Easy Garlic Cheddar Biscuits

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Super easy golden cheddar biscuits drizzled with garlic parsley butter. Make sure you have some company to enjoy these with, or you’ll be tempted to eat them all!

Super easy golden cheddar biscuits drizzled with garlic parsley butter. Make sure you have some company to enjoy these with, or you'll be tempted to eat them all!Easy Garlic Cheddar Biscuits

This is the perfect side for any soups,  holiday parties or even brunch! Some great company mains might be Tomato Bisque, Slow Cooker Turkey Breast with Gravy, or Spinach Feta and Artichoke Breakfast Bake.

You can easily halve this recipe. Of course, they taste best fresh out of the oven, but reheating them the next day is still good if you have leftovers.

Super easy golden cheddar biscuits drizzled with garlic parsley butter. Make sure you have some company to enjoy these with, or you'll be tempted to eat them all!

Super easy golden cheddar biscuits drizzled with garlic parsley butter. Make sure you have some company to enjoy these with, or you'll be tempted to eat them all!

Super easy golden cheddar biscuits drizzled with garlic parsley butter. Make sure you have some company to enjoy these with, or you'll be tempted to eat them all!
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Garlic Cheddar Biscuits

97.3 Cals 3.7 Protein 13 Carbs 3.9 Fats
Prep Time: 10 mins
Cook Time: 15 mins
Total Time: 25 mins
Yield: 14 servings
COURSE: Side Dish
CUISINE: American
Super easy golden cheddar biscuits drizzled with garlic parsley butter. Make sure you have some company to enjoy these with, or you'll be tempted to eat them all!


  • 2 tbsp butter, melted
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 2 tbsp fresh chopped parsley
  • 2 cups Heart Smart Bisquick
  • 3.5 oz shredded sharp Cheddar cheese, Cabot 50% reduced fat
  • 2/3 cup fat free milk


  • Preheat oven to 400°.
  • Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper.
  • Melt butter in a small frying pan, add half the garlic and saute on low heat about 1 minute.
  • Remove from heat and add parsley.
  • In a large bowl, combine biscuit mix, cheddar cheese, and remaining garlic.
  • Stir in milk and mix (do not over mix).
  • Drop batter by heaping tablespoonfuls (1.5 oz each) onto prepared cookie sheet.
  • Bake for 10 minutes.
  • Brush or drizzle biscuits with melted butter.
  • Bake for 5 more minutes, or until lightly browned on the bottom.


Serving: 1biscuit, Calories: 97.3kcal, Carbohydrates: 13g, Protein: 3.7g, Fat: 3.9g, Saturated Fat: 1.8g, Cholesterol: 8.3mg, Sodium: 208mg, Sugar: 1.3g
WW Points Plus: 3
Keywords: Easy Garlic Cheddar Biscuits, garlic biscuits, healthy biscuits, holiday side dishes, thanksgiving sides

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  1. First time making them and will make more and more so delicious and easy.

    Thanks Gina.

  2. Is there a way to to make these without bisquick?  I try no avoid processed foods. Thank you. 

  3. Hello could the garlic biscuits be frozen after baking?

  4. Wow! These are amazing. I could have eaten so many! I have never left a review on here, but I needed to let everyone know how good these were! These will now be a staple in my house. 

  5. These are delicious!!! So easy to make and yummy! Thank you!!

  6. Thank you for another wonderful recipe. 🙂 

  7. Any substitute suggestion to make gluten free?

  8. These were both easy and so delicious! Pretty sure boyfriend would’ve inhaled all 14 if I had let him. So pleased with these, a simple side dish that looks like it took way more effort than it really did. Thank you!

  9. Gina – Can I make this batter the night before?

  10. Love these biscuits! So much better than a biscuit recipe on the box. I may even add a little more garlic to the dough next time. I’d also like to figure out how to make a bigger version and serve under a fried egg…something for breakfast.  

  11. i just want to ask can i sub.greek yogurt to regular yogurt thanks

  12. Can this be made without fresh parsely and sub in parmesan cheese for cheddar? If so, what amounts would you suggest?

    P.S. I LOVE your recipes! Healthy and fun 🙂

  13. My husband and son said these were the best biscuits I ever made!!  That’s all thanks to your wonderful recipe!!

  14. These turned out awesome. My husband doesn’t even like biscuits and he couldn’t stop eating them.

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  16. These look so good!
    Think I could make a full batch but freeze some for future baking? TIA 🙂 Love your recipes!

