Cajun Shrimp in Foil

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Cajun Shrimp foil packets are so easy to make, anyone can do it! Spicy shrimp seasoned with Cajun spices, Andouille sausage, and rainbow colored vegetables are baked together in foil pouches. They are fast and easy to make, and can be made ahead and kept in your freezer. When you're ready to cook them, just pop them in the oven – perfect for busy weeknights!

Cajun Shrimp foil packets are so easy to make, anyone can do it! Spicy shrimp seasoned with Cajun spices, Andouille sausage, and rainbow colored vegetables are baked together in foil pouches.

Cajun Shrimp foil packets are so easy to make, anyone can do it! Spicy shrimp seasoned with Cajun spices, Andouille sausage, and rainbow colored vegetables are baked together in foil pouches. They are fast and easy to make, and can be made ahead and kept in your freezer. When you're ready to cook them, just pop them in the oven – perfect for busy weeknights!

They are fast and easy to make, and can be made ahead and kept in your freezer. When you’re ready to cook them, just pop them in the oven – perfect for busy weeknights! I also love making Grilled Clams in Foil and Shrimp Scampi Foil Packets.

These are from Ellie Krieger’s Cookbook, You Have It Made – Delicious, Healthy, Do-ahead Meals. I met Ellie at an event a few years back and she was they nicest person, and even prettier in person.

This recipe didn’t disappoint, her recipe makes 8 but I halved it for 4 and slightly adapted it with chicken sausage.

Cajun Shrimp foil packets are so easy to make, anyone can do it! Spicy shrimp seasoned with Cajun spices, Andouille sausage, and rainbow colored vegetables are baked together in foil pouches. They are fast and easy to make, and can be made ahead and kept in your freezer. When you're ready to cook them, just pop them in the oven – perfect for busy weeknights!
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Cajun Shrimp in Foil

310 Cals 29 Protein 21 Carbs 12 Fats
Prep Time: 10 mins
Cook Time: 15 mins
Total Time: 25 mins
Yield: 4 Servings
COURSE: Dinner
CUISINE: American
Cajun Shrimp foil packets are so easy to make, anyone can do it! Spicy shrimp seasoned with Cajun spices, Andouille sausage, and rainbow colored vegetables are baked together in foil pouches. They are fast and easy to make, and can be made ahead and kept in your freezer. When you're ready to cook them, just pop them in the oven – perfect for busy weeknights!


  • 1 tablespoon Cajun or Creole seasoning
  • 24 1 pound cleaned large shrimp
  • 3 ounces fully cooked Turkey/Chicken Andouille sausage, Applegate, very thinly sliced
  • 1 medium zucchini, 8 ounces each, sliced into 1/4-inch thick rounds
  • 1 large red bell pepper, seeded and cut into thin strips
  • 1 1/2 cups corn kernels
  • 1/4 cup chopped fresh Italian parsley leaves
  • 1/4 cup chopped fresh basil leaves
  • 1/4 cup dry white wine, such as Pinot Grigio
  • 2 tbsp olive oil


  • In a medium bowl, combine the Cajun seasoning, salt, and pepper. Add the shrimp and toss to coat.
  • Place 4 large (10 x 18-inch) pieces of heavy-duty aluminum foil on a flat surface.
  • Divide the sausage, zucchini, bell peppers, and corn among the foil pieces, placing the vegetables in the center of each. Top each with shrimp (about 6), sprinkle each with 1 tablespoon of the parsley and 1 tablespoon of the basil.
  • Drizzle each with 1 tablespoon of the wine and about 1/2 tablespoon of the oil. Fold each piece of the foil to form a packet, sealing tightly and leaving a little room inside for air to circulate in the packet. The packets may be refrigerated (or frozen) at this stage.
  • To cook, preheat the oven to 425F. Arrange the packets on a baking sheet and cook until the shrimp is cooked through and the vegetables are crisp-tender, 13 minutes. Open the packets slowly, being careful of the hot steam. Transfer the shrimp, vegetables, and sauce that has accumulated to individual bowls or rimmed plates.

