Indian Shrimp Curry

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Indian Shrimp Curry made with coconut milk, tomato sauce and warm Indian spices is a quick 20 minute curry dish you can enjoy any day of the week!

Indian Shrimp Curry in PanIndian Shrimp Curry

Hello again everyone, it’s Sabrina again from Cooking with Points – a recipe blog dedicated to Weight Watchers friendly recipes.

Indian curries at my favorite restaurants have always been difficult to enjoy on Weight Watchers because of the heavy use of cream in recipes. I wish I could say that recreating those recipes at home was a breeze, but most people are pretty intimidated by cooking Indian food.

This Indian Shrimp Curry throws all the preconceptions of how long and difficult curries are out the window. The spices are very easy to find at your local grocery store. I checked and my local grocer had ever single one of the spices below in their store brand as well.

The actual recipe is even easier than sourcing the ingredients. Made in one small pan, the spices bloom in just seconds. The whole recipe is cooked, start to finish, in just 15 minutes.

Indian Shrimp Curry in bowl with rice.

How to lighten up Indian Recipes:

  • Swap heavy cream in recipes for coconut milk. I use lite coconut milk and cut the amount of cream they call for in half.
  • Instead of sautéing foods in oil only to then be cooked (or braised) in sauces, poach them in the sauces instead. Indian food has such bold flavors, you won’t even miss the flavor from the searing.
  • Use lean proteins and cook them quickly to avoid overcooking them. Salmon, shrimp, chicken, turkey and tofu are all fantastic options for swapping into lamb or dark meat chicken recipes.

Up close Indian Shrimp Curry

Meal Prepping Tip:

I call for only 3/4 cup of the lite coconut milk in the recipe. Instead make a double batch of the sauce on Sunday when you are meal prepping by using the whole can of milk. Freeze the second half of the sauce in an ice cube tray or ziplock bags (this sauce freezes perfectly). Then, when you want a quick meal, or even if you pop into your local grocery store for a rotisserie chicken one night you can put this sauce in a saucepan on low-medium heat to gently heat and serve.

Looking for more shrimp dishes? Try my Mexican Shrimp Burrito Bowl or my Spicy Garlic Salmon recipes, they’re also done in less than 20 minutes!

How To Make Indian Shrimp Curry

Indian Shrimp Curry in Pan
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Indian Shrimp Curry

224 Cals 28 Protein 10.9 Carbs 7.9 Fats
Prep Time: 5 mins
Cook Time: 10 mins
Total Time: 15 mins
Yield: 4 servings
COURSE: Dinner
Indian Shrimp Curry made with coconut milk, tomato sauce and warm Indian spices is a quick 20 minute curry dish you can enjoy any day of the week!


  • 1 tablespoon  canola oil, divided
  • 1 pound shrimp, peeled and deveined
  • 1/2 yellow onion, finely chopped
  • 1 teaspoon ground ginger
  • 1 teaspoon ground cumin
  • 1 teaspoon ground coriander
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons ground turmeric
  • 1 teaspoon curry powder
  • 1 teaspoon paprika
  • 1/2 teaspoon chili powder
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 15 ounce can tomato sauce
  • 3/4 cup lite canned coconut milk
  • 1/2 teaspoon Kosher salt
  • cilantro and chili peppers for garnish


  • Add 2 teaspoons of the canola oil on high heat in a large skillet.
  • Add the shrimp and cook for 1 minute on each side then remove the shrimp from the pan.
  • Add the remaining teaspoon of the canola oil to the skillet with the onions.
  • Cook the onions for 5 minutes on medium heat, stirring occasionally.
  • Add in the ginger, cumin, coriander, turmeric, paprika, curry powder, chili powder, salt and garlic.
  • Stir well, letting cook for 30 seconds then add in the tomato sauce and combine.
  • Add in the coconut milk and shrimp to the pan and stir well.
  • Garnish with cilantro and chili peppers if desired.



Serving: 1/4th recipe, Calories: 224kcal, Carbohydrates: 10.9g, Protein: 28g, Fat: 7.9g, Saturated Fat: 3g, Cholesterol: 239mg, Sodium: 846mg, Fiber: 1.9g, Sugar: 5.1g
WW Points Plus: 6
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  1. I tweaked the recipes based off of the reviews; cut the tomato sauce by about 1/3 and about 1/3 more coconut milk and the missing ingredient everyone says it’s missing is cinnamon!! I did another dish similar to this and it had cinnamon. I probably used a tsp or 2 of it. For veggies I added cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, green pepper and onions. Will definitely be making again! 

  2. I often add vegetables of all kinds to this dish

  3. I made a few modifications based on other comments and my own experience with Indian cooking. I used only one can of tomato sauce, 1/2 cup of full fat coconut milk plus 1/4 cup water, grated fresh ginger instead of ground. As far as the spices go, I reduced the cumin to 1/2 teaspoon and the turmeric to 1 teaspoon. I also added about a teaspoon of crumbled fenugreek leaves. I tempered the spices in 1 teaspoon of oil before adding the onions, ginger, and garlic. Hubby said the only reason he was rinsing the pan was because he couldn’t lick it.

  4. This was fantastic!

  5. I made this for dinner tonight, recipe as written.  Delicious and very filling.  Served with wild rice and a small salad.  Will definitely make again 

  6. This is an incredible dish! I’ve made this several times and it always is a big hit. It’s easy and delicious. You can adjust the spices to your taste. I always use less cumin and more curry. The sauce is also great on chicken!

