Spinach Ricotta Quiche

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This easy vegetarian quiche recipe is made with spinach, ricotta cheese, eggs, tomatoes and basil. Perfect for breakfast, lunch or brunch or serve it with a salad for a light dinner.

This easy vegetarian quiche recipe is made with spinach, ricotta cheese, eggs, tomatoes and basil. Perfect for breakfast, lunch or brunch or serve it with a salad for a light dinner.
Spinach Ricotta Quiche

You may have tried my chicken quiche recipe a few weeks ago, it’s the same basic quiche recipe which is so versatile, you can swap just about anything except the milk and eggs. Here I went for summer flavors I love, inspired from my father in laws Italian frittata which he makes with ricotta, delicious!

Other quiche recipes I love are Crustless Broccoli Cheddar Quiche and Petite Crustless Veggie and Turkey Quiche which are a perfect for a gluten free bunch option!

This easy vegetarian quiche recipe is made with spinach, ricotta cheese, eggs, tomatoes and basil. Perfect for breakfast, lunch or brunch or serve it with a salad for a light dinner. This easy vegetarian quiche recipe is made with spinach, ricotta cheese, eggs, tomatoes and basil. Perfect for breakfast, lunch or brunch or serve it with a salad for a light dinner.

How To Make a Lighter Quiche

This quiche recipe starts with a refrigerated pie dough but you can speed things up with a pre-baked shell. If you use unbaked dough, you’ll want to prick the dough with a fork all over once it’s in a pie dish and partially bake it before adding the eggs and filling.

Quiche Variations:

  • For a low-carb option you can omit the pie crust and add more eggs and filling. Spray the pie dish with cooking spray before adding the eggs.
  • Add a few cooked links of Italian chicken sausage removed from the casings.
  • Add roasted peppers or artichokes.

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This easy vegetarian quiche recipe is made with spinach, ricotta cheese, eggs, tomatoes and basil. Perfect for breakfast, lunch or brunch or serve it with a salad for a light dinner.  This easy vegetarian quiche recipe is made with spinach, ricotta cheese, eggs, tomatoes and basil. Perfect for breakfast, lunch or brunch or serve it with a salad for a light dinner. This easy vegetarian quiche recipe is made with spinach, ricotta cheese, eggs, tomatoes and basil. Perfect for breakfast, lunch or brunch or serve it with a salad for a light dinner.  This easy vegetarian quiche recipe is made with spinach, ricotta cheese, eggs, tomatoes and basil. Perfect for breakfast, lunch or brunch or serve it with a salad for a light dinner.

This easy vegetarian quiche recipe is made with spinach, ricotta cheese, eggs, tomatoes and basil. Perfect for breakfast, lunch or brunch or serve it with a salad for a light dinner.
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Spinach Ricotta Quiche

225 Cals 12 Protein 15.5 Carbs 13 Fats
Prep Time: 25 mins
Cook Time: 55 mins
Total Time: 1 hr 20 mins
Yield: 8 servings
COURSE: Breakfast, Brunch
CUISINE: Italian
This easy vegetarian quiche recipe is made with spinach, ricotta cheese, eggs, tomatoes and basil. Perfect for breakfast, lunch or brunch or serve it with a salad for a light dinner.


  • refrigerated Dough for 1, 9-inch, deep dish pie crust
  • 7 large eggs, beaten
  • 2 cups chopped fresh baby spinach, 1 1/2 ounces
  • 2/3 cup skim milk
  • 6 tablespoons grated parmesan
  • 3 tablespoons chopped fresh basil
  • 1/4 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 1/2 cup part skim ricotta
  • 1/3 cup part skim shredded mozzarella
  • 3/4 cups halved grape or cherry tomatoes


