Turkey Stuffed Peppers

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Taco-inspired Turkey-Stuffed Peppers filled with ground turkey and brown rice, seasoned with cumin and spices, and topped with cheese are my favorite!

Delicious peppers stuffed with ground turkey and brown rice, seasoned with cumin, cilantro and spices then baked and topped with cheese are one of my favorites!
Turkey Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed bell peppers are my jam! This healthy Ground Turkey-Stuffed Bell Pepper recipe is an oldie and one that I’ve always loved. They are taco inspired, sort of like a burrito with the filling stuffed in a pepper instead of a tortilla and topped with cheese. Some other stuffed pepper recipes you may like are my Santa Fe Turkey-Stuffed PeppersChicken Taco Chili Stuffed Peppers, or my popular Stuffed Pepper Soup.

The best turkey stuffed peppers

How To Make the Best Turkey Stuffed Peppers

These are my favorite turkey stuffed peppers, the one I make most in my house because it’s so good! Start with ground turkey and cook with onions, garlic and cilantro. Add cumin and spices, tomato sauce and simmer with chicken broth. Mix it with brown rice and stuff the peppers. Top with cheese and bake until the peppers are tender.

How to Serve

One bell-pepper half and a salad on the side is a very filling lunch for me, but my husband needs two to fill up.

For picky kids: When my younger daughter Madison was little, she didn’t like bell peppers, so I gave her some filling topped with cheese, and she loved it. She also liked to eat the turkey mixture in a small tortilla with cheese like a mini burrito.

How to Meal Prep and Freeze Stuffed Peppers

These easy turkey-stuffed peppers are great to meal prep and have for leftovers, which will hold in the fridge for up to four days. There are a few ways to meal prep the peppers:

  • Stuff the peppers and refrigerate overnight until you’re ready to cook them.
  • Make the stuffing and freeze it. When ready to eat, thaw it overnight in the fridge and stuff it in the peppers before baking.
  • Bake the bell peppers and freeze any extra. To reheat, warm in the microwave or oven.

Turkey Stuffed Pepper Variations:

  • Meat: Swap ground turkey for lean ground sirloin or chicken.
  • Grains: Sub quinoa or white rice for brown rice or cauliflower rice for a low-carb option.
  • Bell Peppers: If you don’t have red bell peppers, use any color pepper.
  • Vegetables: Add chopped zucchini or squash to the filling for extra veggies.
  • Sauce: If you want a saucier filling, use the whole can of tomato sauce.
  • Spice: Add diced jalapeños to the turkey mixture and serve with hot sauce for a spicy kick.


Halved stuffed peppers on a tray.

peppers stuffed with ground turkey and brown rice

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The best turkey stuffed peppers
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Turkey Stuffed Peppers

221 Cals 18 Protein 19 Carbs 3 Fats
Total Time: 1 hr
Yield: 6 servings
COURSE: Dinner
CUISINE: American
I love stuffed peppers stuffed with just about anything, but these turkey stuffed peppers filled with ground turkey and brown rice, seasoned with cumin and spices and topped with cheese are my favorite!


  • 1 lb 93% lean ground turkey
  • 1 garlic, minced
  • 1/4 onion, minced
  • 1 tbsp chopped fresh cilantro or parsley
  • 1 tsp garlic powder
  • 1 tsp cumin powder
  • 1 tsp kosher salt
  • 3 large sweet red bell peppers, washed
  • 1 cup reduced sodium chicken broth, divided
  • 1/4 cup tomato sauce
  • 1 1/2 cups cooked brown rice
  • Olive oil spray
  • 6 tbsp  part skim shredded cheddar cheese*


  • Heat oven to 400°F.
  • Lightly spray olive oil spray in a medium nonstick skillet and heat on a medium heat.
  • Add onion, garlic and cilantro and saute about 2 minutes, add ground turkey, salt, garlic powder, cumin and cook meat for 4 to 5 minutes until meat is completely cooked through.
  • Add 1/4 cup of tomato sauce and 1/2 cup of chicken broth, mix well and simmer on low for about 5 minutes.
  • Combine cooked rice and meat together.
  • Cut the bell peppers in half lengthwise, and remove all seeds. Spoon 2/3 cup meat mixture into each pepper half and place in a 9 x 13-inch baking dish. Top each with 1 tbsp cheese.
  • Pour the remainder of the chicken broth on the bottom of the pan. Cover tightly with aluminum foil and bake for about 45 minutes.
  • Carefully remove the foil and serve right away.



*check labels for gluten-free


Serving: 1/2 pepper, Calories: 221kcal, Carbohydrates: 19g, Protein: 18g, Fat: 3g, Cholesterol: 61mg, Sodium: 248mg, Fiber: 3g, Sugar: 1g
WW Points Plus: 6
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  1. This recipe was sooooo good! I doubled it because I had two pounds of ground turkey out. I could only fit 10 halves in my 9×13 pan, so I had some leftover filling and it tastes delicious on its own too. The peppers are the perfect texture and everything is so flavorful. I also added in about a cup of fresh spinach just for a little extra protein. Highly recommend this recipe. You will love it. 

  2. Made this tonight as meal prep but haven’t tasted it yet–will update once I have!  It turned out to make 5 peppers instead of 3 (I guess they were on the smaller side) and I substituted millet for the rice since I am on a candida diet (it is so great to find a normal recipe that works with this diet without many changes!).  I was wondering if these will freeze well?  It made so much food I am not sure I can eat it all!  Thanks so much!

  3. I really like this recipe, but tonight I changed up the spices (Italian instead of Mexican) and added some shredded cabbage (slaw mix) in near the end of the turkey cooking instead of rice. Easy peasy, and fewer calories/carbs. Thank you! 

  4. I’ve made this recipe numerous times.  We absolutely love it. Thank you for the recipe!

  5. These were absolutely delicious. I followed the recipe, except I switched out 1t of paprika for the 1T of cumin (I didn’t have any ground cumin). I served for dinner with a big salad, and everybody cleaned their plates, including my kids! In fact I ran out of food, so lesson learned for next time. Thank you so much for this recipe, it is a new favorite. (Also, I would like to say that your recipes are a godsend for this lady on Noom!)

  6. I made this – added pink beans instead of rice and used salsa instead of tomato sauce and a little hot sauce. It was delicious!! 

  7. I’ve made this a few times and my husband and I both really liked it. I too added the whole 15oz can of tomato sauce per other’s recommendations. I also added some grated cheddar to the meat/rice mixture prior to adding to the peppers. I love cumin, but was a bit skeptical about using it, but it really adds to this dish. Don’t leave it out. I also par-boiled the peppers to ensure that they would soften. I will be making this again. Thank you!

  8. I made this with 96% beef and cut up the bell pepper. I sauteed all the ingredients together and added 1 cup of rice with extra water. I brought the mixture to a boil put a lid on the pot. When the rice was cooked, it was yummy. Loved it all cooked together.

  9. After reading through the comments, we agreed it was too dry and included the entire 15oz can of tomato sauce.  The flavor was good but agreed we could kick it up a bit and added both ancho chile pepper and cayenne pepper. Will defiantly make this again!

  10. How do you think these would be with cooked farro instead of brown rice?

  11. I’m searching for the freezer prep. Do you cook as usual then freeze?
    Thaw in the fridge then bake to reheat?

  12. Gina,

    Delicious!  Made this last night.

    Next time I would like to add a little kick to it.

    What do you recommend I add?

  13. Gina,

    What kind of tomato sauce do you use for the turkey stuffed peppers?

  14. Very tasty! I replaced the rice with quinoa, which worked great.

  15. These are delicious! I added a couple small, chopped fresh tomatoes to the turkey after it was browned . I also added a little grated cheese to the meat mixture . I would definitely make this again!

  16. I have repeatedly made this recipe over the last few years. It has been a staple for my fiancé and me when we are unsure of what to cook for dinner or meal prep. We follow the recipe but add a little more tomato sauce and often throw mushrooms in with the meat. If we don’t have ground turkey, we use ground beef, pork, or chicken. 

  17. This was delicious and I don’t even like bell peppers. I didn’t read that I needed cooked rice beforehand so I just made it without. I shortened the cooking time by baking the bell peppers in the toaster oven for a few minutes to get them soft and then baking the stuffed bell pepper for a few more minutes to melt the cheese. Served it with leftovers of the artichoke cavatappi pasta and corn salad also both from Skinnytaste. Made for a great summer meal.

  18. These Stuffed Peppers are right up my alleyI  I previously made them for my family, & they were seriously delish!  I now want to make them for a family who is grieving, but they don’t eat rice.  What healthy grain would you suggest instead of rice?  

  19. Outstanding. I added a little ground allspice to the turkey with the cumin and used shredded mozzarella/provolone because that’s what I had on hand. My mother, who normally will not eat “cooked” bell pepper, devoured it like the rest of us. Will definitely make again. Thanks for the recipe!! 

  20. Made this tonight it is wonderful 👍My husband loved it. In fact he went back for seconds. Will be making again

  21. Going to try to make these …
    Could I freeze them ?? 

  22. Pretty easy and quick to prepare
    My daughter highly recommended this .
    She loved it!!!

  23. So yummy! My husband came back for seconds!

  24. Love the base of this recipe. Made it as written, tasted it and found it needed a bit of pizzazz so added soy sauce and some diced green chiles. Perfect!

  25. I have been making this recipe for years now and it never ceases to amaze me how much my family love it. It is so delicious and I haven’t ever changed it. I will continue to make it year after year.

  26. So good and tasty! My boyfriend who doesn’t like red peppers or ground turkey couldn’t stop eating these. I have made them twice and he devours them. I also love them but use some level of self control. This will be a recipe in my regular rotation.

  27. We absolutely devoured these tonight. So tasty and I was surprised since so few ingredients. I used ground chicken since that’s what I had on hand, and no fresh parsley so I used dried. Going to have left overs with a fried egg over top in the morning. So easy, too. 

  28. Has anyone tried these in the air fryer? Just wondering the temp and how long? I’m salivating just thinking about them 🤤

  29. So absolutely delicious! The whole fam loves this recipe. And red peppers were on a huge sale this week!

  30. I use quinoa instead of brown rice. I also add spinach and sauté it with the turkey meat. It’s amazing!!!

  31. Another great Skinnytaste recipe!  We had this for dinner last night, and my husband is having leftovers for lunch today.  