  17. I wonder how these would taste with gluten free bisquick?

  18. I made these tonight and they were SO good, and super easy!! Thank you Gina for making WW easy to stick with! I LOVE your cookbook, too!!

  19. I made these tonight for dinner and they were a hit! My family thought they tasted just as good as the biscuits at Ruby Tuesday. Thanks for sharing!!

  20. Trying this tonight! Can't wait! Thank you!

  21. i tried to read all the comments but may have missed one…. Can I use Gluten Free Bisquick???

  22. I love all your recipes! This website has been awesome for me and my husband! He is super picky but has like everyone of your recipe's I have made and it's healthy for him too! Thank you so much for contributing such a wonderful blog that has healthy, yet tasty recipes! You are great!

  23. Seriously the only legit problem with these biscuits is that I cant stop eating them!

  24. I tried posting this earlier and I'm not sure if it worked so sorry if this is a double post. I couldn't find shredded Cabot cheese. I picked up a white block of Cabot cheese that says sharp light Vermont cheddar, calories 70 and fat 4.5g for a 1 ounce serving. Is is the correct item? I am counting points and want to make sure I am accurate. Thank you.

  25. Gina,

    Thank you so much for your delicious recipes! I've cooked several of them over the last few months. Today I did a cooking marathon of your soups: chicken pot pie, crockpot turkey white bean pumpkin chili, stuffed pepper and turkey chili taco. Also made these biscuits. Your recipes combine good flavor, healthy ingredients and ease of preparation. As many other people have commented, I don't feel like I'm missing anything. Thank you!

  26. Thank you so much for this recipe. I've made this 3 times already and it's always so satisfying. This version is much lighter than the Red Lobster ones and it doesn't skimp on taste and flavor. I don't have a family so I usually opt to half the ingredients and it makes about 6 biscuits. I also don't have the reduced fat version of the sharp cheddar but luckily the points worked out to be the same.

  27. Gina-

    I know this is an old post but I'm a new reader! Would you recommend adding some Cream of Tater to these to give them a bit of a tangy? Kind of like Red Lobster bisuits?

  28. I made these with the unsweetened Almond milk, since I haven't used regular milk in years, and a fat free cheddar cheese…2WW points!!

  29. I made these again tonight. Last time my son thought the garlic was too strong so tonight I threw the garlic butter into the batter and then brushed a bit of plain butter on instead. He loved them. They were delicious. I adjusted for the bit of extra butter in my points but I could have cut it in half and used half with the garlic in and the other half outside.

  30. I am also loving you for this recipe! I've been wanting something bready but for the gluten, it has to really be worth it for me! I can't use GF Bisquick because it has soy, which I'm allergic to! So, when I saw the reviews for these, I thought I'd have to try it!. I am also lactose intolerant, so I used unsweetened almond milk and I can't believe it's not butter, since that's all I had. I also was out of parsley, so I used a pinch of rubbed sage! My calorie count was about 74 cals! They will be gone by the end of the day, I promise. Kids and hubby all love it! Thank you for making something worth risking gluten for, I think!

  31. Oh I am so loving you for this recipe. I love the biscuits at red lobster, and could eat my weight in them. I only get them about twice a year when out of town. So now, I can make them at home, and not hate myself later…..

  32. These were great!! I used Low fat buttermilk because it's all I had in the fridge and it gave these biscuits a nice little tang. Thanks Gina!

  33. Big hit with the family. VERY easy to make, thanks!

  34. I did an online search at my local Giant Eagle for the Cabot 50% reduced fat cheese but they only have the 75% light kind- I've noticed the 50% in a lot of recipes so I was hoping to stock up, does anyone know if the 75% would make that much of a difference in most dishes?

  35. These were so easy and will be perfect with Beef and Barley soup!!

  36. Made these tonite and while it was a rush job ans they were ugly ..they were deelish ! Hubby gave them the thumbs up! No need to go back to Red Lobster since this was all we were going for ..

  37. These are seriously dangerous. My kids (2&4) ate 2 a piece, and I was tempted to eat more than one. I paired with your Baked Potato Soup which was also a huge hit!

