The Best Turkey Meatloaf Recipe

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Turkey meatloaf is a favorite in our house! This healthy ground turkey meatloaf recipe is a staple in my home! Easy and delicious.

Turkey meatloaf is a favorite in our house! This healthy meatloaf recipe made with lean ground turkey is easy and delicious.
Turkey Meatloaf

My family loves turkey meatloaf so much, I have created so many meatloaf recipes on my site. If you like meatloaf as much as I do, you might also enjoy this Cheese Stuffed Turkey Meatloaf or this Bacon Topped BBQ Turkey Meatloaf. Serve it with garlic mashed potatoes or loaded cauliflower mash and a vegetable on the side and dinner is done!

How To Make Turkey Meatloaf

My mom always made meatloaf with beef when I was growing up, and I always loved it. But once I tried it with turkey, I never looked back. Not only is it leaner, I also find the meatloaf juicier and my family now prefers it, it’s on constant rotation. Here are a few tips and variations for perfectly juicy and flavorful meatloaf every time!

What temperature should meatloaf be cooked to?

Meatloaf is best baked at 350 degrees F in a conventional oven, although I have also increased the temp to 400 degrees F to cook faster. You will know it’s ready when it’s cooked to an internal temperature of 160 degrees F. using an instant read thermometer.

Meatloaf Tips and Variations:

  • Don’t overwork the meat. Just like making meatballs, if you over work the meat it will become more dense. It’s best to gently mix all the ingredients until just mixed in.
  • Make it faster! If I want to make this quicker, I will make them into four smaller loaves and cook it for about 25 to 30 minutes. You can also make it in cupcake tins like I do in this Cupcake Meatloaf with Mashed Potato Frosting.
  • Add heat! If you want to spice things up you can add some chipotle or sriracha to the ketchup.
  • Use beef. If you prefer beef, swap the turkey for a lean beef around 90% lean.
  • Make it low-carb or grain-free. Swap the breadcrumbs out for equal amounts of almond meal.
  • Make it with oats. Swap the breadcrumbs out for equal amounts of rolled oats.
  • BBQ Sauce. Replace the ketchup glaze with BBQ sauce to give it a smokey flavor.
  • Make it juicier. I often use 93% lean for a juicier turkey meatloaf.
  • Make it for Meal Prep! Double the recipe, make two and freeze one for another night.
  • Leftovers. Leftovers are great for sandwiches. Refrigerate 3 to 4 days.

Can You Freeze Meatloaf?

Yes, meatloaf is great for freezing. I usually make two, one for dinner and one to freeze for another night. It takes about the same time to make 2 as it does to make 1. To freeze, let it cool, then slice the loaf. Transfer to freezer safe containers and freeze up to 3 months. To reheat, thaw in the refrigerator the night before, then microwave in 30 second increments until heated through.

Turkey meatloaf is a favorite in our house! This healthy meatloaf recipe made with lean ground turkey is easy and delicious.Turkey meatloaf is a favorite in our house! This healthy meatloaf recipe made with lean ground turkey is easy and delicious.Turkey meatloaf is a favorite in our house! This healthy meatloaf recipe made with lean ground turkey is easy and delicious.
Turkey meatloaf is a favorite in our house! This healthy meatloaf recipe made with lean ground turkey is easy and delicious.

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Turkey meatloaf is a favorite in our house! This healthy meatloaf recipe made with lean ground turkey is easy and delicious.
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Turkey Meatloaf

259 Cals 37 Protein 14 Carbs 5 Fats
Prep Time: 5 mins
Cook Time: 55 mins
Total Time: 1 hr
Yield: 4 servings
COURSE: Dinner
CUISINE: American
Turkey meatloaf is a favorite in our house! This healthy meatloaf recipe made with lean ground turkey is easy and delicious.


  • 1/4 cup plus 2 tbsp ketchup, I use organic
  • 2 tsp Worcestershire sauce
  • 1/2 small onion, minced
  • 1 tsp olive oil
  • 1.3 lb ground turkey, 99% or 93% (I prefer 93)
  • 1/2 cup seasoned whole wheat or gluten-free breadcrumbs, I like 4C
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 tsp marjoram
  • 1 teaspoon kosher salt


  • Preheat the oven to 350F.
  • In a small bowl combine 2 tbsp of the ketchup with Worcestershire sauce.
  • In a small skillet, heat olive oil and onion on low heat until translucent, 3 to 5 minutes, remove from heat.
  • In a medium bowl combine the turkey, onion, breadcrumbs, egg, 1/4 cup ketchup, salt and marjoram.
  • Place mixture into a loaf pan or shape into a loaf and place on a baking pan. Spoon sauce on top.
  • Bake uncovered for 55-60 minutes, remove from oven and let it sit for 5 minutes before slicing.



calculated with 99% lean turkey


Serving: 1/4, Calories: 259kcal, Carbohydrates: 14g, Protein: 37g, Fat: 5g, Saturated Fat: 1g, Cholesterol: 104mg, Sodium: 390mg, Fiber: 1.5g, Sugar: 6g
WW Points Plus: 7
Keywords: Best Turkey Meatloaf, easy turkey meatloaf, meatloaf recipe, turkey meatloaf

Photo credit: Laura Davidson

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  1. Is it okay to add one cup of finely chopped mushrooms? If so, should they be sauteed first? Also, is it possible to add rolled oats instead of seasoned bread crumbs? I’m not too thrilled with the additives in the 4C. Thanks!

  2. can you make it with Matzo Meal?

  3. This was a home run! My 8 year old twins loved it & even thanked me for dinner!

  4. I make this over and over. It’s easy and delicious!

  5. This was great. I used 1 pound 93% ff ground turkey but did not change the amounts of the other ingredients. I used plain bread crumbs so I added some Italian seasoning to zest it up a bit. I realized as I was putting the meatloaf into the oven that I accidentally forgot to add the ketchup to the meat mixture. However, I did make the sauce and topped the meatloaf with it before baking. I made 4 small loaves with the mixture for purposes of meal prep for myself this week. It came out so good. I will definitely be making this again!

  6. You never indicated the ingredients for the sauce on top. Only what was mixed into the meat mixture.

  7. Amazing meatloaf!

  8. Can make the loaf in advance, refrigerate it and cook it later?

  9. I have a hard time finding a 1.3lb package of ground turkey. There’s only one brand that has that size, but I don’t like it. Would you be able to please send me the recipe adjusted to a 1 lb package of ground turkey?

  10. Great recipe! Very moist and flavorful. Will be our new go to meatloaf recipe. Thank you!

  11. Delicious yet so easy! My package was only 1 lb of ground turkey but followed the recipe as stated for 1.3 lbs and it turned out great 🙂

  12. I’ve made this recipe so many times over the past 2 years, my husband and I both love it! I use extra lean 96/4 ground beef and Heinz no sugar added Ketchup. Other than those 2 adjustments, I follow the recipe exactly. Pair it with baby Dutch potatoes roasted in the air fryer, you have a delicious, hearty meal. 

