with melted butter. Also drizzled the pork w/ melted butter. I used thin pork cutlets & wheat Chex in place of corn flakes. Halfway thru baking, I turned the pan around & turned the meat over. I think a sauce would be a wonderful addition.  

  60. Would you please share your healthy Rice A Roni recipe. I’ve recently found you and your amazing recipes and make them for my family every week religiously.

  61. Can I just use Panko bread crumbs & not the corn flakes?

  62. Gina, 
    Husband hates dry porkchops. Do these turn out moist?  I have brined my pork but find it too salty.  Any thoughts?

  63. my chops didn’t come out brown and crispy either. Tried moving them around the oven and broiled them for a few minutes for color. I won’t be making these again

  64. Would I have to make any adjustments to the cooking time if making for two?

  65. Making this right now… didn’t have any cornflakes so am just using panko. Smells wonderful in my house!

  66. Just put them in the oven…. I didn’t have any corn flakes so I only used panko bread crumbs and I didn’t have paprika (I can’t believe I’m out of paprika!) … I should have used some crushed tortilla chips in place of the corn flakes but I didn’t think of that until it was too late ???? hopefully they’ll come out OK!

  67. Can i use frosted flakes and bread crumbs instead? I dont have corn flakes.

  68. My pork chops did not come out crispy. Did I do something wrong?

  69. Is there logic or a reason behind using a full egg vs egg whites?

  70. I followed the recipe exactly, but I couldn’t get the breading brown and crispy like it shows in the picture.  I even tried broiling at the end, but that didn’t work.  Not sure what I’m doing wrong 

    • All ovens run different, perhaps your oven runs cooler? You could increase the temp of the oven or make them in the lower third of the oven which is hotter.

  71. I bought really thin pork chops… maybe a quarter of an inch thick. How long should they cook for given the reduced thickness?

  72. I’ve made my own shake n bake porkchops for awhile now. I don’t do the egg dip and I’ll use a packet of onion soup mix along with the other seasonings. So good everyone in the household loves them!

  73. I want to make these gluten free. But Pablo doesn’t work. Any suggestions?

  74. For both this recipe and the Brussels sprouts with hot sauce and bleu cheese, they both came in a point higher than you have. I didn’t substitute anything and used the nutritional facts you put in. Anyone else having this issue??

    • The only accurate way to determine any recipe’s SmartPoints® value is to plug the ingredients into the recipe builder on the Weight Watchers website (Click on “My Foods,” select “Recipe,” and click “Create a recipe.”) which does not count fruits and vegetables in recipes in the calculations as they are now 0 points.

      The SmartPoints® calculator isn’t meant for recipes and will often give you the wrong points (usually higher) because it’s counting the fruits and vegetables. So if you see a recipe with a SmartPoints® value that’s different from what the calculator tells you, now you know why.

  75. I read through 3 years of comments looking for your rica a roni recipe which you said you would submit after Thanksgiving of course I didn’t find it. I suppose you didn’t say which Thanksgiving. Posting from Ireland I don’t even know what rica a roni is! I think I’ll google it.

  76. Delicious!!!!! 

  77. Gina, you need to rush right out and buy an air fryer so you can start figuring out some healthy recipes for all of us to use it ????.  Your oven fried pork chops for example might translate well. 

  78. Made this tonight for my husband. He loved it!

  79. Could you please link to the Rica a Roni recipe you mentioned that you would post? Thanks! Looking forward to making this.

  80. This is my go to website for recipes, I’ve yet to be disappointed. Didn’t have the cornflakes or sweet paprika. Used funyans and regular paprika. It was delicious!!! Didn’t have the baking rack other commentors mentioned and ended up with soggy bottoms.

  81. Any tips on not having them turn out soggy?

  82. Has anyone tried this recipe with bone-in pork chops?

  83. They tasted great but came out so so soggy… Dont know what i did wrong. Any ideas? I followed the recipe to the T (only I didn’t have cornflakes so used all Panko)

  84. Oh my goodness! I made this last night and it was a big hit with my family! (Well, not so much with my toddler, but getting him to eat meat is tricky and getting him to eat anything when he’s as exhausted as he was is a miracle) So easy, though the steps can be a little time consuming. It was one of the best chops I’ve had in my life, and thanks to your cook time, I (for once) did not over cook the pork chop. Thank you for putting this recipe together!

