Skinny Taco Dip

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This super easy, no cook skinny taco dip is a MUST have at any get together: birthdays, football, holidays– the dip always disappears! Serve with tortilla chips.

This super easy, no cook skinny taco dip is a MUST have at any get together: birthdays, football, holidays– the dip always disappears! Serve with tortilla chips.Skinny Taco Dip

I absolutely love anything creamy and cheesy, but then again, who doesn’t?! A few of my favorite appetizer dips are Skinny Buffalo Chicken DipHot Spinach and Artichoke Dip, Hot and Cheesy Crab and Artichoke Dip, and Easy No-Cook Salsa Recipe.

This is my daughter Karina’s favorite dip, which she has nicknamed “the stuff”. This skinny taco dip is easy to prepare and everyone always wants the recipe when they try it. Serve it at your next party with your favorite baked tortilla chips and play around with the toppings – try jalapeños, scallions or avocados.

This super easy, no cook skinny taco dip is a MUST have at any get together: birthdays, football, holidays– the dip always disappears! Serve with tortilla chips.
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Skinny Taco Dip

59 Cals 2 Protein 4.5 Carbs 3.5 Fats
Prep Time: 20 mins
Total Time: 20 mins
Yield: 24 servings
COURSE: Appetizer
CUISINE: Mexican
This super easy, no cook skinny taco dip is a MUST have at any get together: birthdays, football, holidays– the dip always disappears! Serve with tortilla chips.


  • 8 oz 1/3 less fat Philadelphia cream cheese
  • 8 oz reduced fat sour cream
  • 16 oz jar mild salsa
  • 1/2 packet taco seasoning, check for GF
  • 2 cups iceberg lettuce, shredded fine
  • 2 large tomatoes, seeds removed and diced
  • 1 cup reduced fat shredded cheddar cheese
  • 2.25 oz sliced black olives


  • In a large bowl combine cream cheese, sour cream, salsa and taco seasoning and mix well with an electric mixer.
  • Spread on the bottom of a large shallow glass dish.
  • Top with shredded lettuce, tomatoes, shredded cheese and black olives.
  • Serve with baked tortilla chips.


Serving: 1/24th of dip, Calories: 59kcal, Carbohydrates: 4.5g, Protein: 2g, Fat: 3.5g, Saturated Fat: 2g, Cholesterol: 11.5mg, Sodium: 223.5mg, Fiber: 0.5g, Sugar: 2g
WW Points Plus: 2
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  1. This dip is the best!  My go-to appetizer for years!  It doesn’t last long! 

  2. Delicious! Everyone loved it!

    Please include the orange ww button. Thanks!

  3. Would the serving size be one cup?

  4. Made without the olives since guest are not olive fans. However, cut up some green onions to use in place of the olives. Just delicious…no one could belive a Skinny Taste recipe….

  5. Great recipe, but add the salsa sparingly. It quickly makes the dish too runny depending on the brand and type of salsa.

  6. Made this and absolutely delicious. Made a few hours before serving. Used shredded lettuce. So easy. Did not use olives since family doesn’t enjoy those. Raving reviews. Highly recommend.

  7. Super easy and super delicious! I also added yellow bell peppers to it! Yummy

  8. How far ahead can I make this and store in the refrigerator?

  9. This is so delicious and so easy to make ! Always runs out at every football party I bring I to!

  10. I’ve made this recipe multiple times for different occasions and different groups of people – it’s always a huge success!

  11. This was a big hit, I used fat free Greek yogurt instead of the sour cream and the whole package package of taco seasoning

  12. Loved this recipe! Made it for the Superbowl yesterday and everyone finished it off. I did use regular cheese, one side o did Mexican blend and the other side I did a ghost pepper marble cheese and it was soooooo good! I’m thinking of trying it with some refried beans next time

  13. Served this at a Super Bowl party …..everyone gobbled/scooped it up!

  14. Is this served warm or cold?

  15. This is a novel concept-a layered dip with no beans! Kind of like eating a salad with a tortilla chip instead of a fork! 

  16. Did this recipe change?

  17. I’ve made this several times and while it is always a hit, the salsa makes it quite runny. Next time I will drain the salsa before mixing.

  18. Hi! Making this for Super Bowl (among MANY other of your recipes!) and wondered if you knew the SP for this recipe? I can’t seem to figure it out on the calculator without Saturated Fat, etc. Thanks for all the great recipes!!!

  19. You need to clarify that you used FRESH SALSA in the ingredients list. How many people have wasted money and ingredients because they used jar salsa and it came out runny and gross?! 

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  22. My mom has made this recipe for many years, and now my brother/sister/I make it for get togethers frequently! For a much healthier version, I use Greek Plain Yogurt instead of sour cream, I only mix the seasoning in w/ Cream cheese/yogurt, then layer salsa (or taco sauce) on top, then veggies. And, it's best w/ garden fresh tomatoes—–I'm ready for a batch now!

  23. This was too soupy when I mixed all the salsa in. I had to re-do it with half as much salsa. Recommend using really chunky salsa so it is not too runny.

  24. I live in Germany, and I'm not sure what this Taco Seasoning is! Is it some kind of composed spice? And if so, what does it contain, or what do you usually use it for?
    Or is it like ketchup or soup? (On google I found recipes for these things, but your whole dip doesn't look like you use salsa AND another fluid thing.)
    I'm waiting for your answer because I really really want to make this for my 30th bday! Thank you!

  25. Very tasty! I was surprised that having lettuce in it worked extremely well. Modified by adding rice. A real winner!

    Next time I'm going to add tuna.

  26. I'm wondering if the cream cheese needs to be at room temperature before starting. Thanks!

  27. I have been making a similar one for many years but only use the 1/3 less cream cheese with and 8 oz. taco sauce for the base. That would save some calories. I top it with lettuce tomatoes cheese and green olives. No one knows the difference in the low calorie version.

