Chicken Pot Pie Soup

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The taste of chicken pot pie, in a soup!

The taste of chicken pot pie, in a soup! Chicken pot pie is ultimate comfort food and this creamy, chunky soup is loaded with chicken, potatoes, mushrooms, peas, carrots, corn, celery, onions and green beans in every bite.

Chicken pot pie is ultimate comfort food and this creamy, chunky soup is loaded with chicken, potatoes, mushrooms, peas, carrots, corn, celery, onions and green beans in every bite. It’s also great with leftover turkey, as I do here in this Turkey Pot Pie Soup recipe.

It’s a blizzard here today and I’m snowed in! No worries, I have all the ingredients to make this soup and I thought I would share this popular recipe from the archives for those of you who are new followers. Hopefully you’ll be inspired to make it this week for your family, trust me you’ll be glad you did!

The taste of chicken pot pie, in a soup! Chicken pot pie is ultimate comfort food and this creamy, chunky soup is loaded with chicken, potatoes, mushrooms, peas, carrots, corn, celery, onions and green beans in every bite.

You can modify this with the vegetables you like to suit your taste. If you want to get fancy, you can serve this in hollowed out bread bowls or serve it with cut-out baked pie crust (extra points), but I often make them with these Easy Garlic Cheddar Biscuits.

This recipe requires cooked chicken breast. If you have raw chicken, poach 3 breasts in water for 15 minutes, then remove and dice into bite-sized pieces. This soup is super filling! One cup fills me up, but if you want a larger serving, I posted nutritional info for a larger bowl as well. Leftovers make a great lunch!!

How To Make Chicken Pot Pie Soup

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The taste of chicken pot pie, in a soup! Chicken pot pie is ultimate comfort food and this creamy, chunky soup is loaded with chicken, potatoes, mushrooms, peas, carrots, corn, celery, onions and green beans in every bite.
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Chicken Pot Pie Soup

268 Cals 30 Protein 32 Carbs 3.5 Fats
Prep Time: 10 mins
Cook Time: 35 mins
Total Time: 45 mins
Yield: 6 servings
COURSE: Dinner, Lunch, Soup
CUISINE: American
Chicken pot pie is ultimate comfort food and this creamy, chunky soup is loaded with chicken, potatoes, mushrooms, peas, carrots, corn, celery, onions and green beans in every bite.


  • 1/4 cup flour, to make gluten-free use 2 tbsp cornstarch instead
  • 2 cups water
  • 4 cups fat free milk
  • 1 large celery stalk, chopped
  • 1/2 medium chopped onion
  • 8 oz sliced baby portobello mushrooms
  • 2 chicken bouillons
  • fresh ground pepper
  • pinch of thyme
  • 10 oz frozen classic mixed vegetables, peas, carrots, green beans, corn
  • 2 potatoes, peeled and cubed small
  • 16 oz cooked chicken breast, diced small
  • salt


  • Create a slurry by combining 1/2 cup of the cold water with flour in a medium bowl and whisk until well blended. Set aside.
  • Pour remaining water and milk into a large pot and slowly bring to a boil.
  • Add celery, onion, mushrooms, chicken bullion, thyme, fresh pepper, frozen vegetables and return to a boil.
  • Partially cover and simmer on low until vegetables are soft, about 20 minutes.
  • Remove lid, add potatoes and cook until soft, about 5 minutes.
  • Add chicken, and slowly whisk in slurry, stirring well as you add.
  • Cook another 2-3 minutes, until soup thickens, adjust salt and pepper to taste and serve.


Serving: 1- 1/2 cups, Calories: 268kcal, Carbohydrates: 32g, Protein: 30g, Fat: 3.5g, Saturated Fat: 0.5g, Cholesterol: 64mg, Sodium: 983mg, Fiber: 4g, Sugar: 12g
WW Points Plus: 6
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  1. Made this for dinner tonight. It was quick and easy to make, and very good!

  2. This was very tasty!  Our three young boys and my husband loved it.  I sauteed the onion and celery in a little butter and sprinkled it with poultry seasoning before adding it to the soup.  I also used chicken broth instead of the water and chicken bouillon for more flavor.  It thickened after it sat for a while and got even better as it thickened.  Will definitely make again.

  3. Is there any way I could make this dairy free? What could I replace the milk with?

  4. I’m in the process of making this, and just an added tip- I need quite a bit more than 5 minutes to often those potatoes.  And I cut them very small.  More like 15 minutes. I used red potatoes 

  5. Tried to make this with oat milk and unfortunately it split. I’m wondering if perhaps next time I add all the oat milk to the flour and cook the veg etc. in the 2 cups of chicken broth, then add the oat milk/flour mixture at the end. 

    I found this to be a little bland but that’s easily fixed by sautéing the onions, celery, and adding some garlic. Also by adding more salt, pepper and herbs. I’ll try again using the above technique and let you know if it can be made with oat milk. 

  6. This was VERY good. Nice and thick. I don’t like mushrooms so I just doubled the frozen veggies. It needs salt though. We serves with biscuits on the side. Will prob double next time. 

  7. I enjoyed this soup. I used leftover turkey and sautéed the celery and onions in butter and seasoned with salt and pepper before adding to the soup. I also added quite a bit of salt throughout. I diced the potatoes very small and added earlier than the recipe suggested and they were fine. 

  8. I really enjoyed this recipe! After reading some comments I made a few of my own changes. Instead of water and chicken bouillons I used chicken broth (adjusted 3.5 cups of milk and 2 cups of chicken broth). I also sauteed the onion and celery for a few minutes first in olive oil and a small amount of butter. This also helped cut down the time the vegetables needed to soften. I used white yams instead of potatoes (delicious!) and shredded rotisserie chicken which really helps add more depth of flavor. Turned out great! I did make the cheddar biscuits with it too.

  9. Can this be made in a crockpot?

  10. The flavor was good I made it to a T except i used regular milk. I should have known better than to put the potatoes in so late they were hardddd still and mine were only small cubes. I would make it again with some tweaks, I will do the celery and onion sauteed before bringing adding liquids to boil and add my potatoes in right away.

  11. My family loved this! 

  12. I made this as written except I had no celery and used 1% milk. I need to use canned goods up, so I used canned mushrooms and 3 cans of chicken to reach 16 oz. It’s delicious! Looking forward to my lunches this week. Very easy and tasty for so few ingredients. 

  13. I love this!  I use extra veggies (but use fresh), extra chicken, and a sprig of fresh rosemary when simmering.  I add a little corn starch to the slurry. When done, I put some of it on a casserole, top with reduced fat refrigerated crescent rolls and bake at 350 for 20 minutes until browned.  The remainder of the soup makes great lunches! 

  14. What would be a good substitute for the mushrooms? My daughter doesnt like them. 🙄 

    • I add extra celery, a whole onion (rather than just a half), and a fresh carrot.  My frozen veggies come in a 12 oz bag, and I use the whole thing.  Sometimes I add an extra potato if I feel that the ones I have on hand are on the smaller side. (Perks of the purple plan!)

      I hate mushrooms, so I’ve never made this soup with them, but I think it’s great with the extra veggies- definitely still a hearty soup! 

      Hope this helps! 

  15. I made this for my husband & I for dinner last night – really loved it, thought it had great flavor and was hearty without being too heavy. Would definitely add the potatoes at the same time as the rest of the vegetables to prevent burning. I also think I brought the milk & water mix to a boil too quickly, because I burned the bottom of my enamel coated cast iron pot BADLY! So, that wasn’t fun. Posting here to say great recipe, will be making again but be careful and don’t make the same mistake I did if you make it! 

  16. Delicious!!  Made this on a cold and rainy night and it hit the spot.  I made it for my husband and his 17 year old son and they had no idea that it was lightened up.  I used canned chicken bc that’s what I had on hand.  Another great Skinnytaste recipe!

  17. Can this be made in the instant pot?

  18. Unfortunately I also agree with those that said it was bland. I’ve made this before and I thought it was better then but I didn’t like it this time around. I even sautéed the vegetables and added total chicken seasoning and garlic and it was still really bland. I’m sorry Gina. I love most of your recipes but this didn’t do it for me. 😕 

  19. Do you think this would freeze okay? I’m not sure how cooked potatoes would be after being frozen..

    • I don’t think this one will.

    • Could use use unsweetened almond.milk in the soup recipe?

      I have used this recipe so many times. Just trying to gondairy free with the almond milk.

    • I’ve frozen it, and I’m not always thrilled by the results when I thaw it. For me, this is one that I freeze by necessity- I have an extra serving that I didn’t eat- rather than by plan- ie, I’m going to make this, freeze half of it, and eat it during that busy week at the end of the month.  I’d suggest eating sooner rather than later, as I think it degrades over time. 

  20. This is absolutely delicious. My husband has on his make again list with no changes, which is unusual . I only used one potato to cut back on carbs and used canned chicken. Great cool weather meal.

  21. I was not impressed! The recipe had no flavor. I added additional bouillon and salt with no improvement. 

    I will not be be making this again.

  22. I made this exactly as written except I forgot mushrooms (oops!) and it is DELICIOUS!! It tastes just a good as a soul
    Made with all the heavier stuff. I love it.

  23. I made this exactly as written, except that I used two Knorr bouillon cubes that are twice as big as the little ones.  It is yummy. My potatoes cooked fine in 5 minutes, perhaps because I cut them very small.  I will make it again.

  24. Delicious!  Used 2 cups 2% milk and 2 cups cashew milk. Also sautéed veggies in 1 tablespoon Butter first. Also added another 1/4 cup flour to make it even thicker. With those substitutions, the calorie count per serving is less than your version as written. Can’t figure out how that is. 

  25. I made a couple of changes but it came out delicious!😊. I cooked the vegetables and chicken (raw) first along with a bullion cube and water.  I had the potatoes in there too in order to make sure they were done.  I added a pinch more corn starch and mine was on the thicker side which I wanted.

  26. This soup came out very yummy! I made this in my Instant Pot, and used the “soup” function. After the soup was done, I put the pot on simmer and added my cornstarch, water and milk until thickened slightly. All the veggies, including the potato were added at the same time in the pot. Since I used boxed broth, which I find to be on the bland side,  I added some chicken concentrate bouillon for flavor. Of course, we all will flavor to our own taste buds, and I flavored mine with a pinch of thyme as suggested, but added an additional pinch of poultry seasoning and It came out great, and this recipe will definitely be a regular soup I make at home. Thanks for the recipe! 

  27. This is so GOOD!! Thank you!!

  28. I tried this recipe years ago and was not impressed; just did not have enough flavor for me.  I just made it again with a few changes and it was much better; in fact, very good. I poached my own chicken breasts with onion and celery.  I first sautéed onion, carrot (2), celery (2 stalks) and garlic (2 cloves) in 1 t. butter and 1 t. olive oil before adding the milk. Instead of water I used the broth from the poached chicken for added flavor.  I used frozen peas and corn (no green beans). I didn’t use all of the slurry; I added a little at a time until I got the consistency I wanted; I also added Better Than Boullion. (The butter and olive oil changes the points, of course, but I think it was worth it).

    • Yes, this would be fantastic with extra butter and olive oil, but the point of it is to keep it on the lighter side.  I’m sure there are very many higher fat/calorie chicken pot pie soup recipes on the internet.  I really appreciated how tasty this soup came out for less than 300 calories per 1.5 cups.

  29. wonderful recipe. I’ve made this 3 times so far and each time it is wonderful. Very easy to make! I used “Better than Boullion” and the flavor is great. Thanks for a great recipe. It is truly comfort food in a bowl. 

  30. Think this can be frozen?  

  31. Lover the chicken pot pie recipe ❤️

  32. Excellent!!!  I used subbed almond milk for less calories and pressure cooked 2 medium Yukon potatoes in the 6 qt instant pot for 15 minutes. 

  33. I’ve never really been a fan of chicken pot pie but a soup version sounded so good and comforting. This tastes great! I’m amazed at how much it actually smelled and tasted like chicken pot pie. Only differences I made were adding the potatoes with the other veggies (because of other comments I read) and using unsweetened cashew milk instead of fat free milk since I don’t buy cow’s milk anymore. It tasted just as good but with a lot less calories. This soup is perfect for the cold weather we’re having right now. It really makes a large amount too. Yum!

  34. Great soup but a slight error in recipe. Potatoes need more than 5 minutes to cook even cut small. I had to wait much longer to get them cooked. Next time I’ll add them with the other veggies so they are cooked.

  35. How would it come out in a crockpot? TIA

  36. I made this for the first time and it was t very thick. Should I add more slurry?? It was very good just thin…

  37. Nope.  Very bland.  Don’t waste your time.

  38. I saved this recipe a while back and finally made it for dinner last evening and all I got were a bunch of complaints from the family. Yes, complaints. Complaints that I didn’t make a bigger batch!! I made it exactly as the recipe reads, and it was gone in an instant! I had to notate on the recipe it’s a “doubler” as I have had to do with several of Gina’s other recipes that my family devours. If you want quick, easy and super delicious comfort in a bowl, then this is the soup for you.

