Overnight Oats in a Jar

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This easy overnight oats recipe is a fiber-rich, healthy breakfast that you can make ahead for busy mornings! The best part, there’s no cooking required!

Overnight oats in a mason jar (no cooking required)! A hearty healthy breakfast packed with fiber, vitamins, and nutrients.
Overnight Oats

Weekdays are hectic, so having a healthy breakfast that I can grab and eat on the go is a must. Overnight oats are perfect for meal prep, you can make a batch on Sunday to eat throughout the week.

How To Make Overnight Oats

Overnight Oats are easiest to make because they are no-cook breakfast. So instead of baking, cooking or microwaving the oats, they get soft overnight in the fridge. To make them simply combine oats with some milk, chia seeds and fruit and place them in a jar and refrigerate overnight. The next morning, add more fresh fruit and crunchy toppings and enjoy. I use Monk fruit or Stevia to sweeten them but you can sweeten them with whatever you prefer. A little brown sugar or maple syrup would also work, or leave the sweetener out completely.

Do you eat overnight oats hot or cold?

The answer is both! I usually let them sit out on my counter an hour while I go to the gym or get ready for my day to get the chill out. Some people like to heat them up in the microwave a few minutes, it’s totally up to you.

How Long Do Overnight Oats last

To make this for meal prep, you can double or quadruple the recipe. You can leave them in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.

Ingredients for oats

  • Oatmeal: Plain old-fashioned rolled oats or quick oats are best for making overnight oats. Do not use steel cut oats.
  • Liquid: For the liquid you can use water, 2% or low-fat milk or your favorite plant-based milk like oat milk, almond milk, etc.
  • Chia seeds: These tiny seeds are highly nutritious, and expand while they soak which helps give the oats a pudding-like texture.
  • Protein: If you want to add protein, add Greek yogurt, almond butter or a scoop of protein powder.
  • Sweetener: I use monk fruit sweetener or stevia, but you can also use honey or maple syrup to sweeten.
  • Toppings: Add fresh fruit and crunchy nuts or seeds, granola or spices like cinnamon or nutmeg. There are so many topping ideas and combinations, the possibilities are endless.

Overnight oats in a mason jar (no cooking required)! A hearty healthy breakfast packed with fiber, vitamins, and nutrients.

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Overnight oats in a mason jar (no cooking required)! A hearty healthy breakfast packed with fiber, vitamins, and nutrients.
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4.93 from 57 votes
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Overnight Oats

236 Cals 6 Protein 34.5 Carbs 10 Fats
Prep Time: 5 mins
Cook Time: 0 mins
Refrigerate: 8 hrs
Total Time: 8 hrs 5 mins
Yield: 1 serving
COURSE: Breakfast, Brunch
CUISINE: American
Overnight oats in a mason jar (no cooking required)! A hearty healthy breakfast packed with fiber, vitamins, and nutrients.


  • 1/4 cup quick oats, I prefer organic, you can use gluten-free
  • 1/2 cup almond milk, or milk of choice
  • 1/2 medium banana, sliced (use the other half as a topping)
  • 1/2 tbsp chia seeds
  • 1/2 cup blueberries, divided
  • monk fruit sweetener or stevia, to taste, or your favorite sweetener
  • pinch cinnamon

for the topping:

  • 1 tbsp chopped pecans, or any nuts or seeds


  • Place all the ingredient in a jar, shake, cover and refrigerate overnight.
  • The next morning, add your favorite crunchy toppings such as nuts, granola, etc and enjoy!



Serving: 1jar, Calories: 236kcal, Carbohydrates: 34.5g, Protein: 6g, Fat: 10g, Saturated Fat: 0.5g, Sodium: 95mg, Fiber: 8.5g, Sugar: 11.5g
WW Points Plus: 6
Keywords: Meal Prep Breakfast, overnight oatmeal, Overnight Oats, Overnight Oats in a Jar, overnight oats mason jar


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  1. This is the first time I have ever tried overnight oats. I used vanilla almond milk for me & 2% milk for my husband and left out the sweetener. I have made it with strawberries & mango as well, it’s a great quick breakfast!

  2. Finally, after years of looking at this recipe, I tried it this week (03.19.22) and I love it. 
    I changed 1/2 cup milk to 1/3 cup milk because the 1/2 cup milk was too liquidy for me. I’ve had it with frozen fruit: blueberries, raspberries and am going to try mangoes. 
    Its quick, easy and very tasty. 

  3. What is the difference when buying canned pumpkin? Some recipes say do not use pumpkin pie filling. I look on the store shelves and the cans say pumpkin pie puree. Is that the puree you use or what?

  4. I was skeptical – but man – these were so good! I normally eat 1 egg & 2 egg whites every morning and was afraid I would miss a freshly cooked hot breakfast – but didn’t at all. I modified the recipe slightly by using Caramel Premier Protein shake instead of milk; and used no other sweetener. I was afraid the banana would be mush, but it wasn’t. I prepared the night before around 6pm and ate them around 8am the next morning. Ate it cold with only a few minutes out of the frig beforehand. I’m hooked….

  5. Can you use steel cut oats in this recipe?

  6. Can I us old fashioned oats?

  7. Has anyone tested the least and the most amount of time you can let this sit in the fridge? I’m thinking it would be a great school lunch. If I make it morning of I am worried it won’t sit long enough, but if I make it night before it might be too mushy.

  8. Do the oats need to be placed in mason jars or can it be another container?

  9. What size mason jar is this 8 or 16 oz?

  10. These are my go to overnight oats! I make them all the time for my husband and I. They’re the perfect overnight consistency! Thank you for this one. <3

  11. I love easy breakfast. I used Pure Protein Vanilla shake instead of milk. I divided the shake in half to make 2 jars of oatmeal. And by using the shake I don’t have to add any sweeteners.

  12. I always avoided overnight oats because I prefer fewer points in the morning so that I don’t feel as limited during the day. This recipe (5 on blue) and my coffee is 7 points total and that seemed like a lot. Recently I really needed to change up my routine because I was struggling to stay on plan. I started doing overnight oats and can’t believe how full I feel after eating them. I think it’s definitely helping with my late day cravings and I rarely snack throughout the day. I’m sold and can’t believe I waited this long to make them a part of my breakfast routine. 

    • Meant to add, I leave out the sweetener and use unsweetened vanilla almond milk. It doesn’t change the points value and gives it a little bit of sweet taste. 

  13. This was delicious, I loved the texture, and I love that it can be tweaked to your preference. I didn’t have chia seeds (though I’d like to try them). I only used blueberries but added 1 tsp shredded coconut and a tsp of brown sugar instead of other sweetners and added a drip of vanilla extract and of course the cinnamon, so good. I’m going to make more for tomorrow morning.

  14. I was surprised how long time passed before I was hungry for lunch. This recipe is delectable when kicked up a notch with cinnamon! I’m going to add it to my weekly brekky plan.

  15. When would be the best time to add protein or collagen?

  16. Has anyone used Flax milk with this?

  17. I make this all the time. Absolutely love it.. I don’t use the banana(i don’t care for bananas) I put some slice almonds and craisins or raisins in mine and a little pure vanilla.

  18. This is my go-to breakfast. So many combinations with different berries and nuts. It is easy to put together, easy to pull out in the morning and I like it warmed in the microwave.

  19. A great grab and go breakfast that keeps you filled until lunch, and is perfect served chilled, especially in the heat of the summer.

  20. This is my go-to when I want a quick make ahead breakfast! I love just pulling it out in the morning and having such a great breakfast already made. 
    In the summer, this is fantastic with some fresh sliced peaches in addition to the blueberries and banana. I top with some homemade candied pecans 

  21. I used 15 min steel cut oats, the rest exactly the same.  My oatmeal seems like it’s not ready… kind of chewy… should I microwave them?

    • It’s best not to use steel-cut oats for overnight oats as they never fully soften without heat. Use rolled oats if you don’t have quick oats from what I’ve learned.

  22. These overnight oats were amazing! I used coconut milk instead of almond or skim and it tasted super yummy! I will definitely be making this again especially for rushed school mornings. 

  23. I was skeptical like many but these were so delicious! Had to use steel cut oats since my store was out but it still worked out great.

  24. Thank you very good, I put in the calories and etc. On my ww calculator it adds up to 8 blue smat points

    • You have to use recipe builder. 2 pts oats, 2pts nuts, 1 pt chia seeds. Everything else is 0 on blue

  25. I love these overnight oats. I have a container of steel cut oats in my cabinet, not sure what I bought them for but was wondering if I could use them in the overnight oats in a jar.

  26. These were delicious and filling

  27. Wow! This was so good! I’m not really a fan of oatmeal but this really surprised me. Everything was blended in nicely. I used about three cut up strawberries in place of blueberries because that’s all I had on hand. I doubled the quick oats and almond milk and added some brown sugar.  Tasted good cold too! It’s nice to come home from the gym and grab this out of refrigerator and eat when you’re specially starving. 😋. 

    • I love watching all the recipes. I made the overnight oats and it was delicious.

      • This is the best recipe I’ve come across for making overnight oats. I use  honey instead  of  stevia.  Easy, delicious & filling!!

  28. Great recipe easy to make and very filling 

  29. Do the points include the tbsp of nuts? Sorry if this was already answered!!

    Thank you and happy new year!

  30. Do the three purple points include the optional tablespoon of nuts?

  31. Great recipe but when I make it the amount looks so little….

    • I have been bulking up my overnight oats with some canned pumpkin or unsweetened applesauce and nonfat, plain Greek yogurt. I also add in some chopped frozen fruit. It keeps the points the same, but the serving is bigger. It keeps me full through lunch, which is huge for me! 

    • You can always bulk it up with some extra fruit! I love to add peaches

  32. This was my first attempt at overnight anything for breakfast and I’m not even a huge fan of oatmeal but I LOVED this recipe!  I’m so glad to have found Skinnytaste you have the best ideas and having the WW points and nutrition info is so great. Thank you!

  33. What size jar?

  34. I was looking to see how many calories might be in overnight oats made with almond milk and stumbled upon your recipe as the first one I looked at that mentioned calories involved. Turns out, your recipe is exactly how I make them AND we even use the same main jars!
    I make a batch of 6 on Sunday night so that my husband and I have breakfast on the go at work for 3 mornings each 🙂

  35. so flavorful and satisfying!

  36. I’d like to use old fashioned oats. Would this work? I was thinking adding more liquid would work? What do you think? Has anyone tried this with old fashioned oats?

  37. I make this at night but I also add chopped nuts and dates (and I chop cherries and add them too if I have them) and then in the morning I grind flax seeds and add them just before it is time to eat. So healthy and tasty.
    Sometimes I splurge and put a teaspoon of brown sugar or honey but usually not.

  38. I figured this with skim milk and I came out with 9 FS Points (including the nuts

  39. Hi. What size mason jar do you use? Thanks. 

  40. This is such a simple and delicious breakfast. I have added different spices or fruit to make it unique. What a great idea! Thanks Gina!

  41. I entered this into my WW app and its showing 1 pt per serving (4 services total) without the added nuts / etc. topping. But your notes indicate 5 smart points. I’m assuming this is different for free style? I just want to be accurate with my points! Thanks Gina, I love your recipes!

  42. I made this for a quick breakfast for both myself and my husband. It was so delicious, we both loved it. I was always hesitant about trying the overnight oats, boy am I glad I tried this one! 

