The Skinnytaste Cookbook: Cover Designs (Help Me Choose!)

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After a year of recipe testing, manuscript writing, editing, photo shoots, and everything else that goes into writing a cookbook (and let me tell ya, there is a lot!), I’m SO excited to share three cover designs that (fingers-crossed!) I hope you like as much as I do. But I need your help—I can’t decide which one I like best, so I thought it would be fun to let YOU decide!

The Skinnytaste Cookbook Cover Designs

The design team at Clarkson Potter worked really hard to come up with a cover that would stand out on the shelves. We narrowed it down to three, all photographed by the very talented Penny De Los Santos.

The three recipes pictured on these covers are:

A) Cheesy Baked Penne with Eggplant
B) Buttermilk Oven “Fried” Chicken
C) Kiss My (Shrimp and) Grits

Please help me choose by telling me which you like best: A, B or C in your comments (please don’t email me)!

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  1. I love your recipes! Ive lost 40 lbs with your recipes and weight watchers…(and Im vegetarian! I just substitute vegetarian options for the meat) but the cookbooks, B catches my eye first and gives the impression of traditional simple comfort food with its layout and contrast…I’m a busy person and want simple and fast……A implies that you can eat light and still have pasta(generally a ” no no” in diet world) but it does imply more complicated as well but I think the pasta doesn’t look very appealing in this photo. C looks exotic and freshbut makes me think complicated and time consuming.

  2. I really like both B and C. B is fun and really pops out but C is much more sophisticated and looks delicious.

  3. C. Its the most eye catching. Can't wait for your book to come out!

  4. C! Good colors, shape, and yummy.

  5. A

    Because it doesn't look like"healthy" food and people will want to know more. It looks like delicious comfort food.

    C is too boring – it looks like every other cookbook out there. I don't like all the white on B.

    I think A is definitely the best choice.

  6. B!!! its eye catching in the sense that the chicken creates a graphic design. Very cleaver.

  7. A!! A looks like comfort food… but is healthy, what a bonus!

  8. Sorry, but none of the above! Gina, you have taken such amazing pics of your food creations in the past….these photos are not YOU! Please consider using your own photos…one of my first Skinnytaste recipes that I was drawn to by your photo was: Chicken and Mushrooms in a Garlic Wine Sauce…amazing recipe which I have shared so many times….please consider this one:

  9. B looks yummy and is unexpected

  10. C, hands down!

  11. There are so many other pics in your blog that would be so much better than these. The food needs to have that colourful splash that we are used to from you! None of these dishes look fresh and nutritious. Disappointed.

  12. I vote for "C"
    Thanks for asking.

  13. C. Looks relish therefore I'm sure it IS relish!! 🙂

  14. Option C

  15. A or C, this looks great…I can't wait to buy the book!!!

  16. Personally I find A too messy. Visually B is very nice; it's crisp, clear and neat and I love the colors! but since I would not cook Fried chicken I wouldn't pick it up. My hand would automatically go to your book with cover C because of the type of food in the photo! 🙂 thinking SkinnyTaste and shrimps?! YES! Good luck with choosing a cover and Congratulations! I love your recipes!!!!

  17. C!!!!!!!!

  18. Definitely C!

  19. Being from the South, I vote "C"! Can't wait for this book!

  20. B!

  21. A looks the yummiest

  22. A definitely!

  23. B! Because I've made this recipe several times and its SO good 🙂 Excited for you, congrats!

  24. My first choice is A, second is C…! Good luck Gina!

  25. I really like B because it also makes us think that we can also have eat like everyone else but without all the extra fat and calories! Good luck with your cookbook can't wait to buy it!!!!

  26. C is my favorite…good southern comfort food! I can't wait to read your book! Thank you for the opportunity to vote!

  27. I like c the best.

  28. C all the way!! 🙂

  29. A. if not then B!

  30. A. I think C looks great but people like I who don't enjoy seafood would be turned off. I feel like so many "skinny" cookbooks focus on seafood, so I'd rather go for a book that has a hearty, messy casserole on the front!

  31. c because of the cleaner look. Yay! At last Gina.

  32. C!!!

  33. C – I agree, it's the 'cleanest' and most visually appealing.

  34. A!! it looks indulgent and very caloric, something that you shouldn't get in a light recipe.

  35. As someone who actually knows design/composition etc, definitely B. B pops with colour, it's colour scheme is great, and composition is perfect, and the crumbs are playful.

    A is the second best, the blue background really makes the cover stand out.

    C is the weakest, I wouldn't pick it up in a bookstore. Whilst it is "cleaner" the the other two", the composition is the weakest, and it doesn't look as lively as the other two.

  36. Kinda bummed by all of them…no offense. I love your site and your recipes but A and B look messy (even a dirty spoon in A!). C is definitely something I would make but is probably less appealing to the masses. So I would go with C by default. If A and B didn't look dirty I would vote for those foods!

  37. C! I love everything about it. The picture is the most appealing to me, and the text looks the most organized. So happy for you, Gina!

  38. I'd go with A because you can tell B is breadcrumbs and baked (so not 'real' fried chicken), and C 'looks' too complicated. When people shop for delicious low-calorie food, they want to know they can still have their comforting favorites – pasta smothered with cheese is just that! Also, it looks like A was so good that the photographer had to help himself before shooting the picture. The other two don't!

  39. A. the background is soothing to the eye..and I like that the food has so obviously been dived into! 🙂 shows your food is really great!

  40. C!

  41. B definitely. It will make people stop and be like "wuuuutttt? but that's fried chicken? I gotta take a look at this book!"

  42. Hi! I LOOOVE your recipes. Thank you for sharing so many of them. I would go with "B" because I just love fried chicken haha!

  43. C for sure!! How do I sign up for the newsletter?

  44. C – Nothing better than shrimp and grits for us Southerners!

  45. Shrimp and grits!!!!!

  46. C – the colors make me want to make this soon!

  47. They're all cool, but I think I like A the best. 🙂

  48. C) Kiss My (Shrimp and) Grits

  49. A

  50. C – I want to eat that one the most!

  51. A is the best!!!

  52. B all the way! A- looks eh, and C- looks like it should reallly be inside a magazine….and not the cover of a book to me.

  53. They all look great (and delicious)..but I'd choose C.

  54. C looks most appealing, although they all taste delicious if I were to see C in the bookstore or online I would be most interested in picking up the book and reading the recipes.

  55. C!! It looks the healthiest and that is what I look for in a cookbook!

  56. A is too messy and therefore not appealing. On my screen, the white background behind the chicken in B looks like a plastic bag. I love seafood, but lots of people don't, so I wouldn't do C as it might turn off a potential buyer. Have you considered something from your own website? You have some great images–ones I like far more than the 3 options given here. congrats! I love your recipes!!!

  57. they are all great, but I prefer C

  58. In my anonymous comment I said I liked A but on rechecking each cover I think I prefer C even though I am not sure about grits!

  59. I like the looks of A although C is very nice as well. The problem with C is I don't think I like grits even though the picture is enticing!

  60. I like A and C the best but can't decide because A is something I'd actually make but C is prettier…

  61. C looks the best

  62. B or C! love your recipes btw!

  63. Definitely C! Catches your eye more than the other two.

  64. A or C are my favorite.

  65. C. It is pretty. A is too messy. B looks too sparse.

  66. I can't seem to find any of the three recipes in your blog. Are these pictures from your recipes?

  67. C – Hands down the BEST!!!

  68. B – And now I want to eat chicken!!

  69. A or C. B doesn't have as much colour and won't catch a reader's eye on the shelf as much.

  70. C) Kiss My (Shrimp and) Grits ….. I am a graphic designer and this one is definitely the most appealing. 🙂

  71. Definitely C

  72. All are great, but I think B fits your style of cooking more than the others. It's fun and versatile, and it most likely won't have dieters (who want to eat the same foods, just healthier) looking the other way. People will see the cover and say, "that could be skinny?!"

    Hope that helps!

  73. B all the way!

  74. DEFINITELY A. The picture looks like simple, comfort food while the title tells you what's different about your recipes. If I'm looking for easy, delicious recipes, that's the one I'd grab. I look at both B & C and I immediately think the recipes are going to be complicated and not something I could do everyday.

  75. C is lovely! all of them are 🙂

  76. A

  77. A or C!

  78. A! for sure! A lot of people think giving up pasta when trying to eat healthier is some kind of "rule". This image proves them wrong.

  79. B. A would be my second choice. C is too "composed" and dated for me in food styling and presentation. The simplicity of B is perfect, I just think it needs to be re-shot and it will be perfect.

  80. Definitely A. I love skinnytaste because it's everyone's dream to eat pasta and cheese and it be low cal and good for you. B I find too plain and C is too perfect and looks too healthy haha.

  81. I like cover C

  82. C – is pretty, classy. I don't like A because it looks messy and unprofessional looking. I don't think B really represents your recipes. I LOVE YOUR RECIPES!!

  83. C. I agree. The others look a little messy.

  84. C looks the most appetizing and the prettiest of them all – it's my first choice. B really pops color wise though

  85. C. I agree with those who said A looks messy, and B is just chicken drumsticks, yes everyone loves fried chicken, but it is so normal. C is special, when ever we have shrimp and large one to boot!, we are having a meal that is not considered everyday, it is a treat and to be savored. so c gets my vote, hands down!

  86. All great, but I'm going for B.

  87. I'm not crazy about any of them. I love pasta, but Cover A looks messy, like something I would make at home (and I'm not much of a cook). An elegant plate of pasta would have been good. Cover B also looks messy. Cover C looks elegant, but I don't eat seafood. A cover that included ALL those dishes (in a neat, clean presentation) somehow would have been ideal.

  88. C is the neatest, although I might not be drawn to notice the book with grits on the front, since I personally don't eat that food. A is messy, not appealing, but would be great if not already dug into. B would be super if photo retaken with chicken on a plate with a vegie and rice/potato; a complete meal from your collection. Your photos always look amazing, I agree with another fan that these photos aren't as nice as you usually show. I'm very excited about your cookbook coming out soon–congratulations!

  89. A. I really like the neat look of C, but I wouldn't be drawn to buy the cookbook with grits on the front, because I don't like/eat that. B would be great if placed on a plate with vegies near. Therefore, I choose A, since I would be drawn to buy it to make that recipe. (Not thrilled with the messy look though.)
    Your best bet is to retake the photo with chicken on a plate with vegies and a potato/rice on it(a complete meal) and your cute gingham napkins near by.