To freeze and heat:

  • Place uncooked packets into sealable plastic bags, keeping them level and upright. (Two packets fit well into a gallon sized bag). Freeze for up to two (2) months. There is no need to thaw before cooking.
  • Remove the frozen packets from the bags and place them on a baking tray in a cold oven set to 425F.
  • Once oven comes to temperature, continue to cook for 35-40 minutes.


Serving: 1packet, Calories: 310kcal, Carbohydrates: 21g, Protein: 29g, Fat: 12g, Cholesterol: 188.5mg, Sodium: 1318mg, Fiber: 3.5g, Sugar: 3g
WW Points Plus: 8
Keywords: Cajun Shrimp Foil Packets, foil packet shrimp, freezer friendly shrimp recipe, make ahead recipes, weight watchers shrimp foil packets

This dish is so easy to make, anyone can do it! Spicy shrimp seasoned with Cajun spices, Andouille sausage, and rainbow colored vegetables are baked together in foil pouches. They are fast and easy to make, and can be made ahead and kept in your freezer. When you're ready to cook them, just pop them in the oven – perfect for busy weeknights!

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  1. So delicious that my husband and son split the extra packet in order to have seconds!
    I liked the easy clean-up too.

  2. Loved the flavors and this is definitely going on meal rotation! For anyone seeking an alternative cooking method, I skipped the foil packets and turned this into a sheet pan dinner. Drizzled everything with olive oil, white wine, Cajun seasoning, a little garlic powder, and parsley. Cooked the sausage and veggies for 14 minutes at 400 F then added the shrimp and cooked everything for an additional 6-7 minutes.

    This method will work for whatever veggies you have on hand. Double up the parsley if you don’t have basil. This is the type of dinner that makes you feel like you could be at the beach in January! 

  3. Holy cow! This was so easy and SO good. I wasn’t sure what it would be like. I love to cook, but I’ve never done foil packs like this before, so it was a literal act of faith just pouring wine in there 😂 But they came out perfectly. I didn’t have peppers so I just added extra zucchini. I also didn’t have Pinot Grigio so I just used Chardonnay. I served with garlic bread and some pasta to soak up all the goodness. Thanks SO MUCH for this recipe! 

  4. Loved this. Family did too. But it’s 100 degrees outside and turning on the oven or firing up the grill was more than I could face. I stir fried it. It was delish. 

  5. This was delicious! This was the 3rd time I have made this dish. I make it as stated for my husband and me and I make it minus the cajun and add garlic powder for our cihildren. I make either bulgar or couscous on the side and they gobble it up! Great recipe!

  6. Looks amazing.  Want to make it tonight on the grill.  How long would you grill it for?
    Thanks and I’m really enjoying many of your healthy and tasty recipes these days.

  7. I love this meal so much, that I’m commenting like two years late. I just discovered this recipe a couple of months ago, but have made this dish about four times. IT’S SO GOOD! And, so easy to make. I almost always riff on recipes, and add my own touches,, but this needs no adjustment. It’s amazing as is. Thank you so much, Gina!!

  8. Delicious, easy to make and so healthy!

  9. I have made this recipe several times and the veggies and shrimp/sausage are never cooked in the 13 mins the recipe states. It usually takes about a half hour. Sometimes I will take it out of the oven and just cook it on the stove to speed it up. It is delicious though! Wilmington, DE

    • WOW OH WOW, this recipe was absolutely fabulous. I’ve never sent a review to anyone about any particular food recipe. My husband and I prepared the recipe just like you said to do in the instructions. .Once we sat down to unfold the aluminum foil see what we had waiting for us we both couldn’t believe just how awesome the shrimp and veggies were, YUM-O to the max! The smell and the presentation were lovely!l I’m someone that doesn’t stick with recipes much. This time I did, and boy was I surprised. It was so good that we are planning to serve it to our best friends for dinner within the next couple of weekends.. I will definitely be checking out more and more of your recipes. THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!.

  10. We aren’t seafood lovers. I’m thinking this would be good as prepared but with chicken instead. I think I will cut the chicken breasts into cubes and try that! 