  43. absolutely delicious and sooo easy, my only question is when I do the math for weight watchers I am getting 8 points not 5, can you tell me what I am doing wrong with calculations?

    • Hi Tricia! Are you using the recipe builder? The only accurate way to determine any recipe’s SmartPoints® value is to plug the ingredients into the recipe builder on the Weight Watchers website (Click on “My Foods,” select “Recipe,” and click “Create a recipe.”) which does not count fruits and vegetables in recipes in the calculations as they are now 0 points.

      The SmartPoints® calculator isn’t meant for recipes and will often give you the wrong points (usually higher) because it’s counting the fruits and vegetables. So if you see a recipe with a SmartPoints® value that’s different from what the calculator tells you, now you know why.

      • I get 8 point value also . Using the helpful nutritional information provided in the recipe, and plugging it into the smartpoints calculater — says 8 points. I wonder why the difference?

  44. I started eating oatmeal every day simply because I re-discovered how much I love the taste. After about two months of eating it, I went for my annual checkup. My doctor said in her 12 years of practice, she had never seen anyone with such perfect (textbook she said) results for their cholesterol. I knew it was the oatmeal, and I have been eating it for breakfast ever since. This recipe with chia seeds is new for me. But I can attest to the impact of oats on cholesterol levels, but most people do not believe me, because they think it’s too cheap an alternative. Sorry for them. I continue with oats. Thanks for the recipe.

  45. Wow! Love how easy and delicious this was. Could I put frozen fruit in? I’m not sure if it would water down anything by morning. I freeze a lot of my berries before they go bad. Could be a great way to use them.
    Thank you!!!

  46. Doesn’t putting the banana in at night make them (and the oatmeal) gummy/slimy and kinda gross? I just add sliced banana in the AM after I warm it up. I also make mine with chopped up dried fruit, and of course crunchy granola on top. I’ve also made overnight oatmeal with steel cut and it was fine. Not a fan of blueberries in it. They’re bitter to me and the texture (for me) is so gross. I have a thing with food textures. 

  47. How many ml should the jar be of?

  48. I really want to make these but don’t have chia seeds. Is there an alternative? If I omit them, with the texture be off? Thanks!!

  49. does the calorie count the adding in of the pecan topping? if so how much?

  50. I saw that you can warm this recipe up before eating for how long would you recommend to warm it up/

  51. Love this recipe! Such an easy way to meal prep breakfasts for at work. Thank you!

  52. I loved this with the exception of  the stevia, left a bad aftertaste. I will make it again, omitting the stevia extract and use a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar or no sweetener. I’m thinking the bananas and blueberries will probably add enough sweetness. The consistency of the oatmeal was PERFECT! Exactly how I like it! 

  53. I make these all the time. Can you use old fashioned oats instead of the quick oats? I just love these in the morning. I never know what to eat for breakfast, but this fits the bill very well. I will give yours a try.

    • Thanks for the delicious and easy recipe Gina! 
      I added a scoop of collagen powder too. Warmed it in the microwave for 1 minute, added raspberries and a drizzle of honey leaving out the stevia.  This recipe will be on repeat in this house! 

  54. It was delicious!  I did not have the Chia but made it with balance of ingredients.  Definitely easy and a quick breakfast.

  55. Can someone explain the plus sign involved after the points? It is listed as 5 points but then there is a plus 6. So, is this 11 points? Where does the plus six come in? Thanks so much for any response. I loved this recipe and want to continue with it. 

  56. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked this. Thanks! I appreciate all you do! This is my go-to recipe site, love it!!

  57. Gina, I have a similar cholesterol situation. How much oats did your brother eat each morning? I am petite but usually consume 1/2 c of raw oats oats. I do watch points as I am a ww lifetime, so I usually leave the chia out…may rethink that though! ? Thanks for the great recipes every week!

  58. On the overnight oatmeal, what can I substitute for the chia seeds?

    • You could use flaxseed instead but you don’t need to sub them for anything unless you want to. They add omega 3s (flax would too) but you won’t notice a big change in flavor if you leave them out. And for commenters above who arent crazy about bananas/blueberries, you could easily replace with another fruit like strawberries or raspberries or even raisins (though I’m not sure how that affects nutritional value). Great recipe, Gina!

  59. These are so good.  I don’t like blueberries, so I just used more banana.  I warmed them up for a minute in the microwave this morning and added 1t mini chocolate chips and 1t walnuts.  It was like hot banana bread—yummy!!

  60. What can I substitute for banana?  I hate them!

    • I hate bananas Donna – I didn’t find any answer that suggested a substitute so I guess we could just leave it out or perhaps add extra fruit – adjust points accordingly

  61. I make this with premier protein shake. You only need a 1/4 cup if that and it gives just enough sweetness. For weight watchers that’s zero points. I use 1/2 pint jars and the good thing about these is that you can make them using anything you want. I sometimes put a small spoonful of fat free cool whip on top. Yumm

  62. it was awesome and so easy!

  63. Omg!!!! So darn great!!! Thank you so much! A joy to eat! I used 1/2 banana and no chia. I brought it with me to work and it was amazing. Thank you!!

  64. Can we substitute coconut milk for almond milk??

  65. I was skeptical. Cold oats? This was incredibly delicious! I took the suggestion of letting it go to room temperature, but thinking it would not have mattered as the flavors made it taste like dessert.  My new make ahead go-to. Thanks!!!

  66. Can this be warmed in the microwave?

  67. Thank you for this recipe, I just put a jar in my fridge!  Is there a substitute I may use for the chia seeds as I do not have that ingredient on hand. Many thanks!

  68. Why chia seeds? Can I sub flaxseed, which I already have around the house? How do the flavors differ? Do the chia seeds thicken it up?

    Thank you.

  69. Can you use regular rolled oats not quick cooking??

  70. Delicious idea! However, I calculated the calories for all ingredients and got 342 calories, not 243.

  71. Hi Gina,
    Can you use water, or have you tried, I don’t have any milk in fridge?
    I am new to this


  72. I have had these for the past 3 mornings. Fixed the recipe to a tee, using a tiny bit of stevia as my sweetener. These are amazing! Tonight I added pumpkin spice instead of regular cinnamon and am excited to try. I too am trying to lower my cholesterol and this helps me stay full and healthy throughout the day. Thanks so much for the recipe!!

  73. Gina, i was recently diagnosed with high cholesterol. I’m 29.I love hearing that your brother had success with lowering his without medication. My doctor gave me 3 months to try before meds. I’m so glad I came across this recipe and heard your brothers story. Gives me hope! Thank you. I have been using your recipes for years and couldn’t live without them 🙂

  74. Mine actually came out to 4 freestyle points, this is so delicious tastes like desert ?

  75. Yummy ? this was sooo delicious 

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  82. for extra protein I’m going to try and add a scoop of vital protiens collagen peptides… have you ever added protien powder to the milk? thx

  83. I’ve been making it for hubby & myself almost every night. I use reg. oats, 1/2% milk & water, stevia, & cinn. He’s up at 4:30 so he can pop it in micro. and he’s good to go. He likes it plain, I like the fruit & nuts. It’s very filling, easy if it’s prepared overnight, and very satisfying. I prefer the reg. oat over quick oats, can’t get into the Irish steel cut oats. Maybe one day….

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  85. This recipe is great!  Satisfying and feels like dessert, much prefer over warm oatmeal.
    I don’t use stevia, instead use 4-5 drops of vanilla extract and then leave out the nuts and put 1 1/4 tsp maple syrup.  Keeps it at 5 points but sweetens it so tastes like a treat.
    I make it at night for the next 2 days and keeps fine, longer than that it starts to be too mushy.
    I also use 1/2 banana and skim milk which I prefer.
    It is 5 freestyle points, 2 for the oats, 1 for the chia, 1 for the skim milk, and 1 for the maple syrup.
    Thanks for another tasty recipe, I’m finally enjoying cooking healthy, the WW recipes just weren’t up my ally.

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  87. I made this last night for my sister and me, we both loved it. I forgot about the nuts, so it knocked off a point. Will definitely be making it more often. Afte reading all the comments I think I would like to try it with Fage one time and with the rolled Rhy another time, and maybe some protein power another time. I’m all set. Oh, and cherries must try that too!! Thank you, Gina, for the recipe.

  88. Absolutely fantastic! I’ve been making these for my hubby and I! I switch up the recipe from time to time and use pecans, walnuts, coconut and vanilla extract!

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  90. So have we resolved point count?

  91. Thanks for the recipe! I also don’t do yogurt as the base for my overnight oats (lactose intolerant) – but mashing up a banana into the oats gets the same kind of creamy yogurt texture and some great flavor. Try it out!

  92. Made this over the weekend for company, one of which was vegan. They all loved it! Thanks Gina!

  93. I love this recipe but am looking for a way to add more protein, any suggestions?

    • I make mine with 1/2 cup oats, 1 scoop of protein powder, one cup of almond milk and then whatever fruit/flavors I want like cocoa, strawberries, bananas, etc. With the protein powder I use, they aren’t grainy or chalky, you can’t even tell there’s protein powder in there! It gives me an extra 18 grams.

    • I use 1/3 cup oats, 1/3 cup almond milk and 1/3 cup 0% or 2% Greek yogurt and half cup berries. This gives it a nice protein boost and the Greek yogurt is great for lowering cholesterol along with the oats. 

    • Use cow’s milk instead of almond milk, make it 0% fat and you will have no grams of fat, add a dollop of yogurt, and if you also want to do your eyes a favor boil some eggs and have a hard-boiled egg as well. The yolk in eggs is the vitamin bullet that is packed with all those vitamins that protect our eyes from macular degeneration such as Lutein and Zeaxanthin. Almond milk has almost no protein and minimal calcium. If you need to use plant foods then go for soy milk which has much higher levels of protein.

      • My unsweet almond milk has 10% more calcium than 1% milk, which is what my husband drinks. Literally just opened the fridge and compared the two. It’s true that it has less protein, but I don’t need to drink my protein when I get plenty from other sources. Almond milk is less likely to flare my acne, cause GI issues due to lactose intolerance, or contribute to my seasonal allegies by inflammating my sinuses. Soy is a suspected endocrine disruptor which can negatively affect hormones and fertility. It also tastes horrible IMO. We all have unique dietary needs. What works for you isn’t going to work for everyone. If it’s important to anyone on this thread what fat, calories, sugar and other nutrients make up the most common and popular “milks”, I found this chart illuminating.


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  95. I made this and it was really good. Will make it again! I made it without nuts and came up with 3 fsp.

  96. What could be used in place of blueberries?

  97. Can you eliminate the banana and use more blueberries?

  98. Love this recipe, it is especially great for meal planning. I usually make up 4-6 of these for the week (for my husband & I to share). I’ve substituted frozen cherries for the blueberries, and it is very good.

    • I was hoping to see that someone meal prepped these! Good to know they will last a few days in the fridge. Thanks!

  99. Have you tried overnight oats with rolled Rye instead of oats? They sell it at Whole Foods in the bulk area. Really delicious!

  100. How long will these last as a meal prep?

  101. I do something similar every morning, I use half of a banana, rolled Oats, almonds, sunflower seeds, unsweetened vanilla milk, cranberries and walnuts. 

  102. Can I use regular skim milk instead of the almond milk?  I live in the dairy state. Have to keep our dairy farmers happy. ????