  39. Do you think this would freeze well?  I wanted to make it to send with my son when he goes back to school.

  40. I have made this many times and it is delicious!! I am trying not to eat much meat right now, so I was wondering if you have any suggestions on how I could make this vegetarian or if you think it would still be good without chicken. 

    Love your recipes Gina! 

  41. Been wanting to make this for a while. Found mushrooms on sale this week so decided to try it with extra mushrooms, peas corn celery and sweet potato. Other small change I made was add 1/2 c half and half as I did not have enough milk. It was delicious!

    Another 5 star recipe. Thank you Gina

  42. Made this in the Instant Pot and it came out GREAT! It was my 2nd time making it, the first was on the stove. I put everything in the pot EXCEPT for the milk and most the veggies. I did put the onion, celery, mushrooms, and whole bag of baby carrots in. Pressure cook high for 5 mins and then did Natural Release for 25 mins. Probably would be fine doing a quick release if you prefer. Then I added the 4 cups of milk with the 1/4 cup flour whisked in. Turned to saute so that it could buble a bit and stirred while it thickened. Then I added my frozen vegetables. In my case I did whole bag each of cauliflower, peas, and string beans. They defrost perfectly in the hot soup. Terrific low calorie filling meal! Helping me lose those last few pounds before my cruise. Thanks

  43. Hi Gina, just wondering why the chicken pot pie soup is 5 points and the turkey pot pie soup is 3 points. It seems like almost the same recipe. Delish btw. 

  44. Would this still taste good without the chicken? Just wondering if I can make it vegetarian. 🙂

  45. Another skinny taste winner, made this last night and even my 4 year old gobbled it up.  So good!!!!

  46. This looks great. Could I use half milk half stock for the 4 cups of non fat milk? TIA

  47. Great dish and easy to make. Perfect stew for a cold winter night. Enjoy!

  48. This is an excellent recipe.  Both my husband and I loved it.  It tasted like you were eating a pot pie.

  49. How do you cook the chicken ?

    • I wrote this in the post: If you have raw chicken, poach 3 breasts in water for 15 minutes, then remove and dice into bite-sized pieces.

    • Hey Christine,

      I just made this again for the umpteenth time and wanted to comment on the front page so that it might help others: you can add the chicken breasts with the vegetables in the third step and poach directly in the pot. I do 20 min for raw, 30 min for frozen. Turns out perfect every time.

  50. This is the most bland soup I’ve ever made. I’m experiencing with spices to ad some flavour, because I can’t bring myself to waste it by throwing it out. Will never make it again!

    • I found this soup a little underwhelming as well. Didn’t seem to have a whole lot of flavour; or at least not the flavour of chicken pot pie. Not sure if I went wrong somewhere or if this just wasn’t to my taste.

      • Use better than bouillon mixed in w the water. Makes a huge difference. Also add some thyme or oregano. 

  51. I want to make this for Christmas Eve and don’t see how many servings this makes?

  52. Is there an IP version of this recipe?

    • I made this in IP last night. Put everything in except flour. Cooked on high for 7 minutes. I was using already cooked chicken. Let natural release for 20 mins then flipped release valve. Used saute feature to bring to boil then thickened. Turned out great!

      • PBE, did you put the milk into the instant pot, too? I’ve wondered about trying this recipe in the instant pot, but I wondered how it would be with the milk. I would be using raw chicken, so I might do 8 minutes, but I figure if the chicken is chopped, it should cook through.

  53. This was amazing!  The whole family enjoyed, even with the mushrooms, which my kids normally avoid!

  54. What a great recipe!  The only changes I made were to use chicken stock instead of water, I don’t like mushrooms, so I didn’t put them in and I used regular whole milk!  I’ve been craving this and it was so delicious!  Next time I will probably just add some garlic cloves because I love garlic in everything!  Thanks for the recipe, LOVED it!

  55. I love this and have made it a few times already. Perfect for freezing and taking for lunches. I buy a Costco rotisserie chicken and use the “Better Than Bullion” chicken flavor. Just love

  56. Amazing!

  57. I just made this soup today and it was delicious!  It really did taste like a pot pie, minus the crust.  This is a keeper.  I will definitely make this one again.

  58. I’ve made this a couple of times  and it is easy and delicious! And at 5 Freestyle points, is good for us on WW.

  59. Gina
    I saw where you calculated this recipe on the new WW freestyle program as having 5 points. When I entered it into the App calculator I come up with 7 points. What would I be doing to have that come up different? But the soup is super yummy!

    thanks so much,

    • Hi Lynne. The only accurate way to determine any recipe’s SmartPoints® value is to plug the ingredients into the recipe builder on the Weight Watchers website (Click on “My Foods,” select “Recipe,” and click “Create a recipe.”) which does not count fruits and vegetables in recipes in the calculations as they are now 0 points.

      The SmartPoints® calculator isn’t meant for recipes and will often give you the wrong points (usually higher) because it’s counting the fruits and vegetables. So if you see a recipe with a SmartPoints® value that’s different from what the calculator tells you, now you know why.

  60. Love this recipe…make it all the time. Do you think it would freeze well?

  61. Does this freeze well?
    Like for individual lunches?

  62. Are these points used for the WW program? 

  63. I used unsweetened almond milk instead of milk. 3 small red potatoes (which I could have easily omitted), and i used probably like 10 celery stalks. This was a really good soup! Took a little longer to make than I thought it would, but it was well worth it. For the chicken I used up the rest of an air fried chicken we had for supper the night before. Which didn’t look like enough so I used up some shredded chicken I had in the freezer. I served with 2 ingredient cheesy breadsticks. YUMM!!! Will definitely be making this again!

  64. I made this for dinner with homemade biscuits this was absolutely delicious ? 

  65. Any suggestions on how to make this dairy free? Or any substitutions for the milk?

  66. What is meant by “chicken bouillons”? Does it mean 2 chicken bouillon cubes? 

  67. This soup is AMAZING!!! 🙂 Souper delicious!

  68. I’m in kitchen remodel phase so don’t have a cooktop. Think it would work in a crockpot?

  69. Tastes just like a pot pie, don’t even miss the crust.  Making it again next week!

  70. This soup is amazing!!! Sometimes lighter versions of cream based soups come out flat and gross. But this has so much flavor and the flour/water mix added at the end gives the perfect consistency. I have been making ST soups for a while, but this is my new favorite. 🙂

  71. Made this for soup of the week today…I substituted chicken stock for the water otherwise I didn’t change a thing… this soup is really good and will definitely make it again..

  72. could you use almond milk?

    • I have used almond milk and it comes out delicious. Just make sure it’s regular unsweetened almond milk with no added sugar or vanilla or anything like that. I also use the canned chicken from Sam’s Club when I make this and it’s delish. Super quick too!

  73. I’ve made this several times. Delicious with the chicken but also great way to use leftover turkey during the holidays. Soooo good!

  74. Anyone tried this in the instant pot?

  75. Extremely delicious!! Wow it doesn’t taste healthy at all, you would NEVER know. I did a little different by baking boneless skinless chicken thighs instead of breast. I also used small red potatoes with skin on but would suggest an extra potato since they are smaller. The recipe was a bit more complex for a weeknight meal and would suggest it on a weekend and leftovers. I also added bisquick dumplings on top which made it even better (definitely more calories but not too horrible). I (like everyone else) also added the potatoes from the beginning or else they would not cook. Would definitely make again absolutely delicious! 

  76. Delicious, but I made a few changes. I browned the chicken breasts in olive oil, then cubed them. In the same pan I sautéed the onions, mushrooms, and celery for a few minutes. Then added everything to the pot with the hot milk/water and cooked for 15 minutes. Turned out very tasty.

  77. Delicious. I used rotisserie chicken as well and omitted the mushrooms.

  78. This recipe is fantastic! It is so hardy and warm especially with it being -4, feels like -30 Wisconsin today. My whole family loved it, including my 16 month old, a very picky 3 year old, my husband and I. I followed the recipe and made the slurry with flour, the only thing I did differently per previous reviews was I added the potatoes with all the veggies and let them simmer all together. We ate it with crusty rustic Italian bread. This is definitely a keeper for the cold winter nights! Thanks Gina!

  79. Tastes exactly as you’d hope it would. Lots of chopping, but straightforward. So yum!

  80. I made this soup over the weekend and it was a huge hit! We did have a ton leftover (family of 3) – I’ve seen other comments on here that it freezes well. Another plus!

  81. This is very bland. Tried to spice it up but didnt work well. Needs something but I am not sure what

  82. This is so yummy! To make it dairy-free, I used a cauliflower soup base instead of milk (sautéed onions, 6 cups chicken broth, head of cauliflower, chopped). After I puréed that, I added all the veggies and the diced, cooked chicken. No one in my family could tell it was made from cauliflower, plus I saved a little on points 🙂

  83. I really want to make this in the Crock-Pot, has anyone tried to yet??

  84. Has anyone tried this in the Instant Pot? 

  85. Is there any way to make this lower sodium?

  86. Very delivious.  Can leftovers be frozen?

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  88. Can this be cooked in a crockpot?

  89. Holy cow. This recipe is *amazing*! So thick and creamy despite using nonfat milk. Made it for my parents, who declared it the best chicken soup they’ve ever had and kept sneaking bites from the pot (admittedly they may be a bit biased, but still). Definitely glad I added the potatoes at the same time as the rest of the veggies, as other commenters suggested. Thank you Gina!!!!

    Some slight changes–I caramelized a large whole onion for that extra special touch, and to bulk it up a bit more, I used 3 celery stalks, 3 large carrots, and extra mushrooms. I also used only 1 bouillon cube for fear of it being too salty, then added dried basil + all purpose seasoning for extra flavor. Didn’t find it bland at all!

  90. Hi Gina! I LOVE your recipes. You have made my dinners AH-MA-ZING! My question with this recipe is why in your cookbook do you cook the chicken in the soup, but online you cook the chicken separately? What is your preferred way to do it? Thanks!!!

  91. Gina, what are your thoughts on freezing this?

  92. I was just wondering if you had any suggestions how to adjust the recipe for a slow cooker? By how much would you reduce the liquid?
    Thanks a lot

  93. I’m putting this on the rotation for extra week. I want to omit the chicken bullion and water and use chicken broth instrad. Has anyone tried this and if so how were your results? Thanks in advance for your feedback!

  94. Would this work if cooked in the crockpot?

  95. Made this tonight for the first time and it was delicious! The cheddar garlic biscuits went great with it!
    Love the recipes!

  96. I just made this and it is beyond delicious!!!! I tweaked the spices a little and added veggies and potatoes at the same time, that’s all I changed.
    You are changing/saving my life one recipe at a time. I’m overweight, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, high everything that shouldn’t be high. My best friend gave me some healthy eating guidelines from a challenge at her job and I’m following them using your recipes. 9 pounds down so far. Thank you for your delicious recipes, they will help to bring me back to health. Because your website is so awesome I don’t really need your cookbooks but i will buy both today………….
    Thank you !

  97. Can you modify this for the instant pot? Looks amazing! 

  98. I made this last night and had it for lunch today. It is hands down the best soup I’ve ever made! I ended up with 6 x 1.5 c servings, plus another 1/2 cup. I only added half the mushrooms called for but followed the rest of the recipe exactly. I cooked the chicken in a frying pan with some cooking spray and seasoning before adding it to the soup.

  99. Could I do this with almond flour or add xantham gum to bind? I wanna make the soup but lower carbbed.

  100. Could you use Almond Milk or another non-dairy milk? 

    • I used a chia/almond/coconut blend and it came out great. It separated a little bit in the boil, but I stuck with it and it all came together when adding the slurry.

    • I used almond milk and it separated and lost it’s visual appeal but it still tasted great.

  101. I’m making this now and it smells delicious!  As with any recipe, there’s trial and error.  This soup is milk based and is sticking to the bottom of my pan.  Also, I am having to bring mine back to a full boil for the potatoes to finish.  Love skinny taste, but wanted to share my experiences for others out there 🙂

  102. My husband and I rave over the lasagna soup so we were excited to try this.  It should be called pot pie filling soup or chicken stew.  The flavor is delicious.  However, my husband was disappointed by the lack of crust (i made him cornbread but he still was not satisfied).  I was thinking possibly puff pastry or phylo dough could be used in the future.  Looking forward to see if you re-work this in the future to add a crust element somehow!

  103. Made this tonight! So comforting! 

  104. Yummy! But can I use something other than milk? I'm kosher and would love to make this

  105. When I calculate the WW puts it comes out to 5 not 7 pets for 1 1/2 cups. Is it possible to start adding the sugar content and saturated fat content on all recipes so those of us on WW can accurately calculate?

  106. Can I use soy milk? Can I use canned veggies?

  107. How do I list the newer comments to the top of the list. I love the site but I just found the older stuff shows first. 🙂

  108. Do you have an Instant Pot version of this recipe?

  109. I made this for dinner tonight and just entered it into the WW recipe builder. I'm so disappointed… it came out as 12 points, not 7 as stated in the recipe. Am I doing something wrong. I did enter 6 servings of 1.5 cups each).

