Crustless Ham and Cheese Quiche

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This low-carb Crustless Ham and Cheese Quiche is light and delicious, perfect for breakfast or brunch (or even a light dinner)! Made with a leftover ham or ham steak, broccoli and Swiss Cheese.

This low-carb Crustless Ham and Cheese Quiche is light and delicious, perfect for breakfast or brunch (or even a light dinner)! Made with a leftover ham or ham steak, broccoli and Swiss Cheese.
Crustless Ham and Cheese Quiche

This quiche is keto, gluten-free and easy to make! Add a salad on the side and it’s the perfect light meal. Of course, you can use any cheese you wish here, or leave the ham out like I did in this Crustless Broccoli and Cheddar Quiche. If you want a quiche with crust, you may also like this Spinach and Ricotta Quiche and this Chicken Quiche which are so popular on my site.

This low-carb Quiche is light and delicious, perfect for breakfast or brunch (or even a light dinner)! Made with a leftover ham or ham steak, broccoli and Swiss Cheese.This low-carb Crustless Ham and Cheese Quiche is light and delicious, perfect for breakfast or brunch (or even a light dinner)! Made with a leftover ham or ham steak, broccoli and Swiss Cheese.

I created this recipe with leftover Easter ham in mind. Since it’s low-carb and uses no crust, I’ve added a little light cream to give the eggs more of a creamier custard texture, as most quiches have rather than a spongier baked egg texture like a frittata.

Ham and Cheese Quiche Variations:

  • You can swap the ham for bacon or sausage.
  • Any cheese would work great here. Try this with mozzarella cheese, Gruyere or cheddar cheese in place of Swiss.
  • You can swap more milk in place of the half & half cream, but the texture won’t be as creamy, it will have a spongier texture.
  • Make them in individual ramekins in place of one large pie dish.
  • If you wish to use a crust, follow the directions for this recipe using a deeper pie dish, and use less broccoli.
  • Refrigerate 3 to 4 days. Reheat in the microwave or oven.

How To Make Crustless Quiche

This low-carb Crustless Ham and Cheese Quiche is light and delicious, perfect for breakfast or brunch (or even a light dinner)! Made with a leftover ham or ham steak, broccoli and Swiss Cheese.This low-carb Quiche is light and delicious, perfect for breakfast or brunch (or even a light dinner)! Made with a leftover ham or ham steak, broccoli and Swiss Cheese.This low-carb Crustless Quiche is light and delicious, perfect for breakfast or brunch (or even a light dinner)! Made with a leftover ham or ham steak, broccoli and Swiss Cheese.

Leftover Ham Recipes:

This low-carb Crustless Ham and Cheese Quiche is light and delicious, perfect for breakfast or brunch (or even a light dinner)! Made with a leftover ham or ham steak, broccoli and Swiss Cheese.
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Ham and Swiss Crustless Quiche

215 Cals 20 Protein 5 Carbs 12.5 Fats
Prep Time: 15 mins
Cook Time: 40 mins
Total Time: 55 mins
Yield: 6 servings
COURSE: Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch
CUISINE: American
This low-carb Crustless Ham and Cheese Quiche is light and delicious, perfect for breakfast or brunch (or even a light dinner)! Made with a leftover ham or ham steak, broccoli and Swiss Cheese.


  • cooking spray
  • 1 3/4 cups diced ham steak or leftover ham, 9 oz
  • 1 cup chopped steamed broccoli, fresh or frozen
  • 1 cup fresh grated Swiss cheese
  • 2/3 cup 2% milk
  • 1/4 cup half & half cream
  • 5 large eggs
  • 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 1/8 teaspoon ground black pepper
  • pinch of nutmeg


  • Preheat the to 350F degrees. Spray a pie dish with oil.
  • Evenly spread the broccoli in the dish and top it evenly with the ham.
  • Make the custard mixture by whisking together the milk, half and half, eggs, salt, black pepper, and the nutmeg.
  • Pour the custard into the dish and top with Swiss Cheese.
  • Bake 35 to 40 minutes, until the center is set.
  • Cut the quiche into 6 pieces and serve.