  11. Made this tonight as we near Mardi Gras. It was simple and delicious! I love the make ahead options too. Thank you! 

  12. Is there another way of cooking these without using foil. Aluminum contributes to heavy metal poisoning in the body and should be avoided by everyone but especially those with cancer!!

    • You could probably try Parchment Paper, I use one that is excellent from Costco, a Kirkland brand name, . I use it for making fish packets all the time.

  13. Great! Make this one a lot. Use a Bilinski chicken sausage that comes in a variety of flavors and it is great. Love a foil recipe that is a contained serving. Can customize that way too if need be.

  14. Dd you use fresh or frozen corn?

  15. Made these today and they were delicious! I threw in a very tiny bit of cooked rice to soak up some of the leftover juices in the foil and they were perfect.

  16. Can you use parchment paper rather than foil for these packets?

  17. I made these using foil packets, and they were great!  But I am trying to not use foil too much because of the leeching of the aluminum.  Would this recipe work with parchment wraps and then placed on a baking sheet?

  18. Do you think this will be ok to prep the night before to have the following night for dinner? I would be using frozen shrimp

  19. This is a good recipe, but it’s almost too skinny. I was still hungry each time after I ate these, but it’s probably the portions I used. I prepped these in small foil tin pans specifically for freezer prep meals. They cooked well for me from freezer to oven, but there was a LOT of liquid in the containers after cooking. They taste healthy, but flavorful. 4 large shrimp in a small foil pan is probably a good serving size, but left me feeling hungry. The second time I baked a freezer pack, remembering how much liquid was in it, I served it over some steamed baby red potatoes. This time the extra bit of spicy liquid was perfect over the potatoes! I think it would be great over rice as well.

    I give this a “3” as is from freezer to oven just because it is so unexpectedly soupy, but it is probably a “4” if cooked from fresh (not frozen), or if served over potatoes or rice to soak up all of that spicy liquid. As a low-carb freezer dish it was slightly less successful for me, but it’s so easy that I definitely recommend trying it at least once of twice (both fresh and frozen) to see how it world for you.

    I’ll probably make it again, maybe in a larger foil pan with more veggies, which wouldn’t up the calorie count much. And I will probably choose to serve over rice or potatoes again, which of course will make it less healthy and more carb-laden, but would be more filling. It’s oddly satisfying (flavor-wise) AND unsatisfying (soupy and not too filling). LOL. Worth a try for anyone, though, I think.

  20. Made this once before. Delicious Gina!  On vacation and just prepped for dinner tonight in one big foil pack…  trying it on the grill!  Baby potatoes and grilled clams along side… wish me luck!

  21. Another great Skinnytaste recipe! This was SO delicious and easy to make! Next time I’ll add a big baguette to soak up the delicious juices! So so good!

  22. Very good. I had to use regular hot Italian turkey sausage because I couldn’t find the one stated in the ingredients. I didnt have wine so had to skip that ingredient but I really dont think it was missed.

  23. Making this tonight!

  24. Oh wow! I just wasn’t sure about this combination, but I am completely sold! I wish I could upload a picture…looks exactly like yours! haha 13 minutes was perfection. Vegetables still firm but cooked through. I used Cajun Spice Blend, readily available in any grocery store. I may use a bit more next time because I like it hot. I paired this with cauliflower rice prepared with cilantro and lime juice. You did it again Gina, thanks so much for so many new recipes to track easily.

  25. This is a perfect light but delicious and filling summer meal!

  26. I made this tonight and this is seriously the best shrimp I have ever had! I used Tony’s creole seasoning (added some extra – we love spice). I can’t get over how good this is and am looking forward to leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Thank you for yet again another wonderful recipe. 

  27. Any suggestion for how much longer to cook with frozen shrimp? 

  28. Fantastic recipe, super-tasty, and so easy.  Leftovers were great, too!  It is definitely in my make-this-again-and-again list.

  29. Made this tonight – served over 1/2 cup of dirty rice (prepared from a mix and without oil – 3SP) to make a cajun shrimp bowl. So delicious!!! Thanks for the wonderful recipe.

  30. This is an easy and awesome tasty recipe!. I put siracha mayo on top to add to the spice.

  31. Made this tonight, I used corn on the cob, it was so good. Will definitely make it again. It was quick and easy to put together.

