The Best Grilled Portobello Mushroom Burger

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I set out to make a great tasting grilled portobello mushroom burger that even a meat lover would enjoy! The marinade adds so much flavor!

I set out to make a great tasting grilled portobello mushroom burger that even a meat lover would love. The mushrooms are marinated then grilled and topped with melted Swiss Cheese, grilled red onion,  tomatoes, spinach, and avocado – yum!!
Portobello Mushroom Burgers

These veggie burgers are easy, and make a great beef alternative that even a meat lover would enjoy. The mushrooms are marinated then grilled and topped with melted Swiss cheese, grilled red onion, tomatoes, spinach, and avocado – yum!!

To give the mushroom a meaty flavor, I marinated them with balsamic, soy sauce and Montreal steak seasoning. They were so good, perfect for meatless Mondays or any night of the week.

Portobello mushrooms are thick and meaty, making them a great alternative for vegetarians, vegans, and anybody who wants to incorporate more plant based foods in their diet. Replacing beef with mushrooms is also an easy way to reduce calorie consumption overall.

I used Swiss cheese, but you can top them with mozzarella, feta cheese, cheddar or even roasted red pepper, and fresh basil.

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I set out to make a great tasting grilled portobello mushroom burger that even a meat lover would enjoy! The marinade adds so much flavor!
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The Best Grilled Portobello Mushroom Burger

295 Cals 21 Protein 31 Carbs 13 Fats
Prep Time: 30 mins
Cook Time: 30 mins
Total Time: 1 hr
Yield: 4 servings
CUISINE: American
I set out to make a great tasting grilled portobello mushroom burger that even a meat lover would love. The mushrooms are marinated then grilled and topped with melted Swiss Cheese, grilled red onion, tomatoes, spinach, and avocado – yum!!


  • 4 portobello mushroom caps
  • 2 tbsp balsamic vinegar
  • 1 tbsp low sodium soy sauce
  • 1 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 tbsp chopped rosemary
  • 1-1/2 tsp steak seasoning like Montreal Steak Grill Mates
  • 4 thick slices red onion
  • 4 oz reduced fat Swiss, sliced thin (Alpine lace)
  • 4 thin slices tomato
  • 1/2 avocado, sliced thin
  • baby spinach
  • 4 whole wheat low calorie buns, I used Martin


  • In a large bowl, whisk together vinegar, soy sauce, oil, rosemary, and Montreal steak seasoning.
  • Place the mushroom caps in the bowl and toss with sauce, using a spoon to evenly coat. Let stand at room temperature for 20 to 30 minutes, turning a few times.
  • Heat the grill or indoor grill pan over medium heat. When hot, brush the grate with oil or lightly spray the grill pan.
  • Place the mushrooms on the grill, reserving marinade for basting. Grill for 5 to 7 minutes on each side, or until tender, brushing with marinade frequently.
  • Top the mushrooms with cheese during the last minute of cooking.
  • While the mushrooms cook, grill the onions about 1 minute on each side and grill the buns until toasted.
  • To finish, place the spinach and grilled portobello mushrooms on the buns and top with the grilled onions, sliced tomato and avocado.


Serving: 1loaded burger, Calories: 295kcal, Carbohydrates: 31g, Protein: 21g, Fat: 13g, Saturated Fat: 1g, Sodium: 594mg, Fiber: 11g, Sugar: 6g
WW Points Plus: 8
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Marinade for portobello mushrooms.
Marinaded, grilled portobello mushroom caps.

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  1. so yummy. first bite my husband and I looked at each other in amazement. Followed recipe but did add 2 garlic cloves minced

  2. Seriously the best vegetarian burger ever. Best alternative to a real burger. This is now my favorite. My husband cooked it on his Oklahoma Joe offset smoker and it was fabulous. Thank you for your great recipe!

  3. So good! I’m not vegan or vegetarian but I like lots of their recipes so I decided to try this. I’ll still eat a hamburger cooked on the grill, but at home in the kitchen this was so easy and yummy and satisfying. It’s been an age since I’ve had swiss cheese and I enjoyed it on this burger.

    Thanks for your good, healthy recipes and your hard work.

  4. Excellent!  Added clove of garlic and Worcestershire sauce.  So good!  Easy and much better than chemical artificial burgers.  Thank you!  

  5. Made these portobello mushroom burgers and added vegan sliced cheese, sautéed mushrooms & red onions, tomatoes, arugula, pickles and placed on a whole wheat bun…..DELISH! 

