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Skinnytaste Dinner Plan (Week 46)

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Skinnytaste Fast and Slow Dinner Plan

Skinnytaste Dinner Plan (Week 46).  A HUGE thank you to everyone who purchased the Skinnytaste Fast and Slow Cookbook! If you haven’t, you can find the book at Target, Barnes and Nobles, Walmart, Costco and of course, Amazon. This week only I will be cooking exclusively from my new cookbook. If you have already had a chance to peruse yours or make some recipes please comment and let me know how you like them! Also remember all the Weight Watcher Smart Points for the book are all here.

Skinnytaste Dinner Plan (Week46)

Monday: Dad’s Cauliflower Soup with Brussels Sprout and Apple Grilled Cheese
Tuesday: Slow Cooker Chicken Burrito Bowls
Wednesday: Leftovers
Thursday: Greek Chicken Sheetpan Dinner
Friday: Away
Saturday: Away
Sunday: Slow Cooker Spicy Harissa Lamb Ragu with Penne

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69 comments on “Skinnytaste Dinner Plan (Week 46)”

  1. My family loves the Hamburger Stroganoff. Can you tell me how to adapt the recipe for the Instant Pot. Thank you!

    1. Not sure which recipe you are looking for but you can check out

  2. Are the recipes in the new cookbook with the new weight watchers 2018 points (that have 0 points for fruit and veg?

  3. How do I find the recipes for the dishes listed? I cannot afford to buy your cookbooks and I always look for recipies on line. When you don’t post them I am lost totally out there. Please help.

  4. Hi Gina. I have both of your cookbooks and love them – thank you! I’m wondering, though … the new WW system uses Saturated Fat as part of figuring out the SP’s but the recipes in the cookbooks just state “fat.” Is that TOTAL fat or the saturated? I just want to make sure I am calculating my points correctly. Thank you again for the wonderful recipes; my family enjoys them very much!

    1. The only accurate way to determine any recipe’s SmartPoints® value is to plug the ingredients into the recipe builder on the Weight Watchers website (Click on “My Foods,” select “Recipe,” and click “Create a recipe.”) which does not count fruits and vegetables in recipes in the calculations as they are now 0 points.

      The SmartPoints® calculator isn’t meant for recipes and will often give you the wrong points (usually higher) because it’s counting the fruits and vegetables.

  5. Made the pasta Fagioli recipe from your new book. Even my Sicilian hubby raved! Next time I will blend 3/4 of the beans, and leave the rest whole. Thanks for your spot-on recipes. I can always count on you for a perfect recipe!

  6. Love your new cookbook. I like that the recipes don’t take a lot of time to prepare. I made the Brussel Sprouts w/Mushrooms and Chicken Sausauge last night it was sooo good and easy!

  7. Loving this book! Last night was the Greek Chicken sheet pan dinner… so delicious and so easy! My husband was actually able to put this all together— which worked out great so i could hop on the treadmill.! Friday night I made the Asia baked red snapper—another winner!!! I purchased a second book to send to my son who recently move about 4 hours away to his first apartment. He loves all of your mexican inspired meals…. thanks Gina!!!

  8. I also made the Slow Cooker Hamburger Stroganoff as soon as I received my bonus pack and loved it. So many delicious recipes to try! I am a huge fan of yours, Gina!

  9. Gina, I have been looking forward to this cookbook for months! I immediately had it on pre-order. All of these look amazing. I can’t wait to try the chicken burrito bowls this week!

  10. I purchased the book and love it. I am looking forward to trying out the recipes. Is there a shopping list for the suggested meal plan that would help simplify the planning for this week?

  11. I have a slow cooker dilemma! I am eager to buy the new cookbook, but there are only 2 of us…. Looking for a reliable smaller sized slow cooker. I have a 6qt one, but it seems to NOT work well when I cut the recipe size in half. I think because there are less ingredients(volume), it cooks super hot and really fast. Is it possible to make smaller sized slow cooker recipes? Any recommendations for a smaller slow cooker I could purchase? Thanks!!

  12. Where can I find the meal plan journal you use? I love it. I have been reading your blog for a while and have been filling my weekly meal plan up with all your whole 30 recipes!

  13. Avatar photo
    Dorothy Kemper

    Both of your cookbooks showed up at my door this weekend, thanks to Amazon! I can’t wait to get started on my new meal plans. Thank you

  14. I love it too! I made the Chicken Cacciatore last week, and it was a winner. I made the Knife and Fork Burgers last night and they were delicious too! Thanks for providing the points – That’s a big factor in what I decide to try.