  103. Loved it! Nice consistency, full of flavor, easy to make!

  104. I bought quick cook steel cut oats???   I heard steel cut healthier. 
    Will it still work?  I guess I’ll find out tomorrow morning:-)

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  106. I threw together 4 last night with things I had in the house I only had to go find the Chia seeds at the store. I did substitute Splenda and used mixed fruit I had in the freezer, that I chopped up also nuked my chopped banana for 30 seconds because it wasn’t even close to being ripe… I did put them together individually into a large mason jar so I can give it a good shake. Then dumped it into two smaller jars I had. Then doubled it and left it in the large mason jar. We ate it this morning it is fantastic can’t wait to try it with peanut butter or cocoa or maybe even fresh cantaloupe.

  107. As a teacher on the go (with little time to stop and eat), this has quickly become my FAVORITE breakfast! I eat it alongside my class at their morning snack time and it is absolutely delicious. BTW, I don’t usually care for oatmeal, but this gem of a recipe makes it not only palatable, but something that I have come to crave…a MUST try recipe!

  108. Is this 5 points with the new flex points?

  109. Is this still 5 points?

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  111. How many jars could I make at one time? Do they last a while in the fridge? Thanks!

  112. I didn’t raven notice until I’d made this a few times that your recipe calls for quick oats. I’ve been making it with regular rolled oats with great success. I add a little dribble of vanilla and a drizzle of real maple syrup as the sweetener. Love this and so does my hubby. 

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  114. Hi Gina,

    Do you recommend frozen or fresh blueberries?

  115. Could you use steel cut oats?

  116. This was very tasty! Thank you!

  117. Which Nunaturals stevia drops do you use? Does the bottle say alcohol free?

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  119. Could you microwave these to warm them up? I can’t stand cold oatmeal, but would love the convenience and health benefits of non-processed oatmeal in the morning!

  120. Hi Gina, 
    When I put the info into Recipe builder, it says for a serving it’s 8 Smartpoints, which is correct?

  121. Are the oats still good if you make them in advanced by two days, or does it need to be the night before?

    • I make mine Sunday night for the week by putting all the dry ingredients together. Each night I add my fruit and almond milk.  

    • I’ve made several days worth of overnight oats (maybe three or four at a time) compete with liquids and other we ingredients and had no issues with them.

  122. What size “jar?”

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  125. Do the 5 Smart Points include the topping (1 tbsp of pecans)?

  126. Gina – when I use the points calculator for smart points, it’s 8 points, not 5!!!! Big difference.! Can you clarify? Thx

    • Yes! The only accurate way to determine any recipe’s SmartPoints® value is to plug the ingredients into the recipe builder on the Weight Watchers website (Click on “My Foods,” select “Recipe,” and click “Create a recipe.”) which does not count fruits and vegetables in recipes in the calculations as they are now 0 points.

      The SmartPoints® calculator isn’t meant for recipes and will often give you the wrong points (usually higher) because it’s counting the fruits and vegetables. So if you see a recipe with a SmartPoints® value that’s different from what the calculator tells you, that is why.

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  128. On the oatmeal in a jar is it cooked oatmeal or raw

  129. No one seems to want to answer the question about warming it up! It’s been asked and ignored several times and I don’t think it’s a stupid question, I’d like to know also. ?????

  130. Will steel cut oats work ? ????

  131. Love this quick and easy breakfast recipe. I just joined WW last week and stumbled upon some of your recipes. So happy I found you!

  132. Can i make a couple days worth like 4 or 5?

    • i found that strawberries start to taste mushy on day 3. blueberries and bananas are ok. i make it 2-3 days worth at a time and put strawberries in the first batch.

  133. Got it!!! Your right
    And this was so GOOD!!! Thank you

  134. I just put the nutrition info in my WW calculator and it says 8sp????

    • The only accurate way to determine any recipe’s SmartPoints® value is to plug the ingredients into the recipe builder on the Weight Watchers website (Click on “My Foods,” select “Recipe,” and click “Create a recipe.”) which does not count fruits and vegetables in recipes in the calculations as they are now 0 points.

      The SmartPoints® calculator isn’t meant for recipes and will often give you the wrong points (usually higher) because it’s counting the fruits and vegetables. So if you see a recipe with a SmartPoints® value that’s different from what the calculator tells you, that is why.

  135. Hi Gina- I absolutely love this recipe but I do not think 5 SP is correct. WW’s calculator comes out to 8 SP as well as the recipe builder. Is it possible the 5 SP is wrong? Thank you! Love your site!

    • The only accurate way to determine any recipe’s SmartPoints® value is to plug the ingredients into the recipe builder on the Weight Watchers website (Click on “My Foods,” select “Recipe,” and click “Create a recipe.”) which does not count fruits and vegetables in recipes in the calculations as they are now 0 points.

      The SmartPoints® calculator isn’t meant for recipes and will often give you the wrong points (usually higher) because it’s counting the fruits and vegetables. So if you see a recipe with a SmartPoints® value that’s different from what the calculator tells you, that is why.

  136. How big of a jar do I need to fit all the ingredients?

  137. what size jars are these/ do you recommend?

  138. I love this recipe so much and actually crave it. I do have one problem. Recipe states that it is 5 smart points. However when I put it in WW recipe builder, it says 4 smart points. When I put calories, fat, etc. into the WW calculator it says 8 smart points.  What am I doing wrong or is thus calculated a different way. Please help, I really don’t want to give this up.

    • The WW calculator does not work correctly since fruits and veggies have calories, it will always give you a higher point. Always use your recipe builder, if it says 4 then go with 4. Brands vary in points so perhaps it is off 1 point based on one of the ingredients you are using.

      • Gina,
        Thank you for clearing that up for me. I am addicted to my Overnight Oats and was afraid I was going to have to give them up. 
        Thank you,

  139. Can you use old fashioned oats instead of quick oats? 

  140. Do I have to grind the flax seeds before I put them in overnight oats?

    • I don’t. I put a spoonful of whole seeds in every jar I make. It really helps my eczema and I like the little crunch they give. 

  141. My son is allergic to cow’s milk so we ALWAYS have either coconut or almond milk. I made this with sweetened coconut milk instead of almond. Delicious!!!! I will definitely add this into my breakfast rotation!!!!!


  142. What is the recommended size of the jar??  The regular 16oz.??

  143. P.S. I also appreciate that this recipe is completely non-dairy and also doesn’t use non-dairy yogurts, which I have never liked.

  144. Just tried this recipe for the first time, and really liked it. I had everything on hand except for a banana, so I cut up a couple of strawberries instead. Also had rolled oats, not quick oats. The rolled oats were fine, and I prefer them over quick oats anyway. Thanks for the new healthy breakfast option! 

  145. How long will it last in the fridge?  Can I make 5 jars for the week?

    • I have a recipe thats similar. I make 3 pint size mason jars by cutting it in half and alternate oat days (carbs) with omlette days ( protein).

  146. Has anyone tried this with old fashioned oats instead of quick cooking?

  147. Does anyone know by chance how many smart points this is? I love making this for breakfast!

  148. Could this be warmed up ?

  149. This was excellent as most of your recipes are! I have been meaning to try this for a while. I wish I didn't wait so long.

  150. I was excited to make this bought oats yesterday from Trader Joe's then realized it said quick cook steal oats. Would that work for this recipe? If not then what kind is best to use?

  151. What would the SmartPoints be for this recipe. Is there any saturated fat?

  152. I love this recipe. But I changed it slightly to make it a quick make in the morning. Put 1/3 cup oats in a bowl with some water (about same ratio for cooking rice). Microwave for 2 minutes (water should be fully absorbed) add frozen fruit (I love blueberries and mangos or blueberries and fresh cut apples), any combination of fresh and frozen fruit will do. Add 1 container of Danon light and fit greek yogurt. MIx. The frozen fruit will quickly thaw and cool down the oats. Let sit for about 1-2 minutes, then eat. YUM!!! Ready in 3-5 minutes. Slightly more calories than Gina's recipe, but hey it's the most important meal of the day, right!!! About 350 calories.

  153. Just tried this recipe! OMG, why would anyone buy those instant packages?!?! This was sooo good and naturally sweet. I loved every spoonful <3


    PS: I also used rolled gluten free oats – worked great!

  154. I'm quite sure chia seeds are overall much better than flax seeds. However, you will have to see which suits you better in terms of the nutrition they have. If you are more for the texture, you will not be able to feel the (grounded)flax seed because of the liquid, i have not heard about the none grounded version and am not too sure about that(whether you can even buy it), chia seeds will expand thus being kinda like tapioca pearls but are harder on the inside but softer on the outside. Chia seeds are pretty small so most people usually swallow them.

  155. Hi Gina! Have you ever tried warming this up in the morning or have you always eaten it cold?

  156. I love this and just wanted to mention that it works just as well with grits! I am allergic to oats- anyone else with an oat allergy, try grits!

  157. I was wondering if i can use quick 3 min steel cut oats. I heard steel cut is healthier than reg oats

  158. this was really amazing! I'm so glad I finally tried it. so easy and filling! didnt have a banana but it was great anyway. thanks for all of the recipes!

  159. This was excellent. The peanut butter didn't distribute as well as anticipated but it was fun to have differing spoonfuls – PB surprise in some, others not. Also a geat way to incorporate chia instead of just mixing with yogurt.

  160. Gina I cannot tell you enough how much I love your site. It has grown so much since you first started, and I know that you get hundreds of comments per post, but I appreciate what you do. I am a believer in the "old points" system, so I am so glad that you continue to calculate the old points too. I know that there is more people out there that appreciate that too, so please keep doing it! Your site is amazing! Congrats to you on its growth and keep up the great work! Bless you and happy new year!

  161. I just tried this today and it was WONDERFUL! I didn't add any Chia because I am not a fan, I increased the banana to 1/2 and added just a small amount of honey, and left of any topping. I then put it into two smaller jars and had one for breakfast and saved one for desert! It was DELICIOUS!

  162. mine was runny, is that normal

  163. Does the topping count in the points value?

  164. Hi Gina! What size jars do you use for this? I'm trying to buy online and think the 16 oz jars?

  165. I made this last night and just finished eating it…OMG, I want some more!! I added a little more than a dash of cinnamon and used splenda to sweeten it. I also used unsweetened vanilla almond milk. So so yummy!! Thanks Gina!!

  166. Do you think this would be too heavy for a pre-workout breakfast? My class is more mid morning than early so I sometimes like to eat beforehand.

  167. I love your website and recipes and use it almost exclusively. I just bought your cookbook and it is also wonderful! Can you explain about the chia seeds? I don't know the benefits or the calories? I already tried the PB and J oats in a jar.. very good and tasty! Thanks so much for your wonderful work! 🙂

  168. Can I heat this up in the morning, cold sounds gross to me but I love the idea of having it ready in the frig

  169. I am on low carb diet, would also need an alternative for oats :-(! Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!!!

  170. Anyone used steel cut oats?

  171. Thank you for this recipe — it looks wonderful. What sized jar are you using? Is it 8oz or 16oz?

  172. I didn't have the chia seeds is that why is was like soup instead of oatmeal? It was tasty but like oatmeal soup.

  173. I just made "my" version of this. I used strawberries instead of blueberries and I cut my banana into quarters. I put mine in my shaker cup for protein drinks. Can't wait to dig in in the morning!!! Also…I found Chia seeds at Meijer…it was like $6 or $7…they were in the isle with rice n quinoa n barley.