  90. C, but like others they all look delicious. I have over 250 cookbooks, and I always go for the covers that are plated neatly. Best of luck and I have to say, you have saved me several times now from going over my points value with your wonderful recipes. Still lowering the numbers on the scale, thanks.

  91. C is clean and professional looking and I like the layout of the copy on that one because it is not all crunched together.

  92. C) Kiss My (Shrimp and) Grits

  93. A, so as to appear more vegetarian friendly

  94. C. Most visually appealing. I'd buy the book just for that recipe!

  95. C – Looks clean and delicious!

  96. A!

  97. A or C.
    B is boring and looks like there should be more present. I would personally love to eat A. It looks delicious! I don't like shrimp but C looks divine.

  98. Love B.

  99. I know I am late to the discussion but I think a looks like a lot of other cookbooks out there and b looks awesome but I would probably steer away because it looks like your book is going to be all messy foods, so I would go with c because it looks the most delicious and useful!

  100. A

  101. C. And I worked in magazines, Gina!

  102. The chicken would make me buy that cookbook in a hot second, I'd skip over it with the other covers.

  103. C. Classy.

  104. I would go for C. B isn't so bad. A not so much…looks like left overs!

  105. C and I can't wait for it to be on sale! Congrats!

  106. B

  107. C, I think it looks the best. A looks messy and B looks unhealthy. I know the cookbook is healthy versions, but having something that looks fried just seems contradictory.

    Congratulations on the book – can't wait to see it!!

  108. a or c but not b

  109. Definitely B because it looks good AND it emphasizes that you can still eat comfort foods while eating skinny!

  110. B. It reaches the largest audience and shows the human side of food.

  111. I choose A. It looks like easy comfort food — something I could make. It's not intimidating. Also, the title of the book is more eye-catching.

  112. A !
    looks sophisticated 🙂

  113. Definitely C.

  114. I am not a fan of any, considering you have so many beautiful photos I am surprised these were the three top choices.
    I completely agree with CKGeary's comment above.

  115. I really like C the best. It attracts me the most, but I already can't wait for it to hit the shelves!

  116. A! love the contrast between table and cookware, and the title placement is perfect.

  117. C. Because, honestly, pictures of something that looks half eaten or messy is a huge turn-off when I'm looking for recipes. I skip right past them without reading the recipe very often because of this.

  118. B
    I've thought about this for several days and the "fried" chicken keeps coming to the top of my list! Yum! Can't wait to get a copy of your cookbook!!

  119. Is it too late to vote for A??? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

  120. B…It makes my mouth water just seeing it! (although they're all amazing looking!)

  121. C!!!

  122. I like b, looks yummy

  123. I'm going to go with A.

  124. C. The picture is cleaner. I don't buy cookbooks where the photo looks messy, as in A & B.

  125. Being a vegetarian, I'd prefer A. Not sure if it has meat in it or not, but at least it looks like something I could likely make meatless. And the idea of making pasta healthy is appealing too!

  126. B…it's lovely

  127. C. The chicken would not make me want to buy the book…

  128. C – very easy on the eyes

  129. C gets my pick!

  130. B is appealing to me

  131. C–I have to go for the yummy seafood

  132. A – because I think it catches the eye and, as an artist, is a nice balance of light and dark colors, while flowing with the eye. But any of them would work great.

  133. I would buy a cookbook I have never heard if the cover was C. The dish looks impressive and how could it be light on calories too?

  134. C, it's the one I find most aesthetically pleasing as a cover. But all three are delicious! 🙂

  135. C! I want to eat it!

  136. All look good but I'd go for C.

  137. B is eye-catching, but C is food art. I vote for either of those.

  138. Where do I sign up for the Skinnytaste Cookbook newsletter?

  139. definitely C!!!

  140. Definitely not A! 1) It looks sloppy and 2) I have seen way too many cookbooks with that same type of cover. It looks like just another cookbook.

    B looks unappealing. If I wasn't familiar with your recipes, I would not buy your cookbook based on that picture. I think you have a huge fan base online and we all will like buy your book, but what about others who have never heard of this site? Without being familiar with the author, I would never believe baked fried chicken would be good & light.

    C is the cleanest looking cover and of all 3, I would choose that one.

    Although I don't think any of them really do much justice to your recipes. None of them look really original or like something that would stand out.

  141. C, it's the cleaner, sharper looking one of the 3

  142. C is a great shot…this one is the cleanest of the designs…very nice. And this one would catch my eye first. Congratulations on the cookbook. Well deserved!

  143. They all look delicious but C made it move…and I'm a woman 😀

  144. I would go for A !

    But if we could change the picture. I would choose B and change it to show it as a complete meal.

  145. Definitely C. Cleanest presentation and a tasty dish!

  146. C, it's the most visually appealing, although a font colour other than white might make the text stand out a little more. If A was a complete pan I would have chosen that, but I don't like that it's a picture of half-eaten leftovers. B is a little too bland due to the mainly white background.

  147. I have to say B as that doesn't look skinny at all. 🙂

  148. A or c!

  149. B

  150. C – it's the one that made me drool when I saw it yet still looked like something I could make.

  151. C, but they all look delicious! I can't wait for the cookbook! Congrats!

  152. C. Its beautiful and depictive of your wonderful recipes.

  153. Hi Gina. I LOVE your recipes and your food. Your contribution to healthy cooking is monumental, especially as you have married WW with the most delicious recipes. That being said, YOU are the best representation of your cookbook–a confident, beautiful, healthy and glowing woman who is contributing positively to the world. YOU are the inspiration, the creative force behind your blog, and as a result, your cookbook. YOU are your own brand, and I very strongly believe that YOU should be on the cover of your book, maybe prepping some gorgeous fresh fruits/vegetables. I cannot imagine anything more appealing and appropriate for this project. YOU are SkinnyTaste. p.s. Congratulations on your successes, you have earned every last one of them. You are an inspiration!

  154. Definitely C, it's not too messy or oversimplified. And it looks Ah-mazing! I would buy a cookbook with that on the cover.

  155. Sorry if this is late but, A! It looks yummy and eye catching.

  156. Love C!

  157. C. It looks cleaner and prettier.

  158. Definitely C!

  159. I would definitely pick "A". B is bare and C looks like a few shrimp on a bowl of cream of wheat! Not appealing.

  160. B it's a delicious looking "no way I can have that!"

  161. At first I thought A, but now leaning toward C.

  162. B because it looks super yummy or C because it looks super flavorful!!

  163. C. Very clean and I like the layout

  164. C, looks fantastic and I have to now find and try the recipe!

  165. C, hands down for me.

  166. C!!

  167. I like C as well! it looks really pleasing and I can't wait to get the cookbook!!

  168. Definitely C, hands down. The pasta dish looks like someone's leftovers, and fried chicken doesn't scream skinny or healthy to me, so neither one of those covers would make me buy the book. The shrimp dish is visuually appealing, looks light, fresh, and low-cal, and is the only one of the three I would consider making. Congrats on the book!

  169. gina i love ya but i dont like any of them. you have so many other beautiful pictures; these do not do you justice! A is bad because the piece is missing out of the dish, the crumbs in B look weird, and C is eh because not everyone likes seafood.

  170. B, the "fried" chicken draws you in to the book. You are inspired to pick up the book and look inside for how to make fried chicken that fits the subtitle of the book.

  171. C!

  172. C

  173. C….best composition…

  174. C!

  175. C!

  176. Think C is the most appealing – just says lean and yummy

  177. B. Everyone wants to eat healthy, but we also want our comfort foods. I don't care for A as it looks messy and C is okay as my second option.

  178. C is just beautiful.

  179. C is my fav, but B is a close 2nd. A doesn't look right for a cookbook cover

  180. C! And I can't wait to buy the book!

  181. Cover B would be your best choice. My reasons. Cover A looks like a dirty dish that is ready to be scrapped. Cover C looks like a cover you have seen a million times before. Cover B is simplicity at it's best. Cover B represents all that you want to convey to the public…..your name, the name of the cookbook and what the recipes in the book represent. As far as the crumbs on the cover, I am a southern grandma and you can't have fried chicken without the crumbs!

  182. A!!!
    A is super appealing to a wide audience, in my opinion. Gives me the impression there would be a lot of yummy recipes I would be able to make. C, although "pretty" gives me an impression of more time consuming or gourmet-ish which translates to less of my pickier little eaters recipes.

  183. Def "C" l

  184. A or B. C is nicely presented but I feel it's too generic. Many cookbooks feature these perfect, neat dishes, so A or B will definitely stand out among them. The first two photos say, "You can indulge in this comfort food without all the calories!" I like the contrast of the gray blue to the white in the first photo and the white font color, but the scattered chicken on a white page also shows great contrast. (And who doesn't love crispy chicken!?) Also, the first picture gives me the feeling of family meals and togetherness (hehe maybe because of the portion and casserole dish).

  185. B or C- C looks the most culinary and clean, while the simplicity of B is appealing.

  186. C. Will catch anyone's eye!

  187. A looks yummy, but I have to vote for B.

  188. C–love the colors

  189. A) Cheesy Baked Penne with Eggplant, even though I don't eat pasta…

  190. C, it's pretty than the other two

  191. A. I want to see something on the cover that I would eat! Second choice, C.

  192. A. Pasta always seem to good to "skinny"
    It looks best for weight watching cookbook. …. Cant wait

  193. C- just because I wanted to make it and eat it just by looking at that cover. Congrats on the cookbook, I can't wait to get my copy!

  194. A! I am just attracted to the colors, etc. Plus I think people would want to find out how you made that cheesy, carby dish low cal!

  195. C. Attractive, composed, look delicious. A & B are messy and not appealing to me for cover.

  196. I like B….The name Skinnytaste and fried chicken on the cover would certainly attract my attention!! How could fried chicken be "skinny". Love all your work Gina…good luck and I will most def buy this cookbook!!!

  197. I was drawn to B first.

  198. Absolutely positively C

  199. A definitely!

  200. B! Love it!

  201. C, for sure!

  202. I like C.

  203. C! A would be great if on a plate, but it's too messy with some out of the pan. B just screams "fried" which does not relate to the theme of the book! Congrats! Jacki

  204. A is the most aesthetically pleasing to me, and looks decadent! Congratulations!

  205. Definately C

  206. B I like the composition..

  207. A or B. They all look amazingly tasty, but I think the thing that makes you stand out among other health-recipe bloggers is that most of your recipes are healthy versions of dishes that are commonly seen as UNHEALTHY. Covers A and B show that feature off nicely (shrimp and grits aren't necessarily seen as healthy, but many people do see seafood as healthy no matter what, as opposed to pasta or fried chicken).