    • Out of curiosity, I entered this into the WW Recipe Builder and it comes to 7 SP as indicated. If you used the calculator with the nutrition information, the SPs would be higher because that contains the N/I for the 0 point vegetables.

  110. Would anyone be able to recommend a different kind of milk besides cows, soy or almond that would work in this recipe? Thank you!

  111. I made this tonight— really good! It makes a HUGE pot of soup, so I might cut in half next time since I'm only cooking for two. I had the extra large bouillon cubes, I added one, tasted, and it seemed like it needed more, so I added the second and it was perfect. I used most of the meat from a rotisserie chicken, followed the recipe pretty closely but my off-book additions were one large russet potato, some chopped mini carrots, and a bag of frozen peas. I think I put too much stuff in, so I had to add a little more water in the end but hey, still delicious!

  112. Just tried this for the first time today after seeing it on the weekly recipe planner email. I really used this as more of a guideline/method though since I wanted to use what I had on hand. I have no idea what the points might be, but I figured it's still pretty healthy. I had 2% milk, and some homemade chicken stock as my base (though still added some better than bouillon). Veggies were garlic, onion, potato, turnip, peas, carrots, corn, celery and cauliflower. I think my veggie blend was definitely on the sweet side though so I ended up adding quite a bit of salt and pepper to tone that down. It's quite tasty and filling though! I'm going to test out freezing a serving of it to see how it does. If it reheats well I'll be making a large batch for my expecting sister-in-law. This would be a great lunch or dinner for them when they're busy with the new baby.

  113. I made this today. OMG, is all I have to say!! Of course I had to put my own little Teresa spin on it, and add some crushed red pepper flakes, and a few other spices. It's so good, it should be against the law!!!

  114. Delicious! My potaotes weren't completely tender in the time given. I will only make 2 slight changes to this recipe next time – put the potatoes in at the same time as the rest of the veggies and to make the slurry with a heaping 1/4 C of flour (I like my soup thick!). Thank you!!
    ~Kathy D.

  115. Just made this last week (with the biscuits) and it was wonderfully delicious! Thank you!

  116. I have made this twice now and will definitely make it again and again as it got a 2-thumbs up approval rating in my house! I added a couple of bay leaves and a dash of nutmeg for depth. It was nice and thick, hearty and very satisfying. Thanks for another winning recipe. I hit a weight-loss slump and was eating the same things over and again and then I discovered your blog. I am SOOO much more satisfied with dinner and have started to lose weight again! Thanks!!!

  117. I made this today and although I followed your recipe precisely, I think the milk curdled. I brought the milk and water to a very slow boil, so I'm not sure what I did wrong. At any rate, this recipe was not a success for me, but I so want to have it for tonight's -20 forecast. Any ideas?? Thanks so much! Love your site!

  118. I made this today and it was very tasty! I did have an issue with the milk curdling. What can I do next time to prevent that from happening? Thank you!

  119. Love this soup!!!!! DELCIOUS!! whole family loves!!!

  120. Amazing recipe & it really does taste like a chicken pot pie. My husband, who loves chicken pot pie and was skeptical, thoroughly enjoyed this soup. Thanks Gina for another great recipe!

  121. We love chicken pot pie but I don't love left over pie crust the next day or the calories in it. Made this and was out of this world both the day I made it and the next day. Will be on constant rotation!!!

  122. This is a family favourite! Thanks for the great recipe 🙂

  123. I made this (and the garlic cheddar biscuits with it) and it was sooooo good. Thanks for the great recipes 🙂

  124. Made this today even though it is summer and we loved it! Left out the mushrooms cause neither of us are crazy about them. I halved the recipe and it worked fine. Yum!

  125. This was absolutely amazing… as is the case with all of the other recipes that I have made from your site. THANK YOU for providing recipes that have so much flavor and still healthy. You have really changed my eating habits.

    Question regarding the potatoes though. For some reason, mine came out super hard and uncooked. I didn't mind as I ate around them.. but any tips for how to ensure that they are cooked? I didn't see any other comments like this, but I also followed the recipe to the letter. Thanks Gina!!

  126. This was absolutely delicious! I substituted turkey for the chicken and left out the mushrooms (yuck! ;)) When my husband and I were eating this I said, "I can't believe this is low fat" and he goes "WHAT? This is low fat?!" We both couldn't even believe it. It was SO good! This is definitely going into my rotation!

  127. Just made this for lunch and it was delicious. What potatoes do you recommend using…Idaho or red or the Yukon gold?

  128. Yum-deli-icious! Snowed in here in VA, had to snowshoe to grocery store after boyfriend drank the milk I had on hand for the recipe, but worth it! Did 1 potato, quarter head of cauliflour, used 3 Tbs Better Than Bouillion, and used the water I poached the chicken in for a little more flavor. My 14YO son's reaction after 1 large bowl was "I wish I wasn't so full because I want more".

  129. We have "Soup Wednesday" in our office and I made this for today. It was SO GOOD. I used a rotisserie chicken and 16oz of frozen veggies and no mushrooms and it was PERFECT. Delicious and everyone loved it! Thanks!!

  130. Absolutely delicious on this chilly night! Thank you for this recipe. I added an extra pinch of thyme, extra bullion, and served it with southern style biscuits and it was perfect 🙂

  131. It was absolutely delicious! I put one garlic clove, spring onions and parsley too. The only problem.. I couldn't stop eating and I had 2 bowls!!

  132. Have you tried it using sweet potatoes instead of regular potatoes? Amazing!

  133. I made this for supper tonight, the whole family loved it! Thanks for another delicious and healthy recipe Gina!

  134. I made this recipe today, following the directions and using my common sense. I assumed that small meant about 1/2 in and was happy with that decision. The soup was nicely thick, and very filling. I think it was low on taste. I kept felt that it was missing something. Next time I will use chicken stock instead of bullion, add another bag of mixed veggies. and a couple of cloves of garlic. Might see how a couple of hot sauce dashes will round out the flavor I did add salt – about 1 tsp, but that did little to help.

  135. This soup was delicious–you've got tons of reviews! But it was just that good! I had to say it again!

  136. Anyone know if this freezes well? I'm worried because of the milk and I can't eat all of this in a week. Thanks!

  137. I just finished making it and it is really good! I super happy with the nutritional info for it too.

  138. This was tasty however, I DO NOT RECOMMEND FREEZING this soup. I tried it as I am just one person and eating an entire pot of soup before it goes bad is challenging. The soup tasted fine after being frozen however, it did separate a lot. I think it would be best to eat it fresh and the next couple days for leftovers.

    None the less, this is a delicious recipe and I will make again…when I have company that is.

  139. Made this earlier this week…OMG can we say delicious! Super easy to make and tons of great flavor! I love every recipe I have made from this website! Keep up the great work 🙂

  140. I made this last night for dinner. Loved it. My extremely picky 4 year old said it was the best soup he ever had. The fact I didn't have to remind him to eat made me a believer. This is definitely going into the rotation

  141. I just made this recipe and it turned out amazing, thanks!! One question though – it makes such a large portion; any chance some of the leftovers can be frozen for a few months?

  142. I just made this and I must say this is the best soup I have EVER made!!!!! Thank you Gina!

  143. Made this tonight along with the biscuits! It was sooo good!

  144. This is on the stove now and I can't thank you enough. Especially with the polar vortex we are experiencing here in the northeast. Waiting for hubby to get home from work to add the slurry and thicken it but based on my tastings thus far, it's already delicious! I followed your recipe exactly and added one extra boullion cube for good measure and there's nothing bland about it. This takes me back to my childhood frozen chicken pot pies which were so yummy but so bad for you. I'm off to make the biscuits now. I just pray I don't eat them before hubby gets home! Thanks for all you do Gina!

  145. made this for dinner tonight….everyone LOVED it!!!

  146. This was absolutely the best soup I have ever made. It was hearty, flavorful, and creamy. I also made the garlic cheddar biscuits. Oh. My. God. My husband and I have declared them Red Lobster biscuits. Thank you for your recipes, I thoroughly enjoy cooking (and eating) them!!

  147. I enjoyed this recipe, but I thought it was a little lacking in flavor. I ended up adding two additional bouillon cubes but next time I might add even more, or substitute the water for veg/chicken broth. I liked the concept, but felt like the recipe needs a little something extra… served the garlic cheddar biscuits with it, though, which were a HUGE hit.

  148. This is delicious!!! I've made it a couple of times and there are never leftovers

  149. Amazing! It was perfect on a cold night like tonight. My picky husband was very impressed. Thank you!!

  150. i just made this and its awesome 🙂 However, I'm a single girl in the city and I dont know if I'll be able to eat all this up that quickly. Do you know if it freezes well?

  151. Loved this recipe but I had hard time bringing milk mixture to boil without sticking and burning. I did it gradually but I had to stand at stove and stir continuously. I used non stick pot do not sure what I did wrong

  152. I made this soup last year and it was so good, it got me started on a chicken pot pie kick for a while. Thanks for reposting!

  153. Amazing!!! Amazing!!! Loved it. Thank you!!! Husband loved it and 2 bowls and many biscuits..

  154. So funny you posted this today, as we just had some yesterday from the freezer, since I did a big batch two months ago for the arrival of our new baby. I can say, it freezes great and reheats without a problem. Totally delicious!

  155. This was delicious! My husband, 4 year old daughter, and 6 year old son all loved it! Thanks!

  156. Tried it for the first time today…seriously tasty! Since I had to poach the chicken breast anyway, I used the poaching liquid in place of some of the liquid and it bumped up the chicken flavor.

  157. This is all kinds of awesome! I fed it to my family twice over Christmas break. I eliminated the celery and mushrooms, used Trader Joe's chicken broth instead of bullion, and thickened the whole thing with rice flour. Just like a chicken pot pie, only better!

  158. Gina, This is one of our family's absolute favorite recipes! Thanks for reposting!

  159. I made this last night too!! I absolutely love it and make a double batch just to have as much as possible.

  160. Funny story… I made this for dinner last night along with the cheddar garlic biscuits. It is delish, by the way! Anyway, I sat down with my bowl of leftover soup for lunch just now, pulled up your website to see today's post, and low and behold, it is exactly what I'm eating for lunch! Your recipes never fail me; tonight is crock pot picadillo! Thanks, Gina!

  161. I was excited to make this recipe because my husband loves chicken pot pie. This was the 1st Skinnytaste recipe that hasn't turned out for me. I wish the directions were a little more detailed such as saying what temperature setting to use to bring the mixture to a slow boil. I didn't know if I should use low or medium heat. Also didn't know if I should stir it a lot during this stage given it is a milk based soup. I followed the directions exactly but thought it was very bland. I'm sure it is user errror since so many people love it but I ended up throwing my batch away. Don't think I will try a milk based recipe again. But I will definitely try more Skinnytaste recipes.

  162. Just made this today for the second time. Be forewarned that it makes a *lot* of food, and could probably feed a small army–or holiday party, whichever you prefer. This time I halved the recipe and cooked as directed–only I used 2% milk and simmered my soup down to a thick pie filling. I then used pre-made dough (hey, I'm a student!) and a deep ramekin to make it into an actual pot pie.

    It was SO GOOD. I am not the sort of person to toss around garish caps locks endorsements, but this warrants it. A lot of pot pie recipes fall short of the mark: they're either long and painstaking, or easier but bland approximations. Gina, in this recipe, you have married efficiency and flavor. It is loaded with delicious veggies and the sauce is phenomenal. I haven't even finished my pie and I already want to make another one.

  163. Wow this was SOOO Delicious! I poached the chicken for the recipe and was able to make a broth from the water. I used this instead of the water in the recipe which added a bit of flavor. I also substituted almond milk which made me nervous but it is what was in my fridge and it turned out great! I didn't feel cheated at all it was so rich! Best soup I have made! Thank you for a great healthy recipe!

  164. I just made this soup and OH MY GOD! So delicious. I was craving the real pot pie crust so I decided to add some breadcrumbs on top and broil it for a quick minute to give it some crisp. SO GOOD! I have made a few of your recipes and what is great is that I live alone and can make most of them last the whole week. 🙂 NOM NOM!

  165. Love this! We have made it twice now and I really cannot get over how creamy it is. I made first batch for a family gathering and everyone loved it!

  166. I just made this soup on Monday. My only comment is that it makes a *lot* of food–way more than even six 1.5 cup servings. Otherwise, it was delicious! I wanted mine thicker than soup, so I added 1/3 cup of flour and reduced it for probably 20 minutes on the stove.

    Next time, I'm going to skip the pretense of soup altogether and just pour this puppy into two pie dishes, cover with dough, and freeze one. If you love chicken pot pie, you are going to think you died and went to heaven with this recipe. It's simplified enough that you can make it on a weeknight, but phenomenally tasty.

  167. I just made this today. I used low sodium bouillons and did not put mushrooms in it and it was so good. Only thing I think I will need to change is next time I will add the potatoes with the vegs at same time cause I had to bring to another boil to get the potatoes to cook. Was very easy to make.