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  86. I LOVE this recipe. I substitute crushed pork rinds for the cornflakes and crumbled Joseph's pitas for the bread crumbs. So delish!!!!!!!

  87. I made these a while ago and my husband who has never been a fan of pork said that these were the best he has ever had. I going to try the mix on chicken tonight.

  88. I typed all of this into the WW calculator and it actually says it's 8 smart points, not 7. Also, the calculator asks how many grams of Saturated Fat?

  89. Making them tonight, they smell heavenly!

  90. Can you use a bone-in pork chop?

  91. Please please please share your rice a toni recipe! I follow your recipes religiously and I've lost 65 lbs. Patiently awaiting more recipes!!

  92. I made these last night. Yum!! My family loved them. I served it with your Skinny Baked Broccoli Macaroni and Cheese. My pork chops were super thick so I cut them in half so they were less points, which was a good thing so I could eat the full portion of the Mac and Cheese. I didn't have sweet paprika but use smoked paprika. Delicious!!! I made a ton and froze them for another time. Thanks so much! You have made my Weight Watcher plan fun and exciting. I love to cook with "real" ingredients and your recipes are just perfect. My family loves them!

  93. Looks so good. Just 20 min to cook? I realize it's at 425.


  94. How long do you bake them??

  95. Do you think this would work with any other cut of pork? My freezer is full of pork tenderloin and always looking to do something different with it.

  96. I made these tonight and they are the best pork chops I've had. My granddaughter, who is 4 1/2, gobbled them up! These will become a regular in our house!

  97. So, do we cover them before we cook them?

  98. Made these tonight for dinner and they were a big hit. My very picky husband who doesn't normally doesn't like pork, really enjoyed these and my two year devoured almost a whole pork chop herself!

  99. Made these for dinner tonight and we really enjoyed them, followed your recipe exactly. Thanks for sharing!

  100. Did you ever share your rice o roni recipe?

  101. Delicious! Didn't have any corn flakes, but we did have rice crispies. Crushed them up and Yum! Thanks for another great recipe!

  102. try using djon mustard instead of the egg….gives it a tangy taste yummy

  103. I have Hungarian Paprika…will that be okay?

  104. Yum! This is going in the regular rotation at my house! My two kids, my husband and I all loved it! Thank you for this great recipe!

  105. Winner! I made these last night – very easy, delicious, and my fiance loved them! Thank you for the recipe!

  106. I love your recipes and your book. On this recipe, is the macros or calories off? I'm getting a different amount when I do the calculations.
    Protein – 33×4 = 132 , Carbs – 8×4 = 32 , Fat 9×13 = 117
    132+32+117 = 281 calories
    That's almost a 100 difference calorie from the 378.
    Thanks for all the awesome recipes. Your site and book are amazing.

  107. Rice-a-roni recipe please xx

  108. I made these tonight with the Cheesy Cauliflower Mash from your cookbook and roasted broccoli. Amazing!! Thank you for all of your wonderful recipes, your website and cookbook are the first places I go for new recipes!

  109. These were delicious!! I did make the mistake of spraying too much cooking spray on the top so they were crunchy but not as much as I wanted them to be. All in all, they were really good and my husband loved them. The Brussels sprouts were also great!! Thank you so much! Definitely a keeper!!

  110. I'm going to try these tonight with bone-in chops, and adjust the bake time accordingly. It's difficult to get all six kiddos (all age eight and under) to eat pork, but the hubby gets half a freezer full from his boss every year, and we can't afford not to eat it! Hopefully these will be a crowd pleaser with our picky crew!!!

  111. I am gluten free but my family is not. I have made a similar recipe in the past, but in order to keep it gluten free (but still tasty),I use ground up oats in place of breadcrumbs. Thought I would share for all the GF readers who may still want to try this recipe 🙂

  112. These are perfect! Am really looking forward to a healthier rice-a-roni. Thank you for all the work you do!

  113. one word…YUM!!!
    These were a big hit with my son and hubby!
    will definitely be making these again!!

  114. I don't have cornflakes on hand. Will ONLY PANKO be ok, or should I really get some cornflakes? Thanks for your reply!! Love the recipes!

    • Sure, they will still taste fine but I love the cornflake crumbs for dishes like this.

    • How did you get yours to crisp and brown? Mine just got a little brown on the side that was on the pan. The other side is just soggy. Thanks.

