Salisbury Steak with Mushroom Gravy

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This classic Salisbury Steak recipe is smothered in mushroom gravy and ready in under 30 minutes!

Salisbury Steak with Mushroom Gravy
Salisbury Steak

Lean ground beef and turkey are combined to lighten up this classic, retro American dish. My family loves it over these Instant Pot mashed potatoes or serve it over mashed cauliflower. This makes enough for 2 nights for a family of four. Eat half and freeze the rest for another night.  If you love this recipe, you might also enjoy these Salisbury Steak Meatballs!

Salisbury Steak with mashed potatoes

It’s hard not to imagine TV dinners when you think of Salisbury Steak.  It was originally a poor man’s beef dish back in the great depression when steak was a luxury. To stretch the dollar, they made these steaks with ground beef and fillers, shaped to resemble a real steak.

My family loves this dish, everyone from my picky teen, toddler and husband. I’m sure yours will too!! It’s total comfort food and so much better when it’s homemade.

Salisbury Steak with Mushroom GravySteak with mushroomsSalisbury Steak with Mushrooms

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Salisbury Steak with Mushroom Gravy
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Skinny Salisbury Steak with Mushroom Gravy

247 Cals 27 Protein 10.5 Carbs 11 Fats
Prep Time: 10 mins
45 mins
Total Time: 55 mins
Yield: 8 Servings
COURSE: Dinner
CUISINE: American
This classic Salisbury Steak recipe is lightened up, smothered in mushroom gravy and ready in under 30 minutes!


  • 1 1/2 tsp oil
  • 3/4 cup onions, minced
  • lbs  93% lean ground beef
  • 1 lb 93% lean ground turkey
  • 1/2  cup  unseasoned breadcrumbs, or gluten free crumbs
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 large egg white
  • 2 cups beef broth
  • 1/4  tsp  salt
  • 1/8  tsp  ground black pepper, to taste
  • 8 oz sliced mushrooms
  • tbsp  all-purpose flour, or gluten-free flour blend
  • 2 tbsp tomato paste
  • 1 tsp red wine vinegar
  • tsp  Worcestershire sauce, to taste
  • 1/2  tsp  mustard powder
  • 1/4  cup  water
  • chopped parsley for garnish, optional


  • Sauté onions in oil over medium heat until golden brown, about 5 minutes.
    ingredients for Salisbury Steak
  • In a large bowl, combine half of the sautéed onions, ground beef, ground turkey, bread crumbs, egg, egg white, 1/4 cup beef broth, salt and black pepper. Shape into 8 oval patties.
  • In a large deep skillet over medium-high heat, brown both sides of patties, about 4 to 5 min on each side, in batches as needed. Set aside on a dish.
  • Add mushrooms to the skillet, season with salt and pepper and sauté 2-3 minutes.
  • Return patties to the skillet with the mushrooms.
    Salisbury Steak with Mushrooms
  • In a small bowl, blend flour and remaining broth until smooth. Mix in remaining onions, tomato paste, vinegar, water, worcestershire sauce and mustard powder. Pour over meat and mushrooms in skillet.
  • Cover and cook on low heat for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.


Serving: 1patty w/ mushroom gravy, Calories: 247kcal, Carbohydrates: 10.5g, Protein: 27g, Fat: 11g, Sodium: 420mg, Fiber: 1g, Sugar: 2.5g
WW Points Plus: 6
Keywords: one pot ground turkey recipes, Salisbury Steak, Skinny Salisbury Steak with Mushroom Gravy, TV Dinners

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  1. I have made this recipe over and over. We love it. The only difference is I put 1 of the tablespoons of tomato paste in the meat mixture. Otherwise the gravy tastes too tomatoey. I got that idea from the Salisbury meatball recipe. Leftovers freeze great.

  2. How would I freeze this…I am trying to prep meals before surgery.  Thanks for all your great recipes!

  3. This is an INSTANT favorite in our house!! Just made it for the first time tonight. I was sad when I saw a serving was only one patty, but I had one patty with 1/2 cup of garlic cauliflower mash and am definitely full. My fiancé went for seconds and is already saying it needs to be added to the regular rotation. Very impressed with the gravy consistency and the recipe over all – I used beef stock instead of broth because it’s what I had and it still came out great. 

    On our weight loss journey for our wedding I have cooked skinnytaste almost exclusively and this is a new favorite 🙂 

  4. I made this the other night according to the recipe and I felt like I tasted too much tomato. Next time I am only going to use 1 tbsp of the tomato paste rather than 2.

  5. Have made this recipe three times. I think it’s a winner! Satisfying and filling, it is a delicious change, especially on a cold night. Thanks, Gina!

  6. Such an amazing dish!  Total fam favorite. 

  7. This is a delicious dish. Made it according to the recipe and loved every bite!

  8. This was a huge hit! I doubled the sauce and served it over riced cauliflower. Thanks Gina!!!

  9. This looks delicious! I don’t eat beef. Could this be made with just the turkey, or would it be too dry?

  10. Winner, winner! I had left over mashed potatoes and green beans, so putting the salisbury steak together was easy. And OMG the flavor of the gravy was just great! I will definitely be making this again!

  11. Hunting family here! I’m always looking for new recipes that I can incorporate wild game into. I made this with grass fed beef and wild turkey. It was simple and delicious. A real comfort dish. My family swooned over it. Fantastic recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Fantastic dish, we all loved it.

  13. This was AWESOME! Definitely going into our rotation. If anything, I’d make more gravy because it made the dish! Thanks for another great meal! 

  14. SO good!! We will most definitely add this to our regular rotation. I doubled the sauce/mushrooms as many said they did – which was a good move!

  15. This was so good and filling. I’ll definitely be making it again! 

  16. I know this is a crazy question, but I don’t like mushrooms! How would it be if I omitted them?

  17. This is a favorite in my house among 2 kids. Don’t skip on making the gravy by scratch. It’ll all make sense when you eat it. Enjoyed it with the garlic cauliflower mash and Parmesan green beans 😛

  18. Delish! Wow I was surprised I needed 2 pans! 

  19. This took me WAY longer than 30 minutes but it was also SO worth it. I’ve never made salisbury steak before and the kids gave me a side eye about but they are wrong. It was the perfect combination of taking me back to my childhood Stouffer’s days but a MUCH tastier, healthier and fresher version. If you’re worried about the turkey/beef combo, don’t! It SO works.

  20. Wow… this recipe was delicious!!! The only change I made was to add a little garlic to the Salisbury steaks and to the gravy. I also used a little gravy master to change the color of the gravy to brown. The family loved it!!! I paired it with the instapot mashed potatoes and string beans. Can’t wait for leftovers!!

  21. Gina, you are so talented! This was a hit, which isn’t surprising. All of your dishes are yummy. My family of 4, including 10 and 8 year old LOVED it. 🙂

  22. Just made this tonight with mashed cauliflower. As a side. Absolutely DELICIOUS. Great flavor and love that it was on the stove top. Came together relatively quickly and I had all the ingredients ready to go!
    Thanks for another Skinnytaste winner!

  23. My hubby and I loved this! I really have to watch the sodium in our dishes now (due to some medical issues) and this was delicious. It also reheats very well.

