Sofrito Chicken Stew

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Sofrito Chicken Stew, skinless chicken drumsticks, slowly stewed in light beer, scallions, tomatoes, cilantro, peppers, garlic and spices. As the colder weather slowly approaches in the coming months, this dish will warm your kitchen and hopefully give you the same comfort it gives me.

Sofrito Chicken Stew, skinless chicken drumsticks, slowly stewed in light beer, scallions, tomatoes, cilantro, peppers, garlic and spices.Sofrito Chicken Stew

My favorite way to eat this is served over rice with a slice of avocado. I make so many variations of this dish depending on what I have on hand; sometimes I add baby potatoes, yucca, or I’ll make it without the beer. If you are really opposed to cooking with alcohol, you can replace it with water.

Sofrito Chicken Stew, skinless chicken drumsticks, slowly stewed in light beer, scallions, tomatoes, cilantro, peppers, garlic and spices.
Sofrito Chicken Stew, skinless chicken drumsticks, slowly stewed in light beer, scallions, tomatoes, cilantro, peppers, garlic and spices.
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Sofrito Chicken Stew

110 Cals 14 Protein 5 Carbs 3 Fats
Prep Time: 10 mins
Cook Time: 40 mins
Total Time: 50 mins
Yield: 8 servings
COURSE: Dinner
CUISINE: Mexican
Skinless chicken drumsticks, slowly stewed in light beer, scallions, tomatoes, cilantro, peppers, garlic and spices. As the colder weather slowly approaches in the coming months, this dish will warm your kitchen and hopefully give you the same comfort it gives me.


For Sofrito:

  • 1/2 tbsp olive oil
  • 6 scallions, chopped
  • 4 cloves garlic, chopped fine
  • 2 medium tomatoes, diced
  • 1/3 cup diced red bell pepper
  • 1 tsp ground cumin
  • 1 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1 packet sazon or 1 teaspoon ground annatto

For the Stew:

  • 8 large chicken drumsticks on the bone, skin removed (4 oz each)
  • 1/2 tsp garlic powder
  • 6 oz light beer
  • 1 cup water
  • salt to taste
  • 1/2 cup cilantro, chopped (or to taste)


  • Heat oil in a deep saute pan.
  • Add scallions and garlic, sauté 2 minutes, add tomatoes and peppers.
  • Season with salt, cumin, and sazón or annatto. Set aside.
  • Season chicken with salt and garlic powder; add to center of the pan allowing chicken to brown slightly on both sides.
  • Combine chicken with sofrito, and add beer, water and cilantro, adjust salt if needed.
  • Cover pan and simmer on low until chicken is cooked through, about 20-30 minutes. Serve over rice.


Serving: 1drumstick + sauce, Calories: 110kcal, Carbohydrates: 5g, Protein: 14g, Fat: 3g, Cholesterol: 48mg, Sodium: 382mg, Fiber: 1g, Sugar: 1g
WW Points Plus: 3
Keywords: Freezer Meals, Kid Friendly, low carb, Under 30 Minutes

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  1. Delicious! Although I used a jar of sofrito for a quick dinner. And used boneless, skinless chicken thighs! Super quick and easy! And the house smells glorious! I can only imagine how flavorful it is with fresh made sofrito! Winner winner chicken is for dinner!

  2. Delicious!!! I added a few slices of avocado to my plate. Yum!!

  3. I made this with your homemade Sazon seasoning recipe and it was so good! I did half thighs half drumsticks and it was a good balance. I planned on having enough for leftovers but everyone ate it all up! Definitely going into the rotation!

  4. Sorry to be *that* person–this recipe does sound good but this isn’t Mexican food and shouldn’t be categorized as Mexican. I love Mexican food and certain regions actually do have a version of sofrito using regional ingredients, but this version sounds sort of like a variation on a Puerto Rican style sofrito ? Although the use of cumin makes it seem Cuban inspired? If you want a broad blanket term, I guess you could say it’s Latin American inspired, but many people with Mexican or Latin American (Puerto Rican/Cuban) roots, might find it offensive to mislabel is Mexican. Anyone with hispanic/latino heritage have often been confused for Mexican, which isn’t culturally sensitive for either groups. Again, sorry to make this serious. I just think, now more than ever, celebrating what makes our separate cultures special is very important, since both are distinct and beautiful. It might not seem important from the outside, but to those of us on the inside of this issue, it means alot 🙂

  5. Hi Gina,
    Huge fan of ST and all of your recipes.  I just got your newest cookbook to add to my collection; I can’t wait to try EVERYTHING!