  6. This is a delicious portabello burger. I’ve tried a few recipes, but this is by far the best. I used a grill pan on the stove because of the weather. I can’t wait to try these on the bbq. Yum! Thanks for this keeper

  7. This is a tasty burger. I added sauteed red onions, spinach (after removing the mushrooms), tomatoes and gouda cheese (added on the last turn over) and guacamole tomatoes. On honey wheat buns. Sweet potatoes fries as side dish.

  8. Just made this with slight adaptation of using Worcester sauce instead of Montreal. And grilled the onions to caramelised.. Was sooo good! My people were very happy with dinner this evening.. Thank you..

  9. I thought this was outstanding. What a great way to have a meatless meal. The marinade was terrific. I did not use cheese and made a horseradish dressing for the bun. I will be making this again. 

  10. These are excellent!

  11. As a die hard meat lover, I couldn’t imagine a lunch or dinner without meat.

    Well I’ve had this recipe 3 times now, and am I converted. I cook the onions as long as the mushrooms. Plus they now have low salt Montreal Steak seasoning with low salt.

    This I love.

  12. Delish! So glad we made the extra trip to get the brioche buns for this one. Very easy to grill in the smoker outside. Flavor was incredible. I think next time I might make a quick mayo vinegarette with the leftover marinate. This is a great meat alternative but without compromise in texture, flavor, etc.

  13. Well, I can honestly say I have NEVER had a portobello burger before tonight and good golly this was about the best dang thing I’ve ever tasted between two buns. The flavors were absolutely incredible.  My husband who is a meat LOVER said the exact same thing. I ended up marinating for about an hour and used montreal chicken seasoning bc that’s what we had- so so soooooooo scrumptious!! Do not hesitate for one second making this!!  

  14. These are delicious! So flavorful. 

  15. Oh my gosh, is this good. I don’t think I will ever need to go back to a regular beef burger ever again. Very juicy. I didn’t have steak seasoning so I used a bruchetta spice mix from Costco. It worked well. Next time I will use a ciabatta roll to soak up all the wondefulness of the mushroom. I really was skeptical about how much I would enjoy this. WOW! I’m sold.

  16. Do you clean the gills out of the mushrooms or leave them?

  17. Please let us know a substitute for the seasoning.

  18. So after making the marinade for two mushrooms, it was mostly the steak seasoning and the rosemary floating around in a tiny bit of sauce. Nonetheless I put it all over the two mushrooms and grilled them. They came out tasting extremely salty. I thought it was the soy sauce but realized the Montreal Steak Seasoning adds a lot of salt. Plus spice. I would recommend a different, mild steak seasoning and less soy sauce. 

  19. I have made this dish 3-4 times now and I am blown away every time. Absolutely fantastic!! The marinade makes the mushrooms so deliciously flavourful and juicy. One of my top 10 meals.

  20. Delicious and nutritious! Thanks for the recipe!

    The original recipe is fantastic, and I’ve also enjoyed making slight variations (substituting thyme for rosemary, cabbage for baby spinach, and cheddar cheese for Swiss).

  21. I made the marinade tonight for my Portobellos. It was very tasty. I’ll definitely use it again. My fiancee loved it.

  22. Absolutely delicious!

  23. My husband and I really enjoyed this dish!  We will definitely make it again.  Thank you so much!

  24. This was a fantastic marinade! I was worried it would taste like balsamic too much but it didn’t. We did our own toppings, just needed some flavor for the portobello and this did the trick. Thanks!

  25. So excited to try these tonight! Do I leave the gills or scrape those out? Does the nutritional breakdown include the bun?

  26. So delicious , is great for vegetarian also. My version I added Thinly slice prosciutto and crushed garlic. It’s fun make it your own.

  27. I love portobello mushroom burgers and this is the most flavorful one that I’ve had in a long time! The marinade is amazing! This recipe will be going into regular rotation at my house.

  28. That was delicious. I rarely leave comments, but my boyfriend and I looked at each other at the same time when we bit into that burger. The taste was incredible.8 think its even safe to say that I love it way more than a meat burger.

  29. This was so good! Wow! 

  30. Tasted great but the top skin was very tough – couldn’t bite through it.  I marinated it for 90 min, based while grilling. What did I do wrong?

