Stuffed Pepper Soup

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Stuffed Pepper Soup has everything you love about stuffed peppers – bell peppers, ground beef, tomatoes, rice – in a hearty bowl of soup!

Stuffed Pepper Soup has everything you love about stuffed peppers – bell peppers, ground beef, tomatoes, rice – in a hardy bowl of soup!
Stuffed Pepper Soup

I love soup weather and the convenience of making a big pot of soup that can be served for several meals. This soup is a fan favorite and always a huge hit with everyone in my house. That’s including both of my kids – they just love it! Other soups I love that take meals and turn them into soups, Lasagna Soup and Baked Potato Soup, two favorites!

Stuffed Pepper Soup has everything you love about stuffed peppers – bell peppers, ground beef, tomatoes, rice – in a hardy bowl of soup!

How To Make Stuffed Pepper Soup

This is the kind of comforting soup that will fill you up and keep you warm on a chilly night. I guess you can call it a lazy stuffed pepper because it tastes just like a stuffed pepper without all the extra work. Made with wholesome, healthy ingredients such as bell peppers and lean ground beef in a rich tomato base, and topped with brown rice. You can omit the rice to keep it low-carb, Paleo or Whole30. Heck, if you wanted you could even make this with ground turkey, and top it with shredded cheese. Have fun with this one!

Stuffed Pepper Soup has everything you love about stuffed peppers – bell peppers, ground beef, tomatoes, rice – in a hardy bowl of soup!

Stuffed Pepper Soup has everything you love about stuffed peppers in a hardy bowl of soup!

Stuffed Pepper Soup has everything you love about stuffed peppers – bell peppers, ground beef, tomatoes, rice – in a hardy bowl of soup!

I’ve recently added directions for the Instant Pot, you can see more Instant Pot Recipes here! You can see more Soup Recipes here!

Stuffed Pepper Soup has everything you love about stuffed peppers – bell peppers, ground beef, tomatoes, rice – in a hardy bowl of soup!
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Stuffed Pepper Soup

285 Cals 21.5 Protein 37.5 Carbs 5 Fats
Prep Time: 10 mins
Cook Time: 35 mins
Total Time: 45 mins
Yield: 6 servings
CUISINE: American
Stuffed Pepper Soup has everything you love about stuffed peppers – bell peppers, ground beef, tomatoes, rice – in a hearty bowl of soup!


  • 3 cups cooked brown rice, omit for paleo diet
  • 1 lb 95% lean ground beef
  • 1/2 cup chopped green bell pepper
  • 1/2 cup chopped red bell pepper
  • 1 cup finely diced onion
  • 3 cloves garlic, chopped
  • 2 cans, 14.5 oz each cans petite diced tomatoes
  • 1 3/4 cups tomato sauce
  • 2 cups reduced sodium, fat-free chicken broth
  • 1/2 tsp dried marjoram
  • salt and fresh pepper to taste


Stove Top:

  • In a large pot or dutch oven, brown ground meat on high heat and season with salt.
  • Drain fat if any, reduce heat to medium-low, then add peppers, onions and garlic.
  • Cook about 5 minutes on low heat.
  • Add tomatoes, tomato sauce, chicken broth, marjoram and season with salt and pepper to taste. Cover and simmer on low heat for 30 minutes.
  • Serve about 1 1/2 cups of soup in each bowl and top with 1/2 cup cooked brown rice.

Instant Pot:

  • Press saute button on Instant Pot, spray the pot with nonstick spray, add the ground meat and salt and cook until no longer pink, 5 to 8 minutes.
  • Drain fat if any, then add peppers, onions and garlic and cook 4 to 5 minutes.
  • Add tomatoes, tomato sauce, chicken broth, marjoram and season with salt and pepper to taste. Cover and cook high pressure 15 minutes. Natural release.
  • Serve about 1 1/2 cups of soup in each bowl and top with 1/2 cup cooked brown rice.
  • Note: since there is no evaporation in the pressure cooker, you can reduce the broth by 1/2 cup.


Serving: 1-1/2 cups soup 1/2 cup rice, Calories: 285kcal, Carbohydrates: 37.5g, Protein: 21.5g, Fat: 5g, Saturated Fat: 2g, Cholesterol: 46.5mg, Sodium: 621mg, Fiber: 4.5g, Sugar: 6.5g
WW Points Plus: 7
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Photo credit: Sarah Fennel

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  1. This soup was really good. I swapped the lean ground beef for ground Turkey. I also swapped riced cauliflower for the brown rice. Added al little bit of grated parm. 4 stars. A great fall meal. You will have enough for lunch another time. 

  2. My only wish is that I would have used a better and larger green pepper 

  3. I used jasmine rice instead of brown and I didn’t have any tomato sauce so I added a can of tomato soup. It came out wonderful! Hubs kept saying “wow”  5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  4. I plan on using jasmine rice, couldn’t I toss the rice in at the start? The rice takes the same amount of time as the rest. Can’t wait to try this tonight 😋

  5. So good! Another winner Gina. Followed as written! 

  6. I made this tonight and it is delicious! I will definitely add this to my rotation. The only change was I used a red and yellow bell pepper instead of a green. 

  7. Excellent! I added a little mozzarella and Parmesan cheese to each bowl. Will definitely make again!

  8. I alternate ground turkey , whatever peppers I have on hand, instead of marjoram I use Italian seasoning, when he meat is browning I use adobo light seasoning which covers the salt pepper etc .. I sprinkle a little after all ingredients in.. I use wegmans organic instant brown rice found in frozen section traders Joe’s rice is done in 3-4 minutes.. sometimes I grate fresh parm or use a Italian shreddedcheese blend sold in packages just for a little extra ..(the not so skinny part  but just enough) love this freezes well .. make a double batch freeze up .. good when you don’t feel like cooking . 

  9. This recipe came together quickly and tasted delicious.  I added some oregano, a bay leaf and crushed red pepper.

  10. This soup sounds delicious! I am going to make tonight for tomorrow nights dinner, so tomorrow all I have to do it reheat, do you think it’s ok to add the rice to the soup while it’s reheating?

  11. I am making this right now ! I used turkey and italian sausage for my meat. Freezing half of it for another meal. I didn’t have tomato sauce so I used jarred marinara and oregano instead of marjoram …extra garlic, extra bell peppers, and so far it smells delish.  Thank you for this recipe !

  12. is there. crock pot recipe for the stuffed pepper soup?

  13. Absolutely love this soup! It’s become a staple and my 2.5yr old son LOVES it too which makes it an even bigger win in my book!!!

    • Oops! My 1.5yr old 🤪 Also! We’re going to a mountain cabin this week and it’s on the menu! Doubling the batch and making it ahead of time for a quick easy meal once we arrive! 

  14. This one makes an appearance on our table every couple weeks. We all love it. I add loads of fresh Dill. So good!

  15. this is so delicious..we doubled the recipe and froze the extra… defrosted today and it was even better the second time around!!!

  16. I made this last night and just getting around to rating. It’s perfection! Had dinner and lunch and I froze half with the rice separate. Hubby LOVED it. Wanted it again tonight but I made something else. Whoops lol. I used 1/2 yellow 1/2 orange peppers as that’s what I had. Also used turkey and added cheese and we had some crackers. Fantastic and a total keeper!

  17. Delicious! Made this for dinner tonight and it was a big hit. I put it into the WW app by ingredient and it said it was 6 pts for the blue plan. Still, totally worth it. 💕

  18. I used Rotel tomatoes for an extra kick along with garlic and onion powder. Really good and easy!

  19. I’ve been making this for a few years now (stove top). It’s one of my favorites! On the menu for this week!

  20. Great recipe! Tastes exactly like a stuffed pepper. I did make a few minor modifications. My husband is a vegetarian so I swapped out beef for a meat substitute. I prefer Impossible because the flavor is the best, but I’m sure any of them would work. I also used vegetable stock instead of chicken stock. I added two extra cloves of garlic, 1/2 tsp of oregano, 1/2 tsp of salt and 1/4 tsp red pepper flakes. I considered adding extra veg bullion (Better than  Buillion) but after giving it a taste decided it wasn’t necessary.  Flavor was delicious! I will make this again. Thinking of trying farro instead of rice next time. 

  21. SOOOOOO DELICIOUS!! instead of measuring cups of bell peppers i just did one green pepper and one red pepper that was the only change i made to the recipe. i will probably make this again!! 

  22. This was very good! Easy too! I made this for the first time tonight. I could not find Marjoram, (either fresh or dry), so I substituted Oregano. The only other thing I may do the next time, is do a little more than 1 lb. of meat. 

  23. Made it vegetarian with beyond beef and veggie broth. Big hit.

  24. Love this soup – so much easier than making stuffed peppers! And the bell peppers are more of a background flavor, which is a plus for me. Delicious!

  25. Oh man another incredible soup! Hit the spot on a cool fall day. I took the liberty of adding lots of garlic and used bone broth for some added protein! Amazing!

  26. I love so many of Gina’s soups, as do my teenagers! This recipe is no exception. It satisfies that craving of stuffed peppers and it’s delicious. I’ve made it a couple times and the only deviations from the original recipes are that I add about a cup more stock and a cup more tomato sauce. I like very “soupy” soup. Enoy!

  27. I have made the many times, but today I added 1 cup of quinoa to the soup. It is delish and adds nutrition and thickens the soup. I won’t add the rice since I used quinoa.

  28. Hello, do you keep the juice from the petite diced tomatoes in the soup or drain? Thank you.

  29. This recipe is awesome! I’ve made it as written and it is super tasty. I’ve also changed it just a little and it’s delicious that way too. I sometimes use Raos marinara in place of the tomato sauce, and add 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar. Soooo good! Thanks for this very tasty recipe! 

    • My wife & I use lots of Raos. Lots! Raos uses the best italian tomatoes and no additives or sugar. I use it right out of the jar. It is fabulous. I have some daily to add lycopene to my diet.
      I will be trying this recipe tomorrow. I will be adding some organic powder cayenne, it gives it an even, light and healthy kick. And probably a few fresh basil leaves.