  174. I made this with strawberries and blueberries. Oh my! Yummm!

  175. Do the points include the nuts on top?

  176. I made this last night and just ate it…OMG it was amazing! The only thing I changed was that I used agave syrup. So yummy, I could eat this every day!

  177. My grand daughter and I have this all summer with the fruit of the season. I use vanilla yogurt and she enjoys putting it together!

  178. Just made this and it was perfect. No stevia, so I used brown sugar. My son is not a blueberry guy, so he made his with apples and bananas instead. I'm at work and he's at home this morning, but I'm excited to find out how he liked it. He's only 5, so we are calling it "cookie soup". If this works, we may have a new healthy breakfast on our menu. Thanks Gina!

  179. I used rolled oats, left out the bananas and sweetener and it was really tasty! It is so quick and effortless to throw together that I will be making these every night. I love that you can customize these to your liking.

  180. You should try Sweetleaf 100% Natural Stevia Sweetener from Wisdom Natural Brands, it is made from only high grade stevia leaves and cool, purified water from leaf to packet. No chemicals, no alcohols, no erythritol, no ethanol or methanol, no aspartame, no sucralose, no maltodextrin, no dextrose, no additives, period. Non-GMO, allergen free and gluten free.

  181. how many raw oats did your brother eat?

  182. I haven't used any other stevia since discovering NuNaturals. I get chia seeds from Trader Joe's but will look for them at Costco, too. I like my oatmeal warm, and I guess this would work heated, too. I also don't love bananas and will try it without. Thanks for another great recipe, Gina!

  183. Can you make this without banana? I have a histamine intolerance and bananas dont agree well with me.

  184. I loved this! I know this is an older post but I just found it. I was looking for something to use my new Qi'a cereal with (Nature's Path sells a mix of chia, hemp and buckwheat seeds called Qi'a and I found it at Costco). I was just wondering if you thought it would taste just as good if I heated it up in the morning instead of eating it cold. The weather is getting cooler now and I can't see myself eating cold cereal with the winter months coming. . .

  185. I made this last night and I this morning it tastes almost carbonated. Don't get me wrong it's great but the fruit especially almost burns my tongue. I used frozen mixed berries in place of bananas.

  186. This is absolutely delicious! It has become my go to breakfast for the past 3 days. I made it for my husband who normally doesn't like whole oats and he really liked it. I've made it with blueberries and strawberries, delicious either way. Thank you for such yummy and healthy recipes.

  187. I made this last night for breakfast today and it was great! I didn't even use any sweetener. The only problem was the portion was so small. I'd like to double it, but I worry about the extra calories 🙁

  188. As a long-time "standard" oatmeal lover, I have to say that I was wary of making this. But I just had it for breakfast, and it was so GOOD! I also made the chia pudding yesterday and now I want to put chia in everything!

    Yum, thanks for yet another great recipe. Your cooking makes it into some aspect of our day almost 7 days a week!

  189. Are the nuts included in the 245 calories?

  190. I ate this for breakfast every morning last week! I also subbed flax seeds for the chia seeds, and I changed up the fruit in each one. I also used honey to sweeten and added Greek yogurt for texture. BUT, the basic recipe was the same. It is difficult to believe that these are actually good for you because they taste so good! I made them on Sunday and had breakfast for all 5 week days!

  191. Can you use steel cut oats instead?

  192. YUM! Made this for breakfast for today using a banana and some champagne mangoes. Delicious!

  193. That is delicious! It will be my new favorite breakfast.

  194. Saw this link on the MyFitnessPal website. I've tried to choke down oatmeal over the years, for some reason I've never been successful, something about the consistency, I like oats in general. Tried making this last night and just finished it. I ate the whole thing. I'll admit the consistency still got to me, but not as much as oatmeal the conventional way. I'll make this again. Thanks.

  195. If you use ground flax seeds you get a much higher nutritional benefit.

  196. I was so excited to try the NuNaturals then researched it and saw it has maltodextrin in it. Not good at all for my hubby who is pre-diabetic. I will have to find another brand a little more natural. Thanks for your amazing recipies!

    • Get the sugar free torani coffee flavors and try this instead of the stevia it nunaturals. This should work and taste very good. 

  197. THIS IS AMAZING!!! I made it last night to take to the gym with me for a quick breakfast before my workout! WOW! It might be my new favorite…..

  198. This is my regular morning breakfast, tweaked a bit for my taste. I use large flake oats because I like the chewy texture. I usually just soak the oats and chia seeds in soy milk for about an hour since I normally forget to prepare it the night before. Works fine!
    I love coconut greek yogurt, so I enough to make it creamy and then some sliced fresh pineapple. Pina Colada Oats…so good!

  199. ok… i almost hate to post this here, because i feel like i must be an idiot if i cant make overnight oats… but i have made this 3 times now, and i get no 'expansion' overnight?? the mixture is just as watery, and looks just the same as it did when i made it. 1st i thought i had just really old oats that were 'dead' lol… but then i bought new oats yesterday, made 2.. and same result. the only other variable i can think of is i put a lid on the container, not just a piece of saran wrap laid over… so maybe there needs to be some oxygen exchange? sounds silly, but its the only thing i can think of. all the pictures i find online, it looks like the jar went from 1/2 full to full, with the oats (and chia seeds) expanding overnight… is this the correct premise?

    • Hello, it should be expanding. I make mine with the lid on it and have no problems. What kind of oats are you using ? 

  200. Just want to say that I made this for breakfast and it was one of the best I've ever had! mmm! I think I will make one for tomorrow too! -Steph

  201. This looks fab! I just whipped up my first batch and it's waiting for me in the fridge. Quick question, though: the nutritional info you posted- does that include the "optional" pecans or no?


  202. I never comment on these kinds of things but WOW. This was amazing. I added plenty of cinnamon and a little cardamom and did blueberries and slivered almonds. Amazing.

  203. So enjoyed these this morning! Another winner Gina.

  204. Could you make 5 for the week or do you think that is too long in the fridge?

  205. Could you make 5 for the week or do you think that is too long in the fridge?

  206. tried this out and it was delicious! i used frozen blueberries so it turned a light purple and looked really cute! then put a pink ribbon around it! very cute for a weekend breakfast!

  207. Heyy, i did it in a completely different way.
    Rice milk
    Coconut flakes
    2 chopped almonds
    No blueberries pecans and no banana
    You should try to do it this way!

  208. Does anyone have any good suggestions on how to add a little more protein into the mix? Not so much to bring up the calories, but enough to keep me full a little bit longer. I was thinking of some protein powder, but I usually have that later on in the day. Thanks for this great idea!

  209. What a great story about your brother!! I love cooked oats but am definitely going to try them raw. I don't have high cholesterol but you know, prevention is the best medicine 🙂

  210. This might be a really stupid question – but do you cook the oats first in the microwave, then mix it all together and refrigerate it? Or mix it uncooked?

  211. Trader Joe's carries the Chia seeds. Yummy

  212. Yum. I made this last night and had it for breakfast. I didn't have chia seeds, and my jar must've been too small because I couldn't fit blueberries, but it was delicious with banana and cinnamon. I used agave nectar instead of stevia and fat free half-and-half because I was out of skim milk. It was SO creamy. I also used old fashioned oats. So good, thanks for the recipe! Do you know if fat free half and half changes the points?

    • Of course it changes the points!!! Have you read the ingredients of fat-free half and half? Corn syrup and preservatives.

  213. are you supposed to eat it cold…. or are you supposed to put it in the microwave?…. i know kind of a dumb question

  214. So good! I really consider this a technique and not a recipe. I have made substitutions for what I had in the house, still following the general guidelines and they all turn out good. Sometimes I only have dried fruit, so in it goes. It plumps up overnight and it great. Sometimes I only have cow's milk instead of almond. Still good.

  215. What's the difference (if any) between quick oats and regular rolled oats? All we have is rolled oats.

    • Quick oats are cut smaller so they absorb liquid quicker. However, they are also digested quicker- better to use traditional rolled oats as it is low GI and works the same is you leave overnight.

  216. Loved this. We regularly use sweetened vanilla almond milk so I used that and was able to cut back on sweetener. I used a drop of agave but next time may even skip it. I only had frozen blueberries so my whole jar turned blue but it still tasted just as good. I'm going to try this using different fruits and jams and work this into a regular morning rotation.

    I found chai seeds at Trader Joes.

  217. I just tried this for breakfast this morning and it was awesome I used the plastic bell jar and it worked great used the chia seeds too and used the whole banana cause I didn't have berries. I am going to make your pumpkin butter today and see how that turns out. Your site is awesome.

  218. Hi Gina, this is brilliant !
    never thought it tastes sooooo good and yeah, i'm no longer get hungry in the morning. i'd love to recommend this recipe to my friends 🙂

  219. Can you use steele cut oats instead?

    • I was thinking the same but I have serious doubts about it since they are heartier. I feel like the heat is required. Yes? I’d be happy to be wrong on this one!! 

      • I have used the quick cook steel cut oats with great success. They are cut a bit smaller than traditional steel cut and work just fine.

  220. Hi Gina, I just ran across this recipe last night. I've been eating oatmeal as my breakfast recently & was looking for new ways to prepare it. I have to admit I was skeptical at first but I ate this for breakfast this morning. MMM! mmm!, it was very tasty. It's definitely going into my list of go-to breakfast options. I already have some in the fridge for tomorrow.

  221. So do you microwave this or eat it cool or at room temp?

  222. Just put mine in the fridge for in the morning 🙂

  223. I'm so glad you mentioned NuNaturals.. all stevia is NOT created equal. Their's is the only one I like the taste of. 🙂

  224. Wow, this looks amazing! Just put some in the fridge; can't wait to try it in the morning with my coffee 🙂 Yum! I substituted some flax seeds and added in a dollop of local honey.

  225. How long can you keep in the fridge? I would like to make a couple for the week, but not sure how long it will be good for.

  226. I was a little hesitant about the idea of cold oatmeal, but now that I've tried it this way it's going to be hard to go back!
    I'm not a huge fan of milk, so my first go at the overnight oats was a bit too runny for me. Now I'm using equal parts of oatmeal and milk and the consistency is much creamier, just how I like it. 🙂
    My favorite combination is bananas, blueberries, blackberries and some fresh peaches from the orchard. Mmm, what a way to start my summer mornings! Thank you Gina!

  227. I used to buy the oatmeal soaked in milk and fruits/nuts from Au bon Pain, however, not only is it pricey for a tiny cup but its also super sweet. So, i wanted to try to make it at home to see how it tasted like. Last night i found some old-fashioned oatmeal in my pantry and decide to make it for today's bkfast. Threw together in a jar the oatmeal (didnt measure how much but id say about half cup), sliced green and red grapes, raisins, slivered raw almonds, agave as sweetener, pinch of cinnamon and topped it all with fat free milk. This morning i was so happy to eat it coz its just so delicious and i feel like im eating something really good for me. Ill try to find chia seeds and will definitely try with othet fruits as well. Highly recommended!!!

  228. I love oatmeal in the mornings before going to the gym but living in the desert, during the summers the last thing I want is something hot. This is perfect!! And even the sometimes picky boyfriend enjoyed this this weekend. Now planning to play with other fruits to mix things up.

  229. Wanted to try this recipe but I was just wondering where are the 10.5gm of fat coming from? I'm trying to avoid my fat intake so I was wondering if there's a way for me to substitute. I was thinking maybe it's from the added nuts or the vanilla milk but I just wanted to make sure. Thank you!

