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Superfood Triple Berry Chia Pudding

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I LOVE chia pudding! And what can be easier than throwing a few chia seeds into a jar with fresh fruit berries and almond milk and giving it a good shake!

 I LOVE chia pudding! And what can be easier than throwing a few chia seeds into a jar with fresh fruit berries and almond milk and giving it a good shake!Superfood Triple Berry Chia Pudding

A few other favorite easy chia pudding recipes are my Coconut Lime Raspberry Chia Pudding and Raspberry Coconut Chia Popsicles!

If you’ve never tried chia pudding, I highly recommend picking up some chia seeds and Blue Diamond Almond Breeze almond milk and give it a try. Chia is a super food; an excellent source of omega fatty acids, has more antioxidants than blueberries and it’s full of minerals, calcium, protein, vitamins and fiber. Plus it is low in calories and is incredibly satiating.

Some of you may have tried my Mango Coconut Chia Pudding which is always a favorite of mine, but I wanted to try something with all the berries I bought this week and used fresh blueberries, raspberries and blackberries… delicious!

All I do is combine the chia seeds with milk (my favorite milk to use when making chia pudding is Almond Breeze Unsweetened Almond-Coconut Milk) then add fruit and a little liquid stevia or whatever sweetener you like, then shake it all up, let it sit 15 minutes and give it another good shake and keep it in the refrigerator overnight. Karina, my oldest loves this! Madison, my youngest wanted to help me style the shot, perhaps I have an assistant in training…

This is so healthy you can even eat this for breakfast, which is what I did this morning. Did I mention this fits into so many dietary restrictions; gluten-free, dairy-free, low sodium, low sugar, low calorie, vegetarian, vegan… enjoy!! By the way the lovely spoon is by For Such A Time Designs.

I LOVE chia pudding! And what can be easier than throwing a few chia seeds into a jar with fresh fruit berries and almond milk and giving it a good shake!
I LOVE chia pudding! And what can be easier than throwing a few chia seeds into a jar with fresh fruit berries and almond milk and giving it a good shake!

Isn’t she such a ham : )

I LOVE chia pudding! And what can be easier than throwing a few chia seeds into a jar with fresh fruit berries and almond milk and giving it a good shake!

I LOVE chia pudding! And what can be easier than throwing a few chia seeds into a jar with fresh fruit berries and almond milk and giving it a good shake!

Superfood Triple Berry Chia Pudding

3.50 from 4 votes
I LOVE chia pudding! And what can be easier than throwing a few chia seeds into a mason jar with fresh fruit berries and almond milk and giving it a good shake!
Course: Breakfast, Brunch, Dessert, Snack
Cuisine: American
I LOVE chia pudding! And what can be easier than throwing a few chia seeds into a jar with fresh fruit berries and almond milk and giving it a good shake!
Prep: 20 minutes
Cook: 0 minutes
Chil Time: 5 hours
Total: 5 hours 20 minutes
Yield: 2 servings
Serving Size: 1 cup


  • 1 cup unsweetened almond/coconut milk beverage, used Almond Breeze
  • 3/4 cup fresh blueberries, blackberries and raspberries
  • 2 tbsp chia seeds
  • 5-6 drops Nu-Naturals liquid stevia, or sugar/honey to taste


  • Combine the Almond Breeze almond-coconut milk together with the chia seeds and fruit in a glass jar with a lid.
  • Cover and shake well, set aside for 15 minutes.
  • Give it another good shake then refrigerate overnight or at least 5-6 hours.
  • Divide into 2 bowls or glass serving dishes and serve.
  • Enjoy!

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Serving: 1 cup, Calories: 110 kcal, Carbohydrates: 12 g, Protein: 4 g, Fat: 5 g, Saturated Fat: 0.5 g, Sodium: 64 mg, Fiber: 7.5 g, Sugar: 3 g


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almond Breeze. I only share products I am passionate about and use in my own kitchen on a daily basis. I created this recipe and received compensation to do so.

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145 comments on “Superfood Triple Berry Chia Pudding”

  1. I ❤️this recipe. My only question is how to get it to be creamier. I’ve tried all various methods—more milk, less seeds, different milks, etc.