    Thinking of making this tomorrow night but had a question about the sofrito.  I made a big patch of it from your other cookbook and have it frozen in 1 TBSP cubes.  How many cubes should I take out to make this recipe?

    Thank you in advance.

  6. Hi Gina:

    I have a jar of Goya sofrito. The only recipe I’ve ever made with it is a crockpot ropa vieja that my family loves– but it only uses 1/4 c and I’m never sure what to do with the remaining sofrito. Just found this recipe online and it looks like a keeper– but I wanted to make sure you agreed that all I need to do is steps 4, 5, 6 to complete your recipe with the jarred version? Has anyone else done the same?

    Thank you!

  7. Instead of beer, what can I use as a substitute?

  8. Could you do this in the Instant Pot?

  9. I would like to make this in my instant pot. How long should I cook the chicken?

  10. This was fabulous! I didn’t have annatto so I used tumeric and paprika instead.  Yummy!  Can’t wait to have the leftovers for lunch.

  11. Love this recipe! I’ve made it a few times and had a request for it again this evening. As I look back at it, I’m wondering if the ‘gluten free’ tag is a mistake since the recipe calls for beer. Just wouldn’t want anyone serving it to friends with gluten allergies or severe intolerances. Thanks!

  12. I already have a home made sofrito recipe… Is it ok just just put that in the pan rather than making your way of sofrito ?

  13. Made this last night for my family of 4. Everyone loved it. My 19 year old son who rarely complements anything I cook (he’s so picky) loved it. I also used boneless, skinless chicken thighs. Also used can tomoatoes–fire roasted. Delicous!

  14. I didn't have cilantro so I used parsley

  15. great recipe and flavors. I was adventurous and did use skinless boneless chicken breasts and even put it all in the crock pot on low for two hours. I used just 1/4 cup beer, no other liquid. The chicken was done and fine, I took it out turned it up to high to cook the rutabaga I added for fun instead of potato. I have gotten to appreciate rutabaga this year and it is a nice change from potato.

  16. I just made this tonight and it came out so delicious!!!!! My husband loved it.

  17. When you say Chicken drumsticks do you mean the legs or the drumstick part of the wing?

  18. Hi Gina, I plugged this in the ww smart points calculator and am only getting 2 smartpoints. I like to do this so I can search for the recipe later. However, I can't save it because you don't list the saturated fat. Can you please confirm how you got 6 sp and the saturated fat content? Thanks!

  19. I calculated 6 smart points but that included a 1/2 cup of rice and no avocado. Anyway, everyone loved it! Delicious!

  20. Made this tonight and made lots of substitutions but it was still amazing! (no bell pepper or cilantro and subbed white wine for beer and made my own Sazon seasoning using your recipe ( and used dry mustard instead of Achiote and cut back on some of the salt. So delicious that every bite was better than the previous. Thank you!

  21. for some reason i get 5 smart points for this per serving, FABULOUS dish by the way my husband loves it!@!

  22. Hey G this was delicious! My wife is doing WW so I'm trying to cook lighter fare for both of us. This was so easy and tasty she said I could make it again!Thanks G

  23. Hi Gina,

    If you were to use already made Goya Sofrito, could you suggest how much to use?



  24. I was reading earlier comments. Your recipe calls for 8 drumsticks. It doesn't say thighs. I assume one leg = 3 pts. and separate points for rice?
    My house smells delish! I can't wait to taste!

  25. I made this tonight using chicken stock instead of the beer, annato seed powder, and bay leaves instead of cilantro (my Mom doesn't like cilantro). I served it over rice and everyone loved it.

  26. Can I use Sazon if it's not the Tropical kind? When I went to the store that's all I could find.

  27. I had trouble finding the sazon, I was looking i the spice isle, it was with the mexican food. I used two packets, they were very small. It was great. Added 3 carrots and 2 stalks of celery. Didn't have scallions , used regular onion, didn't use the beer. It was great. Definately making again. and used 1 can diced tomato. didn't have the fresh. So yummy. Loved the flavor. Thanks,

  28. Super Fabulous! Never eaten anything like this before, so glad I tried it, Thanks!

  29. This is my FAVORITE!! My kids BEG for it! My husband requests more.. so tasty and delicious! Thank you for all of your amazing recipes!! I make a meal plan every week and there are usually at least 3-4 skinnytaste recipes on it.. This week is this, the meatball spaghetti soup, mushroom stroganoff, mushroom tortellini soup, and the asparagus poached egg pasta.. I LOVE all of them! THANKS FROM MOMS EVERYWHERE!!!

