Best Low-fat Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever

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This Low-Fat Chocolate Chip Cookies are soft and chewy, and satisfy my craving when I need something sweet.

This Low-Fat Chocolate Chip Cookies are soft and chewy, and satisfy my craving when I need something sweet.

I am SO excited to share this Skinny Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe with all of you!! I didn’t think it possible to make a low-fat chocolate chip cookie that was soft and chewy in the center with just the right amount of crunch on the edges, and made with half whole wheat flour and only two tablespoons of butter in the entire batch!

This Low-Fat Chocolate Chip Cookies are soft and chewy, and satisfy my craving when I need something sweet.

Trust me, I’ve tried many recipes and the results were just ok, some were cake-y which I don’t particularly care for in a cookie, and sometimes too crispy. These cookies are chewy, soft, sweet perfection! I even gave them to a group of unsuspecting teenagers who had no idea they were skinny and they LOVED them. But I must warn you, it’s hard to stop at just one, so make sure you have the will power to stop at two cookies, or friends to share these with.

This Low-Fat Chocolate Chip Cookies are soft and chewy, and satisfy my craving when I need something sweet.
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Best Low-fat Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever

171 Cals 1.5 Protein 34.5 Carbs 5 Fats
Prep Time: 10 mins
Cook Time: 10 mins
Total Time: 20 mins
Yield: 12 servings
COURSE: Dessert, Snack
CUISINE: American
This Low-Fat Chocolate Chip Cookies are soft and chewy, and satisfy my craving when I need something sweet.


  • 1/2 cup granulated sugar
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 2 tbsp butter, melted
  • 1 large egg white
  • 2 tbsp apple sauce
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/2 cup whole wheat pastry flour
  • 1/2 cup all purpose flour
  • 1/4 tsp baking soda
  • 1/8 tsp salt
  • 1/2 cup mini chocolate chips


  • Preheat oven to 350F.  Line two cookie sheets with non-stick silicone baking mats (I highly recommend for best results) or lightly spray cookie sheets with cooking spray.
  • In a large bowl, combine the flour, baking soda and salt and stir to blend.
  • In another bowl, whisk the sugars, butter, egg white, applesauce and vanilla together until light and fluffy.
  • Whisk the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients in two additions until the batter is very well blended. If the batter looks more “crumbly” than smooth, add just a drop of water at a time (ONLY if needed) until it smooths out.
  • Fold in chocolate chips. Drop by level spoonfuls about 1 inch apart onto baking sheets.
  • Bake 8 - 10 minutes. Remove from the oven, and let them stand 5 minutes before removing the cookies from the pans to cool on wire racks.


Serving: 2cookies, Calories: 171kcal, Carbohydrates: 34.5g, Protein: 1.5g, Fat: 5g, Sodium: 113mg, Fiber: 1.5g, Sugar: 25.5g
WW Points Plus: 5
Keywords: Chocolate Chip Cookies, low fat chewy chocolate chip cookies, low fat choc chip cookies, Low-fat Chocolate Chip Cookies, Skinny Chocolate Chip Cookies

This Low-Fat Chocolate Chip Cookies are soft and chewy, and satisfy my craving when I need something sweet.

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  1. I baked the cookies for 12 minutes and added chopped walnuts to it. There came out delicious. Next time i will lower the amount of sugar. 

  2. Not great. Soggy in the middle. Won’t make again.

  3. Hey, thanks so much for this recipe – I’m
    Not a fan of apple sauce, what would you substitute it for? Thanks so much!! 🙂

  4. These were good, slight crunch on the edges and soft in the middle. BUT they have the texture of cake, not of a cookie. They won’t replace my other recipe of healthy chocolate chip cookies. But they are still good.

  5. Mine did not turn out AT ALL! Flat and very soft. I followed the recipe, only substitute was a full cup of whole wheat pastry flour. I wonder if it was the melted butter, which would prevent the liquid ingredients from creaming together? 

  6. 1. It is not crunchy at all at edges.
    2. Super sweet even though I cut the sugar to 1/3 as others’ suggested. 
    I don’t think I will make it again!
    3. My dough didn’t look as wet as hers even though I used the same amount of liquid as she instructed. Not sure why

  7. I made a double batch of these for our local food panty here in Fl. Just got word that they were a huge hit with the children who got my Valentine Bundles of fabulous cookies. My Heart is Happy. THANK YOU GINA for your wonderful healthy recipes.

  8. Hi there, made these cookies this morn & they are so delicious! I make regular choc chip cookies all the time as my family love but have wanted a good low-fat/healthier option & now I’ve  found it! So delicious & honestly you can’t tell they are low-fat they are so good! I also tried your oatmeal lace cookies & they are so delicious too! Absolutely love lace cookies & now I can make them & eat them with a little less guilt!! Thank you so much for your fabulous recipes!

  9. I do not have whole wheat pastry flour can I use just  whole wheat flour?? 

  10. What nutrition calculator do you use? I can’t seem to get these values using the two I tried. Something is off.

    • The only accurate way to determine any recipe’s SmartPoints® value is to plug the ingredients into the recipe builder on the Weight Watchers website (Click on “My Foods,” select “Recipe,” and click “Create a recipe.”) which does not count fruits and vegetables in recipes in the calculations as they are now 0 points.

      The SmartPoints® calculator isn’t meant for recipes and will often give you the wrong points (usually higher) because it’s counting the fruits and vegetables. So if you see a recipe with a SmartPoints® value that’s different from what the calculator tells you, now you know why.

  11. These are DELICIOUS!!!!!   I subbed all coconut sugar for the recipe and used the Enjoy life dark chocolate full sized morsels and my kids devoured them!  I can’t tell the difference between these and the full fat version.  Will be keeping this recipe and replacing my own!   

  12. I made this recipe and the cookies were delicious! Soft and chewy…you can’t even tell the difference between these and “the real ones.” 

  13. So good! I use these as a low-fat sugar hit before my 6am workouts. They’re actually just good cookies in their own right. Will be making again.

  14. Easy to make and taste delicious!

  15. Way to sweet for me.. other than that not to bad.

  16. Can I freeze the cookie dough for later and we’ll it hold its shape well?

  17. Hi – I’m trying to follow a low fat and low sugar vegetarian diet. That makes finding recipes hard. I made a few adjustments. I used 1/4 Splenda for 1/2 cup white sugar; I used all whole wheat flour; I used vegan butter (that’s just what I had on hand); and regular sized dark choc chips. They turned out great. Cake-like texture okay with me and just sweet enough. Thanks!

  18. Great recipe! For even skinnier cookies, I used 12 packets of Splenda instead of white sugar (tastes great), and used semi sweet chocolate. 

  19. I’ve been making these cookies for two years now and the family requests them often. Has anyone (Gina, input, please.) made as a bar cookie? If so, results, baking tone, etc.  thanks. 

  20. Oh my GOSH these cookies are delicious. They almost… caramelized in the middle?? It was delicious. You can’t tell that they are low fat at all.

    I will definitely be making these again!

  21. These are so high in sugar. I wish they substituted for something else. They’re just super sweet.

  22. super good!! super easy!!!

  23. These are AMAZING. Seriously!!! Don’t even taste low fat AT ALL. Tried several recipes and this one killed it 

  24. What is the batter supposed to look like? Cake batter? In the picture it looks like that so just double checking thanks!

  25. Mine did not look like these AT ALL!! Is there a video showing all the steps? I believe I did everything correctly, but something must be missing. It tastes good though.

  26. I made my own applesauce for these to cut down on the sugar. They are amazingly delicious. They don’t taste low fat and satisfy that warm cookie craving. Thanks!

  27. Are you sure the nutrients for 2 cookies are figured correctly?! I input the listed ingredients in a recipe calculator, and it was no where near 171 for TWO cookies. Did you include the chocolate chips in your calculation? Thanks.

  28. These cookies are great, just enough sweetness to satisfy my sugar need. Also they are thin. I like them. Thank-you for sharing

  29. this looks like a good cookie but I hate the share thing on the side. One can’t get rid of it and it is hard to read everything thanks to them.

  30. How much saturated fat are in these?  I’m wondering since I have gallstones if I can eat these! 

  31. I was really nervous about making these cookies after reading the comments since people seemed to be altering them so much, but I’m glad I stuck with it. I didn’t change a thing and my entire family LOVES them!!!!!!!! These cookies are delicious. I put them in a Ziploc bag to save them, and four days later they still taste just as good. Needless to say, I will be remaking these.

  32. I reduced sugar to 1/3 cup for both sugars and I added 1/3 cup oatmeal, they were amazing!!!

  33. These are awesome Gina!! I used Whole Wheat Flour, and my wet ingredients until fluffy. Then made sure to add dry ingredients in 2 additions. Please , please let your cookies rest for the 5 minutes. I tried to remove my first cookie sooner, it was a mess. I was very nervous after all the comments, so glad I tried these. I only got 18 cookies. Will make smaller next time. So good?

  34. They were nice on the day I baked them but the next day they were hard as rock!  Don’t know if I over-cooked them or made them too thin?

  35. Just made these. I halved the recipe and made 8.. they are great. thank you!

  36. I thought these were very good for low fat. For those complaining about sugar you could reduce it but you would lose the awesome texture these cookies have. If you compare the original toll house recipe it is 2 1/4cups of flour to 1 1/2 cups of sugar and theres two whole sticks of butter in there! These are the best low fat cookies Ive tried to date, they dont even taste lowfat. Keeping this recipe.

  37. They were really good right after they came out of the oven, but then the quality seemed to decrease after that. I gave them to people two days later and they said that they only tasted like butter and sugar; not like cookies. Did anyone else experience this?

  38. Definitely way too sweet for my taste, will try next time with less sugar. Thank you for the great recipes

  39. The sugar ratio is much higher in these than in normal cookies recipes. WAAAAAY too sweet. They also came out more like sickly sweet pancakes than cookies. Oh well, I had fun making them!