  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees Farenheit.
  • Roll the dough out on a well-floured work surface until it’s approximately 11 to 12-inches in diameter.
  • Transfer it to a 9-inch metal or glass pie dish. Using your fingers, press it firmly into the bottom and sides of the pie plate. Trim off any excess, leaving about 1/2-inch overhanging. Then fold/crimp the overhanging dough.
  • Prick the bottom of the pie crust with the tines of a fork. Transfer the pie crust to your pre-heated oven and bake for 10 to 15 minutes, until par-baked.
  • Meanwhile in a large mixing bowl combine eggs with spinach, milk, 2 tablespoons parmesan cheese, basil and salt; mix well.
  • Pour mixture into the par-baked pie crust.
  • In a small bowl combine ricotta with mozzarella and remaining parmesan.
  • Dollop the ricotta all around and top and place tomatoes around the cheese.
  • Place foil on the edges of the crust to prevent them from burning.
  • Place quiche on cookie sheet and bake on the middle oven rack for 50 to 55 minutes, or until top is browned and a knife inserted in center comes out clean.
  • Let cool before serving.


Serving: 1slice, Calories: 225kcal, Carbohydrates: 15.5g, Protein: 12g, Fat: 13g, Saturated Fat: 6g, Cholesterol: 178mg, Sodium: 366.5mg, Fiber: 0.5g, Sugar: 1g
WW Points Plus: 6
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  1. This is absolutely marvelous. I did use whole milk ricotta because that is all they had. Wow! Feels so indulgent but so simple and fresh! Making this a million more times

  2. If I made This crustless what would the calorie count be?

  3. Omg…so delicious. I did not/would not change a thing. Gina, you are incredible.

  4. One of my favorites!

  5. Hi! Is it possible to make this in a 9×13 pan? If so, would bake time be shorter?

  6. since tomato season is over, could you try canned diced tomato’s drained?

  7. Seriously one of my favorite quiche recipes! It’s so creamy and delicious! Low fat isn’t a concern for us, so I used full fat ricotta and whole milk. Even my seven year old likes it!

  8. Hi there! I just wanted to let you know I’ve tried this recipe multiple times and it’s delicious every time! I skip the crust and it’s just as good. Also, I’ve substituted the ricotta for goat cheese and it’s just as delicious! Today I replaced the spinach with finely chopped broccoli and YUM!!! Thanks for a fabulous and versatile recipe I’ll make time and again!

  9. My family loves this recipe!!!  Can you make ahead and freeze?

  10. Can you make this ahead and freeze it?  My family loves this!!  

  11. LOVED this!  The whole family did, even my picky son!!  Very easy to make, too.

  12. How many eggs if making crust less? Thanks

  13. This was absolutely delicious!  Hubby loved it. On the make again list!

  14. If going crustless, how many more eggs should I use?

  15. This recipe looks delicious. Unfortunately, my husband does not like quiche. Has anyone frozen individual portions? If so, I wondered how that worked out. I would like to make it, but I would be the only one eating it.

    Thanks in advance for any input.

    • I’ve frozen individual portions, and it’s great! I just take it out the night before and put it in the fridge. 

  16. I made this as a crustless quiche. Very yummy, subtracted the carb calories for the crust.

  17. This quiche is delicious! I made it for a brunch with girl friends and everyone loved it! This is definitely going to be on my list to make again! Thank you!!!

  18. Not sure if this was covered, but to save calories, could you use half whole eggs and maybe half egg beaters?

  19. Your recipe says to add more eggs and filling if crustless. Can you recommend how much more so as to not ruin the flavors? Thank you 

  20. Can you use frozen spinach??

  21. This is so good, I love the melty ricotta on top, seems so decadent! The first time I made as a quiche, and the second time I made it as a crustless bake in a 9×9″ casserole dish, and it was still so good that I will do that next time. Saves about 120 calories a serving! Oh and I added a little crumbled bacon on top ; ), so that added about 20 calories a serving! I like to brown everything even more under the broiler once its set. Comes out to 105 calories a serving with these changes. So I have a double serving!