  30. Love this recipe! We have a Ninja Deluxe so I use the pressure cooker instructions. However, I add 1 1/2 cups uncooked brown rice and do 3 cups chicken stock. Because we aren’t worried about carbs, this works exceptionally well and I only have one pot to wash at the end.
    We do add more spices than the recipe calls for, but that is the only difference.

  31. Very tasty–this was a huge hit with my kids which was a surprise to me because of all the bell pepper, so I”m happy they’re getting in their veggies! It’s a weird time of year for soup but I was in the mood and it’s actually pretty light for summertime. Yum yum.

  32. Made for dinner tonight and everyone loved it and had seconds.   Will definitely be making this again.  

  33. would love to have new recipes for my family

  34. Excellent and easy soup to prepare. I ate my leftovers with roasted cauliflower instead of rice and topped it off with avocado. Very versatile and tasty!

  35. Oh my effing g! Soooooo good! Nice and filling, warms you up on a cold winter day. I think I prefer this soup over actual stuffed peppers. I used ground chicken instead of beef and added chopped fresh dill. I also threw in a couple bay leaves while it was simmering. This gem is being added to the dinner rotation.

  36. What tomato sauce are you using?

  37. I have made this Stuffed Pepper Soup several times.  I love it! !  !  One time I had a large Poblano pepper in the fridge so I decided to add it.  It turned out great, a little spicier than the original recipe.  Sometimes I add the rice and sometimes I just eat without.  It is a very satisfying meal either way.  Make it and ENJOY!

  38. I made this soup last week and froze it so that my boyfriend could have a few home-cooked meals while I was away on a business trip. He raved about this soup and has already asked me to make it again, even though he has 2 more servings left! Great recipe. The only substitutes I made were to add a tablespoon of tomato paste, and to use Beyond Beef instead of ground beef. The texture was perfect, and the Beyond Beef soaked up the flavor of the soup. Oh, and I added a few other spices in the soup since some reviews said the soup lacked depth. I threw in some thyme, oregano, and a dash of cumin. Delicious! 

  39. This is a fantastic recipe! I used vegetable broth and Morningstar Farms veggie crumbles for a vegetarian version. It has amazing flavor and warms you from the inside out. Love it!!!

  40. It’s definitely edible, however it seems the spices are either lacking or maybe wrong? I can’t put my finger on it. Maybe the base should be with beef broth instead of chicken? I am not wanting to be negative, I love this site, just wanted to provide my honest feedback for your consideration. 

  41. My apologies, I believe someone has already asked the question but I did not see a clear answer. What setting on the insta pot are you supposed to cook this on? High pressure is an option underneath the “On” digital display but this does not tell me what cooking setting we should choose. Once you finish with saute are we then supposed to leave it on “saute” or change it to “pressure cook” or “Soup”? Please clarify the cooking setting option.

  42. Do you have the macros for the soup without the brown rice?

  43. Easy, quick, and delicious!

  44. This soup is rich with a tomato base. It makes a large amount. The addition of rice at the end instead of cooked with the soup allows for control of the carbs. We added shredded parmesan on top of the rice.
    Great on a very cold evening, even better the next day.

  45. Stuffed Pepper Soup.

    EXCELLENT!!!! Another soup to add to my repertoire..

  46. Hello!
    I am new to WW Freestyle. I used the WW app to track this soup using the nutritional information you provided and it came up as 8 points. Is the 5 points calculated without the rice? Thanks.

    • Hi Allison! The rice is included. Did you use the recipe builder? The only accurate way to determine any recipe’s SmartPoints® value is to plug the ingredients into the recipe builder on the Weight Watchers website (Click on “My Foods,” select “Recipe,” and click “Create a recipe.”) which does not count fruits and vegetables in recipes in the calculations as they are now 0 points.

      The SmartPoints® calculator isn’t meant for recipes and will often give you the wrong points (usually higher) because it’s counting the fruits and vegetables. So if you see a recipe with a SmartPoints® value that’s different from what the calculator tells you, now you know why.

      • Thanks so much for your quick response Gina, that clears things up. I did just use the calculator, makes sense. Thanks for the tips! I’ll be sure to use the recipe builder next time. 

  47. Made this tonight and took out the rice but added cauliflower rice instead! Could hardly tell a difference and it’s a great way to add an extra veggie in there! 

  48. If I was planning on freezing this, would I just make this as directed then freeze, thaw, and reheat?

  49. Does the nutritional information include the 1/2 cup of rice?

  50. I love this soup…..
    Low calorie if you leave out rice. I subbed veggie broth.
    You could use pasta instead of rice!!

  51. Amazing flavor,  I recommend this soup. My whole family enjoyed it. Thanks again, Skinnytaste, for making , another amazing dish. 

  52. I really enjoy this soup and have made it at least five times. Today I did things a tiny bit differently by subbing the tomato sauce for the Skinny Taste enchilada sauce (I had leftovers from making it for a different recipe). Amaaaazing result!!!

  53. Made this recipe last night and it was so easy and delicious! Not a ton of steps. I shaved parmesan cheese on top and it was just like eating a stuffed pepper.

  54. Just made this… was soooo good!!! My husband isn’t big on soup ( I could eat soup every day) but he gave this one a thumbs up on… perfect for a cold Canada winter day.

  55. Is there a mistake on the cook times? There is little if any difference in time between the simmer on the stove top and the instant pot at high pressure. 15 minutes at high pressure plus natural release will add up to 30 minutes or more which is the same or even more than stove top simmering for 30 minutes.

  56. This recipe was good but had basically no seasonings. It just tasted like tomato sauce and beef. I ended up adding a lot of seasonings before I cooked it and then had to add even more after it was finished to make it tasty. Its not a bad recipe and I will use the measurements for the beef, liquid, veggies and the instructions in the future but if you like really flavorful recipes just know you’ll have to work on this one.

  57. I didn’t see to half the chicken broth in the instant pot, think it will still taste ok?

  58. Make this now!!! I am not a leftover type of person. I usually eat leftovers begrudgingly. However I had this as leftover for lunch 2 days in a row after I made it for dinner and the flavor just got even better!

    I did make a few changes because I didn’t want it to taste too much like tomatoes, my family is picky!

    So I added:

    A few dashes of garlic and onion powder
    1 tsp of cumin
    1 TBS of Italian seasoning

    I am making it again this week with fire roasted tomatoes!

    I’m trying to lose weight for the New Years, so this week I’m going to try some cauliflower rice with it instead. 

  59. I’m  confused about this recipe, I just made the slow cooker version from the cook book, and it seemed like a lot of work for a slow cooker recipe. So I came on here to look at the differences between the slow cooker vs stovetop recipe, and the only difference is to simmer the soup for 30 min on stovetop. What’s the point of doing the slow cooker recipe if it’s basically the same amount of work and time? 

    • Some people might prep this the day before, or earlier in the day, then toss it in the slow cooker for supper. So convenient if you are busy and have kids with activities.

    • I prepped everything last night, starting the slow cooker before I leave for work. Dinner will be ready when I get home. 😁

  60. I have a bag of frozen fire roasted peppers and onions I need to use up. Would that work in this recipe?

    • I’ve totally done that. I usually cheat and use all frozen peppers from Trader Joes (regular and fire roasted). It still turns out great. 

  61. SO SO good and SO SO easy.

  62. This was much runnier than the pictures, and I even omitted the tomato sauce. And its bland. 1/2 tsp marjoram and s/p isnt enough. 3 stars for ease and low cal.

  63. I made this soup tonight, mostly because I have a new instant pot and because I happen to have all the ingredients. I used Yves ground round instead, turned out great!!

  64. I found this recipe by accident while looking for something else. Figured I’d try it. OMG! It’s FANTASTIC! I accidentally bought Italian flavored diced tomatoes, but used them anyway after a light rinse with water.. It left a hint of Italian flavor that was really good. Next time I’ll have to make a double batch as it didn’t last long. Thanks for the recipe! My family loved it.

  65. This looks fantastic. If I leave out the rice what would my carbs be? I’m thinking most of the 37g of carbs are do to the rice.

  66. This is now one of my favorite soups that I will make over and over again. I prefer it to the actual stuffed pepper version. The flavor is terrific. I used 1 yellow pepper rather than the green pepper. Thanks Gina.

  67. I swear that I made this last year from your site and it called for ground turkey, rather than beef! Was there a different Stuffed Pepper Soup recipe on your site that’s not there any longer? 

  68. Yum! I added a dash of Italian seasoning and 1/2 tsp of crushed red peppers for some heat. It was delicious. Thank you.

  69. THE BEST. Made this tonight after a 7mi walk around Manhattan with my husband. We were ravenous and this hit the spot! A+ 

  70. If you freeze it do you freeze it with the rice or when you warm the soup up add the cooked rice at that stage?

  71. Hi, this soup is the most delicious meal I’ve cooked in a long time.  So easy too with the Instant Pot!  Thank you!

  72. Can this recipe be doubled in the IP?

  73. Would you happen to know what the calorie difference would be if you used white rice instead of brown rice? Made this so many times with ground turkey and I love it. I double the recipe and meal prep with it, but hubby hates brown rice and will only eat white. 

  74. This is one of my families favorite recipes!! We make it at least 2-3 times a month. I use ground turkey instead of the beef and usually sub dried basil for the marjoram since I don’t usually have any. Other than that, I make it just as it is and it is PERFECT!! We seriously adore this recipe. Thank you so much!!

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  76. This is an excellent recipe! I used extra lean ground turkey breast, Italian seasoning, and 2 full bell peppers. I think when I make this again next week I’ll use 4 bell peppers and cut back a bit on the broth to make it have less liquid. Such a tasty and comforting soup. I love how versatile it is and how many ways you can change it up. This will be the perfect soup for me to revisit again in the winter time.

  77. For years this has been one of my favorite soups of yours. I’ve made it time and time again. Tonight, by accident, I found myself with a pound of Italian poultry sausage instead of ground beef. I will likely never make it with beef again. Delicious!