  40. So how do I rate something I changed so much? I am gluten free and was looking for a lower fat chocolate chip cookie. I love your recipes! I looked at your recipe and took on the challenge. The sugars were reduced to 1/3 cup each. The whole wheat pastry flour became roughly ground gluten free oats and the remaining flour was a gluten free blend. The batter was very sticky which is quite common for gluten free batters. The bowl was covered with plastic wrap and hung out in the fridge for about 30 minutes. The cookies spread just right and turned into some very crispy and delicious gluten free chocolate chip cookies. The bake time took a couple of additional minutes and the standing time before removing from the pan is a must. Thank you for letting me play with your recipe.

  41. Yummy!!! They turned out good consistency and flavor. I love to use apple sauce in recipes as substitute for butter or oil’

  42. Last night, all I wanted was a warm chocolate chip cookie. I was tempted to make the tollhouse recipe on the bag of chocolate chips, but really wanted sometime a little healthier. Although these still have a lot of sugar, using an egg white and almost no butter made me feel a lot better about them. I actually cut the recipe in half. I used regular whole wheat flour instead of pastry flour and they came out perfect! I didn’t have to add any water to the batter. My oven took an extra 2 minutes to cook them but they were perfect! Slightly crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Although they don’t taste exactly like your typical tollhouse chocolate chip cookie, they were still absolutely AMAZING! I’ll be making these again for sure!

  43. I love your site and have used a ton of your recipes! Do you have suggestions to make these cookies gluten free without losing too much of the texture? My boyfriend loves chocolate chip cookies but has celiac disease. 

  44. As a die hard Toll House cookie maker, I thought these were .. hmm, ok. Fat & sugar are just two items that I can’t see skimping on in baking .. alas, I’ll just have to eat less 🙂


  45. Can you please tell me if I can use whole wheat flour instead of whole wheat cake flour? Ty 

    • I haven’t tried, let me know if you do!

      • Tried with whole wheat flour for full recipe. Turned out good. 
        Also I made my own applesauce, just because I didn’t have any. Made with 3apples, sugar free, used for 4 batches (2 choc chip and 2 oatmeal choc chip)
        Sugar was too much for us, might try less as others mentioned 1/3 cup each…

  46. I’ve made these twice with night and day differences. The first time: cookies were flat and became really sticky-hard as they cooled, though tasty (I followed recipe to a T, adding just a few drops of water). 2nd time: I used a hand mixer for the wet ingredients and mixed really well. The cookies came out with more height and the texture was crispy on the outside, soft on the inside without being carmelized-hard. Recommend using the mixer!!

  47. These cookies were amazing!!! I even cut the calories by a bunch by substituting half of the sugar with truvia baking blend. and the brown sugar by truvia brown sugar baking blend. they turned out perfect! sometimes i like to put crushed almonds and pretzels in the batter to make them different. my whole family loves them.

  48. I just made these cookies gluten free and dairy free and they came out so tasty. Thanks for the recipe!

  49. I don’t have applesauce or any other fruit puree but I’d like to make these today (it’s snowing and I don’t feel like going out). Can I sub more butter for the applesauce? And if so, how much, 2 more tablespoons? I’m not worried about the fat that much. Or any other substitute?

  50. These are very good! I subbed half brown rice flour and half millet flour to make them gluten free. I also used baking powder instead of baking soda, zero calorie sweetener and a Tbsp of molasses. I was out of vanilla. They were a bit cake-y and very tasty. I did find them to be a bit too sweet, I would probably decrease the sweetener to 2/3 cup total next time.

  51. I recently started WW again after an almost 2 year hiatus while I was pregnant and breastfeeding. Now that I’m weaning, I’d like to get back on track.  My biggest vice while breastfeeding was chocolate chip cookies from a local bakery. I made these today in hopes that they would help me with my cravings, but admittedly I was skeptical!  All I can say is “wow!” These are amazing! I shared them with my family, and everyone agreed that they were some of the best colors they’ve had.  They do not taste skinny at all. Thank you so much, Gina, for helping me get back on track.

  52. can you use less sugar?

  53. These are wonderful.  I followed the recipe exact and they came out great.  I call them “dangerous” chocolate chip cookies, because it’s hard to stop eating them.  ????

  54. There’s certainly a lott to know about thhis subject.

    I love all the points you have made.

  55. I just made these exactly as the recipe stated and they really are the best low fat chocolate chip cookies EVER! No one would ever suspect they are low fat. They weren't flat at all, crispy on the outside, chewy in the middle. Absolute perfection. I'm glad too, because I had to order the whole wheat pastry dough online and wait a long weekend for it to arrive, but it was so worth it. I will say, the one mistake I made was I decide one level spoonful of dough looked awfully small so I decided to make them bigger and I ended up with one large rectangle cookie. I took them out almost done and cut them into squares to finish baking, and they still turned out perfect, but next time I will follow ALL directions to the T for a prettier cookie.

  56. Whenever I make these they always come out thin and almost porous. Any tips? I don't know what to change.

  57. After reading many comments, decided to bake just one pan (sprayed) before preparing 2nd pan. They were incredibly flat, still yummy, but FLAT! I did some research online and decided to try the following:
    Chill the dough
    Use parchment paper
    Lower temperature to 300 degrees F and bake for longer (close to 20 minutes)
    These changes made all the difference! The 2nd dozen look and taste great!

  58. Great great great and GREAT recipe!!! They were amazing. Thanks for your amazing recipes! Just had one with a cup of milk. My husband couldn't stop eating them!! I guess I'll be making them more often. And you're right, you can't stop on having one cookie 🙂

  59. I followed this recipe exactly; the first batch spread out and turned out large, thin and flat, like a lace cookie. I added a tablespoon of flour to the second batch and they turned out a little better, thicker but didn't brown well….these were just ok…I would not make again….they were almost too sweet and I am a sweetaholic!

  60. Anyone use gluten free flour or almond flour in these? If so, what did you use and did you change the measurements? Add gums?

  61. I doubled the recipe and made these this afternoon. Mine are flat too! I followed the recipe but baked on parchment paper. But again, like all of Gina's recipes, this one tastes delicious! I don't know why they are flat but the dunk in milk or coffee just the same as a fatter cookie.

  62. How can I make these gluten free?

  63. I just made these twice. First time they came out extremely flat. I made another batch using baking powder instead of baking soda and they look much better! Not perfect but not flat!

  64. These are fantastic. I made them with the exact ingredients and process. I actually found them to be a bit sweet so that helped me not eat the whole batch at one sitting. 🙂

  65. We used all whole wheat flour and they came out hard as a rock and not very sweet.. Also used light brown sugar as we didnt have dark, so maybe that's why they weren't very sweet. Still a nice treat crumbled over some fat free vanilla froYo, though 🙂

  66. LOVE THESE. I just made them and they are FABULOUS. A great twist to a classic cookie! Thanks!

  67. Gina I'm a little disappointed. I found this EXACT recipe (same wording and direction only you added applesauce) on pinterest. I figured they chipped yours until I saw the post date.. I've followed your recipes for a long time, you have great ideas for meals that are delicious and skinny, I wonder if you've done this with other recipes? It just seems odd that the SAME wording was used and only one alteration was made. The site was Cooking Done Light in 2007 her name is Shannon.

    • The recipe was adapted from the one you referenced and link back credit was properly given on Ginas post …please look down below the last photo where it reads …"Makes 2 dozen cookies.
      Adapted from Cooking Done Light.".. Now stop being disaapointed.

  68. These cookies beat Toll House and I've been a long-time fan of them. I used whole wheat flour I had ground up and they were perfect–a bit crispy and chewy. Nice find…and healthy too!

  69. These are great cookies – if you have self control! They even passed the husband test! Can't wait to make them again after Lent is over and we can eat sweets again 🙂

  70. I made these and they turned out delicious, but a tad sweet. Also, the cookies hardly expanded. They stayed flat and small for the most part. The dough was a lot thicker (even after adding water) than portrayed in the picture, so that could have factored into how the cookies turned out. They were also fairly crunchy on the outside (though I did refrigerate the cookies). Could the consistency of the cookies be attributed to: 1) Too thick batter, 2) Too little/too much baking powder (I used the same amount that this recipe called for), 3) that I used Truvia baking blend instead of sugar and Splenda brown sugar blend instead of brown sugar, or 4) something else? What might I do to fix the consistency, considering that the taste of the cookies was satisfactory?

    • I found that my error lies in the fact that I used baking powder instead of baking soda, as the recipe calls for. Silly me… ^^;

  71. These are good! I used whole wheat flour and I doubled the recipe! So good! I've eaten way too many of these! I will make them again! Thanks Gina!

  72. hi :))
    its ok to use just whole wheat flour or to use instead of all purpose spelt flour? and can i subsitute the granulated sugar with brown sugar or just use 1/2 cup of brown sugar and the granulated leave out?
    and one more question, how would it be if i subsitute the butter with yoghurt? thanks a lot, im looking forward to make it :)))

  73. Could I make these as bars in a 9×13-inch pan? What temp and how long would I bake it for?

  74. Best sight EVER for cooking and baking HEALTHY recipes. Thank-you for posting.

  75. I made my first batch two days ago and it turned out horrible. I used the exact ingredients asked for in the recipe and the cookies turned out flat and cakey.
    I didn't give up. I made a second batch yesterday and still used the exact ingredients. I added the flour in four steps instead of two. I didn't need to add water.
    The cookies looked like a cookie, tasted like a cookie, and is probably the best low fat cookie that I have ever made.
    I hope this info helps.

  76. Could I use your crockpot applesauce? Or should I use unsweetened?

  77. These cookies came out too thin, too chewy, and too sweet…not good at all

  78. I used white whole wheat flour instead of pastry flour and they came out amazing. Too good… you were right to put in the disclaimer, bc you definitely can't stop at 2!!