  28. I made this over the weekend. It was delicious, but super watery. I did remove the pulp/seeds from the tomatoes. Maybe because I made ahead, which I would not do again. Still yummy though.

  29. It may be fewer calories, but have you looked at the ingredients of the low fat products? This is eating your way to disease. Better to eat less of a higher quality product with good nutrition.

  30. This is the best taco dip ever!!! No one knows it's lowfat!!!

  31. This is so easy and so good… I made it for my family yesterday for Easter and they were all pleasantly surprised! (they usually won't touch anything that's "good for you")
    I had made the "easy crock pot chicken salsa verde" the night before, so I added the rest of my shredded chicken to the mix…. Delicious!

  32. I made this today with a chipotle salsa and it turned out so yummy! I will admit though it is a tad runny right out of the gate, hoping some time being in the fridge will cause it to not be so runny. I would probably add a little less salsa next time but other than that it turned out very delicious, a nice smoky flavor with the chipotle!

  33. I have made this several times, and every time I do there's never any left. I will occasionally use full fat versions of the cream cheese and sour cream because I like to indulge every now and then. I made this this past weekend and added a layer of guacamole and black beans and everyone loved it. Love this recipe and this site!

  34. Greek Yogurt makes the dip really creamy and very healthy instead of lite sour cream.

  35. Delicious. I liked the addition of salsa, as I did not have any tomatoes the day I made this. I did add chopped onions..

  36. Instead of sour cream, do you think plain greek yogurt would work? Trying to cut cals and add protein, where possible 🙂 Open to thoughts!

  37. I added a layer of chopped green chills, chopped fresh jalapeno and green onions, and used greek nonfat yogurt instead of the sour cream for some added protein. I also swapped the cream cheese for the new 2x protein cream cheese to give it a little more protein without adding a ton of fat or calories. I am a gastric bypass patient, so protein is super important for me. This same recipe has been in my family for years and I was able to really make it my own with these simple additions and changes. Fantastic!! 🙂

  38. So something the Fashionable Hostess would prepare! Healthy and great for SuperBowl Sunday! Yum! Check out some more skinny recipes at


  39. This is a super recipe! I tried it this weekend, hoping that it would work for Super Bowl, and it was a HUGE success………very tasty, and quick to make. I would recommend refrigerating it a few hours before serving, as it enhances the taste. This one is a keeper!

  40. I made this twice and the dish was practically licked clean both times. 🙂 Perfect for parties.

  41. This was delicious! I will be making it again in the future. My husband even thought it was very tasty. 🙂

  42. Just made this for New Year's party tonight and it is practically liquid. I just added an additional package of cream cheese and it didn't help. Is it a very thin "dip"? It tastes great but I think it will be very messy and hard to travel with. Perhaps I just chose a very thin salsa to add. Not sure? No one else seems to have had the same problem.

  43. Can u premix the other ingredients except the toppings the night before?

  44. a serving , based on the origianl recipe would be approx 1/3 cup.
    Calories approx 49..depending on the manufacturer

  45. What jar of mild salsa do you recommend? And do you drain it first?

    • If you have a Harris Teeter, I use the 'Fresh Salsa' (their brand) and it doesn't have much liquid (in the refrigerated section). It's very good and it always turns out great.

  46. I made this for Thanksgiving apps today and the base was really watery? Did I do something wrong or is this normal?

  47. I made this dip and it didn't even last for 1 hour. Next time I make it I will make two dishes and put them at each end of the buffet table. It is fantastic.

  48. I make this for every football gathering. It is always gone by the end of the night. I do change just one thing and that is i use 2 cans of fat free refried beans. I empty the beans into a bowl and sprinkle with a packet of taco seasoning and stir. I use the beans as the base, then the sour cream/cream cheese/salsa, add shredded cheese and top with tomatoes. Always delicious. Thanks for sharing.

  49. I love the comment by "My Life" above, I want to veganize it too! YUM!!

  50. wow, so glad I found this blog! I cant wait to try this in a few days! Looks so tasty!

  51. Made this dip yesterday for a potluck at work…it was delicious and enjoyed by everyone..

  52. This was great — I made it for a mom get-together and my son begged me to make it for his class party a few days later! The teenagers loved it! I put refried beans in the bottom, otherwise, I followed the directions and it turned out perfectly!

  53. I've made this twice for potlucks at work. Each time, people have given me lots of compliments on it and have asked for the recipe. They're always surprised to find out it's reduced fat.

  54. This is excellent: delicious, attractive, and easy. I had green onions on hand so added those sliced, as others had suggested, to the olive layer. Taco dip was a hit with all ages; next time I make it I will try to put it together early in the day so I can chill thereby firming the bottom layer a bit.

    Making dishes the Skinny Taste way is such fun — excellent food with reduced calories. Thanks, Gina.

  55. Huge hit with family and friends. Bought this to a FD event and was gobbled up. So light and refreshing compared to hot version I used to make.
    ***** 5 stars
    I agree with others- we should do ratings- its a real help when deciding to make a recipe

  56. This dish was not a hit at my house. I made it for a game night and everybody each had about 1-2 bites then moved on to something else.The sour cream/cream cheese portion was very runny. Maybe it was bc I used fat free sour cream. However, the same night I also made the Parmesan Spinach Dip and the Jalapeno Poppers from this website and they rocked!

    • If you decide to try it again. We’ve made this for years . Leave out the salsa and add just enough sour cream so that the cream cheese is soft enough that it doesn’t break your chips.

      • Yes, I just combined the cream cheese, salsa and sour cream….it’s like soup. I wish I would have read this review first.