  208. I love C.

    Unfortunately A makes me uncomfortable because of the messy dish and utensil. The last thing I want to be thinking about when planning a meal is having to do the dishes.

  209. A is 1st choice. C is 2nd choice.

  210. B is my vote as well. I like the layout of it best. It also pops and stands out to me more than the others

  211. B is my vote as well. I like the layout of it best

  212. C looks the cleanest and that appeals to me.

  213. C I think it exemplifies your unique style…. and taking those tempting foods and making them guilt free… Kind a like "having your cake and eating it to!" 🙂

  214. A for sure!!!
    C would be my second choice!

  215. A, because it's the only one of those 3 I'd eat (the others couldn't be made Kosher)

  216. I like C the best!

  217. C- its really represent your book; neat, really light in calories but full of flavors. Congrats btw!

  218. A is the one I most want to eat, so…yeah. A.

  219. C for congrats! No, but really, C! 🙂

  220. C – it's the best picture and catching to the eye

  221. Another vote for B. A looks like something almost anyone could throw together, but skinny "fried" chicken has that aspirational touch that would lead my to buy the cookbook. Good luck and congratulations on your well-deserved success!

  222. Option B for sure!

  223. C beause it is the most perfect looking.

  224. If it looked like A and said skinny, I would buy it!:)

  225. c

  226. B! Love it!

  227. I like C the best. I do like the concept of B showing how you create healthy meals from fattening favorites, but I think people will buy it based on eye appeal first and foremost. I am personally not appealed towards a picture of chicken. That being said, I will buy this book regardless of the cover because I love your recipes! 🙂

  228. A is timeless and sophisticated, appeals to vegetarians and carnivores, and really pops with that light/dark contrast!

  229. Absolutely A!!! Looks so yum! Can't wait to make it!!

  230. c looks pretty

  231. A, no doubt.

  232. C – I think the dish in A looks messy and unappetizing. I don't mind B, but C is much more appealing and intriguing. Looks delish as well!!

  233. I think A! It appeals most to families. something for everyone, not just mom. But, C is good too 🙂

  234. B – If people recognize a "skinny" way to cook fried chicken, they'll pick up that book to look inside!

  235. C, it looks fancy but like something I can make myself. If I saw fried chicken on the cover, I'd dismiss it right away as unhealthy without even reading the title. And the lasagna look delicious but messy.

  236. A for sure! It looks delish!

  237. I really like both options B and C. I cant decide which one I like best.

  238. C!!

  239. C!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm dying to eat those shrimp

  240. C. I like A, but many won't be able to get over the messiness / missing spoonful. Although I love fried chicken, B looks to sparse. C is most appealing overall.

  241. B!!!!!!!!!!!!

  242. Compliments to the Clarkson Potter team – you have three great choices.
    I would say your choice boils down to what message you want to send.

    A. Just looks comforting and downright delicious. If you want readers to feel like these are approachable recipes they and their families will love, then this is your choice.

    B. This one is just good minimalist design. The pop of red on the white background will catch the eye of a hungry soul perusing the shelves at the local bookstore.

    C. This one speaks more the uniqueness of your recipes. Like option B, it will set you apart a bit from the other covers on the shelves but it also says a little more about what makes your cookbook the one a reader should want to take home. As a Visual Team manager for a national magazine, an unabashed cookbook junkie and a big fan of your blog, this one would be my choice.

  243. Option C is more appealing. 🙂

  244. where can you purchase the book?

  245. To be brutally honest, I would start over. A is too busy with colors and there's something not appealing about it being partially eaten. B just looks like chicken dropped on wrinkled paper. Too much white space. C looks a little better, but I'm unsure if grits is the most appealing food to see on a book cover. While all of the dishes are something that I would make, I'm just not sure it's eye-catching on a book shelf or website. I've seen better pictures of yours associated with your recipes. C probably has the best background if you took out the grits. Just my opinion – not trying to be harsh, but be honest.

  246. C. It's pleasing to the eyes and has lots of color. It looks delicious too!

  247. A for sure!!!

  248. I think c…

  249. B – skinnytaste stands out more. BUT I do like the picture in C better…if you can just change the color of skinnytaste to stand out more on C then that would be my choice. You want the name to pop out at you.

  250. C – I love it!

  251. C… It's what I would choose of the three for dinner tonight

  252. B – Most contemporary!

  253. C…for sure, sure, sure. The best one!

  254. My favorite is A.

  255. I think C looks the most appealing.

  256. I like C. It looks very gourmeish and trendy.

  257. C. Love it!

  258. Definitely C 🙂 beautiful photo!

  259. I like C the best.

  260. C – it looks more appetizing because there is more color in the food. I will buy the cookbook regardless though!

  261. B or C. I think A looks messy. B relates to simplicity, but looks delicious. C looks more gourmet and like a complicated recipe, even though those of us who follow you know you're recipes are simple but delicious.

  262. how do I sign up for the cookbook newsletter?

  263. A!!!! it's making my stomach grumble and i JUST ate!

  264. I think C is the most visual appealing. A would be the one that I would want to cook though. 🙂 So I would choose C.

  265. C. The photo of the shrimp and grits makes me want to grab the recipe and make it right now. Yummy.

  266. C, it's slightly exotic yet homey

  267. B for sure!

  268. A , simple, yummy, look's great!!!

    Good luck!

  269. C – very nice

  270. C – very colorful and balanced

  271. I would have to say C, the shrimp dish.

  272. The emphasis in your excellent blog, is how to make good recipes, more healthy – AND YOU HAVE! Yet you are considering three recipes for your cover as follows:

    A "pasta" recipe
    An "apparent to the viewer" fried chicken recipe
    A shrimp & "grits" recipe

    After many years in Marketing and Marketing Consulting, lots of Food Product projects, I want to respectfully suggest the following:

    #1. Get rid of your present design consultants
    #2. Bear in mind that the rate of obesity in North America is out of control, (and the accompanying rates of Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease as well) and for the most part, your blog has most always tried to counter same with more-healthy recipes!
    All three covers at "first glance", suggest otherwise- AND, as such, are not in tune with the relatively new "North American" PUSH for healthy eating!

    At no cost, and with written exemption from any copy write claims, I could search through your recipes (most of which I already have used/saved- personal use only) and come up with better, easily! Give this to your design team. It's not just about cover design of attractive glossy covers-although a huge part-but the new interest/appeal, and thus Sales, which I respectfully submit will go nowhere with any of these three designs. i.e. pasta/grits/and what looks like "fried chicken" ! Have another look at it. Best regards

  273. B; although they all look delicious

  274. I like B the most…
    I find A to be too messy looking and I don't like shrimp so C is not very appetizing to me. I feel that the Fried Chicken relates to more people and it's not something one would expect to see in a low calorie cookbook.

  275. I prefer C – It looks the most appetizing and composed. I like B but it doesn't include any food groups besides protein/meat and one of the things I like most about you and your website is how you are able to incorporate so many types of foods into a healthy diet and I just don't feel that B features that. A is not as clean-looking and is pasta – which I know so many people love pasta – but I find that is one of the foods I have the least amount of trouble cooking. C makes me want the recipe.

  276. I like B because it reminds me that I can still eat "fried" foods yet C is elegant and appeals to my love of Southern Home Cooking.

  277. C its the cleanest composition to my eye. Cant wait for your book. I have tried many of your recipes and have loved them all. Congrats on the book!

  278. C for sure!

  279. I'm torn between A and C but I'd buy it no matter what was on the cover. I LOVE your recipes and can't wait to get my hands on the book!!

  280. I like C also, I agree that it looks cleaner & I like the colors.

  281. B!

    A: not quite appealing
    B: healthy fried chicken….ohhhh yess
    C: over the top meal and might lead you to imagine that the receipes are hard to make them yourself for everyday meals.

  282. Definitely C 🙂

  283. C. This dish has the most professional and appealing look. I totally agree with the comments that say A is messy looking and not a cover and B lacks "Buy Me" appeal.

  284. B

  285. B

  286. C. Although I idea of A & B, people don't think about what they see in the book store initially. I really do think people will have an initial response to C.
    If the book has a wide publication, you may want to think about using different covers for different demographics. Good luck with your venture

  287. I think C is the most eye-catching 🙂

  288. Definitely A.

  289. A! This is so exciting!! Congratulations!

  290. C. I wouldn't eat a shrimp if you paid me in diamonds and Sephora gift cards but to me that is the most visually appealing. Maybe the grits did it. I can tear me up some grits! Can't wait for your cookbook…shrimps and all.

  291. C! Kiss my (Shrimp and…) Grits! Great design for a sure-to-be fantastic cookbook. I'm really looking forward to it! I lost 90 pounds and the biggest reason why was SkinnyTaste! Thank you so much for the delicious and healthy recipes. It was so easy to get my family on board, because all of the meals are so yummy! Thank you, Gina!

  292. Definitely C! Looks so wonderful, I can't wait to get the recipe!

  293. C for sure!

  294. I like A

  295. I like C, and I don't even eat shrimp! It looks filling and maybe just a little decadent. A looks "messy", B looks spasrse.

  296. C. Like them all a lot though!

  297. In order of preference:
    1 – C
    2 – A
    3 – B (not appealing)
    Good luck

  298. A! Definately A! : )

  299. B, C, A…in that order. I think B will really stand out the best and catch many eyes.

  300. C is by far my fav!

  301. I choose A!

  302. C is my choice.
    A would be a close contender if the baking dish didn't have a serving missing.


  303. A looks delicious and appealing to me.

  304. A. It makes me really hungry! I love eating without guilt!

  305. B

  306. C is definitely what I want to eat the most, but B describes why I always choose skinnytaste- healthy but still delicious twist on a classic.

  307. A and C, I don't like B. I think C is probably the prettiest one.

  308. Definitely A. 🙂

  309. c

  310. omg A – B looks clean and nice but A is what you can sink your teeth into!

  311. I think C is the best

  312. Wow…that is a hard choice. All three scream comfort food. I am going to go with "A", when you can make pasta ligter then you are screaming my name lol.

  313. b!!!