  79. I also used whey sugar instead of regular white granulated sugar.

  80. Made these today. I am sick and lazy s I used the bread maker to mix. I also used .5 cup whole wheat pastry and .5 whole wheat flour since I forgot I actually do have all purpose in the pantry. #lesigh I subbed coconut oil for butter and dropped a tsp of greek yogurt in just because. I added .25 cup of chocolate chips and .25 caramel. Came out nice. I will try again without the caramel…maybe use crasins.

  81. These cookies are a MUST TRY!! I just made them and they turned out perfectly, I doubled the ingredients because I have a large family, and EVERYBODY LOVES them, I used whole wheat flour, I believed the recipe called for pastry, however they turned out delicious!! this recipe is a keeper!

  82. This is wonderful!! Thank you!

    I *am horrible* at making cookies 🙁 , but I have this intense urge to bake something today. 😛

    Choco-Chip cookies, it is. My husband is a chocoholic, although he doesn't enjoy cookies. Maybe this will change his mind though 😛

  83. Sorry, but it was disgusting, the inside was all wet and the outside burnt to a crisp even though I followed your exact recipe. This is the first and last recipe of yours I'm gonna try.

  84. We've made these twice and LOVE them! Tonight I made them for a teacher's gift at school with Smarties at my daughter's request. Maybe not quite as low fat but such a treat!

  85. I have a question. I tried to make these, but I didn't have granulated sugar so I just did one cup of brown sugar, and I only had GF all-purpose flour so I just did one cup of that, and the consistency was very liquidy. When I tried to spoon it onto the baking sheet it all just formed into one big thin sheet of cookie. Don't get me wrong, it tasted delicious haha. But I don't understand how those minor improvisations could alter it so much?

  86. Hi Gina, I'm determined to make these cookies turn out great after spending $5 on the pastry flour 🙂 How long should I beat the wet ingredients for? Should I let the butter cool after melting or just use it warm? My batter was thicker than yours, so I assume that was the problem (plus i'm not expert at baking)!

    Please help! TIA

  87. is there something i can replace the apple sauce with , is it really needed ? i ran out.

  88. I just have to say I LOVE these cookies. I was looking for healthy cookie recipes for my son and I found your site.
    I used the whole wheat pastry flour and whole wheat flour instead of white all purpose flour and they came our great. They are so soft and chewy. I use parchment paper and they came off easily. The last batch I made, I used parchment paper from the dollar store which ruined the cookies, they came out dry and hard and stuck to the paper.
    My son is obsessed with these cookies, I had to bake two batches so he could take them to school and share with his friends.
    The next batch I make I am going to attempt to use natural sweeteners, we are trying out a new diet to see if it helps with my son's hyperactivity. I doubt they will be as good without the brown sugar but we need to cut out all added sugar for two weeks and he will go crazy without having one of these cookies for that long.

  89. I just made these cookies tonight. They were sooo yummy. Some cookies were on the silicone mat and the others were on a cookie sheet that I sprayed with cooking spray. The cookies on the mat came out very well. They were somewhat thin and very chewy. I did have a hard time removing them right away, but when I left them on there longer, they came right off with no problem. The cookies on the baking sheet without the mat were completely flattened and very hard. I couldn't even get them off the sheet. I think I'm going to need to buy another silicone mat. I'm convinced that the mat is critical in this recipe. Thanks Gina!

  90. Have you tried to make these in to cookie bars? Wondering how they would turn out and what the timing would be? Thanks!

  91. I just made these today!! And they were amazing! I think I might try using light brown sugar since the dark one made it really dark! lol. I doubled the recipe because who doesn't love chocolate chip cookies, and I was right they are almost gone!! Thank you for such a great healthy alternative! =)

  92. I love all of your cookie recipes! I'm hoping for more cookie recipes in the near future…. maybe a yummy breakfast cookie!?!

  93. Made exactly as recipe said and my turned out super flat and. A but grainy. I'll try less baking soda next time, I want the cookies in the picture!

  94. these cookies are amazing!! just made a batch and tried one warm..delicious!

  95. Just found your website first of this year…trying to lose weight again. This website has been such an inspiration. I've already made several of your recipes and have been beyond pleased with all of them. After reading the posts on this recipe,I just wanted to say that my results were spectacular…really crunchy on the outside and nice and chewy on the inside.My dough though reminded me of regular cookie dough, not as soft looking as yours. My granddaughter helped me make these cookies.One taste and I knew half of them had to go home with her 🙂

  96. Thank you for another wonderful recipe! My very picky family all gave rave reviews. I combined suggestions from the comments, and they turned out beautifully. I had all-purpose flour, so I added a 1/4 tsp. of cornstarch. Then I baked them in a mini-muffin tin. (without cooking spray)I also used full-sized chips.
    The only complaint from my family is that I didn't make more!

  97. Just made these cookies subbed half mashed ripe banana (2 tablespoons) for applesauce and margarine for butter and whole wheat flour for white whole wheat pastry flour…..these cookies turned out AMAZING….

  98. Ugh, this did not work for me tried two batches. First batch is stuck to parchment paper and both came out flat. Not sure what I did wrong. Gina this recipe does not call for baking powder? I could not find it in the recipe. Love all your recipes though, thanks!

  99. I baked these up last night and they are the best cookies I have ever made. They were so moist and chewy! Even this morning I grabbed one out of the storage container and they are still perfect in every way. 🙂 I used white whole wheat flour in addition to organic whole wheat pastry flour and used a 1/4 cup of Truvia baking blend in place of the 1/2 cup granulated sugar. Unfortunately I had to use parchment paper cause I can't find a silpat to fit my oddly shaped pan for my toaster oven, but they still turned our absolutely perfect. Thank you for this absolutely wonderful recipe!

  100. I'd been meaning to make this recipe forever, and finally did today – except with red and green M&Ms instead of chocolate chips to make them festive – SO good! I will probably make another (double or triple) batch as soon as these are gone!!

  101. i just made these and they are so good!
    but i couldn't find ww pastry flour so i just subbed it for all purpose white flour.

    some people ended up getting cookies that were flat??? but i had the opposite, mine were SLIGHTLY cakey, but still good nonetheless..i am AWFUL at baking, even if i follow directions verbatim it still comes out not like the pictures, so it's probably a problem from my end :-/

    BUT it's really good and it will definitely be my go to recipe for skinny chocolate chip cookies 🙂
    thanks gina!!

  102. Hmm, mine are teeny tiny in order to get 24. I did change it up, Splenda white & brown sugar plus 1/4c vanilla protein powder in place of 1/4c of the 1/2c of APF. But, they still taste good, just not much larger than a silver dollar and 100 calories for 2 cookies.

  103. These cookies are delicious!!! I didn't have whole wheat pastry flour, so I used regular whole wheat flour instead. Also, to cut back on the sugar/calories, I used Splenda instead of the white sugar. My teenage son and his friend even said they are great. Thank you for sharing this recipe!!

  104. Just made the cookies!
    Taste super awesome!
    Thanks for the recipe! 😀

  105. I followed the recipe exactly, and they came out very well. I am in a baking contest tomorrow — I don't think they will win, but they are definitely awesome considering the blatant lack of butter.

  106. These are hands down my favorite cookies of ALL time! I'm generally not a healthy baker but thought I would try out this recipe and I'm so glad I did! I didn't have whole wheat flour, butter, or apple sauce so I used 1 cup all purpose flour, 2 tbsp melted margerine and 2 tbsp whole milk and they were still delicious! My next batch I tried with 1/2 cup splenda and 1/2 cup brown sugar and they were not as good as the full sugar ones but still great for low-sugar! You couldn't even taste the splenda.

  107. I just found your page… and tried these out immediately! I love them. I had a little trouble translating all the ingredients to grams, but it was totally worth it! I am going to try out the mushroom stroganoff tomorrow, i can't wait. Thanks for all the great recipes, all the way from Germany!

  108. These are by far my favorite cookies of ALL time!! I am generally not a healthy baker but these made me a believer! I didn't have whole wheat flour, butter, or apple sauce so I used 1 cup of all prupose, 2 tbsp of melted margerine, and 2 tbsp whole milk and they still turned out terrific! Thank you so much for making the world a better, and healthier, place!!

  109. 5 stars! Probably my fav recipe. I took away a little sugar, too sweet for me.

    Chewy yummy satisfying, grows big separate them because they get very big! Sooooooooo YUMMY

    Thanks so much!!!!!!

  110. I made a double batch of these to bring to work. My co-workers gobbled them down, completely unsuspecting that they were healthier than the average cookie.

    My batter wasn't as runny as yours and my cookies are a little thinner than it looks like yours were despite the fact that I made no substitutions or alterations. They are still pretty substantial, though, not paper thin as others commented. I scooped them with a small cookie scoop (probably 2 tsp size scoop, but heaping, so close to a tablespoon each) and got 58 cookies out of the double batch.

    I found the taste and texture much more pleasing the next day vs. the night I baked them. In any case, they taste fantastic! I will definitely be making these again.

  111. I made these and they tasted great but were more like crisps that cookies. I am wondering if I measured the brown sugar properly. Is it litely packed or firm packed or just spooned in to the measure cup? Just curious if I measured the right way.


  112. Hi Gina,

    Would both wheat flour and wheat pastry flour work with this?

  113. Would i be able you replace all the flour with self raising flour? Reply ASAP! 😀

  114. I just made these cookies and they were great! I used 1/2 whole wheat flour and 1/2 unbleached white flour (king arthur of course!) and it worked perfectly! I love your site and really appreciate all the time you put into making recipes more healthy! Thank you!!