  24. I love most recipes.  The patties were very bland to me.  Needs more spices.  Also, this is a huge recipe.  I would cut it in half.

  25. This was SO good and fed us for several lunches as well. Thank you!

  26. As always this was delicious! The meats and seasoning were super sticky when I tried to form the patties but they tasted great. I did make more sauce as recommended by some of the other comments but made everything else per recipe. So good.

  27. Two tablespoons of tomato paste in the gravy was WAY too much for me. It tasted like tomato sauce on top of my meatloaf, no beef or mushroom flavor at all. It was so gross. I wasted time and money on this dish, and I’m so disappointed. 

    • Sorry you didn’t like it, we love it as is!

      • We loved it too! And even if we did not, we’d take the high road. I’ve lost 75 lbs following you and other healthy cooks and I don’t even cook your meals to lose weight anymore, I cook them because they are good for my three young daughters. Plus they are delicious! Thanks for your inspiring recipes.

      • Thanks Kimberly, and congrats that is awesome!!

    • This recipe was published for FREE. Please take your whining elsewhere. 

      • Ride your high horse out of here,  “H.” Gina published my comment, because she’s not afraid of people’s opinions. Obviously I’m a minority in that I didn’t like this recipe, so not sure why one comment would offend you. So sensitive!

  28. Five star meal

  29. Made this last night, yummy and a hit, so good

  30. this recipe is a keeper! i used twice the amount of chopped onion and a whole package of sliced mushrooms in mine. 

  31. This is is now a staple recipe in my house. I freeze portions and they reheat well in the oven. Love the flavor, and this goes well with noodles, as well as mashed potatoes.

  32. Hi Gina,
    Thank you for including the nutritional information with this recipe for those of us who are watching our calories, but not following the Weight Watchers program. I am eager to try this recipe based on the great reviews. However I have never cooked with ground turkey because my husband said he would not like it. I think in can get away with using it with this recipe and he won’t be the wiser – just healthier.

  33. I love all of your recipes & this looks so yummy. I don’t have mustard powder. Can I substitute with whole grain mustard or Dijon? 

  34. Very tasty! I made it with just beef. I would definitely recommend doubling the sauce.

  35. I made this low carb by omitting the bread crumbs and flour. I used ground-up pork rinds and beef gelatin instead. Turned out amazing!! Oh, I doubled the mushrooms because we love them. My whole family enjoys this meal.

  36. This recipe is excellent! The only modifications I made were to double the mushrooms and onions, and I used salt free beef broth and low sodium Worcestershire sauce because that’s what I always cook with. Amazing!

  37. I love this recipe for so many reasons. It is hubby- and kid-approved. However, one of my kids doesn’t like the mushroom gravy so instead she puts ketchup on top and boom: meatloaf. This is something I can make meal prep and it makes great leftovers. This is something I’ve made several times since trying it.

    Only tweak I’ve made so far is that I’m not very good at making the patties in the skillet so instead I make them in the oven on parchment paper. Comes out wonderful every time.

    • What temperature and for how long did you bake them in the oven? I was also wondering what this would be like if I just did one meatloaf instead of individual patties. Thanks for sharing!

  38. I just love this recipe. It freezes well after cooking. I keep at least two servings frozen at all times. This is my go to favorite heat up from frozen dish. If I have this in the freezer all is good with the world. I love to make this with your yummy mashed potatoes. Using golden potatoes really makes a difference. YUM

  39. We loved it.  Will definitely make again, many times

  40. Pleasantly surprised by this one! Delicious! 

  41. If my BF and I don’t like mushrooms could we just omit them or do we have to change up the recipe at all?

    • Not sure if you made this anyways, but I wanted to let you know that I just made it without mushrooms and it’s still delicious! I just skipped step #4 and continued on with the recipe.

  42. I have used this recipe for years now!! It is my son’s birthday and this is what he requested I make. Tonight I’m doing all beef because that is what I have. Sometimes I do all ground turkey… just depends on what is in the freezer. 

  43. Love this! My husband thought it was great! My tweeks were sauteing the onions in a garlic, mushroom olive oil, using italian seasoned bread crumbs, then doubling the worsteshire and mustard. Served with mashed potatoes and green beans.

  44. Used all ground turkey and added an extra pack of mushrooms but kept everything the same.  So good! Even my picky kids ate it!

  45. I really liked how easy this was to make. I also liked the simplicity of the gravy. It was not too heavy or thick. I made it in a cast iron skillet and served it with mashed potatoes and peas. While I am not on WW, I do like to make home-cooked, healthy meals. This is a good winter comfort food. 

  46. This tastes absolutely delicious! I really appreciate the Skinny Taste recipes! Thank you!!

  47. Love this recipe!! Have made this multiple times and is always a win with the family!! I have an abundance of ground venison that pairs nicely with this recipe. Thanks!!

  48. I’ve made this several times it’s delicious.

  49. OUR FAVORITE RECIPE!! We made it once with Italian breadcrumbs because that is all we had in the pantry, and it was so tasty, we do it that way every time now. We also double the mushrooms and the gravy so that there’s plenty to go with the leftover patties for lunch.

  50. If I want to cut the recipe in half would I just use one egg in place of the egg and egg white or is there a better way to half the recipe? Thank you!

  51. Delicious! Was a hit with the whole family. This will definitely be saved with my recipes to make again. 

  52. Made this gluten free.  Used gluten free rice flour and breadcrumbs.  The flour was tossed in with the cooked mushrooms as was the tomato paste and allowed to cook for a bit instead of blending together.  It worked great.  The recipe makes quite a lot so I froze half.  As always with Skinnytaste recipes this was delicious.

  53. Great recipe – as always!  My husband couldn’t believe it was a skinnytaste recipe and we both declared it a keeper.  I added minced garlic (because we love garlic) and used ketchup in place of the tomato paste because I had it on hand.  Thanks for all the great recipes!

  54. Loved this dish. the Salisbury Steak was delicious. The sauce needed some extra seasonings but by the end i was in heaven. I would definitely recommend and make again.

  55. Loved, loved, loved this recipe.  My daughter asked why I hadn’t ever made this before.  I will add this into the rotation – such an easy and flavorful recipe!  Five stars for sure! 

  56. This was so good—added garlic powder to the meat and only 1 TB tomato paste to the sauce.  I served with cauliflower mash and steamed broccoli and can’t wait for the leftovers!  

  57. I prepared this delicious recipe again tonight..doubled the mushrooms and only used 1lb of xtra lean ground beef, 4 patties,so I would have plenty of gravy to go over our mashed potatoes. Made some spicy roasted carrots for a side.
    Thank you for this low point treasure…yum!

    • Diane, did you still use the same amount of everything when halving it, except for the meat? Thanks!

      • I do when I make it. Extra sauce for potatoes and Extra mushrooms. When I make the whole recipe I like doubling the mushrooms anyways so there’s lots to go around.

  58. This was delicious!!  Such an easy recipe and great comfort food!  I love watching your videos and your recipes are so good!  

  59. My family loves this recipe. I used to make this using your directions for a slow cooker, but now I have an Instant Pot.  What happened to the directions for the IP and slow cooker?

  60. What do you think of swapping venison steaks for the lean ground beef? Would it change any of the cooking times or temps? This sounds delicious!

