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The Skinnytaste Ultimate Meal Planner

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I’m so excited to share Skinnytaste Ultimate Meal Planner is now available for pre-order!

Skinnytaste Ultimate Meal Planner

The Skinnytaste Ultimate Meal Planner

When I began my health journey a few years ago, I found that the two things that helped the most were a) cooking my own healthy dinners at home where I was in full control of what went into my meals and b) planning my meals ahead for the week.

The Skinnytaste Ultimate Meal Planner was designed to help you keep your goals on track and make meal planning easier and more organized. The 52 week spiral bound meal planner has weekly meal planning grids you can tear out and put on your fridge if you wish, a 12-week meal plan, 30 (15 new) recipes, and tear-out grocery lists. I love starting my week with gratitude, affirmations and intentions, so I included a space for that as well. I hope you will love this as much as I do! Here’s a sneak peak:

Skinnytaste Ultimate Meal PlannerSkinnytaste Ultimate Meal Planner

Pre-order here:

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10 comments on “The Skinnytaste Ultimate Meal Planner”

  1. Hi Gina, im trying to use the point system with Weight Watchers when ever I make your recipes. Im wondering if theres away I can get help with that. Love all your recipes!😊

  2. I love my meal planner book so much and have used it all year!! I am ready to buy one for next year. Is there going to be a new edition that has some new recipes and ideas or should I just order another of the same one that I have? 

  3. Hi Gina I just wanted you to know that I’m loving all the different recipes here I’m new here and also tried putting my email and haven’t heard anything back. I would love to be a part in reading & learning new recipes as I’m going to go through the bariatric surgery. I’d appreciate any help in recipes Regards, Betty

  4. Trying to enter my email/name above to receive new recipes and exclusive content but every time I try it returns telling me it’s an invalid email, which it is not.  I have verified spelling, etc and it’s correct. 

  5. Hi Gina – Just wondering if possibly you could answer my question are you still gonna have a food log page available and points and or calories?

    Thank you

  6. Just pre-ordered the new ultimate food planner will  the blue green and purple smart points still be shown