Loaded Baked Potato Soup

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This slimmed down version of loaded baked potato soup is a comforting & delicious recipe that’s ready in only 20 minutes! It  has everything you love about a baked potato – sour cream, cheddar, bacon and chives, at a fraction of the calories!

This slimmed down version of a loaded baked potato soup has everything you love about a baked potato – sour cream, cheddar, bacon and chives, at a fraction of the calories!Loaded Baked Potato Soup

This baked potato soup is so easy to make, it takes less than 20 minutes for a creamy, delicious homemade soup the whole family will love. The secret to slimming it down is swapping part of the potatoes with cauliflower, you can’t even tell! If you love potato soup, you will also love this Potato Soup with Leeks.

This slimmed down version of a loaded baked potato soup has everything you love about a baked potato – sour cream, cheddar, bacon and chives, at a fraction of the calories!

This has been one of my most popular soup recipes since I first shared back in 2011. I had gotten a request to make over  traditional baked potato soup (you really like to challenge me, don’t you!) and was a little stumped on how to tackle it. With potatoes, sour cream, cheese and bacon, the challenge was how to make it light.

I knew I had to hide a vegetable in this soup to bulk it up without added calories. My first attempt was parsnips, but the flavor was too overwhelming. My second attempt was cauliflower, knowing how much you all love my Creamy cauliflower puree recipe and it was a winner. It really feels like you’re eating a loaded baked potato, without all the guilt. This would also be great topped with broccoli and cheese if you prefer to forgo the bacon.

How Do You Make a Creamy Baked Potato Soup?

In this recipe, I baked the potato in the microwave, and boiled the rest of the vegetables. Then, using an immersion blender or a regular blender, blend it all together until it’s creamy and thick.

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This slimmed down version of a loaded baked potato soup has everything you love about a baked potato – sour cream, cheddar, bacon and chives, at a fraction of the calories!
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Baked Potato Soup

200 Cals 14 Protein 23 Carbs 7 Fats
Prep Time: 10 mins
Cook Time: 10 mins
Total Time: 20 mins
Yield: 5 servings
COURSE: Dinner, Lunch, Soup
CUISINE: American
This slimmed down version of a loaded baked potato soup has everything you love about a baked potato – sour cream, cheddar, bacon and chives, at a fraction of the calories!


  • 2 medium russet potatoes, washed and dried
  • 1 small head of cauliflower  , 3 1/2 cups or 16 ounces, stem removed cut into florets
  • 1 1/2 cups fat free chicken broth
  • 1 1/2 cups 1% reduced-fat milk
  • salt and freshly cracked black pepper
  • 1/2 cup light sour cream
  • 10 tbsp reduced-fat shredded sharp cheddar cheese
  • 6 tbsp chopped chives, divided
  • 3 slices bacon, cooked and crumbled (you can use turkey bacon if you prefer)


  • Pierce potatoes with a fork; microwave on high for 5 minutes turn over and microwave another 3 - 5 minutes, until tender. Or if you prefer to use your oven, bake at 400F for 1 hour or until tender. Cool. Peel potatoes.
  • Meanwhile, steam cauliflower with water in a large covered pot until tender. Drain and return to pot.
  • On medium heat, add chicken broth, milk, potatoes and bring to a boil.
  • Use an immersion blender to puree until smooth. Add sour cream, half the chives, salt and pepper and cook on low another 5-10 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  • Remove from heat. Ladle 1 cup soup into each bowl.
  • Top each serving with 2 tbsp cheese, remaining chives, and bacon.


Serving: 1cup, Calories: 200kcal, Carbohydrates: 23g, Protein: 14g, Fat: 7g, Saturated Fat: 3g, Cholesterol: 17mg, Sodium: 323mg, Fiber: 3.5g, Sugar: 6g
WW Points Plus: 5
Keywords: baked potato soup, baked potato soup recipe, easy baked potato soup, loaded baked potato soup, Potato soup

This slimmed down version of a loaded baked potato soup has everything you love about a baked potato – sour cream, cheddar, bacon and chives, at a fraction of the calories!

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  1. Could you make this in the slower cooker? If so, how? Loved it on the stove but need to use a slow cooker for a cooking challenge with the family. Thank you! 

  2. I had some of this leftover and a serving of beef bourguignon leftover in the freezer so I decided to combine the 2 since it’s a consistency like mashed potatoes.  The results were over the top amazing and I’m so full.  

  3. This soup is a HUGE it with my whole family (which is saying a lot, since I have some picky eaters and we can hardly ever agree on anything!). I have taken to doubling it, since everyone’s always asking for it! I’ve also made it for a Meal Train since it’s so easy to make and such a crowd pleaser. This one is on heavy rotation at our house. Thanks so much for the recipe!

  4. I’m wanting to make this at an upcoming small (6 people) dinner party – any thoughts on what to pair with this? Thinking of this as the starter and looking for a good pairing main dish. Thanks!

  5. It’s not really an accurate prep or cook time if the potatoes take an hour. But yummy anyway!

  6. Wow, this was so good!! I am lazy so I diced my potatoes and halved my Cauli and tossed them in my instant pot with the broth and cooked them for three minutes, and then followed the recipe from there. Yummm!!!

  7. This was great! But I cooked the potatoes and cauliflower together in the instant pot so there were fewer steps. Then I followed the other steps.

  8. Could you sub rutabaga for potatoes?

  9. Can we alter this recipe to be all cauliflower (potato free)?

  10. Another winner, Gina!  Absolutely delicious! Has anyone tried to freeze it?

  11. Can you use frozen cauliflower?

  12. This soup is now on a regular rotation for us!  So yummy and simple to make – especially love that it only has a few ingredients, so easy to pull off when looking for a quick meal!

  13. We are both on WW and watch our points every day. I made this recipe this week and it came out to 11 points on blue and 17 on green. Needless to say, we were both upset that this delicious recipe blew our meal plan points for the day. It’s easy, it’s wonderful, but it is not low in WW points like the recipe says.

    • You might want to double check your recipe calculator…  i love this soup and as a committed WW lifetime member was alarmed at such a large error in points!  just input to the WW recipe builder site and found the points listed here as correct – with the bacon.  Phew!

  14. I modified this for the instant pot and it came out perfect! Put the potatoes, cauliflower and broth in for 8 minutes, do a quick release. Add the milk and blend with immersion blender, then add the sour cream and chives and let it sit on warm for 10 minutes. My husband who only wants meat based dinners, and my picky teenager love it!

    • Thank you so much for the IP directions! I so love to make soups in the IP!!

    • What size pieces did you cut the potatoes and cauliflower up into before cooking in IP for 8 mins?

    • I did it this way too.  So much quicker!

       I also sautéed some fresh garlic and onion and threw that in along with some oregano and basil.  We used turkey bacon and the recipe turned out delish and the whole family loved it! 

  15. You can taste the cauliflower a little. I hate cauliflower. The next day I had it for leftovers and I could only taste potato!

    Very good, very easy!

  16. This does NOT taste “light” in any way shape or form, and I love it. So scrummy!

  17. Hi Gina! Loved this soup but I have a question about calories. I have to assume that your estimate of 200 calories does not include the 3 slices of bacon or 2 Tbl cheese? I know that just those two ingredients must be more than 200. Were the chives included? I guess I just want to know what was/wasn’t included in the calorie count for this soup? Thanks!

    • When I roughly calculated her ingredients list and then divided by 5 servings, I think 200/serving is pretty close…what did you get when adding up and dividing by 5 servings? thanks.

  18. Hello, do you know how many ounces of potato were
    used?  Thanks so much. 

  19. Great recipe! I was looking for an easy and fast recipe to lighten up my potato soup and when I found this one I thought it was too good to be true. It exceeded my expectations! I used frozen mashed cauli because that is what I had on hand. Added an extra piece of bacon (shhh) but otherwise exactly the same. It was so good and definitely my new go to! I have several of your books and love your recipes. Thank you!

  20. Can this be made without cauliflower?

    • it could but the cauliflower fills in for the rest of the starch/sugars instead of full on potatos. Plus it gives it a taste that doesnt taste cauliflower-y.

  21. This was really good! Ate it as written the first night and it really hit the spot. the next night I added cooked minced onion and celery, the left over bacon and two cans of minced clams. Left out the cheese and topped with the left over green onions. Really good creamy clam chowder. Two different meals out of the same great recipe. Thanks!

  22. I see the serving size is listed, but I’d like to know the number of servings in this recipe.

  23. I only had a 10 oz bag of riced cauliflower so that may be why I didn’t taste the cauliflower at all, but this was delicious. With a few bacon bits it tasted just like potato soup. I will definitely be making this again!

  24. I love cauliflower and I also love baked potato soup. This combines them both and tastes amazing. You can definitely taste the cauliflower so if you don’t like it, I wouldn’t recommend this recipe, but if you do…GO GO GO to the store!

  25. I love cauliflower and I also love baked potato soup. This combines them both and tastes amazing. You can definitely taste the cauliflower so if you don’t like it, I wouldn’t recommend this recipe, but if you do…GO GO GO to the store!

  26. Made it this afternoon and found it lovely!  When I told the husband to taste from soup spood he said ‘potato soup’!   And that’s before all extras.  I used food processor for cauliflower and then added to rest of ingredients.   Thanks for great recipe!

  27. Does this freeze ok?

  28. We love this in our house – prepared as is – but recently made a little change that we like a lot. We sub Yukon Gold potatoes and use them with the skin (because I was feeling lazy). The change has made this even creamier tasting. This recipe is one of our family’s favorites! Skinnytaste is my go-to recipe blog.

  29. made this today for myself and husband for lunch. Have to admit I added one TBSP olive oil and one TBSP salted butter at the finish for just a little added richness. That adds about 50 calories per serving, but I thought it was worth it since I want to get some good fats in my diet and still overall the calories per serving is low. Will make it again.

  30. My favorite ST soup so far!! This is on regular rotation in our house! We typically double to have enough leftover for lunches during the week. 

  31. How much does 10 tbsp of cheese weigh please?

    Love all your recipes Gina!  Thanks

  32. I just made the Loaded Baked Potato Soup for the first time. It is ah-mazing! You cannot taste the cauliflower at all. It is just rich, potato-y goodness. I’ll definitely be making this recipe again!

  33. This is a favorite that I have been making a few times per year for 5+ years. I make it exactly as written, sometimes doubling the recipe for more leftovers. Easy, fast, healthy, and easy to pack for lunches for the week. Another SkinnyTaste win! 

  34. My family & I loved this!! I only changed 2 ingredients, Almond milk & vegetable broth, as this is what I had on hand in my home. Still amazing and we all loved it. I also used a Ninja blender as I do not own a immersion blender (never heard of this). Still turned out great.

    Thank you for sharing your recipe.

    • Thank you for sharing what you changes you made in this recipe. I wanted to ask if you could substitute the milk because Almond milk is what I have in my fridge. I will be making this soup this weekend!! Thanks again!

  35. Me fascina esta receta

  36. Really don’t miss all the extra potatoes and fat! Much better than the Panera version in my opinion and you actually feel good eating it as it doesn’t sit heavy after you’re done. I bought two 12 oz bags of precut and washed cauliflower and used all this in the soup so I didn’t have to throw it away. I added an extra potato and increased the liquid by half a cup each to keep a somewhat similar ratio. I got an extra serving out of the soup doing this. 

  37. Can this recipe be frozen?

    • I have frozen this, works great! Just take out of the freezer and let it thaw completely. Then I toss it in a small pot to re-heat. 🙂

  38. Perfect way to get cauliflower into the kids 🙂 Mu daughter had two bowls ! 
    Thank you 

  39. This was pretty bland. On a second go, I think I’d sauté some garlic and maybe onion to give it a little more flavor.

  40. This recipe is great! however I do not agree with the use of a microwave. I like the convenience they offer but it literally kills the nutrients in the food and that is what we need to remain healthy! Take the few extra minutes and let the potatoes simmer and enjoy all the HEALTHY benefits of our food!

  41. I liked the soup taste (made it from the cookbook version which seems to be the same) but my consistency did not turn out well.  I used the frozen riced cauliflower in the steamer bag instead of fresh but I’m surprised that would make a big difference.  Maybe my potatoes were too big or my immersion blender not powerful enough, but it was looking like mashed potatoes so I added more broth.  It thinned out but did not have the creaminess I was expecting.  I’ll have to try again with a few changes and see how it goes!

  42. Do you have instructions for making this in the IP?

  43. Can we get an Instant Pot version of this? I feel like it would be faster to make using IP.

  44. When I put this recipe into my WW recipe creator, I’m getting 7 freestyle points. What are you all doing to get 5? 

  45. Hi Gina!  I have been a huge fan of your recipes for years!  This recipe was so delicious!  You have definitely helped me stay on ww with such delicious recipes!  I have one question for this recipe.  I want to make a double batch and freeze for easy meals. Do you think this soup would be ok to freeze?  
    Thanks in advance,

  46. Hi Gina!  I have been a huge fan of your recipes for years!  This recipe was so delicious!  You have definitely helped me stay on ww with such delicious recipes!  I have one question for this recipe.  I want to make a double batch and freeze for easy meals. Do you think this soup would be ok to freeze?  
    Thanks in advance,

  47. I love cauliflower in place of potatoes, but fresh cauliflower around here is sooooo expensive. I can get frozen cauliflower much cheaper. Has anyone subbed frozen for fresh in this receipe?