  230. I have been eating cracked & toasted oats, will these work as well?

    whole and will go out the same way. You will get no nutritional value from them unless ground first.

  232. If you think oatmeal is good at lowereing cholesterol, you should try barley flakes or rolled barley. it comes in quick or old fashioned, both with twice the cholesterol lowering beta-glucans as oats. www.westerntrailsfood.com

  233. Gina, How long do these last in the refrigerator? If they sit in the fridge for more than a day, will they get too soggy? Thanks!

  234. Hi – I wrote earlier but don't see my post or response. I'm wondering how long this will last…i.e. can you make a bigger batch and have it for a couple of days or will it get too soggy?

  235. Delicious. I love oatmeal, and love having a new way to eat it other than typical stove top. I added a little too much stevia to it for my liking, but my fault not yours!! So good.

  236. I love this! I added cinnamon and organic blue agave with blueberries, 12 almonds, blackberries and raspberries. It keeps me full forever! thanks for the great Idea. Ps. I did the greek yougart. it wasn't bad!

  237. What size canning jar did you use for this amount? I'm wondering if my jars are too small… Does the mixture expand as it soaks? I'm excited to try this recipe – I love oatmeal in the winter, but at 100 degree+ summer weather, hot oats are not very appetizing! Thank you!!!

  238. Are you all eating this oatmeal cold ?

  239. Could you make some in advanced? Like maybe 3 jars at one time? Would it still be good on the 3rd day?

  240. How far ahead can you prepare these? Can I make three at for three morning's breakfast?

  241. I had this for breakfast this morning and I thought it wouldn't be enough to keep me full all morning, but it did! Definitely making this a morning staple!

  242. I just had this for breakfast and it was…. decent… not too bad. But I guess I should blame that on me. I didn't have fresh blueberries so I put in frozen ones so they would thaw overnight. I also didn't have chia seeds so I skipped that. And I don't like bananas… next time I'll use different fruits… anyone have any ideas?

  243. I love this recipie! It's delicious and keeps me full until lunch or my next snack. It's super easy and great for busy mornings. I make it in the containers that come with the magic bullet, works perfect. Must try!

  244. WOW this was good! Love the blueberry/banana/cinnamon flavor combination. I only added about half the stevia because I like my oatmeal a little less sweet, and it was perfect! Can't wait to make this again and again with other fruit combinations!

  245. I'm curious about the size jar you use. Is this a pint size jar, or the smaller jelly jar size?

  246. Love it!!! I tried it and was amazed!

  247. I'm curious to try this. I've never had cold oatmeal before. In fact, I haven't even heard about it until I found this recipe on ZipList. I'm experimenting with different ways to prepare oatmeal. I just tried baked and loved it. But the recipe was not a healthy one. Now I want to try this one, but I don't have any chia seeds or liquid Stevia. I figure I can just leave out the chia for now, but I'm not sure what to sub for the sweetener, or how much to sub since I don't know what 4-5 drops is equivalent to. What I'm considering is maple syrup, honey, or the packets of Stevia. Can someone tell me what would be best and how much I should use?

    BTW, I made your baked potato soup recipe today and it was delicious!

  248. Gina – thanks for this! Its become a staple of our daily routine. It's so easy that hubby makes us both a serving the night before and eats his before he's out the door in the morning. This makes me feel good because he suffers high cholesterol. If it weren't as easy and convenient as it is he totally wouldn't do it – so a million THANKS!

  249. I have 2 of these in my refrigerator for my husband and I to have for breakfast. I can't wait!!!! LOVE your site 🙂 You make it so easy to eat healthy and have it taste GOOD! Thank you 🙂

  250. Do you eat the oats cold?

  251. Finally got a chance to try this today. While my jar did not look as good as your pictures, it tasted very good. Used 1/2 teaspoon as my sweetner. No nuts. Used blackberries and raspberries. Didn't like the blackberries however. Will try it again and use strawberries. Thanks for your wonderful recipes. Keep up the good work.

  252. This is such an awesome recipe!!!! I'm totally diggin' it!! I've made it several times since seeing this recipe and it is perfect! Thanks for yet another winner!

  253. Gina,
    I have a sensitivity to oats. What would you recommend to substitute for oats in recipes such as this and granola?

  254. Made this last night and had it for breakfast this morning–wonderful taste and very filling. I'm a little confused of the points+ value. Is it really 6? I calculate 3-4 points. Thank you, Gina!

  255. ok… I do not like oatmeal. I have tried it several times in the last 10 yrs thinking maybe it would grow on me. I really want to eat better and thought I would give this a try! WOW! I am sitting here eating this while I am typing! This is amazing! I love it!
    I made mine with unsweetened coconut milk from Trader Joe, frozen blueberries (no banana )and bought the Chia seed at the Vitamin Shoppe last night. It tastes amazing! This is my new breakfast!
    Thanks so much for posting this recipe and thanks for all the comments on how to change it up!

  256. Gina this has been such a great addition in our house. I started making this for myself as a means of getting into some better eating habbits. I'm quite bad for skipping meals sometimes. Especially breakfast! My husband became a huge fan as well. and I have now passed along the recipe to my co-workers, friends, parents, patients, and a running club. As a side note, by having this for breakfast at least 5 times a week I've dropped 5 lbs! Thank you!

  257. Gina, this is my new favorite breakfast. It is so easy. I am on vacation right now but can't wait to make it on my first morning back to work! It will save me tons of time and give me a great start to the day:)

  258. Everyone in the family loved this! Even my picky oatmeal eater. We used brown sugar instead of stevia (don't have any). Thanks!!!!!

  259. Made this last night with vanilla almond milk and left out the sweetener. Had to wait for the chia seeds since Dr Oz has helped wipe out supplies everywhere. Loved it, ate it super cold because a) it's a habit of mine, and b) it's HOT out! Looking forward to it tomorrow!

  260. I have been seeing overnight oats on Pinterest and wanted to try them, so when you posted your recipe I knew I could trust it. I was so happy this morning, thanks again.

  261. Thanks Gina!! Love this recipe, so delicious! I found a ground chia & flax seed mixture and have been using that, so good! I also use agave nectar as that's what I have on hand. Great with the strawberries that are in season now.

  262. Thank you for this recipe. I am allergic to eggs and always look for breakfast ideas that don't involve them!

  263. This has been the best and the easiest breakfast I've ever had. I feel full long after I've eaten it. Thanks so much!!!!!

  264. Wasn't sure at first, but I had all the ingredients (except chia seeds, so I left them out) and decided to give it a try. So glad I did! It was very tasty and a nice change of pace. Thanks for sharing!

  265. would a batch made at one time keep in the fridge for a few days?

  266. I'm looking forward to making this for breakfast as I just learned where to buy chia seeds nearby…GNC! I did a bit of research on chia seeds and was delighted to learn it has sooo many health benefits. Gina, thank you so much for your dedication to creating wonderful, healthy recipes that my whole family enjoys and asks for again and again!

  267. This is now one of my favourite breakfasts. I love it with raisins and cinnamon mmm. Blueberries and banana is terrific too. Thanks Gina <3

  268. I wish I could find a jar to make this asap! Can this be done with 2% milk? What other sweeteners can be used?

    PS: I'm new to your site, & I LOVE IT! I'm slowly trying to lose weight/eat healthier, and your recipes are fantastic!

  269. Just wondering – what are the chia seeds for? Can you taste them or are they for health benefits?

  270. I didn't have all the listed ingredients on hand, so I used what I had — I bumped up the amounts to 1/3 cup oats and 2/3 cup almond milk because I couldn't find my 1/4 cup measure. I added Splenda and a couple of good shakes of apple pie spice. I was dubious about whether the oats would soften or not, but it was delicious and refreshingly chilled on a hot summer morning. This is my new grab and go breakfast for weekday mornings. My recipe tweaks make it 3 Points+.

  271. Cant wait to try this!

  272. Had it this morning. Loved it. Thanks Gina for another great recipe.

  273. So good! It tastes so much better than the overnight oatmeal with greek yogurt. I didn't have chia seeds or a banana on hand so I just used a the blueberries and a peach. It's perfect for the summer when a bowl of piping hot oatmeal doesn't seem that appetizing. I love that I can make it the night before because now there's no excuse to not eat breakfast.

  274. I've just started eating this as my lunch at work. It's awesome! Fruit and nuts make it satisfying, and it keeps me full all afternoon.

  275. Hey Gina!

    I just had to thank you for this website! I've been making this breakfast every day since you posted it and I'm obsessed, I love experimenting with different toppings in the morning! Pretty much every dinner I've made since I changed our eating habits has been from this website, and for the first time my husband is open to healthy food and loving the meals! He hasn't even noticed that I haven't used carbs in weeks and he's lost 4 pounds already! Every meal I make he loves, but each time I ask him if he wants to try something new or have me repeat the old recipe, he requests something new because it's always exciting and good.

    Thank you for your hard work! You've truly changed our eating habits and our approach towards food!

  276. Does it have to be quick oats? Can I use old fashioned oats instead?

  277. I have been having this for breakfast each morning this week – it is awesome! I actually look forward to breakfast each day, LOL!

    I altered it to my taste: 1/4 c oatmeal, 1/2 c unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 1 T chia seed, 1 banana, diced and 1/2 t brown sugar.

    Keeps me filled up till lunch 🙂

  278. Me too! I used rolled oat, greek yogurt(honey vanilla flavor), almond milk, 1 tbsp of strawberries preserves, and fresh fruit, blueberries and strawberries, and of course the chia seeds..it's yummy!!!!!!!

  279. I had this for breakfast this morning…SO GOOD!! I just used the instant oatmeal that was in the pantry, and I added greek yogurt, soymilk, strawberry and honey. It came out really good, I can't wait to try new flavors! Thanks Gina!

  280. Just had this for breakfast this morning. Made mine without chia seeds because I didn't have any and didn't want to make a special trip to the store. It was so yummy. I will be making again and again! Thanks!

  281. Can old fashioned rolled oats be used instead of quick cooking or will the texture/"doneness" be affected?

  282. Has this for breakfast this morning and loved it. I actually liked it cold right out of the fridge. And I used agave nectar for the sweetener. Perfect…thanks for my new summer breakfast staple. 🙂

  283. Haven't tried the recipe yet. However, for those of you that may be in the San Antonio TX area, I found Chia Sees in the bulk foods at Central Market–just over $8 a pound.

  284. I have had this 2 days in a row and used rolled oats first day and steel cut today. Both were good, prefer the rolled oats for more heartiness. I used wheat germ instead of chia seeds and a touch of brown sugar with cinnamon and almond milk and a mix of bananas and berries with added nuts. OMG so good this was! I have been baking my oatmeal with pumpkin and this is just delightful for summer and is filling! Thanks so much for all of your wonderful recipes – they all are delish!

  285. Cant wait to try this!

  286. nustevia is the only stuff i can use too!

  287. Oh, they look so good. I have them in my fridge right now. Can't wait to try them in the morning. I don't have any Chia seeds at the moment (but i did JUST order them from VitaCost.com) so i left that part out. Thanks for all the recipes!!

  288. I love this! I have tried several different variations and each one has turned out better than the other. This is a wonderful base to add whatever you enjoy eating. I don't think you can make it wrong! I have used everything from honey to splenda to no sweetener and it is still yummy!!