  115. Is the whole wheat pastry flour the same as just whole wheat flour? If so, guess who's making these tomorrow 🙂

  116. Very good. My kids liked them and I liked the lack of oil and use of egg white. Thank you. I am so glad I found your website – I plan to try many other recipes you have posted.

  117. I'm allergic to Apples, what can be used to sub the Applesauce?

  118. I just had the first two cookies while they were still warm from the oven. Oh my goodness, they are perfect! Slightly crisp around the edges and perfectly chewy inside. I subbed in regular whole wheat flour, white cake flour, and 2/3 cup regular sized milk chocolate chips. The nutritional stats still add up to 87 calories and 3.0 grams of fat per cookie (with the recipe making 24 total). Perfection!

  119. Just made these using all whole wheat white flour instead of the pastry flour and they turned out wonderful! They're crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside. So glad the serving size is two! Haha, thanks for posting this! Keep doing more dessert recipes please! These are so delish! Maybe you could try homemade pretzels or yogurt covered pretzels. Thanks again.

  120. Thank you so much for this recipe! We just got some bad test results back from my 12yo DD's physical, and a low fat diet is a big part of trying to get her healthy. I'm trying not to make it seem like a punishment or give her any food issues, so having recipes like this one really help. She came home from her first day of school and thanked me for her delicious lunch. I asked how the cookies were and she said, "They tasted just like real cookies!" LOL! My teenage boys also loved them.

    I have to add that they were in the oven in under 10 minutes, so it's no big deal for me to whip up a batch for school lunches.

    Thank you for sharing your creativity and your recipes!

  121. Not sure if you're still reading comments, but I want to make an ice cream cookie cake…has anyone attempted to make two LARGE cookies out of this batter?

  122. I don't think I can make these cookies again. Not because they didn't taste good – because they're so good that I can't stop eating them!! I didn't have whole wheat pastry flour in the pantry, so I used whole wheat flour. They didn't turn out chewy, more cake like, so I'm not sure if it was the WW flour or maybe I could have taken them out a bit earlier (I baked mine for 8 minutes at 325 but my oven tends to run hot). They were still very good, but I'll have to try again to get them chewy. Or maybe not…they're already good, so if they get nice and chewy, I'd probably eat the entire batch the first day!!

  123. I baked these today. I used ww flour instead of pastry bc i haven't been able to find it in my local stores. I followed the rest of the recipe exactly as printed. My batter was thick and it would have taken a lot more than few tbsp. of water to thin it out so i left it as is. The cookies came out great! They werent the same rich color but they tasted do good. Some of the comments made me worry about the sweetness but i didnt have a problem 🙂

    For those of you fretting over ww pastry flour. You can substitute 1/2 cake flour and 1/2 whole wheat.
    Oh and when a recipe calls for a light and fluffy mixture, most of the time that means to mix it well i.e. mixing it a bit longer.

  124. I made this recipe exactly (baked for just 8 mins) and the cookies turned out great! mine turned out pretty flat as well but I like them that way, they were super chewy and my family could not beleive there was barely any butter in them. I then made them a second time (they didn't last very long in my house) and used only 3/4 cup sugar total and all whole wheat pastry flour and they were just as good. This recipe is a keeper!

  125. these cookies are AMAZING! I have made them a bunch of times, I find that by omitting the butter, and using whole wheat flour and whole wheat pastry flour they come out perfect and arent as flat for some reason. These cookies are neer questioned by my picky kids and I know that I am not putting junk into their bodies! Thank you Gina for all of your wonderful recipies they are so delicious and have helped to keep me on track!

  126. I made these today but tried to substitute Stevia for sugar…bad idea. Don't do it!! I'm going to retry them as written.

  127. Just made these for the first time –flat and all the inside of the cookie scraped out when I took them off the cookie stone!! Grrr. I think my prob was that I added too much water. I will definitely try them again though!

  128. Wondering how to adjust liquids if I wanted to add oatmeal & make these chocolate chip oatmeal cookies?

  129. Just made these! They are delish!!!! I used all whole wheat flour and splenda but they taste amazing. They didn't flatten out as nicely as yours but they taste great! Will defs be making a double batch next time!

  130. Hi Gina
    Love your recipes and site.
    I made these, they came out flat but delicious, they were sweet, possible reasons they were flat:
    I used all light brown sugar, I did NOT pack the sugar,
    I had only regular sized choc chips, added a couple extra 🙂
    I used country crock spread- not butter,
    I did use the correct flours,
    was not meticulous in leveling off the measuring cup…
    But like I said I and my family loved them, I ate three 🙂 brother, picky eater, son, sister and hubby all enjoyed them
    Thanks for sharing your awesome recipes 🙂


  131. Tasted great! I live in high altitude. As they were cooking, I read the comments. After 10 minutes, they were not ready so I increased the oven to 370• for 4 more minutes. I also used my stoneware sprayed with canola oil along with regular wheat flour. Delicious! I did add blanched almond slices too. Next time, I'll decrease the sugar. Thank you so much for your recipe!

  132. Was inspired by your fro-yo chocolate chip cookie sandwiches…just wanted to say I followed the recipe to a T (Whole Foods sells bulk whole wheat pastry flour for $0.99 a pound) and it came out great. Chewy, crispy edges, did not fall flat or get cakey.

    I think it's imperative to really beat the wet ingredients (I used my Kitchen Aid with the whisk attachment) and thoroughly mix in the dry ingredients but not overbeat. My rule of thumb too is to make each recipe as is the first time, to get a feel for how it will work before I make subs like Splenda, etc.

    Can't wait to make these into cookie sandwiches tonight for girls night!

  133. I just made these for the first time, and I really wish I hadn't, because now I'm going to CRAVE them every week. They are INSANELY good. I followed the directions to the letter, except I only had regular whole wheat flour, versus pastry flour. They came-out great. I predict that my husband and son will eat them all before the day is over. Gina, you've done it again!!!

  134. I just made these for the first time, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised! They were good!

    I used all brown sugar, a stand mixer to mix the dough, and parchment paper (I don't have a silpat). I didn't add any extra water. I think I may add some nuts next time. Thanks for the recipe.

  135. gina .. you are simply amazing. i've made a few of your recipes now (including your banana walnut oatmeal cookies which i added fresh blueberries to & ate for 'breakfast' during the work week as i adjust to life after college) & i just made these after stalking them for weeks. absolutely. amazing. i used 1/2 cup t.j. white whole wheat flour & subbed 1 tablespoon ground flax which seemed to 'moisten' in place of the pastry flour.
    my boyfriend, who is generally open to healthy eating but still demands full flavored meals, said these were probably his favorite chocolate chip cookies with the exception of a jacques torres recipe i made over christmas that had so much butter it literally clogged your arteries just by making eye contact.
    you are by far my favorite healthy eating blog because all of your recipes yield fabulous results. & while i'm not necessarily dieting nor in desperate need of losing weight, i fully commit to nutritional & conscious cooking coming from my kitchen. thank you.

  136. I JUST made these cookies with one substitution, I used whole wheat flour instead of the whole-wheat pastry flour as specified. They came out good, but a little crunchy and I had to do the math in order to figure out how many PointsPlus one cookie was, as I made them a little bigger and ended up with 18 instead of 2 dozen (which poses a question: What size cookie scoop do you use for this recipe? Thank You, Gina@SkinnyTaste for posting tasty recipes that are also healthy 🙂

  137. My son and I just had a nice evening together baking these cookies. They are soooo good!

  138. I just got done making these cookies and I really liked them. Mine came out undone in the middle too (and this was even after I baked them a few minutes more!). I thought maybe that happened because I used regular sized chocolate chips instead of the mini chocolate chips. I also used whole wheat flour and it was fine. The only thing I noticed with mine was they they tasted a little too sweet but this could've been because I used organic brown sugar, which I feel always tends to be a little sweeter. Overall, I loved the chewy/crunchy taste of the cookie and I will probably make these again.

  139. These turned out terribly… They spread out all over the pan and just looked like a pan of cookie mess when I took them out.

  140. I just want to say thanks for the whole site. I just made these cookies and they are amazing. I was recently hospitalized because of my gallbladder and put on a strict low fat diet so this site has been very helpful.

  141. I have made these so many times and I love them!! Everyone I give them to loves them and always wants the recipe! The only thing I changed was that I used all whole wheat flour!! So good thank you!!

  142. I have to say these cookies are the best low fat cookie I've ever made. My father was visiting the night I made these, and he's a food snob when it comes to anything low fat or light. He ususally refused to eat anything low fat / light LOL. So, I didn't tell him what they were and just gave him one and told him it was a new recipe. They were a hit!! The only thing he asked is if they were wheat. But he had more so I know they were good! Thank you so much Gina, these were Dad approved ;o)

  143. I made these fantastic cookies, and then made them again with a few alterations. I used whole wheat flour and them instead of white flour, I used oatmeal. Also I only used 1 tsp butter and used 5 tsp applesauce. They were a little bit cakey, but chewy and so delicious! Thank you for the recipe!

  144. These cookies are AMAZING!!! Thank you soooo much for a great recipe!! 🙂

  145. Just made these cookies, they are incredible! Great recipe, I baked mine for 9 minutes and they are perfectly chewy! I lined with parchment paper and I didnt even need a flipper to take off sheets. I also just used all whole wheat flour (not pastry) and I think they are fabulous! I will definitely double or triple batch next time and freeze. I might cut down on the choc chips next time because they are so great on their own you dont need a whole lot of chips! I may even next time cut down even more on the sugar too just to make a little healthier! Great job. If you have a healthy cinnamon bread I would love to try it because I havent found one I like yet! Thanks!

  146. So I have just completed my third batch of these in 4 weeks. My husband (not on WW) keeps devouring the whole batch on me. I will have my 2, and then I wake up in the morning and half the batch is gone because he takes them to work. Thank you so much for giving us healthy alternatives to the sweets we love!!