  168. I cooked this for dinner tonight. Instead of chopping potatoes, I used diced hashbrowns. I love the flavor, but it needs LOTS of seasoning.

  169. I made this tonight and it is delish. I cant wait for lunch tonmorrow!!!!

  170. This is my absolute favorite recipe EVER!!! Doesnt taste light at all, and the perfect solution to my obsession with chicken pot pie! 🙂

  171. This soup is delicious, but the potatoes need to go in at the same time as the rest of the vegetables. Even a small dice will not cook in five minutes on a simmer.

  172. This is wonderful!!!

  173. Just made this tonight and it was DESLISH!!! Thank you!

  174. Made this last night and it was delicious!! I am not a fan of turkey at all and this was soooooo good! Looking forward to leftovers for lunch….

  175. I had high expectations for this soup. I love chicken pot pie. My soup needed more chicken flavor and it was a little watery. Don't get me wrong it was good but missing something.

  176. This is fantastic! Thank you for the recipe. this one is going in the book!

  177. This was SO good! The whole family enjoyed it. Thanks!

  178. This soup was fabulous! My family doesn't like mushrooms, so I substituted fresh spinach…wonderful! Very filling and flavorful. Will definitely make this again…and again!

  179. We are shut in at home, thanks to the snow so I made this soup along with the biscuits and it came out AMAZING!! My family, especially my husband loved it! Thanks Gina

  180. Made this tonight as its cold and icy here. It was fantastic. and it goes great with the garlic cheddar biscuits, which were also fantastic! Thanks again, Gina!

  181. I used 2 cups of reduced sodium chicken stock and left out the bouillon. I also added 1/2 tsp of poultry seasoning too. It was AMAZING!

  182. This was really so good! Making it again today – putting some in a pie for my non-calorie-conscious husband. :):)

  183. Made this yesterday and LOVED it! Perfect for a cold, rainy day. Can't wait for leftovers tonight. I love meal planning from your site. It's so easy and I'm guaranteed to find something new and healthy that my family will eat!

  184. I made this for lunch as our first meal in our new house, and everyone loved it!!

    I added a few bay leaves during cooking and also added some diced garlic.

    I also used a slew of different sliced mushrooms since the store had them all pre-sliced.

    It was delicious! I made the garlic cheddar biscuits too! (Also delicious!)

  185. Love this soup! Very yummy winter comfort food! Thank you for all your great recipes!

  186. We all love this recipe! I am making it again tomorrow! 🙂

  187. This is on the stove right now!

    I cooked the chicken breasts in the water and bouillon in the crock pot overnight to make my own broth!

    I also added some fresh garlic and a few bay leaves to the soup for extra flavor 🙂

    I'll report back with family response 😉

  188. Sleeting outside and have this simmering on the stove now. A milk monster in my house drank my 4th cup of milk, so supplemented with 3 cups of milk and one cup of chicken broth. Tastes awesome.

  189. YUM!!! left out the potatoes completely, and used cornstarch for thickening….DELISH!!! hubby was a big fan too!

  190. I can confirm…Almond milk substituted for skim milk works great in this recipe!! Sooo good.

  191. Hi, made this today. It turned out great. The only variations I did were substituting almond milk ( unsweetened) for the milk, and whole wheat flour for the regular flour. Really, really good.

  192. Made this tonight – husband commented "this is so decadent – company worthy!"

  193. This was so good! I used dried Tarragon and itallian seasoning. Kosher salt to taste. My eight year old daugher and husband loved it. For extra points you could top it with a puff pastry square, yum!

  194. I made this tonight and it is super yummy. I made it dairy free with the use of unsweetened almond milk. I also did the gluten free version with the corn starch. I cooked my chicken ahead of time in a cooking bag to assure its tenderness.I also added twice as much corn starch b/c I like my soups really thick.

  195. This soup is amazing! Everytime I make it my husband raves and I can't get over how good it is, and filling too! I usually eat it with a piece of some crusty baquette, but this week I made my own biscuts.

    We have it about twice a month, its os easy to throw together too when we have extra veggies or leftover chicken!

  196. Making it for the second time tonight!!! I love this recipee and so does my Husband! We make two different kinds of Chicken Pot Pie, this one which is the healthy version and then my husbands version which has tons of flour and carbs! I try and make this instead haha.

  197. Awesome Recipe…just found it today and made it tonight with Homemade cheese biscuits…yumm!!

  198. I just made this for my boyfriend and me tonight for dinner and we both LOVED it. Gina, your website has become my favorite place to find healthy recipes – everything turns out consistently well, and never tastes as healthy or low-cal as it actually is (and I mean that in a good way!).

    Solid recipe, and will be so easy to adapt to different flavor combos. Can't wait to take leftovers with me to work tomorrow for lunch 🙂

  199. Made this last night….. TOTAL SUCCESS!

  200. Oh, MAN! I made this recipe for dinner tonight and it was DELICIOUS! I followed it exactly, except I didn't have enandough fat free milk, so I used half whole and half fat free. The soup was perfect! I served it with the Easy Garlic Cheddar Biscuits. My husband and 2 year old son loved it! It really tasted like chicken pot pie in soup form, without all the calories! I will definitely be making this again!

  201. Made this last night and it was great! I opted out of the potatoes and used all fresh veggies except for corn and peas which were frozen. Everyone, ages 9-38, loved it! Thanks for a recipe that everyone likes and is healthy

  202. I just made this for dinner. I didn't put in mushrooms but I added cauliflower. It's delicious. Thanks for your wonderful site every thing is so good.

  203. Delicious. My husband, mother and I all loved. I put half in the freezer and it was still great when re-heated. Be sure to make the biscuits with it, they really complete the dish! Thanks for such a great recipe!

  204. I just made this soup for dinner and it was great!! I added a biiiit too much pepper (heavy hand when it comes to that), a generous amount of thyme, and a bit of rosemary and absolutely not too bland. Loved it. Had a slice of italian bread on the side — perfect for my day home sick (& for lunch tmrw)! Thank you Gina, you're a rockstar!!!

  205. I'm going to try it with left over turkey…

  206. I think this a fabulous way to enjoy pot pie without all the fat and carbs of a crust. Yum!

  207. I just made this for the first time — oh my goodness, it is delicious! A little bit labour intensive, if only because it's milk-based and you have to make sure the milk doesn't burn, but SOOO WORTH IT.

  208. I made this for dinner tonight and it was a big hit! I made it just like the recipe and it was full of flavor and filling! I can't wait to take it to work for lunch tomorrow! Thank you Gina!

  209. So good. I've made this soup a few times now. One of my favorite recipes. Thanks Gina!!!

  210. It was awesome, all of the other reviews were very helpful and right on point. Hubby loved this soup. I made some changes because I was lazy and missing items: used left over chicken but did not add it to the soup until the last 45 mins so it would not over cook, put everything in a slow cooker for about 4 hours (did not pre cook the onions, etc, did not have flour so used corn starch – took about 4 tbs to get it thick enough for us, added two cloves of fresh garlic. I will make this again…it was super easy and tasted Great.

  211. Made this last night. Husband LOVED it! I love it also. So good for the holiday season. We ate it with Stacy's Pretzel Bread Chips.

  212. We made this for dinner this week and it was AMAZING!

  213. This soup is delicious! We aren't big on mushrooms so I just used an entire 17 oz bag of mixed vegetables and it was wonderful. I've never been a "soup person" but I have to say between this and the stuffed pepper soup you may be changing that 🙂 Best part is I always have enough to freeze and re-heat later for another dinner on busy nights. Thanks for all you do.

  214. This recipe is awesome i make it at least once a week thankyou so much

  215. I made this tonight for me and my sister. It was delicious. Her first comment one bite in was "this tastes just like chicken pot pie!" Success!!! It also went really well with some low fat Ritz crackers. Yumm.

  216. Just made this for the first time tonight. I was so tired that I misread the recipe and didn't cook the veggies first, but just dumped everything in together. I did cook it on a low heat, and it still came out great. I couldn't find baby portabello mushrooms so just slice a big one up small. There's just two of us at home now, so we get to enjoy it for awhile. Loved the flavor; I think I'll add more thyme.

    Thanks for the recipe!

  217. Very tasty! Worked this around which vegetables needed using up, FYI red cabbage will turn it purple! I also used sweet potato and am having leftovers for lunch today! I'm not a points counter, already slim but just love your healthy recipes and I'm sure they help me to stay that way 😉

  218. I made this and it was so good…………..I'm looking forward to leftover tonight! I changed the mushrooms to broccoli…..Another way to get extra vegetables in!

  219. I made this and the cheddar garlic biscuits and It. Was. Awesome. So easy to make too! I pulled it all together in less than an hour. If I had planned out my week I could have prepped ahead and saved even more time. I will definitely be making this again!

  220. This came out DELICIOUS!

  221. amazing, just like all your recipies

  222. This has to be the BEST soup I have ever made!!! And I am a HUUUGE soup maker! It is just so darn good! I doubled the recipe and it turned out great. I had large portobello mushroom and made small dices… I didn't use the whole 16 oz though (8 oz X 2 batch), it would've been too much.
    But thank you so much for this! I CANNOT wait for bf to try it!!

  223. Made this twice this week! Found using red potatoes was preferable to russet for us. Also both times I used fresh celery (2 stalks), onion (1/2), and carrots (3) in place of frozen veggies. Used a gluten free flour substitute (Bob's Red Mill) as well – worked fine to thicken up. I did add some extra chicken broth, too as it didn't seem like enough liquid once I added the veggies. Probably used a bit more then a pinch of thyme, also added a little poultry seasoning, sea salt and garlic pepper. We LOVE this soup!!

  224. made this last weekend and we have already polished off the whole batch! i used cornstarch instead of the flour, and substituted the water with homemade chicken stock, omitting the boullion, and it turned out great! i also added some garlic salt and ground smoked chipotle to give it a slight kick! as a gluten free lady, it was great to have a creamy soup for once 🙂

  225. This soup is amazing. I've been following your blog for months and I can honestly say it has changed my life! I eat very healthfully, but your recipes give me new ideas every day and they are always delicious. Not only do I follow your blog religiously, but I promote it and share it with others shamelessly. Thank you, thank you and keep the great recipes coming.

  226. Have made this several times and my family loves it! I use homemade chicken stock in place of the water and bouillon, and its perfect. I like to make baking soda biscuits on the side. Not sure how 'skinny' those are, but they're a perfect match. Thank you so much!

  227. Just wanna say – made this Sunday night for dinner and leftovers for the week…HOLY CRAP IT'S AMAZING! Sooo good, and filling! Made a few tweaks here and there (chicken broth vs. water/boullion, sweet potato vs. white potato, other veggies vs. mushrooms). My sis and I are just gobbling it up, accompanied with homemade whole wheat biscuits I whipped up. Thanks for this – I'll be making this A LOT over the winter!

  228. I've tried this soup yesterday and we loved it!!! It is soooo goood! 🙂 Thanks for the recipe!!!

  229. I made this for dinner last night and it was WONDERFUL! My husband recently lost over 90 pounds and I've used many of your recipes while he was losing weight (and will continue to use them to help him maintain). I love comfort foods and was afraid I'd have to give a lot of them up because of his new lifestyle, but this recipe proves you can still have those comfy foods without all the calories.

    (PS…the middle of the chicken pot pie was all I ever liked, so this recipe was right up my alley! 🙂 )

  230. On the stovetop right now. I just went outside and dug up potatoes fresh from the garden…yummy!! Can't wait for dinnertime!!

  231. I made this last night for dinner and it was delicious! I love all of your recipes!

  232. Since our temp decided to go from almost 80 during the week to the 40's, I decided this soup would make the perfect meal for hunkering down on a cold weekend. It was delish! I actually threw some boneless skinless chicken breasts into the crock pot overnight, then shredded them and put them in the soup instead of cubing the chicken. It made it so thick I hardly had to use any of the slurry and it was almost like a stew. Yummy.

    Thanks for posting it–I know I'll be making this again and again over the winter!

  233. Oh my this was amazingly good. However I see a lot of people commenting it was a little thin. I must have done something way different because mine was like a very thick stew. Barely any liquid and I was worried that would bump up my calorie intake because it was nowhere near 9 cups of soup in it. :/ I added all the liquid the recipe calls for and even another cup and a half of water. I don't know why it soaked it all up.

  234. Oh My Goodness!! made this last week and it was absolutely amazing.
    As were the cheddar biscuits. 🙂
    Thank you for this amazing recipe!

  235. Wonderful soup! My daughter and I loved it! Great for lunches at home.

  236. I just made this last night and it is delicious! Thank you! I have never been disappointed with any of your recipes!!!!

  237. Yum!!! I was home sick today and decided to make this to warm me up! Such a great soup!! I am actually going to bring it to a get together I am going to where the theme is warm and cozy! It def fits that category! 🙂

  238. This was way to watery and really no taste. Needs more flour to thicken more and I think if I try this again, I'm going to substitute fat free chicken broth for the water. Cost me alot of money to buy everything and I have alot left over that I dont' really care to eat.