  32. This one is going in heavy rotation! I made it into three big servings instead of four and used only 1/2 tbsp of olive oil.  I also ended up doubling the cook time; not sure why, but it needed the extra time. Thank you for the deliciousness!

  33. loved it for taste and presentation

  34. These are so good and come together quickly. My husband hates zucchini so I left it out but it was still so delicious! This will become part of the regular rotation!

  35. Just found your site, this was SO good! I combined 1/2 Creole and 1/2 Cajun spice and I cooked from frozen packets. I only did 30 minutes because I was worried about over cooking. It was SO good. I had trouble finding andoullie sausage as well, but a friend told me some other places to check.. Loved this. It’s going to be a regular staple in my freezer!

  36. Made this tonight. I used a different chicken sausage, added some fresh spinach, and served it with instant cheesy grits. It was really good. Seasoned well. I plan to make this again.

  37. Made this tonight for a quick Friday night dinner. Very tasty and satisfying. I added some broccoli florets because I had them. The pot liquor was begging for a big piece of crusty bread but alas, we are cutting carbs so no go!

  38. Another amazing Skinnytaste recipe! This reminds me of a recipe I make in the summer with clams on the grill. I was delighted to find this recipe and without all of the butter! Thanks!

  39. Awesome recipe…SO good! 

  40. I made this tonight and it was awesome as all your recipes are. My question is in regards to the points. I used the calculator on the WW app to add so I could save it. The calculator said 7 points but the points  listed on the recipe say 4. Maybe I missed something?  I lover it but every little point counts. ?

  41. I made this tonight. Absolutely delicious. It’s going into our regular rotation! 
    Thanks so much! Hi 

  42. I’d like to make this in a single batch in a covered casserole. I’m going to cook it a little longer with a bit more liquid. Maybe take the cover off at the end. The foil is fun, but I hate the sound of it.

  43. Have the smart points been adjusted to coincide with the current freestyle program?

  44. Made this last night – GREAT recipe. We like spicy so we shook a little on after baking. PLEASE – more like this – hubby even figured it was a WW type and said he would eat it again….. I put it over brown rice as a bowl meal.  Thank you

  45. This was good, though too spicy for us. We will make this again and decrease the Cajun seasoning.

  46. I loved this recipe. I served it over brown Basmati rice. It was quick to put together and quick to bake. I will definitely make this again. 

  47. How many points with Freestlye?

  48. This was great, but kinda bland. I added cherry tomatoes, but otherwise made as written. I liked it but maybe add garlic? I also wished I had some crusty bread.

  49. Thank you so much for this yummy meal, I just have one question about the calories; is it only one packet of these that equals 310 calories or is the whole recipe with all the ingredients that equal 310 calories? I am a little bit confused, so, please help 🙂

  50. These were SO good! It’s summer so we put them on the grill. They came out amazing. I added some onion to it as well. Make sure you cut the bell pepper small, I didn’t think about it and it could have cooked a little more but everything else was perfect. I even thought to add sweet potato thinking I’d need it, I didn’t add it and I didn’t need it. Definitely a repeat recipe! 

  51. Sorry if someone else already commented on this. I love this idea – but am looking for a way to prepare on the grill WITHOUT the foil. I would normally think we could just do this in oven safe dishes inside – but is there a way to still achieve this on the BBQ?

    * There is enough science now to say the foil leaches aluminum when cooking food like this…. I am likely doomed as camping, growing up, eating from foil out of the fire was pretty common…. In any case, what could we do instead?


    Here is one article about the foil thing:

  52. Do you think if I add thinly sliced potatoes it would still cook through? My family needs a starch to have it feel like a meal.

    • I thought that too but it was still very satisfying without a starch! If you need to add it, I’d microwave a potato for a few minutes then cut it up small and put them on the bottom of the pack. Or pat boil them but I’m all about it being quick during the week. 

  53. Should I use cooked or uncooked shrimp?

  54. Made this for dinner last night! Even my kids liked it :))

  55. Made these tonight and my family liked them. I like the idea of making the packets to suit each person. My son didn’t want the corn or zucchini,, but my hubby and I did! Will definitely try this again!

