Fish Florentine – The BEST Fish Recipe!

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This easy Fish Florentine recipe, made with a pan seared firm white fish served on a creamy bed of spinach feels like something you would order out in a fancy restaurant!

This easy Fish Florentine recipe, made with a pan seared firm white fish served on a creamy bed of spinach feels like something you would order out in a fancy restaurant!
Fish Florentine

I love fish and try to eat it once or twice a week. You can see all my fish recipes here! This recipe takes under 30 minutes to make, the creamy spinach is what makes the whole dish, made with a little cream cheese, half & half cream and Parmesan cheese. It’s dreamy, delicious and the perfect pairing for the simple white fish.

This easy Fish Florentine recipe, made with a pan seared firm white fish served on a creamy bed of spinach feels like something you would order out in a fancy restaurant!

I adapted this dish from this recipe I found online, which I lightened up simply by reducing the butter, oil, Parmesan and cream cheese. I had reduced-fat cream cheese on hand so I used that instead and it turned out amazing! Rich and decadent and feels like it should be a lot more calories!

Cooking Tips

  • Any firm, white boneless fillet would be great, I choose local and ask my fishmonger for the freshest options available. Here I used cod, but halibut, or sea bass would make a great option.
  • For a thinner piece of fish, adjust the cook time so you don’t over-cook it.
  • When fresh fish is available, wait until the day or day before to buy it before you are going to cook it.
  • If fresh isn’t available, buy frozen instead of previously frozen to control freshness and keep it frozen until you need it.
  • Frozen fish fillets are great to keep on hand in the freezer. You can defrost them overnight in the fridge or pull from from the freezer and put them in an ice bath (in the package if they are individually wrapped or in a sealed Ziploc) for about 30 minutes
  • Swap the fish for chicken breast, scallops or shrimp if you’re not a fan of fish.

Freezer Tips

Refrigerate leftovers up to 2 days or freeze in individual containers for up to 3 months. Reheat in the microwave about 3 minutes.

How To Make Fish Florentine

This easy Fish Florentine recipe, made with a pan seared firm white fish served on a creamy bed of spinach feels like something you would order out in a fancy restaurant!

This easy Fish Florentine recipe, made with a pan seared firm white fish served on a creamy bed of spinach feels like something you would order out in a fancy restaurant! This easy Fish Florentine recipe, made with a pan seared firm white fish served on a creamy bed of spinach feels like something you would order out in a fancy restaurant! This easy Fish Florentine recipe, made with a pan seared firm white fish served on a creamy bed of spinach feels like something you would order out in a fancy restaurant! This easy Fish Florentine recipe, made with a pan seared firm white fish served on a creamy bed of spinach feels like something you would order out in a fancy restaurant!This easy Fish Florentine recipe, made with a pan seared firm white fish served on a creamy bed of spinach feels like something you would order out in a fancy restaurant!

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This easy Fish Florentine recipe, made with a pan seared firm white fish served on a creamy bed of spinach feels like something you would order out in a fancy restaurant!
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Fish Florentine

351 Cals 43 Protein 6 Carbs 16.5 Fats
Prep Time: 5 mins
Cook Time: 15 mins
Total Time: 20 mins
Yield: 4 servings
COURSE: Dinner
CUISINE: American
This easy Fish Florentine recipe, made with a pan seared firm white fish served on a creamy bed of spinach feels like something you would order out in a fancy restaurant!


  • 4 5 oz thick pieces of skinless white firm fish fillet (such as grouper, bass or halibut)
  • 1 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon salted butter
  • 1 cup red bell pepper chopped
  • 2 cloves garlic minced
  • 9 ounces fresh baby spinach, from two bags
  • 2 ounces 1/3 less fat cream cheese, I like Philadelphia
  • ¼ cup half & half cream
  • 3 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese
  • kosher salt
  • fresh black pepper


  • In a large skillet over medium heat add 1/2 tablespoon of olive oil and 1/2 tablespoon of butter, red bell pepper and garlic and cook for about 4 minutes.
  • Add spinach season with a pinch of salt and pepper mix until the spinach wilts down.
  • Add cream cheese, half & half and parmesan cheese mix well until cream cheese is melted and resembles creamed spinach.
  • Heat a separate skillet on medium high heat, add remaining oil and butter.
  • Season fish on both sides with salt and pepper and place on the hot pan.
  • Cook 6 minutes on first side and flip fish over and cook other side an additional 5 minutes, until cooked through and browned.
  • Divide the spinach mixture on the bottom of each plate and top with piece of fish.



Refrigerate leftovers up to 2 days or freeze in individual containers for up to 3 months. Reheat in the microwave about 3 minutes.


Serving: 1fish filet with scant 1/2 cup spinach, Calories: 351kcal, Carbohydrates: 6g, Protein: 43g, Fat: 16.5g, Saturated Fat: 6.5g, Cholesterol: 78mg, Sodium: 300mg, Fiber: 2g, Sugar: 2g
WW Points Plus: 9
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Photo Credit: Jess Larson

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  1. Has or would anyone use fresh walleye for this? We have a bunch of Walleye on hand and I just wasn’t sure if it would be a firm enough fish for this recipe?

    I saw someone mentioned scallops and that will definitely happen sometime soon! Thanks for that suggestion. 

  2. I am in the UK. Can you tell me what half and half cream is please? I notice you use it alot in your recipes. Many thanks

    • It is a product that is half milk, half cream. It may be called half cream in the UK? If not you can google how to make your own. 🙂

  3. I made this with chicken and was hoping it would be similar to the “popeye pollo” served at a local resturaunt chain in Pittsburgh. It’s excellent! I’m not a fan of bell peppers but they do make it look pretty – I threw in a few spoonfuls of canned chopped tomatoes instead. Will definitely make again!

  4. I made this last night for dinner.  My husband and I both loved it.  He said it tasted like an expensive restaurant meal.  I loved that it was quick and easy.  I will definitely be making this again.

  5. Just delicious……

  6. A winner! Easy, only a few ingredients, minimal chopping, and had it on the table in under 30 minutes. Husband and daughter both really enjoyed it and thanked me multiple times. I used black cod and kept the skin on. I cooked it flesh side down for the first 6 minutes and then skin side down for the remainder of the time. It was perfect! I also plan to make the spinach as an easy side for other meals. Thank you, Gina!