  147. I'm going to try this in my Food Lesson!

  148. This may be the most DANGEROUS recipe I've ever found…. I added some oatmeal and coconut flakes (I add them to every chocolate chip recipe) and I literally groaned in the middle of my kitchen when I tasted them warm out of the oven!

  149. I made these and they are now my GO TO cookie for anything. I did cut the sugar to 1/4 cup for both the brown and white and they still turned out great. Still sweet and tasty, thanks!

  150. Just made these, they came out like little Chocolate Chip Pancakes. The only thing I did differently was use 1/2 cup of whole wheat flour instead of whole wheat pastry flour. I also just used a cookie sheet lined with foil, could that have changed it ? Either way they were still yummy. 🙂

  151. I made these this afternoon and they are divine! I only have one Silat, so my other sheet had parchment and they both came out great. I actually found the parchment ones to be a bit more crispy and the Silat ones to stick a bit. Also, I doubled the recipe since we are a large family and had to add quite a bit of water to get mine smooth like yours, and I think this may be why mine came out very flat, but they were still delicious, very sweet, everyone loved them!

  152. I used Splenda granulated and Splenda brown sugar blend. These cookies are Amazing!! Thank you Gina for all your wonderful recipes!! I make something of yours almost every night!

  153. Just made these and they will become a staple in our house. My 3 year old daughter loves baking with Mommy in the kitchen, but since beginning our new "healthy" lifestyle we haven't been baking much. She is so excited that we can bake again! Thank you so much, Gina!

  154. So…I love this recipe and adapted it the following:
    I forgot the egg white once and didn't miss it. I just add a more applesauce. Still yummy.
    I do half regular whole wheat and half unbleached flour.
    I use margarine or earth balance as I gave up dairy.
    There is also a sweet spot with baking these…and its still a bit trial and error for me esp. with my stone cookie sheets. One batch doesn't last long. Thx Gina

  155. Tried these with 1/2 cup whole wheat flour and 1/2 cup white flour- very YUMMY but odd texture, more like cake. I will be on the look out for pastry flour to try them again. If you have a craving for cookie it will still do the trick!

  156. Forget the post above this, I put in the wrong number of servings. These are incredibly delicious! I love to bake and I'm so happy I can actually enjoy what I'm baking again.

  157. I put it in recipe builder and got 1 point per cookie too.

  158. Made these last night. They were yummy, but didn't spread at all in the oven and turned out spongey. I think my batter was a little too thick. It was smooth so I didn't add any water, but after looking at your pictures I can see your batter was thinner so I will add a little water at the end and see if that helps. 🙂

  159. So yummy! I'm a cookie snob, and these were so good. I chopped up my chocolate very small, and used white whole wheat flour. I also added a little more salt. Thank you!!

  160. These were delicious! They came out a little flat, but I know my problem. I did't whisk the wet ingredients until fluffy. Rookie mistake. I'll know better next time. I'll also add a little more salt next time. I like my cookies a little saltier.

  161. Oh my! I just pulled these out of the oven and I'm not sure how long they're going to last! AMAZING! Best cookie ever!

  162. Tried these. They turned out flat and stuck to the silicon sheet. I think I may have undercooked them as they were very sticky. I'd like to try it again. They are still very good… but not very pretty. 🙂

  163. I made these this morning exactly as written and they turned out great, so delicious! Thanks Gina!

  164. Is it 170.7 calories per cookie or for the whole batch?

  165. I can't believe I waited so long to try these! They came out great. I didn't have pastry flour, whole wheat or otherwise, so I used 3/4C plus 2tb of all purpose, plus 2tb corn starch and sifted it really well. They came out fantastic…not quite as healthy…but so good…the right amount of crispines, chewy middles, and they rose just like a cookie should! Thanks!!!

  166. I just made these, twice, and both times they were more like cake cookies. My batter does not get runny at all. What am I doing wrong? The only thing I can think of is that I'm using liquid egg whites in the carton. Thanks.

  167. I made these last night for the second time. But I added my own spin to them this time. I didn't have any regular butter so I used the Brummel & Brown spread made with yogurt. I used the Splenda/sugar blend in place of the white sugar; however, I only used a heaping 1/4 cup. But the best part of this is the secret ingredient I've had in my cabinet since I purchased it last year at the farmer's market. I used lavender salt in the place of the salt, and then I sprinkled a little on top after the cookies got out of the oven.

    They were amazing.

    I personally like the contrast of salty and sweet. There's a great bakery here in Santa Monica that serves these huge chocolate chip cookies with sea salt on top. These were just as good and so much healthier. Even if you can't get your hands on lavender salt. Try using coarse sea salt on half the batch and see how you like them.

    • That sounds amazing! Can't find lavender salt, but will try it out with sea salt. I'm just afraid I'm going to end up eating the whole batch!

      Thanks for the tip!

  168. These are so delicious! They're a nice bite-sized treat, and they are so sweet and chewy. They were a hit with the entire family.

  169. delicious!! had no problems with the recipe..i used white whole wheat flour (king arthurs). cookies are great!

  170. Jessi..keep these tips in mind with high altitude baking:
    High Altitude Baking Tips
    • Reduce baking powder by 1/8 – 1/4 per teaspoon
    • Reduce sugar by 0 – 2 TB per cup
    • Increase liquid by 2 – 4 TB per cup to counterbalance rapid
    evaporation of liquids
    • Use cold water and large cold eggs to give cake extra
    • Don’t over beat eggs to prevent too much air being added
    • Generously grease and flour cake pans to prevent cakes
    from sticking – with the exception of angel food and sponge
    cakes which should always be baked in ungreased pans
    • Fill pans 1/3 to no more than 1/2 full to avoid batter overflow
    caused by rapid cake expansion
    • Increase oven temperature by 25° to help “set” the batter
    before it over expands
    • Reduce baking time about 20% to prevent over-baking at the
    higher temperature
    • For yeast cakes watch dough carefully since they rise more
    quickly judge rise time by change in dough’s bulk, not by
    amount of time it takes

  171. these didn't turn out very well in CO!

  172. When I made them the first time with all white whole wheat flour they were awesome. But when I decided to try the recipe exactly as written, they spread so flat the cookies became one giant cookie cake that was so tough and chewy, it wasn't very edible. For those of you that have had the pancake problem, maybe try white ww flour…worked for me!

  173. Wow Yummy and they really kill your sweet tooth! I used white chips and reg white flour. I had no apple sauce so I used 2 tbs bannana. 2 of them hits the spot. My husband loved them! They were a little sweet for me but white choc is always too sweet for me. I prefer choc while my husband prefer white choc lol.

  174. …..
    Is the pastry flour the softer than usual type?.
    Thank you

  175. So glad you liked them!

  176. It is Jan. 1, 2012 – Hubby and I decided we would start eating right, exercising……WELL, it is a cold, dark day – the kind of day you just HAVE to bake cookies. So I looked on for a good chocolate chip cookie recipe. I found this one and decided to try it. GLAD I DID! It is wonderful!! My dough was nice and soft (didn't have to add water), if fact, I thought I might have to add a little flour so they wouldn't spread out too think – but they baked up beautifully – not too thin. I used dark brown sugar and they had a wonderful brown sugar flavor. I will make these again for sure! But yes – willpower is needed to stick to 2. But what a treat!!

  177. Gina….
    Is the pastry flour the softer than usual type?.
    Thank you

  178. Anna
    wait for your cookies to cool down completly then put them away

  179. I made these again this weekend with a different low fat butter and YES this time they were perfect! Idk how that helped maybe I stored them too early and thats how they got spongey? Well anyway these are amazing and not cakey at all. Thanks again!

  180. In my first post, I apologize for the typo (*by threat was supposed to read by the way)…autocorrect

  181. I should clarify that I did make a change, but the only change I made was I used king Arthur white whole wheat flour instead of the blend you called for of AA white and ww pastry.

  182. Gina, I wanted to tell you how wonderful these were, especially 5 minutes out of the oven! It has renewed my faith that I can eat healthier now, knowing I don't have to give up on cookies entirely! 😉 by threat, mine were not cakey OR flat! Perfect as far as that goes…
    I did have one problem with these, though, and I was hoping you could help me figure it out. They were soft but chewy 5 minutes out of the oven, but then after a little while I decided to put them in my airtight plastic cookie jar. They were still warm, so though I put all of them in there together, I did not put the lid on until they were completely cool. Anyway when I ate one the next day, they were very tough…kind of like biting into a tough steak only it was a cookie….does that make sense? I had to microwave all of them for 45 seconds to get a non-tough texture from them. They werent soft and chewy 5minutes out of the oven! They were never dry or crunchy or else I would have thought I overcooked them…what happened?

  183. I just had a chance to try these and I used the exact ingredients/amounts as posted. However, mine turned out super flat too. But – still really delish! And I gotta be honest, because they're flat and therefore pretty big, I think I might like them that way better. Makes me feel like I get to eat more of a cookie. 🙂 Thank you!

  184. These are not cake-y at all, I too dislike cake-y cookies.

    There is a place you can put notes in your recipe box, perhaps adding the points there would be the solution you are looking for.

    Priscilla, glad they worked with less sugar!

    megan, I wish I knew! did you change anything at all?

  185. Aw, mine came out all fat and spongy lol…Not blaming the recipe at all, I'm just a horrible baker, but I wish I knew what I did wrong, because
    the taste was wonderful, just the texture was weird. 🙁

  186. I've made these now for the 3rd time & I swear they get better every time!! These cookies are toooooooooo addictive! My 2.5 year old actually helped me with the last batch – she had so much fun mixing the ingredients and watching them bake. Thanks for another fantastic recipe! 🙂

  187. Gina, thanks so much for all the great recipes! Is there a way to see the point value for recipes inones recipe box? It sure would save a lot of time. Thanks!