  57. I am having trouble printing this recipe. Can someone help me? My printfriendly is not downloaded. Thanks

  58. What kind of salsa did you use??

  59. What kind of salsa do you use?

  60. If You Want To Cut The Calories Down Even More And Add Some Extra Protein, Substitute The Sour Cream For Plain Greek Yogurt. Tastes Exactly The Same And It's Better For You 🙂 Been Doing It For Years, Everyone Gobbles It Right Up Without Even Knowing It's Actually Good For Them 🙂

  61. Instead of sour cream, I use Greek yogurt. For the salsa, I use Margaritaville salsa which I found in the deli section at Meijers. Not sure if other stores carry it. I leave the olives off of it. This is an awesome dip. Every time I make this, it gone in a matter of minutes!

  62. Can I make this the night before for a party or would it be too soggy?

  63. Could you tell me how many additional original points would it be if I added a layer of canned fat-free refried beans? Thanks!

  64. The recipe looks awesome and I can't wait to try it. You have so many great recipes for people who need to watch different things. Thanks for sharing.

  65. I use Greek yogurt instead of sour cream. Delicious subtle change to an already great recipe 🙂

  66. If you put it in a 9x13x2 rectangular pan, that holds 14 cups. I'm guessing this probably won't come up to the top, so 12 cups is probably more accurate – And if the recipe states 24 servings, then a serving would be 1/2 a cup. If you google "joy of baking pan sizes" (no "") there's a nice chart of pan sizes with what they hold in cups and milliliters. Certainly helps out a cooking-newbie like me. Determining what the recipe calls a serving can be a challenge sometimes! Especially for those of us that keep a food diary and plan our meals out in serving sizes.

  67. Just made this. And it's very good! I left out the olives but everything together was amazing. very happy about this one.

  68. I made this on Sunday and it was fantastic! it was polished off in quite a hurry… I used a cup and a half of cheese (I like stuff extra cheesy) and only used one large tomato (what *I* considered to be large, anyway!) I'm glad I only diced up one first cuz it ended up being enough.

    Next time I will try substituting the Greek Yogurt for the sour cream like someone else suggested. Although I am not a fan of Greek Yogurt (I know it's good for you but I just couldn't get on board with it, I dunno…) I think using it in a dish like this would be OK…

  69. Just FYI, it's being passed around Pinterest as having 60 cals for the entire dish instead of a serving. People are gonna be gaining weight from this dish. LOL

  70. I make it always. Sometimes I eliminate the letus and add hamburger meat and throw it in the oven and serve hot. Yummy

  71. I made this last night for a get together with some friends and it disappeared pretty quickly. Loved it!

  72. this is so yummy… we put it on lettuce as a salad and it tastes just like the dole southwest salad kit [my FAVE] but a whole lot cheaper and probably healthier too 🙂

  73. I also added a layer of low-fat refried beans to get some extra protein, and used Rotel chopped tomatoes and green chilies instead of salsa. I haven't made the original recipe, but it wsa great with these additions.

  74. FYI made this for Superbowl this year. It was gone in 20 minutes. tops. Big Hit. Only thing is I wish the dip wasn't so runny.Worried me a bit but still tasted delicious!

  75. Delicious. Made it last night and had it with crackers and cucumber slices.

  76. I make this all the time before I even found this recipe. My boyfriend loves it. But I don't mix the salsa in I use it as a topping I think it gives it much more flavor.

  77. Made this for my friend's Superbowl Party. whole dish was gone before the game started! I was a little nervous once I finished the dip portion because it was runny, but it actually came out great! Wouldn't change anything about it… Will definitely be following some of these rcipes in the future 🙂

  78. I made this for a Super Bowl Party along with the Shredded Buffalo Chicken. Both dishes were enjoyed and people didn't believe that they were skinny recipes. Thank you for your recipes – your site is my go-to site for cooking

  79. I made this for a Super Bowl party today and it was a big hit. The other ladies were happy to see a lighter option on the buffet and liked the crunch of the lettuce. Next time I think I would decrease the amount of taco seasoning, an entire packet was a bit much for me but none of the other guests through it was as overpowering. So this is very much an issue of personal taste. It's a very good dish for a gathering as the prep is simple and it makes a lot.

    I will definitely make this again and might even add a layer of veg. low-fat refried beans on the bottom to make it a bit more heartier. While it will up the calorie count I still think it would be a much better option than some of the other dishes we had (and enjoyed) that were swimming in butter and other fat.

  80. Mine was very soupy-taste was good though

  81. AWESOME DIP!!! I like to have it with baked chips! I am actually doing my whole baby shower food from skinnytaste! (no chips, because I will be doing fruit chips) I wish you had a good fruit salsa recipe, so I am winging that one with stevia instead of cane sugar.

  82. Three words….. Fast, easy, and delicious!

  83. Even better with Doritos!

  84. I found this on Six Sisters Stuff. Great idea!
    Pinning this one for the Super Bowl Party!

    I would love it if you would bring to our Super Bowl/Chili party.

  85. When I make this I use Chobani Greek plain yogurt in place of the sour cream and cream cheese. It tastes amazing and even less calories!

  86. I made this today for my hubby and I. It got our approval! It was so easy to make and ingredients used are simple and delicious! I used medium salsa and added green onions on top. It is a guilt free food that you can feel good about eating! I will definitely be making this again really soon! 🙂

  87. Has anyone tried substituting plain greek yogurt for the cream cheese or sour cream?

  88. I made this a few weeks ago and it was a hit! Its sooo tasty. I love cooking but not creative so I live on your site. Ive tried lots of your receipes and they are tasty. And the fact that their healthy makes it better! Thank you for sharing! Gina

  89. Yuuuuuuummmmy!

  90. Have been making this for years! Without the low cal stuff tho;) try warming the dip and cheese up first then adding the other toppings .. So yummy with multigrain tostitos

  91. Made it! It was amazing!!!

  92. This was delish! I put out chips for it but also put out carrot & celery sticks, plus cucumber slices! the cucumber round slices are great for dips, I love them with a crabmeat spread too!