  22. The flavors were excellent however the ingredients create too much volume if you purchase a frozen deep dish pie crust.  It’d be helpful if you could let us know how much to decrease everything by if you choose to not make the crust from scratch. Thanks for another wonderful recipe! 

  23. did you add extra eggs? if so how many?
    Recipe states you can do so but neglects to say how many

    I would not want to get the ratios off and dilute the flavor meld.


  24. Have made this twice.  The first time, I used the recipe as is.  The second time, I lowered the points and upped the flavor by skipping the crust and lining the pie pan with prosciutto as my crust.  I lined the bottom with a round of parchment paper before the prosciutto!  It was fabulous!!!

    • I made this tonight for dinner.  It was absolutely delicious!!!  I never thought I was a quiche kind of person but this was amazing!!!  Shared it with everyone!!! 

  25. I don’t know that I have enough words in my vocabulary to properly express how FREAKING DELICIOUS this egg pie is. (We call quiche egg pie in our house because we’re not fancy) Oh. My. Glorb. It’s stupendous. Doesn’t taste at ALL low calorie… I have to make sure that I cut and individually wrap the portions so I don’t just go to town on the whole pie.

    The biggest surprise to me was the ricotta cheese… nuggets? I wasn’t expecting them to be so creamy and cheesy and stringy and just… yum. I was eating this as my sole breakfast item for almost 2 months straight before I decided I should probably try something new… but I just keep going back to it… because it’s that amazing.

  26. Delicious. I made it crustless and it was great

  27. I love this recipe and have made it several times but this was the first time I entered in the WW recipe builder. It came out to 8 points for the Green plan. I entered the Pillsbury pie crust.

  28. Hi, I made this quiche today and it is delicious. I pointed it because I used Oronoque Orchard Flaky Homestyle frozen pie crust, 9” deep. It came out to be 7 points on Blue. Not sure which premade crust you used but I’d appreciate it if you could share. I enjoyed the quiche very much and had room in my day for it. Like all WW folks, if I can get more for less, I’d love it! Thanks!

  29. This was the very first Skinny Taste recipe I made . It is wonderful. Very flavorful and satisfying. It is a family favorite.

  30. It’s in the oven now and I’m sure will be delicious! I would include a hint to use pie weights or beans when blind-baking the pie shell.

  31. A very filling and delicious breakfast!

  32. Love this one and it is versatile to add what ever veggies too. I did (as another skinny taste recipe) and added 1/3 cup chopped pepper and had some leek to be used and added 1/2 cup of that–and some shredded zucchini–maybe 3 ounces, the fresh basil garlic–I did soften up the vegetables inn a skillet a bit before adding to the eggs. I mixed the cheese and veggies and eggs together and added sliced tomato on top, Pretty. (-and cottage cheese for the ricotta,) I like it without the crust too. Will make often with what I have on hand. A favorite.

  33. Can i make crustless in muffin tins

  34. Fabulous! In didn’t follow the directions completely (typical me). I mixed everything together. The best quiche I’ve ever made. Next time, I’ll skip the crust.

  35. Fantastic! Thank you for another “keeper” recipe that I will make for friends and family! 

  36. Hi Gina is there any way to change the recipe to state using a deep dish pie crust?  I bought a regular and after reading the reviews I knew I’d have to make alterations.  It was still a mess getting it into the oven.  I used 6 eggs and cut the milk by 1/4 cup.  I have no doubt that it will still be amazing as always.  Thanks for all your hard work!

  37. Just made this quiche and oh sooo delicious! Is this recipe in one of your cookbooks? If so which one?

  38. I’ve looked several times and can’t find a number of servings. For the points listed, are you slicing the pie into 6 or 8 pieces? Thanks!

