Baked Ziti with Spinach

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Baked ziti is a favorite comfort dish in my home! Adding spinach is a quick and easy way to get more leafy greens into your family’s diet without complaints.

Baked ziti is a favorite comfort dish in my home! Adding spinach is a quick and easy way to get more leafy greens into your family's diet without complaints.Baked Ziti with Spinach

A great dish for Meatless Mondays, or any day of the week.  We eat it with a garden salad, the portions and generous and satisfying. More baked pasta dishes I love are Chicken Parmesan Lasagna and Three Cheese Stuffed Zucchini Lasagna Rolls. Also this Sausage and Peppers Macaroni Casserole.

I’m reviving this from the archives to update the photos. This makes enough for eight, so if you have a small family, you’ll probably have leftovers for lunch or freeze the rest for convenient freezer meals.  This can be assembled a day ahead and kept refrigerated, let it sit at room temperature 30 minutes before baking.

Baked ziti is a favorite comfort dish in my home! Adding spinach is a quick and easy way to get more leafy greens into your family's diet without complaints.

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Baked ziti is a favorite comfort dish in my home! Adding spinach is a quick and easy way to get more leafy greens into your family's diet without complaints.
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Baked Ziti with Spinach

296 Cals 16 Protein 44 Carbs 7 Fats
Prep Time: 10 mins
Cook Time: 35 mins
Total Time: 45 mins
Yield: 8 servings
COURSE: Dinner
CUISINE: Italian
Baked ziti is a favorite comfort dish in my home! Adding spinach is a quick and easy way to get more leafy greens into your family's diet without complaints.


  • 12 oz uncooked ziti, wheat or gluten-free
  • 28 oz crushed tomatoes, I recommend: Tuttorosso
  • 1 tsp olive oil
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced
  • 10 oz package frozen spinach, thawed
  • 1 tsp oregano
  • 2 tbsp chopped fresh basil
  • kosher salt and fresh pepper to taste
  • 8 oz fat-free ricotta
  • 1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese
  • 2 cups shredded part skim mozzarella , (8 oz total) (I recommend: Polly-O)
  • olive oil cooking spray,


  • Preheat oven to 375°F. Spray a 9x13-inch baking pan with oil spray.
  • In a large pot of salted water, cook pasta according to instructions until al dente (I like to under-cook it 3 or 4 minutes as it will cook more in the oven). Drain and return to pot.
  • Meanwhile, in a medium saucepan, add olive oil and sauté garlic. Add chopped spinach, salt, pepper and crushed tomatoes. Season with basil, oregano, salt and pepper and cook 5 minutes.
  • Add sauce to the pasta and combine. Add half of the mozzarella, Parmesan cheese and ricotta. Mix well then transfer to the baking pan.
  • Pour the pasta mixture into the prepared pan and spread evenly. Top with the remaining mozzarella and cover with foil.
  • Bake for 30 minutes, or until mozzarella is melted and the edges are lightly browned. Let it cool 5 minutes before serving.


Serving: 11/3 scant cups, Calories: 296kcal, Carbohydrates: 44g, Protein: 16g, Fat: 7g, Saturated Fat: 3.5g, Cholesterol: 24mg, Sodium: 524mg, Fiber: 5.5g, Sugar: 5g
WW Points Plus: 8
Keywords: Baked Ziti with Spinach, Low Fat Baked Ziti, skinny baked ziti, spinach baked ziti, vegetarian baked ziti

Baked ziti is a favorite comfort dish in my home! Adding spinach is a quick and easy way to get more leafy greens into your family's diet without complaints.

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  1. I’m curious if anyone has used this recipe with a specific amount of salt that they found successful? If so I will make a note on the recipe and try again. I tried making this dish and it turned out too bland. I struggle with recipes that say to add “salt and pepper to taste” because I have no idea how much that could mean? Before I’ve cooked something it’s hard to evaluate the taste of it and then adding salt on top after it’s baked just doesn’t work.

  2. I love Skinnytaste recipes but all of the Smart Points are off!

    • Are you using recipe builder? If not and using the calculator, that’s why you are not getting the same results.

      • I get 8 points on blue with the recipe builder…not 5 as shown.

      • The only accurate way to determine any recipe’s SmartPoints® value is to plug the ingredients into the recipe builder on the Weight Watchers website (Click on “My Foods,” select “Recipe,” and click “Create a recipe.”) which does not count fruits and vegetables in recipes in the calculations as they are now 0 points.

        The SmartPoints® calculator isn’t meant for recipes and will often give you the wrong points (usually higher) because it’s counting the fruits and vegetables. So if you see a recipe with a SmartPoints® value that’s different from what the calculator tells you, now you know why.

      • Hi Gina! Yes, I understand and was referring to the recipe builder. I would love if it came out to 5, but every time I put this recipe in the recipe builder, it comes out to 8. Not sure where the discrepancy is?

      • OK, I will double check. 🙂

  3. Just wanted to say that this recipe has been used in my family for a couple years now and it is one of our favorites!! Super easy to make and it’s my picky sons favorite meal!

  4. LOVE your recipes! Thanks so much for the meal plans. They help me get through very busy weeks all the time. Lifesavers.
    Could you please include metric measurements? I’m in Canada and all of our cans and weights are metric. Saves a step in googling amounts. Thanks!

  5. I get 9 as well….I think it’s a typo.

  6. Super excited for this recipe! Its made and in the oven. Question though… I put it into the recipe builder on blue plan and got 9 points a serving. Anyone else ?

  7. Just delicious and great for a king for lunch at work.

  8. Has anyone used something other than pasta? Watching our carbs. 

  9. Wow what a simple but delicious recipe! It’s kid friendly too which is a plus. We really enjoyed this dish – perfect for meatless Mondays. Used penne.