  7. This was excellent! I will definitely make it again.

  8. This was so delicious that I am considering making it for the second time this week!

  9. We absolutely loved this dish!  Used halibut and it was terrific ❤️ Made exactly as written. My husband wanted it 2 times in one week.

  10. I made this tonight with the lightly smoked salmon from aldi, and the smoke flavor played in so perfectly! It was a nice substitution for anyone looking for something easy and accessible. Great recipe, Gina!

  11. Is pp the points for the latest plan?

  12. Looks delicious! Do you think you can make with tuna?

  13. I absolutely love this recipe! I use unsweetened almond milk in place of cream and it comes out awesome every time! I also push the spinach/ pepper mixture to the side, add olive oil, and cook the fish (always use cod loins) right in the same pan. Fantastic every time!! ♥️♥️♥️

  14. Made this tonight and was delicious!! Thank you, Gina!

  15. Oh my goodness…..this is for sure restaurant quality.  A beautiful dish and it was delish!  It’s going into the “keeper” file and I can’t wait to make this for guests.  I added diced onions to the peppers and I seasoned the fish with Trader Joe’s Lemon Pepper seasoning.  For both I sautéed in Orange Rosemary Olive Oil.  Serve over rice.  Thank you for this wonderful recipe.  I will be checking your website for more delicious and healthy recipes!

  16. I hate when people change recipes and then rate them, but I had different things on hand, and tried them and it worked great, so I am sharing. I doubled everything, used a small tub of Allouette instead of cream cheese. I added half a bag of whole small carrots, one chopped tomato and a sprinkle of red pepper flakes for additional flavor. I even threw in 4 small potatoes sliced thin just to use them up before they spoiled. My husband raved about it. I would give it 6 stars if I could. I was so happy I found this recipe!

  17. Has anyone made this with scallops? Small or large? How long do you cook them before adding to spinach mixture?

    • YES. We made with this recipe with scallops, We used large scallops and pan seared separately until opaque and then added them to the top of the mixture. Was amazing.

  18. Looks delicious. Any suggestions for making it dairy free?

  19. Made it for dinner last night and my husband and I loved it! It came together in about 30 minutes, which is a huge benefit, and the taste is out of this world! Will definitely be making this again soon!

  20. This is my favorite recipe to make fish! It is hands down the best recipe! I haven’t had it in a while so I am making it for dinner tonight. Can’t wait.

  21. This sounds so good that I’m going to try it with frozen spinach! I’m snowed in so going to the grocery store isn’t an option this week. I have all the ingredients except fresh spinach so I’m going to take a chance that it will work if I thaw and drain it before adding it to the pan.

    • How did this recipe work out with frozen spinach? Wanting to make this week but also only have frozen spinach on hand. 

      • I made it with frozen rapini no it was great 

        I boiled and blanched it first though and didn’t need to wilt it in pan – just added it 

  22. This really is the BEST florentine fish recipe. We’ve been using it for a couple of years now & is most definitely our go to because it’s delicious and not as fattening as a regular florentine cream style dish. LOVELY. Thank you!

  23. Love love love this recipe!! Absolutely a restaurant quality dish. You’re amazing Gina and should have your own Food Network show!

  24. This was the most amazing delicious recipe that I’ve ever made! I’ve shared a photo of my supper and your recipe with friends as it’s to good not to share!!

  25. My daughter fixed this for she and I one evening with tilapia. It was absolutely delicious. The “Florentine” is out of this world. My question is…..with a 4 oz chicken breast, what would the calorie count be?

  26. This was so easy, and beautiful. A definite “company” recipe!

  27. Amazing!  I might have added extra garlic and a couple of Thai chilies!  What a hit!  

  28. So so good have cooked this twice now with cod 

  29. This is a great meal! Easy recipe, tons of flavor! I could eat this every day

  30. Loved this recipe! The TOTAL amount of creamed spinach for the whole recipe when I cooked it looked like the same amount shown per serving in the video and images though. Next time I would add more peppers and spinach so there was more volume for 4 people. 

  31. This was delicious! I ended up using roasted red peppers, because I didn’t have any fresh, it came out so good I plan on using the roasted peppers again. So quick and easy to make, plus visually pleasing, it looked like a restaurant dish. Plan on making this a staple as part of my carb cycling! Thanks for the recipe. 

  32. This is the best fish recipe! I usually use cod, just a family preference. My kiddos used to ask for this recipe and now they are old enough to make it on their own.

    Thank you for everything amazing, including spending time with my kids in the kitchen. It’s such a big deal to enjoy time together and I appreciate you making that happen.

  33. Delicious – just added about 1/2 cup white wine to deglaze the pan, sautéed blanched almonds and grapes because we had them!

  34. This tasted fabulous and the family loved it. I did take others’ suggestions and used Laughing Cow Light cheese instead of cream cheese. I used mahi-mahi fish. Served with a side of palmini rice. Perfect low carb meal.

  35. Looks great with great reviews. Will make on Friday. What side would be good with this? Doesn’t seem to need a salad or veggie due to the spinach and red peppers. Maybe just a crusty roll to dip in sauce? or a fruit salad/dish?

    Thanks for ideas…..

  36. Made this recipe and loved it. It is as good as any meal from a restaurant. Will use a little less cream cheese and maybe add a little chicken broth.

  37. I have made this at least a dozen times!! Looks and tastes fancy but so very easy. I’ve used many different kinds of fish, including salmon, and it’s just delicious and impressive!

  38. This was really delicious and easy to make. I do agree with some of the reviewers who said that it was a bit heavy. I could have added half the cream cheese, I think. Its a very rich dish with lots of flavors. Heavier than we normally make, but delicious for a meal once in awhile.

  39. This was the best! I also substituted roasted cherry tomatoes for the red pepper, added some chicken broth to thin and served with basmati rice, and seared the fish on a flat top. So delicious. Thank you for this recipe, its a keeper.

  40. I love this dinner! It was so simple and great for a weeknight meal. I used Mahi Mahi for the fish and served with a baked sweet potato. Will definitely make again!

  41. Such a gorgeous recipe, it is definitely becoming a regular in our house! Very classy, yet so easy to make! Thank you very much, Gina! 