  289. This really looks delicious. But it is so hard to find Chia seeds in Germany.

  290. I love this so much. So far my favourite is oats, almond milk, raisins, a touch of honey and cinnamon and some diced banana. I really like that it takes no time at all to make the night before and you can grab it and go.
    If you have a Bulk Barn in your city or town, that's where I found my chia seeds 🙂

  291. I love oatmeal, but was hesitant about it being cold. It was actually quite good. I just had a banana on hand that I put it, but can't wait to try it with the fruits varied!

  292. Had it this morning. Love it! Added a little sugar-free vanilla syrup and a pinch of cardamom. You can totally customize it. Yum!

  293. Addicted! You rock!

  294. I've enjoyed this twice now. Much more enjoyable than it looks to be. I did oats with sugar free maple syrup, Splenda, and cinnamon. Topped with pecans and raisins once out of the frig. Great for Summer since a hot, steamy bowl of oatmeal is not so appealing in these hot temps!

  295. This was my breakfast this morning. It was yummy!

    I used old fashioned oats and splenda and left out the nuts. (recipe builder calculated 4PP if you dont put the fruit into the calculation which WW says is 0PP)

    My only issue was that I was hungry before my normal lunch hour. I'm used to eating Greek Yogurt & Kashi cereal with fruit every day and it is more filling/lasting

    Next time I may try adding some Greek yogurt to boost the protein some.

    I will def make this again.

  296. Thank you for introducing my family to new foods (chia seeds, farro, black bean burgers…), we love them. My former picky husband and 5-year old will eat anything I cook from your site. I look forward to looking at your website almost daily to see what new recipes you've developed. I now enjoy cooking!

  297. Just had this for breakfast. Bought my chia seeds yesterday. Very yummy and filling. I have a question: were the optional nuts counted in your points? I did not have nuts, but wondering how to count this for sure on my tracker. Thanks for the recipes!

  298. This sounds like a winner but where In Australia can I buy Chia seeds???

  299. Ok, I had my second one this morning and loved them. Just finished getting another one ready for breakfast in the morning. Haven't hunted down chia seeds yet, so I've been making mine without. So many ideas for flavors. I was thinking stirring in a little pureed pumpkin in the fall would be delicious!! Maybe an apple-cinnamon? That would probably require sauteing the apples first, but I bet it would be tasty.

    I was wondering if anyone had ever used frozen fruit. Fresh fruit is so abundant now, but not so much in October.

  300. Can't wait to try this! Sounds so yummy! Not sure where I would find Chia Seeds in our little town, but I am excited to try it without for now. One of our VERY FAVORITE recipes from your site is Aveena! OH YUMMMM!!! We love it for a quick and healthy breakfast option and I am excited to try this as well. I love waking up to breakfast already done! Who doesn't like sleeping in a few extra minutes and waking up to breakfast ready for them!?! Thanks for another wonderful recipe Gina! Can't wait to make it!

  301. This is similar to the breakfast I have most mornings.

    Half a cup of rolled (old-fashioned) oats
    1 Cup Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk
    1/2 cup Frozen Blueberries
    1 Tablespoon of Chia Seeds

    I mix the oats and milk, add a Stevia packet and put it in the microwave uncovered in a larger bowl at 50% power for 5 minutes. Add blueberries. Microwave for another minute at 50% power. Then add chia seeds, stir and let sit for a little bit to cool off and allow the chia seeds to gel.

    This breakfast is so great to get me through lunch time.

  302. Love this idea!

  303. Hi Gina, I love and have made a lot of your delicious and healthy recipes! Thank you so much for all the work you do to perfect recipes for us! I could not find chia seeds at my local Raley's that has quite a large health food section and was too excited to make this that I did use a few substitutions that I already had in my pantry. I used Old Fashioned oats, and two tablespoons of organic cold milled flax seed and organic blue agave. I also added vanilla extract to compensate for the Vanilla flavored Stevia. It really turned out so good! If I recall, you have a few recipes with chia seeds, so I'm still going to buy some! Much thanks again Gina! XXOO

  304. O. M. G. Just ate this for breakfast today. Added 1/3 packet of Coconut WW Smoothie mix and left out Chia seeds. A truly amazing breakfast! I am using Simply Filling plan, so this is a "free" meal. Thanks so much!~!~!

  305. I had previously commented asking if these were slimy. I left out the chia seeds, but I LOVE this! Finally a way to be able to stomach oats and get their fabulous benefits!


  306. I have had this for breakfast for 2 days now…it's delicious! This morning, I got to enjoy apple cinnamon. I used half a green apple (cut in pieces), almond milk, 2 tsp brown sugar, and about a tsp of cinnamon. Cold oatmeal kinda freaks me out, so I threw it in the microwave for a minute. It is awesome!!!

  307. I am so excited about this! I had seen a recipe or two for it and thought it looked gross…but when Gina suggested it…! As with all of your recipes, I loved it! I made it as you did except for the pecans. Yesterday I did peach and banana, today is strawberry and banana…who knows what tomorrow will hold?! I told everyone at my Weight Watchers meeting about it. Thanks so much, Gina!

  308. Made this last night, tucked it in my computer bag for the drive into work, enjoying it right now at my desk…delicious! I used frozen raspberries since I didn't have any fresh berries and forgot to top it with nuts, but it is still great!

  309. I hate oatmeal. But this oatmeal is AWESOME! I have eaten this oatmeal w/o chia seeds (because they don't sell any around here)with splenda to sweeten for the past two days in a row. I LOVE IT! Thank you for finally making me an oatmeal fan!

  310. Gina, have youvtriedcthe chia seeds in your aveno recipe?

  311. Just curious but what do you use to sweeten your coffee with?

  312. Sounds yummy! I'm curious but what do you use to sweeten your coffee with?

  313. Gina, as usual I never get disappointed when I make your recipes!!! DELISH!!! I loved it!!! BTW I used 2 packets of splenda and it was great too!!

  314. This was SO great Gina…it tasted like custard 🙂 Thanks again…you are a genius!

  315. I'm not really an oatmeal fan, but since I've decided it's time to move it more, I need some better options than a bowl of cereal or a diet shake. I love a lot of your other recipes, so I felt safe trying this.

    I couldn't find chia at the regular grocery so I just omitted it. I don't care for blueberries, so I used strawberries. I mushed up my banana first, and used unsweet, vanilla Almond Milk. I also used a teaspoon of regular brown sugar and topped it with some Vanilla Almond Crunch granola. I, too, put it on the counter this morning during my workout, and was pleased with the cool temperature.

    Next I am taking out the strawberries, and adding some apple chunks. I boiled them for 5 minutes in some water with a plain tea bag and some cinnamon. When they were done I put them in a container and sprinkled them with some PureVia powder I found in the back of my pantry, then refrigerated them for a few hours before mixing up the new batch. I'm excited to try this tomorrow!!

    Thanks, Gina, for all your great recipes!!

  316. I made this last night but used quinoa instead of oats. 1 cup cooked quinoa, 1/2 cup almond/coconut milk, 1/2 mashed banana, small handful of dried currants, 1/4 cup walnuts, 1 tbsp ground flax and some stevia. Super yummy and grain free!

  317. What a good idea! Thank you!

  318. Gina…could you makes several jars at a time and eat them throughout the week or would they get too mushy after a day? By the way, I had never used chia before, but made your pudding and am now addicted…to the chia and the pudding, but mostly the pudding– I've made it at least 4 times in the past week and a half…SO good!

  319. Just had it for breakfast and it was very good.I used rolled oats and flax seeds instead. Plus I sat it out on the counter while I worked out to take the chill off.

  320. Gina, thank you so much! This is awesome oatmeal. I love, love, love it.

  321. This was awesomely delicious. Thanks! I have to make myself eat breakfast because I'm never hungry in the morning so I am constantly looking for something that is easy and fills me up. This was perfect.

  322. I made this last night and ate it this morning. SUPER YUMMY!!! I'm not surprised. I have yet to make something off this site that doesn't rock it. THANKS GINA!!!!

  323. I made last night and just ate this for breakfast and it was soooo tasty, however I used fresh strawberries instead of blueberries. As someone else mentioned I forgot my crunchy topping but really didn't need it. I will be making this again, thanks again for another yummy recipe!

  324. Delicious! I tasted it a few hours after mixing it up and did not like it and I thought there was no way I would be able to eat it for breakfast. Boy, was I wrong, it was so good. Loved it cold, and with all the fruit in it,I didnt think it needed any more sweetening. Thanks for all the wonderful recipes, you are so inspiring with all these pretty, tasty, healthy recipes. I have tried many and loved them all-so does my husband and children. Thanks again!

  325. I just finished eating this for breakfast this morning. It is delicious! I used the unsweetened vanilla almond milk and followed the rest of the recipe as written. However, I did not add any sweetener at all, and I didn't miss it. It was sweet enough from the fruit in my opinion. Thanks for another great recipe, Gina!

  326. I made this last night, took it to work and just ate it …I'm sad its gone! I used 1/4 c regular oats, one packet of truvia(I dont mind the taste), 1/2 c of skim milk, 1/2 banana and a very ripe peach. OMG it was amazing. I even forgot to top with someone crunchy but I didnt mind. sooo delicious! I can't wait to try other variations. Thanks Gina!

  327. Hi Gina, I have never tried raw oats – is there any reason that I couldn't throw this in the microwave for a minute or so if raw isn't to my liking? Thanks!

  328. I have been making this EVERY SINGLE morning!! Thanks so much!! It's so quick and satisfying.

    For everyone asking where to buy chia seeds. You can get them at GNC, and right now they are buy 1, get 1 50% off so 1.75lbs (2bags) of Organic Chia for 18.00

  329. I made this last night and it was awesome!! I used cocoa powder and banana with almond/coconut milk. I may have to adjust the liquid a bit because I omitted the chia seeds..it was a bit soupy. But this is a fabulous summer oatmeal!!

  330. Thanks for the recipe! I've fallen in love with refrigerator oatmeal and having another variation is fantastic.

  331. I made this last night! I didn't have chia seeds or stevia. I used brown sugar instead, and still turned out great! Thanks Gina:)

  332. I was figuring you would heat this up, but there have been no comments on that…don't you heat it? If so, for how long? I have a cup in the frig right now for tomorrow morning…s

  333. I had this for breakfast this morning and it is wonderful!! I don't have any Stevia, so I used about 1tsp of granulated Splenda and it was perfectly!

  334. Could I just sub any fruit for the banana? I'm thinking peaches when in season, maybe berries? I'm allergic to bananas 🙁

    • WOW!I finally found someone else allergic to bananas! Any other fruit ideas to replace the bananas would be wonderful! This sounds like an excellant quick but good for you breakfast when I get up at 5am!

    • I get up at 5 am too, and usually bring my breakfast to work with me. Greek yogurt with berries is getting old, though, LOL. And yes, being allergic to bananas sucks, and nobody believes me when I tell them!

    • I left out the banana and only used blueberries (just added a few extra). It was delicious!

    • Use anything you want 🙂

  335. Can u use flax seeds vs chia?

  336. What if you don't like bananas? What else can I use? Would you email me at godsprincess1980@gmail.com because I never know when you have replied here! 🙂


    • Just leave the bananas out if you don't like them, and add a few more blueberries.

      This is a VERY flexible recipe!