  10. This baked ziti was WONDERFUL! The flavors were delicious, it was very moist and the best I’ve ever had! I added chicken sausage, onions, and mushrooms. I used fresh baby spinach and sautéed it with the onions and mushrooms. Next time I will add a chopped zucchini and bell peppers. The ricotta was so creamy. Make it! You won’t be sorry. Thanks soooo much for this recipe Gina! It’s definitely a keeper😊

  11. Wow, I was skeptical because I usually find baked pasta dishes to be dry. This one is not at all! The ricotta and mozzarella make it very creamy. It is very filling, I didn’t miss the meat at all. Definitely a keeper!

  12. When I read Polly-O, I knew you had to be from back East! I grew up looking across the Sound to Long Island.  Thanks for the tasty recipes!

  13. Just made this tonight! I’m 8 was pregnant and have had horrible food aversions until today when I wanted something comforting, healthy, and a little cheesy. Ended up using an 8 oz package of me til penne and 16 oz of chopped spinach. I think the ratio worked out well as the final product came together and remained very flavorful and moist. Fiancée had two bowls 🙂 this will definitely be in my rotation!

  14. I thought it was good but a bit dry. Maybe cut down on the ricotta and add more tomatoes? Maybe some water?

  15. Can this be made in the slow cooker? I tried looking through the comments but didn’t see anything slow cooker related. I have made this before and LOVE it! I do add more seasonings though.

  16. Amazing way to get some greens in without the family even knowing it. I used fat free mozzarella to save a bit on fat. Definitely a new staple in my kitchen. 

  17. Can you use Italien seasoning if there is no fresh basil on hand? thank you.

  18. Perfect just as is on recipe!!!
    Makes a lot but it is just as good the second day.

  19. Thanks for this recipe, and for this website! Is this a meal that I could make and freeze?

  20. The whole family loved this.

  21. Hi, I’m out of ricotta! Do you think I could sub in a little Greek cream cheese? Or more mozzarella? Thanks!!

  22. This was delicious! 

  23. Can you add mushrooms to this recipe?

  24. This was too bland for me. I even used fire roasted crushed tomatoes but still didn’t get a lot of flavor.

  25. Could this be frozen before being baked rather than reheating it?

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  27. Very good recipe .  Very light .. not heavy at all . Can enjoy the pasta without feeling guilty! 

  28. Can I just say how much I love this website? I love this recipe I have made it tonight I am adding some Turkey sausage. Thank you Gina for the amazing recipes they are life changing!!

    • Super excited for this recipe! Its made and in the oven. Question though… I put it into the recipe builder on blue plan and got 9 points a serving. Anyone else ?

  29. It was very delicious!

  30. Loved this recipe but just needed to point out… you say to add half the ricotta and Parmesan, but then only mention the mozzarella at the end… nothing about the rest of the cheese. I topped with the remainder of all three and it was delish!

    • Amy, I read this as add 1/2 of the mozzarella, all of the ricotta and parmesan, then, at the end top with the remaining 1/2 mozzarella.

  31. Made this tonight! Very easy and delicious. 

    If I could make one suggestion on how you word this recipe, I would put “half the mozzarella” at the end of the list of ingredients in step 4. I may be a simple creature but I carefully measured out half of each cheese, not just the mozzeralla, before I figured it out. 

    Thanks for sharing all of your healthy cooking! 

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  33. I made this last night and it was a big hit! My husband loved it and took leftovers for lunch – he NEVER eats leftovers!! I did add some shredded parm to the top and I could have used more tomatoes and ricotta, but other than that it was perfect! Thanks for the recipe!

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  35. Made this tonight and loved it! Going to be trying to section it off and freeze 🙂 

  36. My mom made this last night and it was great! I added a dash of hotsauce and just a sprinkle of salt – so good. Sometimes you just need pasta and cheese, ya know?

  37. It says 2 cups of mozzarella, but then 8 ounces? Should it be 16 ounces? Thanks! Looks delicious!

  38. Made this tonight and enjoying right now as I chew on all this deliciousness!!!….. Used fresh spinach and added a little heat (cayenne pepper). I thought the water from the spinach gave it a more saucier sauce. I seasoned the total dish well and of course I tasted it before it went into the oven. Must taste your dishes while cooking people!! Bland it was NOT. Another fantastic dinner thanks to you Ms. Gina…… Gracias! or should I say Gratzi! since its more of an Italian dish….lol

    • How did you substitute fresh spinach (how much, etc)? Because that’s all that I have on hand and I really want to make this tonight! Thanks

  39. This has become one of my go-to meals. It freezes well, but takes FOR. EV. ER. to heat in the oven (even after being thawed). Still worth it. My son, who is 8, LOVES it and asks for it weekly.

    • Love when it is kid approved!

      • We live this recipe! My kids ask for it and they dont even care there is spinach in it! My only question is how is it only 5 blue points? Mine comes out to 8 points on my calculator. 


    • I’m participating in a freezer meal swap and I’m planning to make this. Once it’s thawed , you say it takes a long time to heat up. About how long are you talking? And what temperature? Also, I’m planning to put it in two 8×8 pans instead of a 9×13. Do you think that would have an affect on temp. or heating time? Thanks!

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  42. Is it possible to add lean ground beef.? My husband needs meat lol 

  43. I added mushrooms Also

  44. Is there serving size for dried pasta or cooked? Looks great!

  45. Hadn’t made this in a long time…but when I do it’s my GO TO recipe and it’s amazing.  So delish and loads of leftovers (only two of us).  

  46. This is delicious! I used fresh spinach (16 oz. organic baby spinach) and cooked it down with the garlic. I also crumbled italian sausage in that mixture too. It turned out great! The second time I used it I subed low fat cottage cheese for the ricotta. That tasted great too, make sure to drain the cottage cheese 🙂

  47. I loved this recipe so good. One question I entered the ingredients into recipe builder myself because I could only find low fat ricotta and not fat free and it came out to about 6 points. Any idea why?