    We like to meal prep so I’ll make a weeks worth batch.

  2. Is the nutritional information per 2 servings or 1? This recipe yields 2 servings so do I eat the whole 2 servings for 110kcal?

  3. I’ve always used 1/2 C of unsweetened Almond milk and 2 T of Chia seeds.  I add my fruit right before eating.  Nice and thick, and tastes wonderful.

  4. I use your recipes all the time.  I love the flavor of your chia seed pudding but it’s not thickening.  Its a little thicker but not pudding.   I don’t use almond breeze I use Caligula farms unsweetened almond milk 

  5. Love chia pudding! Do you think this can be made with frozen fruit? I bought lots of frozen fruit at the beginning of this pandemic and would love something other than a smoothie. 🙂 

  6. I’m confused on the point count — chia seeds in the WW app are 4 points for 2 tablespoons. How does this come out to only 2 points? 

    1. Beki are you using the recipe builder? The only accurate way to determine any recipe’s SmartPoints® value is to plug the ingredients into the recipe builder on the Weight Watchers website (Click on “My Foods,” select “Recipe,” and click “Create a recipe.”) which does not count fruits and vegetables in recipes in the calculations as they are now 0 points.

      The SmartPoints® calculator isn’t meant for recipes and will often give you the wrong points (usually higher) because it’s counting the fruits and vegetables. So if you see a recipe with a SmartPoints® value that’s different from what the calculator tells you, now you know why.

  7. Just making the chia pudding. Gave it two good shakes and put in frig. Just looked and all the seeds are sitting on bottom. Is that normal?

  8. Yummy.I know my way around chia seeds.And this was
    GREAT!I used a bit more because I did use frozen fruit..
    But for me I can have it thick or a bit less .They fill you up either way.

  9. Avatar photo
    Jennell Francis

    I have almond milk but its not unsweetened. I don’t like stevia so could i just omit the sweetener and add everything else?

  10. The Calfia Farms almond milk does not contain carageenan. I find I like this brand more than the others on the market.

  11. Avatar photo
    Michele Wedewer

    This was so YUMMY!!! Thanks for sharing!! For those of you who were saying their pudding was runny here’s what I did.  I did not change anything from Gina’s amount of ingredients.  I just left the fruit out until the next morning.  Worked like a charm! Thanks again!

  12. All of the recipes I’ve seen call for about 4 tbsp of chia seeds to every 1 cup of almond milk. So I’m doubling the amount of chia in this recipe and hoping it comes out right!

    1. Avatar photo
      Michele Wedewer

      Just leave the fruit out until the next morning. I didn’t change anything and it turned out great!!

  13. Mine is still the consistency of milk. I didn’t use a glass jar. Is that the problem do you think?

    1. Avatar photo
      Michele Wedewer

      Leave the fruit out until the next morning.  That’s what worked for me. Turned out great!

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  15. I made this last night (with skeptics in my house) but when I tried it this morning it was absolutely delicious!  I must have used too much milk so I just added extra chia seeds so that it will be perfect for dinner tonight.

    This is a keeper!!!!!

  16. Gina, will the serving expand in the jar? Will the chia seeds expand? I doubled the recipe and added all ingredients in a Tupperware container like a jar type size with a lid but of course the ingredients kept rising as I added them.

  17. Im doing a experiment,, i think if shaken too late when the seeds are semi gel causes the gel to mix with the liquad not letting the chia absorb anymore so gonna try shaking 5 mins after instead of 15 . Also trying a batch with more seeds and also less to have more liquad to absorb.. erik

  18. If you can't find Chia Seeds in your area, try ordering from the Garden Of Life website! They only sell GMO free, organic Chia Seeds! Cheers!

  19. I made this and it was so YUMMY!!! I did substitute the Almond Breeze for Silk Vanilla (my son is alergic to nuts). Felt full after eating, and tasted so light! Making it again and again 🙂

  20. I made this last night and had it with the hubby for breakfast. To my surprise he loved it! I loved it too and I felt full after only one serving. 🙂 Thanks for the great recipe. PS: This was my first time every trying chia seeds.