      I've been eating cold oatmeal in various forms for the last few weeks now, and am in breakfast LOVE! 🙂

  337. Can you freeze this, so I can make a few at a time for the week?

  338. I made some of this using cherry preserves (good b/c it has whole cherries in it), almond flavoring and slivered almonds! It was delish. I haven't figured out the points difference yet though.

  339. Gina Im gonna make this tonight but I would like to know if the optional nuts will add more pints to the recipe or if these were in it.
    Thank you, carmen

    I gotta tell you that my husband and love the pernil in the slow cooker..he is puertorrican and told me that didnt miss the skin…yeahhh! Can you believe that?! He loved the cuban sadw. i made the following day too =)
    Thanks for sharing all your recies with us.

    • I know!! My husband loves it too and gave me the thumbs up so now it's the only way I make it!!

      Yes, the nuts were included in the nutritional info.

    • Delicious! just like all your recipes =)

      I made it last night but instead of B-Berries I used a piece of Mango,they are very sweet and yummy at this time of the year and came out just beautiful…Im so glad I gave it a try!

      Tonight Im making Arroz con pollo,your light version =)
      Carmen, God bless you and your family

  340. This sounds ideal as a breakfast I can take to work-trying it tomorrow for sure!

  341. Thank you SO much for doing this! I made a regular one and it was 11pp! I couldn't believe it.

  342. Do you really need to add the banana? I don't like bananas in anything. Is there something else I can add or just go without it?

  343. How would you use Greek yogurt in it? Seems it would need more liquid if you did? Please let me know…

  344. The idea of cold oatmeal doesn't sound very good to me…does it do well if you warm it up?

    • Sure, you can microwave it to get the chill out, but if you're going to make it on the stove, kind of defeats the purpose of making them overnight.

    • You should really give it a go, it tastes really good. 🙂 Especially if you use different types of berries or even add in some chopped dried fruit and nuts.

  345. Delicious! Used ground flax seed (what I ahd on hand) instead of chia seeds and a drop of agave nectar. The best part – it shaved at least 10 minutes off my morning wondering what to make for breakfast!

  346. Thanks for all the great recipes!!! Just figured out how to leave a post! Been using your recipes for months now and brag about them to everyone!!!! Love them!

  347. That is so awesome that he was able to make a positive change with diet!!!

  348. I've been making this every day to help with breast milk production and to lose weight 🙂 I actually use the vanilla almond milk with some honey and cinnamon. I have never liked warm oatmeal or oatmeal made with water.

  349. Would regular rolled or steelcut oatswork, or would that not soften up enough?


  350. we've been makeing these a few weeks & have used everythig from cranberry conserve to cherry jelly & every family member LOVES them…especially the ability to be creative with the recipe!!!

  351. There have been so many posts on this I finally decided to try it since I had everything at home. I made mine with the oats and greek yogurt then added a scoop of boysenberry jam and banana. I didn't have chia seeds on hand but had flax seeds.

    IT IS AMAZING!! I'm going to try a almond butter and banana version this week as well

    Also, funny enough – I have been making that green machine smoothie for quite some time and I love it. It fills me up all day! I've used Kale in it as well which does a good job!


  352. I use date sugar and cinammon in my oatmeal along with the banana. I can't wait to try this oatmeal in a jar.

  353. where do you buy chia seeds

  354. So glad you featured the SKINNY version of Overnight Oats!
    Thanks Gina!

  355. I totally agree with you on NuNaturals Stevia. I have tried several brands and NuNaturals is the only one I like. Can't wait to try this recipe!!!

  356. Gina, my daughters and I have just discovered summer porridge and have been doing this for about 2-3 weeks now. We love it! It's very filling and absolutely delicious. There are other posts on the internet where you can find different flavor varieties. That is what's so nice – everyone can make their own favorite flavor at night and it's ready to go in the morning. I love that we make these in individual servings and I actually like cold oatmeal better than hot. Thanks for sharing!

  357. does it get runny when you take it out of the fridge>?

  358. I haven't tried with steel cut, but Irish or Old Fashioned is fine.

  359. can I use old-fashioned oats or steelcut oats for this recipe

  360. Chia seeds are great and highly nutritious! You can order them from many sources. Great prices at www.vitacost.com, Amazon or http://www.chiaseedsdirect.com/. On another note, I will never use stevia again. Last year I was putting a protein powder in my smoothies. One day I got so dizzy that I could barely stand up. It went on for weeks. After ruling out inner ear, etc, my doctor asked if I was using any new vitamins, etc. Once I mentioned Stevia he told me to get off that immediately, and once I did I was back to normal. I started reading the negative effects of it. My doctor also said that just because it is considered "natural" does not mean it is good. Also, there are no long-term studes yet, so the jury is out. I would hesitate to give this to children, although it seems to be the latest fad! Food for thought….

    • Thanks for that info! I had the same effect with "Truvia" but realized it had additional ingredients other than stevia. I've had no reaction to liquid stevia and I'm pretty sensitive to everything but will keep that in mind.

    • Wow. Interesting. I've been using Truvia for quite some time now. I get occasional bouts of dizziness, but blamed it on other things, and it was never enough to be a major nuissance. I will definitely have to do more investigating. Too bad, because Truvia is the only one I've found that I don't hate! I have yet to try the drops, though.
      Thank you for bringing this to my attention!

    • Truvia, is stevia plus something else. I think that extra ingredient is what bothers me.

  361. I made some overnight oats last night, I used the same recipe except I put in 1 tablespoon of PB2 and 1/2 banana chopped. It was delish!!! I didn't use nuts trying to cut the points down a little, you actually don't even need the stevia if you use a really ripe banana.

    • Yes, the more sweetness you can get from the fruit the better! I'll be doing a PB2 version soon!

  362. I love your blog and this recipe, I "pin" all your stuff your so good thank you for having such a fabulous blog!!!

    ps. I know I hardly comment but I read you daily 🙂

  363. Thanks for doing this website! We do a similar recipe, using steel-cut oats. Since they're not processed, they have a much slower impact on blood sugar and keep us full all morning. They take 30 minutes to cook, so once a week we make enough to fill a big bowl and store them in the refrigerator. I use 4 cups of water for each 1/4 cup of raw steel-cut oats. Bring the water to a boil, add the oats and cook on low uncovered for about 30 minutes, stirring often. We have enough for at least a week. The oats plump up as they cook – they have a great texture.

    Each morning, we just put a half cup in a bowl, add some skim milk or unsweetened almond milk, blueberries, shredded or chopped apple, cinnamon, chopped walnuts and something to sweeten it a little – although the apples add a lot of sweetness! Put in the microwave for minute or two to warm up or eat it cold. For some extra fiber, we stir in 1/4 cup of TOASTED wheat bran and one tablespoon of flax meal. Soooooo delicious – very much like Swiss muesli!

  364. I really, really love this idea. Can't wait to try it myself.

  365. Really excited to try this because I love oatmeal, but sometimes on hot summer morning a big steaming hot bowl of oatmeal it just too much, excited for a cooler version.

  366. can you use regular oats with this or does it have to be quick oats?

  367. I can't imagine working out on an empty stomach.. no fuel?? not good (at least for me).

  368. I am in love with this oatmeal. I've been eating a variation of it for two weeks now. I love how cold it is, to contrast the hot weather we've been having. Perfectly refreshing, and the variations are endless!

    Oh, and I'm totally in love with chia seeds. I tried your coconut mango chia pudding awhile back, and I've been HOOKED ever since!

    I am in breakfast love!!!

  369. This post is so timely; I just made overnight oatmeal last night and I am devouring it as I type! I used strawberries, a little low sugar strawberry oreserves, and no sweetner. DELISH!

  370. I have been making these with the Greek Yogurt and oats/fruit/chia seeds/optional sweetener for a couple of months now. LOVE! Sticks to my ribs.

    Instead of glass jars, I found Ball BPA-free, "Stack-Lock-Store" plastic freezer jars. Five 8oz size for about $5.00 at Wal-Mart. The lids twist on and the bottoms of the jars screw onto the lid of another jar so they can be stacked to save space in the fridge.

    I must try your version, Gina! Thanks for the tip on a better tasting Stevia! Keep up the great posts!

  371. Hi gina! Can you tell me how it comes out to 6pp value

  372. I have been making refrigerator oatmeal for a few weeks and I also decided to omit the greek yogurt. I used almond extract and raspberries which was very yummy, but my favorite is straight up coconut, served over a sliced banana,

  373. This sounds absolutely delicious! I've been looking for a new breakfast alternative! For a long time its been greek yoghurt with fruit and almonds…but I'm getting bored of it and it doesn't fill me up that much…this is awesome! x


  374. Love the recipe…but I still really struggle to understand the way weight watchers calculates the points…if I were making this it would be 1 for oats, 2 for the milk, 1 for the chia (really half a point, but this is no longer relevant). So…4…I don't care what they say…blueberries will always be zero points to me, lol, unless I am missing something with the drops??

    • pretty sure what happens is that when you calculate points for a recipe, the fruit "counts"

    • My weight watchers leader says to omit zero point items (like blueberries) when calculating your receipe. Basically just build it as a meal instead of a recipe. So, yes, it would be 4.

    • I figure if there's fruit in a recipe, but I could eat it out of hand alongside the recipe instead and get the same effect, I don't count the fruit points. If the fruit is baked or cooked into something, then I count the points for it. Otherwise it makes no sense to me.

  375. Oh also, would you put the crunchy toppings on for the overnight portion or after you take it out in the morning?

  376. I cannot wait to try this! Can I find liquid stevia in a health food store?

  377. I can't wait to try this one out! I've been cooking steel cut oats on the stove (bring to boil, simmer x 3 min) and then ladeling into 5 mason jars. They sit on the counter for the day and then I put them in the fridge at night on Sunday. Then in the morning I just stir it up, microwave x 1 min, toss in some crasins, fruit and a spoonful of your apple butter recipe and I have breakfast to go during the work week! I can't wait to give this recipe a try too! Would it work with steel cut oats or must it be quick oats?

  378. Interesting …I never heard of cold oatmeal. Mines in the fridge for tomorrow! 🙂

  379. Would the points change if i omited the chai seeds?

  380. You're simply amazing.. <3

  381. How many days will these last? I would like to make a few at a time.

  382. I'm curious,how do you get the points values for this? Do the chia seeds have a lot of points?

  383. I didn't have chia seeds but I just had to try this tonight. It is in my fridge as we speak…next time I will try it with the chia seeds. Can't wait until the morning!

  384. Is the recipe any different with rolled oats? I don't have the quick-cooking kind, but I still want to try this.

  385. Gina, you literally read my mind today! This morning I thought to myself, "I hope she puts an overnight oatmeal recipe on her site soon"! I'm going to make this tonight :o)

  386. If, like me, you dislike the tapioca like consistency of chia seeds in liquid, you can always grind them up in a clean coffee grinder or magic bullet first. I'm going to try this for breakfast tomorrow, Thanks!

  387. I make overnight oats all the time with just regular rolled oats. Tastes delicious and I love how you can customize the "jar" to your liking.

  388. I'm not a big fan of chia can I just leave it out or subsitute something else?

  389. Can you use regular oaks..any one know?

  390. Do you think it would be okay to use frozen berries or would the water affect the overall texture???

    • I've used regular "old fashioned" oats and I actually find that they're better than quick oats. I've found that quick oats can get mushy if you don't eat them soon enough. I also have used regular (sweetened) almond milk instead of any additional sweeteners, and it's perfect.