  78. Wow! I made this yesterday for us to have this week for lunches. It came out super good. I’m not one for really measuring so used a whole green pepper & a whole red pepper—plus some carrots that needed to get used up. Was very easy & super hearty and tasty. Will be making this again for sure!

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  80. I added zucchini noodles to mine instead of rice…delicious & very filling!

  81. When I put the nutritional information at the end of the recipe in the freestyle point calculator, it comes to 7 points. Does your 5 point value include the rice? 

    • The SmartPoints® calculator isn’t meant for recipes and will often give you the wrong points (usually higher) because it’s counting 0 points foods such as eggs, chicken, fruits and vegetables. So if you see a recipe with a SmartPoints® value that’s different from what the calculator tells you, that is why.

      The only accurate way to determine any recipe’s SmartPoints® value is to plug the ingredients into the recipe builder on the Weight Watchers website (Click on “My Foods,” select “Recipe,” and click “Create a recipe.”)

      • Does the calories reflect the rice? I omit it due to Whole30 and tracking calories for breastfeeding so it would be helpful to know since I’ve made it twice already!

      • Yes it does. 🙂

  82. I made this and its so delicios! thanks for the recipe :))

  83. Do you mean “hearty”?

  84. Great Cooking Event/Recipe during a March snowstorm in New England!!! – “doubled the recipe” – 3 pounds turkey; one of each big green/red pepper; messed up the diced tomatoes/can; so, thankfully, had tomatoes on hand that I could slice and dice; onion and garlic were no brainers; salted to taste – as the cook – and left the rest for the guests/family. Used no-salt chicken stock versus broth – 1/2 cup shy of the doubling up amounts – still ok; used Uncle Ben’s 8 cup box of wild brown rice for the doubled up recipe. 93 yo MIL loved the dinner………. I mean, what’s not to like, right?! – this has been a New England staple for years – our sons and my wife have never been fond of stuffed green peppers – in the ‘soup/stew’ style?! – it is wicked delicious……… Yes, I am from Boston. Thank you, very much for this recipe…..have shared and hopefully, will be cooking it for me Mother , a Boston gal, now well into her eighties in AZ – am hoping she enjoys her son preparing the recipe for her and experiences the value to her nutrition and energy…… Thank you

  85. What a fabulous recipe! I used ground turkey. (Husband has gout. No beef allowed.) It worked out so well. The taste was fantastic and it if you use enough black pepper (my grinder disappeared, so I used a bit more than usual) it will have a nice bit of warmth to it. – My husband and I are on a ketogenic diet. We ate a bowl of zucchini noodles with sesame seeds, a bit of “soy sauce” and apple cider vinegar to serve as the vegetable serving. – The others in the family also loved the soup. As a matter of fact, my son asked if I wouldn’t mind making it again…tonight. This recipe is a hit! – PS: I used my InstantPot.

  86. Liked this a lot! Will definitely make this again.

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  88. I’m Confused,  at the end of the recipe it says freestyle points 5.  Then it says + points 7.  Can someone please tell me what the difference of those points are? I noticed that they’re in all of the recipes thank you 

  89. Today is my first time trying this recipe and I am blown away by how good and easy it is! I have made many Skinnytaste recipes and this has got to be my favorite so far. The flavors are bold, I was quite impressed. I am not a huge fan of brown rice but in this recipe– it was delicious. I plan to make this again and again.

  90. I used 1/2 cup of uncles bens brown rice . Does that change the point value ? Also is the 5 points for the soup only or for the soup with the 1/2 cup of rice ?

  91. YUM! I usually wing it when it comes to soup, but I needed to mix it up a bit. This was really good. I used ground chicken to help keep the points down. This one is a keeper.

  92. I made this and was NOT disappointed. It will go into my regular rotation. I made the recipe as written EXCEPT we are Paleo so I used brocolli rice. Delicious!

  93. this is delicious but I tweaked it a little bit! Added more green peppers and I thought I would try something really different. Instead of using rice like I always have, I substituted cauliflower rice. It was absolutely delicious, lowered the points drastically and my family loved it!


  95. Made this for dinner tonight. BIG hit!!!! 

  96. Yum!
    Added can of mushrooms.
    Used red & yellow peppers.
    No majoram, so used Italian seasoning.
    Hearty & filling!

  97. I’m following the old Smartpoints. If I use your nutritional info after the recipe, does that come out to the “old” Smartpoints? The freestyle stuffed pepper soup is 5 freestyle Smartpoints, but when I plugged the nutritional info in it came out to be 7 SP. so I’m assuming that the nutritional info is consistent with the “old” SP’s? Is that right? Thanks

  98. I made this last night in my new Instant Pot.  Wow my boyfriend absolutely loved it!  I have cooked a lot of things but this is the only thing he has raved about.  I made it just like the recipe except for the tomato sauce was flavored with mushrooms.  Added some pepper Jack cheese on top and it was Great!  Thank you!

  99. We ate this for dinner tonight and it was a winner with my husband children. I substituted beef for extra lean turkey, increased the peppers and added mushrooms. My husband and I had ours with cauliflower rice on top and my children had brown rice. With using 99% fat free turkey and no cauliflower, when calculating it on WW it worked out as 1 Point! 
    Another great recipe to rotate in! 

  100. What is the calories without the rice for paleo? Also, this is delish!

  101. Do you think this would work with chicken sausage instead of beef? 

  102. Unbelievable!!! Better than stuffed peppers. I topped it with sour cream, shredded cheddar and hot sauce 

  103. Love, love, love, this one.
    I’ve been eating it for lunch with out the rice for two weeks and I’m still not sick of it!

  104. This is really good, quick and easy to make. It was hearty and filling.  I think next time I will try it with ground turkey.

  105. One of my favorite soups! Delicious!

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  107. For the 1 3/4 cup tomato sauce. Do you use your Quick Marinara sauce or a store bought tomato sauce?

  108. For the 1 3/4 cup of tomato sauce is it your marinara sauce or any store bought sauce will work?

  109. Awesome! Mostly followed directions but added 1 Tbsp Worcestershire Sauce near the end as a low-sodium flavor plus-up. Supper for hubby and me tonight and lunches for the work week. What could be better?

  110. Is there a way his could be done in the slow cooker and, if so, what would the time frame of it be? This looks so delicious!!!

  111. Has anyone made it with cauliflower rice?

    • yes, it is absolutely delicious!! was going to use half rice and half cauliflower but my son suggested just going with all cauliflower. yum!

  112. I just made this in the instant pot. I had to make a few adaptations due to a food allergy to chicken and my inability to find marjoram in my tiny hometown where I’m visiting my parents. I found it a little thick for my family’s taste so I added more broth (fat free vegetable broth due to the chicken allergy) after it was done pressure cooking.

  113. Does calories posted include brown rice or No?

  114. Does calories posted include brown rice or No?

  115. I made this 2X in my instapot and it was good the first time, but even better the second! The second time I used garlic and olive oil petite diced tomatoes and ground turkey breast. I also made it in 2 batches because I have the instapot mini. It is SO delicious!

  116. Will definitely be making this!  My husband won’t eat it so I’m wondering how it freezes.  Thanks Gina for your great recipes .

  117. I made this in the Instant Pot using a whole poblano pepper, a whole red pepper, and ground turkey. It is excellent and going into the recipe book. WW points – 2! Thank you!

    • I see that you use turkey to keep it lower in freestyle points. I’m getting ready to go to the store and purchase the ingredients to make this I’m wondering where your two points per serving came from? Seems as though it would be a zero point Soup for the new freestyle program.

  118. Can the rice be cooked in the pot with the soup? 

  119. Such a delicious and hearty recipe!! Much easier than traditional stuffed peppers and more flavor!!

  120. Was a little bland and too tomatoey for my liking. Will tweak if I make it again. 

  121. Fabulous soup! The flavor was perfect. Adding the rice on top of the soup is genius. It retains its texture and makes the soup more yummy! I followed the recipe exactly except I used 2 whole chopped peppers (green and yellow, that’s what I had on hand) as I really like peppers. The soup lasted very well. A great winter soup. I will be making it often instead of chili.

  122. I LOVE this soup. And it’s husband-approved! Quick question, though. I recently got an instant pot. What size pot are you using for this and other recipes? 

    Or can anyone tell me what size instant pot they are using? 

  123. I LOVE this soup. And it’s husband-approved! Quick question, though. I recently got an instant pot. What size pot are you using for this and other recipes? 

    Or can anyone tell me what size instant pot they are using? 

  124. I am getting ready to start back on WW. Do your Smart Points totals reflect the new Freestyle Smart Points? Thanks! I love your recipes, even when I am not trying to be more healthy!

  125. Great recipe!  I used fresh tomatoes from the garden for half of the diced tomatoes. Also added some Serrano peppers for a bit of spice. Didn’t have rice so ate with couscous. Yum!

  126. How do you convert to crockpot?

    • Brown the meat first then add everything to the slow cooker and cook low 8 hours.

      • Would you still use cooked rice or uncooked rice if made in the slow cooker? Plan on making this tomorrow and can’t wait! Love your recipes!! Thank you!!

  127. I’m so glad I decided to double this fabulous recipe. That way I could use the whole peppers and there would be ample leftovers because we can’t get enough of this comfort food. I did serve it with a Tablespoon or two of Trader Joe’s shredded lite Mexican cheese blend. I also put some in the freezer.  I’m sure this will freeze well. Brown rice is a perfect side. 
    Thank you, Gina. 

  128. Made this tonight with ground turkey-loved it! Added a splash of hot sauce and it was prefect for a cold week night. Thanks for sharing it.

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  130. Another hit!! My husband does not like stuffed peppers, he tolerates them but just doesn’t like them. I served this soup tonight and he loved it. He even said; “this soup reminds me of something but I can’t think what it is”. When I told him it was stuffed peppers, he was amazed and said,  “put this in the rotation!” It’s in the rotation, I loved it too! 

  131. This is my FAVORITE of Gina’s recipes. I make it at least once per month. I do end up putting more peppers in the soup, usually one whole red and one whole green. It is really delicious!