  61. Just delicious…the ultimate comfort food! I’ve made this several times and it’s just as good each time. Thanks for the easy recipe.

  62. Delish. I love this and it isn’t hard to make.

  63. Dee-licious! Husband told me it was restaurant quality, lol. Served over mashed potatoes. Used ground chicken instead of turkey because that’s what I had on hand, also added a couple tsp of Gravy Master to the sauce to get more of a brown gravy color; might cut back on the tomato paste next time as others have suggested. But I definitely will be making this again, thanks Gina!!

  64. This was a delicious meal. My husband really enjoyed it. I will be making this again.

  65. I know this recipe is older, but she did it again ! I wanted something warm and comforting for winter with high protein and no cheese. I really enjoyed this. I had it over a smashed potato. Very filling. I doubled the worstchestershire and mustard powder and used one tsp tomato paste after reading other reviews. Perfect. 

  66. What do I do with the 1/4 c water it calls for? 

  67. Absolutely terrific. Made it tonight and served it over rice. 

  68. I made Salisbury Steak and Mushroom Gravy last night.  It was wonderful.  I’d going to be a regular meal.  Thanks for doing your work.  It makes healthy eating tasty.    Thanks Again, Mary

  69. Could you please tell me how many points this is on Green? Or how many saturated fats? because the Ww calculator need saturated fats to figure it out myself. 

  70. Everyone loved this meal! I’d totally make this again. 

  71. I’m wondering if you can suggest substitutes for the bread crumbs and all purpose flour? Thank you!

  72. This was SO good. I’m glad it made 8 servings so my family can eat it the next two days!

  73. Hi I wanted to make this but dont have red wine vinegar what can I sub for it want to make today hope to hear from you

  74. Hello, My granddaughter is allergic to eggs, can the eggs be replaced with flax eggs, and if so how many flax eggs? Thanks, Lydia

    • I’m allergic to eggs also. Going to make this tonight with the Bob’s egg replacer. A flax egg would work for the whole egg, but I don’t know how to replace the egg white. Eggs are usually there as a binder. 

  75. I love your recipes. I love the layout of your websit.
    Only thing that would help me is if the video speed was slowed down. Might be the settings on my computer but I don’t have a problem on other videos.

  76. Super great. Made my husband make it. He messed up and used exclusively turkey meat -tasted fantastic. Great leftovers.

  77. Like every Skinnytaste recipe I’ve tried, this was absolutely delicious. My husband raved about it and said it was restaurant quality. I literally could have drunk the sauce! I’ll be making this over and over again. Thank you, Gina, for another winner!

  78. Made this tonight, and it was delicious. Hubby loved it too. It was great comfort food, which was what I needed tonight. I ate it with mashed cauliflower and my husband had it with mashed potatoes. Will definitely make again. 

  79. This was very good… a little more work but we have two meals and I sent my neighbor “ meals on wheels”
     The only thing I did different was we had grilled asparagus, so instead of frying the burgers we grilled them….and my bad mash potatoes…will make this again…

  80. Made this for the family last night and it was delicious. Everyone loved it. The meat was moist and flavorful. Thank you!!

  81. A big hit! I will agree a little more work than many of the other recipes here.
    I read comments before starting and cut the tomato paste by half…gravy was perfect.
    The funny thing about this dinner is that I was including my 2 & 7 year old grandsons who were visiting. My son said the youngest is getting into a picky food phase. He woofed it down! Thanks for the delicious recipe.

  82. We loved this recipe. So much flavor in the steak and the gravy. I used baby Bella’s mushrooms and they were fantastic. 

  83. Delicious and easy to make.  I did add some beef base to the gravy because it had a tomato taste. I will definitely make this again but I will use less tomato paste or eliminate it completely.  My husband enjoyed it as well which says a lot.  

  84. This is one of Gina’s older recipes, but I’ve made it twice now.  This is total comfort food…soooooo good…….and it’s healthy!   Makes me happy.  Thank you, Gina!  Total yumminess.  ????

  85. Wow! Best Salisbury steak I’ve ever made. Just yummy. 

  86. Question!! Need help, making meals for elderly parents. Can I just cook slightly and put in freezer for later meal?

  87. LOVE this recipe! I add garlic because I add it to everything. I also double the sauce because it is so amazing!  Thanks for another great recipe!

  88. Delicious but I’d love to know what the Saturated Fat Content is – it’s not listed. Thanks.

  89. Yummy!!!!! Even my picky 5 year old and 13 month old loved it. Made it 3 times now and it’s a hit every time.

  90. Insread of serving this with mashed potatoes…I served cauliflower rice excillent and cuts the carbs some.

  91. This is so DELCIOUS! I’ve made it a few times now and don’t deviate at all from the recipe. My husband thinks its magical. LOL The recipe makes enough for us to have 2 dinners. I freeze the leftovers with gravy flat in a Ziploc, then thaw and reheat stovetop with a lid. I always pair it with the Instant Pot mashed potatoes from this site and steamed asparagus. Another WIN in my house, thanks Gina!

    • Side note – this is a definite weekend only dinner since there are too many steps for a busy weeknight, but the level of deliciousness and the fact that we get 2 meals out of it makes it totally worth it!

  92. I plan on making this tonight. Looks and sounds fabulous. I agree with others that your recipes are both delicious and healthy. Thanks.
    , Steve

  93. Loved this! Several steps but it was easy, tasty and very filling! Bravo!

  94. Amazing! My kids gobbled these up, mushrooms and all.

  95. Made this tonight served with cauliflower purée. It was fabulous.. Will definitely add this to our meal rotation!

  96. I made this tonight and it was super good!  I only cooked 2 of the steaks and will freeze the rest along with some of the gravy for future use!  I will definitely make this again!!

  97. I made salisbury steak quite frequently with canned soup. Since going gluten free that has not been possible. I am so glad that I could find a lighter version that could be adapted to a gluten free meal. It is just the 2 of us so we ate 2 of the patties with mashed potatoes and a steamed vegetable blend, 2 are in the fridge for leftovers and I have 2 meals in the freezer. Healthy doesn’t mean tasteless. Thanks for another great recipe.

  98. This has been one of our favourites ever since I first tried it.   Nice easy dish to have in the freezer 
    after a busy day with Mashed Potatoes and Peas.    The Gravy is so delicious!


  99. Took longer in oven…. but Soooooooo good!!!!! I’ll have to buy a bigger pan!!!! What size do you use?! 

  100. Making this right now…. can’t fit it all in a pan!!! What size pan do you use?!  Putting it in the oven????hope it works! 

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  102. I added finely chopped mushrooms and 1 finely chopped carrot to the onions and sautéed them together and added this to the meat mixture.  This adds more flavor, taste, and texture-moisture to the meat!

  103. We had this tonight. Everyone loved it.!

  104. This is an awesome recipe to make Salisbury steak so much healthier!  Love Skinnytaste!

  105. How would I make this in the Instant Pot? I’m new to pressure cooking so is that even possible?

  106. This dish was delicious!  My husband loved it and couldn’t believe it was half made with Turkey.  Thanks for sharing.

  107. I made this for dinner tonight and boy it was good.  I loved Salisbury Steak TV dinners as a kid.  I never expected to be able to duplicate it homemade.  The steak was tender.  I expected it to be tough with the lean beef and turkey, but it had that Salisbury tenderness.  For sure going to make this again.