  42. This is one of the best recipes I’ve ever tried.  Restaurant quality.  I used haddock because that is what I had, and I would definitely suggest a firmer white fish.  It was still delicious though!  Next time I might try subbing chicken broth for the cream and see what happens.  This was so delicious as written though.  

  43. IMG_3584.jpg. 
    I’ve made this recipe several times, always with fish. Tonight I did it a little different. First I swapped out the red bell peppers for roasted cherry tomatoes. (Toss tomatoes in olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Place on cooking sheet. Roast at 400 degrees for 20 minutes) Made the “Florentine “ part of the recipe then added the roasted tomatoes.  My husband had his usual piece of Cod, I had sautéed Scallops 😋😋. Delicious!  

  44. Could I use laughing cow cheese instead of cream cheese?  I never have cream cheese at home. 

  45. I’ve made a different skinnytaste recipe every day for the last two weeks. I have yet to find a bad one, and this was no exception! So delicious, and I am not really even a big seafood lover. I used haddock fillets and it was perfect. I didn’t change a thing!

  46. Used fresh halibut and it was awesome! The whole family loved it. 

  47. I made this using fresh cod…mine didn’t look as pretty as the one in the picture, but it tasted delicious. I am definitely putting this recipe in my rotation. Thank you Gina!

  48. I couldn’t find skinless filets but used red snapper instead and was very tasty. My whole family loved this and such a great alternative for weeknight fish dishes! 

  49. Outstanding!
    Restaurant quality meal that’s healthy and easy. 
    Just make it!

  50. HOLY MOLY this is GREAT! Didn’t change a thing! YUM!

  51. Freakin phenomenal 🤤🤤🤤 I thought I’d like this, but good lord, the creamy richness of the spinach mix was so damn good. Even my hubs loved it and wants it! 

  52. This recipe was fabulous. My husband and I just retired to Rockport, TX and have been doing a lot of fishing. Looking for healthy fish dinner options. We cooked this together and it was so quick and easy. Will definitely fix this often. We used fresh Red Drum & Black Drum. Highly recommend.

  53. This was absolutely fantastic! I swapped 2% instead of half &half..but used more to compensate for thickness

  54. This was a big hit! However now that I’ve made it i would make a few adjustments. If you use the two garlic cloves, use two small cloves or 1 large. Also I would bake the fish in the oven instead of pan frying. But what a delicious dish!

  55. I used mahi mahi which was so good! I added Sun dried tomatoes and mushrooms. I forgot the Parmesan cheese 🤦🏻‍♀️ but it was still delicious. 

  56. First time making this tonight and it was delicious!

  57. I made this last night for dinner, it was fabulous!  I used a wok to cook the spinach in and an iron skillet for the chilean sea bass served with shrimp pasta and we had seafood chowder.  

  58. We have a fish shipment sent to us every other month, so I’m trying new recipes out.  This is a keeper.  We really enjoyed it- we used Rockfish from Alaska and it worked well.   This will be on repeat for sure!

  59. This was so good – new favorite of my husband!  I’m not a fan of red peppers but these cook down and melt into the sauce so I would not cut out.  Even with 1/2 the fish I still used a full pepper and 2 garlic- excellent!

  60. This was so good – new favorite of my husband!  I’m not a fan of red peppers but these cook down and melt into the sauce so I would not cut out.  Even with 1/2 the fish I still used a full pepper and 2 garlic- excellent!

  61. Made this for dinner tonight, it was Outstanding! Everyone raved about it!
    I used fresh halibut, will try it with cod as well. I don’t usually alter recipes when I try them however I’m not a huge red peppers fan, so I used only a 1/2 cup and used jarred roasted red peppers. Also a can of diced tomatoes ( lightly rinsed and drained) to make up for the less peppers. 
    Will be putting this in my meal rotation!

  62. Made this recipe as is and it was wonderful! I used Mahi because it’s such a wonderful non-fishy fish, with a great hearty texture. The spinach and red pepper Florentine was so tasty, even using the low fat Ingredients. Careful with the salt! I tend to be a little heavy-handed.

  63. Can you you replace the spinach with a different green?

    • I’m making this tonight and because I do not like spinach i am gonna try zucchini noodles.  We’ll see how it goes!

  64. Would the dish be as good if you used fat free cream cheese and fat free half and half?

  65. Could you substitute salmon for the cod?

  66. Another wonderful recipe from Skinnytaste! So easy and so decadent! My husband raved (he’s a food snob) on and on. We will be having this dish often.

  67. I cannot wait to make this! Could you replace the spinach with a different type of green? If so, what do you recommend? Thank you!

  68. Love this. So quick, easy and delicious!  Thank you!

  69. Awesome! My favorite way to eat both fish and spinach! Didn’t have 1/2 & 1/2, so substituted Greek yogurt instead.

  70. Absolutely delicious!

  71. This may be a super stupid question, but do you serve it over anything like cauliflower or brown rice?   Thank you!

  72. This recipe was a hit! Not once did I have to ask either child to eat their fish and let’s just say there were no left overs. High Five Stars!

  73. My husband and I have made an effort to be more healthy this year we have made at least a dozen Skinnytaste recipes in 2021.  We have been impressed with all of them !  We made this recipe for the first time tonight and it was our favorite!  So flavorful and very quick and easy to make!  

  74. I have two of your wonderful cookbooks but this recipe is not in either of them. Would you consider letting us know which cookbook your online recipes are included in? This way I know which book to buy next. 🙂

  75. Cod? What about using cod?

    • I used wild cod (around 1.25″ thick) tonight and it worked perfectly! 6 minutes on the first side, 5 minutes on the other… just as written. Enjoy! 🙂

  76. This is a fabulous addition to our dinner rotation…totally company-worthy. I bought halibut from Whole Foods and it was totally worth the splurge. As some other reviewers mentioned, I added halved grape tomatoes to the sauce (because I needed to use them up) and sprinkled some Old Bay on the fish in addition to S/P. I only had regular Philly Cream Cheese but I did use Fat Free Half & Half. So delicious! My BF went back for seconds (and he rarely eats fish). He just kept raving about how amazing it was! Thanks Gina! 113.6 lbs down since 6/01/2020 using SkinnyTaste recipes in conjunction with a good cardio program.

  77. This is delicious! Because there are only 2 of us, I use the leftover spinach mixture in omelettes the next day. So good!