Serving: 1wedge, Calories: 215kcal, Carbohydrates: 5g, Protein: 20g, Fat: 12.5g, Saturated Fat: 6.5g, Cholesterol: 193mg, Sodium: 620mg, Fiber: 1g, Sugar: 2.5g
WW Points Plus: 6
Keywords: Crustless Ham and Cheese quiche, crustless quiche, Ham and Cheese Quiche

Photo credit: Jess Larson

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  1. I made this for dinner last night.  It is the best quiche I have ever made.  Since I did add the ham which is very salty, next time I will not add any salt.  Had quiche for breakfast this morning. It’s delicious. I would definitely serve this for brunch or for company at any time.  So easy and a great way to stretching the food budget as well….

  2. I used 3 eggs and two egg whites in lieu of 5 eggs. Substituted non fat half and half for the half and half. Substituted 5 oz. baby spinach sautéed in 1/2 cup of onions in lieu of broccoli. Added 2 tablespoons of Dijon honey mustard. Used Mexican cheese blend in lieu of Swiss cheese. Delicious! 

  3. Thanks for this delicious recipe. 
    Love your pie dish where did you buy it ?

    Best wishes,

  4. It was delish. Didn’t change a thing!

  5. Has anyone tried freezing this dish?  Curious as to results?

  6. I used almond milk and would only use half called for next time as it took a long time for the center to cook.   Subbed asparagus and it was delicious.

  7. Can I do this with turkey sausage? Not a big ham eater.

  8. Can this be prepared the night before and then baked in the morning?

  9. So delicious! I substituted the broccoli for 1 cup of frozen mixed veggies and added mild cheddar cheese instead of swiss. Definitely making it again!

  10. Can I make this one day ahead?

  11. I’m curious if I can add a water bathe under and purée the ingredients to make it ok for a pureed/soft diet? Would the water bath underneath require more time or more heat and would pureeing all ingredients cause any issues? Thank you. 

  12. Has anyone tried this with crabmeat? If so , how much?

  13. While I’m certain this is delicious, a crustless quiche is not a quiche…. it’s a fritatta! So why not just use the correct nomenclature?

  14. This was pretty good but I felt there was too much ham. I liked it but did not go over very well with my family. Will not make again. Sorry.

  15. Delicious!! I didn’t miss the crust at all. I used almond milk instead of regular, and cheddar instead of Swiss. Took a little bit longer to cook than the recipe says, but it was totally worth the wait! 

  16. Can you freeze this?

  17. I made this for breakfast with sliced banana and fresh strawberries. Excellent! I will be making it again. Thanks, Gina!

  18. Not sure how your points were calculated. I calculated every ingredient and came up with 6.92 points (now blue plan) and that is cutting it into 8 slices. Still making it but if I make again I will look for a lower calorie cheese.

  19. OMG!!  This was so simple and one of the best recipes from Gina.  My other favorite is her red enchiladas.  I would give 10 stars if I could.  I usually don’t make any changes. I will admit I did here, so I did not follow the recipe exactly.  My husband is not a big fan of broccoli and I didn’t have any, so I substituted fresh spinach.  I used about 1/3 of a bag. I also did not have 2%milk, but read from other posts to substitute 1% buttermilk.  Those were the only changes.  It was excellent. Now my husband wants it every couple of days.  Definitely a keeper.

    • I made this and it was in the oven for over 1.5 hours and the center was still jiggly. I cut into the middle to one investigate because my hungry family was getting impatient. It was all watery underneath the quiche and it was spongy and undercooked. 

      I put it back for another 30 minutes and the middle was still undercooked but the cheese around the sides started burning. 

      I’m not sure what happened. I followed the recipe to a T. 

      I’ll admit that sometimes my oven takes a little longer, like 5-10 minutes longer to bake things. But 2 hours and still not cooked? 

      • Not sure, this is a quiche so the texture is creamier than a frittata but this always works for me!

  20. Did you put in the ingredients to the recipe builder or the nutrition info? If you put the nutrition info into the calculator it’s going to come up higher because it’s counting the calories for the zero-point foods. I put it in the recipe builder for Green and it came out to 6.

  21. Wonderful! I needed to cook longer, but I shaved off a couple points even! Made with egg whites and almond milk brings it to 3 points a slice! Great taste and would have been nice a fluffly if I had left it for an hour rather than 40 minutes.

  22. So yummy!  I add a piece of whole wheat toast and fresh mixed berries and – voila!  All the food groups in one meal!

  23. I’ve made this a few times and it’s excellent! You can sauté the broccoli in a pan with a splash of water until it turns bright green. I use a combination of cheeses because we don’t like Swiss. You can use cheddar, Parmesan, or provolone whatever you have on hand

  24. I love this recipe. I have made it two weeks in a row now. I typically don’t like crust less quiche as it doesn’t typically fill me up and can taste blah. This one is creamy, hearty and keeps well throughout the week.