  48. Made this last night and it was great! I made a few tweaks, did not have whole wheat but veggie penne and added sauteed onion and ground beef. Love the addition of the Ricotta. Thanks for all your inspiration and great recipes. Luckily I had saved points so it wasn’t an issue for me.

  49. This was very good and easy to make. I really like that it can be made ahead and stored in the fridge for later. Thanks for a great recipe!

  50. My family did not like this recipe at all. It was very bland and the can of crushed tomatoes weren’t a good choice.
    I followed the directions exactly and my dish looked just as pictured, but something was really missing. Dull as dishwater. Will not be making this again.

    • Agree, dish was very bland. Not one i will make again.

    • It’s totally fine to not like something but maybe ask questions or make suggestions instead of stomping on it. We love this! Just add a little more salt, garlic and fresh herbs.

  51. omg Gina you have done it again this is an amazing recipes  you are beyond talented!!! 

  52. Any recommendation for Wheat noodles that actually taste good?

    • I love Delallo – tried the 365 Whole Foods brand as well, not my favorite.

      • The lentil or bean pasta I have found to be very good and hold up well in a casserole/baked dish. They sell them in most supermarkets now in the healthy/organic section.

  53. I would like to take this to a new mom. Can i let it cool then freeze it? What are the cooking instructions when frozen?

    • That should be OK. Maybe portion it out before you freeze? I would reheat at 350 for maybe 30-45 minutes (if from frozen? I would keep an eye on it.

  54. I love this blog and the majority of the recipes here – This was just awful and the only thing I can blame (I’m an Italian cook by nature) is the wheat noodles, I got Barilla, and they we’re just awful. Next time I will use reduced-fat Ricotta and probably just save the calories for non-wheat noodles. We all wanted it to be really good, and we all chugged through it like champs.

    • I would recommend Delallo whole wheat pasta… it is DELICIOUS and you absolutely can’t  tell the difference … try it

  55. Just made this last night!! It was delish. We needed a smidge more salt but otherwise it was yummy and satisfying!!

  56. I made this tonight, turned out great! My supermarket let me down, though, and only had reduced-fat ricotta. I think it changed points to 10/svg but still worth it!

  57. Can I use fresh spinach just mixing it into the dish without prescription cooking??

  58. I made this last night for dinner and it is very good. Has a nice flavor from the garlic and basil!

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  62. I made this a couple weeks ago and we loved it . The spinach was still mostly frozen when I added it but I’m making it again with thawed spinach. Do you drain it and squeeze it dry first or all liquid and all?

  63. This looks amazing. Does anyone know what the 21 day fix portions are for this recipe?

  64. My kids LOVED this meal. My boys had thirds and my toddler had fourths! Thanks Gina.

  65. I made this for my in-laws and it was a huge hit! So good. Thank you for the recipe!

  66. So good! I hate thawing frozen spinach so I just cooked a bunch down and followed everything else to the letter. Really delicious and hits that comfort food craving. I am going to make this ALL WINTER. Thank you! Can’t wait for leftovers for lunch tomorrow. MMMMMmmmm.

  67. Hi! What would the points value change if I added a pound of turkey or chicken sausage to this?? My husband is fixated on having meat in his meals 

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  70. I made this last night and my picky 6 year old said there better be leftovers for tomorrow! Great dish! Easy, quick and crowd pleasing! This will be my regular pasta dish, especially when I need a quick weeknight dinner.

  71. I made this last night and my. Wet picky 6 year old said there better be leftovers for tomorrow! Great dish! Easy, quick and crowd pleasing!

  72. I made this last night and had leftovers today. This is n excellent recipe. I will be making this frequently. Thank you Gina!

  73. I made this for dinner tonight and it was simply delicious. I added crumbled chicken Italian sausage which gave a slightly spicy taste. Everyone loved it!

  74. This recipe sounds amazing. One question: step 4 is worded a little funny, and I’m not sure I understand. I don’t want to mess it up! It says, “Add sauce to the pasta and combine the ziti.” What am I combining the ziti with if not the sauce, like it already says?

  75. Instead of pasta, can you make this with spiralized zucchini?

  76. Is there a way to cut out more of the cheese from this dish?

  77. Have you ever used fresh spinach?

  78. What are ziti

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  80. Will it come out ok if I omit the ricotta I love it but my husband does not 🙁 
    My parents are from Italy so love pasta thanks for making it light!

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  82. Made this tonight and it was a huge hit! The only change I made was to use fresh spinach but otherwise followed the recipe as it was. The serving sizes were really big too!!! Very filling. I normally do baked ziti with a full 32 oz container of ricotta. After seeing how delicious this was with only 1/4 of that amount I won’t be using that much cheese anymore!

  83. Can you use fresh spinach in this recipe?

  84. Hi!  If I want to bake 2 at the same time, do I adjust the temp and cook time?

  85. Is it 2 cups or one cup of mozzarella?

  86. Have made this multiple times and LOVE it, but it makes so much that my husband and I always have to eat leftovers. Any recommendations for a good way to reheat? I usually go with the microwave and a splash of liquid, but it seems to dry out really easily when reheating.

  87. Forgive me if this was already asked… there are soooooo many comments and i couldn't read all of them! 🙂 Could I add some chicken to this? How would i change the cook time? Thanks in advance!

  88. This is fantastic! One of the best recipes here and so many are great. I made this exactly per the directions with these exceptions, I doubled the oregano and used 1/2 fresh & 1/2 dried basil because that's all I had. I added 1 t. red pepper flakes because I like some heat. It was difficult not to try to eat the whole thing. 🙂 Delish!

  89. would I be able to get away with keeping this in the fridge for two days? or should I freeze it for one night and then thaw?