  31. First time making these and I love it! So good!  Who needs Impossible or Beyond burgers, when you can have this. Thanks

  32. Delicious.  I marinated it for a few hours.  Used provolone.  I could eat these every day.

  33. WoW that was so good! My very first attempt at a mushroom burger! I loved it! 

  34. I cannot find low calorie burger buns anywhere! I’m in AZ. Any suggestions?

  35. Made this last night – it was delicious! I loved the marinade, it ads great flavor, and the rosemary was a nice touch. I just seared stovetop as we don’t grill anymore. Even our adult son who’s not a big veggie eater liked it. I will definitely make again.

  36. So delicious! Will definitely be making this more. Thanks!

  37. These were delicious. The whole family loved them. We filled them with feta when grilling

  38. do I leave the gills in tact?

  39. This is absolutely the best mushroom burger I’ve ever had, 100 % recommend this!!!

  40. This is our go-to burger recipe in our household.  Delicious AND healthy.  

  41. Absolutely  delicious.  My husband loved it and it could be our regular Saturday Night Special.

  42. Incredible. We cooked ours in a cast iron skillet with some sweet peppers on top. It was more satisfying amd than a traditional burger! We loved it.

  43. Love this! Have made it several times.I modified it by eliminating rosemary and using T miso plus 1/4t Better than Bouillion. Its all good!

  44. Delicious. I will make this again.

  45. They are so delicious and easy to make. 

  46. I make this weekly! Love love love it!!!!

  47. I’d never made Portobello burgers before and our department at work was having a BBQ and we wanted to offer a veggie burger option. These were a hit! So much so that we’re doing them again and we’ve got even more people wanting them for their meal. Thanks for sharing such an awesome recipe!

  48. Delicious recipe and super easy to make. Have made several times and it’s always great! 

  49. When I make them, should I remove the inside of the mushrooms? Can tell from the photos. Thank you.

  50. Very good portobello mushroom burger! Will be making it again!

  51. My 20 year son picked me up and spun me around out of extreme excitement that I was making these again! Thanks for sharing! These are ridiculously delicious.

  52. These were do delicious, my family loved them,  I didn’t even miss the meat!!! 

  53. The best!!! Made these yesterday for the whole family with air fried onion rings and a SkinnyTaste Caesar Salad.  My husband and I loved them and my husband is not a mushroom fan. I know in the beginning he was not looking forward to a non traditional hamburger but he gobbled it up and ate the kids’ leftovers. He told me afterwards he could definitely eat this meal again and was surprised how meaty a mushroom could taste. However my kids didn’t like the seasoning and marinade….they eat only bland foods. They complained it was to bitter tasting. They did say they liked the idea of it and are willing to try it again if I didn’t use so much vinegar. Do you have another suggestion for the base of the marinade?.

    • Try a sweeter balsamic vinegar for kids. They may like that better or just add a bit of sugar to your balsamic and see if they like that better. Before you make this recipe again, do a taste test with your kids on the vinegar after sugar is added.

  54. I a m in LOVE with this recipe! It was so tasty and I can’t wait to make it again! That marinade is Magic!

  55. Are you supposed to use dried or fresh rosemary?  If using dry, I should reduce the amount, right?

  56. Terrific burger marinade, had a pack of portobello about 10 not hudge but good sized, Spritzed with the olive oil using misto spray and made the marinade using some Penzy steak spices and brushed it on both sides. Baked about 15 minues on a broiler pan at 425. Terrific, Good with an egg on it too! A bit messy but wonderful, Mushrooms juicy. Used English muffin as what had on hand, a softer bun would help absorb the juices probably or maybe next time pat them a bit dryer first. Terrific, a great vegetarian substitute.

  57. This is a great marinade for mushrooms. Mine were huge, so in retrospect I should have cooked them a bit longer on indirect heat-they had a great sear and flavor but still to much liquid. Not that it mattered-still yummy just messy. Also used low fat feta just out of preference and it was great.

  58. Turned out absolutely delicious!! I added a lot more dried mixed herbs and paprika to the marinade. Also had some hummus lying around in my fridge which i smeared over the buns. Yum yum!

  59. Really yummy and I’m not much of a mushroom fan! Great with blue cheese 🙂

  60. I am a bachelor and grill 90% of my dinners, so when a vegetarian friend came to visit, I decided to try making these.  After a 5 minute trip to the store, and maybe 45 minutes of prep plus cooking, these came out fantastic!  Really flavorful, and didn’t even leave me wishing I had a meat burger.  Highly recommend this recipe!