  13. Simple, easy, delicious recipe! Next time I’ll make two and freeze one. My only changes: 85% turkey, Italian seasoning instead of marjoram, added finely chopped mushrooms and one clove of garlic in with the onions.
    Thank you for sharing this keeper!

  14. So delicious. Used higher fat turkey because that’s what we had. Mixed barbecue sauce and ketchup and added a bit of sriracha. Didn’t have marjoram, but used garlic powder, Italian herbs blend, and cumin instead. Will absolutely make again – going to make two next time and freeze one.

  15. I used to only make beef meatloaf since we like the rich flavor. Well, once I tried this recipe, we are going with turkey! This meatloaf is moist and flavorful, no need to change a thing, I always make as instructed!

  16. You want it juicier??!! I used 1lb 93% and 1il of 85% (Jenny o’s)! Yep!!
    -Toasted the Panko crumbs, and added some toasted fennel seed to the crumbs.
    -Sauted onion, carrots, red bell pepper, garlic (2), and a small fennel bulb. Deglacied’ the pan w/ Pernod. Then set aside to cool before mixing w/ meat.
    -Catsup topping is Trader Joes Truffle Catsup. 
    -topped that w/ the rest of the toasted Pankos.

    Boy HOWDEE!!

  17. This was delicious! I used a tablespoon of Italian seasoning instead of marjoram and I did not sautee the onions just put them in the mix raw. I also added a tablespoon of sriracha into the sauce so it had a nice kick! Made 3 smaller loaves and it cooked for 30 minutes at 400 degrees to a perfect 160 degrees. It was so juicy and tender! Thanks!

  18. This is soooooo good! Meatloaf is one of my favorites but I never thought ground Turkey meatloaf could taste so good! I will definitely be making this again!

  19. Used 1# of 93%. 1/3 cup panko, sautéed small amount of chopped onion and red bell pepper,
    Italian seasoning, a few shakes of worcestershire
    and sugar free hickory BBQ sauce. Baked for 30-35 minutes. 160 degrees. Tasty, 2 of us ate almost all of it.

  20. Total win! I was out of ketchup the first time I made it, so I made ketchup from scratch, and it was so amazing that now I make it no other way.

  21. Made this on Sunday. Put the ketchup and worcheshire sauce mixture into the meat mixture. Added 15 minutes to baking time. Also cubed russet potatoes. Placed potatoes around meat. Sprinled potatoes with salt and pepper. Delicious

  22. Love it! So easy and so good!!

  23. I’ve been using this recipe for years (probably almost 10!) I only make meatloaf a few times a year, but this is the only recipe I use. I prefer it to beef, and so does my husband. Great classic comfort dish! 

  24. If I use ketchup with no sugar added it’s only 2 points a service, right?

  25. I can’t have tomatoes, so ketchup and bbq sauce are out. Any suggestions for substitutes? 

  26. The FLAVOR is amazing. Tried this recipe then bought all your cookbooks! Every recipe is a hit in this house. Currently making this and might add some mushrooms and a little bit of cheddar. Serving with roasted sprouts and mashed cauliflower!

  27. This recipe has become a staple in my house, I make it once a week it’s just so easy and so good. 

  28. The best! Wouldn’t change a thing

  29. This was tasty. I used 85% turkey cause that’s what was on sale. I also sauteed some chopped garlic with the onion and used bbq sauce in the mix but used ketchup for the topping. Highly recommend not skipping the topping though I didn’t add it until 30 minutes into the cooking time as I didn’t want it to burn. I would make this again.

  30. I think I’ve reviewed this before but because I have made it again for the 20 something time I thought I would write another one. 
    I sauté diced onions and shredded carrots, I double the ingredientes and I cook in glass loaf pan for 70 minutes at 350f. Sooo good and not dry. I serve with a side of mashed potatoes and roasted carrots or asparagus. 
    Definitely recommend 😋

  31. What sauce goes on top? I must not be seeing that. 

  32. Over the years I would occasionally try and make a meatloaf and my family never liked it no matter what recipe I tried. I stumbled upon this recipe because I bought ground turkey from Costco. This is a keeper! So delicious so moist and I can’t believe it’s a skinny recipe! I only made one small change and that was to use whole onion instead of half. Tonight I topped it with a mixture of regular catsup and Ray’s barbecue sauce. It’s not out of the oven yet but I’m looking forward to it and thank you for this amazing recipe.

  33. Added: zucchini, carrots and tiny broccoli pieces. Amazing!

  34. Blown away by the flavour! So easy and so tasty. 

  35. Very 1st skinny taste recipe I’ve tried and it’s delicious. I added some yellow pepper with the onions and on top added ground black pepper, garlic powder, and a little seasoning sauce. I also added to the sauce on top a very little brown sugar. Definitely adding to my rotation for only 3 points blue WW.

  36. Did not like at all.  No flavor.

  37. What are the WW points per serving of you use beef? Thanks!

  38. Deeelicious! I made a couple substitutions to use what I had on hand: replaced marjoram w/ half the amount of oregano and used two small slices of sourdough in lieu of bread crumbs, then used seasoned salt in place of kosher salt and doubled it to make up for the seasoning in the breadcrumbs. I made four small loaves and they were done in 30 minutes. 

  39. I love this recipe! Can you make it in the air fryer? If so, how?

  40. This was so tasty! My whole family loved it, made it as written except for the marjoram (just left that out). Will definitely be going into regular rotation, thank you!

  41. Really good. I was worried it would be too dry with such lean meat, but it wasn’t!! Very good.

  42. This was delicious; I made some substitutions as needed; thyme instead of marjoram, included garlic along with the onions also added some dijon mustard and a little hot sauce. I used crushed saltines instead of bread crumbs and added fresh parsley. So good.

  43. I add green bell peppers also. They definitely add to the flavor.

  44. Love the skinny turkey meatloaf

  45. This was great. I used it as my guide knowing I only had a few of the prooer ingredients. Even with my substitutions (jiffy corn bread mix), omissions (marjorim) and mistakes (2 eggs and ALL the ketchup in the mix) it turned out pretty good.

  46. Added chopped mushrooms with the onion like another person suggested and it was delicious! Also used 93% lean ground turkey and panko breadcrumbs because it is what we had on hand. Worked great. 

  47. I LOVE this recipe and was hoping to make it with mini-loaf pans. If you made this into mini-loaves, what would you recommend for the cooking time? Thanks in advance!

    • You can look at the directions on this recipe 🙂

  48. Do u think this can made with chicken instead of turkey?

  49. Very easy and really good. It is going into our regular rotation.

  50. Wondering if you can leave out or sub Worcestershire? My son is allergic to fish. I believe it has anchovies. Thoughts? 

  51. How can I adjust this recipe so that I can use a 1 lb package of turkey, instead of using 1.3 lb? How much of the other ingredients would I use?

    • I’ve used this recipe for a while before realizing I had a 1lb package instead of 1.3, so I’ve never made any adjustments. Always comes out delicious!