  78. This recipe was AMAZING! So hard to believe it is considered light. I would make the spinach as just a side dish.

  79. OK, so now you’ve made me a believer!  It was great.  I have noticed that there are lots of comments reporting husbands high approval—well, mine did too!  Great dish, thanks.

  80. Absolutely delicious and easy! Made it two days ago for supper and my husband asked for it again tonight. I didn’t have any cream cheese so subbed left over queso.

  81. Delicious

  82. This fish recipe is to die for! It’s so easy and my hubby just raved about it. Thank you!!!

  83. Rich and creamy. Making it again! This will become a staple for me.

  84. Why did I wait so long to make this?  I made with Mahi, because that is what I had. Outstanding and easy. My husband made me take a picture, it was beautiful. Thank you! 

  85. Yes I made this recipe and it’s a keeper!  I traded the fish for shrimp and scallops and didn’t have half and half so I used milk instead. 

    It is a quick meal and as stated tastes like fine dining, so a win-win for those who are questioning this dish!  Everything was delicious with just my two changes.  

  86. Yes I made this recipe and it’s a keeper!  I traded the fish for shrimp and scallops and didn’t have half and half so I used milk instead. 

    It is a quick meal and as stated tastes like fine dining, so a win-win for those who are questioning this dish!  Everything was delicious with just my two changes.  

  87. I made this dish tonight for dinner using Montana lake perch my husband caught yesterday ice fishing.

  88. We made this tonight using Chilean sea bass, it was one of the better fish dishes I have ever had!!  Will definitely make again! 

  89. This is one of my favorite meals now. I make this at least once a month.

  90. I made this last night for my family!  We all loved it!  It is a must do again!  The only 
    thing I would do different is make more of the spinach mixture.  It was so good but more of the spinach would have been better.
    Thank you for this wonderful dish!

  91. Made this for dinner last night with 2 pieces of cod. Was sensational! Will add this one to the rotation. Thanks for a keeper!!

  92. Absolutely delicious!! I added some extra spinach and cherry tomatoes. 

  93. This is a perfect Christmas Eve dish! Special and in theme with the red and green! 

  94. Easy to make and delicious! I added a quarter of chopped onion when cooking the peppers for a bite. Will definitely keep this recipe. 

  95. This was yummy comfort food.   When I make it again I may switch out the chopped fresh red pepper for jarred roasted red peppers as it would save a bit of time and I would like to see how the roasted peppers would taste with this recipe.  Also, I made this using fresh spinach and I wished I had drained the pan after cooking the spinach because it added more water to the sauce than I would have liked.  So next time I will drain before adding the cheeses and maybe even skip or reduce the amount of half and half to keep the sauce a bit thicker. 

  96. This is the absolute BEST fish florentine recipe! It’s delicious, low calorie, and easy to make! LOVE IT!! It’s also good with shrimp. 

  97. This is a fabulous meal! Super quick & delicious!

  98. This is so tasty and definitely a keeper. Served with russet baked potatoes.. My 9 years old daughter commented the meal looks so chic and restaurant like which was agreed with the rest of our family. Thank you so much for sharing this great recipe.

  99. Excellent! Used mahi fillets! Big hit with my wife!

  100. This is literally one of the best dinners I have ever made – so tasty – so easy – and perfect for those following Weight Watchers. It’s a main staple on our dinner rotation!

  101. This was simply delicious! The most amazing fish I’ve made at home and it got rave reviews by my family. Restaurant quality for sure! I will definitely make again! Thank you for your amazing recipes!!

    • First of three low carb skinnytaste recipes I’ve made this week.  I’m so thankful for Gina — her recipes are keeping me on track with low carb and I don’t feel deprived at all. Used cod because it’s what I had in freezer, and it worked nicely. The cream cheese is the real flavor star sautéed with the spinach. Adding this one to the weeknight dinner rotation too. 

  102. Yes just defrost it.

  103. Made with mahi mahi and added some old bay. My husband said I can make this again. Very good.

  104. This recipe is sooo simple and divine! I couldn’t find any of the recommended white fish at the grocery, so I just used tilapia and it’s delicious. I’ve made it twice with no substitutions and love it. My husband requested it on our weekly rotation, so you know it’s good when they remember the meal and request it! Thank you!! 

  105. can you use frozen spinach?

  106. I’ve made this twice now and while I liked the flavor, I thought the sauce was way too heavy so I omitted the cream cheese the second time around and added a little more half and half. I also like food a bit more spicy so I added a little red pepper as well. I thought it was much better the second time. Used Mahi Mahi both times.

  107. Absolutely delicious and so easy to make!!!!

  108. Absolutely loved this one! So pretty and delicious. I also added mushrooms to the bell pepper and garlic and pretty much doubled the amount of spinach.

  109. Can he dairy be substituted?

  110. This is so delicious! I used mahi-mahi, and the creamy bed of spinach is addictive and wonderful served over jasmine rice. This is  a keeper!

  111. One of the best meals I have ever cooked. So delicious.

  112. Sooo easy and delicious!  I make this once a week with Salmon.  Highly recommend!

  113. What do you recommend serving as a side dish with Fish Florentine?

  114. I made this tonight, and WOW! My hubby and I thoroughly loved it. We added some cherry tomatoes and about a cup of cooked gnocchi to the sauce. It was restaurant-worthy, for sure! Thank you so much for this recipe!

  115. First time with the recipe. It was great. I change the red peppers for tomatoes and worked well. Easy and tasty,

  116. Florentine

  117. This is so delicious!

  118. First time making this, but it will not be the last! So good.

  119. This is a fabulous recipe. I’m making it again tonight.

  120. Made this dairy free by using DF cream cheese and subbed canned coconut milk in place of the half and half – it came out AMAZING! Also just used a little shredded cashew cheddar cheese in place of the Parmesan. It’s definitely been a repeat in our house!! My husband who’s not DF also loves it! 

  121. I love this recipe and so does my husband! I could just eat the spinach, its so creamy and  satisfying. Last night I used fresh salmon filets and it was perfect. It’s a great dish for company and so easy. Plan on trying  chicken breasts next time.
    Thanks for creating a healthy and delicious way of cooking!

  122. This is the first Skinnytaste recipe I have tried! It was so good! I used salmon and opted for the low fat half and half. I had steamed broccoli as my side.

