The Skinnytaste Meal Planner

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The Skinnytaste Meal Planner

I’m so excited to share The Skinnytaste Meal Planner with all of you!

I truly believe that the best way to achieve your goals is to hold yourself accountable along the way. When I began my journey a few years ago, I found that the two things that helped the most were cooking my own healthy dinners at home where I was in full control of what went into my meals and tracking everything I ate so I could see what (and how much) I was eating which helped clue me in to my eating habits and how to make better (and healthier) choices.
This journal is a daily tool to help you plan your meals and track your eating and exercise activities. It’s simple to use:
Plan your meals for the week. Make a shopping list. Go shopping! Write it down, make it happen!
The Skinnytaste Meal Planner
Track what you eat, log in your activity for each day. Plus there’s lots of great tips and positive inspiration to help you along the way. The on sale date for the meal planner is October 13th, you can pre-order this on Amazon and have it shipped to your house this week.
AND, since SO many of you have asked me to share a weekly dinner plan, I thought it would be fun to share what I plan to cook this week. (I may start making this a weekly ritual).

Skinnytaste Weekly Dinner Plan (Week 1)
Monday: Mushroom Stroganoff (Meatless Monday!)
Wednesday: Spaghetti and Meatball Soup (Madison’s favorite!)
Thursday: Sofrito Chicken Stew (My favorite!)
Saturday: Date night out!
Happy cooking! 

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  1. Love this site!

  2. Where can you get the planner that will email to NZ. No new ones on amazon

  3. Hello, I’m so excited to be following these meal plans. My question is how many points is each meal?  I’m not sure what weight watcher plan I’m on. Or how I would find out? 

  4. I tried to order this planner today and nobody has it???

  5. Just found your site. Thank you so much for the GREAT meal planning guide!! I’m excited to start working on it this week. Your Cauliflower soup is on the menu for tonight 🙂

  6. If I make this again, I would saute the mushrooms and reduce the amount of beef broth. The dish came out a little too soupy for stroganoff. As my son described it “basically mushsroom soup with noodles”

  7. I know your meal plans are for dinners but just wondering what do you have for breakfast and lunch? Do you strictly just write down dinners? Definitely going to buy this book! Thanks for all your wonderful recipes I have made so many of them and have loved them so much! 

  8. I am allergic to mushrooms, what can I use in place of the mushrooms?

  9. I just purchased this and two of your cookbooks from amazon. I excited to try it.

  10. I really, really love this. A friend turned me on to your sight, I bought your book last year, and I didn’t realize that you had these meal plans posted until a couple of days ago. We just started them and I went to the store yesterday. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the shopping lists and the recipes. This saves me so much time, so much money (I stick to your list… more aimless shopping or over-buying and wasting of produce!), and is the perfect thing to jumpstart our decision to eat better! Thank you, Gina!!

  11. Do you hve a cookbook that has the daily 52 week recipes? It sounds like you do, but I can’t figure out what the name of it is so I can order it. Help, please!

  12. Do you have any meal plans for breakfast and lunch? What about snacks?

  13. Hi I just joined WW and was looking for new recipes to try and found your site. Journal and cookbooks ordered and Ive printed the week one recipes. I was totally lost but now I feel much better since finding your site. Thanks for posting such delicious recipes.

  14. I drafted up a Grocery List for this week because I didn't see it…not trying to step on anyone's toes, but I love this and need to go shopping tomorrow 🙂

    Grocery List (Week 1)

    4 small onion, chopped
    9 cloves garlic
    5 oz sliced Cremini mushrooms
    18 oz sliced baby Bella mushrooms
    3.5 oz Shiitake mushrooms
    10 scallions
    2 tomatoes
    1 red bell pepper
    shallots, enough for a 1/4 cup
    fresh basil
    fresh parsley
    fresh cilantro