  239. Made this soup with the biscuits this weekend. I have to say it was a HIT with the entire family…they loved it!! Especially the biscuits my son ate about 4 of them. Thank you Gina for these amazing recipes. There isn't anything I've made that the family doesn't love.

  240. I made this last week & my husband said, "This is the best thing you've made in a while!" Ha ha ha! I am making more of your recipes in the near future!

  241. This soup was great! I usually put a whole chicken in the crock pot while at work. It turns out perfectly cooked. I'm so glad my friend sent me this site. Thanks for the great recipes!

  242. I made this tonight and you weren't kidding when you said it was filling. I had a cup and a half but was stuffed and will definitely only need a cup serving next time.

  243. I'm making this now. I had to substitute orzo for the potatoes because we didn't have any. I think it'll be an ok substitute but won't be quite the same. Can't wait to try it! Smells delish!

  244. Made this for lunch and liked it. It had great flavor just like the chicken pot pie my mom makes. However it wasn't as soupy as I would have liked and I felt there were too many potatoes. Next time I'll just leave out some potatoes and add more liquid.

  245. Made this tonight and I thought it was delicious. My husband liked it too. 2 out of 3 kids thought it was good. I was surprised they didn't love it like I did. More left overs for me!!

  246. this was amazing!!! thank you so much for all your recipes.

  247. I converted a soup hater with this recipe! Fatastic.. Did not last long..

  248. Made for dinner. Perfect and delicious!

  249. Made this last week and it turned out fantastic – didn't have any thyme on hand so i left it out, but it was still very tasty. Great fall/winter soup and super easy to make!

  250. I made this last night and it was delicious!! I made it with the corn starch and almond milk to make it gluten and dairy free and it was soo good. I poached the chicken for 15 mintues and it worked out great. My husband was very impressed and it was very easy!! Thanks Gina!!

  251. I made this soup tonight. It was a HUGE hit! Everyone loved it! Adding it to my regular recipe list. AMAZING!

  252. I love all of your recipes! This one was great for a rainy fall night. My boyfriend is a total foodie and he loved this so much that he took a bunch of it to work. BTW Your blueberry muffins are known as "magic muffins" by his team (he's a cop). He's now asking me to cook for him more often! Thank you!!!!

  253. A million thanks for posting this amazing recipe! Made this soup yesterday, which was a rainy, cool Sunday. Perfect meal~going to share leftovers too! The garlic cheese biscuits were a delicious bonus and so much better than the packaged version.

  254. I made this recipe for lunch today. I like to taste as I go to make sure the soup has enough flavor. I added 3 bouillon cubes instead of 2 and that made a huge difference. I used a fresh rotisserie chicken + the juices that settle in the bottom of the dish after cooking the chicken. I added slightly more vegetables, a teaspoon of cayenne pepper, and 2 garlic cloves. I still used skim-milk to keep the recipe low fat. I also only added one large baking potato. Hope that helps for people claiming the soup was a touch bland.

  255. I made this tonight for my hubby daughter neice and in-laws. My hubby never gets seconds but did tonight! Soup was a big hit along with the cheddar biscuits. I made this without the mushrooms and witht the chicken broth and didnt find it bland at all! love your recipes! Thanks Gina~

  256. I made this last night for dinner. I think I went wrong somewhere because the soup didn't thicken up (maybe because I used corn starch instead of flour?) and the flavor was a little bland. We had a bunch left over, so today I decided to "fix" it by melting two tablespoons of butter in a pot and added two tablespoons of flour. I mixed and cooked it over medium heat until the roux turned light brown, then added the leftover soup, some more pepper and some freshly grated nutmeg (not much, just a pinch). It was delicious!

  257. Made this and the cheddar garlic biscuits for dinner on this rainy fall evening. We loved it!!! Not that I'm surprised since I haven't had one of your recipes that I haven't LOVED. Thank you for helping me stay on plan!!

  258. This was delicious! Great for a rainy fall night like tonight. Has anyone tried to freeze and thaw this? My future MIL always freezes soup for us and when it thaws it's always chunky and kind of nasty. I was wondering if that's just her soup or if most frozen soups will thaw like that.

  259. Amazing! made this for my self for dinner with the Easy Garlic Cheddar Biscuits. so so good I added just a bit of cayenne pepper to give it a little heat and it was out of this world thank you

  260. Actually, strike that, I'll be making your garlic cheddar biscuits!

    And Katie, dang woman, how tall are you if you're aiming for 105 lbs?! I hope 5' 0"!

  261. I made this tonight with some changes based on what I had on hand…

    Unsweetened almond milk instead of skim
    2 tsp Better than Boullion instead of cubes
    Ground 99% lean turkey instead of chicken, 1/2 instead of 1 lb. (left over from your stuffed peppers!)
    Extra mushrooms and vegetables
    4 small red potatoes unpeeled
    About half a cup of black beans I needed to get rid of
    Whole wheat flour instead of all purpose

    The almond milk was iffy. I don't think it acted like milk would have. Milk doesn't settle, for instance, and the stuff that settles in almond milk boiled to the top at times. It also has a definite nutty flavor, but I personally don't mind that — I've almost forgotten what real milk tastes like compared to almond now.

    The beans were a great addition, but I think I'll take the advice of someone way up there who added more BTB than called for on the jar, more like 2 tsp per cube. I also want to try it with chicken, or at least not 99% lean anything.

    Despite all that, I still liked it a lot! 🙂 I love hearty, chunky soups like this. And since I'm not on WW, definitely going to try it with a crescent roll dough next time (I wonder if they make those in whole wheat?)

    Thanks, Gina1

  262. I have made so many ST receipes, but this is the first that all three of my picky kids asked for seconds on! I did use 2% milk instead of skim, used an additional bullion, and 1/3 cup of flour, but it probably would have tasted great just the way it is written!

  263. I stumbled across this last week and made it. Then I proceeded to boast of its yumminess to the weight watcher boards….Gads of folks were claiming to make it!

    I'm prepping it again this week!

  264. Your recipes helped me lost 15 pounds so far on weight watchers. 🙂 My starting weight was 140 and now I'm weighing in at 125. I'll keep using your recipes to help shed another 15 pounds. Thanks!

  265. YOU HAVE TO USE CHICKEN BOUILLON…i found that out too late…it still ended up being good but was a very thin soup. Also, cook potatoes separately to speed up the process (dumping potatoes in for 5 minutes is not long enough to make any size potato soft).

  266. Really tasted great. Light yet filling. I love the addition of mushrooms i don't find in other recipe sites. Made this for me and my mom and she loves it as well.

  267. Thanks for this recipe. I tried it last night and it came out perfect. Both my husband and I enjoyed it. It's going right into the recipe box.

  268. I just made this for dinner…Wonderful! I did have to cook potatoes a bit longer (probably didn't have heat high enough). Also, I added a bit of salt. Love it! I will make the cheddar biscuits to go with it next time. I love all of your recipes…they are far superior to any other "skinny" recipes I've come across (including weight watchers recipes)…Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  269. I made this last night and it was so delicious!! Chicken Pot Pie is one of my favorite foods and now I don't feel guilty eating it. I am going to make the cheddar biscuits to go with it tomorrow!

  270. I made this tonight and it was a hit, even with the kids! You were right, this is very filling! Thanks for a great recipe!

  271. Made this for dinner tonight. It was wonderful! Very hard to eat just 1 cup. I followed your recipe exactly and wouldn't change a thing. Thank you so very much for your wonderful recipes. It makes WW so much easier and even fun. I hope your family appreciates you as much as we do.

  272. I made this and loved it! I ended up using a little more flour to make it thicker. Also, instead of potatoes, I used Target brand potato gnocchi. It added 1 point to each serving, but it was REALLY good! It tasted just like pot pie!

  273. I plucked this puppy out of the archives a week or two ago, and it was AMAZING. I'm glad you brought it back. I put a few sprigs of rosemary in the milk as it heated up, it was amazing. I also was cheap and just used white button mushrooms, it was great.

  274. I have made this soup several times and it is a huge hit in our house! And my husband doesn't even like chicken pot pie! Thanks for all of your recipes, Gina. You never disappoint!

  275. I made this last night and it was a hit! Everyone loved it. It was absolutely delicious and definitely a keeper. Thanks!

  276. Wonderful! I made it last night and it turned out great. We used dried herbs, but followed the rest of the recipe. I will definitely be making this again!

  277. I made tis recipe Sunday. it's the best! My 9-year old loves to take soup to school in her thermos and this is one of her faves (as well as mine). Thank you, Gina!

  278. I am dying to try this now that the weather is getting cooler again. Is there any way to make this without the bouillon? My husband cannot eat anything with MSG and it's almost impossible to find bouillon cubes without it. Thanks!

  279. made this last night! so yummy!

  280. Made this tonight, it is wonderful! Thank you, Gina!

  281. Just had this today – everyone in my family loved it. I can see it becoming a winter staple!


  282. Made this tonight for dinner….delicious!!!

  283. This is the best recipe EVER!!! Making it again tonight! I have made so many things from your site and everything has been delicious!!!!

  284. Made this for dinner and now having leftovers with grilled cheese. Yummy!

  285. I made this tonight and it was awesome! I substituted Target Gnocchi for the potatoes and I had to add more flour to thicken the soup. In all, it came out to 5 points a cup instead of 4. I will make this soup again!

  286. I just made this for lunch…it's AMAZING!! I used chicken broth instead of water since I didn't have boullion on hand, and used diced canned white potatoes. Not lacking flavor at all, nice and thick and creamy! This recipe will be a family favorite for a long time! Thank you Gina for all your hard work making great tasting, figure-friendly meals that my whole family loves! 🙂

  287. Just enjoyed this for dinner. "lighter" version is still so yummy & hearty!

  288. I made this for dinner this evening. OMG, so good! I made this exactly as you said except for one part: I left the mushrooms out. (We are not fungus loving people…but to each his own:-)

    It took my potatoes a wee bit longer to cook but no biggie. (I did cut them up into very small chunks. though.)

    I did as one poster suggested: I baked some crescent rolls (like the ones you get in a can) flat and used that as a topping to this soup.

    Loved this recipe very, very much and it is now officially a keeper in our home.

  289. This soup would not thicken for me and I followed the recipe exactly. I had to end up adding another 1/2 c. of flour to get it to thicken. Also the potatoes were still raw after cooking them for 30 minutes on low. If I make this again I'll make sure they are fully cooked before putting them in. We had to go get something for dinner, because this was taking so long to cook 🙁

  290. I think this might be my favorite soup recipe on this site so far! So creamy and delish! Í always double up these recipes and it's enough for me and my boyfriend for the lunch week; this will be a perfect Australian winter lunch!

  291. Flavor was good. Added extra veggies, and flavored the chicken and water with pepper and garlic salt. My soup didn't thicken even after extra flour/water mixture. Topped with some oyster crackers too! Next time i wont add as much chicken.

  292. I made this once before on the stove top and currently its been in the crock pot for a few hours. Looks and smells just as good. Can't wait to dig in

  293. This was delicious! My 7 year old picky eater ate this up and even my 14 month old "yummed" eating the veggies and chicken out of the soup.

    As a side note, Gina, your blog has saved our WW diet. I started 40 pounds ago and was getting very bored. I found you a few weeks ago and dinner is exciting now. My husband has been on WW for a few weeks and plugs everything in to the recipe builder because he can't believe that food that tastes this good has the points it does. Thank you!

  294. I'm in Texas, and we had little to no "winter" this year. Luckily, I am a year-round soup eater. I had some poached, shredded chicken in my freezer, and finally decided to give this a try. SO GOOD. I always have your garlic cheddar biscuits on hand and they were a perfect pairing. (I freeze the biscuits and warm them back up 1-2 at a time) I used extra mushrooms and a bag of Veg All frozen summer blend – squash, green beans, carrots, and red pepper. Delicious, as I'm not a big fan of peas. I used Better Than Bouillon, and added some garlic powder and poultry seasoning. This one is a keeper!

  295. It was a cold day here in south western PA and this was the perfect dinner! I cut the recipe in have an made 1 point biscuits. It was perfect!!! I added garlic salt and onion powder, couldn't of been better. Perfect WW comfort food! Please put out a cook book 🙂

  296. I made that for lunch yesterday. Use some chicken stock and no sodium bouillon instead – added salt to our desired taste. Boy, it is delicious!!! My husband loves it too! Thanks for sharing this guilt-free chicken pot pie soup!!!!

  297. Thank-You so much for making these recipes, I have just found your Recipes on Pinterest and made this soup. I absolutly LOVE it, making more and I'm going to double it so I can freeze some for lunches. I've been telling everyone about your site how wonderful it is. I also made the Crock Pot Chili I can't really have a lot of spices so I only added 1 can of diced tomatoes and only put 1 tsp each of the cumin and the chili powder. I think next time I will add some water as there was not much liquid. Oh it was so good!!!