  123. I love this recipe so much, it’s become a staple in my recipes ever since it was published. I bake the fish with lemon and olive oil and put everything on top of baked spaghetti squash. It tastes so delicious and very filling!

  124. Just made this. I have no idea why I waited so long to try this. It was soooooo good. This will 100% be on the regular rotation.

  125. This meal was so easy to make and so flavorful! Will definitely make this again!! Even the kids loved it!!

  126. Well, that’s a five star recipe! And very filling and satisfying.

    I’d be happy to pay a hefty price for that at our favorite restaurant.

  127. Love love loved it!  I had something similar at a restaurant and have been craving it lately and when I saw this recipe I did the happy dance!  It was better than the restaurant version!!! Thank you!!!!!

  128. Excellent,,,we added onions , just because we like them and habanero peppers.  

  129. This recipe is amazing!  I added a can of white kidney beans as another reviewer suggested, and my husband couldn’t stop raving about it.  Thank you Gina!

  130. One of the best fish recipes I’ve ever made! We used individually frozen mahi mahi filets from Costco for this recipe, highly recommend! The taste and presentation make you feel like you’re at a high end seafood restaurant. Another skinny taste win!

  131. This is so amazing!! Also picky husband approved! 

  132. Can you do this with chicken!? My husband doesn’t like fish! 

  133. Really glad to see a nice fish recipe that doesn’t coat the fish in flour. All that flour turns to sugar in the body. 

    This looks nice and light. 

  134. This was absolutely outstanding.  We already can’t wait to make it for our family, even if it means dropping it off during social distancing.    I used halibut, and following your instructions entirely made for an easy but exceptional dish.   This will be made often in this home.  Thank you for another incredible meal and for helping us live a much healthier lifestyle thanks to your meal plans.  

  135. Didn’t have cream cheese this time, so subbed with goat cheese.  Delicious both ways!!!

  136. Simple, and delicious!

  137. After reading all the comments on Facebook, I really want to make this receipe too! But can somebody let me know how I can substitute half & half cream? Not sure what it is and we don’t have it called like this in store (living in the Netherlands). Thank you!

    • You can sub a mixture of milk and cream. I would Google it since I am not sure what is available in your area. I hope it works!

    • In our area, it’s just called half and half. Cream is not on the label. That’s what might be confusing you.

      • We were lucky, as our local market had super fresh grouper. This was the most fantastic fish recipe I’ve ever eaten…BY FAR!!!

  138. Wow! This really is the best fish recipe. I cooked this for my parents this week and it was the most delicious fish we’ve ever had. It tasted right from a restaurant. I’m making it again for myself this week, it will definitely be in my rotation now. So yummy!

  139. Outstanding flavor!

  140. This was excellent, I added slightly more cream cheese for a little thicker sauce.

  141. Made this for the first time last night using Chilean Sea Bass. I’m not one to usually be blown away by most base recipes, but this was fantastic. Easily my favorite Skinnytaste recipe, and I own all the cookbooks. Can’t wait to make this again.

  142. Will be trying this soon with a dairy free cream cheese and dairy free half and half just looks too good to not try! Keep you updated!!

  143. Total 5 star keeper recipe for us. Delicious! Didn’t change a thing. Perfect as is. 

  144. Simple ingredients, easy and quick process that created a great meal!  Thank you!

  145. I love spinach but others in the family do not this still was a big hit. Restaurant quality was the comment from the family. It is an easy recipe to follow – I used trout which worked well.

  146. We couldn’t believe how delicious this was. Bravo!

  147. I’ve followed the recipe closely but using cooking cream pro (president brand) Instead as I cannot find half-half where I live. However my spinach came out really watery and never thickened, not sure what I did wrong. So we had a tasty creamy spinach soup with fish instead 😂

  148. We make this over and over! We have used a variety of white fish–spanish mackerel, cobra, mahi, etc–and it’s ALWAYS delicious. SO SO good. If you’re feeling decadent, a little more cream cheese goes a long way 😉

  149. Holy moly this was good! I used some great barramundi we got from the frozen case at Costco, and did make more of a spice blend for the fish…but otherwise followed the recipe. Has to be one of the best from skinny taste – and that is a high bar! I probably would use a little more spinach or in general make more sauce as it was so good and I made extra fish…but as usual her recipes and portions are spot on. We had a mixed green salad with this with a homemade vinaigrette and are quite full, guilt free!

  150. Making this tonight for the second time. Husband and 4 kids said we should have it at least once a week. Only difference is we grilled halibut we bought at Costco and then added the sauce on top. So easy, beautiful and absolutely delicious!

  151. Is this recipe or a variation in any of the four Skinnytaste cookbooks? I have them all and prefer using cookbooks in the kitchen rather than technology. I have noticed many online recipes are either also in the cookbooks or a variation of the recipe is. I quickly scanned the indices but nothing jumped out. I know it’s silly but I guess I’m just old school that way. I am literally obsessed with all ST recipes. Thanks!

    • No, sorry!

    • Have you ever tried saving them in an easy accessible app? I now save any online recipes that I like on the App Paprika.  I access it on my IPad and it is very easy to use and organize.  I also sometimes find recipes I like from my books online and also save them on the app.  Just a thought.

  152. Really good! I did add some Italian seasoning and fennel seed to the fish, but so tasty. Added some garlic bread and it was a terrific meal, yum!

  153. Can’t get cream cheese at grocery store.  What would you recommend for a substitution?  Thank you. Love this recipe and want to make it again this week.

  154. I made this with grouper from bahamas fishing trip. Deeelish. Thank you.

  155. Restaurant-worthy!  Absolutely delicious.  I didn’t have fresh peppers on hand (and COVID-19 prevents those quick run to the stores) so I used 1 cup diced roasted red pepper.  I also substituted salmon (same thing, it’s what I had in the freezer to use).  My husband licked his plate clean, proceeded to polish off the leftover spinach, and then looked around like a lost puppy when he realized it was all gone 😊.  This is on regular rotation!

  156. I don’t have half and half. Would milk work?

  157. I tried this recipe for the first time tonight. It was delicious!! It was very easy and fast to put together after a long day at work. Will definitely make this again.