  48. Another winner from Skinnytaste. This is so good and EASY (took me less than an hour start to finish and I am not the most experienced cook). The only potatoes I had on hand were Yukon Gold which I think have a less strong flavor but it is still very yummy .

  49. What if you don’t have an immersion blender or a regular blender? Can you use a food processor?

  50. So good! This got a 10 from my whole family. Made as written, except I didn’t have any sour cream, tasted great without it! Thank you so much for all your amazing recipes! 

  51. Can this soup be frozen?

  52. This soup is AMAZING! One of our favorites for the colder months. I aways make a double batch but also like it with potato chunks so I use 8 potatoes instead of 2 (higher calories, yes). I am too impatient for baking the potatoes so I peel and chop the potatoes then boil them in 2 separate batches, the puréed bunch a bit longer then just throw the whole chunks in at the end. I don’t see any difference in flavor and speeds it up a bit. Love love love this soup ( along with most other skinny taste recipes I’ve made!)

  53. Hi there!!

    Was wondering if you could recommend a good immersion blender? I see that you use one a lot in your recipes! Thanks in advance!


  54. I’m not sure what I did wrong but I found this to not have a lot of flavor and it tasted more like cauliflower soup than potato. Maybe my potatoes weren’t big enough or I used too much cauliflower. I would like to try again because of all the positive reviews, I’m just not sure where I went wrong. 

  55. So tasty!

    I modified in that I do not use low fat diary, so all were subbed with full fat versions. Also, I added in the cheese instead of leaving it as a topping and also slightly browned the potato & cauliflower in remaining bacon grease.

    Very yummy!

  56. How could this be done in the instapot?

  57. This soup is amazing! I even had a bowl of it for BREAKFAST!

  58. I have made this soup several times over the years and it is my FAVORITE. I look forward to Fall every year so I can make this. It’s one of my favorite go-to recipes.

  59. Can you use plain Greek yogurt instead of sour cream?

  60. Yum, this soup was amazing! OK, so maybe I’m the first to comment about using all potatoes and skipping the cauliflower, but I just cannot handle the odor from cauliflower. It turns my stomach. I added more potatoes. so yes, the WW points are higher, but I had room in my day and its worked. Back to the soup, it was flavorful and smooth like velvet. I also added 1 small white onion, sauteed it slowly while my potatoes cooked in the microwave, added my potatoes to the pot with onions and added my chicken broth. I covered and cooked those for a bit before adding the milk and processing it in my Ninja blender. Once it was out I added the light sour cream and served. Perfect fall dinner!

  61. Excited to try this recipe! Can I use riced cauliflower?? 

  62. I’ve seen a few recipes, this one included that call for medium potatoes- what would you say are the ounces I should shoot for to be considered medium?

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  64. Can I use almond milk?

  65. Omg I have made this before but I forgot how delicious. I did it in the instapot like another person said and I added all the toppings into the soup…I have a toddler and a baby and sometimes they are weird about chunks. I blended everything and it is so delicious!!!
    Thanks so much for your delicious recipes! I follow and tell everyone I know about your yummy and lower cal/points meals and I love that they are delicious and easy too! 

  66. Gina, we make recipes from your website and cookbooks on a weekly basis…but this is our family’s favorite. It is my 4-year-old daugther’s FAVORITE food, and she requests it almost daily. In addition to our family, I took this to a friend yesterday whose husband is undergoing chemo for cancer. He has had no appetite and has sores in his mouth so eating is painful. Not only did he love this soup (I blended even the bacon bits so everything was very smooth), but he ate several servings. It is literally the only thing he has eaten in days! Thank you for always sharing your delicious recipes!

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  68. I made this tonight and my husband LOVED it! Though to be fair, he didn’t know that there was cauliflower in it. Just goes to show how great it is! And, he’ll never find out. hehe

  69. I just made this for the first time and had trouble getting the soup (on it’s own before adding the toppings) to taste like anything. I kept salting and salting and was barely getting anything. Then I had inspiration…my mom always adds Lawry’s to her mashed potatoes (and hers are the BEST), so a added a couple shakes. Fixed instantly. It was exactly what I felt like the soup needed for flavor. Got good reviews from my family! I’ll be making it again.

  70. Could this be done in instant pot?

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  72. So Good!  I left the potatoes chunky, just cubed them once they cooled.  And my family had no idea about the cauliflower ????..you can’t taste it at all.  Will definitely make this again!

  73. Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe! I have made it at least once a month for the past year and it is always a huge hit!

  74. So delicious! I’m obsessed

  75. This is so good! But yet light enough to take for lunch. 

  76. Can this be made in an instant pot?

  77. This is one of our favorites! I make it at least once a month!

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  79. I loved this recipe. Quick, easy and delicious!

  80. Awesome! I started craving potato soup after a family member served it during the holidays. This skinny version was better than her full calorie soup. I read the reviews of those who didn’t own an immersion blender, and neither did I. I cooled the potatoes and cauliflower, and tossed them along with the milk and chicken broth into my blender. Puree until smooth, then pour back into the pot and continue with the recipe directions. I’m low sodium, so I did season with dried minced onion and garlic, along with some salt free seasoning. This soup is so good! If you don’t tell anyone about the cauliflower, they will never guess.

  81. this is great! used goat cheese instead of SC. Even hubbs eats it

  82. This was delicious. One change. I did not have chives. Just blended some green onions in with the potatoes and cauliflower. Then simmered them.  Definitely will make this again. I did bake the potatoes and then just scooped the potato out. Easier than peeling. 

  83. I love this soup. You can eat a lot of it and still feel like you ate a light meal.

  84. I finally made this and was really impressed! I did use full fat milk, sour cream, and cheese, but am sure it would be great as written or without topping with cheese and bacon. Thank you for lightening up something that would have been prohibitively high in carbs before!

    • I didn’t steam the cauliflower (for whatever reason I’ve never mastered steaming anything). Instead I cut up the cauliflower into bite size pieces, added some water to the bowl, covered it with plastic wrap, and microwaved on the fresh vegetable setting until very tender. I don’t have an immersion blender, so I removed the solids and blended them in a blender pitcher before pouring in the liquids and blending until smooth. Definitely worth a little mess to have this tasty, lower carb soup on the table tonight.

    • @Stephanie: I made it using skim milk, fat free sour cream and fat free cheese. It still tasted rich and full bodied. This is a great recipe.

  85. I have been making this soup, following all directions, except one for over 4 years. We didn’t like the texture the first time (personal preference for bits of potato in potato soup). I reserve one potato and chop it and add after the blender step. It is a bit “soupier”, but still rich, thick and satisfying! We LOVE your recipes Gina! I lost 49 pounds using your methods over a year and have kept the weight off without feeling deprived. Keep them coming!

  86. I love your soups that have stealthy cauliflower in them, and am not even going to mention the “secret” ingredient to my kids.  Picky toddler is currently on her fourth serving, and I had to show hubs the recipe because he was certain that something this tasty couldn’t be healthy.  Thank you!

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  88. We really like this soup and I’d love to try it in a slow cooker. Any tips?

  89. I absolutely love this recipe. It is such a delicious comfort food!

  90. Yum Yum Yum! Looks delicious!

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  93. This is WONDERFUL! My husband is adamant about eating meat with every meal. I baked two chicken breasts, diced them up and mixed them in. DELISH. Can’t taste a trace of cauliflower.

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  95. Love this soup! Added a white sweet potato to it and did it all in the Instant Pot, following another comments instructions and it came together in no time!

  96. Gina- How would you recommend making this if I were to use a slow cooker/Crockpot?? I like this recipe a lot but unsure of what steps i’d take and in what order if i were to choose not using the stove top. Thank you!

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  99. Can this soup be canned?

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  101. Has anyone made this soup with red potatoes? That’s all I have on hand right now.

  102. Can you use pre-packaged cauliflower rice in place of steamed cauliflower?

  103. I cannot say enough about how awesome this recipe is! This soup was so rich and creamy. It is amazing that the soup actually tasted like potato and not cauliflower. My whole family loved it. I did use skim milk, and fat free Greek yogurt (in place of sour cream.) With those substitutions it would be 3 smart points per cup, minus the cheese and bacon. YUM! I can’t wait to make again!

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  105. Thanks for another family pleasing recipe, Gina! With 4 kids who aren’t veggie lovers, I was quite happy to get the cauliflower in (and none of them had any idea). You’ve made watching our waists so easy with small kids. Thank you!

  106. Do you think almond milk we be okay instead of regular milk? 

  107. Such a fantastic recipe – thank you for sharing, Gina! We cut up the russets and steamed them with the cauliflower and threw in a couple sprigs of fresh rosemary and thyme with the steam, then caramelized some onions in lieu of the bacon and it was seriously delicious! I think I even prefer the taste of this recipe over the traditional ones – then add to it that it’s WW friendly and it’s a total win!

  108. So good! I was craving a comfort food such as this but really didn’t want the added calories and fat that is usually involved! Thank you so much for sharing this lighter and healthier version. I will make this again for sure:) I added roasted broccoli florets to the topping instead of the bacon, as suggested. This recipe is highly recommended!!!

  109. Love this recipe and got my friends hooked on it! Question: has anyone tried this recipe in a crock pot? Last time I made it stovetop, I roasted the cauliflower and potatoes and it had a richer flavor. 
    This tine I’d like to roast them again but then add everything to crock pot and cook on high for 4 hours. Will that work? 

    • Perfect idea, thanks!! I loved this recipe but feel it needs a boost.  I was going to decrease my cauliflower a bit to help boost the potato flavor, and I was thinking I can cook the bacon in bottom of soup pot-but I think roasting the veggies is a great idea!  

  110. Made this tonight and it is SOOOOOO YUMMY! We will make this again! This is our SUPER BOWL soup tonight!

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  112. Just finished eating this after making it this evening. I steamed tha cauliflower for 45 minutes after reading a comment here. This soup was delicious and best of all and simple. Thank you!

  113. Has anyone made this in the slow cooker or have any thoughts on how to do it?

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  115. Looks SO YUMMY!!! Can you keep this in the fridge or does it need to be eaten right away?

  116. Could you do this in the slow cooker ?

  117. Meant to say ‘hear’ milk based soups don’t freeze well?

  118. Does this freeze well?  Have any recipes that have milk might not be good to freeze?  Thank you

  119. This is delicious! I used water in place of broth and plain Greek yogurt in place of sour cream because I was out and it is still amazing! Thanks Gina!

  120. Has anyone made this without the sour cream? Does it still turn out delicious? Thank you!

  121. How much does the calorie count change if you use turkey bacon?

  122. Made this in the crockpot. Very good

  123. Im not much of a cook but my honey was out of town so I made this last night for me and my little vegetarian! So easy and so very delicious! I used turkey bacon on the top of mine (yum) and added the tiniest bit of chicken boullion ( which I figured was okay because my broth was low sodium! Just adding the sodium back in I guess!)

  124. Im not much of a cook but my honey was out of town so I made this last night for me and my little vegetarian! So easy and so very delicious! I used turkey bacon on the top of mine (yum) and added the tiniest bit of chicken boullion ( which I figured was okay because my broth was low sodium! Just adding the sodium back in I guess!)

  125. Can I use vegetable stock instead? I have a friend that is a vegetarian and have been looking for good meals to serve when she is over. Thanks!

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  127. Great soup.  Did not like microwaving the taters and then peeling.  Next time I will peel and small dice the potatoes and steam along with cauliflower.  Also, immersion blender did not work well until I used a potato masher to break down the cauliflower and potatoes.  Next time I shall try in my blender or food processor.  Other than that, a terrific recipe.  

    Laughing out loud about comments of the guys that can’t abide by a vegetarian recipe and have to add meat.  Sounds so much like my own hubby!  I may have to make suggested changes to satisfy my own carnivore when he gets here next week.

    Bought Gina’s book last week and have so far made Slow Cooker Sante Fe Chicken soup, chicken pot pie soup, slow cooker enchilada soup, and now this one!  All were terrific.  Gina, love your recipes and photography.  Keep it coming!

     I am a self described foodie and have four shelves in our library dedicated to cookbooks.  Gina’s first cookbook is now one of my favorites.  I often read a cookbook like a novel.


  128. Made this for dinner tonight… needless to say it was a huge hit!! My daughter loved it. The small portion goes a long way!! Also, as ive noticed servings have been varying, per comments. Mine made 7 cups and was 4 points per serving (included cheese, not bacon). We will be making this again, very very soon (especially with the upcoming wi ter/cold). Only question is…. can this be frozen?

  129. I don’t like sour cream. Can I omit it? Add a little extra milk? Cheese?

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  131. I made this tonight.  It was so good.  My picky 6&7 yr olds ate it up. Maybe it was the bacon and cheese they liked, but with the amount of cauliflower they ate I’m happy!!

  132. Made this last week and love it every time that I make it! One of my favorite soup recipes. You don’t even know there is cauliflower in it. Tastes delicious and so easy to make. I subsitute precooked bacon bits from Oscar Meyer so that I don’t have to cook bacon. Definitely one of my go to fall recipes. Love all your recipes Gina! Thank you and keep them coming!

  133. I LOVE the taste of this soup. You can’t taste cauliflower. But. I can’t get over the texture. Help. Anyone have tips on how to make the cauliflower smoother? The grainy texture is awful to me. I used a Ninja blender. I don’t have an immersion blender. 