  90. This is delish! My whole family loved it!

  91. We LOVE this! I will have to make 2 pans next time, since with 5 us, we ALL want leftovers 🙂

  92. I just made this dish.. its delicious.. I added 1/2 lb browned ground round and definitely used a little less pasta… Thank you !

  93. One word for this recipe – AWESOME!!!

  94. Made this tonight…absolutely amazing!

  95. You have hundreds of positive comments for a reason. This site has changed my way of eating. You are truly an inspiration.

    I have tried dozens of recipes that you've posted over the past 2 years and they have all made it into the regular rotation.

    I am making this baked ziti tonight for the first time, and plan to use some of the fresh spinach from our garden. Cannot wait to see how it comes out. My mouth waters looking at the beautiful photo though.

  96. I am now cooking for two. It is just me and my hub in the house. I split this recipe in half and put it in the freezer. The first one was good. But the second one that I got out of the freezer and cooked tonight was Awesome!!! Thanks!

  97. This is so good. Love the flavors. I didn't have any FF Ricotta so I used 4 heaping T. of light sour cream. I'm not a pasta lover but I can't quit picking at this. Thank you for a great recipe.

  98. 95% of our dinners are from your site. It is my "go to". I look at it daily. Amazing recipes! I have taken risks and tried new recipes and they are all delicious. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into this site.

  99. My daughter & I made his last night for a Potluck gathering at our home for her high school Theatre classmates. It was a big hit! Gina, yours are my go to recipes for any gathering or delicious lunch or dinners! Thank you!��
    Susan Pena-Salisbury

  100. Hi Gina,
    Could I add ground turkey or sliced chicken or turkey sausage to this? If I did, would I need to adjust anything else so it's not too dry?
    Thank you!

  101. Question…if I used whole wheat ziti, would it still only be 8 WW points? I can not wait to try this!!! I love any kind of pasta with cheese 🙂

  102. Saw this recipe last week and tried it. Really good and even my daughter loved it! Super big plus!! Will definitely be making this one again!

  103. I made this yesterday with fresh spinash and it was delicious!!!

  104. Hi! I made this a few weeks ago and it was delicious!!!! I cooked all of it though and froze some. Any recommendations for reheating it? Thanks so much!

  105. Holy cow! Two weeks and 3 nights of leftovers later and my husband is still raving about this. I even substituted cauliflower for half the pasta and he says its the best ziti he's ever had regardless of calories.

    In addition to the cauliflower substitution, I added a smidge of anchovy paste, a glug of wine, a pinch of saffron dissolved in a quarter cup chicken stock, and a little ground red pepper. to the sauce.

    Based on the requests, I'll be making it again soon 🙂 Thanks, Gina, for another awesome recipe!

  106. OHMYGOD
    Ok, I just made this! OHMYGOD My tongue is burning cause I ate it while hot hahaha could not stop, it was too good!!!

    I replaced the ricotta with chèvre frais, added more spinach & used a small can of tomatoes. OHMYGOD


    I hope you won't mind that I will blog about this on my blog and you are getting full credit for this. This beats mac & cheese any day! I absolutely loved it. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

  107. I loved it!! it was delish and I didn't feel guilty.

  108. I'm not a spinach eater…if I omit it would that mess up the recipe?

  109. Made this last night… everyone loved it. Thank you so much!

  110. Hi Gina, what kind of pasta do you use? Whole wheat, carb smart, regular?

  111. What's the best way to freeze and then reheat the leftovers?

  112. This is one of my favorite recipes of yours. It's easy and yummy, and my kids barely notice that their eating veggies.

  113. This was very good! Thank you. Will definitely make again.

  114. Made this over the weekend for a potluck party. Turned out great (as always). I was able to prepare the dish in the AM, take it out the fridge, bake and go!

  115. This was really great! The only thing I changed was to add mild chicken sausage. My husband loved it!

  116. I had this last night… very yummy! 🙂 Thanks for another great recipe!

  117. Ditto, anything a sub for ricotta, please? I have made this many times and it is amazing. I am out of ricotta and am hoping someone responds!
    Thank you!
    Susan Pena-Salisbury

  118. Is there anything you can substitude for the ricotta?

  119. I made this last night. It was wonderful. My hubby raved over it!!!

  120. what is 1/8 portion look like??

  121. Made this yesterday. Most went in the freezer, but I had one serving at lunch today. It was delicious!

  122. Made this yesterday and kept in fridge to bake when I got home from work tonight (+ 1/2 in freezer for later) … YUM! Both my 13yo daughter and I loved it! thanks for the great recipe:-)

  123. I made this today…. was delicious!!!! congrats!!!!

  124. I've made this with cottage cheese in place of the ricotta and it turns out great – I've also added leftover chopped chicken or turkey breast – fantastic versitile recipe!! Going to try tonight by reducing the pasta and adding chunks of zucchini – reducing the carbs with bulky veggies!! Thanks for a great recipe!!!

  125. Hi, I have everything for this recipe except the fat free ricotta.. Do you think that cottage cheese could be used instead?

  126. My son recently turned one and his doc said to ditch the bottle and start feeding him whatever we are eating. I have been so worried he's not eating enough but tonight we made this and I worry no more. He ate almost 1/2 a serving! It's the most of anything I've ever seen him eat!

    My 12 yo step daughter and husband (who hates eating healthy) both LOVED it too! It was a huge hit for the whole family! Great alternative for spaghetti lovers.

  127. I made this recipe tonight for dinner and my boyfriend and I love love loved it!! I have actually been trying to make one of your recipes a night, seeing as they are easy to follow, healthy, and yummie! Thank you so much for all the help!

  128. Made this one today. I did add more tomato (we like our pasta tomato-y), used part skim mozzarella and Low Fat Ricotta since it's what I had on hand and it came out so yummy! You don't even notice the spinach. My boyfriend who despises baked ziti even had a big portion!