  298. This was wonderful!!! I fixed it at work so I had a lot of people coming in asking what smelled so good! Great tasting recipe for trying to stay on track!

  299. There are not enough words to describe how good this soup is. I wanted to lick my bowl!

  300. Wow, I made this tonight and it was DELICIOUS! I used original unsweetened almond milk instead of ff milk and used about a tsp of poultry seasoning in place of the thyme (I couldn't find my thyme). I don't know if creaminess was lost with the almond milk, but it was quite thick, and I personally would say it was creamy. It looked very similar to the picture.

    Even with the changes it was full of flavor and not at all bland like some pps had mentioned. Thanks Gina!

  301. This is my first time here and I made this for dinner tonight. Eveyone loved it. I used chicken stock (no boullion on hand) and I added fresh sage, savory and thyme. Thanks for the recipe. I will make it again. I will be back!

  302. I am new to cooking and am having so much fun trying your recipes. You make it so fun and easy. I made this exactly how you instructed and it was perfect. I was surprised at how much it tasted like chicken pot pie. So easy to make, so satisfying to eat. Thank you for all your creativity and hard work. You're really helping me stay on track with healthier eating.
    Am brining some to share at work tomorrow. I know I will be passing out the recipe too.
    Your buffalo chicken dip is my favorite!

  303. My husband made the mistake of putting frozen broccoli, carrots, and water chestnuts instead of the frozen veggies listed but it was GREAT!!

  304. Just made this– as usual, amazing flavor and kids loved it. I served it in bread bowls and my family thought that was SO fun! I also added a little garlic powder– YUM!!

  305. I fixed this meal tonight for my family's super bowl party. Let me just say…I didn't have any leftovers! It was delicious! Thank you so much!

  306. I made this recipe exactly how written(used Better Than Bullion) and it is not lacking in flavor at all!!! It is so delicious!

  307. I tried this recipe yesterday and OH MY GOD. It's unbelievably filling and it smells like heaven. Yummers! ^.^

  308. Another great recipe made this one two days ago and it was so yummy. My 4 year old really liked it too.
    Love your recipes.

  309. I just made this tonight. I used coconut milk (SoBe original flavor) instead of skim as my daughter has a dairy allergy and I used chicken stock instead of bullion as bullion has milk in it as well (who knew?!). It was delicious. I did add some more flour to the slurry to thicken it up a little more but the flavor was delicious and you couldn't tell it was with coconut milk. My husband had 2 bowls. 🙂

  310. thanks again for another great recipe..the only thing I added was roasted cauli and i roasted the potatoes too with garlic for even more flavour…awesome dish!

  311. I made this tonight and it was so delicious and satisfying. I didn't have fat free milk so I used a cup of fat free half and half and used chicken stock (home made) for the rest of the liquid – minus the slurry of course! I added fresh zuchini and a pinch of dill along with the thyme and it was absolute perfection. VERY delicious and filling! Thank you – I love your recipes so much!

  312. i was sooo excited to try and make this soup! i had the bright idea to try and make it in my crock pot while i was at work…unfortunatley i should have done my reseach on milk based soups and crock pots lol they dont mesh well. i came home to a crock pot full of curdled milk/chicken soup. i was so disappointed i went back to the grocery store, re purchased the ingrediants and made it on the stove…MUCH BETTER! the soup turned out great, so delicious.

  313. Yet another fantastic recipe! Very easy and quick (if you can manage to prep properly — I usually fail at prep work). The husband loved it. The toddler, who usually spits out chicken that isn't shredded to bits (and other bites of food that aren't itty bitty) loved it as well…NO FOOD was spit out! Love it, love it, love it!

    I would really like to let you know that your recipes are making my WW journey pleasant. Before I discovered your site, everything that I was able to come up with, with low pointage, was boring. I'm actually looking forward to cooking dinner for my family…THAT is a first. Thank you so much!

  314. Made this tonight and everyone (including my 7 and 10 year olds) loved it! Added fresh carrots and only had frozen corn on hand. Will definitely make this again!

  315. REALLY good, just finished eating it. i served it over a biscuit. One of the most filling low point recipes i've tried lately. yay!!!

  316. I just made this for dinner it was soooo good! i dont normally like soup but hubby really wanted a healthy soup…I had 1 cup and was full! the only problem i had, was that i felt there was not enough liquid after adding the slurry, so i added broth and more slurry and it was perfect! (i also prob used too much potato, i used 2 lrg potatoes)

    I will def make this again!!

  317. Wow, this is soooo yummy on a cold winter evening! I poached the chicken and followed the recipe using Yukon Gold potatoes…they are melting in my mouth like butter! I also added some cayenne pepper, garlic salt, and garlic pepper in addition to the sea salt and pepper I had originally put in. I'm one who likes a little "kick" to my entrees and this was not bland at all.

    Definitely captures the flavor of a pot pie without all the calories! A keeper for sure!

  318. I have enjoyed every recipe on this site but this one I wasn't a fan of. It's VERY bland. Its my fault, I didn't really notice the lack of seasoning/spices because I was focused on following the recipe. I should have seasoned and tasted as I went. Also, I would simmer it longer than it says. My potatoes were cut very small and they and the veggies were still too crisp for my liking.

  319. Hands down our favorite recipe from your site! Every time we make, we can't believe how good it is for us. You are a genius! 🙂

  320. I made this for dinner last night. My family loves pot pies, especially the ones I make myself. I am trying to cut down on ca pies and fat so I tried this. My family actually loved it but they did miss the pie crust a bit. I will make this again for sure! Thank you for sharing this.

  321. I made this soup last night and it was delicious! I used almost 16 oz frozen vegetables…my boyfriend even said it could have used MORE! Next time, I'll add a few more veggies. Otherwise, this was an amazing recipe and I've already passed it on. Thank you, Gina!!

  322. My whole family loves this and I have a couple very picky eaters!! Thank you for the wonderful recipe ideas. I am NO cook but after making a bunch of your recipes my kids tell everyone what a wonderful cook I am. 🙂 yeah!!!!

  323. I made this today and LOVED it!! I used a teaspoon of thyme cause I love it and I also
    used canned green beans & corn, & fresh baby carrots chopped instead of frozen veggies cause I dont like the taste of frozen beans
    or frozen carrots. I added the carrots at the same time as the celery
    and onion so they were cooked through. I just weighed the veggies
    on the scale so it came to 10 oz. VERY YUMMY! Love your recipes Gina!!

  324. Delcious recipe! It was perfect for a cold and snowy evening. I omitted the celery and mushrooms and realized that my frozen veggie mix was cauliflower, brocolli and carrots, but it was still wonderful. All 3 of my kids gobbled it up.

  325. Amazing! I used leftover turkey and it tasted just like turkey pot pie without the crust. This recipe is a keeper!

  326. I just made this soup and it is absolutely amazing. I have been wanting to make a chicken pot pie soup for some time. Thank you for giving us a healthy option.

    I absolutely love your website..Thanks for sharing and getting me inspired to cook healthier for my family!

  327. I just made this for dinner and it was delicious! Who doesn't love comfort food? I'm a beginner cook and love eating healthy and your blog is amazing. I'm so glad I found it 🙂

  328. This is awesome alone, and even better with just a touch of sirracha! Love this soup!

  329. Forget thinking that the only soups of choice are thin/watery chicken broth based….this is what I would describe as hearty!! My husband and I loved this soup and have already passed the recipe along to my daughter and sister…can not wait to try more of your yummy recipes. (question…when I put this into the recipe builder on WW I got one point more on each serving size…wondering why?)

  330. This served with your garlic cheddar biscuits is probably my all time favorite thing I've made from your site (so far)! I've been obsessed with Soupplantations Chicken Pot Pie soup with their biscuits for years and was so happy when I found both recipes on your site. My boyfriend and I agreed that this was every bit as good as the high fat version, if not better. Thank you so much =)

  331. Perfect comfort food soup! I couldn't believe how filling it was! I am going for the 1 c. serving today – 1 1/2 was a lot! The only substitute we did was unsweetened soy milk since we have a dairy free house – work out perfectly. Definitely a keeper recipe!

  332. I've made this many times, and we love it at our house!! Tonight I'm trying it with some turkey breast instead of chicken; since I just roasted our turkey last night. Thank you so much for the time you spend sharing your delicious recipes!! I recommend your site ALL the time!! 🙂

  333. I made this for my husband and I and we both loved it. It was very filling I could only eat one bowl. I served it with canned biscuits on the side for dipping.

  334. Made this last night. Everyone enjoyed it! I left out the mushrooms and celery as my family does not care for that and added some of our favorited seasonings such as cumin, minced garlic, seasonall salt, etc. A definite keeper!

  335. Made this last night for dinner for my family. Everyone loved it, even my picky veggy eating kiddos! We will be having this one again. Thanks!!

  336. Ohmygoodness! I tried this tonight and it was amazing. I will definitely be making this one all winter! So many great recipes on this website!

  337. Jillian, I make this in my crockpot all the time! I use canned chicken and skip the mushrooms (fungus? yuck!) I let it cook all day and add the slurry for the last hour or two. It thickens up nicely.

  338. WOW Gina! I've been obsessing over your website since i stumbled upon it. i've been cooking from it almost every day. tonight i tried this and im so amazed. it was so good. you have totally inspired me to cook. thank you!!!

  339. Gina , Do you think this would turn out well using the crockpot???- Jillian

  340. This was awesome! I'm so happy I discovered your site!

  341. Gina, another one of your fabulous recipes!!! I have made tons of your dishes and you never cease to amaze! Love love love this soup! Made with crescent rolls.


  342. I made this soup today for lunch, and it was a hit! I too needed a little more flavor, so I added a little poultry seasoning while cooking. Turned out perfectly!! Thank you for such a great recipe!

  343. I made this for dinner tonight and my whole family loved it, even my very picky daughter. My hubby even had seconds. Thank you for so many great recipes 🙂

  344. This was fantastic! Made it for dinner tonight, and my husband is on his third "cup" sized helping. I'm thinking about seconds, and since I loaded in even more veggies, I can deal with the points! The only ones who are disappointed are the cats, because the mean humans aren't sharing. 😉

  345. i made this tonight and was totally amazed! i had never made a soup before, and was really nervous to try and make this one. it was so tasty and hearty and i'm so happy i have leftovers for days to come!

    i wanted to invite friends over to share, but i was nervous i would mess something up since it was the first time i had made soup (and since something ALWAYS goes wrong when i cook), but your directions are so easy to follow and recipes are so tasty! i wish i had invited a whole crew of people over! i'm so happy i found this blog!

  346. Gina I just made this soup tonight! It was SOOOO yummy!!!! I also made homemade biscuits with it too! The family loved it!

  347. Absolutely delicious recipe, especially on a cool Fall night. It was a little thin, so I added a tbsp of cornstarch mixed with a tbsp of water and it was perfect! Every recipe I've tried so far is great… next is the chicken and mushrooms! Thanks for the great recipe ideas!

  348. Samantha thanks for trusting me 🙂

  349. I read through the comments before I made this. I decided to trust Gina because she's never led me astray. I had no problems with the taste (not bland at all) and it thickened up really well without adding anything (I used flour). I grew up having chicken pot pie without mushrooms (and my husband doesn't care for them) and without celery so I didn't add those. I used the whole bag of mixed vegetables (16 oz) so my PP value was bumped up 1 PP, totally worth it!! I like the idea of putting them in ramekins and stretching the crescent dough over the top, yummy!!

  350. Made this last night and we were in heaven. Just one cup was so filling. The only things I changed was using fresh carrots because I had frozen peas and corn in the freezer. It came out great. I found it to be a little bland at first, but I added a little more herbs and spices and that did the trick (crushed red pepper, rosemary, all purpose seasoning, etc.). I also served it with a whole wheat roll, just to create the illusion of chicken pot pie! I cannot wait to make it in the winter months, it will be so warm and satisfying!

  351. This was a great soup. Even my 7 month old son loved it. I did change up the veges to suit our tastes and used 2% milk since that's what I had. I did think it needed quite a bit of salt and pepper to taste and felt like it was missing a little something so I added a little bit of lemon juice and that rounded out the taste perfectly. I think I'll have some leftovers for breakfast today! All your recipes look so yummy I can't wait to try out another one. So glad I found your website 🙂

  352. THIS IS DELICIOUS! Can't wait to make it again! 😀

  353. I love this soup! It's amazing all that flavor is only 3 PTS for a cup! Definitely not bland, although I do always use Better Than Boullion. I always make the garlic cheddar biscuits with it too, and its still a very reasonably low-point dinner. I noticed someone was asking about using Almond milk… it works just fine. In fact, I've never had a problem using it in any of your recipes that call for milk. I use the unsweetened, unflavored Almond Breeze as my husband cannot tolerate dairy milk.