  108. I have been making a lot of low carb dishes from Skinnytaste – mostly Chicken and all have been delicious. Wanted to change things up with ground beef. This dish was a hit! A “keeper” according to my husband! Thank you!

  109. Delicious recipe, but I think your history on this is incorrect.  Salisbury steak is from the civil war era.

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  111. Made this last night and we both really liked it. I also liked that there was enough leftover to freeze.  This is just the second recipe of yours I’ve tried and we liked both. I like that I’m making from scratch but it’s not terribly time consuming.   I will definitely be trying more recipes. 

  112. Can you make this in crockpot ? Suggestions, Please

  113. When you brown pattys or heat the mushrooms, do you use oil?

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  115. I used low fat ground beef for the patties,otherwise made them as written’with 2 egg whites.There is just the two of us,so had 2 meals of patties & the rest were meatballs & frozen.
    Gravy d…….idn’t use tomatoe or mustard, added a tsp of wine vinegar.Upped the amount of mushrooms,Worcestershire & a tsp of beef base.Used 2 tsps corn starch in a bit of cool water to thicken.I like to simmer,then leave to rest in the gravy for 15 minutes.Thank you Gina,another winner.

  116. These are amazing!!  My husband said they are better than you would get at a restaurant!!!

  117. Loved it and so did my husband. Used 2 lbs 90/10 beef, added GravyMaster to correct the sauce color the other reviewers mentioned, a bit more salt and about a TBL of cornstarch mixed with a bit of beef stock to thicken the gravy at the end. Thank you Gina!! Got your cookbook as a gift and am really enjoying it!

  118. OMG!  This was awesome!  And leftovers!  Yummy!!!!!!!

  119. Made it with Venison. Excellent!!!

  120. I made this tonight! I enjoyed it! I love the gravy too!

  121. Do you think that I could use almond flour (or something else in place of breadcrumbs) to make this whole30 compliant?

  122. I love this recipe but I don’t like that the sauce comes out more red in color and sharp tomato flavor than a traditional Salsbury brown gravy. I think too much tomato paste is used, I’ll half the tomato paste next time, if anyone has tips for a brown gravy that’s more like Salsbury steak gravy that would be a big help. Still love 95% of skinnytaste recipes!

  123. With all the ingredients I was expecting a well seasoned dish. Followed it to a T, but needed to add way too much salt at the table than I would like. One of the few of Ginas receipes that I would not serve again. It was blah. Sorry….

  124. Thank you again for another delicious family style recipe. Both of my kids (age 3 & 16 months) loved it along with myself and m husband. We live your healthy and delicious recipes!!!

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  126. This is a great Comfort meal, I just received your cookbook in the mail today, and I love it! What a treasure.

    I went from 230 to 160 pounds eating your recipes, and I feel great.

    Thanks for all you do!

  127. I made this tonight and it was fantastic! My "meat and potatoes" husband loved it! I don't have a large skillet, so I used a roaster and baked the steaks with the gravy for 30 minutes in the oven at 350.

  128. Delicious! My husband and 9 yr old son loved it which is AMAZING. The only change was ketchup for tomato paste because I was out. This is definitely a keeper.

  129. This was SOOOO good!! We made it with the cauliflower mashed "potatoes" from your cookbook. Perfect pairing!! Only change I made was that after simmering, I removed the "steaks" and simmered the sauce for a while longer trying to thicken it. Finally added a bit of water with cornstarch to tighten it up to more of a gravy rather than a sauce. So delicious! 😀

  130. I just made this recipe tonight. Craving comfort food and this was absolutely delicious. I have never tried combining ground beef and turkey, but the result was excellent – the patties are moist and flavorful. I served this with Skinnytaste cauliflower puree which proved to be just as good as mashed potatoes. BTW, I used sliced shiitakes since the white button mushrooms at the grocery looked pathetic and they turned out great. Thanks for an excellent and creative recipe.

  131. I made the Salisbury steaks last night and they were sooooooooooooooooo good. I absolutely love your recipes. You are amazing, Gina.

  132. Wow! Wow! Wow! Got your cook book last week and I love it! I found this recipe in there and made it tonight for an early dinner. It was awesome. Served it with roasted butternut squash, little potatoes and steamed brocoli. The best part is I also have 3 more meals for other days. Thank you for another delicious recipe.

  133. Yummy!! The second time I made this I didn't feel like making the patties… I made the gravy and added browned ground beef and served with egg noodles with fresh green beans on the side. THanks for the awesome recipe!!!

  134. Most Excellent! Made this with all lean ground sirloin (96% lean) and used a pound of baby bella's rather than 8 oz. LOVED by all! Even got my two picky mushroom haters to eat their mushrooms tonight! Served this over the skinny garlic mashed potatoes (which my 7 year old requests weekly) and a side of lemon garlic broccoli. OUTSTANDING dinner. Thank you again Gina!

  135. Gina–I found your website a few years ago and this is my "go to" for all recipes. When I see something that is typically calorie laden I think to myself, "I wonder if Gina/Skinnytaste has a recipe for that?" This recipe is no exception. I am the only person in my house that likes mushrooms but this recipe was a hit last night! The kids and my husband licked their plates clean and even went back for seconds! You are amazing and I can't wait for your cookbook!

  136. Hooray! Another delish recipe – thank you Gina! I knew I would like it. My son and husband did too – so, bonus! Stuck to recipe with just one exception – I had a 1.5 lbs of 85/15 ground beef, so I just used that, made 6 patties, and upped the points a few. The gravy/sauce really makes it.

  137. We had this for dinner tonight and it was delicious! It tasted like the frozen meal only better. We love your recipes. Keep up the amazing work!

  138. This was sooo good. I did modify it a bit, and doubled the mushrooms, left the broth out of the patties but used it in the gravy and used vegetable broth instead of beef as it's what I had on hand. I made mashed cauliflower to serve it over and a side of asparagus. It was great. I did add a bit of salt to the patties and the gravy as well.

  139. Delicious. Served this with your Garlic Mashed Potatoes. Yum! Did halve the meat portion since it's just my husband and myself. Enjoyed it. Had to control myself, as I wanted to eat more than a serving. But I have a lunch for next week.

  140. Gina, Can I use all lean beef on this? The Hubs will not eat any fowl (which makes my cooking challenging)… have tried many recipes off of this site and they have all been amazing!!

  141. ok, I guess I'm the one…made this tonight..was not very good. Halved the recipe – grass fed ground sirloin and organic turkey. portabello mushrooms I left at 8 oz and added a litle extra beef broth when I sauteed them, but all the other ingredients I halved. Got a good 'brown' on the meat patties in my dutch oven and also on the onions – did them in a 10" stainless skillet so they would cook and not steam. suggestions? my teenage son – greatest audience for a cook there ever was..was kind but luke warm. it just didn't have much flavor…like…none.

  142. Another great recipe! I left out the mustard powder because we don't like it, but it definitely didn't taste like anything was missing. Even my husband thought this was a really filling, hearty meal. Delicious, will make it again!

  143. I made this last night. It was very good!! The only thing I may try different next time is many less or no water at all. The gravy the runny. Other wise pores with the delicious skinny garlic mashed potatoes, my AND the man of the house loved it. If I can sneak skinny recipes past him they must be worth keeping.