  25. Delicious, made this quiche this morning, I didn’t have any milk, used all cream,. Served with home grown Honeydew melon – definitely a recipe keeper to put in my collected recipe books that I started in 1964.

  26. Could you use egg beaters instead of the eggs?

    • I used egg whites out of a carton and it turned out fine (just needed to cook longer than I did and I think it would have been better)

  27. LOVE THIS RECIPE!! But when I type it into the WW app for Blue it turns up as 7 points? What am I doing wrong? I cooked it exactly how the recipe describes!

  28. Love this recipe!! What size/brand is your quiche pan?

  29. What size pie plate was used?

  30. Excellent recipe! It is also forgiving of minor changes. I didn’t have any half & half so I used full fat condensed milk and it was fine. I love quiche with soup or salad for supper. I did have liquid in the dish when the quiche was finished baking, but it did not affect the coherence of the dish. I guess it was the liquid from the ham or I didn’t get enough of the water out of the broccoli. I will make again.

  31. I used sharp white cheddar rather than swiss cheese, which went quite nicely with the broccoli. I love Gina’s crustless quiche recipes and this is no exception.

  32. Followed the recipe exactly as written but subbed Gruyère cheese … looked just like the photo … tasted delicious… reheated perfectly for lunch next day … used frozen broccoli & just rolled it in towel to absorb excess moisture before adding to pie pan … I was afraid of water/moisture in bottom of pan but there was absolutely none … a definite WINNER!

  33. super tasty! and pretty easy to make! Took a bit longer in the oven than what the directions say but no biggie

  34. Love this recipe! I used microwave steamed broccoli and it was pretty watery after 40 min, but I put it back in for another 10ish min and then it was great! Will definitely use this recipe again as a way to use up vegetables in the fridge.

  35. This is my fourth time making this quiche – so good! I added sliced sauteed mushrooms with the broccoli – yum!!!

  36. Do I have too use broccoli y

  37. I substituted chicken sausage for the ham. OK, here’s my problem with all of your recipes. My son, who is NOT on a diet, loves them all. Made this recipe this morning and it is half gone😒. What is a dieting Mom supposed to do? Kidding aside, this was great!

  38. Great texture and flavor. I used Silk coconut milk as it was all I had and fat free half and half for the same reason. It turned out wonderfully. I will definitely use the “custard” as a base for other kinds of crustless quiches.

  39. Made with shredded cheddar cheese. Delicious

  40. Love this receipt! I follow it to the letter, but have a small issue. Too much liquid in bottom of dish. Quiche is set, cooked through, but watery on bottom. Can you help?

  41. Sooo good! I made it exactly as written except switched out the cheese because I didn’t have Swiss. It was delicious yesterday when it came out of the oven and equally delicious when I reheat it in the microwave this morning.

  42. This turned out well, I will omit the salt next time, it’s too much with the ham. 

  43. Great and easy recipe!

  44. Is it possible to use almond milk or coconut milk with the recipe? Allergies to milk!

    • I used Almond milk with no issues. Don’t know if that’s why it might have needed more time to cook or not, but still delicious!

  45. Delicious! The only thing I changed was using cheddar in read of Swiss, because that’s what I had on hand and I’m so excited to eat this all week!

  46. I am trying this recipe with a variation; instead of Swiss cheese, I make it with spicy Gouda and baby mushrooms added to the broccoli and ham.  The last time I used pepper jack cheese and it was yummy!  I can smell it now…can’t wait to try it!  So easy and the taste is second to none!

  47. My Family and I love this recipe. wonderful tasting and so easy to make.

  48. The quiche was tasty but when I cut it and took it out of the pie plate, the bottom was watery. Any ideas why?  Thanks.

  49. Delicious and super easy to make, definitely going into my rotation😊

  50. I’m allergic to eggs and need to use egg beaters. If I use egg beaters do I need to do anything different?

  51. So quick and yummy!

  52. Excellent quiche!! I did not have heavy cream so I used about 3
    tablespoons  of sour cream,. I also used Colby/jack cheese that I hat on hand. Super easy and so delicious. 