  132. What’s the saturated fat per serving?  

  133. Stuffed pepper are one of my family favorites! The kids only eat the stuffing though so this was perfect! I added a dash of CINNAMON to this because that is how my mom always made stuffed peppers (Greek!)
    and I didn’t have any marjoram so I used Italian seasoning – it was so delicious!

  134. Would Better Than Boullion work with water vs soup?

  135. Can you use Better Than Boulion and water instead of soup?

  136. Sounds delicious but I will put a lot more bell pepper when I make it, as. I’m sure it’s great as is, but it seems to me more bells would fit the name of the soup better. Have you tried adding a couple more bell peppers, whatever color? Thanks for all the great recipes you share!

  137. Thank you Gina! I made this for dinner last night in my Instant Pot! Delicious. I have the Skinny Taste Fast & Slow cookbook as well. and it’s my favorite go to for dinners any night of the week.! Kelly

  138. Is it still 5 SP with the new Freestyle program? 

  139. Can you do this in a crockpot? If so would you just add everything and let it cook or brown the beef first 

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  148. Made this last night and everyone loved it Gina!! Thank you..this is a keeper!!

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  150. Trying to figure out if diced tomatoes are to be drained or not?

  151. Can this be made in the crock pot?

  152. Can you freeze this soup

  153. I absolutely love this recipe. I have made it over and over and the whole family loves it! Do you think this is a good recipe to make ahead and freeze? I have never had an opportunity to freeze it because everyone just gobbles it up so fast. But today I am cooking a bunch of things to have ready for the week

  154. Do you happen to know the ww point value without the rice?

  155. Amazing soup! I could seriously eat this everyday. I love how the rice is cooked separately so the soup isn’t so starchy. Next time I’ll go with just one can of tomatoes as my family enjoyed it, but weren’t so crazy about all of the tomatoes in there. 

  156. I made this soup today, followed instructions with one change. Instead of rice, I used riced cauliflower. The texture is the same as rice and when mixed with the other wonderful ingredients it tastes like rice, as well. This soup is yummy!

  157. I am part of a freezer meal group.  Do you think you could brown everything then place in freezer bags to throw in crockpot another day?
    We love this recipe and would love to share with my group.

  158. Made this tonight for dinner and it was amazing! I didn’t add the rice because I am trying not to have too many carbs but the soup was still very filling. Thanks for such a simple yet wonderful recipe.

    • You’re welcome Nikeva!

    • Nikeva, Green Giant now has riced cauliflower. The texture is the same as rice and when mixed in, it takes on the flavors of the peppers, etc. Cannot tell it is not rice. You may like this. I, too, am trying to stay away from carbs. Enjoy!

  159. It seems like this would be easy to make in an instant pot. BUT I’m still learning…do you think this would take about 25 minutes in the soup setting to cook up? Can’t wait to try it!

    • This would be great in the Instant Pot. 15 minutes high pressure, natural release. It will have more liquid since there is no evaporation so you make reduce the liquid by 1/2 cup if you wish.

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  161. So delicious!  Thanks again. ????

  162. I made this last night and added some leftover kale that I needed to cook. I also substituted freekeh for rice, since I prefer the nuttier taste. So delicious and filling!

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  166. I just made the stuffed pepper soup and it will be done in 10 minutes already taste tested and so yummy

  167. I use beef broth instead of chicken to amp up the flavor of the meat. It’s a huge hit in our house.

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  170. This is my favorite thing to make. You make tons of fabulous dishes I have tried and enjoy. My question is to make this Gluten Free I could just omit the rice and use cauliflower rice instead. I think I am correct but just starting to venture on Gluten Free foods for the entire family.

    • I’m not GF, but have a friend I’ve made soup for.
      I think you can eat rice on a GF diet.
      You do need to buy gluten free chicken broth, because surprisingly store bought broth is not GF.

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  172. I made some of this a couple of months ago and stashed some of it my freezer in individual portions. I finished the last one today and am planning on making this again very soon. I followed the recipe exactly and it is perfect and so delicious! Thank you!

  173. This was so good. Going to add more bell peppers next time I make it.

  174. This looks amazing!! Do you know how many points it would be for WW if I omitted the rice?

    Thank you for the great recipes!

  175. This is now a fall staple in our house. 

  176. This is one of my favorite soups to make. It’s fast, easy, doesn’t require exotic ingredients, and it freezes well. Plus, I love the rich, tomato flavor.  A great recipe!

  177. I just made this and thought it could use a bit more spices. I didn’t have majoram, but would cumin taste good with this? Any other suggestions?

  178. Can you update this recipe with instructions for the Instant Pot Gina? Pleeese 🙂

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  181. I bought tomato paste instead of sauce. 🙁 Can I sub this for sauce? Thank you so much for your site!

  182. Just finished first pot this fall. It was a fan favorite last year! Love love love this hearty recipe!

  183. This was easy and delicious. I am not really a soup lover, but this was sort of like a mild chili. Will probably make it all Fall and Winter. Thank you for another great recipe

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  185. This is delicious, I tweaked the recipe slightly , used red and orange bell peppers instead of green, added pepper flakes for a little heat and added Italian seasoning instead of the marjoram. Really really good.
    Also after browning the beef and veggies in a skillet I put all the ingredients  except the rice in a crockpot and cooked on low for 5 hours, then mixed in the cook rice just before serving. 

  186. Do you recommend changing anything besides removing the beef and replacing the chicken broth with vegetable broth to make this vegetarian?


  188. I believe this is GF, but it doesn’t have the key in the recipe.  I just want to make sure!  Thanks for your recipes – I love SO many of them <3.  

  189. I have crushed tomatoes on hand.  Can I substitute these for the petite diced? 

  190. This is a wonderful recipe! I’ve made it quite a few times….. it will be dinner tonight, too!  MMMMM!

  191. Made this soup 2 wks ago, it was a big hit with the fam. Omitted the marjoram and substituted ground chicken for the beef and didn't use any green peppers only the sweeter peppers, red, orange and yellow. Have used many of your recipes since New Years Day. I have lost 18 lbs, hubby 21! Thank you so much for making eating healthy delicious!!!

  192. We made this for dinner last night and it was amazing! Great weeknight dinner (the 30 minute simmer time gave me time to play with the kiddos) and was enjoyed by all – especially my 2 year old! Thanks for a fantastic recipe, I have your Chicken and Zucchini Noodle Caprese on our menu tonight!

  193. Did you put the recipe through the recipe builder to compute the Smart Points, or did you just use the nutritional information?

  194. This is our absolute favourite soup – and I make a lot of soup!!! Delish!!!!!

  195. This recipe was tasty, however, I plan to reduce 1 can of diced tomatoes and add 2 green peppers to give it more of a pepper taste. Definitely a do again. We served with rice and a little sour cream as my mom use to do.

  196. Is it 1 1/2 cups of soup or 1 1/3? The info portion shows 1 1/2, but the instructions say 1 1/3…

  197. This recipe is amazing. My husband said it is the best soup I've ever made. 🙂 We all love it! I throw the peppers and onions in my ninja blender and it makes it so easy to throw together.

  198. So delicious! I subbed ground turkey for the ground beef and it was loved by the whole family. Hubby ate his with some shredded cheddar and sour cream, he had about three bowls by himself 🙂

  199. I used seasoned tofu instead of the meat and smoked seasoning – very good!

  200. I made this with ground turkey and ground chorizo. So glad I did! It brought a lot of flavor to the dish. I cut down my serving size down to 1 cup soup and 1/4 cup rice. I was very satisfied. Another must have recipe! Thanks, Gina!

  201. What is considered "A large pot" and what size dutch oven would be ideal for this recipe? I love the sounds of this recipe! I want to try it, but need to know if I have the right size pot……

  202. This was AWESOME! I made it for dinner tonight for my boyfriend and I and we both devoured it. He even had two big bowls of it! And I love that there's plenty leftover.

  203. Just made this… it is phenomenal, a new family favorite!! Only thing i did different was add in some mushrooms that I needed to use and used rotel instead of diced tomatoes! Highly recommend this recipe. Thanks for another awesome recipe!

  204. Also – I used quinoa instead of rice. It was delicious!

  205. I made this last night, so good! I added red pepper flakes and some parm cheese, it really added a nice flavor. I froze some in individual freezer bags for a quick dinner. Awesome recipe!

  206. How many points plus would it be without the rice. I just bought your cookbook. Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you.

  207. Second time making this month. Delicious. Reminds me of the Stuffed Peppers my Mother in Law used to make. Replace the marjoram with oregano.

  208. This sounds sooooo good & easy! I love it when a recipe calls for everything you'd just have in the fridge & cupboard….I don't drive due to vision issues, so having a recipe like this is wonderful, since I can't just run to the store when I need an ingredient. Thanks so much for posting 🙂

  209. I made this tonight. I didn't have green pepper, but used red, orange, and yellow. I sautéed the veggies first and then added the meat. I used two cans of regular diced tomatoes and marinara for the tomato sauce. I added a little more water with the marinara to make 1 3/4 cups of tomato sauce. It wasn't exactly as written, but we really enjoyed this. I can't wait for my leftover soup for lunch tomorrow.

  210. I made this last night and brought to work for lunch. It was delicious and it don't particularly care for bell pepper.

  211. I'm making this for the second time tonight. It's so delicious and satisfying! I love that all of your recipes are simple and quick yet the flavors are awesome!

  212. hello–can this be made in the slow cooker ?? if so, what, if any , modifications would be needed ??? thanks in advance

  213. This is FANTASTIC. The only thing I did differently was add some sliced mushrooms that needed to be used up. A total home run!

  214. Even my 2 (almost 3) year old loves this! I use ground turkey to make it "better" for us!

  215. I'm making this again (this is my 2nd time) & I'm making a double batch so that I can portion it out & have healthy/quick meal through out the week… I'm in LOVE with this soup! It's perfect for cold days!

  216. This soup is absolutely delicious, and I love that it's so healthful. I made it a couple nights ago, and it was a big hit. My husband also has an aversion to bell peppers, but he cleaned his bowl out. Leftovers the next day are just as good!

  217. I made this recipe on Sunday and I loved it! I added jalapeños to the recipe for an extra kick. Is it possible to list the calories without the rice? While eating leftovers I didn't use rice. Thanks!