  38. These are perfect and so easy to make! Perfectly paired with your Chicken Pot Pie Soup! Thank you!!!

  39. I just made these and they are so yummy & delicious….I used Smart Balance Buttery Spread Light with Flaxseed Oil & Kraft Fat Free Shredded Cheese & I used the minced garlic in the jar…I put the recipe & all the ingredients into Weight Watchers Recipe Builder online…it gives you
    WW 2 Points Plus per biscuit. I ate 2 of the biscuits with a salad that had fat free red wine vinegar and lemon & pepper…oh, it was so good!

  40. Ditto to anonymous on 10/15 – I would like to know how to make this without a mix. I can probably figure it out – some white whole wheat flour and some baking soda/salt/powder- but asking because I am here, and I am lazy 🙂

  41. do you use salted butter? thanks!

  42. Did you ever make any headway with a recipe from scratch for these?

  43. OMG I just made these with the chicken pot pie soup and all I have to say is DELISH! I didn't have fresh or dried parsley on hand so just made them without. Super easy and super yummy!

  44. I just baked these delicious, yummy, tasty biscuits, they are the best, my husband and my 18 months old boy love them, thanks a lot, you make may life and my WW plan go easier!!! Ana Miller.

  45. Do these need to be refrigerated or can I leave them out?

  46. Hi Gina, Any suggestions for an alternative to Heart Smart Bisquick ? I'm in Australia and I'm pretty sure we don't have that product here?

    Can I substitute with self raising flour and will it alter the points content?

    Help appreciated as I'm going to make the pot pie soup this weekend!! Yum!

  47. I made these this weekend and they were very tasty but for some reason mine were quite dry. Next time I think I'll add a little more milk

  48. Can margarine or extra virgin olive oil be substituted for butter?

  49. Made these last night with your meatball and spaghetti soup and OMG, the whole dinner was delicious.. It was hard not to eat all of the biscuits!! Thanks so much for your recipes. Love this site!

  50. Since I made the easy garlic and rosemary biscuit and made the mistake of adding the butter mixture to the mix and it turned out marvelous I did the same with this batch so wonderfully delicious…

  51. I made these tonight with stuff I had on hand…. used 2 tsp dried parsley, regular bisquick, and I used almost a cup of parmesan cheese instead of cheddar. They turned out super yummy! Thank you so much for the recipe!

  52. For those looking for a "from scratch" Bisquick replacement, I used these directions I found:

    "Substitute the 2 cups Bisquick mix with:

    2 cups unbleached white flour plus 4 teaspoons baking powder and 2 teaspoons baking soda (Bisquick mix includes additional preservatives and chemicals not needed by your body)

    2/3 cup milk
    2 tbsp butter"

    I'm assuming you could use whole wheat flour if you wanted to, but I'm not an experienced baker, so I could be wrong!

    Gina, thank you so much for all the incredible recipes! My husband and I are trying to eat healthier, and everything on here is delicious, even to a super-picky man!

  53. My first time making biscuits. They're really good, but I wish I skipped the step of lining the baking sheet.

    I didn't have parchment paper, so I used foil because I read that it's a good replacement. The biscuits stuck to the foil. I had to scrape them off and it was a mess. I realized that I probably could have skipped the lining and used cooking spray, since I have a non-stick baking sheet.

    Other than that, the biscuits turned out really good. My taste testing turned into a meal, and looking forward to the leftovers. And lesson learned: biscuits stick to foil, so next time I'll skip the lining.

    • I didnt have parchment either but I used foil I just lightly sprayed it with cooking spray they slid right off..

  54. I just made these and added turkey sausage crumbles so they would be breakfast biscuits.

  55. These are so awesome! I freeze them on a cookie sheet, and then store them in a ziploc in my freezer. So easy to just warm up one or two at a time.

  56. My boyfriend and I are garlic-aholics so I doubled the garlic in this recipe and they were absolutely delicious. Can't wait to make them again!

  57. Hello,
    I just found your site through Pinterest and I am so glad I have! I was wondering if you ever had any luck making these from scratch? I am trying really hard to keep our food costs down and use less processed foods. These look delicious and I would love to try them. Thank you so much for all the great recipes!

  58. I made these last night. I thought that they were pretty bland and would not put that much parsley w/the butter, next time. This morning since, I had left over pepper jack cheese I decided to make them w/the pepper jack cheese. OMG! I think I died and went to heaven. I only put half the amount of parsley that it called for w/the butter and no garlic in the butter. Only garlic in the batter. LOVED IT! Thanks for another awesome recipe!