    Would this be something I could freeze after cooking and reheat?

  32. Absolutely delicious! As a perfectionist I wish I could have found bell peppers shaped as perfectly as yours but all the same. The cheese also seemed to melt right through so maybe didn’t look like the picture but still tasted incredible.

    Will definitely be making this again. As someone who follows directions to a T for the first go around, these were great and so easy to follow! Thank you

  33. Looking to make this to eat on for the week. Are they good leftover and reheated? 

  34. I make this a lot and love it with a few changes. I use a mix of poblano and bell peppers, double the meat by adding turkey Italian sausage, double the herbs and for the most flavor I use a small can of chili peppers in Adobe sauce (cut up with the sauce)  instead of tomato sauce and a wild rice blend. A bit more spicy but that’s how we like it!

  35. Made these last night and they were delicious!

  36. These were amazing. The cumin and cilantro inspired me to add a tsp blend of cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, and cayenne (similar to a taco blend). I also added a handful of raisins and another handful of pine nuts – highly recommended! I also only stirred one cup of rice in the meat to make the filling that much more concentrated. I topped with cheddar, but would also recommend goat cheese or queso. All GOOD. Baked as recommended, they melted in our mouths! My son had two helpings.
    I served with more rice on the side, corn chips and salsa. Will make again!

  37. This recipe was a BIG hit with all of us!! I will definitely make it again! I didn’t have enough ground turkey, so we used 93%/7% ground beef. It was delicious!

  38. These were very good and so easy to make.  It’s going in my meal rotation! 

  39. I dont like stuffed peppers, but these were phenomenal!!!! So delicious. They are going into our rotation for sure, and they are easy to take for lunches at work too!!! Another fantastic rescipe!

  40. I made these last night! Delicious! I did use ground sirloin instead of turkey- but that was the only change!
    Hubs declared the best stuffed peppers EVER!

  41. I wondered if you could sub tomatoes for the peppers? I have issues with peppers and my stomach, lol!

  42. Gina, these are so amazing thank you for your recipes. I enjoy making them

  43. Tried this one today and I was impressed that everything measured perfectly. Normally I have too much or too little filling. I used parsley instead of cilantro (I despise cilantro) and had a happy little accident when I added curry instead of cumin (I also added the cumin once I realized I had grabbed the wrong spice jar).  Turned out perfectly! Really awesome flavor! I did broil them towards the end for a few minutes. Thank you for the recipe! It was a hit! 

  44. My family absolutely loved this!!!!

  45. This is the first skinnytaste recipe that did not turn out delicious! I am trying to figure out what I did wrong. The reviews clearly show it’s a great recipe, so I’m putting blame on the chef. Mine turned out extremely watery and soggy, unfortunately. And the filling was pretty bland and ended up needing extra cheese, salt, and hot sauce to add more flavor. 

  46. Would you be able to leave the nutrition information for this recipe? Thanks so much! 

  47. Fabulous is all I can say.  I’ve been making this recipe for years and everyone who try’s it says the best they have ever had and I must share the recipe!!    I use extra lean ground beef—world of difference. 

  48. This was absolutely amazing. It was so good, I’m making again tonight. Thank you for both a great tasting and healthy recipe.

  49. I like this recipe but it definitely needs some adjustments to take it to the next level! We like a little more flavor and spice, so I did 3 tsp cumin, 1 1/2 tsp chili powder, 1 1/2 tsp cayenne powder, 2 tsp each of onion and garlic powders, and 2 tsp salt. I also doubled the amount of tomato sauce since it still looked pretty dry. Used uncle ben’s pre cooked rice and cooked it in the skillet. It did make a bit too much filling, probably could have done 6 halved peppers.  

    • I thought so, too. I also, added more tomato sauce and seasonings. But that is part of being creative with your recipes. I used the rest of the filling for leftovers and put it in taco shells. Delish.

  50. This was so easy, and absolutely yummy! I like to keep it simple so substituted dried minced onion and dried minced cilantro for fresh. I also accidentally put the entire cup of chicken broth in when browning the turkey, so I added another 1/2 cup to the bottom of the pan when baking. Turned out perfect!

  51. This recipe is delicious as written! Although a little time consuming, it’s easy to make and full of flavor. I will definitely be making it again! Thank you!

  52. So 6 PP per 1/2 pepper? 

  53. I found this recipe really bland. The turkey mixture needs much more flavor. It also made almost double the filling that I needed, so that needs adjusting. I simply made more and have more leftovers, but the recipe is not accurate.

  54. My entire family loved this recipe and even asked for it to go in our weekly rotation. This includes a husband who doesn’t like red peppers or ground turkey! I used a little more cilantro than recipe called for but otherwise followed and it was just excellent.

  55. Just delicious! The only things I changed were using shallots instead of onions (it’s what I had on-hand) and I added a couple of small tomatoes (diced). They were incredible!

  56. I made this recipe for my family last night and found the turkey to be pretty bland. I’ve made and really enjoyed the Skinnytaste turkey meatloaf recipes, so I think I’d refer back to them in spicing the ground turkey mixture in the peppers – adding Worcestershire, marjoram, thyme and maybe ketchup instead of tomato sauce. I’m a big fan of Skinnytaste and appreciate the healthy and delicious free recipes and the weekly meal planners!

  57. I just have to say I ❤ your recipes! These stuffed peppers are

    one of many. The best part is my picky family enjoys these recipes also!

  58. Hi! My husband and I are watching our carb intake and was wondering if riced cauliflower would be a suitable substitution. If so 1 1/2 cup as well?
    Thanks for your time!

  59. Thank you for posting this recipe, it is an all-time fav in our house! I make a double batch and also have tried quinoa instead of rice, but the instructions are the same. I freeze leftovers and take them for lunch. Simply delish!

  60. Does anyone know the calorie adjustment if you use 99% fat free ground turkey? 

  61. Wonderful recipe

  62. Do I use one clove of garlic or one full bulb?

    • Did you ever get an answer to this question?

    • I am sure it is a clove, as a whole bulb would be too much.

      • I have to interject that for my high school French class’s potluck I made coq au vin. My mother, who was from the Midwest, had never used garlic. I didn’t know the difference between a bulb and a clove and put in two whole bulbs of garlic–they didn’t look that big! My mother said, “I don’t think I like garlic.” It took a week to air out the car and two weeks to air out the casserole on our patio in Pleasanton, CA.

        And the recipe is perfectly delicious just as written. i did have some spicy homemade tomato sauce which I wanted to use up–extra garlic. 🙂

  63. This recipe was an absolute “win!” It will be on my regular rotation of ST favorites. I basically followed the recipe “as is” with the exception of adding 2 teaspoons of adobo sauce (sauce in canned chipotle peppers.) to the 1/4 cup of the tomato sauce…It added just enough of a “kick” and my husband totally loved them. The ground turkey and brown rice filling reminded me of the Polish stuffed cabbage rolls (golambki) I make having been born & raised on many Polish ethnic faves.

    • Yum! when you said golumpki – my stomach grumbled! My grandmother taught me to make them and pierogi. will try this recipe

  64. OMG!! This meal was amazing!! I’ve never really had stuffed peppers before, but I had three bell peppers that needed to be used. So I made the recipe. Wow! This is so tasty and filling! I served this with a side salad.  I also added some avocado. 

    I think this will be on my dinner rotation for sure!!

  65. My husband and I love stuffed peppers and have made this recipe many times. My husband suggested to used riced cauliflower instead of the brown rice. It turned out great. I’ll be using the cauliflower from now on.

  66. Make this all the time and the family loves it. Unfortunately, my husband bought ground beef instead of ground turkey on his store run yesterday. What ingredients would change in the recipe to accommodate the meat? Broth? Spices? Thank you!!

  67. Amazing recipe. thanks for sharing.

  68. These look absolutely delicious. Do you think they could be done in an instant pot?

  69. Can’t way to try this! @jeanettejohnson

  70. My family enjoyed this very much, my daughter loves bell pepper added to her meals. I modified by cutting the peppers into large dice (1×1) and stirring everything together, baked in smaller casserole dish covered with foil and added cheese in last few minutes. Even the non bell pepper family members at it. This one is a keeper.

  71. These were AMAZING!!! Best stuffed pepper recipe I’ve ever tried (and I am very picky about this type of dish). The actual peppers were cooked perfectly, I love the added broth at the bottom of pan, rather than having to blanch the peppers beforehand. Looking forward to the leftovers 🙂 will absolutely be adding this to the dinner rotation!

  72. I love these and they are part of my rotation. Question: I am going to add spinach next time. Any suggestions. Fresh or frozen.

  73. Hello! Can I make and assemble these a couple of days in advanced and then put them in the oven when we’re ready to actually eat them?

  74. Soooo delicious my husband LOVED it! After i stuffed some peppers i had some rice and Turkey mixture left i ate that with a salad so yummy!

  75. Can I use regular white rice for this recipe?

  76. Love this recipe for a healthy alternative. Even the picky husband likes it 🙂

  77. This recipe was delicious. My picky husband loved it.

  78. What can I use instead of tomato sauce in this recipe?

  79. Great recipe! Just takes a while to make, wish it was faster. Also the meat and rice mixture makes a lot. I stuffed 4 red peppers and still have some left, which I might freeze. 

  80. Absolutely delicious. Thank you. I have to say I was too lazy to stuff the peppers. I just made the meat mixture (less the rice) and added 2 chopped (large pieces) peppers simmered for a bit – left the mixture in the skillet and covered it with cheese. Once the cheese was melted,  I served it on top of rice. Perfect and it cut 50 minutes off the dish. It also allowed me to portion control my rice…and my husband to do the same – as in mighty portion. Thank you. 

  81. Can these be made ahead and frozen to be reheated when necessary.?

  82. Great recipe, meat is juicy and delicious. Love Gina and all her innovative ways to make extremely wonderful dishes! This has become my “go to” website for so many ideas, and I often just scroll through her recipes to see what’s new, I am NEVER disappointed.

  83. My favorite stuffed peppers. SO GOOD 

  84. Such a flavorful, delicious recipe. Thanks for another ‘keeper’. I’ll be making these again.

  85. This receipt was a hit! I used a lot more tomato sauce and added zucchini in the stuffing to reduce the carbs. It was amazing! Will definitely make again. 