  15. So there are no links to recipes from your new book? (I know I sound like a whiner, I’m just making sure I understand!)

  16. I made your egg roll bowl last night and it was delicious!

    I noticed on your website that this is 10 smart points which seemed high since it was just meat and veggies (and soy sauce/oil etc). How was this calculated? I used ground chicken and it came out to 4sp. Thank you!

  17. Just wanted to give you a shout for making meal time easy, delicious and healthy. As a newlywed, I am learning to cook and my husband loves all the recipes! And your new cookbook arrives today! Thank you so much! 

  18. It took forever for your last book to make it to the Middle east… I wonder how long I have to wait for this one 🙁 #expatlife

  19. I received your new cookbook and am really enjoying it. It’s just as good as your first one. I had preordered your new book; how do I get the bonus recipes?


  20. I made the chicken burrito bowls for dinner tonight and it was delicious! I also made the chocolate swirl banana bread and I think I’ve eaten half of it already! So amazing how you get such dense and moist bread with no oil and such a small amount of butter. Your pumpkin turkey chili is on the menu for this week, too! I love your first cookbook, but some of the recipes just take too much time with a toddler to chase after. This cookbook is the answer to solving the problem of how to cook healthy meals fast! Thank you, Gina! 

  21. I loved the Slow Cooker Hamburger Stroganoff and I am really excited to try the Grilled Cheese with Brussel Sprouts! I love this combination! 

    I do have a question though about the SmartPoints. I noticed when I plugged in the nutrition information from the cookbook into the calculator, the points were different than what is posted in the link above.  For example, the grilled cheese is 16 sp when I plug in the nutritional information and 9 sp on the list. 

    Thanks for checking this out! I’m excited to start exploring the new cookbook!

    1. Great!! That is correct, The only accurate way to determine any recipe’s SmartPoints® value is to plug the ingredients into the recipe builder on the Weight Watchers website (Click on “My Foods,” select “Recipe,” and click “Create a recipe.”) which does not count fruits and vegetables in recipes in the calculations as they are now 0 points.

      The SmartPoints® calculator isn’t meant for recipes and will often give you the wrong points (usually higher) because it’s counting the fruits and vegetables. So if you see a recipe with a SmartPoints® value that’s different from what the calculator tells you, now you know why.

  22. I’m back to say the Slow cooker beef ragu is restaurant quality. Who knew Flank Steak could taste so good? It literally shredded on it’s own into the sauce.

  23. Oh. My. Gosh. Gina! My husband and I just got done eating the Slow Cooker Chicken Tikka Masala from your new cookbook and I am blown away. It was phenomenal! So much flavor. I have tried so many “healthy” or “lightened up” versions of this dish that were awful. Thank you for making this dish amazing! And thank you for another wonderful cookbook. The Pasta E Fagioli is cooking right now (lunch for the week) and smells amazing. And the Egg Roll Bowl is on the menu for later this week.!

    1. Thank you SO much Adrienne!! Yes, agree I loved how this turned out, it’s like ordering from my favorite Indian restaurant.

  24. The new cookbook looks fantastic. I made the Slow Cooker Lasagna Soup last night and everyone in this family loved it — no small feat, that! I’m looking forward to cooking more recipes from it. Thanks, Gina — this one is a winner.

  25. I’ve made the chicken and dumplings, (so good!) and the pastas fagioli (loved it). We are having the stroganoff tonight and I can’t wait. Oh! And I made the chipotle chicken bowls the other night and they were AMAZING. And we made the teriyaki chicken – my husband was obsessed, but I do like the teriyaki sauce that you have on your site better! Great job on the book Gina. You are an amazing talent. I did want to tell you – in the bonus packet, I think you accidentally put the Tuscan panzanella salad picture in there instead of the chick pea one (or maybe it was for another salad I can’t remember). Maybe I’m wrong but double check! 

    1. Wonderful!!!! It would mean so much to me if you left an amazon review! And thanks for letting me know about the picture.

  26. The new cookbook is fabulous. Made the Pasta e Fagioli soup last night and it was great! Never thought to puree the beans. Gives it great flavor without the bean “consistency”. Eating leftovers for lunch right now and Slow cooker beef ragu is in the crock pot for tonight.. Thanks for easy, quick and WW friendly reciipes.

      1. The greek Sheetpan dinner is AMAZING. i couldn’t believe how much we loved it! The cookbook is a STAR! i love everything i’ve tried.

  27. I made the chicken pizza roll ups! It was a huge hit! My daughter said it was the best chicken she has ever had!! Thank you so much!