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Bangin Good Shrimp

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Bangin Good Shrimp- A healthier, slimmed down copycat recipe of Bonefish Grill’s very popular Bang Bang shrimp recipe.

Bangin Good Shrimp- A healthier, slimmed down copycat recipe of Bonefish Grill's very popular Bang Bang shrimp recipe.Bang Bang Shrimp

This shrimp is out-of-this-world good, made with stir fried shrimp mixed with a creamy, sweet and spicy chili sauce served on a bed of shredded lettuce and purple cabbage topped with scallions.  Takes only 10 minutes to whip up which makes this perfect for lunch, as an appetizer or even a light meal.

What is Bang Bang Sauce?

It’s simply three ingredients, mayonnaise, sriracha and Thai Sweet chili sauce. You can adjust the heat to your comfort level. To lighten it, I used less mayo and opted for Hellman’s light. Since shrimp is naturally a low-calorie, zero point food, this dish is easy to fit into a healthy lifestyle.

This Bonefish Grill Bang Bang shrimp knock-off is also great as tacos. To make them, heat up some corn tortillas and pile everything on top. Also great as a pizza topping, and I’ve also made this with chicken, for those of you who don’t like shrimp. The sauce is so good, you’ll want to make it again and again.

With the popularity of Thai food, ingredients like Thai Sweet Chili Sauce and Sriracha are very common ingredients and easy to find in your local supermarket or even stores like Target depending on where you live.

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A slimmed down copycat recipe of Bonefish Grill's very popular Bang Bang shrimp recipe.Bangin Good Shrimp- A healthier, slimmed down copycat recipe of Bonefish Grill's very popular Bang Bang shrimp recipe.

Bangin Good Shrimp

4.96 from 49 votes
Bangin Good Shrimp- A healthier, slimmed down copycat recipe of Bonefish Grill's very popular Bang Bang shrimp recipe.
Course: Appetizer, Lunch
Cuisine: Chinese, Japanese
Bangin Good Shrimp- A healthier, slimmed down copycat recipe of Bonefish Grill's very popular Bang Bang shrimp recipe.
Prep: 15 minutes
Cook: 5 minutes
Total: 20 minutes
Yield: 4 servings
Serving Size: 2 /3 cup shrimp


For the Shrimp:

  • 1 lb large shrimp, shelled and deveined (weight after peeled)
  • 2 tsp cornstarch
  • 1 tsp canola oil
  • 3 cups shredded iceberg lettuce, or butter lettuce
  • 1 cup shredded purple cabbage
  • 4 tbsp scallions, chopped


  • In a medium bowl, combine mayonnaise, Thai sweet chili sauce and Sriracha. Set aside.
  • Combine lettuce and cabbage and divide between four plates. Set aside.
  • Coat shrimp with cornstarch, mixing well with your hands.
  • Heat a large skillet or wok on high heat, when hot add oil. When oil is hot add the shrimp to hot pan and cook tossing a few times until cooked through, about 3 minutes.
  • Remove from pan and combine with the sauce coating well.
  • Place shrimp on lettuce and top with scallions.

Last Step:

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Serving: 2 /3 cup shrimp, Calories: 215 kcal, Carbohydrates: 12 g, Protein: 24 g, Fat: 7.5 g, Saturated Fat: 1 g, Cholesterol: 178 mg, Sodium: 438 mg, Fiber: 1 g, Sugar: 6 g


Bangin Good Shrimp- A healthier, slimmed down copycat recipe of Bonefish Grill's very popular Bang Bang shrimp recipe.

Bangin Good Shrimp- A healthier, slimmed down copycat recipe of Bonefish Grill's very popular Bang Bang shrimp recipe.

Bangin Good Shrimp- A healthier, slimmed down copycat recipe of Bonefish Grill's very popular Bang Bang shrimp recipe.

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367 comments on “Bangin Good Shrimp”

  1. I’ve made this recipe as a salad and have also served it over rice. It’s quick and always a winner. Last night, I made rice bowls with the shrimp: brown rice, topped with stir-fried scallions, carrots, and snow peas, topped with the shrimp and sauce. Delicious!

  2. Avatar photo
    Denise Martin

    So healthy and so good. One of my favorite recipes. I make the shrimp like in the recipe but also grill it on my t-fal. Perfect every time.

  3. Avatar photo
    Linda Ricketts

    Love this recipe! Tried it tonight and will definitely make it again. Might even try it with chicken.

  4. Love this! I put it on shredded cabbage and brown rice to make it a bit more filling and it’s fantastic!

  5. HI Gina,

    First, I want to say all your recipes are incredible! I haven’t tried one that hasn’t been a hit! This one was also amazing!! I’d love to do it in an air fryer. Any instructions on how to cook the shrimp this way instead?

  6. This is my second time making this recipe. The first time, I made it “as is” on lettuce and cabbage. Tonight I made it into tacos using corn tortillas, cabbage, shredding carrots and red onions instead of the scallions.  I added a thin slice of avocado as well – YUM!!!

  7. Avatar photo
    Joan Thompson

    Loaded with flavor but not calories. My only change, using butter lettuce instead of iceberg. 

  8. I know this is generally a healthy version of this dish, but I confess, I just love it over linguine!

  9. A M A Z I N G ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
    Just make it and you will understand! 

  10. Fast, easy, & very flavorable. I love this making this recipe. Taste good as shrimp tacos or shrimp burrito.

  11. I made this recipe last night as an appetizer for my son and daughter-in-law – Wow.  It was delicious!!!  We all loved it.  Next time, I will make it as the main meal – it was so good!!! Thanks Gina!!

  12. Made this for dinner tonight. Did a quick 0sp slaw and put it in a wrap. I might have accidentally used 1 tablespoon of Sriracha instead of 1 tsp….my husband was cool with it but I was sweating.
    Won’t make that mistake again! But I will make this shrimp again.