  52. It really is moist. Will use this recipe again and again. I may also try this meatloaf with beef. 

  53. I love your recipes and this turkey meatloaf is the bomb. Thank you!

  54. I was so nervous mine would come out dry but it was so moist!!!    I love it and so simple!  Happy Dance! 

  55. Thanks for this recipe! I made it tonight and it was very juicy and delicious! I haven’t cooked the onions before mixing into the meatloaf, and mixing in ketchup was also something different!

  56. I doubled this recipe and used one package regular ground turkey and one package ground turkey sausage. I had to sub jarred spaghetti sauce for the ketchup because I ran out of ketchup! I topped it with Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce (again, because of my ketchup shortage! LOL). I cooked it in a loaf pan and it took about 70 min at 375 degrees. This was delicious!

  57. I am a seasoned cook and have been making beef meatloaf for years. New to turkey meatloaf. This was delicious. Followed recipe as written. This is definitely a keeper. 

  58. I made this recipe but made a couple of changes.  Used  .99% fat free instead of .93%
    Added 1 whole small zucchini grated
    2 eggs instead of 1 to make up for fat
    1/2 cup panic bread crumbs
    shakes of smoked paprika 
    2 tb brown mustard 

    To make up for the extra liquid of the zucchini I baked for 1 hour and 5 minutes 


    • This looks super good, too bad there’s an ad directly over the ingredients so you can’t see what to use.

  59. What is the serving size?

  60. This recipe is fantastic – picky kid approved!  I did make the mistake of picking up 93% ground turkey which drastically changes that points value (wahhh), so please be sure you are picking up 99% instead.  It was delicious and a house fan favorite.

  61. This is my absolute favorite turkey meatloaf recipe. I’ve been making it for years.

  62. Does this freeze well after cooking or should I only bake 1/2 and freeze the other 1/2 unbaked?

  63. Could you air fry this? If so, at what temp and for how long would you recommend?

  64. I feel silly asking, but after breadcrumbs you note “I like 4C” – surely you do not mean 4 cups? What does the notation mean?

  65. This is my go to turkey meatloaf recipe.  I’ve made it half a dozen times and it’s really great. I’m on Weight Watchers so it’s even better at 3 smart points.  

  66. I love this meatloaf and am in the process of making a larger batch by 1/2 to make three loaves. The turkey I am using has never been frozen. I would like to freeze the other two loaves before cooking. What do you think?

    • Sure! just let it thaw overnight before baking.

      • I use 2 1/2 lbs of meat and double the rest of the ingredients to make two loafs. Then they get sliced and laid out on a parchment lined baking sheet and put into the freezer. Once they are frozen I put two slices in a foodsaver bag and seal them then right back into the freezer to be thawed when needed and eaten later.

  67. I made this tonight for dinner along with the green beans and garlic in oil, and the cauliflower mash with garlic, as suggested in one of the recent meal plans. What a delicious meal! The flavour was amazing, everything was perfect! I accidentally added extra Worcestershire sauce with the ketchup that went into the meat, but it was fine, perhaps added to the flavour! Anyway, there was definitely plenty of food, we have leftovers of everything for another meal this week.  A hit for sure. Thanks Gina, another great, healthy meal in the rotation! 

  68. This recipe has become a staple of ours and is always i our monthly rotation of dinners. 

  69. Loved it! Will definitely make this again.

  70. This is an awesome recipe! I add a handful of shredded carrots into the mix also (just for a little more bulk and moisture).

  71. If I’m making 2 at a time, do I need to adjust the oven temp or cook time?

  72. Loved it! My husband doesn’t even like meatloaf but he liked this one. I used the BBQ sauce instead of ketchup and it was nice and smoky. I also used minced 1/4 tsp minced garlic instead of onion (still prepared in skillet as recommended with oil). Delicious! Thank you. 

    • This is super helpful because I have a 9 year old that gets freaked out by the onions. Sigh.

      • You can also use onion powder in place of onions- tastes delicious and your child won’t know it’s in there!

  73. I have made this before and it has been a hit!  Can I prep the loaves (I make 2 at a time-1 to freeze) and put them in the oven later (keeping them in the fridge) or should they be baked immediately?

  74. Best meatloaf ever. I didn’t even like meatloaf until this. I’ve made this so many times.

    I’m going to be doubling it and cooking 2 loafs tonight.  Does anyone know if I have to adjust the cooking time?

  75. I am a horrible cook but these turned out AMAZING. New favorite dinner recipe. I’m a busy student and was able to prep this super easily tonight. I used 93% lean ground turkey (1 pound), Trader Joe’s panko, and added some sautéed mushrooms and garlic to the onions. I shaped it into 4 little loaves on a pan and used about the same cook time. Ended up nice and moist.  Served with broccoli on the side. 

  76. So my husband came home from the hospital today, recovering from covid and all he wanted was meatloaf. I tried this recipe and we will never try another. Absolutely delicious & super moist!

  77. I think using 99% fat free makes it too dry. I use a combo of 99% and 93% and that helps considerably, but could still use a little more moisture. Delicious taste though and a nice low-cal alternatively for meatloaf. My husband loves it and is happy to have this as a substitute.

  78. I added mushrooms, garlic, peppers to the onion sautee. I kept a vent in the top of the meatloaf and twice drained liquid from the meatloaf. It tastes amazing. Perfect with sourdough bread.

  79. I just finished making this, for the first time & it was delicious.  I used 93% because that’s all that was available. My hubby loved it.  Thank you!  

  80. Do you have a recipe for a bison meatloaf with whole grain mustard

  81. This is a go-to recipe for me, I’ve already made it about a dozen times. I do add about 170g of finely chopped mushroom and cook them with the onions first. I also use Italian seasoning instead of marjoram since I never have that in my pantry. It’s so moist and one of my boyfriend’s favorite dinners. I usually pair it with mashed cauliflower and broccoli on the side!

  82. I didn’t realize turkey came with different percentages of fat like beef. Gah! Anyway I have 85% ground turkey. Will it work for this recipe? 

  83. I hated this meatloaf! I can only be mad at myself, I had no idea I’d hate marjoram but God do I ever. I suppose it’s probably good in a soup or maybe a stew but in meatloaf… yuck! I also thought the recipe is too salty, I’m trying to salvage it because I hate wasting the ingredients. I’ll try it again minus the marjoram, I think it’s an okay basic recioe without it…

  84. Very good! Left out the marjoram because we didn’t have any and baked in cupcake tin to reduce baking time (took 25 mins) and it’s a winner! Will make again. Thanks, Gina!

  85. Delicious!!

  86. I made this tonight for my family and everyone loved it…even my 4 year old and 8 month old. I added a bit of mustard and brown sugar to the sauce but didn’t change any other ingredients. So yummy. 

  87. We don’t eat a lot of turkey meals here in Australia but I found 100% turkey breast mince and made this turkey loaf in the airfryer.. It was delicious.