  218. So, so, so good!!!

  219. I made this about a month ago and I will be making this again tomorrow. It is really good and tastes just like stuffed peppers. Yum!

  220. So amazing! Even my husband sounded surprised, saying "Wow, this is really good!" Will keep making more of your recipes, thank you!

  221. Could I replace the brown rice with cauliflower rice?????

  222. I made this soup this afternoon and as I was making it, I was afraid it was going to be too much tomato. It is a very good soup, I wish it was more pepper flavor, but it wasn't over-powering tomato. I did use a whole red bell pepper and half of a green. I also used vegetable stock instead of chicken because it was what I had on hand. I really liked this and will be making this again. Thanks Gina!

  223. I made this for dinner tonight and my boyfriend I both LOVED it! I have a feeling this is going to be on heavy rotation this winter 🙂

  224. Just made this yummy savory soup! House smells wonderful. Love it!

  225. This was a good, easy recipe. I drained the fat as you recommended, I was surprised to see so much come out! Great tip. I added a minced jalepeno to mine to give it a little heat since I prefer my food spicy anyways. It was very good, and my boyfriend loved it. Thank you!

  226. I made this tonight and it was delicious. I regret making only half the recipe. I sprinkled parmesan cheese on top of mine and it was great.

  227. I made this last night and substituted the beef for turkey…. delicious!! Will make again!!

  228. This is seriously good. I think I could eat this every night and be happy. I added lots of peppers because I had them on hand…one each green, yellow, red and orange. Yummy.

  229. Made this soup this past weekend…it was delicious! Left out the rice and topped with some shredded cheese and crackers and that gave it enough "bulk". Had that chilli taste without any of the seasonings. Very simple and even better the second day!

  230. I'll be making tonight! But with Soyrizo instead of beef & black beans in place of the rice. I don't eat meat & well, let's just say the Lost Boys ruined rice for me at a VERY young age!

    • What is Soyrizo & where can I buy it? I don’t eat rice either and am transitioning to pescatarian.Praise the Lord, have reversed diabetes.

  231. This is outstanding! I for fitted the rice to make it "slow carb diet" friendly. So filling and so delicious! Another good one, Gina.

  232. I made this last night and it was delicious! It really had that flavor of the stuffed peppers I grew up eating. Thanks Gina!

  233. We just finished having this for dinner and it was excellent! Thank you for the wonderful recipe.

  234. Every time I introduce this soup to friends, they LOVE it!!! My daughter will eat it every night, if possible!

  235. One of the best gluten and dairy free recipes out there! I love this and so does my family. We make it all the time. It's become one of our favorite comfort foods. Thank you Gina!

  236. This is perfect for football Sundays! It fills the house with a wonderful aroma of peppers and it's ready by halftime. I received so many requests for this recipe after bragging about.

  237. I just made this and I followed it to a tee. And it looks just like Gina's picture, but it is completely tasteless:(

    I added a little more salt,

    What did I do wrong?


  238. I made this last night for dinner, and it LOVED it!!! Having the leftovers today for lunch…thank you for sharing!

  239. This was fantastic! Cooked the meat, onion, and garlic then threw everything in the crockpot all day.

  240. Wow! So good! We had this for dinner tonight. Much easier than making stuffed peppers too. Next time we are going to try using 2 can of diced tomatoes with green chiles, and spicy spaghetti sauce!

  241. I made this last night and it was SO GOOD! First, the fact that it took me less than 30 minutes to prepare is always a plus. I did use about a 1/2 cup less of chicken broth just because I wanted it a little thicker. I don't think it would have mattered though. My 9 year old ate FOUR BOWLS! I was shocked! It was delicious and honestly I can't wait to make it again. THANKS!!

  242. Oh my GOSH. This was so good! Made it last night for my husband and I and had plenty of leftovers for lunch today. It's going to be a regular recipe this winter.

  243. I made this last night and it was AMAZING. So delicious! I added a chopped jalapeno to give it a kick. Thanks for this great recipe!

  244. This is the real thing! Tastes just like (well, almost) my stuffed peppers. In my attempt to more closely mimic my own stuffed pepper recipe, I used 2 medium size chopped green peppers instead of just 1/2 cup red & 1/2 cup green peppers. The next time I make it, I'll probably add even more. I also threw in a shot (maybe 1 tsp.) of Worcestershire sauce because I add it to my stuffed peppers. My husband called it a "killer" soup and my son called it "quite tasty." I call it simply "great."

  245. Made this tonight and of course topped with shredded cheese & a tbsp of sour cream – so delicious and really filling!

  246. I just made this for dinner tonight. I used ground turkey and it came out awesome. So tasty! Thanks!

  247. I totally forgot about this one, I have to try it! Many of your soups are staples in our house:)

    Question for you: I have a ton of tomatoes from the end of summer… have you ever replaced fresh tomatoes for a can of the diced? If so, any idea of how much, if I should add extra broth?

    Thanks Gina!

  248. I'm making this right now and I was able to get it down to 5 pp+!! I used 99% fat free ground turkey and only a 1/4 cup of brown rice!

  249. I'm planning to make this for dinner tomorrow but do not have any marjoram on hand. What spices would you recommend as a substitute?

  250. Hi there! I just wanted to apologize…I run the blog over at Salem Heights Church Women's Ministries and back in March you commented on a post that contained one of your recipes. I just now saw that comment and have fixed the posting so that it links to you for viewing of the recipe. Again, so sorry!

  251. Gina, How does the nutritional information change if you use veggie crumbles instead of ground beef? Thanks!

  252. Made this for dinner tonite ……. Delicious! Love your recipes ….. they are simple to make, taste great and are healthy. Your food is good for the body and good for the soul as well! Definitely a "thunbs up"!

  253. OMG…so good I made it last night! Thank you

  254. Does that mean 1 & 1/2 cups soup plus 1/2 cup of rice equal the 7 Points Plus points? I'm sorry if someone else already answered this question.

  255. Hi Gina

    I just made your cream of broccoli soup and it is great. Two things tho…..
    It says 4 servings of 1.5 cups which brings a total of 6 cups. The ingredients you list make 8 cups. Which brings the points to 3 pp a serving.

    Can you help?


  256. Think I will try this in the Crock Pot instead! Thanks for the idea.

  257. Looks amazing! I'm not a fan of beef, but would use ground chicken or turkey. Is there a point change when poultry is substituted in for beef? Thank you so much!!!

  258. Looking around your site a few weeks ago and found this recipe and made it. YUMMY, picky husband liked it. Made enough to freeze and just had some the other night over very fine egg noodles. Will make many more times this winter. Keep the recipes coming.

  259. Gina, this is one of my very favorite recipes that you have posted/created! I make this at least once a month…even during the summer!

  260. This is a staple in our house. Family loves it! Thanks Gina!

  261. I am literally eating this for lunch right now. I make a giant pot and freeze it. LOVE IT!

  262. Love this recipe! Looks perfect for the cold nights that are to come!

  263. I used to make this soup before I became vegetarian and it was AWESOME. I think I'll try to make it with Morning Star Crumbles and veggie broth.

  264. I am a new follower, just stopping by to say hi. This recipe looks amazing!!

  265. I made this, I doubled the recipe, my family loved it, I use all the skinnytaste recipes and I lost 50lbs last summer.
    I havent made a recipe yet that we havent loved!

  266. It may be July and 100 degrees in Maryland but this is for dinner! I love this soup and so does my whole family!

  267. This was so good! I didn't do rice because we're watching carbs and it was still filling.

    I didn't have marjoram so I subbed some oregano and basil. Even my picky 19 month old loved it. …and she doesn't like veggies OR meat (?!?)

    Thanks, Gina. We love your site!

  268. This is our new favorite meal! It is soooo delicious and super easy to make. Thank you!!

  269. Very good soup!! I only had one can of diced tomatoes and one can that had basil, garlic and oregano. I just cut back on the amount of garlic and did not add the marjoram. Family loved it.

  270. I love this soup! Thanks!

  271. I left the rice off and topped it with a little 2% shredded mozzarella instead – delicious! So hearty and filling too. Thanks Gina!

  272. This has become a staple in my house. I make a batch weekly and take it to work. I even have all my co-workers hooked. Thank you, you're the best!!

  273. I made this tonight. I must admit while it was cooking on the stove I thought it would taste too much like tomatoes. Ohhhh I was wrong. It was delicious and a new regular in our house. Thank you!!!!!

  274. My husband and I LOVE this recipe! The 1st time I made it I didn't have any marjoram, so I added dried oregano & basil, it was delish, but we thought it needed a little kick. The 2nd time I made it I stuck to how I made it the 1st time (with the spices substituted)but I added a little bit of crushed red pepper flakes and a few dashes of hot sauce, it was AMAZING! I am now making it for the 3rd time this month and my husband is excited about dinner tonight! I like topping mine with 1/4 cup mozzarella cheese (add 2pp)and brown rice because the brown rice doesn't get mushy. I swear this soup is even better the next day! Thank you Gina for another wonderful recipe!

  275. Oooooohhhhh…this sounds so yummy! I'm going to make it w/the left over picadillo meat from the other night! Thank you so much for sharing your recipes! I've been a cooking fool since I found your site! I've made 10+ meals from your site and we haven't been disappointed yet! Thanks so much!

  276. Just made this soup and it is DELICIOUS!!! Thank you!

  277. Oh my goodness! This is excellent and it gets better the longer it sits! Family made so many mmmmmm noises during dinner, it was hysterical! Thank you Gina! Making a batch to take to friends this weekend!

  278. This is my second time making this recipe and my fiance and I love it! I did make two changes —

    I used ground turkey and I used cauliflower in place of the rice! I did some research and it seems like a popular alternative… definitely a calorie saving and GUILT-free option 🙂 All I did was chop the cauliflower into small florets, place in my food processor, and pulse a few beats until it resembled rice! If you don't have a food processor you can use a cheese grater 🙂

  279. Loved this soup! I made it for dinner last night and it was fantastic!

  280. I made this recipe over the weekend and absolutely loved it! I am having the left overs today for lunch-So easy & cheap, this is def. a keeper.