  59. Gina, is there a gluten free version of these biscuits?!

  60. Gina-I made these last week, my husband told me that they were WAY BETTER than the "cheddar bay" biscuits from Red Lobster (which he LOVES!!) And reheated the next day, omg they taste even better. However, I felt like the butter/parsley mix had way more parsley, to where I literally had to use my finger to spread it around the biscuit. Any other suggsetions?

  61. Gina,

    I was looking for a low fat version of garlic bread and found these biscuits. Could I make them without the cheese and just make garlic biscuits (we're having it with your crockpot bolgnese sauce and I don't know how much a cheesy biscuit would work)? Would I need to adjust anything else?


  62. I made those with spaghetti, very easy to make and moist too. Thanks!!!

  63. I only have 1% milk so I'm going to use that and LIGHT butter instead of full fat butter…I put it in the recipe builder and it evened itself out to 3 points still!! Yay!!! Question…my sister-in-law made a similar recipe on New Year's Eve…she put a shake of Old Bay seasoning in it…they were perfect! Have you ever tried that? I might add a tad to this recipe!

  64. Light, fluffy, and buttery! Thank you!

  65. I made these to take to a Christmas party. Everyone gobbled them up and no one even knew they were WW friendly! I used my trusty cookie scoop to make them all the same size. They were so easy and fast to make I know they will be something I go to again and again. I've been enjoying all your soup recipes lately and these would go along perfectly with any of them.

  66. Can I use low fat buttermilk instead of regular milk? I have the buttermilk for another recipe.

  67. Love, love, love these!! DH said they were even better than Red Lobsters! He ate almost all of them.

  68. I hope it's ok, I am featuring this recipe on my blog tomorrow! I am also sharing your Brussels Sprout recipe. Of course you get all the credit!

  69. I've made these 4 times for dinner parties (including thanksgiving!) and they have been a HUGE hit. thank you so much!

  70. My family and I LOVED these!! Thanks for another great recipe.

  71. I think these are best fresh, you could probably reheat them in the oven a few minutes but like any bread they are best the first day.

    I have not tried making the batter the night before, if it works let me know!

    • Hi Gina,

      Sorry this comment doesn't relate directly to the comment above. Any suggestions on a UK alternative for the Heart Smart Bisquick as you cannot get this in the Uk 🙁

  72. I apologize if this question has been asked and answered…
    Can I make the dough the night before, keep it refrigerated and then bake the next day?
    I'd like to make this Wednesday night and then bring them to my mom's on Thanksgiving and bake them there so they're fresh out of the oven.

  73. I want to take this to a friend's house for Christmas dinner. How do I reheat them? Oven temp? Covered in foil? Center of oven? How long? I'm a good cook but not a GREAT one so I want to make sure these are as tasty the next day as the day I prepare them. SO excited about making these!!!!

  74. Any luck with the from scratch version?

  75. Hi Gina, these look absolutely yummy. I wanted to know if you had a recipe for garlic bread, or is this the closest recipe you have? I look forward to hearing from you!

  76. I made these last night…so yummy!! I used fresh rosemary instead of parsley because that's what I had on hand. Had one for breakfast this morning with turkey bacon~my new favorite breakfast! Thanks for the recipe, Gina!

  77. I was also lazy and used the already minced garlic. The biscuits were kinda flat like pancakes. Learned my lesson, don't be lazy!

  78. Made these tonight and I didn't love them as much as I thought I would. They looked beautiful, just like the photos, but tasted a bit mild. I used regular extra sharp cheddar as my light cheese got eaten by the kids (as usual), so I would have thought they would have had a little "bite" to them. Any suggestions? I'm worried the Heart Smart is too sweet rather than having that salty/baking powder taste. I shredded the cheese using the larger shredding holes, should I have gone smaller to distribute more?

  79. These are great! I make them at least twice a month, and my husband is always super excited to find them in the oven. He loves to take the leftover ones to work with his lunch, which saves me from the temptation of having a bunch in the fridge!

  80. I made them last night to have with a salad. I blogged about the meal: http://hopeinthekitchen.blogspot.com/2011/09/taco-chicken-salad.html

    Thank you for the recipe!!