  88. Delicious!  My family loved it, and it was so easy to make.

  89. This is my family’s all time favorite meatloaf! But I add carrots to the onions and add some fresh spinach. Makes. HUGE difference!

  90. So good! 

  91. This is my throw-down meatloaf recipe. It is SO easy and I frequently have all ingredients on hand all the time.

    I do make some customizations: I add sriracha to the meat mixture and sauce for some zing. Sometimes I do half 93% and half 99% lean turkey. I don’t always have marjoram on hand, and lately I’ve been using a salt-free seasoning blend from Trader Joe’s called 21 Seasoning Salute – it’s awesome!

    Thanks for a great and healthy recipe, Gina.

  92. This is the best meatloaf I have ever had. That is saying a lot because I used to hate meatloaf. This is the only one I am going to make from now on. Fantastic recipe!

    • I hated this meatloaf! I can only be mad at myself, I had no idea I’d hate marjoram but God do I ever. I suppose it’s probably good in a soup or maybe a stew but in meatloaf… yuck! I also thought the recipe is too salty, I’m trying to salvage it because I hate wasting the ingredients. I’ll try it again minus the marjoram, I think it’s an okay basic recioe without it…

  93. My fiancé told me this is his favorite meal I’ve ever made. Meatloaf, go figure!

  94. I followed the recipe to a T but added a clove of garlic and a half teaspoon of cinnamon and it was a huge hit with my family of picky eater!

  95. I made this for the first time tonight and everyone liked it. I used a shallot, celery, and bell pepper instead of the half’s an onion. I also added pepper, garlic powder and Italian seasoning to the meat. And I added a bit of gochujang sauce to the glaze. It was moist and much lighter than the meatloaf I grew up eating. This will go on our regular rotation.

  96. Has anyone made this into two smaller loaves instead of the one? I am wondering how long to bake?

    • I made two, I used 94% lean and baked it for the time suggested, 55 minutes. I turned out perfect. Not dry at all.

  97. I’ve never eaten turkey loaf before and was pleasantly surprised. This was so moist and the flavor was delicious! I will definitely be making this recipe again.

  98. I make this meatloaf all the time. It’s so good! Turkey, chicken or beef, ketchup or leftover tomato sauce, always a delicious moist meatloaf! I didn’t even like meatloaf before this one! 

  99. I used 96% lean ground beef… (what I had on hand) 
    Roughly ground fresh mushrooms wit the onions and added it to the meat. 

    came out great!  

  100. I added one box of mushrooms, chopped in the food processor and sautéed with the onions.  Delicious and the meatloaf was more moist than previous efforts.

  101. Can I prepare the loaf earlier in the day and then just bake it later that evening?

  102. Found this recipe today and made it for supper, it was delicious! I did not have any Worcestershire
    so I substituted a spoon of deli mustard. Will add this to meal plan, my husband also loved it.
    Thank you!

  103. Made this tonight and it was a hit! I didn’t have enough ketchup, so used canned tomato sauce in the meatloaf itself (had just enough ketchup for the sauce on top). I might mix in some chipotle chili powder next time to add some heat. YUM!

  104. Great! Simple and tasty. I added diced green pepper and celery, too and it was delicious.

  105. Came out great

  106. This was really tasty, my husband agreed and he’s pretty picky. Added some diced mushrooms and a little extra bread crumbs to compensate, and used Italian seasoning instead of marjoram. Will definitely make again,

  107. I absolutely love this recipe! I don’t need to tweek it and I think it is my now go to when ever I have ground turkey that needs to be used up! Thank you so much for sharing!

  108. I notice you say 1/2 bread crumbs but say you prefer 4 cups? Lean ground turkey can be really moist. I like the idea of using oats to save on the gluten. Thanks Jenn!

  109. Very good. But why the kosher salt? It was a little too salty. But really really good and not greasy!

  110. I love this recipe I twerk my own spices but my meat loaf is a but too moist. Lol if that’s possible. Would you suggest upping breadcrumbs or oatmeal?

  111. This was amazing! I have not cooked a meatloaf in so many years. I used oats in place of breadcrumbs because of gluten issues. The loaf was moist and tasty. We ate almost the whole thing. I can’t wait to make it again and again and again! Thank you so much.

  112. Can’t wait to try this. Does anyone know why the meat is 1.3 pounds and not just 2 or 1.5 pounds…. I never understood why recipes were like this.   I have 2 pounds defrosted to use up. 

  113. I love this recipe! I used to make it with eggs before but I’ve recently removed eggs from my diet. How would I make this egg-free?

    • Deanna. you can replace egg by combining 1 Tbsp flaxseed meal with 3 Tbsp water for each egg you are replacing. Let it sit for five minutes then add it into your recipe.

  114. I have tried a couple of recipes from this site and this one has to be hands down my favorite. I double the sauce as a personal preference. I used to be a meatloaf hater but I know make this at least once a week. Thank you for sharing and 100 percent recommend !!! 

  115. Easy to make ahead of time delicious

  116. This says 5 points a serving for green-is that one or two slices?

  117. Great tasting turkey meatloaf.. 

  118. Can I put these in a muffin tin?

  119. LOVE this recipe! I like to make a side of roasted sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts with this.

  120. This is one of my favorite recipes!! The only thing I do differently is double the sauce. Sooo good! One of our favorite meals.

  121. I don’t normally leave reviews but I was so pleased at how this turned out. Very moist and tasty. I will definitely make it again. My son didn’t like the onions even though I chopped them very tiny but that’s his deal and he can pick them out if he wants!! Lol!! I used 93% ground turkey.

  122. I love this one!!! It’s so moist and flavorful!!! Would definitely make it again and again!

  123. This was my first time following this recipe but I made it my own. It was delicious!!! 

  124. I love all he recipes but your Weight Watchers points are ALWAYS off. When I put in the nutritional values I get 5 on this recipe, not 3 (blue). Why is that?

    • The only accurate way to determine any recipe’s SmartPoints® value is to plug the ingredients into the recipe builder on the Weight Watchers website (Click on “My Foods,” select “Recipe,” and click “Create a recipe.”)

      The SmartPoints® calculator isn’t meant for recipes and will often give you the wrong points (usually higher) because it’s counting 0 points foods such as eggs, chicken, fruits and vegetables. So if you see a recipe with a SmartPoints® value that’s different from what the calculator tells you, that is why.

  125. I’m not a meatloaf fan, but I loved this recipe! Very juicy, flavorful, and I loved the sauce. I actually double iit because it’s so good. Officially part of our regular rotation. 

  126. Texture was nice and not dried out. Not a fan of the sauce though. Also needed some more seasoning. It was too bland.

  127. I have made many different meatloafs in my life and this one was, hands down, THE BEST of them all. Made three pounds worth last night. Cooked 1 pound and dived the other two into 4 small loafs and have frozen them without cooking for easy dinners in the weeks to come.

  128. Do you have a meatloaf recipe fir an instant pot? I thought for sure I’d find one here!

  129. This was delicious..I’m on WW and I was so excited about finding a good recipe using turkey but with a low point count.  My husband isn’t on WW and he loved it too!