  129. Hubby and 4 year old son approved! I did add lean ground turkey and mushrooms, and we all loved it!! Will become a new recipe to a list of weekly meals!

  130. Made one batch for another family and one for ours…even my "I dont like spinach" 13 year old son loved it!! He even ate the leftovers! The family said I need to keep this in the dinner rotation…WIN!! Thanks so much, your site is helping us eat healthy without losing on flavor!!!

  131. I surprised my fiancee with this and he LOVED IT! The only modification I made was adding ground turkey. The funny thing was that after we ate, he opened the computer and the recipe was still up on screen. After he read the ingredients he confessed to me that he had no idea that it had spinach (I guess he thought it was chopped basil?) or ricotta cheese in it, neither of which he will normally eat. Getting him to eat spinach was a true victory in my book. He's even requested that we add it to our weekly rotation! Thanks!

  132. Quck Question: Does anyone know the weight per serving size?? I like to weigh my food to be extra accurate. Thanks.

  133. I made this for dinner two nights ago and it was a BIG HIT! Thanks!!! 😀

  134. Do you think that adding (imitation) crab meat would be good in this dish? And if so, any idea on modifications that would need to be made? Thanks for all you do!

  135. Hi gina,
    I am making this tonight and would like to know if i left out the spinach (kids don't like it) and used part skim ricotta instead how does it effect the nutritional information.
    Thanks again for all your hard work that goes into the website!!!!

  136. Hello Gina, this looks delicious – can't wait to make it. What kind of Parmesan cheese does the recipe call for?

  137. Made this for dinner tonight – and made 2 additional pans to take to people recovering from surgery. SO delicious…my 15 year old daughter still has no idea she ate spinach tonight! Thank you, Gina…you made 3 families very happy :).

  138. I swapped the ricotta for fat free cottage cheese and was really pleased. My only complaint was that it seemed like the dish was overwhelmed by spinach, but that's a simple solution. All in all my family and I loved it and will definitely be making it again.

  139. Made this for dinner last night and even my anti-dieter boyfriend had seconds and took some to work today! Amazing recipe, thank you!

  140. I made this yesterday for lunch. I used fresh spinach, dried basil, and cottage cheese instead of ricotta. It was absolutely delicious! This will definitely become a regular around here. Thank you so much for the recipe! I also used penne and bow tie pasta because that's what I had on hand.

  141. I made this tonight with vegetable rotini (about 20oz of it, the plain, spinach and tomato kind), added half of an onion, added a medium-size can of diced tomatoes and cooked until onion was done. Turned out pretty good for something that's good for you! Next time I think I'd add an egg or two to the ricotta cheese to keep it together better. Thanks!

  142. I just went back on WW this week, so I've been looking up recipes like crazy. Your blog is amazing 🙂 I made this for my BF and I tonight and it was a hit! So so yummy and easy. And happy it's a WW recipe that's cheesy and pasta friendly 🙂 Thank you for everything!

  143. can you use fresh spinach?

  144. Making this for dinner tonight, but I will be cutting the recipe in half. 🙂 Can't wait to try it!

  145. Do you use grated Parmesan??

  146. My husband instantly said, "there's no meat in this!" lol! but then he ate 2 bowlfuls and said it was actually pretty good. I was a little worried because my son had a couple friends over unexpectedly and I wasn't sure if they would like it, but they did, and the 11yo had 3 bowlfuls. So it pleased all of us! Thanks! 🙂

  147. i just made this tonight! it's the first time i've really ever made a meal for my family and they were very impressed. and shocked at how healthy it is! THANK YOU 🙂

  148. Taking this out of the oven in 5 mins!!! i added fresh mushrooms and some ground turkey meat (hubby had to have some meat in it!! lol) can't wait! smells awesome!

  149. Is it 331.9 calories per serving or in total?

  150. Thank you for this recipe! I made this tonight but I added ground turkey breast (low fat, only adds about 50 calories per serving and lots of protein. I just cooked it first with the minced garlic… turned out wonderful! Thank you. My mom and her friend (and I) loved this.

  151. can I freeze this after it has been cooked or should I freeze it before hand?

  152. in the making 🙂 but im adding green peppers

  153. Your site is fabulous and have many wonderful dishes for our Weight Watchers lunch bunch! Can I use kale instead of spinach? Thank you!

  154. I just made this for dinner. It was very yummy, but I couldn't find fat free ricotta. I used low fat instead. Do you know how many more points that would make it?

  155. Does this use crushed tomatoes or chopped tomatoes (diced)? The ingredient list calls for crushed but the directions say chopped. Thanks!

  156. Awesome!! I got 10 big servings out of this so I froze half of it. Even my kids liked it!

  157. I made this last night for a friend for dinner. Came out delicious. I used a 12 oz box of whole grain penne (since 16 oz boxes are no longer available). I'm glad I used the lesser amount of pasta, because the pasta soaked up most of the sauce. Next time I might even use slightly less pasta (I like my dishes "saucier"). I made the whole batch and froze a good amount. Can't wait to eat for lunch today 🙂

  158. Tried this tonight and it was AWE-SOME! I adapted it a little bit. Added tomato sauce, tastefully simple onion onion seasoning and not as much basil. I like basil, but not quite that much. Kiddos liked it, too. Even the picky one.

  159. I made this the other night and my husband and I loved it. I have one question for you though concerning the mozzarella. You have in the ingredients 8 oz (2 cups) but isnt 8 oz one cup?! So should I have used 1 cup or 2?

    I have tried many of your recipes over the past month and have enjoyed them all!!!