  86. Holy cow. I was given a bag of fresh produce and it had a pack of 3 bell peppers so this recipe seemed the perfect thing to do with my peppers. I was never a fan of stuffed peppers growing up so I was skeptical that I would enjoy these. but WOW! first off the filling alone was amazing and I could eat by the spoonful alone. but then the peppers just were so juicy and delicious out of the oven. I am freezing the leftover filling for a future time because I am definitely making this again. I paired with a southwest salad mix that came with chipotle ranch dressing that just made everything come together nicely. Big thumbs up from my fam!

  87. Can I make this ahead of time and store it in the fridge before baking it?

  88. Gina, can this recipe be made using an Instant Pot?

  89. Delicious, light version of the classic!

  90. Loved it, my kids weren’t as excited.  But a delicious and healthy option that I’m sure I’ll make again!

  91. My husband loves these. I do Weight Watchers so I replaced the turkey with the 99% and cauliflower rice in place of the brown rice. These are delicious and I usually get 8 peppers instead of 6. So for Weight Watchers you only have to count the cheese. Thanks for another great recipe. Every recipe I have tried has been awesome!!

  92. Hi Gina,

    My family and I love these peppers! They are a staple in my house. I want to make a bunch and bring them on our beach vacation with us and heat them as we want them. I was wondering have you ever frozen them? Will they freeze well? If so, what’s the best way to do it to maintain juiciness and freshness? I was thinking of cooking them as per normal and then individually wrapping them and then freezing them in a freezer bag or air tight container. Thoughts? Thanks in advance!

    • I think you should make the filling separate in advance and then stuff the peppers when you are ready to eat. Otherwise the peppers will get soggy if you freeze them.

  93. So yummy and easy to make. Love this recipe – I will be making it again!

  94. Everyone loved these in our house 🙂

  95. This is my first Skinnytaste-fail. To start, this is very time consuming. It took me an hour just to get everything chopped, prepped, and cooked ready for the peppers. My mix for the stuffing was very watery. None of the liquid evaporated, even with more time. Despite the excess liquid, I had enough to easily stuff another 4-6 peppers so I felt like I wasted a lot of food that I didn’t know how to use any other way. Unless you have the perfect pepper, it will not fit 2/3 cup of filling. Also, I don’t know about anyone else, but my peppers did not want to sit flat. I had to prop them all up on the edges of my pan. So I made a mess trying to stuff these and stand them up in the pan. Topping with cheese was also messy. They are still in the oven, but I can honestly say I will not make these again – even if they are amazing once I taste them – because it was just too much mess, hassle and wasted food for me. 

    • We love these peppers. To make them sit flat, make sure they sit flat before you cut them or slice a little off the bottom.

    • It took you an hour to chop onion and garlic? And just place all the peppers in the baking dish so they’re cozy, and they won’t fall over? Seems more like user-error than a problem with the recipe…

  96. Can you skip the broth?

  97. Any idea of the calorie count if I make it without the rice? 

  98. Can you make and freeze these? 

  99. My fiancé and I used this recipe a few weeks ago. These are soooo yummy! I did it a little differently; I added corn and black beans and cut the peppers differently. I ended up at 6 sp for a full pepper. I’m going to make them again tomorrow for some friends!

  100. Excellent! Make theses a lot.

  101. Highly recommend!! My husband typically is not a fan of anything with ground turkey because it can be bland. This is SO flavorful and delicious!! Thank you for another incredibly tasting and healthy recipe!!

  102. Dinner tonight…..fantastic!

  103. Hello,
    I’m curious how you calculate your nutritional facts? I had this recipe imported into My Fitness Pal to record my dinner, and it is calculating the calories as high as 729 per 1/2 pepper serving. This is drastically higher than you’re figure so just trying to figure out the discrepancy. I really loved this recipe and will be making it again, but want to make sure I’m monitoring my meals correctly if this is actually that much higher. Thanks!

  104. My family’s favorite 🙂 stuffed pepper recipe. I usually add a zucchini and a bit of frozen corn to the mixture. 

  105. I’m sorry if this is a stupid question…. but what does one garlic mean? A garlic clove? 

  106. I usually makeep my stuffed peppers with ground turkey and brown rice. What was different here for me was a few spices (I love the cumin) and this recipe also uses less tomato sauce. With the chicken broth i really didn’t crave any additional sauce. This was very tasty, thank you for sharing.

  107. This is, by far, THE best healthy stuffed pepper recipe I have made. I followed recipe as written-you can’t go wrong! Thank you for my new “go to” when I’m craving comfort food!

  108. Really good. I used instant brown rice with quinoa. Added Italian spices such as red pepper, basil and Italian seasoning. Always use a dash of Worcestershire sauce. Topped with some left over sauce(used tomatoe with Italian seasoning). Cooked and put half slice of provolone cheese at end. Cooked perfectly. Will keep making.

  109. These are really good. My husband (who is used to more traditional “comfort food”) liked them also; we are trying to lose some weight, and so are looking for satisfying dinner dishes such as this. No doubt we’ll make them again! Thank you.

  110. Hi Gina I make these all the time, we love them. can these be made in the instant pot?

    Thanks Julia

  111. Is the 5 points for 1/2 of pepper or whole?

  112. These are great and super flexible. I went an Italian route since that’s what I had on hand. But I went with Michaels of Brooklyn marinara that I’ve been obsessed with lately. Sprinkled the turkey with Italian seasoning and red pepper flakes. Subbed out the rice for quinoa and added some kale and then topped them off with Parmesan. These are delicious and are great for lunch the next day!! 

  113. Could I freeze the meat/rice mixture and thaw it, add to peppers?  

  114. How do you think these would do for meal prepping? Need it to last a few days 

  115. I never leave comments. But these were AMAZING. This comes from someone who doesn’t like cilantro. But it compliments all the flavors so well I didn’t even mind it! Super easy and will definitely be in my regular rotation now! 

  116. I started on WW Freestyle about a year ago & came across this recipe on a website. Made it for my husband (picky eater) & I and we both really liked it. Have made it a few times since. Love the spice mix as it tastes so much better than other recipes we had growing up. Also pretty easy to make…. We have to have cheese on top as it tastes so much better.

  117. ONE WORD-YUM!!!!

  118. This is one of my go to recipes for stuffed peppers!! I absolutely love it and make it for my dad and I.. He loves it too. I recently  went Keto and I wanted to make this tonight . I’m guessing I would leave out the brown rice and use cauliflower rice as a substitute? I’m not sure of the sauce either I will have to google it. Thanks Gina for the great recipe : ) 

  119. I seriously never do reviews, but I couldn’t not with this one!! I have been making this recipe for over a year now, and OMG!! This easily became one of the top favorites in our house! I honestly have never like stuffed peppers but was trying to get on board with eating healthier and stumbled across this recipe and am so so happy I did! The flavors in this recipe are absolutely stunning! We literally eat every last bite every time! Highly recommend this recip to everyone!!, Kids, adults, teens, picky eaters, everyone! It is seriously delicious!!!! 🙂 

  120. Do I need to use tomato sauce or can I use salsa instead? Thanks!

  121. Great recipe! We love all manner of stuffed peppers-lentil and spinach was our favorite until we tried these! If your family doesn’t care for ground turkey, try it with ground chicken. It has a lighter yet still ‘meaty’ taste.

  122. This was a very delicious recipe. I used cauliflower rice instead of brown rice. Not only that….it was very fulfilling.

  123. Can these be cooked the night before and warmed in the microwave for lunch?

    • I like this recipe but it definitely needs some adjustments to take it to the next level! We like a little more flavor and spice, so I did 3 tsp cumin, 1 1/2 tsp chili powder, 1 1/2 tsp cayenne powder, 2 tsp each of onion and garlic powders, and 2 tsp salt. I also doubled the amount of tomato sauce since it still looked pretty dry. Used uncle ben’s pre cooked rice and cooked it in the skillet. It did make a bit too much filling, probably could have done 6 halved peppers.  

  124. would these be ok to make the night before and then cook? thanks Gina!

  125. Omg I loved it! Wish I could find a easy way to add it to my Fitbit 

  126. I really loved this recipe. I substituted quinoa for the rice and it was delicious.

  127. Old European recipe, try to add onion, carrots all chopped

  128. Great tasting, healthy, stuffed peppers. We have made it multiple times and have been thrilled with the results every time. Easy to clean up.

  129. I love this recipe, can you please tell if I should freeze peppers after baking or before?

    Thank you!

  130. Hi Gina,
    Can I make the meat and rice mixture and freeze it for use later?


  131. This recipe is incredible! I used pre-made Mexican seasoning instead of measured spices, used Rao’s marinara sauce instead of just any marinara sauce, and I used quinoa instead of rice. So delicious!

  132. These are absolutely amazing! Very delicious. Looked up a recipe to use ground turkey in and found this. You made my day! The family loved them!

  133. I really loved the recepie. I used Turkey sausage instead and added Buffalo rub into the meat. I also used queso molido cotija (aged part skim milk cheese) on top of pepper. And I used wild blend rice instead because I had it left over. It was the best stuffed peppers I ever tried. Thank you so much.

    • My family LOVES stuffed peppers, but I’m not a fan of ground turkey. We do like southwestern tastes, so loved your idea of the Buffalo rub–I often add diced green chilis to the rice stuffing along with the garlic, onion–and cilantro! Another way to create a southwestern version is add a handful of corn kernels and/or leftover beans of any sort. For a meat or protein, I usually chop up leftover cooked meat instead ground meat–although if I have chorizo in the house, that’s yummy, too. It’s a great way to use up rotisserie or leftover grilled chicken. We enjoy soy crumbles as a ground beef substitute, and when my vegetarian daughter is present, those star in our stuffed peppers.

  134. These were great. So easy to prepare. This recipe is a keeper.

  135. I am cooking a week of Skinnytaste recipes! So far, the Greek Mac & Cheese (amazing!), tonight Turkey Stuffed peppers(by far the best stuffed peppers, a mainstay in my recipe box)! My family of 5 has tasted several recipes as well as the Costco stuffed peppers, the thing we all love about these is that the flavor is so fresh an not laden with coverup heavy spices..the skinnytaste recipe cooks savory light, not your grandmas, stuffed peppers. I would choose these any day over the ones i don’t have to do a thing with from Costco..the Skinnytaste product is just that much better!