  93. thx 4 the tips

  94. I don't like iceberg lettuce, so I will substitue for fresh spinach. Can't wait to try it! =)

  95. I love your site Gina. We are having a potluck christmas dinner at my Weight Watcher meeting on the 18th and I will be taking this dip and Taco Junk (sort of a chili made in the crockpot)

  96. I made this for Thanksgiving dinner. It was devoured. I left off the olives (not a fan) and just topped with diced tomatoes. I used the fresh salsa from the deli too. I think it's a lot better. It was great! Thanks.

  97. iam on a gluten free diet, is this dip good for me, i havent seen gluten sour cream, or olives, i would really like to make this

  98. This dip is a favorite at our house! I used the reduced sodium packet of taco seasoning mix. I only used half the pack to lower the amount of salt – it was still VERY flavorful. We love it!

  99. SO GOOD. Completely addicted.

  100. I've made this time and time again, and the result?…..!!! It's definitely a must-try recipe

  101. It has very good flavor, but I find the bottom layer to be runny. I even tried making it will regular sour cream & cream cheese hoping it would be thicker, but it didn't help. As great as it tastes, it just makes it difficult to keep it on a tortilla chip. Any suggestions?

  102. i made it and it was DELICIOUS.

  103. I made this today it is delicious!

  104. I'm making this recipe tonight for a tailgate! The only thing I'm changing is substituting the sour cream for non-fat plain greek yogurt. It looks amazing and when I saw there was cream cheese in the salsa mixture I knew it would be great! I'm sure it'll go over great with the tailgaters! If I ever make it just for myself, I may add a layer of avocado! Yum!

  105. Another veg to use would be jicama, sliced into strips to "scoop" the dip. Tasty and crunchy.Just peel the jicama and slice it. If I prepare the jicama the day before serving, I rinse it with water that has fruitfresh added to prevent any browning [fruitfresh is citric acid/lemon would also work but would impart a lemon flavor]. Peel, slice, rinse with fruitfresh water, drain well, seal as air-tight as possible and refrigerate until served.

  106. My mom makes this almost same exact dip. Everything is the same except she doesn't add sour cream. Its always a hit and never any leftovers when her and i make it.

  107. I tried this recipe and it was wonderful and a hit with my family.

  108. I made this for football today… it was super tasty! I made the mistake of trying to layer the salsa on top of the sour cream/neufchatel mixture and it was really liquidy. I'm sure it would be fine if I just followed the directions and mixed it in next time! Even though it was a little soupy it was still really good. I added some black beans, and served it with celery, baby carrots, and some tortillas that I baked into chips. I've always been more of a fan of baked taco dips but I think I've officially been converted.

  109. This recipe was AWESOME!!!! It was a major hit! I love your site! I live on it!!!

  110. Thank you so much for this recipe! I have been following the weight watchers plan for a few months now. Last week, my office planned a potluck and I was absolutely scared. I had no clue what to bring that I could eat within my points and also what my co-workers would eat. I found this recipe and gave it a try. It was a big hit! My dish was completely cleaned out and my co-workers begged me for the recipe. They had no clue it was healthy. This will be my go to recipe for potlucks from now on. 🙂

  111. I've made this twice in the last month, both times it was devoured. I substituted guacamole for the lettuce, as I'm not a lettuce fan. My guests didn't notice, or mind, and it was delicious!! Will be perfect for football season.

  112. When you use low fat and reduced fat foods in recipes… no one knows! It just doesn't make sense to use extra calories when they're so unnecessary. This recipe is JUST what I was looking for. Thanks so much!

  113. This was amazing! Thank you!!! 🙂

  114. I love taco dip and I love that I found a skinny recipe! However, mine came out a little watery! I don't know if it was because of the reduced fat sour cream or the salsa I used. It was still delicious though!!!

  115. I made 2 batches of this for 2 different events and everyone loved it. Will be making this one over and over!!

  116. I made this tonight to take to a barbecue. Unfortunately, I screwed it up. I had a tiny bit of salsa left so I decided to substitute a can of diced tomatoes with green chilies. That part was fine but I forgot to drain them!!! I added it to the sour cream/cream cheese mixture and it was so soupy. To save the dish I added a can of fat free refried beans and it turned out great. I love this dip with the beans anyway and they are fat free, why not?! In the end, it turned out delicious! I will make this again and maybe add cilantro along with black beans or definitely the refried beans I used this time.

  117. Mmm this looks incredible!

  118. To all of the people asking the specific serving size of this, please use common sense – it serves 24.. it would probably be easier to divide by 12 servings. In a 9×13 dish, that should be simple. Make lines with a knife or spatula into 12 servings, then scoop one section out and measure it. That will give you the size for 2 servings. I'm guessing it is probably 1/2 cup or so.

  119. I forgot to mention it does not keep well for the next day – the lettuce will make a watery mess.

  120. I have been making this for 20 yrs. When bringing to a party with any amount of people – make 2 bc it will be licked clean by the first few at it. Low or full fat products do best-No fat just does not taste the same. I buy those big turkey type platters at Dollar Tree to make it on and bring to parties.

  121. If you used fat free cream cheese and sour cream… do you know what the nutrition facts would be?


  122. look delicious! and i LOVE that you put the nutritional facts 🙂

  123. A-MAY-ZING!! We added diced jalapenos as well to give it a little bit of a kick and WOW! So delicious!! A new favorite meal! Quick, easy, and nearly guilt-free 🙂

  124. Does anyone know if this can be pre-made the night before serving? I plan on making it tonight and bringing it to the lake – via ice chest of course. But will it hold up???

  125. I made this and I love it!!! 🙂 Definitely a new family favorite!!!

  126. I made this dip last night! While it was delicious, it was also very runny. Did I do something wrong? How can I thicken up the bottom layer?