  7. Good recipe.  I would probably cut back on the cumin next time.  It overpowered the other spices .

  8. Salt, salt, and more salt. This recipe is just fine without it but it tastes 100 times better with a good bit of salt added. Other than that it’s great! 

  9. Great easy recipe. Served with Plum Chutney and Jasmine rice. Will definitely make again

  10. Absolutely delicious!! I can’t believe how authentic and rich this tastes. Just like take out! Wonderful

  11. My family loved this dish!!

    I kept to the recipe except for one change. To give the dish a bit more substance, I steamed a head of a cauliflower cut into small florets and added to the pan halfway through step 4. The cilantro and chili peppers garnish gave it a nice spicy pop!! I’ll make it again soon!!

  12. I made this for dinner tonight and it was delicious. I did make a few variations because I am compulsively unable to just follow a recipe as is. I seasoned the shrimp before cooking with salt, pepper, and garlic powder, I added 1.5 chopped bell pepper to the sauce, I used a lot of fresh grated ginger and tumeric and I used heaping amounts of all other spices.

  13. This recipe is delicious! And it comes together easily and quickly!

  14. Absolutely delicious! I read the others reviews and only used 8 oz of tomato sauce, but instead of regular tomato sauce I used El Pato tomato sauce and went heaping on all of the spices. It was so good! thank you.

  15. Reading all comments about the tomato sauce being overpowering, try using fresh chopped tomatoes or even canned diced tomatoes.  Just cook a bit longer until the tomatoes break down before adding the shrimp back in.

  16. GIna…just saw your other reply to someone’s comment about it coming out to 6 Points. I get it. It was delicious regardless!

  17. Delicious…but when I typed in all of the details it came up as 6 points on Blue for me. YIKES.

    • The only accurate way to determine any recipe’s SmartPoints® value is to plug the ingredients into the recipe builder on the Weight Watchers website (Click on “My Foods,” select “Recipe,” and click “Create a recipe.”) which does not count fruits and vegetables in recipes in the calculations as they are now 0 points.

      The SmartPoints® calculator isn’t meant for recipes and will often give you the wrong points (usually higher) because it’s counting the fruits and vegetables. So if you see a recipe with a SmartPoints® value that’s different from what the calculator tells you, now you know why.

  18. I don’t care for coconut milk, is there a good substitution?

  19. I’ve done this recipe with Shrimp and chicken, it really cannot be beat!!!! 

  20. I just made this and it was incredible!  Hubby is a happy camper!  We both love Indian food and this was very authentic!  Thank you Gina!

  21. Oh god I thought I had tomato sauce and I do not. I have been promising to make this for weeks. Do you think I can put in marinara pasta sauce instead? Will that make the flavor too… weird? Is there anything I should add or subtract from the recipe if I do that?

  22. Hey Gina, have you tried adding a tbsp of dried fenugreek leaves (crush it with your fingers before adding) just at the end ? It really elevates the dish, you’ll love it !

  23. I just made this meal and it’s awesome! I did add an extra dash of each seasoning for more flavor and added some lime to it!

  24. This recipe was fantastic! Although I did do it a bit different that directed, I had 1 1/4 cups of tomato sauce in the freezer so I used only that amount, I added two sliced carrots, one red pepper , and some frozen peas. I only had regular coconut milk so I used 1/2 a cup of the coconut milk and topped it up to 3/4 of a cup with milk.. I didn’t change it very much, this recipe rocks! Thanks for the recipe.

  25. I made this curry recipe last night & it was amazing! I added rough chopped cauliflower to the sauce mixture & cooked it with the onions. I figured that the cauliflower is a free zero point ingredient for WW as well as more filling. Served with Jasmine rice & blanched broccoletti. Thanks for another winner and keeper!

  26. Fantastic recipe.. followed it to the tee.. I added fresh green beans…my family absolutely loved it…. very easy to make…..will make it again

  27. Made this tonight … yum – I added some frozen peas for added veg and color😋💕😋

  28. Why don’t you have a print button, need to print you’re not helping me. 

  29. Did this with chicken, not a fan of shrimp. Came out great!

  30. Hi! I’m trying to use up this shrimp I have frozen however it’s already cooked shrimp. Will this still work at all? 

  31. Why when I use the WW Calculator does it come out to 6 points on Blue? 

    • I find if you just use a calculator on recipes that have zero point foods in it you get a higher point value because it cannot distinguish between the nutritional information and the zero point food….if that makes sense. The calculator is better used on processed foods, I find. If you’re uncertain you can put all the ingredients in the “recipe builder” and see how it comes out?

  32. As a lover of curry, I made this recipe as written. I made two small additions: a fourth teaspoon of cayenne, and I added another half pound of shrimp. I took extra time to saute the spices in heat after reading others comments. It was delicious and I could almost drink the sauce!

  33. I love Indian food but this just doesn’t hit the mark despite having so many spice spices. I think it’s the tomato sauce 

    • I agree with you. Which is why I added extra spice and lime juice to it.

    • Yes, definitely too much tomato sauce….I reduced the tomato sauce, added more coconut milk, curry powder and chili powder to taste! It is a good sauce, but needs more spice!