  188. Hi Gina,

    I did this recipe with 1/4 cup less regular sugar, and I also used golden brown sugar. I added 1/2 cup white chocolate chips and 3/4 cup Craisins. Delicious, and perfect for the holidays! I made these to give out to coworkers.

    Thanks for your help! 🙂

  189. Are these at all cakey in texture? That is my biggest pet peeve with "healthy" cookies. I made a reduced-fat version tonight that called for one stick of butter and even then they were cakey…not sure why. So I'm kind of scared to try these with only 2tbsp of butter.

  190. Less regular sugar or less brown sugar?

    I'll try them tonight and let you know how they turn out. 🙂

  191. Rachel, that doesn't seem right, did you leave anything out?

    Priscilla- I think you would have to use less sugar or they will be too sweet but not sure if that will effect the cookie. Maybe try with 1/4 cup less?

  192. Hi Gina,

    Is there a way to modify this recipe for use of white chocolate chips instead of regular chocolate chips? I'm wondering if the sugar content should lower since white chocolate chips are sweeter.


  193. I made 48 cookies. When I put it into recipe builder, it was 1 pt. for 1 and 2 pts for 2. Is that right? I put in the recipe exactly as is and put 48 as my serving size. How did you get 5 for 2?

  194. I found it helpful to read everyone's comments. I made these for the first time today. They came out flat and mushy in the middle. I baked them for 9 min. I should have kept them in the extra minute. I would like to try it again, but I wonder how big a scoop I should be making. I used a regular tea spoon, not a measuring spoon and they were small and uneven. Any suggestions?

  195. I am on a low-fat diet because of gallbladder problems. Not very fun to be forced into it, so I am very happy to have found your site. I will be trying many other recipes soon. As for the cookies, i accidentally used whole wheat flour even though I had whole wheat pastry flour. I also didn't have regular sugar so used 3/4 cup dark brown instead. I thought they were great! They are flat but I like that because there is more of the crispy edges to enjoy! And I stumbled the recipe 🙂

  196. I'm definitely bookmarking these… they look insanely good and I love all of the healthy ingredients!

  197. i made these for a house warming party and they were a hit! i didn't use pastry flour, just normal whole wheat flour, and when i used a tablespoon to put the cookies on the sheet they got really flat so i switched to just using a teaspoon. they were delish though!

  198. I made these tonight and they turned out great! I have a go to ccc recipe I normally use that calls for 2 sticks of butter. Tonight I told my husband that I was making cookies but healthier. He agreed to try them. He told me that they didn't taste any different and I should make them this way from now on!

    I did use a stand mixer to make sure everything was well mixed so maybe that has something to do with the flat cookies some people got?

  199. I added a hand full of blackberries to the batch the second time I made these. not only did I get more cookies out of it, everyone who tried them said that the ones with the crushed blackberries were amazing, moist, and sweet! I used all whole wheat flour and I put less sugar in the mix (regular and brown).

  200. @Asiya…you will be able to find whole wheat pastry flour at the "Bulk Barn" in Toronto…I use it all the time!

  201. There is only one problem with those: I can't save any calories with those as there are just toooo delicious to only eat one or two!

    By the way, I used regular whole wheat flour as well and they are perfect, maybe because i used a little more baking powder.

  202. I wonder if melting the butter is causing the cookies to be flat? What if softened butter was used?

  203. I just made these and they are so YUMMY!! Texture and taste hit the spot for a chocolate chip cookie!! I used all purpose flour and didn't bother with pastry flour. I also used a regular baking sheet sprayed with non stick spray. Thank you for the recipe!!

  204. These were a bit too sweet but otherwise the consistency, etc. was great! I'll likely modify the recipe next time. Thanks for all of your awesome recipes!

  205. Just made these tonight for the first time. They're deliciously yummy! Thanks, Gina!

  206. I just made these and used regular whole wheat flour. I tried to dough and to be honest, I wasn't holding out a lot of hope for these cookies because the dough tasted very flour-y to me. Then when I took them out of the oven and let them cool for awhile, they tasted great for a low fat cookie! Maybe it's a good thing I didn't like the dough–I probably would've eaten most of it then :o) Oh, and for the applesauce I used the leftover applesauce I made from your website. Both are very tasty and I'll be making both again!

  207. I made these for my husband and a couple of friends. They were soooo good! I didn't have whole wheat pastry flour so I just used regular whole wheat flour and they were fine. Definitely making them again!

  208. so weird, I bet they were tasty flat crepe cookies though!

  209. I stink at making choc chip cookies and have vowed to never make them again…mine always got flat and the chips stick out and everything! Then I saw this recipe and being a Lifetime Member of Weight Watchers I really wanted some choc chip cookies that I can actually eat! Well, lets just say I'm consistent! Flat as a crepe! UGH!!!

  210. These are awesome! I didn't have the pastry flour, so I just used all-purpose. They turned out really yummy though! Thanks for the recipe!


  211. Great tip Tom!!

  212. I have a trick I use with low fat cookies, which is to add a tablespoon of regular molasses. This helps the texture and adds a rich flavor. This recipe is amazing, they do not taste like low fat cookies at all!
    I made a gluten free version using a blend of brown and white rice flours, plus a little potato starch, also a tsp of xanthan gum. I also subbed coconut palm sugar for the sugars. Really delicious, thanks for the great recipe!

  213. OMG!!! These cookies are so yummy! I cant believe it. I used whole wheat flour and they came out perfect. I'm so in love with this recipe, the only "bad" thing about these cookies…it's that I can't stop eating them LOL. I hope my kids hurry up to get home from school because they're almost gone LOL. Thank you Gina!!!

  214. These are the most beautiful cookies I have ever made! They are so good! So much for my points today! Absolutely wonderful! Thank you!

  215. Made these cookies this weekend and they came out perfectly! My husband had no idea that they were low fat and wouldn't believe me when I told him!

  216. I love this kind of cookies.

  217. Thought I would share that I added the calories up and my calculations were the same as the recipe! Except I had to add the banana and almonds, and the fact that I made mine a little bigger than I should which brought my cookies up to 105 per cookie or 210 for two. Considering the extra calories I added were "good" calories I don't feel bad indulging in an extra 40 cals for two. Plus I find they are very filling with the banana and nuts. Next time I probably won't add anything extra tho and will cut back to 1/4 cups chocolate chips for personal preference. Again thought they were amazing thank you!!

  218. I made these last night with my daughter! Mine turned out flat and delicious lol. They also turned out rather large and I only got about 18 cookies, so next time I will use smaller spoonful. They were still crispy outside chewy inside and very yummy. I added a small ripe banana and just a very very small handful of almonds (less than 1/3 cup) which increased the calories to about 13 per cookie, but after reading above comment I'm a little nervous these aren't as low cal as I thought. I'm going to add the calories today also.

  219. Made these today and they came out flat as well. Is it possible that those of us with flat cookies are not wisking the wet ingredients enough?

  220. I loved these cookies, but when entering my calories I noticed my came out different than yours. When I entered your exact recipe into calorie count it came out with 150 calories PER cookie not 170 for 2 cookies. Did I make a mistake or did you….?? Thanks, just want to make sure I get my calories correct.

  221. First thing, let me say thank you so much – you have no idea how long I've been looking for a low-fat chocolate chip cookies recipe!

    I tried making these today with whole wheat flour instead of the pastry flour, and other than being a bit too sweet (will put less sugar next time), they're perfect!
    So thank you again!

  222. mine were PERFECT! Thank you SO much. I've tried a gabillion low fat chocochip cookie recipes & so far this one wins!! I however used regular sized choc chips. =) and they baked perfectly fine on parchment paper. oh, and i used whole wheat flour as well…perfect!

  223. Meant to say it made very little BATTER:)

  224. I tried to make these today….I followed the recipe almost exactly (except I used whole wheat flour, not pastry flour- couldnt find it at my local grocery store?), and it barely made any better and was watery. I went ahead and added another 1/2 cup of ww flour and it only made about 10 cookies. I don't know what I did wrong!!!:(

  225. I used 1/2 ww flour and 1/2 white pastry flour but once I mixed the dry with liquid I ended up having to add quite a bit of water(almost 1/4 cup) to get it to look like the same consistency as yours. They were very flat but delicious. Do you think the flour was the problem with the consistency?

  226. Thank you! We are in Heaven enjoying these cookies!!!

  227. I just made these and mine also came out super thin. They're still really good, but you can practically see through them! 🙂 I followed the recipe exactly, but I've been having bad luck with cookies lately so who knows. I'll definitely try again!

  228. I made this recipe for the second time last night – it is absolutely perfect!!! Keep up the great work. These recipes are amazing.

  229. I also got flat cookies but after reading a bunch of comments I see that I probably made a mistake by using self-rising flour, plus I had to use regular whole-wheat flour. They still came out delicious and I will call mine chocolate chip crisps! Also I will be investing in a silpats because I always have difficulty taking things off my "non-stick" pans. Love your recipes!!

  230. I am guessing the silpat is key here. I made some on cookie sheets that were sprayed with cooking spray. Those flattened way out and are even lacy. I tried some without the cooking spray on a non-stick cookie sheet. Those didn't flatten out as much. Thanks for the recipe! Flat or not, my family is enjoying them. 🙂

  231. I made these today, using White Whole Wheat flour, instead of pastry flour. When I entered the recipe in to E-tools, they came to 2 points+ per cookie, and 4 points+ for 2 cookies!! They turned out wonderful = crispy on the edges, yet chewy in the middle. I had seen your inspiration recipe for these before, but since it still had 1/4 cup butter, I never made them. With your adaptation, they have the perfect calorie and fat content for those following WW and a healthy lifestyle. Thank you so much for your inspiration to me, to help me stay on track and focused. I am a 5 year WW Lifetime member, and it is so great to have new recipes each day that are healthy, cheap and easy.