  136. My stuffed peppers came out pretty bland. Not sure if I missed anything, but what do you recommend spice wise to spice up the taste?

  137. These were great I used 93%ground sirloin which is about the same nutrition. Also, instead of the shredded cheese I used the WW jalapeno cheese packet on top. Thanks for sharing

  138. Such a delicious recipe! I didn’t have brown rice so I used quinoa and it worked well. Highly recommend! 

  139. Excellent recipe!!! I used leftover rice and spaghetti sauce and it was amazing! Thank you so much for sharing

  140. I made this last night. Quick and so delicious. I added chopped mushrooms to the stuffing just because I had them. Great recipe.

  141. So easy and yummy! The only change I made was adding some Trader Joe’s chili lime seasoning I had on hand. My husband is super picky and he loved these! They were really good topped with the zesty avocado dressing as well. 

  142. I tried these but I substituted venison for the turkey. Did everything else the same. Did not have much taste to them. I don’t  know if it was my substitution but next time I’ll try it as written. One thing I love about your recipes, I have two of your cookbooks, is that they come out like they say. If it says 12 muffins you get twelve muffins. In this case 2/3 cups of meat mixture filled 6 half peppers. 

  143. Good but a bit bland. If I make it again I’ll add more Cumin

  144. We had this tonight for dinner. I substituted parboiled barley for the brown rice. Delicious! And enough leftovers for lunches the next day and a couple in the freezer for future. (There are only the two of us at home) Great recipe!

  145. Gina, I hate using the oven in summer because it heats up my house. Have you or anyone else wrapped these in foil and grilled? I imagine since the inside is cooked it would be fine?

  146. I have made this recipe over and over! We love it so much! I always make extra so we can eat leftovers the next day! One of my go to recipes for sure!!

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  148.  Absolutely delishious, can’t wait to share recipe

  149. This is really, really good and an easy weeknight meal. I always make double the rice needed and freeze half for an even easier meal the next time I make this. I did make one variation to this just because I didn’t want to throw out half a can of an 8 oz tomato sauce, I use 4oz (8tbspns) tomato sauce to mix in with the meat and chicken stock that I simmer for the 5 minutes. Then I stuff the peppers and add 1 tbspn sauce on top of the meat in each pepper and then the cheese and bake. Either way its a great recipe!!!
    Thanks GIna!

  150. Love this recipe!! Blake it once – twice a month. An easy weeknight meal. I make one tweak to this recipe. I use one 8 oz  can of tomato sauce. I use 4 oz (8tbspns) that I stir in with the meat and rice and let simmer for 5 minutes. Then I stuff the peppers and add a tbspn of the remaining tomato sauce on top of the meat in each pepper and then the cheese. I don’t think it would really impact the points. But either way it’s yum (I just hated throwing out 1/2 can of sauce). 

    Thanks Gina! 

  151. Thanks for the recipe… Very delicious and healthy might I add. I have a family of 7 and we are trying to eat healthy as much as possible. Keep them coming. First thing we tried was turkey tacos, now turkey stuffed peppers… Yummy with a side salad

  152. These are currently baking in my oven and I must say I’m so excited to try them!!! I tasted the filling before putting them in the oven and it was so yummy! The only modification I made to your recipe was using low sodium chicken broth to cook the rice so I didn’t add any extra broth to the filling. Thanks for a great recipe!

  153. Which have most people tried- parsley or cilantro- I love cilantro, but parsley seems more like the natural fit, just curious what you all used?

  154. Love love love this recipe! Kids loved it too! Easy, delicious, and healthy – winning combo! Thanks!

  155. Thank You!! This recipe was absolutely delicious!! I seasoned the turkey with Badia complete seasoning and I swear you can not tell this is not ground beef! 

    Super easy to make… I will add this recipe to my weekly rotation. 

  156. I made this for my family, and everyone loved it. I used orange peppers and it gave it a nice mild flavor. My boys didn’t like the actual pepper, but loved the rice. My husband and I loved everything. I am planning to make it again next week.

  157. super easy to make and super tasty! our whole family enjoyed these and the filling can be a staple for so many other dishes!

  158. Very flavorful, will definitely make again.

  159. These were awesome! I prepared the turkey a few days ahead, then made the rice in my rice cooker and combined the two right before baking, which made this much quicker for a busy weeknight. SO DELICIOUS!

  160. I’m excited to cook this tonight! I’m using 99% ff ground chicken and white rice… Translation 3 freestyle points for each halved pepper ! I’m digging that!

  161. I have made this many times and it is always a hit!! It is delishis!!!

  162. I have tried this recipe. It is very good and very filling with a  side salad. Enjoy.

  163. Love this yummy recipe.. Made it 2x I the last one month.

  164. Very tasty. I made these without the cheese (only because i didn’t have any cheese in the fridge). Normally I stuff the whole pepper and cook it standing up. Next time I will try with the cheese and cut the pepper in half. 

  165. Is there a way to incorporate V8 juice instead of tomato sauce for more flavor? 

  166. Loveddd this! My fiance and I recently started our ‘wedding diet’ and needed some dinner alternatives as we are already getting sick of the usual turkey meat meals. Super easy and filling. I did not believe that one half would fill me up so I bought 6 peppers for the 2 of us…we both only ended up eating a half! Now we have lots of leftovers which is great though. The only changes I made was to add some chili powder and cayenne since I like it with a lot of kick, and I think next time I’ll try mixing the cheese in with the meat before filling so every bite has some and not just the top. A+ though!

  167. IS there a way to cook these in the crockpot? 

  168. These are phenomenal Gina!! I was nervous to make them because I’ve never cooked with ground turkey, but I’m so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone. My husband didn’t even know I used ground turkey! Two thumbs up from me!!

  169. Best recipe for stuffed peppers. My family loved these so much. And they hated when i made atuffed peppers.

  170. This is my go-to meal prep lunch! I love these stuffed peppers, and I look forward to eating them (even if I have them every day). I make this recipe every couple weeks! Love all of the recipes I have tried from Gina, but this one has become a staple.  

  171. Love this recipe. I sun your homemade enchilada sauce for the tomato sauce to spice it up a bit and serve extra sauce on the side. 

  172. Making these for the 2nd time now. Great flavor for as healthy as it is!

  173. These stuffed peppers were sensational!!! The absolute best ever.  And I’ve developed a new apprecitation for cumin too! Thanks so much, I’m about to make my 3rd batch in 3 weeks! 

  174. I made this recipe tonight it turned out great. Instead of rice I used Cauliflower rice cooked with quinoa and lentils. Also only baked for 20 minutes so peppers were still Al dente. Also used a scotch bonnet pepper because we like spice in my house! Wonderful with a salad.

  175. Do you put the sauce and chicken broth mixture in the bottom of the pan? Or do you mix that in the meat mixture and then add just chicken broth in the bottom?

  176. How do you reheat these if you make them in advance and leave them in the fridge?

  177. I love the filling. I hate peppers. So…used scooped out zucchinis instead. Win Win!!

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  179. Deeelicious recipe!  Just the right amount of spices which gives it a great flavour.  Thanks Gina!!!

  180. Can I use 99% ff turkey instead?

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  182. My boyfriend and I just made this delicious dish, they were absolutely divine!! I will be making these at least once a month..
    I did tweak the recipe slightly and went with about one cup of brown rice and 8 ounces of tomato sauce.. Enjoy!!

  183. My whole family including my 6 and 8 year old loved it!! I substituted the chicken broth for water since I didn’t have any and it still tasted delicious!

  184. Delicious! My husband liked these better than the previous recipe we used.

  185. Absolutely delicious! I made this exactly ad directed except I uncovered the peppers for the last 10 mins then browned the tops for a couple of minutes.  Thank you so much for this recipe!

  186. I love this recipe! I do add more tomato sauce and a few red pepper flakes and I seem to always have enough filling for 4 peppers.

  187. This is one of my favorite recipes. The flavors are delicious. I’ve made the filling ahead of time and froze it also. My picky 9 year old likes it too.

  188. I love this recipe!! My husband is trying to do keto, so I used cauliflower rice in place of the brown rice and made my own keto tomato sauce. They were still amazeballs!!

  189. This is great. I didn’t have any cumin left so I added a tablespoon of taco seasoning mix, which worked out great because it also helped thicken the mixture a bit.

  190. We all loved it!

  191. Hi! I am making these tonight from your recipe in Cooking Light for the Instant Pot. In the Instant Pot recipe, do you cook the ground turkey before you put it in the pepper?

    Thank you!!!

  192. These are the best!!! Love a meal that doesn’t require sides to be complete!

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  196. Gina
    How would this be made in the instant pot? Thank you!

  197. Thank you so much for this wonderfully recipe. My husband & family just loved it. My hubby said that this was so much better than the old recipe made with green peppers and beef. So exciting to find healthier recipes so delicious! This one is a definite keeper. I have to say that I am 76″ years old so it is never easy to try new healthy recipes but this is a real winner.

  198. Another winner! Thanks Gina. My family snarfed down a double batch. So much for leftovers. :/

  199. These stuffed peppers were delicious! I loved the flavor the chicken broth gave them. My whole family enjoyed these. I will definitely be making these again!

  200. Do you place the pepper on the baking sheet, pour the extra broth and then cover over with foil?

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  202. I make these and place on sheet pan and freeze individually, then put in bag for future use. I have a small baking dish I use and pour over a bit of sauce cover and bake from frozen for about an hour. Thanks for a wonderful recipe. Makes my fall/winter menu ever year!

  203. Can you freeze these to eat later? At what point would you do it?

  204. Another great recipe! I did use ground beef and green peppers because that is what I had on hand. Great flavor and easy to put together. I so appreciate all the awesome recipes! Makes a real difference in our lives!

  205. I didn’t think I liked stuffed peppers because I had only had it with green peppers. The red are sweet and so beautiful this time of year. I made this with tomato paste since I had a tube open in the fridge. This recipe is a keeper!