  354. This is an excellent recipe! To compensate for the lack of pie crust, I roll out a ready-made refrigerated pie crust (to lazy to make my own) and, using a cookie cutter, cut out 12 medallions of crust. Sprinkle a smidge of parmesan cheese on them and bake in the oven until brown. Put a medallion on top of your bowl of soup and enjoy! It's 2 points+ for a medallion (unless you use a smaller cutter then adjust points). Speaking of comfort food…:))

  355. Just thought I would tell you I have made this several times since winter and I just love it. Ideal for putting in a container and reheating at work in microwave for lunch. In fact there is some in my fridge now although it is supposed to be summer here in the UK!

  356. Very delicious and hearty! My husband had no idea that this was "diet" food. Hooray!

  357. This soup is the bomb…I have made several times with thumbs up from BF. Sometimes I like to put soup in individual bowls that can go in oven and lay across top of soup bowl RF Crescent Roll. Very tasty

    Thanks for all the hardwork Gina 🙂

  358. AT least you can make biscuits for those not watching their figure and still stay on track! Try the Cheesy garlic biscuits!!

  359. this was awesome!! my "foodie" husband sure was fooled! he loved it, and immediately wanted biscuits with it, which i neglected to make! oops! oh well, next time. he said i can make this again for him!! delicious!!

  360. Made half of it (just in case!). This appeared just as I was looking for something different to do with some left over roast chicken. Unfortunately, there was not quite enough, after all, so I quickly thawed a few shrimp and added them at the same time as the chicken. According to my husband "This is a keeper".

  361. this was SO GOOD! i made it exactly as written and it was perfect

  362. Tasted Perfect especially with a little pepper jack cheese on top

  363. I was so leary of this but decided to try it since everything else I've made from here has been great. It was a hit! Tasted JUST like Chicken Pot Pie only better. I don't think I will ever make it the regular way again.
    And again, nobody could believe it was low cal/low fat!

  364. Yum! I love this soup!

  365. Holy moly, my husband was gulping this down so fast he might as well have put it in a cup! You are making me look like a fabulous cook, Gina! 😉

  366. Penny, I probably wouldn't make this in the crock pot, let me know how it turned out.

  367. I have this in the crock pot now. I hope it turns out as good as the original recipe that you posted. I love meals that are all ready once we get home. I have tried many of your recipes and all have been a hit so far. 🙂

  368. This was soooo good. Perfect for a rainy Sunday. I didn't think the 1 cup portion would be enough but it really was. Very filling and very points friendly.
    Thank you!

  369. i made this tonight for tomorrows dinner and lunches. it smelled so good i had to have some tonight!

    i didnt have portabella mushrooms or the mixed vegis with the corn, peas, etc. i used regular white mushrooms and frozen broccoli,lima beans, carrots and califlower. it came delicious, is full of vegis and is very filling!!! thank you for another wonderful recipe!

  370. OMG I made this tonight – it's soooo good!! I didn't feel so bad having a little more than just one serving either 🙂

    I would suggest EVERYONE give this recipe a try. It's super easy (even for a newbie, wanna-be "chef" like me) and super DELICIOUS!

    Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  371. The soup did not thicken very well-not sure what went wrong…..the taste was very good nonetheless. Maybe next time I would try the cornstarch. I eliminated the mushrooms. The taste was very good. I look forward to each recipe…thank you! L

  372. My family loved this! The only thing I did differently was add some corn starch at the end for more thickening. The flour and water mixture wasn't quite enough. I used broth instead of the bouillion cube and water. I also hit it with a dash of red pepper flakes. This is definately a keeper and I will make it again.

  373. Add one and taste it after it dissolves, if you think it needs more, add the other.

  374. With regard to the 2 chicken bouillons (if using Knorr Extra Large Cubes)do you still use 2 or cut it back to 1? Can't wait to make this.

  375. Made this as per your instructions and it turned out delicious. Thanks.


  376. Sarah, this reheats fine, you cold add a little water if you have to. This should be fine to freeze too.

    To poach, basically cook the chicken in boiling liquid for 15 minutes.

  377. Basic question… how do you poach a chicken? =/

  378. I made this for the first time tonight and it was great! It's super filling, I was starving and was prepared to eat the full 1 and 1/2 cup serving, but found I could only eat less than 1 cup serving size! I had just a couple questions. First my soup thickened up very well, but I'm concerned that when I go to reheat it later it will be too thick. Any ideas on how to thin it down again? And do you think that this will freeze well? Gina this is a great recipe! You've done it again 🙂

  379. Made this just as directed. Yummy! So comforting! Definitely a keeper. I shared the recipe and your website with our Biggest Loser Competition at church and someone even brought it to a potluck. :O)

  380. I made this a few nights ago. It was great! I followed the recipe for the most part, except that I did not include the mushrooms and I added more seasoning. Even with the bullion, I needed to add a lot of salt and pepper. I also took some of the advice from other people who commented and added some dry dill, cayenne pepper, and Italian seasoning. The results were fantastic! I will make this again.

  381. Rene, I will try to give gluten free options when possible. S many people I know can't eat gluten lately! I do have a gluten free link on the right.

    The points might go up by one, but I'm guessing. Have you tried using a creamy fat free milk like Over The Moon? It makes a big difference in taste!

  382. I was just wondering how much the points would be affected if I used 1% milk? Started WW a couple weeks ago with my DH, but we have stuck with 1% instead of FF, mostly because we can't STAND it! Or, would I just be better off just adding enough to make it creamy and use mostly chicken broth? Love your site. 🙂

  383. I've made this soup now twice and I LOVE it! I am on the 17 Day Diet and it fit into the second and third cycle of the diet.

    It is so good…thanks, Gina! I invited my daughter and her kids over after I made it and they loved it too. (they had no idea it was a skinny soup!) The only change I made is that I cut the amount of baby portabello mushrooms in half….used the other half when I made it again a few days later!

  384. I can't wait to try this, but had to comment already that I REALLY appreciate that you had a gluten-free option for the flour. My husband AND my daughter are both gluten intolerant (hubby has full-blown celiac since we didn't catch this problem until he was over 40). It's really important for me to find WW friendly AND gluten-free friendly recipes. SO THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  385. Made this last night. It was delicious, and my 6 year old loved it. Thanks for all the great recipes.

  386. This was great I used some leftover turkey breast and it was WONDERFUL! Thanks Gina.

  387. Wow, this was VERY satisfying. I made this for dinner tonight and it turned out very good. I didn't have any thyme on hand so i used a little italian seasoning instead and added a little red cayenne pepper for that extra kick. I also added a small tin of sweet creamed corn which gave it a little more flavor. Will definitely be making this again for my hubby! Thanks Gina!

  388. Made this on Monday for the first time…and will be making it all the time. One of the best dishes I have ever ate. Thanks again!

  389. Great dish! I got the pickest 9 year old EVER to eat it too. Great suggestions to add dill. Thank you for your recipes!! I've made about 10 so far and we love them!!

  390. Made this tonight and it was a hit with my husband and 11 month old son. I will definitely make this again. It was rich and creamy. Great comfort food.

  391. Gina-

    Thanks so much for this recipe! It is DELICIOUS, easy to make and DELICIOUS (did I say that already?!) Thank you so so much for all you do:-D

  392. What are the 17 day guidelines? Curious!

  393. Hello Gina!
    This soup was amazing! It was so easy to make and I will make this again. Thank you so much for sharing!

  394. ps….when I made this soup I used one Idaho potato and one sweet potato and that tasted great!

  395. I tried this soup last night and thought I had died and gone to Heaven! It is delicious! It was so good that I invited my daughter and her kids to come over for a bowl and they loved it too! Gina you are awesome!! I'm on the 17 day diet and have started a blog for it and wonder if you will be creating some recipes using the 17 day diet guidelines too?

  396. Medium sized potatoes, cut small.

  397. What size of potatoes do you use?

  398. I made this one last week. I actually left the recipe @ school so had to go by memory. Well, my memory stinks! Forgot to add milk! It turned out super without it, though! Very delicious!! Thank you!

  399. This was amazing! I've shared the recipe with everyone! A new favorite for sure!

  400. I made this 2 weeks ago. I had just roasted a turkey and used the meat from it. I left out the mushrooms and just stuck with onion, celery and carrots. I used 'Simply Smart' fat free milk, which made it a bit creamier because it has the taste and consistancy of 2%. It was AMAZING!!!!!! My husband found a low fat pie crust recipe online right before the soup was completed. It was quick and easy. We crumbled it on top of the soup. And since we split it, we didn't feel SO guilty!! Thank you so much! So glad to put this into my rotation.

  401. Gina, this was absolutely delicious!!

    Another wonderful Gina creation!!

  402. Amen Mommy2maddox! I think you will like them, try the broccoli potato cheddar soup next!

    • Just had to comment and say that this is a regular rotation recipe in our fall and winter meals. I made it again tonight for my son (now 4.5 years old) and I while my husband is away on business and Maddox LOVES it even now. He keeps asking how I made this and he thinks it is so good that I had to buy it at the store. Just some more kudos for a great recipe!

  403. Made this tonight and it was awesome! My husband, one year old son, and I thoroughly enjoyed this meal. I made some crescent rolls to go with it and it was fabulous.

    If all of your recipes are this good, I can't wait to start trying more out! Here is to healthier body and great food!

  404. I think freezing this would be fine! Would be awesome with crescent rolls or dough on top!

    Sarah, sage sounds super!!

  405. I made this tonight! I thought it was pretty good! Next time I might stretch lowfat cresant dough over the top of a soup bowl and and finish the heating process while the dough bakes in the oven over the soup!

  406. I made this last night and loved it! I just threw the potatoes and chicken when I added all of the vegetables and everything cooked fabulously. It was a little tricky to not burn the milk initially, but maybe I was just being too impatient:) It makes a ton so I put it in individual containers and froze them. I didn't have time so I added sage and thought it was great.

  407. I was wondering what your suggestions might be for leftovers? I am heading out of town tomorrow for a few days and I don't want it to go bad.. Would you recommend freezing it?

  408. Made this last night, and my batch came out a little bland To ? : / but tonight I took the left overs I microwaved it first ,spooned a cup into separate ramekins , put 1/4 cup of reduced fat cheddar cheese, and draped a reduced fat cresent roll over top ( have to mold it a bit) . Poked a whole in the top brushed with egg baked for 13 minutes = 9 points….. Sooooo worth it!!! Thanks Gina !!

  409. This recipe calls for cooked chicken, so if your chicken is raw, poach it 15 minute. Then remove and add it back in the end.

  410. Let me know how it turns out in the crock pot! It's been a while since I use Better Than Boullion, I think I'll have to pick it up again when I go shopping.

  411. I always use Better Than Boullion (the Ham is fantastic in pea soup!) and just use the amount called for the amount of liquid I have. So, for this one, I used 6 tsp since there is 6 cups of liquid. So far so good! It looks and smells fantastic. I also used the entire 16 oz of veggies and will add 1 point to account for the extra. Finally, I didn't use mushrooms since we don't like them, but I did have some golden cauliflower in the fridge that I cut up very small (like cheese crumbles size) and added in (about 1/2 to 2/3 of a cup total). I put all of this in the crock pot and it makes my house smell heavenly! Thanks!

  412. I have raw chicken and I'm not sure what your directions are telling me to do. Am I putting it in water and let them cook for 15 minutes and then taking them out? OR Am i putting them in water and letting the come to a boil and then cooking them for additional 15 mins once water starts to boil?

  413. We made this last night. Great winter soup! It is worthy of making the recipe box!

  414. Made this tonight – another home run from your site! There's only two of us and this made so much – do you think it can be frozen? Thanks for all your fabulous recipes!

  415. I made this soup last week and it came out great! It is a lower fat recipe so I don't think you can expect the same consistency as a cream-based soup. I followed the recipe exactly and the only thing I had to tweak was to cook the potatoes longer. Also, i added a few hits of celery salt at the end and it was a great addition. I froze a few servings and have been taking to work for lunch.

    For a great "man" addition, I made some of the Pillsbury crescent rolls on the side and it was delish : )

    Thanks Gina!

  416. I made this tonight, it was good. As other reviewers mentioned, the potatoes needed more cooking time. Next time, I will add them with the frozen vegetables. I didn't have any problem with the soup thickening….Another keeper!

  417. Gina, I made this a few weeks ago and it was delicious! Thank you for bringing Chicken Pot Pie back into my life! I wrote a short post and hope it sends more peeps to your site. You Rock!

  418. My hubby had this waiting for me when I got home from work tonight. I have to admit….I had 2 cups of it. Yummmmmmmy! 🙂

  419. I made this exactly as written and found two problems with it. One, the cooking times were a bit off. It took a lot longer than the 5 minutes for the potatoes to be soft. Like another reviewer, at the end I waited 15 minutes, instead of the instructed 2-3, for the soup to thicken, but it never did. I'm pretty sure I could've let it cook half an hour and it still wouldn't have thickened. In the end, I had to make a paste with additional flour and water, and that's what did the trick. Two, I ended up buying Better Than Bouillon, and in comparing the measurements to that of a cube of Knorr, it said 1 tsp equaled half a cube. But then when I got home, on the BTB package it said that 1 tsp equaled a whole cube. Your recipe called for two cubes, so I used 2 tsp of the BTB. It came out bland. I ended up doubling it, for a total of 4 tsp. After these adjustments, it was tasty and spot-on with chicken pot pie.