  39. Can you make this with egg whites? If so, how many

    • In one of her other recipes (Caramelized Onion, Red Pepper and Zucchini Frittata,) she added this note:

      ‘To make the frittata lighter, use half eggs and half egg whites. For every egg that you substitute, use two egg whites’

  40. One of the best quiches I’ve ever eaten, and the best I ever made.

  41. I am a senior, living alone. Do you think I could halve the recipe and cook it in a small casserole dish? 

  42. This looks great but can you tell me how many green points this would be if I made it crustless?

    Thank you

  43. I just love this recipe!. It takes some time to bake but the recipe itself is simple enough. There’s so much yummy cheese in every bite it’s hard to believe this recipe is “skinny”!

  44. I love this recipe! I just moved to Colorado from New Jersey. I made this a few times in Jersey with delicious results. I just tried it in Colorado for the first time today and it was total liquid after 55 min. Do you have suggestions on any changes for high altitude? So far I’m on my third batch of extra 10 min in the oven 😬

    • I live in Denver and I’ve made this a few times without trouble (think I baked about 12-15 min for the crust and 55 min. with the filling)… I wonder if it matters what type of dish you use? I’ve been using a Pyrex pie plate directly on the oven rack (no cookie sheet).

    • I live in CO at 5400 feet and I usually add 5 degrees to the bake temperature and cook for an extra 10 mins (until cooked in the middle). I’ve made it 4x now and each time has come out perfectly!

  45. This is so easy and has great flavor!  My daughter is vegeterian so this is a nice go to.  The rest of the family does baked chicken on the side.

  46. How long will this last? I want to make for lunches this week, but can’t eat it every day – I need variety 🙂

  47. Very easy, very pretty. I make this often: for my family and when we have people over. May be my imagination, but eggs seem smaller these days, so I always add extra eggs.
    Going to try it w/o crust bc I don’t have any on hand and it’s too much hassle to make some.

  48. Can I use frozen spinach in this recipe?

  49. Love this recipe! I make it all the time, I’ve made it twice in the last week. It is perfect for reheating and bringing to work with you. I modified it a little. I added two extra eggs, bringing the total to 9. I also add more spinach and more tomatoes. However, when I build the recipe on WW, it comes up as 4 points for 1/4 of the dish. I’ve built the recipe twice because Skinnytaste says it is 5 points for 1/8 the dish. I recommend double-checking. Also, make sure to adjust the time when you add extra items. I cook mine for about 20 minutes extra and I am using a deep pie dish.

    I also use Wewalka Pie Crust from Meijer. It is lard free for other vegetarians out there. Thanks for the recipe!

  50. Great recipe! Simple and pretty quick. It reheats  very well so I often make it on Sunday and then we have it for a quick weeknight dinner with a salad. I imagine it might also freeze well after baking. I probably should make a double batch and then wrap one up tight after baking and stash in the freezer for a later meal. 

  51. I made this quiche for a family brunch, it was a success! Great taste and texture, everyone loved it!

  52. Best quiche I ever made! Moist, healthy and satisfying! 

  53. Gina, how many points er ould this be without the crust?

  54. Holy smokes!  This quiche is delicious!  It is so elegant and sophisticated.  You can definitely serve it to impress someone.

  55. Once again, a yummy recipe. This would be great to take to a brunch gathering. Yummy. Came out just like the picture!

  56. Delicious and very flavorful

  57. I think I got this recipe down to 1 point per serving accidentally, but I might be crazy?! I made it crustless, used almond milk instead of skim, used Daiya mozzarella (as well as the light Ricotta) as that’s all I had in the fridge… and when I put it into the WW Recipe Builder it shows up as one point per serving!

  58. I made this recipe and loved it! I added artichokes and roasted red pepper as suggested. 

  59. I made this recipe last night. It was delicious! My family really loved it.

  60. This was delicious and so easy to make.  

  61.   The flavor is excellent. The only thing I would do differently is possibly cook 30 minutes longer and if using a store-bought pie crust get the deep dish. 

  62. Wonder if I could substitute with Egg Beaters? Anyone tried it? Can’t wait to make this!!

  63. I made this for Easter Brunch along with a traditional Quiche Lorraine.  My family devoured Gina’s quiche and barely touched the high fat Quiche!  Go figure!  I will definitely be adding this to the rotation.  Another Skinnytaste winner for us.  Thanks, Gina!!