  206. Everyone loved this, even my 95-year-old mother-in-law who doesn’t like to eat muxh of anything! She remembered this dish days later and asked that I make it again. In the year that she has lived with us, she’s only done that one other time, so that’s a pretty big endorsement! Thanks very much for sharing the recipe!

  207. It says freezer friendly, but how/when would I freeze this to eat later?

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  209. How much uncooked brown rice will yield 1.5 cups cooked?

    • Nevermind I used google! Lol made these yesterday for my weekly meal prep! SO delicious. I used some tomato basil pasta sauce I had leftover instead of tomato sauce, but it still tasted great.

  210. Made today and it’s absolutely delicious. I used beef instead, my husband love it too. I made extra filling so can have again next day! 
    Thanks Gina????

  211. I put the nutrition facts in my weight watchers calculator and it came up with 4 poins +. Am I missing something?

    • The only accurate way to determine any recipe’s SmartPoints® value is to plug the ingredients into the recipe builder on the Weight Watchers website (Click on “My Foods,” select “Recipe,” and click “Create a recipe.”) which does not count fruits and vegetables in recipes in the calculations as they are now 0 points.

      The SmartPoints® calculator isn’t meant for recipes and will often give you the wrong points (usually higher) because it’s counting the fruits and vegetables. So if you see a recipe with a SmartPoints® value that’s different from what the calculator tells you, now you know why.

  212. So tasty! I substituted cauliflower rice for the brown rice and it was pretty darn good. Thank you for the share. My sister, the pickiest eater ever, really liked them.

  213. I’ve made these a couple of times now, but last night I made them and decreased the rice to 3/4 cup. I also use like a half cup tomato sauce and decrease the chicken broth. I had plenty of filling and it reduced carbs a bit. Perfect. 

  214. I have a sensitivity to the acid in tomatoes. Any alternative ingredient I could use instead? Or would it still be good without? Thank you!

  215. This one is in the regular rotation. The first time I made it, my son said it was his new favorite meal. Thank you for all the delicious and healthy recipes that everyone in my family loves.

  216. Do you think these would work in the instant pot? Most recipes use raw meat then cook 12 minutes. What do you think? I made the 2 1/2 # batch of picadillo yesterday from your recipe (in the instant pot too) and I would love to pack it all in with brown rice into the instant pot for tomorrow’s dinner.

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  218. Can these be prepped the day before? I’m thinking about making/combining the insides(meat, rice, etc) and putting in fridge and then putting into peppers next day to go in oven. What do you think?

  219. I can’t believe these are only 5 Smart Points! I put the ingredients in my recipe builder and that’s what I got too. They were excellent and filling and the whole family liked them too! Thank you! 

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  221. Do you think this recipe would work with Cauliflower rice instead of Brown Rice? How would I figure the nutritional count? Thanks.

    • You can. I don’t have that nutritional info, sorry.

    • Did you try it with riced cauliflower? I love this recipe as written but was wondering how it would turn out with cauliflower. Would love to hear how it turned out!

      • I do this recipe with “riced” cauliflower and it is delicious!  I just add it to the pan after browning the meat.  Love this recipe!

    • I was looking to see if anyone else asked this question and I’m so glad you did! Thanks 🙂 can’t wait to try!

      • Hi there!

        I used the riced cauliflower too. This is nutritional info I got, anyone else?

        Nutrition Facts
        Servings: 6
        Amount per serving
        Calories 174
        % Daily Value*
        Total Fat 8.1g 10%
        Saturated Fat 3.2g 16%
        Cholesterol 61mg 20%
        Sodium 664mg 29%
        Total Carbohydrate 7.7g 3%
        Dietary Fiber 1.7g 6%
        Total Sugars 4.5g
        Protein 18.6g
        Vitamin D 1mcg 4%
        Calcium 82mg 6%
        Iron 2mg 11%
        Potassium 426mg 9%

  222. Hi: Do you ever pre-cook the peppers for 5 minutes,before filling them?. Would it cut down on the cooking time?Would it affect the end result! Thank you.. Looking forward to making these.. They look delicious.. Thank you..      Laura

    • I’ve done this before. Sometimes I will cut my peppers, de-seed them and then drop them a pot of boiling water for a few minutes. I guess that’s called blanching them? Not sure, but it softens them a bit and cuts down on the cook time in the oven. 

  223. How should I prep these to go in the freezer? Does the temp and baking time change once they’re frozen? Thanks!

  224. Tried this recipe! Absolutely delicious. Very Flavorful. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your tasty recipes!

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  228. Why type of onion do you recommend?

  229. What is a serving? Just one half? Or a whole bell pepper? 

  230. How can I save you recipes to Pinterest?

  231. The recipe says 1 garlic minced. Do you mean one clove?

    • No she means shove an entire clove of garlic in each pepper. C’mon, use a little common sense..

      • Thanks for the clarification, Gina and Diane. I can eat garlic by the head, so “shoving an entire clove of garlic in each pepper” would be ok by me. 🙂

      • ?????? best answer ever

      • Common Sense. ? Hilarious Troll.. Do you have manners? There is 17 ways to make a clove of garlic. So rude! Good Question Diane. Don’t let those other put you down. How to Slice, Mince and Crush Garlic > Start Cooking
        Start Cooking › how-to-slice-mince-and-…

    • Haha funny someone made fun of you… I checked the comments to see if anyone asked as I was looking for clarification too! So thank you for asking!

  232. What kind of tomato sauce would go best with this recipe?

  233. Will Costko sell these again -best thing i ever bought from them

  234. Hello,

    Wondering how to freeze these as I do not have a zipvac or anything like that.

    Additionally how long do they keep in the freezer?

  235. I made these last week and really enjoyed them. Can’t wait to make them again. I even ate one for breakfast with an egg on top. Instead of rice I used quinoa, uncooked. It cooks just fine in the oven, no need to cook it ahead of time as for the rice.

  236. These were absolutely amazing! I actually added corn, cayenne pepper and cheese to the mixture. It turned out perfect. 

  237. How did you only take 20 minutes to cook brown rice!!!!! I take forever to cook it , please tell me howwwwwwwww 

    • The rice in this recipe is already cooked…..look at https://www.skinnytaste.com/how-to-make-perfect-brown-rice-every/

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  239. Another wonderful recipe!  I made these for dinner last night and had leftovers for lunch today.  Thoroughly enjoyed this meal!

  240. In order to keep it moist and add flavor to turkey, I did super fine diced onion, garlic, red yellow and green peppers, jalapeño, zucchini and kale and added the red  sofrito sauce to it once the veggies softened. Yummy and lots of extra vitamins! Quinoa instead of rice. It would be so easy to make this vegetarian and still be filling. 

  241. Made these today with my meal prep. I cooled them and then vacuum sealed them to freeze for later. I also made the Instant Pot Tomato Basil soup too. Love all your recipes!!

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  243. Love to add a can of black beans for extra protein & corn for texture!

  244. Made these last night, They were delicious! Will definitely keep them in the rotation. Only one thing I would like to improve next time- the peppers ended up a little mushy/too soft. Would less cooking time do the trick next time? Or less broth in pan?
    Thanks! Love your site.

  245. Sorry if this was asked and answered already….could you substitute riced cauliflower for the rice? If so, would you cook it a bit before hand?

  246. Trying tonight! Thanks…I used diced tomatoes instead of sauce….

  247. Just made these for my weekday work lunches and they turned out great! I added 1/2 tsp of chili powder. I think that gave them a slightly more “taco” flavor. Otherwise, I didn’t change a thing. I might go a little lighter on the salt next time – just a personal preference.

  248. How do you keep them from being watery. Mine were a bit on the watery side. 

    Thank you, 

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  250. Made this with quinoa that I made with a bouillon cube and it was delicious!! Even the husband said he’d like us to have it again.

  251. These were excellent! Even my husband who is a chef loved them.

  252. This is a great recipe, but I would suggest incorporating the time it takes to make brown rice in the overall cooking time. Otherwise, the total time is misleading. 

  253. so I subscribed ! how do I print the recipe  like NOW 

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  255. Gina, In lieu of brown rice could you use Cauliflower Rice?

  256. This may be a dumb question, but is it 1 clove of garlic minced or 1 whole garlic minced?

  257. I know that you have converted lots of your recipes to the instant pot. Any chance this is one of them?

  258. I think the Points Plus needs to be adjusted. I’m getting the it is 4 Points Plus for a 1/2 a pepper.  

  259. These were awesome, I did everything the same except I added a little more cumin, parsley and tomato sauce and just 1 cup of brown rice.  So great will make again next week. I am going to check  out the rest of your recipes. Thank you so much!!! 

  260. These stuffed peppers are Amazing!  They are pretty easy to make.  I had Mozzarella Cheese on hand so I used that for the topping but other than that I followed the instructions as they are written.
    When I told my boyfriend I was going to make Stuffed Peppers he requested I not use ground beef and I found this recipe.
    I’m glad I gave this a try and can’t wait to make them again.  Thank You!

  261. I made this tonight and it was really good! I did add some Crystals hot sauce and black pepper to the mixture. My family likes their food a little spicy! I am definitely going to recommend this recipe to my friends and family.

  262. I am new to your site. I have tried a couple of recipes. They were delicious. How can I find out about smart points and how to use them. Do you have a book or a site for newbies?

  263. Hi Gina,

    I just wanted to say, I stumbled upon your site when I first moved away from home for law school. I didn’t know how to cook a single thing! Your site was a godsend. This recipe is the first one I ever made, and I continually make it all the time. I made it the other night for family members and they all loved it. Thank you so much for posting these free recipes as they are all so helpful!

  264. Just starting following you and purchased your book! So far everything has been great! Made this tonight and subbed quinoa for the rice, worked out great! Tasty – even the kids loved it! Thanks!

  265. If recipe calls for 1 1/2 cups cooked rice, how much dry rice do I use? Thanks!

  266. Is there anything that’s not tomato based I could use instead of the sauce?

  267. Oh my goodness. These were so delicious…enjoyed by husband and children alike. My husband didn’t even realize they weren’t beef until I told him. He must have said a half dozen times how much he loved it. The serving size was way more than enough. We will absolutely be making these again. Thanks.

  268. I made these tonight and OMG….they are delicious!! I loved them and so did my husband. I have made stuffed peppers many times but this recipe is on top of the list. Thank you Gina! 