    • Brandi I didn’t have an immersion blender either, so I just made it with my food chopper/processor thingy. It took a while because I had to do a scoop at a time and it still came out gritty. And very messy! lol So I ran over to Kohl’s and bought an immersion blender for $20, and used it on the cooled off pot…bam! No more “grit”. Definitely worth the purchase. But a friend of mine did say that if you steam the cauliflower long enough (like 40 minutes) it will be almost mush and that step won’t be necessary. I didn’t steam mine that long, so that was part of the problem for sure. Don’t give up! It tastes amazing once you get the texture fixed. 🙂

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  135. How could you make it a little chunky, for those of us who like chunk in our soup?

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  137. I think the nutritional information yield count is off. This lists 7 cups worth of ingredients before even adding 2 whole potatoes, but it says it only yields five 1-cup servings. I made it and counted about 9 cups. Otherwise LOVED it! Decided to go ultra low-cal and do light sour cream, skim milk, fat free cheese, and turkey bacon. Both my husband and I thought it was great.

  138. Have been making this for several years after ” discovering” it. It is delicious and my husband doesn’t know the cauliflower is in it.

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  141. I’m torn on this recipe. I made it for the family and it tasted like eating watered down mashed potatoes. My husband loves baked potato soup and I never eat it when we are out because I have celiac disease and eat gluten free. I thought this would be a good gluten free recipe to make at home but my husband said it was a totally different consistency from the baked potato soups he eats at restaurants.

    • I’m afraid I have to agree. It didn’t really have as much taste as I had expected. Had to add more salt that I should have and pepper too. Sour cream even curdled a bit. Every other skinny taste recipe I’ve tried I love. 

    • I’m surprised you hated it that much — this is one of my FAVORITE Skinnytaste recipes and I think it tastes amazing. I’m even a cauliflower hater and this recipe changed that for me 🙂

  142. Delicious and guilt free!! 

  143. This was super easy and delicious! I bought riced cauliflower at wegmans and it turned out great! Will be great again in the middle of winter!

  144. This was delicious, my entire family loved it including my kids. Will make again!

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  146. I’ve been sending my son to the dance studio each night with one of your recipes.  He is the envy of all of his friends.  He even picked out 3 recipes from your website for me to prepare this week.  We are making this a family event and a great learning experience on eating healthier.  I think he’s going to love this soup tonight!

  147. Can’t wait to make this! Is this freezer friendly?

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  149. This is really good! I made it in my Instant Pot pressure cooker and it was very simple to do. I peeled and cubed the potatoes and put them, along with the cauliflower florets and chicken broth, into the instant pot and cooked them on high pressure for 8 minutes (I wanted them very soft, but probably 6 minutes would have worked) with quick release. I then used the immersion blender right in the instant pot and finished the rest of the recipe per the instructions using the SAUTE LESS function on the Instant Pot. I cooked the bacon in the microwave. Couldn’t have been any easier.

  150. What can u do if you don’t have an immersion blender?

    • I put the cooked potatoes and cauliflower right in my Ninja blender with the other ingredients, blend it all up then pour it in a pot and continue heating. Works great. I also throw in a whole head of roasted garlic.

      • Did you have to let it cool down prior to putting it in the Ninja?

      •  I used my breville blender and it was still pretty hot, but I was short on time. I’d let it cool if you have time to spare. I had to blend in portions too, but that’s because I
        made a double batch. 

  151. I really want to make this but I can’t eat cauliflower. Is there something I could use instead?

  152. Can you use almond milk in place of real milk? 

  153. Can you freeze it?

  154. Just made the soup and it was DELICIOUS!  Then took a cup of the leftovers and added an egg, a pinch of baking powder, tbsp of whole wheat flour and made AMAZING potato pancakes!  

  155. This is honestly the best damn soup I’ve ever eaten… and as a sufferer of chronic tonsillitis, I’ve eaten A LOT of soup in my day

  156. Delicious!
    Does the 6 so’s include the bacon and cheese?
    Thank you!!

  157. Made this tonight! It’s a keeper and picky eater approved! 🙂

  158. This was fantastic! My family had no idea there was cauliflower in it. So tasty, it doesn’t even need the toppings…..but I used them…..(;

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  160. Made this for lunches this week and it’s so good! Thanks for a winner, Gina 🙂

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  165. I just made this tonight, and my boyfriend and I both loved it!! I served it with a salad and it was the perfect dinner. Super simple and fast to make too.

    I added some cayenne pepper, a bit of red pepper flakes (I like a bit of spice!), some Italian seasoning, some smoked paprika, and also some onions and garlic that I cooked up first and then added before blending. It turned out sooo good!!

  166. This looks really good. I do have a question which might seem like a stupid one, but can I use almond milk instead?

    Thank You in advance for your answer.

  167. Thanks for this recipe, we really enjoyed it! We used the little colouful potatoes from the farmer’s market and left the skins on so our soup ended up a delightful purple colour 😉

  168. Made this tonight for my family and I. It was a hit!  So delicious!! 

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  170. Made it last night, family loved it….
    Didn’t tell them about the cauliflower ……they don’t like veggies. Lol

  171. Made this soup last night – absolutely delicious! Only change I made was to add a little cayenne. I’m a spicy guy! Lol! Thanks for the post. You are one of my go to chefs!☺

  172. I have made a soup like this but I cooked the peeled and chucked potatoes in the broth with the cauliflower. Easier than cooking them separately and tastes the same.

  173. This looks divine! I’ve always made straight potatoes or straight cauliflower dishes, I’ve been wanting to try combining them for a while now, can’t wait to try!

  174. I have an old, original WW (Weight Watchers) Recipe for Potato Soup that I absolutely LOVE, can’t wait to try this one Gina, thank you for sharing.

  175. Yum! This sounds perfect for fall!

  176. I prefer my loaded baked potato soup with some potato chunks left in tact, I find removing about 1/5-1/4 of them before blending and then adding them back in makes it feel heartier and more satisfying! Thanks for adapting one of my favourite comfort foods!

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  179. Made this last week. It was absolutely delicious and quite filling!

  180. To calculate the points correctly, how much approx. do the potatoes weigh?

  181. Just tried this recipe last night and really enjoyed it. Both of my kids and husband liked it as well. It was nice and hearty on a really cold evening.

  182. Can you make this in the crock pot?

  183. Can you make this in the crock pot?

  184. This is the perfect recipe for a cold winter's evening!

  185. Potato soup is always great for starters.

  186. I just wonder what it tastes like, does anyone of you tried these already? I'm just curious.

  187. This was DELICIOUS. My husband, who's not a live-to-eat person like I am, and who would never voluntarily eat cauliflower, really liked it and hopes we have it again. Oh, we will!

  188. Made this tonight and it was fantastic!! I have never found a skinnytaste recipe that didn't hit the spot!

  189. How many servings does the recipe make?

  190. This is the first of your recipes I've looked at, I just want to say thank you for the "if you'd like to use your oven" part, I don't have a microwave and it gets frustrating finding recipes that only give microwave instructions for part of the process! (I'm not against microwaves, I just have extremely limited counter space!)

  191. I have a fantastic potato soup recipe and my family loves it but it has soooo many carbs it isn't funny! I took this recipe and used it to lighten my recipe up (or maybe I fattened yours up) either way, I got them eating a lighter soup than they're used to and they didn't know it. I added some cubed chicken to this and about 2 ounces of fat free cream cheese and we've always skipped the cheddar cheese so I skipped that. It was a slightly different texture than they're used to but they all liked it and no one knew there was cauliflower in this!! Thank you so much, I'm so glad I found your site!!

  192. This was great! The whole family enjoyed it. Thank you!

  193. Gina – what would be your opinion on using 2% greek yogurt in place of the light sour cream? You'd save calories and add protien.

  194. Its too yummy and delicious. Enjoyed making and having this potato soup. You can also try….

    Chicken Soup Recipe

  195. Oh my gosh. I made this tonight and it was FANTASTIC! Except I used greek yogurt instead of sour cream 🙂

  196. Made this over the weekend and was disappointed. If you don’t mind the taste of cauliflower then you’ll enjoy this soup. However, I don’t like cauliflower and thought perhaps I wouldn't be able to taste it but I was wrong. There is nothing wrong with this recipe, I just had the expectation that I wouldn't be able to tell it was made with cauliflower.

  197. I made this soup a day ahead. Not sure what went wrong…but overnight it thickened to the consistency of mashed potatoes…way too dense for soup.

  198. Used tempeh bacon to make this vegetarian. My boo had multiple servings because he loved it so much.

  199. This this soup is so delicious and has a great texture! Very filling too 🙂

  200. Gina, goes this soup freeze well?

  201. I make a version of this! I need to try this one! It sounds amazing.

  202. I made a special trip to the grocery store , just to buy the the ingridents for this delicious looking soup. I know it will be a hit with the men in my family. So glad to have this recipe. I'll share it too with friends.

  203. Has anyone tried making this dairy free? Does it taste ok with an almond milk or something else?

    • Hi! I use almond milk and make this all the time. It tastes fantastic and I'm obsessed. Only thing is I use plain greek yogurt in place of the sour cream, so its not dairy free, but I'm sure a dairy free alternative would work just fine!

  204. We love this soup at our house! Do you think it's freezable? I'm 8 months pregnant and thinking of making a double batch to freeze.

  205. Since the shape of the potato doesn't matter in the recipe, I would peel the potatoes with a peeler, chop it up into cubes and then boil in water until tender. That way you avoid the microwave and it's still a real simple way of adding them into the soup if you're just going to puree it.

  206. Would also like to know the sodium content in the recipe. Have to figure and add total of sodium from the broth, cheese and bacon, even if you don't add salt directly.

  207. Made this last night. Delicious. Next time I'll steam onion chunks with my cauliflower … the chives didn't provide the level of onion flavor I have come to enjoy with other potato soup recipes. Everything else about this recipe was heavenly. Froze several containers to enjoy at a moments notice!

  208. Just wanted to say that I've made this twice this year – it's amazing and so filling and enjoyable! I love being able to sprinkle the toppings on – it makes the recipe feel decadent – instead of just responsible! Thank you!

  209. Cauliflower does not like my husband! Could I use broccoli instead?

  210. Delicious soup! I love that the recipe was easy to halve too!

  211. Wow. Made this tonight and it was excellent. Could not tell it was low calorie at all. In fact, it tastes exactly like the cream of potato soup at my favorite restaurant. I was not expecting it to get so thick and creamy. Excellent recipe. Thank you.

  212. Is the recipe for large potatoes? The ones I have are relatively small (some russets are so big), so I'm wondering if I should use 3 or 4.

  213. What can I say that hasn't already been said?! This is a MUST make! It is by far my favorite recipe of all! Thanks for sharing

  214. Any idea about what size your potatoes were? Those come in ping pong ball size all the way to nearly football size. An estimate would be helpful! Thank you!

  215. I just made this and it turned out sooooo amazing! I put all the toppings on my bowl of goodness and exclaimed "This looks like it came from a restaurant" …. and it tastes that way too. =) Keep up the good work.

  216. I'm lactose intolerance so I sub with unsweetened almond milk. It turns out fantastic every time and you can't taste any difference.

  217. I just served this to a bunch of kids and they all loved it. One even asked for the recipe to take home to her mom. I didn't have an immersion blender though, so after I cooked my veggies (I steamed the cauliflower and potatoes together) I threw them in the food processer until smooth and then added them to my liquids. It worked out great.

  218. I loved this recipe. I used fresh cauliflower and steamed it. Then blended sections of it in my rocket blender. Oh boy it was good!

  219. I just made this, it's SO good! I did a few mods though. I left the skin on the potatoes, skipped the bacon, and threw in all the cheese while it was simmering, since I usually have no patience to pack toppings to bring to work for lunch. So so good!

  220. Yum Yum Yum Yum Yum!!! I used low sodium/fat turkey bacon, sodium free chicken broth, Greek yogurt, and left half of the potatoes to be cut up and added in chunky. Oh my GOODNESS! YUMMINESS!!

  221. Gina, Did you count the cheese and bacon topping in the ponits/calories and fat? I don't eat bacon so I am wondering how much that would change the numbers?

  222. The best soup ever! So savory, hearty, and delicious. My husband requests it more than any other dish. Making it again tonight, yum, yum, can't wait!

  223. I made the not-so-healthy version of this soup, sorry. It was delicious. I used 4 potatoes instead of 2 and no fat free or low fat ingredients. Also used 8 oz of the sour cream and added garlic salt. I pureed the cauliflower and chicken broth in my regular blender. Did not puree the potatoes since I had to enjoy the potato chunks. Will definitely keep this recipe.

  224. This sounds great! Any chance you could give directions for making it in the crock pot?

  225. I made this today and it's incredible. My husband isn't a fan of cauliflower but he declared several times how much he liked this soup!
    Thanks for all the amazing recipes. I've followed your blog for a long time and I've made 30-40 of your recipes and I LOVE each and every one of them.

  226. I apologize if anyone has already asked this but can you substitute almond milk for the milk? I didn't know if it would cook up the same? I miss creamy soups like this but just can't tolerate milk anymore. thanks!

  227. Hi Gina,
    I was wondering if you don't like potatoes – would it work with all cauliflower? I'm sure it would 'work' but do you think it would taste as good? Thanks! 🙂

  228. I found this equivalent chart on a CSA Website http://www.rubiconriverfarm.com/cauliflower/. Does it sound about right? I have a super gigantic head of cauliflower in my refrigerator and don't want to use too much.