  34. This was delicious. My husband made it! He uses the 2lbs of shrimp, red and yellow bell pepper. Didn’t have turmeric so used a Moroccan spice and cinnamon. Couldn’t find light coconut milk so points were a little higher. My two high school boys loved it. 

  35. We have a seafood allergy in the house so always make this with left over rotisserie chicken. We add corn, peas or other veggies depending on our mood.

  36. There are only 2 of us. If I would eat 2 servings how many points on blue? Would it be 4 or 5 points

  37. How many green points, please?

  38. I have made it a couple of times and it’s very good and tasty. You could serve it over rice or noodles. It is also quite quick to make, so the tip of making a double batch of sauce and freezing half is a good one. My daughter suggested adding chopped carrots to add the veg quotient.

  39. I made this for dinner tonight!  Absolutely delicious!  As suggested by several comments, I only used 8 ounces of tomato sauce.  I’m also trying to up my vege intake, so I added thinly sliced red bell pepper strips with the onion.  Very good curry flavor.  I will make this again!

  40. It was absurdly delicious. If I had a choice between this or sex for the night, I would choose this. I’d love to drink a beer mug. full of the sauce. Thanks for the recipe. Ps: those who like Indian style heat in their curry, could double up on the curry powder, which is what I did. I also ate it with cauliflower rice instead of regular rice, as I am on diet. hanks.

  41. P.S. I did use 1 1/2 pounds of colossal size shrimp, which always shrinks when cooked so it was just right, and the two of us ate it all!

  42. I made this dish and I knew I would like it, but was pleasantly surprised that my husband loved it too! I was grateful for the reviews that I read beforehand. I did only use an 8 ounce can of tomato sauce, and it did come out perfectly in consistency. I also added the green peppers too, so I always sauté those first for about 5 min, before adding the onions, since they take longer to cook than the onions. I also paired it with Chardonnay wine, which was perfect! We like Kendall Jackson Reserve.

    Someone suggested making it with roast chicken, which I am going to do today, will let you know how it turns out.

    • So glad you and your hubby enjoyed it! Yes let me know!

      • It came out great with the chicken too! I did notice I got a little heartburn later with both dishes, which I am sure was from the chili powder. Next time I will increase the ginger to counter it. 

        I’ll definitely make this again!

  43. I remember eating shrimp curry made by my grandmother back in days when I used to visit our native home in summer vacations. Now she is no more. But I can still remember the taste of shrimp curry.

  44. Pretty good, and didn’t have to go find curry paste! I added two tablespoons of tomato paste instead  as didn’t have sauce and some water and fried the spices in oil until they smelled delicious before adding the paste. My kids even liked it and that’s hard to do. I find Indian food and Thai the hardest to do quickly and this is really great for me. Thanks for posting

  45. Before I made the recipe, I read the reviews where enough people said the quantity of tomatoes sauce overpowers the seasonings. So, I reduced the tomato sauce to about 12 oz, instead of 15. I also used full fat coconut and fresh ginger, as that is what I had on hand. However, I kept everything else exactly the same. I found that in the final stage of cooking, the tomato sauce overpowered the ingredients, despite using less. So much so that I doubled the seasonings which made it more “Indian” tasting but it fell short. I know this is a short cut but when I think of Indian cuisine, I think of rich, intense flavors. This tasted pretty mellow to the point where it was bland. Also, the sauce ratio was too much for 1 pound of shrimp. Overall, it tasted ok but not something I would make again.

  46. It needed salt and definitely real coconut milk. I will try it cooking it again but not with low fat milk.

  47. You should really cook the spices in the canola oil for about 5 minutes, THEN add the onions. That’s how traditional Indian cooking is done, and not cooking these spices beforehand like this can make you sick.

  48. Just made this tonight. Used full can of light coconut milk and added shallots, zucchini, cauliflower, and green beans. I also used rounded teaspoons of each spice and fresh ginger. Served over brown rice. It was delicious! 

  49. Easy, delicious and healthy! Will definitely make again!

  50. Delicious! yes i had more sauce than needed so could cut back on those tomato and coconut milk amounts a bit, but still, very flavorful.

  51. Amazing. I made this tonight. I noticed some people thought there was too much tomato sauce. So, I doubled the recipe except for the tomato sauce.

    Really awesome! P.S. my kids loved this!  

  52. This was delicious! I just made it. My husband and I both loved it. Thanks for the recipe!

  53. I doubled everything EXCEPT the tomato sauce as suggested, glad I read reviews first. I subbed Hot Madras Curry Powder for part of the regular Curry Powder as I like it HOT! The flavors of all the spices are not mellowed enough, comes off harsh. It needs some sort of brightening…lemon juice? It makes a lot of sauce and definitely needs lots of veggies to offset the sauce with just shrimp. I sauted a sliced zucchini, orange bell pepper with the onion…still needed more. I added peas at the very end. This is the first recipe that I have tried (after 1 1/2 years) that was disappointing. I LOVE spice but this is just off somehow….Now the Chicken Biryani on this site…that’s a real keeper.

  54. I made this tonight and substituted a 15 oz can of diced petite tomatoes and it was incredible. Will definitely make again and try another protein with it.

  55. So quick & easy to make. It’s also very delicious and flavorful!!!

  56. Would this work with veggie stock instead of the tomato sauce? I have everything else & would love to make it tonight. Thanks!