  420. I made this the other night. My husband is pretty darn picky and he enjoyed it. It made just the right amount for 2 of us. We aren't the best at cleaning up leftovers, but we have been trying to save money and live on "rice and beans and beans and rice." I began making this the evening before, but I cut my potatoes too large and couldn't get it cooked in time for supper. So, the next day I poured it into a crockpot and let it cook the rest of the way (slurry added) and it turned out nicely. It did kind of separate but I'm not sure if that's because I did something wrong (I kind of let the milk scald on the bottom of the pan-I'm not the world's best cook). Despite all the "oops" I made, this was pretty foolproof and tasted pretty darn good.

  421. Hi Samantha,
    Portabella mushrooms are baby bellas all grown up! So they should work just fine!!

  422. I made this today and it turned out great! I was concerned about it thickening up okay, but the consistency was nice and creamy.

    I ended up cooking mine about 8 minutes after adding the chicken and slurry, both because my potatoes needed a little more time to cook and I thought the extra heat/time could thicken the soup a little more. I also used a rotisserie chicken (which yielded exactly 16 oz) and only one potato; both changes affected the final points.

    I found that the final soup needed extra seasoning (to my tastes). I added more thyme, a pinch of oregano, and just a little salt.

  423. Hi Gina,
    I made your recipe for the pork chops with mushrooms and shallots last week and have a lot of extra baby bella mushrooms. Can i possibly used those in this recipe rather than going out to buy portabella mushrooms? I know it wont change the points, I was just wondering if it would alter the taste?


  424. Gina, I just made this tonight and it is amazing! I don't like mushrooms so I just added 16 oz of the mixed vegetables. It was so filling for only being 4 points+ and perfect for a cold winter night. Thank you so much for sharing such wonderful and healthy recipes!

  425. I just made this soup and it was amazing. I am in love with your blog. So grateful to have found you.

  426. This recipe is delish! I have celiac disease so I opted for corn starch instead of flour, although it didn't get as thick as the flour would have made the mixture it was super tasty! A perfect comfort meal with less carbs, how can you go wrong? 🙂

  427. This was delicious – made it last weekend for lunches for the week! Really a wonderful bowl of soup to sit down and watch football with on a cold day!

  428. This was fantastic Gina! I used a Rotisserie chicken (that was a little dried out and did not produce 16 oz of chicken breast) and only 1 potato as mine were a little on the large side. What comfort food!!! I just joined back at WW and always struggle making things that I want to eat for WW and my husband enjoying the lower calorie meals. He rarely comments on what I make when I am trying to watch it LOL but this past week he LOVED the Tilapia, the Cuban Pernil Quesadillas, and this soup! I am happy that he is eating healthier and maybe we BOTH will lose some weight. I don't know what I would do without you XO

  429. I made this as written, with bouillon cubes. I forgot to buy potatoes, so I used whatever I had on hand: 1 yam, and 2 old-ish gem potatoes from my fridge. Turned out fantastic, great comfort food for a rainy Sunday night with some buttered toast. Another winner, Gina, thanks!

  430. I made this soup tonight and it was wonderful!! I didn't even miss the pot pie crust. This is definitely a keeper that I will make time and time again. Such a great comfort food.

  431. One word…AWESOME. Leftovers portioned up in the 1.5 cup, but I served it as 1 cup because I served crecent rolls.

  432. This soup was delicious! Thanks for posting the recipe!

  433. Awesome! I accidentally only used 8oz of chicken because I had that stuck in my head for some reason. I also messed up by using fat free half & half and I felt so guilty eating it because it was so creamy. BUT… after I finished eating I figured it out and the fat free half & half is just 4 more points than the ff milk (is that right?) Anyway, in the end because I let 1/2 the chicken out it was probably still only 4pts a cup! I added the whole 16oz bag of veggies and we LOVED it! Thank you again Gina 🙂

  434. ANOTHER winner, Gina!! And all this time I thought that I was the Soup Queen … this was deLISH!!! 🙂

  435. I used low fat soy milk instead of skim milk. My daughter has a dairy allergy. I am eating the leftovers right now and it's even better the next day 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment! I keep looking at this recipe but my son has a dairy allergy and that 4 cups of milk was holding me back. I'll try it with the soy!

  436. I made this today, a snowy, cold day! It was delicious!!! Surely a keeper in this house! It's hearty, and gives you that warmth in your belly! Thanks for a great recipe!

  437. Made this last night and really liked it! Boyfriend had seconds! It was a little bland (I did broth instead of bullouin), but it was nothing some pepper couldn't fix. Also, I only had wheat flour on hand, and it still worked out great! Thanks, Gina!

  438. Made this last night and it was delicious! Even my picky roommate who usually pulls up his nose at my healthy dishes liked it. We've got a bunch of snow out here in the Midwest and the left overs in my fridge sound like the perfect dinner tonight. Thanks Gina!

  439. Made this tonight….Amazing! Loved it! First bite reminded me of my grandmothers pot pie. Husband even liked it and said he would eat it again….it's a keeper !

  440. I noticed a lot of people used chicken broth instead of the bullouin, then after making it commented that it was missing something. I recommend sticking to the original recipe, and adjusting the seasoning to taste once it cooks. Not all chicken bulloins are the same, I like Knorr, Maggie or even Better Than Bullouin.

    Thanks Jennifer, I wouldn't use almond milk, I don't think it would be quite the same.

  441. I made this recipe tonight for dinner exactly as written. In general it's a great recipe. My reaction is the same as a few of the other comments, it was a little bit bland, but I'm not sure what spices would give it more "oomph". If I make this again, I would take the advice of some of the other comments. . .chicken stock instead of water, and the whole 16 oz. bag of veggies. Having said all that, I must also agree that I LOVE your site! It is so great to have a wide variety of new recipes to make the WW journey so much more interesting.

  442. i know you get this all the time, but your blog is just wonderful. My girlfriends and I use it *all* the time!!

    Quick question: I think I already know the answer, but wanted your opinion. do you think subbing the skim milk with regular almond milk would make affect the recipe terribly?

  443. I made this last night and it was delicious! My husband liked it a lot as well. I love your website and every meal that I have made so far was amazing. I see that your daughter is requesting cream of mushroom soup, that is one of my favorites….do you have a low fat/low calorie spin on that as well on here? Thanks, Kristie

  444. I just made this and am 'testing' a little before dinner 🙂 It's very good, but I had to add a lot of garlic salt. I also added a ton more veggies (baby spinach and extra of all veggies except potatoes the recipe called for). I'm sure the garlic salt is a personal preference and I will only add it to my own. Very good recipe! Thank you again, Gina 🙂

  445. YUM! Made it last night. I baked reduced fat biscuits and poured mine over one. I don;t do WW – just try to keep it healthy so that was fine for me 🙂 I had boiled my chicken and saved the water from that – came in handy because I had to add a bunch because mine was WAY too thick. Also helped after I had a slip of the hand with the thyme…. 🙂

  446. I saw the picture and thought what great comfort food! I made it last night and followed your recipe exactly. It was delicious and tasted just like the picture, great comfort food. This is a keeper and a recipe I will share with my friends. Thank you!

  447. Gina-maybe that was the problem, I used half chicken broth and half water while I poached my chicken to save calories but I probably should have just used all chicken broth or bullion. The chicken broth I used was less sodium too. I will try it again using bullion! Other than that,I followed the recipe exactly. Thanks!


  448. I made this soup for my family this past weekend. It was a hit! I also made your hot spinach dip for an appetizer and your banana fritters for dessert. Thanks so much! You made a chef out of a single girl that never cooks. 🙂

  449. Made this last night and it was really good. I found I had to add quite a bit of salt to give it flavor, but I didn't use bullion (used chicken stock instead of water). I also added some dill which gave it a nice flavor. I let it cook about another 15 minutes with the lid off after adding chicken and slurry to allow it thicken up more.

  450. I'm glad you all enjoyed it!! Snow is coming to New York, I might be making this again although my daughter is asking for creamy mushroom soup!

    Sarah- hard to say what went wrong, did you change the recipe or follow it exact? I can't see how it would be bland, the bulloiun gives it tons of flavor. I like Knorr or Maggi best.

  451. This is one recipe that I can never have enough of!

  452. Its a snowy cold day here in Atlanta, the perfect day to try out my very first skinnytaste recipe. It was wonderful! I followed the recipe exactly, I just had to cook my potatoes a little bit longer. My veggie hatin' husband who doesn't like "soup for dinner", among other things, even loved it! I'm addicted to this site and your recipes now. I've been trying to get this baby weight off and now with the help of your recipes, I finally believe that I can. Thanks so much!

  453. I left out the mushrooms & added some extra mixed veggies – super yummy. Thanks!

  454. I think I must have done something wrong…it was good, but pretty bland and it was very watery not thick like stew. I kept adding more flour to thicken it up. Any suggestions?? Otherwise, it was filling and satisfied my comfort food craving! Thanks, Gina!


  455. Made this for dinner tonight and it was great. I did use chicken broth in place of water…Came across your website a few weeks ago and everything I have made has been great.Thank you for all the great recipes it has really helped me stay on track for WW…..

  456. I love my veggies, so I threw a whole bag of frozen veggies and 16 oz of mushrooms…..and i was bad and added a splash of half and half :)…..DELICIOUS GINA! I'm snow in down in GA and this is the perfect comfort food! Thanks for keeping me well fed this winter!!!

  457. Just found the site and this is the first recipe I made. It was absolutely DELISH and perfect for this rainy day! Can't wait to try more!

    I used the corn starch as I'm trying to make this for a friend who is gluten-free. Any suggestions on the bouillon or broth?

    • I'm not a WW points follower, so I don't know how this would affect the points, but…

      What I did was poach 7 breasts (I had a large pack to use, so I cooked/cubed it all at once, using about 3 breasts for this recipe and freezing the rest for later this week) in plain water. I then skimmed off the little white bits and used the fresh broth in place of the water/bouillon listed in the recipe.

      It turned out great and the whole family enjoyed it.

  458. I knew this would be a winner when I tasted it, it reminded me of those frozen pot pies I loved so much as a kid.

    I had no idea there was gluten hidden in some bouillons, I will make a note.

    Low fat pie crust… now that would be an oxymoron! I like the idea of using crescent rolls, or I could even see serving this with low far Ritz.

    • Do you know of a brand of chicken bouillon that does not contain MSG? I may have to go to WF for that. I'll just use chicken broth instead of water till I do. 🙂

  459. I made this tonight, it was delish! I had a few extra WW points to use, so I added a reduced fat crescent roll on top and baked it off in the oven. It was just like a pot pie, but better!

  460. For those who are gluten-free, beware of chicken broth/bullion – make sure it says gluten free on the box. Evidently there's gluten there too.

  461. Gina, I made this yesterday and it was great! we added some chili powder too and it gave it a good kick. do you think I could make this in the crockpot?

  462. Try cauliflower as a sub for potatoes too! Just break off pieces and plop in.

  463. Kelly, wonderful idea using turnips!

    For those of you watching your sodium, yes you could eliminate the bouillon and use chicken broth instead of water.

    Enjoy! Perfect cold weather soup!

  464. I made this for dinner tonight using frozen turkey left over from Christmas. Yummy! I think tomorrow I'll make some french bread to go along with it. 🙂

  465. I made this tonight and it was wonderful! I subbed the potatoes with turnips (since I had them on hand). It even cut the points a bit. I just pre-boiled them with salt and added at the same time as the other veggies. I love soups where you can just use what you have around and it still turns out amazing.

    Also, since I have a cold and it's hard for me to taste much of anything, I added some cayenne pepper and Worcestershire sauce. Loved it! Great comfort food 🙂 Perfect for the upcoming storm…

  466. Ok, this gets two thumbs up from me and everyone in my family! Hubby went back for seconds. This will be in our winter soup rotation for sure!

  467. do you think if I use 2 c low sodium broth in place of the water and boullion it would be the same? I try not to use boullion b/c of the sodium content. This is going to be Tuesday night's supper for sure!!!!!!

    • I have found "Herb Ox" low/no sodium chicken broth to be just fine when substituting for the regular stuff. MUCH lower in sodium.

  468. Made this for lunch as soon as I saw it on facebook. WOW! I added a little parsley and a little dill. We loved it and had enough leftover for supper later on when we'll eat it with some Ritz to use up the remainder of our WW points! Thanks for this one.

  469. I used all purpose potatoes. Are points different for different potatoes?

    Jenn, why not replace the chicken with beef? Or even turkey?

    Hope you all enjoy this, modify the vegetables to your taste…

  470. Yum! I haven't had pot pie in forever due to the calorie content! Having it as a soup sounds delish! Any chance of you making over a beef pot pie recipe? Banquet beef pot pies used to be my favorite!

  471. Yum, this looks perfect!! What kind of potatoes did you use? I know that can have an effect on the number of points.