  13. Avatar photo
    Kathy Crowder

    This is a great recipe! It’s easy to make and tasty! I will make it again but will use a bit more sriracha to make it a bit more spicey.

  14. Wow!! This recipe is awesome and so quick! We had it tonight on top of a dinner size salad. So good. I followed the recipe exactly as stated but halved it for my husband and me. One of my new favorites!!
    Thank you Gina for all your great recipes. I have two of your books, Skinnytaste on line and on the Skinnytaste community Facebook . Anymore it’s the only recipes I use, no need to go anywhere else with the variety of recipes you have made available. Loving it!!!

  15. Absolutely delicious!!! I love spicy sauce with my sushi and this is a great salad recipe in the same taste family. Served with long grain white rice. Will definitely make again soon!!!

  16. Avatar photo
    Ruth Auerbach

    One of my favorite Skinnytaste recipes. My whole family loves it! So quick to make and so satisfying..

  17. Okay, Y’all. If you’re wondering whether to make this — stop wondering and start cooking. This is seriously, seriously GOOD!
    My husband is anti-salad, so we ate it as lettuce wraps instead of a salad — SO, SO GOOD! We agree it is now a go-to light meal for the two of us!

  18. Fabulous recipe!
    However the picture of this recipe does not match up with the ingredients list. Picture shows butter lettuce and ingredients list say shredd iceberg and shredded purple cabbage!
    Went to make it and thought “Oh Gosh! I bought the wrong stuff and ran to the store to pick up the shredded stuff.
    It turned out great! Halved the recipe for just my husband and I.
    Can’t wait to make it again. However either the pics need to be changed or the ingredients list. Loved it with the shredded stuff.
    Now I just need to use the butter lettuce. 😉

  19. Avatar photo
    Nikki Whittle

    Have you tried this in the airfryer? I see you’ve done chicken wonder if you have tried the shrimp too

  20. Thank you for the recipe! It came out sooooo good. I felt a little guilty adding the light mayo to the dish. How many calories per serving do you think this has?

  21. Avatar photo
    heather schuler

    I never comment on recipes. But, this one is a keeper. Tastes very similar to the Bone Fish Grill version. I made it with steamed broccoli tossed with soy sauce and brown long grain rice.

  22. I made this last night for dinner and it was a hit with the whole family! Love the pop of flavor and the fact that it didn’t take forever to make it.

  23. I made this recently as a surprise for my husband’s birthday. He’s all about “Boom Boom” sauce. Me? Not so much. I try to limit my mayo intake as a rule because there are so many tasty alternatives…just don’t like to eat something with that many calories unless it gives me the WOW factor. Mayo does not. With that said, it’s was my husband’s birthday so I decided to give it a whirl for him. I’m so glad I did! This is A MAZ ING! It does have that WOW factor. Portion control, and just the right amount of low fat mayo makes this dish doable. This is what I love about you Gina….your recipes are delicious and memory making without having the guilt after you take that last bite.

  24. Made this tonight and it was absolutely delicious. I did shrimp tacos with a cabbage slaw on top. Will definitely be on my weekly menu rotation. 

  25. Love this recipe! I literally ate the entire bag of shrimp. Not sure what the cornstarch did, but the sauce is awesome!

  26. Wow Gina! I made this into tacos with a bit of extra sriracha, and my husband informed me that we will no longer need to go out to our local taco spot. This is saying A LOT, as we are in Texas and tacos are a way of life. Great recipe and super quick to make. Thank you! 🙂

    1. Avatar photo
      Angela Marchant

      I would love to make this tonight, for just the two of us how many shrimp 🍤 would you recommend?

  27. Love love love this recipe. This is a keeper for sure and I can see myself using the sauce recipe for fish tacos.  Yum Yum!  Thanks Gina for sharing all your wonderful recipes.

  28. Avatar photo
    Danielle DeCroce

    First time making this and my family went bonkers over it. What a great recipe. I had an 11 & 7 year old fighting over who got more shrimp.

  29. Made this for the first time tonight. Not a mayo fan, but this is delicious and so fast and easy. Had it over riced cauliflower. It’s a keeper. Looking forward to using the sauce to make a spicy crab salad. 

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  31. This recipe was amazing!!!! One of my Hubby’s fav dishes too!! We had it over pasta today but I’ll pair it lettuce tomorrow!!  

  32. Avatar photo
    Sarah Meagher

    I am trying this with precooked shrimp for lunch. We will see how it goes. It will be more of salad then just an appetizer, more veggies at least. I thought I had uncooked shrimp at home and I didn’t still looking forward to it.

  33. Avatar photo
    Jaclyn Evangelista

    My husband and I made this for dinner last night and it was out of this world!!! We make ST recipes a lot and I was craving something a bit more “naughty” feeling, as I am on Weight Watchers. These came out absolutely delicious! The sauce is spot-on and we served ours with a bag of coleslaw (minus the dressing) and fajita soft tortillas. We really enjoyed these and wouldn’t change a thing! I am thinking of doing a light panko in the air fryer next time and then tossing them in the sauce. This recipe will definitely be added to our collection of favorites!!!

  34. We went to Bonefish Fri night but didn’t get the bang bang so I decided to try this tonight. I thought it was pretty good. Not quite BF, but I prefer the Freestyle SP in this recipe vs. BF. I didn’t even use all the sauce, and it was still saucy enough for me. I’d make it again and maybe try it as tacos.

  35. This is outstanding! Salads for hubby and myself and turned it into tacos for the teenager. Everyone said, “You can make this every week, Mom!”

  36. This was really delicious. was paranoid that i didn’t cook the shrimp enough so i re-sauteed the shrimp after putting on the sauce and I actually think it made it better. YUM thank you

  37. The hubby and I loved it and I will be making this recipe again! I did add more Sriracha to ours because we wanted more heat.