  57. This was absolutely good!My kids love it,serve it with Basmati rice…i only added the chile right on the sauce for more spicyness
    Other than that…really yum!?

  58. I made this dish last night. I’ve added Cardamom, Bay leaf and black paper for extra spiciness and flavour. This came out as really delicious dish. Everyone loved this dish.

  59. I love this dish and the website and the smart points. Takes all the effort out of working out the points. Thank you so much. Cant wait to try out lots of other recipes.
    Robyn from New Zealand

  60. I loved this recipe.  I started preparing it awhile before my guests came, so I skipped pre-cooking the shrimp and prepared the recipe up to adding the tomato sauce. I then turned off the heat and let the spices flavor the sauce.  When we were ready to eat, I re-heated the sauce, added the coconut milk and shrimp, and stirred the curry until the shrimp turned pink. 

  61. I was looking for a quick Indian shrimp recipe to go along with my spinach, cilantro basmati rice, found this and was to glad to find that most of these ingredients were in my pantry with the exception of coriander, turmeric, and canola oil and it still came out pretty tasty. I added asparagus to the shrimp, used tomato paste to the onions and added bell peppers prior to adding the tomato sauce and also doubled up on the curry and cumin for a bolder flavor. I only used 8oz of tomato sauce and a cup of coconut milk. The sauce was more than suffice especially when combining the remaining shrimp liquid with the tomato sauce. Cauliflower or cauliflower puree would probably pair really well with it. I personally would’ve enjoyed adding cayenne pepper, but some of us have sensitive spice buds, ;).

  62. I made this recipe last night and it came out great! I had to make some adjustments because for some reason I didn’t have tomato sauce, so I use a can of dice tomatoes which tasted just fine. Also, I didn’t have coriander, but when I looked up what would be a substitute for the seasoning, it named a number of the seasonings already in the recipe, so I just skipped it. I did end up adding an additional curry, a table spoon was just enough to give it just a little more flavor. All and all this was an easy to make dish and I plan to try the sauce with chicken. I expect it will be good as well.

  63. so easy and so delicious!! will definitely be making again! Thanks Gina!!!!

  64. This unfortunately didn’t quite evoke the curry flavor and consistency we were hoping for. Definitely missing some veg (even potatoes would have been great to break up the shrimp+sauce), and I completely agree with the others who said it was too tomato-y. I cut it in half, and it was still overpowering.

  65. I think this may be my favourite Skinnytaste recipe of all time. I followed suggestions and made some modifications – 2 whole onions, 3 cloves garlic, fresh ginger, a small tin of tomato sauce, doubled the amount of spices and added some cumin seeds. I used about 200mL of coconut milk and 100mL of water to make my own “lite coconut milk.” It was full of flavour and so so delicious. I think even my non-spice loving fiance will like this. Thank you!!

  66. This was good, but I’m glad I read the comments before making it. I only used half the amount of tomato sauce and the whole can of light coconut milk. I also doubled the spices as we like really bold flavors.

  67. Just love this!  I doubled all ingredients for the sauce like you suggested so tonight I served it with broccoli slaw and shrimp and a sprinkle of chopped peanuts.  

  68. When is the Kosher salt used?

  69. This came out really well using the whole can of coconut milk and the whole can of tomato sauce. I used fresh ginger instead of powdered and a whole onion. I used ghee instead of canola oil. Also added two chopped serrano peppers.

  70. I think this sauce is perfect and I just read someones idea of making it in batches and freezing it and I think that is a great idea. I do that with the Skinny Taste enchilada sauces so that is a good idea for this sauce and then it can be used in a variety of dishes.

  71. We loved this. I have been wanting to make it since it was posted. The seasonings were perfect to us, not too spicy or too mild, just right . It did make lots of sauce and I didn’t have as much shrimp as called for so I added some small diced cauliflower and treated it just like it was shrimp, cooked in skillet and had a similar consistency. I had mine over some spaghetti squash and I also had steamed shredded carrots and spinach under it as well. It lends itself to adding veggies to the sauce I think. My husband had rice and and a sprinkling of green peas. It was a wonderfully seasoned dish and will make it often,

  72. Too much tomatoe sauce. I had to use the whole cam of light coconut mile to make it taste the way it is suppose to.  I recommend using less tomatoe sauce, perhaps a small can, in place of the 15 oz can.  

  73. It was ok, too much tomato sauce. 

  74. I made this recipe as is, and the recommended 15 oz of tomato sauce was WAYY too overpowering/gross. I echo the 8 oz’s other people have mentioned in this thread. Not sure if I’ll make this again.

  75. I am addicted to this curry sauce! Since we grill chicken every week I have started to double the sauce alone. I freeze half and use the other half during the week. I then add shrimp or chicken depending on what I have or am in the mood for.  Although I like spicy heat until tears roll down my cheeks, I like that you can control the heat for when you have a crowd thT ‘can’t handle the heat’.

  76. This was very good. I used fresh ginger instead of ground and cayenne pepper instead of chili powder. I also finished the sauce with some butter to give it a little richness…

  77. This is the best curry recipe ever. I have made it with shrimp, chicken, broccoli, and best of all cauliflower. I add jullianed peppers. I bet it would be great with zuchinni!

  78. It was just okay….the flavors didn’t come thru and i think the tomato sauce was too overpowering. Fine to eat, but i won’t make it this way again. 

