Skinny Summer Desserts

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The weather’s getting warmer and that means pool parties, BBQs and picnics! If you’re looking for dessert ideas to keep you cool or satisfy your sweet tooth this summer, here’s a list of Skinnytaste summer desserts just in time for Memorial Day!

Skinny Summer Desserts

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  1. I never heard of “Skinny Taste” before. Is it a brand of products low in calories? Or a group who shares recipes?Diana CREMENS

  2. Hi Gina, whatever happened to your Green Tea Sorbet? Love your recipes ~ use them all the time!

  3. well once in a while we need treats, hope you all enjoy!

  4. Oh, Gina! I just love what you've done! Thank you for the Summer Dessert collection. I love your recipes! Your entire collection is my "go to" for many a meal or celebration.

    Very Much Appreciated! Kara

  5. Yum! What a great collection of healthy summer dessert options!

  6. these look so good! can't wait till the marathon is over (aka carbo loading is over) so i can catch up on my sweets 😉

  7. Mmm…I can't wait to make one of these for our next BBQ, it's going to be very hard to decide since they all sound so yummy 🙂 I'm thinking the strawberry swirl cheesecake or the popsicles!

  8. This dessert list totally saved my day! I have had a major sweet tooth lately but did not want to ruin all my exercise efforts by purging on desserts. And the fresh strawberries and cool whip every night is getting old.

  9. These look so good! The grilled pineapple is callin' my name…

  10. Haha, I like how after seeing the cherry and chocolate sorbet I decide to google "pina colada sorbet" and yours is the first one that comes up. But only after that do I see it on the list here 😛