  56. was wondering about cooking this in an air fryer? Would it work? just got one and am experimenting. Thank you

  57. I have made this several times and we love it! I want to make krit for our dinner club.  What would you pair it with for sides,  appetizers and dessert? Thanks !

  58. We liked these a lot, but as many others have mentioned, nothing was done after 13 minutes. I sliced everything very thin and my shrimp were even smaller than you called for. I baked an extra 6ish minutes for the shrimp to be cooked but not overdone.

  59. Gina,
    I am new to your blog but I am loving your recipes. We made several recipes this week. We had the shredded chicken in the slow cooker for tacos last night YUM! , Tuesday we had the Flounder Milanese ( sub-sole ) also delicious and tonight we are having this recipe! I will most like have rice on the side – my new favorite rice is Cilantro lime rice. ( we made this with the lime marinated pork chops).

    Tomorrow we alway have homemade pizza and I will be checking out your pizza recipes!

    Thank you again for your blog.

  60. My family LOVED this recipe, even my “I don’t really like shrimp” teen. Although I had defrosted the shrimp, it took about an additional 10 min to cook…. they were the big ones from Costco. I defrosted frozen corn, and added yellow squash and orange bell pepper as well to have more veggies and make it even more colorful. Passed the Cajun seasoning at the table for those who wanted even more spice, but the shrimp was less spicy than the sausage. Trying it out tomorrow on the grandparents…. trying to get them out of their “baked chicken and a steamed veggie” rut! Thanks for another awesome recipe!

  61. These are so easy and delicious! Great way to fix my cooking rut. Thank you for sharing. I love that we could freeze half to have a quick meal on a busy night!

  62. SOOOOO GOOD! And so easy with minimal cleanup. Made it for my parents and brother and it was a hit. Thank you for this recipe!!! Will be making again 🙂

  63. Fresh corn or frozen? Does it matter?

  64. How long would this take on the grill?

  65. I made this last night and it was absolutely delicious!! I did make some modifications based on previous comments. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to use raw shrimp or already cooked shrimp from the store. I ended up using the cooked shrimp and just took off the tails before putting in the foil. There was no issue with the shrimp tasting rubbery or overcooked. The Cajun spice I used was McCormick Perfect Pinch seasoning ( and it was , well….perfect-lol. I also used chicken broth instead of wine but used a few more tablespoons than the recipe called for to ensure there was enough of a “sauce.” Based on comments about the dish not being hearty enough, I also made quinoa and poured the whole contests over it (there was just the right amount to seep into the quinoa for additional flavor.) I froze the other two portions and am excited to see how they turn out when I reheat for next week!

  66. This was really delicious! The recipe made enough for six packets total, so I froze four of them. They were just as delicious the next time we made them!

  67. What olive oil do you use? Every time I calculate my fat grams the oilve oil makes it over 30 grams of fat.

  68. I made these with fresh bass instead of shrimp – it was fantastic!

  69. How long can you refrigerate them for? A week? Or should I just pop them in the freezer for the week? I also used frozen shrimp (I let them thaw out before I peeled and deveined) and I noticed in the comments that it takes longer – do you know how much longer? Rough estimate is fine.

  70. I don’t see the amount of salt (I assume Kosher) and pepper listed. Glad I read comments first. Used fresh room temp shrimp and needed to cook for 6 minutes longer.
    Used Cajun seasoning and the shrimp wasn’t overly spicy but the sausage was. Note to self to buy more mild sausage in the future. Thanks for another great recipe! Glad we made extras to freeze!

  71. These were SO good, and SO easy to make! I boiled some baby red potatoes as a side. I like that you can adjust the spice level individually, depending on who will be eating them. This is another keeper!

  72. Made this last night…so quick and simple, and got a “do over” rating from the whole family including the picky one.

  73. This was amazing!  Will be adding to our weekly dinner rotation.  Added big mushrooms cut in half and sliced orange peppers along with the red peppers.  I made one big foil packet on a baking sheet.  Honestly, this is one of the best recipes I’ve ever made.  Super easy. 