    • Mine was runny as well, but I noticed after letting it sit overnight it seemed to be a bit thicker. Next time I'm going to use less of the salsa as well to see if that helps with the runny 🙂

  127. I loved this dip! I omitted the lettuce, used fat free re-fried beans that I mixed with low sodium taco seasoning, then topped with cream cheese/sour cream mixture, salsa, green onion, bell pepper, tomato, and cheese. It is great with carrots, on salad, with chips, on a sandwich!

  128. This dip is amazing!!! I added a layer of black beans, and on top I added green onions and cilantro! Thanks!!

  129. I am always looking for healthy alternatives for my favorite things – and let me tell you, Taco Dip, is one of my favorite things! I was a little skeptical but it turned out great. Next time, I would do something a little different to thicken up the base of the dip – maybe drain the salsa. But I couldn't stop eating this dish! Thanks so much for the recipe – love your site! I posted my experience with this dip on my blog. Check it out!

  130. I discovered this recipe on Pinterest and absolutely love it! Have made it multiple times in the past few months! I periodically post links to my favorite recipes on my blog and today's featured recipe was this yummy Skinny Taco Dip! I linked to this post to make sure y'all get credit!

  131. This looks great. I'm having a Mexican-themed party later this summer and am looking for lower fat and healthier versions of the usual dishes. This will be perfect. I too may add some black beans or low-fat refried beans to give it a little more fiber.

  132. I made this and could not tell it was low fat, i did add black beans to it too, it delicious!

  133. I made this for a work party recently— and everyone loved it!!! Thanks!!!

  134. I make a version of this dip (I use onions and green peppers instead of lettuce) and I am required to bring it to every single function my husband's family has. It's called "The Dip". It doesn't last long.

  135. I made this today for a family party, usually when I make something low fat everyone complains. Today everyone loved it. I served it with baked scoops, but most people just preferred to eat it with a fork.

  136. I just made this for an office party yesterday and it was a HUGE hit. I ended up dividing it into two tupperware bins, one with olives and one without. They were both completely devoured! I love that your recipes are health/ fat conscious, but even more that a lot of them are pretty easy to do. I'm a novice in the kitchen and I have now cooked three recipes off your site to success! Thank you for sharing all of this!

  137. Great take on the infamous 7-layer dip. I think adding crushed seasoned black beans (with some white onions, garlic, cilantro, and sofrito) would be a nice touch at the bottom of the dish. Traditional taco dips use refried beans, but black beans would keep it flavorful, colorful and healthy at the same time!

  138. Great take on the infamous 7-layer dip. I think adding crushed seasoned black beans (with some white onions, garlic, cilantro) would be a nice touch at the bottom of the dish. Traditional taco dips use refried beans, but black beans would keep it flavorful, colorful and healthy at the same time!

  139. has anyone tried with Greek yogurt instead of the cream chees/sour cream? Is that even more skinny? PS – I am new to the site. I like the recipes and plan to look often. 😉

  140. How do I make this Gluten Free??

  141. I have made this several times, and absolutely LOVE it! I will modify sometimes by putting in avocado, lean ground beef, and/or black beans. Thank you!

  142. Gina,
    I Made this for my son's party. It was a hit. And I did not tell anyone until it was done that is was low in fat.


  143. Oooh Edie! I love the thought of adding jalepenos. I made it last night and it's taking everything I have not to wolf it down. If I put jalepenos on it I'll eat less cuz it will be too spicy for me, lol!

  144. What kind of low fat cheese do you use, so many brands are taste less, any favorable low fat cheeses out there?

  145. Sounded great until I hit the iceberg lettuce. Worst lettuce possible with no nutritional value nor taste. Substituted shredded Romaine and upped the heat with some jalapenos. Good but still have to watch serving size.

  146. Any thoughts on how to make sure you're only eating one serving at a time? Is it the size of a golf ball? Just a visual would be awesome!

  147. Delicious! added an avocado, cilantro, and used spinach instead of lettuce. 🙂 Delicious on a warmed tortilla!

  148. Instead of using taco seasoning I always use Ortega Hot Taco Sauce. Its much better than the packet. Every party I get invited to I get asked to make this….sometimes I wonder if its just the taco dip they want 🙂 Must make some for tonight at work its such a hit!

  149. MMMM, just made this and it was just as good as everyone says it is! I live by myself and didn't feel like waiting for a party to try this so I mixed the sour cream/salsa/taco seasoning/cream cheese in a Tupperware container and just assemble myself a little mini taco dip fresh each time I want it – nothing gets soggy and it's like a little present in a bowl each time!

  150. Delicious! I'll try the recipe..thanks for sharing!

  151. My mom has been making a similar dip for years now. She only uses cream cheese, salsa, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese. I will be trying this version – I may be able to trick my cream cheese hater husband! 🙂

  152. I made this last night but traded the lettuce for cabbage (it's what we had). My girls who normally won't touch cabbage because "it smells funny" ate half the dip before I told them it was cabbage. Thanks for sharing this recipe!

  153. I made this recently for a family gathering and they loved it! Thanks for the delicious and simple recipe. I love your site!

  154. it looks like I have found my dip for the next bush-walking group Christmas party, thank you, I have been looking for something nice and healthy for a long time now. but now I have found it. It might not make the Christmas party, it will be for the next B.B.Q. party.

  155. Use Greek yogurt instead of sour cream for an even healthier version. Was a hit at our Super Bowl party.

  156. My grandma use to make this same dip when I was growing up menus the lattice, and it has now passed down to me to make for every get together. I usually have to make 2 trays bc it goes so fast!!!!

  157. I used to love making this the not so skinny way, but this recipe tastes just as yummy! Does anyone know exactly how much 1/24th is? I tried to weigh it but my food scale said overload lol.

  158. Yumm-O! I made this for a Super Bowl snack too (one of a few of your recipes!) and it was perfect! This will be my go-to Taco Dip from here on out! Thank you Gina! ~Amy 🙂

  159. I added a can of fat free refried beans as the bottom layer, added about 4-5 fresh chopped garlic cloves to the cream cheese mixture and baked it in the oven covered in foil to make a warm dip!!I skipped the lettuce and just topped with tomato and chopped green onion!!YUM!!