  158. My family loves this meal. Would like to serve it tonight, but must make adjustments in an effort to shop from my pantry. I’ll be using a bag of frozen shrimp instead of the cod. Also was thinking of adding a can of rinsed cannellini beans to stretch this for the college kids who are eating me out of house and home. Does anyone think that sounds weird? Adding beans?

  159. Amazing et délicieux!
    Officially on the classics list fron now on.
    Love love love it
    Bon appétit

  160. Made this with haddock. It was a hit. Very tasty. Plan to make again.

  161. I’d like to make in salmon, cut the recipe in half (cooking for two and limiting ingredients to conserve) and only have 2% milk instead of half and half—thoughts?

  162. Wonderful. No need to modify anything. I had some organic cherry tomatoes that needed to be used, so I sliced them in half and added to the sauce. Everyone loved it. This one is going into my rotation!!

  163. I made this sauce to go with grilled chicken. I did add asparagus and used full fat cream cheese because that is what I had. It was absolutely delicious.

  164. This seriously is “THE BEST FISH RECIPE”!!! We make this all the time and I use cod. I serve it with rice pilaf, total win in our house!!

  165. I made this with cod and it was absolutely delicious! It was very easy on the budget, too! My husband even loved the spinach! Win, win, and win!

  166. DELICIOUS! First time i made this recipe to a tee, second time i tweeked just a little, used yellow pepper instead as i didn’t have a red, i added yellow onion as well. To the cream i added white wine i used chardonnay and lemon juice, i also added capers! This dish was a hit with my husband who is a very picky fish eater!

  167. This was amazing! I used barramundi that I got at whole foods. I also used shredded parm and not grated. I’ve been doing some pretty heavy workouts so I need some carbs. I served this over a little bit of pasta. My husband said it reminded him of a healthier alfredo. Oh, and I also added some cherry tomatoes that I needed to use because I went a little crazy at Costco.

  168. 5 stars from me. This was so good! I used a beautiful fresh halibut. I think the only thing I may have changed was to dust one side with a fresh and fragrant curry powder along with the salt and pepper. I love curry and it was very complimentary here to what was already in the dish.

  169. Wow! This is so delicious and definitely going in our rotation of main dishes. As I am only cooking for two, I made 3 pieces of fish. One extra for lunch this week and then baking an egg in the extra spinach mixture for a yummy breakfast.

  170. Can you use tomato instead of the pepper?

    • It might be a bit late for this reply, but in case it’s not or anyone else is wondering about this: I make this with diced tomatoes instead of peppers all the time. I just drain a 14.5 ounce can of diced tomatoes and add those in place of the peppers. It is delicious!

  171. Made it tonight and it was a bit hit. Everyone loved it including the pick eaters. Only two minor changes was using a yellow bell pepper instead of red because I had one on hand and the second one was I did my pollock fillets via sous vide and a torch thereafter, because I like the results from experience. I followed the recipe on everything else and it was very well balanced. Its going into the regular stack.

  172. I made this filling and put it in an omelette this morning 😋
    It was delicious!!!!

  173. OMG, SO SO delicious! I used tilapia cuz that’s what I had.
    Didn’t have any half & half so used 2T ff greek yogurt and 2T water. Worked just fine. Seriously, you must make this!

  174. WOW! This was amazing! I used the frozen Hoki fish portions from Costco, and added some cherry tomatoes. There were no leftovers! This recipe will now be in my regular rotation. 
    Thank You

  175. Oh my goodness, this was AMAZING!! We are not a fish loving family, but this was so delicious that everyone wants to eat it on a regular basis. I did double the spinach mixture and the family ate every single drop of it! Gina, your recipes are incredible and we have loved everyone that we have tried! Thank you!!

  176. This site used to sync up with Walmart grocery app and now it doesn’t. Help please! 

  177. Absolutely delicious. Is practically on weekly rotation in my ‘caravan’. A very easy dinner to make while traveling. Never ceases to please!

  178. Amazing! Simple to make but the tastes are so complex! Delicious! Served over white rice.  Everyone loved it!

  179. Excellent! Hubby said “it’s a repeater” as he licked his plate. We’re classy, lol.

  180. Made this today and it was a big hit. Instead of putting the fish on top of the spinach I did it the opposite and topped the fish with the spinach because it seemed like a lot and I didn’t want it to go to waste once I topped it with the fish. There was still some leftover spinach so I plan to have it as a side dish tomorrow with dinner. Even my 12 year old son loved it.

  181. So simple and delicious! I put almond milk in and my fiance (who doesn’t like lower calorie food as a rule) loved it! He had me make it again with chicken . Thank you for your recipe!!

  182. Love this recipe.  So easy and so tasty.  I bury the fish in the sauce to cook it like I do with your Mediterranean Sea Bass recipe.  Everyone is impressed!

  183. Finally made this for dinner tonight, it was delicious and so easy and quick to make. Will definitely be making this again soon!

  184. Ridiculously good. Easy to prepare. Used cod fillets.

  185. I made this tonight but with scallops instead of fish. It was amazing!  I can’t wait to make this for family and friends. So delicious. A perfect balance. Not too rich and perfect with seafood or fish and a squeeze of lemon! Bravo!  

  186. Such a decadent flavorful sauce that could be used on so many things. Made as written, then again with shrimp. Definitely a regular rotation. This meal is wonderful!

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  188. This really is a restaurant quality meal…from a very good restaurant! Not only was it delicious but it came together so quickly, less that 30 minutes dinner was on the table. I almost felt like I should have served it on my fine China! Thanks for another 5 star, gluten free, healthy meal.

  189. Great recipe! So easy and incredibly tasty — and perfect instructions. Thank you!

  190. This recipe was rated, “This is a DEFINITE keeper” by my family. Can’t beat that.
    p.s. full disclosure – I did sub mushrooms for red peppers

  191. I’m trying to link my Alexa to skinny taste. I love your recipes they are delicious and nutritious and I do weight watchers so the points are a bonus to. It would be great if the recipes could be displayed on my Alexa. I currently spent 2 hours with amazon support trying to figure out a way to get it to work but no luck. Please help !!!

  192. This was so delicious!!!  I subbed tomato for red pepper and used salmon – better than restaurant!!

  193. Excellent recipe, made it with Halibut!  My hubby who doesn’t like fish really enjoyed this recipe.

  194. Could I make this using mahi mahi?

  195. This recipe looks delicious but I really dislike bell peppers.  Can I substitute cherry tomatoes or sun-dried tomatoes?