    Canned/Dry Goods
    dijon mustard
    1 can fat-free, less-sodium vegetable broth (or beef if you're a carnivore)
    2 – 32oz low sodium fat-free chicken broth
    1 can fat free chicken broth (unless you use your own stock for 1 cup)
    1 tsp tomato paste
    3 (8 oz) can tomato sauce
    14.5 oz can petite diced tomatoes
    2 (10 oz) cans diced tomatoes w/chilies
    4 oz can chopped green chili peppers, chopped
    2 (15.5 oz) can black beans
    1 (15.5 oz) can kidney beans

    Pantry Staples
    dried oregano
    salt and kosher salt
    chili powder
    garlic powder
    chipotle chili in adobo sauce
    unbleached all-purpose flour
    crushed red pepper flakes (optional)
    olive oil
    1 packet sazón or 1 tsp annatto seed powder
    8 oz uncooked noodles (No-Yolk noodles)
    6 oz dry cut up spaghetti, I used Ronzoni Smart Taste
    seasoned breadcrumbs
    1 packet reduced sodium taco seasoning or homemade (see below)
    Worcestershire sauce
    white wine or sherry
    6 oz light beer

    3/4 cup shredded reduced fat cheddar cheese
    fat free sour cream
    1 small egg
    grated parmesan cheese

    2 cups frozen corn
    10 oz package frozen corn kernels

    2, 8 oz skinless chicken breasts (16 oz total)
    16 oz 99% lean ground turkey
    8 large chicken drumsticks on the bone, skin removed (4 oz each)
    4 pork loin chops (bone-in), trimmed or 1 lb (boneless)
    24 oz (3-4) boneless skinless chicken breasts

    • Hey Karen – thanks so much for putting this list together! I know Gina started doing them for some of the later weekly meal plans, but I’m starting with this one, so I really appreciate you doing it! Cheers.

    • I wish I would’ve scrolled down to see this when I was making mine. My shopping list blew away when I got to the store lol. I then had to go home and remake one.

  15. Can't wait to try these. Love your nail polish. ?

  16. Have you thought about posting the shopping lists for the meals? I'd be willing to pay a subscription fee to be able to download the shopping list and weekly recipes…like the Fresh 20 does. Your recipes are so much better.

  17. Is there a shopping list for week 1 posted somewhere else on your site?

  18. Gina, Thank you so much for the meal plans and all of the work you put into the website, cookbook, social media. You are an amazing help on my path to better eating and a better me! You're amazing!!

  19. I am so excited I found this and will be starting with your week one. I have my cookbook and meal planner on order! Thanks and I just saw the others post about a shopping list….is that part of what you post or do we just take care of that ourselves? Thanks for doing this!

  20. I am so excited I found this and will be starting with your week one. I have my cookbook and meal planner on order! Thanks and I just saw the others post about a shopping list….is that part of what you post or do we just take care of that ourselves? Thanks for doing this!

  21. Where can I find the shopping list for week 1?

  22. Any shopping list for week 1? I'm super excited to start this tomorrow!

  23. Can you please post a shopping list for week one?

  24. Love to have a shopping list for week one

  25. Love to have a shopping list for week one

  26. Do you have a shopping list for week one? I absolutely love that you are doing this!!! Thank you sooooo much! Such a huge help! 🙂

  27. Love the idea but seems like too many soup recipes

  28. This is a great idea, I definitely vote for you to start sharing your meal plans. I'm not the best weekly planner and would love to know how you plan it, and what your grocery list looks like!

    Love all your recipes, they're super easy and delicious!

  29. Do you know if it will be available in any stores? I am not patient enough for online purchases, lol and this is right up my alley!