  314. C. Man, what I wouldn't give for some shrimp and grits in my bowl right now.

  315. C! It's beautiful (& delicious!)

  316. I like A or C for your cover. Good luck Gina!

  317. B – the name of the cook book stands out and is most distinctive

  318. Love them all, but my vote is for B. CAN'T WAIT!

  319. I prefer B.

  320. Love them all, but I would choose C!

  321. C. Looks so good!

  322. A or C!!!!

  323. C because B looks a little greasy with what the chicken is laying on.

  324. B caught my eye as one I would by just by looking at the cover

  325. B =)

  326. I liked cover C the best!

  327. C is more out of the box. You look at that picture and it makes you want to know how to make it.

  328. I like A

  329. A – because pasta appeals to just about everyone!

  330. A or C

  331. A is the best.

  332. C. It makes me want to open the book to find the recipe.

  333. C would make me pick up the book for sure

  334. I say B, Southerners love fried chicken and espeically if we have a healthier version.

  335. C. It's clean, proportioned correctly, and shows a complete plate. A and B are too messy for my tastes. I would buy C not knowing who you are. A and B not as much.

  336. I love A! The dark "background" just sets everything else off nicely. Of course, the food is awesome!

  337. 1st choice A
    2nd choice B

  338. C! I had my first taste of BBQ Shrimp & Grits recently in New Orleans and loved it! Plus, the pic is mouthwateringly gorgeous 🙂

  339. A or B- I'm kosher and don't eat shellfish. I wouldn't buy a cookbook with shrimp on the cover

  340. C

  341. I like C

  342. Definitely C!!! Can't wait to buy it!

  343. C. Your so much more than pasta and oven fried chicken. Pasta says Italian cookbook. Fried chicken screams southern cooking. Shrimp with grits(or at first glance, could be pureed cauliflower or whipped potatoes) defines the cookbook as more gourmet. All covers are beautifully done, though. I like your catch phrase, "light on calories, big on taste". But, coming from someone who eats paleo and doesn't count calories, I'd overlook this cookbook on a bookshelf. I'm probably not your target audience, though. May consider rewording to appeal to everyone. I do love your blog and find a lot of your low carb recipes are easy to modify to suit my needs. Thank you.

  344. C looks delicious!

  345. B

  346. I like C

  347. "A" is my 1st choice because it looks yummy, & pasta is a very appealing dish to a lot of people. The drumsticks "look" healthy, not as appetizing as their fried counterparts. "C" looks good, too, but I think "A" is just more appetizing.

  348. A! I love that it's partially eaten, it's subliminal. 😉 I think B isn't so exciting. C is pretty good too. So I say either A or C but I love A most.

  349. A for sure!

  350. I love A!

  351. A!! Who doesn't like a skinny pasta dish?!

  352. C is my favorite. A looks like dirty dishes after your done eating…yuck

  353. C because that's what I would want to eat! I can't wait to buy copies for my family!

  354. My vote is for C} Shrimp & Grits

  355. B. Simple and tasty 🙂

  356. A. Looks like you'd be able to cook this with things already in your pantry and not have to go to the store to make a special purchase.

  357. C–The picture is most gorgeous and looks incredibly delicious! I almost chose A but the food looks a tad sloppy, i.e. it looks as though some starved person just dug into that dish!

  358. I like B. Looks like fried chicken and who doesn't love fried chicken!!

  359. "A" is the one I like. Love your recipes.

  360. C – Hands down Shrimp and Grits!

  361. B!!!!

  362. A is my pick

  363. I say C!

  364. A

  365. A, it looks like what would come out of my kitchen and is appealing to me that I could probably do it 🙂

  366. C, hands down! I like the tag line "light on calories, big on flavor" but it gets lost on option A.

  367. C or B. A looks messy. 🙂

  368. I pick A. Everyone is drawn to pasta. It looks rich and delicious. Also, there is some missing….so it plays to "it is so good I couldn't wait to try it". Option C seems to be an "upscale" food item, something fancy

  369. A because it looks filling and delicious or C because it looks artsy and still filling and delicous.

  370. C all the way! Definitely catches my eye the most… and looks like something i'd be dying to make!

  371. I like the one with the shrimp on the cover.

  372. GINA! I am so excited for your forthcoming cookbook! It's been so much fun following your blog for the past three years (maybe more?!)! Kudos on ALL of your work in the kitchen! My vote is for "C" — I love the colors! 🙂

  373. Definitely "C". I don't like the messy, left-over look of "A" and "B" just doesn't appeal for some reason.

  374. C – because Pasta is the worst thing in the history of the world. It's a fact, you can look it up 🙂 I would've said B but the photo just needs more to be cover photo

  375. Are we helping? I see pretty varied responses! 🙂

    I vote for A – making a pasta dish healthy is where it's at. Congrats on your cookbook!

  376. I like A

  377. B 🙂

  378. C…love Shrimp and Grits!

  379. I like C., except I'd leave the partial plate at the top of the book out of the picture.

  380. B or C

  381. B – It's clean, simple and the title pops. A looks a bit messy.

  382. Definetly CCCCCCCC

  383. A – I love it that I can eat pasta and lose weight

  384. I am torn between A and C, but ultimately I think C

  385. I would choose C, it looks very appetizing.

  386. C. It has the best plate presentation and motivates me to look up the recipe and try it.

  387. I like A the best, then C, B

  388. I like them all, but 'C' the best!
    Melanie M

  389. C. It is eye catching-clean with a professional touch! Easy enough to duplicate!

  390. Definitely C

  391. B for sure!!! Love the idea of "fried" chicken and skinny!!!

  392. I would choose A because C would probably alert people with ALLERGIES not to look. Although B is cute as well, A is more versatile.

  393. B! It hits on the point that you can still have your favorites and eat healthy!

  394. definitely C!

  395. All the dishes pictured look great and I would happily eat them all, but the aim of the cover is to convey information and most importantly the genre and theme of the book most effectively. Keep that in mind when reading my feedback:

    (A) I don't like the layout of A at all!!
    The cover doesn't look balanced. The picture is way too big, versus all the text being squished together at the bottom. It looks unlike any recipe book cover I've ever seen (in a bad way). I really wouldn't recommend it.

    (B) I like the image the most on this one.
    I agree that it looks a bit messy with all the crumbs, but I think it adds to the charm of the cover. It gives the impression that the cookbook is for families. It doesn't look too fancy or stuffy, but rather that it is everyday, good food, for ordinary people…

    I feel the actual dish pictured emphasizes the theme of the book best. It looks like yummy junk food, but it is just so much healthier for you. It doesn't look like bland diet food at all. Once again, appealing to families with kids.

    I'm not crazy about the placement of text however. The title-placement is fine, but I don't like the rest.

    Honestly, if the text placement could be changed to that of cover C, I think it would be perfect.

    (C) The placement of the picture is good and the text-placement is great as well. My opinion is that this is a beautiful cover and the layout is perfect.

    However, if I saw this book in a book store my immediate thoughts would be that its is a fancy-pants Italian cookbook. I might not even notice that it is actually a book of skinny dishes. It's a lovely cover, but the theme is lost.
    The image of B grab and demands attention.

    Design-wise I would say C is best, but the cover that will actually sell your product best is B in my opinion.

    I'm actually a graphic designer and design layouts all the time, so I think my comments does carry some merit.

  396. C is my choice. It begs you to pick up and explore further.

  397. I vote C!!! I like the shrimps.

  398. C….A is too messy looking. B is too simple. C definitely!

  399. C….

  400. A looks sinful so I would want to make it

  401. Definitely C! It really captures the spirit of Skinny Taste 🙂

  402. I like A the best…

  403. All the dishes pictured look great and I would happily eat them all, but the aim of the cover is to convey information and most importantly the genre and theme of the book most effectively. Keep that in mind when reading my feedback:

    (A) I don't like the layout of A at all!!
    The cover doesn't look balanced. The picture is way too big, versus all the text being squished together at the bottom. It looks unlike any recipe book cover I've ever seen (in a bad way). I really wouldn't recommend it.

    (B) I like the image the most on this one.
    I agree that it looks a bit messy with all the crumbs, but I think it adds to the charm of the cover. It gives the impression that the cookbook is for families. It doesn't look too fancy or stuffy, but rather that it is everyday, good food, for ordinary people…

    I feel the actual dish pictured emphasizes the theme of the book best. It looks like yummy junk food, but it is just so much healthier for you. It doesn't look like bland diet food at all. Once again, appealing to families with kids.

    I'm not crazy about the placement of text however. The title-placement is fine, but I don't like the rest.

    Honestly, if the text placement could be changed to that of cover C, I think it would be perfect.

    (C) The placement of the picture is good and the text-placement is great as well. My opinion is that this is a beautiful cover and the layout is perfect.

    However, if I saw this book in a book store my immediate thoughts would be that its is a fancy-pants Italian cookbook. I might not even notice that it is actually a book of skinny dishes. It's a lovely cover, but the theme is lost.
    The image of B grab and demands attention.

    Design-wise I would say C is best, but the cover that will actually sell your product best is B in my opinion.

    I'm actually a graphic designer and design layouts all the time, so I think my comments does carry some merit.

  404. C looks great and I love this website 🙂

  405. A or B.

  406. I think I like C the best. Colors are great, and the dish looks unique.

  407. C…it would look great on the cover!

  408. I like the white font on blue background… so a would be my choice.
    however, my thought, what if you did three snapshots on the cover? those three recipes with a picture of each? showing the versatility of your cooking using three very appealing shots? just a thought. can't wait to purchase it!!!

  409. C, it's gorgeous

  410. I like C the best. Touch choice though.

  411. I like A's image better, but B is the strongest option (food + design)!

  412. I think that they would all make a lovely cover.. making it that much harder for me to decide .. I would say bring out all three covers of the same cookbook … leave it up to the masses to pick which one they want to purchase! It seems to make the most sense because everyone has such a different take on why they chose A,B or C and it's pretty even across the board!

  413. C – it's the most clean and visually appealing. It's also not as expected as A or B compared to other cookbooks out there. I think it'll stand out!

  414. B. Simple. Looks delicious!

  415. B – I think the chicken will appeal to everyone, where the other 2 photos look very fancy.

  416. A for sure! Colours really look great! Congrats on the book!

  417. Definitely C!

  418. Go with C. It's colorful and the food styling looks the best. I look at A and all I see is how hard the pan will be to clean after I make that dish.