  196. This recipe is outstanding!

  197. Amazing!! So delicious! My hubby had his doubts when I pulled out the cream cheese but was convinced when he took a bite! We served this over orzo with roasted rainbow carrots. I threw the fish on the baking tray with the carrots vs pan frying. Rubbed the fish with a tiny bit of butter and oil, and salt and pepper.  The sauce cooked first so to reheat it when the fish was done I added a splash of whole milk and chopped cherry tomatoes. Topped it all with parsley before serving. Definitely a keeper! 

  198. I made this but I substituted mushrooms for the red pepper because I don’t like red pepper. I also threw in a dash of Cajun seasoning. I backed the fish because that is how I am accustomed to cooking it and I wanted to do the sauce at the last minute before serving. I loved every mouthful and felt very proud.

  199. Made this tonight for my husband and I – it was delicious!  I successfully halved it and used cod because that was what I could find.  Creamed spinach is rich and creamy.  Definite make this again.

  200. This looks really good and I wanted to use it for weight watchers, but only 1/2 cup of spinach is not going to be filling. I am only giving it a three because it doesn’t seem skinny enough.

    • Why would you bother rating it at all if you haven’t even tried it yet?

      • I added more spinach then it called for because we love it and it was still creamy and more than enough to fill you up. I used swai fillet because it a pretty big piece of fish. I paired this with her bang bang shrimp recipe as an appetizer and we were all super full. You’re missing out, this recipe is great and definitely worth all 5 stars.

  201. We have yet to try a bad SkinnyTaste recipe but oh my sweet Jesus…this was by far our favorite.  Like, “thank God we made this at home so no one sees us lick our plates” good!  Thank you and keep up the great work!

  202. This was a super simple and easy to throw together and was full of flavor! I even threw some pasta in with the spinach to soak up the extra liquid. Will definitely be making this again!

  203. This turned out amazing! I added fire roasted tomatoes instead of red peppers as another reviewer suggested. I also marinated the fish in white wine and a little garlic before cooking. Will definitely make this again.

  204. It’s like sauteed fish on spinach cheese dip – nothing wrong with that!!

  205. This is really good. I’ve made it with chicken, too. 

  206. This was tasty but I thought the sauce was WAY too rich and thick. I’m going to make it again but I’m leaving out the cream cheese and just going to add a little more parmesan cheese.

  207. Can I replace the red pepper with another veg? What do you recommend ?

    • Tomatoes or mushrooms or asparagus or artichoke hearts. This recipe is very flexible and forgiving. Use what YOU like. 🙂

  208. This was so good! Didn’t have peppers so I used some drained, fire roasted diced tomatoes and it was decadent. Made this with halibut. My husband’s comment was that this was the kind of fish you’d return to a restaurant for!

  209. This is literally one of the best recipes I have found lately. I have made it 3x already. We used snapper that we caught out of Freeport, TX. And it is super easy! 

  210. Absolutely excellent! Did not have spinach nor half and half…..
    Used broccoli and sour cream with milk!

  211. This was really good and very easy to make! Win win in my book! My husband and 2 year old also approved which was surprising. Definitely going to make again! 

  212. This is a very tasty recipe however there are a couple of things that need addressing. The amount of the creamed spinach is not nearly enough for 4 servings of fish. And the recipe picture shows far more of the creamed spinach than the recommended 1/2 cup stated in the per serving nutrition information.

  213. I do Not have half and half . Can I sub 2% milk or heavy cream??

  214. I loved this dish. The creamy spinach was delicious and really rich-tasting. You would never know this is a light recipe (and I mean that in the best way).

  215. Yum Yum Yum! Used cod loins and was generous with the ingredients for the sauce. Added “skinny” asparagus and used creole seasoning instead of salt for a bit of a kick. We had leftover sauce and it was SO good the next day to mix in with scrambled eggs!

  216. Great! Creamy but not over the top rich. 

  217. Fantastic dish. I’m cooking this for the 4th time tonight. The whole family loves it!

  218. This was absolutely delicious 😋 
    Will totally make again 

  219. This is THE best fish recipe I’ve ever made, and being Italian I am feeling like a wimp for never knowing about Florentine! So incredible and I made it to a tee. Used mahi mahi and it was just incredible with mashed garlic potatoes on the side. Felt like the family and I were out to eat ag home! Thank you for this great recipe. 

  220. This was so good!!!  I did not have any 1/2 and 1/2 so I used greek yogurt.  This is definitely a make again.  

    • Marilyn, I’m trying to find a way to reduce the fat in this recipe. Do you feel like the Greek yogurt was a viable sub? Did you just do 1/4 or did you have to adjust the amount? Thank you!!

      • I used fat free 1/2&1/2 only because it is what I always have on hand.

        This was an incredibly delicious meal!

    • I wanted to make with FF Greek yogurt too… I don’t have cream cheese or half&half. I guess it might need a bit of liquid, so yogurt+milk? I guess I can experiment!

  221. I simply love this recipe. I’ve been using cod fillets and it turns out like a gourmet dish. 

  222. I love this recipe. I like to double the recipe and have it for lunch. Does it freeze well?

  223. I Love this fish Florentine recipe and make 5 days worth of lunches. Does this recipe freeze well?

  224. Delicious! I’m going to try this over pan seared scallops next! Thank you.

  225. This recipe is great! have used it several times with halibut and grouper fish. Thank you!

  226. Hi! It is a lovely dish but unfortunately the fish fell apart in the pan while cooking.  I used cod loins and followed the directions to a “t” but they still fell apart like so many other of my fish dishes.  Otherwise, this dish was delicious.

  227. Made this tonight with swordfish. SO delicious!! Printed this recipe and will definitely be making again and again! Ca

  228. YUM!!! I love this recipe! I used cod and this was SOOOO good! Super easy, and a quick clean-up. Thank you, SkinnyTaste!

  229. Oh my gosh! What a delicious and easy recipe. It looked like I spent a lot more time on it than I did. Will definitely add this to our rotation.

  230. Is this really eating “skinny”? It’s absolutely delicious! Next time, I will add a little Creole seasoning (we like a smidge of heat). I used redfish filets we caught down in Louisiana!