  281. I just finished making this soup and it is oh so YUMMY! Thanks Gina for another great recipe!

  282. I make this soup all of the time (and recommend it to others). You are a recipe genius!

  283. I've made this soup 5 times since finding it. I'm in the middle of compiling a list of my 10 favorite soups (for fun) and this one is currently #2. 🙂 I'm at your site tonight to look for more soups to try. Looking forward to it. 🙂

  284. This soup is so good….I'm making it again tonight!I searve it with quinoa and rice on the side.

  285. Pretty good. I had to make some subs to use what I had on hand but DH liked it enough to request I freeze some of the leftovers for his lunches and make it again. I used Italian style tomatoes and Thyme instead of Marjoram.

  286. We loved this so much.We subbed ground turkey for the ground beef. It was SO good and filling and perfect for the weather cooling down. Honestly, you make this Weight Watchers journey so much easier for us. 🙂

  287. Do you happen to know the PP value without the rice? Thanks! It's so yummy!!

  288. Best soup recipe ever! I'm not a big fan of peppers but they are not overwhelming in the soup. This meal tastes even better as a left over.

  289. None of the stores around here have 95% lean ground beef. The best I can get is 93%. Will that change the points value?

  290. I have tried several of your recipes but this is by far my favorite! My husband is a huge fan of this soup too. We love using fire roasted diced tomatoes, thyme instead of marjoram, and adding some sort of greens as well – of course adding more liquid as needed.

    I just made a pot last night with ground turkey and Swiss chard. Amazing!

    – Irene

  291. I am a huge fan of stuffed bell peppers. For those of you looking to lower the calorie count, carbs or points – I use cauliflower in place of rice. I "rice" it using a cheese grater (since I don't have a ricer). My 15 year old son has never noticed the difference!!

  292. I made this today! But I didnt have diced tomatoes or sauce. So instead I used a small can of tomato paste and diced up some tomatoes. And wow. It smells amazing! We're about to eat it in about 10 minutes 🙂 EVERYTHING I have made on this website is amazing. Thank you so much!

  293. I've had this in my Pinterest food folder for quite some time, and I finally made it tonight. My husband and I flipped out. It is absolutely delicious!!! Thank you for posting this! This will be a regular in our house! 🙂

  294. I made this last night and it was soooo good! Even my husband said it was one of the best soups I have made. Will definitely make this again. I did add more green and red peppers, about a cup or so each.

  295. I made the soup a few days ago. The only thing I added was a little oregano, but the soup really didn't have any flavor to it, so I wasn't really impressed.

  296. An amazing soup – the best! Healthy, too!

  297. Just made this soup and it is AMAZING! Eating it as I type… Thank you Gina! I recently found your site on pinterest and I have become obsessed with it. Thank you for such wonderful recipes! Its nice to figure out that healthy doesn't have to be boring!
    Megan @ Becoming Mrs. H

  298. This is delicious!! I made this with ground turkey and quinoa. Just for those wondering, i did freeze leftovers and reheat and it was delicious, and you can add the quinoa before freezing…. no problem, tastes as good as the day you made it!! Next step, I might try throwing it all in the crock and cooking all day…. I do that with my spaghetti sauce and I dont cook the veggies or meat ahead of time, I just add it in…. it makes the turkey meat very very tender cooked that way.

  299. I am right in thinking that this soup without the rice is 3 points?

    Help please!

  300. This was so easy to make and absolutely delicious! Thanks

  301. I was really looking forward to this soup, but was a bit sceptical about the serving size; I thought I was going to be ravenous afterwards! When I sat down to eat it my rice wasn't cooked, so I started anyway. About halfway through I added some rice…. holy crap! I was getting towards the end when I was really wondering how I'd eat another mouthful. It was SO filling! I wasn't a big fan of the soup to be honest. I froze a couple of batches in baggies and I've been having them with a sandwich for dinner (no rice!) lately so that I didn't have to turn the oven on. I must be a freak because as usual, they taste SO much nicer frozen, defrosted and then reheated. I'm really sad I didn't double the recipe. I definitely will next time. Delicious!


  302. Another winner! I made this last night, hubby thought I was crazy, as it was a hot night, but its what was on the menu and I really wanted to try it. I made it with morning star veggie crumbles(and hubby didnt even know it, we would normally use ground turkey but I forgot to defrost), I also subbed the majoram for oregano and added some smoked paprika. Made with white rice, didnt have brown. topped mine with some lf sour cream & hubby put a slice of cheese in his. wow, awesome, and lunch today was even better!

  303. yum! substitute quinoa instead of rice and turkey meat instead of beef!! delicious!!

  304. I have made this wonderful soup 4 times already! I love it. The serving size is very hearty, and I never feel like I didn't have enough to eat! Thanks for posting, and I love that all the recipes have the WW+ points 🙂

  305. Just found your website and I've been drooling wondering around through all the yummies but THIS? I must have this NOW!!!! Off to check my cabinets. I think I have it all. Fingers crossed!!! 😉

  306. This is a favorite in our house. Also the Turkey Taco Chili Soup. Everyone loves it. Thank you Gina for helping me reach goal at WW. You have made cooking a really great experience for me.

  307. I made the soup with left over peppers from Sausage and peppers, used yellow, red and orange – less heart burn that way. Wow this was delish. I also use a 90 second microwave rice put in 2 minutes before it went to the table, this was great. And left overs were even better.

  308. This was the first skinnytaste recipe I tried, back in late March. It is the reason I keep coming back!!! Well, not entirely, but it's awesome! I froze several single sized servings – I'm eating one for lunch as I type this – and I noticed this morning that I have only one pack left in my freezer! Time to make it again. It's fantastic! There are times I take it to work, and have forgotten to cook rice the night before, but it's wonderful even without the rice!

  309. This was awesome, will make again!

  310. This soup is so delicious. To avoid the crunchy peppers that some people mentioned, I first sautéed the onions in 1 tsp of oil, then added the peppers & garlic & sautéed it all until everything was nice & soft. Then I put that mixture aside & cooked the meat (in the same pot), then added back the veggies & proceeded with the recipe as written. Ate it with quinoa the other night, but tonight I forgot to add it. Topped with green onion, grated cheddar, and a bit of sour cream. Delicious!

  311. This was another hit. I was skeptical at first – when it was done simmering for the 30 minutes it still seemed watery and tasted bland. I added some tomato paste, Italian seasoning and red pepper flakes as suggested by other readers. I turned up the heat to boil off some liquid and then let it simmer for another hour. Oh my gosh – that did the trick! 30 minutes isn't long enough for the meat flavor to really get into the soup, but after the additional hour, it was so tasty. Hubby said at least 3 times how good it was.

  312. Thank you for this recipe, it tastes just like stuffed peppers which is one of my favorite comfort foods. My kids and husband will not even try stuffed peppers, so sad for them. But I thought I'd be sneaky and serve this to them and see how it went. They all loved it. All of them. Like a miracle. Thanks so much for your website, it's helped me to lose 30 lbs since January this year. You are helping a lot of people!

  313. I've been seeing your recipes on Pinterest and a friend recommended this stuffed pepper soup. I made it tonight and my whole family loved it!! I'm on WW to lose the last 10 so your website and recipes are going to be so helpful. Thank you and can't wait to make more of your recipes!

  314. I came across your website via pinterest. I'm not on WW, but your recipes looked and sounded so good I just had to bookmark them. I was just about to give up on internet recipes as they always disappoint me, but tonight I made this stuffed pepper soup and it is amazing! I can't wait to try more of your recipes. Thank you for taking the time to take photos of your recipes. They are beautiful and motivate me to cook!

  315. This recipe is absolutely delicious and I can't get enough of it. Thank you so much!

  316. I made this recipe and it was delicious! I used yves veggie meat though since I'm a vegetarian but it still tasted great!

  317. This is recipe is so wonderful, holy smokes is it good!!!1 make it often and everyone that tries it loves it…Thank you

  318. I just made this for dinner last night & had a whole wheat roll on the side. My husband & I LOVED this soup! And it was so filling. The only thing I added was a little cayenne pepper because we like it a little bit spicy, but it would have been wonderful without it. I will be freezing the leftovers in individual portions for later. And I will definitely make this again & again. I am sharing this recipe with EVERYONE! Thank, Gina. I love it.

  319. great recipe, try adding a small bit of cumin and chilli powder for a deeper savory flavor. and if you love it spicy, substitute one of the bells for a hot serrano or habanero pepper and add in cayenne pepper powder.

  320. I made this again and love it!!! What i really love is if you're short on points for dinner, you can do 1/4 rice instead of half and knock a point off! And it still tastes great and is filling 🙂

  321. i used ground turkey instead of beef, but used beef broth (mostly b/c i didn't have chicken) and it tastes great!

  322. I made this soup today and it was so delicious. I only added 2 cups of rice but otherwise followed the recipe to the T. Thanks so much for a great recipe!

  323. Made this tonight and it went over big with my family on this cool evening. Still can't believe that big bowl in front of me at dinner was only 262 calories!

    Thanks, Gina. You ROCK!
    -Christine R.

    PS.. I did add one tsp. of Worcestershire sauce since I add that to my stuffed peppers, normally. It was a tasty addition. 🙂

  324. This is absolutely fantastic! I added some minced jalapenos and a bit of franks red hot to spice it up just a tad. It was so filling and very yummy. Can't wait to have the leftovers tomorrow. Another fabulous recipe – thank you Gina!!!

  325. This is delicious! My brother is staying with me for spring break so we decided to make this tonight; needless to say, we are both fans. Thank you!

  326. first time skinnytaste poster and recipe maker! I forgot to buy tomato sauce at the store, but I happened to have a can of stewed tomatoes and a half can of tomato paste already. Didn't have the marjoram, but I added oregano, dried thyme and parsley. I also added celery, one of my favorites. Turned out great, thanks for the recipe!