  21. Avatar photo
    Chelsea and Justin

    I love pudding so I was super excited to try this. I happened to have chocolate almond milk on hand so I used that instead of Vanilla. It was SO good! I just started visiting your blog at my friend's request and I have loved every recipe so far. PS. Your daughter is adorable!

  22. I drink a protein shake or eggs with veggies every morning and was looking for something different to mix it up a bit. I have to say I was a little hesitant to try it but I was amazed how delicious it tasted! I had it for breakfast and it really filled me up before my long run. This will definitely be a keeper!! Thank you so much for your wonderful recipes! You truly have a gift!

  23. I found my Chia seeds at Walgreens and have seen them at CVS. They are in a bag, among the vitamins. Strange place I thought. I have heard that Trader Joe's is cheaper, so I will go there next time. But for anyone not near a Trader Joe's, check your local pharmacy in the vitamin section.

  24. As I was making this last night, I have to say that I was really skeptical. I used a little bit of agave and all strawberries, as that's what I had on hand, and it was wonderful. I can't eat dairy and really miss yogurt in the mornings, so this will now be my go-to breakfast. I can't wait to try other flavourings. Thanks for sharing!

  25. Made this today with my blender bottle and it set up perfectly. I used coconut milk and added an additional tablespoon of chia seeds. Hope this helps people with texture issue.

  26. im not a huge fan of the texture..if i grind the chia seeds in my food processor and then soak in milk will it be smoother?

  27. Avatar photo
    Madison Schofield

    A few things for those of you who apparently don't read the other very helpful and informative comments.
    1. Chia seeds don't set, they simply soak up liquid and expand. The amount they expand (and thus "set") depends on how much liquid (goat, cow, almond, whiskey.. whatever) you add.
    2. This recipe makes more of a viscous (see:watery) pudding. If you like that, great. Eat it and comment nicely. Say thank you. If you want it slightly "thicker" decrease your liquid or increase your chia. Play around with it. You wont die.
    3. It absolutely does not matter what kind of container you use. Plastic, Glass, Boot, Whatever. As long as its a liquid retaining vessel, it works.
    4. Stir it! Its says it right there in the recipe. Mix, let sit, shake, maybe repeat. Simple.

    1. Very well said Madison. Also funny. This is absolutely delicious. I added an extra tablespoon of chia seeds, and I used a frozen triple berry blend. Heavenly!

    2. I think the issue that a lot of people are having is that the chia seeds simply aren't expanding. If the chia seeds had clearly gotten larger and softer, and the putting was still watery, then yes, it would be a simple solution to add more chia, or use less liquid. However adding more chia won't really do anything if the chia isn't expanding in the first place. Mine are still the exact same size as before I put them in the liquid, and they're still gritty/grainy, not soft. That particular issue hasn't been answered yet (and yes, I have read al the comments, and stirred the mixture, etc)

    3. If the seeds aren't absorbing the liquid there really can only be 1 of 2 issues, the seeds are 'stale' which can happen even if just purchased from a store and doesn't mean they're expired. Or the liquid/room temp where you are letting it set after the combining the ingredients is too cool. The first thing I would try is letting the milk come up to room temperature before mixing with the fruit and seeds, and also make sure you're not refrigerating it for the 15 minute soft set.

      If you keep your house below 65 F then I would also suggest warming the mixture on the stove top after first combining them, rather like warming a baby's bottle. Don't try to boil it, just bring the temp up a bit, this will help to soften and open up the seeds.

  28. I made this last night and this morning woke up to it still a liquid. Did I miss something/do something wrong?

  29. This is DELISH and so easy! I love this recipe and your overnight oats recipes. I added a little bit of cinnamon too, which was perfect and might add a touch of vanilla next time as well. YUM!

  30. Do the chia seeds puff up?? They look quite a lot bigger in the first picture where, I'm assuming, it's ready to eat.

  31. Do you have any suggestions for making something like this for someone with severe nut allergies? Almond milk would definitely be out for my boyfriend. Would some kind of soy milk work and/or taste as good? It's always hard finding stuff he can eat that's still healthy…. I know nuts are a big part of eating healthy but we have to avoid those. Thanks!!!