  79. First time cooking shrimp and curry, it was awesome! My husband and son went back for more. 

  80. The recipe says to add coconut oil to the skillet but coconut oil is not listed as an ingredient, canola oil is, plus coconut milk.

  81. Made this last week and LOVED it. I added a bit more coconut oil  to really reinforce the coconut flavor.  I’m making this again tonight but subbing out the shrimp for yogurt marinated chicken. 

  82. Yummy! I used the entire 15 oz can of tomato sauce, but in the future I am just going to use an 8 oz can. There was a lot of sauce, I could have made more shrimp! 

  83. Made this last night and everyone loved it! I only used 1 8oz can of tomato sauce and I though it was perfect. I think more tomato sauce would be too much. I added about 1/4 tsp of cayenne pepper and it gave it a little kick, but not too much. We served it over lentils…yummy! I will definitely be making this again! So easy and quick!

  84. Add worcestershire sauce and apricot jam. Soooo much better.

  85. I just made this. Absolutely delish! Rave review from my husband as well. I added a bell pepper, used fresh ginger and put it over cauliflower rice. I will be making this again soon! 

  86. Anyone know what the points are using heavy cream instead of lite coconut milk?.

  87. Wish people would just a review when they’ve actually made and tasted the reccccipd,I know I am now contradicting myself, but so annoying reading through loads of bum gf before you find real reviews of the FOOD!

  88. I don’t know if it was the spice combo, or the lite coconut milk instead of full fat, or something else, but for me this was just okay. There are leftovers so I’ll see if the flavours are blended a little more tomorrow. Based on tonight’s attempt though, I know I won’t make it again.

  89. This was a miss for me – rare with this site. It was pretty tasteless. You couldn’t taste the spices or coconut milk amidst so much tomato sauce. I added the rest of the can of coconut milk, a bit of cream, and a bunch of salt, which helped. Maybe it’s my light coconut milk? Anyone find a good brand?

  90. Easy to cook very flavorful. Loved it

  91. My partner and I loved this! Will definitely be making again. I did not have any chili peppers so i added a bit of cayenne pepper to make it spicier.

  92. This was delicious and flavorful and I will be makin it often. Thank you so much..

  93. I just made this dish on Friday night and it was DELICIOUS!  My husband and children loved it and would like me to make it again soon!  This recipe is a keeper!  

  94. This was good, not great. I don’t think I will make it again. Mine did not look at all like the picture . The best
    Way I can describe the flavor is flat. I was surprised there was so little flavor, and it definitely needed salt. We all are it without complaint. It just wasn’t representative of the SkinnyTaste recipes we all usually love.

  95. I’m a very novice shrimp cooker. Could I use frozen already cooked shrimp in this recipe? Would I have to adjust time or anything? Thanks, Gina!

  96. Tried this recipe last night for the second time. My husband and I both love it! All the flavors are orgasmic in the mouth! Delicious 

  97. Delicious. I added 1/4 cup of half and half, 1 tsp of sugar to balance the acidity. Used 3/4 can of coconut milk and 1/2 can of tomato sauce. I also added some cilantro. This is a good base recipe! The key is to cook the sauce in the am, and then add shrimp, and reheat in the evening. allows flavors to blend!

  98. So i realized I only have coconut oil or butter but coconut milk! Would plain Greek yogurt work you think with maybe some coconut oil to get that flavor in there? Making this tomorrow!

  99. I made this sauce tonight and attempted to double the recipe as recommended. I doubled all the ingredients and this did not come out as a curry sauce at all. Could you please clarify what is required to double this? Do you only use the entire can of coconut milk and leave all other ingredients the same? I love curry sauce and was really looking forward to it ????

  100. Another winner. I don’t know what I would do without your recipes. They are terrific. Really enjoying Indian flavors. The recipes are instructive and teach about new ingredients and how to add flavor without all the fat, carbs and calories. Wish restaurants would cook like this.

  101. Amazing! My four and eight year olds loved it too!

  102. I don’t think I would be as successful as I am on WW without these recipes! My family loved this dish! It was so easy to make and they ate it all. I followed the receipt exact, but I’m tempted to try adding peppers for more veggies. It saved wonderfully for lunch the next day, too! Making it again tonight!

  103. Absolutely Delicious. We doubled the recipe and going to have it multiple nights. This is the second curry we made from you that was fabulous! thank-you.

  104. Loved this. It was a bit saucy, but that just meant the was lots for the rice!! We had this with a side of sliced cucumbers which was a nice mix. The curry isn’t super spicy and it doesn’t hit you over the head with the spices. It’s a nice, gentle, comforting flavor. I missed the cilantro in and it brightened the flavors.

  105. This was really great! I made it with a few modifications, mostly because I’m not good at following directions — I used fresh ginger, added some mustard seed with the spices (omitted coriander because we’re out of it), added cauliflower florets, chick peas, baby corn and tofu instead of shrimp. Use crushed tomatoes, and added some water because it was a little thick. Like I said, I didn’t really follow the directions. BUT, the basic sauce was pretty much the same ingredients, and tasted great. My 8 y.o. son really liked it, too!

  106. hello,
    Just want to clarify the can of tomato sauce. Do you simply mean a can of crushed tomatoes? Or a sauce with seasoning etc.

    Thank you!