  419. C for me!! 🙂 Can't wait until this cookbook comes out – you are amazing Gina!!

  420. A (I am a professional graphic designer).

  421. None of the three. All of your photos on your website look beautiful, romantic and luscious… who wouldn't want to eat them? Unfortunately, these three covers look either a) sloppy, (can't tell what the food is!) b) full of crumbs and disconnected to a meal or c) again, what is that food? hard to tell from this photo. You are a great photographer on your own. Please shoot something else and make it look as sinfully delicious and enticing as the shots on your website.

  422. A) Cheesy Baked Penne with Eggplant

  423. B!

  424. My initial reaction was A, so that is what I pick, but after reading the comments I would have to agree that (b) the fried chicken, not a low cal meal, would draw me in.

  425. A is my favorite.
    B looks messy and greasy.
    C does not remind me of family cooking which is who I serve my meals to – and my hubs and three kids love your meals!

  426. I would go with A – it is a little messy but it looks like really indulgent food I might cook at home already and I'd be interested in knowing how to make a skinny version.
    I don't like much about B – it looks off
    C is ok – it looks delicious but I think it might alienate people – it's not a meal everyone would automatically think about making.

  427. C for sure! B doesn't grab me and A is colorful but also messy.

  428. Definitely A – don't like B with the crinkled wax paper in the back, and just not visually interesting enough. C is fine, but A has more appeal – comfort food and all.

  429. I like B best.

  430. They all look amazing! But I'll be honest—-a skinny (ahem "diet") cooking cookbook with fried chicken on the front stands out—-and gives us all hope! I think B is the best for many reasons…including the fact that I would instantly pick it up to find the cover recipe.

  431. C! Can't wait to buy the book!

  432. I pick B. Fried Chicken is not something that you expect to be skinny, so I think that makes it stand out. Also, the simplicity of the colours and the layout make it look homey, comfy, easy. Like just good real food. A and C both look equally delicious, but there are already so many pasta cookbooks available, and the Shrimp & Grits (yummo!) look just a little too artsy and set up to me. I like real food, and recipes that aren't intimidating. Your Fried Chicken cover captures that for me 🙂

  433. I personally love the last one. The recipe is neat and attractive presentation!

  434. Definitely c but maybe with the red font. Looks great.

  435. I love the color contrast in A!

  436. B

    A looks messy & C looks too exotic for a "regular" person to cook….sooo B looks like the kinda of cooking I can do & if that's what's in the book I'm buying it.

  437. C- full of vibrant colors! Best of Luck!

  438. C looks the most visually appealing and flavorful, per your subtitle.

  439. I say c

  440. C!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  441. A. I am drooling over that pasta. I am so excited for your cookbook Gina!

  442. A and good luck! 🙂

  443. C!!!

  444. My vote is C!

  445. C. A looks messy and B does not have enough color.

  446. C is the best visual appeal!

  447. Una pasta che profuma di estate!!!!!!

  448. c- it looks great!! Looking forward to seeing your cookbook…

  449. C. Although the food in A appeals to me most, C is visually the better cover.

  450. B & C. I am more drawn to C, but can relate more to B. Nice Job.

  451. Definitely A – I want to grab a fork and dig in!

  452. i like C, but i think people will relate to B the best !

  453. C, followed by B. I probably wouldn't even pick up the book with cover A on it.

  454. C. No question. It looks clean and designed. Like a meal you'd be comfortable making for yourself or for company.

  455. C-Love the dish, love the picture!

  456. Hubby and I vote for C.

  457. Hi,

    i'm new to your blog but congrats on the cookbook! love your blog and all that you offer. I would def go with B! it's fun and its more appealing like "ooh i can make chicken wings light and healthy!" good luck!

  458. C is my first choice, A would be my second.

  459. A is my favourite 🙂 I'd buy a book with that cover. It looks delicious & like what I would cook in my home

  460. All look delicious, but Definitely C

  461. C for sure!!

  462. A. Who doesn't love pasta!! It's colorful and busy. B is too bland and C is nice, but A is just more appealing.

  463. Myself and my family agree that A wins our vote by a landslide!! Most people who are trying to adopt a new, lighter food lifestyle, would not guess that a pasta dish with gooey cheese everywhere, would be an option. I also like the photography on A, it looks like it came out of a real oven, being served to a real family, not staged. There are so many other cookbooks that have that look, I want something that looks like I cooked it, not Martha Stewart. No matter which one wins, I would still buy your cookbook! 😉

  464. C ! Shrimp & Grits oh yeah!!! 🙂

  465. B The name pops the most. Will you be doing a book tour? If so, can you come to Central Massachusetts? I'd love to meet you in person!

  466. C. That's what I'd want to make the most.
    I don't really need a recipe for a baked pasta dish, so that wouldn't catch my eye and if you are looking for healthy, the fried chicken wouldn't catch your eye either.

  467. C. Looks yummy

  468. C is the one that appeals to me most…

  469. B

  470. B

  471. C. look delicious!!

  472. please take this in the spirit in which it is intended, as i would love for your cookbook to be a great success! i think you should reshoot a cover photo. clearly, no-one likes a "sloppy" presentation (a and c do not look appealing because they don't look "clean"), and i would agree that B looks skimpy. it does not take a lot of imagination to make shrimp a healthy headliner, so my choice would be a very clean re-shoot of A, which looks delish and accessible–who doesn't want to make a healthy version of a baked pasta dish! but the eaten-into-messy-spoon-on-the-side photo needs to go (rustic is ok, but sloppy won't sell). best of luck!

  473. I prefer C, and would be drawn to give it a second look… not so much the other two.

  474. I love "A"! It's beautiful!!

  475. Although I don't like seafood I pick C.

  476. B! if there is chicken, always take the chicken!

  477. C!

  478. C would make me want to look inside the cookbook if I saw it on the shelf. The other two looked delicious as well, but C is a knockout!

  479. I like A & B but I would go with A. I think the past dish offers a broader appeal. Everyone likes pasta.

  480. Definitely C!!

  481. C for sure!

  482. C – Shrimp and grits – I can't wait to make this recipe – the other two I've seen before

  483. C is the most elegant
    A too messy
    B would be better if chicken pieces were closer together

  484. I absolutely love C. However, B is most eye catching on the shelf I think for what you're trying to sell. "cheats" on those treats we all would love to have!

  485. B– the bold red text draws the eye

  486. B!!! It's all about eating better but seeming like you're not!!!!!

  487. A! I love the "messy" look with a scoop already taken, and it seems to best fit the description of recipes that are skinny without tasting skinny!

  488. C is the one that really stood out for me!

  489. A! Looks delicious and jumped right out at me! And I think it looks real, not messy.

  490. C!

  491. A Everyone loves pasta and most think it is a forbidden food.

  492. I have to go with C as well.

  493. They're all gorgeous photos (and delicious recipes I'm sure) but I like C the best. Option A seems a bit messy for a cover photo. Option B seems too plain and doesn't stand out. Option C looks tasty and it's photogenic!

  494. To me shrimp is icky and gross and slimy because they eat the waste products from the ocean. So that is hugely unappetizing. The pasta pic looks messy and the chicken one isn't very appealing. I would go with a drawing of a skinny gal with a ponytail and an apron looking at a cookbook drawn on with bright appealing colors and then in the cookbook have appealing food pics.

  495. C. My daughter and I both agree, it looks the most appealing. 🙂

  496. I would say C is the most pleasing to the eye.

  497. Def. C – visually has the most dynamics and color to draw people to your cover. B is too plain and A looks a little messy.

  498. A or B-B is my first choice for all of the above reasons. C doesn't grab me at all.

  499. B! The white background really draws your eye in.

  500. B. I like the clean look of it.

  501. I LOVE …C. That is something I would thoroughly enjoy!!

  502. B or C would both work fine. I personally think A is really not that great.

    My favorite is C.

    Style by Joules

  503. C-as with another reader, I don't even like seafood and visually this was the most appealing and striking.

  504. I like C best. Seems healthiest and I love the colors.

  505. B – the message….skinny fried chicken – GENIUS!

  506. c, O my looks so yummy

  507. I like B, both the picture and the placement of the title and subtitle.

  508. C for me! how exciting for you, congratulations

  509. So exciting! I would definitely vote for C…the messiness of the other two just doesn't appeal to me for a cookbook cover. (Though they look delicious!)

  510. C

  511. C – it looks yummy!

  512. C. It's perfect!

  513. The colors in the B cover really caught my eye, even though I adore shrimp and grits!! Can not wait to buy the cookbook, I LOVE your recipes!

  514. A…comfort food…

  515. C. it is the cleanest looking and the colors really pop

  516. C, definitely! It will pop of the shelf w/the nice clean photo and breadth of color. I say this nicely, but A isn't as "clean" of a photo and doesn't do your delicious creations justice! For what it's worth–I'm not a creative director, but have worked in marketing for years. 🙂 Good luck! I can't wait to buy your book.

  517. I choose C! Looks amazing, congratulations on the cookbook!

  518. I pick C. I saw these this morning but did not vote. I am a cashier at Costco and a member was purchasing a cookbook today and I had to take a double take because it looked like A. You don't want your buyers to be confused. So C it is! 😀

  519. B
    The first one isn't as clean looking, and I don't like shrimp, so C would make me hesitant about how much the recipes would appeal to me.

  520. I choose C! Looks amazing!

  521. B

  522. C because it's the one I want to eat/make the most

  523. B. Hand's down.. 2 votes for B (The husband voted too!)

  524. A for sure

  525. I think C is the most attractive, but the more I looked, I think A is the dish more people would be likely to eat, so…A

  526. C. I agree with the comments about the color in that cover option. I wish there was a Latin recipe option though. That epitomizes your wonderful recipes to me.

  527. C. It's clean and fresh

  528. B for sure

  529. B is my first choice
    A is the second
    C would be last, while beautiful I don't think it speaks to masses…

  530. C for sure! very artsy!

  531. I vote C because it looks so delicious and clean, plus shrimp & grits would be my ideal "last" meal on earth!
    My 10 year old son however seems to think B is the best choice because he says everyone likes fried chicken and it looks yummy!
    Good luck! I'm a big fan and will definitely be buying it – whatever the cover is! 🙂

  532. I think that C is so beautiful and the colors are brighter and more pleasing to eye-which we all know we eat with our eyes first!! it also looks so delish!because if I came across all three books in a store, I would definitely pick up C for all these reasons.

  533. Definitely C!

  534. B, fried chicken done skinny…you've got my attention. 🙂

  535. "C" It is a more appealing photo to me and looks delicious too!

