Cucumber, Parsley, Pineapple and Lemon Smoothie

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This dairy-free Cucumber, Parsley, Pineapple and Lemon Smoothie is great for alleviating inflammation, asthma and airborne allergies.

Cucumber, Parsley, Pineapple and Lemon Smoothie – dairy-free, paleo and vegan!
Cucumber, Parsley, Pineapple Smoothie

I’ve been on a smoothie kick all summer, it’s my go-to breakfast after a workout and also a great way to clean out my fridge. Rather than juicing, smoothies use the whole fruit and vegetables which retain the nutrients in the skins and have more fiber to keep you full longer. This super healthy smoothie is surprisingly sweet and so yummy, made with absolutely no dairy – delicious!

I’ve been using The Blender Girl Smoothies Cookbook a lot this summer. The author, Tess Masters is a blender master! Her book has 100 smoothie recipes that are healthy, vegan, paleo and gluten-free. I’ve tried so many from her book and loved each and every one I’ve tried so far.

This particular smoothie is called Allergies Be Gone in her book. Tess the author says “Parsley is brilliant for alleviating inflammation, asthma and airborne allergies. This blend’s mineral salts neutralizes acids, purifies blood, cleanses skin, detoxifies tissues and organs, assists with elimination of heavy metals, flushes out kidneys and aids in urinary tract health.”

This dairy-free Cucumber, Parsley, Pineapple and Lemon Smoothie is great for alleviating inflammation, asthma and airborne allergies.

Cucumber, Parsley, Pineapple and Lemon Smoothie is great for alleviating inflammation, asthma and airborne allergies.
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Cucumber, Parsley, Pineapple and Lemon Smoothie

118 Cals 2 Protein 31 Carbs Fats
Prep Time: 10 mins
Total Time: 10 mins
Yield: 2 servings
COURSE: Breakfast
CUISINE: American
This dairy-free Cucumber, Parsley, Pineapple and Lemon Smoothie is great for alleviating inflammation, asthma and airborne allergies.


  • 3/4 cup coconut water, or water
  • 1/2 English cucumber, chopped
  • 1 bunch flat leaf parsley, leaves only, chopped
  • 2 medium lemons, peeled and seeded
  • 2 cups fresh pineapple, frozen
  • 5 drops liquid stevia, optional
  • fresh ginger, optional


  • Place all the ingredients in a large blender and blast on high 1 minute, until smooth and creamy.
  • Divide in two cups.


Serving: 1smoothie, Calories: 118kcal, Carbohydrates: 31g, Protein: 2g, Sodium: 24mg, Fiber: 5g, Sugar: 18g
WW Points Plus: 3
Keywords: best green smoothie

Cucumber, Parsley, Pineapple and Lemon Smoothie – not just delicious, it's also dairy-free, paleo and vegan

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  1. I’ve made this several times. It’s really good even without added sweetener. Today I added some leftover coconut milk and protein powder to make it more substantial as a meal but it’s amazing as written

  2. Hi Gina. I just wanted to thank you for this green smoothie recipe. I’ve been down all week with Omincron and started to make this for my husband and myself immediately. It’s been refreshing and exactly what we’ve needed during this time of sickness. I will continue to make this even when we are well again.💜

  3. I’ve made this several times, so good!!

  4. I can’t digest fresh pineapple but I can canned pineapple…any significant difference?

  5. When I input these ingredients as a drink in the Weight Watcher app, it calculated 8 points. Now I am confused. Which is correct?

  6. This was delicious. We are not the biggest fans of parsley, however, we just cut the amount. Very filling too.

  7. WOW! Love this bright, refreshing and energizing. Pretty much love anything lemon so had to give it a try. I added a cup of spinach that I had frozen for smoothies just because it was available and upped the nutrition. Used one package of stevia.
    My pineapple was not frozen so I added 4 ice cubes.
    This was SO good, I had to make it the next day. I Messed this one up, though, keeping with the green theme, I added a handful of kale (not baby kale). The kale was too bitter, so won’t do that again.
    ANYWAY …. I love this ( without kale) and it will be a go to for my lunches.