  64. This is one of my favorite recipes of yours! I’m wanting to make it for Easter for a my huge family. Do you think I could double this recipe and make it in a casserole dish or should I just make two quiches? 

    • Are you making with or without crust?

      • Without crust . Would you bake it for the same amount of time ?
        Add 2 more eggs ?

      • I would start with the original timing,but you’ll have to keep an eye on it and do the toothpick test.

    • I made this for a baby shower and just doubled everything since I was making 2 worked perfectly. Very well reception from the guest. I have one in the oven for dinner today son requested it since he ended up with the leftovers last weekend.

  65. Made this for guests at my families bed and breakfast! It was amazing. So beautiful too! Making it again for my sister tonight, FAVE!

  66. Can’t wait to try it  but when plugged your nutritional info into my WW calculator, it said 7 points

  67. The eggs were a little runny, but I think that’s my oven. My picky eater husband and I enjoyed it!

  68. Could you substitute cottage cheese for the ricotta? I love ricotta, but don’t have any on hand at the moment. 

    • Just wondering if you tried it with cottage cheese? I was wondering the same thing!

      • If you try cottage cheese, I would blend cottage in blender first to make it a creamer consistency. Otherwise, I think, texture would be off.

  69. Just made this, this morning and had it for lunch so good..

  70. Excited to make this recipe! Is the dough regular store bought dough or Skinny taste dough?

  71. If I ‘m not using the crust how many more eggs and filling so I use? Thanks

  72. This was my second time making this and it is delish! This time I forgot the spinach and the basil (don’t grocery shop when you’re tired ????) so I used kale instead of spinach and I added three strips of crumbled bacon. It didn’t add any points!

  73. This was probably the best quiche I have ever had!

  74. I bought a pre-made nine inch pie crust and placed the pie crust in an Emile Henry pie dish. I found the seven eggs to be far too many and I ended up having to scoop out more than 1/2 cup of liquid.
    The baking time also ended up being nearly double what the recipe said. I gave up after nearly two hours. I found out later that when you use low-fat products it can make quiches watery. Normally when I bake cookies in my oven, my oven cooks them faster than the recipe called for, so I was surprised the quiche took so long.
    Give yourself extra time to make this incase it takes you longer than you expected.
    I’ve loved all of the Skinnytaste recipes I’ve tried so far. I’m not entirely sure what went wrong with this one.

  75. This is delicious! I will definitely make this again, and use it as my go to recipe for brunch or for something to bring to a potluck.

  76. How much more eggs and filling would I need if I omitted the crust? What would the SP value be? Thank you!

  77. Hi there! Love this recipe (made it twice with store bought crust) but I’m having trouble with the par bake. My crust keeps falling into itself. What gives? When I make my homemade crust and quiche I just bake it all at the same time without the par-bake…any tips or tricks! Thank you!! 

  78. Can you use almond
    Milk instead of skim? 

  79. Is there something that subs well for spinach? I am allergic but this just looks too good to pass up.

  80. Is this crust homemade? I didnt see a recipe for it or a suggested crust?

  81. I made this for myself and my whole family ended up eating it. I had to make another one. Delicious, satisfying and very easy to make. Tasty breakfast or lunch.

  82. How would this reheat? I need to make it the day before and reheat individual slices. Does it still taste okay?

  83. Hi Gina,  love the recipes! I am changing to low carb and am doing the quiche crust less and am coming out with 12 carbs each is this possible?Making it in a more tin approx 9 mini quiche in muffin tins.

    • Are you using the recipe builder?

      • Oh my that makes such a difference.  I can enjoy breakfast….  This is one of my favourite recipes and I was worried I would not be able to have it any,ore.

        Thank you for letting me know about Recipe Builder.  You Rock?