  61. This was delicious! I made it the second time tonight. First time with avocado and the second time without (because I didn’t have any). Both versions were equally delicious. I’m not a vegetarian and neither is my husband but we both could choose this over beef burgers. The marinade was perfect and added so much flavor to the mushroom.  That, combined with the toppings this grilled mushroom burger is really the best I’ve ever eaten. 

  62. Not sure what happened but these were so salty :(. I just wanted a plain “burger” so maybe the added ingredients would have balanced the salt factor?  Otherwise, it was good and a great concept. Thanks!

    • Ours were not quite salty enough! Are you sure you used low sodium soy sauce? That would make a big difference.

  63. Mushroom burgers are fantastic! I have not had one in a while and now I want one.

    • Hi there is no weight watchers link on this recipe…thank you for creating those pp ww links. I do use them 🙂

  64. Really enjoyed these for a change.  I only had balsamic in a strawberry reduction, so used that along with a splash of Worcestershire sauce. I marinated the mushrooms for several hours before my hubby put them on the grill. They were so good! My only caution would be if anyone else marinates for a long while be careful when you bite in, the sauce gets REAlLY hot! And will drip so eat over your plate!  

  65. The soy sauce and steak seasoning is a game changer. So good!!!

  66. Best burger ever. Won’t be eating beef again. Thank you so much

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  69. Thank you for the recipe. Don’t have a grill or grill pan, used a non stick pan. And forgot to buy buns. I love it and will make again.

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  71. Made these babies today with some portobellos I messed up while trying to make clean out the insides for  your portobello lasagna.  We ended up serving both and furthered it with a contest lasagna vs burgers!!!  . HOUSE DIVIDED! Half the table prefereed the lasagna while the other half preferredthe burgers,but everyone agreed both are GREAT RECIPES!!!!!!! WAY TO GO GINA! . 

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  77. These are a staple in my meal planning rotation 🙂 Any tips on if you can make the mushrooms ahead and freeze them?

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  79. These were easy and very tasty. We had bacon on them. I meant to top them with the basil mayo from the WW portobello burger recipe, but totally forgot and didn’t miss it (though I will make it next time). The kids loved them. Thanks!

  80. Fantastic recipe. I’ve made this many times since finding your website! Delicious!

  81. What do you think makes these 8PP? The avocado and bun? Or is it calculating zero point foods into the nutritional value that gives it such hight points?

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  86. Wish I could show you a picture of the burgers I just made with my wife. They looked great and tasted oh so GOOD!!!

  87. Oh my goodness! These were so delicious I ate two of them. I will definitely make this recipe again. Thanks for sharing!

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  89. Made these tonight…perfection. A summertime burger doesn’t always need to be meat!

  90. Hi Gina! Do you think these would be ok if they marinated for more like 8 or so hours? I wanna make these tomorrow night but marinate them before I leave for work in the morning. Thanks so much!

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  94. OMG so good!

  95. I’ve been looking for ideas to eat more plant-based, and this will become a go-to over the summer. I grilled some sweet onion and red pepper to go on my burger too. Add some lettuce and avocado, and I practically have a salad on a bun. When the tomatoes from my garden are ripe, that’ll be a great addition. 

  96. I make these all summer long!!! I absolutely LOVE these!! 

  97. Gina, tried these for the firs time tonight and they were AMAZING!! There were so many layers of flavor! The marinade was perfect. Please, though, tell your fans how to properly prepare a portabello mushroom for cooking (i.e. removing the stem and the gills). So important. Thanks!

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  99. Hi Gina and her followers! Does anyone have a good substitute for the Montreal seasoning? My hubby can’t tolerate the red pepper flakes.

  100. We just made these I actually marinated them overnight. They were fantastic!! I used orange and figure balsamic from trader joes and follow your heart vegan gouda cheese with spinach and avocado! So good!

  101. So good! Another great recipe. I make it for company and get rave reviews. Thanks Gina!!

  102. Do you clean out inside of mushroom first. Never worked with them before.   They look so good

    • Gloria – YES. You must clean out the “gills” of the mushroom before marinating/cooking. Use a spoon and gently scrape the gills or “fins” out. Also, make sure to remove the stem.

  103. Do you clean out the inside of mushroom first.   I have never worked with them. 

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  105. I work for a Hospital in Kansas, and i used this on the menu one day in my cafeteria, Sold out.. and constantly get asked when we will have them back on the menu.. Only thing i did different was use Gorgonzola Cheese rather than swiss.