  30. Made this tonight and as usual, was not disappointed! Wonderful flavor and very filling…Thanks Gina!

  31. Thank you so much for sharing this delicious recipe! I made this for dinner tonight and my husband and toddler loved it!

  32. Happy new year, your ingredients say chicken drumsticks but the nutritional info says thigh, which one is the points for?

  33. I made this a few weeks ago and my family loved it. I'm making it again tonight. The only change I had to make was the seasoning. I couldn't find it so had to use Mrs Dash southwest chipotle seasoning. I know the seasoning is completely different but the dish was still amazing. Thank you 🙂

  34. Can I replace the beer with chicken broth ?

  35. I cooked this for dinner last night! We loved it, and combined with a piece of Avocado… yum!

  36. Gina,
    Instead of scallions can I use onions? I'm not familiar with scallions.

    Thank you!

  37. I just discovered your site and I like your recipes. This is my first recipe that I tried of yours. I actually combined your recipe with my Pollo Guisado recipe and used chicken tenderloins. It was delicious and the chicken was moist. Thank you for adding the Weight Watchers Value Points.

  38. Made this last night and it was a huge hit. It was very easy and very tasty with minimal effort. I used boneless skinless thighs, Fosters beer and a pint of grape tomatoes. The only changes I'll make is next time I may use a more citrusy or caramelly (?) beer and less liquid. But it was fantastic.

  39. how much sofrito? thanks! delicious recipes!

  40. This is Pollo Guisado. If you don't have time to make sofrito you can always use the goya sofrito out the jar. But I make mines from scratch and save it in a glass jar. Also I boil the chicken and then add the water from the boil chicken back in. I also add potatoes. I agree, this does not take good with chicken breast. Too rubbery. I like it with chicken wings. The meat is falling off. Very good especially with the sauce over some rice.

  41. Hello,
    Been using your recipes for a while and LOVE them! Thinking of making this for to morrow evening party @ my house… you think if I marinate the chicken overniughht will b tastier or should I just make it fresh during theday.?

  42. This was VERY tasty. Made this last night using both legs and thighs – the kids ate it up over some brown rice.
    Gina, keep em coming! You rock.
    This is probably the 7-8 dish I've made, and not one has disappointed.

    Thank you,
    Husband/Dad/Chef Extraordinaire – Kelly

  43. This looks incredible. My husband is going to love this ..

  44. Yummm!!! I made this for dinner last night. I sauted onions in addition to the rest of the sofrito ingredients. I also added a bit of dried basil, red potatoes, two pinches of turmeric, and some pinches of crushed red pepper.I ate it over long grain brown rice with a side of avocado. My husband and I were in heaven. Definitely a repeat recipe! Oh, and I replaced the beer with a cup of white grape juice. Still delicious.

  45. Once again, the ST recipe ROCKED! I did this tonight for my husband and I with one bone-in breast and 2 legs. As usual, I cut this down for just the two of us, and it worked beautifully.

    I didn't have Sazon, but I looked up how to make it from spices on another website. It might not have been perfect, but the flavor was incredible. I had no trouble with it being too soupy – in fact, I added a bit more water as it cooked (probably necessary b/c I cut the recipe down so there was less in the pan overall). I served it with Basmati rice. We both loved it. I want it for dinner again tomorrow!

  46. This is a great recipe. I'm making it again, for probably the 100th time since discovering your site 🙂 It is a "throw it together" kind of dinner, and I normally have all ingredients on hand! I add black beans to mine, and have made it with chicken tenders or pork chops too…delicious no matter the alterations!

    Thank you for all of your recipes…the "Latin" inspired are my favorites! I was born into the wrong culture 🙂 I'm thankful to live in an area that is very diverse, and I can suit my tastebuds daily!!!

  47. I live in the UK and have difficulty sourcing a couple of products used in some of these recipes, even though I love trying them out, anyway.

    I did, however, end up making my own Sazon by using garlic powder, onion powder, dried coriander, smoked paprika and a dash of turmeric. I left out the salt completely because I used chicken stock in favour of beer, which often has enough sodium to flavour the whole dish.

    Hope that helps somebody!

    • Thanks for the tip for making the Saxon will deffo try this out, also some recipes call for chicken sausage, I can't get this in the UK any suggestions?

  48. Can I make this several hours before and just let it sit on low once done? I want to start it at nap time and not have to work so hard at dinner time!

  49. I made this yesterday and my 16 year old who only loves burgers… asked for seconds. The aroma that is created while this is cooking was so delicious… couldn't wait for dinner. Thanks Gina!

  50. This is my favorite Skinny Taste recipe! I keep coming back to it again and again. Thank you so much Gina! This blog has changed my diet and my life!