  269. loved these! I broiled for the last minute to get the cheese browned … also added a bit of hot sauce … perfection!

      • Gina, my fiance and I are changing our eating habits .. not so much a diet .. more of a change of thinking in how we eat, what we eat. Your website was recommended to me, and I just love it. Thank you for your ideas … all of your recipes are so easy, inexpensive, clean and fresh. We’re loving it.

      • Thank you!

  270. These are the most flavorful peppers! I love the sweetness and texture of the red bell pepper and so very different from the green bell pepper. I’ve made this twice now and family raves about it! It is so filling you don’t need a side dish, but I did serve with a small salad . I think the use of the tomato sauce is what gives it the slight tang it needs. It’s perfect!

  271. Made these tonight.  They were delicious and my kitchen smelled amazing! Thank you for this gem- it’s a keeper! 

  272. This is a great “skinny” recipie. My 10 year old loved it but hubby and I thought it was a bit bland. I even doubled the garlic,  added red  1 tsp. pepper flakes and cotija cheese for the top. I willl make it again but add more seasoning.  

  273. Made these and they were absolutely delicious. I use Gouda cheese on some and wow they were amazing.  Hubby had 4… couldn’t stop eating them.  Cooking at 45 minutes was a little long so I’ll shorten the time next time. Thanks for the recipe 🙂

  274. Made this last night; second ST recipe. The cumin-hater in the family let us know it was too cumin-y at every bite lol, but the rest of us absolutely loved it! The rice didn’t taste ‘too brown’ and the tomato sauce was just the right amount; not overpowering at all. For a family that doesn’t like stuffed peppers, we all loved it! Printing it out to save as we speak. Thanks Gina!

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  277. do you think i can make these in the crockpot?

  278. How much garlic? the recipe says “one garlic, minced”

  279. Quick question, I’m not a huge fan of cooked peppers, could pablano peppers be used as a substitute?

  280. So delicious!! Made these tonight, added some corn and topped with a sprinkle of bread crumbs and Mexican blend cheese! Thank you!!!’

  281. People are asking if a half pepper is one serving as under the “nutritional information” it gets a little confusing.  It says  Yields 6 servings,  serving size 1/2 ? Would that be 1/2 of a pepper or 1/2 of an already halved pepper ? 

    I think if you adjust that, it will be cleared up once and for all. 

    Thank you 

  282. Do you think I could prepare this the day before and then bake the next day? I’m worried about the rice?

    *also, I usually sub-boil the peppers, any reason you leave this out?

  283. I used tomato paste instead of tomato sauce and it was a bit bland? I also had no cilantro. I usually love your recipes, but for some reason this one lay flat.  The turkey was dry and bland. Not sure what went wrong. Would the tomato sauce have made that much of a difference? 

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  285. I couldn’t do weight watchers right without these SkinnyTaste recipes.
    This is one in particular of my favourites. I usually make a bunch of these and freeze some for future lunches or dinners. Wouldn’t swap or change anything about the recipe or direction.

    • when you freeze them, what exactly do you do- cook, and then freeze? or freeze them after you stuff them, but before it is all cooked? and how do you defrost? thanks!

      • You cook them fully and then freeze them in freezer-friendly containers. You can put a few in the same container or separate them into individual containers. I do individual serving containers because I just take one out the night before I’m going to eat it and leave in the fridge to thaw then microwave or put in the oven to cook. Hope this helps!

    • Me either – Gina is my go-to recipe Queen! I find if I go off track, I head right back here, meal plan for a week and I’m always satisfied. THANK YOU Gina. Shannon, freezing these is a great idea. I’m on it!

  286. Can I substitute ground chicken?

  287. Oh my!!! I left the cheese out, because of my diet, and added a packet of taco seasoning!!! They were AMAZING!!!!! Thank you so much for this recipe.

  288. Hi Gina, This was absolutely delicious! I mixed a little Greek yogurt with salsa to put on top and it complimented the peppers nicely. All of your recipes I’ve tried are amazing. Thank you for sharing these delicious meals. I’m hooked on your blog ????

    – Robyn

  289. Try making it with barley instead of brown rice. It adds a nice chewy, meatiness and shakes things up a bit (who isn’t tired of brown rice?). Thanks for the delicious recipe.

  290. would the points be different if using ground beef instead of turkey? I ask because we are out of turkey at the moment and planned to make these tonight.  

  291. Made this tonight and it was a hit in my home! Thanks for all the time you put into bringing these recipes to life for everyone to enjoy!

  292. I read that cumin is on the NOT gluten free list but yet I am seeing it in gluten free recipes! Comments?

  293. Help! I need to know if I could put these together early, park em in the fridge and then cook them after work? It seems reasonable but I’ve never made them before. They look so yummy and thanks for including the points value!

  294. Love this recipe! Made them a couple times and its sooooo darn TASTY! My house smells sooo good when this is in the making.

  295. I make these a lot but I used ground beef. They are delicious. I use quinoa for the rice sometimes.

  296. Delicious! I used roasted cumin powder (1.5 tsp) and took others’ advice of salsa (and a squirt of tomato paste) instead of tomato sauce. I also added about a 1/2 tsp of course ground black pepper. Instead of cutting 3 peppers in half, I cut about a 1/3 off of 6 peppers to give more pepper per person.

    I’m a tinkerer so this is “following the original recipe” pretty closely for me! 🙂 Definitely will make again and putting on my “keeper recipes” pinterest board as well!

    PS–your book is overdue at my library…I don’t want to take it back!

  297. This recipe has become a regular at our house. SO yummy! Last night I replaced the tomato sauce with red enchilada sauce and it adds some nice spice. So easy and great leftover! Thanks for this yumminess!!

  298. I made this tonight , for a group of friends, my boyfriend and I. It was absolutely delicious, we wanted to just eat the meat by itself !! 

  299. So Good! I could eat the stuffing without the peppers! I added a can of blackbeans and it was a great addition! 

  300. Hi Gina! I’ve got the ingredients and am making these tonight! I just printed the recipe and it says “one garlic.” Is that one clove? Thanks! Heather

  301. Can you make the rice/turkey mixture a few days ahead of time and then spoon it into peppers when ready? I’m trying to prep all of my meals for the week, so if all I had to do on Weds night was spoon it in and bake it, that’d be grand!

    • I like to do all my food prep ahead of time also. So I made this and did not put in pepper halves and roast them, but rather just chopped up the red pepper and added at the end ( I like my peppers to have some snap). So, it’s kind of deconstructed, but it was still easy for me to pre-portion. I plan on eating this for lunch for 5 days in a row. If you are nervous about whether or not it would stay fresh in frig, pre-portion and freeze, then defrost and add to pepper and roast. I also somehow am completely out of cumin (how does that happend?!?), so I added ground coriander (double the amount recommended) and way more herbs (in beginning and at end).

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  303. My family and I absolutely loved these, including a 15-month old. 🙂 I think next time, I’ll try cooking them for a shorter time. At 45 min @400F, the peppers were pretty mushy for us. Thanks, Gina, for supplying us with tasty WW-friendly recipes! 

  304. I made these last night for dinner and were delicious! I was actually excited for lunch today so I could eat them again! 🙂

  305. I never comment on these recipes, cuz I am the world’s worst cook. Seriously. You can look it up, I hold the title for The World’s Worst Cook! However, I gave these a try last night, and O – M – G !!!!! They were amazing! The cumin gave it such an intersting taste! And to keep that flavor going, I got brave and threw in some salsa, and voila! My boyfriend did not believe that I made them, but once he saw the mess I left behind in the kitchen, he was convinced. Thank you for sharing this! I finally have a meal I can make that won’t wind up in the garbage!

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  307. Such a treat to find you and your wonderful ideas! You are just what I need- a post-menopausal mother of six grown children, 5 daughters, 1 son and grandmother of 11, Never overweight in my younger years and trying to stay 39! My perfect husband was from New Orleans and loved to cook in his spare time so we always had splendid cuisine with a lot of pork sausage added to almost everything! All of my children love to cook as well as spouses but rich ingredients do catch up with you without you realizing it! I see it in my daughters who are all close together in age and in their 50’s now, but my son has stayed lean. And for the past 10 years, my weight has crept up and nothing seems to work. Probably hormone imbalance and slowed metabolism! I am drinking Organic Bone Broth as I love it. I buy local grass-fed beef and bones from a rancher at my Farmer’s Market. Your recipes sound so promising and I am excited to try them- your turkey-stuffed peppers sounds tasty as I am a big fan of stuffed peppers. Sincerely, Marilyn

  308. How long will these last in the frig to eat during the week? I am a freak about old food but want to send some home with my daughters. Thanks!

  309. These were really good but they needed more tomato sauce. The 1/4 cup you put into the mixture isn’t enough. I added more tomato sauce on top of each stuffed pepper after I stuffed them and before I added the cheese!

  310. I just made those with quinoa and added more spices than the amount suggested and they were AMAZING

  311. These rock.  I didn’t have any cooked brown rice and didn’t want to wait while it cooked, I was getting hungry,  so I used a combo of black rice and wild rice that I had in the freezer. I also could not find my cumin so I had to crush some seeds in a mortar and pestal.  They are awesome.  I have taken to making a double batch of filling and freezing it for an easy weekday meal.  

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  313. How many extra points does regular white rice add?

  314. Hi, Gina!
    Made these for dinner tonight. Wow! Talk about licking the plate clean. I didn’t have enough brown rice on hand and didn’t want to use white rice, so I substituted barley for the brown rice. I also substituted El Pato Mexican tomato sauce to spice it up a bit. Thank you for another winning recipe.

  315. Made these tonight with red,and orange bell peppers.    Used ground chicken as well.  Delicious!   Thank you, Gina. 

  316. These are so delicious! My niece is a vegetarian and I was wondering if you had a suggestion for a meat substitution. Thanks!

    • Any “meat crumble” in the freezer section should work, but I’d add some extra seasoning and a bit extra oil to keep it flavorful and not dry. Good luck!

    • What sbout quorn mince, it’s a meat substitute and would work. 🙂

  317. I made these tonight, substituting ground chicken for turkey, and they were amazing. So full of flavor! These will definitely be added to the dinner menu in the future. 