    "A small head of cauliflower equals 1 to 1-1/2 pound of cauliflower, or approximately 1-1/2 cups chopped. One medium head will be 1-3/4 to 2-1/4 pounds, or 3 cups chopped"

  229. Do you know roughly the weight of the potatoes that you used?

  230. Made this last night. Didn't even use bacon. Everyone loved it. Thank you for the recipe

  231. I made this tonight and it was DELICIOUS! I made one minor alteration and substituted actual bacon for bacon bits. I bought the "better" kind though. I loved this and will definitely be making again!

  232. I just made it an love it. Can you actually freeze this soup?

  233. I made this tonight and it was so yummy. It was a little thick so next time will take the suggestion of adding more broth and milk. I think I will also try blending the cauliflower first then the potatoes as I like potato chunks. While trying to leave potato chunks I also left cauliflower chunks, which for me is ok as I love cauliflower. However, I want to feel like I am eating unhealthy and biting down on cauliflower ruins the experience a little, lol. Next time I will add onion and garlic.

    • I put the points into weight watchers and with the cheese and bacon, it’s 7 points per serving not 5. Is there a mistake in calculation? 

      • Hi Melissa. Are you using the recipe builder? The only accurate way to determine any recipe’s SmartPoints® value is to plug the ingredients into the recipe builder on the Weight Watchers website (Click on “My Foods,” select “Recipe,” and click “Create a recipe.”) which does not count fruits and vegetables in recipes in the calculations as they are now 0 points.

        The SmartPoints® calculator isn’t meant for recipes and will often give you the wrong points (usually higher) because it’s counting the fruits and vegetables. So if you see a recipe with a SmartPoints® value that’s different from what the calculator tells you, now you know why.

  234. So I have 1 word to describe this recipe….DELICIOUS!!! I love your recipes! My husband now thinks I am a good cook 🙂

  235. Just made this for dinner. Came out awesome! We did add 1/2 cup more broth, as it was pretty thick after blending. Also, seasoned with some garlic powder as well. My husband loved it and even my picky children ate some! Oh, we also used some soy milk in lieu of the skim milk – my daughter and I are lactose intolerant and we wanted to cut down on the lactose content. Was still delicious!

  236. I have made this recipe several times now and it is great! My kids and husband love it! I throw it all in the crockpot (except for the sour cream, I still add that at the end) and it's so easy and yummy! Thank you so much for sharing all these great recipes!

  237. Gina, can this be made ahead and frozen?

  238. Just made this for dinner and it was a hit! I did add 3 cloves of garlic, onion and garlic powder! Also a splash more of milk bc I didn't like like the texture (could be bc I used a normal blender). Loved! Definitely recommend adding seasonings, it would have been too bland without for my family 🙂

  239. Just made this for dinner and it was a hit! I did add 3 cloves of garlic, onion and garlic powder! Also a splash more of milk bc I didn't like like the texture (could be bc I used a normal blender). Loved! Definitely recommend adding seasonings, it would have been too bland without for my family 🙂

  240. I made this for dinner tonight, and it was delicious! My all-time favorite potato soup is a Panera copycat (although, I have never had their actual soup). It contains four cups of diced potatoes and an entire block of cream cheese…and doesn't exactly fit into my husband's and my plan to lose weight! 🙂 I hoped yours would be a decent substitute and it truly exceeded my expectations! I made a few tweaks to be more like my favorite recipe: added a little diced onion & sauteed it in a little olive oil, cut the sour cream to 1/4 cup and added 1/4 cup cream cheese, used 2 cups homemade turkey broth (just what I had on hand), added garlic and a pinch of cayenne.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing! I can't wait to enjoy leftovers for lunch tomorrow and will be making this again, for sure!

  241. ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lookkkssssssss deliciuoooooooooosssssss

  242. I added a pound of chicken to this soup since the protein is so low and blended it right up with everything else. It's totally delicious and high in protein. I look forward to this every single week!

  243. I tried to make this last night, and oh boy did it go off-kilter. I wasn't sure what size potatoes the recipe was referring to, since if you buy a 10lb sack of Russets they tend to have a bunch of the really BIG ones in it, but if you buy the 5lb sack they're considerably smaller. I wound up using 4 small russets. I only had about 1/2 a medium head of cauliflower instead of a whole head, so that's what I used. I like chunky baked potato soup and I don't have an immersion blender (just a little personal-size blender) – so I mashed the cauliflower/potato/milk mixture instead of pureeing it. By the time the soup was done, I had mashed potatoes. I added some extra milk to it, and that didn't really do much except make it a bit less firm. It definitely didn't look/feel like soup. I served it with corn bread, and my bf and I both loved the taste – it just didn't come out how I'd hoped. (I also added some dried rosemary, sage, and garlic/parsley seasoning to it which added a lot of flavor.)

  244. I just made this soup. It was surprisingly delicious and refreshing on such a cold spring day! I don't think I would have the guts to include the cauliflower but it's really good! Thanks!

  245. Loved it! I add a dash of liquid smoke and parsley before blending and my picky hubby and just as picky 14 yr old loved it! Thank you!

  246. Made this soup and it is delicious! My husband kept muttering…this is so good! I've found so many great recipes, You've inspired my love of cooking again! Thanks!

  247. I made this last night for my picky-pants husband and he really enjoyed it. I started out with some bacon in my dutch oven and then used a little of the grease to cook up the veggies. I used my food processor to blend it and left some of the potatoes chunky. I also stirred in about a cup of cheddar cheese and the bacon at the end to give it texture and flavor. I'm sure I negated most of the healthy benefits of the soup, but it tasted good to us. I'm really shocked my husband liked it and will be making it again.

  248. Wow..just made this…even though it is an older recipe of yours….IT IS AWESOME…thank you…

  249. Thank you for this soup recipe! I scaled my recipe up a bit but only used only half a head of cauliflower, but next time I'll use the whole thing. and I skipped the sour cream to make it less-dairy and accidentally forgot to pull out the shredded cheese (cheese barely counts as dairy around here, it's a major food group of us it's own here in Wisconsin!). I did remember to serve it with bacon and green onions, but the best topping was crushed potato chips. It added the perfect amount of salty crunch. So excellent.

    You can read about my version at

  250. This tastes so good and very filling.

  251. I love this recipe. I make it alot. And I actually leave out the potato totally! Thanks Gina!

  252. Is there a good way to adapt this for a slow cooker? Thanks!!

  253. Is there a good way to adapt this to the slow cooker? 🙂 SO excited to try this!

  254. Gina,
    We are stuck I side with Blizzard Nemo, I have all the ingredients but sour cream-what can I substitute?

  255. You're a genius! I'm having a really hard time believing its only 5 points + per serving because it's just too delicious!! By far the best recipe of yours I've tried over the years!!

  256. I'm not a soup fan, but this soup is amazing! I've made it twice and I just can't get enough of it. Awesome recipe! Thanks so much!

  257. Why won't you answer the question as to how many ounces or how big of potatoes to use? This can cause a huge difference in the amount of calories and carbs in this dish. Several people have asked to to response.

    • Sorry, I don't always see the comments right away, I have over 700 recipes with comments on all of them every day.

      Figure 2 medium russet potatoes, about 9-10 oz each.

  258. Will the points change if you were to use skim milk and turkey bacon?

  259. I just made this. WONDERFUL!!! I think it was the best potato soup I have ever made 🙂 I used turkey bacon.

  260. I am so dying to try this; it looks fantastic!! Do you remember how many ounces of raw potatoes you used? And how much bacon does each serving get? So sorry for these questions; I am trying to be super strict and accurate w/ my calorie counting right now 🙂 Thanks so much for your wonderful blog!!

  261. I made a double batch of this soup today and instead of only cauliflower I used cauliflower and broccoli. Gave it a nice broccoli taste and was super yummy!

  262. Made this tonight for dinner, and it was delicious! I didn't have an immersion blender, so I just put the potato and cauliflower in my food processor and then whisked them into my liquids in the pot. It was perfect.

  263. Delicious! This even got the approval of my "vegetables make my hair fall out" fiance! Making it tonight, perfect for the cold weather!

  264. I made this and it was so delicious! My husband raved about it to everyone he talked to for an entire week. We made a bunch and he had a friend who wasn't feeling well so I sent some with him to take over to his friends house and it made said friends day. I make this at least once a month.

  265. My four-year old just remarked, "that is the bestest, yummiest meal! I could eat that and pancakes all the time!" Bring on the Baked Potato Soup!

  266. Amazing. Made this last night and LOVED it. We are vegetarians so we did Veggie broth, Fake bacon, and we only had skim milk and took a chance. Added full fat cheese instead. My wife and I were amazed by how tasty this was. It was great.

  267. I made this last night. It was so delicious, but really thick – more like mashed potatoes than soup. We ended up eating it as a side with grilled chicken breast. We really liked the flavor though. I added the cheese and bacon right into the mix instead of as topping. I also sauteed half an onion and two garlic cloves in 1 Tbsp. butter and added it in with the potatoes/broth/milk. I will definitely be making this again, but possibly adding more chicken broth or something to thin it out. Thanks for the great recipe!

  268. Going to have someone who is allergic to milk-do you think almond or soy milk would work-or do you have another suggestion?

  269. Thanks for the recipe! It was really tasty and so easy to make! I must admit that I did add 1/4 cup of cream cheese and pureed green onions instead of chives.

  270. Made a super big batch of this today and everything was great!!! Wonderful texture and awesome taste.

  271. Just made this and am super impressed! I like cauliflower, but for those that hate it, there is definitely not a strong taste at all. I didn't use bacon and will probably recreate this at a potato leek.


  272. This has been on my "to make" list for ages and I finally made it tonight. I'm kicking myself for not having done so sooner. This is amazing! I made with greek yogurt instead of sour cream and was delicious. It is rather thick (I think because I used large potatoes) but I liked it anyway. Excited for leftovers for lunch tomorrow!

  273. Another wonderful recipe, thank you! I've already made it twice within the last month. I added some white pepper and Texas-Pete hot sauce to give it a little zing. Yum!

  274. Just wanted to chime in with how much we loved this soup! We're trying to eat healthier and get in shape and your recipes are really helping me cook healthier meals that still taste great. My husband loved this and we both think that this is a keeper recipe that we will make again and again. The fact that there's bacon and no guilt? Amazing.

  275. I loved this! After I had the bacon cooked, it came together really quickly. I ended up with 6 bowls (probably a variation in cauliflower or potatoes), but close enough!

  276. This recipe is amazing. I just doubled it because the first time I made it we didn't have any left over. What a great guiltless way to have potato soup.

  277. Made this last night and it was amazing! I can't remember the last time I'd had baked potato soup. I've stayed away from it for years because it is so rich and unhealthy. Not anymore!

  278. Great soup, we made this today (switched out the sour cream for plain greek yogurt) and it was fantastic! Thanks for the great recipes we love your blog.
    Jon, CPT SkyboundFitness.com

  279. Yummy! I'm gonna make a vegetarian version ASAP!

  280. I am in LOVE with this recipe. It was so ridiculously easy to make that I could do it on a week night after being in class all day. The taste was heavenly, exactly like a loaded baked potato. I did substitute low fat bacon pieces (from the salad dressing aisle) for the bacon strips because I usually keep them on hand. This will be going in to regular rotation for the duration of winter. Thank you!

  281. I just finished eating this soup and it is so incredibly amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  282. How many oz. of potatoes should I use approximately, Gina? Thanks for all your recipes!

  283. This soup doesn't need cheese, bacon or sour cream! Just use a little butter. Make it skinnier! The flavors are enhanced by using leeks and dill.

  284. I just made this soup because I thought it would be a great way to try out our new Ninja blender (wedding present). My vegetable-hating husband had NO clue it had cauliflower in it (and still doesn't). This recipe was incredibly easy and by FAR the best potato soup I have EVER had. Absolutely a HOME RUN, Gina! Your site is my nightly go-to cookbook! Keep the healthy recipes coming and I promise to keep making them (and not telling my husband what's in them)!

  285. Made this tonight – YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait for lunch tomorrow 😀

  286. Made this soup. It's fantastic. I diced the potatoes up and set to the side. Blended the cauliflower then added my potatoes. Oh so good. Will be making this a lot this Fall/Winter Thank You So Much for sharing!

  287. Hey! Replace that sour cream with Fat Free Greek Yogurt! You will NOT tell the difference, I promise!

  288. Just made this for dinner tonight, it was good, but…the texture was off. It tasted almost like grits. Not quite what I was expecting.

  289. Mmm! Made it for my family tonight. The 2 year old and the 12 year old got seconds! And my 8 year old couldn't even taste the cauliflower! This meal was a winner here. I dont have an immersion blender either so I moved it to the stand mixer… it was messy but did the job. 🙂

  290. I bought an immersion blender just to make this soup…and it was SO worth it! (I bought a cuisinart smartstick) This soup is amazing! I couldn't taste the cauliflower at all, and, while I usually hate sour cream, I couldn't taste it in the soup either and it helped with the consistency. Really excellent. Thank you!

  291. I made this tonight. I don't have an immersion blender so I just used my mixer. It worked great and the soup was delicious. I mixed the cheese and bacon in and added Nature's Seasons. I love cauliflower, but really couldn't tell it was there. I'd use my husband to test it, but he saw me making it and won't touch it. More for me! Thanks for the site!

  292. Thanks Gina! This recipe is so easy and delish. This definitely qualifies as a "meal-worthy" soup because it's got so much substance, especially with all of the toppings 🙂 I added lots of seasoning including garlic powder and Tony's and it tastes great.