  38. I love the Bang Bang Shrimp at Bone Fish and look forward to trying your recipe soon. Your rendition looks delicious! I only have powder Sriracha. Are you using dry/powder Sriracha or some type of liquid or paste?

  39. Avatar photo
    Linda Roslund

    This was fantastic.  Easy to make and just plain delicious.  Will use the shrimp in other dishes.

  40. This shrimp was amazing! I warmed up some corn tortillas until they were slightly crispy, added the shrimp, avocado, scallions and shredded lettuce and carrots! So so yum!! 

  41. Avatar photo
    Jules Bowersox

    I have a question…I made this a couple of days ago, and it was delicious! (Though, next time, I will make a little less sauce. It was too much sauce for me .) My question is, do you reheat the leftovers? Or, can the shrimp be eaten cold?
    Thanks for all the great recipes, Gina!! I have loved everything I’ve made since discovering your site and IG two weeks ago. 😀

  42. Fast, easy and delicious! It’s just me. I made the sauce and portioned out one serving to mix with one serving of shrimp. Delicious! Leftover sauce stays in fridge for next time.

    1. I think so. I ate it together. What clung to the shrimp was enough dressing for a bite of lettuce and a shrimp. Yummy!

  43. Avatar photo
    Laurie Piwinski

    Better than Bonefish’s version and so quick and easy to prepare. Great with shrimp, also tried it with chunks of haddock and that was great too!

  44. Made this recipe several times. I’ve even made it into a pizza (cauliflower crust with mozzarella cheese) so yummy!

  45. Avatar photo
    Sarah Stargell

    I have made these many times and loved them. Just curious, have you tried them in the air fryer yet instead of stove-top? I’m thinking of trying it, but don’t want it to be an epic disaster.

  46. Absolutely DELICIOUS! The only change I would make, only because it is my personal preference, is a little less mayo.

  47. Avatar photo
    Rachel St.Croix

    this was amazing! Everyone in my house loved it. This will be made on a regular basis. Thank you!!!!

  48. This is outrageously delicious!!!! I put it over Weight Watchers’ Konjac Rice instead of the lettuce and cabbage.  I will be making this again and again.

  49. This recipe is on regular rotation in our house. I sub out the mayo for fat free Greek yogurt, and pair it with some corn tortillas and cabbage slaw. YUM!!!! So easy too. Thanks, Gina!!

  50. This is amazing!  I personally think it is better than Bonefish Grills!  I have served it over basmati rice as well with a little extra sauce drizzled over the rice.  Definitely a keeper!

  51. Avatar photo
    Marsha Jo Krebs

    Am new to your site. Have loved q thing I’ve made. The above shrimp is perfect for lunch @ home or to take on the go. Wish your site had recipe box or a place to save favorites. Haven’t made yet. Am planning to next week for lunch

  52. Favorite at our house!  Made it last week at the beach in Florida for some friends and they loved it as well!

  53. I didn’t use the cornstarch and simply put a little bit of Mrs. Dash on the shrimp and put them in a pan and cooked them. I served it over quinoa. 🙂

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  63. OMG Gina…this was sooooo delicious. I made this for lunch today. I was trying to chew as slow as possible to enjoy every bite. LOL. Thank you so much for helping me lose 20 lbs so far (only 15 more to go). Your website is easy to navigate, the stories, recipes, and pics are great…and EVERY recipe that I have made has been absolutely delicious! You have introduced me to new ingredients and have taken me out of the routine of making the same meals over and over again. The variety and taste is amazing. I have saved so much money over these last few months AND I am healthier while still enjoying food. Win Win! Thanks for all that you do to provide this type of information for families like mine. I love your cookbook too!

  64. Avatar photo
    Sheila Harrod

    Delicious, I fix this often, only thing different I use salad dressing, whoever say anything bad about this is not fixing it right.

  65. I’ve been cooking my way through this and thought I would review. I made a few modifications
    1. I tossed shrimp with a little oil, garlic, smoked paprika, and curry powder (I am on a huge smoke paprika kick right now and have been putting it on everything
    2. I broiled the shrimp a few minutes on each side
    3. I tried the sauce two ways one a written and then the second I subbed avocado for the mayo. The avocado rendition was good, mayo one definitely better.
    4. I made an actual dinner salad and added cucumber, carrots, mango, peanuts, and baby kale. Extra cilantro, like a lot extra…. personal preference. I dressed it with the avocado version of the sauce
    Bottom line is, IT WAS GREAT!!
    I am also thinking of adding mint to the salad the next time I make this….

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  67. This was a huge hit at my Christmas Party! Everyone was asking for the recipe. I plan to repeat this dish again. Thank you for adding to my fun list of holiday recipes 🙂

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  70. This recipe has become a regular in my rotation. All of us (parents and kids!) LOVE it. Great paired with gyoza dumplings or fried rice to round out a meal.

  71. I’m always hesitant to try recipes that are not rated but I read the comments on this one and decided to give it a shot. It was SO good and very easy. Altogether, it only took about ten minutes to prepare. The sauce was better than I even expected and tasted like a version made by my favorite restaurant. Can’t wait to try some more recipes from this site!

  72. Avatar photo
    Teresa Vinisky

    I know this is an older recipe, but I wanted to commend that we always make bang bang sauce for on top of our seared ahi (coated with sesame seeds). Lately for less points, I’ve been using plain FF Greek yogurt. My family actually likes it better, and I can eat more of it!

  73. Avatar photo
    Natalie Grazier

    I just made this, and all I can say is WOW!!!!!!   This was so good. It will be  a regular meal for me.. The sauce was excellent, and I am a weenie for spicy, but I liked it   I also can see why people are putting in wraps, so  easy to do..   and then nobody has to  watch me lick the plate   🙂     THANK YOU for this delicious recipe   

  74. This dish is crazy delicious! I can’t believe that I was able to make something that tasted so good. Thank you so much for the recipe!