    • 8oz is one “cup” by weight (using water) but when you shred it you are increasing the surface area and there is air between the shreds- so if you shredded an 8oz block of cheese it would take two cups worth of space! I hope that makes sense 🙂

  160. This was delicious! I think it's a rip off that pasta companies are changing their pkg from 16 oz to 12 oz, as my Ronzoni pasta only comes in 12 oz. I just used this one box, and it was still plenty. This does freeze well too. I freeze in portions for my lunches at work. Thanks so much for posting the WW points plus! This is so helpful, and your recipes have become my "go to" meals! Once I try it and like it, I share with my friends & family and post it on Facebook!! Thank you!!

  161. Made this tonight for dinner and it was sooooo good! Will for sure make it again! Thanks for sharing!

  162. okay, that's what I did and thought. Thanks for clarifying! You are the best and make it more fun to cook in a healthy way! Thank you for what you do!

  163. The points are for 16 oz. So glad you all liked it!

  164. This recipe is outrageous and on of me and my husbands favorite. I just have one question. The Ronzoni Smart Taste pasta box is only 12 oz. which is not a pound. Do the points for this recipe call for 1 lb or 1 box? (12 oz.) I just want to make sure I have it right. I made it with 1 lb like you have written. Thanks.

  165. I also made this tonight! It was a hit. My husband who is a picky eater and turned his nose up when he heard spinach even love it 🙂

  166. Made this tonight and it was fabulous! So quick and easy and even my picky 3 year old ate it! This will be a staple at our house from now on!

  167. Made this several times with zucchini instead of spinach, I sauté and then it finishes cooking in oven. We love it! Thanks Gina!

  168. I made this tonight for dinner along with your easy garlic busicuts and my family loved it. My kids even asked to take the leftovers to school for tomorrow's lunch. 🙂

  169. I am making this right now! Smell's fantastic!

    Thanks for making my weight loss easier (and tastier)

  170. Great recipe! Also no non-fat ricotto or a full pound of high fiber ziti in Seattle, so I used less low fat ricotto, 12 oz of pasta, less mozarella. Added extra lean chicken sausage (13 oz) to make the full 9×13 baking dish. My husband says "homerun!"

  171. Thank you very much! I halved the recipe because it's just my husband and I and it turned out perfect! I made chicken breast on the side bc the hubby MUST HAVE protein. :)Being a newlywed, it's overwhelming tackling new recipes, but this was really straight forward, thank you!

  172. Delish! You sure it was "healthy"? LOL your recipes are great! Thanks.

  173. This was very good! Thank you for all of your recipes!

  174. Loved this recipe! Easy to make, satisfying and makes great leftovers!! thanks!

  175. OMG made tonight it was FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC!!!! LOVED IT!!! Cant wait to have it as a leftover tomorrow… Both grocery stores i went to didnt have FF Ricotta but only lowfat so had to go with that.. but amazing amazing!!!

  176. I made two recipes of this for Fathers Day. One to eat, and the other to freeze in portions. This freezes very well and I just enjoyed my last serving yesterday 🙁
    I will definitely make this one again soon. Can you recommend any other recipes that freeze well? Thanks Gina!

  177. Frozen spinach is cooked so no need to cook it again, just thaw, squeeze out liquid and add it to the recipe.

  178. This is in my oven right now and smells delicious. One thing I wasn't sure about was in thawing the frozen spinach, I went ahead and cooked it in the microwave and then drained it. Did you mean by thawing, just to use it uncooked? I wasn't clear. I'm sure it will turn out great regardless, but thought I would clarify for next time. Thanks! RK

  179. 9 points plus for 1/8th of the recipe.

  180. I made this last night and it was spectacular. When you said serving size was roughly 2 cups, meaning 2 portioned cups right? (I'm confused due to the cheese comments and just want to make sure.)

    I measured with my little measuring cups, and want to make sure it was 9 pts+ for the 2 cups, and not 18.

  181. Just got done devouring this dish! So SO yummy. My two year old loved it…even asked for seconds! Thank you for your wonderful creations.

  182. It's shredded, not sliced.

  183. Is the mozzarella shredded or sliced off a large 8oz piece. It looks like you used slices from the photograph, but that wouldn't work if you had to mix together. I noticed the same thing in some other recipes.

  184. Yes Tiffany, I did.

  185. Did you use shredded mozzarella for this?

  186. Gina, the box of Ronzoni Smart taste is only 14 oz so this makes seven servings, not 8. Maybe it used to be a pound when you first posted the recipe, but like many other brands, they have cut the oz down so it is smaller now.

    This was excellent though. Thanks!

  187. Made this tonight and it was delicious! Thanks for all the great recipes 🙂

  188. Just made this and added 8 oz. of cooked Veal sausage for 10 pts.+ per serving and it was delicious

  189. I wish I had used the SmartTaste pasta instead of the whole wheat kind I had at home. I still can't get used to whole wheat but it was still yummy! Like others said, this was a big serving so I made it into 12 servings instead of 8. Great to bring to work! Thanks!

  190. Made this last night and it was delicious! I added more sauce but otherwise followed the recipe. Didn't miss the meat and loved the added spinach. Very nice portion and extremely filling. I used to make ziti often so I am pleased to have found a healthier version. Thanks!

  191. I made this tonight and it was wonderful!!! I thought I would miss having meat in my meal, but I didn't. I will def. be keeping this recipe and making it many times in the future. This is the first of your recipes that I've tried and I can't wait to work my way through more! Thanks!

  192. I made this for my boyfriend and I last night and was suprised how FILLING it was! I added some ground beef, but other than that I stuck with the recipe. It was great. I only had one bowl and am eating more for lunch today!

  193. Christina, it's confusing but there are ounces (weight) and liquid ounces. Cheese is measured by weight.

    Heather, the blender would be fine.