  160. I made this for the Super Bowl. My fiance and I have both recently started WW's and were looking for WW freindly snacks to have. This was AMAZING! We will definitely make this one again!

  161. I also made this for Super Bowl. One of two dips, and there and no one realized how healthy mine was. The recipe was super easy, and I defiantly will make it again and add some black beans, and the requested option of avocado and jalapenos to it. Again another huge thumbs up!

  162. I made this for Super Bowl and it was a HUGE hit. The only thing is the cream cheese mixture came out extremely runny. I pureed a can of black beans and added more sour cream. It helped a little but it was still runny. I think next time I'll use less salsa and see how that works. The flavor was spot-on though!

  163. Just made this for the superbowl and it was AMAZING….didn't have tomatoes so left that out…also added jalapenos as my boyfriend likes a bit of a kick 🙂

  164. So happy I found this recipe. I'll be making it this weekend, but I think I'll do shredded spinach instead of lettuce.

  165. So glad I found this recipe. I will be making this for Sunday as a snack while watching the Super Bowl with DH. Can't wait to try it out.

  166. stupid question,,,, so you just eat it cold you dont cook it.


  168. This was a huge hit! Even my boyfriend who doesn't like too many veggies loved it. He won't eat tomatoes on anything (else) but loved every bite he had in this dip! I will definitely make this again.

  169. Yummy! I found a similar recipe in but it didnt look as good as this one ;D

  170. I made this and added a package of meatless ground seasoned with taco seasoning. It was really good!

  171. I usually use greek yogurt instead of sour cream and no one has ever noticed a difference! 🙂

  172. This is an absolute favorite in my family. I have made this dish so many times and it is always the first appetizer to be finished. When i tell people it is "healthy" one can believe it. Love love love this!

  173. I just found your site today and needed a recipe for tonight. I took this to a Potluck. There was a ton of food there and this was the first thing to go. Love your site. can't wait to try other recipes.

  174. I just made this, have yet to add the cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and olives, but my "dip" is very liquidy…is this how it's supossed to be??

  175. Literally just got done making this for a Potluck at work tomorrow! Can't wait to see how it turns out! 🙂

  176. I'm making this to take to a NYE party tomorrow!

  177. made this for a party tonight. hope its as good as everyone says!!!!

  178. wow that looks so incredibly good…thank you so very much for sharing!

  179. YUM!! I made this for a football party and it only lasted maybe 10 minutes!

  180. YUM! That looks amazing AND healthy. What could be better?

  181. I made this for the first time (finally!). It was wonderful! A big hit for pre-Thanksgiving dinner snacking. I love the cream cheese/sour cream/salsa combo on the bottom. Great flavor!

  182. I did add re-fried beans to the bottom and instead of mixing the cr. cheese and salsa, I layered them. I kept everything else the same and used mini bell peppers to dip. This was an AMAZING bean dip. I got requests for the recipe (so of course I sent them to this site). Thanks for sharing this! I love your recipes.

  183. This recipe is my favorite dip ever and has been in my family for years! It is a football weekend and party staple.

    I have never had it come out watery. My family puts salsa on top of the cream cheese mixture instead of mixing it in. Also,16 oz sounds like a lot of salsa.I just eyeball a layer on top and sprinkle the rest of the toppings on that. I think that might help to not water the cheese/sour cream down.

    GREAT RECIPE!!!! Enjoy!!!

  184. nice post

  185. You can cut up an bake the Flatout Breads an use them as tortilla chips also for low WW points!!!

  186. I have made this with a packet of fiesta ranch instead of taco seasoning and it is AMAZING!

  187. I used super hot salsa for my over-active taste buds and chopped about a thousand cups of cilantro on top because I am a cilantro addict, and this recipe turned out fantastic!! I had rave reviews. I find that the hotter the salsa the better I feel also, but no kids will eat my cooking! I wonder why!
    Thank you for the delectable recipe and alternatives!

  188. I had the same problem as Shannon – it came out very watery. Tasted delicious, but so thin. Anyone else experience this?

    Also, I topped this with the lettuce, cheese, tomatoes and olives at the very last minute before leaving for the stadium – 30 minutes later, all of the toppings were "melting" into the dip. Does this need to be served IMMEDIATELY?

  189. I made this today for college football game day! I've been following ww for a week now to lose baby weight, and this dip allows me to still have some fun during football games. 🙂 I need to slow down on the chips though, lol! And tonight we are having your crockpot bean chili. Thanks!!

  190. I made this recipe this weekend during a campout – it was the hit of the gathering! Everyone loved it and it was gone quickly. I had forgotten to pack my taco seasoning and it didn't seem to be missed, though I will add it next time. I also decided to make it a little heartier and added 2 cans (drained) black beans which everyone seemed to really enjoy – Great recipe, thank you.

  191. As usual, Gina, Oh My Yum! I linked to this recipe in my football appetizer post here:
    Now, I just have to get some iceberg lettuce.

  192. We made this for a cookout Sunday and it was amazing. My picky fiance loved it and had no clue it was a "Weight Watchers Recipe" 😉 A BIG hit and will definitely do this again.

    Gina… will you be making a print cookbook?

  193. I have made this dip for 3-4 different parties. It is VERY yummmy! It seems like it tends to get a little water-y tho. Any suggestions for this? I've tried different types of salsa, but each time it gets water-y near the end. Thanks!

    • I would recommend draining most if not all the liquid out of the salsa prior to mixing it with the cream cheese & sour cream. Maybe that would make it less watery.

  194. My roommates and I were looking for a low fat dip to make, and this was the perfect recipe. We were having a girls night in, and saw this dish and decided to make- awesome guilt free appetizer. I would definitely make this again when I have anyone over for a snack to munch on. Thanks for the great starter meal!