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  76. Avatar photo

    Is this very spicy? Can the Sriracha sauce be left of if needed cos I can't tolerate things that are not mild. It sounds good, especially in a wrap or over rice!

    1. Avatar photo
      Teresa Vinisky

      The Sriracha isn’t very hot. You could always try using half if you’re worried. Plus, you can leave it on the side to see if you like it.

  77. Just made this for the first time for "taco Tuesday" and OMG, it was AMAZING!!!! The sauce is awesome. My husband who is a shrimp taco connoisseur said these were the best tacos he has ever had.

    1. Update – used the leftover sauce on my turkey sandwich today along with the leftover avocado from last night. DELISH!!

  78. Made tonight and it was fabulous – hubby loved it too! With recipes like this you are going to help me hit my goal!! I've got many more of your creations pinned – going to work my way through them. Thank you!

  79. Been cooking through the cookbook lately and came across this recipe. We to love the bang bang shrimp and so glad to see a recipe to re-create at home. I didn't have the Thai sweet chili sauce, so I improvised with a bit of honey, hot sesame oil and hot chili oil. We enjoyed the results! We made if for dinner Friday and again (we had 2 lbs of shrimp to use) last night for dinner! So good over crunchy Napa Cabbage, Shredded Carrots and Broccoli Slaw. YUM!! My son's GF who says she doesn't like shrimp, had seconds!!!

  80. Sounds great. My husband is gluten free Celiac. So I'd have to check the sauce but I think it's OK. We don't have Bonefish I. The Dallas area that I know of. But a local bar has similar they do as appetizer w slaw as taco and or as poor boy so try that way.

  81. This is the best recipe! I have made it for my family probably 100 times or more. My husband says he would like to have it at least once per week. Great recipe! Thank you!

  82. I've never eaten at bonefish & I made this last night & it was amazing! Wasn't sure how my daughter would like the salad so we had it over rice sooooo good! Had it over the salad today for lunch. Only problem now is I can't decide which way I like it better! Amazing!

  83. I made this last night and it was fantastic! Skipped the sriracha as I had some hot sauce and forgot the scallions as I was to anxious to eat it by then!! We had them as wraps and they were yummy!! Thanks for posting!!

  84. These are soooooo good! I got your cookbook for Christmas and made these from it. I love your website. Please, keep up your excellent work.

  85. I don't have mayo, we use Greek yogurt instead…has anyone tried it with the yogurt and liked it?

    1. I substitute reduced fat or fat free sour cream for mayo because my hubby hates it. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

  86. I use plain non-fat greek yogurt as opposed to mayo. And only some pan searing flour – shake off all the excess before I get it in the pan and it's so good!! And super quick – GREAT week night meal! – Nicole

  87. I abhor mayo. I can't think of a strong enough word for how much I despise mayo. Can I sub yogurt?

    1. So do I but I have to say these did not taste mayo-ey at all.. try making a small test batch with mayo and with yogurt and see which u like best

    2. I tried it two ways one with mayo and one with avocado instead of the mayo. Both were good. . . the mayo was creamier and I preferred that but I recommend using avocado as a good alternative.

  88. Gina….I love your recipes and have made many; however, this dish really failed to deliver; it not only did not taste like Bonefish, it just wasn't good….sorry!

  89. Avatar photo
    Melissa Lambert

    I made this for lunch/dinner today! Good golly miss Molly this is soooo good! I put mine in a low carb tortilla to make a shrimp taco and served it with some sliced cucumbers and tomatoes. Delicious!!

  90. This is amazing, and tastes very much like the Bonefish shrimp. It is so easy to assemble and cook, and has quickly become a favorite!

  91. Avatar photo
    Emma Stephens

    I made this the other night and it was really good. I had to tweek the salad a bit but I don't think that took away from it at all. I'm making it again tonight but using chicken instead of shrimp!

  92. Avatar photo
    Rebecca Uhlir

    Made this last night…only thing I did different was throw the coating into the pan to sear it just a tad and WOW! Hubby loved it…I love it…it was a hole in one for us. I left out the lettuce and cabbage as I served it with premade cole slaw and then some garlic rosemary mashed potatoes…was perfect!

  93. Avatar photo
    Elizabeth Grenier

    FINALLY tried out this recipe after wanting to forever and it was worth the wait!! I actually forgot to get the sweet chili sauce when I was food shopping, so I substituted with sriracha and honey instead. I'm sure it was a slightly different taste, but still so good! Makes plenty of sauce, and we served over brown rice instead, so it was extra decident! I'd even do corn tortillas next time – thanks Gina!

  94. Made these last spring on wooden skewers on the grill for a neighborhood cookout along with the pineapple teriyaki burgers. They were both delish!!
    Can't wait to make them again.

  95. I made this with chicken instead of shrimp, and it was delicious. Next time, I would use less mayo.

  96. I never had the "original version" but this one is very good. I took some advice from this forum and added garlic salt, oignon powder, black pepper and finely chopped scallions in the sauce. I also added 1 table spoon (I did half receipe) of Panko in the shrimp while mixing with cornstarch. It added crunch. Miam!!

    Thank you Gina for your great receipes!

  97. This is one of my favorite recipes and have made it MANY times. This time, I ran out of light mayo and had to sub with Greek yogurt. It was AWESOME!!!!! I will be doing this from now on.

  98. Avatar photo
    Megan Brodsky

    I have to say that I am currently obsessed with this recipe. It is so good and my family has it at least one time a week (when we can). We make it with a brown fried rice recipe and it is a delicious and filling meal. Thank you for posting this one!!

  99. Made this the other day and was thrilled as always with your recipes! So good and it was great to have the Bonefish taste right at home! The recipe was quick and easy. Will definitely make these again soon! Thanks!