  536. A or C. I can't WAIT to get your cookbook! We just discovered skinnytaste last week. This will be the first cookbook I will purchase!!!

  537. I like A.

  538. A…it's the most sinful looking. B says you can have messy fried chicken, but nothing else…and C, my fav, without grits is the most healthful eye appealing from a glance. Go with A! Sinfully healthful!

  539. C looks super yummy and it's a beautiful photo.

  540. I like C, although B may be more universally appealing. Everyone likes chicken, right? Okay, not vegetarians. But anyhow, I didn't see how to sign up for the cookbook newsletter. Is it separate from the regular skinnytaste mailing list?

  541. All 3 look amazing, but I'd choose C

  542. C

  543. C. Definitely. Fresh and inspiring, light not heavy. Upscale but simple.

  544. I love C but I think A would appeal to more people…

  545. C, for sure!! But if not that, then A is good, too 🙂

  546. I like the picture on C, but "Skinnytaste" stands out better in the colored font. Perhaps, you should consider changing the color of the font on "C". Good luck with your choice and this is certainly a cookbook I will buy. Truly enjoy your blog.

  547. I like "C". Wishing you much success with this new venture! Sue

  548. I love the way the penne looks, except I don't like the serving taken out. I think it would look better with the food almost intact, with the spoon still in perhaps starting to serve it. Therefore, my vote goes to the shrimp! Can't wait to buy a copy!

  549. I like the look of cover B

  550. I would say that A has so much visual information at the top of the page that the title gets lost. This could be solved with your approach in C of putting the title at the top of the page. I would also suggest a dish that is quicker to visually digest (pardon the pun). C appeals because of how clean it is. The image is easier to read as is the dish. I think in A the combination of cheese and tomato sauce and whatever else you have in there is too much to take in at once while still giving the title equal power. Something more visually simple might work better. As they stand now, C is my favorite. I also think there is a nice continuity between the color of the bowl and the background in C that really makes the food grab the viewer's eye more than anything else. (in A there's a lot of contrast with the black rim of the casserole dish with its white interior and that also distracts the eye)

  551. I like C too!

  552. C looks the most tasty and appealing to me, ready to cook that right now, yum!

  553. A!!!

  554. A!

  555. I'd say "A" is the most appealing to everyone…who doesn't like cheesy pasta…especially a "skinny" one!!

  556. B or C

  557. Definitely A. I like the messiness of the pan. It looks like my pan would look after it comes out of the oven. And pasta is a dish that everyone loves!! The cover is friendly looking…like "open me"! Yum! Go with A.

  558. I like C the best!

  559. I like "C" the best. The colors and presentation are attractive and appealing.

  560. CCCC!

  561. C!! Very eye catching!!

  562. B looks great. Simple, clean, easy to read and makes me want to read the recipe. C looks great but like something in every cookbook has. A looks less appetizing than the others. Good luck!

  563. Definitely C

  564. The layout of B is nice but A catches my eye.

  565. A, it looks good enough to eat right now.

  566. For me, cover "C" is the one. To me, for cover "A" my eye is drawn to the part of the pan where the pasta was scooped out, and not to the dish itself; I'm drawn to the part that looks messy and not neat. To me, cover "B" had me right off the bat thinking "That doesn't look 'skinny' at all", which I know it is, but for an outsider it just doesn't fit the title. I also think cover "B" looks a little vacant, lacking something in color combinations. I personally feel "C" looks the most eye catching and appealing. Although, personally, I would prefer to eat "A" or "B", but to me "C" draws my attention more.

  567. Definitely C- it looks delicious and is a lovely photo. A simply doesn't look like a recipe that someone gravitating towards a skinny cookbook would go for, and B just doesn't look that appealing.

  568. A – I'm for anything Italian!

  569. A. Probably just because I'm drawn to pasta! My second choice is C.

  570. Love C!

  571. Definitely B. It covers all the bases. . . . . great tasting food, lower calories and the title and author are very clear to read.

  572. I like C. I like them all, but I like C best.

  573. C – I chose this one since it looks the best (most photogenic!).

  574. They all look wonderful but it would be C for me

  575. B is the best!

  576. B or C

  577. C—just looks great!!

  578. I think B. would be best. A. just looks like leftovers…and C. looks like the recipe might be too complicated (and I don't do much seafood – but that's just a personal preference). B. has an approachable look to it – like anyone could do it. So, yeah, B. 🙂

  579. C. This is my choice. It looks elegant and sophisticated and also eye catching.
    B. Makes me hungry
    A. Looks a little messy. 🙂

  580. C all the way…

  581. I love A but have to vote for C!

  582. Congrats on your book! My vote is for A.

  583. B! I love everything about it, and I think it will impress people, because that chicken doesn't look light on the calories!

  584. C is my favorite and I don't like shrimp, but this is appealing to the eye. A is just another one of those casseroles and B is alright to eat but a little bit for the scatterbrained. C is the best of them all. Just personal opinion though.

  585. B, it has a nice clean look.

  586. I like the first photo, with the pasta!

  587. I like A and B. A to me shows its so appetizing you just want to eat it, but B is simple. Need to show people that eating healthy has taste that's why I like A it show that. C is nice too it does show a shique appeal.

  588. Definitely C

  589. C and only C.
    A looks crusty and leftovery
    B looks sloppy with crumbs all over. I mean…it looks like my kitchen, but not for a cover of a book.
    Love you site! Can't wait for the book

  590. I love C looks so yummy with the shrimp. Absolutely do not like B. A would be my second choice. Good Luck Gina!!!! We are all behind you whatever you choose!!!

  591. Love the look of "C". I want some.

  592. B is what I would choose

  593. C but I think the text should be a different color for contrast. Definitely picture C though!

  594. B just looks so good! I would think hmmm light on calories….

  595. I think C should be on the cover.

  596. C is the one with the most eye-appeal (I like the TWO dishes there shown) but if I'd buy it for myself, I'd pick B, since it seems to be a "skinny" fried chicken recipe, which anyone would go for, one I'd like to make. A is nice and looks pretty, but looks as if your book were only about casseroles. But C really looks the nicest, I think. Very professional-looking. It's a TOUGH choice, Gina! But you'll make the right choice and congrats to you on your book. You should be very proud.

  597. C. The other two look messy.

  598. B

  599. i like C

  600. I've never had shrimp and grits, but that picture makes me want to!

  601. B for sure. Who doesn't like "fried" chicken??

  602. Hi Gina, I like cover A the best. It catches my eye more than the other two. This cover makes me want to pick up off the shelve to flip through the pages before buying. Congrats!

  603. B! It looks clear and clean but still something I want to sink my teeth into! 🙂

  604. I love A, I'm partial to a great eggplant dish 🙂

  605. B- great photo and the title stands out.

  606. My comments – C is my choice it is the one I would reach for – I like the photo in C. Looks decadent and appealing. I prefer the title at the top of the page rather than the bottom as in A plus the photo in A is a little messy. In B I like that the name of the book pops because it is in Red but although the chicken looks good the photo just isn't as classy as the others.

  607. C. Looks delicious and healthy.

  608. C is by far the worst of the 3 as it looks like 1000 other "monthly" magazine covers you'd see on the shelf. it is TOO "clean." it does not stand out and is not unique or different at all. additionally, it features shrimp – a food many people are turned off by AND a food that is already thought of as "skinny". it automatically gets you thinking this will be a book with a lot of recipes for fish.

    B is nice but it is more like an inside title page picture – just not enough going on for a cover. and again, a picture of meat and nothing else may turn some people off. also, it looks like the book may be just low-carb recipes – again, already associated with "skinny", and with the recent influx of "wheat belly" "gluten free" "grain brain" blah blah blah, the low carb recipes are becoming very tiresome. but again – i love the picture, it's just not right for a cover!

    of the 3, A is by far the best. first of all, it features pasta and cheese. probably the last thing associated with "skinny". additionally, it is very unique. it looks like a mess, which makes you look twice, and then when you look closer it looks like a delicious and inviting mess – like something you could actually picture being made in your home. the "mess" aspect is what makes the picture, and what sets that cover apart!!!

  609. Definitely "A"…

  610. A

  611. I choose C but with the Red bold print of B

  612. I guess C. It looks professional but doesn't stand out at all. It seems like I've seen the same type of cover a hundred times. A has a dirty pan and B just doesn't look professional. Sorry. But all the food looks great!

  613. B- Love my comfort food

  614. C – looks yummy and not something that is "Skinny" looking

  615. I vote for C. It looks pretty and elegant and the shrimp stands out.

  616. Love the rustic look of C

  617. Definitely C. B lacks color and context, and A is too "eaten." 🙂

  618. B! It embodies comfort food made lighter.

  619. C for sure!

  620. B. Fried chicken is not something I would expect to see on a skinny cookbook cover. I like the contrast of red and white as well. B draws my eyes to the "light on calories, big on flavor" tagline more so than A or C does. I think C is also very visually appealing but could potentially get lost on a bookshelf. A lot of cookbooks have that same round dish in the center of the shot and so I like that B's food focus is slightly off center.

  621. C…….Yum

  622. I love C. It's so beautiful and simple. It makes me want to read the whole book!

  623. B or C

  624. As much as I love seafood and pasta, some people are allergic to seafood and pasta everyone can do it already so I believe it should be " B". Most people love chicken and this would get their attention !!!! Beth

  625. B; I'd buy that based just on the photo:)

  626. A. They all look yummy, but A looks like it should be fattening, while the other two don't so much. So A makes a better selling point for you.

  627. C! I think it represents your cooking style the best!

  628. I would choose C. It looks like something I would want to make.

  629. C for sure.

    I'm personally not a grits fan, but I am a long-time magazine editor, and I've been picking covers for years. C is clean but still offers depth and a pop of color. Of all of these, it also looks the most appetizing and the least like diet food!

  630. B for sure, it looks clean and pops out , grabs attention!

  631. A

  632. Ohhh my. I don't eat meat or seafood so definitely "A" but the presentation of "C" is really a very pretty photo. A or C has my vote. Good luck and congrats. Yummmmm.

  633. C

  634. B

  635. I love Shrimp so I say C

  636. B

  637. A! Handsdown. Looks extremely decadent, warm, and delicious.

  638. A! Definitely A, but C is a close second.

  639. Definitely C!

  640. C is prettiest, but B would make me buy the book (and a lot of people don't eat shrimp). Maybe too late for this suggestion, but how about B with some of your amazing mashed potatoes? That way you still get the sense of decadence but as more of a complete meal? Just a thought. Thanks for all you do!