  51. Made this dish many times. It's absolutely delicious and easy. It's has become one of my go to dish as well many of your other dishes. Thank you Gina.

  52. This sounded really good until I read the ingredients for the seasoning package and noticed that coriander is in it. The last recipe that had coriander in it, was awful. Is there not something else that we can use in place of it?

  53. What kind of beer do you recommend to use? Making to it and need to know thanks.

  54. oh – & I didn't add water since there was plenty of liquid & the veggies filled up the pan (since I didn't remove them).

  55. This was delicious – I made it a little differently cause I was distracted while making dinner. I poured the sazon into the veggie mixture so I dirtied two pans (cooked chicken in a separate pan & then transferred it to the pan with veggies) – then I cooked everything for the 20-30 minutes (instead of pulling the veggies out. It tasted great & I can't wait to make it the real way next time to see which way I like best! Served this over brown rice with chicken thighs. Excited for leftovers for lunch tomorrow!

  56. Made this tonight after your rave reviews. As it cooked, I had doubts that is was as fabulous as everyone said. I was so wrong! This was a great meal! Gina–Your recipes never disappoint! Love your site!!!

  57. I made this tonight and after we ate my husband said "I'm proud of you babe – this was awesome"! Loved it! (his comment and the meal!) Thank you!

  58. Gina, fixed this tonight for the first time. Love it, love it, love it!! Even my 96 yr old mother thought it was a keeper, and she's picky.
    Thanks for all your work, you have a wonderful site.

  59. Gina,

    I wanna thank you very much for your blog. I've been making recipes off your blog for the past month and a half now. I don't even feel like this is healthy food as it's SOOOO good. And my wife, who is SUPER picky about food loves everything I've made from here.

    I just wanted to say how much we especially loved this dish. I paired it with some brown rice and it reminds me of the comfort Filipino food my mom used to make. I mean…obviously this is not Filipino food, but reminds me of it nonetheless 🙂 In the picture, I thought I saw corn kernals in there, so I added about a cup of frozen corn just towards the end. It was a great addition.

    Thank you again for the blog. I'm not on WW, but I'm happy to report that I've lost 20 lbs just eating better with virtually no exercise. If I add in some exercise, I'm gonna be unstoppable! Thanks!

  60. Gina, FYI alcohol doesn't completely "cook out" of food, according to a study by the FDA. I thought I would let you know in case a pregnant woman or recovering alcoholic is tempted to use the beer in this recipe. Here is a short article from Dr. Weil describing the study's results:

  61. I'm so glad you all liked it! It's one of my favorite dishes!!

  62. Gina – I'm so impressed with this recipe. Just made it for my family tonight and it was simply amazing. So delicious!. Thank you for sharing. I "do" Weight Watchers…as a lifestyle. And my favorite thing about it is that I can still cook wonderful meals for my little family and stay on point. Cooking is a passion of mine. So, thank you for all you do to bring us such great recipes. Happy New Year to you and yours! Lisa

  63. Thanks for the recipes. It's great to find recipes that taste just as good or better than the full fat versions. I have been losing weight and a major part of that process is eating out less and cooking at home more. You make things so easy using ingredients you can find anywhere, you don't have to go to specialty stores to find them. I have made the sofrito twice and many of your other recipies. All yummy. Thanks again.

  64. This was really fantastic! My husband has celiac disease so I used GF beer and replaced he sauzon with coriander and saffron.

    Thanks for the recipe!

  65. Loved this dish! Used both thighs and breasts. Switched out the bell pepper for poblano. Served as you suggested over brown rice, with avocado slices and black beans. Comfort food at it's best!

  66. This recipe is absolutely delicious!! Definitely serve over plain rice since there is a lot of juice and it soo good-you will want to soak it all up! Gold star in my book. Thanks again for another amazing dish!! :0)

  67. Don't tell abuelita!

  68. My husband is puerto rican and I made this for him – he said it was better than his grandmothers! This is a keeper in my house.

  69. Hi! there.. u have such a cool collection of recipes.. I'm visiting your site for the first time and already became a fan..I've read so many comments about people complaining about not finding the Sazon, so I did some research and found out that u can order it from amazon and its not even expensive, only $2.99 for the pack of 20. try it out people.

  70. I added some additional goodies to this: 1 can whole kernal corn & 1 can black beans; wasn't in the mood to dice tomatoes so I used 2 cans of diced tomatoes I had in my cabinet; increased the Sazon from 1 to 2; & added 1 more teaspoon of Cumin; I mixed everything in the crockpot & browned the skinless chicken thighs and popped them in there too….awesome dinner over brown rice!