  32. I loved the taste of this, but I'm not getting the same number of points plus when I plug this into WW etools recipe builder. 1 cup of fat free milk is 2p+, 2 TBS of chia seeds are 2p+ = 4p+ (assuming you used a sweetener without calories rather than honey, which added an extra 2p+). With just milk and chia seeds in the recipe builder, it came up to 5p+. Still good, but the points aren't actually as low as I'd hoped.

    1. This recipe is for two servings. I actually halved it and split it into two containers for my husband and me, and it turned out fine.

  33. Avatar photo
    Valerie Catherine

    I seem to have had the opposite experience of some others – mine set up too much! I took the advice of other commenters to add 3 tbsp of chia instead of 2, and shook it vigorously as Gina had instructed, and this morning it's basically a gooey chia blob. My chia to milk ratio is waaaay too high – there is none of the milky goodness like in the photos above. When looking through the side of the jar, all I see is chia seeds smooshed together. I can tell the flavor is good, so I am going to try it again tonight following Gina's steps exactly. I do think shaking the jar vigorously 15 minutes apart is the most important step to help the pudding set up.

  34. I agree with a previous commenter that I prefer this recipe with an additional tablespoon of chia seeds, and 3/4 cup of milk. I made it twice following your recipe, and it was just too milky for my taste. Adding the additional tablespoon helped make it taste more like pudding in my opinion.

  35. Trying to get more healthy. I love this blog and have made several recipes by it. I live in SC and was wondering where I can purchase Chia seeds. Thank you ! 🙂

  36. This comes out much better with 3 table spoons of chia seeds to one cup of milk. I added a scoop of chocolate whey protein and it was like a healthy chocolate pudding. Great for a post workout snack!

  37. Is there a huge difference in taste between shelf stable almond breeze and the kind you buy in the refrigerated section? I tried this with the shelf stable kind and it was pretty funky.

    Has anyone tried it with regular milk that can vouch for the flavor?


  38. Made this last night and had it for breakfast this morning and it was so delicious!!! I made 3 more batches tonight so I can enjoy for the next couple of days. Love it!

  39. I really enjoyed this recipe. I am excited to try the other variations on the comments. Thank you for all of these yummy recipes! I tell everyone about this website!

  40. ahh just fell in love w ur blog and recently just started incorporating smoothies as a breakfast stable especially even w my new purchase of the nutribullet love it!! and you give new ideas for smoothies

  41. Mine was also did not set but then I noticed a similar recipe on the bag. It calls for 1/4C of seeds to 1C liquid, so I think there needs to be more seeds for it to be more like pudding (about twice the amount in this recipe.) I'm currently waiting to see if this worked.

    1. Good morning everyone who is having this concoction runny and not set. The first time I made it I used frozen fruit. The frozen fruit was too cold and caused my chia seeds to clump at bottom and so it did not gel. So I remade it last night. I didn't add the fresh fruit (blackberries only) until after I added the stevia, milk and chia seeds and shook it the first time around. I opened the jar and added the fruit and gave it a good shake and then let it sit for about 30 minutes (only because I forgot to shake it after 15 minutes). Then I reshook it and put it in the fridge. I got up this morning, first thing I did was check out the pudding and it has set! I can't wait to get my spoon in it and enjoy me some chia pudding. Whatever Gina puts together on this skinny taste website I pretty much have tried it. I am a huge fan of this website and very thankful for her unselfishness to share with us her recipes.

    2. Twice the amount of chia seeds (1/4 C) helped set my pudding. Hope this works for others! The 2T is not enough.

    3. Avatar photo
      Skinnytaste Gina

      I guess it depends how thick you like it, I always use that ratio and it works perfectly for me.

  42. I had the same issue, it didn't set. I used the almond breeze that you listed but I used the vanilla kind and didn't add sweetener, could this be why it didn't set?

  43. Yes, mine was still liquid-y the next morning, too. And halfof my chia seeds were in one big clump. Any suggestions on what to do better next time?

    1. Are you sure about only adding 2 tablespoons of chia seeds? Every other recipe I've seen calls for a higher ratio of chia seeds to almond milk. Mine was so runny it was soup-like.

