Quinoa Tabbouleh + Summer Berry Cobbler from the Skinnytaste Cookbook

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I know a lot of you are really excited about The Skinnytaste Cookbook release. Well guess what?, so is Target! So excited in fact that they are carrying my cookbook which is now available for pre-order on Target.com.

The Skinnytaste Cookbook has 150 recipes – 125 of those recipes are brand spanking new and have never been published on my blog. But I gave Target a sneak peak inside the cookbook and shared two exclusive recipes and photos from the book. (photo credit: Penny De Los Santos)

I chose two of my summer favorites so you don’t have to wait until September 30th – you can start making them now
while the weather’s warming up. The Quinoa Tabbouleh tastes so fresh – a
perfect summer salad whether you serve this as a main dish or a side
dish with grilled chicken or lamb. And this Summer Berry Cobbler – cobbler is my weakness and this is my absolute favorite way to utilize those sweet summer

Did I tease you enough? Well that wasn’t my plan… head on over to Target’s A Bullseye View and get the full recipes!!!

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  1. I made the Quinoa Tabbouleh, along with the rosemary lamb chops and asparagus recipes from your cookbook last night. OUTSTANDING! My family was in disbelief how good everything was. It was a five star dinner. Only problem is I have big shoes to fill next Sunday because I have set the bar high already. Absolutely love your cookbook and blog. Thanks for sharing your love of cooking healthy with us!

  2. Any chance we can get the book in Canada??

  3. Will there be new recipes not featured on the skinny taste website?

  4. I had no idea you wrote a cookbook! This is FANTASTIC news! Congratulations! Off to preorder it now!

  5. Thank you for the tabbouleh recipe! I brought it to my first grown-up potluck dinner and it was a huge hit. 🙂

  6. I'm really confused. I don't see the recipes here, just pictures and some info about the cookbook coming out …?????

  7. It is amazingly good, I can't help wanting to have a taste at it.

  8. Maybe I missed it but what's the Points value per serving?

  9. I made the tabbouleh this weekend and served it with the turkey kofta kebabs from your site. It was SO GOOD! Can't wait until your cookbook comes out.

  10. I love, love, love quinoa tabbouleh. I found a recipe over a year ago on Epicurious and it is one of my absolute favorites. Glad you added it to your cookbook. Can't wait to try yours!

  11. I love your recipes and usually keep them in my ziplist file. However, I cannot find the Quinoa Tabbouleh recipe, only the cobbler one. Am I missing something? Maybe I can only get that one from the book. When I select the title, like I usually do, only the cobbler recipe shows. I even typed it into the search box and had no luck there either. Please tell this old girl how to find it. Thanks.

  12. Thank you so much & congratulations on the cookbook!

  13. Looking forward to the cookbook! <3

  14. Congrats on the book Gina it's an absolute work of art! You deserve this so very much! XOXO!

  15. I CANNOT wait to see this cookbook! I know it's going to be totally amazing! 🙂
    This quinoa tabbouleh looks so tasty aswell 🙂

  16. I have been really enjoying your recipes! I especially love the nutrition information. I will be purchasing your. Book as soon as it is out!

  17. On the cobbler, what size pan do you recommend if i don't have ramekins?

  18. Congrats!! That's amazing! Can't wait to get it!

  19. MMM this looks great I also can's wait until the cookbook is out. I have a gluten-free girlfriend and I always run into celiac friendly quinoa and I quickly grow tired and not inspired by the faux-grain. Recently I have been trying my hand at other gluten free grains and I found that millet is fantastic in tabbouleh. It almost tastes like bulgar wheat but with a hint of corn. Delicious!

  20. Congratulations! Will there be WW PP values in your cookbook?

    • Thank you! No but all the nutritional info will be there so you can easily use your WW calculator. I may even do the work for you an offer a free printout anyone can download.

    • "I may even do the work for you an offer a free printout anyone can download." WOW! This is going above and beyond…thank you!

  21. Congratulations! Can't wait to get a copy of your book!

  22. Thank you June ans Wendy!

  23. As if having a cookbook isn't exciting enough (Congratulations!), having your cookbook featured on the Target site is fantastic! You can taste the food just looking at the gorgeous photos!! The berry cobblers are calling to me. I love that they are cooked in ramekins for instant portion control and easy serving!

  24. Awesome! I can't wait to get this cookbook–everything looks delicious! 🙂 Love the cover too.