  293. I just made this soup and it is super yummy, filling and hearty. I will definitely make again. Thanks for another great recipe!

  294. I am SO in love with this site! Stumbled across it a few weeks ago and have made at least a half dozen recipes so far…none with the least bit of disappointment!
    Made the baked potato soup for supper tonight. Really flavorful and delish. I actually enjoyed the fact that it tastes a bit like cauliflower…makes it sort of special.
    Gonna try again with roasted leeks and pancetta…YUM!
    Thanks for all your fabulous recipes!!

  295. I'm SO excited because I get to make this tonight for dinner! It's finally starting to cool down at night here in Northern CA. I made it last winter and my boyfriend completely devoured it and begged me to make it again. Gina, you are amazing and I just love love love your recipes. You're site is my go-to place when I am planning my meals for the week. Thank you so much for all the fabulous recipes 🙂

  296. This recipe is AMAZING! I made it tonight for dinner and my husband and I loved it — felt good knowing we could eat this with the cauliflower in it. Thanks 🙂 Love your website!

  297. Would it be okay to substitute the cauliflower for broccoli? 🙂

  298. Gina, do you think this would be ok with soy milk? and how many ounces of potatoes are we talkin here? can't wait to try this out!!!!

  299. I want to start off by telling you that I despise cauliflower. I do however LOVE potatoes. It's been one of the hardest things I've had to cut back on. Now I have tried to use cauliflower as mashed potatoes and almost gagged. I can usually tell when these are slipped to me as a substitute.

    I loved, loved, loved this soup! Not only could I not tell it was cauliflower but it totally took care of my baked potato soup craving.

  300. Cooked the potatoes and cauliflower on high with the broth for about 3 hours in the crock pot. Used and immersion blender and added the milk and then threw in a ham bone I had in the freezer. Turned it to low and let it cook for around 4-6 hours. Removed the ham bone and added the sour cream and toppings. Delicious!

  301. I made this and my family loved it!

  302. are you supposed to puree the potatoes too? can you leave the potatoes in chunks?

  303. I just made this today. Finished it off in my food processor and then to the crockpot to blend flavours together. Delicious!!! Thanks; this will be in regular rotation at my house!

  304. This is a new staple in our household! Such a great recipe!
    I added some garlic powder and onion to mine before I blended it.
    I really appreciate the nutrition breakdown- esp. the points+ score.

  305. Gina, well done! This is the second soup in as many days I've tried to stock up the freezer. I Love your site. I've been dieting and I do not feel deprived

  306. Gina, I have to tell you, I've tried about four of your receipes so far and I am simply IN LOVE! I love love love the black bean burgers, and my husband does too!!!! I do have a quick question on this receipe…. would it be easy to double this? I feel like,because it is a thicker base soup, that it might mess up the consistency. Do you have any suggestions?


  307. This was soooooo good! No one guessed it was low fat or had cauliflower. Saw a recipe on another site that had 50 grams of fat per serving, PER SERVING! This was wonderful with only 8. Thank you Gina!

    Hungry in Austin

  308. Just made this for lunch/dinner today. It's fabulous! Thank you for posting. With the change of weather here, it hit the spot, without feeling guilty. Thanks again!

  309. I made this a while ago and it was AMAZING! I just wish I had an immersion blender that everyone is talking about. It would have been SOOOO much easier. I just mashed it as best I could with a potato masher and then attempted to smooth it more with my hand mixer (big mistake!), but it just splattered everywhere lol.
    I don't think I had the right potatoes because mine where pretty small (about the size of my palm)so I used 3 (maybe even 4 at the last minute. I can't remember) instead of just 2. So mine came out more on the soupy side, but for me it was really the kind of texture I like to see for soups. I also used turkey bacon for mine and it was delish!! I absolutely will be making this again, just not until I get my hands on an immersion blender, which will hopefully be soon 🙂

    OH and I want to add that I am one of those people who almost NEVER gets successful results from recipes that I find on the internet (mainly Pinterest)and especially if they are healthy. So if any of your other recipes are as good as this one, I will be a follower for life. I have subscribed to your RSS feed for on my homepage and can't wait to try another one of your recipes.

  310. Very delish…I used turkey bacon and it turned out great,,,thanks Gina!

  311. I've made this soup twice already! I had to double the recipe the second time I made it for my family because the first time I made it there was nothing left (great the next day for lunch). Even my one year old daughter loves it….it is great for kids because you are sneaking in the veggies. Thank you.

  312. Would using canned potatoes ruin this? I've never used them before but I now have two cans of them in my pantry & I'm at a loss for what they'd be good for.

  313. Just made this, & LOVE IT! I also had no immersion blender so I just stuck a knife in the pot and cut everything up small. My only change was adding a little garlic (because I grew my own this year). Will definitely make many more times.

  314. This soup is delicious! I did not puree my potatoes, just the cauliflower. My boyfriend loved it! I am always worried he won't like the new recipes I try. This will def be a favorite recipe! Thanks so much for all of your recipes!

  315. LOVE it.

  316. After peeling the potatoes, I chopped up the skins, toasted them a bit, and put them on top of the bowls of soup as a crunchy and yummy garnish!

  317. Omg! Every recipe on this site ROCKS!!

  318. Gina, your site has inspired me SO MUCH!! I never thought cooking healthy could be this yummy, filling, and fun!! Cooking daily is new to me and getting together my weekly dinner menus has been a challenge but not since I found your site! I am repeatedly asked to make the pollo en potachhio, and today I made this recipe and my veggie hating hubby LOVED it! 🙂

  319. If you love baked potato soup and you take the time to make it try this recipe! So good and like no guilt! I promise other then the smell, which i didn't mind but did notice, this is a YUMMY good to eat soup!

    Thank you for who you are and what you do!

  320. Made this soup tonight….and I was nervous with how it would taste and kept going back to another recipe containing not so healthy ingredients and finally just decided to be healthy and make this one. It was GREAT! I loved it – my husband devoured a big bowl tonight and loved it also! Thanks!!!!!!

  321. Gina,
    Could you skip the puree and leave the potatoes chunky?

  322. This was so good! Hubby loved it too.

  323. I love this soup however I am on a strict low sodium diet due to high blood pressure while pregnant 🙁 Do you know the sodium content for this soup?

  324. I made this tonight and it was excellent! It is dreary and raining for the past 2 days and this was the perfect comfort food! Thank you so much for this site. I tell everyone about it!!!

  325. This soup is amazing!! My kids love it and ask for it all the time. They couldn't believe it was made with cauliflower! Thanks for the great recipe.

  326. Amazing soup. Husband and kids basically watched me make it, but when husband tasted it he asked me what happened to all of that cauliflower I made. Can't even taste it. This website has helped me bring cleaner eating to my family and I can finally eat with them instead of cooking two separate meals every night! Thank you!

  327. Very good. I went heavy on the cauliflower, used fat free greek yogurt instead of sour cream, skim milk with a touch of corn starch to thicken. I didn't use the blender, just the potato masher. Kids (2 and 4) LOVED it. Next time I will add some shredded kale to up the veggie content.

  328. Made this tonight for dinner and it was YUMMY!! Didn't tell the hubby that it had cauliflower in it and he wants me to make it again. I am so glad that I found your site!

  329. Thank you so much. My 12 year old daughter was just diagnosed with diabetes and we have to watch her carb intake while still being able to fill her up with things she loves. You dont know how very much i appreciate finding a way to fix my old potato soup receipe with this!

  330. This soup is DELISH!!! I made it last week and my family just loved it! They could not believe it was low fat! Thank you Gina! I love your site! I have been making recipes from your site for the last 6 months and have lost 30 pounds!

  331. This was delicious and healthy!! Recipes like this make it easy to stick to WW. Thank you!!

  332. Made this tonight and it is AWESOME. I can't believe this is a light soup. It feels like I am splurging on my new diet.(BTW this is hubby and 4 yr old approved; they both had seconds.)

    BTW Gina, my hubby keeps asking if we can "buy something from (her) site" to thank you for all the great recipes. I wish you had a cookbook… I know people keep asking you about that. lol I would buy 1 for me and five for my friends and family. I have made a new skinnytaste recipe nearly every night the last two weeks. (You are a hero to my family for all the good eats!)

    As always, you rock.

  333. This recipe was wonderful!!! I just started weight watchers with my husband so I've been on the hunt for flavorful and healthy recipe. Your site is a god send. My entire family loved the soup. My six year old daughter cleaned her bowl!! We didn't put the bacon on it and instead just used a little fat free cheese and lite sour cream . So happy with this. Making it again this week 🙂

  334. This is simply amazing! My entire family loved it!!

  335. Where have you been all my diet? This recipe is delicious!! Amazing!! Filling and low cal. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  336. Made this tonight and EVERYONE had a serving and LOVED it! What an easy to make comfort food.

  337. Just made this at it was AWESOME!!! I did leave one potato in chunks to add some texture! Thanks for the receipe and the site!

  338. tried it today, great recipe!

  339. This was incredible! I was a little apprehensive since I don't like cauliflower, but I couldn't taste it at all. I'm on a 1200 calorie diet and I kept thinking that the soup was so good it just couldn't be so low in calories but it is! Thank you so much for this recipe (and all the others)–it's super helpful for staying on track!

  340. This soup was fantastic! You can't even tell there is cauliflower in it. The only thing I did differently was cut up one of the potatoes, cooked them in the chicken stock and then put them in the soup right before serving as I like chunky soups. I too do not have an immersion blender, but I just used my smoothie machine – and it worked great. This one is a keeper – and just as an FYI, this is even BETTER after it sits for a day!! Thanks Gina – I'm making the Chicken Santa Fe and Cilantro Lime Rice for dinner tonight.


  341. This was delicious!! My boyfriend and I both loved it and agree we'll be having it again!

  342. Made this over the weekend – absolutely delicious! And you would never know the majority of this is cauliflower. I like chunky soup, so I cut one of the potatoes up, cooked them in broth and added them right before serving. This is even better after sitting for a day. And I don't have an immersion blender, so I just used my smoothie machine 🙂 Next up is the crockpot Santa Fe Chicken! Thank you Gina!!

  343. LOVE LOVE LOVE this recipe!! Can this be frozen?

  344. This soup is great!!! I add a little garlic powder to it to give it some more flavor! My husband who is not doing WW even loves this soup!!!

  345. This is really good. I omitted bacon and added broccoli. Perfect, healthy, Lenten meal.

  346. Awesometabalous! this soup rocks. My 11year old daughter and I made this together and we used 2 16oz frozen packages of cauliflower. Delish, delish, delish.


  347. Awesometabulous! this soup rocks. My 11 year old daughter helped. We used 2 16oz packages of frozen cauliflower instead. Delish, delish, delish.

  348. I made this and the family loved it! I made it when they were not around and they had no idea it was made with cauliflower. Genius Gina! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  349. What a great recipe. I pureed too long and had to add some chopped cauliflower, broccoli and carrots and it was absolutely delicious. Thank you.

  350. Here is another tip…you can sub fat free greek yogurt for the sour cream…much better for you! I prefer Fage total. That wuld skinny it up some and add more protein!

  351. I made this soup for my two boys and hubby and they devoured it! I don't have an immersion blender, I just used my food processor and it worked great!! 🙂

  352. Tried this soup last night and it was a hit with the entire family. Love it. Super easy and really has a great flavor!

  353. Not that this recipe NEEDS another wonderful praise comment – but WOW. YUM YUM YUM. My hubby saw me cutting up the cauliflower and asked if it was for the soup… I fibbed and said no… when it came time for dinner he couldn't stop telling me how good it was.. he still has no idea the base is mostly cauliflower 🙂 He told me next time to triple the batch so there is enough for lunches all week at work 😉 Pairs great with skinny taste's cheddar garlic biscuits

  354. Just had a question I want to make this but want to cut it in half what would be the serving size and how many old ww pts.

  355. I LOVE this recipe (and so many others from your blog). Thank you! Quick, probably stupid, question: do you count the cheese/bacon topping in with the 5 points per serving? I'm guessing not (I added up 3 points just for those things), but I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask. Thanks again for the fantastic resource we all have in this blog!

  356. OH MY GOSH! This is AWESOME! All I have to say is…Gina, you ROCK! My whole family loved it, even my picky 5 year old had 2 bowls!!! I tripled the recipe because we love leftovers & I'm so glad I did!!! I can't believe this "comfort food" is LO CAL! YUMMY!

  357. Tired this the other night and it was awesome. Even the husband approved. Will be making again. Thanks!

  358. Made this for the first time this weekend and my whole family loved it (husband, 5yr old & 2yr old). They loved it so much that my 5yr old asked me to make it again tonight!

  359. First let me say that I love your recipes and truly do not think I could do this weight loss thing without them. I practically plan my entire weeks worth of dinners from this blog. I have never made a bad recipe from this blog either.

    Second.. I was weary of this. 1. I don't like califlower. I never have. 2. I am a potato junkie. I thought there was NO WAY anything could replace a potato. I have this on my stove right now for my lunch this week and I am amazed!!! It is absolutely frickin delish! Thanks for another good one!

  360. I just made this recipe for dinner and it was SO good. I'm not a fan of cauliflower, so this was a great way to add more veggies to my diet. Plus I'm a busy college student, so I love that it's so quick and easy to make!