  81. Can I use whole wheat flour instead of the bisquick?

  82. Very delicious. Had them with Shrimp, Roasted Corn, Tomato and Avocado salad. Great summer time meal. I will definitely be making these again. Very easy to make!

  83. I've now made these twice… so easy & delicious. I made 11 instead of 14 (4 pts each) and used water instead of milk (only because I was out) and they still turned out amazing.

    Gina, I cannot thank you enough for this website. It's my new go-to and I've told all my friends about it too!

  84. I went to get the ingredients for these last night. Can't wait to make them. BUT I forgot to buy the stupid biscuit mix 🙁 So back to the store i go.

  85. All I can say is Make them. They are delicious. I wanted Papa Gino bread sticks today and thought I remembered saving this cheese biscuit recipe. Well, I finally got around to making it this month and as I type, I 'm eating them. so darn good. No need for papa gino bread sticks any more.

  86. A friend pointed me in the direction of your website – I love it!

    Just thought I'd pass this along . . . I've been making these biscuits substituting water for half the milk. (A Red Lobster employee told me that they use water for their biscuits). I have not made them with the heart smart bisquick – but using regular – and substituting water – made for lighter, "fluffier" cheddar biscuits!

    Again. . . love your website!

  87. These were fantastic!

  88. These are so good! i even accidently burnt the butter parsley garlic mixture and they were still awesome! Made this with the bolganase sauce which is SO good!

  89. These are great!!! Love them!

  90. O M G

    these are the BEST biscuits I have EVER had!!!

    I highly recommend them, they are salty but not too much salt, they have the perfect amount of garlic in them as well.

    (I recommend puttting some chopped parsely into the actual biscuit and also make more of the butter sauce, you will want more on them 🙂

    Thanks Gina, GREAT recipe!!!!

  91. These look incredibly delicious. What a great flavor combination!

  92. I'm embarrassed to admit how many times I've made these and just eaten them as my whole meal.

    So delicious!!

  93. Everytime someone comments on this, I want to whip out my bowl and make another batch!

  94. I finally got around to making these last weekend and again tonight…just amazing. They don't taste light in any way. You are incredible, Gina! (Oh, we don't have 50% reduced fat cheese here in my area, so I had to use 2% milk sharp cheddar.)

    And HUGE thumbs up from the hubs, too! (He's not on WW at all. 🙂

  95. Tonight was my 1st time trying this recipe, and it was a huge success!!! I didnt think my 4 kids (all under 7 yrs old) would like them, boy was I wrong they were asking or 2nd and 3rd biscuits!!!Thank You for the recipes.

  96. I just made these with Parmesan cheese instead of cheddar and they were SO GOOD! Thanks Gina!

  97. Craig I'm not sure how that effects the points, you'll have to plug this into recipe builder.

  98. How bad would the calories be if I use regular Bisquick? I think that is all we can get in the UK.

  99. These are the exact same thing that a B&B in Canada made, but the cow running the place refused to give me the recipe! Needless to say I never went back to that place again! Thanks for posting!!!

  100. These biscuits are amazing! My 23-year-old brother likes nothing, and has made cooking healthy for the family difficult. But he LOVED these biscuits, as did everyone else in the family, and I'm already planning to make them again tomorrow! Also, I LOVE the simplicity of this recipe. Took no time at all to make/clean up!

  101. Ha!! Yes it's time.

  102. These are delicious! I made them last week and am making them again tonight since my husband came home from work and saw some broccoli cheddar mini omelettes in the fridge, got really excited and yelled, "you made more cheddar bicuits!!!" I guess that was my cue 🙂

  103. Sounds like a very comforting meal!!

  104. These were delicious! I was on a cheese kick, so for dinner tonight I made these w/ the lighter baked mac & cheese for my hubby and I. The garlic parsley butter is a nice treat to the already delicious biscuit. Having easily devoured tons of the cheddar bay biscuits at Red Lobster, this is a fantastic and healthy substitute.

    On a side note, the mac & cheese was creamy, decadent and hearty. We make so many recipes of yours in our house and they're all awesome!

  105. I have these in the oven RIGHT NOW! They smell amazing and I cant wait to try them!!

  106. I'll be honest Amanda, I'm not sure. I didn't even know they sold gluten free bisquick. Let me know how it turns out if you make it.

  107. Just wondering how the nutritional info would change if we were to use the Gluten Free Bisquick?

    Or if you think that would affect the recipe much?