  194. What should I do if I only have diced tomatoes on hand? Drain and chop maybe?? or put them in the blender and puree? Please advise. 🙂

  195. Sorry if this is a dumb question. But you say to use "2 cups (8 oz) part skim mozzarella" Is cheese measured differently than liquid? Because I thought 1 cup was 8oz…So I don't know if you just mean we need 2 cups (16oz) divided in to 8oz each. Since in the recipe it says to use half at one point and half later on. I just didn't want to use 16oz total if that's not what you meant, and then have it raise the point value. Thanks for your help! I can't wait to try out this recipe! 🙂

  196. Lauren, I would freeze it before baking. Remove pasta from the freezer, allow to thaw overnight in the refrigerator then bake as directed.

  197. Gina, I found this under the "Freezer-friendly" recipes, and it looks wonderful! Do you think it is best to freeze the dish before or after baking it? What would be your recommendations for reheating after freezing? Thank you so much for all of your recipes! My husband and friends have been so impressed, and I have made dishes I never thought I could!

  198. Loved it! It was delicious and quite a large serving size too.

  199. So yummie!!!

  200. Bowles, nothing makes me happier than knowing my recipes can get the little ones to eat their veggies!

  201. Ohmygoodness! I cannot believe it, but my 2 super-picky boys (3yrs and 4yrs) are just plowing through this dish–and they haven't dodged the spinach, either. Big winner at my house–thank you, Gina!

  202. Made this for dinner, it was great and filling.

  203. Thank you for this delicious recipe!!! It was a big hit!!!! Absolutely, Yummy!!!! You're amazing!!!!

  204. Just finished this and it was fabulous. I added a couple of diced links of hot italian turkey sausage and a can of diced tomatos.

    But there was no way I could eat a whole serving – I'd say this could feed easily feed 12.

  205. I made this for dinner tonight. It's very good. Thanks, Gina!

  206. Great!! Spread the love!

  207. My sister and I made this tonight and it was delicious!! I have been on WW for a while, but she is a tiny little thing and doesn't care much for low fat, low cal anything! I was surprised she was even willing to try this but – she was very impressed! Now she's actually excited to try other items on here! Thanks Gina – you rock!

  208. Can't wait to eat this (1/2 a batch waiting in the fridge to cook and another 1/2 in the freezer for later!) Just wanted to say for anyone asking, I entered this into the recipe building using part skim ricotta since I also couldn't find fat free, and it came to 9 pts+. Hooray!

  209. I made this 2 nights ago, and now I am making it again for company!! This is definitely a winner!!!

  210. Yay Jen!! I love helping moms to get there kids to eat!!

  211. Thank you so much I made a version of this and it was fab!

  212. I'm in shock right now!! My kids are gobbling this up and I even put 16 oz of spinach in here! I was scared they'd freak when they saw all the green, but I just told them it was "green silly" noodles and that's all they needed. My 3 yr old son (who rarely takes 2 bites of his dinner, let alone a vegetable) has now eaten 2 plates full without and encouragement! My 5 year old daughter loved it too! Thank you! This is the 3rd recipe I've made off of your site and they all have been absolutely perfect!! You're amazing!

  213. This is my favorite recipe to sneak spinach into my kids tummies!

    Yes, drain the spinach first!

  214. Gina, this site is amazing! I added a few of your recipes to my cooking for this week, I am soooo excited to try! This looks like something my kids and husband will like as well! 1 question though, am I supposed to drain the spinache?

  215. Made this for supper tonight and my hubby and teenaged daughter are already asking when I am making it again! It was a huge hit and really simple to make. Thank you so much!! This is 2 for 2 hits from your site that i have tried since discovering it this week! Thank you!

  216. Served this tonight and it was a hit! My kids called by old, full of fat ziti casserole "Noodle City". When they asked what was for dinner I said, "Noodle City"! My 5yo asked about the green stuff and I steered the conversation to the benefits of basil:) Thanks so much!

  217. This is AMAZING! My husband and I were questioning the whole time if it could REALLY only be 9 P+! Your recipes are beyond delicious, Gina – thank you so much for sharing! You make it so much easier to stay on track with WW!

  218. I'm not sure off the top of my head, you'd have to look at the points in recipe builder and see if it makes a difference.

  219. I would love to try this recipe! But I have a question…I can NEVER find fat free ricotta. What difference would it make to use part skim low fat ricotta? According to my calculator it's the same amount of points but I'm unsure if it would be the same considering the use of 8 oz.

  220. I tried this dish last night and it was AMAZING!! I started WW two weeks ago and your recipes are helping me from getting bored. I couldn't find fat free ricotta at my store so I subbed fat free cottage cheese instead and it was delicious! Thanks for all the recipes:)

  221. If you use whole wheat pasta, would that change the points any? Thanks!!

  222. Yes I did use a different brand because I could not find that Ronzoni Smart Tast Ziti. I will add a couple points to it . Thanks so much and thank you for postining all these great recipes!! I have made so many of them and loved them all!!

  223. It would be the same… But my points are for ronzoni smart taste (high fiber). I think you used regular pasta which would be slightly more.

  224. Hi Gina! I have a question for you… I made this dish and realized that I bought mini Ziti. Would that change the 8 servings that the normal one makes?? When I divided it up into 8 servings it just seems like alot for just 6 points. Thanks so much!

  225. Thanks Kimmie!!

  226. This is my favorite pasta now. Making it again tonight.
    I appreciate your blog. It's my go-to for easy, delicious and point friendly recipes.
    Thank you!

  227. Thanks Lisa! Yes, I would def. drain it first. Enjoy!

  228. Hi Gina –
    I LOVE, LOVE your website! I check it every morning with my morning cup of coffee 🙂 Just about to make the baked ziti and wondering if you squeeze the water out of the spinach before sauteing it?


  229. For fresh spinach you would sauté a large bag of baby spinach with the garlic and oil. If you want it saucier, sure add more tomatoes. Maybe a half can of crushed tomatoes? It depends on how saucy you like it.