  44. Avatar photo
    Jennifer Araujo

    Did anyone have trouble with this? Mine did not come out like pudding.. it was still milky and creamy.

    1. Avatar photo
      Jennifer Kinkus

      Mine too! It was delicious, but not nearly think enough. I could have drank it. I used a bit of honey and raspberries in mine.

  45. I made this the other night and LOVED it, as did my girls. So the two servings were not enough. So I doubled the recipe last night and this morning when I went to check it didn't thicken…still the milky look vs pudding. Any idea on what I did wrong and is this batch salvageable? Thanks!

  46. I like every one of your recipes that I've made. I also love chia seeds, berries, almond milk, and pudding. Unfortunately this just did not do it for me. Mine came out runny and slimey. The taste is good but I was really hoping for more of a pudding consistency. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Mine was runny too so I looked up other recipes. It looks like there are not enough a high enough ratio of chia seeds to milk. I'm going to try adding more chia seeds to mine to see if it works.

  47. Made this twice and both times it was very runny. Any suggestions to get that pudding like consistency? Left it overnight in fridge both times…

  48. I used tupperware. Made with honey, blueberries, raspberries, and of course chia and almond milk (I had sweetened vanilla on hand).

    This recipe made me smile, because I realized we've been eating healthy enough to just have these ingredients laying around. I'm making 5 different Skinnytaste recipes between tonight and tomorrow, as part of our normal routine. 🙂

    1. Can you PLEASE explain why some of us are getting runny, liquid texture instead of pudding? thanks.

  49. Thanks Gina for all the info you found on the Almond milk. I will now stick with Almond breeze only! 🙂 Can't wait to try this!

  50. Avatar photo
    Tasha O'Connor

    I made this Friday night, with coconut milk, unsweetened coconut flakes, bluberries, strawberries, honey and some pecan bits (for a little crunch). It was AMAZING!!! Thank you Gina <3

  51. I popped this in the fridge last night and it was still runny (8hrs) this morning. Is consistency supposed to e more pudding-like or runny? Left it in the fridge just see if it needed more time but just checked it at 11hrs and it's the same.

  52. My first attempt was okay, but came out watery probably due to the frozen berries I used. I would like to try again with honey instead of stevia! (I couldn't wait to go to the store again and thought I would try with the ingredients I had on hand.)

  53. Enjoyed this recipe! I made one mason jar with strawberries and blackberries included, and 1 mason jar without fruit (for my non-berry eating hubby). His chia pudding thickened up just like it should, while mine (with the fruit) was still runny. So, next time I will add the berries just before eating.

  54. Avatar photo
    Puja Thomas-Patel

    My brother's girlfriend just gave me a giant bag of chia seeds. Can't wait to try this! 🙂

  55. Avatar photo
    Brenna Campbell

    Is there a significant difference between white and black chia seeds? I've seen both and I'm not sure which to buy!

  56. Does this have a tapioca type texture? My hubby loves tapioca, but I can't handle the texture. This looks so yummy though!

  57. Avatar photo
    Jolene Kroeger

    YES! I have been wanting to try Chia Pudding and this recipe sounds delicious. Of course I only like Almond Milk (no coconut please) and I use Silk Almond Milk which I am sure tastes the same as Almond Breeze. Don't have the liquid Stevia either, but am going to use natural honey this time and see how it tastes. Gina…could you make a chocolate one sometime?? Would love to see how that works out.

  58. How thick is this supposed to be? I've had mine in the fridge since yesterday afternoon and it's still pretty liquid!

    1. Mine, too, was refrigerated overnight, and still pretty runny. The taste is terrific, now if I can just get the texture right I'll be in heaven!

    2. Same thing happened to me. I'm wondering if it's because I used homemade almond milk without the chemical thickener they were talking about?

    1. Avatar photo
      Skinnytaste Gina

      Good question, I think they can, but I am not sure if they will still expand, I would have to experiment and see.