    I live in Canada but make regular trips to the US, I dont want to have boxes of mix sitting there since I dont bake or eat pancakes but these look magically delicious and a must try!

    • Did you ever try this? I have some and was considering it. I am wondering what the texture will be like, but I may just have to risk it and see!

  108. Aren't they great!! Great idea making them bigger to eat just one.

  109. These are the best! I recommend everyone I know to your site, dieting or not… Because of these biscuits. Divine! Love love love! Seriously though I make a larger biscuit so there's 7… And it makes it easier for me to only have one large one, then hubs and kids devoured the rest… Great for brunch or dinner!! Best biscuits… Great just great

  110. These are AMAZING! I used Cabot 75% reduced fat cheddar and they were delicious. Definitely recommend making a half recipe if you don't have help eating these or have a hard time with self control. It took a LOT for me to limit myself to two. This is a wonderful recipe for entertaining those who aren't calorie counting – they will never know and you can maintain your count! Thank you for another superb recipe, Gina!

  111. I made these tonight and screwed something up! They were as flat as pancakes, can't sure what I did, I figure it's one of 3 things, I halved the recipe and added too much milk, since they were very watery, I over mixed despite your warnings, or I was lazy so I used minced garlic and the oil did it! They were still VERY yummy!!!

  112. Just made these last night…AMAZING!!! I had never tried the HeartSmart bisquick before and was worried it would taste "healthy"…tasted like any other biscuit! The garlic and cheddar made it so delicious! Will definately be making this over and over again.

  113. Ok just found out about this site. Gonna be trying many recipes. Anyway how many muffins could I eat without overdoing the points? I figure 2.

  114. Fantastic! Thank you so much for all your great recipes, you've helped my husband me learn to eat healthier and lose weight!

  115. try adding some bacon bits.. they are great.. 😉

  116. These are just the best, thanks so much for the recipe! I've made them twice now and my family can't get enough. They are so quick and easy and they present really well.

  117. These are absolutely amazing, and I don't feel guilty eating them! Thank you Gina, your blog is a life-saver!

  118. I made these last night and added crumbled up reduced fat turkey bacon to the mixture. It added so much to the flavor–the smokyness of the bacon mixed with the tang of the cheddar–and consistency–the crunchy bacon breaking up the fluffyness. It was delicious!

  119. Gina,

    I love your recipes. I made 1/2 the recipe for these awesome biscuits, and I ate 2 of them. My husband ate the rest! Wow! They were great.

    Keep up the great work! You've helped me continue to maintain my WW goal weight. 🙂

  120. Pizza dough, I wonder!

    Thanks Sienna!

    nonbetter, let me know!

  121. I couldn't find Heart Smart Bisquick in my local store there was another brand 'Krusteaz' that had a heart smart option I am hoping that it will have the same yummy effect. Thanks!

  122. These were so good! Thank you, Gina! (Mine didn't look as pretty as your's did though!) 🙂

  123. I made these tonight for a dinner party and they were a huge hit. I took out the parsley and added parmesan cheese and oregano. They were great! I think this would be a great pizza dough!

  124. I warned you all!! Glad you liked them, I knew you would.

  125. i'm back with an update! i made them!! sooo good and easy, which is important because i can mess things up really fast. totally should have 1/2d the recipe because now i have a whole bunch of delicious biscuits all to myself…. mm.

  126. These are so good and so easy. I just whipped some up and my husb's still working on the rest of dinner. Ha ha ha I won!

  127. These were very tasty. I also added a little fresh rosemary to them. Very yummy

  128. Hi! I have really been enjoying your blog, so I added you to my list of "foodie blog shoutouts" on my own blog! I have a great group of dedicated readers that really enjoy the recipes I post, but I can't possibly link all of the ones you have that make my mouth water. If you have a page of other blogs you enjoy, I'd love to be on it (if you enjoy my blog as well). Thanks again for the wonderful recipes!


  129. Shut the front door! These were too good! OMG! So I halved the recipe – I ate one, the boyfriend ate 6. He literally pulled the plate to him and went to town. Had the nerve to ask "did you want some?" as if I hadn't made them. Thanks for a wonderful substitute for a Red Lobster favorite.