      • I set a cookie cooling rack over my baking sheet and bake my chops on the cooling rack. Both sides stay crispy 🙂

  115. Made these last night, and they were fantastic. I didn't have sweet paprika, so used the regular that was on hand. They still had lots of flavor. This was a big hit even with my kids who generally don't like any kind of pork. Such a nice change before a week of turkey!

  116. This looks delicious, I made a recipe very similar to this before and it turned out great!

  117. wow, yummy!

  118. I made these tonight. I made the mistake of getting chops that were over an inch thick, so they took twice as long to cook, but WOW! I will be making these again! The coating was super crispy and delicious.

  119. Wow this recipe sounds delicious!!


  120. I made them for dinner last night. It came out great, no fuss from the kids is always a plus.

  121. I need a change in my dinner – this recipe will be perfect!

  122. Wow
    Looks delicious!! I'm going to try one myself.

  123. I think this sounds very good. I don't fry anything so doing these in the oven is great. Like some others….I also loved Rice-a-Roni. Pinning this!

  124. Perfect for a week night dinner!

  125. Oh my…my parents would LOVE these. Will have to make them for our next family dinner. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your recipe! Xo, Alison


  126. How do you keep the breading from sticking to the pan? I tried this before and it always sticks.

    • You can use parchment paper to line your pan. You can also prespray your pan with PAM or brush under each chop with oil.

    • The trick I thought of was pouring a tablespoon of vegetable or canola oil in the bottom of the pan, making sure that the pan is coated with the oil. Then put the coated pork chops in the pan. Then drizzle one more tablespoon of oil on top of the chops. They will never stick, AND they will taste like they’ve been fried. Also, all of the coating will remain on the chops until the very last bite. Before doing this, I would be eating the chops and the coating seemed to “sweat off” on the bottom. Plus, the chops will be super moist and delicious! Enjoy!

  127. I do a similar prep for oven "fried" chicken. One difference is to dredge the meat they flour before the egg wash. Some southerners think this seals in more flavor. This southerner has found it helps the panko and spice mixture adhere better. The Brussels sprouts salad appeared on our table last night — surprisingly good!

  128. Yes, I'd love a recipe for homemade Rice A Roni! It's one of my favorites too, but I almost never make it because I've got a thing against boxes (much to my boyfriend's dismay). The pork chops look incredible!

  129. These are SO perfect! I'm definitely going to have to try this!

  130. Oven frying is one of my favorite techniques, and this takes me back to my childhood too!

  131. Can this recipe be adapted to something other than pork chops? I don't eat pork

  132. Heh…the Shake 'n' Bake pork chops, Rice-a-Roni, and broccoli (from frozen, generally) is definitely a meal my mom would have made when she was doing the cooking for the family. My mom hated cooking! I didn't realize how good food could be until my dad took over at mealtimes.

  133. Almost like a pork schnitzel! This looks great 😀 x

  134. Omg yum!! I do this with chicken on occasions, but have never tried it with pork chops! Will be trying next week 🙂


  135. I have regular paprika and smoked paprika. Is sweet paprika something different or the same as regular paprika?

    • There is a difference! Here's some info: http://www.thekitchn.com/whats-the-difference-hot-sweet-68134

      You can certainly use the regular stuff, but it might not have as much flavor.

  136. Ohh, I need to try these! Definitely need your Rice-A-Roni recipe too… my kids love that stuff :/

  137. I love oven fried pork chops! Catherine

  138. I haven't had pork chops since I moved out of my parents house! It's just never really on my radar…so glad I came across this! 🙂

  139. What can I use in place of corn flake crumbs?

    • I have used whatever I have on hand – reduced-fat Pringles or Funyun's for a good onion taste.

    • I combined plain Panko bread crumbs with traditional packaged stuffing mix along with the Parmesan & spices. I love to experiment with spices. My husband loved the crispy crust and how great the pork chops tasted. This recipe is a keeper yet allows one to experiment.

  140. Do you mean crushed corn flakes cereal or do you mean these: http://www.kelloggs.com/en_US/products/details/kelloggs-corn-flake-crumbs.html ?

  141. Please share your Rice-a-Roni recipe! It's one of my childhood favorites as well but makes me feel guilty to eat as an adult!


    • Oh I agree! I love Rice a Roni and haven't had it in years. We have a family member with an onion allergy, too. Please share your recipe so I can make it from scratch, haha!

  142. Do you have the raw brussell sprout salad recipe?

  143. Can you use regular bread crumbs mixed with corn flakes?