    2. I've tried using ground chia seeds in recipes like this and the overnight oatmeal and they always failed for me. I don't think they expand. 🙁

  59. Avatar photo
    Lindsey Porges

    I have powdered stevia. Will that work? If not, would adding honey increase the points/calories substantially?

    1. Avatar photo
      Skinnytaste Gina

      You can sweeten it with whatever you like, sugar or honey will increase it a little, maybe 1 point if you don't use too much/

  60. Gina, I've heard that stevia tastes bitter. I bought some Truvia and it was awful so it made me doubt buying any other brand. But I see you use the liquid version and I wonder if it took some getting used to or if it has a different formulation that makes it less bitter. Thanks!

    1. Avatar photo
      Skinnytaste Gina

      I'll be honest I hated stevia until I tried NuNaturals liquid stevia which was recommended from Marla from Family Fresh. It's the only one I'll use, you can order it on Amazon and a little goes a long way!! You really just need a few drops.

    2. Truvia isn't true stevia and has lots of bad side effects, it's not as natural as the ads would have you believe. I've tried a few different brands and NuNaturals is my favorite too, I use the vanilla flavored, alcohol based, one in almost everything!

  61. This sounds DELISH!!
    How long would this (and your mango chia pudding) keep in the fridge, do you think??

  62. Avatar photo
    Mamta Shenoy Pai

    I am posting this after reading the comment about carrageenan. You can certainly find almond milk without the harmful ingredient. Here is a link that provides info about manufacturers that do not add carrageenan.

    1. Avatar photo
      Skinnytaste Gina

      As per the Executive Director from the Center for Science in the Public Interest, as long as it's native carrageenan it is safe, which shouldn't be confusd with degraded. When I asked Almond breeze, they told me they use native, not degraded, hope that helps.

    2. Thank you so much Mamta for the link, which I just visited. If anyone wants to learn more about carrageenan they can go to the same sight but at this link:

  63. Avatar photo
    Brittney Gregg

    Is this something that can be premade for a couple days & kept in the fridge? How long does it typically last? Looks delicious & I'd love to be to make it for a couple days.

  64. Avatar photo
    Jeri Ann Guth

    Did you know that most Almond milk – and most all milk substitutes – contain carrageenan. Carageenan is a substance that causes inflammation in the body, and after being fed to mice for 18 days lead to diabetes. It is theorized by the effects on mice in studies that it could lead to multiple diseases, including cancer, in humans. Just FYI, since I frequent your site, but am sometimes disappointed in the ingredient choices, and thought I would let you know.

    1. Avatar photo
      Skinnytaste Gina

      I did extensive research on carageenan with a registereg dietician; there are 2 kinds of carrageenan, native and degraded. Prior to posting this I was concerned since I used this brand and this is what they said: The carrageenan that is used in the Almond Breeze formula is not to be confused with the degraded version that is chemically different. Hope that puts you at ease.

    2. Avatar photo
      Selena Peregoy

      Wow, after reading the reply from Jeri Ann, I googled info & a lot of what I found is very discouraging. One link I read: I will definitely be doing more research before drinking/purchasing any more products that contain this.

    3. Those who are concerned, see this article for more information:

      Degraded (dangerous) carrageenan is NOT used in Silk, Almond Breeze, or any other FDA approved food. Food Grade carrageenan (the type often used as a thickener in almond milk) is not dangerous to our bodies in any way.

      This is simply a topic swimming with misinformation. No need to panic or stop purchasing almond milk.

    4. The unsweetened Silk brand does not have it, nor does The Fresh Market store brand, or Trader Joe's, so IF you are concerned about it, you can still buy almond milk without it.

  65. Is the pudding hard to get out of the mason jar after sitting overnight? I would think not but can't remember the texture of the pudding (made your coconut mango a while ago) but either way I will definitely be making this soon! Love a healthy dessert! Maybe a dark chocolate one next? Please? LOL
    P.S. – Madison is too cute!

    1. Avatar photo
      Sunshine Winters Photography

      I made it last night and left in the fridge all night and this morning it's still in liquid form vs pudding. Did I miss something? It tastes really good but I was hoping for pudding.

      1. Did you shake it well? Fresh fruit? You can add the fruit the next day if it is still coming out too liquidy.