  144. The main problem with the recipe (served with pureed cauliflower) was that we needed to double everything. Two little boys eat more in one sitting than we eat in two! Thanks for the great and health recipes that little boys love!

  145. Gina,
    This recipe is fabulous!! And my two die hard carnivores – stepson and husband – had NO IDEA I used part lean ground beef and part lean ground turkey!! The wonderful gravy disguised that it was really pretty healthy for them! 🙂 They just raved about it and sometimes they are my toughest critics!! My 2 year old daughter ate it up as well! I paired it with "healthy" mashed potatoes — half potato, half cauliflower. Can't wait to try some more of your fantastic recipes!! 🙂

  146. My husband, who never wants leftovers, ate this again the next night. I have been doing Weight Watchers for 4 months and it is so nice to have the points values for all the recipes.

  147. Again another great receipe. This is one of my go to's in the freezer. I always make a double recipe of this and vacuum seal and freeze in a 2 serving size.

  148. Putting this on the table for dinner tonight! I already had a sneak taste….DELICIOUS!!!!

  149. Hi, I was just wondering if you could freeze half of this? I was looking at the ingredients and it looks like it would be kind of hard to half the stuff for the meat mixture but it's just me and my boyfriend so 8 servings for 2 people is kind of a lot! I didnt know if I could make the meat mixture and then freeze half of it for a later use.

    • Yes, this freezes fine.

    • I always make a whole recipe’s worth but freeze half of the patties and gravy for another meal. Works out great for my family of three. And it makes a super easy meal for the second night—just thaw, then heat and eat! I also add a whole teaspoon of mustard powder. It was an accident the last time I made this, but we liked it better!

  150. We just made this and LOVED it! Modified for things I can get easily here in Peru. Husband-approved!

  151. I made this tonight, but after mixing all the meat, I knew the patties would be huge so I used my large #25 scoop and ended up with 11 patties total. Served with mashed potatoes this was a very filling and delicious meal with plenty of leftovers for lunches for the week too. We are trying to make the meat more of a side dish in our house and put more emphasis on the veggies so the smaller portion worked out great for us. Just thinking how great this would be as meatballs for an appetizer too! Thanks for another yummy dinner!

  152. Made this tonight. Completely edible but the meat really didn't have a lot of flavor. The gravy did, but not the meat itself. Completely fixable, though! Filling and mostly satisfying for 5 WW+ points.

  153. Made this last night & it was amazing!!! 🙂 My sauce turned out a reddish color too, but was so good. Next time I might add a dash more Worstershire….just a personal preference. Definitely a keeper recipe!!

  154. Very good!! made with all turkey. Glad to find a "good" recipe that is Weight Watcher friendly!

  155. I made this and it was amazing!!!!!!! I didn't have Worcestershire or whatever so I used beef base. It looked just like the picture and tasted better than I expected.

  156. I would love to make this but my son is allergic to eggs. I assume they are just being used as a binder. Do you think the patties would hold together without the eggs?

    • I know this was a long time ago you posted this, but for those allergic to eggs you can soak one tablespoon of ground flaxseed in 3 tablespoons of hot water to replace one egg.

  157. The serving size says 1 pattie.

  158. Is there something I can use instead of eggs? My husband is allergic.

  159. I made this for dinner tonight and it was a hit! Easy and quick and delicious! I don't have any memories of salisbury steak having tomato paste in it so I think I might leave it out next time just for memories sake. Thanks for the recipe and I love your site!

  160. I wanted to make this for dinner tonight but realized we have only one egg left! Is it possible to use only one? Can i replace it with oil or something? were in the middle of storm nemo or I would run to the store!!!

  161. I've never made Salisbury steak before but eat everyone else's! This recipe was wonderful! I love your site. Please don't stop cooking and telling us about it! 🙂

  162. Fantastic! I made this with bison meat instead of beef/turkey mix. Served with mashed potato/cauliflower (one potato +1/2 head cauliflower w/FF 1/2 & 1/2) and sugar snap peas. I caught my 13-year old eating the last patty from the pan when he was supposed to be doing dishes. Neither he or boyfriend-in-law realized they were eating healthy.

  163. This was yummy …

  164. This was so delicious! And so easy! My husband loved it and wants it for the 2nd time in a week! We have been trying all your recipes and I have yet to make one that the whole family hasn't enjoyed. Thank you for all that you do!

  165. Love this one. Very easy and the taste is out of this world.

  166. We made this for dinner tonight and my kids asked for seconds!! That NEVER happens around here! We changed out the turkey for chicken breast we ground ourselves ( personal preference ) the meat was moist the gravy was tasty all in all one of my faves from you!! WELL DONE! I love this site I can't wait to find something to make for tomorrow's dinner!!! EEEKKK

  167. We had this for dinner tonight and my kids asked for seconds!! That NEVER happens! We changed out the turkey for chicken breast that we ground ourselves ( personal preference ) it was moist and delicious the gravy was tasty all in all one of my faves from you so far WELL DONE!!!! Can't wait to find something for tomorrow night EEEEKKKK

  168. I am making this for dinner tonight and when I entered it all in the recipe builder on, it came up as 7 PPV – just wondering, do you leave the veggies out when you calculate for the PPVs? Thanks!
    I think I'm going to make this into 6 patties for us (making it 9 PPV per serving according to the recipe builder) – will decide when I get to that point and see how big they are – Hope the hubby loves it 🙂

  169. Made this last night… My husband and I loved it, as did our 11YO daughter… Very tasty and FILLING!

  170. This is a keeper. Everyone loved it and it makes a ton so we have dinner for another night, too. We had the steaks and mushroom gravy with a big salad tonight and I intend to serve the rest with the mashed potatoes and green beans later this week.

    As another reviewer mentioned the reddish color of the sauce is a little off putting, but it tastes great, and that's what matters!

  171. I made this tonight and my whole family loved it. I used 2 lbs of lean ground beef because its what I had already. This will be a regular at our home.

  172. Gina- Im usually the cook of the house but tonight my mom in law made this recipe and it was good! I never post on websites but I've been a lurker for too long and Ive tried many of your dishes and family/friends love them! Thank you for sharing!

  173. Made this tonight minus the mushroom and super yummy. Even my picky 1 yr old gobbled it up

  174. Just made this for dinner and it was SO GOOD! I forgot to saute the mushrooms first and it didn't matter at all. I'd skip this step in the future, they cooked up great in the 20 minutes they were in the sauce. This is absolutely going to make it into our regular rotation. The whole family loved it.

  175. I made this tonight and the whole family gobbled it up! Thanks for a great recipe once again!

  176. Do you know what I can use in place of the bread crumbs to keep it Paleo? Maybe Almond Flour or Crushed Almonds?

  177. I loved this! The only problem was that the meat mixture was a little too wet to form into a patty that would stick together well. Next time I make it, I'm going to leave the broth out of the meat mixture. I love skinnytaste!!!

  178. I made this tonight and loved it! Doesn't taste "skinny" at all!

  179. This is my go to meal for my steak and potato loving husband. This is so hearty and it looks beautiful when plated…at least I think so.

  180. One more thing, I loved that this made enough to serve for two more meals (at least)! I was able to make 9 patties!!