  71. I'm so glad you all like this!!

    Ybegood- this is more of a colombian dish, although you'll find variations of this in many countries.

    Rachan- if the beer isn't light, use a little less and add a bit more water.

    Keishag- 🙂

  72. Hi Gina,

    I made this recipe tonight for my boyfriend (who's Hispanic and ALWAYS compares my cooking to his mother's) and he licked the bowl clean! After the meal he said "I'm definitely gonna marry you!" Ha! Thank you for a wonderful dinner.

  73. First of all, I've never commented, but been following and cooking for over a year! I've lost 52 lbs on WW, and now just use your blog and moderation. THANKS! I tell everyone I know about it! Now, I'm trying to make this gluten-free, and have GF beer, but it's not "light". Will that really change the flavor? I'm Cuban (another reason I love your site!)and I know the flavors pretty well, but I've never cooked with a heavier beer. If you know, great & thanks!

  74. I made the Sofrito this evening with boneless, skinless chicken thighs and it was yummy. My husband said "this is a keeper"! The only thing I did differently was to brown the chicken first, remove it from the pan and then do the veggies and add back the chicken. After about 10 minutes I added some fingerling potatoes and they were perfect with it. It was easy, smelled great and tasted even better. Thanks for all your great recipes. We have enjoyed every dish I have made from your site. You are much appreciated!

  75. I make sofrito in large batches, a recipe I got from my Puerto Rican stepmom, it looks like pesto when I am done. And 3 major ingredients are cilantro, culantro and onion. So I am wondering where you got your recipe bc it sounds like no other sofrito recipe I have encountered. The women on the PR side of my family fight over sofrito recipes but they all use these 3 ingredients. However, I have no doubt this recipe will be delicious. I am going to make a double batch and make one with your sofrito and one with mine to see which my family likes better. I think the variation will be a nice change, but I do not see how it can be called sofrito especially without cilantro.
    I love your site you have made cooking exciting and enjoyable. I found you thru WW and my husband who is not dieting loves any recipe I get from you. Thank you for all your time and effort. I have no doubt you will change my eating habits for life.

  76. I was wondering how many chicken breasts I should use and should I cut them in pieces or shred it?? Thanks a bunch!!

  77. So glad you liked it!! This is pure comfort food for me!!

  78. So you know how you make a recipe that has really good reviews and you think, "Eh, it wont be that good." Well this one was. It was absolutely delicious. It was my first skinnytaste recipe and I am now a believer. I made some brown minute rice with some baby spinach thown in for the last 5 mins of cooking. Yummy, healthy and low fat/low cal. Could not be happier!!

  79. Andrea, so glad you all liked it! Peruvian aji molido, will look for it!

  80. whoops, one more thing: Peruvian aji amarillo (yellow chile) works great in this dish. The color complements the annatto, and the heat and fruitiness of the chile is perfect, better than jalapeno. If your local bodegas carry Peruvian aji amarillo molido, give it a try!

  81. Hi Gina: made this tonight and the family went wild. My son commented, "This is better than a restaurant, and it even looks pretty!"

    RE the Badia sazon: the stuff I found did contain MSG. The Badia "sazon tropical" didn't have MSG per se, but had equivalents like disodium guanylate. The only Badia spice blend I found w/o any of these enhancers was fajita seasoning… but found the annatto/achiote with no trouble, and tasted wonderful, so maybe the sazon isn't absolutely necessary.

    Thanks again for all your wonderful recipes!

  82. Gina, I added sweet potato to thicken and jalopeno's for added heat, what an excellent dish.

  83. I made this for dinner parties and it always pleases everyone! Thank you for such delicious recipes.

  84. So Delicious!! My husband is a picky eater and he loves this dish!!

  85. Thank you so much! I loved it 🙂

  86. would cooking wine work well with this also or no? I generally don't have beer at home.

    – Mary

  87. Awesome Mia!!

  88. Made this, cilantro lime rice, and triple berry crisp for a few new friends my husband and I are getting to know. They loved it! About 3/4 of the way through the meal she said sheepishly, 'I'm supposed to be on a diet…oh well!' I announced triumphantly that all the dishes were WW friendly, and she was SO excited that she had been 'good' and it had felt like a splurge! Thanks for making me look good! -Mia

  89. Yum! I made this last night and the whole family loved it. I could not find the Sazon or annetto. I've never heard of those and I know this altered the original taste of the recipe but I added a can of Cilantro lime Rotel since I was unable to find the Sazon for flavor. I also added diced potatoes. Other then that I followed the recipe exactly. Delicious! Love your recipes Gina. I'm definitely a fan!