  231. So good!!

  232. I’m trying this tonight! Looks yummy! Going shopping for ingredients now.

  233. Loved this recipe. My daughter doesn’t really care for fish, but she asked for more!. The cream cheese and parmesan really made it taste cheesy. I will make this again.

  234. This one gets ALL the stars in the sky! I am Keto and this is my new favorite go-to recipe. So quick and DELICIOUS! I made this recipe as is and used frozen wild caught Alaskan cod. This could be served in a nice restaurant as a favorite. My fish stuck a little in the pan. I’m trying to decide how to correct that. Also, Im going to try this with chicken for my anti-seafood husband. I will also make it with scallops and shrimp. Can you tell this is my favorite recipe ever?!

  235. Oh my gosh !!! I can’t say enough of how much we LOVED this recipe. 
    I did add some addition olive oil while pan searing the fish. I had bought halibut and it was thick. We loved it so much. My new favorite. 

  236. Wow- so good! My husband said, “I could eat 4 more servings of that”- so that says it all. We did think the sauce was a bit too rich for us, so next time we’ll swap out chicken broth for the half and half as some others have suggested. Overall though, so tasty!!!

  237. This is a fantastic recipe. A perfect combination of flavours. A restaurant could serve this without any problem. I have doubled the amount of spinach and red pepper. Try sweet red pepper (the long ones) instead of bell pepper. And I used more black pepper. 

  238. Excellent!! Our new favorite fish recipe, and so quick and easy. I made it just as the recipe is written and it was perfect!! Thanks again!!

  239. absolutely delicious!!  I made this with halibut and the taste of the Florentine mix was delicate enough
    that it didn’t overpower the fish.  I will certainly be making this again!

  240. This was EXCELLENT! I made a few changes just to use what I had on hand. For anyone wondering, it worked fine with frozen spinach. I also used the frozen pepper/onion bag, because I had both on hand. I did throw the spinach in the pan first to thaw/warm, then, drained out the water, and then moved it to a plate before starting the recipe.
    I also used sour cream as a sub for cream cheese, and use Mahi filets.
    (It sounds like i changed the whole recipe, but i just followed Gina’s guide and made it work for my refrigerator 🙂 ) We LOVED it! I wish I had leftovers for lunch today.

  241. Gina, this was SO delicious.  We were licking the pan!!!  It will definitely be a regular menu item.
    ALL of your recipes are fabulous.  

  242. I love this dish. I’ve made it several times to rave reviews.  I’m making it tomorrow night for company. Can I premake the spinach mixture, refrigerate it and heat it up before serving?  Is there any way to cook the fish beforehand? I’d like to have the dinner cooked and just put it together when company arrives. I have a warming drawer but I’m afraid of the fish drying out.  Any suggestions?

  243. I have made several of your dishes through the years and have enjoyed them all. I think this recipe is one of my all-time faves. I made this to accompany trout and salmon. This Florentine spinach could easily accompany chicken, fish, shrimp, pasta, in a bowl with a spoon by itself, cardboard box….What I’m trying to say is this is so delicious and I will make it again and again. My boyfriend who is learning to cook made the spinach while I was making the fish and he couldn’t believe how easy it was to make something so delicious.

  244. It was ok

  245. Have made this 4 times so far. My husband and I both love it. 

  246. Forgot to rate with my comment. Definitely five-star!!

  247. I tend to wing it a bit with recipes so used 1/2 c. diced tomato & 1/2 c. yellow peppers, and substituted Boursin for the cream cheese. Also, I used Barramundi filets, which were not thick. I did not measure my seasonings and my creamed spinach was a little salty. Regardless, this recipe was delicious!! I will definitely make it again but will make several batches of the creamed spinach because, mmmmm, there just wasn’t enough! 🙂

  248. Can’t get over how good this is! Thanks for another great recipe!

  249. This was ssooo good! I even had to make some not-great substitution s and didn’t really measure anything, but it was still so great!!

  250. Looking forward to trying this tonight – sounds delicious! I re-joined WW last week – you are definitely my “go-to” for delicious recipes that will keep my in my Points range. Over the last few years I have made many recipes from this web site and from your cookbooks – all were fantastic 🙂

    • Thanks Adrienne!

    • Update: this is amazing! I would give it 10 stars if I could 🙂 I love the versatility of the recipe too – going to try it with either shrimp or chicken next time, even though the cod was fantastic.

  251. Amazing! My husband can’t stop raving about this dish. We eat fish at least once each week so I’m happy to have a new way to prepare fish. This recipe is definitely “a keeper”!

  252. This recipe is absolutely amazingly delicious! I forgot to add the Parmesan cheese But it didn’t matter it was that good.

  253. Gina you never disappoint! I’ve been wanting to try this one for awhile and made it for the first time tonight. It was a huge success! My boyfriend (who isn’t the biggest fan of vegetables) was in love with the spinach and I will definitely double that part of the recipe next time.

    I have two of your cookbooks and have yet to try one of your recipes I don’t like. I especially love that so many of your recipes, like this one, can be made quickly but are healthy and are packed full of flavor. THANK YOU!

  254. Hi Gina –
    Made the Fish Florentine recipe. Lovely!
    Used some of the Florentine in an egg white omelet w/a small hand full of diced cooked potatoes.
    Nice breakfast.
    Also, if I may, a dish of my own, that has evolved over the years. 2 servings:
    Couple crowns of broccoli cut into smaller florettes, steamed.
    1/2 block of plain, firm tofu, water squeezed out as much as possible; don’t be to finicky. Sliced 4 times then turned & sliced 4 times again then sliced cross-wise for a nice 1/4 inch dice in all. Into a med bowl.
    1 med fresh tomato, 1/4 in dice. Into same bowl.
    As much minced garlic as one can tolerate. Depending on size of clove. I can do 4 large. Into bowl.
    1 lemon juiced over the tofu/tomato in bowl plus a couple tbl evoo, s & p. Toss gently to mix well.
    Into 2 pasta bowls: Steamed broccoli, topped w/even amounts of tofu/tom mix.
    Sprinkle w/a couple tbl grated parmesean. Viola.
    This is not a warm dish. Room temp. But I do oven heat the bowls while in prep & have occasionally prepped the tofu mix prior to steaming the broccoli to take the chill off.
    I usually have a couple of small servings of steamed broccoli left over. Spread on a small cookie sheet. Freeze for an omelet or…