  130. I’ve made this several times and it’s been a hit every time it’s served!  Everyone who’s eaten it has asked for the recipe.  Simple and delicious!

  131. I made this Turkey Meatloaf and I was beyond pleased! I did not have to add anything beyond this recipe. [f course I could not have found out if It was bland as turkey meat can be until cooked anyway, but this is my new turkey meatloaf recipe forever!! Soooo delicious! Thank you, because I for sure over season my own when I make it. So I decided to go online and try someone else’s extremely pleased because for sure I am a foodie who loves to try new ways of cooking different food items.

  132. I am allergic to Worcestershire sauce. Would Liquid Smoke or A1 work?

    • Hi Peggy! My dad’s allergic to the sardines in worcestershire so I made up a recipe that works really well. Soy sauce + balsamic vinegar + ketchup + garlic powder + onion powder. Usually a 1:1 ratio on soy and balsamic, and ketchup and powders to taste. I like it sweeter so I usually add more ketchup.

    • My WW meatloaf has steak sauce in it so I’d say it’s worth a shot!

  133. Can I prep it the night before and cook the next day??

  134. Made this tonight, with your Loaded Mashed Cauliflower. Both so easy, so delicious! Thanks Gina!

  135. If I cook the meatloaf at 400, how long should I cook it for so it doesn’t dry out?

  136. I have to admit that this is the BEST tasting meatloaf that I’ve ever had!  It was flavorful and not the least bit dry.  We subbed 1/4 cup tomato sauce for the egg due to food allergies and topped the meatloaf with BBQ but otherwise followed recipe instructions to the letter.   It came out just perfect and yummy! 

  137. Made this for the first time. Super easy to make and my family loved it. Next time I will have to double the recipe to have leftovers next time. I pared it with some sweet potatoes, zucchini and broccoli it was a perfect healthy and satisfying meal. 

  138. This recipe comes in a hair too dry for me. I like to add some flavor and moistness by adding 1 can of drained Rotel (with Jalapenos if you like a kick). Really adds to the flavor and keeps it from being too dry!

  139. Omg I wish I saw this earlier!! Definitely will be making it in the airfryer next time!!!

  140. We have an egg allergy in our family. Will this work without the egg?

  141. I made this meatloaf and my family loved it. It has a lot of flavor and is very moist. This is a keeper, I prefer this recipe over ground beef recipes.

  142. This was delicious! I doubled the recipe, used 1/2 oatmeal and 1/2 breadcrumbs. Also added siracha to the ketchup mixture and used a garlic seasoning mix instead of marjoram. So good! So moist! This will be going in my rotation!

  143. I was very skeptical of this recipe being 100 percent turkey, but it was fantastic and had plenty of moisture and flavor. I tend to double the sauce for kicks and add a bit more spice, but even when made exactly by the book, it is wonderful.
    My husband thought I had used half beef!

  144. This is delicious and easy! It is a regular in my weeknight rotations. I double the recipe so I can have leftovers. Thank you for another healthy and tasty recipe.

  145. I did not hold much hope for this considering my past experiences with ground turkey. But I was pleasantly surprised. I used 93% turkey. I would not go lower than that. I added a fourth cup of finely chopped fresh parsley and mixed as gently as possible. I baked for fifty minutes and let it rest for fifteen minutes. It was moist and flavorful. Will definitely make again. 

  146. In the oven ( again…. I make this a couple of times a month) and it’s always perfect 👌🏼. 
    Serving it tonight with cauliflower mashed and roasted carrots. 

  147. In a small bowl combine 2 tbsp of the ketchup with Worcestershire sauce.

    And you never explained what to do with it.

    • The end of direction #5- Place mixture into a loaf pan or shape into a loaf and place on a baking pan. Spoon sauce on top. Sorry for any confusion!

      • Ok thx. I didn’t realize that was the topping. I was planning on just using ketchup or bbq sauce but I’ll try that way. Thx for reply,

  148. This recipe is so good! I’ve never made meatloaf before, I’ve had it but never made it. So I was a little worried I’d end up with dry meatloaf, but this did not fail! 

  149. Both my husband and I enjoyed this, the servings were large, almost too big, and we have 2 servings leftover. Made it exactly as shown and definitely will make it again.

  150. Awesome! Doubled the recipe and made two loaves, used panko breadcrumbs for a different taste! 

  151. This is so easy and yummy! It took like 5 min to throw together and it’s delicious. Thank you for this!

  152. This is so good!  I used Italian Seasoning (didn’t have marjoram) which has marjoram in it.  I also went with Sweet Baby Rays Sweet ‘n Spicy bbq sauce…omg, DELISH!!  It didn’t fill my loaf pan (have a 9×5) so I just formed a smaller loaf inside.  Will absolutely make again and double the recipe next time!

  153. This recipe looks delicious, I was wondering which families prefer, making it with ketchup or BBQ sauce? Thanks  

  154. I made the turkey meatloaf as written, placed it on a shallow greased metal pan and into my 5.8 qt air fryer it went. Preheated the air fryer in 390 degrees. I spritzed the meatloaf with olive oil and cooked it at 390 for 25 minutes. I spooned the sauce on top and cooked it for 4 minutes more on 400 degrees. Internal temperature should read 165 degrees. It was crispy on the outside and nice and moist on the inside. 

  155. Is the marjoram ground or dried?

  156. This is so easy and so delicious! I follow the recipe exactly. I’ve made it about 6 times, as it has become a family favorite. When there are leftovers, it makes a great weekday lunch. Love this site!

  157. My family loves this meatloaf.  I even fixed it for my young niece and nephew who are rather picky and they had seconds!  I always make it gluten free as we have gluten allergies in our family.  I have fixed it with gluten free oatmeal and breadcrumbs.  It’s delicious either way.  

  158. Is this not dairy free? I don’t see it tagged as such but seems like it is to me unless I’m missing something. Thanks!

    • The seasoned bread crumbs I have (forget the brand) have cheese in them. Maybe that’s why.

    • It has egg.

      • @lolasmealticket: Egg is not a “Dairy” product per se; which usually indicates milk/milk products originating from animals (cows, sheep, goats).

        **BTW.. You can purchase breadcrumbs (I love Jeff Nathan Creations GF Panko Flakes) which do not contain milk/cheese, or even make your own.
        This meatloaf is great!!

  159. Made this last night and it was amazing! My husband was very skeptical as he is not a meatloaf fan but we gobbled this up. So moist and tasty. And so easy.

  160. How long would it take to cook in a 6 cup bundt pan in the Instant Pot?

  161. Make this once a week and everyone loves it including the kids. Very moist and delicious!

  162. This meatloaf is outstanding!!! My entire family loved it. This will be a regular for us! Every recipe of yours we have tried has been perfectly delicious! Thank you for sharing.

  163. My family and I love Skinnytaste recipes.  The meatloaf was no exception, receiving two thumbs up and requests for more.   The only alterations were adding a little jalapeño and cooking it in the IP rather than the oven.  Thank you for another great dinner!