  318. Is a serving 1 of the 6 pieces? 

  319. OMG delicious! I did add some Siracha sauce to the cooked turkey mixture to give it a more heated flavor. Muy delicioso!

  320. One of my fave recipes from you!  I need to make these again soon!

  321. I make these all the time, they are easy to make, they taste amazing and a great “freeze and grab” for lunches. To make it easier for lunches, I make a “deconstructed” stuff pepper. I cut up the peppers into nice size chunks, add them to the mix at the end and let them simmer on the stove until the peppers are crisp. Then I divide into 6 equal portions and freeze them. I don’t add the cheese until after I have heated it up.

    Gina, thank you so much for all you do. I found this website almost a year ago and it changed my life. I have spent my whole life trying to fight the weight battle and your recipes make is so easy. To date, I have lost 85 pounds and because of this site I can see me eating this way the rest of my life. THANK YOU!!

    By the way, I have your first cookbook (Chicken Cordon Blue Meatballs YUM!!) and can’t wait for your second one.

  322. I made this in my casserole crockpot and it turned out great!!  Thanks Gina

    • Hi Kay, 
      Could you give me the directions how you cooked this dish in a crock pot. I was looking at the posts hoping to find a crock pot post b/c I want to cook them in the slow cooker!
      Thank you,

      • Hi Teresa.  I used my casserole crock pot and cooked them on high for 3 hours.  I did not add any water. They turned out great. 


  323. Hate to be a party pooper.  The only reason that I can easily stay on WW is because my husband loves Gina’s recipes.  This was very nice but not flavorful.  I didn’t change anything but both my hubby and I felt like this tasted like we were on a diet… Now, I have to admit, unless it is sausage, I have never used ground turkey.  I have always used 90 or 93 percent ground beef.   So, if that is the reason for less flavor I wanted to mention it…  I, personally, will stay with beef….

    • whenever I use ground turkey I use a liberal amount of Penzey’s Arizona Dreaming or Emeril’s Essence spice mix to bump up the flavor
      you could add some chili powder, a little more salt and some oregano and brown it in olive oil not Pam 
      or try dark meat ground turkey – lots of flavor and not many more calories

      • Cooking ground turkey in a dab of avacoda and olive oil gives it a good little extra flavor 

      • VERY helpful comment Mary!  Thank you for your original ‘riffs’ on Gina’s great original…Got to get me a KitchenAid meat grinder attachment!  In France it is not common to find ground turkey…and I’m betting a mix of light and dark meat to grind would be awesome!

    • one more idea!
      substitute salsa for the tomato sauce to get more flavor when using ground turkey

    • I used a 1 1/2 tsp of each spice and 8oz tomato sauce. I also finely chopped up the cilantro stems and added then during the simmer step. They were delish.

    • I agree, I can’t eat dairy so I did it without the cheese and it was a little bland.  I added a tsp of chili powder to the meat and it made all the difference, trust me!

    • This was really too bland.  When your family runs for the Franks hot sauce right away, it is not a hit.
      Happy to see suggestions for kicking it up. 

      • I kick this up by increasing almost everything. I use a whole (small) onion, at least 2-3 garlic cloves, a generous handful of cilantro and include stems, and at least a tablespoon of each spice (I eyeball it and taste it once it’s cooked and add more as needed). I also add fresh ground pepper at pretty much every step once its cooking, and add chili powder and smoked paprika. I also use about 3/4 can of the tomato sauce.  🙂 

  324. P.S. I’m going to use riced cauliflower instead… extra veggies, less carbs, less calories…. probably wind up eating a pepper and a half 😉 (I’m no longer on WW, but I eat clean and watch calories, and my dinner should be no more than 600 calories, so 3 halves with the riced cauliflower should be good! 🙂 )

    • Heather, that sounds delish – I don’t suppose you would have a recipe for the rices cauliflower, pretty please 🙂

      Thanks SkinnyTaste, I looove your recipes <3

      • Trader Joes sells 2 versions of “riced cauliflower”. You’ll find one in the produce refrigerator and the other in the frozen food aisle. My husband prefers the frozen one, the fresh tends to have a strong smell….

        Thank you for the delicious stuffed pepper recipe!!!

      • You can also just grate a head of cauliflower instead of buying it pre-riced from TJ. Put it in uncooked and it will steam as the pepper cooks!

      • Heather/Nikki, Did either of you try making these using riced cauliflower instead of the rice and if so how was it?

        Thank You!!

    • I just cooked these with Birdseye frozen cauliflower rice, chopped matchstick carrots and ground turkey. I did not follow the recipe to a tee size I used my Latin flavors (sofrito & adobo) but I did add onion powder, garlic salt with parsley & some oregano. Sorry it’s a Puertorican thing! But they turned out AWESOME!!!

  325. Hopefully this won’t get me laughed out of here, but…. how does one eat this?? eat all the innards first, then the pepper (which kinda defeats the point of stuffing it)? Cut it as you go and have all the innards spilling out (though I suppose it wouldn’t be too bad since it’s a half pepper vs trying to eat a whole one this way)? Thinking about making this for dinner tonight, so just curious! 🙂 

  326. Gina – making sure the serving size is half a pepper? A full pepper would be 10 SP? Thank you!

  327. Could a green bell pepper be used instead? Not a fan of the red….

    • of course! or use a yellow pepper or an orange pepper

      or heck, just make the filling and layer it in tortillas for a tostada
      or put it on tortilla chips to make natchos 

      • My wife and I kissy had it with green!  Awesome!! Add 1 chopped red pepper to the mixture.  Delicious!

  328. These look great. I usually substitute rice in stuffed peppers with an equivalent amount of cooked lentils–adds more fiber and protein. Can’t wait to try this recipe.

  329. Made these last night. They were a hit! Light and delicious. I added a dolop of lf sour cream because i thought it was sort of tacoish with the cumin & cilantro & it worked well with it for yhe extra point ! Very good!

  330. Do you think I could substitute a tomato for the pepper? Bell peppers are about the only vegetable I really hate, but my husband and daughter would love this.

  331. Gina, do these freeze well? Trying to get my meals together for the upcoming spring/summer season and grab and (re)heat meals are always welcome 🙂 Thanks!

  332. If you freeze these to be eaten later, how would you recommend re-heating them?

  333. Yum yum!!! I’m trying to cut down on carbs before the summer but always want something to fill me up. These did just the trick last night and my family loved them!

  334. Love this recipe! Didn’t have tomato sauce, so used enchilada sauce instead and it was so yummy! Thanks for all the great healthy recipes!!

  335. Gina, did you change this recipe? I could have sworn I used to put the rice in the dish and it cooked that way? Maybe I am wrong! 

  336. I just wanted to say that I make these regularly and I LOVE the flavour! I even make extra "stuffing" to eat as leftovers. So delicious and so healthy. I often will sub some of the rice with quinoa to add a little more of a nutritional punch. Thanks for sharing such an amazing recipe!!

  337. Is the calorie count for this recipe per half a pepper?

  338. Hi Gina, do you happen to know the smart points of this recipe?

  339. I am making these again tonight. we love them !

  340. Dinner with my grandchildren tonight, and I'm making these stuffed peppers. Yes, even the sometimes finicky 6 & 4 year old love these! So simple and great with just a salad. Sometimes, if my peppers are larger and I need a little more stuffing, I'll finely chop a link or 2 of Al Fresco chicken sausage and add it to the mix with a little more rice. It gives a nice, optional flavor. Hubby does like a sauce on his peppers, so when making them for just the two of us, I'll take the extra tomato sauce and add a bit of ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, a dash of hot sauce, and put a tablespoon or so on top before the cheese. He likes that little bit of tang, sweetness and heat on top. But, this recipe is perfect as is!

  341. Best stuffed peppers that I've ever made. Delicious recipe.

  342. Hi, I was just wondering what are the nutritional details? ie calories, carbs, protein, and fat…

  343. Made these for dinner and my husband LOVED them! Since it's just the two of us, I made two peppers – which gave us dinner plus one leftover for lunch the next day. I also made the full batch of filling and the used the leftover filling for tacos later in the week – so we got several meals out of this – which is always a plus!

  344. I used the icon at the bottom of your post to email this recipe to myself and it sent an email about setting a good growing schedule for your marijuana! You might have a bad link and might want to check that out!! haha sorry I was amused but NOT what I was wanting! Can't wait to try this recipe though! Minus the marijuana 🙂

  345. Hi Gina!

    I love pretty much all your recipes but this one is probably my favourite (and on common rotation at my house). I have been making it with bulgur wheat in place of rice because I bought a bunch of it on sale and it turns out amazing as well. I also used chicken and beef in place of turkey a few times.

    Outstanding recipe, super flexible to play around with and still get awesome results!

  346. Hi Gina! I'm a college student who LOVES to healthy cooking, so naturally I love your site! I was thinking about making a batch of these this weekend using cauliflower in place of rice and was wondering if this is a "freezer friendly" recipe? If you can freeze them, could they go directly from the freezer to the oven for those busy nights?

  347. I like Sargento

  348. What is the best kind of cheese to use?

  349. This recipe has become a permit dish on our meal plan 🙂

  350. I substituted meatless crumbles for the turkey and minced cauliflower for the rice. I also minced a jalapeno pepper and added that. They were GREAT. Thanks for the recipe 🙂

  351. I just made this as a freezer meal, and it came out really well! Instead of baking the peppers, I cut the peppers and then blanched them in boiling water until soft (but not limp). Then I let them cool and dried the excess water with a paper towel. Then I filled them with the turkey filling and topped with the shredded cheese. I wrapped each one in wax paper and then put them in plastic bags. Now, when I want a quick WW lunch I can just throw one in my bag and microwave it (2.5 to 3 min) at work. I'm sure it's better if you bake it immediately, but it's still tasty and the convenience can't be beat! Thanks Gina!

  352. I absolutely love this recipe! I would like to make ahead for my husband to simply place into the oven one evening. It seems okay to do, but am wondering if anyone else has made ahead.

  353. These are great! I substitute salsa for the tomato sauce and serve with extra salsa and FF sour cream. Good stuff!

  354. This recipe was delicious! It disappeared in minutes at dinnertime! I plan to hunt skinny taste for any new recipes!