  90. So glad you liked it!

  91. Thanks Gina! This one is a keeper. I made extra to freeze for later in the week, but my husband saw to that not happening. 🙂 We truly enjoyed this dish.

  92. This is so delicious!! I made this early yesterday before Irene hit so we'd have good comfort food for the hurricane! So, so good!! I am definitely making this again. My only problem was I only bought 4 thighs and we wanted more. Perfect comfort food for a scary night!!

  93. No I just chopped them.

  94. Hey Gina, I'm going to make this for tonight's dinner. Did you seen and peel the tomatoes before you chopped them?

  95. I'm just going through your recipes and each one appears to have weight watchers points on it 😀 So excited to start cooking all the lovely recipes!!

  96. This is the first thing I will make post-Ramadan! (too scared to try recipes while fasting)

  97. No Sazon, annatto, or achiote at my grocery, either. Not sure if it will give the same flavor, but I used smoked paprika and the result was delicious. I also used chicken broth instead of beer.

    • Hi Anonymous, they should have Sazon in the Goya food section in any local grocery store. Annato and achoite might sometimes be hard to find as I am having a hard time finding it sometimes as well…and I live in San Diego.

  98. HMMMM… I actually just got back from the store and had sazon on my shopping list. Could not find any… any suggestions???

  99. So glad you all liked this as much as we do!!

    Dave, I have a Cuisinart chopper, love it!!

  100. Just made this for dinner tonight. It was delicious. My husband saved the extra sauce for some grilled chicken that was in the refrigerator. Thanks for another wonderful recipe!

  101. I made this dish over the weekend, it was wonderful! I actually throw a couple chicken breasts in with the thighs and surprisingly they weren't dry or rubbery! Loved the flavors, thanks for sharing!

  102. Can't wait to try this! Love the new picture, all your photos are amazing as well as the recipes too!! Thanks for sharing all of your creativity with us.

  103. Made this over the weekend and it was wonderful, my hubby just thought it was amazing. I cut back on the water and used 1/2 cup so it would be thicker and more flavorfull. I also chopped up a jalapino pepper and sauted with the garlic to add some spice. AWESOME!!!

  104. I just made this today and it smelled and tasted just like home!

  105. You could either use less liquid, let is simmer longer uncovered or adding a diced potato makes it thicker and more stew-like if that's what you are loOking for.

  106. Just made this tonight–it's delicious! Only thing, it came out more soupy than "stewy" lol. Any ideas on how to thicken the sauce?


  107. I'm dying to try this!!! But I'm having a hard time finding the sazon, or annatto Seed, or Safrito by Gayon. I'm in Anchorage, AK, so sometimes it is difficult to find speciality stuff. Thanks Gina for a great site. I'm a Life Time WW member, and trying to get back on track and cook good meals for my new husband!

  108. Made this last night and used 2 bay leaves instead of cilantro. Another wonderful recipe.

  109. I'm making this right now and it taste so yummy! I practically make all meals from your blog…your the best! I am using chicken breast since i'm on a diet…well lifestyle change lol
    Thanks for sharing!

  110. Gina – Looks delicious as always, I'm off to the farmers marker right now for ingredients. I'm wondering if you can tell me what kind of chopper you use, as it seems to lead to good results and I'm guessing you use it a lot. I'm think I spend about 3/4 of my time in the kitchen slicing and dicing, but haven't ever found a tool that works for me.


  111. Boneless chicken breasts would completely chancge this, I'm afraid they would get rubbery or dry. The bone adds flavor in my opinion, whenever I use boneless thighs it's not as good.

    I'm chicken breast on the bone would take 20-25 minutes?

    Any beer will work, I use whatever is in my fridge. Usually Corona light.

    I've never tried this with fish, but it could be really good with the right fish! Halibut would be my choice as it's meatier.

  112. Gina, what type of beer did you use?

  113. We prefer white meat. I would like to buy chicken breasts (I think you suggested with the bone in). Why not boneless? How many breasts would you suggest as they are much larger than legs & thighs. Would there be an adjusted cooking time using bone-in chicken breasts? I'd like to make this tonight & surprise my husband. Looks so good! Thank you.

  114. Hi Gina, any idea if this recipe would work with fish? Tilapia or Halibut are what I usually eat.

  115. This looks great! I will have to try it soon:)

  116. The stew really looks succulent – the garlic should really bring out the flavour in the chicken meat!

  117. Looks super tasty…can't wait to try it!

    Around My Family Table

  118. Oh I really don't either! I lOve my chopper!

  119. This looks great! I have to say, I am really impressed with your knife skills…I never have the patience for such a tiny, neat dice.

