Instant Pot Brown Rice

This foolproof recipe is so easy and makes perfect, flavorful brown rice every time! It will be your new favorite method!

What is Instant Pot Brown Rice?

You'll only need a few simple ingredients to make this easy recipe. Let's round them up and get started!

Simple Ingredients

Push the “Sauté” button on the pressure cooker. Add one teaspoon of oil and sauté the garlic for 30 seconds.

Sauté the Garlic

Rinse the rice in a mesh sieve under cold water. Then stir it in, press “Cancel,” and add the water, salt, and bouillon.

Add the Rice

Lock the lid and cook on high for 20 minutes. Then use natural release for 20 minutes to release the pressure.


Open the lid and fluff with a fork. Then serve and enjoy!

Fluff and Serve

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