  355. This recipe is quite different from my family recipe. We loved it. Thanks

  356. Gina I made this for family today and they loved it. I would love to try more of your recipes.

  357. Gina this is the 3rd recipe of yours I have tried. they are all delicious! thank you for your efforts & time in making my WW life easier & tastier

  358. This was definitely a keeper. The whole family loved it!

  359. This was wonderul! I added a little bit of cayenne, black pepper and onion powder to the turkey/rice mixture and they were absolutely delicious.

  360. I've been looking for a good Stuffed Bell Pepper recipe…this sounds delish! I'm going to substitute the cauliflower rice (raw) for the regular rice as I am on a reduced carb food program! Can't wait to tell you how it comes out.

    One question…is the "chopped turkey" truly chopped turkey or ground turkey meat (99% lean)?

  361. Sundays family favorite! Great recipe!

  362. I made these last night and they were delicious and filling. The red peppers at the grocery store were small and didn't look super fresh, so I opted for green peppers instead. Wish i would have just used the red peppers for the slight sweetness factor of the red. Regardless, the filling is easy and very flavorful! I also used Uncle Ben's microwave rice to cut back on time. Can't wait to eat the leftovers! Thanks!

  363. Any idea what the points plus would be on this if we omitted the rice? Thanks!

  364. Made this for dinner today. They were DELICIOUS!!!

  365. Hi Gina:

    Would this be ok without the rice entirely? I am currently working on finishing your Santa Fe Chicken with rice and don't want to have brown rice every night of the week! Any suggestions?

  366. So Tasty!!!… Thanks for posting! <3 🙂

  367. This was SO good!!

  368. I have made these several times and LOVE them! I am on a new restricted diet and was wondering if you know of a good substitute for the tomato sauce? I can't have tomatoes at all. I have found that quinoa works as a good substitute for the rice, but haven't quite figured out a good one for the tomato. Any thoughts?

    • What about a tomatillo sauce?

    • nope can't have that either. basically i can't have any food that has shown to cause any inflammation in the body at all. I did try once making a carrot puree (yes inspired by baby food haha) and it didn't really taste that good. Is the sauce mainly in it for flavor, or to help hold it together? Thanks for the response!

    • It's for flavor but just leave it out.

  369. Made these tonight. So yummy! Thanks for sharing!

  370. So Good! I made with quinoa instead of rice and it worked perfectly!

  371. I made these tonight and they were PHENOMENAL! I did substitute beef and I added mushrooms because I had some in the fridge to use up.

    I have yet to make a recipe on your site that I haven't loved!

    Thanks! I'll definitely make this one again.

  372. It was delicious !!! I just made this with some minor adjustments. Thank you!

  373. Delicious! My husband and I agree the red peppers give this dish a little extra flavor vs green peppers!!
    My husband basically licked his plate clean lol!!

  374. Oh my land… these were amazing! My boyfriend, who is not a health nut in anyway really enjoyed them. They still had that tomato-y taste to them.

    The only things that I changed about the recipe was that I didn't add the cumin, i didn't have turkey, so I used 80/20 hamburg and then rinsed it and then last, I used veggie broth instead of the chicken.

    All and all a very tastey meal (9/10). I will be making these again.

    Thanks Gina for a wonderful faimly dinner healthy-fied =)

  375. Absolutely LOVED it!!!!!

  376. Just made this tonight! Very delicious recipe! Easy to follow. I've been looking for satisfying WW recipes and I've found them! Thank you!

  377. Gina,
    I am going to try this tonight. using italian ground turkey, parsley in place of cilantro, and orengano in place of cumin. Any thoughts on this??

  378. I made these for the first time tonight and used lean bison burger. Yum! Also, I was distracted and forgot to add the long grain rice. Still delic! I skimped on lunch so had two servings, but no side salad and was very satisfied.

    So far loving this site. Try the zucchini lasagna as well!

  379. Going to make this dairy free and gluten free tonight!! Looks yummy! I have a blog I will link this on

  380. Made these for my boyfriend and myself and they were delish! I added about a cup of black beans and a cup of frozen corn and it made it so much better! I did add just a touch more tomato sauce. Peppers cooked beautifully and were tender. I only used about 2/3 of the filling. Saving the rest to throw in tortillas for lunch!

  381. These stuffed peppers were great! When I told my boyfriend they were going to have ground turkey in them instead of ground beef, he was a little leary, but since I made them last night, he has raved about them. We had extra for him and I both to have a little lunch of them today. I prepped them earlier in the day and put in the fridge until ready to cook. I also served them with a salad and used brown rice in the recipe. Thanks for sharing! A keeper of a recipe!

  382. Delicious. I made this and only had two peppers large enough to actually stuff so I chopped half of the third pepper and threw it in the pan with the leftover mix. After my husband ate his pepper half he went back and scooped the leftovers into a tortilla and finished it off as a burrito. I also thought the leftover mix would be delicious mixed with eggs in the morning for breakfast.

  383. Is there a way I could make the turkey filling for the peppers in the crockpot; I have some ground turkey, that is odd & just comes out a lot better if it slow cooks.

  384. I was looking at the recipe for "Slow Cooker Picadillo Stuffed Peppers" and I was wondering if this recipe can be put in the crock pot with the chicken broth, similar to the other recipe?

  385. Gina–These were delicious…thanks for sharing! Any suggestion how to reheat the leftover stuffed pepper for another meal?

  386. This was a big hit at my house. Great recipe that I'll definitely use again! I look forward to trying some of the variations suggested by commenters.

  387. Delicious! I substituted quinoa for the rice and black beans for the turkey. Also cooked the quinoa in chicken broth for a bit more flavor. Was a total hit! Excited to try more recipes!

  388. My husband doesn't like ground turkey so Iused ground turkey with beef broth and petite diced tomatoes makes the turke more like traditional hamburger flavor for him and less calories for me. Win win.

  389. Just made these and it was a hit with the boyfriend too! DEf making again..and again 🙂

  390. Omg?! So delicious. I made these tonight, and it was very easy to make and so filling!! 🙂

  391. This was amazing! I used 99% lean ground turkey, and also was surprisingly out of rice, so I substituted cooked bulgur- it was AWESOME! Definitely one of our favorites. Thanks for maintaining such and awesome site- you're my go-to blog for healthy recipes!

  392. How long can these stay cooked in the fridge??

  393. Absolutely delicious!! I would be proud to serve this recipe to company.

  394. You must have the largest peppers on the planet! I followed the recipe to the letter and had enough filling for 8 full-full-fullly stuffed peppers.

    I put a little bit more tomato sauce on top to serve and they were delicious. Truthfully, I've made almost a dozen of your recipes and they are all delicious

  395. I just made this for dinner and used brown rice. It was delicious and my 15 year son even liked it.

  396. Excellent, I used the whole onion and more sauce, i also used a wild rice mix, really great, my wife loved it too. Thanks for the recipie. I love to cook and I just started on weight watchers, so everything is a new adventure. Keep these inspiring recipes coming.

  397. Thank you so much for this recipe! It was a hit with my roommate and I'm making it again tonight. I love all of your recipes and my recipe board on Pinterest feels like it's predominately from your website! Your recipes are perfect for a health-conscious college girl like myself 🙂

  398. I really felt like Stuffed Peppers yesterday, but had never made them, so I googled Healthy Stuffed Pepper Recipies. Thankfully this was the first link that came up! They were amazing. I can't wait to go home and have leftovers dinner tonight! This was also the first time I've been to your website. I've been looking at a lot of recipes and can't wait to try more!
    Thank you for providing such a wide variety of HEALTHY Meals!

  399. These were so great! My husband wanted a healthy and filling meal, and this was perfect. We used brown rice and a little extra of the cumin powder/garlic, but otherwise kept the recipe as is and they were perfect. Served on a bed of spinach and was really surprised at how hearty a meal this was. This will definitely make it into our regular rotation!

  400. Looks so great! Thanks for sharing!

  401. oh, and I forgot to add – I made extra of the filling, and my little ones (3 and 5) loved that in a tortilla – thought they were tacos. They LOVED them and asked for more. I'm so glad I gave them to them, they don't like peppers so I wouldn't have tried that. But a great option!

  402. A-frickin-mazing! My hubby (who is skinny and doesn't dig diet food) loved it and ate it 3 nights in a row – he doesn't usually like leftovers! I also thought these were great. Very different than my traditional stuffed peppers recipe, but I'm so glad I made a double batch and froze 1/2 because they were terrific!

  403. I was worried about what the flavor would be like….once they started cooking the smell had me salivating!!! These were so easy to make and delicious!!! So excited to add this into my weightwachers recipe file!!

  404. In the oven now 🙂 This is my second time making these and they were a huge hit the first time with my meat-loving husband. Your pic has a lot more cheese on it than mine – is it 1/4 cup cheese per pepper then?

  405. Not to sure if someone asked this or not as their are a lot of comments but could these be cooked in batches and frozen?

  406. Love this recipe! Had to sub beef broth this time instead of chicken, still super yummy. : )

  407. Not sure if this was asked already because there are a lot of comments. Can I try quinoa instead of rice?

  408. What does 1 garlic mean? The whole garlic bulb or 1 garlic clove?

  409. I can't wait to try these. I did some research, and the consensus is to freeze before baking, and then thaw and bake as directed. This should prevent a mushy a pepper.

  410. Made these tonight for dinner. Used the chopped steamed cauliflower since I didn't have any rice on hand. Did think they could use some extra spice, perhaps chili powder or chipotle seasoning. Otherwise easy to prepare and make. Liked the idea of salsa instead of tomato sauce for extra flavor. Definitely gives you extra filling so I will experiment and freeze the meat mixture and try again with fresh peppers.

  411. I made these tonight! I omitted the fresh herbs, lowered the rice to 1 cup, and upped the cheese to 3/4 cup. I also messed up on the chicken broth. I put the full cup in the meat but after stuffing the peppers, I poured the remaining juices on the bottom of my pan along with 1/3 cup of more chicken broth. It came out to be 6 points plus for WW and we thought it was a great recipe! Next time we will be adding in jalapenos or a hot spice to satisfy our hot tastes.

    It's a definite keeper! Thanks Gina!


  412. These are the bomb dot com. The only thing I left out was the onion (not a fan), used green instead of red peppers, and they were great. I ate them for dinner last night, lunch today, and will eat them for dinner tonight!

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