    • How long did you cook the large packet for? I love this idea! We are having all the kids and grandkids over next month (14 in all) and it would be so much easier for me to make 2 LARGE packets as opposed to 14 smaller ones. Thank you for the great idea.

  74. I made this tonight and loved them, but they were a tad spicy. Do you have a recommendation for a seasoning that wouldn’t be as spicy? I used creole…is Cajun seasoning less spicy maybe? Thank you!

  75. Very good recipe. Made it tonight for dinner. Subbed in lemon juice and chicken broth for the white wine. I served it over whole grain cous cous to make it a more substantial meal. Would be great on the grill too!

  76. Not sure what I did wrong with this recipe. I have been following your blog for almost four years and have both cookbooks. The recipes are always a hit, but this one was a struggle in regards to cooking time. After 13 minutes, the shrimp was still rawish and the veggies crisp. I added another four minutes and then three. My family was needing to get out the door and at first glance, the shrimp looked done, while the veggies were mostly soft. It wasn’t until after my husband had eaten three shrimp that we realized that many of them weren’t done. There really wasn’t any consistency in doneness. Any help out there for where I may have gone wrong? I ended up just laying it all on the pan and roasting it.

  77. When we cook with shrimp, we usually are quickly defrosting frozen shrimp. Do you recommend fresh non frozen shrimp only since many of us will freeze half of the batch. I am assuming we can’t defrost frozen shrimp, prep this meal, and then freeze it again. Thanks!

    • Freezer to oven directions are provided.

      • This was my question as well. We’re starting with frozen shrimp and defrosting it to make the recipe. I assume as it says on the bag of frozen shrimp “do not refreeze” that we cannot do so. Thoughts?

      • Thawed shrimp shouldn’t be re-frozen, but if it’s frozen shrimp it should be fine to keep frozen.

  78. Made this tonight. I’m not really into spicy food but this was very good. I did add more wine to get more of a sauce as my boyfriend and I ate it with some rice. He said he could use with even more wine in it the next time. I think I would also halve the zucchini rounds. Just easier to eat if they were half moon shaped. 

  79. So easy, and delicious! 

  80. OMG this looks amazing. I am definitely making this for dinner tomorrow, thanks for the great idea! I was wondering what brand of creole seasoning you prefer? I have tried some that are relatively bland and I thought you might have a recommendation 🙂

  81. I tried this the other night and ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! Super easy to prep and clean-up. I browned the sausage before baking and added 4-5 small fingerling potatoes that I sliced and browned in a pan with the grease from the sausage before placing them in the packets to bake. We also put Crystals hot sauce on it after baking and it went really well together if you like some true southern heat. I am going to try to make a bigger batch next time and freeze it as that seems like a great idea! Thank you Gina for this one 🙂

  82. After 13 minutes my shrimp were not done and vegetables not quite done enough. I opened the foil packet, and roasted unopened for an additional 6 minutes and then it was perfect. Also, it was very spicy…next time, I may use a little less seasoning.

  83. 1. Not enough moisture or “sauce” to use on rice.
    2. Needed 20 minutes in the oven after being refrigerated. 
    3. First recipe from Skinnytaste in two months that husband vetoed for repeat. I’d asterisk it with a comment that this recipe is more appreciated by women, including me. 

  84. Made this tonight and it was delish, definitely a keeper. The only thing I modified was I cut the Cajun seasoning way down, as neither my husband or my daughter care for real spicy food. I did 1 tsp instead of 1 Tbs. Will definitely be making this again, it was a good, healthy weeknight meal.

  85. Such a great recipe weeknight recipe. I think we’ll try this camping next time too!

  86. Made this for dinner tonight. It turned out great!  Quick and easy!

  87. Can you make up packets using frozen shrimp?

  88. I used a tiny bit of lemon juice instead of wine (didn’t have any) and it tasted great 🙂

  89. Personally, I love shrimp, but my hubby’s a hater. What else would you suggest would work well with the recipe as is? I’m thinking maybe scallops?? Maybe a white fish like tilapia? Thoughts??