    • Aww, this made my day Dan!!

      • I am currently planning my next Fancy Friday menu. Looking to add this back on, as well as your watermelon pizza. Very Excited and my Kitchen staff is extremely happy with how simple the dishes you put out are to make and how well they look! Keep it up and if you have any suggestions on what to pair with those 2 items let me know! Thanks again!

      • Fun! I would do some baked parmesan fries on the side!

  106. The best vegan dish I’ve made ever.

  107. So marinating them overnight ( they were the extra caps) really helped with flavor. And in case anyone wonders the Trader joes bbq rub was a good seasoning to use! 
    Caramelized onions, added avocado… Yum

  108. I have recently discovered these. They are delicious and very easy to prepare.

  109. This is by far one of my favorite recipes on your site! I cook this often and really love the flavor.

  110. These were the BEST!  I did not even bother with the rolls-they were delicious  and very filling.  Definitely will make these again.

  111. I made this for dinner, last night. I served it with a simple garden salad.  They were great even my husband liked the avocado.  Thank you 

  112. Just made these for lunch. DELICIOUS!!!! I made with just the mushroom, tomatoes and spinach and added a tiny bit of mayo was so good! Definitely will be making again! Thanks for the recipe!

  113. Absolutely delicious! Better than a hamburger! Thank you, Gina, for your delicious creativity!

  114. Wow, made these tonight and they were a huge hit with the entire family.  My oldest daughter is a vegetarian and it’s always a challenge to make something she can eat and everyone else will like.   The burgers were juicy and full of flavor.  I served chips and guacamole along with watermelon slices for a complete meal.  The only complaint I got was that there wasn’t more. Next time I’ll make extras!

  115. Terrific!  We don’t like Swiss so it was fresh mozzarella for us. Delicious with or without cheese. 

  116. made this last night. The mushroom had like a skin on it that was difficult to bite through. What did I do wrong?

    • I didn’t have any problem but I did marinate them for an hour which may have soften them.  Are you sure you cooked them long enough with high enough heat? They should be pretty soft with grill marks when their done. 

      • Trying it again this weekend. I will make sure I marinate them longer and cook them the right amount of time.

  117. OMG! Literally the best burger I’ve ever had. That includes meat burgers. I was skeptical about the rosemary but everything together in that marinade is what brings the burger to the next level! I didn’t have any lettuce or avacado on hand but it didn’t matter. I actually grilled up some onions along side the burgers and put that on top with the cheese and tomato. Superb. I have actually been thinking about making them a second time today ;o.

  118. Epic dish! Got the cookbook today and can't wait to start experimenting!

  119. Just made this and it fabulous!! I grilled asparagus as a side. Will definitely make again! Hopefully can get my husband to try since he's not overly fond of mushrooms

  120. Amazing.

  121. These are INCREDIBLE. I had never had a mushroom burger before and am amazed by how good they are. Thank you so much.

  122. Just tried this out tonight, and it was absolutely glorious! Will definitely be saving this recipe for future 🙂 Thanks so much! yum yum yum

  123. OMG!!! This burger looks amazing! It looks fancy and delicious and also healthy! I will definitely try this recipe because I want to start eat clean but I want to continue to eat delicious food. Regards! Eastcote Carpet Cleaners Ltd.

  124. Is balsamic vinegar really important? Is it okay if I don't have it?

  125. Awesome !!!!!!!! Had it these two nights ago love it!!! Will eat these in place of beef, chicken or turkey burgers Also have a ? the skin on one of my Portobello 's was tough anyone know why?

  126. Thank you so much for this delicious mouthful of fungi wonderfulness! 🙂 OMGoodness! My first ime cooking portobello mushrooms but it won't be the last! The marinade is fantastic ! I sliced off the gills and used my cast iron fry pan and magically delectable. Two thumbs up!! djoy4 fromm Raleigh, NC

  127. I can't have soy and any subs for the soy sauce

  128. How many carbs without the bun?

  129. good eatin

  130. De'lish

  131. This was delicious! I added a twist. Instead of cheese I used Nutritional Yeast flakes. They melt like a cheese and taste pretty close with almost no fat, 0 cholesterol but 9 grams of protein for a 3TB serving! I did everything else exactly per the recipe. Yummy. thanks! JM 🙂

  132. I have made these several times and they are excellent. My meat loving husband said he did not miss the meat! Thanks Gina I'm not on WW but diabetic and have made several of your recipes to eat healthier and have loved everything I've tried…can't wait for your cookbook!