  100. We love this in our house! Plus, with just the cornstarch, it is gluten free for me! We double the recipe, because everyone always wants seconds, and eat it with brown rice. Love it without the breading! Great job!

  101. This recipe is AMAZING. I'll tell you, I have never been to Bonefish, but have heard the hype. I LOVE the fact that people experiment with your recipes and post the results in the comments section, it is super helpful (way more than the comments of "sounds delish!, which isn't helpful at all) – I make sure to read through all of the comments before I try a dish to get all of the ideas. I rarely make something without changing it up at least a little. For this, after I made the sauce (I recommend using the Siracha, at least 1/2 of what is suggested, as it really adds that certain something) I tasted it and then added a good shake of garlic powder and black pepper – much more flavorful after that. I also used pepper and salt with the cornstarch. I made a nice base of butter lettuce and broccoli slaw, and then used the tip that someone posted of drizzling with rice vinegar. I then added the sauced shrimp & the scallions. It was just great. My husband saw what I was doing and said, "You know I only like raw shrimp with cocktail sauce, I don't like cooked shrimp at all. I'll just have a frozen pizza." I told him to give me 5 mins and to try it – he took a bite and said it was FLIPPING AMAZING and proceeded to eat about 2-3 servings of it for dinner. It's really tasty, and I will continue to make this dish. I thought the modifications were terrific – thanks for all the great ideas!

  102. This recipe is AMAZING. I'll tell you, I have never been to Bonefish, but have heard the hype. I LOVE the fact that people experiment with your recipes and post the results in the comments section, it is super helpful (way more than the comments of "sounds delish!, which isn't helpful at all) – I make sure to read through all of the comments before I try a dish to get all of the ideas. I rarely make something without changing it up at least a little. For this, after I made the sauce (I recommend using the Siracha, at least 1/2 of what is suggested, as it really adds that certain something) I tasted it and then added a good shake of garlic powder and black pepper – much more flavorful after that. I also used pepper and salt with the cornstarch. I made a nice base of butter lettuce and broccoli slaw, and then used the tip that someone posted of drizzling with rice vinegar. I then added the sauced shrimp & the scallions. It was just great. My husband saw what I was doing and said, "You know I only like raw shrimp with cocktail sauce, I don't like cooked shrimp at all. I'll just have a frozen pizza." I told him to give me 5 mins and to try it – he took a bite and said it was FLIPPING AMAZING and proceeded to eat about 2-3 servings of it for dinner. It's really tasty, and I will continue to make this dish. I thought the modifications were terrific – thanks for all the great ideas!

  103. Avatar photo
    Angela Copeland

    I made this with large cooked shrimp but just tossed them in a bit of flour before sticking them into the hot oil, and barely seared them (maybe 20 sec on each side) to heat before coating in sauce. It was phenomenal. My guy & I like stuff pretty hot so we used about 3X the amount of Sriracha 😉 One of the BEST new light dinners we've tried so far this year!

  104. Has anyone tried making this with plain greek yogurt instead of the light mayo? I don't keep any mayonnaise in the house, but don't want to risk ruining the dish.

  105. Hi Gina! I love trying out your recipes! They are awesome. I made this last night and shared with everyone in my fam. Even my sis in law who doesn't really eat spicy food loved it! She wants to make it so I forward your recipe. Thanks so much!!

  106. Avatar photo

    Being Canadian, I've never been to this restaurant because we don't have them here – but I just made these for lunch and it was DELISH!

  107. I'm doing the 5:2 intermittent fasting diet (FINALLY found a diet that works for ME!) and this was a perfect supper for one of the fasting days. Absolutely delicious, feel like I'm cheating but I'm not! <3

  108. I made this last night. I skipped the cabbage and lettuce and added a 1/2 lb of chicken since I was making it as a meal. It was fantastic!! The only changes I made were throwing a little bit of panko on the meats (as another commenter suggested) and some old bay before putting in the skillet.

    This sauce tasted equally as amazing on the chicken and I will be making again now that I have all the ingredients in my cabinet! Even though I'm not a big mayo fan, this sauce seems like it would work great in a lot of recipes, and can't beat how quick and easy this was. Thanks Gina!

  109. I made this last night with fried brown rice and WOW it was WONDERFUL! I did add a little salt & pepper to the shrimp while coating with the corn starch but other than that followed exactly. Thanks for the great recipe! I think next time I'll make these in a low carb tortilla with cabbage for some shrimp tacos 🙂

  110. Avatar photo
    Jamie Gregory

    These are so delicious! I made them for a party recently and they were all gone! I got soooo many compliments! Thank you for such an easy recipe. I love Bang Bang Shrimp but I love this version too!!

    I had to substitute cayenne pepper for the sriracha but people still thought sriracha was in the sauce.

  111. Avatar photo
    Katie Strawder

    I have made this recipe before and it is soooo good!! My hubby and I are addicted to Bonefish Bang Bang Shrimp but of course it is so bad for you. This recipe comes pretty darn close the Bonefish. I am going to make this again tonight and i'm going to make a veggie stir fry to go along with it. I also am going to be trying it as a taco with some shredded cabbage and some extra sauce soon.

  112. I love this recipe! I also LOVE Bonefish's version, and while this recipe does not taste exactly like it, it definitely satisfies my craving. I use uncooked, frozen shrimp and it works really well, so quick and easy. The sauce doesn't usually taste right when you try it cold, but once you put it on the cooked shrimp, it is so good!!!