  327. I just made this tonight and it has to be my new fave! Yum!!

  328. I am making this right now. I added an entire red pepper and green pepper (I LOVE veggies…esp. peppers!). I accidentally grabbed a can of regular diced tomatoes instead of petite diced, but larger tomato chunks won't be a problem in our household! I'm not on WW, but do like to watch what I eat. My boyfriend, on the other hand, saw the word "Skinnytaste" and automatically assumed "diet food". Every recipe I've made from your site, however, has had him dashing for seconds and requesting to take the leftovers. Way to go, Gina! Thanks for all your hard work! 🙂

  329. Just LOVED this recipe. My husband wanted chili but I made this instead and he had two bowls!

  330. A most excellent recipe! 🙂 This soup is delicious!! Thank you!
    ~Amy 🙂

  331. I made this last night. It was kind of bland at first. I added a lot of seasoning and it was still kind of bland, maybe because I used frozen peppers.

    It tasted much better today for lunch, maybe it needed to marinate some lol

  332. OMG! LOVED THIS!! My 15 year old took 1 bite and said Wow this is good! 🙂 My husband liked it (and he's the pickiest eater I know!) 2 pans and 1 hour and dinner is done! That's my kind of meal! Thank you so very much!!

  333. I made this tonight and I can't believe how easy, delicious and filling it was!!! And only 7 points? That doesn't seem right considering how full I am!!! The peppers were a little crunchy as the poster above noted, but I liked the texture of it. Also when you reheat it, they won't turn to mush that way.

    This was the first recipe i've made from your site but I can't wait to make more stuff!!!

  334. My husband has begged for this every week since you posted the recipe. I keep all of the ingredients on hand anyhow so it is so easy to throw together.

  335. I made this soup last night along with your ground turkey with peas and potatoes last night. I had this for lunch…omg AMAZING. I added 2 tbsp of flour to "thicken" it up and some grated parmesan cheese.

    The only suggestion is to make sure you sautee the pepper long enough. Mine came out a bit "hard" and I wish they were softer. Otherwise I'm a huge fan!

  336. This recipe is so flavorful and hearty. My husband LOVED it! I was thinking that if I wanted to change it up, I could replace the peppers with cabbage and it would be like a deconstructed golumpki (stuffed cabbage roll) Yum! Great recipe – thanks Gina!

  337. Have this simmering on the stove now! I accidentally read the recipe wrong and put in 2 tsp of marjoram!!! I hope it still tastes good……..

  338. This soup was perfect for our cold and rainy Valentine's day yesterday. It was delicious! Made enough for leftovers tonight.

  339. I made this last night. It is delicious! Thanks, Gina!

  340. Enjoyed by the whole family, including our picky 3 year old. The adults added a sprinkling of smoked paprika to our bowls, for another layer of flavor, but perfect as written for the kiddos.

  341. Made this for dinner tonight. I was skeptical when I first put everything together in my dutch oven, but after the 30 minutes of stove-top simmering, it smelled just like stuffed peppers! Then I was concerned that it would be too thin, but adding the rice at the end makes all the difference. I left out the marjoram since we didn't have any on hand. Added plenty of fresh-ground salt and pepper. Super yummy!

  342. I am currently watching my picky 2 year old son devour a bowl of soup. Impressive considering he often looks at the food in front of him and declares yucky without even trying the meal 🙂

  343. I thought this recipe was very bland. I added the following: 2-3 tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce
    ½ tsp of garlic powder
    ½ tsp of onion powder
    1 tablespoon Italian seasoning

    With the additions its excellent!

  344. I just made this for dinner…and it was delicious! I added some cumin, paprika and a dash of chili powder to give it a mexican flavor, and my family LOVED it! Thanks for posting such great recipes!

  345. I made this tonight for dinner and it was delicious!

  346. Made this for dinner tonight…turned out great! Thank you!

  347. I also used ground turkey and added Kale! Yum!

  348. Hi Gina! Again loving all your recipes. I am sharing them with just about all my friends, and my family is loving all the new dishes. And even more excited most of your recipies are on My Fitness Pal! Love it! Makes it so easy.

    I made this soup and it was fantastic. I also used 99% extra lean ground turkey and added a whole cup of both the red and green peppers. I love the veggies. I do have a question, what is the difference in the nutritional break down if you use ground turkey instead of the beef?

    Thanks again!

  349. Any idea what the carbs are in this soup without the rice? thanks

  350. I made this soup last night and the only change I made was to use ground turkey instead of beef. This soup was fantastic!! My husband and I both loved it and loved the leftovers that we had for lunch today even more! This is a keeper in our house for sure. Thanks for all of your wonderful recipes. I love your blog!

  351. Made this today! Cooked up the meat and pepper onion mixture on the stove and dumped into the crockpot. Added the rice and rest of ingrdients. It smells wonderful and will make me a happy girl at dinner time and should make the boy happy too. I figure it'll be soft enough for him to eat should he want any since he has a dentist appointment.

  352. Hello,
    Loved this soup. Just to let you know, we used ground turkey, added some Worchestershire sauce for zest. For my vegetarian daughter I used lentils instead of meat. It was fantastic all around.

  353. Gina, we loved this recipe! I did add some cayenne to it because we love spicy, and also I felt it was a little too "marjoram-y" for my taste, but the cayenne addition worked like a charm! I look forward to enjoying the leftovers. Thanks for another one that will be repeating in our household!

  354. Hey Gina, Just wanted to let you know that this is yet another of the hundreds of successes I have had in the kitchen thanks to your recipes.

    This soup was fantastic and I can't wait to eat it as leftovers.

    Posters say all the time that you should make a cookbook and I couldn't agree more. My family has had luck with making all sorts of books. They look professional and allow you the freedom to create them entirely on your own.

    I know for sure they would sell if you made them.

    Just a thought.


  355. This looks delicious! I was thinking of maybe substituting the rice for shredded cabbage and it could be like a stuffed cabbage soup and that could reduce the points as well, I think. Can't wait to try it!!

  356. If I'm going to cook it in a crockpot for 10 hours, do I need to saute the peppers first? I always cook ground meat before putting it in the crock, but I don't usually cook peppers first.

  357. I just made this for dinner and it was DELISH!!!!

  358. Hi Gina,

    This was another delicious soup. Yum, yum, yum!! Thanks!

  359. Loved!! I used ground chicken instead of burger. When serving I add a little cheese. So yummy and filling! Will certainly make again!

  360. I will totally make this again! We loved it, you're the best Gina!!

  361. Just made this tonight and did put in the crockpot after everything was sauteed. It was marvelous. Even my husband who detests peppers said it was the best soup he's ever tasted! Thanks again Gina!

  362. stuffed peppers are my favorite meal – i could eat them everyday! a friend of mine shared this recipe with me & i was so excited to make it. it was super easy & SO yummy! i added some italian seasoning & a little cheese blend.. it was simply delicious! thank you so much for sharing this recipe, i cannot wait to try some more yummy dishes from this site!

  363. I made her turkey stuffed pepper recipe with lean ground beef and made extra's and the next day chopped up the left overs and added more fat free chicken broth and this was such a hearty soup!! The stuffed peppers was so good!!! I did use lean ground beef and skipped the olive oil and cooked the onions and garlic in with the meat then drained fat (very little) YUMMY!!! Got two meals out of this!!

  364. Another fabulous recipe! I used orzo instead of the rice. I am going to have to get a bigger binder for my skinnytaste collection. Once again, you ROCK Gina! Thank you!!!!

  365. Just made this for dinner after finding the recipe on Pinterest–it is divine!!!

  366. Just made this for dinner tonight, it was gorgeous! I live with my partner and our lodger and they went back for seconds! Its great to be able to cook healthy WW meals for me, and the boys can eat double portions no problem. I also served it with some homemade wholemeal bread, and white basmati rice. Thanks Gina!

  367. My husband made this tonight and it was great, thanks!

  368. this was delicious! to give it more flavor we used the diced tomatoes with jalapenos.

  369. Needed a little more liveliness for our taste, so we added a couple of splashes of Cholula and a pat of low fat cream cheese (lessening the skinnytaste factor, but well worth it).

    Definitely a good cold winter day soup.

  370. So glad everyone likes this!!!

  371. This is awesome! My whole family (including three little boys) LOVED it. In fact, I made it again two nights later with the rest of the peppers. Huge hit! Thanks for all of your wonderful recipes! Still meal planning from your site and down over 25 lbs!

  372. We had this for dinner last night and it was excellent, as expected!!!! Trying to use up some old freezer stock, I used some 85% ground beef – only added 1 point+, still perfectly reasonable for dinner! Thanks for all your hard work — we ALWAYS enjoy your recipes!

  373. Another winner Gina-My family loved it!! In fact they'vd loved everything I've made from the site. again keep up the good work.

  374. DELICIOUS! So flavorful. To include the rice in the soup rather than on top of soup: I added a package of Trader Joe's frozen brown rice for the final 15 mins or so of simmering (just to let the rice cook) and it was perfect!

  375. This was my first recipe from your blog…found it through Pinterest! Thank you so much for all your hard work in creating and posting these wonderful recipes! We have loved every one I have made! What a blessing to find your recipes to help begin 2012 with healthy eating! These recipes have now been added to our menu rotation! The Lord's blessings on you, Gina!

  376. This recipe was absolutely wonderful, as have been every recipe of yours I have made. I now make at least 2 recipes of each recipe that I remake and freeze them individually. I think I just about double every recipe before trying it because they are always spot on! Thanks for all of your hard work on this blog and these recipes!

  377. Just made this and eating some now….Yummy….taste just like my stuffed peppers, thank you! It tastes like it is so much more fattening than it is! Love your recipes!

  378. Made this for dinner and it was wonderful. I was so happy with this dish because the ingredients were all things i already had in my kitchen and because i was able to make this in abut 15 minutes. I did simmer mine for about an hour, but that was the only thing i did differently.

  379. Delicious! Made this today for lunch and even though I cooked brown rice to go.with it. It didnt need it… My 6 year old loved it… The two year old not so much.. its usually reversed.. thanks for sharing!!

  380. My husband loved this and even asked if I would put this our dinner rotation. Thank you so much becasue this is 10x easier than actual stuffed peppers! I cooked the rice seperatly but added to the soup at the end and it was delicious.