  641. A looks the best!

  642. B. Looks the least unhealthy so it catches my eye. The other two look more like what one would expect to find in low cal cookbook. Love all your recipes! Good luck!

  643. A & C are my personal favorites because they look like do-able, delicious, AND healthy meals.

    B is nice – but didn't connect with me.

    How exciting! Congrats!

  644. I think it should have been a photo of you, eating a piece of your chicken, with other dishes around you.

  645. I like B becuz it's recognizable as fried chicken YET the title says it's light. That would make me pick up the book!

  646. A is my fav –

  647. B because it looks yummy and I think that it will be a more familiar food with the general population.

  648. C, please! I can't wait!

  649. Pick C! Personally I think I like A's recipe the best, but it is not visually appealing. It just looks messy and sloppy. B is too plain. Even though I don't like seafood, I think C is the best because it looks balanced and visually appealing.

  650. A I am such a pasta lover and would buy anything that helps me to cook and eat it with less calories.

  651. A for SURE! I am not a fan of the angle at which C was shot…it makes me focus more on that than anything.

  652. C even though the food in dish A looks the most appealing…… But the problem is I already see the post meal clean up when I look at it. The uneaten dish looks ready for me to sit down and enjoy.

  653. "C" – I don't even like shrimp and grits, but this photo still looked the most appetizing to me. Actually it looks so good that it makes me want to try this recipe anyway. Love your website, Gina!

  654. A is the most enticing I think!

  655. C, I think it looks really nice and homey, and as a pescatarian I would pass by a cookbook with chicken on the front…

  656. C for sure

  657. Tough choice between B & C, but I think I am going to go with C.

  658. C is the best!

  659. C – it's the best visually. B doesn't look like a tough recipe – and looking at it (which consumers will do before they read/buy) it looks like it's promoting a Southern Cooking cookbook.

    A is half eaten, which I don't think is visually pleasing to the consumer
    -All the best,
    from a Marketing Strategist

  660. C for sure 🙂

  661. A or B
    C looks boring because of the accurate arrangement. in a and b there is excitement!

  662. C. It is simple and picky eaters don't have to look for what they don't like in it.

  663. C) Kiss My (Shrimp and) Grits

  664. My eyes are immediately drawn to A!! Italian food is amazing. C is pretty but there are a lot of people who don't like seafood.

  665. C looks the best, and I don't even like shrimp.
    A would have been better without a heaping spoonful missing from the dish. It looks sloppy.
    B is just the chicken and while it looks delicious, it needs something else in the photo.

  666. A! I'm so excited that you are publishing a cookbook Gina!! I'll be buying!!

  667. A looks too messy. B shows your name and title best but C attracts me most because I would cook the recipe.

  668. A or B 🙂 When people think of low cal/healthier food they don't normally think of pasta or breaded chicken- I think these show that your recipe book will differ from other healthy cookbooks because you have found ways to make healthy versions of all the fatty foods we love.

  669. Definitely A with C as a close second !

  670. C is my favorite.

  671. I prefer the Cover C because it is more appealing based on the colors and space. It is the photo I kept returning to because I enjoyed looking at it. Cover A is too messy for my liking; Cover B has too much white space. Thanks for including us in the decision-making! This is fun!

  672. C. I think that would be a nice cover

  673. C definitely! I also love A, but I think I like the composition of C better. B seems a little bland to me.

  674. A – looks like real Italian food but is low in fat – love that!

  675. B – As a graphic designer for Crayola for 8 years now, cover B will definitely stand out among the sea of cookbooks out there. The white background makes it pop. And the random chicken wings feel very playful and fun!

  676. C!

  677. C – Shrimp

  678. I'll go with C. Photographing food always a challenge.

  679. I like B. It doesn't look like a low calorie dish. Plus, it looks different from other cookbook covers so I think it would stand out.

  680. Kiss My Grits…my mouth is already watering!!!!!

  681. C because of the colors. although I like A too but it is a bit messy for a cover.

  682. I think I would pick "C". I also like "A", but pasta is too basic. Shrimp and Grits make a more interesting and appealing cover.

    Love your website! I'm looking for something for dinner right now!

  683. A ~ B & C look time consuming 🙂

  684. I am attracted to C…I would have picked up the book and looked inside….yummy looking.

  685. C hands down. A is too messy. B is just unappealing to me when I'm looking for healthy recipes. Even if it is "skinny".

  686. C is my favorite and the one I most want to make!!

  687. Originally thought B but now leaning towards A – love the color and believe it embodies how you cook – for your family!

  688. C. Best color and presentation.

  689. Not loving the grey background on any of them…I think you have taken better photos of your meals. If I had to pick it would be B. Pasta looks too ordinary…everyone makes Baked Ziti. And something about picture C reminds me of rubbery eggs…

  690. A

  691. C – it's so pretty. A just seems like any ol' baked pasta and B might be intimidating to novice cooks.

  692. I like C best.

  693. Definately B ~ plate looks clean and everyone likes a food that doesn't look diet.

  694. A! Got to love healthy pasta! 🙂

  695. Very tough choice – C

  696. Kiss My Shrimp & Grits

  697. B for sure. I would be hesitant to buy a "skinny" cookbook if the cover looks like blah, lite, unfulfilling food. A "skinny" cookbook with fried chicken on the cover?! YUMMY! I would buy it just to see what type of recipes are inside.

  698. A It seems more comforting, as in comfort food-ish. Makes you think, satisfying and filling, even if the recipes are healthier.
    Whatever cover you choose though, I wish you much success!

  699. Definitely "C". That cover would entice me to pick up the book and look inside.

  700. B. A doesn't look as appealing half eaten…..

  701. I like C it's clean & neat!

  702. B seems most pleasing to my eye

  703. B….love it.

  704. B because it looks so yummy and fattening LOL! I would want to pick up the book to see the skinny recipe!

  705. A – the other two are not as appealing.

  706. C!!

  707. C for sure. It looks like it should be on cook book cover. A doesn't as too messy looking and B just looks too simple and a bit boring.

  708. C, definitely C

  709. C…I definitely like the title at the top, so that ruled out A. B is just too plain for my taste.

  710. A ! (maybe I'm not really objective because I'm able to die for eating pasta !)

  711. I like B because it does not look skinny at all and C because it looks delish!

  712. I would pick C. For me it looks balanced, and it would look like something you would want to create. The others look as though I have seen them on other cookbooks before. The pasta and chicken, are very common on most cookbooks. Whereas, the other one, the shrimp is not as common. That's my two cents! 🙂

  713. A. Because who doesn't love PASTA! and we think of it as loaded with calories

  714. I like C

  715. B is my favorite!

  716. I am so excited for you! I say A! 🙂

  717. B for sure! A looks yummy but a bit messy, C looks too pretentious. B looks clean, pretty, and like something a regular person could make

  718. B it is different, a lot of cookbooks have pasta on the front. Good to be different!

  719. A.

    As a long-retired graphic designer, I would have proposed C, because it's clean and artful — but it looks like so many other cookbook covers for fine cooking. As a person who cooks for a husband who is decidedly not into fancy, and for adult kids and their kids who have a myriad of different levels of likes and dislikes, I wouldn't be drawn to the lovely shrimp on grits. But everybody likes a cheesy pasta dish and the one in the first example just looks yummy and good and EASY.

    I very much like the stark simplicity of B, but I feel like I have one simple recipe for baked "fried" chicken already, so no need to buy a book for that. Interesting to me how many people dislike the crumbs, because I thought it was a cool picture.

    And, I asked my husband. He does not cook. He's a picky eater, meaning not that there are a lot of things he won't eat (although shrimp is one of them!) but that he knows what he likes, and it's mostly hearty, fattening foods. I've been serving him dinners made from your recipes ever since we joined WW a couple of years ago and can attest to how good your recipes for normal, everyday foods have been for this household. I showed him the three pictures and asked, if he was going to try a cookbook, which one would he try, and he immediately said "A". I asked why and he said, "Because I'd like to eat that."

  720. C – Most visually appealing to me – though I know all your recipes are great!

  721. C definitely

  722. Jimmy L A looks best

  723. Tough between B & C. I choose C it is a complete meal and it is a pretty picture. A looks sloppy to be a cover picture. It looks yummy to eat just not on a cover.

  724. A!

  725. A! comfort food, with fewer calories? yes, please.

  726. C for sure!,,

  727. C!!

  728. B! Yum and the colors of the font and etc are really eye catching!

  729. A! I do not like fried chicken no matter how it is prepared.

  730. C. It is neater looking.

  731. I think the majority of the people looking for cookbooks will be drawn to A –
    But for me personally, I like C
    Good Luck, Tough Decision!

  732. A. Had me wishing for the recipe.

  733. A. As I think it draws you in with all the cheese and yummy goodness. If you can make that taste good and its under "Skinnytaste" then people will react. C, I like better as a picture, but to me, that picture represents light cooking. B, I'm just not drawn to.

  734. I pick C. That cover looks good enough to eat!

  735. C most definitely!!

  736. I vote C.!

  737. C!

  738. I love the composition and color for B the best.

  739. I love B, the crispy looking chicken. But, the composition is better in C. So, as an artist I vote for C.

  740. I debated between B and C for a little bit but C wins for me because it just looks so pretty and flavorful. B is my second choice and A would be my last choice but honestly, they're all amazing and I would buy the book even if it had no cover because your recipes are PHENOMENAL!!! Can't wait for the book to come out! Congrats in advance!

  741. C for sure most visually appealing.

  742. i choose A as well. when you look at it, it doesn't look like a "skinny" food I would see that and go Wow, what's inside..

  743. C, it really catches the eye and it's clean looking.

  744. Definitely B!

  745. A made my stomach growl 🙂

  746. A – because a cheesy casserole is not something you think would be Skinny and that's Intriguing – can't wait for your book to come out! Very exciting!

  747. C. it's so clean and inviting!

  748. I love the food on version C, but like how the title stands out on version A. As for most appealing "dear lord, I want to make this dish right now", version C has it for me by a landslide.

  749. A or C!

  750. I like C the best, but think B may have the most appeal. I do want to note that I do not find A to be visually appealing, and think you may turn off a large group of people with a pasta dish (i.e., carb heavy) on the cover.