  90. Just put these in the oven right now! I know they will be tasty 🙂 Gina, I want to say thank you so much for this blog! I started my weight loss journey in the beginning of January and I have been making your recipes every week. I have lost 30+ lbs so far. I do just do calorie counting so I really appreciate you calculating all the calories for your readers. I still have to remeasure myself since calories can vary by brand and sometimes I get like 1.13lbs of meat instead of 1lb….anyway, I know its a lot of work! I created an account just to thank you!

  91. Yum! I made this for dinner tonight and it came out amazing. Definitely will be a part of my recipe rotation!

  92. Love this one, but…Potato-hater here – what would you suggest as a sub in the packet for the potato?

  93. This sounds great! Do you Think it would work on the grill?

  94. So easy and delicious! I added a few tablespoons of cooked brown rice to make it a bit more filling for the hubby and kids.

  95. Delish!  Could also use mushroom–mmm.  Thank you.  My husband (who doesn’t cook) said even he could make this.  Love it.

  96. Made this tonight- yummy! Serving size was a bit small for my son & husband, but perfect for me with a salad. I think they were missing a starch ????  I didn’t add salt & pepper as the creole seasoning I use (Tony Chachere’s) contains them already. 

  97. I wonder how long would it take in the instant pot.

    • I would try 5 minutes from thawed, and 10 minutes from frozen. If not done, cook again for 5 minutes until you find the sweet spot! 

  98. Shellfish allergy in our house. Would it be the same cooking time with chicken?

  99. I absolutely love the idea of making these packets ahead and freezing them. As a single, working woman who often gets home late, that’s a definite plus. So I, too, would like to know whether cooking time needs adjusting if the packet is still frozen. Thanks for another great recipe!

  100. Any substitute for the wine?? Don’t drink white wine and hate to purchase a whole bottle for 1/4 cup. Thanks for any suggestions.

  101. I would like to make this with no meat added.  What would the point value be without any meat added.

  102. Gina, I have been following you for quite some time but have never commented until now – and I’m sorry! I really look forward to your e-mails. I’ve never tried any that haven’t been delicious! Can’t wait to try yesterday’s Shoyu ahi Poke recipe when company comes. Thank you – you truly have a gift for cooking and sharing, Carol

  103. This looks and sounds so good..I love shrimp anyway I can get it..
    Love your Posts!!!!

  104. How long do you cooknof frozen ahead of time?

  105. Any special instructions if I use frozen shrimp?  thanks

  106. This recipe looks so yummy! Definitely pinned it to try later! Thanks for sharing!

  107. Do you think this could be made with chicken?

  108. Can you bake directly from frozen or do you need to defrost first? And if you bake from frozen to you extend the cooking time?

    • Bake m FROZEN in a 425 degree oven but place packets in a cold oven then once it gets up to 425 bake it 35-40 minutes longer.

  109. Looks delicious! I think I’ll give this one a Maryland twist and use Old Bay seasoning instead 🙂

  110. I made this tonight and forgot to add the Olive Oil and Wine and it was still very delicious! This will be in heavy rotation in my house! Thanks again! 

  111. Two questions — 1. What are the cooking directions when dealing with a frozen packet? 2. A substitute for wine? (Don’t really care for the stuff)

    • Sub chicken stock. There is no need to thaw first. Place foil packets straight from freezer onto a baking tray in a cold oven set to 425 degrees F. Once oven comes to temperature, continue to cook for 35-40 minutes.

  112. Looks amazing. How much longer do you cook from frozen or do you have to thaw first? Thanks! 

  113. Can these be cooked right from the freezer or do they need to be thawed first? If straight from freezer what is the adjustment for cook time?

    • There is no need to thaw first. Place foil packets straight from freezer onto a baking tray in a cold oven set to 425 degrees F. Once oven comes to temperature, continue to cook for 35-40 minutes.

  114. Sounds great! Could we cook these packets on the grill during the summer? Also, if we’re baking them when they are frozen do we need to adjust the bake time? I’m new to seafood and I’m afraid of overcooking it! So far shrimp is the only seafood I will eat. 

  115. What are the cooking directions if frozen?