  84. Gina, Love your recipes! I do not see how many this serves?

  85. Hi Gina!
    I am a huge fan of your blog and recipes! Thank you for all that you do! Any tips for preparing this the night before and then just popping it in the oven in the morning? We have friends arriving from a red eye flight and we want to offer them a good meal without a lot of fuss at 6 a.m. 🙂 Thanks again!

  86. This was easy, delicious and healthy! Loved it and have made it several times.

  87. I made this yesterday! It was delicious! Thanks Gina for another great recipe! I love your website!

  88. I’m thinking about making this for a group in muffin tins or mini muffin tins. I was thinking I’d do a dollop of the cheese in each one with one tomato. What would you recommend for the cooking time if I did that?

  89. Can you slice it and freeze pieces?

  90. I made this for dinner tonight. Delish! Now I will freeze the remainder in individual slices so I can enjoy it for the next few weeks. Nice to have leftovers that freeze well rather than having to eat the same thing for a week! One of the drawbacks of cooking for one.

  91. This looks delicious!  I plan to make it for a friend who is on the Keto Diet.  What can I do to adjust this recipe, so that it is Keto approved?

  92. Made this last night for dinner, and it will easily become part if our meal rotation. Easy to make and full of flavor. Looks so nice it would be perfect for company too. Thanks Gina!

  93. This was so good and easy to make. Will definitely be making it again!

  94. I made this for a friend for supper.  I knew she had not been impressed with quiche in the past, but I thought I’d try it anyway. I added one sliced lightly sautéed leek and after the first bite, she declared it was the first quiche she’s ever liked. Kudos to you Gina. You are so creative. Thanks for making my Weight Watcher journey so easy and delicious.

  95. Wow! This is definitely the tastiest quiche I’ve had to date! I subbed almond milk for skim milk and sundried tomatoes in place of cherry tomatoes (husband doesn’t like them). I used the same crust Gina used and it turned out great, although there was excess filling, as some other reviews mentioned. Overall, a versatile dish for any meal of the day! 

  96. We made this yesterday for a family birthday brunch. It was so delicious ! I will definitely make it again.

  97. Can this be done in a muffin tin? If so, what do you suggest for crust and what would tell and cooking time be?

  98. I have frozen spinach in the freezer already. I would like to use it up but worried it might effect the moisture content. What’s your opinion on that?

  99. Just tried this quiche. It was yummy. Presentation was so nice. Will definitely try it again.

  100. I made this quiche for dinner last night and it was a big hit. It is creamy and delicious. Thank you Gina for sharing this recipe!

  101. This looks delicious. If I use frozen spinach, do you know how many ounces?

  102. This is a wonderful recipe. So light and fresh. Quite quick to make! Will definitely make again. I have made other quiche recipes that weren’t as healthy, while they were good, this is yummy and healthy! A win win!

  103. So good and so easy to make! I’ve used many quiche recipes and this is by far my favorite.

  104. Are there freezing options for this?

  105. This looks good, but how can it be gluten free, as the legend indicates?  The pie crust must have flour in it.  I understand you can modify the recipe by deleting the crust, but the recipe shouldn’t be labeled GF if you have to modify it to make it so.

  106. This was so SO delicious! And the perfect meatless meal. The cheesy ricotta bites were next level. I can’t wait to have it for breakfast tomorrow.

    Thanks for all your hard work and for sharing your recipes. I tell all my friends about this blog! It’s a game changer!

  107. Made this tonight and it was a hit!!

  108. Another winner! Just delicious.  I haven’t made a recipe of yours yet that has not been terrific!

  109. You can also make a crust with white or sweet potatoes. Just slice them really thin, leaving the skin on. and place them in your greased pie plate. Bake for 8 min. Then add your filling and continuing as recipe shows…I added fresh basil to mine…yum.

  110. The crust available at my grocery store was pre-rolled out and I just had to unravel and place in a ceramic pie dish. My crust slid down the sides, however, and the filling spilled over the edges. Do you have any tips to prevent this from happening? 