    • I threw a handful of frozen blueberries into mine, and I didn't even think about the water. Mine was kind of thin this morning, but it was delicious.

    • I have used fresh blueberries and frozen and preferred the fresh. I didn't like the texture of the frozen and yes, they were watery.

  391. I have been making this for the last week. I love it. I don't add any additional sweetner or sugar. I also use unsweetened applesauce 1/4 cup, 1/4 cup steel cut oatmeal, 1/4 to 1/3 cup unsweetened almond milk, 2 tsp Chia Seeds. MMMM Good. I have also used it without the applesauce, added a bananna and 2 TBLS of Powdered peanut butter. so good and its great for us

  392. I dislike bananas. What would you suggest?

  393. Do you have to use quick oats or will regular oats work?

  394. I have done this for the last week with fat free Greek Yogurt. I use Yoplait Honey Vanilla instead of plain for flavor. It's fat free, but adds like 10g of sugar so if you're watching sugar it's probably not the best. I also add a couple teaspoons of maple syrup and seedless Raspberry or Strawberry jam. It takes any remaining tang off the Greek Yogurt and adds flavor, but doesn't make it too sweet. I have also seen a recipe where you can add a tablespoon or two of PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter which is really healthy stuff. Also, I microwave it in increments stirring in between and it is amazing.

  395. Can you leave it in the fridge for more than just one night? I would like to be able to make a few of these at once and have breakfast for maybe 3 days?

  396. I'm really like this breakfast and plan to incorporate it into my diet. Thanks!
    I'm also pleased to hear your brother's controling his cholesterol with oats in his diet.

  397. I also love overnight oats but not with greek yogurt. I have actually never eaten them cold, I usually put them in the micro in the AM. I might venture and try them cold 🙂 Do you know if this could be made with old fashioned oats vs quick cooking?

  398. I've been trying to find out for SO long, is this slimy like regular oatmeal? I too have high cholesterol (not over weight, in my 30's, thanks mom) but cannot handle the texture of oatmeal.

    Please someone let me know if it's slimy… 🙂


    • Don't soak it. I just mix with milk and fruit as I prefer having something to chew.

    • I had one this morning, it wasn't slimy at all. Not all of the milk absorbed, so it was kind of more like eating cereal than oatmeal. It was delicious though!

  399. Anyone ever use whole old fashioned oats instead of quick oats? Wonder if they would work?

    • I use old fashioned oats and they work just fine.

    • What about Steel cut oats? Anyone tried to use them as I know they have to cook so much longer than regular but much healthier…

    • This is my new favorite recipe to bring to work. I'm nearly 5 months pregnant and getting hungry all the time. I only keep old-fashioned oats at home, so I tried it and it was great. I'm never cooking oats again! Ha.

  400. Any idea what the caloric and metric equivalent of the stevia would be for brown sugar?

    I would like to try this with as few modifications as I can but don't have stevia or a place to purchase the nunaturals right away.

    • I used 1 tsp of brown sugar (which only adds 15 calories… I don't follow WW so I am not sure about the points) and it came out plenty sweet. I think you could even try 1/2 tsp

  401. Going to try this with Zoom. Not sure how widespread it is, but it is a whole grain oatmeal. I'm always looking for ways to fill up and not be hungry!

    • Came out great with Zoom. Didn't have chia so used ground flax meal, and substituted a couple prunes for the banana and blueberries. (had to use what was on hand) Will do this more often. Thank you for the work you do with these recipes!

  402. Love this idea and plan to get some jars the next time that I am out. Also planning a trip to get the chia seeds, never had them before! Plan to make up a few jars at a time so when nibble temptation hits in the evening, I can grab something nutritious. Just thinking, maybe get two sizes of jars, breakfast size and snack size. That would keep the portion size to what it should be.

  403. Wonder if you could do this with Quinoa? I am trying to get as many grains out of my diet as possible and have made some yummy porridge with quinoa and almond/coconut milk. I started with some plain, already cooked quinoa, added fruits and milk and cooked until it was thickened up.
    I may just have to try this tonight with the quinoa to see. It would be great to be able to grab the jar in the morning and eat it when I get to work.

  404. Thanks for this! I've tried the one that's been making the rounds on Pinterest, but the Greek Yogurt was too tangy for my taste. This sounds much better! I will be making a couple of these tonight!

  405. Hi there, I can't get hold of chia seeds (in UK) through my super market. Is there a substitute ?
    Thanks for great recipes by the way

  406. This sounds great! I like the idea of cold oatmeal in the summer! I have been making chai oatmeal almost every day, with blueberries, peaches and pecans. I boil 1 cup of water and add a chai tea bag and let it steep for 5 minutes, then add 1/2 cup of quick oats and cook for 1 minute. Then I add 2 tsp. maple syrup, 1/2 cup blueberries, 1/2 cup peaches and 1 Tbsp. pecans. It is delicious, but this sounds better on hot days!

  407. Sorry if I missed it, Gina, but does the Pts Plus value include the pecans? Love your site and I "advertise" it to friends and family whenever I can!

  408. Any thoughts on stone ground oats? Those are normally my go-to oatmeal oats but I stock the quick ones for baking.

    Looks great though. Will for sure be trying this. Perhaps with some homemade applesauce mixed in!

    • I was wondering the same thing. I'm thinking they may have to sit longer than overnight, because they are so dense and firm. I think I will go home and try it tonight, though.
      I love the idea of having something ready for you post-workout, so you don't have to take any extra time to eat breakfast. I have a hard enough time trying to squeeze in a meal in the morning, and have to really push myself to do it.
      I would also like to try the stevia drops. I use Truvia, which is the only brand that I have been able to tolerate. It gets the job done, but I would like to see how the drops compare.
      Thanks again, Gina, for such great ideas/recipes!

  409. What about using dairy milk… any thoughts on this? Anyone do this.. I just don't have almond milk right now 🙂

  410. this looks fantastic! i usually do greek yogurt and chopped apricots & almonds and chia seeds. i like idea of a more liquid form…i've debated using coconut milk but always chicken out 🙂
    i order chia seeds from nuts.com and sometimes amazon.com. better prices IMO!

    • I bet it would be great with coconut milk! But of course, I love coconut.

    • I use this new Almond Breeze product–blended with coconut milk. 60 calories for a cup and it imparted a great coconut flavor! I think I will leave out the sweetener (I used agave) next time because I have a feeling that the coconutty flavor will be enough! Enjoy!

  411. Thanks for this Gina! Don't have any Mason jars(might get some b/c I think they are kinda cute lol ;-)). I'll be making this sometime for my breakfast 😀

  412. My hubby was diagnosed with high cholesterol and started eating cooked oatmeal every morning and noticed a dramatic decrease in his levels. Like from medication range to healthy range. He attributes it to the oatmeal because it was the only change he made.

  413. I also like grinding up some flax seeds and adding flax meal to the overnight oats because along with the chia, it gives some more heft.

  414. I'm a HUGE fan of overnight oatmeal! I can't wait to try your version (as I'm not a fan of Greek yogurt and oats, either). I recently made some that included bananas and cocoa powder. SO good. Thanks for another awesome recipe!

  415. Can you use honey to sweeten? I need to be healthier with my food choices and sometimes it's so confusing with all the conflicting information out there!

  416. Overnight Oats are my go-to summer breakfast! I usually use half water, half milk. It makes me happy that you use mason jars 🙂 They are so useful!

    • They really are!

    • we have been using pickle jars, jelly jars, all kind of jars to eat cereal, drink juice out of. My husband says…I like drinking out of jars, I feel like I am drinking moonshine…hahaahaha…especially since he only drinks water!

  417. This has been my go-to breakfast for awhile now – I love it! It's delicious with a scoop of peanut butter mixed in, and I usually put a hefty shake of cinnamon in mine as well. I've also found that if I mash by banana, rather than slicing it, it adds a lot of volume to the oats, which makes it seem like a bigger breakfast! 🙂

    • For those of us who need to stay away from that wonderful, creamy nectar of the gods called peanut butter, I imagine a spoonful of PB2 (just the powder) would go a long way to impart that flavor.

    • i used 2 tablespoons of dry PB2 for my overnight oats this morning and it was fantastic!

    • Imagine even better with chocolate PB2 and a little cinnamon! YUMMMMM!!!

    • Holly, thanks for the suggestions – tried all three and it turned out great!

    • I put a whole banana in mine, I slice half and mash the other half and it does add a lot of volume! This is so yummy! My husand, son and I are addicted! I call it health in a jar! I have never been an oatmeal fan until now!

  418. I am also thin and have been a competitive athlete for most of my life, but have high cholesterol due to genetics (thanks, dad). Do the oats your brother swears by have to be RAW, as in don't cook your oatmeal? And he literally ate them EVERYday? I cannot be on medication until I'm finished having children, which won't be for another decade or so, so I'm eager to try anything else! THANKS!

    • He ate them every single morning, raw! Soaked in water with nothing else. I think this is a lot better tasting 🙂

    • Also increase good fats like avocados, flax oil, etc.

    • My husband is thin and had high cholestrol. We have oatmeal every morning but we cook it – baked oatmeal, oatmeal cups, ect. His cholestrol dropped 100 points in 3 months. I read "Prevent a Second Heart Attack: 8 Foods, 8 Weeks to Reverse Heart Disease" by Janet Bond Brill and it really helped!

    • Amazing!

    • I too reduced my cholesterol by about 70 points by eating oatmeal every morning for several months. My cholesterol was only slightly high but the reduction was astounding! I used quick oats and mixed them with water and a packet of Splenda (& usually a tablespoon of peanut butter!) and microwaved. Worked perfectly well for me. Cholesterol has stayed down for 3 years too. LOVE oatmeal!!

    • Oh Thanks Lindsay! I love PB, so this is a great way for me to mix up the oatmeal a little bit.

    • What kind of pb do you use?

    • Please stop worrying about cholesterol, there is no evidence linking cholesterol to chd, Ancel Keys who first developed the theory that cholesterol causes heart disease never once conducted any clinical studies to test this theory. We have been lied to for more than half a century to scare us into buying meds we need. http://www.thincs.org/Malcolm.choltheory.htm please read this paper to see what I'm talking about

    • SunButter is another alternative to add to overnight oatmeal. There are so many variations. It keeps me full, which keeps me from snacking.

  419. Two other uses for these:
    1) I made a bunch of different types (strawberries, raspberries, etc) for a new mom. I put them in those little plastic storage jars with a screw lid. She ate some and froze the rest for another time. She was super excited about it!

    2) I have also made these in the morning (I make 1 or 2), add a little cocoa to one, and then have it as my evening snack. I know snacking in the evening is not good for you, but it has helped me eat something better for me than having a candy bar or piece of leftover birthday cake.

    • Actually, recent studies have shown that eating in the evening is perfectly fine. Enjoy!

    • I can't see the other replies and did not want to repeat what others say, but Never Ever eat raw Cocoa, it must be cooked. You can Google it.

  420. Does it have to be done in a glass jar, or would a plastic container work too?

  421. This reminds me of a traditional swiss Muesli breakfast.

  422. I've been making this stuff ever since I saw a similar recipe on The Yummy Life! In fact, I just had some for breakfast this morning, using halved pitted cherries and raw organic honey in it. So good in the summer!

  423. I've been making this with different fruit combos for a couple weeks now and love them, also adding a tablespoon of jam to sweeten is nice – I like raspberry jam with mango.