  107. I’m not a curry fan, never have been. My husband, however, loves anything curry. I made this a few nights ago and I was super happy with how quick the meal was to make. I bought shrimp that was already cooked so I just threw it in the sauce last minute. My husband and 4 kids LOVED it. They tell me that it should be on a regular rotation in our dinner schedule. I LOVED that it was so easy…and I liked it well enough to make it again 🙂 I would love to add some veggies to this next time – kids suggested red peppers, more onions and mushrooms 🙂

  108. This one didn’t turn out well for me. Didn’t have much taste at first but then had a really strong (a little too strong) after taste. But I can never really get curry recipes right. Love your website Gina! I have been a fan for years. Thank you for making “dieting” bareable! 

    • I definitely agree with you. This was my first time working with some of these spices despite having had them in plenty of Indian restaurants. The one thing I could not get passed was that the flavor was very strong and extremly salty tasting, even though I didn’t use any salt whatsoever. I was dying for water after eating it. It felt like it needed more coconut milk or some sweeter element to balance out the harsh salt taste. If anyone can help me, I would absolutely love to try this recipe again!

  109. I agree. Very tomato-forward and not super flavorful. If doubling recipe I would double everything but the tomato sauce. 

  110. I made this tonight and it was definitely a hit with the hubby!

  111. Delicious!

  112. I made this last night, and it was very easy and tasty! My sauce was a bit darker than this picture, but that may be because I only had chipotle chili powder on hand. Next time, I think I would add a slightly sweet element, such as some mango.

  113. This was just amazing!! My kids have never eaten Indian food before and they basically licked their plates clean! Thank you so much for all of these amazing recipes! Finally- I can make something for my husband, myself and my children that we all love and I don’t have to break out the chicken nuggets!

  114. I added green peas, and didn’t have tomato sauce on hand so I just used a little ketchup til it looked right. Definitely ended up being a couple teaspoons rather than 15oz. I used aldi frozen uncooked shrimp that i defrosted and put it in after the onions and garlic with the seasonings and then added the coocnut milk and ketchup, lastly the peas. 

  115. Help! When I put this into my App Tracker it comes up with 6 points. Is it accurately 2 freestyle points? Darned Tracker LOL!

  116. Not my favorite. Probably would not make again. 

  117. I just made this tonight. Taking a break while stuffing my face. This is SO good!!!!! I swapped salmon for the shrimp. Fantastic!!!!

  118. Made this tonight and agree with others who commented that there was too much tomato sauce. The spices seemed like the right blend … just too much tomato which overpowered the coconut flavor. Love all your recipes Gina, so I’m sure this one will be another hit with one small tweak!

  119. When doubling the sauce do you double the spices and tomato sauce

  120. First try was too much tomato. Tried again and doubled recipe using one can of tomato sauce and one can of lite coconut milk and it was much more balanced. Both times it tasted much better as leftovers.

  121. Looks delicious! Only thing about Indian curries is that I find I miss vegetables in them. To this, I’d probably add bell peppers. Do you have any other suggestions? A side dish perhaps?

  122. I made this last week per recipe. I found it had too much tomato sauce.  Maybe using chopped fresh or canned would be better and a lesser amt.  also felt there was too little coconut milk. That said, the spice mix was great.  Could easily adapt to chicken.

  123. We loved it. Used full fat coconut milk…only because I didn’t have light. Used red pepper flakes because I didn’t want to go to the store. I only used 1/3 of the can of tomato sauce because I’m not a fan of it. 

  124. While this was a tasty and quick dish to throw together for a weeknight meal, I agree with others that there was a lot of sauce for just a pound of shrimp. I will make this again, but either double the shrimp or cut back on the amount of tomato sauce or coconut milk ( or a portion of both). I think the amount of liquid is what dulled the effect of all the spices for some cooks. It’s a pretty dish that works well for company too. I love the idea of adding some squash/pumpkin as mentioned above by another poster. Thanks Sabrina.

  125. Made this last night!!!! So easy and it was delicious!!! Thanks for the recipe!

  126. Made this, this week. It was delicious. We served it over roasted spaghetti squash to keep it really low carb. Leftovers a couple days later really picked up more heat.

  127. Made this last night. It was delicious. I added frozen spinach to the sauce which helped make the dish more substantial and gave it some vegi power. Eating the leftovers now for lunch with quinoa. Will definitely make again.

  128. I made this and was largely underwhelmed. It needed quite a bit more salt, and I’m sure I nearly doubled the quantities of spices as I added more in in an effort to make it taste better. It didn’t taste “bad”, and I’m sure it’s a good base, but it definitely needs some doctoring to make palatable.

  129. This just went to the top of my favorite Skinnytaste recipes (sorry white bean and chicken enchiladas)! Followed the recipe exactly and would not change a thing. Loved the addition of the optional chili peppers (if you’re a spicy fan, don’t leave them out). 

  130. I’m obsessed with Indian cooking right now & this was fabulous. I used it over cauliflower rice & my husband put it over regular rice, both were so good. Thank you so much!

  131. Yum!  This has marvelous flavor….pretty deep for such a quick dinner.  I made all the sauce for 3/4 of the shrimp so that we would have plenty of sauce left for rice.  I loved the flavor, but my husband thought it needed some heat….so a little siracha or sambal olek added table side would be great. It’s super-quick to make, so it was perfect when we got home rather late.  Don’t skimp on the spices…this comes out absolutely mild.  