  164. I doubled the recipe. Will the cook time be different??

  165. My son is allergic to egg. Is there a way I could make this without the egg?

    • Try a flax seed “egg.” You need ground flax seeds and then you add water (the flax seed package usually has instructions for the flax to water ratio).

  166. Delicious, my go to meatloaf recipe.

  167. Oh my god-oh my god, so so delicious!
    It’s the first time in my life I have had a yummy, moist meat(ground turkey) loaf! OUTSTANDING, a
    must try!
    Thank you for sharing with us!!!

  168. This was so good!! I’ve made many turkey meat loaves over time, but this is definitely a contender for best ever! Very moist & lots of flavor. I followed the recipe exactly and used 93% lean ground turkey.  I also opted to use mini loaf pans.  I baked at 350 for about 22 minutes. Will be making this again and again! Even our picky 5 & 7 year olds enjoyed. Thank you! 

  169. Delicious! Another amazing recipe!

  170. I have 85% lean ground turkey will this work? I know it will change point value but trying to utilize what I have in the fridge

  171. This is seriously so good! I have never made meatloaf before and this was amazing! It made about 5 days worth of work lunch meal prep!

  172. Whole family loved it

  173. I stumbled on your site as I was looking for healthy recipes and this meatloaf is the 3rd recipe I’ve made. Just like the other recipes it’s delicious. I followed the recipe as is, I didn’t have any marjoram so that was omitted, but so yummy!

  174. This is the best meatloaf recipe ever!! I’m looking forward to leftovers tomorrow!!! 

  175. I made this today because I have to work weekend. I added it with cauliflower rice for 3 meals. Hate to believe you get such big portions. Thank you.

  176. This was absolutely delicious! Who knew that marjoram could add so much!  Loved this and will be making this again and again.

  177. If you are freezing this, do you freeze is raw or cooked? If raw, how long would you cook it when you’re ready to cook?

    • Wondering if you tried to freeze this raw and cook later? I’d love to have that as an option! Tastes so much better hot from the oven than microwave. 

  178. What size loaf pan do you use?

  179. I had some ground turkey to use up and found this recipe. I didn’t’t have any ketchup so I used Heinz chili sauce instead. It turned out fantastic and was so easy. I made it into 4 mini loaves so it would cook more quickly. Definitely making this again.

  180. Just made this and is absolutely delicious!!  However, I put the nutrition facts in the WW freestyle calculator and it come out 5sp per serving, not 3 sp, why is that??  Thanks!! 

    • Hi Carmen! The only accurate way to determine any recipe’s SmartPoints® value is to plug the ingredients into the recipe builder on the Weight Watchers website (Click on “My Foods,” select “Recipe,” and click “Create a recipe.”) which does not count fruits and vegetables in recipes in the calculations as they are now 0 points.

      The SmartPoints® calculator isn’t meant for recipes and will often give you the wrong points (usually higher) because it’s counting the fruits and vegetables. So if you see a recipe with a SmartPoints® value that’s different from what the calculator tells you, now you know why.

      • I see! Thank you!!

        Made it today in the cupcake pan and is still one of my kids favorite!!! I am sharing this recipe with off my friends!!

  181. This is a great recipe made straight from the printer. We like our meatloaf a bit “saucier” so I doubled the ketchup/worcestershire sauce to put on top. My husband and I are a couple of big guys with hearty appetites; so I appreciated that a serving is one-fourth of the meatloaf.

  182. Okay I cook A LOT. I follow different recipes on the internet A LOT. But I never leave comments ..I had to for this recipe … I’ve made a double batch of this recipe twice in two weeks I love it so much. I’ve tried different meatloaf recipes before and never really liked them. I’m also not a huge fan of ketchup (which is probably why I don’t usually like meatloaf when I make it)… so her note about BBQ sauce instead, was great!
    Only changes I made were, I added minced garlic, crushed red pepper, used oats instead of breadcrumbs, used Italian seasoning instead of majorimand used spicy BBQ sauce instead of ketchup.
    It’s SOO good! One of my favorite recipes now. Thank you!

  183. Made this and will be my go to meatloaf recipe from now on.

  184. About to make it for the third time today… this is so so good 

  185. Very good and the low calories was great. We were surprised. I did switch out a couple of things but even if I had not, this recipe was good enough to print and make again. I used mire paux which I always have on hand and took out the onions and olive oil. I did add a couple cloves of minced garlic. I will make it again.

  186. Very moist and delicious! I used sugar free ketchup, and did not realize I did not have marjoram and substituted herb de province mixture I had which has marjoram in it.
    Used the 4C gluten free breadcrumbs.

    Everyone loved it-will be making again.

  187. What size loaf pan?

  188. This is so good. I add mushrooms and diced carrots. I do Have a question do u know how many ounces a serving is? If I cut it into 4 servings they are huge

  189. I have made this three times for the family.  It is so delicious and filling—and quick to prepare. Highly recommend making this!

  190. Can this be made in the crockpot??

  191. Made it with beef as that was all I had. Was incredible! The best meatloaf I’ve ever had. Will try turkey next time. 

  192. Would ground beef still taste as great? I made the turkey version and wanted to try it with ground beef too. The turkey version was amazing!

  193. My boyfriend made this for dinner last night. We chose to use bbq sauce as hes not a fan of ketchup. I also suggested that we put in red pepper flakes for a bit of a kick. It was AMAZING!

  194. Amazing!!!!!! Definitely making again soon! 

  195. Delicious (no surprise there)!!!!!  So easy too! Will definitely make again very soon. 

  196. Made it this morning to bake for dinner….can’t wait.  Made it according to the recipe, except added a teaspoon of minced garlic.

  197. I was skeptical about Turkey, but I loved it. I will definitely make it again. Thank you!

  198. AMAZING!! Can’t wait to make this again….did it with roasted carrot sticks…Olive Oil, Salt, Pepper on a baking sheet and bake right along with it!!

  199. Made this tonight for dinner and it was great. Will for sure make again.

  200. Loved this recipe. I am wondering if it could be cooked in the Instant Pot in the summer months when I am reluctant to turn on my oven.

  201. This was awesome – thank you for sharing!
    I made a double batch, used 1/2 home made breadcrumbs and 1/2 rolled oats with 1/2 ketchup and 1/2 BBQ sauce. Amazing flavors!

  202. 5 Sp’s?? The recipe says 3 Freestyle SP’s… I’m totally confused. Please clarify… Also, how many SP’s if you use 93% FF turkey? Thanks😊

  203. This was absolutely delicious. My family devoured it. I used 93% lean turkey and I assembled the ingredients the night before (I didn’t precook it), which I think added alot to the flavor. The only thing I did differently was I sauteed a very large clove of minced garlic along with the diced onions. I baked mine in an oval casserole dish and let it rest covered with foil for about 10 minutes after cooking. Will definitely make this again!