  361. Can this be done in a crockpot version please?

  362. Amazing recipe! Thank you! My husband is very picky and I am always looking for new recipes to blow him away and this soup did it! Love love love your website! 🙂 Oh and I used a hand mixer and a potato masher and it came out just fine for those who don't have an immersion blender.

  363. Hi Gina!
    I really want to make this recipe but I have no immersion blender/hand blender but I SO want to buy one. Which one do you recommend? Oh and I forgot to tell you I <3 your site! Thanks!

  364. Just made this tonight it was super yummy! Next one I am trying is the chicken enchilada soup I cant wait! Thanks Gina you are awesome!

  365. Made this today, loved it. i didnt taste the cauliflower at all. and to further test it, im not telling my husband there is any in it. he didnt have it for dinner but is taking it for lunch tomorrow i hope it fools him! my only issue is that it only yielded 4 cups but i dont think i used enough cauliflower(frozen in steamer bag) so next time i will use a head like the recipe suggests.

    • I used 6 cups of frozen cauliflower and 2 potatoes that I would probably describe as large. That yielded 7 cups of soup. I decided on 6 cups based on this website that has a veggie conversion calculator – http://www.howmuchisin.com/produce_converters/cauliflower

      I think their 6 cup estimate was probably for a "large" head of cauliflower rather than the "small" head that was called for here. I've been looking for an easy way to convert between units of measure for produce forever. I hope this one turns out to be as good as it looks!

  366. Absolutely delicious! I think I'm heading to the store again this week to pick up more cauliflower to make another batch! The leftovers are just as tasty, if not a tad better.

  367. This soup was okay, but not as tasty as my usual recipe, it needs more herbs/seasonings. I doctored it up to be similar to my recipe and it was very close. I used a few drops of hot pepper sauce, some dried basil, some minced garlic, along with the salt and pepper. I think it would add a couple of extra points but help with the daily dose of healthy oils, to saute' some chopped onion plus the garlic in a little olive oil and then add to the soup.

  368. I was left with a fridge full of baked potatoes and fixings after a dinner party where we made way too much food as usual. My first thought was to make mashed potatoes but then I found this – all I had to do was buy the califlower. What a success. I can't say we were fooled into thinking it was full blown potatoe soup, but it sure was satisfying. The califlower was a nice filler and didn't take over too much of the taste. I was also shocked at how filling it was. Will definitely make again!

  369. I'll admit, I was a little skeptical of the cauliflower, as I'm not a big fan. But I'm so glad I gave it a chance, this soup was AMAZING!!! Even my picky 6yr old loved it. Thanks!!

  370. I have been putting off making this for about a week and finally tried it today for lunch. It was absolutely delicious. Thank you.

  371. My family cannot stop raving about this soup! It is our new winter staple. I love your website SO much!

  372. I tried this recipe on Friday night. I really loved it, but I made a few additions. I sauteed about a half cup each of onion and celery, plus 6 or 7 baby carrot sticks and added that to the soup. I think this really added a lot of flavor that would have been otherwise lacking. Plus, the orange of the carrots made the soup LOOK cheesy, which was a nice trick for our eyes. Finally, I also added about a teaspoon of sriracha to the soup for a little kick. This soup was even better the next day after all the flavors had blended.

  373. This is my 1st try at one of your recipes. Many more planned. And I'll be able to treat my family to them because this was a hit! Thanks so much for this blog. Recipes that this simple cook can manage with great taste, easy on the waist, and the whole family likes. What more can a girl ask for? Oh yeah – WW points and enticing photos.

  374. My boyfriend wants nothing to do with the healthy eating kick that I am on right now, but he LOVED this soup! I have to say, it was so delish, you couldn't tell it was healthy!

  375. Three words…FANTASTIC – DELICIOUS. – EASY
    one of the best soup recipes I have ever made!!!

  376. We tried this soup for the first time this week and it is SO YUMMY!! It's really filling, too, which is awesome. Thumbs up!!!

  377. Gina, You are 3 for 3 in my kitchen. This is the 3rd receipe of yours I have tried and they are all wonderful. Thanks for all your work, and your latest addition is beautiful. Congrats!

  378. OMG! Thank you so much Gina! My husband hates cauliflower but I made this soup this weekend and he ate almost the whole pot! He said it was the best potato soup he's ever had. I didn't have the heart to tell him it had cauliflower in it. That'll be our little secret! I am in love with this soup

  379. This looks wonderful. I can't wait to try it! I've made a creamy cauliflower soup where you simply steam the cauliflower in chicken broth. When cooked, add an 8 oz brick of light (or ff) cream cheese and puree together. I may use that as my base and add the potatoes and other goodies.

  380. Amazing. Really. I don't really like cauliflower, but this recipe has been a complete success. One of my 5-year-olds is licking the foot of the blender right now. Thanks so much for sharing all this.

  381. Made… LOVE… THANKS!!!

  382. This recipe is great. My husband is always skeptical about "healthy" dishes, so I did not tell him that it was part cauliflower/part potato – he didn't notice and loved the soup! Definitely on the dinner rotation!

  383. Great recipe! I just finished eating this with my husband, I'm a vegetarian (he isn't!) so no bacon, and I used veggie broth. I added steamed brocolli, it was delicious! Even my husband liked it! :o) Thanks!

  384. YUM!! The only thing wrong with this soup is that I had to have a 2nd bowl!! Loved it!! Blogged about it!! 🙂

  385. I made this today and absolutely love it! I have never made soup before, so I was surprised how easy this was AND how delicious it was! I trusted other commenters that said they couldn't taste the cauliflower, and they were right–it's totally unnoticeable.
    I do not have an immersion blender, so I used my rocket blender to puree both the cauliflower and then the potatoes, saving some cut up potato pieces to put into the soup (and I left the skin on for those). This is really a delicious soup. I was hoping it would last all week as dinner, but it may just last a few days because it is so tasty! Thanks for a great recipe!

  386. AMAZING! This is so simple to make and packs such delicious flavor! I am making this dish for my in-laws this week. My father-in-law doesn't do vegetables, so I always try to sneak them into a dish whenever possible! This is so delicious he will never know!
    I used center cut bacon which has been a really awesome find! 3 slices of cooked center cut bacon is 2 Points+ while 3 slices of regular bacon is 4 P+. It really has all the flavor of the original, just leaner, I highly reccomend it!
    Also, I used reduced fat smoked gouda from Trader Joes because I did not have cheddar on hand. A delicious, smokey addition!
    Thanks SO much!

  387. OMG _ this is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!

  388. I made this and it was great! My husband didn't have a clue that there was cauliflower in it. My husband and duaghters want me to make it again.

  389. I made this today for dinner and It was pretty good. My sister asked me to make it so I did. It was interesting using an immersion blender. lol
    I didn't have all of the toppings (Cheese) and I think that took away from what it could have tasted like, but other than my own mishap it was very good.

  390. Perfect remedy for a chilly New England night. I steamed the cauliflower in the microwave and used plain fat-free Greek yogurt instead of sour cream (I forgot that we had run out). It was a hit with my husband – even after I confessed about the cauliflower. Of course, bacon and cheese make it pretty much a no-brainer here.

    Your pork carnitas are next up for me to try.

  391. OMG, you are my new best friend. I made this today and I will definately be making it again. I am a vegetarian so I omitted the bacon and used vegetable stock. It tasted sinful. Thank you so much.

  392. Made this with red potatoes the other night (all I had on hand) & the whole family LOVED it! Can't wait to try more of your recipes! 😉

  393. Gina- I have some small bliss potatoes- not russets. How many ounces/cups of potatoes would you say you used? Thanks! Would love to make this tonight 🙂

  394. It is finally chilly here in Florida and I made this last night! It was AWESOME!

  395. This was SO delicious — even my 1 and 4 year olds ate it! I doubled it up so I'd have some for leftovers. However, when I added the ingredients into the WW tool, it gave me 7 points+. Not sure why mine came up different?

  396. Made this tonight – it is great – especially on a cold winter night!

  397. I found your website yesterday and am I ever glad I did! I made the baked potato soup for lunch and it was fantastic! It tasted just like a baked potato. It takes a bit of prep work, but once you have everything ready, it comes together quickly. Your website has been added to my Favourites tab.

  398. Absolutely delicious. My husband really enjoyed it too and I will be making this many more times in the future. Super easy and guilt free. Thank you for all that you do to provide us with such great recipes. I look forward to what you have in store for 2012. This was a perfect recipe start to our New Year.

  399. Made this soup today for noon and it is awesome! I can't believe how you do it. Thank you, thank you! And Happy New Year! Looking forward to what you will be sharing in 2012.

  400. This soup was delicious and so filling! My husband and I loved it, and the best part is that we have leftovers for the week:) Thanks Gina.

  401. This turned out great and my husband loved it too! It's been added to the rotation!

  402. I made this soup tonight and I LOVED it!! Thanks so much for the great recipe.

  403. I just received an immersion blender for Christmas, and have been waiting for one simply to make THIS recipe. Just made this for my husband and I…Amazing! I finished my bowl so fast, and just had to comment. Thanks Gina! Keep the soup recipes coming…they are perfect for winter!

  404. I made this today for my girlfriends. YUM!! There is not a drop left!

  405. Another delicious soup from Skinny Taste! Keep them coming!

  406. This is amazing, just finished my bowl and want to go to the rest of the pot. I left my skins on and it was absolutely fantastic!!!

  407. my mouth is drooling!! im so making this asap!!!
    thanks for your amazing blog!! i love it!!
    http://meganmikitahair.blogspot.com check out my blog!!! 😉

  408. My kids love this. Lord help me if they ever found out about the cauliflower. Ive found its much easier to just get some hormel bacon pieces. Less dishes to do too

  409. i bookmarked this recipe forever ago and am just trying it tonight. i am too lame to have an immersion blender yet (it's on my Christmas wish list!) but i'm going to puree everything in my blender, save a good chunk of potatoes to add back in. it smells heavenly.

  410. Oh my goodness….I just cooked this recipe, and it is TO DIE FOR. My brother and sister in law are in town, and they're very picky about food….I didn't tell them that there was cauliflower in it, and they think it is amazing. Thank you so much for great tasting, not too bad for you food!

  411. LOVED this! I just finished making it, but my potatoes were rotten (whoops!) so I obviously didn't use them…but it is still sooo yummy! I can't wait to buy more potatoes and try again the RIGHT way! I'm sharing this with everyone I know. Great recipe!

  412. I meant garlic powder lol

  413. I made this tonight…so good! I did think however that the soup was missing something so I added a little garlic powerful the soup, it added a little more flavor. It was so good tho, love ur site.

  414. I just made this!!!! It turned out great! I feel like this blog was a truly great find for the weight watcher. Thanks Gina!

    Trish in WA

  415. Just made this for dinner and my whole family loved it! So filling & delicious!

  416. The temperature dropped 20 degrees overnight, I fear winter is near but with this soup I just warmed up to the season change. I made this tonight for dinner and it was quick and easy. My husband stated it tastes just like a baked potato and was raving! Little did he know it has cauliflower! Will be continually making this soup throughout the cold winter nights ahead.

    • I made this today but started with celery, onion, carrots and garlic in a Dutch oven because I thought the recipe sounded a little bland. Then cooked diced potatoes and cauliflower in the chicken broth, added bay leaf , and parsley,, salt and pepper because I couldn’t find my freeze dried chives. Used plain low fat Greek yogurt, just tempered it with some soup mixture so it would curdle. Added the cheese to the soup ( because we live cheese in Wisconsin and I wasn’t worried about calories) and more for a garnish. Increased potatoes and cauliflower and liquid so I would have leftovers. I also removed some potatoes chunks before using the immersion blender because I like my potatoes soup semi chunky, not completely smooth. I am also a black pepper fan so heavily peppered it.
      My 16 year old son demolished this soup and loved it. He even garnished it with bacon, cheese and parsley flakes and took pictures of it and sent it to his friends.
      He said he didn’t taste the cauliflower at all, he hates cauliflower. I am looking for more ways to get veggies in him beside potatoes and corn.
      I will definately be making it again.

  417. THIS SOUP IS THE BOMB! My entire family LOVES IT!

  418. I'm so glad you all liked it!!

  419. GINA!!!!!

    I just finished a bowl of this!
    This was SOOOOO good! And so easy!
    My husband said you would never guess it was light, couldn't even taste the cauliflower, and he said it tasted liked it cooked all day.

    I think the little bits of real potato are the key!

    I followed the room exactly, except I used real bacon bits and a Magic Bullet for puree. Also, I added the bacon bits to the soup.

    I had additional bacon bits, cheese, and chives for garnish.

    My pot figured out to 7 1-cup servings!

    Thank you so much! This one is going into rotation!!

  420. This is very very good. A perfect lunch for cool weather. Another winner, thanks Gina!

  421. just made this last night. so very tasty. to echo everyone else: cauliflower is undetectable. i added a tiny bit of cornstarch to thicken some. i also like the idea of leaving a few potatoes chunky, but it was tasty pureed too.
    thank you so much Gina for all your work and for making healthy taste good!

  422. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this soup!!! Even my 2 year old loves it!

