White Bean Crostini

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Crostinis are fun little bite sized appetizers which are little slices of toasted baguettes topped with whatever your heart desires. I like this healthy White Bean Topping drizzled with a little balsamic. You can make these ahead of time, the bread will store for a few days in an air-tight container. The white bean spread can be refrigerated a few days. This recipe can easily be doubled.

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White Bean Crostini

33 Cals Protein Carbs Fats
Yield: 17 servings
COURSE: Appetizer
CUISINE: Italian


For the White Bean Spread:

  • 2 cups Cannelini or Northern Beans
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 4 tbsp water
  • 1 tbsp fresh thyme
  • 1 clove garlic
  • salt and fresh pepper


  • 8-1/2 " piece of baguette, 4 oz, sliced into 1/4" pieces
  • garlic clove
  • olive oil spray
  • extra thyme for garnish
  • balsamic vinegar


  • Cut the bread into 1/4" thin slices.
  • You can toast these in the oven with a little olive oil spray at 400° turning once until toasted or grill them. I used my George Forman grill to toast them with a light spray of olive oil.
  • Once the bread is toasted, lightly rub it with a garlic clove cut in half. Now your bread is ready to top.
  • Pureé in a small blender or magic bullet all the ingredients for the white bean spread. If it's too dry you can add a little more water.
  • Top each piece with 2 tsp of white bean puree and garnish with fresh thyme.
  • Drizzle with a touch of balsamic right before serving.


Makes 34 pieces.


Serving: 2g, Calories: 33kcal
WW Points Plus: 1
Keywords: Vegetarian Meals

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  1. This was absolutely delicious! I used this as the base of my crispy skin sea bass so that the fish sat on top of the puree skin-side up. I felt a bit indulgent so I added some black truffle oil and the thyme/olive oil/black truffles was absolutely intoxicating. I will definitely keep this for the future!!

  2. Can the dip be made a day in advance and kept in fridge?

  3. How many points or calories would this be without the bread, like if you wanted to stuff veg with it or something?

  4. This is fab. I added red pepper flakes to give it a little zip and the garlic I have right now is very hot so it turned out very zippy.

  5. Is it okay to make the dip portion a few days ahead and refrigerate or freeze? Will the taste and consistency stay the same?

  6. Yes, sorry drain and rinse them.

  7. Do you need to drain the beans first? Looking to make this and wanted to make sure I am doing it correctly! Thanks and LOVE LOVE LOVE this site!!!!

  8. Gina, I love you! 🙂
    My husband is from Italy and we had white bean crostini in Napoli 3 years ago.. I hadn't figured out how to duplicate it.. this was perfect, and I will guarantee less fat and calories than I had the first time.

  9. A balsamic tasting, fun!!

  10. I just made the bean portion of this and it is amazing! I put in more garlic because I love garlic. I can't wait to try this tomorrow with the bread. I am bringing it to a balsamic tasting event so it will be perfect. I can't thank you enough for your recipes!!!!

  11. Well that made me feel good Laurie! Taste is so important to me so it makes me feel good knowing other enjoyed my dishes.

  12. Boy oh boy – another HIT!! Today I am having my family over for the October birthdays. I have created my menu from your recipes. These for apps, the black bean avacado salad, the sauteed brussel sprouts, and the beef stroganoff.

    Talk about one stop shopping! My sis-in-law is Vegan, and those recipes are fantastic! It's the ease and the taste that I am enamoured with!

    Thank you Gina,for the work you put into this!

  13. How can this be only .5 pts for 2 pieces????

  14. That's great Steph! So easy!!

  15. Hi Gina! I was invited to stay at a friend's Cape house with their family and was enlisted to make an appetizer. Not only was this delicious, but it was EASY! It was a big hit!

  16. I made these tonight for my guests, they were excellent!

  17. I made this tonight for happy hour and my boyfriend and I absolutely loved it. The balsamic is perfect with this. Thank you!

  18. This is delicious! Thanks. We drizzled it with a hazlenut flavored balsamic vinegar.

  19. This looks INCREDIBLE!! So happy I just found your blog!

  20. I tried this last night and it's delicious. The balsamic vinegar gives it a really nice flavor.

  21. Roasted red peppers would be great with this.

  22. deeeeelicious!

  23. Nice flavor profile. Could use a little color (roasted red peppers)?

  24. I love anything with beans lately and this looks like such a delicious and healthy appetizer!

  25. I've bee craving white bean dip lately! I bought some to make it wih, but then got sent on an extended business trip before I got to it. This just made th craving some back in full-force!

  26. My daughter made something like this a few weeks ago and we loved it. Beans are so healthy!