  113. Found this off of pinterest & had it tonight I wound up doubling this recipe & omitting the extra 1tsp of srirachi as not knowing how warm it would be for my sensitive tongued guys in the house LOL. It seemed to be missing something then when mixing together so I added 1Tbsp of Lime juice & seemed to make it a little better. When I finished & mixed it all together & served it warm it tasted wonderful. I paired this w/ another pinterest recipe of mine I had found as a side & both tasted very much like great restaurant quality but made at home. Thank you very much for this recipe it was my first time ever making shrimp 😀

  114. Gina, This recipe was DELICIOUS!!! Every time I cook one of your dishes my fiancee raves about it…he is always surprised to hear they are healthy too. love this site

  115. My fiance and I <3 this recipe. I've had the Bonefish version and it's just gross. Wayyyy too much with the fried food. This shrimp is delish! We've made this multiple and it's always been great.

  116. This recipe is super yummy! I have made it twice already. I added a couple spices to it to give it a little more flavor…some garlic salt and pepper. Thanks for the recipe!

  117. Really good, I couldn't find the Thai Kitchen Sweet Chili so I bought the new Frank's Red Hot Chili Sauce. Only suggestion if you do this is to use less mayo cause it make it a little thick for the batter! And just add the calories as well, it's a little bit more. Great recipe though, def. making it again 🙂

  118. So delicious! Thank you, thank you. I tried it with Chobani non-fat Greek yogurt instead of light mayo, and it turned out wonderfully! I added garlic and onion powders and salt and pepper to the corn starch; very flavorful.

  119. I've never had Bang Bang Shrimp so I'm not sure how it's supposed to taste.
    I'm not big on mayo so I made this with some sour cream instead and used it as a dipping sauce rather than putting it over the shrimp. I made a side of stir fried broccoli to go with it.

  120. When we go to Bonefish, I ask for bang, bang fish and they will do it special for me. So you could do this recipe with fish instead of shrimp I bet.

  121. Avatar photo
    Jennifer and Greg

    This is my go-to, quick dinner recipe now. I made a triple batch of the sauce and stored it in a squeeze bottle tonight. Thanks!!

  122. If I wanted to make this a dinner and serve it over whole grain pasta, what could I coat the pasta noodles with so it's not dry? Something somewhat low points

  123. This was pure yumminess! Even blogged about it today 🙂

  124. It's missing the condensed milk, which give it the extra flavor. But I have a hard time understanding how we can call this "skinny" when the main flavoring ingredient is Mayonnaise. Hmm…

  125. This was excellent. The only change I made was used 3 tbsp of mayo and 2 tbsp of fat-free ranch dressing. My husband liked it so much he ate the rest of the sauce as a dip with chips later that night.

  126. So good and perfect for a quick night meal. I add the sauce into the pan with the shrimp to heat for about a minute and it turns out great. Delish!

  127. I made this tonight. I didn't have iceberg lettuce & cabbage so I had the shrimp over a European salad mix,with spicy stir-fried green beans. We don't have Bonefish in California so I've never had the original. This was good and I will make it again but next time I will use less mayo & more chili sauce and siracha

  128. Brought this with friends for a picnic lunch watching the America's Cup in Newport Rhode Island! It was a big hit and my girlfriends are still talking about is today!

  129. I love shrimp and this looks delicious but I'm not big on spicy food. I wonder if I could switch out the thai spice stuff with a general tsou sauce or something else. Plus I might try to switch out the mayonaisse with miracle whip. Thanks again!

  130. This is no doubt a dumb question, but I've never had Bang Bang Shrimp at Bonefish before. Do people eat the lettuce/cabbage? Is it dressed? Or is there enough sauce for it to dress that as well?

  131. Avatar photo
    Karin Griglak

    For those, like me, who hate mayo, I have found that using light sour cream with a splash of rice wine vinegar comes in pretty close.

  132. I have made this twice now it's delish! I have never heard of Bonefish so don't have anything to compare it to. I hubby doesn't care for shrimp so I get it all to myself. Great to take to work for lunch it gets lots of admiring looks! Thanks for all you do for us that struggle with healthy eating! You're literally a life saver.

  133. Hi Gina! I have made this recipe probably 6-8 times so far, and I absolutely love it. I have used the Thai Kitchen brand you show in the picture, as well as Buffalo Wild Wings Asian Zing sauce. We LOVE the spices in the Asian Zing. Anyway, my husband and I were just at Bonefish this week, and I must say, I actually PREFER your recipe to theirs. The fried flavor is just not what I'm looking for. Thank you for such a great (and healthy!) recipe.

  134. Delicious! I had trouble finding the Thai sauce, but I used the Panda Express brand it was still good. There are other brands too. I also seasoned my shrimp before cooking.

  135. This was so good!!!!! I used regular mayo since that is all I have. It makes a lot of sauce which I only needed half of it.

  136. I live right across the street from Bonefish and I'm obsessed with their Bang Bang Shrimp. I just made this for dinner tonight, and it tastes just as good as the one from Bonefish!!!! My boyfriend couldn't stop eating it!!!

  137. Made this for dinner tonight. Phenomenal! The heat is kind of an after effect. Delicious. Thanks Gina! About to start Easy Bleuberry Buttermilk Cake now. Mmmm tasty evening in my house.

  138. I sub'd the mayo with edamame red chili hummus and added 4 TBS of siracha… it was DELICIOUS and dropped the numbers to:
    Calories: 149
    Fat: 1.5
    Protein: 24

  139. Made this tonight with the Asian mango slaw. Amazing! My whole family enjoyed it! Even my four year old. I did add the Chinese 5 spice and seasoned the shrimp with salt and pepper before coating. This is a keeper for sure.

  140. OMG Gina we had this last night (oh well my version anyways) Have to say the taste was magnificent and just the something different that I wanted. My photos aren't as good as yours though but I did blog it and linked you, hope you don't mind? Thanks for sharing – you are the best!!!

    Jo xx

  141. So great! I served mine over 1/2 C brown rice and 1 C of the coleslaw mix from a bag and it was awesome! The left overs will be in a wrap for lunch tomorrow! I actually like this better than Bonefish!