  381. This is the first skinnytaste recipe I have made, and it was delicious! Actually, I had my 13-year-old son make it and all the kids loved it. Thank you! I'll be trying more of your recipes.

  382. Gina, This was delicious! I made it today and had some for dinner, without the rice. I have frozen most of the leftovers so I can have them at a later time. Tomorrow I am making your crock pot chicken taco chili – for the first time. I have made MANY of your recipes!!! Thank you!!!

  383. I made a big pot of this (multiplied the recipe x2) for some friends that were coming over last-minute. They absoutely LOVED it! Even the pickest eater of the bunch had a second helping. I served it with brown rice, cheese, tortilla strips and a big pan piled high of grilled cheese sandwiches. Yummo!!

  384. I love stuffed cabbage more than stuffed peppers. Think I could switched out the peppers for cabbage?

  385. Just made this and it is wonderful! Gina, thank you for sharing your gift of making delicious/guilt free food with all of us!

  386. This soup was wonderful, Thank you!!!

  387. I'm a vegetarian and made this with veggie ground beef and vegetarian chicken stock. Came out delish!! Also I used oregano instead of marjoram.

  388. Made this tonight and it was great!

    I used 2 whole peppers (1 red, 1 green) and 1 whole onion — all diced finely — and didn't bother measuring how much that equaled in cups. Seemed a little thick when I added all the ingredients together so I added maybe 3/4c water and simmered for closer to an hour. Topped with fat-free feta for a little creaminess.

  389. Made this yesterday with ground turkey and it was delicious and filling! Will try to add celery next time

  390. I would freeze it without the rice. If you add the rice, it will expand and soak up the liquid from the soup.

  391. i love to make soups that i can freeze for lunches or a quick meal. do you think i should freeze it with the rice oradd that in after defrosting it? thanks! can't wait to try it!

  392. Very good. I think next time I will only use one can of tomatoes and perhaps a little less tomato sauce. I doubled the bell pepper as well.

  393. I made this and really enjoyed it. I added extra garlic and some crushed red pepper to it. This was really filling! It will make for great lunch leftovers. Anyone know if it freezes well?

  394. I made this soup a few weeks ago and instantly fell in love with it. I have already made it again. My husband even loved this soup. He said it was a good "fat kid treat". Little does he know it is low in fat! I did add more meat on the second batch for the hubby, but it works well with just the 1 lb it calls for.

  395. I doubled this recipe and froze most of it…it was AMAZING and reheated fabulously!! I also gave some to a friend who was going through a difficult time and she loved it as well. Thank you so much for making it easy to follow the weight watchers program and for sharing recipes that both my restaurant manager/food critic husband and 2 toddlers love. 😉

  396. This was amazing! My husband doesn't like stuffed peppers, but likes stuffed pepper soup from Portillos so he said he would try this. He said it tasted exactly like the Portillos version! I used oregano instead of majoram because I didn't have any.

  397. This was delicious! I thought it needed a little heat so I added a dash or so of Cayenne pepper. I absolutely love this recipe!

  398. I probably wouldn't make this in my pressure cooker since it cooks so quickly.

  399. Hi Gina,

    This soup looks wonderful! I just bought a pressure cooker and I was wondering if this recipe would work? How long do you think it would take? I know you love your pressure cooker, and reading about it was one of the things that prompted me to buy one. I absolutely LOVE it!

    Thanks 🙂

  400. Made this tonight and it was delish. I added a little fennel, bay leaf and white pepper to spice it up a bit. So good! Thanks so much for making my meal planning so easy every week! I probably cook one of your recipes at least 4 times a week!

  401. I made this soup and it came out great!! Used all red peppers since I didn't have green, a shallot to supplement the leftover half an onion I was using, and I pumped up the flavor with extra seasoning – lots more salt and pepper, an extra sprinkle of marjoram, and some thyme, garlic powder, and adobo. It came out so tasty and the portion is so generous. I would definitely not skip the rice, it added to the flavor and texture of the soup! Had some for lunch and dinner and have the leftovers in the freezer 🙂

  402. So Yummy! I made this yesterday in my crockpot. I substituted the beef for venison and used 5 grain rice and it was so delicious! I will be making this one again!

    Thanks for the amazing recipes.

  403. Went ahead and made this tonight (didn't end up using ground turkey like I'd planned)… and just as I thought – it was fantastic.

    First, this was one of the easiest soup recipes I've ever made – especially given how hearty and tasty it was.

    Second, we actually enjoyed this even more than the turkey stuffed peppers – something we didn't believe possible since that's one of our favorite meals.

    I did end up using closer to 2 C. peppers total, at my husband's prompting.

    We also sprinkled a couple of tablespoons of finely shredded mozzarella on top of each serving.

    You know Gina, I've probably made 30+ recipes from your site at this point. I'm a super picky eater, and there hasn't been a single one I've made and then not liked, or not wanted to make again. Your site is what has made Weight Watchers possible for me.

    I (and my family) appreciate you more than you will ever know!

  404. I made this last night and it was amazing 🙂 I was wondering gina how many points is it for just the serving of soup without the rice?

  405. This was so delicious!! Thank you for all of your great recipes!

  406. Just made this! It is Yummy and the serving size is almost too much!

  407. Made this tonight (with wild rice since we were out of brown) and it was excellent! Even my 2 year old liked it – and my husband was able to kick his own personal bowl up a notch with red pepper flakes. Another great recipe – thanks!

  408. Kakit, thanks!! Sounds like You picked some good ones!

  409. Donna, glad you liked it… One a day? Lol I have so many in the archives!

  410. Made this tonight but used ground turkey and ended up using 1 qt. of chicken broth. (I like it "soupy". Excellent flavor even with the turkey substitute!

  411. Just made this for lunch with ground turkey. WOW. Now my husband can't decide if this will move ahead of your Meatball and Spaghetti Soup as his favorite! Please keep your tasty, simple soup recipes coming; one a day for the rest of winter would be great! I should have kept you a secret as everyone asks if my great new dishes are from my "skinny friend"! Thanks so much for making sensible eating healthy and delicious.

  412. Made this last night for dinner. Loved it!

  413. Thanks to your great recipes I have been on a soup kick this past week. I just made this tonight (super delicious. my husband had two bowls and he hates peppers), and i made both the chicken pot pie soup and baked potato soup dairy free (using almond milk). they all turned out incredibly delicious. what i love about your recipes is that they are easy to follow and easy to substitute ingredients if need be. thank you for helping us eat healthy and fantastic food. i also love the incredible variety of your recipes. thank you!!!

  414. I used unseasoned tomato sauce. Ground turkey would work for those of you who don't eat beef.

    So happy you all liked it!!!

  415. Gina, I love this recipe, it was soooo delicious.
    I used turkey meat, and vegetable broth

    thank you

  416. This soup was so good! Can't believe how much you get for only 7 points! So filling! Love your site! This is where I look everyday to see what I'll be making for supper! Thanks so much for all your great recipes!!

  417. I loved this! My soups usually turn out not so great but this tastes amazing! I added corn and red kidney beans to mine to make it even more filling. Also a dash of red hot really makes the soup.

  418. So I made this tonight and it was excellent. If you really like bell peppers (like I do) I would add 1 cup of each. I also added black beans and corn. Once I added the rice, it was amazing and all the flavors rolled together!

  419. Made this for dinner on Monday night, leftovers as lunch for the rest of the week and some in the freezer! It was delicious! I think next time I might add some water to give it more "broth." Fantastic creation!

  420. This was delicious! We doubled, maybe even tripled the amount of bell peppers and it was just that much better!

  421. Hi Gina, do you use the canned tomato sauce without any seasoning or a jar of tomato sauce that is seasoned in the pasta aisle?

  422. We don't eat beef, Can I substitute ground turkey or ground chicken?

  423. Made this last night for supper and it was GREAT! Next time I am going to try it as Mexican stuffed peppers!

  424. Made this tonight for dinner! It was really good!!

  425. This calls for fresh peppers, not canned.

    I think this would be great in the crock pot after you sauté everything!

  426. I want to make this soup but want to make it in the crock pot instead. Do you think this can be done, if so how long would I cook it? Your recipes are so delicious tasting and can't wait to make this soup.

  427. Could I use fresh diced peppers instead of canned?

  428. thanks so much for sharing, gina! stuffed peppers are my fave, but you're right, it takes forever to make it….so this is perfect. one thing though, do you think it'll make a difference if i cook this on a crackpot (I'd brown the meat first, as always…)?

    -Jen M.

  429. This was dinner tonight! Yummy! And it did taste just like a stuffed pepper!

  430. Points include the rice! Quinoa or orzo can be used in place.

    Oh and don't make the mistake of cooking the rice in the soup or you'll get mush!

    You can use ground turkey or vegetarians could of course use crumbles! Perfect night for a hot bowl of soup, enjoy!!

    • Hi Gina! Love your site. Question: At the top it says a portion is 1.5 cups of soup…but in the recipe it says 1 1/3 cups of soup. Can you clarify? Thanks!

  431. this is my husbands favorite soup

  432. How can I make this vegetarian? Would it be OK to substitute Veggie Stock and omit the meat? Thanks 🙂

    • I make a taco soup where I substitute soy crumbles for the ground beef, and it turns out excellent! I'm sure it would here too!

    • I made it with homemade vegetable broth and that part was fine. In place of the meat you could probably use TVP or maybe even small beans like Adzuki

  433. Gina, I am unable to digest beef so will the points change if I exchange ground turkey or ground pork for the lean ground beef?

  434. Perfect timing – making it for dinner!

  435. Just wondering, could you use Quinoa instead of rice?

    • I think any great would go great with this. I used Kashi 7 Whole Grain Pilaf and it was really good!

    • I make the regular stuffed peppers with Quinoa and its great.. I dont buy rice any more..just sub quinoa for all rice in recipe's.. even sushi!!

    • I make the regular stuffed peppers with quinoa.. I sub everything with quinoa instead of rice in my house… Its great

  436. Do the point values per serving include the half cup of rice?

    Kelly H