  120. Trustan- yes I always buy Sazon in my supermarket. The link is only for those who have no idea what i is.

    I've never ued Goya sofrito, I always make my own in large batches and freeze the extra. Great way to use up extra cilantro!

    Wonton seed- I just base the n.i. off of chicken thighs and legs. It's really not a lot of meat after you remove the skin and bone.

    Anon- You can throw them in a chopper to make chopping easier.

  121. oh my, this is gorgeous – looking and sounding. looking fwd to trying. what is sazon? is there a place you typically find it? how do you get your garlic and scallions so small?? i think i need some chopping lessons…so glad to have found your site. i just started ww on monday. -heather

  122. Hi Gina,

    Do you have an estimate of the approximate total weight of the chicken parts you used? I know that often, a recipe will call for some piece of a chicken, and the weight listed will be waaaay less than the weight of the same pieces I see in the store. I don't want to make this and find out that my serving size is twice what yours was, and therefore twice the points!

  123. Just wanted to let everyone know you can get the Sazon packets at your grocery store as well! I'm in South Texas and I can always find it in my local HEB in the Latin Foods aisle 🙂 Gina, all of your recipes are awesome, I've shared your site with at least 10 of my girlfriends and they all love it! Thank you!

  124. As a short cut, you could use 1 jar (6 oz.) GOYA Sofrito sauce to save chopping and sauteing the veggies. You could still add the beer and any other additions you like to kick it up a notch. I'd still use the fresh tomatoes and cilantro too. Have you tried that sauce, Gina?

  125. Dutchie, you can just leave it out. Add some bay leaves to this instead.

  126. Hi Gina! First of all thank you so much for your site, I found it a couple of months ago as I joined weight watchers and love it! I have already made several dishes and enjoyed every one of them. This recipe is high on my list I only have one question; what would you substitute cumin with? I'm allergic to cumin and often find myself not making certain recipes because it calls for cumin..
    Thank you!

  127. You can leave out the beer, this would still have lots of flavor without, use water instead.

    The sofrito is sauteed in step one. Then you add the cooked chicken to it. I see I wasn't clear, I will fix.

    Trish, you could use Sazon instead. Or just leave it out, chili pepper would completely change the taste.

    Elizabeth, I'm confused, I have 2 points plus listed for 1 thigh. What are you basing the 4 pp off of?

    You could use chicken breast, but I would use it on the bone and cook it less time.

  128. Can you use boneless skinless chicken breast? We're not fans of dark meat.

  129. Hey Gina! Another winner!! This is very similar to a dish my mother-in-law cooks & I've loved it for years.

    I plugged this into my WW calculator too & mine came out to 4 PP+, not 6 PP+… did I calculate incorrectly??

    Thanks again for being my FAVORITE recipe site – I can't stop raving about you! 🙂

  130. wow that looks soooo good! will have to make this soon 🙂

  131. that looks great Gina, going to try this weekend!

  132. Gina is there a sub for the annato seed powder? this looks great and would be something my husband would love. could I just sub some chile powder?

  133. WOW I am so glad I found your BLOG! Thank you..

  134. I didn't understand what to do with the sofrito. Do you add it to the chicken/liquid mixture or just spoon it over the finished chicken?

  135. hello gina!

    do you use a google translater?

  136. Hi Gina this looks great but I can't stand the taste of beer is it ok to use chicken stock?

  137. That sounds delicious not to mention warm and comforting! It sounds like it would be great on a cold night with a lime beer. Yum! Definitely saving this one!

  138. You can leave it out and use 2 bay leaves instead. Will still be great.

  139. Gina, I hate (yes, I mean hate) cilantro. I am not classless enough to pick it out when I'm company over for dinner BUT is there anything else I can use in place of it? Or leave out all together?

  140. I have a chicken and hominy chili recipe that calls for beer. Normally I don't mind cooking with a little wine, but this particular recipe calls for a whole cup, and doesn't cook long enough or hot enough to boil off the alcohol. I substitute ginger ale instead. For cooking and mixing with other flavors, it has a comparable enough overall flavor, and it's got the fizz, just no yeast, which aids with thickening. It's an option, though.

  141. It's one of my favorite dishes!! This photo is awful I think I need to remake it!

  142. I made this on the weekend in my crockpot. It was amazing! I added potatoes, capers and olives. At the end I thickened the liquid with a tablespoon of flour. It was amazing!! Thanks for lightening up pollo guisado. I didn't think it was possible!