  142. I've never been to Bonefish so I can't speak to comparisons, but this was a hit in my house. The only thing I would change next time is to make less sauce. The picture looks like the shrimp is just lightly coated but mine were swimming in sauce. The good thing is that it will reduce calories 🙂

  143. Made this tonight. After reading all the reviews and everyone saying it was missing something, i googled the unhealthy version on this. The only real difference (minsu the deep frying) was there was honey/sugar in the sauce. I ended up adding two splenda packets to the sauce and i think it made a huge difference!! I also only added 1/4 cup of mayo not the entire 5 tablespoons. Will def. make this again.

  144. Ive never eaten at Bonefish Grill, so I dont know what their bang bang shrimp tastes like. BUT I do know that I just made this and it was SO good!

  145. This is making my mouth water. I can't wait to try. I live in TN. We get our shrimp from Texas / Gulf Coast. Sometimes the shrimp that is pre cooked is from Thailand . Just check packages. Thanks

  146. I made these last night and they were absolutely fantastic. The only difference was I added 1/2 teaspoon more sriracha because we love it in our house 🙂 Thanks again, Gina, for another fabulous recipe! We will definitely be making them again!

    1. I should also note that I've never had Bonefish Grill's shrimp so I can't comment as to how they compare. They were delicious anyway!

  147. My husband LOVES this! He asks for this without fail every week since I first made this a few months ago! That says a lot because he is a very picky eater! Thanks Gina! I love everything I've tried from your blog!

  148. I made this for dinner and it was delish! I subbed fat free mayo and I still enjoyed the taste. Thanks again Gina, you never dissapoint!

  149. Gina, I made this the other night and my husband and I both were crazy over it! The sauce is just great. I served mine with a little rice & some sauteed broccoli with sesame seeds, and it was a big hit in my house. I had some of the sauce left over, so I saved it and used it on some chicken a few nights later, and again, WOW. For my chicken, I stir fried it in strips in olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Once the water had cooked out of the pan, I cut hte strips into smaller pieces & browned hte chicken a little. Tossed it in the bangin' sauce & voila! It was wonderful. Thank you for ALL of your great WW recipes, but especially this one!

  150. Avatar photo
    Sarah Bentley

    The taste is unbelievable! Very delicious! Our customers love the sweet and spicy taste very much. We served this Bangin Good Shrimp as one of our salable Le Fleur Cup Black toppings. Looking forward for your next batch of recipes

  151. Oh wow! This was delicious! I've never been to Bonefish Grill before! I did salt and pepper my shrimp with the cornstarch before cooking it.

  152. Made this tonight and LOVE it! I couldn't find the Sweet Red Chili sauce so used Spicy Thai Chili. Will be making this dish frequently. It was so fast and easy!

  153. Just tried the recipe, It was awesome! Added a few chopped walnuts to the shrimp and it gave it a little something extra. It was really delicious!

  154. Thank You Gina! I too have never had Bang Bang Shrimp so can't compare it to Bonefish, at 1100 calories, yikes! I was more than satisfied with your recipe tonight. I loved, loved it! Thanks again for all you do.

  155. Gina, I bought the Thai sweet chili sauce and planned to make these on the weekend when I got the shrimp. I tasted the chili sauce and decided I couldn't wait. I had some frozen cooked shrimp so I thawed out 4oz and then followed the recipe and made sure my pan was very hot before I added the oil and then let the oil get hot before I added the coated (added salt) shrimp and stir fried them. They turned out beautifully just like deep fried. I then tossed them with about 1/4 of the sauce and put them on top of tossed salad I had already made. It was heaven! And that was with frozen cooked shrimp. Can't wait to try it with raw shrimp. Had to tell my husband I cheated and made a sample. He was jealous!

    1. I know this is generally a healthy version of this dish, but I confess, I just love it over linguine!

  156. Made this tonight-this was soooo good! Very much like bang bang shrimp….so great…I only used 3tbsp mayo since I am not a mayo fan & tasted delish & soooo easy to make!

  157. I just made this for lunch. It was delicious. I also have made your Chicken Parm and that was delicious as well. Thank you so much for posting amazing recipes. It is putting the fun back in cooking for this stay at home mom. 🙂

  158. I love you Gina!!!!!!!!! And my husband says thank you! We have both lost a ton of weight, thanks in part to your delicious low fat recipes. Thanks so much for everything you do!

  159. this was so easy and delish! took 20 minutes! bang bang shrimp is such a favorite of mine, and these were a wonderful alternative! seriously loving the sauce! a hit, once again!!

  160. Fixed this for dinner tonight and all I can say is WOW!!!! This was sooo delish and the boyfried even liked it. I did put them in lettuce leaves as well to make a wrap and it was great. Thank You Gina, we are loving your recipes and they are making WW so much easier!

  161. Made this tonight.. it was really good, but a couple questions.
    What brand of light mayo do you use? I think they may taste differently. I have Hellmann's light and it has a very distinctive taste, which kind of overpowered the flavors of the sauce.
    Also, after putting the cold sauce on the hot shrimp, the shrimp got cold very quickly. I was surprised that the sauce wasn't supposed to be heated. Would it ruin the sauce if you tossed it in the wok with the shrimp to get it hot?
    Finally, I had too much sauce and shouldn't have put it all on the shrimp – it was too overpowering. But overall, it was very tasty and I'll definitely make it again with some tweaking for our preference!

    1. P.S. – I've never had the original, so I don't know what it is like.. but the cornstarch did not form any kind of coating on the shrimp at all. They just tasted like shrimp sauteed in a wok (I tasted one before putting the sauce on them).. but they were still good. I wonder if I could've just left the cornstarch off then?

  162. I made this recipe last night using chicken (4 large deboned breasts cut into large dice) instead of shrimp. It was delicious. The only complaint was that there wasn't enough!