  232. YUMMY…… I just made these for an evening snack craving. I used dark chocolate chips & added some walnut pieces.

  233. I am going to try using some coconut flour, and Splenda for the white sugar, it takes away some calories, someone posted they used all white purpose flour and they were good, so I will let you know.

  234. Mine turned out flat, but tasted wonderful!! I used 1/2 Splenda and 1/2 brown sugar Splenda. I think I might try to go all the way Splenda next time and see what happens. I couldn't find pastry flour and had to eyeball my baking soda, so I'm sure that's why they were flat. Since eating a real cookie is out of the question, I though these were incredible. Hubby is doing WW, too, and he loved the cookies.

    BTW, I've been using your recipes for the past week and my family has loved EVERYTHING I've tried (and I'm no cook). Thank you so much for posted these ideas. They have helped us so much and I've actually been enjoying cooking!!! 🙂

  235. I haven't tried them with margarine so not sure.

    These are pretty sweet but I'm afraid adding less sugar would effect them. You could experiment.

    As far as these turning out perfect for some, and flat for others… I'm stumped!! I'm assuming you are making the recipe exactly as written?

    • I made these exactly to recipe, and viola! Flat cookies. The next time I made them I didn't melt the butter but instead creamed it thoroughly into the sugar. They were wonderfully… not-as-flat. So for anyone having trouble with too flat cookies DON'T MELT THE BUTTER. It's plain old cookie science that MELTED BUTTER MAKES FLAT COOKIES.

  236. Gina, My cookies turned out flat and way too sweet. I didn't pack the brown sugar, but maybe something was off? If I use less sugar, do you think I need to modify the other ingredients? Thanks!!

  237. YUM! I used all purpose flour and they were not quite fluffy but more flat but tasted great!

  238. Any thoughts as to whether margarine would work instead of butter? I am eating dairy free but LOVE cookies and just wasnt sure if you thought something else would work?

  239. I love them too, for low fat they are incredible! I wish I knew why they don't work for everyone

  240. Gina, just wanted to let you know that I LOVE this recipe. Lol! I've made these cookies twice & they turned out great both times. They were moist, chocolatey & delicious, mmm, mmm! I also found the recipe to be quick & straightforward, nothing too time consuming or confusing. These are definitely a sweet treat go-to for me, thanks for sharing!

  241. No, if anything I would use less baking soda. More would make them flat.

    Lauren, I will have to try that next time!

  242. Is there anyway you could add cocoa powder to these to make them chocolate chocolate chip cookies? 🙂

  243. No I do not live in a high altitude. However for what its worth I did try self rising and it still did not work. So now I'm going to try baking powder. We will see.

  244. I'm wondering if those of you who didn't get them to rise, do you live in a high altitude? I don't think self-rising flour will help.

  245. I made these tonight but turned out flat they did not rise. Could I use self-rising flour instead?

  246. BTW- I made it with all purpose white flour because I ran out of wheat flour today. They turned out perfect!!

  247. For those of you who had success I'm so happy!!!

    Lisa I wish I knew why they didn't work for you, I'm assuming you made the recipe exactly as written?

  248. These turned out perfect for me! I am sure the parents will enjoy them tomorrow for Back to School Night. Thanks Gina 😉

  249. Mine turned out ruined. The moist batter was very liquid when I first mixed it. I am thinking maybe the butter. I measured the 2 tbsp butter out when it was solid and then melted it. Would that be my problem?

  250. These are brilliant. Thank you

  251. They really ARE the best cookies!!

  252. We're trying these tonight!!! I'm so glad since my mother can eat them!!! She's been on this diet and cookies were a definate NO NO but now she can perhaps snack on these little suckers and not have to worry about throwing off her whole day!

  253. Yummy, Just finished mine with a nice cold glass of skim milk. Couldn't have been happier with how they turned out, well, maybe if they had been half the calories so I could have eaten twice as many lol. I can see why some people are saying they were underdone but for me, this is exactly how I want my cookies, nice and gooey in the middle 🙂

    As for my changes, just in case other are wondering if it would work, I used all white wheat flour and I can't believe it's not butter light. As far as I'm concerned there was no negative effect but it could be the reason they were a little on the flat side, but it also took them down to 4 grams of fat for two cookies which was nice (every gram counts right:)

    Thanks for another great one, now to try your Chocolate chip oatmeal!

  254. Awesome!! 🙂

  255. OMG! These cookies are soooo good! I made them as "Hurricane Cookies" a week ago and I couldn't stop munching on them! Since I still had additional ingredients, I made more and brought them to a BBQ the following weekend. Everyone liked them so much they were asking me how I made them! (And to top it off, the hostess gave me back my container and kept the remaining cookies for herself – that is when you really know you did good!) Thank you!

  256. Angela, sorry they didnt work for you!

    Tiffany- I'm Not sure, I didn't try it… Any changes to this recipe may or may not work.

  257. would using ONLY normal whole wheat flour be ok??

  258. Man, I did terrible with these!! You said to whisk the sugars and wet ingredients, so I did so by hand. I think I should have used the mixer. They came out grainy and pretty flat. I want to try again. I also did not have whole wheat pastry flour; I may have to try that next time as well. I'll try again – I'm sure it was me!! 🙂

  259. beth- are you sure? : )

    kremsergirl- I found this online, hope it helps: Try increasing the oven temperature about 20 degrees and slightly decrease the baking time. This will keep your cookies from drying out. For cake or bar type cookies, reduce the sugar called for in the recipe by 3 Tbsp. per cup.

    Glad they worked for you Holly!

  260. I made these a few weeks ago, and I came to your website tonight to look up the recipe to make again. They are delicious … perfectly chewy and a little gooey in the middle but not too much. Thank you for sharing these fabulous recipes with us!!

  261. Just made these very delicious cookies! I live in Colorado, so I'm baking in high altitude. My cookies came out flat too, and I ended up baking them for about 12 minutes each batch as they just weren't baking at all. They came out tasting great but a little crispy. Does anyone have any high altitude suggestions?

  262. Just made these cookies and they are amazing. Thank you so much for another great recipe.

  263. made these last night after dinner and they were AMAZING! Thank you so much! However, I pt'd them in the weightwatchers recipe builder and they came up as 4pts for 2 cookies!

  264. I made these cookies today and they truly are the best chocolate chip cookies ever! I put some fat free cool whip in between two of them and froze them to made mock ice cream sandwiches! Truly yummy! Thanks Gina!

  265. These cookies are a girls best friend! Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe! I always think twice when I take the second cookie from the plate but not for now on!

  266. The cookies looks so delicious. I am pretty sure I can devour several pieces of it in one sitting. Chewy and moist chocolate chips are definitely the best.

  267. We made these today and they turned out perfectly! I was so excited to find a cookie I could have more than a bite of. (I currently have very low-fat dietary restrictions.)


    Karinya @ Unlikely Origins

  268. I tried your chocolate chip cookies last weekend, and have now made them 3 times for my in-laws, co worker, and skinny husband! Thanks so much Gina! Since these were the first homemade cookies I've ever baked, my husband said, "I'd love you forever if you kept cookies in the house all the time." Cookies seem to be good for the marriage.

  269. Just made these using regular unbleached flour completely, as well as Earth Balance margarine (we have dairy allergies). Turned out great!

  270. anything different for High Altitude?

  271. These were so good! My 3yr old helped so I think we put to much apple sauce in. Wasn't able to get 24 but will try harder next time. Yes there will be a next time!

  272. Hmmm, and you weren't using self-rising flour, correct? First time I made them, I got flat cookies too, (delicious flat chocolate cookies that I couldn't stop eating) before adjusting the baking soda. Too much made them flat. Second time I made them with less baking soda, they were perfect. I'm going to make them again and see what I get.

  273. I got flat cookies too 🙁 I'm sure I used the right baking soda and I had all the right flours. I'd like to try again. Any other tips?

  274. These are in the oven right now 🙂 I can't wait to try them out! Thank you for all of your wonderful recipes 🙂

  275. I just made these. They were fantastic for a skinny version!

  276. I can't guarantee they will work the same if you change anything. Using splenda could certainly effect the results. Too much baking soda would make them flat. This worked great for some of you and not for others, so I would imagine if you changed something, that would be why they didn't work.

  277. I just served mine at a bbq. They were a SMASHING success!

    Interestingly, for fear that my cookies would fall flat I put half the batch into a mini-muffin pan to prevent having paper thin ugly cookies. They came out SOOOO yummy! Maybe a little more "cakey" in texture, but DELICIOUS. I served both at the bbq and the mini-muffin ones were actually more popular than the regular cookies.

    Thanks so much for the recipe. Everyone LOVED these and kept asking for the recipe. 😉

  278. Mine also came out cakey, but I used normal whole wheat and not whole wheat pastry flour. I wonder if that caused the problem or could it be down to me using half the quantity of white and brown splenda sugar blend instead of regular sugar? Gina, yours look amazing :).

  279. JUST finished making these and they are delicious!

    I didn't have whole wheat pastry flour so I used 1/4 cup cake flour and 1/4 cup whole wheat flour as a substitute for the 1/2 cup whole wheat pastry flour. It seemed to work quite well.

    Thanks for the recipe!

  280. Just made these…yummy!!!You are correct…hard to eat just two

  281. My chocolate chip cookies are super soft maybe not so skinny they are 3 points plus each, but what makes them soft is instant vanilla pudding-dry

  282. Mine came out quite nicely. I just used regular "whole wheat flour". I was wondering if some people who had trouble didn't whip their wet ingredients enough? I whipped mine for quite a while and although it didn't ever get truly "fluffy", it did have a bit of structure.

    Normally, my cookies fall absolutely flat. So something was right here!

    I doubled the recipe and unfortunately only got 37 tablespoons of batter instead of 48… Not quite sure what was up with that. It made each cookie 3 points+ and 6 points+ for 2.