  30. Great Planner!

  31. HI..Preorder this on Monday in hopes of getting by the weekend with our prime acct. Just got email from Amazon it will be shipped between next week and 11/1:( I think in Ginas post said preorder and will ship this week. Anyone else experiencing this.
    Anyhoo…thank you Gina for this book and your cookbook and all the great recipes you make available for all of us!!! Can't wait to get back on track with this new book. Thank you Bev

  32. Got mine today from Amazon. Love it!!!

  33. This is a great idea! I use your recipes and website weekly – the whole family loves your recipes, from the very young to the adults. I also like your idea of posting your weekly meal plan – makes things so simple for me, as I plan to follow it! 🙂

  34. It would be awesome if you could make an app like this someday!

  35. Thank you Gina, I've ordered your Cookbook and this planner. I appreciate all your hard work to help others – me included now. 🙂

  36. Hi Gina, Amazon now has it listed but why is it going to take 1 to 3 weeks to get it?

  37. Wow, so excited to see this out.
    I do have a "stupid" question I must ask, does the planner help you with grocery shopping. I see the example listed for selecting weekly meals but is there a section for groceries…Just wondering.
    thanks again,

  38. So cool this idea, nice post!!!

  39. Looks like a great planning tool. I like things that help make my life more organized. Thanks for sharing.

  40. Gina, We've been meal planning now for 8 years and it really does help keep us on track and really once the planning is over, it's an easy week. Since hubby gardens we also plan our meals around our harvest which can be challenging at times. However, we always include at least one of your dishes during our week. Great idea for the planner. I know it will help a lot of people who haven't gotten into planning.

  41. This is a GREAT way to plan out meals. I still log what I eat in my fitness pal and keep a notebook for my shopping list but I think the key to eating well is having good things on hand by planning. When I plan out my week at a time (snacks too) I have continued success in my goal to eat well, feel healthy and slim down while enjoying the process. Weird maybe for some but I actually like the meal planning process! Its relaxing to me to go through my skinnytaste recipes, get comfy on my bed with a glass of wine and create my grocery list. It's my 'down time'. 🙂 My family is supportive of this down time too because they love to eat. I will definitely order one!

    • Wonderful! I think there is something about writing things down in an actual book that helps things stick. I still use journals for so many things rather than my phone.

  42. This is so great, can't wait to get one!


    The last few days of my Italian adventure are up today!

  43. Ooo! I'm so excited about this! Just pre ordered it! 🙂

  44. Will refills be available after the year is up?

  45. Perfect timing! I just started a little notebook with my meal plans. This is much better. In my cart it goes!

  46. This looks something I should definitely invest in especially with colder weather just around the corner x

  47. or heck My fitness pal is free and does the same thing

    • You must be really fun at parties, Tracy.

    • Tracy, people like you are the reason they have blocking options on so many sights. Glad our Nation was built on people having positive attitudes and input.
      If you must be petty and tacky, do it somewhere else.

  48. LMAO thanks but I think I will pick up a notebook for $1.99 which will do the same

    • Why would you bother to write such a nasty comment? Solely for the purpose of potentially hurting someone's feelings? No one is forcing you to buy it. Yikes. You come across as a real grump.

  49. I Love your recipes and appreciate seeing what your weekly meal plan looks like. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  50. I just pre-ordered it and I am so excited!! Love that you are sharing your mean plans. I made your spaghetti and meatball soup for my sister-in-law and niece and nephew and they loved it! My sister-in-law could not believe that a soup could be so filling!

  51. This is a great idea!

  52. It must be cool already where you are! It's 89 degrees here in Houston today! No soup for us yet. 😉 So jealous!! We're melting. haha 🙂 Love the planner!

  53. Gina, this is one great idea! We'll be eating "with you" this week!

  54. Yay so excited for this! x

  55. Hi Gina,

    What day of the week do you complete your plan and when do you shop. I am having a hard time getting into a routine Thank you for all that you do for us out that that want to be healthy and not feel like we are being repressed from good food.


    • I personally go food shopping on Sundays because my daughter is in school, but you should start your week when it's best for you.

  56. Could you verify this is a 52 week planner? The Amazon description does not say how many weeks are included. Thank you.

  57. This is so great! And thanks for sharing your meal plan. I would love if you continue to do so.

  58. I am super excited about this!! How many weeks of menus can you do in this?