  53. What I love about your recipes is how easy they are to manipulate as needed. I used more broccoli and ham then called for because I wanted to use it up, so I moved it to a bigger pie pan. I had low fat buttermilk to use up so I used that in place of the milk. I didn’t have half and half so was staring in my fridge considering using plain Greek Yogurt when I saw low fat ricotta that needed to be used up. Then because I used a bigger pie pan I eventually learned that I needed to double the custard ingredients. The quiche will have 8 servings and the points still ended up being 5 per serving!! Score!!!! 

  54. The recipe says Steamed Broccoli? Do you have to cook it first before you put in dish?

  55. Absolutely delicious. A great hit with all the family.

  56. This is my all time favorite recipe of yours. I’ve made this at least 10 times and devour it every time. I do use a frozen crust and it’s delicious. 

  57. I used leftover roasted broccoli for the broccoli (I’m doing the meal plan and I’m a week behind) and it worked great!

  58. This recipe was absolutely delicious.  Thank you!!

  59. I thought this was absolutely delicious. Will be perfect for my lunches this week, again helping me to stay within my daily WW points. Thanks again for another great recipe!

  60. I made quiche and use plain greek yogurt instead of half and half.

  61. When I use the Weight Watchers Calculator App it gives me 7 points. Not sure how you got 5 points, can you explain, please?

    • Hi Lynne. The only accurate way to determine any recipe’s SmartPoints® value is to plug the ingredients into the recipe builder on the Weight Watchers website (Click on “My Foods,” select “Recipe,” and click “Create a recipe.”) which does not count fruits and vegetables in recipes in the calculations as they are now 0 points.

      The SmartPoints® calculator isn’t meant for recipes and will often give you the wrong points (usually higher) because it’s counting the fruits and vegetables. So if you see a recipe with a SmartPoints® value that’s different from what the calculator tells you, now you know why.

  62. This was amazing! Had this and a salad for dinner and it was perfect. Will definitely make it again. 

  63. I made this with fresh asparagus instead of broccoli and it turned out amazing! I took this to work during the week and it reheated perfectly.

  64. LOVED this recipe! I made one for dinner and one for breakfast leftovers throughout the week.

  65. Great recipe. Subbed in spinach instead of broccoli and it was delish! Packed up the rest in meal prep containers with small salad for yummy lunch! Thanks for your easy and healthy recipes Gina!

  66. Made this in muffin tins for individual servings! Wasn’t sure how long to bake-30 minutes worked out fine. I substituted cottage cheese for the half & half (added protein). I steamed the broccoli before head as the recipe called for steamed broccoli. They were delicious, but slightly watery.

  67. I made this as written and it was delish! If you’re interested in an even more custardy crustless quiche, use heavy cream and whole milk, like a tablespoon of flour to stabilize it, and then bake at 325 for 45 minutes

  68. I really want to try this. What size pie dish did you use?

  69. Does this freeze well?

  70. Delicious!!!

  71. Can I make this using an 8×8 dish (or other vessel) instead of a pie dish?

  72. What size pie dish did you use 9″ or 10″

  73. Substituted nonfat greek yogurt for half and half, came out perfect!

  74. Easy and delicious! It was a bit watery on the bottom. Not sure if that comes from the ham’s juices or the broccoli. Also, I used reduced sodium ham and it was still very salty. 

  75. Could I use fat-free or low fat half and half?

  76. How much nutmeg?  it doesn’t list the ingredient, but then says to whisk it in. 

  77. Taste is delicious but it’s watery. I’m not sure why.  It has to be either the ham (although it’s more water than juice) or it’s from steaming the broccoli first before adding it to the pie pan (which I did since recipe calls for steamed broccoli).  Thoughts?

  78. When is the cheese added, on top or with the ham?

  79. Recipie calls for nutmeg but it doesn’t say how much

  80. So good!  I received the email today and added it to my meal prep today!  Had a taste before divvy’ing up… so good!

  81. Do you steam the fresh broccoli before hand? Or does it go in raw?

  82. “Preheat the to 350F degrees. Spray a pie dish with oil.” Missing the word “oven”. Can’t wait to try this! <3

  83. Ingredients don’t include nutmeg. 
    I assume it’s a pinch. 
    Looks delicious!
    Thank you. 

  84. Can I use almond milk instead of the half and half or 2 % milk? If so, how much? 

  85. Hubby WON’T eat broccoli 🥦!  Suggestions as to replacement(s)?  No corn 🌽 either.

  86. I tried to use Trader Joe’s  frozen broccoli in your broccoli cheddar quiche and it came out like soup…we still ate every bite BUT any advice on using frozen?