  423. I just made this again and calculated the points using what I had on hand and I got a total of 20 pts + (the whole pot) and I also got 6 cups total soup. What I did different was I used Lactaid Fat free milk 1 1/2 cups (3 pts.), 1/2 Cup Fat free sour cream (4 pts), Oscar Mayer Center Cut bacon 3 strips (2pts.), Kraft 2% Shredded cheddar 10 Tbl (5pts.) 2 potatoes about 2 cups cooked (6pts)I added salt pepper and Paula Deen's House seasoning(love this stuff) just a blend of sea salt onion garlic and pepper.I also used chopped Italian Parsley cause I did not have chives(didn't want to spend $3 on a tiny container) This is awesome for me cause that means 1 cup is like 3.33 pts+ the only thing I could think of as to why I got more is my cauliflower might have been a little bigger than before and I added about 1/2 cup more FF broth. I was amazing again and for fewer points awesome!!!! If I am missing something someone please tell me cause this is almost too good to be true!!! (:o)

  424. I made this for my dad over the weekend. It was delicious! I didn't reveal to him until days later that it included cauliflower. The immersion blender definitely helps and is a good investment. I found a cheap one at Target–about $20. We'll see how long it lasts. Next time I make this I may leave chunks of potato as mentioned in past comments.

  425. This is DELICIOUS! I made it and my boyfriend had 3 bowls. He couldn't stop commenting on how good it was. After he finished his last bowl, he said, "this is for sure a keeper".
    I have made 'light' baked potato soup before but this is by far the best. I really liked the cauliflower taste over the heavy taste of a soup filled with potatoes. I will say I used the bacon grease in the soup and cooked the cauliflower in some before I pureed it. This will definitely be made again, and again. And my other 'skinny baked potato' soup recipes will be thrown out. Thanks for the recipe! This site is a gem!!!

  426. Awesome!! made last night for my super picky husband, and he loved it!! Couldn't even tell there was cauliflower in it!! New favorite site!! Keep up the good work!!

  427. Very good! Love it!

  428. What is the weight of the potatoes?

  429. Just enjoyed a cup of this soup for lunch. It is delicious 🙂 Thanks for the terrific recipe!

  430. So delishious! Will for sure be making this again! Simple, cheap and tasty!

  431. Pretty tasty, but a bit unexciting (except for when I lit an oven mitt on fire while cooking it). I did,however, not have all the ingredients and had to improvise a bit. I didn't realize till after I combined the potatoes, broth, and milk with the cauliflower that the whole thing was to be pureed. I took a taste and threw in a bunch of frozen broccoli. It needed some chunks. I think next time I make this I will leave the potatoes in chunks, or only puree some of them. I didn't have any bacon or scallions on hand, and I only had a cup of broth and used extra milk to make up the difference. I think this might be why I found it a bit unexciting. The cauliflower is invisible in here! I'm excited to cook up some Canadian bacon tomorrow and have it for lunch. I'll definitely make this again and play with it a bit.

  432. Gina! This soup is the best!i was slightly skeptical about the caulflower but you truly can't taste it! wow! More soups please!

  433. Save the bacon for when you are ready to serve it. You can keep it in your fridge.

  434. Quick question. I cook at night and eat all week. If I cook the bacon should I "save it" for when I eat it, or just put it on top and warm it when I warn the soup? Thanks, I'm so excited to try this.

  435. incredible! the whole family LOVED it! (including two very picky boys ages 5 and 2) thanks so much ~ i've made at least 6 recipes from your site and all have been fantastic!

  436. I HATE cauliflower! However this soup is AMAZING! Perfect for dinner before Trick or Treating in Maine! Thank you so much for all you do for us!

  437. So, so good. Third recipe I've made from your site and each one has been a success 🙂 Easy recipes, simple ingredients, delicious taste, and healthy, too! Can't go wrong. I've already recommended your site to friends and you can bet I'll be back here often!

  438. This looks so delicious! I looked through all the comments but didn't find this answer- How big of potatoes? I'm afraid mine will be bigger than the ones you used and that will up the points. Thank you so much!

  439. This is delicious! I made this last night
    (10/27/2011) and loved it! Had leftovers today….shared the recipes with my sisters. A perfect comfort food meal! Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  440. All I have to say is the whole pot is only 25pts!! Wow that means I can eat amazing potato soup for breakfast lunch and dinner and not feel guilty!!! Yessssss LOL hahahaha This stuff is amaaaazing!! Thanks so much!

  441. Made this today and LOVED it! I didn't remove all the potato skin, mainly because I love the skins. Great excuse to buy an immersion blender!

  442. Made this a couple of days ago & warmed it up for lunch again today & it was JUST as DELICIOUS as day one! The only suggestion I have is adding an extra potato & leaving it chunky. Aside from that, it was AMAZING!! Thank you for a recipe that keeps me feeling great in & out of the kitchen 🙂

  443. I didn't read thru all the comments– but Bacos are made with soy– not meat– you could have the bacon, too !

  444. I cant wait to try this!! I am cooking it in my crock pot right now and it already smells so good! I did add diced carrots and onions..I am going to leave it a little chunky…and I cooked up diced turkey bacon and added it directly to the soup….Oh I cant wait! Thank you for all your amazing recipes! <3

  445. This soup was delicious, even my "meat and potatoes" dad admitted it was good! thanks soo much!

  446. Loved the soup. Was a chilly day and thought it sounded so good. My husband loved it and had 2 bowls. I think next time I am going to leave potato in chunks. I sure will make it again. Thank you for sharing. There are so many that I am going to try. Thanks again! 🙂

  447. Hi, thank you so much for sharing this recipe. It is one of my favorite fall/winter soups. So I tried it today for lunch for my DH and myself. It was super. I must say that I did add some lo-fat cream cheese(I just couldnt help it). You couldnt tell this was made from cauliflower. Thank you for sharing:)

  448. GINA! I just made this..It is AMAZING! Here it's a rainy cool fall day, teenagers are home for the afternoon.. they think I am a ROCK STAR (thanks to your recipes..) And I am down 17 lbs (doing WW) in large part thanks to your "teenager boy friendly" recipes. xxx Thank you.

  449. This soup is so good!!!! I couldn't taste the cauliflower in it at all! I did add an extra cup of chicken broth to mine to make it a little thinner but it was superb!!! Definitely will make this one again!

  450. I love how all your recipes turn out right for me. So delicious! I made the soup with the garlic broccoli and it was great! Thank you!

  451. Hey just wanted to let you know that this yummy recipe made my Friday Five Foodie Finds! Thanks for sharing your potato soup with us! 🙂

  452. love this recipe and just it on my blog www.theglammom.com

  453. I just discovered this site a week ago and this soup is the 6th recipe I've made from your site this week! The only suggestion I have is when seasoning the soup, I found just plain salt to be a bit bland, so I used seasoned salt instead. It was delicious and my 2 year old kept saying "Yummy tummy!" while eating it!

  454. Anyone tried making this in a crock pot? Just curious if it would work…

  455. Awesome!! 🙂

  456. Got this on the stove right now and just by a few licks of the spoon, I know my hubby and I are going to LOVE this soup! (Can't wait to get the cheese and crumpled bacon in there!) I'm sure this is going to become a favorite in our house especially with the cooler months ahead.
    I love you, Gina, and I love what you do!!!

  457. I just made this for dinner for my SUPER PICKY fiance. He hates veggies and "anything green" as he says. I *failed to mention* the cauliflower in this recipe and he LOVED it. Went back for seconds even! This was amazing. The only thing I did a little differently was I pureed half the potatoes and all the cauliflower and then I cut up the other half of the potatoes and put them in to give it a little more dimension.

    Thanks Gina!!

  458. I think it's filling enough as a main course.

  459. This sounds yummy would like to try tonight. Is this the main course? Do you usually have this alone or with something else? Just want to see what everyone does. Thanks Bev

  460. I made it and you can't taste the cauliflower at all 🙂 and I switched the chicken broth to fat free vegetable broth 🙂 and taste yummy!!!!

  461. ok so my family would be able to taste the cauliflower if there is any trace of that flavor in the soup at all….so my question is can you taste the cauliflower at all??? I want to make this for dinner tonight! And what would happen if i omitted the cauliflower? just curious Oh and I am going to use vegetable broth instead of chicken broth to make it vegetarian, will that be ok too?

  462. Wow! This was EXCELLENT! Thanks for another great recipe. I don't have an immersion blender (although it's on my Christmas list :), so I put it in the food processor and it came out perfectly. I also used nf greek yogurt instead of sour cream, it's what I had on hand. My husband had seconds and my 2 year old had thirds! (unheard of). Will definitely be making this again and often!

  463. This was so good. I thought I bought lite sour cream but bought regular instead…oops. I added 2 more points per serving just to be safe. Next time I will pay attention. However, this was great "feel good" food!

  464. Made this for the 1st time tonight. Since I like potato skin and it's supposed to be good for you, I left the skin on and used my blender. It worked out GREAT with less fuss! Another YUMMY recipe!!

  465. I'm making this tonight, I'm so excited!


  466. Made this for dinner tonight and it was great!! I used frozen cauliflower and I used an electric beater, I dont have a blender, and it was perfect!

  467. I made this for dinner the other night and was a little nervous that my husband wouldn't like it. I'll confess that without the toppings, it does taste a little cauliflowery to us, but with the toppings you totally think you're eating a very fattening loaded baked potato soup! 🙂 It reheated well for leftovers the next day so we got to enjoy it twice. The recipe is a keeper for two reasons: 1. you feel like you're eating something decadent but that actually has some really good-for-you ingredients, and 2. it's soooo filling and satisfying! Thanks!!

  468. i made this for dinner a few nights ago and LOVED IT. might be one of my top favorite recipes of yours (which is saying something because your blog is my go-to!). just a warning, be careful when simmering the soup once it's blended, if it gets too hot, and because it's so thick, its starts splattering up and out of the pot, and i unfortunately got a few burns from it. but that's my mistake, not anything to do with the recipe. amazing!! 🙂

  469. Fabulous! You are my new weight loss best friend!!!!!! Glad I found your site 🙂

  470. You scared me for a second! Glad you liked it Sarah!

  471. So I'm sitting here eating this, and all i keep thinking is I must have done something wrong….this tastes way too good! Gina you've done it again! Another AMAZING recipe!! Thanks for everything you're doing to help my weight loss journey!

  472. Love all the reviews, thanks your comments are so helpful to others!! I appreciate you all taking the time to write.

    Thanks Jackie! I'm sure it would be great roasted!

    Holly, a warm bowl of awesomeness! Love that, I may need to use that sometime!

  473. I recently discovered your site and it is wonderful to find recipes that I can eat on WW and yet my whole family can enjoy. My husband called this "a warm bowl of awesomeness" and my 9 year old son said it was the best soup he's ever had. I don't really like cauliflower, but in this is was so very, very delicious. Thank you!

  474. Hi gina! I have made so many of your recipes and they are all great. Never have I read a cookbook, watched a cooking show or read a blog where literally every recipe I tried was tasty 🙂 and good for you to boot! Regarding this soup?: I really dislike the flavor of cauliflower unless I roast it. Would roasted cauliflower work well in this soup instead of steamed? Also, is it worth the extra time? I'm not sure how strong of a cauliflower flavor is in the original recipe so if the added time of roasting it vs steaming it isn't worth it I will just make the soup as is. Thank you so much for your opinion! Keep up the awesome work 🙂


  475. My kids who claim that cooked cauliflower is "gross" devoured this, begging for a second bowl. It was amazing. As I usually do, I added a few things. I added onion, celery and garlic in here, because I just can't make a soup without it! LOL

    Fantastic, as all the recipes I've tried from here are.

  476. This is amazing!!!!! To blog readers: If you have not tried this yet than get up and make it. So good!

    Gina: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! So glad to have found your blog. I ran out and bought an immersion blender just to make this soup. So worth it!!!

  477. So wonderful. Everyone loved it and no one guessed. They were even more excited when I "told". I subbed in some lit cream cheese for the sour cream as I had it at hand and was quite tasty!

  478. Not only healthy, but no added salt! My mom is on Dialysis so this will be perfect to share. Thanks!

  479. Truly one of the most amazing low calorie recipes I've found in the last 2 years. Works well with frozen cauliflower for convenience.

  480. I made this yesterday and its all gone! I had to make some impromptu changes but here is what I did:
    1. I used frozen cauliflower and cooked it as instructed, then tossed it in my magic bullet blender with a little water and it pureed great!
    2. As I was slicing my potatoes I found they were almost all bad so I was left with about 1 potato that was edible. I found a box of potatoes au gratin in my pantry and cooked the potatoes in that and added them in the end since we like a chunky soup!
    3. I also added chopped up turkey bacon into the soup along with a small sprinkle of cheese.

    It was a huge hit! What a fantastic recipe… everyone was trying to figure out where the cauliflower went 😉

  481. Awesome ty!!!! Its cooking now.. instead of using immersion blender I used my Magic bullet and ran the cauliflower through it before I cooked it as well as the baked potato.. its so amazingly thick and creamy.. cant wait to eat!! Thank you

  482. I made this for dinner tonight and really liked it. I thought it was a tad bland, but I also like to keep too much sodium out of my food, so instead of going too heavy on that, I added in a couple dashes each of garlic powder, onion powder, and cayenne pepper. I thought that helped a lot. I also subbed fat free greek yogurt for the sour cream, and only had 2% milk on hand, hoping the points would cancel out! I got 6 – 1 cup servings, bringing the total points+ per serving to 4 (no bacon but did have 2 tbsp shredded cheddar, included in points). I ate 2 myself for dinner and it was quite filling. I definitely want to try with broccoli. Thanks for the amazing recipes!

  483. Another hit – I added a couple of cups of chopped broccoli and I've got lunch for the week.

  484. I made this the other day and am absolutely in love! I have made quite a few things from your blog and this is one of my favs! thanks so much for all the yummy ideas!