  181. I made this tonight and it was even better than I had hoped! I served it with a side of acorn squash. We didn't even miss the potatoes! Everyone of your recipes I have tried have been awesome!!!! Didn't even taste like we were eating light!! Thank you!!!!

  182. Also forgot to mention, I could not find group turkey and made it with ground chicken… litle sticky when dividing, but otherwise worked well.

  183. I made this tonight. Delish!!! The only things I changed were I added about 1 tbsp of worcheshire sauce and extra salt and pepper. I made it in the crock pot…. after I lightly fried the steaks, I put them in a crock pot, poured the sauce on top and cooked it on high for four hours! Served with regular mashed potatoes (made with skim milk and no butter) and carrots. I have enought for a few extra meals…. which I am looking forward to.

  184. So good! Served it with garlic mashed sweet potatoes and I can't believe it's not completely fattening! I can eat healthy all the time if it's this good.

  185. Just made this:D it is beyond amazing my 17 month old loves it! thank you so much for making healthy eatting so yummy

  186. What if you can eat mushrooms! Can you use something else to make the gravy!

  187. I made this for dinner tonight…..loved it. Very tender and full of flavor. Best part is the simple ingredients bound to be found in the pantry at all times. Only thing I changed was old fashioned oats instead of bread crumbs….can'ttell the difference. Thank you Gina

  188. Great recipe!! Made this last night- I even screwed it up planning on halving it- used half the meat and just one egg (no white)- but got too into the recipe and added everything else in full amounts- still turned out great! Oh and the mashed potatoes? Kind of ate two servings they were that fab. Thanks Gina!

  189. I made this tonight, it was wonderful. My fussy, don't feed me anything healthy husband loved it.

  190. This recipe was delicious!!!!!!

  191. Made this recipe last night and it is simply wonderful. I haven't tried anything yet that the whole family hasn't enjoyed. Keep the delicious recipes coming!

  192. I made this the other night for supper it was DELICIOUS! And from a mishap with my hamburger meat I ended up having all turkey patties (a defiant first for me) I LOVED it the gravy was to die for! Thank you for this blog it has made my transition to a PCOS friendly diet so much easier 🙂

  193. Yum! I make this for dinner tonight and the family and I just love, love, Loved it! I will be making this again for sure. We subbed a few ingredients but turned out great. Thanks for sharing this and all the other great recipies here 🙂

  194. I was searching for a healthier version of salisbury steak when I came upon your site. I'm so happy I did. I made this for hubby and I last night along with your skinny buttermilk mashed potatoes and Ellie Kreiger's Parmesan Zucchini Crips. We enjoyed a fantastic supper. I'll be back for more recipes. Thanks

  195. I made this for dinner tonight and thought it was awesome! Very easy to make and the best Salisbury steak I've ever had. I served it with oven roasted broccoli.

  196. Wow! Made this for dinner last night and am so happy that I had a lot of points left for the day because I had seconds! Great recipe that I will definitely be making again. I served it with the Skinny Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes, which were also scrumptious! Thanks a bunch!

  197. For the simply filling peeps out there the points for this dish is: 1 serving(1 patty with mushroom gravy)=1 point

  198. Made this tonight! So good! I left out the egg white and panko and it was still good!

  199. This is a recipe I've made before from skinny salisbury steak, but this time I put my salisbury patty on a skinny bagel (from Aldi) & topped it with a slice of low fat Swiss. This plate was a fabulous meal & 9 points total. Yummy! At 🙂

  200. This has become a family favorite! My toddler particularly loves it. Thank you so much!

  201. These are FANTASTIC! All five of us loved them. I have made dinner from your blog six nights in a row, and everything has been a success. THANK YOU!

  202. Made this tonight for my boyfriend and I. He loves those horrible-for-you salisbury steaks from the freezer section, so I thought I would give this a try. We both LOVED it! I used ground chicken and omitted the beef all together. If you do this, make sure to add half a cup or so extra bread crumbs.
    Thanks for the recipe!

  203. Very filling and delicious! What made it even better was that my entire family loved it!

  204. This was AMAZING!!!! Served with the buttermilk potatoes (added garlic) and the roasted green beans with parmesan. TO DIE FOR!

  205. I made these for Sunday dinner. I couldn't find lean grass-fed beef so I used Buffalo instead. They were GREAT! I was told (twice by two different people) "this is the best meal you have ever made". Thanks! I'm trying the Cuban pork next.

  206. I made this tonight, it was great! My husband even enjoyed it 🙂

  207. Is there anyway you could bake the whole dish at the end…my skillet does not have enough room for 8 patties

  208. I have made this twice, and my husband just loves it! He has bragged about this dish to all of his buddies at work, and can't tell at all that it is "skinny". Thanks for another great recipe!

  209. I never had salisbury steak before so I really have nothing to compare it to. I figured it was worth a try and it would be something different for a change. I'm glad I gave it a try because I was pleasantly surprised. It's not something I could eat over and over again since I am more of a veggie/pasta lover, but I will def add this to my recipe box and make it every so often for a nice change! My hubby on the other hand loved it and packed the leftovers up for lunch tomorrow!

  210. I just made this tonight….it is so darn good! And so easy to make. Two thumbs up! You have a great site and wonderful recipes

  211. Once again another GREAT recipe! You make weight watchers so much easier. I am not bored anymore with what I am eating, my tastebuds are alive. My kids love these salisbury steaks! I will have to double the recipe the next time because 8 was just not enough that's how much my family loved these! I think I have made 8 total of your recipes now, and have yet to be unhappy with the turn out. Thank you once again

  212. Is there a way to make it without the wine vinegar my mother is alergic but loves salisbury steak. What would you suggest using instead?

  213. My husband and I simply loved this recipe….we've had it for the last two nights and will have it for lunch tomorrow….the gravy is delightful …would you have any suggestions for the gravy in any other recipe? I would so love to hear from you….this is too good to waste on "one" recipe! Thank you so much.

  214. Made this for dinner last night. wonderful flavor. my 9 year old even liked it. can't wait for left overs tonight! Thanks so much for sharing!

  215. Just made this tonight. Everyone loved it. From the 3 year old to the 41 year old. My oldest even thanked me for the terrific meal. 🙂

  216. Gina this is so good! Finicky husband loved it too!
    My Recipe Box is full of your great recipes and every one that I've tried has been a hit…a healthy hit! Thank you so much for sharing your dishes, your mouth watering photos and for caring about our health too!

  217. Hi Gina, made this a few weeks ago and it was amazing! There are only three of us so of course I portioned and froze leftovers, reheated tonight and made half the sauce from the recipe and placed thawed patties to warm up. Served with egg noodles this time, once again a total winner! Thanks again, Julie

  218. Really good! As delicious as any salibury steak recipe that I have made. My husband said it was a "keeper", and we all know that's the true test 😉

  219. Made this tonight and all I can say is YUUUUUUMY!!! Thanks for this delish recipe Gina!!

  220. O-M-G !!! made this tonight….PURE-D comfort food – NO DOUBT!

  221. I just started following you and made this recipe today. I'm not usually a SS fan, but this was AMAZING! The flavor was so full and even my picky husband loved it and said "Let's save the leftovers" which he NEVER says! Thanks for such a yummy recipe! It will be a favorite for years to come.