  133. How do I cook them without a grill?

  134. Seriously Excellent….added one finely minced garlic clove….used Braggs Amino for soy sauce and only 1/2 teaspoon Montreal Seasoning to cut back on salt…..grilled both sides……definitely our new favorite.

  135. These definitely are the best. I've made some cheese stuffed ones but they are so heavy compared to these. Thanks for sharing.

  136. I just made these and they were incredible!!! Thank you for the recipe!

  137. That looks delicious! like this

  138. I made these today for dinner. I removed the gills, used a fry pan – no grill, and fried the onions till brown. The marinade was perfect, and so was the burger. I always had trouble finding a marinade I liked. This is a winner.

  139. Easy and delicious!

    If asked for a suggestion, try just 1/2 tsp of Montreal Steak Grill Mates for a milder after-taste.

  140. Loved it! And my skeptical fiance did as well : )

  141. Just had this tonight. Delicious!! I'm a vegetarian, but my husband is not and he loved it as well!

  142. I imagine this would be a great vegan burger, but I made the mushrooms to go on top of steak…it was outstanding and very delicious. I usually don't like balsamic vinegar but this recipe was quite good

  143. this was yummy! I sautéd the onions and layered with avocado and tomato. No bun but made some potstickers and it went well. Over spinach

  144. Amazing! Made these tonight on our grill pan and my husband had 2 he isn't a mushroom fan even -will definitely make these again! I didn't have rosemary but used French thyme instead and came out delicious!

  145. What makes the fat content so high? If its the avocado, what would be the calories and fat without it?

  146. These are FANTASTIC – definitely a keeper! I never would have guessed a mushroom could be sooooooooo juicy. We have vegetarian friends arriving today for a visit and we're grilling these up tonight for dinner 🙂

    • These look absolutely delicious ! One question…where are the 21 grams of protein coming from? When I enter the ingredients, I only get to a out 10 g protein.

  147. Gina-If you dont have a grill is it impossible to do???? any ideas-also what if you marinated over night would that be bad?

  148. I made this today and they came out amazing. I don't like really juicy food , so what I did was poke the cap with a fork several times. This helped release any excess juice without leaving it dry. Will defiantly make again!

  149. I made these last night and they were delicious! It was my first ever portobello burger. I did, however, find them VERY juicy (to the point that they were difficult to eat as a burger). Just wondering if I did something wrong or if that is typical of a portobello burger?

  150. Can i use a toaster oven instead of a grill?

  151. So delicious! Broiled them rather than grilling because I could only find sliced portobellos. I didn't want them to fall through the grill! 5 minutes on each side, applying marinade at the flip. Just used a generic steak seasoning. Very, very good – will be making again!

  152. May I ask which kind of indoor grill pan you use? I see that you did not use one in the pictures above for this recipe, but I've seen you post pics where you use one with different recipes. I don't have one yet, but I think that it would be nice to have as a Chicagoan once the weather starts to cool down.


  153. Are portabello mushrooms 0 points? These look delicious. I was just searching for recipes using portabellos and came across this.

  154. I made these tonight and loved the recipe! Even my husband, who hates mushrooms, took a bite and said "I could eat a whole one!" (He ate a salmon burger instead.) Thanks for the great recipe… we'll be making this again!

  155. Had it twice now (sans the avocado and tomato), and i still cannot believe how awesome this is…. the marinade for the portobello is awesome, and the cheddar, grilled onion and teh bun definitely make you believe this is a burger…just a juicier burger than I'm used to, so I'll probably prefer this one to a meat patty in the future (the funny thing is that I'm not a vegetarian, but I already discovered that lentils are better than ground beef in a sloppy joe, so this didn't come as a complete surprise!)

  156. These were so delicious!

  157. Making this second week in a row. My husband LOVES portabella's me not so much. Though I tried this to make him happy and I must say I enjoyed it myself much more than I thought.

    Thank you for making me go out of my comfort zone.

    I love your website, and recipes!! Keep up the great work 🙂

  158. This was awesome!!!! We made it tonight and my carnivore husband actually really liked them and said we should make again! Thank you 🙂

  159. These look amazing, def plan on trying them. Do you know what the calorie count is without the bun? Thx!

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