  485. Gina – I loved this soup – I had to make a few substitutions as I saw the recipe and HAD to make it there and then – didn't have bacon but had a couple of sliced of black forest ham that was supposed to be for hubby's lunch but..lol so just diced it and cooked it with a tiny amount of oil with a small diced onion – no green onions on hand! – Also didn't have any sour cream left so left that out completely but it was still delicious – I froze some portions and it was still good – now I have to make the original recipe! Thanks so much

  486. Kbear, sounds yummy!

    Angela, aww!

    Anonymous, salt and pepper is always to taste : )

  487. This was great! I made it tonight, but with a few changes. I made bigger servings (4 servings instead of 5) but lower points…I used skim milk instead of 1% and turkey bacon (zero points!). I thought it needed quite a bit of salt and pepper for flavor, but that's a personal preference =)

  488. My brother and I made this for dinner last night, and all 9 of us loved it (from Daddy on down to 2-yr-old sister)! As he was eating it, my Dad said, "This is the best soup I've ever had!!" I'll be making it again soon. 🙂

  489. This same concept works brilliantly with shepherd's pie! I make mine with the veggie ground round and use a mixture of pureed cauliflower, sweet potato and russet potato for the topping! It's SO delish – and a nice way to keep the starches and points down!!!

  490. Has anyone tried this with soy

  491. Good job, looks great!!

  492. Yummy! Made this for dinner over the weekend and didn't end up with any leftovers 🙁 Even my picky 3 year old loved it!

    For anyone without an immersion blender, I used my handheld mixer and beat it on LOW for 1-2 minutes and it had an excellent consistency! Much less messy than pouring it into a blender, but don't turn up the speed too much or there will be a mess!

  493. What can I use if I don't have immersion blender?

  494. This recipe looks amazing! I saw the link to this website on someone's Facebook and already shared it with my sisters…..and I have not even gotten to the second page. Ha.

  495. This soup was amazing. My husband said it was the best thing I have ever made him. I did add in some more spices: white pepper, garlic powder & a few dashes of Worcestershire. Instead of putting the cheese in the soup I put blue cheese on top with one slice of bacon crumbled up.

  496. Yum! I just made it minus the bacon – just because I didn't get that cooking in time – it was done and I was so hungry so I ate a serving…yum…my hubby loves it too.

  497. Having this for dinner tonight with the Easy Garlic Cheddar Biscuits! I added a tablespoon of parmesan to the soup and topped with half reduced fat cheddar, half reduced fat pepperjack…yum!

  498. Loved this soup!!! Was a little worried that the cauliflower would ruin the texture by making it too watery but once the soup was finished I couldn't even tell it was in there. This was so delicious – can't wait to make it again!


  499. AMAZING! AMAZING! AMAZING! Thank you for doing this cause you are making my life soooo much easier!

  500. This is SO good! I made dinner for myself and my dad and this got a thumbs up from a guy who normally scoffs at soups for dinner.

    Mine was a little thin, for whatever reason, so I thickened it up with some instant potato flakes and it was perfect!

  501. So delicious, thanks Gina!! I made this tonight and added my own little tweaks, as I'm sure we all do. Gina, you definitely like your soups thick!! 🙂 I added a little extra chicken broth and milk to mine–makes it go farther too! Also, I cooked some chopped onions (about a half an onion) in a bit of olive oil as well for added flavor. Oh, and added a few red pepper flakes for a little zing! Thanks again, we LOVED this recipe.

  502. OMG, so good. You would never know there is cauliflower in there. I sent to my mother to make to test on my father who hates cauliflower…we'll see how it goes. I'll bet he will love it too!

  503. Just made this for dinner, and both the hubs and I loved it! Adding in cauliflower and half milk/half chicken stock didn't detract from the rich and creamy pureed soup at all. Great recipe!

  504. Made it yesterday and my classically trained chef husband gave it a thumbs up…..thanks!!

  505. This soup was sooo good, I love Baked Potato Soup and this really hit the spot. I also made the cheddar biscuits with the soup and it was a delicious low point dinner. I love eating healthy and not ever feel like I'm giving up the good stuff. This is my favorite recipe site!! Thanks Gina you inspire me!

  506. I had to come back and tell you thanks for this one, Gina! I cook a lot of your recipes and this is going to be a new regular in the rotation – SO GOOD! question – do you transfer soup into a mixing bowl to use the immersion blender/ that's what I did.

  507. Two thumbs up! I did not detect any cauliflower at all after adding the cheese and scallions (what I had on hand). My daughter didn't notice either!

    I used frozen cauliflower and it was delish. I even added a lttle extra broth to thin out a bit more.

    Wish I doubled it!!! Thanks Gina!

  508. Love, love your photos! Gorgeous! This looks so good. I've been craving this soup since Angelo made it on Top Chef this week. 😉

  509. Yummy! I just made and ate this! It was pretty easy to make overall. I microwaved the cauliflower instead of steaming. Really tasty. I am becoming a big fan of cauliflower lately and this was perfect. Even my picky fiance liked it…mostly because of the bacon. Keep the good recipes coming!

  510. It is what it is, I just changed that, the NI was actually for more cheese listed in the directions. It's 2 tbsp for each on top, which is a little more than 1/2 cup. All points and NI are correct.

    I always use my immersion blender in the sink, just in case, but this soup is pretty thick. If you like it soupier, adding more broth is the way to go, serving sizes will be a little larger.

    Angie- I would guess 3 cups chopped? Maybe 4?

  511. Hi Gina-

    Thanks so much for your recipes! I was wondering if you could guess how much cauliflower I should use if I used frozen instead. Thanks again!

  512. Just an FYI, there were no instructions to dice (or chop) the potato before adding but no way an immersion blender could chunk up a whole cooked potato without a heck of a mess.

    I pureed the soup base with the cauliflower until smooth but then left some chunks of potato. Also, even though I got the two smallest russets I could find once they were added and blended it was the consistency of runny mashed potatoes so I added another cup of chicken stock.

    Also, the 1/2 cup cheese divided is just to be used as a topping, not to be included IN the soup (w extra for topping)? I think it could go either way, but wanted to check.

    I have it simmering on the stove for dinner. YUM!

  513. Awesome recipe! I just finished a bowl of this for supper. Thanks

  514. Can I skip the sour cream?

  515. I made this last night, along with a pork roast and salad, my husband went for seconds..it was delicous and filling!! I used real bacon bits instead and put them right in the soup, and it gave it even more flavour!

  516. Oh I'm so happy to hear good comments!! Very happy you all enjoyed it!

  517. I made it last night and it was amazing! The hubby helped himself to about 4 servings and swears it's not a healthy dish lol

  518. Wow! You hit this one out of the park!

    I skipped the Immersion blender and put mine straight into the vita mix. I only pureed the cauliflower and left the potatoes chunky. I couldn't even tell there was cauliflower in there.

  519. This was delicious for dinner tonight with some turkey. I used fat free milk and 0% Fage and it was delicious. Thank you!

  520. OMG we ate this for supper last night…..AMAZING!! and so healthy and easy!!! Great recipes Gina. THANKS!!

  521. I get sick of eating the same thing too, I always have success freezing my soups.

  522. You can use a regular blender if you don't have an immersion blender. I like to blend it until smooth, but others may like it chunky, so it's completely up to you.

    Steamed cauliflower from a bag would be fine.

    I don't have sodium listed, because I never tell people how much salt to add since it's to each individual's taste and dietary restrictions. Use low sodium broth, and omit the salt if need be.

  523. Gina, this soup looks marvelous! I'd say it would be great to warm up to this winter, but it's not quite winter here in SoCal, hah. We're into spring already! That won't stop me from making a warm and cozy baked potato soup, though. Thanks for sharing!

  524. Just wondering, has anyone tried freezing this or other creamy-type soups? I hate throwing food away but sometimes after a couple servings, I've had quite enough! Any info would be great!

  525. Ironically, I purchased a small head of cauliflower just this weekend. This will be perfect for it! I will make it tonight and let you know if my extra picky hubby likes it. As for me…I love ANYTHING! hahahaha

  526. I was wondering if you have the sodium content for any of your recipes? My H is trying to watch his sodium and always asks how much is in whatever I'm making. Thanks!

  527. It sounds absolutely delicious, perfect winter comfort food – but without all the calories, perfect!

  528. This soup is AWESOME! Texture is perfect and tastes like potatoes. Thanks Gina.

  529. Would I be able to get away with using a steamable bag of cauliflower?

  530. Thanks so much for this…i love going to a particular restaurant here in my hometown and getting their baked potato soup…but i know the only thing "healthy" about it is the potatoes 🙂 So thanks again for this…looking forward to making it…i know it will be delicious!

  531. Made this last night, it was truly magnificent. 17YO DD and 12YO DS ate it up, and DD even KNEW it had cauliflower in it!! She asked for seconds.

  532. My mom used to make a similar version of this soup when I was growing up–but I love how yours is the lightened up version 🙂

  533. I just found you and I have to say, I am thrilled. I used to be on WW, and I just got so sick of trying to count up points for my homemade recipes I kind of started slacking. And then I realized I was really annoyed with the amount of processed food you have to buy to get "light" things. So this is fantastic. Great, homemade recipes with whole ingredients. I can't wait to try one.

  534. Amazing recipe! Tried it last night. I sliced thick turkey bacon and browned it in the pot. Then I removed it and added the ingredients as shown in the recipe. This lets the bacon flavor permeate into the soup. IMPORTANT: take the time to blend the soup really well, otherwise its not such a pleasing texture. I also put the bacon in the soup to let it cook and get more of the flavor in the soup. And finally, I used green onion instead of chives for more flavor. Great recipe! Everyone LOVED it and could not believe there was cauliflower in it… Thats my healthy secret ;).

  535. It's so yummy recipe!

  536. OH MY GOSH!!! My husband, 18 month old daughter and I just had this for dinner. SOOOOO good!!
    My husband actually said it's the best thing I've ever made (that's including non healthy items..)

    I didn't have any 1% milk so I used fat free half and half (which im sure raised the points) and I also used bacon bits instead of real bacon (who has time to cook bacon these days) 😉 which I think is less points.
    Does anyone know how to change the calculation of old points?

    Thank you so much for this recipe. It is definitely going to be in regular rotation in our household..

    Oh- and for those without an immersion blender- they're really inexpensive on amazon and I think you will use it more than you think. Everyone told me it was a waste of money and I use it ALL of the time. My regular blender however- I never get that stupid thing out… Just FYI- worth the investment for your time and cleanliness

  537. I just made this for supper tonight. I like my soups a little chunky, so I added one of the potatos before blending, then added the other and stirred it in. It's good… not as good as the kind that is full of butter… but good 🙂

  538. OMG! I love baked potato soup! I can not wait to try this! Thank you!

  539. I also have a question about the immersion blender… I do not have one. Just gong to use my regular blender that has a puree feature… Just to be clear on using a regular blender, I am doing to puree the entire soup? Potatoes and all?

  540. Just made this today, mostly to freeze for later. Yummo! Just took my first bite (without the cheese or bacon.) Very good! Still can taste the cauliflower but that doesn't me as I like it. But, for cauliflower haters that you are trying to impress, they might notice. I think this recipe will be taking the place of my traditional potato soup recipes! Thanks! So glad I ran into this site! Looking forward to exploring it some more!

    • wondering how freezing this turned out. What a fantastic dish to tuck away in the freezer for one of those crazy days right before the holidays!

    • If you don't like the cauliflower taste then substitute one large or two small rutabagas. You have to peel and boil them for about 45-60 minutes, then blend with the potatoes. Rutabagas have no flavor, so all you taste is the potato and you get a much smoother baked potato consistency. The points value does not change, as rutabagas are 0 points on both systems.

    • Did it work ok to freeze this recipe? It tasted ok when reheated? Thanks for any feedback.

    • I made this tonight and want to freeze in single servings. How do you freeze your soups?

  541. Gina, can you give an idea of how big the potatoes should be? An estimated weight would be really helpful. Love your recipes!

  542. So will a hand mixer work or is the immersion blender needed?

  543. A regular blender would work too, messy but it would work fine.

    • I used my Ninja blender and didn't make a mess at all. This soup is amazing! Next time I'm going to add some red onion for extra flavor.

  544. I think I need to give away some immersion blenders!!

  545. Any suggestions for if you don't own an immersion blender? Can I use my regular blender?

  546. Ann, it's 5 points plus, my NI was off.

  547. Very cool, looks delish and full of flavor.

  548. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! You must have read my mind, I just searched the internet for a baked potato soup that was 'healthy' last week. Can't wait to try this!!!!

  549. This sounds so good! When I checked the Points + I came up with 7 points…still not bad. Thanks for all the great recipes!

  550. That soup looks fantastic!

    I have not stopped by in a while, but after looking overs some of these recipes, I bookmarked this in my tool bar so your recipes are always close by. Thanks so much for all your work to keep this website up to date with great recipes for all of us trying to get healthier.

  551. I'm in heaven just looking at that!!

  552. YUMMERS!!! Not only did you makeover something fab but you did it for only 5 points!!! Thanks a mil!

  553. that looks gorgeous :-))

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    • If you puree Cauliflower with your potatoes no one will be the wiser. I am a retired chef and I have always used Cauliflower with my mashed potatoes and no one has ever complained. Quite the opposite ain fact. The cauliflower will absorb the flavors surround in.

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