  111. These are fantastic. I made two of them. One with the called-for basil and one with fresh cilantro. I used frozen spinach as that is what I had and I made it crustless as I am trying to watch my carbs a bit. Very flavorul and easy to make. Thank you SkinnyTaste! I use this site and your cookbook on a weekly basis.

  112. I loved this!! I believe next time I would add chicken or turkey sausage. Will make again!!

  113. if you made it crustless how much would it reduce the calories by

  114. This was wonderful, even better than we expected. I even experimented with making my own crust and that turned out great as well. I saw that you commented that you almost didn’t post this recipe, but I’m so glad you did 🙂

    • Thanks Jen! I almost didn’t, but my aunt had my recipe and made it for Mothers Day and it was such a hit. I overthink things a lot!

  115. Everyone loved it.  Made it 2x already

  116. This was so good!!! I used a frozen pie crust because I had one on hand and it overflowed a good bit. I’m going use a deeper dish and the refrigerated crust next time so I don’t lose any of that yumminess! I’ll be making this one again and and again and again! Thanks for all your great recipes!

  117. Used a 9″ crust – but waaaay too much filling. It’s all oozing over the sides,

  118. Loved it!   My husband, not the quiche kinda guy, went for seconds!  

  119. I made this recipe and everyone loved it! The Pillsbury crust I used came out perfectly…. Today I bought Kroger pie crust, followed the same methods, baked at 350 degrees as the recipe states – it fell, I thought I did something wrong and made another – the same thing happened. Has anyone else experienced this? The pie crust box says to baked at 460… did I do it all wrong?

    • My Kroger crust fell as well!  I followed Gina’s directions perfectly, but hers are for a Pillsbury crust. I will try a Pillsbury crust next time. I’m glad I’m not the only one who had that problem! 

  120. I made this last night for dinner. It was sooo good. Had leftovers for lunch. Loved the Ricotta cheese. 

  121. Just made this and the hubby loved it! I added about 4 ounces of mild Italian sausage because my man is a true meat-eater. I would suggest using a deep dish pie crust, as there was a slight overflow of filling. I will definitely be making his again!

  122. AMAZING,,,,so delicious!!

  123. I made this for breakfast and it was delicious. I made it without a crust so I don’t know the point difference. Also I do not usually check the point value but decided to do it this time. Using the nutritional information  given in the recipe I came up with 7 free style points not 5. Although mine was still less than 7 since there wasn’t a crust. 

  124. We have a new favourite quiche recipe in our house! I bought pre-made pie crust. This quiche is simple, quick and has great flavour. I will be trying your other quiche recipes soon! Thank you for making our dinner so much better and healthier! This recipe is husband, 2.5 year old and mama approved! 

  125. I thought I would get two meals out of this dish. My husband devoured it and if I’m really honest, so did I. . It was fantastic. Wonderful meatless meal. This will be on my regular rotation. I am planning a brunch with friends and this is what I will serve. Thank you for making my life easier with all of your delicious recipes. My husband thinks I’m a chef!

  126. I’d love to make this to take on a girls’ weekend. Think I can underbake it by like ten minutes, transport it, then bake it at my destination for like 15 minutes?

  127. This was amazing!!! And the reheated left overs are amazing too!!! I mean, AH-MAZING!! When you get the bites with ricotta, ohhh myyyy *swoon*.

  128. My first quiche ever! So delicious. Mine ran over the edges but luckily I put it on a baking dish before. I think I may have added too much spinach! Yummy! Thanks for the awesome recipe!

  129. Thank you! I enjoyed the ease of this recipe, the delish factor and the low points! ?

  130. I made this without the crust, but everything else was exactly as is and it’s delicious! My daughter doesn’t really like eggs, but even she gobbled this up. Next time I’m doubling it though, because this served just the three of us and we all really wanted more. It is that good! 