  132. This recipe has tons of mistakes in writing

  133. I made this and thought it was a little bland, I added chili garlic sauce taste and now I’m sold. I will say too, after it sat of a few days in the fridge I felt like it was even tastier! I would make this again! 

  134. This was not good at all, both me and my husband did not like it and we like Indian food.

  135. So easy. I used pre-cooked frozen jumbo shrimp from Aldi which I defrosted then added at the end so they would not overcook. I doubled the curry powder, increased the salt to taste and added a red bell pepper (seemed it would welcome more veggies.) Delicious and a big hit with my husband.

    Next time I might reduce the amount of tomato sauce.

    I served it over cauli-rice. Another winner!

  136. Had this for dinner last night.  I am a disciple of Skinnytaste but I must say this recipe was a little off.  The recipe called for double the amount of tomato sauce you would require to get the final results to look like the finished photo.  The recipe mentioned coconut sauce of course I assumed she meant cocunut milk.  Didn’t see when the salt was supposed to be added.  Lastly,, surprisingly  I found the flavor a little  flat. I added a teaspoon of garam masala and that did the trick!

  137. This was a big disappointment for me, which is so rare with Skinnytaste. I followed the recipe with no changes. It didn’t look like the pick at all. There is far to much tomato sauce and the end result looked and tasted more like a tomato pasta sauce than a curry.

  138. Small correction here: I added the coconut milk after I sauteed the dry ingredients with the pumpkin. Let it simmer for about 15-20 minutes to ensure pumpkin was cooked through (fork test, if not sure) then I added the shrimp. Tossed in frozen peas at the end too to cook with the shrimp (10 mins).

  139. Fantastic recipe here. Slight cheat: added a Jamaican curry powder instead of some of the individual ingredients on the list. Also, cubed (1 inch) up some pumpkin (yam would work too) and slow cooked it in the curry broth. I didn’t add the shrimp till after the pumpkin was cooked all the way through. The shrimped cooked in the hot bubbling curry (10 mins). This was amazing.

  140. Another new family favorite!!! Yummy!

  141. Super easy and fast to make.

    I agree – too much tomato sauce and overall sauce was more red than orange. Next time I will cut the tomato sauce in half.

    • I agree. Way too much tomato sauce. I usually love these recipes but in spite of all the spices, the tomato sauce overwhelmed the whole dish. I was disappointed.

  142. Tried this tonght and just not a fan. It was my first time trying Indian food, so that is probably rhe reason.

  143. This was delicious! I added heaping teaspoons of all the seasonings and also added red pepper flakes and green bell pepper. Could not find lite coconut milk, but instead used reduced fat. Also used olive oil instead of coconut oil. Wish I would have doubled the recipe. Im surprised some found it watery and not flavorful my sauce was pretty thick and had great flavor!  

  144. This was so delicious! I wasn’t sure how I would like the light coconut milk, but this was creamy and delicious! Super easy and quick to make. Recommend!

  145. Take a trip to flavor town with this dish. Very tasty and easy to make.   I should have followed the advice to double the recipe. Highly recommend this one we served it with brown rice. We’ll add pineapple to the mix next time

  146. Made this tonight and it was delicious. Didn’t have tomato sauce on hand but had diced tomatoes. Just used my immersion blender and made them into tomato sauce. Will pass this on to my Weight Watchers buddies to try. So easy. The only thing I might change is reducing the amount of liquid or increasing the amount of shrimp. Thanks so much. Will be checking out your other recipes.

  147. Any suggestions on the types of peppers shown in the picture? I am unfamiliar with various types of peppers.

  148. Made this tonight and it was delicious! Thank you!

  149. Oh, and I used olive oil instead of canola or coconut. I don’t think the oil matters too much. use what you want.

  150. I made this with a few adjustments. First, I doubled ithe recipe (2 lbs of shrimp, 1 large can, 28 oz, of chunky tomato sauce (Furmans brand), 1 can of real coconut milk not lite (better flavor). I doubled all the spices except I left the ginger at 1 tsp. I also marinated the shrimp for 20 minutes in some lime juice and a sprinkle of curry powder before I cooked. I also wanted more veggies so added 1 large green bell pepper, chunky chopped, 1 large red bell pepper chunky chopped,1 jalapeno chopped and 2 stalks celery, sliced on bias, and 1 large sweet potato chopped in small pieces and steamed in microwave for approx 10 minutes so they are soft but firm (and won’t break up in dish when added). I sauteed onion for 2 minutes and added the peppers and celery and sauteed until they were cooked but crunchy. I added the sweet potato pieces after stirring in cooked shrimp. I garnished with red fresno peppers, ciliantro, italian parsley and green onions. Served over brown basmati rice. This is DELICIOUS and gorgeous as well. great for guests but easy enough for any night!

  151. I made this tonight and was disappointed – with all of the great spices, there wasn’t a lot of flavor, we had to add more salt and sriracha to give it more oomph. The tomato taste was a little overpowering….I doubled the sauce and when I use it, I will add red curry paste. I have made dozens of Skinnytaste recipes and loved them all, but this one didn’t work out for us. 

  152. Too much tomato sauce.  I suggest an 8 oz can. 

  153. This looks delicious but I’m not seeing the tomato sauce. It says a 15 oz can but only 3/4 cups of coconut milk. Seems like it would be more of a reddish tomato color.