  222. This turned out sooo good! The husband was very surprised to find out it was a healthy recipe.

  223. I put this in the oven because I didn't have a big enough stove top pan. It was still amazing!

  224. Didn't know what to do for dinner tonight, came to Gina's and saw the Skinny Salisbury Steak with Mushroom Gravy and since I had everything in my pantry…it is now simmering on the stove. Smells wonderful, can't wait to try it. Don't have any potatoes so will be serving this over brown rice. Can't wait!
    I love that it is such a large recipe. Three of us in the house so this will make two dinners and lunch for 2. I love planned overs. It is so nice to have the extra meals in the freezer ready to go on a night we don't feel like cooking.

  225. Made this last night and I thought I had died and gone to heaven…it was awesome!! I just used all beef since I didn't have any turkey on hand, but followed the rest of the directions. The sauce is to die for…yummy mixed in the mashed potatoes. I was so happy today that I didn't have to share the leftovers with anyone…just finished it up and it was just as good as it was last night. Thank you for such an awesome recipe!! Now off to bake your lowfat brownies :)…

  226. I made this 2 nights ago and OMG! This was so delicious. This makes a lot so it was good for leftovers and to bring to work. The mushroom gravy sauce is amazing and especially drizzled over mashed potatoes (yum). I did omit a couple of things like the red wine vinegar and worchestire sauce simply because it wasnt on hand. I will definitely make this again. This is a new family favorite.

  227. I am making this for dinner tonight. I am cutting the meat to one pound of ground turkey(there are only 3 of us) and I don't want the extra fat. I figure it will still have a beefy flavor with the stock and tomato paste. Serving with sauted spinach and a tiny bit of mashed potatoes.

  228. This is a great recipe! There are only 2 of us, so I made half of the recipe as steaks (oval shapes), and had double the mushrooms with each one, and made the other half of the batch shaped as burger patties (in the sauce), and then froze them to have as hamburgers another week. Both versions are very, very delicious, filling and easy!

  229. Just made this last night yum… it was a hit was trying to find something different to make. I didn't have onions or beef broth so i used a can of french onion soup it was good.
    Thanks again love your site.

  230. So YUMMY! My husband (who is SUPER picky) and I (thought I hated salisbury steak) both loved it! I made it with the parmesan broccoli and mashed potatoes. It may become a staple in our house. 🙂

  231. This was super yummy! Since it is just me and the hubby (My 3 year old doesn't eat much at all and the baby doesn't have teeth yet, lol.) I put some of the patties in the freezer and I am in the process of defrosting a couple as we speak. How many calories do you think it would be without the gravy?

  232. This was tasty! I was able to trick my dad into eating ground turkey (which he hates)!

  233. OMG— my kids ate this and asked for seconds! That never happens, ever. I made it with mashed potatoes and steamed veggies! This may be a staple in my menu at this rate!

  234. Really good and you get a nice portion for those on WW! Loved the flavor of the sauce.

  235. Made this tonight and the whole family loved it. Tasted just like Salisbury Steak.

  236. This was soo good! Just had it for dinner, another winner!Thanks!

  237. 2 thumbs up from my meat and potatoes husband 😉

  238. Wow, another yummy meal! Hubby and kids all had seconds. Thanks again.

  239. my second dish so far with great reviews/ *sighs of relief…dijon lime chicken was the first with lots of sticky thumbs up! thx for this site.

  240. I am currently on the last step, counting down the minutes 🙂 I cannot believe how much the recipe makes, it could feed an army! I feel in love with it already during my "sampling"!

  241. Just finished this for dinner, and it was very very good. Can't wait for leftovers tomorrow!

  242. Wonderful, keep the recipes coming.

  243. This was absolutely delicious. I used ground chicken in place of the ground turkey as the store didn't hav any ground turkey out when I went to the store.

  244. This week it was all Skinny taste recipes. My family loved this dish it came out so good I share some of the meal with my mom and husband and they loved it. I used Organic ground beef and I think it gave it a really good flavor.

  245. I made this tonight with cauliflower mashed "potatoes" and green beans. It was really yummy, especially the gravy with all the mushrooms and onions. Love that it's a tasty low WW point meal too. Plus, my husband loved it, so I will definitely make it again!

  246. VERY delicious! I made these for dinner last night and my husband loved and I just loved it! It came out just like the picture too! Can't believe eating healthy can be so yummy! So glad this website.

  247. Seriously cannot believe such a delicious gravy was made with no cream/fat!! Thanks for this and all of your super recipes. I started using your recipes about a month ago and now my fiance sees me making dinner and says "Skinny?" with hope in voice because we just LOVE all of your recipes. Thanks!

  248. We had this tonight and it is a keeper! I did halve the meat portion but kept the sauce quantity the same. Using half a pound of each meat, we still got 6 patties out of it which was just enough for our family. I did add a little more worc. sauce and tomato paste to flavor the sauce a little more. It was delicious!

  249. I made this tonight and the fam LOVED it!!! The gravy with mushrooms was perfect! Thanks!!!

  250. This was WONDERFUL!! I actually yelled "yum" to my own empty living room last night! Thanks so much for your website, it's saved me and my efforts at Weight Watchers!

  251. I made this for dinner tonight and it was delicious! I've added it to my "Favorite Recipes" notebook and will be making it on a regular basis. Thanks again for another great recipe!

  252. Oh, my, word! This was one of the best dinners I have made in a long time. I cut it in half, and used all beef, but otherwise followed the recipe exactly. I served it with the buttermilk mashed potatoes and peas, and everyone in the house was thrilled. (And the leftovers look much better than any Hungry Man.) We'll definitely be making this one again!

  253. I've been craving Stouffer's Salisbury steak for weeks now! For sure I'll be giving this a try!

  254. Making this tonight can't wait 🙂

  255. I made this with turkey and chicken broth because I had both in the house. It was sooooo good, the leftovers were even better. I visit this site every day for your incredible array of recipes! Thank you!

  256. I made this last night, along with your skinny mashed potatoes. Let me just say this dish was AMAZING! This will be a regular in my menu planning!

  257. Wow, this was great! We actually fought over who got to take the leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Thanks for another wonderful recipe!

  258. This one was very good!

  259. Made this for dinner last week- everyone loved it!!! Another one of your awesome recipes! Thank you thank you! 🙂 I absolutely love your site and tell all my friends about it!

  260. This recipe was so amazing that my 5-year-old son gave me a hug after dinner, I couldn't believe it!

    I have been following your blog now for a couple of months and plan my weekly menu off your recipes. We do gluten-free, so I always change the recipes in some way, but they always turn out amazing!

  261. I really loved this recipe. I forgot to put in the tomato paste but the gravy was so delicious that it didn't even matter. I loved the combination of ground meats. This will be made a lot in my house! Thanks!

  262. These were delish and the family loved them!

  263. This was wonderful! My husband, who usually does not like ground turkey even loved it. The kids said I must put this recipe on "the keep list"! You really know how to lighten a recipe without getting too far away from original. Thanks!

  264. I made this recipe this week and it was a huge hit. My hubby is a good sport when it comes to all the "light" food I make for him but this time he said "thanks for making me regular food". That is a big compliment! haha Thanks for all you do!!