  131. Made this yesterday, without a crust. Used an extra egg and a bit more spinach. Baked it a bit longer 65 minutes). It was delicious and look forward to making it make again.

  132. This one just came out of the oven and smells divine! I made it without the crust. The WW recipe builder says 2pts without the crust based on 8 servings.

  133. We had this for dinner last night – delicious!  I had used up all of our mozzarella on homemade pizzas so I subbed Swiss with no issues.  I used pre-made pie crusts and split the filling between 2.  (The crusts were shallow and closer to 8”.)  My whole family enjoyed this and it looked pretty to boot.  This one’s going in the recipe rotation for sure!

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    I can’t wait to try this as everything I’ve ever made from this site is AMAZING!!

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  153. It is really misleading to recommend 9″ pie dish. I used it according to the recipe, and the egg mixture was overflowing. It’s better to recommend 10″ quiche dish or deep pie dish. Wasn’t happy with the recipe. 

    • It’s a 9 inch deep dish, sorry I realize not all pie dishes are the same.

      • It’s a family favorite of ours and yes it’s a 9” pie pan works great. You must prick side and bottom with times of a fork and prebake. This a common way to do pie crusts. It’s delicious! Thank you GINA!!  It’s great as my daughter is vegetarian and we are all meat eaters and no feels cheated. It’s our go to quiche!

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    • Exactly the question I had! Thanks for reporting back. I forgot the ricotta at the store, so I’ll give it a try with cottage cheese. 

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    • It depends on the size of your pie dish, I might add 4 more eggs?

      • Crustless in oven now..smells delish,  added 1 more egg but put in an 8″ pie  pan… full to the top..don’t know time yet..set for 50 will test at 45

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  184. How many points for a slice?

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    • Since the base of this recipe is ricotta, this may not be the best quiche for you.

    • Maybe yku could try making
      your own tofu or almond based ricotta and replace the milk
      with unsweetened almond 
      milk? I’ve seen several recipes on pinterest for the plant-based 

    • Kite Hill makes a “ricotta” that’s dairy free. I’m a big fan of her “cream cheese” and chives but haven’t tried the “ricotta” yet. Taste is excellent. It’s a little pricy but worth the try. You can find it at Whole Foods and Fairway by me. 

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  190. Not really “skinny” but joy the baker has a great pie crust recipe that always comes out. Never calc’d the points for it, but it definitely tastes good!!

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  194. Hi Gina! Do you have a dough recipe? They don’t sell pie dough in my area (Dominican Republic!). Skinnytatse die hard fan…just made the peruvian green sauce..HUGE HIT!

    • Yay!! I don’t, sorry! You can also make it without the crust

      • Would the cooking time be the same for crust-less recipe?

      • i just made this today without the piecrust. I cooked it for the same amount of time.

      • I wonder what the Freestyle points would be without the crust?
        Also-that Peruvian Green sauce-is FABULOUS!!

      • Spinach Ricotta Quiche NO pie crust, 1 serving(s) 124 3 7 11 0 165
        Skinnytaste – Spinach Ricotta Quiche, 1 Slice 225 16 13 12 1 367

    • No-Cholesterol, Low-Fat Crust
      The foundation to any good pie is a tasty crust. Fat free pie crusts just don’t cut it, but this low-fat, zero-cholesterol recipe is delicious, and healthy to boot!

      1 1/3 cup white flour
      1/2 tsp salt
      1/3 cup canola oil
      3 Tbsp skim milk
      Mix flour and salt in one bowl, oil and milk in another. Combine dry and wet ingredients. Beat with a fork until clumps form. Use lightly-floured hands to press into a ball, and flatten out into a 5-6 inch diameter pancake. Roll out between sheets of wax paper, to desired thickness (at least 12-inch diameter). Peel off top sheet of paper, flip into 9-inch pie plate, peel off second sheet. Press dough into pie plate, trim edges, and pinch or flute.

      If making a double-crust pie, double the recipe and set aside half the dough before rolling.

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