  154. is it canola or coconut oil? The ingredients and step 1 say canola but step 3 says add the remaining tsp of COCONUT oil…. thanks!

  155. I made this tonight, and my husband loved it! He gave it a 10 out of 10! The only problem is I thought there was a lot of sauce for just a pound of shrimp. I think I followed the recipe right. Did anyone else think this?

  156. Planning to make this tonight. THE Ingrdients note canola oil but the directions state coconut.  Also, at what step are you adding in the coconut milk?  I see mention of coconut sauce. I wasn’t sure if that was a combo of the milk and tomato sauce or meant to be just the milk?  It looks delicious and will be my first curry!

  157. I made this recipe this morning as I had the ingredients on hand.  I doubled the recipe and divided it up.  I licked the bowl, spoon and saucepan.  It is delicious.  I will serve it with precooked shrimp tonight.  Thanks.

  158. This looks incredible Gina! I can’t wait to make it! Question – I live in the UK and I’m a bit unsure about what you mean by “tomato sauce”?

    • Do you have pureed tomatoes? That would work.

    • Hey there. I am from the states but lived in the UK for a few years the tomato passata is VERY close to tomato sauce. It is what I always used in my recipes when I needed tomato sauce. Hope this helps.

  159. I will definitely make this over the weekend. Love the idea of making a double batch and freezing! Thank you!

  160. can you substitute chicken breast? If so how much chicken and use different spices?

  161. Made this last night and it was really good! Made a few adjustments, added a tiny bit of Stevia, pepper and a touch more salt. Received rave reviews.

  162. I cannot eat coconut products. Do you have a good substitution for the coconut milk?

  163. Curry is my love language lol!!!  Thank you for this recipe.  I’ve made quite a few of your recipes lately and thought how nice it would be to have your recipes and their point values pre-loaded into the Weight Watchers app!!  Goals!!

  164. If you decide to use whole can of coconut milk, would you double the spices?

  165. Do you add coconut milk with tomato sauce no mention of when to add coconut milk. Recipe is a bit confusing? Also, use canola oil or coconut oil. 

  166. Step 7- do you mean coconut milk? 
    Thank you! Will be making this tonight. 

  167. Can I use chicken instead of shrimp?

  168. This looks amazing!  I love Indian food and usually avoid it on WW, so this recipe is perfect and low in pts. Add some avacado and cashews and it’s like Massmann Shrimp!  I’m making it tomorrow night!  Thx!!

  169. Gina-
    I love all of your recipes and this looks delicious. Do you think it would be freezer friendly?

  170. This looks delicious. Definitely going to try it over the long weekend. I think you meant coconut milk not coconut sauce in step #7, yes? :o) Also, do you think it would work to poach the shrimp in the sauce instead of stir-frying it? Or, will the result be rubbery shrimp? Just an idea.

  171. Does it have to be canned coconut milk? What about from the carton?

  172. Can I use unsweetened coconut milk from the milk aisle, as in carton milk – NOT the canned version? 

  173. Would this be good with chicken? and would everything else be the same with the recipe? (except for cooking it longer)

  174. how long do you cook the tomato sauce and coconut milk with the shrimp and onion? also is the red veg in the picture a red pepper or habanero?

    • The red and green peppers in the photo are chili pepper used as a garnish. The red one might be a red jalapeno or another red chili pepper. Use whatever garnish you like.

  175. making this tonight! fell off the wagon this past weekend..which turned into the rest of the week… but this is pushing me to get back on!

  176. Can you make this in an instant pot?

  177. Now I know what’s for dinner tonight! I don’t have coconut milk, but have some fat free 1/2 n 1/2 and I don’t have curry powder but have gara masala so gonna substitute those this time, hope it turns out ok 😉 Absolutely love all your recipes Gina! 

    • did you try the gara marsala yet? If so, how did it work out? I was thinking exactly the same thing! I have everything for this except the curry powder.

  178. This recipe like all of your other recipes looks amazing! I look forward to trying your recipes soon! I use WW smart points but I don’t plan to use the freestyle plan,  because it won’t work for me. If I calculate with a smart points WW calculator, the amount per serving values that you have listed for each recipe, will that give me the correct smart points for the previous smart points WW plan? Also will your new cook books include the smart points from the previous WW  plan, as I would like to buy your cookbooks.  Thanks!  🙂

  179. This recipe sounds so good. Step 7 says to add the shrimp and coconut sauce. Do you mean coconut milk? I just want to make sure I didnt miss something. I love Indian food. Thanks !

  180. It looks great. Is there a seasoning blend out there I could use so I don’t have to buy ground ginger, corriander, tumeric ect…?

  181. I just put this baby on the menus for next week.  I am sure this will be another winner!  Love each and every recipe I make from your website <3

  182. Can you use almond milk instead of coconut milk?

  183. This looks amazing! I must put this on my dinner menu for next week. I have been making your recipes for years but recently my husband and I started living a healthier lifestyle so I now make your recipes probably 5 nights a week. Always get rave reviews on everything I make. Love the variety of cuisines too. Thank you for all these great recipes Gina!

  184. Coconut oil or Canola oil? I see no mention of coconut oil.

  185. This looks amazing but the directions say coconut oil and in the ingredient list says canola oil. I assume you really mean coconut oil?