  195. I just made this last night for a group for a group of ladies who love regular 7-layer dip! I wondered how it would stack up, and I think we all know which one won! 🙂 thank you for helping me add this to my favorite recipes! So easy AND yummy!!!

  196. Such a tasty and light alternative to a heavy and fattening bean dip. made it on my family beach vacation and made 2 batches at once to feed 15 ppl by the pool. the lettuce makes it light and fresh. i added chopped scallions to the top. it was a hit for sure, had to make it again later in the week. love the site!

  197. would love to make this stuff but veganize it 🙂 I would use canned vegetarian refried beans, omit the sour cream and cream cheese, top it with guacamole, lettuce, tomatoes, daiya vegan cheese, and olives, that would be so yummy! The pic looks amazing!

  198. We make this all the time leaving out the cream cheese. It's still very yummy and using just fat free sour creme or fat free plain yogourt there is basically just veggies with low fat cheddar 🙂

  199. So glad to see this recipe. I have made the "fatty" version of this for years so I'm tickled to see a lighter one. I'm going to try the 0 fat Greek yogurt in place of the sour cream and will add green onions. My old recipe didn't have the cream cheese or salsa but used mayo, so this is a bit different. I can't wait to try it at a pot luck next week. Thanks!

  200. I usually make my own spice mixes to cut down on preservatives and salt; what quantities of spices would approximate the taco seasoning packet if you were to assemble your own from dried spices?

  201. Leanna, lol I guess I'm humble.

  202. Can't wait to make it. Was just reading the comments…why would you be quiet about your blog??!! I tell everyone I know!! 🙂

  203. Great, me too!! : )

  204. I made this on Saturday and I have to tell you it was delicious! I am going to try your Cilantro Lime Shrimp today! I am SO glad someone in the WW community posted this site to their blog!

  205. This dip is awesome, I think my husband was about to lick the bowl! I did a variation by adding fat free refried beans as the bottom layer and I used fat free greek yogurt instead of sour cream for the cream/salsa mix. DIVINE!

  206. This went over well at a party and at work. I added a bottom layer of fat free bean dip – Perfect!

  207. It's not a ww recipe! It's a Skinnytaste recipe!! 🙂

    Mary you are welcome! I recently had a similar experience, brought it to a party where I didn't know too many people and everyone asked me for the recipe! They didn't know I had a blog, I'm pretty quiet about it 🙂

  208. When I made this for a party it was a huge hit!! At the end of the party one lone person was scraping out that the last little bits of the dip out of the pan. He kind of slurred to my boyfriend that he was a lucky man to have me! So thanks for making my dip the hit of the party table!!

  209. I have made this 3 times in the past 3 weeks for different parties – it has been a huge hit – most people are shocked when I tell them it is a "weightwatcher" recipe –

    I make it for lunch all the time!

  211. I'm sure you can use Greek yogurt, but I haven't tried it so let me know how it tastes.

  212. Gina – I'm wondering if I could get away with substituting the sour cream with fat free Greek yogurt? I've only recently discovered Greek yogurt and having been using it as a sour cream substitute for my fajitas!
    Thanks – Karen

  213. This was so yummy! Thanks for all of your wonderful recipes.

  214. This was awesome! I brought it to a game night and it was gone in 10 minutes! Thanks again for all of your yummy WW friendly recipes!

  215. I just made it and substituted 0% fage greek yogurt for the sour cream. I also mixed in a can of black beans with the cream cheese/yogurt/salsa and taco seasoning.
    For cheeses I used Sargento light mexican and fat free cheddar mixed together.
    For final toppings, I did 1/2 of a 2oz can sliced black olives, diced tomatoes, and about 3 small scallions diced. Yummy! Thanks for the recipe!

  216. Sorry, I was serving this to my company so I couldn't destroy it by measuring. We were 24 so it worked out great. It's meant to serve to a crowd (it always disappears!!)

  217. I see that 1/24th of the recipe is 2 pts+. Exactly what does a 1/24th serving consist of? 1/2cup? 1/4cup? If there is an answer in all the comments I didn't find it. I admit I am a lazy cook and if I have to do much more then measure out my food I generally don't cook it. But "the stuff" looks tasty. Lol

  218. I made this dip for the Bears game on Sunday – this truly is The Stuff! I ate way more than 1/24th, but it was so worth it! This is definitely a must for any gathering… you will be thanked!

  219. Ive been making this dip for a few years now! It is such a huge hit @ gatherings! Some other ideas add soy beans for extra protein you can blend them in with the sour cream and cream cheese or leave them as are! we also usually always have the scallions on it- and weve also added green olives!

  220. I made this dip for a football watching crew this past weekend and everyone LOVED it. I followed the recipe exactly and it was gone in minutes. I was a little worried that the cream cheese, sour cream, salsa mix was a bit too soupy, but once mixed thoroughly and in the dish with the shredded cheese, lettuce and tomatoes it worked perfectly. Even the guys couldn't stop eating it! So good, making again this weekend!

  221. I used fat free sour cream (couldn't tell a difference) and added cilantro. I took it to a potluck of ladies and they loved that I brought a healthy option to save them from the average lasagnas and enchiladas! I just ate it plain and called it an upside down salad. 🙂 Thanks Gina!

  222. I made this dip then I went to work and when I came home there was only about 2 bites left my family loved it and I had to make some more the next day.

  223. I make at least 3 or 4 or your recipes a week! It definitely helps with the diet!! I made this and ground turkey tonight for dinner to put into a taco shell… each shell is 3 points for 2!!
    A mouthful of crunchy yummy delicious-ness!! A nice twist on the old taco/fajita!

  224. Try it with Fat Free Fage greek yogurt instead of the sour cream…it is loaded with protein and taste just like sour cream!

  225. Hi Rebecca, I love scallions, I'm sure it would be great!

    Yes, I used a 9×13 for this.