  130. Having these tonight…only I subbed chives for the parsley and pepperjack for the cheddar.

  131. WOW. These look beyond yum & beautiful. Cheese Biscuits are a secret love of mine!

    ~Cabot Creamery

  132. Debbie, so happy you enjoyed them, it's hard to eat just one!

    Reena- Right!

    Ziho, just as good!

    loulee, I'll try to work on one from scratch.

  133. Yummy!!!

    I love to bake biscuits with Bisquick (original), I'll try with this one!


  134. OM-FREAKING-G forget the company, i am so having these all by myself.

    and by the way i LOVE that you have the new and old points both, because a LOT of people are staying on the Old Plan including myself.

  135. You did it again Gina! I just made these tonight for dinner. My family gave them rave reviews. My husband loved them so much he ate 4 (12+ points). I served them along side your Baked Potato Soup.
    The entire meal was awesome, and perfect on this cold California night.
    You make being on Weight Watchers a treat. I've told all the people at my meetings about your website.
    Thank you so much for your yummy recipes. Keep up the good work.
    Debbie Houston

  136. I made these last night to go along with some chili. They were so easy to make, and SO delicious. My boyfriend didn't even know they were WW friendly! Kudos, Gina!

  137. These sound delish. But we can't get Heart smart bisquick in the UK, any suggestions for an alternative?

  138. I'm sure Mexican cheese is wonderful here, and with cilantro instead of parsley, yum! Would be awesome with a bowl of chili!!

    Jo- Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    Heather- Sooo easy! I like easy when it comes to baking.

    Filipino Chicken is a favorite in my house too these days.

  139. I made these tonight, and these were delicious. I didn't have the cheese so I just left it out. I made them as a side with your Filipino Adobo Chicken, which is my fam's favorite!!! Thanks for the great meals.

    I am making them again Saturday. AND they were so easy!!! Thanks

  141. ummm….yummm! Making these tonight to go with Gina's 3 Bean Turkey Chili that I have in the crock pot right now! The house smells awesome! Perfect timing…thanks, Gina!

  142. What's the difference between the Heart Smart and the regular Bisquick?

    By the way, just wanted you to know that at my last WW meeting, we talked about ways to manage your environment and keep your kitchen healthy. During discussion, I stood up and gave everyone your website and raved about the recipes here!!

    Keep up the awesomeness. My husband and I thank you!!

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    Also, Marianne, I would divide them up and freeze on a cookie sheet before baking. When froozen put them in a sealed bag. Then you can bake them a few at a time, they will just take a few minutes longer.

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  163. They sell Heart Smart Bisquick on amazon, so you could always buy it there (I linked to it in my ingredients). If not, I'm sure you could find a copycat recipe for it online.

    Garlic powder would be fine if you're allergic, but I would recommend fresh to everyone else.

    Morris Family- Using whole milk would work, but the points would increase, so maybe you want to do half milk, half water.

    Marianne, I think I would bake them first, then freeze and reheat in the oven later. We freeze French bread all the time, and it reheats perfectly.

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  165. Does anyone have tips for freezing these? I am pregnant and trying to freeze some of my recipes for after the baby arrives, but I'm not sure if I should freeze the dough in one big lump, or split the dough into individual servings then freeze, or go ahead and bake them and freeze the completed biscuits. Suggestions?

    • Marianne, You can freeze the baked biscuits. Let cool and put in zip lock. It's best if you can draw most of the air out of the bag to avoid freezer burn.

  166. I don't think Heart Smart Bisquick is available in Canada (if anyone has seen it, please let me know). Gina, can you recommend a substitute?

  167. @Cyber Cyster- I make these at home, almost the exact same recipe, except I use garlic powder, so you should be fine!

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    By the way, I have loved EVERY single recipe of yours that I have tried! Thanks for doing what you do! 🙂

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  178. Is Heart Smart Bisquick in Canada?

    • Did you end up finding it in Canada?

    • I did not find Heart Smart Bisquick, however I did find Betty Crocker Bisquick at our local Sobeys. I looked around for Heart Smart but couldn't find it anywhere.

    • I am not able to find the Heart Smart Bisquick in Nova Scotia either. I can find the Bisquick. Too bad I used it often when I was living in Texas….

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    • Do you mean fresh as in uncooked? Then you could probably roast the garlic in the oven before mixing.
      Also, minced garlic IS fresh garlic, just chopped up.
      Garlic powder- I do not think it would give as strong and "garlic-y" a flavor.

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