  265. OMG!!!!!!! I made this this weekend and it was outrageous!!!! I made it with your skinny buttermilk and chive mashed potatoes and it was a hit! My husband and I LOVED it!

  266. I made this for dinner tonight for my husband and his coworker. These are two men with big appetites and an aversion to "healthy" foods. We all loved it. My husband, who loves his mashed potatoes didn't even realize these weren't my usual batch and asked that I make this again exactly the same! Thank you!

  267. Must say this was better than expected. I'm not a fan of Salisbury steak that's for sure, but this was different. It had great flavor and I was satisfied after one piece with your garlic mashed potatoes. Even my children loved it. Thanks!

  268. Just okay. Not enough flavor for me. The sauce was definetly lacking and I like my gravy thicker. My husband and I both agreed we wouldn't make it again. I'll stick with my Cooking Light version.

  269. I have this simmering right now, and if it taste as good as it smells! (it does I took a sample!) Thank you SOOOO much for putting all of this wonderful food on here! I am learning how to cook healthy..and honestly I would be lost without your blog! The last two weeks have dinners has come straight from here, and every single one of them have been amazing!!! I wish there was some way I could show you just how much I appreciate this…thank you just isn't enough! You are awesome!

  270. You know that movie "What About Bob?" with Bill Murray? I sounded just like him in the scene where he's eating the fried chicken—the only thing I could say was "'Mmmm-mmm-MMM! This is so GOOD!" Delicious, wonderful gravy, and I love the texture of the meat. You would never guess it's "skinny."

  271. Delicious! My husband, 2 year old and I all gobbled it up. Thank you, Gina!

    We made it exactly as written, except we used ground venison in place of the ground turkey. It was fantastic. Definitely a keeper in our household.

    I will warn everyone though: the patties may look small (or at least mine did), but they are FILLING. Made the mistake of having more than one last night and I was uncomfortably stuffed. Even my hubby said he should have stopped earlier. Go by Gina's servings and just have 1. Very filling!

  272. I don't eat mushrooms will this still come out the same if I omit the mushrooms

  273. I was super excited when I saw this recipe! I just made it tonight for dinner and had rave reviews from my fiance and my tummy 🙂 Your site is a life saver!! I've made a few recipes from your site and loved every single one! You should however put a disclaimer on this one, it's way to hard to have only one!

    Thanks much for all the yummy food!

  274. This was soooo good!

  275. Hi Gina, I am so excited that I ran across your webpage. You have so many awesome recipes!!

    I'm pretty picky about my veggies and I'm new to Weight Watchers. It is hard to be both a WWer and veggie-hater. lol. I think your recipes have awesome potential, and I'm cooking a new one each day. Kinda like Julie & Julia except you're the blog writer. 🙂

    We tried the salisbury steak over cauli/potato mash last night and everyone really loved it. The boys didn't know cauliflower was even involved until everyone's plate was clean.

  276. I made this tonight. So good! My husband loved it. My 4 year old inhaled it. My 12 month old even ate it. (My 5 year old didn't but he doesn't like anything!) I love that it makes 8 servings. I froze the left overs so we have 2 more nights of dinner! Also, it didn't taste diet at.all. I feel bad… like I cheated LOL. I guess that's a good thing! haha

  277. I made this over the weekend and it is a good solid recipe. I never would have thought to mix the 2 types of meat, but it had great flavor and even better texture. I was tempted to add garlic and I'm glad I didn't. The sauce has great flavor and is very complementary. I served it with whole grain egg noodles. It makes A LOT so plenty of leftovers. I will make this next time I'm hosting for book club. Thanks Gina!

  278. I made this tonight & my husband and I loved it!!. I think I messed up on the sauce because mine was more red than brown, but the taste was great! This will go in the recipe box. And it made a TON of food!

  279. Made this tonight and it was husband approved! My taste buds are so confused because even though it tasted good it was spot on frozen meal replica (which is the only Salisbury steak I've ever had) so I felt like for sure I was either doing something wrong / wondering why it wasn't rubbery meat! Thanks for finally making me a recipe forbsalisbury steak with ingredients that dont contain chemicals!misnr

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  282. I plugged this in to the Recipe Builder and got 6 points+ per serving instead of 5. The serving sizes were really large, so I'd probably make 9 or 10 patties and bring the points+ value down to 5. I substituted garlic & herb breadcrumbs, which were yummy.

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    This is definitely going in the go-to pile!

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    Just curious….what kind of container do you use for your "tv dinners"? I am always afraid of ice covered, freezer burned food. Would love to know your secret!

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  309. So glad you all like it!
    To make this gluten-free, you can replace the bread crumbs with gluten free oatmeal. You can try thickening the gravy with rice flour instead.

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    • I was just thinking the same thing. I tried this tonight and it was a little bland for my family. I didn't have an onion though and used dehydrated minced onions. I was reading through to see if anyone had the same problem or a solution. Love the site and recipes!

    • I agree! There's nothing wrong with a little conversation, but it would be a great idea to have a separate comment area for people who have made it (or maybe even a different way the comments can come up, such as an "I've made this" badge) can talk about outcomes and suggestions, that way you don't have to scan through all the "looks good" or "can't wait to make" comments.

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    Thanks Gina!! You rock!

  326. I love Salisbury Steak, I see the the Recipe calls for Tomatoes Paste, Do you think the Tomatoes Paste really makes the Sauce? I'm allergic to any type of Tomatoes, Would leaving this out make a huge difference?

    Or any alternatives?

  327. Just curious, about how much of the meat mixture in each patty? i am awful at making things even! i look forward to trying this and seeing how it is!

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  332. Thanks for all your comments, even if I don't respond to every one, I read them all and smile. Especially from the lurkers!

    You can leave the mushrooms out if you're not a fan.

    Anonymous, I feed my toddler everything we eat. Sometimes she'll like it, sometimes she won't but I find if you keep giving it to them eventually they will eat it all. Don't stress to much about it.

    Kanoe, sure!

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  336. I don't like mushrooms. Would the sauce be just as good if I left them out??

    • Leanne,
      I don't like mushrooms either but made the recipe tonight as written and just left them off my portion. You can't taste them at all, but I fear the gravy would be missing something without them.

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    These recipes are perfect for my boyfriend and I to cook healthy meals together.

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  353. Sure you can use bison instead, I'm sure the points would be pretty close.

    The serving size is one patty with mushrooms and gravy. Over potatoes it's quite filling!

  354. oops! typo!

  355. What a delicious way to eat skinny!

  356. Looks deelish! I want to try this out. How about a lightened up chicken king ranch casserole?? We eat it in Texas.

    Thanks, love your blog. You are amazing.

    • I think I emailed Gina the same link awhile back. Great minds think alike! I''m waiting with bated breath for Skinny King Ranch Chicken! I'll be making Salisbury steak this weekend. It looks and sounds so similar to my mom's recipe that uses Golden Mushroom Soup!

    • I believe while you are waiting did one.

  357. It looks like she just forgot to change the serving size from the previous recipe – Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bites 🙂

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  360. I'm also wondering about that serving size….lol

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  363. Gina – What do you think the conversion would be if we used bison meat? It's leaner than ground, and I wonder if I could use it completely, as opposed to including turkey.


  364. Serving Size: 3 chicken bites??

    What??? LOL

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