All the healthiest lunch recipes I’ve posted over the years. Of course, you can make them for dinner too. But these are the recipes I usually enjoy in the middle of the day. Many are make-ahead meals you can bring to the office with you! If you’re getting bored of your daily lunch, this is your chance to find an exciting new recipe to try. Plenty of these recipes are super quick and easy to make. Some are hot lunches, others are cold and can be eaten on the go.

Newest Recipes

Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Turkey Tortilla Soup

Turkey Tortilla Soup

Slow Cooker Creamy Sausage, Kale, Sweet Potato Soup

Sweet Potato Soup with Sausage (Slow Cooker, Instant Pot, Stove)

air fryer salmon

Blackened Air Fryer Salmon Bites

Lemony Hearts of Palm and Avocado Salad

Lemony Hearts of Palm Salad with Avocado

Air Fryer Salmon Sandwich

Air Fryer Salmon Fish Sandwich

Chicken Taco Poblano Rice Bowls in a glass meal prep container.

Chicken Taco Poblano Rice Bowls

sausage and potato soup

Creamy Sausage and Potato Soup

Avocado Toast with Halloumi and Egg

Avocado Toast with Halloumi and Egg

Fish Taco Salad

Fish Taco Bowls

Grilled Chicken Zucchini Panini

Grilled Chicken Panini with Zucchini, Tomato, and Mozzarella

Zucchini Quiche

Three-Cheese Zucchini Quiche

Tuna with Cucumber and Avocado

Tuna Tartare with Cucumber and Avocado

Lentil Salad

Lentil Salad

Air Fryer Popcorn Chicken

Air Fryer Popcorn Chicken

Chickpea Milanese

Chickpea Milanese

Grilled Chicken Chickpea Salad

Grilled Chicken Chickpea Salad

Watermelon and Feta Salad

Watermelon Arugula and Feta Salad

Grilled Chicken Salad with Strawberries and Avocado

Grilled Chicken, Strawberry, Avocado Salad with Citrus Dressing

Chili-Lime Air Fryer Salmon topped with salsa

Chili-Lime Air Fryer Salmon

Ahi Tuna Poke Salad

Tuna Poke Salad

Arugula Pasta Salad with Chickpeas

Arugula Pasta Salad with Chickpeas and Sun Dried Tomatoes (no mayo)

This easy meal-prep honey-sriracha chicken dish, which can also be served as a main dish, is made on a sheet pan and comes together quick!

Honey Sriracha Chicken and Broccoli Meal Prep Bowls

Sous Vide Chicken Salad

Sous Vide Chicken Breast and a Cilantro Lime Chicken Avocado Salad

Seared Scallops, Grapefruit, Arugula and Spinach Salad

Seared Scallop Salad with Grapefruit, Arugula and Spinach

Burst Tomato Cottage Cheese Caprese Bowl

Burst Tomato Cottage Cheese Caprese Bowl

Buffalo Chicken Salad Lettuce Wraps

Buffalo Chicken Salad

Lemon Asparagus Couscous Salad

Lemon Asparagus Couscous Salad with Tomatoes

Spicy Canned Salmon Salad Rice Bowl

Spicy Canned Salmon Rice Bowl

Avocado Quinoa Salad

Avocado Quinoa Salad