  204. I’m not a big fan of turkey, so I was a bit hesitant to make this recipe. Oh boy, was I pleasantly surprised. This was delicious. I followed the recipe as written, but used oregano instead of marjoram and added a little garlic powder. My husband loved it too.
    I doubled the recipe and am so glad I have enough for dinner tomorrow night. I hope there is some left after that for a nice sandwich.

  205. I make this all the time and we love it!  Good as leftovers  for meatloaf sandwich!

  206. First time making turkey meatloaf and this was excellent!  I was raised on traditional beef, but I’m needing to watch my cholesterol and overall health.  The nutrition for this recipe is much healthier than my recipe.  I was pleasantly surprised at how moist the 99% lean turkey was and the flavor and texture of entire recipe was great.  This will be my new go to meatloaf recipe.  Thank you!

  207. If you freeze it, how long do you cook it and at what temperature?

  208. We make our meatloaf, my MIL’s recipe, with Quick Oats, chopped onion, minced garlic, egg, S&P, Italian seasoning and raisins. We don’t measure either; just eyeball it. After cooking, we put a little ketchup on.

  209. I just made this last week .  It is very good.   Have made it just as recipe is written and and also with oregano instead of marjoram .  Served with mashed sweet potatoes and cucumber tomato salad .  Really good !  All of skinnytaste recipes are delicious!   

  210. I use cooked quinoa in place of bread crumbs. Win, win.

  211. Actually made this last week for the first time, followed recipe exactly, and it was just delicious. I had to double check WW points values because I couldn’t believe that it was only 3 points for a quarter. Glad to have found it. Yum.

  212. I use almond flour instead of bread crumbs when I make mine! Not sure if it will substitute equally. But if you are looking for a gluten free version, try almond flour. 

  213. Sooooo delicious and so easy to prepare.  

  214. I’m not a fan of ground meats but incorporate it because we’re TRYING to eat healthier (dieting) and one can only eat chicken breast for so many days in a row, haha. Turned out amazing!! Hubby even mentioned the meatloaf was good.. I texted him prior to making it saying “turkey meatloaf?” And his response was “…ok lol” with uncertainty. Once it was done & we sat down to eat, we both enjoyed it so much and he repeated after eating that it was really good. It turned out very moist (thank goodness!!). Paired it with your garlic mashed potato recipe and a mix of broccoli, cauliflower and carrots. Thank you for such a simple, yet delicious recipe. We have two children and spending a lot of time in the kitchen is hard. This dish needed minimal prep and cleanup. Will be making again. 

  215. How many freestyle points is this if we use 93%/7% turkey? 

  216. Today is the second time that my wife and I have made this and it’s absolutely delicious. However, we modified it slightly. Instead of ketchup, we substituted (2) Tbsp of mild salsa to mix with the Worchestershire sauce (and we didn’t use the extra 1/4 cup of ketchup or salsa).

    The first time we made it, we also added:
    (1) Tbsp of minced garlic to the onion saute
    (1/4) cup each of green and red pepper to the turkey mixture
    (1/4) cup of diced carrots (I forgot them in today’s batch but, aside from some color that the red pepper already provides – along with the taste – I doubt the carrots bring much to the recipe.

    The pepper really brighten the taste and neither the peppers nor the garlic disguise the distinctive aroma of the marjoram.

    Try this. I think you and your family will love it. And it makes a terrific sandwich when sliced cold.

    • Your additions sound great – I’m going to make the same (except no salsa), and will add spinach and mushrooms!

  217. The most tastiest turkey meatloaf I’ve ever made!!! I served this with mashed potatoes and creamy mushroom gravy.

  218. One of the best I have tried ! I wanted to lick the plate. I NEVER share recipes , but sent this one to my Mom, sister and bestie. I added garlic ( we LOVE garlic) shredded carrots and about a cup of fresh cut spinach.
    My hubby asked me to make it again very soon.

  219. I made this for the first time tonight and my husband loved it, and so did I. I served it with asparagus that I cooked in the oven .

  220. Gina you use 4 cups of crumbs?

  221. Turkey meatloaf is a favorite in our house! Growing up in the midwest, meatloaf was a staple, love this spin on it 🙂

  222. I saw this recipe and wanted to try it tonight but I have no bread crumbs, but on the side you have that you use 4 c whole wheat. Whole wheat what and why 4 cups? I think I might just cube up a couple of slices of bread and try that. Thanks and will get back on to let you know how it turned out.

  223. This recipe has been in our family’s dinner rotation forever! Even my five-year-old loves it (and she is super picky 🙂 To speed things up, because I’m usually running late, I roll the mixture into meatballs. I bake at 375 degrees for 10 min, flip them and spoon the sauce on top, then bake for another 5 to 10 min. Perfecto! For all the grain free folks, substituting almond meal or almond flour for the breadcrumbs comes out just as great 😉

    Thank you again, Gina! I’ve been meaning to leave you a review. My family loves all your recipes and have been following you for years!

  224. I’m excited to try this!
    Has anyone tried doubling the recipe and making it in a 9X11 Pyrex? I don’t have a loaf pan. 
    Also, would this change baking time?

  225. I have made this 6 times already.  I had to remove the onions and ketchup due to Reflux but it didn’t change the taste, as I substituted 2 teaspoons of whatever I had on hand: Soy Vey Orange sauce, and Sky Valley General Tso sauce…..both with low points.  I added shredded carrots and chopped apple for moisture as it was missing the onions and olive oil mixture. So excited with this recipe. Thanks for posting. I never would have found it if I was not on WW. Sorry I had to ‘rearrange.’ but trying to stay healthy and alive while living with Barretts. 🙂

  226. What can I use as a substitute for the bread crumbs?

  227. I mean 4 cups.

  228. Thank for this wonderful recipe!

    My husband loves spicy food so I replaced 1tbsp of the ketchup in the spread with Sriracha, and a tbsp of ketchup in the mix with Sriracha +added some Korean red pepper flakes into the mix.

    Loved it! Will be making this again in the near future!

  229. This meatloaf was AMAZING! My husband and I aren’t really meatloaf lovers and have been eating as healthy as possible. I was looking for recipes with ground turkey and stumbled on this one. This meatloaf was moist and delicious! It had us wanting to lick our plates! We both don’t like the texture of onions so I just subbed onion powder. I would give this 10 stars if I could!

  230. Really like this recipe. I substituted Italian seasoning for Marjoram (which I don’t have) and low sodium tomato sauce for ketchup. I also added about half cup finely diced celery. This is a recipe I will follow again and again.

  231. Can you make the mixture the night before and just keep in the fridge?

  232. Can I make the mixture the night before and refrigerate overnight to put in the oven the next day?

  233. Can this be made in the instapot? Any suggestions on Cook time, if so?

  234. I have been looking for a turkey meatloaf recipe that my family would like!
    Everyone loved this one. Such a great healthy meal to make on a work night!

  235. This meatloaf was delicious! Thanks for these meal plans. 

  236. Does anyone know where to find 99% fat free ground turkey in Canada?  The lowest extra lean grind I can find out of the 3 brands I’ve seen are 93% which adds 14 total points to this recipe.