  230. If I wanted to use fresh spinach, can you tell me how much I would use and whether I need to cook it first? Also, if I wanted to make this a little "saucier", would I add more tomatoes (and if so, how much?) or would I make your marinara sauce? This looks great, and I can't wait to try it.

  231. You're welcome Kim 🙂

  232. This was awesome. I am so glad a friend recommended me to this site. I made this with part-skim ricotta. It was delicious and my BF loved it and ate two helpings, he didn't even know it was a lower fat dish. I also served with some marinara on the side, I felt it needed a little sauce. Excellent. I can't wait to try more of your recipes.

  233. 8 points is still great, thanks for commenting!

  234. Just made this & added 1.3 lbs of ground turkey to please my family (took it to 8 points per serving). It was delicious! My husband & picky 4 & 6 year olds gobbled it up. Definitely will be making this one again!

  235. That's 1 lb of dry, uncooked pasta.

  236. is this 1lb of cooked or uncooked pasta?? thank you! can't wait to make this week!

  237. Glad you all enjoyed this, thanks Kimmie 🙂

  238. Making this right now. It's in the oven and smells so good! I can't wait. I didn't have Ziti…so I used Penne, also used fresh spinach (cause I had to use it up).

    This is my favorite recipe blog! Thanks Gina.

  239. I made this but had to cut way back on the ricotta because I can't find fat free ricotta anywhere in Southern California. I also used about half of the mozzarella and it still turned out pretty good. My calories are calculating quite a bit higher for a serving.

  240. This was just fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing these amazing recipes.

  241. Yes, must squeeze out the water.

    To print: if you are using Internet Explorer, you have to upgrade to the latest version, then should print fine. Or use Firefox instead.

  242. Made this today and we enjoyed it very much. Next time, I think I will precook the spinach and squeeze out the extra water. Other than that, extra good.
    Can anyone tell me how to print these individually?

  243. I made this recipe last night and it was AWESOME!! I will definately be making it again! I can't wait to try other recipes!! Thanks so much for making this Weight Watcher journey a little easier and enjoyable!!

  244. my roommate and I made this last night and loved it! I brought it for lunch today!

  245. Gina I love your recipes! I made this last week and it was wonderful!!

  246. This was AWESOME. Have a family of three who enjoyed it and I easily froze the second half for a simple meal at a later date. The portion size is also huge. I could only eat half (however my dad devoured 2 servings!)

  247. Made this today and it is awesome! I did not have ziti so I used rigitoni and my box was only 13oz, so I used recipe builder on ww website and it reduced the points to 5 per serving. This is wonderful! Portion size is plenty too! Planning on putting in freezer containers and freezing for when I want this! It's just me and my son, so these big recipes are wonderful. Thank you for a yummy recipe!

  248. Oh my Goodness Gina….two recipes with spinach in one week that my very picky 9 year old loved! This Ziti was soooo delicious and so easy! He had seconds. Gonna try your three bean chili tonight. Thank you for delicious, easy, healthy recipes the whole family loves!

  249. I made this last week and my meat-eater-non healthy hubby LOVED it as did I! Every time I usually make ziti I've used jarred sauces that I now know are full of sugar, so I was a little wary that the flavor would be off just going natural with canned tomatoes but we didn't miss the sugar at all. LOVE your site and recipes, thank you! Lisa

  250. I think it would between 9 – 10 points per serving.

  251. This looks so yummy! Does anyone know how many points a serving would be if I add a lb of lean ground beef to the recipe?

  252. Wow, I just made this and it was absolutely delicious. I added dried parsley and a little bit of crushed red pepper as well.

    This is one of the best WW dishes I've made!

  253. Roughly about 2 cups

  254. I'm wanting something hearty and filling tonight, but don't have many POINTS left. Does anyone have any idea about how many cup(s) 1/8 of this dish is?


  255. I lpve this recipe! I made it with Quinoa instead of the pasta and it was delicious!

  256. awesome @thesourie!!!! That makes my day!

    So happy you all like this!

  257. this looks sooooooooooooooooo gooooooooooood mmmmmmmmmm! i just wanna say, i've been reading your blog for almost a year now and i've lost 25 pounds doing it in conjuction with weight watchers, you're really amazing 🙂

  258. I love this recipe. I made it two nights ago and my boyfriend devoured it; my Italian mother also enjoyed it! It's a keeper!

  259. Oh yum! Too bad I didn't see this last week when I made regular ziti for dinner.

    Love, love, love your site! Found you last month and have so many recipes bookmarked for my journey on WW.

  260. Made this tonight. Very good & satiated my craving for something hearty.

  261. Hello! OMG…I LOVE your site. It's become my "go to" resource! I am new to blogging and weight watchers, and have shared your link with a number of folks in my weight watchers meeting! Thank you SOOOOOO much for this and all your posts!!!!!

  262. Since I'm allergic to dairy products from cows, I have substituted tofu with eggs, seasoning and onions for the ricotta…and I use sheeps cheese (Locatelli) for a substitute for parmesan. The mozzarella substitute is a vegan cheese that's flavored as mozzarella. In the produce section of all grocery stores. The ziti tastes lighter, and delicious. Fools everybody who doesn't know.

  263. Penne or rigatoni would also work fine if you can't find ziti!

  264. Google it! I just did!! It's tube shaped pasta! 🙂
    Lovely recipe. Thanks for all your hard work.

  265. I am based in London, England – what is ziti?

  266. This looks so good I'm going to make it tomorrow! I made your clam chowder the other day– it's become part of our regular rotation of meals. Thank you for all the great recipes.

  267. Thanks Rachel! I try to post recipes we love to eat in our home as well. Baked ziti was long overdo!

  268. I seriously wish you could be my personal chef! EVERY recipe you post is something that I love or would love to eat- easy, no fuss recipes that are light and healthy. Perfection =) Thank you!

    We loved baked ziti and spinach!