  143. Sure why not!

  144. Hi Gina. Would this work in the Crock Pot?

  145. So good and easy!!! I LOVED the broth. SO tasty!! Thank you!!! I did it with boneless chicken thighs. I think it could be done with boneless chicken breast too, because the broth IS so flavorful!

    ~Chris S.

  146. This was a bit bland to me. I may have done something wrong. The next time I do this I may not add the water. It seemed there was too much liquid to me. Also, I will add potatoes to make the sauce thicker. Thanks for sharing Gina 🙂

  147. I would eat this over rice with a salad. The beet salad would be perfect.

  148. What veggie side would you pair with this dish?

  149. Olives would be wonderful I'm sure. Thanks for commenting!

  150. I made this tonight and it was delicious. I forgot to brown the chicken before I added the beer, so I just cut it into strips so it would cook through. I thought it was missing a little something, so I added two whole olives and let them cook with the sauce. Awesome! 😀

  151. This is delicious with potatoes, I do that often. Very inexpensive to make and adding potatoes makes this stretch for more people.

    Your 3 yr old has the right idea, this is my kind of breakfast. 🙂

  152. This was absolutely delicious. I served it with white rice and your peruvian white beans. I omitted the cilantro because my 3 year old daughter hates cilantro and instead used parsley.

    As soon as my daughter woke up she asked if she could have chicken for breakfast. My poor husband is on Nutrisystem and looked like he was going to cry when he tasted the chicken and the beans. He asked me why am I torturing him? 🙂

  153. OMG is all I can say!!!! This was so easy and delicious! My bf normally is not a fan of dark meat but that didnt stop him from asking for seconds!!! It was really inexpensive to make too, and I still have leftovers for lunch. I threw some baby red potatoes in last 15 minutes, they soaked up the sauce and were amazing!!

  154. Thanks for noticing that, the protien had a typo-o, it's 6 points plus. I'm adjusting now.

  155. hey gina i just plugged the nutrition info in to my points+ calculator and this came out to be 3 point plus…..for a drumstick and a thigh that number seems too low?

  156. OH YUM! I made this last night. I substituted shredded chicken breast (it was what I had on hand)… and squeezed a little lime at the finish… it was amazing!

  157. Replace what?

  158. We don't a place to by the Latin American spice in our area; do you know of something that can replace it? Love your site.

  159. @vlo- I know, this is SO good! I don't think the photo does it justice. Glad you enjoyed this!

  160. holy deliciousness batman! im in love! the chicken was very tender, the caldo was so good it brought a tear to my eye. my two year old looked upset when whe finished her first bowl of rice with the juice spooned over it, she had 2 servings(well baby servings but still)! and as if being delicious wasnt enough, its was VERY cheap to make this and it tasted like a million bucks. im going to make the baked empandas on monday, cant wait!

  161. making this tonight, so a serving is a leg and thigh for 5 points? thats doesnt sound right, its that each peice of chicken is 5 points right? i cant wait for this, i know its going to be wicked.

  162. @Jessica, Sure, you can leave it out and use water instead. My daughter's been requesting this dish this week. We love it!

  163. i've made this twice now and I'm making it again tonight for my grandparents but they aren't big on beer…what if I leave it out?

  164. Latin food is my favorite food and this for me is comfort food!!

  165. WOW! I made this for my husband last night and it filled the house with such a wonderful aroma of latin flavors! We both LOVED it! I can't believe how good it was. Love your recipes! I know I'll be making this dish again and again. Next time I think I may even try to do it with Chicken Breast for less calories. The sauce was AMAZING! Thank you.

  166. Wow, I just stumbled across your site by accident and i LOVE it!!! Thank you for building your site and for sharing all of your recipes, I will definately be trying lots of them out. It is wonderful that you have the WW points listed. Thanks again:)

  167. sooo happy that I found ur site..I am looking forward to trying out your recipies!!

  168. My family requests this often!!!! It's comfort food for me!

  169. I made this tonight for dinner. So easy and tasty. The family scarfed it all up. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful and healthy recipes with us!

  170. Your recipes are amazing. For a healthier way to add color to our dishes without the sodium of "sazon" we use "achiote" (annato), it gives grate taste.

  171. Sazon is a type of seasoning found in Latin markets used on meats, fish, poultry and even to flavor soups and stews. It is also what gives rice the yellow color. One popular brand is by Goya Foods. Typical ingredients include, coriander, annato, cilantro, achiote, garlic, salt. I prefer to use Badia sazon because they don’t use MSG.

  172. What is sazon?

  173. I love chiken stew with white rice, but in mines I add potatoes and my homemade sofrito. Great post.

  174. This looks wonderful. I am so trying this!

    Tagging you with a blog award, btw. =)