  163. I have been copy cat recipe of Bang Bang Shrimp for a couple of years so I am really looking forward to trying this one very soon. Unfortunately, in recent months I have discovered that the Thai Sweet Chili sauce is increasingly hard to find. The last time I needed some I found that it has been discontinued at my usual grocer and I had to go to three others before I found it in a different brand than I had bought in the past. I bought 2 extra bottles. I think the brand name is Franks. What's up with that? Love your recipes… I try something new several times a week.

  164. Gina, I have made bangn' good shrimp a few times and everyone in my house loves it and enjoys it. I must tell you,last wkend we went out to that popular restaurant that made this shrimp famous and my husband and brother (who are both not too concerned about eating light) ordered bang bang shrimp. Both said this isn't as good as your recipe! Cheers go to you Gina!! You have created a recipe that is better than the original and much more heathlier. Thank you for all your work in creating yummy, healthy recipes!! Maryanne

  165. Avatar photo
    Jennifer Gill

    Gina, I love your recipes and your site. Everything that I have tried so far, we have as new favorite recipes in our house, which we will be using again and again. You really make it easy to eat well, and I thank you for that! Keep up all the good work. (And this recipe is one I have been looking for anyway in a copycat style…happy to have found the 'skinnied' up version of it! Yea, making it soon for sure! Jen

  166. Avatar photo
    Spoonie For Life

    What can you substitute for the Thai Sweet Chili Sauce? I don't have any, but would like to make this tonight.

    1. Avatar photo
      Spoonie For Life

      Never mind, I found a mock version of the Thai Sweet Chili Sauce that I mixed up from a couple of ingredients I had on hand. It worked great!

  167. I actually work at Bonefish Grill and this recipe is genius! Each serving of Bang Bang shrimp there is 1100 calories, and watching them make the sauce includes a GALLON of mayo, gross. These are awesome! I haven't eaten the Bang Bang shrimp from Bonefish in so long, but this makes me want to dive into this recipe! Thanks Gina!

  168. I have never had 'bangin shrimp', but this looked so good. I did cut the recipe in half. I am not a big mayo fan so I used less mayo a little more siracha (yum) and some non-fat yogurt (which I strain at home to give the consistency of greek yogurt-poor man's greek yogurt ;)). I didn't even use all of the 'dressing'. This was so yummy. It will be a staple for sure. I am an old weight watchers member (not familiar with the new points plus). I like that you include both. Using your recipes daily for the last 5 days, I have dropped 5 pounds. This makes my eating so easy and yummy!!!

  169. I tried this tonight, one word. AMAZING!!! I love bang bang shrimp from Bone fish and this was dead on. We have some shrimp allergies so I made one with chicken as well. That was equally as amazing. My 4 yr old and 7 yr old loved thier meal. My 8 yr old asked for seconds and as he was eating he looked liked he was in heaven as his eyes rolled back in his head. lol Can't wait to try more recipes.

  170. My husband loves Thai food & seafood so this was one thing I knew I had to try! I am not a very experienced cook, but this was very easy to make and it was delicious! My husband was very impressed 🙂 Thank you! I love your blog!!!

  171. Gosh, this was so good! I made it for dinner last night. Didn't have the lettuce or red cabbage but did have a bag of broccoli slaw which I served it over. Definitely will make this again. Thanks very much.

  172. Banging good, indeed. I used half mayo and half yogurt though – a bit lighter/fresher on the tongue.

  173. I just made this for a light lunch. So yummy and I loved it without all the deep fried batter of the original. I just served mine on a bed of shredded lettuce for a nice salad. Guilt free goodness!

  174. I made this for dinner tonight over a bed of cabbage and romaine lettuce and it was delicious! I'm so happy to have found your lighter alternative!

  175. These were AMAZING!!! My husband Loved it! I made without the bed of cabbage…instead I made some Jasmine rice and Vegetable Stir fry. It was delicious! I just found this site 2 days ago and made this the same night! I can't wait to try some of your other recipes!!

  176. This would be so good with baked lumpia stuffed with shredded cabbage, carrots, celery and onion! Can't wait to try!!!

  177. These are SO good! I've never had them at the restaurant, and I don't even care! Because these are SO good! Going to make this tonight and share with a friend. Thanks for this awesome recipe!!!

  178. Avatar photo

    SO TASTY! I loved it and can't wait to share it with my friends and family. I'm throwing it up on my blog tomorrow ( with a link back to this post. You are wonderful! Thanks a million!

  179. I made this last night as an appetizer and it was instantly gobbled up. Everyone asked for the recipe. I forgot to buy cornstarch and used flour instead. It didnt stick as well as I wanted but it still did the job 🙂 Thanks so much for this recipe!! I'll probably never go back to bonefish again haha

  180. Please, please please watch this video, then decide if you want to cook tigerprawns/any big prawns:

    Basically, big prawns are the reason the mangrove forests of the world (a giant resource of food for millions of people, protection against tsunami, fish nursery etc) are erased, bit by bit (half of them are gone already), and the reason of starvation among local people around the world. And they're full of forbidden, nasty chemicals. Even the "ecological" ones.
    Sadly so, since they're yummy… 🙁

  181. I made this last night and it was probably the closest thing you can to tasting like the real bang bang shrimp. Thanks for a great recipe!

  182. Made it tonight, was wonderful. First of many recipes I'm sure. Husband was impressed as I don't really cook. Your recipes are so simple and easy to follow, so looks like my husband may be cooking a lot less now 🙂

  183. I've had this three times so far. I think the pan should be non-stick and VERY hot to get the crispiness on the outside, but it will be more like a grilled shrimp with a slightly crispy coating.

    Also, I served mine atop some Rainbow slaw (broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, cabbage) and the sauce made it divine. I LOVE this stuff.

  184. My husband absolutely abhors mayo, but we both love sweet chili sauce. Would this be just as good without the mayo?

  185. Avatar photo