  751. The order I would vote: #1 – B (just love the look of something traditionally fattening being made over into a healthier version!)….#2 – C (love a good ole Southern shrimp and grit dish!)…. and then #3 – A (which actually looks very good and gooey, but is my third choice anyway)

  752. C

  753. I choose C. The photo on A isn't very appealing. I like B, but it is almost too simple. Fried chicken is so common, even oven "fried". C shows that the recipes are anything but "ho hum".

  754. A or C

  755. Definitely C!!!!!

  756. A for sure, B is just ok and C looks harder to read your name and looks more magazine like to me. A is a gorgeous cookbook!! Love it!

  757. I vote for B.

  758. You can't go wrong with any of them Gina so it's a nice problem to have isn't it? But I do like A – its comforting xo

  759. C. It looks clean and unusual while B looks like many books and A looks messy

  760. C. it's a clean look and tasty-looking.

  761. All beautiful, just like all your other photographs! I like C the best. A is (deliciously) busy, B is tempting, but a little to sparse, C is well rounded. Pardon the punn.

    Looking forward to the cookbook!

    PS Made the Roasted Strawberry Smoothie the other day–all I can say is "YUM"! What a great idea!!

  762. C looks the best to me!

  763. C. Although I don't eat shrimp, I feel that's the picture that draws my eyes the most.

  764. C

  765. C for sure….looks the most "foodie" and professional

  766. I'd vote for C – I agree with others that A looks a little to "messy" and, to me, B isn't as striking. I could be partial, though, I LOVE shrimp & grits…

  767. C looks the best! Congratulations on your cookbook! 🙂

  768. B looks amazing!

  769. C!!!!!!

  770. I think B will get you more readers because it looks incredibly delicious and it's like "wow, you can even make fried chicken in a healthy way?"

  771. C . It's looking delicious &appetizing. Just make sure u mention vegetarian on the cover else in first look its looking only for meat eaters.

  772. C !!! And, thanks for asking!

  773. A – a partially eaten meal with left overs – yum. Nice lines and contrast of the white dish with black trim on the grey table. Of the 3 recipes, the Cheesy Baked Penne with Eggplant appeals to me the most. The meatless photo might appeal more to vegetarians than obvious chicken and shrimp of the other 2 cover photo options.

  774. B

  775. Cover 1 or 3.

  776. B – it looks delish and doesn't look like its "skinny"

  777. C. It's looking delicious &appetizing. Make sure to mention vegetarian as well on cover (else in the first look its looking only for meat eaters).

  778. B – everybody gravitates toward "fried" chicken.!

  779. I would choose C. A is messy, B just looks weird. C really caught my eye and I'm not a big fan of grits.

  780. C. has the best design elements. "light on calories, big on flavor" is in two lines, as is "GINA HOMOLKA" in the opposite corner. It seems to make things more compact rather than spread out all over the place. I also prefer the photograph and background of the shrimp dish. Everything seems to go together better on this cover. C. definitely has the best composition and best appeal.

  781. C. It looks appealing and anyone that has tried variations of shirmp and grits a healthy version is a sure win! Congratulations on your success.

  782. congratulations on your book!! i love A, especially when you're talking about big flavors, who doesn't love a tasty lasagna!

  783. B- Fried Chicken entices everyone. It makes you best understand how you make flavorful food healthy!

  784. C …definitely C! 🙂

  785. My first pick would be C, followed next by A. When I think of your website and the kind of meals that I come to your site to look for- those would best describe the kind of food that I picture from you. The B picture is nice and may be graphically bold, but I don't think it really summarizes what kind of flavors and family dishes that you tend to share.

  786. A all the way!

  787. A…who doesn't LOVE pasta…and it fits for all foodie lovers!

  788. I find A the most colorful and appealing. Something most of us would want to eat or make. B is a bit too simple. I like C as well. It intrigues me to want to know what is in that dish but b/c my husband is deathly allergic to shellfish, I wouldn't be able to make it. Good luck!

  789. C is more appealing. Makes me want to open the book and check out the recipe for that dish.

  790. My vote is for A!

  791. I vote for C

  792. C! Those shrimp and grits look amazing!!

  793. C — it peaks my interest. There are a ton of cookbooks with baked chicken and baked casseroles, the Shrimp and Grits show you have something that sets you apart 🙂

  794. C. It's most representative of your recipes and most visually appealing. A looks too messy and isn't at all like your normal photos (which are typically amazing)

  795. My first reaction was B, but the more I look and think about it, C is the one I would go with. For some reason, A makes me think of cleaning the dish when finished; a lot of work. All of them make me want to cook.

  796. A!

  797. A! And that's probably because it looks absolutely delicious to me right now!

  798. I am a book cover designer, and I choose C. The layout of the text is most dynamic on that one, and the image is most appetizing. It's ready to eat, not already eaten, so it's inviting me in rather than telling me I missed dinner… 🙂

  799. C. I would pick up that cookbook and browse thru the pages because of that photo. Then I would buy it because of the recipes inside.

  800. A or B

  801. I think they are all amazing, but I would choose B. I not only think it grabs me the most, but I think putting something like "fried" chicken on the cover, and showing it can be healthy, will really catch people's eye! I'm SO excited for your cookbook!!

  802. I am going to go with B. (For me, I also like A. C looks too gourmet for me.)

  803. I like the B but they are all good to look at.

  804. There's far more visual interest, i.e. eating with your eyes first, in A or C. My choice would be for A as it is truly representative of what the dish would look like after being served. C, while a close second, is styled. Thanks for asking!

  805. C! Shrimp and Grits!

  806. A. As far as the other comments about messy… I think that's what I love about it. It's real and definitely something you would think would be heavy and fatty. Either way, I can't wait to see it on the shelves, I LOVE all your recipes!

  807. C. Looks the most appealing.

  808. C is the one that says skinny to me! A just looks sloppy and unappealing to me, although I am sure it is very good, just looking at it turns my stomach! B, even though I am sure it's oven baked, says fried all over it to me!

    So, C is my choice!

  809. C. I don't like the "eaten" look of A and B is just, well, messy and unappetising. While we can't get "grits" Down Under I still like the look of C so it wouldn't put me off buying the book just because it uses hard to get ingredients.

  810. I vote 'C'

  811. C !!

  812. C, although it is the one I am least likely to make… the other two are too messy and distracting looking.

  813. C for sure.

  814. C without a doubt!!

  815. B! It's comfort food made healthy and people LOVE comfort food. It'll grab the attention of people who think "diet" food is all bland and no fun.

  816. I don't like A because it looks like messy leftovers… I vote for C

  817. C…A looks a little gross, B is too messy, but C is clean and elegant.

  818. B

  819. C, although I love fried chicken, I want to eat the shrimp and grits like right now! so definitely C!

  820. I'm French, I do not know if you'll pay attention to my choice : C as I'm concerned.without any doubt, much sexier than the two others. 🙂

  821. B

  822. B! The chicken on a white background really stands out! It also represents your recipes really well….with a few twists, you can still eat "fried chicken" just better for you!

  823. I would choose A

  824. C for sure!

  825. The shrimp…hands down! Looks absolutely mouth-watering!

  826. C!!!!!

  827. C totally made me hungry and want to buy it!

  828. I love C the best it just draws your attention right away

  829. A would be my first pick then C would be my second!

  830. A!

  831. I vote for A or B! I like the creative design of those 2. C looks good; but to me- it doesn't stand out from other cook book covers. It's classic, but not unique. Just my 2 cents. i am sure it won't really matter anyways since your recipes are delish! 🙂

  832. C – i like it best, but they all look good!

  833. I love A!

  834. For a photo with eggplant and cheese in a casserole, your OWN photo is MUCH more appealing. Best Skinny Eggplant Rollatini with Spinach

  835. C! It's the best cover. It's clean and simple like everyone says. I like the blue rustic look of it. Like eating shrimp at a fish house near the sea.

  836. A – The title placement is aesthetically pleasing and it's not hard to read and the food looks delish (they all do, really). I think the background in B is quite bland (although the chicken looks amazing). Congrats on your cookbook! I always enjoy your recipes.

  837. C!
    Can wait to buy the cookbook!!!

  838. Buh Buh Buh – B it is…

  839. A. I think many people usually think of pasta dishes as being off limits when eating skinny. So, this cover may attract those people. Also, B may not attract vegetarians.

  840. B, for sure! I love the simpleness of the concept. The other two are fine, but too typical of a lot of cookbook covers. Stand out and dare to be different!

  841. A! Looks awesome.

  842. I'm a vegetarian so I like A! 🙂

  843. Buh Buh Buh… B it is…

  844. B – it's different and eye-catching!

    C looks delicious, but like every other cookbook out there.

  845. I like all three but since I have to pick one it would be C.

  846. Photo C… hands down! Congrats, Gina…so excited for the release of the book.

  847. C. Shrimp and Grits

  848. I like the B cover the best

  849. I say B but my second choice is A.

    When I look a C nothing pops out at me. Neither the meal nor the text. Also, I see shrimp and I think "yea, that is skinny" (I've never had grits so I don't recognize that when I look at it).

    rather in B and A there is a very clear focus and when I see both those meals paired with the words "skinny taste" I am very intrigued.

    Good luck!

  850. I choose C first then A most definitely! Looking forward to your cookbook!

  851. B – To see a healthy cookbook with a picture of something that looks bad for you (but really isn't) is the best kind of cookbook!

  852. C! Who doesn't love shrimp and grits?!?!?

  853. Definitely C!

  854. I say C! looks delicious

  855. B

  856. C hands down. It showcases a less run-of-the-mill dish and is just more appealing to this Creative Director. I will say, however, that I don't mind the white space on version B, just not greasy white space!

    Regardless, congrats on the cookbook. Whatever cover you choose I'll be buying one!

  857. My opinion is A. Initially, I thought C because it is perfect, there's no mess. Then when I read you want it to stand out on the shelves, I thought you need a dark shelf to display B; and C is too common. Definitely A. It's enticing, colorful, bold, and makes you want to know how pasta can have a "skinnytaste"! Tough decision, though. Best of luck with the cookbook.

  858. C for sure! The layout is perfect and the dish is very inviting. Best of luck 🙂

  859. C – definitely C

  860. A. It's eye catching, it makes me want to grab it up and look inside. I like the color and the placement of the title and information. The other two don't do this! Good Luck its going to be great!!

  861. I like A.

  862. C… And I don't normally care for shrimp and grits! Drool!!!

  863. A. Looks like comfort food to me. Very homey.

  864. C for sure!!