  237. Yes!! By a ton!! They are smaller and need less cooking time… think cake verses cookies… an entire chicken verses chicken wings…

  238. Great easy dinner recipe. 

  239. FYI everyone, I was able to get this down to 2 SP per serving (per the WW recipe builder) by using Heinz No Sugar Added ketchup.

  240. This was delicious!  New favourite meatloaf. Even my picky kids liked it.  

  241. This recipe doesn’t feed my family of 4, they eat it all so fast. How would you double it ?

    • I double this every time I make it so I can freeze one, and have even quadrupled it. Just double every ingredient and split it into two loaves. No change in the cook time or temp.

  242. This has been my go to meatloaf recipe for years. In fact 99% of the meals Ive been cooking for the last 3 years maybe longer have been from Skinnytaste so thank you Gina! I’ve recently started a new lower carb diet, is there anything I can substitute the breadcrumbs for to decrease the carbs in this recipe?

  243. Okay, the night I made this I really did not like it. But I brought it for lunch the next day and omg, it’s delicious!  So, if you don’t like it, let it chill in the fridge a night and try it again. I’m glad I made a double batch and froze a loaf now! I paired it with the cream of asparagus soup from this site and it’s a great combo!

  244. Made this tonight! So good!! Even the kiddo loved it! I doubled the recipe so I can have leftovers! 

  245. This is so delicious! You will never miss the beef!

  246. This was sooooooo good that I was forced to make it for dinner AFTER making it for lunch … slightly seasoned with basil, oregano, chili powder and added minced mushrooms to the minced onion!! Huge hit, from now on it’s turkey loaf!!

  247. I make this at least once a week. It’s one of my family’s favorites!

  248. Hello, I never know how much salt to add when a recipe says “salt to taste”. How much salt do people typically add. Thank you

    • I typically use about a teaspoon for something like this. I’d use more if I were making something bigger, if that makes sense.

  249. Our entire family of five including ours kids 10, 13 and 16, enjoyed this tasty meatloaf! It was easy to prep and I already had all of the ingredients at home. I served it with mushrooms, peppers and broccoli and biscuits. 

  250. How much sugar is there per serving? It looks like it is missing from the nutritional information.

  251. On the WW app it says 3 freestyle points with the recipe builder…..smells heavenly! Thanks for all of your awesome recipes! 

  252. My husband and I love this recipe but was wondering if  this can be made in the instant pot? If so, how? 

  253. A winner! I love meatloaf and this one is terrific. I also add either grated zucchini or chopped mushrooms as you do in you burgers and in the stuffed rolled meatloaf. Seasonings are great. I add a bit of Penzey Bavarian dried herbs to this as well. Thank you for such great recipes.

  254. There are excellent idf you use either 85% or 93% fat ground turkey.  99^ is too lean and makes it practically inedible.

  255. This is a great recipe! My first time making meat loaf of any kind and I was pleasantly surprised. Easy, tasty and healthy

  256. I have made this recipe many times and we love it. I have someone that wants to try it but is allergic to soy and fish. Any ideas what can I use in place of the Worcestershire sauce?

  257. Just made this for dinner and had to come back here and comment how delicious this meatloaf really was!!! Not only was it delicious it was super easy to make and the cook time was perfect. Sooo sooo good! Thank you so much for posting this wonderful recipe! 

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  259. Oh man does this sound good! I love adding Worcestershire sauce to the meatloaf topping. I loved reading everyone and appreciate the recipe key. ‘s can’t wait to try this next week..

  260. Really enjoyed this recipe.  I am an unusual person in that I like my turkey dishes, even roast turkey on the drier side, so when someone says, mmmm so moist, I know I won’t like it.  I used white ground turkey meat, did add some red pepper and carrots and my husband and I loved it.  Other than the vegetable additions, I followed exactly as written. I also cooked it a bit higher (375) because I had vegetables cooking that needed 400 degrees, so I averaged it.  It may have turned out less dry if I had cooked it on the recommended 350 degrees.  This will be my go to turkey meatloaf recipe.  Easy and tasty.

  261. Made this turkey meatloaf recipe for dinner tonight because everyone in the house is watching their weight. It is very good! Instead of pairing it with the suggested garlic potatoes I steamed some yellow squash, carrots, and baby spinach. This recipe is a definite keeper! Thank you ? 

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  263. My GF had my family over and made this. I have a 2.5 yr old & 9 month old twins. They all ate it and LOVED it! And my 2.5 yr old is a very picky toddler.
    Thank you for making not only healthier foods, but also very flavorful and kid friendly!
    I’ll be adding this to my rotation.

  264. Fantastic! Was not dry at all and very flavorful. Looking forward to trying many of your recipes!

  265. Hi Gina, Do I double everything if I used 2 pounds of ground turkey?

  266. Delicious 

  267. Hi Gina! Do you have a substitute for the ketchup in this recipe? I cannot eat tomatoes in any form but I know that this is an important element for binding. I would love any feedback or recommendations thank you. Janis

  268. Second time making this recipe. Just love it. I shared with a couple of friends and they love it as well. One friend her husband has her make it once a week. 

    Thank you for your wonderful recipe’s I have not made one that I did not like.

  269. I was skeptical of this recipe because it’s hard to make 99% lean turkey taste like much of anything, but it was great.  My husband who has thumbs downed several turkey meatloaves I have made really liked this one.

  270. The best turkey meatloaf recipe I have found!! I’ll look no further and make this forever!  

  271. This meatloaf easy quick and delicious
    A convient go to

  272. I added frozen chopped spinach and pureed carrots to get more veggies and it was awesome. I’ve made it multiple times since I found it, thank you for the recipe!

  273. This was great! I made it in my air fryer (375 for about 20 mins) and it came out amazing. 


    • I just did this at 370 for 20 mins and my meatloaf was at 85 degrees 🙁 maybe my air fryer is just meant for doing things like fries?? I have the power air fryer xl.

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  275. This came out great, very moist and tender and with wonderful flavor. Using marjoram was a good choice. I have always thought it enhances ‘meatiness’ and so I like to use it for meatballs. Never thought of it for meatloaf. Thanks for another terrific recipe!

  276. Yummy! Another great recipe. I just made sure to check when cooked with a meat thermometer to be sure I didn’t bake too long and thus would be dry. My anti turkey husband even ate it!

  277. I liked the density of this meatloaf and it makes a generous serving. Very tasty and easy to make. I actually had marjoram!!! 

  278. Made this meatloaf last night.  I substituted the onion and used shallot instead.  Love it and will continue to make this recipe again,

  279. I made this meatloaf for dinner last night. Even my picky eater husband liked it. I added shredded carrot to the onions for a bit more vegetable.

    I would definitely make this recipe again.

  280. Could you make this in the Instant pot? If so,How much time?

  281. This recipe is awesome! I have made it many times and it comes out perfect every time. I even made it into meatballs for a holiday appetizer and everyone loved them. This recipe is a keeper.