  226. did you use a 9×13 dish for this?

  227. Hi Gina !
    My old 'Fat Version' of this had chopped green onion also..I think this would be a great addition to the tomatoes,olives, and cheese…and so pretty..!!…Thanks for giving us such delicious choices..!!…You are the best..!!

  228. It's dip, so you aren't eating the whole thing. If you notice it serves 24, which is why the calories are low.

  229. This looks really amazing. Not sure that I believe that it's only 60 calories though! I mean even with the reduce fat, it looks so good, which normally can mean fattening 😉 but I'll take your word for it.

  230. I modified it a little by putting fat free refried beans on the bottom and leaving out the cream cheese. I just mixed the taco seasoning with the sour cream! Adds a little protein. 1/2c of the beans is 2 pts.

  231. I love love love this recipe. I made it for some new friends at my house warming party (we have just moved from England to Alaska) and everyone loved it. I even had a friend request that I make it for a birthday pot luck party this weekend!

  232. You could make the salsa mixture the night before, then add the lettuce, tomato when ready to serve.

  233. How far in advance can I make this (if i add the lettuce + tomato later)? Thanks!!

  234. My daughter used to do that, but she loves olives! Olives are optional 😉 You could top with scallion instead if you want.

  235. Looks great except for the olives… ever since, at the age of five, I put an olive on every single finger and thumb of both hand and had my dad look at me and say "Real funny kid, now you can eat them all." I have not been able to eat an olive without gagging.

  236. Glad you guys liked it Theresa!!

    Meat would be nice, but more points. Maybe shredded chicken?

    • I make a very similar version of this that I made up myself with shredded chicken cooked in the taco seasoning instead of adding that to the creamy mixture. It gets requested frequently for covered dish events.

  237. I made this, this weekend for my young 3 kids and husband. They adored it! That never happens for me, someone alway's refuses to eat. But not this time. It took 5 mins. to make. Easy,healthy and yummy. Try it, you won't be sorry.

  238. I loved this, but I think it would be great with some meat! Thanks Gina


  239. This is always gone within 10 minutes when we make it! So glad you all enjoyed it!!

  240. AMAZING!!! I made this for a family cookout yesterday and everyone raved about how good it was. No one knew it was a healthy recipe. Thank you.

  241. I made this dip yesterday for a pre Labor Day party. Everyone loved it! It is sooo good.

  242. I made this tonight for a family dinner and everyone loved it!!! My aunt wanted to take some to work to share with her co-workers. Thanks for the great recipe!!!!

  243. my husband made this for his guy friends (game night) and they loved it. the dish was scraped clean, and they were none the wiser as to the healthier recipe. I'll def. make this again soon.

  244. Gina,

    Thanks for answering my question. 🙂 I will be making it today. Per your request, I will be making 1/4 of the dish. I will let you know how it turned out.

    Thanks again!


  245. HI Gina, Loved this recipe (added scallions). I have tried several of your recipes and have enjoyed them all. Thanks. Michele

  246. OMG! I love you! so if 1/24th of that drool-inducing dip is only 1.5 points, i can have 1/12 of it for 3 points!

    You and your recipe rock!

    Thanks for such great recipes with nutrition information provided, Love it!

  247. You probably don't want to make more than 1/4 if you are making this for yourself. That would be 9 points. When you add the tomatoes and lettuce, it should be eaten right away. Chips are extra so keep that in mind.

  248. How many points will it be if you make half of the dish? I love taco dip and I want to make it but I don't have a family and I live by myself.

    Also, how long will it last in the fridge before you have to toss it?



  249. Everyone LOVES "The Stuff"!!

  250. I made this last night for some friends that came over! RAVE REVIEWS from everyone! Their daughter INSISTED mom get the recipe so she can make it this weekend for her again! You always have amazing recipes & I just love logging on to see what's new to try!

  251. I make the stuff, too! I also add fat-free refried beans to the bottom of the dish for some added fiber and yumminess!

  252. @Amy- you probably could but I'm not sure if it would change the flavor. If you try it let me know!

    • I have been replacing sour cream with greek yogurt for everything lately. You don't notice the difference. I swear!

  253. I bet you could use 0% fat Greek yogurt instead of the reduced fat sour cream (I can't taste the difference) and shave off another point or two. yum!

    • I tried that, but it made it runny! 🙁

    • You don't have to use sour cream at all, it's a little thicker but just as yummy!!

    • I have made this with Fage 0% many, many times and it always turns out great! No one ever even notices that there is a difference and when I tell them they are shocked because it tastes so good. I would use greek yogurt again before I used lowfat or non fat sour cream…greek yogurt tastes better and saves so many calories and fat.

  254. I too love this dish. To cut the calories/points, I use Fat Free 0% Greek Yogurt from Trader Joe's and then dip with celery and pepper strip dippers instead of the tortilla chips.

  255. Drooling! This looks amazing, girl! I might add some avocado….heeheehee!

  256. If someone converts to ozs, please post! 🙂

  257. You're probably best off weighing the dish empty, then full to see the total weight. Then divide that by 24 to see how many oz a serving is.

  258. Does anyone know the exact cup size serving?? THANKS!!

  259. Sounds very nice! I would sprinkle it with a few black beans on top of the mix, below the lettuce, for a little more substance, since you're taking away the refried beans.

  260. I was happy to lighten this one and the best part was that no one noticed 🙂

  261. this dish is addicting!!! Thanks for sharing

  262. DELICIOUS!!

  263. This looks good!

    • I made this to take to a party at work. Every drop was gone before I even got to have some myself. No one knew it was a reduced calorie recipe! No complaints!!!! Good job

    • I'm going to try this based on your rave review….guess who?

    • Looks good, but to be healthy, add fibre! Refried beans even are low in fat! I think I would prefer the ol' 7 layer dip version, but will think of this recipe next time I make it & add lettuce