Watermelon “Caprese” with Balsamic Glaze

Watermelon "Caprese" with Balsamic Glaze

I LOVE the salty-sweet combination of watermelon, mozzarella, arugula and balsamic – a delicious twist on the classic Caprese which is usually made with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil. Cutting the watermelon with a star-shaped cookie cutter makes these perfect for Memorial day or July 4th.

I’m actually not a huge fan of tomatoes until late August when they are falling off my tomato plants, so watermelon is a great alternative.

Watermelon "Caprese" with Balsamic Glaze

And these are so easy to make, no cooking required. The hardest part is cutting out the shapes (which is NOT hard at all, Madison loves helping me with this). You can prep them ahead and leave them in the fridge until you’re ready to serve. I buy my fresh mozzarella in a local Italian deli and they even slice it for me on their slicer which saves me time. Then when I’m ready to serve I assemble them on a platter, and finish them with  Modenacrem Balsamic Glaze from Delallo (I LOVE this stuff!!). Buying balsamic glaze is a huge time saver, the alternative is to simmer balsamic on the stove until it reduces down. Hope you have a great weekend!

Watermelon “Caprese” with Balsamic Glaze
Servings: 8 • Size: 1 salad • Points+: 3 pt • Smart Points: 4
Calories: 119 • Fat: 7.5 g • Carb: 7 g • Fiber: .4 g • Protein: 5.5 g • Sugar: 6.5 g
Sodium: 90 mg • Cholesterol: 20 mg


  • 1/2 red seedless watermelon, sliced 1/2 inch thick (calculated with 16 oz)
  • 8 thin slices fresh mozzarella (1 oz each)
  • 1 loose cup baby arugula
  • 2 tsp extra virgin olive oil
  • kosher salt
  • 2 tbsp balsamic glaze (I used Modenacrem Balsamic Glaze)


Use a 4-inch star-shaped cookie cutter (or any shape) and cut 16 stars out of the watermelon (about 1 oz each). Save the excess watermelon for another use.

Arrange the watermelon on a platter, then layer with cheese, arugula, 1/4 tsp olive oil and a pinch of salt on each. Top with a final star, drizzle each with balsamic glaze and serve.

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