    • I have this book called "Betty Crocker all about cooking".. or something to that effect. In the book under each recipe it talks about what type of things can happen that would for example make your cookies flat. Since baking is kind of scientific and has to be exact this book is GREAT for me. I am absolutely not a baker and leave that up to my husband most of the time. But it's been a good book for me in some ways.

      Anyway my point was that in the book it says that if cookies are flat it might be that your butter is too warm. Who knew that something so simple could be the difference between flat or puffy cookies. 😉 Like you this had happened to me many other times. LOL .

  283. I used whole wheat flour, with my fingers crossed, because I still haven't picked up pastry flour… it didn't turn out great. Looks like I'm going to need to get over it and get some pastry flour! I did finally get a hand blender as recommended, and it's fabulous! I look forward to making these (the right way) again! Thanks Gina!

  284. I actually find them to be very sweet. Wish I knew why they came out flat for you.

  285. Well – I followed the recipe, except I used regular pastry flour instead of wheat, and they still fell flat. Not really sure what to do about. The taste was ok. Think I was hoping for something a tad sweeter. Going to have to try the oatmeal ones instead!

  286. This look so yummy, my friend passed this recipe along to me. Can't wait to try

  287. I made these. They are perfect. I only had 1/4 cup chips and added another 1/4 cup Brickle toffee. I will save this recipe, my husband won't know the difference!

  288. Yes, level tablespoons for each cookie and I have a regular oven.

    I bake them at the same time, but and switch them if needed.

  289. Ok, what is your preference? Do you put 2 cookie sheets on 2 separate racks in the oven at the same time, and then switch the cookie sheets to each other's rack halfway through the allotted baking time? Or, do you bake one sheet at a time? Also, regular bake or convection bake? Lastly, is the level spoonful usually a tablespoon size? Thanks!

  290. It's so weird that people are getting different results. Follow the recipe exact, any changes will yield different results.

    Elizabeth, I had that problem with the original recipe and used less baking soda. I'm guessing you might be using self rising flour, which is making them flat. By the way, I loved my flat ones too. I might even post those soon, they were highly addictive.

  291. Mine were flat as a pancake too – I did use whole wheat flour as I did not have pastry flour. Despite the awful appearance, they still taste delicious!

    • Mine were flatter than any cookies I've ever seen. Great taste. I suppose I'll cut the b. soda down. I followed the recipe but used only ww flour, nothing fancy.

  292. mine came out cakey… *sigh* I'll try again though! I'm sure it was baker-error.

  293. Made these last night and they were amazing…such an awesome treat without all the butter!!

  294. I can't wait to try these! I wonder how many more points it would be if I added pecans?

  295. So do I Renee!! If it's not great, it doesn't make the cut! Let me know what you think!

  296. totally trying this recipe today Gina! I agree…finding and making quality low cal, low fat baked goods can be challenging! They don't always have the texture you like or the taste…I am really picky about what kind of baked goods I post…I make lots and lots of things that just don't make the cut and get published to the blog!

  297. Asiya (and other Canadians!) – In Canada you can get whole wheat pastry flour at Bulk Barn. I believe they call it soft whole wheat flour and indicates pastries as one of the uses. I use this flour in all baking and it is light enough that I have even used it entirely in place of all purpose flour (in recipes that call for part all purpose and part whole wheat). Hope this helps!

  298. Yum, they look awesome!

  299. I just made these tonight. I thought that they were too sweet. I would use only 1/2 cup of brown sugar or 1/4 cup or white sugar and 1/4 cup brown sugar if I was to make these again.

  300. I used Gold Medal whole wheat flour in place of ww pastry flour and they still turned out chewy and sooooo yummy! I'm going to make another batch of these AS SOON AS these are gone 🙂

    You rock Gina!

  301. mine came out horrible…used reg flour…they spread out completely flat. will have to look for that other flour,

  302. I am definitely making these, I love chocolate chip cookies, and had been avoiding them!

  303. I made these for the first time today, took a risk and doubled the batch… they're fantastic! The edges are crunchy and the middles are close to but not undercooked. They're perfect! I'm not sure I can justify calling these low-fat, because I definitely ate more than my usual share 🙂

  304. I just tried making these last night, but I had to make a couple of changes. After mixing all the wet ingredients, I realized I did not have applesauce after all. My husband happened to have some very thick homemade soymilk. The consistency was extremely similar to buttermilk, which I'm sure would work as well. I put 2T initially, but a little more at the end to make the batter look drippier. I also cut out the 1/2C of granulated sugar and used only 1/2C of very dark brown sugar. These turned out FABULOUS. I have tried SO many "healthier" cookies, and these were the first ones that actually tasted like a choco chip cookie… lightly crispy on top, gooey in the middle and good the next morning. I have used applesauce many times in cookies and I'm anxious to try it in this recipe; however, I find that in the past, they tend to make my cookies muffin-like. I'm not sure if buttermilk makes a difference. thank you so much for this amazing post!!! I have finally found my cookie recipe 🙂 (unfortunately, I didn't stick to two. I ate 4 or 5, but hey, I'm pregnant… I get to do whatever I want! lol)

  305. Anon- it probably needed a few more minutes if it was undercooked slightly.

    You could certainly use white chocolate chips or raisins instead. Or a combo of add ins which I may play with soon!!

  306. Thanks, I will be trying these tomorrow. I just made a batch of homemade applesauce so what a great way to use it!!! Of course I will be using regular size choc chips. I can't skimp on my favorite ingredient! 🙂

  307. I can't eat chocolate – have you ever tried these with a substitute for the chips? How about raisins or another dried fruit? Thanks.

  308. I baked these with whole wheat flour and had no troubles, and it was at high altitude, (7500ft). Delicious! thank you Gina!!!!

  309. I used regular whole wheat all purpose and they stayed chewey. I also couldn't find wheat pastry flour. However, if anyone in high altitude (around 4,500 ft above sea level) tries them, let me know if you know which adjustments to make. Mine were chewey, but seemed almost undercooked in the middle too.

  310. you have the BEST cookie recipes!! thank you!!! 🙂

  311. lol Linnet!

    Yes, I wouldn't say so unless I really thought they were good. I've never been happy with the results in the past so I never posted them before.

  312. Yum, can't wait to try this! I can't go a day without a little something sweet 🙂

  313. What a great recipe! I love the idea of a healthier chocolate chip cookie! These look wonderful!

  314. I am making these ASAP!I haven't tried making low fat chocolate chip cookies before and these look great! Less guilt is always great 😉

  315. These look awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  316. Coming from you 'the best' is a big deal! So this sounds like an absolute gem of a recipe, its like the holy grail of low fat baking, the chocolate chip cookie, and if you have achieved it then massive thumbs up! 🙂

  317. Would love to see white chocolate macadamia nut cookies go skinny!

  318. You can order your pastry flour from here!

  319. These look delicious! I can't wait to try them : )

  320. Does anyone else hear that noise? I'm pretty sure its angels singing.

  321. I've looked everywhere for whole wheat pastry flour, to no avail… 🙁

  322. What kind of spoons do you use to portion out your cookies? Do you use the 1.5 tablespoon scoop?

  323. Looks just right! Everyone can be happy about this.

  324. I'm going to try these and put some fat free frozen yogurt in the middle of them.

  325. You can use one cup of all purpose flour instead, I'm sure half white, half whole wheat all purpose would turn out ok. Main thing is not to over-cook them!

    • Yes! This is key! I used whole wheat flour (vs. WW pastry flour) and cooked on parchment. I cooked the first batch for 9 min, and the second for 8 min. The 9 min batch was crunchy and the 8 min batch soft and chewy. Its deceiving because they don't look over cooked in the oven…but they cool way crunchy if you cook too long.

      Great recipe! Thanks!!!

  326. Great timing Gina! I'm just about to head to the store! Thanks for all of your fantastic recipes!!!

  327. I love Chocolate Chip Cookies but rarely make them because of the amount of butter. But unfortunately I have never been able to find whole wheat pastry flour in Toronto :(. I've seen substitutions for regular pastry flour where they replace 2 tbsp of all purpose with corn starch and sift several times. Do you think this would work for your recipe?

  328. Pastry flour is different, regular whole wheat flour may work but I can't guarantee since I didn't test it. If you try it let me know.

    You could use parchment but I like the results from the Silpat much better!

  329. Could I just use parchment lining?

  330. Question: Is whole wheat pastry flour different than plain whole wheat flour?

  331. Love this idea! Can't wait to try.

  332. Your oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are amazing, and we make them all the time, so I imagine these will be fabulous as well! I look forward to trying them very soon.

  333. I can't wait to try these, they look amazing!

  334. Look great! I'm jealous of your nonstick baking mat

  335. YES! 😀 I was browsing through your website the other day trying to find a chocolate chip cookie recipe and voila! here it is! perfect! thank you!


  336. Yea!!! Choc Chip cookies! 🙂 thank you! do the different flours make a difference? if I used all whole wheat flour would it come out alright?

  337. Okay I'll bite. Difference between whole wheat flour and whole wheat pastry flour please? Thank you :).

    • Pastry flour is a finer mill.

    • Whole-wheat pastry flour is lower in protein than regular whole-wheat flour, has less gluten-forming potential, making it a better choice for tender baked goods. You can find it in the natural-foods section of large super markets and natural-foods stores. Store in the freezer.

    • I used all whole wheat flour and they turned out perfect!

      • WOW, These turned out delicious!! I substituted half the chips for salted caramel chips and made  ice cream sandwiches. Big hit!!

  338. Perfect cookies. Certainly delicious 😀

  339. Thanks! Sometimes you just need that warm comfort food, even in diet-mode!

  340. I can't wait to try these!

    • I made these yeaterday, they were fabulous!! Even better than regular. So so good I made 2 batches. !! Thank you, your right I couldnt eat just one I ate half the batch in a few hours…