  8. I added fresh ginger to my smoothies and skipped the sweetener. This smoothie has not only helped me loose my belly it has helped clear my skin of acne marks and helped shrink my pores and smooth all of my skin..  I love to drink this in the morning and at night. 

  9. I’ve been making something similar to this with green tea (instead of coconut or plain water) and frozen shelled edamame added for protein.  I skip the sweetener because I like sour and tangy things. 

  10. Quite refreshing! I made it with regular water, not coconut, and fresh, not frozen, pineapple.

  11. Can I drink this before bed???

  12. A tad tangy for me. I used agave nectar to sweeten mine. Very refreshing and tasty otherwise.

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  17. I made this yesterday and poured it into one of those mugs you keep in the freezer. Oh my gosh it was so good super cold and very filling! Thank you Gina!!

  18. This is soooooo delicious & refreshing thank you!

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  23. This recipe is actually at least eight points! With weight watchers, as soon as you blend fruit it has a points value. You have to calculate it differently in your app and specify that it is a drink and not a food.  I know it sounds crazy but please look into it as we’ve talked about this in our meetings a few times! Smoothies are super high in points, which is really too bad because I love them! 

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  25. This looks good, but what do you eat with it? Its very low cal and basically no protein. It looks delicious, but I know me, and I will be hungry by 9am…do you just add some hard eggs?

  26. I made this smoothie before work, so I guess I was in a hurry. But my smoothie dis not turn out green at all. But it is refreshing and all your recipes are amazing!!!!

  27. Gina….I believe this smoothie is 6 Smart Points.

  28. iget all my fruit at walmart in frozen foods and then i can use diff flavors and

    switch around with diff greens i also peel slice and freeze bannana for same

  29. I just made this as an after school snack. You have to really like parsley to enjoy this. My 12 yr old daughter said it tasted like I mowed the lawn and blended it in the smoothie. Maybe I used too big of a bunch? I liked the background flavors but the parsley seemed overpowering. I could force it down for medicinal purposes. Sorry, Gina. I LOVE all of your other recipes. I'm a big fan.

    • Sounds like you may have used too much, but that's OK! You don't have to like everything, I love the honest feedback.

  30. I made it this morning, It was very good. I added honey after tasting it really didn't need it, also I purchased the coconut water with lemon that made it extra refreshing. Thanks again Gina

  31. I see many smoothie recipes that call for frozen fruit….are there any downfalls in using fresh fruit instead?

  32. Do you have a replacement for the cucumber. I have a hard time with that taste and texture

  33. Just made this smoothie! I did add a piece of fresh ginger and used honey as my sweetener. OMG so delicious!

  34. Hubby and I have been BIG into smoothies this summer but are yet to try veggies – it just seems a bit strange! – this looks fab though. Very yummy!

  35. I just made it. I used honey instead of Stevia and added a little fresh ginger. Voila!, YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY! Thanks Gina!

  36. I have celery leaves instead of parsley – would that be an adequate substitute? Thank you!

  37. Could you use fresh pineapple or does it need to be frozen?

  38. Thanks..Looks like it'll help my skin as well.

  39. Yep I'm sold! This smoothie is just so bright in colour and I like all the ingredients too. If it needs sweetening then is it ok for me to use honey? Thanks for a great smoothie recipe. Sammie

  40. I made this tonight – I've been looking for a less sweet smoothie recipe, and this seemed like it would be very refreshing. I used a regular cucumber and plain water, and left out the Stevia. I also added a bit of fresh ginger, which added the perfect zing. Great recipe!

  41. Never heard of English cucumbers. Is there a major difference between them & regular cucumbers?

  42. Mmm, sounds delicious! Do you think agave nectar would work instead of stevia?

    Emma //

  43. Hi Gina: How much parsley would you estimate? The bunches at my grocery store are very large (as in almost huge) but I do still have some growing in my herb pots. Thanks for any feedback. I just bought a pineapple and will put some in the freezer. I have been making smoothies for a few weeks now and this one looks very refreshing. Nancy

  44. sure, just sweeten to your taste. It may be sweet enough without.

  45. Would honey work as a stevia replacement? Not sure what equivalencies would be….

  46. This looks like such a refreshing smoothie – I also read about how good parsley is – I try to add to my salads too.